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Welcome to Banished Quest!
You take the role of a young mage labeled a criminal by his people and cast out into the wider world. In the last thread mistakes were made and you left for Elaudia.

It is currently the 17th of Svarthi, in the year 936 NH.

Character Sheet:
Current Missions:


Ask Page:
IRC Channel:
#BanishedDiscussion on Rizon

Using names or trips in this quest is heavily discouraged. While it is impossible for me to prevent you from doing so, I ask that you not. I will also not count any votes made while using names or trips.

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You steer your carriage through one of the new outer wall gates, the guards sparing you little more than a glance before turning their attention back to the road. Looking up, you're greeted by rows upon rows of holes drilled through the stone and metal of the wall. If you correctly recall what little you've read on the topic of fortification, the Rhynians called these 'homocidae'. Slayers of men, or something to that effect.

There should be a chute at the top of the gatehouse through which boiling water, tar, or any number of other nasty substances can be poured down upon besieging attackers who manage to get past the grand iron gate and the portcullis within. While they've existed for hundreds of years this is the first you've seen them used in Pidjatan fortifications. Then again you haven't extensively toured the border, perhaps closer to the lands of the Samrajya these homocidae are in more frequent use.

Relief washes over you once you exit through the massive iron gates on the other side of the wall. Before you stretches open desert, a half-buried cobblestone road cutting through the sands like a faded scar. There's been only a minimal effort to keep these ancient roads maintained, in some places it's so bad that traders need to either sale the sands on sleds powered by the wind, or hire an Earth vatis to clear the roads ahead.

You follow the road east for a few hours and then start to turn south, the road following the jagged edge of the Bay of Azash, or the Bay of El-Amin. Its name tends to vary according to who you ask, but it was the Bay of Azash for thousands of years before it was the Bay of El-Amin.


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You're absentmindedly admiring the view of the beach when the heavy thud of wing beats draws your attention. Checking behind you, you find Zahak slowly descending from his position high above. He'd been following since shortly after you left the gates of El-Amin, but hadn't landed. You assume it was because he didn't want to be spotted. He's trying to slow his descent for a graceful landing, the process kicking up a veritable sandstorm which serves to do little save spook the camels. You have to jerk back hard on the reigns to keep them from bolting.

Eventually he crashes to the Earth roughly, or at least it seemed rough to you. Zahak doesn't seem injured in the slightest. A good thing you suppose, but you do wonder if he's really mastered the whole 'landing' aspect of flight yet. He lumbers towards you across the sands, a fact which does nothing to calm the camels, his voice filtering through your thoughts. {There were a bunch of camel riders to the north heading towards the city. They had a bunch of carts with them, I think they might have been traders.}

You're not really sure why he's telling you this, traders flow in and out of El-Amin every day, generally by ship but a caravan arriving by land is nothing out of the ordinary. {That's nice, Zahak. I assume you weren't noticed?}

He comes to a stop standing next to your carriage. He's as big as the camels these days, maybe bigger than some. {No, I wasn't noticed. I was flying really, really high up so there was no way they could've seen me.} Without skipping a beat he changes the subject. {Why are we going south? I thought we were heading to the jungle place in the east.}


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You bow your head in acknowledgment of what he's said. {That's true, but first we're going to Marqash. Then we'll cut across to Apejo.} You were also thinking of taking a small detour to visit Nazir, the city that your family had been granted in perpetuity. However, you've yet to decide on whether it's worth detouring. {If we were to just go directly east we would wind up in the mountains, and I'd prefer to avoid the various beast which dwell there.}

Zahak seems to accept this, craning his head up to nuzzle your side. You scratch briefly at the base of his horns. Profectus, apparently roused from his nap upon the realization that the carriage has stopped moving, nudges you with his elbow. “You really are fond of Zahak, aren't you? You treat him like a pet almost.”

You shoot him a look, at the same time as Zahak bares his teeth. “He's not a pet, Profectus. He's as intelligent as you or I, and more than that took him in after his mother abandoned him to rot in a magma filled hole in the ground. If anything, he's my adoptive son.” Granted you haven't exactly been the best father, but you like to think he's turning out okay.

He raises his hands in mock surrender, frowning. “Alright, alright. I get it. No need for both of you to jump on me. I misspoke as all. Anyway, how are we going to get him through town? I can't imagine wandering the streets of Marqash with a dragon trailing along behind us would go unnoticed.”

>You'll just have Zahak hide somewhere outside of town until you're ready to move on.
>He can turn himself invisible. It'll work out.
>Maybe you should have Zahak fly a few miles ahead of you, scout for anything dangerous and report back to you if he finds anything.
>You could probably just have him meet you outside of Tel Lakud, on the edge of Elaudia.

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So, starting this off I want to apologize for the tail end of last thread. I'd been drinking, some ideas occurred to me that seemed good at the time. Maybe alone any one of them would've been okay but crammed together like that the overall result was undesirable. I neither want Vasuda to have so comically tragic a back story nor do I want Mik's brother to seem so unreasonably cruel.

Thus, I'm going to be retconning pretty much the entire sequence of events after Mik's sparring session with Vasuda. I'll just say she asked for an escort and Mik provided her with one, they parted on good terms.

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I demand reparations for the sheer agony and tragedy you inflicted upon me and my 6 billion brethren.

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>Prof takes the reigns, we're gonna play with our son

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Disgusting tbh fam, I expect at least some compensation for supporting the fucking waifu fags

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>He can turn himself invisible. It'll work out.
What happened to our lizard? Surely we didn't leave her behind, right?
Lizard is best girl.

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She's following us, we just haven't noticed yet

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>You'll just have Zahak hide somewhere outside of town until you're ready to move on.

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Is mairg dom! It's anudda famine!
We'll see. Remind me at the end of the thread.

Nah, she got left behind. Your servants will take care of her though.

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Yeah, that was bad and you should feel bad. What's it like being a degenerate alcoholic?

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>Maybe you should have Zahak fly a few miles ahead of you, scout for anything dangerous and report back to you if he finds anything.

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Omake of best lizard moping around the estate being sad that mik-kun isn't home when?

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Scout with Zahak while riding on his back.

We need to spend more time with him.

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>put on the crown
Yeah I'm perfectly fine with this
>friend was raped multiple times
Its a bummer but what can you do
>left lizard behind

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It should be a single part, named "Soma being a cunt"

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>grayscale pie chart
shit nigger what are you doing

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>We'll see. Remind me at the end of the thread.
When you're drunk as fuck again?

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I'll stay sober for this session. I'm out of liquor anyway.

It's okay. I'd rate 7/10.

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I'll second this.

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Well it's a good thing I got like fifty fucking thousand bottles of hard liquor then

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Look, blame /tv/ because I took it from one of their hannibal threads

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I never really cared for liquor until I started mixing it.

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>Spend time with your adoptive son, scouting ahead.



>Just have him turn invisible. What could go wrong?

I'll write for ride on Zahak's back and scout ahead.

>Browsing /tv/

Straight liquor is where it's at.

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>that flat ass body
>that lack of aerodynamics
Shit running lizard 0/10 would not bet on

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>Straight liquor is where it's at.

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Jon get out

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I'm in a Banished Quest thread, there's nothing lower than that.

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>tfw can't drink liquor anymore due to a heart condition

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You could always actively shitpost in BQ rather than just be in BQ.

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Is your heart condition called being a faggot?

>> No.42223337

>being a bitch nigga

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Nah it's called arrhythmia

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Nah man, I'm mixing my whiskey with coke.

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How bad are we talking here

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Fuck off hisao

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>soma being a cunt
>MUH waifufags
I bet you don't even like fun

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It's just atrial fibrillation and it's only happened a couple times but I'm only 22 so it's still weird. Basically it just puts me at a way higher risk of having a stroke and alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine could trigger it.

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I love you.

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So what you're saying is your heart doctor converted you to mormonism?

>> No.42223619

Sure sucks to be you.
Maybe one of these days I'll get that ECG that doc recommended.
You can still drink tho, just not enough to get shitfaced.

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Yeah I'll drink a beer or two occasionally but I've decided to be extra careful since I enjoy having full use of both halves of my body.

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You might want to announce this on twitter or something. I said "fuck this" and bugged out partway through the end of last thread. After hearing about how it just kept getting worse, the only thing that kept me from just unfollowing was the thought CNQ and LQ might have a chance of not being complete shitshows maybe.

That I even saw this post was the result of a misclick and then lazily scrolling instead of exiting immediately.

inb4 "you were never going to drop."
inb4 "saltfags get out"
inb4 generic shitpost replies

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>thinking CNQ and LQ will ever run again
Get a load of this saltfag.

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Salt fags get out

>> No.42223862

>implying we want thin skinned players like you to come back

>> No.42223863

>mentioning those two quests here
You damn dirty son of a bitch

>> No.42223876

nah man stop this saltfag shit it's ok

>> No.42223892

>being a saltfag is ok
It's really not.

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me last night vs now

>> No.42223901

No it's not, if you drop a quest you get the fuck out, you don't get to come back

>> No.42223927

but all he has beef is people being dumb
all you're doing is saying that being dumb and for the lulz is ok
and if someone doesn't like it then they are retarded and should get out
like man I like shitposting but thats just mean

>> No.42223937

I can't believe I forgot the
>inb4 people reply to the people who reply to me in such a way that they look like me being an even bigger retard so as to start up yet another impotent BQ slapfight

>> No.42223940

you don't have to read things you don't like.... It's not like you owe soma anything. Do you write complaints to g r r martin when he kills off a character you like?

>> No.42223956

but I really thought that it's fine man, I'm agreeing with you here
pls don't lash out
let's be nice to each other

>> No.42224012

also it really was not my intention to impersonate you, I thought my post had a very much different vibe when compared to yours

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You push the reigns into Prof's hands, rising from the driver's bench and stretching some of the soreness from your back. Honestly, why couldn't they make these a little more comfortable? Add some padding or something, at least. How Profectus manages to sleep, you'll never know. “We'll figure out where he stays later. I think that I'll take this opportunity to bond scout ahead, make sure there aren't any bandits lying in wait around the next bend in the road.”

As you climb off the carriage and start pulling the saddle off of one of your camels, Profectus protest. “Wait a second, Mik. I don't know these roads and I can't read your writing. How am I supposed to navigate?”

You pause for a moment, before an idea occurs. Reaching out via the connection afforded to you by the brooches you contact Darzi. {Would you mind taking my place at the reigns? Profectus can't read the street signs and I'd like to scout ahead with Zahak.}

A moment later the carriage's compartment door swings open, Darzi striding out. She starts pulling herself up to the driver's bench, roughly pushing Profectus aside without so much as a word and seizing the reigns. “Yeah, sure. I've got it Mik. Not like I have anything better to do.” Raising her voice, she shouts. “Especially since our cowardly friends won't even put any money down on a game of cards!”

Mortia shouts back from within the carriage compartment. “Why do you want to keep throwing your money at Fulvia? She's won the last seven rounds! Give up!”

Darzi doesn't miss a beat. “She's just on a lucky streak! By Surya's firey cock I'll beat her next time!”


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You finish pulling the saddle off the back of the camel and haul it over to Zahak, placing it neatly in the only space on his back devoid of massive spines. It takes some adjusting, but eventually you get the saddle secured as well as it can be. It's not a perfect fit, because it was made to fit within the space between a camel's neck and its hump, but it'll serve.

Darzi whips the reigns, a crack sounding as they snap in the air. The camels are all too eager to distance themselves from Zahak, practically setting off at a run along the road. Fortunately Darzi manages to keep them under control, but it's a close thing. You spend a few minutes pulling on your Warlock armor before hauling yourself into the saddle. After all, the last thing you'd want is for one of Zahak's spines to impale you in the chest on accident.

Once you're seated you slide the Warlock armor's helmet over your head, sealing it with a quiet click. Immediately a spine slides from the back of the hlmet, stabbing deep into your neck. Pain shoots up and down your spine before being washed away by a constant flow of vys, the power coursing through your body strangely intoxicating. Only once you're fully armored do you reach out to Zahak, urging him upwards and away.

Zahak pushes himself to his feet, tensing his legs underneath himself before springing forward and beating his wings in a single motion. He carries you slowly upwards, struggling at first to gain altitude until he manages to catch an updraft of hot air. You climb higher, and higher, until your carriage rolling through the desert appears as though an ant crawling its way along the ground.


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You urge Zahak to start circling, and he dips one of his wings. This high up you can see El-Amin in the distance, a crawling mass of white stone distorted by the heat boiling off the desert. You can also see a few smaller fishing villages dotting the coast up ahead. Most of them are little more than collections of mud brick huts dotting the shore of the bay, small fishing vessels dotting the surrounding beach. Some have walled stone towers in the center, housing a local garrison.

To the south the road seems to continue on endlessly, following the shoreline. You can't see any major settlements other than El-Amin anywhere near-by. To the east stretches the desert, and in the distance the peaks of the mountains which demarcate the Shahdom's northern border. The fact you can see them from here speaks to their immense size. Nothing about your surroundings immediately draws your attention...

Then you notice the dome of a temple, half hidden behind a rocky plateau. You think you might also see some greenery peeking up around it as well. Perhaps a Temple to Pani? They were often built around oases.

>Investigate the temple.
>Check out that trade caravan Zahak mentioned.
>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.

>> No.42224126

I'm not complaining about what he did in the story, I'm complaining about his halfassed announcement of the retcon+apology. The statement of my displeasure was merely to highlight that the post here likely isn't accomplishing what Soma intended it to do.

If Martin went and killed off everything I like to the point I drop, whatever. I wouldn't write to him to bitch about it. If he went and retconned it and apologized it and put it after the first chapter of his next book and nowhere else, and I only found out by chance, then I'd probably write him and tell him that that was a crappy implementation of his apology and retcon.

This whole conversation is getting dumb. You win, I'm a thinskinned saltfag who needs to go. Whatever.

>> No.42224140

>Investigate the temple.

Implying we would ever choose:
>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.

>> No.42224167

>>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.

>> No.42224174

ok goodbye, it was nice having you
please don't pay mind to details in your future endeavours in life friend, it'll save you the disappointment

>> No.42224189

>Investigate the temple.

>> No.42224199

>Investigate the temple.

>> No.42224201

We dragon rider now
>>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.
lets not go off into bumfuck nowhere and come back to find our companions massacred, yeah?

>> No.42224229

>>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.
Temple is death flag for companions I can feel it

>> No.42224244

Soma your description of the stabbing in the neck bit has gotten a bit tiresome, since you do it every time the same way man like damn chill

>> No.42224245

>>Investigate the temple.

>> No.42224252

>Check out that trade caravan Zahak mentioned.

>> No.42224261

temple might be rogue vatis tho :D

>> No.42224267

>>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.

>> No.42224293

>Investigate the temple.

>> No.42224294

So during traveling timeskips will you give us options on reading/meditating? Like you did on the boat?

>> No.42224300

I feel like you think that means something, but I don't speak retard

>> No.42224314

How far can Darzi see from the caravan? Sounds like actual scouting doesnt seem necessary, except for finding things like the temple

>> No.42224318

>Investigate the temple.

>Actually scout ahead.

>Check out the caravan.

Those dudes are (so far as Mik is aware) to the north of El-Amin, you're in the southeast.

Anyway, calling it before we tie up again.

>> No.42224322

lol nice epic insult m8 I like it upvote

>> No.42224334

>Actually scout ahead, as you said you would.

>> No.42224377

I hated all those companions anyway.

>> No.42224393

The rogue vatis are everywhere. EVERYWHERE

>> No.42224396

gas the remnants, start anew as a god of jews

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Investigate the scouting ahead we said we would do.

>> No.42224418

mik is a rogue vatis

>> No.42224444

I actually forgot to vote amidst all this shitposting D:

>> No.42224447

She can see probably oh... 15-20 miles. I guess. The coast itself is pretty flat. The problem is that as you get further into the interior rocky outcrops, sand dunes, and various other topographical features obscure vision. It would be pretty easy for a group of bandits to hide out somewhere in the dunes. So yeah, scouting from an elevated position could be useful.

At the same time, these roads are pretty regularly patrolled, and it's known as being one of the safer areas in the kingdom. You'd be unlikely to encounter trouble during the day along this stretch.

>> No.42224469

Can we brooch our companions to tell them we found an interesting temple that we're investigating so they aren't taken off guard when they're attacked by the bandits we didn't scout for?

>> No.42224497

nah man let's test them, if they die then they were scrubs

>> No.42224499

I hope she dies, fuck the waifufags

>> No.42224513

So, Darzi has a thing for gambling? Strip Poke Her when?


Seriously, save it for the IRC or whatever, shitty bitching like yours is by far the worst shitposting in threads. Beyond waifu wars, beyond anti-quest threading, beyond voting to put on the mask.

I'm just glad Soma doesn't give a shit, because as soon as a QM lets one saltfag undermine his confidence, or make it not fun for him anymore, then the quest goes to shit and turns into HQR. If you change shit because Anons bitch, then they do nothing but bitch because you've taught them it works.

Soma retconned it because HE was unhappy with it, and that's fine. Your opinion? Nobody fucking cares asshole. Anyways, that's the entire reason we have the IRC channel, so you can complain about meta shit there and not in the quest thread.

Only post I'm going to make on this topic. The rest is going to be trying to waifu Darzi.


>Investigate the temple

This IS scouting ahead.

>> No.42224515

>You'd be unlikely to encounter trouble during the day along this stretch.
>Soma !!aTwFCWLQWmM
Companions getting raped by bandits confirmed.

At least one of them is used to it.

>> No.42224517

fuck you for being an antiwaifufag
remove all waifufaggotry and antiwaifufaggotry from quest
remove shitposting
do shit become a god
only choice

>> No.42224531


Seconding this.

>> No.42224561

>wishing death on any of our companions
You're a shit player.

>> No.42224565

We're gonna fug errybody and you can't stop us

>> No.42224582

that is fine, become god of fucking everything
problem is picking one

>> No.42224607

>God I hate waifufags
>I hope one of Mik's one of his best friends and useful companion dies (probably alongside some of the others) just to stop the waifufags from shitting up the quest

You're lack of self awareness is astounding.

>> No.42224630

Good goyim falling for the b8, shitting up the thread.

>> No.42224746

>just pretending to be retarded
also poes law

>> No.42224879

m8 I am not that dude, and my post was also b8
Well fucking done lol

>> No.42224922

>still pretending to be retarded

>> No.42224943
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You debate for a moment between actually scouting ahead and going to investigate the temple, but in the end your curiosity gets the better of you. Besides, this is one of the safest roads in all the Shahdom. You've never heard about any bandit attacks or raids in this area. Further south is a different story, the minor lords which populate much of the Shahdom's west coast are constantly raiding one another and extorting caravans passing through their lands, but you probably won't have to worry about them until tomorrow.

Zahak banks east, carrying you towards the swell of the dome. As you get closer the oasis comes into view, sheltered within a hollowed out plateau. You get the impression the temple was all simply carved out of the stone, rather than any part of it being constructed. Water fills the floor of the enclave, cascading from what seems to be a spring unearthed during the excavation who knows how many hundreds of years ago. The area seems rather fertile, with all manner of plantlife and animal life flocking to this bastion of life in the harsh desert.

As you finally surmount the ridge of the plateau a statue comes into sight, carved within a hollow beneath what appears to be the main temple structure. It's Pani, identifiable by her headdress, the scepter she wields, and the lotus she cradles, but she's carved with only two arms rather than the usual four.

You'd guess that the temple is somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve hundred years old, because around three hundred years before the fall of Hiacia there was a rash of temples built depicting the gods as fairly normal looking Samjan. The movement which spurned this change died out gradually, and the usual manner of portraying them as four limbed in Pani's case and completely alien in Surya's case returned. Still, temples like this one have survived.

>> No.42224965

>keeps falling for it

>> No.42224970

It actually appears as though this temple might still be active. Offerings are scattered about the base of the temple and a handful of worshipers seem to be meditating in a statue garden just outside the massive archway carved through the walls of the hollowed out plateau. The main temple structure itself seems to be abandoned though, and collapsing into disrepair.

>Find a place for Zahak to land outside the temple, walk up.
>Eh, it's neat and all but you should get back to your companions.
>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.

>> No.42224988

>base of the temple
Should read
>base of Pani's statue

>> No.42225011

>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.

>> No.42225019

>Eh, it's neat and all but you should get back to your companions.
wasted update is go

>> No.42225026

>Eh, it's neat and all but you should get back to your companions.
They are already dead, but we can save their bodies from being raped

>> No.42225040

>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.
Let's go invisible too

>> No.42225042

>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.

>> No.42225047

>Eh, it's neat and all but you should get back to your companions.

>> No.42225058

>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.
ADVENTURE TIME with Zahak is go.

>> No.42225061

>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.

>> No.42225063
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>Let's go invisible too
What, you don't want everyone to think a flying heavily armored man descended from the heavens and entered the old temple?

>> No.42225069

>not joining in on the rape

>> No.42225072

>>Have Zahak turn invisible and land near the main temple structure, you want to check it out.
Just so some old nature vatis can be horrified

>> No.42225099

Let's do that actually

>> No.42225125

>Answer the call of adventure.

>Let's be RESPONSIBLE and RELIABLE like some sort of FAG


>> No.42225128

>>Find a place for Zahak to land outside the temple, walk up.

>> No.42225192

I think darzi understood the second we left on a dragon that the chance of us actually scouting was zero

>> No.42225234

Probably. I think she knows us pretty well at this point.

>> No.42225249

Goes without saying

>> No.42225255

So, are we still letting our peeps know what we're doing by brooch?

>> No.42225256

>Prof: So do you think they're actually gonna scout ahead?
>Darzi: Nah.
>Prof: Yeah, me neither.

>> No.42225277

Nah man darzi is a dumb slut who got gangbanged by bandits. I don't think she's smart enough to think things through

>> No.42225285

>we come back covered in blood
>and gold and silver bling

>> No.42225292

>I was protecting you from bandits! I swear!

>> No.42225314
File: 158 KB, 1440x900, 1389146646387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42225350

>black shadow
Think she still has flashbacks to taking big black nigger elf cock?

>> No.42225366

>No you can't have a share, in the one who delved into that eons old ruin and fought abominat-I mean I killed bandits. No ruins, mik was good he promises

>> No.42225367

>"So I was exploring this temple I found. One thing led to another and I MAY have accidentally set the whole place on fire."
>"It was an honest mistake, I swear!"

>> No.42225379

What do you mean you broke all their bones in a show of intimidation

>> No.42225433

Couldn't have been that big, her jaw was practically on the floor when she saw ours.

>> No.42225454

That was PTSD anon

>> No.42225530

Well, we can help her get past her trauma by showing her that not all big black nigger elf cock is bad.

We'll show her how to love using our dick!

>> No.42225612

>I didn't rape her
>It was medication!

>> No.42225616

You mean going up the pooper?

>> No.42225665

>tfw anal while being held up in the air is my fetish

>> No.42225674

p. shit fetish

>> No.42225728

You too m8

>> No.42225742

At least my dick isn't covered in literal shit

>> No.42225759

What would be a good metal grandmastery meditation?

Personally, I like the idea of taking a pile of the nastiest mind/soul-raping artifacts we can find and putting them all on while trying to prevent the badness from happening.

>> No.42225777

You clean out your butt first nerd

>> No.42225786

taking a bath in liquid metal?

>> No.42225792

here lies mik

brain turned to sludge

>> No.42225796

Metal codex

>> No.42225809

lol, stay disgusting

>> No.42225825

maybe we could invite some more spirits into our soul and destroy them like we did with the crown as a meditation

>> No.42225832

Mainline some divine essence and try to not die. Almost certain to give mad bonuses to dealing with spirits and the like.

Even better if we can permanently incorporate it.

>> No.42225855

I agree, we should ride the free lessons as far as they'll take us. we should also Grandmaster metal before we look for a steel recipe

>> No.42226001

Just spend like a week inside a Gate of Suraya.

>> No.42226031

too hard now because of the tattoos

>> No.42226046

>people worried about gming foolish ideas of metals
>not regaining control of magic undivided

>> No.42226060

Not really. Just takes longer to start it up.

>> No.42226127
File: 222 KB, 1024x685, Pani on her Throne Mural.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You focus on the connection you and Zahak share. It's different than the connection between you and your companions. It feels more natural, for lack of a better word. You don't have to so much force your thoughts across a bridge as merely will them to cross the thin barrier between your mind and his. It's strange, but comfortable. {Let's turn invisible and check out the main temple compound. It looks to be abandoned.}

There's a burst of vys, and suddenly Zahak vanishes. You get an overwhelming sense of vertigo as a glance between your legs reveals nothing save a long drop to the ground below. Were you to fall from this height... well, it's not worth thinking about. You channel your own vys into forcing the light to pass through you instead of reflecting off of you.

As Zahak starts to descend you decide to contact your companions. After all, if something goes wrong and you don't return they should probably be aware that you weren't 'scouting ahead' as you'd told them. {Hey, everyone. I've found this ancient temple and I think I'm going to check it out with Zahak. I'm not far, so if you get into any sort of trouble just get in touch.}

A sense of satisfaction seems to permeate Darzi's thoughts as they mingle with your own. {Looks like Mortia owes Profectus and I two gold a piece.}

Wait, were they betting on whether or not you were actually going to scout ahead? You're not sure whether or not you ought to be offended or amused. Regardless you've not time for either, Zahak finds a clearing amongst the foliage and lands hard in a small pond hidden within the greenery which surrounds the oasis. This looks like it might have been a meditation area at one point, judging by the shattered columns and broken roof tiles which both fill and surround the pond, but it's long since fallen into ruin.

>> No.42226147

You slide off of Zahak, the effect of his invisible wings carving through the water where he uses the knobbly 'elbows' to support himself is a curious one indeed. On edge of the pool what you'd thought was a rotten log jerks into sudden motion, an alligator rushes forward, hissing irritably and preparing to strike. Zahak just twist around and opens his mouth, sending forth a jet of flame which sufficiently terrifies the alligator that it beats a hasty retreat.

After you've extinguished the flames, you dismount and drop your invisibility. Zahak does the same, and together you stalk forward through the dense foliage which has cropped up around the temple. Well, as much as a dragon can stalk. Even though he's clearly trying to be quiet every step Zahak takes sends up a chorus of snapping wood, rustling leaves, and creaking branches.

The fact nobody is rushing out to greet you by the time you reach the main temple complex pretty much proves your theory that this place is abandoned. The dome of the temple structure is missing massive chunks, which lie shattered across is cracked marble floors. Pillars have collapsed or are covered in clinging vines, desperately in need of repairs. To your right a staircase leads down to the oasis floor, but most of the steps have been eroded away to almost nothing. Frankly, you're not sure how this place is still standing.

Passing through the doorway, the actual door long since rotted or torn off its rusted hinges, you yourself in a circular chamber. The roof is supported by pillars which line the edge of the room, but there are no actual walls. You're actually provided a rather beautiful view of the artificial valley below. At the back of the room is a cracked and faded mural of a blue, four-armed Pani being attended upon by her heavenly servants, and flanking the mural on either side is a doorway to what appear to be meditation chambers.


>> No.42226149

It takes longer BECAUSE it's harder, they give us a -8 modifier

>> No.42226165


We have pretty much the same ability to get into the void with other bonuses. just a little harder.

>> No.42226170

Zahak waits in the entry chamber while you advance into one of the other rooms. Rather than a meditation chamber, it appears instead to be some sort of statue-lined hall. Or at least it was at one point. The statues have long since been carted off, and all that remains are the marble plinths they sat on. On each plinth there's carved an inscription describing the figure depicted by the statue that it once housed, revealing most of them to be former Varisthas of the temple. At the end of the hall is a stairwell, leading down into the rock below. You think you might be able to see a little bit of light shining around a bend in the stairs, but you can't identify the source.

>Call out and ask if anyone is down there.
>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.
>Shit, this place is occupied? Better book it.

>> No.42226172

>You focus on the connection you and Zahak share. It's different than the connection between you and your companions. It feels more natural, for lack of a better word. You don't have to so much force your thoughts across a bridge as merely will them to cross the thin barrier between your mind and his. It's strange, but comfortable.
I like the sound of this.

>> No.42226189

>build cat shrine

>> No.42226191

>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.

>> No.42226193

>>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.
Meeting pani in the flesh soon

>> No.42226212

>desecrating holy ground

>> No.42226213

>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.

>> No.42226229



>> No.42226242
File: 132 KB, 500x281, Garfrankel and Simone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>{Looks like Mortia owes Profectus and I two gold a piece.}
>tfw disappointing the mormor

>> No.42226245

>>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.

>> No.42226257


Maybe put it back in the meditation area though

>> No.42226260

>Try to sneak down. Light means people, and people aren't necessarily friendly.

>> No.42226272


>> No.42226284

Build a shrine in the area where Zahak landed.

>> No.42226294

Use fire magic to bend the light around the corner and spy on them.

Having to look directly at things in order to see them is for fags.

>> No.42226328


>> No.42226331

thats a great idea, good job anon

>> No.42226335

This is literally a temple to actual God

>> No.42226348

Or, yknow, we could just use Nature magic.

>> No.42226356

The gods don't give any fucks

about anything

>> No.42226374

>wanting to suck the cat's dick without even knowing what this place is and who is around it

>> No.42226379

>The gods don't give any fucks
>about anything

>> No.42226391

It's just gonna get destroyed by the people here.

>> No.42226392

>Sneak on down.

>Use magic to peek around the corner.

>Build a shrine to the cat spirit somewhere in the proximity of the temple.

To sneak downstairs.

To build a cat shrine to the cat spirit (exact location up for debate)

>> No.42226393

or >>42226348
if it fails

>> No.42226401


>> No.42226404


>> No.42226413
File: 43 KB, 535x395, 1349809548464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconded, places of power my cat god loving friend

>> No.42226417


>> No.42226418


>> No.42226420


>> No.42226422


>> No.42226429


>> No.42226431


>> No.42226434


>> No.42226436


>> No.42226437


>> No.42226439


>> No.42226441

I voted one because we should probably clear the area first.
We can perhaps build the shrine afterwards.

>> No.42226444


>> No.42226446


>> No.42226452


>> No.42226457


>> No.42226470


>> No.42226472


>> No.42226483


>> No.42226495



>> No.42226496

Getting these filthy goyim smited soon fellow disciples

>> No.42226509


>> No.42226515

Nigga we a freelancer.

>> No.42226517


>> No.42226520



By a single vote the 1s take it, unless I missed a vote somewhere. I'll include the option to build a shrine later.

>> No.42226550


>> No.42226560

>I'll include the option to build a shrine later.
Soma confirmed for railroad, make em vote until it wins!

>> No.42226570


You didn't count my vote

>> No.42226578

>I'll include the option to build a shrine later.

>> No.42226587

... Having a shrine benefits us. Why are you complaining?

>> No.42226604

We're putting in a temple to the strongest god we know of, who actually exists and enslaved the most violent god we know of.

>> No.42226606

Are you >>42226517?
If so, you missed the time frame. Last valid vote was >>42226483. The cut off was at 21:31:11.

It seems popular, and (assuming you're not chased out of here by angry spirits) there's no reason you wouldn't be able to build a shrine later.

>> No.42226615

He thikns i's funny.

>> No.42226624

Because this is a temple to pani, this is holy fucking ground, you don't commit outright heresy on holy ground.
Also the cat is a kike but that's secondary

>> No.42226637

The gods have never once intervened in this world. There is no evidence to prove otherwise.

>> No.42226640

Here's hoping we can participate in another spirit invasion. We need to practice for when we track down the spirits that tried to fuck us with the crown and bind them to our will.

>> No.42226665

Wrong. Samjan are a result of the gods fighting a proxy war

>> No.42226667

>implying Pani isn't just a super spirit
>implying Pani cares
>implying Mik cares

>> No.42226671

You're the kike and pani is a slut

>> No.42226676

We don't have to put the fucking thing IN the temple.

around it should do just fucking fine

>> No.42226677

>get a few runes we won't use
>get a fast travel point to place we'll never visit

>sucking the cat's dick
>desecrating holy ground

Nah, fuck that.

>> No.42226698

>forgetting the reason why samjam have magic and are (almost) immortal

>> No.42226699

No proof. Was Children doing it. They just said that the gods told them to.

>> No.42226707

Venom Snake is the medic

>> No.42226719

>implying Mik cares
Mik cares about Pani you shit.

>> No.42226721

We've had mahana confirm pani can into God
Mik is a worshiper of pani
Around it is still heathenous, why don't we just shove it in the desert if it's so important?

>> No.42226727

>sucking cat's dick
>desecrating holy ground

Explain how exactly this is holy fucking ground. The gods are literally spirits of a significantly higher echelon. nothing more nothing less. Last I checked, Mik doesn't buy into the stupid shit of flat out worshiping Pani.

And how is this sucking the cat's dick? Afuckinggain I say, We don't have to put it IN the temple. around it will do just fine.

>> No.42226752

put it in the mediation area where Zahak landed.

Also. Gods don't care about worshippers. they gain absolutely nothing from it.

>> No.42226758

<~Soma_QM> This isn't immediately relevant.
<~Soma_QM> But do you think that a Grandmaster Nature Vatis getting a +12 to detect someone trying to sneak up on them is fair?

>> No.42226772

ROOOOLL 3d10+8 (+2 from traits, +6 from Void Cloak) vs DC 19 (Base 15, +8 from Master Nature Vatis, -4 due to Intense Focus)

>> No.42226782

ayy lmao

>> No.42226788

Rolled 8, 3, 5 + 8 = 24 (3d10 + 8)


>> No.42226790

Rolled 6, 7, 7 + 8 = 28 (3d10 + 8)


>> No.42226794

Really? In a setting with literal fucking gods, you are going to go fedora on me?

>> No.42226798

Rolled 3, 2, 5 + 8 = 18 (3d10 + 8)

Sure that'd wore just fine

And that's relevant how?

Wooohoo less goooo

>> No.42226803

Rolled 6, 8, 3 + 8 = 25 (3d10 + 8)


>> No.42226805

Rolled 2 + 8 (1d10 + 8)


>> No.42226819

Rolled 8, 2, 2 + 8 = 20 (3d10 + 8)

Spend 1


>> No.42226820

>24, 28, 18 vs DC 19
>Regular Success!
I'm going to assume you spend 1 for the great success. If this #triggers anyone let me now.

>> No.42226824

Because this theoretical retribution that people believe the Pani will smite us with isn't going to happen.

>> No.42226828

Rolled 7, 3, 1 + 8 = 19 (3d10 + 8)

that was a 1d10

rolling to save face

>> No.42226844

b-but muh sneak experience

>> No.42226845

Rolled 1, 10, 9 + 8 = 28 (3d10 + 8)


>> No.42226850

>gods get nothing from followers
Says you
>nothing will happen goy! Just give me power and I'll tell you some petty secrets that you crave so much

>> No.42226871

>baseless paranoia

>> No.42226875

>I'm going to assume you spend 1
Nice railroad. Might as well just drop the quest and write the rest of it as a web serial.

>> No.42226881

Rolled 3, 7, 5 + 8 = 23 (3d10 + 8)

I mean I'm sure Pani would be pretty pissy about us putting a shrine to a minor spirit in her temple. But I agree I doubt we'll be smited probably jsut smacked around a bit.

>> No.42226885

I think that's the ''+2 from traits''

>> No.42226898

Says the explanation of how gods and spirits work. Gods shit out nigh infinite power just by their existence. Spirits munch on the excess power generated by mortal worshipers.
Not even that anon.

>> No.42226900

Even if the gods don't care other spirits might, remember how the gods btfo another god for giving out knowledge, so spirits everywhere started to punish humans for enchanting?

>> No.42226902

Don't worry, Zahak will probably just eat them.

>> No.42226905

Holy fuck you're a salty little shit.

>> No.42226919

That's not what he was talking about. He was complaining about how spending vys to get a great success is technically less xp towards trait advancement than a vysless normal success.

>> No.42226925

>paranoia in bq
The mask is perfectly safe, stop being paranoid

>> No.42226930

Please go back to >>>>/a/nonkun if you want to be railroaded.

>> No.42226932

Pani has never ever done that. Ever.

There is no reason for it to happen now.

>> No.42226942

He has taken you on the ruse cruise.

>> No.42226956

Holy fuck you're a salty little shit.
It's a fun ride baby~.

>> No.42226958

Good. We can launch an invasion then.

And no, that was revealed as false, that was for SWWB for teaching people to enchant with Dviine Essence.

The thing about enchanting being forbidden by gods is just a thing Spirits say to jew mortals.

>> No.42226977

Go read Worm, quests clearly aren't for you.

>> No.42226996

Clearly they are, I just prefer to not vote.

>> No.42227011

>taking the bait

>> No.42227085

Good thing Soma prefers it that way, too!

>> No.42227108

He does? Seems like ~150 threads says otherwise. salty little shit :^)

>> No.42227143

>Soma confirmed for like futa
Fucking Dropped!

>> No.42227149

~150 threads of Soma manipulating you into picking his preferred choice :^)

>> No.42227162

shit if he's THAT good then I'll keep reading.

>> No.42227194

Won't matter what you do, since Soma will railroad the quest in the same direction

>> No.42227218
File: 1.50 MB, 886x878, Futa is actually kinda gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, son. 2gay4me

>> No.42227234

Soma has outright said that manipulating anons is the easiest shit, he killed overhuman by convincing anons to hate a chick and then died after slapping her.
He literally crashed the quest, with no survivors

>> No.42227274

>inb4 ban

>> No.42227281

Why? It's clearly censored.

>> No.42227286

Overhuman had about 3 players at the time of Omar getting ISIS'd.

Not exactly an impressive example of manipulation.

>> No.42227326

It still shows he's not afraid to do it

>> No.42227335
File: 424 KB, 267x200, 1397239790449.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The taste of your tears

>> No.42227366

Enjoy your railroad

>> No.42227383

Soma's lying about something, then, because he's also said that he's never even read Overhuman when asked if he would be willing to run a quest in the setting.

>> No.42227425

I think I might remember him mentioning reading the last overhuman quest

>> No.42227450

>Nah, man, I've never even HEARD of that quest before, of course I had nothing to do with it.

>> No.42227482 [SPOILER] 
File: 211 KB, 1080x1920, 1441073944599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what a BQ player looks like

>> No.42227501


>> No.42227541

>portrait dirvers license
>not landscape
Georgia a shit.

>> No.42227546
File: 328 KB, 1100x766, Ancient Temple - Lower Floor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You creep down the stairs, your cloak coiling around you as if by some unconscious cue. You seem to blur around the edges, tendrils of black spreading out across the floor and clinging to the walls of the stairwell as you descend. The light in this instance does little to reduce the effects of your cloak, and coupled with what you've learned on your own of subtlety you manage to reach the bottom of the stairs without so much as a sound.

At the bottom you find yourself staring out into relatively cramped chamber. Four artificial waterfalls cascade into a stream running beneath a short stone bridge, the sound of crashing water adding a pleasant ambiance to the room. At the opposite end of the hall is a man with a bushy white beard and a meticulously groomed mustache, sitting before a shattered statue of some sort in deep meditation. The light in the room seems to originate from two burning braziers lit on either side of the doorway you're standing in.

The man is dressed in fine clothes, gold scales glittering under his iron cuirass and sown into his leather undershirt. He wears a turban full of interlocking iron rings and adorned with feathers, and on his hip sits the handle of some sort of cleaver longer than your arm. He's corded with muscle, and at least eight feet tall. Massive, even for a Samjan. A rough estimate of his age would place him somewhere around seven or eight hundred.


>> No.42227557

means your 21

>> No.42227575
File: 203 KB, 1062x751, Shah's Archeologist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The statue he's meditating before seems to shift and glow, constellations of light projected onto the ceiling from the various slots carved into the statue's surface. You're not sure if the man is causing it, or if it's simply the statue acting on its own. Regardless, you snuff the two braziers with a wave of your hand. The room is submerged in darkness, save for ring of dim light in the area around the statue.

>Interrupt his meditation to introduce yourself.
>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.
>You think you see a door behind him, try to get past.
>Look around to see if he's left any belongings unattended.

>> No.42227588

In GA if it's landscape it an easy way to show you're 21. Under 21 it's Portrait. But yeah, I'll give you that Georgia is a shitty place. I hate it here.

>> No.42227592

>>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.

>> No.42227604

tell Zahak to gtfo and hide

>> No.42227614

>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.

>> No.42227617

post the 63 of him

>> No.42227622

>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.

>> No.42227628

>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.

>> No.42227634

I played the first and second iterations of Overhuman. Maybe the third? I don't really remember how many there have been at this point.

I am also the one responsible for turning the Anons against the spoopfu in the first Overhuman and getting the MC killed.

>> No.42227651

Treat him like you treat demetrios, FRIGHTEN THE MAN.

>> No.42227652

What a fatass.

>> No.42227655
File: 104 KB, 726x1101, 1436076251610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the other pic I was thinking of using.

>> No.42227666


>> No.42227687


Naw I agree with you man. I need to lose weight.

>> No.42227751

>Try to discern the purpose of the statue.

>> No.42227755

You're one ugly bastard

>> No.42227770

I'm sorry anon :(

>> No.42227788

Well that sucks I was hoping you would let us hear about how our father and mother raped people and how our family got even more power.
I would have been cool with the rape too.

>> No.42227800

>Hide somewhere, lil' dragon nigga.

>Try to figure out the purpose of the statue.

>Ooga booga booga wer da magic at

Writin' for tell Zahak to hide and try to figure out the statue.

ROOOOOLL ME 3d10+10 (+2 from Vatis, +4 from A Terrible Thing to Waste, +2 from Enchanter, +2 from Nature Vatis) vs DC 28 (Base 20, +4 from Severely Damaged, +4 from Warped Runes)

>> No.42227801

There's been 4.

First was Omar Denis, the amazing evolving phoenix nigger.
Second was Petre Lupei, crow gypsy.
Third was Jade forgotherlastname, mc of a quest that got trolled off of akun by nipplevoters. Showed up in the fourth quest as an npc, in which she pissed herself and told to fuck off by the qmc. Apparently she ended up going on to do something something something, it was never really all that clear.
Fourth was Asher Smith, flipflopping edgelord who eventually ended up turning into a tree faerie.

>> No.42227810

Rolled 9, 1, 8 + 10 = 28 (3d10 + 10)


>> No.42227839

Rolled 4, 7, 6 + 10 = 27 (3d10 + 10)


>> No.42227889

Rolled 10, 4, 4 + 10 = 28 (3d10 + 10)

Knowledge baby

>> No.42227895


>> No.42227912



>> No.42227913

>28, 27, 28
>By the skin of your teeth, Regular Success.

Again, I think I can pretty much assume you'll be spending the 1 vys. If anyone is opposed to that, speak up. It'll put you at 56/58.

>> No.42227919

Rolled 9, 1, 2 + 10 = 22 (3d10 + 10)


>> No.42227945

Speaking of vys counts, what's our fancy new cat ring at?

>> No.42227966

It's got a 3 vys charge at the moment.

>> No.42227997

3 per day correct? Up to 80?

>> No.42228006

Create a three vys dildo and shove it up zahak's ass

>> No.42228017

Yeah. 5% of mik's total vys. Rounded to the nearest whole number.

>> No.42228084

Try meditating with him.
It would he pretty funny for him to wake up seeing nigga next to him meditating as well.

>> No.42228276

Rolled 6, 4, 3 + 10 = 23 (3d10 + 10)

Newfag test. Pay no attention.

>> No.42228279

Would be possible funny

>> No.42228305

P funny

>> No.42228405

Big storm in my area.

Just letting all my irc buddies know I'm ok. I know you guys miss me but you'll be okay.

>> No.42228425

fuck off ishiggy

>> No.42228431

Hope you die, honestly.

>> No.42228446
File: 296 KB, 3000x1696, #Starter Map plus Political Divisions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You approach the statue, doing your best not to disturb the man, whoever he is. At the same time you reach out for Zahak, relieved when you feel his own mind brush against yours. {Find some place to hide, there's a Vatis on the floor below. Not quite sure what he's skilled in, but he's wearing a Master's robes.}

You get a vague sense of disappointment and reluctance, but you pressure Zahak and he relents. You can faintly here his claws scraping against the cracked marble of the floor above as he retreats out of the temple and into the veritable jungle beyond.

Now that he's out of danger, or at the very least not likely to be detected, you step closer to the artifact in the hopes of discerning its purpose. There are runes carved across its surface, very obvious runes at that, but just like the 'Life' rune tattooed on your hand they appear to mostly be bastardizations. Warped by time and mortal memory. You pick out a few. One series of runes is a sustain rune affecting a create rune, which in turns affects the base rune. You don't recognize the base rune, but the create rune is written such that it will only activate in the presence of a rune you don't recognize.

You spare a quick glance towards the old Vatis meditating not three feet from you, but he seems utterly absorbed in his work. Confident you won't be discovered you try channeling a little vys into the statue. The light flares brighter, but other than that nothing seems to happen. You're going to guess that the central rune is probably 'light' or something to that effect.


>> No.42228456

die in a fire.

>> No.42228459

Please die. Really.

>> No.42228472

You decide that you're not getting anything from the statue itself so you glance upwards, at the night sky it replicates. However, the more you look the more you begin to realize that what you're looking at isn't a night sky, but a settlement dotted landscape. More specifically, a landscape of Hiacia. It's a map, though admittedly a crude one.

One area in particular is circled. Channeling vys to drive the light brighter, the barest wisp of writing begin to grow visible next to it. It's labeled simply 'Repository', nothing more and nothing less. The area it's in is fairly remove, on the border between the Shah's lands and those of the Satrap of Apejo. The nearest settlement is a hundred miles to the north or southeast, and it's in the mountains to boot. You wouldn't be surprised if it had managed to escape notice all these years.

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.
>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask.

>> No.42228492

>Slit his throat.
We've got the drop on him, and we wouldn't want anyone else discovering this ruin. Best to take out the competition now.

>> No.42228500

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.

>> No.42228509

>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask.

>> No.42228514


>> No.42228518

>>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.

>> No.42228532

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.

>> No.42228534

Please don't remind me, I kept coming back even though it just got shittier and shittier.

>> No.42228535

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.
>Leave a spooky trap behind.

>> No.42228539

You back well away from the meditating man and decide to give him careful approach notice. "Hello friend. I would ask you some questions about the map above. Would you mind if we talked a bit?"

>> No.42228541

we havent been spoopy in a while

>> No.42228542

>>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask.

>> No.42228543

>Build Cat Shrine

>> No.42228548

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.

>> No.42228550

>>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask.
No reason to think he'd be hostile.

>> No.42228554


>> No.42228592

>You'll make a note to mark it on your map and leave. No need to disturb this fine gent's meditation.

>> No.42228595

>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask

>> No.42228628

ScArE HiM AwAkE!!!!!

>> No.42228630

>No need to wake the guy.

>Shank that nigga good, 'fore he crimps yo shit mayn.


>Yoo nigga can I axe you a queshun?


Gonna go grab some dindin. Writin' for slip out unseen when I get back.

>> No.42228649

>>Maybe he'll have more information about what the Repository is? Shake him awake and ask

>> No.42228650

What if someone comes up with a really good idea for a spooky trap? Will you include it?

>> No.42228674

I'd consider it, depends on how much support it has.

>> No.42228690


>> No.42228694

Can we leave a note in front of him that says "Ur a faget"?

>> No.42228735

fingers, fingers everywhere

>> No.42228741

>Inventory: Gargoyle Corpse (Skinned, Beheaded, 2900 lbs total, ~2500 lbs of meat and organs, ~400 lbs of bones)
Surround him with lots and lots of meat, blood covering the walls, and organs hanging from the ceiling

>> No.42228776

erode words onto everysurface with earth magic, get out! and you arent welcome! and the like

>> No.42228778


>> No.42228804

Aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll the surfacesssss

>> No.42228848


>> No.42228851

This guy could become a valuable ally. Why go all spoofy on his ass before we find out if he could be useful?

Just to be shitpostmaster?

>> No.42228869


>> No.42228880

these two

>> No.42228891

we have enough allies. PRANKS FTW

>> No.42228897

Any ally of ours will require patience, tolerance, and a sense of humor relating to shitty pranks exactly like this.

We're just pre-vetting him.

>> No.42228907

Carve runes into the room spiraling out from where he sat, leaving a circle around the statue as if it couldn't get near, Inbetween but never touching the runes run cracks throughout the room, run deep claw like gouges at certain corners and doorways as if something was forcing its way towards him, occasionally carve detailed void monsters into the walls with text below them in Samjan that's just gibberish as if written by a man who had fully lost their mind, more shit that I can't think of right mow

>> No.42228917


>> No.42228938

We should block out all light (make walls to block all the doorways) so when he wakes up, all the gore is only lit up by the statue

>> No.42228954


Better yet: leave another, wider and more jagged-looking space around a totally mundane portion of the wall.

>> No.42228969

>it's still here, it just hasn't killed you yet

>> No.42228971

These are literally all shit ideas. Just stop, all of you.

>> No.42228973

Nice one.
Maybe put handprints all over the outer surface of those walls, like whatever threw them up was trying to protect him from something.

>> No.42228980

Maybe there are some allies worth having who don't want to put up with that shit?

Maybe they are 8 feet fucking tall and cut like a crossfit statue?

Maybe, just maybe Mik doesn't have to lead with his dik all the time?

Just sayin...

>> No.42228995


>> No.42229009

It's a temple to Pani... make hundreds of ice spikes coming from the ceiling, walls, and floor, and ending inches from his face and neck or something

>> No.42229012
File: 2.64 MB, 400x225, 1351175862007.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cut like a crossfit statue

>> No.42229013

Carve "Are we cool yet?" into the floor directly in front of him in small, neat runes.
Then also a thousand times in sloppy carving all around to either side.
Behind him, leave a pile of meat arranged vaguely like rge back of a chair for his sitting comfort.

>> No.42229033

>Maybe there are some allies worth having who don't want to put up with that shit?
If they can't put up with this shit they are by definition not worth having.

>> No.42229036

>gore is spooky
I hate all of you fucktards

>> No.42229129

>If they can't put up with this shit they are by definition not worth having.

"If I can't shit post definitions this quest is not worth having."

There, I fixed it for you.

>> No.42229131

>Shah wanted me to investigate that old temple
>meditated next to some broken statue for Gods know how long
>woke up covered in blood and meat
>it was all over the damn place
>walls were all scratched up like something big dragged its claws over them
>creepy messages carved everywhere saying stuff like "GET OUT"
>I don't get paid enough for this shit.

>> No.42229171

Build a cat shrine all around him.

That should be one hell of a surprise for him.

>> No.42229179

Spirits don't have meat, it reveals the ruse

>> No.42229208

Don't just fuck up an ancient temple for shits and giggles, Christ you act like you're 12.

>> No.42229245

Correction. ''Mik'' acts like he's twelve

>> No.42229256

I personally hate their ideas on a metaphysical level, but we can always repair it after he runs away screaming

>> No.42229273

No. No he does not, you do, and you want to push your retardation onto him

>> No.42229282

We should write him a little pamphlet about letting our lord and saviour Cat into your life. Leave it in his lap with some jerky or something and a little glass of water.

>> No.42229291

His childish behavior has over 150 threads of canon precedent

>> No.42229312

Look desecration of ancient temples is one thing but if you bring door-to-door evangelicals into this setting I will kill you myself.

>> No.42229333

No it doesn't, so far he's been an insane dickhead, but not a child, he has a fine understanding on how to induce pure terror into the hearts of men, what you propose is what makes butchers laugh and little girls giggle.

>> No.42229340

How about leaving some food and water next to him with a note carved into the stone?

"Hey looks like you are working really hard, so I left you a snack for when you are done. I think its great how fit you are!"
Mickle the Pickle

>> No.42229361

i hate you and your shitty ideas

>> No.42229369

Ps the Shah totes fucks his whore mom.

>> No.42229373

Might wanna leave a feline-shaped dildo there for him too so he get used to it.

>> No.42229392

we could erode away the floor all around him and try to create a deep dark pit

>> No.42229408
File: 447 KB, 270x200, 1433894484710.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42229421

You guys suck at scaring people. We should just cut his head off while he's sitting there and then set it in front of him so that he's looking at his own body when he wakes up.

Can you imagine how spooky that'd be to wake up and see your own headless body in front of you?

>> No.42229429

Nah we should slip our dick into his mouth then stand there until he wakes up.

>> No.42229437

This guy seems pretty let's leave him a snack.

Be nice.

>> No.42229442

We should just zahak here, the spookiest thing is a dragon

>> No.42229460

a 2000lbs snack made of gargoyle gore?

>> No.42229472

Does this entertain you Soma.
Does watching us bring you joy.
I fear your answer.

>> No.42229481

>implying this nigga won't immediately zero in on us and break our neck

>> No.42229486

Don't you fucking use our son as a verb, you whore.

>> No.42229517

Pretty cool.

>> No.42229519

Il let zahak you all night baby

>> No.42229525

>this guy is a nature vatis
>he's known we're here from the beginning
>he just sits there watching us set up all these pranks and giggle to ourselves like little girls
>he thinks we're hilarious

>> No.42229536

I'd love this, personally.

>> No.42229539


>> No.42229551

we should stream us scaring him to our group and son

>> No.42229552

You mean he kills us for having such shitty ideas as to what's scary?

>> No.42229572


>> No.42229578

quit hatin'
try participatin'

>> No.42229590

I don't participate in retardation

>> No.42229591
File: 1.99 MB, 403x234, Wow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the laff m8

So something to this effect seems to have a modicum of popularity.

To carve runes spiraling out from a circle around the man and the statue, along with claw marks and various blood stains along the walls.

To just leave the dude alone, what did he ever do to you?

>> No.42229596

Ya, what's funny to you, friend?

>> No.42229605


>> No.42229609


>> No.42229610


>> No.42229612


>> No.42229616


>> No.42229622


>> No.42229625


>> No.42229631


>> No.42229636


>> No.42229652


>> No.42229671


>> No.42229684


>> No.42229685


>> No.42229691


>> No.42229697

>Let's desecrate a temple of the god we worship!

>Fun is just a buzzword.

Last valid vote.

Writin' for 2.

>> No.42229709


>> No.42229713

If we can't spook him can we at least leave him that snack?

>> No.42229725

>You don't have to tell me what you're meditating on but you do have to eat all of these eggs.

>> No.42229727

>>Let's desecrate a temple of the god we worship!
you cheeky fukr

>> No.42229728


>> No.42229743

uhh... why?

>> No.42229744

I'd be cool with this. Just leave him a bite to eat.
Probably won't eat it anyways, thinking it's poisoned or something.

>> No.42229752


>> No.42229755

Can we still put our dick in his mouth?

>> No.42229789

Are you gonna be a COOL DUDE Soma and have THREAD TWO?

>> No.42229812

Nah, I'm gonna be responsible and go to bed early so I can wake up early for class tomorrow.

>> No.42229822


>> No.42229825


>> No.42229829
File: 22 KB, 348x274, they're chocolates what can I say.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>opposed to being a dick and scaring this guy
>opposed to being nice and leaving him something to eat

>> No.42229834


>> No.42229853

There's no reason to do either.

>> No.42229861

Seconded tbh tbf tbhqfh

>> No.42229873


>> No.42229892


>> No.42229898


>> No.42229906

you shame your ancestors

>> No.42229907

is samefagging just fun to you or what

>> No.42229915


>> No.42229926

What do you mean? We're all different people.

What would lead you to believe otherwise?

>> No.42229947


>> No.42229965


>> No.42229967

Leave it to the irc.

>> No.42229975


>> No.42229983

zero involvement, we are currently cybering with somouto

>> No.42229991

Soma, this idea currently has 10+ voters in support for it. I demand a vote to include it.

>> No.42229993


>> No.42229995


>> No.42230002

You seem to have this pretty under control, Soma. Why don't you just make a gay smut pastebin?

>> No.42230008


>> No.42230015

But we want you to write it.

>> No.42230030

This is why I love 4chan.

>> No.42230035

Oh noice, I have five more cached captchas.

>> No.42230049


>> No.42230063


>> No.42230068


>> No.42230077


>> No.42230095


>> No.42230098

Haha fuck you anon I screwed up your count

>> No.42230111

>Reddit: When jokes get taken too far.

>> No.42230112


>> No.42230126

Nice try

>> No.42230130


>> No.42230142

It's not gay.

>> No.42230146

Four seconds too late :^)

>> No.42230168


>> No.42230174

I just joined the irc to see if it was as shit as people say it is. It was as shit as people say it is.

>> No.42230176
File: 128 KB, 688x649, 15671564864684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42230181

I can't think of anything else to say, sorry.

>> No.42230186

You briefly debate trying to make the man crap himself, but you don't want to be a dick to the guy for no reason. He's just here meditating, minding his own business. You've got what you wanted and you're about ready to leave. Instead of spending all that time carving runes into the walls you just channel a little bit of vys, using Earth magic to mend together a make-shift pot from various bits of broken tile. You wash the resultant monstrosity out with Water magic before filling it with ice.

You figure that the ice will melt over time, thus by the time the man finishes meditating he'll have a pitcher of cold water to enjoy. Making your way silently back to the stairwell you ascend to the upper floor, passing through the hall empty plinths and into the central chamber. Zahak is just outside, curled up with his wings folded around him in the underbrush. He's pretty conspicuous, though you get the sense he's trying to hide.

Reaching into your cloak you extract your map and an inkwell, taking a moment to mark the Repository while its location is still fresh in your mind. That done you tuck both back into your cloak, content in the knowledge that you'll probably be the first to get there even if the muscular old man in the basement figures out that the statue is a map and how to make it work. The ruin is sort of on your way to begin with, a short detour north of your intended route.

As you exit the temple and walk up to where Zahak has 'hidden' himself you wonder, should you go searching for your companions, or should you try to fly ahead of them? On top of Zahak's back you could probably be in Nazir before sunset, maybe in time for dinner. The same trip by carriage would have you reaching Nazir at almost midnight. Of course, flying ahead of your companions would leave them to navigate the strife-ridden lands of the minor lords sworn to Shah Kadir on their own. A dangerous proposition, at the best of times.


>> No.42230197

Your thoughts are interrupted by Zahak craning his neck over the various bushes which fail to fully obscure him, nuzzling the top of his horned head into your torso. {Are we leaving, Papa? What did you find?}

>Return to the carriage.
>Scout ahead, now that you've satisfied your curiosity.
>Eh, your companions can take care of themselves. Go inspect your family's new lands.
>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230209

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230211

>>Return to the carriage.

>> No.42230212

>Return to the carriage.

>> No.42230219

>Return to the carriage.

>> No.42230227

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside

>> No.42230242

>>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230243

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230246

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230248

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230250

>>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230261

Cat shrine it up then go back to the carriage and meditate on metal magic using the codex

>> No.42230265

>>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside

>> No.42230276

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.


>> No.42230280

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.
Fuck OFF safetyfags.

>> No.42230282

>Return to the carriage.

>> No.42230288

>Scout ahead, now that you've satisfied your curiosity.

>> No.42230290


>> No.42230302

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.

>> No.42230320

>Actually, there was another doorway in that temple you forgot to check. Head back and peek inside.
Mask 3.0 here we come

>> No.42230324

Go back and get your goddamn dick in that guys mouth!

>> No.42230328

The mask wasn't a mistake.

>> No.42230334


>> No.42230350

Yeah this

>> No.42230351

>Check other doorway.

>Return to the carriage

>Actually scout ahead.

>Host a musical rendition of CATS, the hit broadway musical.

>Stick your dick in another man's mouth, as a joke. No homo I swear.

Shit, almost too close to call. I think checking out the mystery box wins out...


Sorry this was a short session folks. I had to fill out some paperwork and shit in the main office after class and got home late. Next session will be Wednesday, starting on time I hope.

>> No.42230359

>No homo


>> No.42230361
File: 2.10 MB, 320x320, 1437436745737.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayyyy. Thanks for running boss.

>> No.42230386

Thanks for the thread, Soma!

>> No.42230394

Thanks for the thread

>> No.42230406
File: 1.18 MB, 209x180, Happy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for playing, Anons.
Ban he

>> No.42230411

Thanks for running
>Ban he
Wow fuck off. I'm going to spam thanks now.

>> No.42230433

Thanks for running, Soma.

>> No.42230456

Thanks; for the thread.

>> No.42230466

>I missed it

Fuck man, i hate work

>> No.42230470

Thanks for the thread!

>> No.42230488

Thanks for the thread. Snake waifu when?

>> No.42230498

When you get visited by the ayyyy lmaos.

>> No.42230501

>Zahak is just outside, curled up with his wings folded around him in the underbrush. He's pretty conspicuous, though you get the sense he's trying to hide.
Fuck is that adorable.

>> No.42230504

Thanks for running the latest thread of your quest for almost seven hours, Soma.

>> No.42230508

Archive here!

>> No.42230517

Thanks for the thread?

>> No.42230522

innit? This is why Zahak is best son.

>> No.42230529

Thanks for running.

>> No.42230542

Thank you for the thread

>> No.42230665

Best thing we've ever done this quest is take his egg.

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