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>How are we still waiting for D&D Edition

>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed] [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

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So are we at a deep enough end of the card pool to make a competitive Professor deck?

Not top tier, obviously, but solid mid-tourney-table range?

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>Film critic
>1 credit
>2 clicks activation
>1 influence
>connection though

Do you think this card is a game breaker ? Do you think this card is balanced ?

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Film Critic is powerful because it unbreaks TFP and helps with NAPD.

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I'm amazed it's so cheap for the effect. I know Jackson is a 0 cost rez, but it seems to me both Film Critic and Clot are too cheap for their high-powered abilities. There is far more recursion on the Runner's side too.

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Film Critic's cost isn't the 1 credit to install, it's the two clicks you have to spend every time you move an agenda to your score area. That adds up, particularly if you do it for every agenda to avoid Midseasons or Punitives.

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>playing iceless argus on jinteki.net
>player seems to be an angry 12 years old
>keeps trying to bug me through the chat
>sees a sea source during second run on hq
>plays shittons of money cards
>AS and all
>poctect angaisnt some with sealed vaults
>meanwhile he has 50 money and I had 8
>I already scored 2 projects, he got nothing
>and the last two actions of his turn are installing some programs
>he has two tags
>scorch the shit out of him
>"y-you cheated"
man i love educating 12 year olds

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Seriously? I'd say the two clicks is a tiny payoff for bypassing NAPDs, Fetals and Future Perfects, to say nothing of both Midseasons and Punitive Counterstrike

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Annoyingly cheap and tough to get rid of, but still balanced.

He doesn't have to pay influence for Film Critic, and while he can't do The Source and Fall Guy he can do All Nighter/Hyperdriver to score in the turn they were accessed, and (when out) Net Pavilion could help too.

And then Shaper Bullshit, ofc

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That seems stupid, but can you unrez an asset ?

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Other than with pic related, I don't think so

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With Testing Ground. I don't believe there are any other cards that allow that atm.

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I've been outta the loop for over a year and just started to get back into Netrunner.
I couldnt believe this card when I saw it, mostly because I was playing Personal Evolution and it completely neutered my deck.

I'm mad atm, but is it a universally used card?

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It's not universally useful like Jackson, or raw econ like sure gamble.

However it does work against any agenda with "when you access" on it (mainly NAPD and TFP, but others as well), against Punitive, Midseasons, PE and Argus. And it stops The Source from trashing itself.

It's pretty nasty.
As PE, for playing around it, it's worth noting that FC does slow the scoring down, opening a small window. Also Snare!'s tag becomes super useful.

Anti-asset, and Snatch and Grab in particular, has become a very important include though, now that it's out

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How is iceless Argus?

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With film critic out ? Not well.
Otherwise, it really depends. Maxx and Noise are the worst. Rest is variable. You really depends on runner's errors though.
But it's clearly the funniest deck i've ever played and without FC i wouldn't even think about changing.

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I do think it's a game changer - people are going to have to look for new ways to play instead of relaying on the same old semi-automated selection of cars... well, until the new semi-automated build is found at least.

But why would it be a game breaker ? I don't think it changes that much.

One thing with all the soft silver bullets is, I'm really hoping we're going to reach a point where there's no optimal build,and everyone is going to have to go for either averaged builds that can deal uncomfortably with as many other builds as possible, or bite the bullet and just play a deck that can be crippled severely if it meets its wrong match up.

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Noise sure got averaged pretty fast. Everyone is playing the same deck.

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Faust or no Faust?

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Weak all-comers or strong single strat?

Makes sense, having to either play to your strengths or to mitigate all weaknesses, but not being able to completely do both, is probably a good place for the game

On the other hand, getting completely fucked by one matchup is really bad

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I think FC levels the field again towards ICE play over on access actions.

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I just got into Netrunner in the weirdest way...

> Some dude on Facebook lists a batch of boardgames he's gotten his hands on, everything must go.
> Core set + Creation and Control for just under $50.
> notbad.jpg
> Shell out the cash +$15 shipping.
> Bite nails for 5 days.
> Parcel arrives. Open package, single unwrapped box... damnit, facebook dude musta screwed me over.
> No clue as to what the core contents are, but pretty sure this isn't what should be in there.
> Box lined with laser-cut plywood insert
> Unpunched chit cards.
> 2 zip bags full of of cards.
> Core rulebook, expansion sheet + 12 folded pages with novel excerpts.
> 12. Yes. 12 cellophane-wrapped decks.
> Google dat shit.
> Entire Genesis cycle.
> Half of Spin cycle.
> Creation and Control is there too, whew.
> I paid $50 for over $200 worth of swag.

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Congrats. Sounds great for starters. Check if you have Opening Moves aka Jackson Howard in there too.

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Sometimes it'll be better to pay the 4 for NAPD. 4 clicks in 2 credits is pretty standard for runner decks.

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"If you do it for every agenda to avoid Midseasons or Punitive."

Only half of that statement is correct. If you are double clicking for every agenda against Midseason-Haarp, yeah, that's a big cost. But punitive decks don't count here. You will only really steal 2 agendas, and double clicking to avoid death is worth it

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You are clearly the player Push Your Luck has been waiting for

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It's not like you¡re forced to use FC, you can pay it. You can play the Psi game. You can swallow the net damage and steal all the agendas.

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Yep, the half of Spin in the box is Opening Moves, Second Thoughts and Mala Tempora. Seems the original owner was buying the packs as they came out.

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Good shit man. As a returning (but essentially new, as I only played Core around its release) player I'm insanely jelly.

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File: 2.94 MB, 2100x800, The Last Runner Final.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ooh, that's a new one

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Is there a 16:9 version ?

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File: 4.46 MB, 3675x2175, 1414141478439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have it but this is closer.

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Thank you anon :)

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So corporations have agendas, but which one has the gay agenda ?

>> No.41976505

Aggressively pro-gay positions seem more likely the domain of Anarch runners, but I suppose if it's supposed to be some big ideological conspiracy it might be in NBN's wheelhouse.

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The gay agenda is a neutral agenda because all social issues are developed and fed by the proletariat to keep the masses divided

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So lads.

Newish play here. I've been doing a lot of legwork looking at the IDs and decks people are playing. So far, these two are my favorite Runner IDs by far. I'm making a mistake, right?

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Yes. You'll make a bunch of unique low tier decks, lose always, grow to resent the game, and then quit.

Just play Gabe or Kate first to figure out how runners win

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They are really fun, but also depends a lot on the player's skill, which is why if you're new I suggest something simpler. Gabe and Kate are good examples to learn.

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I agree with the other two as far as learning the game, but I like your style! Soon as you're feeling comfortable with deckbuilding go and make some fun decks.

On the other hand, if you're playing against people who are also learning then go nuts and have fun!

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Sounds good; and understandable, they look like challenging IDs to make work.

How is Valencia for a new player who isn't completely satisfied with Gabe/Kate? Valencia seems to be an extremely solid ID in her own right but I feel like she would still offer me some interesting deck building opportunities if I wanted to experiment.

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Gabriel is a good ID for newbies because he gets 2 credits for running HQ. This encourages running, the runner can learn the importance of running early, running often, and the information he can get from whatever the Corp is hiding in HQ. ICE, ambushes, SEA Sources, Scorched Earth.

In a way, Valencia also encourages running. She has free credits to make them after all, why not put them to good use? Breaking ICE, trashing assets, playing blackmail. All is good. But I don't get the same feeling from her that I get from Gabe. Maybe because she's not focused on a single central.

But sure, she's the closer you can get if you are actively avoiding the core runners.

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>Gabriel is a good ID for newbies
My feeling is that Gabe is only good for newbies when they're playing against other newbies. A good player (especially if they have Crisium Grids) can just completely wreck Gabe.

>> No.41979879

When I play newbies I pull my punches and sometimes that means purposely not installing things that shut off thier deck.

>> No.41980395


Interestingly, just played with a new player, trying to teach him the ropes... improvised what must be the jankiest deck I ever made, but frankly had a lot fun.

Created interesting situations.

And how often will I be able to enjoy playing Burke Bugs + Primary Transmission Dish in Gagarin ?

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Are any of you motherfuckers Azogar on jinteki.net?

>> No.41980433

IIRC Azogar is just a bot.

>> No.41981538

I just played a game against him. Mushin no shin'd a card and he insta quit out of fear of making a decision

>> No.41983834


Just played the same deck against a more experienced Leela player.

Kinda hilarious to see him forced to spend an Overmind token on Burke Bugs.

The wtf was palpable.

Hilarious game. 4 of my 7 agendas were at the very bottom of the deck. Became a pure war of attrition. Lost because of one credit. So worth it.

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Is anyone here going to Worlds? We know the entire carpool up until then (but of course, not the meta). Speculations on what to be prepping? PPVP Kate seems like it'll be the most popular. I'm going to bring Andy because Andy is my waifu. What Anarchs do you think will be seen? Just Noise? Val/MaxX? Whiz?

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congrats on the Opening Moves!

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So, having spent the last few years hoping and praying for the Star Wars LCG to reach comparable popularity while maintaining a marginal Netrunner presence just so I could find a game, I'm starting to finally accept that my Star Wars games will be very few and far between and I should start playing Netrunner in earnest if I want consistent play.

I have SOME idea what I'm doing with Netrunner, but I'm still really bad at deckbuilding and could use some rules of thumb. How to recognize a good agenda, how powerful a program of cost X needs to be to be worth playing, how badly you need to load up on cash resources, etc.

And what's the basic identity of each faction? I have this vague idea that Anarchs have strong breakers and viruses, Criminals have lots of riders on their runs and money tricks, and Shapers have lots of solid hardware and a few expensive-ass powerful programs. And I kind of have this idea that Weyland makes cash, racks up bad publicity, and advances ice, HB gains clicks and has ice that you can click through, NBN does lots of stuff with tags and card draw and advances agendas REALLY fast, and Jinteki loves its traps and damage.

>> No.41987753

>How to recognize a good agenda
A good agenda is generally either:
* efficient in terms of advancements required/agenda points received (3/2s are pretty much the best, 3/1s are pretty much the worst)
* helps you score other agendas
* potects itself from being stolen

Best case, the agenda checks several boxes.

>how powerful a program of cost X needs to be to be worth playing
How expensive it is to use a program is often more of a deciding factor than how expensive it is to install. For example, Corroder is good because it is fairly efficient at breaking things. The low install cost is just a bonus. Install cost only really becomes a problem if all your programs are expensive, or if your econ sucks.

>how badly you need to load up on cash resources
Badly. You want something like a quarter of your deck to be econ cards.

>And what's the basic identity of each faction?
Here's some very broad descriptions: Anarchs destroy ice, Criminals deny econ, Shapers are about versatility, HB is about efficient ice and econ (and brain damage), Weyland is about meat damage and BP, Jinteki is about net damage and psi games, and NBN is about tagging, econ denial, and having the best agendas.

>> No.41988559

Probably all of those.
While Shapers have THE best deck, Anarchs are in a really good place right now,

Am I right in thinking that at worlds UoT will be legal, but D&D won't be?


>> No.41988666

>And what's the basic identity of each faction?
Anarchs are good at AIs, Viruses and their breakers, for the most part, have fixed strength but are quite efficient.
The breaker they specialise in is anti-barrier Fracters.
Initially they had some econ problems, but those are less now.

Shapers have the best tutoring, hardware, draw and recursion.
Their breakers tend to be somewhat expensive, but efficient.
The breaker they specialise in is anti-codegate decoders.
The traditional flaw of a shaper is needing a fair amount of money and time to set up, but that's not too much of an issue these days

Criminals have the best events and resources, and their economy can be really strong they can also weaken the corp's econ.
Their favoured icebreakers are anti-sentry killers.
Criminals have the worst breakers, and are currently experiencing a low point in their performance

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Depends how quickly D&D tails UoT, I guess. They've been pushing the release schedule pretty hard all cycle...

>> No.41990247

No, Ian Birdsall has said that they will both be legal for worlds

>> No.41990638

How does one protect from keyhole with no ICE ?
Jacksons clearly aren't enough

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The salt from pic related will be delicious.

Not a good time to be a corp at the moment though, but I'll be interested to see how NBN goes post-D&D

>> No.41990838

Crisium, Caprice, low agenda density and program sniping (though that's pretty hard without ice)

>> No.41990985

Not cost efficient, too easy to trash.
Too much influence
>agenda density
Must be high for the deck to work
>program sniping
I don't think that exist beside ICEs

>> No.41991043

Been a while since I've seen any talk about octagon stats. I'm pretty sure It's still floating 55-45 either way right?

I still remember coming into Spin cycle when Runners were posting 60-65% win rates and Andromeda was king.

>> No.41991077

As of D&D, three or four ways (not counting Secretary), and none of them are efficient
Bad Times, Power Shutdown, Kegan Lane and Port Anson Grid (which doesn't work for what you want)

You trying Iceless Argus?

>> No.41991115

I'm the Iceless argus guy.

And I'm seriously thinking about not being it anymore.

>> No.41991134


If 5 has become too easy to trash, I do think we have a power creep problem.

More seriously, I get what you're saying, but they can hardly push those trash costs any much higher without breaking something, and they can't offer you solutions that have none without changing the game significantly.

>> No.41991165

>I don't think that exist beside ICEs

If you have the money, and the tagging, there's always the underused Bad Times. Kill programs by shooting MU off.

>> No.41991243

That means two bad times to shut off one program ? Counting you should have two in hands while your r&d is being milled ?

I know... It's just sad.

The solution is Caprice Nisei, but I can't afford the Influence...

>> No.41991354

Get a big deck.

Someone installed Keyhole and their first Hyperdriver before they noticed that I wasn't playing 49 cards.

Get a bigger deck, power shutdown and use some of your influence on recursion.

>> No.41991447


Hadn't caught you were running ICE-less.
In general situation, people would kill the Keyhole to save their breakers.

But here ? Yeah, Keyhole all day.

In that Set up I would try Manhunt to threaten kills and I would totally dig Hostile Infrastructure and/or Hokusai Grid - not to mention Ronald Five... but then if Crisium isn't cost sensitive to you, this won't be.

Unrelated, just finally caught Chi.Lo worked with Manhunt.

>> No.41991594


Hmmm... Strong Box on Archives to set up a kill shot ?

>> No.41991711

>Chi.Lo worked with Manhunt.
Shit, it does - once the successful run is made, that doesn't mean it's over.


>> No.41991787

Nah, sounds like you need punitive counterstrike and The Board

>> No.41991883


My totally overlooked that Keyhole trashing an Executive doesn't give the runner agenda points for it.

On the one hand your proposition is certainly more sensible influence-wise, on the other: how many Punitives do you want to play in a deck that focuses on one pointers ?

>> No.41992006

I was joking about the board man, sadly. It would go down like this, Runner Keyholes the 7th agenda point into archives and runs on archives and you rez the board.

Runner jacks out, because they don't want to take between 10 meat damage and 5 tags and depending on clicks left, trashed the board that turn, if not they win next turn.

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File: 1.02 MB, 1024x879, self destruct art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put a Self-Destruct on it

>> No.41992091

You can rez the board before access. There's no way to jack out

>> No.41992121

Call it a hunch but I don't think the runner will be running with 2 cards in hand, it is the flashiest way to hand them the points though.

>> No.41992124

This card is my new favorite. I've been playing it in Andy and its a beast.

>> No.41992161

Business First announcement today?

>> No.41992224


Been some players going with tower decks recently and it cracks me up.

>> No.41992340

>Business First
What now?

They don't get points if you self-destruct, that's the point

>> No.41992347

I bought the Starter Box with a friend some time ago and had lots of fun with it.
Unfortunately I didn´t have the time to play anyomore and completely lost track of new releases, mechanics etc.
I just started re-reading Neuromancer and got bitten by the "cyberpunk bug" again and feel like getting back into ANR. Unfortunately the amount of new cards is just reeeeaaally huge, so I feel a bit lost.
Any suggestions on what expansion packs to buy for some good, basic decks? I really like playing Shaper and Weyland, but don´t know what to get in order to build up on the starter cards.

>> No.41992385

For you Professor boys out there:

The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge

Event (10)
3x Scavenge
1x Stimhack •
3x Sure Gamble
3x Test Run

Hardware (3)
3x Clone Chip

Resource (10)
3x Daily Casts
2x Film Critic
2x London Library
3x Professional Contacts

Icebreaker (5)
1x Corroder ••
1x Faerie •••
1x Femme Fatale •
1x Morning Star ••••
1x Torch

Program (17)
1x Clot ••
1x Crescentus •
1x D4v1d ••••
3x Hyperdriver
1x Imp •••
1x Keyhole •••
3x Leprechaun
1x Magnum Opus
1x Nerve Agent ••
3x Self-modifying Code
1x Sneakdoor Beta •••

1 influence spent (max 1)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Old Hollywood

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next pack

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File: 566 KB, 600x483, Kala Fan 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After Kala?

>> No.41992508

What Lies Ahead for Project Atlas and Caudeceus
Second Thoughts for Restructure, The Cleaners, Elizabeth Mills
Mala Tempora for Power Shutdown (weak pack though)
True Colors for Curtain Wall and Punitive Counterstrike
First Contact for Crisium Grid and Wendigo

ORDER AND FUCKING CHAOS man that set is fucking fun for Weyland and Anarch. Not very competitive with Weyland but geez is it fun.

Creation and Control is requiredly awesome for almost every faction especially Shaper.
Cyber Exodus for Workshop, Test Run, Dinosaurus, Chaos Theory
Future Proof for RDI, Indexing (Wow)
Up and Over for Astrolabe
All That Remains for Lady

Looks like the LCG model is in full jew. Seriously though you can probably snatch a used collection if you look hard enough for cheap. Or just get them 33% off from Coolstuff. Final option of supporting your LGS at MSRP if you got the dosh.

>> No.41992528

There's a few good Shaper/Weyland overlap there as well (Like how Up and Over has Blue Sun and Changeling).

>> No.41992575


>> No.41992592

Mala has Knight and Reina. Its a fine pack

>> No.41992616

Future Proof for Midseasons, if you wanna go down that route. Up and Over for Blue Sun because he will be running Blue Sun

>> No.41992647

Criminals with Employee Strike [email protected]?

>Vs. Making News
>Sweeps Ice HQ Manhunt
>Employee Strike

>Vs. Personal Evolution
>Got 2x Drive-By in the deck :^)
>Their first Mushin hands me a Future Perfect because of Drive-By, and I add insult to injury by playing Employee Strike before taking it click 4
>They throw out 3 assets
>Just eat them all (2 agendas and one Snare!)
>Only 3 net, easily clear tag
>Salty tears

>Wait for Oversight AI
>Employee Strike next turn
>Blue Sun replies with "I don't know what to do now"

>> No.41992781

Yea I just saw Interns and Knight. Reina's cool too. Torch is OK as well.

Fuck Sundew though.

On top of Power Shutdown it's an alright/10 pack.

>> No.41992804

hah, my deck has 2x Drive By. Although I'm still unsure if that card is good or utter crap. I used to run Infiltration, so I guess its nice to have expose in the deck again.

>> No.41992819

Seems nice and tight, probably cut a crescentus for an incubator though.

>> No.41992847

It was the first pack I got, right when it came out. I asked a guy at my game store "what pack is good for criminals?", and he said Mala.

Its funny, because he was clearly referring to Knight (sir Gabe, at the time), but when I opened the pack and saw Running Interference, I was freaking out. I couldn't believe the power! :P

>> No.41992949

I'm really liking Fire Wall at the moment.
Compared to Hive and Changeling it's weaker early, but later it's far superior.

>> No.41993007

Christ I can't wait for UoT to arrive in the mail. I have no idea how people haven't been gushing over Chronos, its going to be brutal.

Bring the pain

Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping

Agenda (11)
1x Chronos Project
2x Fetal AI
3x House of Knives
2x Nisei MK II
1x Philotic Entanglement
2x The Future Perfect

Asset (5)
2x Blacklist ••
3x Jackson Howard •••

Upgrade (7)
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite
3x Hokusai Grid
3x Marcus Batty

Operation (10)
3x Celebrity Gift
3x Hedge Fund
3x Interns
1x Targeted Marketing •

Barrier (5)
3x Galahad •••
2x Himitsu-Bako

Code Gate (7)
2x Lotus Field
3x Merlin •••
2x Quandary

Sentry (3)
3x Lancelot •••

Other (1)
1x Excalibur

>> No.41993523

I just want to make sure I understand Dirty Laundry: if the Corp has nothing in Archives and no ice on it, i.e. Archives is totally empty, does that still count as a successful run that gets me the credits? So if I was in a tight spot where I needed the creds but knew I couldn't get in anywhere else, I could just do that?

>> No.41993606



>> No.41993707

>Looks like the LCG model is in full jew.

Damn, yes, sounds like a really expensive investment. I´ve been a big fan of the LCG format from the beginning, as it makes deck building easier, but each new release makes playing the game more and more expensive. Feels kinda like a waste of money, buying an expansion for only one or two cards I could (and would use). But thanks alot for the input. OaC looks like lots of fun for Weyland!

>> No.41993966

The LCG model makes getting a full collection look like a goddamn breeze compared to a TCG though. It's expensive still, sure, but such is the way of /tg/ hobbies.

>> No.41994345

We really just need a new based Mumbad Cycle Spoiler-Ken. It's been forever since we had some legit spoilers.

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File: 40 KB, 600x342, off the grid art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we're still good for a while - there was so much new shit, we haven't really got around to dissecting it properly yet.

I'm looking at Franchise City and Public Support, for example - they join AOYCR and Domestic Sleepers in the category of unstealable points, giving it to all factions.

They're all interesting, but I'm not sure how good they'll be.

Domestic can be stolen and sold/sacrificed , AOYCR needs the offered Central run to be scary enough that the runner will let you have it, Public Support needs 3 turns unmolested and Franchise City requires the runner to access an agenda (not sure how that works with FC, but it seems likely that it won't work if they have it)

>> No.41994664

Eeeh, still less expensive to make a competitive deck, and I don't think there's been a single pack out yet that I would only use 2 cards from yet.

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So how many of you criminal scum are actually playing Drive By?

Mushin trap decks just went from terrible to hilarious thanks to Back Channels, I feel the jank overtaking me, help me /tg/.

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PAX Prime promo, where my other promo whores at?

>> No.41996990
File: 441 KB, 576x511, capital investors full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, we have a corp MOpus and a corp Kati, reckon we'll see a corp ProCo?

And if we do, should/would you like it to be in Weyland?

>> No.41997217

It would be a definite boost for Weyland. Both them and NBN need to dig the most for their stuff and NBN already has raw draw power. Of course, Haas has the clearances, which is partially in that color pie, but they're still different effects. It all really comes down to trash and rez cost. I could see it being 3 rez/4 trash easily, maybe you could even lower the rez cost and make it corp Symmetrical Visage. Still, it would be more asset economy for Weyland, whose asset econ doesn't seem to really do the normal start of turn triggers that the other factions do. Closest they have is Executive Boot Camp, which would combo pretty well with a corp Pro Co.

It really just has the problem that card draw is weaker for the Corp than the runner. More cards means more agendas, which require protection, and you get a card at the start of each turn anyway. Still it would have uses, especially if its a high trash asset in Asset Spam Gagarin.

>> No.41998252

Yeah I could see that.
Might be incentive to play Research Station, and if it wasn't too high influence CI would obviously love it

>> No.41999359

Do it.
No-one expects criminals right now.

Also, Gabe with Desperado and Pheromones is ridiculously efficient

>> No.42000082

It is, but what breakers do you play?

>> No.42000205

I don't, had it used against me. All I could find was barriers (Weyland, natch) so I got corroded the shit out of

>> No.42001404

Pheromones is pretty great, specially with vamps on the side.

>> No.42001766


Hey, do you have this without the text?
I saw this back when it was 'Weylands' which I liked, but the version you posted seems to be done better.

>> No.42003483

I need 3. Maybe 6

>> No.42004087

Still working on it for a playmat, but once it's done I'll post a textless wallpaper version if you'd like one

>> No.42005303

Custom card sleeves with this would be so cool too.

>> No.42005463

Hi guys, i'm running titan transnational with 1 sea source and 3 scorched earth, but i never use them. Should i keep them for tag threat ? Or go for something useful ?

>> No.42005589

Does access count as "during the run"?

>> No.42005637

never mind, found in the rules, where the answer was yes.

>> No.42006024

You're running a Weyland ID, so your opponents have to honor the possibility of Scorched.

If you find that you're never using them, you could drop them and still threaten it.

>> No.42007028

What would you replace with the 4 new slots and 2 influence though?

>> No.42007107 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.65 MB, 1468x2088, 1440163913582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on the deck of course. Backlist and Housekeeping are always a pain in the ass though.

>> No.42007356
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, 1435393651525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Lotus field is nice.

But like >>42006024 said, the threat of scorch is very real.

>Enquire into how many cards the runner has left in their grip.
>Congratulate them on their successful run and casually ask how much credits they have left.
>Remind them nicely that they are tagged after an account siphon or vamp and watch the color drain from their face.
>Ask if the runner would really want to run on their last click versus weyland.

>> No.42007944

>Dat geentext
>Dat pic
Nice, but I think this would be a little bit too much.

Since I don't have access to Lotus Field, i dropped one of my aggressive secretary and got 1 swordsman and 3 shipments from SanSan.

>> No.42007974

>3 shipments from SanSan.
I hope you're not playing Public agendas. Otherwise pure econ is always nice.

>> No.42008004

I don't play them.
Also I already have 3 Beanstalks, 3 Hedge Funds and 2 Restructures

>> No.42008009
File: 212 KB, 800x720, WitnessTamperbig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jinteki have mind games.
Weyland has intimidation.

>> No.42008165

Was poking around a magic thread where someone said $700 wasn't that much to spend on a deck. I... am actually to shocked to make a further comment

>> No.42008438

Hobbies are not cheap. Buying one complete Netrunner is not cheap, but it is cheaper than a single competitive Magic deck that will rotate in a year and a half. Netrunner has planned rotation but the average lifetime of a card once rotation starts will be a little over 4 years. Once you're caught up, it's the same price as an MMO subscription.

>> No.42009349

There's also the fact that if you're planning to play competitive, snipe the packs you need for your decks. Even building a runner and corp deck set, I don't think you'd need all three big boxes and there are several packs you can avoid if you're focused on competitive.
If you're just playing casually, like I do, I just set aside some money that would be to a new game or something and pick up a new pack for cheap on amazon. I've near every set at this point from just casual buys.

>> No.42010691
File: 178 KB, 800x687, Elizabeth Mills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never wanted pic related more than last game, where there was an Off-Campus Apartment with 9 connections hosted

Guess that's sometimes what happens when you play against Armand Walker: Landlord

Kind of a dumb game that we didn't get to finish, but I think he would have won

>> No.42012296


One always needs some more Mills in one's life.

>> No.42012299

Yeah, Miss Mills is great for cleaning out unsanitary living conditions and unauthorized work-spaces.

>> No.42012491

It was terrible - a smuggler, a drug dealer, various goons and gang members (or cops, it's hard to tell the difference) and even a few film critics

Really the whole place should have been burned to the ground

>> No.42012859

>smuggler, drug dealers, gangs...
>film critics
They are the worst and should all die.

>> No.42012987

>>smuggler, drug dealers, gangs...
These folk are fine they will show up and are hard to get rid off.

>> No.42013426

As it was the smuggler was the most annoying - super-servers are no match for truly immense stacks of cash.

>> No.42013438

Man I hope that new Lotus Field promo means they're going to include some cards like that in the upcoming new Draft Packs.

>> No.42014552

Does not seems so Ian Birdsall seems to indicate that it is meant for convention organized play.

>> No.42014588

Most Landlord games also have Fall Guys, so she wouldn't do any good.

>> No.42014878

Yeah, it's just to be given out at other events, but it's still pretty cool, because it's the first promo we have seen without new art, which does mean that potentially, they could include ones like it in the draft packs.

>> No.42015033

So, I've been playing Runner a lot so far, and I'm trying to get into corps, but the difference in deck construction is really throwing me. What should I be looking to do in a Corp deck usually?

>> No.42015268

play the fundamentals of a deck Ice ranging in strength agendas count from 9-11 econ and then card draw.
Playing fundamentals for corp deck is what you need to do.

>> No.42015471


Fall Guys living in the Apartment die like the rest

>> No.42015824

Fall Guys prevent the trashing. Nothing happens. Geist draw a card.

>> No.42018062

Something actually happens. Corp takes 1 bad publicity. That's it.

>> No.42019926 [SPOILER] 
File: 546 KB, 1024x768, 1440216603454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42020408

Can anyone give me some tips on how to build a really fast runner deck? Racing to the finish is always how I like to play games, but I'm having a hard time doing so on the runner side. So far I've figured out that keyhole is absolutely essential, as being able to shuffle R&D prevents bad agenda spreads from delaying the game. Also the self-modifying code/clone chip/stimhack synergy is great for getting the programs you need quickly and consistently. I've been playing around with decks in that sort of mold, but nothing seems to quite get it done with the speed I'm after. Anyone have any success with really quick runner decks and can give some advice?

>> No.42021676

15+ click data link reversal mega turn.

Do it! Embrace the turbo jank.

>> No.42021681

Stealth Hayley with lots of draw.

>> No.42023099


That thing will never not make me smile.

Before I forget again: great image OP.

>> No.42023213

I thought Fall Guy was just for connections

Now I'm mistaken, and sad

>> No.42023550

I only have the core set and I play only kitchen table casual with a friend. Which data packs are best if I'm looking to expand the game?

>> No.42023634


I'd go with the faction boxes if I were you.

Runner side, C&C is big whether you play Shapers or not for some of the staple cards it brings - Self Modifying Code, Clone Chip, Same Old Thing, Daily Casts, Dirty Laundry. And I guess I would start there if you have no preferences.

>> No.42025259

The deluxe boxes plus Core make for a really interesting meta.

>> No.42026322


A few weeks ago some of us tried tried playing with everything but core.

It does the game a lot of good on some respects.

>> No.42027002

That sounds pretty interesting, though there's a lot staple cards in core.

The basic breakers and some of the straight econ especially

>> No.42027712

Does anyone live in SLO/Santa Barbara/Central Coast?

I've been trying to get a playgroup started around here

>> No.42027793

The biggest difference is that fast advance is almost gone. You lose Astro, Sansan, Psychographics, and Biotic. The remaining tools are Trick of Light, Shipment from Sansan combos, Mandatory Upgrades, and Haas Arcology AI. That makes the two biggest FA strategies Tennin and Titan Trick of Light (the latter is really hurt by missing Hostile Takeover to close out games). Of course you may be able make do with an HB Mushin/Upgrades/Arcology build, maybe out of Cybernetics Division, but its uncharted ground.

Jinteki kill has some good ground, but it will have to switch to something other than agenda spam without the core ID. Junebug and Neural will be missed. Scorched being gone makes Weyland kill is almost all punitive, since landing two tags will be tough for them. NBN can tag but can't close out a game. HB brain damage will be hurt as well, without snares or neurals to land kills.

HB is still king of glacier, you can find more than enough good ice and Ash is still around and kicking. The biggest difference is its time for the other IDs to shine. I would expect the Foundry to be the best, since a lot of the good bioroids are in core along with CI's combo tools. Jinteki glacier will struggle without Nisei MK II, though it still has some good support with TFP, even if Film Critic's around and cooking. Weyland's in an interesting place, you could probably do a glacier, advanceable ICE hybrid with big agendas to punish stealing with punitives. NBN tag control is the only option left for them, getting scoring windows by closing accounts, trashing programs, etc. Even with Data and Destiny (which is only fair), they probably just became the weakest faction.

Runners are functional but poor. Most of the big econ tools have just left, shaper's are going to struggle without Opus, Pawnshop or Kate to prop up PPVP. Stealth works and Criminal Connections, though the a lot of the clutch events are gone. Anarch's are probably the best off, O&C will make up for a lot.

>> No.42028046

I get the feeling that bootcamp next glacier out of foundry would outright rape this format

>> No.42028383

Probably. I played that build for a while and it was good, even with parasites being everywhere. The real question is whether you spend your nine free influence on 3 Marcus Batty or 2 Midway Station grid plus a free space (GFI and Hades Fragment?), I once had a scoring server that cost 36 credits to enter, then you hit the Ash.

The real difference is that Anarch's may become the "rich" faction. Their only real comptition will be ProCo based Shaper builds with lots of drip, maybe Multithreader. Their new problem will be breakers, since they lost their three best, datasucker, and the best piece of the support for Faust. Be prepared to see Eater/Keyhole everywhere, though not Maxx without Deja Vu.

Hey, at least Nasir has everything he needs still. Fly on you crazy bastard.

>> No.42029298
File: 811 KB, 1258x1000, Dino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was wondering, flavour-wise do we know what Gabe's console is?

I know mechanically he loves Desperado, but the same could be said with Grimoire and Noise, and we know that belongs to Whizzard

Kate has the Toolbox, Noise has Turntable, what about Gabe?

We know the "flavour" consoles of most other runners - the Professor uses Monolith, Geist uses Forgers, Iain uses Logos, Silhouette uses Blackguard, Valencia uses Vigil, Reina uses Deep Red, Nasir uses Astrolabe, Hayley uses Comet, Kit uses Omni-drives and of course Chaos Theory has Dinosaurus

Do you think Gabe's is already out, or do you reckon it's still yet to come?

>> No.42029652

Well, let's look at the other criminals and see which console's we have and which ones are taken.

Doppelganger - Ken
Blackguard- Silhouette
Logos- Stirling
Box-E- ?
Forger- Geist

That leaves Gabe, Andromeda, Leela, and Fisk. Box-E has no flavor and mechanically fits every other runner better than Gabe, since Andromeda and Fisk both interact with hand size and Leela wants to hold her events and play them all in one big turn. Logos is better for that playstyle, but c'est la vie. For my money its Andromeda's, she's so boring, and I expect we'll see Leela's in Mumbad, but whatever.

So Gabe is the only runner left with a successful run trigger, which gives money, and he and Desperado were released in the same box. That gives him a stronger claim on it than anyone else in my book, but until we see hime with it on a card, its still not completely settled.

>> No.42029919

I personaly think Box-E belongs to Leela. She seems to wear some tech gear which has similar scheme to the box, and they both were releases in same cycle...

>> No.42029934

>Leela's in Mumbad
Yeah, that could make sense.

Doppelgänger was the only one I wasn't sure about - it does seem like it fits Ken though. It's just that it's an early card

>> No.42030305

Its Leela or Andromeda for sure. Fisk probably has some more card draw investment thing going (Stock Ticker: Reduce the corp's hand size by one until the start of your next turn for each central server you successfully run) and Gabe has no reason to have it. I guess there could be some future runner it fits better, but Andromeda's not going to fit any console really and I'm also holding out for some more Patel flavor, hence Mumbad.

Well, it took three whole cycles to see Noise's console, so its not out of the possibility. And the Core Set, Big Boxes, and Genesis were at least conceived of at the same time, based on the D&D announcement.

The other "ambiguous" console is pretty easy. Ekomind has no explicit owner, but its between Edward "Smash the Humonculi" Kim, Maxx, and Quetzel who won Ms Genetic Freedom in 2x74. Sure i guess it could be Maxx, but come on.

>> No.42030311

octgn images for D&D where

>> No.42030815


Another significant side effect is defanging of Weyland kill decks - with Scorched Earth removed from the pool, tags are far less threatening.

No Private Security Force either.

Punitives allow you to threaten still, but strategically your game become a lot narrower.

No Ice Wall hurts a lot too.

Then there's the Archer/Hostile Takeover duo out.

Seems like Onosendai is dead.

I'm sad.

>> No.42030960

God damn do I hate Parasite

>> No.42031178


I love it myself. If anything my issue lies more with Clone Chip as far as Parasite is concerned. Clone Chip n general really.

>> No.42031493

Honestly, nowadays program trashing is too big of a risk.

>> No.42031689

>Have Weyland space ice deck for only vs. GF
>decide to play it on Jinteki
>get raped by David, parasite, fem bullshit
>Remember why I play only Butchershop

Is it bad that I can no longer comprehend defending agendas with only ICE?

>> No.42031805

>defending with jinteki
Thou shalt not defend, thou shalt rape with net damage

>> No.42031831

He's playing Weyland space ice in Jinteki.net

>> No.42031891

I can't read
Try Atlas train.

>> No.42032090


Maybe (not sure I agree, but maybe), but even then answering it with mid-run install from heap was bringing a shotgun to a knife fight.

>> No.42033293


>the corp can install agendas on film critic
>the corp can advance and score agendas on film critic

What the fuck is going on here

>> No.42033546

>runner takes 3/2, puts it on film critic.
>Corp advances it 3 times and scores

>> No.42033802

That is not at all what he said you can install on flimcritic if you want.
But nothing about scoring it.

>> No.42033819

You can't do that, because Film Critic uninstalls the agenda you access. If the Corp installs a 3/0 on Film Critic, they can advance it 3 times and score it next turn (unless the Runner adds it to his score area off of Film Critic)

>> No.42033840

It's just Lukas doing drunken rulings on Twitter as always and it's fucking hillarious.

>> No.42034463

That's utterly insane.

I like it, because holy shit Film Critic is nasty, but holy shit. How drunk is Lukas right now?

>> No.42034692

more like how drunk was he when he created the card

>> No.42034752

Write drunk, edit sober and all that.

>> No.42035809

>Design drunk
>Write drunk
>FAQ drunk

What else is there to do in Minnesota?

>> No.42037187


>> No.42037477

So I'm trying to make sure I fully grasp what makes Film Critic so good, because I feel like I have only a vague idea right now.

Obviously, Jinteki has a bunch of trap agendas, and Film Critic lets you get them without having to trip the trap. So that's awesome. I guess it can also deal with things like TGTBT, maybe? But it seems like the applications are limited; there are a lot of agendas you can just outright steal most of the time.

Is it to counter NAPD Contract, so you don't have to pay 4 credits to steal it? What takes Film Critic from situationally good to the ZOMGWTF card everyone's acting like it is?

>> No.42037816

Apart from all those on-access stuff, it also prevents Midseasons/Punitive. Of the access stuff, TFP is the largest impact. Plus, it's only one influence. And it's Shaper.

>> No.42038196


There's also the neutering of the steal-triggered effect IDs - PE, Argus, Sol and Haarpsichord.

>> No.42038682

Keeps old man Iain turned on while allowing him to progress towards his win condition, too. Shame about his Influence limit...

>> No.42038866

People were running imp and keyhole to trigger Ian's ability anyway. Not to mention that with Hostage criminals have a tutor for it. It is a very competitive slot for Ian.

>> No.42038928

Point taken. Awesome, then.

>> No.42040203


Okay, so now I'm sold on Film Critic, but how do I make it work in my existing Kate deck?

Total Cards: (45)

1x Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core)

Event: (18)
3x Diesel (Core)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x Lucky Find (Double Time) ■■ ■■ ■■
1x Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow)
1x Stimhack (Core) ■
3x Sure Gamble (Core)
1x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)
3x The Maker's Eye (Core)

Hardware: (9)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x Prepaid VoicePAD (Second Thoughts)

Program: (11)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1 (All That Remains)
1x Datasucker (Core) ■
1x Deus X (A Study in Static)
1x Gordian Blade (Core)
1x Mimic (Core) ■
1x Parasite (Core) ■■
2x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
1x Sharpshooter (True Colors)

Resource: (7)
2x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
3x Street Peddler (The Underway) ■ ■ ■
2x Symmetrical Visage (The Valley)

What do I cut? I've been considering ditching one or two Street Peddlers, since I think I have too many events to really run 3x Peddler. That alone frees up some Critic room (and lets me put Legwork back in), but what else?

>> No.42041304

Those Peddlers need to go asap

>> No.42041557

Yeah, there are enough events in your deck where street peddler is a liability.

>> No.42042602


How about this?

Total Cards: (45)

1x Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core)

Event: (19)
3x Diesel (Core)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
1x Legwork (Honor and Profit) ■■
3x Lucky Find (Double Time) ■■ ■■ ■■
1x Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow)
1x Stimhack (Core) ■
3x Sure Gamble (Core)
1x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)
3x The Maker's Eye (Core)

Hardware: (9)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x Prepaid VoicePAD (Second Thoughts)

Program: (11)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1 (All That Remains)
1x Datasucker (Core) ■
1x Deus X (A Study in Static)
1x Gordian Blade (Core)
1x Mimic (Core) ■
1x Parasite (Core) ■■
2x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
1x Sharpshooter (True Colors)

Resource: (6)
2x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)
2x Symmetrical Visage (The Valley)
2x Film Critic (Old Hollywood)

Is 2x Critic good enough, or should I push for the 3? I put Legwork back in too.

>> No.42042871

Only 2 smc?
Why no D4v1d?

>> No.42043054


What would you cut for the 1x SMC and 1x D4v1d?

>> No.42043355

cut an atman or makers eye

>> No.42043407


That lets me do the SMC.

What do I cut for D4v1d? It has to give me another two influence to spend too, so it has to be either Parasite, Legwork, or a Lucky Find.

>> No.42043647

-1 Babyface
-1 Film Critic
-1 Test Run
-1 Stimhack
+1 smc
+1 QT
+1 Indexing
+1 Utopia Shard

>> No.42043657

Cut the sharpshooter, not the makers eye, with Mimic and David your rig is plenty safe.

David is only worth it's influence if Blue Sun is a big competitor where you are, it's just another target for recursion in a deck already hungry for those clone chips.

As far a cutting for the influence, probably Lucky find, consider changing it to a singleton Levy, There will be games you wish you had it.

If the worse econ is a bit much after play testing, consider Pro Cons instead of Symmetrical. If you can stomach the extra tempo hit it mints credits over SV after about 5-6 turns.

>> No.42044400 [DELETED] 

Good lord

Until Lukas sobers up it seems we have a new top-class agenda - if you can advance hosted cards then pic related is now nearly Astro levels of good

I'm almost hoping it'll stick and push Weyland to the top tier, but it's far too broken, right?

>> No.42044417
File: 370 KB, 750x678, Glenn Station Full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good lord

Until Lukas sobers up it seems we have a new top-class agenda - if you can advance hosted cards then pic related is now nearly Astro levels of good

I'm almost hoping it'll stick and push Weyland to the top tier, but it's far too broken, right?

>> No.42044549


If my NEH fast advance deck runs up against a Film Critic next week, I am going to same-turn score agendas through their Film Critic just to show them that I can.

Probably not most of my agendas, because then I don't get the NEH bonus, but, like, the last agenda that wins me the game.

>> No.42044572


I think he fixed Film Critic here: https://twitter.com/RukasuFox/status/635339508582473730

But yeah, I guess that now Glenn Station might be fucking busted.

>> No.42044616

Only if it's also installed you immense fucktard.

>> No.42044634

You still have to score and advance at a normal rate, but it's probably worth doing at least once to prove the point.

Until/unless we get a ruling, as the current situation is more than a little retarded

>> No.42044647

Oh I see the fucking problem. Looks like Lukas wormed himself out of it tho.

>> No.42044705
File: 990 KB, 1365x1000, Space Camp full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, like an agenda you've installed on Film Critic?
Which, according to Lukas, isn't currently prevented by the rules

Oh good, at least runners can't invade the space station and fill it with crap.

Let's go to space

>> No.42044725

While Lukas wormed himself out of the Glenn Station problem with his explanation about hosting requirements though.

It's not legal either way because you can't install cards on non-installed cards.

>> No.42044726

Yeah, you can do it right now, but that's 99% certain to get a patch.

The possibilities for Glenn Station though, geez

>> No.42044743
File: 214 KB, 300x418, Spoiler-Ken.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which bit are you saying isn't legal either way?

>> No.42044805

Installing, advancing and scoring agendas on Glenn Station.

First of all it's not legal because the rules actually don't allow it (even if it might seem like it does), and second of all it's not legal because Lukas is a drunk fuck and, as Ian stepped in to clarify, his Twitter rulings are not official or in any way binding.

>> No.42045045

>as Ian stepped in to clarify
Where is this?

You're saying a hosted card is not installed, right?

We know, from Scheherazade and Awakening Centre that hosted cards are installed.

But it has been stated that it WILL be FAQ'd so it's not going to be a problem for long

>> No.42045074

drunk lukas is best lukas

>> No.42045120

Never mind, there's a piece in the FAQ:
>The state of hosting is distinct (but not exclusive from) the state of installing. Most cards are hosted on another card when they are installed. If a card is hosted but not installed, the card is inactive.

Still not sure how the Film Critic thing works

>> No.42045297

Sometimes I fear this game is not going to last as long as AGOT because of these weird rulings we have.

>> No.42046039

(46 cards)
MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
-- Event (3 cards)
3 Déjà Vu
-- Program (13 cards)
3 Djinn
3 Faust
2 Hyperdriver
3 Origami
2 Snitch
-- Resource (30 cards)
3 Adjusted Chronotype
2 Crash Space
3 Data Leak Reversal
1 Hades Shard
3 Hard at Work
3 John Masanori
3 Joshua B.
3 New Angeles City Hall
3 Public Sympathy
3 Stim Dealer
3 Street Peddler
Decided to build a DLR Maxx deck. Tell me how stupid I am. Gonna try it later today

>> No.42046224
File: 200 KB, 1500x960, Hivemind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Half of it looks like you want to be tagged, half looks like you want to not be.

Just lost to a very unusual Noise deck
Won the game by making exactly 1 run thanks to a Hivemind at 5, which is a fucking terrifying thing.

>> No.42046492

I want to be tagged, but only in my turn. The goal is to mill lots with the stim dealers and other ways to gain clicks. Snitch is a must for this to work. Run, Jack out with Snitch, fall, get tagged, mill, then clear tag last click.

>> No.42046589
File: 143 KB, 800x659, cyberpunk19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know that that will work - say you hit a Tollbooth, for instance.

HaW + Chronotype might get you there, but you've got almost no other econ.
Not to mention that you seem to need more MU than you have.

How has this been in testing?

>> No.42046619

Daemon is for the memory, econ can be gained through gaining more clicks. And I expect a good chunk of all of this to be discarded due to being Maxx. Doing testing later today.

>> No.42046628

I've never played a hivemind deck yet. It looks like it NEEDS progenitor so bad, because otherwise it just gets turned off with a simple purge. But then progenitor is extremely weak to power shutdown. To top it off, it depends heavily on the order of the draw.

>> No.42046635

And snitch looks at unrezzed ice, and gives you a chance to jack out.

>> No.42046811
File: 538 KB, 600x418, apex-hivemind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

g00ru and his apostles built the network, then it evolved.

Maybe they manage to contain it.

Maybe that's what Nasir found, and what he released it.

>> No.42046826

>it NEEDS progenitor so bad
It did, but I didn't have Shutdown. I think I might need to start adding it to decks.

There were a few moments where I needed to find and then use Jackson, so I perhaps wasn't as prepared as I should have been - I'd had to honour the threat of him running servers.
But it took only about 2 turns to get the Incubator ready for the winning run

>> No.42047465

>Professor uses Monolith

I thought Monolight was Exile's console since it gets stuff out of the heap. And it costs a fortune, hinting at his rich past.

>> No.42047991
File: 870 KB, 587x467, Monolith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought it was the Levy AR Lab's main unit, and it works with a lot of programs in the Grip, not the Heap

>> No.42048143

The idea for this deck is to trash the runner programs, blacklist him, and never let him in again. So mostly ETR and trashing.

And goddamn naked NAPD that cost 5 to steal.

Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon

Agenda (11)
3x NAPD Contract
3x Oaktown Renovation
3x Project Atlas
2x Underway Renovation

Asset (14)
2x Aggressive Secretary ••••
2x Blacklist ••
1x Contract Killer
3x PAD Campaign
2x Private Contracts
2x Tech Startup
2x The Root

Upgrade (1)
1x Corporate Troubleshooter •

Operation (5)
3x Hedge Fund
2x Interns

Barrier (7)
2x Fire Wall
3x Galahad •••
2x Spiderweb

Code Gate (4)
1x Lotus Field •
1x Wendigo
2x Wormhole

Sentry (6)
3x Lancelot •••
2x Nebula
1x Swordsman •

Multi (1)
1x Orion

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

>> No.42048473

>And goddamn naked NAPD that cost 5 to steal.
Don't fuck with the spacecops

>> No.42048703


Yeah, but I mean once I've chained three Astroscripts and still have one counter left, I can throw Project Beale OR Breaking News face-first through the Critic.

>> No.42049984

And that will be highly amusing

Well the NAPD do canonically work in Heinlein

>> No.42050119


In fact, once I've scored my first Astroscript, I can throw the whole rest of the chain through the Critic for maximum overtroll.

>> No.42050536


>> No.42050936

Not anymore. New ruling

>> No.42051321

Thank god

>> No.42051381

Confirm me this, When Mark Yale uses his ability to gain 2 credits out of an agenda counter, he actually gains 3 credits.

>> No.42051425

Yes, Lukas confirmed it.


>> No.42051427

Yup. That why he's awesome with titan. Double Firmware Updates means 26 credits.

>> No.42051835

I wonder then, why so few people actually play it.

>> No.42053871

Because it hasn't broken through to the Hivemind yet. One big tourney won by a titan with Yale and everyone will love him and talk about how ridiculous he is.

>> No.42054362

I hate to say it, but you're right. There's a lot of hivemindery in the community based on whether or not a deck has shown up on Stimhack or Netrunnerdb. Even if it's a decent deck, nobody considers it tier one until it shows up there, at which point it becomes flavour of the month.

Is the best way to go with Titan Trick of Light though? What I really like about Titan is that with Oaktown, you can go with a zero bad pub build, something that's really important for a glacier Weyland. Glacier and then FA with ToL?

>> No.42054513


The problem is that it simply isn't as well-positioned in the meta as something like pure glacier or fast-advance. No doubt it's strong enough, but it doesn't pack enough punch.

>> No.42055129

I've been saying it for ever, and I'm not one of those whiners who can't break through competitively, either. I just can acknowledge that people Hivemind HARD in netrunner. With that said, I know dick all about Titan. Never played it, and I don't think I've lost to it, yet.

>> No.42055260


To me it seems like this phenomenon is in part because Netrunner has such a steep learning curve.

It's not really one game. It's two very different games being played at the same time, and being good at Netrunner means you have to be good at BOTH of them. So it's hard to be good, and it's easier to just watch the very few people who are good at the game say and do things and then nod in agreement.

>> No.42055559

I am releasing some new OCTGN focused videos.


>> No.42056645

Not sure if this is just for Netrunner or for the Android setting in general:

So obviously Netrunner is fucking awesome, but what about the other stuff? How are the Android novels? Are they at least better than Magic novels? And what about the Android board game, is that any good? I mean, I know it's a big clunky Fantasy Flight 2-4 hour game that focuses on flavor over all else, but is it at least good at being THAT?

Considering that FFG seems to no longer be selling Android: Infiltration, I'm going to assume that one flopped hard.

>> No.42058094

Android is really good, dripping in flavor. Infiltration was an awesome game, very quick. It was a push your luck style game with minimal setup, also dicking over your friends.

>> No.42059561

Ugh I hated infiltration and everyone around me loves it.

>> No.42061276

With you on that one, Infiltration sucked. The idea was fine but the game is dull and you can accidentally set up facilities that lock you inside if you don't get the proper item from the random loot.

Have yet to play Android, though, kind of want to try it out

>> No.42061412

The books are alright, but nothing special. Free Fall is probably the best one of the lot, it takes the reader through all the major set pieces from SanSan up the beanstalk to the moon, and the story is OK.

>> No.42062621
File: 1.14 MB, 3675x2175, 2kpresentsweylands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go!

>> No.42062984

I'm dying to try Android. For the longest time my board game group was me and my gf. Now we have another couple doing a weekly board game night so I have an excuse to buy Android

>> No.42063206

What ice should i take ? I still have room for three cards. Meta is the three deluxe, what lies ahead, cyber Exodus, opening moves and second thoughts.

The atlas train (46 cards)
Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future
-- Agenda (11 cards)
3 Firmware Updates
2 Geothermal Fracking
2 High-Risk Investment
1 Hostile Takeover
3 Project Atlas
-- Asset (6 cards)
3 Jackson Howard
3 Mark Yale
-- ICE (13 cards)
2 Archer
2 Asteroid Belt
1 Chimera
2 Guard
2 Ice Wall
2 Quandary
1 Swordsman
1 Wormhole
-- Operation (12 cards)
2 Archived Memories
3 Beanstalk Royalties
1 Fast Track
3 Hedge Fund
3 Shipment from Kaguya
-- Upgrade (4 cards)
1 Cyberdex Virus Suite
3 SanSan City Grid

>> No.42064534

An enigma and two caduceus. Consider cutting one or both asteroid belts for fire walls, you're running a bit econ light for 5 big ice IMO.

>> No.42065192

but asteroid belts are fuckin cheap. it's 3 advancement for a level 6 barrier.
also caduceus are unusable when the runner has high econ. And why enigma when i have quandaries ?

>> No.42065627

3 advancements is not as cheap as you might think, even if you assume worst case scenario of 1 click=1 creds that's 6 'credits' to rez an exactly the same strength barrier without the flexibility of adjustable STR and with the added downside of not wanting to rrz the ice until you've advanced it.

As far as enigma is concerned, I suggested it because it's another gear check ice that doesn't instant die to parasite and punishes face checks. You don't not need it because you have 2 cheap code gates in your deck. If anything the vulnerability of your code gates means you'll want the extras so the runner doesn't just kill the one you put out so they don't have to drop their yog or whatever.

>> No.42065679

Oh and if you really think 3 creds for an ice with 2 subs that either costs the runner 2-3 creds on face check or is free to rez is bad, then I have no idea what to say to you.
Except git gud

>> No.42065739

This, subs > strength most of the time

I love to use a Swarm in BWBI, but it's worked like once, maybe twice. I really need to git gud

>> No.42065908


>Playing against Because we Jank it in the first half of spin cycle
>Rocking my own janky ass replikate Darwin Personal touch deck.
>3 R+D interfaces out, MOing hardcore
>Corp has spent the last ten turns advancing their super ice on R+D
>There's like 13 counters on that fucker
>Its totally an ice wall or Hadrian's to lock out Darwin with STR
>Corp purges, here we go
>Surge Darwin,Test Femme dat bitch and run
>It's Swarm, awww shit, here we go bypass for a million creds, just get in
>Snipes my E3 out of hand
>Spend the next 3 turns clicking MO to pay the 26 and ever increasing creds to break that one damn ice.

Good times.

>> No.42065981

And nowadays people just Switchblade it for 2 stealth.

>> No.42066050
File: 45 KB, 204x288, Itreallyhas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42066099

That sounds based as hell. 2 credits per subroutine is unimaginable to me.

Also, why not hard Install Femme Fatale on the Swarm afterwards?

>> No.42066235

If I recall correctly I wasn't paying attention to my personal workshop, and some random hardware fell off, causing replicator to forced shuffle R+D, didn't see the femme again.

While it's a shame to see so many breaker suites slowly becoming obsolete, it is still fun to break out some classics. Swept through some unprepared corps with a card for card copy of an old Sir Gabe build the other week, so I'd say 2 per sub breakers are still far from dead.

>> No.42066256

At least against stealth killers they can't use the bad pub to break the Swarm.

>> No.42066296

>causing replicator to forced shuffle R+D,
I'm not sure that's how replicator works. Are you saying that no matter what, when you install hardware, you shuffle R&D?

>> No.42066364

And everyone knows you stack against stealth, though that can be a little tricky with sentries

>> No.42066370

It doesn't


>> No.42066423

Nice, thanks.

>> No.42066487

Yeah, that's just something you have to prepare for at the deck building level.

>> No.42067854
File: 183 KB, 611x850, 1433968696691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the amount of Faust decks out there, what do you think of this?

NEXT Design: Guarding the Net

Agenda (11)
3x Accelerated Beta Test
1x Domestic Sleepers
2x Gila Hands Arcology
2x Priority Requisition
3x Project Vitruvius

Asset (3)
3x Jackson Howard •••

Operation (12)
3x Green Level Clearance
3x Hedge Fund
3x Predictive Algorithm •••
3x Restructure

Barrier (6)
3x NEXT Silver
3x Quicksand

Code Gate (9)
3x Lotus Field •••
3x NEXT Bronze
3x Turing

Sentry (4)
1x NEXT Gold
3x Swordsman •••

Other (4)
3x Lab Dog
1x Mother Goddess

12 influence spent (max 12)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Chrome City

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

>> No.42068181

Actually, it's usually best to use barriers, because no one uses stealth-fracters.

>> No.42068453

True, but they usually have alright conventional econ.

Noise locking himself out and having to concede was a particularly sweet victory

>> No.42069072

It's monday. Finally time to take care of Business First?

>> No.42069960

>time to take care of Business First?
Nothing until next month.

>> No.42070436

Yeah they'll probably at least wait until after UoT gets its general release

>> No.42070555
File: 64 KB, 300x418, Woman in the Red Dress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of deck likes Woman in the Red Dress?

I mean, I know PrePaid Kate doesn't, or at least the PrePaid Kate I've put together doesn't, because the PPVPs need you to have a certain critical mass of events before you really see a return on that investment, but where does she fit?

I'm asking because, like I'm sure many people here did, I thought this card was crap on release and only came to see its value later.

>> No.42070652

Not sure - she's certainly got a subtle power, and seeing an agenda can be pretty worrying for the corp

Fisk, as far as I can tell, will love her, as he loves making the corp draw and overdraw, and he can tutor for her as well

>> No.42071009


Love her to bits.Especially in econ-pressure/denial Anarch decks (even more so now that we have Vigil - I think my first actual Fisk deck is going to try and play both, influence be damned; fun failures are best failures). She just completely changes both the pace and tempo of the game.

If anything my only problem with the card is its faction and influence cost. Does combo amusingly with Deep Thought.


I think Infiltration makes for a pretty decent "in-between" game in club - the ones you play while waiting on others to arrive or to cleanse your palate between sessions of longer, meatier games.

Android is in my opinion one of those games that you look with real admiration - design-wise it's really something - yet don't really want to play too often.

The books ar serviceable I find, not great, but you can wade through without displeasure, and it scratches the itch for more info on the setting.

Also, slow poke, but wow at that Lukas ruling.

>> No.42071102


Alternatively, there's the one turn deep dig strat that doest' care for the purge, because it's want to access most if not all R&D in one turn.

>> No.42071472

Corp here. Not really too worried, kind of happy for the meta shift.

Also glad to see something printed that gives me another excuse to play snatch.

>> No.42071551

Really, really trying to make my 'first' deck (like literally from scratch.)

I really love gagarin, is a taxing / trace - based gagarin able to be a thing?

Planning on trying to keep good tax /econ, trace ice as opposed to hard etr. Just at the moment have more cards from NBN than Weyland.

>> No.42071633

You have more cards from NBN than Weyland just by the deck's design/preference, or are you building a meatspace deck with a limited card pool?

I feel like Gagarin has gotten a boost lately with all the new toys, plus Tour Guide and potentially some Mumbad cards. You can play a decent asset-spam deck, but scoring will remain a problem.

>> No.42071701


I'm that anon >>41980395

Haven't built with cars from the SanSan cycle yet (I only upgrade my own pool hen the cycle end, makes things easier for me administratively), but I do think there's hope for it once you add them.

Not "tier one" competitive, but certainly interesting to play and play against.

>> No.42071714

Shadow, Caduceus, Salvage, Burke Bugs, Taurus, Swarm, Negotiator, Student Loans and public support are great taxing/tracing Weyland cards.

>> No.42072110

Thanks for giving me hope. Definitely finishing this deck now.

Not sure I understand the term meatspace here, but the card pool definitely isn't limited.

My local competitive meta consists of myself + wife, so 'Interesting to play/play against' is exactly what I'm looking at. Glad I made the right choice so far.

Literally everything in that list is sitting on my table except Student Loans and public support.

I'm loving support, but have you had much luck with Student Loans?

As far as scoring goes, I'm looking at long term, either doing
>Takeover + 1
or if I get Utopia scored first, scoring the last two agendas at once with Hollywood.

Right now, looking at a tight agenda pool with Takeover, to keep them hunting. Either 6 if it's a 49 card deck, 9 if it's a 54. Not sure yet.

>> No.42072598

What's the most fun to play decks currently? So many tournaments, need to slow down.

Major plus if it wins and/or is also pretty cool to play against

>> No.42072661

With what cardpool?

>> No.42072747

Ideally up to Old Hollywood, but I'm also up for D&D stuff if there's some good shit going on.

>> No.42072989

Faust Nasir. Found it on netrunnerdb and tweaked it to my likings.
I'll add Film Critic as soon as I get the datapack. Probably taking those replicators out.

15 cards handsize. Indexing. Parasite. Chameleon to pass many troublesome ice.

Biggest problem is economy. Paying those Levy is HARD.

Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer

Event (12)
3x Diesel
3x Game Day
3x Indexing
3x Levy AR Lab Access

Hardware (9)
3x Clone Chip
2x Net-Ready Eyes
2x Replicator
2x The Personal Touch

Resource (12)
2x Adjusted Chronotype ••••
3x Beach Party
2x Gene Conditioning Shoppe
2x Order of Sol
1x Same Old Thing
2x Scrubber ••

Icebreaker (4)
1x Chameleon
1x Deus X
2x Faust ••••

Program (8)
1x Crescentus •
2x Parasite ••••
2x Sahasrara
3x Self-modifying Code

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Underway

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

>> No.42073035

If you're into control corps, try Chronos Protocol or New Angeles Sol with Targeted Marketing.

>> No.42073290

The trick with woman in the red dress is you need to have good HQ multi access at the same time as threatening to snipe R+D and ideally the scoring remote too. This gives you the lose lose situation you need to score off it reliably.

I've heard the argument that its unplayable because corps are fast enough now that they'll just take free draws in their stride and you'll just give them free clicks, but seeing almost every second card that goes in the corps hand is extremely powerful in my experience.

In shaper it's performed best with kit from a raw results perspective.


>> No.42074801


>> No.42075206

I'm going to assume that's how she signs her posts.

>Net Handle: I've
>Real name: Eve 43V3R
>Model: EVE

>> No.42075242

That's a cool handle and signature. Hope she doesn't vanish like Ronald Five though.

>> No.42077628

Chronos Project should be played so much more

>> No.42079556


The Weyland problem: you want the effect of that agenda to be able to open scoring windows, but need a scoring window to get the effect of the agenda.

>> No.42079828

Is that why they made Public Agendas? So that you can get the effect while scoring.

>> No.42080751


That's the idea I think, yeah.

Weyland has been caught in that funky loop of having its best econ solution tied to ID or agendas. Meaning you often needed to score to get the money you needed to score. The public Agendas remedied to that well enough I think (Well Oaktown and Hollywood - Underway fits another need).

Add to that that they perfectly fit the "no bluff", moving your weight around theme of Weyalnd to a t.

>> No.42082456

Oaktown is pretty baller. It's one of my favourite agendas out of Weyland these days, and the fact that it's face up is even better. Then people get extra worried when they see facedown stuff getting advanced. I'm not sold yet on Hollywood, but I'm trying that out this evening. Wish me luck.

>> No.42082656

Tell us what you think of Hollywood. My testing is this: it's no Oaktown. Probably not even better than HRI.

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