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1) I made this
2) filename is missing

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Nah, I'm not him, sorry to shatter your dreams and smile.

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>filename is exactly what the image says
for what purpose

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Another thread ruined by wannabe /tg/ personality tripfags.

Nice job you do there for free, you mongoloid. YES YOU. Fuck you.
You know when people say "this place is going downhill!"?

I hope you know YOU are the reason why, by allowing that faggotry and not hammering the fuck out of tripfags.
Yes, it's YOUR fault, and are YOUR consecuencies, as choosing not to act when you can act, is still an action.

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What a promising start to this thread.

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Why does Blue not have a sword

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My guess is that he took levels in unarmed, the fool

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Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

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On the other hand, no.

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>Lustful Blown

I guess that's one way to rid them of their sins, Jeanne.

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You are familiar with Shield Bash, yes?

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>not exalted.png

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To be fair, it's a pretty useless maneuver in a lot of systems, including D&D (barring obscure feats).

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All those classes and he chose to be a farm boy.

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>catholic telling people to talk to their pastor
>entire denomination based in idolatry

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That's just gay.

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he dropped it when he fell the first time

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Gay af tbh

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Noah was a lot more interesting than I would have expected.

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Virt pls go and stay go

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If you're going to be an unfunny shit, at least follow the form of the thread.

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I did not see that event coming g from the filename.
Clever? Stupid? I can't decide.

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I just nearly crapped my pants at work. Thx.

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>Protestants who just schism into new churchs every time they disagree rather than trying to establish a consensus about what Christianity should be
>Don't even have apolistic continuity


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Ummm... I need sauce for.. reasons...

Can't find it on Google

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I am very dissapointed that all my search has turned up is this very same gif on tumblr... I wanted more.. for reasons

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I hunted it down earlier. You ain't missing much.


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Mmmmm But it linked to a lot of very nice body paint videos

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I feel like I've gotten a new, extremely hard to satisfy fetish.

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Well that was rather disappointing. *zips back up pants*

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...of dog-girls? That's...not even remotely hard to satisfy. I'm not even into that, and I still know a few places.

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fetishes are really hard to satisfy when you combine them or have a fetish for something nobody fucking tags properly.

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... This is beautiful.

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Wouldn't you just love to watch the sessions unfold? Hellboy drinking, Jack philosophizing, Mokoto having to put up with them both, and Hito-Shura being as silent as the game he's from, and that's when they're not on the job.

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Mein Neger Bruder

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>Jack philosophizing

Really? I don't recall him talking philosophy much in the show. I just imagine him sitting in a corner quietly drinking tea while everyone else does murderhobo shit. He'd probably be really reluctant to take paychecks beyond the bare necessities (squatter life would suit him fine until the greed kicks in), although he is a total karma-whore, taking Distinctive Style, Code of Honor(Warrior Code), and Incompetent(Electronics).

I also have a hard time imagining Jack doing shadowrunner stuff, unless it's part of a plan to get to a time-portal. Though it isn't exactly hard to fit Aku into the setting (either make him a great dragon, or disguised as one, or not conceal his true form and fill the same role as one). And Jack's adventures primarly take place in a cyberpunk dystopia anyway, so the sixth world wouldn't be a very big change.

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You're probably right about the philosophizing, but I remember the episode "Samurai vs Samurai" where Jack faces off against a wannabe, and ends up teaching him a lesson.

Still though, the character dynamics alone would make the whole thing interesting, even though HitoShura is mute.

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I don't understand why.

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Sorry about that.

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Glad I could help anon

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I have to ask the source of that webm

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that is such a goofy and fun series

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I don't get it.

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The girl she's saying she's going to harass is capable of making any girl fall in love with her.

Like, the girl basically accomplishes everything she needs too by seducing women into doing what she wants.

It's like saying you're going to attack the tank head on with just your fists: they'd never expect that!

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I need to read this now.

What is it called?

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Currently airing season of Garo. GARO - Goldstorm. It's a sequel to one from a couple years ago called The One Who Shines In Darkness or something like that.

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Is not knowing what a dump stat is officially le meem status now or what?

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The joke is that she isn't a lesbian herself, and just wants a boyfriend. But her natural powers of seducing women are just too strong

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That is...


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This looks familiar.

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I realized two seconds after posting that it probably should have been mental stats, I just wanted filler to ask for a source on the swordfight.

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Face and body paint in real life. Much harder than 2d.

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>purse kills shoes

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google gives me nothing, care to share?

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Attempting to reach consensus with heretics is itself heresy. No man has special divine authority, and salvation by works is a sham designed to control preindustrial surfs.

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Spirit Circle

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Unless those people park in the exact same fucking spots every day, that ain't real.

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No shit

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Take that down right now. This is a blue board FFS

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canadian tho

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You could still move without internal organs, too. Just not for very long.

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>squatter life would suit him fine until the greed kicks in

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>Spell Glyph - Crushing Despair.webm

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That should be called AD&D. Second edition mages have 1D4 hp at level 1. Stray cats do 1D4 damage.

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It's more about how the cat stats are better than the commoner stats in 3.5. If they are in combat, a house cat can reliably kill a human commoner.

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>That guy dual-wielding candles like a boss.

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What's this from?

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Sauce? I need to know for uh research purposes.

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Is it a hentai that I need to watch or is it another bullshit anime that I need to forget?

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I lmaoed.

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>not why5eisbest.jpg

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>breast cancer

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>that bulge

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most people in Shadowrun take Distinctive Style to be some fucking weeb.

I took mine to be a spaceman.

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They both have dicks.

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needs a better title, any suggestions?

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Bikini Warriors. It's from the most recent episode (8 I think).

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>no dicks

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Not everything can be a giant green phallus riding a golden chariot

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Fortuna is now confirmed for the best BBEG of all time.

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Surely there is a better filename for Astarte. Plut, gunplay is hardly her definning characteristic.

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Astarte's a pretty cool girl, she's got a lot of positive features.
>Never quits
>Has a lot of guts
>Is kind to animals
>Is a great mom

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Ugh, why'd you reming me of what happened to the second cat.

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What's the story here? Why does she look like a possessed scarecrow?

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As unprincipled revenge for someone reminding me that the comic existed, as I wouldn't have otherwise have looked twice at a thumbnail of little red riding hood.

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She's their teacher. They weren't supposed to see her.
You wouldn't have read it to that point if you didn't enjoy it in some way. How do you call a four armed human anyway?

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Rolled 7, 19 = 26 (2d20)

I need to borrow this thread, assuming I do this right

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I see. Thanks. I don't know much about Japan, but is there some huge stigma there to working in a Maid Cafe?

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Oh sure, I enjoyed it in some way, but I do have to bring up at least one particularly horrid part whenever someone makes me revisit it.

And I thought she was referred to as an "artifact?"

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... Do I really need to explain why it's embarrassing for her to service her students as a maid?

I'm not sure. The plot really wasn't what kept me.
Want to be my friend?

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>Want to be my friend?

Sure, why not.

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Aw, shucks.

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I lol'd

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In that case sauce?

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It was just a hug.

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>How do you call a four armed human anyway?
A waifu?

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Oh Christ, people *watch* that bullshittery? Holy fuck, they're just whacking each other with metal bars, not actually fighting.

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Apparently 5 people have died in that sport already

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Probably because they're fucking idiots. They're just taking turns to whack each other, like some characters out of Runescape or something.

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That sort of thinking is what enables fundies, young earth creationists and shit.

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You must not have kept up with Runescape for a while.

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How is that a fail?

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Well you're no wrong, but you're not correct either.

No, I think Vivi is the one called an artifact. Astarte is just a monster.

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Well, no, I haven't. Do they no longer stand still taking turns to deal damage/block any more?

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shadowrun calls them "nartaki"

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Different guy, but you now get to perform acrobatics with your swings. (And soon after made it possible to automate it, so it's same as before, but with more flare)
No, I do not care for EoC

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You now have an Ability Bar that you can fill with a variety of attack abilities, then fight by hitting the hotkeys you assigned to each. However, there's a mode that macros the ability bar so you don't have to press anything, and two others that revert the game back to "stand around" mode, for the people who can't learn how to play.

Older enemies still do the auto-attack thing, but newer ones (especially high level mobs and bosses) tend to have multiple special attacks or passive abilities.

Combat seriously suffers from a lack of variety in abilities though, especially since the ones that are different than "Do x% of base damage, ysec cooldown" are generally locked until you complete various content, 4 of them being locked behind the hardest bossing content in the game.

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> Team Skeleton still open
Thanks bro

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>you will never find a name more badass than Trent Arsenault

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skeletons are undead

>> No.42237777

Not if they're actually dead.

>> No.42237789

Catholics are pretty bro-tier tbh

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>tfw i will never be a milf commander
just kill me now

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Am blinderp

>> No.42237918

Holy shit. This sounds amazing.

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>Another thread ruined

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>> No.42237954

Canon how?

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5e mentions that some elves are made in Corellon's image, and Corellon can be whatever gender or combination thereof Corellon wants to be.

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>Rolling a 1 when using Search

>> No.42238169

Jesus, what animu is that? Looks Balla

>> No.42238181

>playing hide and seek with your familiar

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>> No.42238333

Can anyone come up with a name for this?

>> No.42238439


>Failing an Own Language roll

>> No.42238451

>trickster GM

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>> No.42238793

>Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.
Protestants: not even once.

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what is this from

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Getting hugged to death by a lich? Cute.

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>> No.42239026

No, you stupid bitch, that's Volcano cutter.webm.

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Fucking Tuna Mayonnaise characters, always one in every group.

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>> No.42241510

This is Anima, right?

>> No.42241610

is there a yt link to this? i don't know why but i have the sudden urge to call my little brother

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>4 people
>3 sleeping bags

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>> No.42242426

Someone has to keep watch. Basic shit, dude.

>> No.42242440

Man, I kinda liked Clementine (whoever did her voiceacting *nailed* that), and though she got what she deserved, that's a very shitty way to go.

>> No.42242507

dude, i've watched this movie a hundred times and never noticed that

>> No.42242551

Maybe 'Cypher - GM Intrusion'

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>> No.42242793

>All Guardsmen Party.jpg

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>> No.42242977

who's the one in the middle?

>> No.42242998

my little anon can't be this pure

>> No.42243002


I like that

>> No.42243020

Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell
who's the midget?

>> No.42243180

There is stigma against everything otaku in Japan.

>> No.42243201

> spellchecking graffiti
> LG
> Lawful Good
> LN
Do you even understand D&D-style alignments, anon?

>> No.42243350

ahegao is a the word for the panting, tongue-out, eyes-rolled-back, brains-fucked-out expression you see in certain hentai.
demi-fiend from MegaTen

>> No.42243381

Does anyone?

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>> No.42243970

>>Kage no Butso Jutsu

>> No.42244768

fucking le*pards

>> No.42245006

Thanks for reminding me that I've still gotta work out how to take out those freighters.
That whole tech tree...
That it is.
Considering some of the creatures in the setting, though, that technique may be necessary.
Like dragons that spew cones of feathery pacifism.

>> No.42245449

>illustration of Lovecraft monster
Man, way to ruin a good story

>> No.42247263

Maken-ki! Tsuu
your welcome.

>> No.42248372

dat tongue

>> No.42248414

It's fairly tame aside from one or two breast shots.

>> No.42248439

That sounds suspiciously... impact related.

>> No.42248453

jackson galaxy actually has solid cat care advice

>> No.42251210

I didn't watch too much GitS, but it didn't stike me as the kind of show that uses skimpy outfits.

>> No.42251277

Wait, I'm sorry what's going in this pic? Are they making out or is the wolf eating them?

>> No.42251341

Underrated post.

>> No.42251422

Fuck, they published new chapters?!

>> No.42251863

The wolf is feeding her.

>> No.42251870

You should read Shut Hell. It's pretty gr8.

>> No.42253150

I see it has gender bender as a tag. Is it just crossdressing or actual gender bending?

>> No.42254437

Neither really. Going into details would be a major spoiler, but you can largely consider it as a non-factor.

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