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Have you ever had a PC or NPC involved in a fusion? How was it done? Were there aftereffects?

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There was that one time my Crazy Ivan-styled berserker/gunner fused with the party pixie.

It was a custom system in a Sunless Sea x Shadowrun setting, and our mechanic/shipwright made a cloning pod into a fusion pod, and we elected to be the guinea pigs.

The new creature, dubbed Crazy Tracy, looked like a blue-skinned pixie with red woad, and two extra arms growing from under her now massive, bearskin wings. S/he was calm until combat happened, when sh/e'd zoom off into the thick of it, indiscriminately gun down enemies and allies alike, and then fight with hirself over pistol whipping a mook with Ivan's minigun.

Neither Mad Romanovski nor Tracie Rounds came out of the fusion unscathed. Romanovski got an appreciation for trance metal, and a gigantism fetish (which later saved our lives, but i digress) while Tracie added a fuck-off big zweihander into her weapons, and started drinking heavily.

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That sounds insanely lewd.

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>All the fusions lose Mikasa's washboard abs


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Is this a sex thing?

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Lewd enough for more storytime.

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It can be, but not necessarily.

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If a dude and a chick fuse is the result gonna be a herm or something? Or a neuter? Maybe an androgyne?

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>That central fusion
It's so stupid, but my boner won't let me look away.

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Sadly we never had any of these done for /tg/. I'd love to see one with Chandra, Liliana and Nissa or Merisiel, Seelah and seoni (to name a few examples).

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What a strange magical realm you have...

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I like this one.

For once it's not some fapbait shit.

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It didn't get too bad. Mainly on account of the group pervert getting shut down when he started going about werebear dicks.

I guess the lewdest it got was when we were tasked with capturing an unterkraken for this...eccentric noblewoman. We had to fuse Romanovski and Tracie again, and even go off and fuse some weapons together to have enough firepower. In the end both me and the GM heavily impled, to the pervert's unending glee, that Crazy Tracie had raped the unterkraken into submission and given the kraken equivalent of trench foot to four of it's tentacles.

Post capture, and at the noble's, Tracie had a lenghty talk about the kraken's reproductive systems, as the afforementioned noblewoman listened with rapt attention. After the haul was handed over and coin started jingling in our pockets, Romanovski and Tracie had another argument over her using his genitals it was impied Crazy Tracy was a futa to rape the Kraken when she had perfectly valid genitals herself, before Romanovski stormed off to wash his hands.

And the damn kraken ended up following us and saving us when the shipwright's attempt at supercharging the engine tore the ship apart in a storm of energy. Apparently the noblewoman was a boring lover.

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It's not that strange.

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>Zelda/Juri Mix

Damn it boner...

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>futa four-armed berserker fairy chick with blue skin

Well I know what I'll be masturbating to tonight.

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As for Romanovski's gigantism fetish, we ended up having the misfortune of meeting one of the more wary of humans victim of Project Kemono, an in-universe attempt at creating monstergirls.

They'd managed to nail Jormundgard with their kemono chems. And she was pissed off at them for twisting her gender to a woman, and all other humans for letting it happen. So when she tried to crush the ship, and us with it, i figured that showing her the benefits of being a woman would calm her down.

Long story short, Romanovski grabbed an air tank and scuba gear, and went spelunking in a massive lamia. And inexplicably found Loki in there, trying to figure out what disfigured his kid so badly. Explanations were exchanged, and Loki ended up laughing his ass off over it. Which was something Jormundgard took offense to, and tried to crush our ship even more. In the end, with Loki's help, we calmed her down [spoilers] three orgasms, if you must know[/spoilers] and she gave us instructions on finding Mjollnir, which had fallen to the sea following the false start of Ragnarok.

Since that, every time something stumps our usual troop, we go back to her, and Romanovski goes spelunking again in exchange for assistance.

Don't forget, the pixie part was regular pixie sized, the two arms under her wings were human-sized and the wings were eagle-sized with bear skin and fur on them. Everything else is spot on though.

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So... its okay for a girl's pubic hair to be exposed? That's pretty cool.

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Imagine the handjobs.

Now we just need to export that fusion chamber idea to everywhere else.

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Funny thing about that, see. Shipwright's player was here just a second ago, and i showed him the thread. Near immediately, he went "Hexafusions! Why didn't i think of that?"

So come next session (probably tomorrow morning) we'll have more fusion shenanigans because our GM never leaves anything unused.

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The middle one is pure sex. Jesus Christ...
That said, in terms of a /tg/ fusion, I'd love some Lelith Hesperax / Elesh Norn / Wraithwitch Deneghra combination.

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If hairy armpits are okay... Eh.

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What will he do, though?

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>not fapbait

I got some bad news.

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There's a distinct lack of muscle, OP. Shame on you, shame on your parents, shame on your brothers, shame on your cow...

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Shipwright? Probably expand the fusion pod to halve chars and fuse between each other. Three into three and so on.

As for the GM, probably send us on some quest to undo the fusion at some point Wouldn't put it past him...

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Why not just fuse the whole party and play everyone is John?

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That would get complex. Gm decreed that every personality of a fusion is active at the same time, hence Crazy Tracy arguing with herself after pistolwhipping with Romanovski's Minigun. It was actually Romanovski and Tracie arguing, but using the same mouth.

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Sister of Battle, Dark Eldar Wych and chaos cultist.

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Wait, why did Zelda/Juri suddenly forgot to wear panties?

Is Zelda a nopan slut?

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>Sadly we never had any of these done for /tg/.
4u, bby

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One time, in a campaign based on Digimon, and I'll explain this in broad terms.
My character was the only one in the party without a monster partner, and permanently became a monster instead. Not by choice, long story, very unpleasant.
That monster was a man made of fire, established to take massive damage from even partial immersion in water. But when's that going to be an issue, right?
Anyway we had fusions as a transitional option for monsters who had a small chance of evolving on their own, allowing them the better of two rolls, I think. It's been a while.
This was an awful idea, because the fused forms weren't statted until they came up, but every evolution gimmick from every season (along with most villains if only in background lore) had to exist because the GM thought more was better.
Back to my man of fire, he first fused with a demon (our party contained three of the seven Great Demon Lords, I shit you not, what a bunch of edgelords) to make essentially a giant Ghost Rider, motorcycle and all. Then on a separate occasion he fused with a lobster dragon, which resulted in a lava dragon.
While I was in lava dragon form (it could not fly), the whole party fell through a portal that led to above the ocean. Someone said "this is gonna hurt" and I replied "I'm made of rock, how do you think I feel?", which I swear caught the GM by surprise. He hadn't considered how I would get out alive, and obviously unfusing would just save the lobster dragon while I die instantly.
The only reason I wasn't out of the game right there was because I had gradually raised my stats enough to evolve permanently (just like the other PCs' monster partners could, and more than one of them did) by the start of the session, and the GM told me to wait until it was appropriate. If you had been there, it would be clear he did not plan on having me exit a fusion in my new form when he said that.

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I came so hard I moved forward 6 inches and fired my bolters into the weakest target.

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>belts instead of underwear
This is the most Japanese thing I have ever seen.

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>that center fusion


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here superior version

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Do you ever sleep?

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No, fusion is a cheap tactic to make weak PCs stronger

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More like to take you into the Gm's magical realm.

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...or the GM accommodating the players magical realms...

or just an innocent way to make players work together...

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Why are you asking?

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When the GM and the players have the same magical realm, that's when the RPG becomes truly glorious.

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WoD: Vampire. Diablery is technically a fusion of souls (in some interpretations at least), and we had that happen in a game.

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I run a solo game and I keep having to put limits on things like powered armor upgrades, because mecha-tentacle remote self-fucking.

because then the game would grind to a halt under the weight of the magical realm...

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I wish I could find some players into fusion.

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I wish I could find more players....

count yourself lucky.

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Well, it sure works as a plot element and character motivation.

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I'm really digging that Enclave/Elemental fusion, the center one is awesome to.

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You utter bastard.

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>armor fusions

Good job missing the point.

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What is this? A worst girl fusion?

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meh, it's what I think of as being more plausible than actual character combination, some mad engineer taking a pair of similar-enough things and kitbashing them till they're of sufficient badass as to be greater than the sum of their parts.

principle is the same, especially with warforged/promethean type characters.

anybody got any more fusions?

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Don't get upset because you lack the will to jack off to power armor.

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>I made joke. Hee hee.

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Why can no one make bug aliens that are actually horrifying? I mean looking at spiders and some other bugs up close is pretty repulsive, but xenomorphs, tyranids, zerg, etc. are more just neat than actually terrifying or repulsive.

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More fusions:

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Top right reminds me of Ace.

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Candlejack is cute. Cute!

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Candlejack isn't cu-

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Was thinking of emphasizing this with a DtD daemonhost, before they became one, they had actually known eachother and trusted eachother

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Candle~ Candle~

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The group driver fucked with a mutagen and developed the ability to absorb people. In a last-ditch effort to escape some Kindred, absorbed two random people and a critically wounded group member to give him a burst of strength, letting him break down a door and flee. It was fucking horrifying. Body parts and faces being extruded from his flesh, their muted screams haunting us all forever.

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When are we getting some /tg/ ones?

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>Top right

God fuck damn.

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Terminal loli fusion

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Serious question:

Say a man and a woman who are deeply in love merge.

What is the result, and is it a curse or a blessing?

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In one of my older campaigns me (a necromancer) and the party old grizzled fighter (Who hates unholy magics) got fused together, almost permanently by an artifact. More or less just became a necromancer with extremely good swordplay options. We didn't fuse the personality's so much as we fought for control of the body. I had to be in control to use my magic and he had to be in control to do swordplay. It even affected my magic as I was no longer able to forceably re-animate bodies, Instead I had to ask the soul of the body if It wanted to return to it's former host and fight at my side for a time. Which actual became a major plot of the story. As we went around to the resting spot of great heroes (Who for the most part were characters of older campaigns), and try to bring them back for the final battle against the BBEG. We eventual learned how to split and refuse on demand but the GM was being a dick about it, so any exp we gained while fused was split when we split. Meaning that when separated we were fairly weaker than the rest of the group. On top of that the magic that kept the Undead Hero Army together would dissipate if we separated for to long. So we stayed together most of the time. It's was actual a pretty fun way of doing a campaign. Me and the Fighter player had alot of fun controlling the Fusion together.

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I usually rule it as 2/3 of a pinwheel.

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Weird but creative, well done.

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>not the old style chrysalid


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i started a game with a bard and a paladin fused by fae magic because i was bored of the game. i'd roll a d20 everytime my character woke up and it'd determine who i was playing that day.
it became realy inconvenient because my dm decided to run a combat focused campaign and my paladin became the party tank, but we were way too squishy without him
it was also really hard to roleplay
i dont recommend it

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No, because I'm not a man child weeb who enjoys anime tropes.

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Nobdy's done a m/f fusion?

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Isn't that just sex?

>> No.42070763

There have been a couple

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Only to lesbians space rocks

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Fusion chart or in game?

>> No.42070980

That's not just depending on the setting, but spending on the specific case.

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See >>42069454

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I've once seen a fusion of characters from the Souls series with that.

Also had a 2 women, one man fusion in a story concept where the fusing was basicly an extension of sealing demons away in people.
If one person couldn't hold the demon, you'd make a stronger prison out of multiple people. After some time people realized the fusing could make stronger soldiers and they went with it.

Story starts, in walk a bunch of guys from modern earth. They're fused against their will and forced to fight monsters. Story would have been character driven and about how fucked up it would be having someone else control your body and ended with above guy basicly becoming a demon to free himself.

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For the former >>42071149
For the latter >>42066316

>Also had a 2 women, one man fusion in a story concept where the fusing was basicly an extension of sealing demons away in people.
I'd play that game but the story sounds uninteresting

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Well, "story concept" for me means something like "shit I made up during some boring school day".

Most work on this went into the body horror and demons taking over.

But I guess character creation in that setting could be interesting.

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Is this the sequel to the goddess thread?

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A group of people I used to watch play (never actually joined in, I was kind of the world builder/lore monkey cause the DM was lazy/I was better at it/I actually like doing that more than playing) did this a lot, and with a fair few systems. They liked DBZ, I liked working with odd concepts, so it worked out.

There was usually a few different methods per system with the easier and temporary ones not being as good as the permanent and more difficult ones. Generally, the better ones (which were usually permanent) were essentially a gestalt between any two characters which also provided an extra level (levelless systems got some other bonus to make up for it), and the worse ones had more restrictions on who could join up (with some it got down to having the exact same class and level without any multiclassing even if they were identical), which limited the power of the fusion. As a mitigating factor, these were temporary, but also didn't gain any experience in battle.

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That never ends well no.

>> No.42072503

What part? I was talking about a lot of things there.

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I love that they just shoved drill tits onto the bottom one for no reason... And then amplified them for the center.

>> No.42072750

The drill tits are from rita.

>> No.42072860

...holy hell, you're right. My mistake, carry on.

>> No.42073110

That center fusion is soooo shit.
>No muscle from Korra
>Clothing (and thus life fiber contact with skin) grows
>Red Scarf has literally zero definite traits so they just toss on her coat lol :^)

>> No.42073162

The result is an experience. Make sure it's a good experience.

>> No.42073286


>not knowing Rita's drilltits

>> No.42073313

It's fan art. You expecting it to be good or something?

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I love this shit!

No, I haven't yet. I think it will be shit, but once I'll try it I will tell you for sure if it's shit.

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>Liliana and Nissa, Seelah
where are those from?

>> No.42073786


Liliana and Nissa are MtG characters.

Seelah is a Pathfinder iconic.

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This is just an excuse for canon futas.

>> No.42074928

I think that's the first DM overrule I actually agree with (the xp). It 'forced' you two to stay fused and work with that,which turned into an enjoyable experience for all. Thanks for this valuable insight.

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They probably look scarier when you're staring down at one: a large part of it is the scent. I'd imagine they'd all smell rather acidic and revolting.

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you didn't even say candlejack you fucking r-

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left "Advanced MKIII"
Right "Incarnate"
Bottom "Patriot
Middle "Black Guard"

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I haven't even if I'd love to, because I know I'd get way WAY too fucking into it and end up making it pretty weird. I keep that to myself and fusion has yet to come up, ever, so it's cool.

>> No.42079932

>I know I'd get way WAY too fucking into it and end up making it pretty weird
Go on...
I'd love to hear what you would do if given the chance
I'm serious actually, fetish thing or not I've never really seen this outside of a few things like DBZ and wonder what's the interest/thought process behind it

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I dunno. It seems absurdly fucking intimate to me to have two people fuse and become a literal one, even with the typical media concessions like "they don't share memories" behind it. On the surface it's awesome from a design standpoint because I love seeing someone's idea of the ideal of two people combined. On the more overthought end, it's a toe-curler to imagine being a whole new person vibrant with the energy of two people, or the sensation of never being alone again. Like the ultimate hug or held hand. As a game mechanic it's fun and superhero-ish and video gamey, and then you dig into the mental side of it and it sort of makes me ask a lot of unnecessary questions that'd probably be closer to ERP than I'd care to get. Or just too feelsy to be any fun for a story.

I know myself well enough to step around the mine fields now.

>> No.42080343

>I dunno. It seems absurdly fucking intimate to me to have two people fuse and become a literal one, even with the typical media concessions like "they don't share memories" behind it. On the surface it's awesome from a design standpoint because I love seeing someone's idea of the ideal of two people combined. On the more overthought end, it's a toe-curler to imagine being a whole new person vibrant with the energy of two people, or the sensation of never being alone again.
That's actually a good point, I sorta get it when put that way

>Like the ultimate hug or held hand.
This I don't see so much

>As a game mechanic it's fun and superhero-ish and video gamey,
Another good point, though in a game it raises the question of who's in control

>and then you dig into the mental side of it and it sort of makes me ask a lot of unnecessary questions that'd probably be closer to ERP than I'd care to get. Or just too feelsy to be any fun for a story.
...I would like to know more, intimate fetish thoughts or intimate feelsy thoughts, I don't care

>I know myself well enough to step around the mine fields now.
No one will know it's you here

>> No.42080379

>It seems absurdly fucking intimate to me to have two people fuse and become a literal one
I actually have somewhat of an assimilation fetish, though it's more about ONE of the partners seeing everything of the other on an intimate level and the other trusting them enough to give them that level of power, I'm actually having trouble wrapping my head around them both seeing each other on that level but I kinda get it when it's put that way

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>This I don't see so much
Just hyperbole on my part. You know the joke meme about hand holding being lewd. Fusion seems like hugging or holding hands of the SOUL. Super intimate.

>Another good point, though in a game it raises the question of who's in control
Well that's why it isn't entirely useful for a game, and is better for NPCs or an actual story device for a non-game story. But that's not fun for PCs -- I can see a PC fusing with an NPC, though. This is why it thankfully never comes up, and I'm not going to contrive a way to do so.

>...I would like to know more, intimate fetish thoughts or intimate feelsy thoughts, I don't care
Well shit I dunno. Ok here's a lot. Sort of like this one here


--it's the idea you trust someone so much and they trust you so much you both give yourselves up to become a union. Not really losing yourself so much as being in a very intimate experience with someone.

You can contrive a million situations from this. Two people who had to fuse in the heat of a fight, then for weeks after they have to struggle with the feelings they have with each other. Or frequent fusers picking up one another's habits, finishing each other's sentences, unconsciously showing affection, and so on; or maybe they were forced fused for a long time and when they finally can part it leaves them feeling lonely.

It could also be an ultimate experience of actually being able to understand someone else's point of view as they do, and seeing it blended and harmonized with your own during the process, if you end up compatible. Someone who fuses a lot could end up with a really different worldview.

Plus, it's a power thing. It's always been about power in games or media: two people not just combined, but multiplied by one another. Breath of Fire had it, as does some modern shows, and DBZ as well. Could be a hell of a feeling for the fused being, where even two normal people suddenly feel like some minor deity together.

>> No.42080987

That makes sense

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Well at least I explained it adequately. I feel like I'd need a pretty same-wavelength RPer to ever use the idea in any capacity. But I don't because I'd waste 3 hours on the color of their hair and the experience of eating a pizza instead of getting x4 ST to punch the balls off of the Dark Lord of the Week.

>> No.42081575

The hair thing would be pretty annoying, but I could see the pizza part working with the right group

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Anon, I was using hyperbole again. I would not literally spend 3 hours on hair. I'm just saying I'd be way more inclined to waste time exploring the social ramifications instead of just rolling with the power levels and new special attacks.

>> No.42081674

Oh no I get that, I just find it fixating on a physical aspect for a long time would get annoying, unless the only other people you're playing with is the DM and the fusion partner, and I do think exploring the social ramifications could be interesting with the right group/game

>> No.42081875


what's the joke in this image, besides pedophilia?

>> No.42081951

The little girl gets permanently fused with her pet dog as a chimera.

It's one of the saddest parts of FMA,

>> No.42082014


oh, okay. what's with 993 though? that seems to be significant, based on the replies.

>> No.42082052

That's the picture of the little girl.

>> No.42082105


I know it was the post number, it just seemed weird that people kept specifically calling out those three digits, outside of the >>####### reply function. I found a couple mentions of it in relation to the show on google, but never lead to anything.

>> No.42082168
File: 53 KB, 848x480, Mazinger-shin-mazinger-26-iseult-baron-ashura-tristan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C'mon, nobody remembers good ol' Baron Ashura?

>> No.42082249
File: 299 KB, 696x1384, 1437112436076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Steven Universe did it recently. And most people straight up assume she's a futa. And, well, shit, what else IS there to do with that idea? I guess I'd leave it up to the players to go whatever way they want. Worked in other cases.

>> No.42082759
File: 372 KB, 577x752, the mannis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She and her dog

>> No.42083604
File: 10 KB, 119x300, sakuyamon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It is pretty fucking erotic, yes. I imagine it would be like being constantly having sex with each other, which may be awesome or horrifying depending who you're merged with.

Pic related

>> No.42083669
File: 965 KB, 2468x2564, fusion anti-hero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting more fusions.

>> No.42083693
File: 2.56 MB, 2520x2520, fusion cold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42083707
File: 210 KB, 1400x1407, fusion 2fast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42083708

>I imagine it would be like being constantly having sex with each other, which may be awesome or horrifying depending who you're merged with.

Woah, well, no. Like. I wouldn't go there. That's full blown ERP. Make it suggestive or imply masturbation or whatever if you have to, but not something like that.

>> No.42083720
File: 548 KB, 1612x1860, fusion MAN IS THE TRUE MONSTER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42083826


Nobody but the players would ever know.

>> No.42083861

>when all three combine they become Iron Eggman

>> No.42083867

...that is exactly who you DON'T WANT TO FUCKING KNOW. The players!

>> No.42083964


I am saying it from the player's perspective. Not the GM's

>> No.42083996

Oh. That's what all players do anyways though.

>> No.42084014


Fuse and have sex forever?

>> No.42084019


Center looks like a good character concept on its own.

>> No.42084051
File: 162 KB, 1000x800, 1430110377387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes, yes. But what I was talking about was having absolutely perverted and unclean thoughts behind the GMs back.

While I sit there and play the guessing game, trying not to fall into their traps.

>> No.42084077


The center one looks really cool.

>> No.42084099

Yeah. To date, of every fusion I've seen, that one stands out to be as the best done of any of them.

>> No.42084122


Well the GM has the same thoughts behind their back so it figures. basically everyone around the table has a rape fantasy about one or more about the characters at LEAST once a campaign. And that's not even getting into the hardcore stuff.

>> No.42084151
File: 211 KB, 691x625, 1410850916393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus anon what the fuck, man, no, basically everyone does not have a rape fantasy, what the hell is wrong with you

my WORST thought is "oh man those two NPCs the PCs hooked up are actually shagging like roided' out rabbits, but nobody knows save by intentionally obscure inference"

>> No.42084179

>Jesus anon what the fuck, man, no, basically everyone does not have a rape fantasy, what the hell is wrong with you

Still so naive.

>> No.42084209


I can honestly say i never had a rape fantasy around an RPG, but I did have fusion fantasies. I dunno if that's worse or better.

>> No.42084213
File: 37 KB, 167x232, 1427399188390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suddenly start having forced fusion fantasies

>> No.42084223


What's forced about it? it's my fetish, i'm not trying to explain it away.

>> No.42084243
File: 12 KB, 400x400, 1429145573241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, no. I'm saying, like, because you said rape, and then fusion, imagine a forced-fusion fantasy.

>> No.42084262


I've had those, though they invariably involve the fused people liking it.

>> No.42084302

Nigga you went full Maryland.

>> No.42084304

This one always bugged me because all 3 of the source girls are wearing panties and then the fusion mysteriously doesn't have panties

>> No.42084307

Well yeah. Same here. It almost has to end that way. Just feels right.

>> No.42084404


>> No.42084457

I do admit to both M/F and F/F fusion fantasies in my games, though

>> No.42084475
File: 137 KB, 800x600, 1405024692815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah same here. Like, consensual and all. It's why I'll never introduce or ask for fusions.

>F/F fusion fantasies
oh god that's the fucking good stuff right there

>> No.42084639


Well yeah. Either as a player or a GM I'd never talk about it, or bring it into the game. I'd get such a fucking boner under the table I'd pass out from blood loss.

And the worst part is, I've had friends who LOVE teasing about sexual stuff, but always jokingly.

>> No.42084662

At least one was because two of the posts ended with 993 but were 300 posts apart

>> No.42085511

God damn it /co/ I had forgotten about that fusion
I gotta draw this.

>> No.42085542

Wait, what are you drawing?

>> No.42085552


You guys are creepy.

>> No.42086324

I find this fascinating

>> No.42086327


I'm very curious what you're drawing as well.

>> No.42086571


>> No.42086780

Baron Ashura is a Frankenstein monster of two corpses, mad and unstable, and it's not like his/her components were all there in life

>> No.42087208

Can permanent fusion Be considered death for the components? Or is it more complicated?

>> No.42087364


Depends on the style of fusion.

>> No.42087408


>> No.42087468

Depends on if there's a continuation of self thing going on

>> No.42087517

No, all components experience becoming the fusion seamlessly, that's a lot more continuity of consciousness than copying your mind to an AI which some people don't consider death.

>> No.42087570

Ask the fusion if they consider itself a new individual or a continuation of the previous ones.

>> No.42087611

I'd play it like Mixels.

>> No.42087685

And even if you do cave and fuse in the end, your fusion just chains you up and drags you down.

>> No.42087703


There's no reason it would be death since it's literal magic. Unless you really want it to be.

>> No.42087861


I kinda want to run a campaign featuring all these guys as co-BBEGs or at lesat significant encounters. Anything in WoD, Unknown Armies or anything else that could work?

>> No.42087946

Dark heresy, Black crusade

>> No.42088373


Me too. And sexy. But it can be fascinating even without the sex part

>> No.42089050

Whenever you play next you need to let us in on what happens. I sounds completely hilarious.

>> No.42089402


So I havent actually followed the entire conversation but you have seen Steven Universe right? Seems to be something you'd enjoy.


>> No.42089477

No, because fuck that "fat sack of lard gets a free harem" anime premise.

>> No.42089592

Wouldn't really call it a harem. It's more like a group of moms more than anything. Unless you can have a harem of moms, but that sounds downright creepy.

>> No.42089600

They aren't his harem, they are his adoptive mothers, long story but they more resemble aunts/big sisters than romance

>> No.42089674

More the psychology behind it is what fascinates me

I've only seen half an episode and I know you're wrong

>> No.42089918


I don't enjoy hipster shit.

>> No.42089961

Who's bottom left and bottom right?

>> No.42090017

I forget the characters, but Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill.

>> No.42091641

Where do you think you are?

>> No.42091841

So how about that art?

>> No.42092124

Fucking Jak & Daxter.

>> No.42092407
File: 95 KB, 500x522, 1232795978700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a minute...

>> No.42092506

Tron lines are a popular fashion.

>> No.42092509

"I came for you, Connie, just like I promised."

>> No.42092647

Well, that was more awkward than i thought it'd be.

>> No.42092698

speaking of which

>> No.42092855

>that song
cringing pretty hard

>> No.42094140

Why tho?

>> No.42094453
File: 132 KB, 500x500, steven_digger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure that particular fanart is an intentional crossover.
SU fandom is full of weebs, due in no small part to the show itself using a lot of anime tropes. Official word from the creator is "if you think something is a reference, you're probably right".
If the Steven + Garnet fusion doesn't have a chest face with pointy shades, I'll buy a hat and eat it.

>> No.42095284

I'm amazed no one posted Vividred yet.

>> No.42096129

I had never heard of it till you mentioned it, feels a slight cheat as their minds remain seperate

>> No.42097960

middle one kinda feels like it leaves out too much shadow, but I'm not sure if that's a bad thing

>> No.42099429

Ok, I have to ask, how do two reasonably, practically dressed people and a stripper combine to form a super-stripper? I mean, they didn't combine any facial features or anything, so why is it just the Kill la Kill costume with the colors switched out?

>> No.42099523

I would think it an experience marked more by the horror of realizing that you are no longer completely yourself. It seems like it would be a nightmare, especially if you fought for control, but even if you didn't fight, not being the only person in your head would be terrifying. The people fused are simultaneously prisoner and warden of the other.

>> No.42099557

Because sentient stripper cloths trump regular ones.

>> No.42099586

Yeah, that's death. You can't truly say that the result is either one of them, so for all intents and purposes they cease to exist. Even if they separate later, there's bound to be so far-reaching side effects, at least mentally, if not physically.

>> No.42099638

It's the kill la kill part, said clothes give superpowers but some of the fibers used in it is a blood drinking alien life form, the more of said fibers are used in clothes, the more powers granted but at the same time too much skin contact with it is a bad idea, given the fact it's eye is still there, I assume said clothes are still made of life fibers

Experiments done wiring radio transceivers directly into mount Springs has shown that they stop acting like to separate mice and start acting like one mouse with two bodies alarmingly quickly, and no noticeable levels of stress during or from the transition

>> No.42099639

Sapient stripper clothes, you mean.
I mean yeah, they're sentient too, but they're also sapient.
That said, I agree that more of the other outfits should've been incorporated, instead of it basically just being hurrklk

>> No.42099692

Perhaps, if you say we die after every moment. Because we have changed somehow and are no longer who we were.

But when the fusion components become one they are still alive within the result no longer the same but still there. I guess how much was taken for the fusion and how it happened are all factors but mostly they'd be alive in some fashion.

>> No.42099731

We have a lot more mental hangups then mice. Imagine if a normal friend or family member knew all of your fetishes and what you last masturbated to.

>> No.42099745

Mount springs? Are you talking about mice, and that was an autocorrect snafu or something? That seems more like a hivemind than a fusion, which is still really cool, to be sure, but not necessarily what I thought we were talking about. I would also wonder if mice have the necessary self-awareness to be troubled by the nature of their existence.

>> No.42099822

That was pretty much my complaint. There don't really seem to be aspects of the other characters designs present, except in the clothes and a little bit of Korra's hair, so why is the KlK design so terribly dominant?

>> No.42099882

Dammit, voice to text that is not what I said, but yeah I meant mice, and we all are aware enough that mental hangups could fuck them over, but you do have a point about them probably lacking higher levels of self-awareness

>> No.42100017

Because it is the most striking.

>> No.42100102

I suppose....

>> No.42100139

>they stop acting like to separate mice and start acting like one mouse with two bodies alarmingly quickly,

Cranium rats go!

>> No.42100383

>Experiments done wiring radio transceivers directly into mount Springs has shown that they stop acting like to separate mice and start acting like one mouse with two bodies alarmingly quickly, and no noticeable levels of stress during or from the transition
Do you know the name of this case?

>> No.42102196

No unfortunately, and any attempt to search for it just brings up articles about scientists implanting false, but happy memories into mice

>> No.42102287

As well as two of them being white and the fusion is the most black. Also poofy white hair overrides everything else.

>> No.42102804


Because the final fusion is hot, duh.

>> No.42103004

You guys are fucking retarded. Don't even know how to do the Candlejack meme properly. I swear to god, kids these days don't know half the shit about how good old memes used to be. And here I am, the only remaining oldfag on this bo

>> No.42103011

But Catbug is a shota.

>> No.42105047

But what does eating pizza have to do with social ramifications? I mean, if your fusion is in a situation where it can obtain pizza, presumably the components were as well, and would already have the experience of eating pizza. Unless your fusion doesn't have the life experiences of the components, which doesn't really make sense.

>> No.42105070

Yeah, my sane law abiding cop fused with, a fanatical NPC, his sanity overruled the fanaticism. Memories were creepy for him though.

>> No.42106881

Traps make the best lolis

>> No.42107060

>Unless your fusion doesn't have the life experiences of the components, which doesn't really make sense.
What if your character's backstory is that he is a magical fusion of two people, but doesn't remember his past? The fusion's quest is to find out who they were and how it happened.

>> No.42107225

korra/mikasa would definitely still have abs.

>> No.42107277
File: 253 KB, 465x571, Jo2uke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42107308
File: 182 KB, 821x1000, wannayiff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The people fused are simultaneously prisoner and warden of the other.
In the above case, that only makes it more erotic.

>> No.42108405

>>The people fused are simultaneously prisoner and warden of the other.
>In the above case, that only makes it more erotic.
>Renamon pic
See, this is where my assimilation fetish takes over and Id probably have to fight really hard to not give up the "warden of the other" part and just let myself be imprisoned in the sexy fox lady's new and improved body
All the fapfics with Renamon as a dom really would not help

>> No.42110254

I would happily merge with Renamon

>> No.42110279

That'd be interesting, but if you wake up as a fusion with amnesia, how do you know you're a fusion?

>> No.42110318

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. It's just my first response would be more 'get out of my head!' and less thinking about how hot it is.

>> No.42110504
File: 30 KB, 324x288, No argument boner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elsa + Mr Freeze

>> No.42110924

>bottom fusion

>> No.42111563

By following the clues only to find you aren't the first missing person even if their are a lot of eery similarities between you and them.

Sorta like in Jojolion >>42107277

>> No.42111723

Who's the guy at the bottom left?

>> No.42111852

>not knowing the final boss of Chrono Trigger

>> No.42112582

>Fusing/getting assimilated by Renamon
This should not arouse me as it does

>> No.42112754
File: 97 KB, 517x627, Shireen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right Stannis, it should be presented like this: Him and His Daughter

>> No.42114733
File: 1.11 MB, 1024x1842, 1f113d126ec80b7f8ed76665782522d8bce023b6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one seems a lot better

>> No.42115626

I like it. It incorporates all of them well without being over-design that many fusions do.

>> No.42119239

Yeah, it is

>> No.42119361

What if you hate yourself and already are your own prison? Wouldn't fusing mean at the very least you have a cell mate to share in the ennui of life?

>> No.42119416

>dat Ryumi

>> No.42119520

>not realizing that Koko is best

>> No.42119720

>Chrono Triggered

You mean Earthbound?

>> No.42120001

Gigyas is bottom right, retard.

>> No.42120632

>none of them look like they have a Kamui
There's not much point in including Ryuko, then. The fusions visually resemble her, but that's it.

>> No.42121774

Honestly just including the eye somehow would help alot

>> No.42121921

The bottom one has the eye as a patch over one chest pocket.
The middle, uh, has oddly coloured latches on the one arm.

>> No.42121962

>No exacto-swords
>No Scissorblade
>Miko, Ryumi retain abs, Koko becomes less muscular, Ryukomi meets in the middleground

>> No.42122429


Would you merge with Renamon into Sakyuamon, anon?


>> No.42122821

I think this is just what happens when you give a person that's unfamiliar with some or all of the source materials the job of doing a character fusion.

>> No.42123551
File: 235 KB, 500x488, 1434967184425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42126026

Yes, that's the example I was referencing, hence "in the above case". You'd have to be borderline illiterate to think I meant anything else, or brought up Renamon for no reason.

>> No.42126027

I would merge with Renamon even she stayed Renamon afterwards

>> No.42126266

Yes. It's DBZ, after all.

>> No.42126292

>Miko, Ryumi retain abs, Koko becomes less muscular, Ryukomi meets in the middleground
But that makes no sense. Korra and the what's-her-face Eoten slut are more or less equally ripped.

>> No.42126368

This is one of the worst maymays spawned by /co/. Such a massive waste of drawing talent.

>> No.42126620

Practice isn't a waste.

>> No.42127732

H...how did a gigantism fetish *SAVE YOUR LIFE?*
I mean I can see "I seduce the giant queen" being a possible way out of a TPK but something tells me it's much, much stranger than that.

>> No.42127769

See >>42064234

>> No.42127841

Out of curiosity how would you even do a fusion in a table top?

Which systems even have rules for something like that?

I mean the closest thing I can think of is sapient items on D&D and Eva's from Adeva but I don't think that's the same thing.

>> No.42128003

There's a psionic power in D&D called fusion that has rules for it

>> No.42128056

Fucking psion's do you know what book that power is in? Or even what edition?

>> No.42128082
File: 760 KB, 1280x700, touhou1275132670868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but only of the nuclear sort.

>> No.42128083

More importantly would you be able to pull off Getter Robo style combinations with it?

>> No.42128201

3.5, expanded psionic handbook

>> No.42128215

I don't know of any system that could handle that level of manliness.


>> No.42128446


Kinda hard with organics, anon

>> No.42128746

I was thinking in the vein of Three man Psionic fusions where the final form is just a version of the person leading the merge making use of abilities that the other two had to improve his combat potential.

>> No.42129423

Lavos Core, the guy after Lavos goes through all its
>this is not even my final form!
in Chrono Trigger

>> No.42129538

Getter Robo is practically organic in design. Its fusion forms barely look like the components and even less like each other.


>> No.42129983



>> No.42130605


What >>42127769 quoted. We spelunked a monstergirlified Jormundgard.

On that subject, though, our last session involved HEXAFUSION shenanigans, courtesy of our shipwright. If there's interest and the thread is alive tomorrow morning (it's 22:40 here), i'll jump back on and post some.

>> No.42130638


>> No.42130769


Bit too late over here, i'll be off to bed by midnight.

I'll give you a bit of a teaser, though. We had to pull off two separate hexafusions, one with the captain, and one with the cook, played by our group's token pervert, with Mad Romanowski and Tracie taking up the other two slots. You can probably guess how the latter went.

>> No.42130898


Even though you're obviously making all of this up, I want to hear it.

>> No.42131494

We on post 293, it probably won't be here
Make a new thread for it

>> No.42133394

Bump for story

>> No.42135892

nother bump

>> No.42137531


>> No.42137659

This thread has run its course.
One thing to discuss in the next thread is how to provide an incentive to fuse. Sure it's cool, but in most games with any sort of action economy, outnumbering the enemy is a huge advantage. You would have to make the fusion's stats much more than the sum of its parts to make up for that.

>> No.42137765

I'm playing a game on a homebrewed DBZ system, fusions in it are PL(power level)1 + PL2 x 100. It's not something to be used at a whim, partially because of the resulting power, and partially because you have to do the dance.

>> No.42138089

In Anima, fused characters just take the highest of all stats and skills, which means that two wildly different characters benefit a lot more than two similar characters.

>> No.42141639
File: 332 KB, 821x1833, IMG_20150828_164219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42142440


Guess i'll do that then. I'll add >>42137659 to the first post, as well.

See you next thread!

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