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Hey /tg/
I was wondering if anyone could share some details they know about Kingdom Death.
I suppose specifically Kingdom Death Monsters, as I'm led to believe that's the actual game, and everything else is just figurines without a game?

I'm specifically curious about the game itself, and if it has roleplaying elements to it, or if it's more just like a basic board game as opposed to a pen & paper RPG.
Also, I really like the use of lanterns in the art, does anyone know what significance they have in the game? I can't find anything on the game lore, but it looks like there's some story attached?

I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding the game, its art and I believe the fact that a lot of people say it's never coming out; but I just want to know more about it!

Thanks guys!

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No. We had several threads about the game, go read the archives.

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You want to play a game with a mini that has a dress made out of dicks?

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Is that actually a question?


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The game is Kingdom Death: Monster. Kingdom Death is the guy's miniatures company.


There's not necessarily RP elements, but the creator is doing a good job not letting anyone see the fluff or exact capabilities of the enemies.

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There is a god, known as the Golden Entity, who is so vain that he
created thousands of monsters just to perpetually worship him. But
that wasn't enough, so he created humans and The Wetnurse to take
care of them. The Wetnurse nurtures young humans, but also erases any
free will they have, so they become extensions of the Golden Entity -
native "humans" in KD are an alien hive-mind dressed in people suits.

The survivors awake as fully-grown adults with no memories, and their
eyes caked in ink (speculatively, because they were literally written
into reality just seconds ago by The Scribe), presumably as food for
a nearby White Lion - which soon attacks you. But the survivors manage
to grab nearby chunks of rock and defeat the lion, leaving them the
first living humans with free will AND the freedom to explore.

And that's where the game starts.

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Fuck the scribe is cool. I ordered KD after gencon hype but I didn't see this piece yet. Can't wait for that to be available.

Do we even have a release quarter estimate yet? I want to know how much time I've got to learn to paint.

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The backers will be getting everything September-October.
Expect preorders to start shipping in October.

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Kingdom Death: Monster is a consistent campaign game played over 25 rounds ("Lantern years", each consisting of a hunt phase, a showdown phase, and a settlement phase), where 1-4 players (up to 6 with rules modifications) take the role of a settlement of human survivors trying to live in a hostile world full of monsters and dangers.

There is also a rumored / planned game (referred to as Kingdom Death: Heroes), where players take the roles of developed characters and archetypes in the KD world, more like a traditional tabletop RPG. Not much is known of that game, if and when it comes out.

The lantern symbolizes the survivors' life force and will to survive (and so does the lantern hoard in the settlement, counting down the 25 lantern years until The Watcher comes to reap the survivors from the settlement, represents the settlement's livelihood). It is implied in more than one place that the dimming or death of a lantern causes the death of its owner (eg. the fluff for the Illuminated Lady, the Butcher, and the Watcher), either directly or by force of being killed by something lurking in the darkness. Many suppose the lantern or the light in it are the survivor's soul.

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I notice that KD minis have an odd size of 35mm. Are there any other mini brands on a similar scale I can play beside the KD figures? All my minis at home look silly when I compare them to KD.

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Should I feel bad that I pledged for pretty much all of the playable content (ie Survivor level + all the expansions and promos, barring Christmas Nico), and then went and pre-ordered a copy of the game too?
I just feels like a lot of money to put into one game...

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Still not sure this is actually it. It's fully implied that there are humans with free will outside of the golden lands... like the city of the hunters, or the dragon king's subjects and sun people.

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Well give the base copy to your Local Gaming Store so that they can run demos of it, keep the rest for yourself to come and bring and let others play?

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>sharing with others
Please anon, I didn't earn that 'Hoarder' mental disorder for nothing.

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If you had money to spare, I don't think stocking up on minis is a terrible idea even if the second board game is useless. You got both at a relative discount.

Though if they release additional survivor sets and you don't need the minis you might have a problem.

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Shit. Are the knights gone forever or will they return as expansions? I can stand missing pin up girls but the knights are fucking great and they fit right into the campaign I'm running.

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>>Implying that a FLGS will put that cringe worthy shit on the shelves much less have it out in the open giving demos.

Topest of keks.

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The knights are expansions that will show up later.
The promos are the ones that might not show up later. The messengers and Nico have game content. Nico isn't necessarily a promo, but she hasn't been announced for general release.

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