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So, it's gonna be one of those threads...

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That's not 5, that's 3 with a lot of dots in Appearance.

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OP here. i never asked for this
it's totally ok tho, go on

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I know this is a blue board, but I need sauce on that Anon.

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>inb4 everyone misunderstands this panel

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>tfw sempai noticed me but my arms got shot off in nam

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>Aquaman is the BBEG

What sort of shenanigans are you running?

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flashpoint paradox

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I know this sounds weird, but from the thumbnail I thought it was some kind of cutaway to look into a chestplate, and Thanos' face was a woman with big tits with a top just over her nipples.

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>Professional Shadowrunners

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Maybe in Marvel WWII, America saved everyone from they could from camps, as opposed to intentionally leaving behind certain undersirables.
And maybe they even decided against putting their own people in internment camps for having Japanese heritage.
Who knows maybe there was even a feeling of equality amongst the lower ranks and black soldiers weren't manhandled out of bars and clubs for talking to white women.
As much as I could go on, I'll stop my yank bashing, you weren't (much) worse than your contemporaries after all.

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why did Arthur feel the need to get his dick wet at paradise island when he lives in the fucking ocean?

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I need the source of this for a friend

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because it's a motherfucking paradise island and he lives at the bottom of the fucking ocean.

For fucks sake...

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the point of captain america is that he's what america SHOULD be, not what it is. America did all the racist bullshit in marvel 616 that it did in our timeline but Steve Rogers certainly didn't approve of it. He's a shining beacon of truth and justice, a real paladin.

unless you're in a crossover event.

then he falls, he falls real damn hard.

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That's Why I Assault Ren, I think

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Not >On my way to VALHALLA

Your file names still pretty good though...

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That's the one where "a cat is fine too" comes from

>>42244303 is Cat Head Imako first chapter is sweet, but it gets weird beyond that, you have been warned

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>gave him insulin


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Ah yes, thanks, I'm not a /co/ person so I'm not very well versed in all the minutia and ambiguities.
Heck I was unaware that Ant-Man was a thing until the movie was announced.

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Fae? Man, that's what I do. It works wonders.

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Would that filename work for this one too?

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No one ever gets this one ;(

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>how Diplomacy skill works

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>Maid RPG gone too far.jpg

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>Implying a drow matron would allow any time for discussions of your needs, except your need for more spiders

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She's a liberal Matron.

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Hank Pym AKA Antman AKA Goliath AKA Yellowjacket AKA Giantman AKA The Wasp

inventor of pym particles, substance which allows the subject to shrink to infinitesimal sizes or grow beyond the very boundries of reality as we understand it.

long history of mental issues, built a robot with his mind (ultron specifically) aforementioned robot has a death count in the trillions and daddy issues like you wouldn't believe.

he's remembered more for smacking his wife during a mental breakdown (and I feel I should mention that rather than getting him help she convinced him to marry her DURING this mental breakdown) than for having built arguably the most successful killing machine in the history of all mankind.

Scot Lang, also Antman, stole the antman suit from Pym to save his daughter who'd been kidnapped by Lang's old criminal associates, he tried to return it but Pym liked the cut of his jib and insisted he remain on as Antman.

Bill Foster, second giantman, fourth goliath. Pym's lab assistant at one point. Helped Pym figure out how to get back to normal after he screwed up and got stuck at 10 feet tall. Got killed during civil war for cheap shock value. Also Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye was goliath for a brief period.

Eric O'Grady "Irredeemable" antman, a lewd pervert and general asshole who wound up with an advanced Antman prototype because shenanigans. One of the more entertaining reads out there and a fun hero once his character development kicks in.

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She better kept that house locked down on Sundays, then; anyone finds out, she'll be a laughingstock. Also dead.

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Apocalypse World is kind of niche.

The edgy flavor text and sex moves don't help.

good filename tho.

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For an 'indie' game, it's pretty popular; I just wish I could talk about on /tg/, instead of having to go to some pussy storygaming forum where they're afraid of dice

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What is this?

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T-Rex na Kanojo

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well you could try to discuss it here some time, that countdown clock mechanic is interesting and it's a decent enough system.

pity that "mutant misfit caravan" I was gonna be in never got off the ground.

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I've tried a few times, but it's hard to get the conversation going, and it sometimes degerates into bumping with random post-apoc images.

People seem more interested in talking about Dungeon World Even though it's an obviously inferior version of the system and even then the threads go nowhere.

Sorry about your campaign, I'll think of you when my own AW game starts in a few weeks

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reminder, Hank Pym was a founding avenger in the comics.

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I actualy facepalmed after reading this

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you could always use my crazy half cyborg tinkerer who lives in a monstertruck and travels with a caravan of mutants and freaks as a random encounter I guess.

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Savvyhead with mobile Workspace and assistants? Possibly travelling with a Chopper or mobile Hardholder?

And I'm not running; one of my players volunteered once the current Scion game wraps up

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Dyke-ana a shit

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its better that way

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Fortuna has to be one of my favorite villains in a long time.

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It is unfair how many smoking hot /fit/ waifus Aquaman has. Must be all that swimming.

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yeah the leader of the caravan was a mutant catgirl who collected slaves to be her followers. He had drones that'd help him work and traveled in an enormous truck. Think enclave eyebots and a monstertruck with an enclosed flatbed that has an automated workshop in it. the "town" the leader PC was gonna control was a mobile caravan.

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>Turk or Greek, Life ends: In Fraud

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>mutant catgirl

What kind of game were you running? Was the maelstrom the sexual angst of the internet?

And why do savvyheads always build drones? In our last game the bastard nearly turned the world into robots because talking to people is hard

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Poor Shocker.

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well she was explicitly a former slave, wandering around attacking slaver caravans was gonna be a thing.

drones are convenient, I was gonna use them to scout on top of building stuff.

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>Catgirl slaves

The hole just keeps getting deeper

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Twitch stop making weird fanfiction with the Xeno drone dammit!

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Though that is a great filename

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it's dungeon world, magical realm is built right into the game.

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Wait, Apocalypse World, right? And that is a solid Battlebabe.

We managed to dodge most magical realm, even if in the first game another player's girlfriend turned my character into her friendzoned beta

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For you, Shadowanon.

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right, meant apocalypse world, fruedian slip.

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Path of the Keks?

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Shut up, Virt, and put the ball gag back in.

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>Stabbing is the best solution

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C'mon, man, you clearly haven't read the chain in either direction and have no idea what's being said.

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They're lucky that hippo had somewhere to be. :^)

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God damn it boner.

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>Implying gunslinger adepts are a valid choice


Actually, are they? I haven't checked in SR5.

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And his original name?

>> No.42246010

This is EXACTLY why I don't do science any more. No funding for worthwhile projects.

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Adept is valid choice for gunslinging, melee, rigging, decking or being a face, if not always optimal.

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I kek'd

>> No.42246089


A Phys Adept with a few Bio Augs outstrips a straight up Street Sam or a Normal Phys Adept.

>> No.42246132

Hell the only member of the party in my SR4 campaign that the Gunslinger Adept wouldn't flatten is the Cyborg and that's because the cyborg can tank anti-vehicle weaponry.

>> No.42246175

More-so than they used to be. You have to Initiate and buy the Attune Item and Imbue Item rituals, then use them on a Weapon Focus gun, the purchase of which is inherently useless as Weapon Focus only works on melee weapons. You get a stupid-high accuracy with your gun, as well as Adept powers to boost your actual dice pools. More focused than a melee Adept, and has a step-up in starting damage, but caps out lower. Overall, pretty good.

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Even then, I'm sure she'll work magic on the inn's patrons.

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They Are Indeed.

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This triggers the /k/
The bullet should have grooves from the rifling, and should be spinning a LOT faster. The bullet bouncing weird doesn't bother me, because magic.

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>Wizard dumps wisdom

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Why are PC plans so dumb?

I mean, hours spent at the table devising them by a group of people statistically likely to be nerds with a deep knowledge of all kinds of stories, a lot of the plans are crafted over multiple sessions, and a day doesn't go by that someone doesn't run a plan for how they're going to beat the BBEG in one fell swoop past /tg/.

How is it that none of them ever work, or are totally horrifying, or both?

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>the point of captain america is that he's what america SHOULD be, not what it is.

More like what the author's editors thinks it should be

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That could be the wizard or the rogue.

>> No.42246728

Pretty sure it's the rogue, the wizard's able to disarm the traps more effectively anyway. Rogue's studying to multiclass to wizard.

>> No.42246794

No, I was saying that Bigotry and Intolerance aren't bad things that should be rejected, IRL America was much better.

>> No.42246801


Do you really think the Rogue wants to be going around with no boots on, while 70% of their employment consists of searching for and disarming floor based traps that spit acid at you just to spite you?

The Wizard probably has some sort of magic invisible shoes that make it so that he can walk over pressure plate activated traps without it being triggered, and give an effect titled "Walking on Sunshine".

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How have I never heard of Discworld comics until now?!

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>The useless healer is going to get bullied after this

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Is there any other way to bully a cleric?

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Really should of titled it L5R or Ironclaw Jade, but eh.

>> No.42247342

Akama straddles a line between /co/ /tg/ and /v/ very finely.

>> No.42247361

don't say thanks or anything you fucking cunt

>> No.42247378

Because nobody tells /tg/ about the time everything went off without a hitch.

>> No.42247383

He's the Spiderman of super-villains.

>> No.42247482

I forget where are these from again?

>> No.42247540

If only there was a function built into the website specifically designed to source images, perhaps located in a drop down menu connected to an arrow...

It's Crime Studio


>> No.42247552

I need a better title.

>> No.42247572

They count as one for kidnapping.

>> No.42247590

that flag is wrong

>> No.42247644


Remember it's /tg/ so he probably just thinks you linked him a sad panda

I'll thank you though mate

>> No.42247657

Bard hits the jackpot.

>> No.42247661

This sad panda thing is getting really annoying.

>> No.42247725

Register on e-hentai.org first (with a throwaway email if you want) and you won't have any problem getting into exhentai.

If you can't bother doing that, don't come whining to us about pandas.

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1. Clear your cookies
2. Download and install a cookie editor
3. Create an e-hentai account on their main website
4. Login
5. Change all the cookies associated with your login to e-hentai to the exhentai url, and set all the expiration dates for one thousand years from now

Boom, you will never see the panda again, at least until you change computers

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>And maybe they even decided against putting their own people in internment camps for having Japanese heritage.

This always cracks me up. In WW2, Chinese people literally went around wearing pins saying "I am Chinese" because lynch mobs looking for Japanese Americans were a common occurrence. But no, the U.S. government was evil for rounding up Japanese Americans and not letting them get killed for having the wrong ethnicity!

Do you even know that German Americans were rounded up and detained too? Hell, even Italian Americans got included under the same umbrella. Partially this was for security, but also because those people were as risk from mass hysteria. The U.S saw it happen in spades against German americans during WWI. But no one ever talks about that, because they were white, and there's no narrative in that.

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>> No.42247858

What's the actual name of this? The best I can do is that it might be related to Ankama Animation.

>> No.42247860

Something something Patriot Plot.

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>> No.42247983

I'm registered on e-hentai, when I try to get onto exhentai I get a login screen with sadpanda that doesn't actually let me log in.

>> No.42248004


Log out of ehentai, clear your cookies, log back into ehentai

When you get the Panda it leaves a different cookie on your browser to make sure you keep getting the panda until you clear it

>> No.42248067

I've always wondered about that. Why? For what purpose does it cookie itself to always be sadpanda? Just to fuck with people?

>> No.42248076

Didn't help, the screen flashes 404 for a fraction of a second then returns me to the login.

>> No.42248123


Because the whole point is to limit the traffic from fucktards so they don't have to rely on advertisers who won't pay for a site which has loli on it

>> No.42248148

I'm not saying the devs thought this far, but there's actually a prototype rifle with guiding bullets that doesn't use rifling.
It basically fires a little robot that adjusts for whatever you were shooting at.

>> No.42248215

>doesn't use rifling

Then it's a smoothbore longarm and not a rifle.

>> No.42248220


>> No.42248248


These are all Shit filenames and you know it.

>> No.42248573

One of the Wakfu or Dofus animations. Wakfu season two maybe?

>> No.42248611

Looks more like something promotional, to do with one of the games.

>> No.42248649

Actual name? I don't know. I'm almost positive it is one of the animations to advertise the MMO.

>> No.42248681

It's not wakfu so it's probably Dofus.

>> No.42248743

game trailer for dofus

>> No.42248778

Back to /Pol/, degenerate.

>> No.42248848


That word does not mean what you think it does

>> No.42248936


love letter. would recommend

>> No.42249002

It was three shots.
And slow-mo.
And it's fucking Mortal Kombat, logic goes out the window.

>> No.42249035

Is that move called the JFK?

>> No.42249040

>literally the only country that abolished the slavery of people that didn't live next to us.
I'm sure you stopped using slaves because you're a progressive country, and not because your slaves came from a country a busride away. Meanwhile we had zero outside pressure to stop using slaves, but stopped anyways.

>> No.42249044 [DELETED] 

What's the sauce on this? Any good?

>> No.42249059


>> No.42249103

Britain abolished slavery throughout its Empire in the 1830s, and they got their slaves from Africa, which you will note, is somewhat further away from Britain than a bus ride.

>> No.42249144

it's like i'm really back in hell week
only less sexual

>> No.42249175

And after that, she eats a lot of kitty.

>> No.42249195

>a lot of kitty.
I don't think using similes of a euphemism really works.

>> No.42249223


I like to think that he changed his tune because he realized how much dad would approve.

It was a very "Fuck, I'm becoming my father." Moment.

>> No.42249229

Mfw Zeus is a rapist and probably thinks his son is the hottest shit.

>> No.42249249

It doesn't change the fact that the woman is completely ignorant of this fact.

>> No.42249253

Not sure but I think the idea is that I'm the wizard using levitate and reading to pass time while the rogue makes the floor safe to walk on.

>> No.42249484

where do all these bird images come from and is there a collection somewhere?

>> No.42249706

I need to know the source

>> No.42249892

It's Yurika no Campus Life.

This decision ends extremely poorly for Nagisa

>> No.42249942

Too subtle for me.

>> No.42250123

I just like me some yuri

>> No.42250135

Aquaman would actually make a pretty sweet supervillain. Imagine him leading an invasion of the surface world.

>> No.42250161

It's been done.

Go watch the Flashpoint Paradox.

>> No.42250175

French people can set it up in 5 minutes less than stupid Americans

>> No.42250526

I'd hit that.

>> No.42251459


>> No.42251508

No, that is not where "a cat is fine too" comes from. Cat Head Imako is much newer than that.

>> No.42251555

Damn that's hot. To bad it will never happen in real life.

>> No.42251581

Now I finally get the reasoning behind "Dancers" as a class

>> No.42251619


I loved his face when he realized he is one of the bad guys his master told him about

>> No.42251623

Hey, hey. I got a secret for you.


>> No.42251681

>not immoral

>> No.42251700

but isn't cap usually fighting to defend his own right to like a third of those things?

>> No.42251704

>Dancer-kith Fairest

>> No.42251835

I'm a hippo, I'm a hippo, suck my dick I'm a hippo

>> No.42251841

holy shit when was this even published? That composition is fucking awful. How does something like this make it to print? How does this even make it off a drafting table?

>> No.42251852

Question to anyone who might know:
Is there really a point to the Warthog?

I mean, I love the idea of sarting with a fuckhuge gun and building the planea around it as much as the next guy, but wouldn't a rocket be better in pretty muchany situation?

>> No.42251855

>I have never read a captain america comic before in my life
except maybe ultimate captain america. and as has been mentioned cap usually becomes a fascist war monger in crossovers because comic books need idiotic fights.

>> No.42251871

Nope, you're thinking of Major Force.
Cap has been critical of the system ever since they fished him out of the ice.

>> No.42251889

to be fair that could Apply to USAgent and that fucker's costume is near dientical to caps.

>> No.42251954

To be fair i haven't read a captain america comic since some time around 1996~97. By most modern standards, yeah, I guess I might as well not have read anything at all.

>> No.42251973

that's quite awhile, and I'm not familiar with that era, and if I'm not wrong that may have been the infamous "captain america: werewolf" era too.

aside from bullshit like civil war, AvX, Hickman's avengers etc Cap tends to try and be the voice of reason and a moral paragon.

>> No.42252931

I will make it legal.

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