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I really don't like having to do this, but I've been feeling particularly down lately, and I need a pick me up.

Can we get a funny shit thread going?

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I only have greentext stories I've collected from here, but I'll post them anyway

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. . . So the bard avoids the whole battle, and then proceeds to do a thing after the rest of the party has been killed off.

That thing is to roll two natural 20's on a d20, followed by 20 natural 6's on a d6, interrupted only by the 21st roll being a 5. All in a row.

Am I misunderstanding something here? Is there something I am missing? Because that comes across as so bad that I can't believe anyone would even try to pass that off as something that happened.

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can do

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some OC of mine

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and one more OC of mine
>inb4 banned because 20x20px pron on blue board

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No I think that's about it?

I thought it was a Tenacious D reference but apparently it's not?

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>tenacious D reference

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whoa wait liches
totally forgot to post this one

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This is a fairly recent one.

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It's a futurama reference

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It's cool, I didn't need my sides anyway

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heres the story of shoggy the dog

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wanna post a thing but thread might die before that

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Trying to keep it /tg/ related

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That is neither funny nor particularly awesome. If someone's going to take the trouble to make up a greentext story there has to be more to it than just "ha ha, reference!". And the whole thing is played out like it's part of some epic keikaku by the bard, but it all hinges on a bunch of nat high rolls so really the bard would have just looked like an asshole.

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>>i can't into terminal velocity

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This one is /x/ but worth it

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Are all paranoid conspiracy theorists from /x/ this amusing?

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Those "...WAIT FUCK" moments are my favourite. Reminds me of the one with the guy blowing up a schoolbus instead of caving in the tunnel ahead.

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Terminal velocity is a result of resistance.

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/x/ is mostly shit to be honest. The odd spooky images or nope or greentext threads are a fun distraction, sometimes gems like this manifest, otherwise it's wannabe sorcerers circlejerking, tripfags galore, /pol/-lite, arguments about religion and thinly disguised roleplaying people take seriously. It's not as fun as it sounds.


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That was... disturbingly hot.

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No friction (including air friction).

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I actually have a bunch of these Storythread caps, if you feel those are tg-enough I'll dump them.

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