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I am lost for words.
In case you didn't see what I just saw here is a picture.

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Is... is this real?

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yeah its pretty fucking bullshit

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Just spoiled at PAX Prime.

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Ok... ok... hold on. Before I am excited. Explain the weird looking symbol.

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Premium extras, not officially part of BFZ, but included at Foil-mythic rarity in packs of BFZ.

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They are rare in boosters. same rarity as foil mythics but are not part of the set so they have their own symbol.

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Special mythic / mythic thing they are doing much like the special ugin card.

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Buying all the packs
All of them

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>super duper ultra rare fetchlands

Cool, thanks Yugioh. If this is the new way WotC plans on doing things then I'm done with this game.

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Still really good.

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Nobody in the stream answered me, is that elspeth on the red/white card?

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Based Kikes of the Cost deliver yet again. Bitching about "muh yugioh" and "muh fetches" to follow. News at 11.

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Fucking sick. Does anyone know how the full-art lands in fat packs will work now that these have been spoiled?

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I have regular ones so I don't give a fuck. If i pull one I'll just trade it for value as they should be fairly expensive.

They will work as regular as you land pack will have 80 full art basics. the boosters will have a chance at the fancy new lands.

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Last week a rapist looking WoTC employee spoiled Fat Packs would have full art lands. They didn't confirm during the stream though.

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oh god oh god oh god oh god oh man

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Still fetchable EoT, and can enter untapped.

These are decent.

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Absolutely halal. Better contact my local cardboard crack dealer and set up for a box purchase. The lottery will pay off on this one, I think.

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Nobody answered because it's fucking Gideon.
Elspeth is dead in Theros.

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Any 1-2 color deck in modern deck will run at least 1-2 of the relevant ones of those because why not.

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>only the green/white one gets its art ruined with ugly ass hedrons
what did I do to deserve this?

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where we can get these?

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You liked Selesnya, Abzan, and Dromoka. Of course you deserve it.

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>full art duals/fetchs/shocks
>only in foil


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>Liking GW or GWx
You deserve it for that alone

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I like them. They're great for dual colored decks, where running basic lands are reasonable. They also have basic land types, which can help other cards. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. I'd say these are some of the most balanced dual-colored lands they've made.

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This will be like trying to play the foil goyf lottery in mm2. if you pull something like scalding tarn you will probably pay for the box with that alone.

boosters except they have the rarity of foil mythics

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For that same reason Goyf got shifted to Mythic; Maro values scalpers over players.

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inb4 the next set has the same "expedition" land bullshit.

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>if you pull something like scalding tarn you will probably pay for the box with that alone.
Regular Tarn is pushing close to that as it is, one these will prolly get you two or three easy.

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It's already confirmed to have it. BFZ has 25 of a 40-card cycle of expedition lands.

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The next one has 20, so good guess is the 5 from Future Sight, the 10 filters and 5 enemy duals like the new ones.

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The full art tarn will easy get 250 I'm willing to bet. Easy.

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So similar to the Treasures from original Zendikar?

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Well, if the full art lands are stand-ins for premium mythics, then it'll be at least 2. However, if they're holographic as well, they'll be over $500 a pop.

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Yeah this is their version of revisiting that. Makes sense they'd want to print new cards this time instead of going to the trouble of buying up existing cards again.

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They're indeed foil as well, cracking a Tarn would be insane.

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they did buy up anything, they just had all that shit sitting around

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*didn't buy

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Treasures from the original is extremely ballbusting rare.
This one is foil mythic rarity. There's 25 of these lands and 15 mythics so if you open a foil mythic, there's bigger chance you'll get these lands than a foil mythic.
Of course, opening foil mythic is fucking unlikely already.

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>same rarity as foil mythics
what is that? like 1 in 200 packs?
oh wow thanks wizards now getting into modern won't be worse than gouging out one's eyeballs with a spoon

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And it gives people the excitement of seeing these cards reprinted and possibly opening a few, but without having to fit them in to Standard or really effecting prices.

I'd say WotC had a damn good idea with this one.

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>not winning store credit every fnm with cheap standard decks in order to get a modern deck
I was able to buy twin after a couple months of playing mono red this standard

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I play modern merfolk. A single color deck with tons of basic lands. If I wanted to splash a color, these are the last I would consider. Go home...you're drunk.

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One every 2-4 boxes, but still. Opening the right one will pay for those boxes easy.

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I''ll be able to trade my playset of regular tarns for a single foil full art.

I wish you could buy a product that had these lands in full art but non-foil as I prefer non-foils.

non-foil full art shocks/fetches would go great with my unhinged lands

just buy regular versions

They are just printing money at this point

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Sweet you might open one land.

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Yeah I hope they don't think this is going to count as reprinting the fetchlands because holy hell do we still need some actual enemy fetch reprints to bring the price down, not this garbage.

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Any fetch would pay for all 3 boxes. A shock would buy two more easy.

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>just buy regular versions
>scalding tarn
>60 dollars
>lol this doesn't need to be reprinted modern is an accessible format!

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>Premium only mythic rares
Top jew

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you will open 1 on average for every booster case so thats 1 for every 216 packs.

at about 4 dollars per pack we are looking at $864 till you hit one, Being generous we can imagine that each box will contain $100 of cards which leaves us at about $264 left.

take that 264*.75 ~ $200

i imagine these will hit the secondary for around that price

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I think they still need to do the reprint, but the alternate art + full art is a fantastic idea to get people excited about a box.

>> No.42182837

I'm hoping we still get them. This is literally just their way of saying hey buy more cards.

>> No.42182849

>being reasonable on /tg/
Come on man, they're utter shit.

>> No.42182853

It's going to be a fantastically bad idea once people open up a box, find 0, and then decide never to waste their money again. This should have been 1 per box guaranteed.

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i hate that retards give wizards money for shit like this. if people were smart then wizards would have to actually make the game better to earn money.

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Wil Wheaton is notorious SJW. You've got Bingo!

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Pulling a regular shitty foil mythic is going to be the biggest heart breaker.

>> No.42182910

What's the big deal? A dual land that costs life to not be tapped? And appears to be mythic?

Please explain to a faggot that can't into competitive Magic

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Let's do some math here.

Currently, full-art lands from the original Zendikar are floating at around $1 per.
One BFZ fat pack is $40, and comes with 9 packs, a spindown, and 80 (supposedly) full-art basics.

Any given foil mythic is approximately 1 in 216, according to http://www.starcitygames.com/php/news/print.php?Article=17092. This means that any one specific full-art nonbasic (not just the big money ones) is approximately 1 in (216 * 25 possible slots) 5400.
Of every 5,400 packs you open, statistically ONE of them will contain the full-art you want.
Because of that, these are going to be bonkers expensive and rare. I wouldn't be surprised to see well over three times to current going amount for the normal printing.

That said!

If you hold on to fat packs (which contain those 9 boosters, as well as $80 worth of full-art basics), you stand to make a very significant amount of money in a very short time. Hold on to the full arts if you want to double your cash. They're going to drop low, and rebound over time as people inevitably lose them and they are no longer in production.

And this isn't even accounting for any money rares this set produces. It's a good time to be a greedy fuck.

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If someone expects to see one of these in a single box they're an idiot. Plus it's Zendikar, there's going to be plenty of other bonkers shit in that box they opened without seeing a full-art foil Tarn

>> No.42182955

I watched a guy open a foil comet storm and he almost cried
He keeps it as a painful reminder

>> No.42182962

Well since their typing is the basic lands, they can be pulled by a fetchland for one thing

>> No.42182982

3 boxes 3 fat packs here I come

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Magic has plenty of idiots. Are you telling me you don't think there'll be at least a daily "fuck this shit I bought a box of BfZ and didn't get a full art mythic land" thread? Because it's coming.

>> No.42182998

Oh wow, we're back in Zendikar already? Time flies

>> No.42183000

The land on the left is good because it both gets you the exact color you need when you need it, for a small price, and thins out the deck slightly. One fetchland trigger is one fewer land you need to worry about drawing.

The one on the right is good because it can be pulled from the deck using fetchlands, AND come into play untapped for a small price of life. Compare this to other dual lands, which have firm restrictions on how they enter. This land says "Eh, if you can pay." It's very powerful.

>> No.42183032

In Modern, those first 3 turns can make the game for you
Since original dual lands aren't allowed, people use the shocks to have their mana base start off very strong

>> No.42183036

the big deal is that the card looks good. it's a reprint of a card that we already know is good.

why is it good? because you drop it and instantly open up two colors in your deck OR if you have no plays (and don't need to bluff about having a play) you can just put it out tapped and not even miss that life.


the card has the land types associated with its colors meaning that fetch lands like the one on the left can fetch a land out of your deck that hits two colors simultaneously (one of which possibly wasn't what the first fetchland could have produced)
the options for mana fixing with that combo basically mean that a single fetchland in your opening hand allows you to have the color for any spell in your deck.

>> No.42183038

Moar shekel grabbing from Jews of the Coast - I'll stick to superior non pay-to-win Netrunner.

>> No.42183042

I got a Comet Storm and a foil Guile from my MM2 box.

>> No.42183067

What if I don't like cyberpunk?

>> No.42183068

These full arts are not going to be a dollar.

>> No.42183069

Pretty curvy for Gideon, also funny considering they have on a flowing gold cloak like Elspeth wears. Not to mention in multiple articles they refer to her "death" as being banished to the underworld or inhttp://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/journeys-end-2014-05-26
They say, "If there are more obstacles waiting for Elspeth, she will face them unhindered by mundane cares and concerns, more powerful than ever before."

So she could one up Obiwan and show up.

>> No.42183074

Huh, so these are in the set after BFZ, then? Because I believe we were promised no fetchlands in BFZ about two weeks ago, and there was much bitching.

>> No.42183090

>people in the secondary market charge out the ass for cards
>this is wotc's fault because

>> No.42183092

Then you're obviously wrong.

>> No.42183102

read the thread.

>> No.42183105


Yeah I know those lands are bad for your one specific faggy deck so they must be awful for everybody's decks huh.


>> No.42183108

As good of an idea as it is, I still think they should've been a bit more common. Maybe about the same rarity of opening a Rare foil instead of a fucking Mythic foil.

>> No.42183131


they could easily print more of the highly sought cards at a lower rarity if they so desired. No one cares about ultra mythic foil rares, They want regular ass fetches for their decks.

>> No.42183133

I think they're supposed to be super duper rares that aren't exactly in the set but can be found in the boosters. Like the priceless treasures from the original zendikar

>> No.42183134

maybe this time they'll print a playable spot removal spell in black for under 5 mana at uncommon or lower.

>> No.42183142

depends on how you view accessible. for wizards they are happy if there are enough in circulation that you can obtain them if you really want them. it is a lot easier to go to an lgs and to buy a scalding tarn than to go into a lgs and to buy a tropical island.

if spending more money = pay to win then netrunner is pay to win as someone who has gotten all the data cycles and other expansions has spent more and has a large advantage over someone who got only the core set.

>> No.42183145

Not for a while, in the same way that the original full-arts were not for a while. Give it time.
Who would tell lies on the internet?
I'm taking my chances with it. If betting money on cardboard falls through, I still got to pimp out all my decks with neat lands.

>> No.42183175

These are garbage in the grand scheme of things.

In almost every case you'd want shocklands, scarlands, checklands.

before these

>> No.42183179

I hope not. Or I hope it at least doesn't hit Eldrazi that easily.

>> No.42183181

Yes just like how Tarmogoyf will be 50 bucks because muh print run right?

>> No.42183214

We don't know what the other two 10 card sets are going to be from Sweat.

For all we know, they could say "fuck the Reserved List" and give us new, full art ABU Dual Lands in Sweat.

That'd make it be something they want serious control over printing the numbers of, and would justify the approx. foil mythic rarity.

>> No.42183216

>Eldrazi Scion

Spawns were the one thing I wanted new support for. Really feeling strung along, will they get to do anything special or not?

>> No.42183217

I'd probably use the R/B one or the G/R one in Jund
Keep in mind, WotC cares more about Standard than any other format. They're good there.

>> No.42183218

This set is going to be a lot more opened than the other one.

Plus everyone has the same idea as you.

There's going to be plenty of them.

>> No.42183221

They're fine as 1-of fetch targets in modern, possibly more than 1 if you're playing exactly two colors. The blue-red one will see some play in UR splinter-twin.

>> No.42183222


>> No.42183225

They get to attack.

>> No.42183244

You must have me confused with somebody else.

>> No.42183246

So make those rarer than the ones that actually need a reprint.

And that's not going to happen anyway.

>> No.42183254

Am I the only one that thinks the expedition cards don't actually look good?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about my 1/300 chance at a foil fetch/shock, but they barely look "full art/frame" they look like bad digital cube proxies

>> No.42183260

>1/1 instead of 0/1
>can still be sacced for mana
how scrubby can you get?

>> No.42183261


>> No.42183269

I honestly think these are prettier than the original full art lands.

>> No.42183281

So they'll be cheaper and more budget options (once they rotate out of Standard, anyway) if nothing else.

>> No.42183282

A foil full art abur dual would easy hit 700+ dollars. For the cheapest ones. Think of the erection you would get cracking a volc island. Hello 1500 dollars.

>> No.42183283

>Huge efficient fatties everywhere even ones at common for no color investment
>WotC has no idea how to do limited other than "LOL I TAP SIDEWAYS"
Don't worry, removal is going to be shit. Wouldn't want new players like you getting their fee-fees hurt by having to stock answers like counter spells or bounce to protect against removal. Nope, creature on creature combat is the only way any color should kill threats now, not just green, but be sure to give white what little good spot removal there is.

>> No.42183286

Yeah I'm not a fan either. Maybe they'll look better in person, but the frame is pretty ugly to me. I'm also not a fan of foils in general though, so I guess this isn't aimed at me. Will be selling any I open immediately.

>> No.42183296

They aren't incredible, you're right.

They're as "full art" as planeswalkers.

Neat tho. They're going to be flashy regardless.

>> No.42183298

Does anyone think U/B Control will still be good in Standard for Zendikar? I feel like it's going to be more creature based, since we're losing heroes downfall (can use ultimate price/murderous cut/new shitty downfall instead), ashiok, thoughtseize, dissolve, perilous vault..

I just want U/B to stay good. Although I mainly play aggro.

>> No.42183305

There's going to be more than one art for each basic right? I sure hope this isn't all we get this time.

>> No.42183314

you got your new downfall already

>> No.42183324

jesus, shocks are like 5 dollars right now.

you don't need budget alternatives right now

>> No.42183325

and thats only 1 set. there is normally 4 different arts in a set

no we always get 4 different arts. this is just 1 cycle drawn by the same artist

>> No.42183328

Foil in Modern? You can run Shocks next to BfZ duals (which need a snappier name) to ensure islands to ditch, and a lot of cards just end up as fodder for Delve and Snapcaster anyway.

>> No.42183329

Because it very likely means we get less stupid quantities of them on the field.

>> No.42183331


>> No.42183339

These seem amazing in cube where you will hit the required basics everytime.

>> No.42183343


I don't think new downfall is quite as bad as it seems since late game it is a downfall that gives you a 4/4 too. It'll be one of those removal spells you'll be happy to draw into late game, that kills their most threatening creature and gives you something to chump block with/try to close out the game with next turn.

>> No.42183349

I see hedrons in all five. Get your eyes checked.

>> No.42183354

They won't stay that way forever. And if they keep printing non-ass Duals they'll stay low, so there's another upside to this.

>> No.42183355

oh neat, now I can turn them sideways without running any synergy cards.

>> No.42183369

That's the idea, yeah.

>> No.42183381

Does WotC think Dark Banishing is to OP to see reprint now or something? Why is spot removal so shit for limited since Theros? Even board wipes are getting worse for what few are printed.

>> No.42183389

>frees more spell slots off creatures
It's the dream of control decks.

>> No.42183404

Overrun isn't synergy, bruh.

>> No.42183412

It's shit so you actually have to think twice instead of just brainlessly picking the removal every time. It makes you go down different routes.

>> No.42183438

>next set is Zendikar Lost

>> No.42183442

the way the frame is curved at the top and not at the bottom pisses me off to no end. I still don't like that frame on the new tokens, and I don't like it here. I'll just hoard these to sell in a few years and keep using my old full arts

>> No.42183481

WotC likes limited to be as simplistic as possible which makes playing any sort of control deck pointless in sealed. You have to go full tilt aggro or bust since there are practically no answers once things hit the field and counter spells are getting more and more conditional and expensive as well.

Within a few years expect most counterspells to be at least uncommon if not rare just like removal.

Hell, I'm fully expecting another all creature set if not block with them just reusing Evoke again.

>> No.42183491

>quick, i have to invent some bullshit to hate because it's the popular thing to do

>> No.42183494

Oh of course, otherwise how would they have Zendikar Reborn in a few years?

>> No.42183503

good luck finding more than 4 people to play with

>> No.42183513

>WotC likes limited to be as simplistic as possible

>there are people out there who actually believe that

>> No.42183548

Yeah, but it's sorcery speed.

Unless you're casting it against someone with no hand, you have to hold up 10 mana to keep your opponent from just killing during their turn for 3 mana and then playing something of their own.

It's technically a finisher, but not really a good one.

>> No.42183556

nope, just being autistic as usual. I complained about that frame ruining the art on tokens and I'm complaining about it again. Deal with it.

>> No.42183599

10 mana for what?

>> No.42183618

>giant mindraping creatures
>crickets. One guy halfheartedly complains about the art. No one cares.
>new lands
>mass hysteria, riots, panic, everyone preorders and starts rubbing their hands in anticipation of shekels
There's something seriously wrong with the game at this point.

>> No.42183640

sorry, I miss typed that.

I meant you can't really cast it before you have 10 lands usually, since you'll need 7 to cast this and then probably 3 for a counterspell to keep them from killing it on their turn.

At that point you could just play Ugin and wipe the board and have him as a finisher rather than killing one thing and using a land as a finisher

>> No.42183643

I know, right?


>> No.42183670

manabases are the single most expensive aspect of the game and have been almost since its inception.

>> No.42183685

Sets come and go.

But lands.

Lands- they stay eternal.

>> No.42183690

>getting excited about expensive cards

You guys just aren't buying stocks because you're afraid of the real world, right? Buying cardboard with fantasy places on them is something that feels safe, am I right?

>> No.42183694

>there are people out there who actually believe that

Are you new to the game, just arrived from Heartstone? Just compare Innistrad to Khans or Khans to any set released after it. It's getting enormously dumbed down.

>> No.42183702

I think this is more a problem with how wizards releases sets.

new ulamog is kinda cool but we don't know how good he'll be.

everyone knows how good fetches and shocks are, let alone $200 versions of them!

>> No.42183716

So what slot are these gonna be in? Land? Mythic? Rare?

The new dual lands are cool too, but won't replace shocks in modern.

>> No.42183722

So you're just getting excited about things you already know?

Well, I guess that's why sitcoms have laugh tracks. So no one has to be afraid they'll miss their cue.

>> No.42183726

Realistically you play both in a control deck.
Ugin can't wipe colorless creatures or another ugin or something big. You also doesn't need to cast it for awaken if you draw it early, so i still think it will be 4 of in any control ub if it's viable.

>> No.42183731

they will appear just like normal foil mythics.
So they'll take a common slot in the pack.

>> No.42183733

The foil slot.

>> No.42183739

Foil mythic rare slot.

>> No.42183746

Oh for sure. I think most decks will just replace their downfalls with these.

I just think anyone that uses these in place of a finisher is gonna have a bad time.

>> No.42183748

I'm just happy a fat pack gets you enough full arts to use in your decks.

My plan is to buy 2 fat packs and pick my favorite art for each land then trade the other lands for the art I like which will get me 32 lands of each color.

>> No.42183751

Are the odds of getting one like getting a foil mythic? Or do we not know yet?

>> No.42183760

to put it in simplier terms for you.

the lands are $200 dollars and newlamog will be $20-$30

Its alot more fun to open a pack and see a $200 bill than a $30 bill

>> No.42183762

Were they confirmed for full art?

>> No.42183781

Same as a foil mythic, yeah.

>> No.42183782

Why aren't you buying stocks instead of lottery tickets?

>> No.42183783


>> No.42183790

Abzan decks will likely swap Downfalls for these since they mostly operate at sorcery speed anyways. I don't see it as more than a 2-of in UBx control unless there's literally no other black removal in BFZ.

>> No.42183791

Maro said it's foil mythic slot and all of it will come foiled.

>> No.42183799

i buy both

plus until someone creates a ruleset for my portfolio i can't exactly do anything with them.

>> No.42183821

yes a couple days ago. I have a few full art unhinged lands but not enough for multiple decks that share the same colors. having a bunch of bfz full arts will really help me out.

>> No.42183822

They will, but they'll most likely won't care about the awaken part of it.

>> No.42183826

Here, have this important spoiler, fellow Limited players.

>> No.42183827

God dammit. Well, there goes any chance I have of pulling one ever, maybe it will lower RTR shocklands by a tad.

>> No.42183851

I could see that getting slotted into a cube pretty easily.

>> No.42183862

the flavor text is kinda mentioning the Sovereign

>> No.42183869

The unicorn and the kami are already cube allstars.
But now we cats.

>> No.42183904

there are already 3 cards that have this effect. I don't think cubes need 4 of these effects

>> No.42183915

if you pulled a foil mythic though, theoretically you had bigger chance of pulling one of the lands (25/40) than one of the standard mythics (15/40).

>> No.42183922

It already exists.

>> No.42183935

>mplaining about it again. De


>> No.42183937

>Getting excited about terrible 10-drops
>Not getting excited about possibly the most flexible/consistent standard manabases ever enabling the new sunburst cards

>> No.42183945


I can't believe people forgot about it

>> No.42183946

The fetches and shocks wont be standard legal.

>> No.42183951

Wait a second, i just realized that you will have a chance for the foil land mythics AND foil mythics

making it less likely for you to get a foil land mythic

>> No.42183954

Hate Ghosts.dec when?

>> No.42183957

the shocks and zen fetches are not standard legal

>> No.42183960

No, but there are already fetches in standard and the new duals are fetchable. I don't believe there has ever been a fetch-dual standard manabase.

>> No.42183967

khan fetches and the newlands are enough for the >Not getting excited about possibly the most flexible/consistent standard manabases ever enabling the new sunburst cards

>> No.42183975

Dude this sucks
>Be me, Playing mtg for 8 years
>Trying to get into modern
>Want to play modern because standard is stale and legacy costs an arm and a leg
>Think abzan is a cool deck
>Goyf costs $160
>Repeats this process with every Tier 1-2 deck in modern
>Learns all essential staples cost more than $40
>WOTC prints Onslaught fetches
>They're not the Zendikar fetches tho
>ZEN fetches confirmed not in BFZ
>Price Spike
>WOTC shows this
>Prob will cost more than the originals
>mfw WOTC thinks they are doing their job
>mfw WOTC thinks they are helping
>mfw I have to go back to playing cardstone

>> No.42183986

Real talk, how much are people going to guess the new duals to go for?

>> No.42183998

Everyone at our LGS just asks friends to lend them their fetches whenever they're playing in a tournament or, hell, even just for regular FNM.

>> No.42184007

>>Prob will cost more than the originals

i can guarantee you that they will all cost $100+ a pop

if fact its highly likely they will go for 200.

$8-10 while in standard
$1-3 after rotation

>> No.42184008

Hope they're like 3-5 bucks max.

>> No.42184017

Less than Temples. I can't see the non-standard appeal.

>> No.42184021

Forgot to add we don't have an LGS within 1.5 hrs

>> No.42184030

standard newduals?
8 for the BR
10 for WG and RG
15 for UW and UB

Price may rise if some of the color combination becomes THE deck of the year.

>> No.42184031

What about your friends?
Do you have friends, anon?

>> No.42184055

Not ones with money/real collections
I have shocks from RTR tho so I'm not completely hopeless

>> No.42184083

when a shatterstorm for enchantments gets printed

>> No.42184087

I feel sorry for you and your first world problems. :^)

>> No.42184111


>> No.42184112

So Gideon is confirmed, Ob Nixilis is practically confirmed.

Who's going to be Planeswalker #3 in the set?

>> No.42184123


there's a bunch already.

>> No.42184127

Wait, screw that and the trips. Modern even has a better one.

>> No.42184135


>> No.42184141

One of the other main 5 probably jace

>> No.42184159

an't that some shit.
I may just have to do this. May be a fun casual deck to build.

>> No.42184163

It's Gideon
Ob Nixilis

Next set it's

>> No.42184183

Keep in mind that also the lands will be enchantments.

>> No.42184211

if you read the article posted from wizards a while ago, its about gideon and jace running around zendikar.

3rd planeswalker is likely ugin, since in the flavor text of the deron card, it has jace and ugin talking to each other.

>> No.42184225

probably jace, he's more relevant to the plot than gideon is.

i wonder if they'll do a creature card for spark-less nissa

>> No.42184257

Yep; I'm thinking there's some piece or some way I can properly exploit it somehow otherwise it's just an overly complex way to board wipe.

>> No.42184261

>likely ugin
i doubt he'll appear in bfz, probably just a couple cards representing their communication (ponder/brainstorm/tormenting voice). we don't see an ugin planeswalker card until ugin starts actually doing shit and that's way too dramatic to happen before set 2.

>> No.42184281

the infograph is about planewalkers currently fighting on zendi, not that they will get cards.

>> No.42184297

But a case is about $500-$550, so just save your pennies and buy a case, crack one of these fancy lands, sell it and make 50% on your case and be happy with the other 3239 cards you got for $250-$300.

>> No.42184312

It's great with Aura Shards. If they make a 'landfall -> naturalize' card that would also be sick.

>> No.42184344

It's not about buying cases, its about buying playsets of the mythic fullart lands and more importantly how they will barely have an affect on the prices of zendi fetches.

plus its an estimate that heavily suggests that you make your money back on the boxes, which is usually not the case.

>> No.42184349

>never opened any foil mythic before
i hope all my luck is saved for this occasion.

>> No.42184357

Thanks; I'll look into it a bit deeper. if I can make Werewolves sort of work I should be able to figure something like this out in due time.

>> No.42184363

>If you hold on to fat packs (which contain those 9 boosters, as well as $80 worth of full-art basics),
The original ZEN fatpacks had regular-format lands with the full art lands' arts.

>> No.42184365

Are they really that rare? I have bought a box of each set since Innistrad and the only two that didn't have a foil mythic were M15 and M14.

>> No.42184369

>tfw the only mythic foils I ever opened were Champion of Stray Souls and Pearl Lake Ancient

>> No.42184383

I got a foil Dragonlord Ojutai once.

That was pretty neat.

>> No.42184397


Fuck you guys i got stuck with a foil comet storm >_>

yes, the odds are about 1 foil mythic for every 6 boxes

>> No.42184412

My MM2 box had a regular Comet Storm and a foil Guile. So shut up.

>> No.42184422

1 box have (usually) 1 foil rare.
If we go with the usual 1:6 rare is mythic, then it means 1 out of 6 box contains foil mythic.
6 box = 1 case.
Of course it's just a chance number. You might get 1-6 foil mythic in a case or none at all.

>> No.42184434

I'd rather that, then experience the rush of joy of seeing a foil mythic and realizing that its only worth $3 and terrible in constructed.

>> No.42184441

jace is trapped in ravnica so that the boros legion could help with the fight

>> No.42184445

Wrong. The Zendikar fatpacks had full art lands, the intro packs are the ones that hard normal lands.

>> No.42184461

>sparkless Nissa

What? :(

>> No.42184476

The walkers that are on Zendikar for the BFZ story are confirmed to be Gideon, Jace, Chandra, Nissa and Ob Nixilis. Ugin and Sorin will be related, but not on plane for the story.

We're likely getting Gideon, Chandra & Nissa for the first set, then Jace & Ob for the second. Maybe could see Ob & Chandra switched.

Source: They said all the origins walkers except Lili will be there, and Ob is going to play a "pivotal role" back at SDCC. There was also art of Jace talking to Ugin & the flavour text from the mindstonex2

>> No.42184499

>people in the MTG Salvation thread are stealing my enchantment hate deck ideas

Fuck you. If this deck ever makes it into a format, I'm the one who should be naming it.

From now on, the deck should be called "Poopenchantments Fartpoopers".

>> No.42184519

They also said not every planeswalker will necessarily get a new card just for showing up in a plane.

>> No.42184546

I have no idea why Jace is popping up again here for that exact reason. Thought he got locked in Ravnica as the new guildpact.

>> No.42184562

Kiora is also there and they have been hyping how she has thassa's bident. No way they don't have a version of her in the block

>> No.42184568

I've been trying to build RU for modern, and all I need are the tarns. To bad they are the same amount as a fucking lili of the veil.

>> No.42184569

Kiora is there too, we've already seen art of her on the plane. I'm assuming she bumps Chandra out of a card.

>> No.42184581

>Poopenchantment Fartpoopers

You better go win a GP with that deck name right now

>> No.42184594

She's also a part of the Battle for Zendikar board game expansion. She's using her duel deck art unlike Ob Nixilis but we can probably assume she's in the second set.

>> No.42184614

Probs nissa, then next set will probably be nahiri and sorin. or you can sub sorin for Kiroa since he just got a printing.

>> No.42184625

if you play this and starfield of nyx do all your lands die?

>> No.42184637

Yes. But you could use some anthem enchantments to give them +1/+1.

>> No.42184643


>> No.42184652

neat. I wonder if this will ever matter ever

>> No.42184680

It will. Enchanted evening is one of those cards that oft ends up being used for shenanagains

>> No.42184806

Mycosynth Lattice, Darksteel Forge, Enchanted Evening, anything that destroys all enchantments.

>> No.42184823

If you don't need it to be modern legal, this will do what you want.

>> No.42184843

This is one of my Artist Constructed decks.

>> No.42184846

perfect timing, just confirmed shipping on wotc printer with foil and holo capability, got another shipment of mtg cardstock coming in next week

can't wait to sell a shitload of these to the retards on campus

>> No.42184849

or you know, Mycosynth Lattice, Darksteel Forge, and anything that destroys all artifacts.

>> No.42184860

What artists have you decks of?

>tfw BFZ probably won't have new cards for my Mark Tedin decks


>> No.42184874

The challenge/ fun would be making it modern legal and since the meta has shifted, at least where I am, it may actually be viable to pull a homebrew like this off since it's no longer full of turn 3 kill decks.

>> No.42184881

so what's the rarity of full arts? Can I get a fat pack and get like 100 of these?

>> No.42184900

I made this as a turbofog deck with natural milling as the wincon, then I also made Jason Chan control, Steve Argyle jund, and I'm trying to make a Memory Jar deck. Certainly a fun format.

>> No.42184901

The rarity of full art basic lands is "basic lands".

>> No.42184928

Shit, I'll get two fat packs then, maybe three. I want full arts for every deck

>> No.42184987

Am I unreasonable for being a little irked about this?
Its almost like they are treating fetches like abur duals.

>> No.42185012

If the frame didn't curve at the top they'd look so much better.

>> No.42185022

Steam Vents is $15

>> No.42185034

So what do you guys want to call the new dual lands? Some contenders I've already seen are Latelands, slowlands, doublelands, unplayablelands, and derpduals.

>> No.42185047

So, are mythic foil rare cards legal in standard? Or does wizards have enough insight to use the rarity only as a means to reprint in demand staples?

>> No.42185052

>Absolutely gorgeous art
>These will be like $100 a pop

Maybe they're testing the water for older reprints in similar sort of supplementary sets

Like revised list reprints

>> No.42185065

Doublelands or Slowduals?

>> No.42185066

These promos will be legal in draft and sealed if you come across them but they will not be legal in standard constructed

>> No.42185068


>> No.42185079

>These will be like $100 a pop

my your an optimist

>> No.42185081

Basic Check Lands or Basic Duals

>> No.42185083

Because Magic is dead if MaRo thinks anyone would be excited about these.

>> No.42185090

They should have gone with these lands instead.

>> No.42185092

Dream on, anon. The List isn't going away. They're just giving people a nice treat to open up in packs. And a nice treat for people with too much money to pimp their decks.

>> No.42185102

slowlands are already a thing,

>> No.42185108


>> No.42185209


>> No.42185227

... dammit, that's actually pretty good.

>> No.42185252

Affordable lands

>> No.42185254

Ooooo It has a nice ring

>> No.42185305

Midlands, since even if you're fetching them, you don't want them until midgame.

>> No.42185335

Welp, these are going to be $200 - $400.

They might as well not be in the set, considering you'd have to open over 275 boosters for one.

>> No.42185420

the one that have the equivalent of it in standard normal sets are legal, the rest are not.

>> No.42185441

1 in 216 by my math

>> No.42185451

Wizards fucked up.
If the duals had been common/uncommon and therefore never introduced to the resserved list, Legacy would be relatively inexpensive and people wouldn't have PTSD about not being able to play a format because they didn't buy their $250/piece lands when they were $5.

>> No.42185471

abloo bloo bloo bloooooo

>> No.42185495

Whatevs. The counterfeiters will reprint the cards for us if Wizards doesn't.

>> No.42185528

>tfw randomly checking for fakes when deck checking at a tournament


>> No.42185529

It doesn't only FEEL safe, investing in magic it's impossible to get fucked.
A fucker with $10K can corner a card and price memory will make sure that investment never drops until a reprint happens, WotC cannot react to this even if they wanted because they work 6 sets in advance, and there are no regulating institutions/markets to make sure the inflation isn't artificial.

I cornered my local supply of LotV when it was inexpensive just because Lily is my waifu.

>> No.42185534

I like latelands.
Its worth noting they aren't terrible. Fetching them with a fetch eot is as good as playing them untapped, and I'm really hoping there's gonna be a deck running knight of the white orchid looking to fetch up one of the lands with the plains subtype to play it. They'll do for standard, at least.

>> No.42185554


>> No.42185595

it fits perfectly with the knight since 2 lands means you'll fetch it untapped.

>> No.42185613

good luck anon ;D

I've basically just started altering counterfeits, makes them super hard to catch.

>> No.42185725

it really does. Way I see it, these and a few decent low cost creatures could make one hell of a bant tempo deck. You've already got good cards in dromoka's command and Ojutai's command, and these lands'll let you play the deck a little more aggressively mana wise. run some knights of the white orchid, den protectors and seekers of the way and just try to out value the opponent.

>> No.42185891

It's going to be fuck this shit I bought 2 cases and got a full art bfz land

>> No.42186059

Why does anyone care? It's just bling art versions, it isn't really a reprint in that it isn't going to significantly reduce the cost.

>> No.42186106

So there is a rumor floating around about a new format that is going to use m15 and forward as is entire pool of card. With the reprint of these piviotl lands, there will be more fire behind the rumors. Granted I think they are grade a shit.

>> No.42186117

>cheap standard deck
Those don't exist.

>> No.42186127

I don't want a fucking bling version, I want a normal version that I can buy for something that's not half a minimum wage.

It's a good thing I've no real interest in getting into modern because this would make me real salty mang.

>> No.42186258

My tip to anyone who has a limited budget for magic: quit. You cannot play this game outside of a super casual level/limited with a budget, not if you care about winning vs actual viable decks.

This isn't really a game for college students and burger flippers. It's for doctors and lawyers

>> No.42186350

Pretty much. Or come and play on Cockatrice, or Limited once in a while. Constructed isn't for us.

But grab playsets of lands while they're in Standard.

>> No.42186364

Buying a box, two pre-release events, two drafts and 4-8 prize packs each release season since Innistrad, I have opened:
>Angelic Overseer
>Archangel's Light
>Epic Experiment
>Deathpact Angel
>Maze's End
>Hytonia the Cruel
>Ghastly Conscription
>Worst Fears
>See the Unwritten
>Torrent Elemental
>Shorecrasher Elemental
>Disciple of the Ring

I'm willing to bet pulling only shit mythic foils feels worse than never pulling mythic foils.
At least some of these appreciated, but most I'll end up blanking for proxies eventually.

>> No.42186381

Oh yeah, pretty much. This hobby is retarded expensive.

>> No.42186422

Then just play Limited, I guess? I don't see the problem.
You could also play with proxies and with your friends. Or do you absolutely HAVE TO play in tournaments?

>> No.42186430

>doctors and lawyers
not even close. It's okay as long as you're not a minimum wage shitheads.

>> No.42186457

It's less that removal is garbage now and more than removal has been OP for ages.
So much so that 'dies to removal' was largely a valid evaluation of cards for constructed and that the advice given for draft was to draft removal over almost everything.

>> No.42186459

>Archangel's light

You have my condolences. I pulled a foil descent into madness before. It really does feel worse than not getting a mythic foil at all because it's like having doubly bad luck.

>> No.42186465

>Or do you absolutely HAVE TO play in tournaments?
Sort of, yeah? I don't have friends to play magic with, does everyone who plays magic only keep friends who like that game or something?

>> No.42186503

>> No.42186541

>> No.42186561

Jesus christ! What's happening?

>> No.42186576

My buddy leaned close and whispered "It could have been Sorin".
I punched him in the face.

The anecdote is the only reason I didn't rip the card right there.

>> No.42186611

I don't even have a job and built Jund with deviantart commission bucks.

>> No.42186619


Looks like he landed a punch

>> No.42186624

bets on the colonnade

>> No.42186667


>> No.42186671

Just win with bad cards

>> No.42186700

Or get lucky on a spec, the whole reason I even am playing legacy right now is because of a Desecration Demon spec

>> No.42186728

If you don't have money to play then you don't have money to gamble

>> No.42186730

I know it wont happen but i want Zendikar to lose. I want the land to rise up in all its might, summon up huge elemental beings like the new angry Omnath, team up with all the various magical species living on the plane, even call in the assistance of visiting planeswalkers and then just get it's shit pushed in.

And then the Eldrazi go to the next plane.

>> No.42186757

How sentient/sapient is Zendikar even? Is it able to communicate? Could Nissa understand it?

Also, is it possible to communicate with the Eldrazi?
That one floating through the caverns in the trailer felt otherworldly as fuck to me. I wouldn't even be mad if the Magic movie had Eldrazi in it instead of Phyrexians.

>> No.42186763

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.42186780

Screenshot related.

>> No.42186794

for four double u

/tv/ pls

>> No.42186804

>Those "hips"

>> No.42186813

Probably the same as Dominaria's Gaea.

>> No.42186819

Man you guys flip out during spoiler seasons.

The super duper lands are so rare and not standard legal it's barely worth thinking about.

Personally I think that the colorless matters stuff and the scions will make for a fun draft format. Really liking that red fling eldrahzi.

>> No.42186840

They said they are starting a "multiple block story".

So, who will win this block? Will there even be a winner this block? Where are the other two titans right now? Will Nahiri return and help with Ugin to trap the titans again? Will they have to find another method of defeating the titans?
Will Bolas find out?

>> No.42186886

Could this actually be art for Wasteland?

They literally said in the trailer "Unchallenged, they will leave our home a wasteland."

They wouldn't actually do this, right?

>> No.42186891

Wasteland would honestly be a good thing for modern I think.

>> No.42186904

Feels good to be a consummate drafter.

>> No.42186907

>Yeah we're not reprinting fetchlands.
>Price goes up like crazy
>HAHA WE LIED XD they're epic rare+1 so it's fine tho! We don't want to devaluate them, do we? hehehe
>Reddit and /tg/ eat this happily like good goyim they're


>> No.42186911

Is this the Xenomorph homeworld? Because it sure as shit doesn't look like magic art if you erase the hedrons in the upper right.

>> No.42186924

If collector interest was first they wouldn't be reprinting fetches or other chase cards in any set supplemental or otherwise.

>> No.42186932

They're double mythic+1


>> No.42186935

>A xenomorph (also: allotriomorph) is a mineral that did not develop its otherwise typical external crystal form because of late crystallization between earlier formed crystals. Xenomorphs are typical of matrix minerals in rapidly crystallizing volcanic lavas and shallow igneous intrusions. It is also typical of the interstitial or cementing minerals formed during the diagenesis of sedimentary rocks. The opposite is an idiomorph in which the external form is controlled only by the internal crystal structure.

>> No.42186936

Storywise, it makes sense for Zendikar to lose. We see Zendikar fight back with everything, even Planeswalker allies, and still not manage to defeat just one Eldrazi titan. What hope does the multiverse stand against three?

In reality, though, it's likely that Zendikar will win a pyrrhic victory because they actually want to keep the world for a visit again some day. My guess is Zendikar will win, but it will be so destroyed and ravaged that it might as well have lost. Then we're made aware that two more are still out there or some shit.

>> No.42186956

This, I made $360 on 36 Nightveil Specters that I bought for $8.

>> No.42186967

like the usual shit, they'll let the place half destroyed and stories half finished.

>> No.42186977

>Intentionally being obtuse


>> No.42186979

Those Expedition lands are a bonus - not a requirement for playing Magic. It's potential extra value in packs.
It may not be an actual reprint but by opening one you can easily sell it to buy a playset of the old printings. Why is this a bad thing?

>> No.42186988

Wizards can put a hundred dollar bill in packs and people will still complain.

>> No.42186991

>The term xenomorph (lit. "alien form"—from Greek xeno-, which translates as either "other" or "strange", and -morph, which denotes shape) was first used by the character Lieutenant Gorman in Aliens with reference to generic extraterrestrial life. The term was erroneously assumed by some fans to refer specifically to this creature, and the word was used by the producers of some merchandise.

>> No.42186998


>> No.42187002

You idiotic shitstain. Jesus fuck you're so fucking daft it's unreal.

Do you even know how to read? Expedition lands are shit, fetchlands will go up like mad same as the 'goyf did (even more) and these new ones will be SUPER DUPER RARE so they'll be expensive as fuck, this fucks over the players as always (but right now any smart player has left and uses chinese proxies, only the retarded goyim remain).

>> No.42187012

It looks like Grixis.
Most likely it's vampire territory drawn by the guy that did the Grixis swamps.

>> No.42187034

Guys, it's a Zendikar terrain devoured by Eldrazi. That's the 'eldrazi corruption' they've been talking about.

>> No.42187042

>Wizards can put a hundred dollar bill in packs and people will still complain.
that $100 bill probably be on starcity for $230

>> No.42187050

>Reintroduce a chase card in a super limited run product and make it even harder to get increasing availability just enough to slightly increase demand while in turn raising prices exponentially due the slightly increased availability, but at a rare premium.
Same shit happened with Modern Masters

I hate this shit eithe include it and make it decent to get a hold of like the shock lands or fuck off with it.

>> No.42187056

>Desecration Demon

For what purpose? Young Pyromancer eats it alive.

>> No.42187060

The 25 foil full art Expedition lands are the ten shock lands, the ten fetch lands, and the five new slowlands. All those lands are also available as regular printings. They are NOT required for playing Standard or Modern or whatever. It doesn't fuck over players because opening one just means extra value. You probably just didn't read what they said about those bonus lands.

>> No.42187093

the bottom point is, they don't have to do this.

>> No.42187129

I'll probably get a box then a fat pack because of the full art in it.

>> No.42187384

Why isn't Oblivion Sower an Eldrazi Processor? I thought "Processor" was the creature type/mechanic the bigger Eldrazi used for making use of all the exiled shit.

>> No.42187497

Do you know how many how put in all my others and they don't also act as a solid investment?


>> No.42187503

It went from $0.20 to like $18 when MBD dominated standard.
I sold the playset I got for casual brewing at $65

>> No.42187525

>They are NOT required for playing Standard or Modern or whatever


>> No.42187543

Your "arguments", on the other hand, are not.

>> No.42187593

>Wanted these chase lands forever but can't justify spending $20+ each on a single sliver of cardboard
>Prices will only rise from here
Guess it's not too late to jump on the few short months white devotion has left in standard.

>> No.42187599

Then why do you even want to get into Modern?

>> No.42187634

He wants to get in on the complaining.

>> No.42187658



>> No.42187693

I like the ring of it.

>> No.42187712

Most likely because Oblivion Sower puts them from exile into play, while the "processor" puts them from exile into the graveyard.

>> No.42187728

Give it up, bro. People will always defend wizards anti-consumer jewish as fuck practices to save the skin of a few speculators

>> No.42187737

>fetches and shocks are not required for modern

>> No.42187762

FOIL fetches and shocks are certainly not required.

>> No.42187767

These are not required for standard. These particular printings are not required for Modern. They're collectors' items. There is literally no downside for Modern players in these being printed, since they don't compete with the ZEN printings and will not affect the price of those.

It's just a throwback to the priceless treasures.

>> No.42187773

You don't get what the issue is, huh? People are mad fetches aren't getting a real reprint when it is sorely needed.

>> No.42187784

The downside is we're not getting the reprints we need so moderns entry price isn't legacy level.

>> No.42187788

Next block so we can have an absolutely magical time in Standard.


>> No.42187822

did they ever promised you a fucking reprint? Only delusional people think they'll allow 10 fetches in standard.

>> No.42187834

No, and I never promised to stay a customer. People have wanted it, they're ignoring that demand.

>> No.42187844

>reprints needed

What is this entitlement? No one ever forced you to play Modern or something like that. Wizards is not responsible for your formats and should not cater to you with reprints every two years of the cards that got two expensive because online stores are buying out all the singles.

>> No.42187848

I just saw the entire spoiler for the full-art basics. I'm not impressed, most are average at best unless you're particularly fond of Zendikar's floating shit and hedrons.

>> No.42187866

They JUST reprinted Onslaught fetchlands. But they're not going two have TEN fetchlands in Standard. That's why they're not in BFZ. They'll almost certainly be in the next block, you whiny little bitch.

>> No.42187868

>why is a consumer feeling entitled
Seriously? Do you work for wizards?

>> No.42187874

I fucking love floating shit.

>> No.42187877

But they SHOULD cater to the secondary market, right?

>> No.42187894

I really don't care much as I don't play modern, but you must be actually retarded if you cannot get why people are annoyed they'd reprint them as ultra rare shit to preserve secondary market prices instead of catering to the players

>> No.42187897

you don't have to announce to the world that you're quitting. nobody gives a shit, fucking attention whore.

>> No.42187899

>not realizing the singles buyers are the enemy

>> No.42187901

>Hey we want more people to play modern
>I know! Lets make "modern masters" sets, but have the print runs be super limited and the boxes cost more so boosters will start at $10! It'll look like we're fixing the problem, but overall prices for singles will actually go up!
>Ya! And we can continue to not print staples like fetches and shocks in any of our products for long swaths of time until maybe we release a set that's bad and need the extra money to cary it through!

>> No.42187910

Do not question MaRo

>> No.42187927



>> No.42187934

Endure, Mark Rosewater.
Take it.
They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Maro, he can be the outcast.
He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.

>> No.42187949

>playing for 8 years
>didn't get fetches while he could in standard

I have no sympathy.

>> No.42187952

What you're not realizing is that there was no way the enemy fetches could have been in BFZ. They are not "reprinting" them right now. They are putting bonus money in your packs that you can use to buy playsets of enemy fetches. Because the enemy fetches can only be reprinted in the next block because ten fetches would fuck up Standard beyond repair.

>inb4 "Why does Wizards cater to Standard babbies!!!"

>> No.42187968

I think WotC would go full panic if there was ever a dominating deck in standard or modern that accounted for over 40% of the registered decks that didn't have a manabase that accounted for at least half the overall cost of the deck.

They say they ignore the secondary market and don't let it influence their choices, but we all know that's bullshit.

>> No.42187974

This is a $100 bill in packs and a punch in the dick to every player who doesn't have a full playset of fetches and shocks.

>> No.42187983

Nigga, they openly say they put chase lands in every set at rare. To ensure that people can play multicolored decks in Standard AND to make sure people buy product. It's no secret.

>> No.42187987

some people have got it in their heads that the UR with nissa losing connection to Ashaya was losing her spark. it's a lie.

>> No.42187996

>less than 10 bucks apiece
>can't afford it
get a job you lazy sack of shit.

>> No.42188033

More Fetches than Shocks, I just mentioned them since they're printing both. The point still stands that WotC is saying "We're absolutely fine with printing Zen fetches, but only at UltraMythinc +9. We don't want to make the MM15 Tarmogoyf mistake again, it put WAY to many into circulation! Think of the investors!"

>> No.42188058

I got a bunch of spectres and demons when they came out cos they were cheap, i was a student, and they seemed fun. THS rolled around and i built my modern manabase off them (12 shocks that is)

>> No.42188453

They're still ruined by hedron shit everywhere. I'd rather have full arts of some other plane's lands. Like Ravnica's towering cityscape.

>> No.42188529

I hope so. Modern desperately needs wasteland to keep the manabases in check.

>> No.42188543

Just buy alters.

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