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Come and let out some steam. When did a tha/tg/uy or tha/tg/m really rustle your jimmies? Give me your worst.

I'll start with a case I need to get off my chest. The story of the only person I've ever kicked out of my group, and how he nearly made me lose my self-control.

> Me, the foreverGM of 6+ years in our group, running a homebrew game and setting (steam/diesel-fantasy) for the past two years
> Group mostly consists of friends, overall great in general
> Our secondary GM, a wholehearted roleplayer, goes really deep into his characters
> Secondary GM's girlfriend, rather shy but learning to act out better IC, breaks /tg/ stereotypes and never causes any trouble
> Our occasional drawfag, has more great character ideas than there's time for him to use them - often ends up switching character due to this
> Our smar/tg/uy (a member of mensa), always taking notes and theorizing about the game's direction, expresses in-depth interest towards the game setting
> Our current host, a chill dude with mostly vidya-inspired characters, but well integrated into the setting and always passed through me.
> Most recent addition to our group, my brother, who joined out of curiosity, as he prefers WW-era and modern rpgs. Legit roleplayer, but tricked me into letting him play a TV-character rip-off. It actually has turned out OK.
> Occasional long-distance player through Skype and roll20, interacting is somewhat awkward but a great roleplayer with original character ideas.
> Then, the antagonist of my story... Let's call him Mark.


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> Mark, the Tha/tg/uy. The guy who used to host our sessions, and our Warhammer games (both 40K and FB). The guy who brought collective munchies. The guy who always loved my game and setting, was eager to play and continue the story.

> Regardless of these redeeming qualities, he succeeds at being the epitome of a tha/tg/uy, one thing he has succeeded better at than anything else. His qualities include, but are not limited to:

> Large size, accompanied by poor hygiene and BO.
> In his 30's and still lives at parents' place, never been in a relationship. Can't interact normally with the group's girls, super awkward pervy jokes and ideas during the game.
> Whiteknight and SJW, unless we're talking religions, which brings us to...
> ...fedora-tipping level atheism.
> Is a brony, awkward attempts at spreading "the magic of friendship", while the secondary GM's gf is the only other group member watching the show.
> A really poor roleplayer, losing interest in the game almost as soon as anything directly involving his character was over, which he just waved anyway out of combat
> Spent time watching anime/videos on his phone, or designing his own wargame, his own totally not-WHFB. (God forgive, he's now considering making his own RPG based on his not-WHFB world too, and wants to GM D&D.)
> Generally talking off-topic and not paying attention while other's were roleplaying, once even going to sleep on a mattress in the middle of combat - and his turn was coming right up.
> Brings up politics and religion often during conversations, causing unneeded discomfort and shame with his ignorant and outright stupid arguments.
> All character-ideas are poor attempts at being "cool" and "original", most often not even fitting the setting I've provided him info about. The worst one probably was something along the following lines "the sole survivor of an alien race that crash-landed on Earth, that looks like a bright-colored pony that talks and walks on two legs..."


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>"the sole survivor of an alien race that crash-landed on Earth, that looks like a bright-colored pony that talks and walks on two legs..."

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> Has cheated on his rolls more than once, and once even right under my eyes
> Can't take a joke and gets easily offended by things that happen to his character, gives up and loses interest if his character is badly hurt, just saying that "it'll die anyway"
> Has a history of disagreements and similiar behavior under the secondary GM, to the point where he ended up kicking Mark out of his own campaign. Mark is still pissy about it, even though it was his own fault, as he couldn't take a hint even back then
> Plays Bretonnia in WHFB, complains how underpowered they are, and has sold away all his other armies.
> Plays Tau, Eldar and Iron Hands in 40K, claims that Tau (especially riptides, every time a new "top cheese" unit" appears) aren't even that good, due to his immense experience of tournaments. And we're talking casual games.
> Has played since 3rd edition, still can't play for damn, thinks that my BA are broken good, and doesn't take advice due to "wanting play in his own style". Has a huge boner for LoW-choices.
> Non-rp /tg/-related points are also relevant because he actively brings them up too in conversations during the sessions, and won't shut up about them

That's about his qualities. I'll get back to you with the story of how things actually unraveled...


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I'm listenin

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keep going

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Not OP here, but am I the only one who has That Guy stories but are somewhat terrified to share them in case That Guy is browsing 4chan and catches on?

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While OP is gone, I got a low level Tha/tg/uy
>When my FLGS was still open we had this one Nid player.
>He was this big, smelly, creep.
>I had just started playing 6th Edition CSM, by getting the Dark Vengeance box and proxying the DA which I plan to eventually convert to fallen angels
>But back to the Tyranid douche
>My first game was with this fuck and he literally had doritos fingers while looking atme models.
>That is not it though, he was also this fucking moron that didn't know that power armor had 3+ saves, and didn't even know his own army's rules.
>I kicked his nid's asses in my first game and then the fucker pegged one of my DA tac marine models that I was proxying with at the wall.
>If one of the other guys there didn't catch the thing I would have fucking killed that asswipe.
>Needless to say, I never played another game with the faggot.
That's it sorry if it wasn't good enough.

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Bump for interest

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OP's back to pick up from where he left. Had to go check out my next apartment. Thanks for looking after the thread in the meanwhile.
Story will continue in the next post.

If I would fear that a tha/tg/uy would peruse /tg/ and see my storytime regarding him, I would cover my shit up and stay as anonymous as possible. Luckily Mark isn't a fa/tg/uy.

Man, scerew that guy. Luckily you get to choose your game company, at least somewhat. The only FLGS in my area closed it's doors forever last winter. Now there's even fewer active Warhams-players, and the only host in the area is Mark, since I don't count in the one sub-par condition table and terrains at my parents' place.
Though I did get most of it off of Mark at a steal price (10€ for the 6'x4' table, terrain was free).

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The story of Mark getting the "1st player ever kicked out by *NAME*" stamp on his big arse takes place in the last days of May.

> I, and more than me, the orther players, had tolerated his shit since autumn (I had the highest tolerance for his shit, being able to shrug most of it off)
> And that's just counting the current campaign, all of that shit posted earlier
> What makes matters worse, Mark had actually shown signs of being still a redeemable player in the previous 9-month-long weekly campaign
> Actually roleplaying a bit, talking to some NPCs, made a plan with me for a dramatic (but damn edgy) ending for his character at the campaign's climax battle
> In the end, none of that progress was visible anymore, nil, zero, nada
> Back to square one
> "You we're the chosen one! I trusted you!"

> Even worse here is, that I see so many social flaws in his behavior that younger me had, having asperger
> He doesn't mean to harm people, but...
> But he just won't "grow out" of the flaws I know one doesn't simply "grow out" of something like that, but you get the point

> Yet again a character I had to re-write half of the backstory for it to make any sense in the setting
> Electromancer named Edvard "Electrox" Farnsworth
> Mfw blatantly ripping off a cartoon character's name and openly admitting it, yet refusing to change it
> At least he changed Electrox from his first name to a nickname
> By the arrival of spring (rather late here in Scandinavia), half of the players were already pressing me to solve the issue
> Or they'd take the walk sooner or later
> I had talked to Mark about his roleplaying (the lack of it, to put it bluntly), and some of his more obvious "blunders" during the sessions
> He agreed eith me and seemed to be genuinely sorry
> Hope.jpg
> Not telling him, being afraid of his reaction, I decided to give him time until our last session before summer break to redeem himself to remain as a part of the campaign group


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> The second last session, still no progress happening, all the same old shit going on
> Secondary GM comes to talk with me after session, making sure that I was still sticking with my plan
> Worriedlaughter.jpg
> I really didn't want to kick him out, he being the host and still was bringing munchies for everyone
> But on the other hand, I was getting real tired of his shit, smeared all over my campaign
> And I was deep down really pissed about it
> The day of the last session, Mark's final chance of redemption...
> Again, I was disappointed, seeing no improvement in his disdain for the game
> "Oh well, I'll just prepare myself for breaking out the news to him in private, after the session, I don't want to humiliate him..."
> But then
> Mark goes to the smar/tg/uy, whispering something to his ear, both laugh briefly, smar/tg/uy slightly nervously
> Some time passes, Mark says he has something he want's to take to secondary GM's char's (shortly put, a huge amazon warrior) room at the inn they we're staying at
> Earlier, when the party was travelling in the woods, Mark had told me his character would pick up some sturdy branch off the forest floor, to make some woodwork with his knife in the spare time
> The thing he takes there is the woodwork
> After sneaking the item, Mark says his character leaves the inn, barely containing his laughter
> Other players shared some worried, meaningful gazes accross the table with me
> I'm sensing something incredibly stupid and immature, pulse ramping already
> Other GM is visibly ticked, but proceeds takes his char to her room yes, he plays a she, and does it quite well
> Char opens wrapping
> "Mark. What does my character see?"
> Mark tries to say something, but can no longer contain his laughter
> That was the moment I knew what "the woodwork" was
> "A wooden... That. Thing. Wood.", confirmed the smar/tg/uy


Next one is the conclusion.

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>D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder
>core only
>for balance
>"I'm more comfortable with core"
>for thematic reasons

i raeg evrytime

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see >>41931128

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Bumping for interest. Continue the story OP!

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Dear god.
I'm glad I just play with peeps I know.
I mean, we all have our faults, but we can get over them easily.
Hell, I'm probably the closest thing to a tha/tg/m we got, and I'm working on that.

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Do not fail us OP. Share your story

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> Blood escaped my hands, leaving them white-spotted, trembling and cold this happens when I get really pissed, which is next to never
> It may be hard to believe that I got so overly mad about a wooden wang, crafted and gifted in-game - but it wasthe last straw for me, after taking Mark's bullshit for so long
> I was kind of scared how the situation would proceed
> Everyone is dead silent, save for Mark, still laughing hysterically due to his lolsofunny in-game prank
> I call for a brief moment to gather myself, moving away from the table, other GM following me to see if I'm okay
> After a short discussion on the matter, he returns to the table, and I stay a little further away, starting to write a out-kicking note for Mark with shaky hands
> Barely keeping my voice neutral when things start moving onwards
> Amazon warrior happened to be very, VERY sensitive about anything sexual in-character
> Other GM also had his fill and is spilling already
> Amazon leaves inn, grabs an axe on her way out, and tracks down Edvard, meeting him face-to-face in an alley
> "Mark, your call?"
> "I do nothing... I let it happen."
> He seems to have taken the hint
> Edvard is axed to the face, body looted and hacked to pieces, pieces hauled to some trash can in a sack
> I pass him the scrawny note I had put together
> I have a list of his all fuck-ups at hand in case he spergs out
> I'm one wrong move away from losing it
> ...
> He actually makes me an apology letter as a reply
> Jimmies rustling away
> We call it a day, everyone starts packing up
> He proceeds to admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness, small group at a time, finally me too
> He accepts his fate, seeing his mistakes, and wishes that I might take him back into the group someday
> He's the first to leave, everyone's there all awkward
> Half wanted him out, half were neutral on the case
> "You did the right thing."

I saved the campaign, but... Uh.
I'm being too soft, ain't I?

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He did apologize to the whole and even wrote an apology letter. If he was sincere, that should count for something.

Personally I would give him another chance, but I would make clear it would be his last one. I guess talk to the group and see if they're willing to give him another shot, if you're considering bringing him back

>> No.41935172

>A load of bullshit, and a disappointing fucking ending.

>> No.41935287

I would be willing to give him another chance in the group. The thing is, those three who really wanted him out, have made it clear that they just can't stand playing with him anymore. And bluntly put, the group has been much more integrated, with no underlying tones of feuding. Also, a 3-to-1 change would hardly be worth it anyway.

At least Mark still has the D&D group ran by a wholly another GM, the player base basically consisting of him and the three players who stood neutral in his case, and as of late, me. D&D as a more combat-oriented game seems to fit him better, though it's not reinforcing his roleplaying skills really.

Though, he's made a request that I'd run some games with my system (which he reeeally loves) for the smaller group where he's playing. I just might do it, because I could introduce my system to the GM of the group. And like you said, he DID apologize, and probably really meant it.

I know that it would have been all the better story had he sperged out at the kick-out note, making me snap too. Some players thought that it would have been interesting to see it actually happen, nobody never having me seen really angry at anyone.

Just as I said to them, sorry to disappoint you.

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I think you did the right thing.
Give him some time to develop on his own and bring up the opportunity in a few months with the other players (Don't contact him unless the response is positive).
If they say no, the answer is no, but if they say yes, give him another chance.

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It comes down to a one-person charity case or three friends, and as you note, it's working better without him.

It's sad - HE'S sad - but triage is a reality of roleplaying games. Don't hurt your group to give him another chance to grow; that's on him, ultimately, and it's not worth dragging down others to toss him a lifeline.

Running throwaways for him is fine, but don't bring him back. Even if the three against are willing to trust you, the bad feelings are probably going to remain and get agitated every time he slips, and that's just no way to be.

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I honestly don't understand why you could fear that.
If you have a problem with somebody, take them aside, IM them, call them (ie. communicate in a somewhat private setting) and tell them. If they're good people or smart, they'll probably understand your problem and try to reach some sort of compromise or understanding. If they are not, why give a fuck? Tell them your problem, kick them if neccessary.
Any way, the only problem is them reading your making fun of them to strangers. Which is, of course, not the most decent thing, but again: If they did something worth telling, they ain't better.

tl;dr talk to them. Reach understanding or fuck 'em.

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I think everyone handled this very well.

>> No.41936048

It was handled kind of well, especially on his side, but you should have approached him about the issues before all this happened.

>> No.41936135

Thank you anons. It would seem I have been able to make the right decisions there and then, and done my responsibility as the GM.

Also, >>41936048, what I didn't say in the story, is that I have reached out to him about his behavior on multiple occasions before this case. Eg. he was one warning away from getting kicked out during the previous campaign. I hope he learned his lesson this time, for real.
Regardless, thanks to you too, anon.

Not to derail this thread from the original topic for any longer, anyone got any more of them tha/tg/uy or tha/tg/m stories to share?
I want to hear more, having dealt with this.

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I wouldn't take him back right away. Give him some time away from your group, see if the lesson sticks. If you take him back right away, he learns nothing.

>> No.41937515

Real life isn't like your soaps, Anon.

I've one that's a bit lengthy about being kicked for an IC confrontation.

>> No.41937643

Man, that sounds harsh. And exactly what this thread needs more. Looking forward to reading about it.
Don't mind the story length, mine took 6 posts.

>> No.41937680

Need to make a couple phone calls first and then I'll get into it.

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Gather round ye fa/tg/guys and ca/tg/girls, I've a tale of RP gone wrong.

I joined this 5e game on Roll20 and at first it seemed great. The world was fleshed out, the DM was helpful in making my character since I'd never played 5e before, he even helped me make a custom archetype for my rogue. Nothing super fancy, from the moment I saw the "Investigation" skill I wanted to make a Private Investigator Rogue. The archetype gave me bonuses to investigate, insight, some other small bonuses. Helped me make a backstory where my PC was the Sherlock Holmes of his home city. Not super LG, but more likely to follow the law than not, especially when in lands controlled by his King or other such civilized places.

The party has been assembled by a demigod to investigate "something." He doesn't know what's going on, but all the cults are up to something at the same time, old gods are stirring, etc. We've been assembled to gather ancient artifacts, basically stockpiling magic for whatever is about to go down. I joined in a few sessions in, so my character was introduced as reinforcements sent by said demigod to replace PCs who went their own way. (I was told the players were actively working against the group or just not playing along well and had been asked to leave, plus another one or two who had just stopped showing up.)

Said demigod had a mansion in a pocket dimension which was our homebase between missions; we each had a suite of rooms, and you could only get to this place through a magic circle that required a set of coordinates. Seemed incredibly safe. Of course that only lasts for so long because this is a PnP game.

Pic is PC in his fancy aristocrat clothing

>> No.41938240

I almost feel like it spoils the story, but I feel compelled to tell you that three of the other players were personal, IRL friends of the DM. Disregard this until later.

One of the other PCs is a notorious bounty hunter/contract killer who has little patience for people. Not someone a law abiding PI would normally associate with, but the world might be coming to an end so we make exceptions, right? This guy repeatedly demonstrates his joy of killing, going so far as to hang the heads of slain enemies from his belt. He plans on keeping the heads and boiling the meat off of them so he can collect the skulls. My point being, he's a dangerous psychopath. He also has a sword/dagger combo he fights with as a Ranger, which he inherited from his father. They're important to him.

Shit happens, we're the only two to make it out of a dungeon. Soon after we end up being picked up by some guys. Since my first action upon joining this group was to go help bust this guy out of jail I'm pretty concerned we're on our way to jail, but instead they bring us to Someone Important. She asks us what we've been doing in town, and I use all my smarmy aristocrat charm (despite being in my underworld incognito clothes) to deflect her questions. We retrieved an Artifact while down there and while I'm not sure what it does I'm pretty sure boss would be mad if we go blabbing to everyone what we're up to.

Contract Killer of course tells her all about how we went down looking for artifacts, and attempts to show her the stone. The stone happens to be in the pocket of our dead ally, whose body we shoved into a Bag of Holding so we could res her, and the player forgot. So he's searching through his bag for it with the DM telling him he can't find it. He ends up partially dumping the bag out, causing a dead body and many severed heads to roll out onto the floor... as well as a magic bard instrument we'd retrieved. I snatch it up and show her "the artifact."

>> No.41938362

Go on... This sounds like it's gonna be really good. Damn captcha showing me pics of delicious food at this hour.

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Damn, forgot the pic.

Someone Important looks a little green at all the severed heads and what looks to be an only partially dressed dragonborn woman coming out of this savage dragonborn's BoH, but turns to me presenting the instrument and smiles faintly. "That's some artifact." I nod solemnly, glad I have a high ass bluff. I'm ready for us to bid her farewell and be on our way, even inviting her to my home for entertainment some time, when the contract killer, hereby known as CK, opens up his mouth.

Cutting it short, he blurts out we were here under orders by the demigod. She clearly knows who we are talking about, and thanks us for the information. CK asks for payment since she found the information so informative, and I groan thinking we're about to get locked in a basement. To our surprise she pays us, saying it's a drop in the ocean for her. Well then.

We take our wealth and scatter to the winds for a week in-game. When we tune back in the session is beginning at dinner. The DM asks us what we bring to dinner. Clearly something is going to happen at this dinner. He's hinted at it during the week, and asking that is a tip-off. I sigh and say "Just my magic stuff that needs attunement. Why would I bring all my gear and weapons to dinner in this place that's in another dimension and has been safe for more than a month in-game?" He agrees with my logic and we continue. Lo and behold baddies teleport into the middle of dinner. Dinner consisted of me, CK, and two NPC groups. One was super high level, another was a couple levels ahead of us but nowhere near the bad guys' level. One of the bad guys is a lich, who throws a spell of some kind. DM does some rolls, has me roll a d100. I get hit, knocking me into the low teens for health.

Demigod looks at them grimly, looks to us, and suddenly screeches "Run!" before exploding into light. We take advantage of a sun appearing in the room and run the fuck away.

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This... is where things go poorly for me. I forgot to mention this, but CK was late. He ended up not showing up until roughly 45 minutes into the session. You'll... *sigh* You will know when he gets into the game.

As I said, I left all my shit in my room. It is not on the way to the teleporting room. How unfortunate. So I'm running with not even a dagger on me, just magic Glamour armor, magic brass knuckles, an Ion Stone, and the Artifact which happens to summon an Earth Elemental. The elemental can change size without changing stats, I have a psychic link with it so I control it on its turn, and the stone also let's me cast Shape Stone as many times as I like. Pretty badass Artifact, but not 100% useful atm. I did summon the elemental and send it to my room to fetch my shit, but that didn't work of course. Bugger everything.

So CK and I are running down the hallway, and the slightly higher level group of npcs is running behind us when one of the bad fuckers steps out of thin air between us. Npc group skids to a halt, and I go oh fuck, I need to distract this bitch.
"Hey, CK is running next to me, right?"
>Yeah, sure. Slightly ahead of you maybe.
"Ok. I grab a random dagger off his belt and throw it at her to distract her."
>Sure, give me a roll.

By some miracle I hit her. Yay- oh it went through her and suddenly I took the damage? Well that sucks. Almost as much as having a whole 5 health left does. I hope I don't sneeze too hard or trip and slam into a wall. Anyway, what the DM didn't tell me is that while CK should have had multiple daggers on him because he'd looted some and Rangers start out with multiple daggers, CK's player neglected to fill this in on his sheet. The DM could only find one fucking dagger on him. The one he inherited. Again, CK's player wasn't here, so he couldn't stop this and the DM let it happen without warning me. I wasn't aware of this until after I'd thrown it. Fuckin great.

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We finally make it to the teleport room with the guy who casts the spell asking us what the hell is going on, why is the mansion shaking, HOW does a mansion not in a real dimension shake, etc. "Shut the fuck up and teleport us. Make sure you get my horses and dogs, too." He manages to cast the spell just as that bitch steps out of nothing and cuts his head off. I guess having your head detached from your body makes your concentration waver, because instead of putting us in my home city we end up at a circle that's overgrown by a dirt path.

Player (DM's second friend) who died in the dungeon's new PC walks up, turns out she's a ditzy hippie. Also turns out my animals were teleported into weird places. The horses are fine, but one dog is in a tree and the other is under ground. She ends up following us because she thinks I mistreat my animals or something, whatever, it's a reason for her to stick with the group. Now that we're not about to die CK, played by the DM quite well I'd say, grabs me and shoves me against a tree asking why he shouldn't kill me right now for losing his dagger. I point out whoever just assaulted a fucking pocket dimension is probably after us as well, and I tell him that I lost way more shit than he did and I plan on going to get it back. First we get back to my home city, gear up, have the guy who runs the portal there send us back, and retrieve our shit. Not the best plan, but I wanted my shit back bad.

We follow the path to a nearby town where we pick up the rest of the new PCs. One of them is my personal friend who I brought into the game to fill our roster, one of them is a random off Roll20, the last is the DM's third friend who made a character who is a part of the world's elite and notorious assassin guild. Go figure. It's about this time CK's player arrives. His exact fucking words, "I had a bad day at work today, I hope none of you fuckers piss off CK. I'm sorry if you do, cuz you're probably dead."

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>"I had a bad day at work today, I hope none of you fuckers piss off CK. I'm sorry if you do, cuz you're probably dead."
Oh. My. God.


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Cue nervous laughter from everyone.
>DM tells him.
"Well, I'm sorry dude. Hope you have a second character rolled up." Did not sound sorry. I did not.

He goes super aggro on me, slamming me into a table suddenly. I have my magic brass knuckles but I don't want to get into a fight when I have less than 10 health. I summon an elemental at max size and order it to restrain him while I talk sense into him/run away screaming. I manage to squeak out of the fight with 2 health left, with the echo of him screaming about me getting his dagger back right now bouncing around my skull. All my money was with my shit (I asked the DM this time and he decreed I had no money) so I went looking around for lucrative jobs I could use to buy my way back home. Found a guy who could open a portal for 500g, the best paying gig atm was a caravan guard for 5g. Wellp.

It was about this time that CK and CK's assassin bro came over and get us. "We've got a job, you're coming with us. Shut up and do it." Despite the bard being helpful and giving me some HP I still don't want to get into it, and there's nothing for me to gain here anyway so I go with him. Assassin Bro, AB from now on, has a gig in the nearby city of mages. CK has just been invited to join AB's association and is helping him with the gig. There's a portal set up so we'll be dropped off nearby. Side note: The town we're in is the staging ground for several of the area's clans to form a joint army to assault the city we're going to for reasons.

So we get to the city, and CK uses me as a cover to get inside the city. Despite CK and AB being incredibly obtuse to the guards and filling out their paperwork absurdly, we're allowed into the city. Once inside I find a stable for my animals. While in the stable CK harasses me some more, with more promises to kill my ass soon. He wrote down he was my retainer, so he kicks me out of the stable and does it himself to keep up appearances.

>> No.41939063

Gotta love getting separated from your gear. I'm eagerly waiting for the story's conclusion, but I gotta call it a night.
I hope to see the thread still alive in the morning.

>> No.41939132
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I hope people are enjoying this, I realize it's a lot more detail and story time than these threads usually are but I have a hard time not being a writefag.

Right, so I join the group outside and we wait on him. CK is a green dragonborn. CK comes out of the stables a red dragonborn. I whisper the DM and ask if he's dripping wet and he has me roll him a perception. Yeah, he's dripping wet. Fuck. So we get to a council thing or something and wait awhile before a council of mages comes out to see us. We tell them of the impending attack, but they don't believe us. Who would attack the city of mages? They're fucking mages. It's never happened before, it'll never happen now. I found out from sleuthing the city was to be attacked because they were harboring a mage (they had a sanctuary law for all magic users) who had caused the farmlands of those clans to die from a botched spell of some kind. I asked if they had some spare paper for me, I could sketch them out the key people who were talking as well as some angelic person who came to tell the clans to knock it off, but the clans told her it had nothing to do with her group and to fuck off.

So I explain this to the council, and I sketch the people I'm discussing perfectly (Investigator Archetype feature. I used the shit out of that.) and they grudgingly believe us. But are still not worried because they can repel any attack. At this point the hippie speaks up, giving a speech about how as the leaders it's their job to protect the lives of everyone in the city and they shouldn't be so nonchalant.

While she blabbers I scribble a note in the book I was given, something along the lines of "Those two fuckers are hired assassins here to kill someone, and have repeatedly threatened to kill me. Please help." I pass the book up to the guy with the pencil as a bookmark. He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"

They could probably hear my facepalm over my mic.

>> No.41939145

Gonna take a little break, I'll spread the story out some so the thread lives.

Also I love how the character limits keep happening right at good page breaks.

>> No.41939462
File: 114 KB, 579x570, that kinda feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit man, that sounds rough.

>> No.41939517
File: 190 KB, 400x323, 4505-nonicethings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course the guy playing Dante is a fucktard. Again.

By Jove, those cunts seem to grow on trees or something!

>> No.41939551

I'm curious, explain the offensive behavior?

>> No.41939919
File: 1.49 MB, 200x150, mad stan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>While she blabbers I scribble a note in the book I was given, something along the lines of "Those two fuckers are hired assassins here to kill someone, and have repeatedly threatened to kill me. Please help." I pass the book up to the guy with the pencil as a bookmark. He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"

Are you fucking kidding me?

>> No.41940002

jfc that gif is amazing, Also more or less what I thought was about to happen to my character.

>> No.41940086

Told this before, but it has been a while since then.
>REALLY want to get into some games
>looking through gamefinder thread
>find a guy willing to take noobs for a game of DnD
>contact and get accepted, gonna be playing a Dark Sun game
>read up on setting, get excited, get everything ready
>first game on skype
>text only
>half of the other players complain
>DM "tough shit. I said it was text only. I don't have a mic."
>quick ctrl-f later, he had never said text only, except in a private message
>Players accept this and keep going
>typing is slow, but we manage to get to the first encounter of the session
>no maps, have to ask about shit every turn ( 3/5ths of us had never played with a real group).
>GM gets bored with how slow things are going, decides to just end the fight, time-skip style
>proceeds to start a roleplay section with us trying to figure out where the enemies came from
>One of the other characters sees a suspicious fellow ducking away
>He sends my characters after it, which quickly ends with one dead senior citizen
Context: Athas is a setting where most of the governments are "A sacrifice a day brings glory to Cthulhu!" type evil, the other character was a member of said government with minor but definite legal authority (magister) and the party is most neutral or evil
>GM has ALL the town guard show up in the alley (they must have been a tenth of the population)
>Magister tells them to fuck off or face his wrath
>guards ignore him and force us to leave
>GM chuckles about how he just had Snow White and the Seven Dwarves kick us out of town
>players just dumbfounded
>session end

>> No.41940126

Why even text only when you suck at typing? Ugh.

>> No.41940173

He clearly believed that the book was some sort of magic tome that imparts knowledge to whomever reads it, by way of narration by the reader.
Which could be a pretty cool item, thinking about it.

>> No.41940466

>Next adventure
>group is travelling
>get led to a tower under a cliff for one reason or another
>group gets to tower and splits
>other group goes into cave and gets McGuffin
>joins back up and we all go into tower
>greeted by NPC
>NPC obviously outsider touched
>hints that great horrors will come to Athas when he gets the McGuffin
>Hints that horrible things are higher in the tower
>group decides that they're just going to be going now, nothing of value here
>GM sulks and calls the session early
>Next week, GM boredly gives us a hook about caves of riches and something or other
>He just stops responding halfway through
>game falls apart

>Couple weeks later
>GM says we're playing Shadowrun
>hyped as fuck
>never played this game or genre before, but so ready
>players get together, characters are made, backstories are mildly hashed out
>first session, ready for this
>"You all meet in front of the Johnson. He tells you what to do. You get in the van and drive to the enemies warehouse"
>Almost no roleplaying, no leg work, no info, take ten minutes to introduce yourselves to each other while I pull up a random encounter
>first combat nearly kills my character
>"You're at the warehouse, what do you do?"
>try to get info about the place
>Hacking? Too many defenses.
>Rigger bots? mysteriously vanish.
>Magic? Hey, you see the invisible guards coming to beat your ass!
>Two characters nearly die this time and we're not even inside.
>One character tries to dynamic entry with a good "Knock knock! Who's there? GRENADE!"
>GM says grenade blows up in characters face, because player is trying to 'exploit' the rules and using them wrong
>Big fight erupts. GM and other player get in big fight.
>Afterwards, all of us get in a private chat and decide this guy is shit, both as a GM and a person
>We call him out on it and warn others from playing with him in next gamefinder thread
>GM apparently sends death threats to all the players that hadn't already blocked him.

>> No.41940665

Whatever you do, don't invite him back. I repeat, do not do this. Not only will it be more awkward all around for everyone involved, he won't act any different. People don't just magically change their behavior in their 30s just because they are sorry.

You did the right thing and you should feel good. You should feel even better it didn't involve a shitstorm.

>> No.41941105

>>GM apparently sends death threats to all the players that hadn't already blocked him.
Just tell him that he's exploiting the rules and is now dead instead.

>> No.41941346

>Innocently running a sci-fi campaign with a group of long-time friends.
>Things are stable and enjoyable, if a tad dull.
>New player suddenly invades the campaign.
>Starts to alter the intended course of the story.
>Other players go along with and even encourage it.
>Create a DMPC partially designed to get things back on track, and partially designed to kill off his character.
>But his character is smooth.
>Too smooth.
>Chemistry between him and my DMPC is too much to bear.
>Begin to gradually develop feelings for him, to my great shame.
>Campaign is utterly derailed as I compulsively place more and more emphasis on our characters and their interactions.
>Due to meet him for the first time in two days.
>He's probably going to murder and eat me.
I am a That GM.

>> No.41941535

What the fuck.

>> No.41941564
File: 46 KB, 340x565, 1438230912744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41942240

Not gonna lie, I want to be that player.

>> No.41942359

>tfw i'm sure this is what it's gonna happen when i make that solo campaign for my friend
>we both draw gay furry porn
>we have a crush on each other
>we want to make an exploration campaign
>this will end in ERP

>> No.41942387

Just make collaboration / crossover piece and be done with it.

>> No.41942523

Dude, if you both have a crush on eachother, just fuck allready.

>> No.41942732
File: 64 KB, 196x183, embarasseded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's the awful thing: we want to be friends. I've spent many days chatting with him about my stories, last time we spent 14 hours straight chatting, and he started to draw my environments and characters because he loves them.
We both have strong interests in vanilla world building and we can do nice stories and plots if we put our mind to it, but it's been a while since we've felt this connected with someone else.

>> No.41942836

>Spent days chatting
>14 hours straight chatting
>Share interests
>Feel connected
imo, you kinda sound like a couple already. a good one at that.

>> No.41942919

I don't usually say this to gay people, but you sound like a faggot.

>> No.41943488

Third time someone tells me that.

Certainly, but I keep it down in person and people assume that I'm just a harsh pro rugby player

>> No.41944638

Getting more tired than I thought I would while in a game tonight, I'll have to finish my story tomorrow. Based on previous posts it's got about three more parts.

>> No.41946625
File: 110 KB, 600x600, Sipping intensifies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP's back again. Great to see the thread still alive and kicking with abominable stories of fellow players and GMs.

> I pass the book up to the guy with the pencil as a bookmark. He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"
Why? Just, why?
>Based on previous posts it's got about three more parts.
Excellent, I can't wait to hear more of this.

I just... Reading that GM performance feels bad. You did a good deed by warning the player base of your tha/tg/m's antics, anon.

As long as my players don't have a consent on bringing him back to the group, I'm not inviting him back. There's other people who could potentially join the game in his stead, should the need arise. Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

>> No.41949066
File: 22 KB, 235x272, This does not amuse Carl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While waiting for more outrageous posts, what are your thoughts on >>41930483
>God forgive, he's now considering making his own RPG based on his not-WHFB world too, and wants to GM D&D.
> mfw I hear of this, pic related
5th being the edition, if someone really needs to know.
But the point is, I'm not sure if he has what it takes to be a GM for real. He has a lot of conviction, but I don't know would his players have enough conviction to stand him as the GM. On another hand, it would be a very valuable lesson for him, how it is like to be giving instead of receiving in an interactive ttrpg.
I know he would turn to me for advice.

>> No.41949976

>He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"
This is a truly rare brand of stupid

>> No.41950078

Your asking fa/tg/uys and ga/tg/irls for advice?

That's like scraping the bottom of the barrel you know...

>> No.41950393
File: 234 KB, 500x369, njh9tuqWkR1qjhons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In that case just alter the story to fit current course and use intermissions between sessions for your private ERP's.
Ideas on how to polish the story while maintaining current course will come by themselves over time.
And meanwhile enjoy the game, as it's supposed to be fun for PC's and GM afterall.

>tfw a homophobe

>> No.41950414

The best advice I can give you is: keep your dick in your pants when you're gaming with more than one person.

>> No.41950431
File: 121 KB, 635x514, Edge o meter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen him being played a few times and every time he was played as an edgy loner type, who broods and schemes against everything and everyone.

Most people who storytime and put that image also have a that guy story to share, involving the player playing Dante.

>> No.41950461

>getting that mad over a dido
>writing the shit down in a note instead of just telling him to gtfo
christ, spergs sperging spergs, he might be better off.

>> No.41950519

It's very understandable. Some people get very emotional over music

>> No.41950814
File: 2.00 MB, 194x293, 1433022456778.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, I was playing a PI and that was my image for him in rough, street-level clothes.

Mmk, let's get a recap going.
Contract Killer (CK) is crazy.
Assassin Bro (AB) is an assassin. Also crazy.
Hippie is a hippie.
Those three are all personal, IRL friends of the GM.
In a desperate bid to save some npcs I pulled a dagger off CK's belt and chucked it at a bbeg. It was his priceless family heirloom.
I've been told multiple times IC and warned OoC that CK is going to kill me.
AB has a contract that he's brought CK in on, and the rest of have been dragged along to a mage city.
Said mage city is ruled by a council of powahful wizzerds. Any magic users can seek sanctuary in this city, regardless of what crime they've committed.
A few members of the party have enough of a conscience that we decide to tell said council they're about to be attacked. They wave it off.
I decide to take this opportunity to maybe save my ass. I am subtle as a mother fucker, I'd say, but it does me little good.

>> No.41950931
File: 15 KB, 600x600, Low quality bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice bait.

But yes, I got mad over the wooden dildo.
> Context
After putting up with his shit for more than two years. It was merely the last straw. A completely unnecessary and out-of-place "joke", while all the others were trying to actually play the game.

And what comes to writing the note instead of yelling at him, I prefer not to humiliate people in front of their social circle. He had done enough himself already.

>> No.41950934
File: 2.89 MB, 1280x720, Mods incoming on that post.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The great and powerful apparent Necromancer faction of the council looks up from my plee to save my life and asks, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"

AB looks up, bored. "I am."
>Oh, we know you are. We knew the moment you entered the city. Who is the other one?
CK looks at AB, looks at Necrofucker, then shrugs and says, "Me."
AB asks, "How did you know?"
>Those cards you filled in at customs? They magically correct whatever you write to be the truth.
"So are you going to stop us?"
One of our other players, who happens to be playing something interesting revolving around his sword (more on that later) speaks up. "So, are you going to do anything about the attack?"
>No. We can handle whatever they can do.
I speak up because I'm stupid I guess. "No one has attacked you before, right?"
>That is correct.
"Because they fear your ability to rain fireballs on their heads, right?"
>Yes. We have hundreds of mages in this city, any attack would fail.
"So don't you think they've probably got a way to negate the magic?"
>lolno they're stupid country hicks
I kind of tuned out at that point for some reason.

So we tried. And failed. At least we tried. At this point CK and AB go off on a magical friendship adventure I guess, doing so privately. I go looking for someone to portal me home so I can attempt to gear up and assault the mansion for my shit. And his dagger. We find a guy who will do it for cheap, and I'm able to bum some money off another player which I'll return when we get to my place. Go figure, the portal spell suddenly takes half an hour to get ready. Weird how that works.

I'm still curious how the armies actually planned on attacking. I'm guessing pic related.

>> No.41951037
File: 881 KB, 200x200, 1387497789842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not really a tha/tg/uy story but I think it's funny enough to share.
>running a pathfinder game while my wife works second shift
>we usually finish before she gets home
>long session wife comes home with friend from work we will call dee
>wife gives dee a ride home most days brought her home to show off new tile we laid in kitchen
> dee is a MtF trans
>we are finishing up right as they get there
>my friend bill sticks around a bit after game and is being a bit chatty
>finds out dee lives in his neighborhood
>offers to give dee a ride home
>bill walks up to me next day at work
>dude last night was amazing i took your wifes friend home and she gave a BJ then i fucked her in the ass in my backseat
>my jaw drops
>you know she is a tranny right?
>bill looks uncomfortable walks off
>left and went home called boss after he pulled off and quit
>unfriended everyone on social media
>never heard from bill again
mfw he told me he fucked her

>> No.41951051
File: 16 KB, 152x248, 5339c6c59ceb44656da04e20084b44ef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still boggles my mind how the protectors of the city, those who offer sanctuary to any magic users, are completely ok with hired killers who are on assignment in the city to wander around killing people.

So we're chillin in the magic shop, waiting for the spell to finish, when CK and AB come back and grab the hippie. They ask her for help with their target. She says sure, what do they need her to do?

"We need you to distract him with your feminine wiles so we can kill him."
"But in return you help me get that stone the guy has."
>double wat
"Ok, sure. I've been planning on killing him anyway."
>Woah, hold on, first off how is the hippie who begged and cried for the city to take the imminent attack seriously because the thought of people dying was too much for her, how is that woman ok with helping to murder someone? And how does she even know I have the artifact? I've never taken it out of my pocket.
It actually just occurred to me, even CK shouldn't have known I had it. I mean sure, he was with us when we retrieved it but we had no idea what it did until I went to our resident good lich and he helped me figure it out. So, yeah. Meta as fuck, right?
"Hey, you're not part of this conversation. Quit meta-gaming."
>I'm pointing out how I'm being metaed against, and that's where to draw the line?
"Guess we'll take this to a private room. Be right back."

We'd been using a voice system that allowed you to create individual rooms in the channel, and they went to a private one to continue that mess. So the three of them leave, murder the shit out of some old shop-keep, and come back. The portal's ready now! Go figure! So we're getting ready to go, when CK speaks up.

>> No.41951116
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I would've left after CK threatened to kill me because of his dagger, if not earlier because of his edge.

>> No.41951163
File: 48 KB, 209x228, 516240d173ff1788dffaa9d270a0b669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long as Dee was fully transitioned I see no problem with this.

CK "Hey, what about your animals?"
>What about them?
"Don't you want to go get them?"
>Not really, since you killed them. Dragging a couple of dead horses and dogs through the portal would be hard.
"What? I didn't kill them!" Rolls a shitty bluff.
The hippie speaks up, "You killed his animals? I wouldn't have helped if I'd known that!"
>Helped with what?
CK "Yeah, tell him what you helped me with."
CK "Nothing! This blood is from the stablemaster. I cut his head off and used his blood. You know me, that's what I do."
>Right. So where's his head?
CK "Uh, I forgot to pick it up."
>Yeah, I don't believe you even a little bit.
CK "Look, we can both go, you and me, and go check on them."
>So you can kill me when we're alone. Ok.

At this point other player joins in, says let's all go and check on the animals together. CK and AB say sure, let's all leave our weapons here as a show of good faith. Sword guy agrees and plants his sword in the ground. The rest of us hum and haw and don't do it. As we're going, CK and AB say, "We'll wait here for you." Yeah, that's not obvious. Leave your weapons, we'll watch them! Ok.

We arrive at the stables, and the stablemaster is miraculously still attached to his head. Swears up and down he's never seen me or my animals before. Going inside the animals aren't there, but there is blood on the ground. Druid is utterly pissed. We race back to the shop after her, and they're gone. As is dude's sword. Shocker.

>> No.41951197
File: 260 KB, 358x310, 40k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41951207

dee still had her penis and kinda looked like hulk hogan with a perm

>> No.41951223

Well, then I'd say that Bill asked for it.

You gotta have some standards. They're healthy, if not too high.

>> No.41951239
File: 206 KB, 800x533, Rage01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>should have warned him right away you dumbfuck

Bill's sperm is now on your hands, anon!

>> No.41951269
File: 210 KB, 540x624, Bear10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was ok with him IC threatening to kill me because the dagger was inherited from his dad and was apparently a nice dagger. Not magical or anything, but nice. I was not ok with him actually planning on doing it though. Instead of bitching about it I resolved to do something about it IC, since that's how RP should work. No one is going to just allow themselves to be killed.

Anywho, we arrive at the shop and find them gone, along with dude's sword. Druid is so enraged at this point she wildshapes into a bear. A big bear. Rolls to track them and crits it, so she's off like a shot with the rest of us following her. We find them at a bar, combat ensues. AB has a flute that makes anyone who hears it Frightened of him if they fail a Wisdom save. I fail it, which is a shame. The elemental I summoned does not, which makes me giggle. He plays the flute, and then, while I can't approach him, he walks up to me.
"Give me the stone."
>Oh, I'll give you something. Thanks for moving into range. I hit him with my magic brass knuckles.
These fuckers were extremely expensive because they take my fists, which do d4 from tavern brawler, and turns them into 2d6+everything else. Both fists. Bard went right before me and hit him with a paralyzing spell of some kind, giving me advantage which canceled out the disadvantage of being frightened. Clobbered the shit out of this guy. On my elemental's turn I direct it to restrain him or gently tap him. It crits and wallops him into negatives.
Meanwhile the druid has CK on the ground. The bard was able to hit him with the paralyze spell as well since it was cast at higher spell slot, so she knocked him over, put a paw on his chest, and roared in his face. He may or may not have peed his pants.

>> No.41951292

now I get why my GM bans pvp in games

>> No.41951318

I kind of want to play an anthro bear just because of this image now.

You didn't get it before? Of course it's because of the group breaking up after all is said and done..

>> No.41951384
File: 79 KB, 850x400, Evidence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wellp, nevermind then.

Mmk, so the druid's got CK on the ground, AB is bleeding out, I say the plan now is to tie them up and question them, and maybe turn them in to the police since, again, hired fucking killers. Before any of us has a turn to tie AB up the druid turns back into a hippie and heals him. Well shit. His turn happens next and suddenly he's invisible. Double shit. So we question CK about the animals, and he deflects it onto again pointing out hippie helped him kill someone. Sometime during this, AB apparently steals the stone out of my pocket.

>Wait, what?
"Yeah, he stole it."
>I don't even get a perception roll?
"He's invisible."
>Invisible. Not a ghost. How's he even know what pocket it's in? *I* don't know what pocket it's in.
"But he's invisible."
>Look, I don't need to see someone to feel them grab my dick.
"Ok fine, roll."

I rolled pretty good. Good enough I thought I had it in the bag. AB rolls privately to the GM, and surprise surprise he happened to beat my high ass roll despite having no idea where I keep the stone. It's pretty late and this is a clusterfuck, so the GM says the guards have arrived outside of the bar.

>> No.41951430
File: 348 KB, 500x310, CantDealWithThat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this idiot DM and his

>> No.41951467
File: 301 KB, 270x271, 1427589443748.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That DM is fucking shit

>> No.41951495

that isn't really DMing so much as letting your buddy DM when he wants it to suit his char

>> No.41951510
File: 944 KB, 500x658, not giving a fuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not a fan of it either, but you can only be told someone is going to kill you so many times before you do something about it. If I hadn't thought he was completely serious I'd have left well enough alone.

I forgot to mention, and I found this amusing, they stole sword dude's sword. Turns out sword dude is an Eldritch Knight, so he just calmly summons his sword back and smiles at them.

>The guards are outside of the bar?
"Yeah, this was a pretty loud fight and they're outside. Some of them are starting to enter now."
>Ok. I calmly turn to them, put my hands up, and say "Thank goodness you're finally here. If you could just arrest us all I'm sure we can sort this mess out in jail. Careful, there's an invisible person around somewhere."
The bard agrees, and puts his hands up. The Eldritch Knight agrees and puts his hands up. Hippie, CK, and AB all bitch. Hippie's player says, "Dude, are you serious? This doesn't sound like a fun direction to go in." Even the DM asks if we'd prefer to run.
>Not really. I've done nothing wrong, and where can we run anyway? There's a second story sure, but we're in a city of magic users who can scry.

Game is called there, DM and his friends go back to that private room. The other two players and I discuss what just happened. I felt bad for how things turned out, but I laid out my reasons and they both agreed it was the logical thing IC and OoC for me to do. EK headed off for bed, and I went to let my dogs out. When I came back I'd been banned from the channel and removed from the game, no messages. My friend the bard had as well, again no messages.

And that's the tale. I was pissed at first, but looking back on it I slowly realized I maybe dodged a bullet. Typing it all out I'm certain I did.

>> No.41951542

Who are these faggots anyway? Logins would be awesome, so we can avoid them.

>> No.41951568

so they basically all made the game together and brought other people ind tried to railroad the game with their queer little fanfiction

>> No.41951594
File: 906 KB, 325x203, 4228-upset.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They saved you the trouble of coming up with a bs lie to get out of that mess.

Be glad and rejoyce.

Thanks for storytiem!

>> No.41951616

Yeah, fuck those guys. I hope you spread the word about them so other people know to avoid their bullshit

>> No.41951646



OP raged and kicked and lovely guy , who brought the group food, from his game because the guys character made a wooden wang in character as a JOKE and OP is a SJW faggot.

>> No.41951656

Hell if I can remember, been awhile. Plus you can choose whatever you want on roll20, there's no permanency.

I wouldn't say that at all, they were just... Unfairly biased towards their small group? Keep in mind I cut a lot from the story. That dungeon we lost a bunch of people in was fun right up until the end, for instance. That's an itneresting story and could be a That Guy. Think I'll tell it as well actually.

Looking back on it I think I understand why so many players just stopped logging on. It's Roll20, don't need an excuse. Just stop going, ezpz.

>> No.41951746

Chummin the waters, eh?

When I arrived in the game I was sent to the town they were dicking around in to get CK out of jail. He'd been arrested because he went to the morgue to check on his handler who had been killed, and the coroners said something or he was wanted or something, I don't recall. Regardless, he killed all the coroners and a couple guards, earning him a spot in jail with an execution scheduled. It's mine and the other new player's job to get him out.

As part of my PI backstory I have a badge of office, allowing me some clout with the police. Lets me look at crime scenes, they're more trusting of me, etc. I use this to find out where he is, we hook up with the other players, and thanks to new player being a cleric of a trickster guard we're able to explain we're there to transfer CK to another, better jail. On the way out we ask for his things, and go get them. One of which is that fucking dagger. Ugh.

While there we ask the clerk if he had anything else. He's not sure, and says we'd probably know better than he. The guy with me is AB's player, playing his old character. A witch hunter or something. Fights with polearms, has the feat, etc. He sees a wicked looking polearm and grabs it. "This was his." Crit fail on the clerk's insight, and it's now ours.

>> No.41951749

>It's Roll20, don't need an excuse. Just stop going, ezpz.

That's just bad manners. But I can get behind that, if the people you play with are massive faggots like those in your game you just told us about.

>> No.41951800
File: 26 KB, 403x600, you must be joking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not OP, but you can adopt That Guy, if you love him so much.

>> No.41951819
File: 654 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mvwzdpDIyV1slvqiko1_r1_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"the sole survivor of an alien race that crash-landed on Earth, that looks like a bright-colored pony that talks and walks on two legs...
I refuse to believe that such people exist.

>> No.41951829


Free pizza and no feminist political correct bullshit. Sounds good.

>> No.41951852

Fast forward a bit, we're investigating the sewers based on rumors that shit's down there. It's why we were sent to this town by the demigod in the first place. End up fighting oozes, and he ruins his polearm pretty recklessly. I think the player wanted an excuse to use it, even though the PC is an evil hunter and knew the polearm was infernal and had some bad mojo.

As we go through the tunnel system the sewers open up onto we discover an advance outpost for Drow and fight our way through. The entire time he's using this polearm, and the entire time, unbeknownst to us, it's corrupting his mind. The will saves come faster and faster, and eventually he starts to fail some. The polearm is exacerbating the character's murderous traits, until eventually he ends up killing a pixie that was his friend and none of us outright noticed. Final boss fight comes and it's a Drow priestess/mage. She's got a portal to hell set up, and a tub of blood for something or other. We kill her, defeat the demon, and he has one more will save. Fails it spectacularly.

So he walks over and dips the polearm into the pool of blood.
>(Well that can't be good.) You ok buddy?
Silence. We divvy up the loot while he walks around doing odd things. Eventually he comes over to us, and stops in front of hippie's PC. It's a sorceress. No word, no nothing, he finishes her off since we were low health from the boss fight we just went through. Just plunges the polearm through her throat. Laughs, walks over to the portal, and hops through.
>Oh fuck.

So yeah, AB's PC killed Hippie's PC and then walked off into the hellset. It all made sense, but at the same time it happened because his character, who is against evil, used an obviously evil/cursed polearm, so that kind of makes him a That Guy, right?

>> No.41951888
File: 880 KB, 500x208, u-see-I-have-no-fucks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>smelly, distracted, cheating, easily offended, easily put down, disruptive to the game, brony, weaboo etc.
Whatever floats your boat.

>> No.41951925

>It's sad - HE'S sad - but triage is a reality of roleplaying games.


Just because he's a former friend doesn't mean it's his right to be invited to everything

>> No.41951929

Yes, he's a That Guy and the GM is his enabler.

>> No.41951967

I still think he and his buddies work out what they want to happen together then just play it out with everyone else

>> No.41951998

I think so too. What's the fun in that, remind me?

>> No.41952077
File: 471 KB, 201x156, DAT ASS IS MINE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Entirely possible I suppose. I wouldn't even be against that if it was done well. It's hard for GMs to keep the group on a path, so if the players are given clues about how the GM wants them to proceed that could help everyone's enjoyment.

One of the movies has her not looking like a child and with an eyepatch? Maybe I need to watch more of them.

I think I'm actually a bit of That Guy atm. A friend of mine is running a game and one of their players had to roll up a new character. In the backstory they decided to add a royal family into the already established world, of which they're a part, and the evil uncle is having assassins sent after the PC cuz reasons. My friend is pissed that a whole new faction was added and that she now has to think of how to fit in assassins coming after this PC. Which is where I come in.

I've never played this particular game before and wanted to give it a shot. Friend helped me make a character, and the next game they start up I'll be joining. Friend needed another player to fill a slot in current game while a player goes on vacation for a few weeks so I said sure, I'd join in. Friend and I were talking and I asked if there was anything I could do to make Friend's life easier. Friend joked that I could kill aforementioned PC so they didn't have to think about assassination attempts, and then thought on it and seriously asked me if I would.

>mfw I have to kill a player in a system I've never played before in such a way that the group doesn't immediately kill me for it
Thankfully I and the new PC are joining the game in the same session.

Anywho, joining with the intent of killing off a PC probably makes me That Guy, but I'm ok with this.

>> No.41952096

I don't really know why that would be fun for anyone. I think the fun of GMing is coming up with something that blindsides everyone. Having half the party in on it makes it boring to me. I actually have had a PC in on the story once or twice. But, it was because they had told me they hated the character they were playing, and wanted to kill it and roll something new. I just let them in on a good way to kill themselves.

>> No.41952112

Don't even attempt to kill them. Bolster their confidence to the point that they do something suicidal. Not all assassinations require you to get your hands bloody, some just require you to have knowledge of how to manipulate others.

>> No.41952134

Yes, I would also say that >>41952112 is the best way. And maybe, if the PC you have to kill finds herself in a sticky situation... let them be.

>> No.41952165

They're a caster thing, so that'd be hard to arrange.

I've only a few sessions to do it, and it's been vaguely hinted that no one likes this person so I could supplant their position in the group. We're headed into an old fort, I'm thinking of pushing them off a wall. Or waiting until after a boss battle and then killing them. The best bit is that I was literally sent by the noble family the PC ran from to put them to justice for crimes against the crown. I am completely justified IC for this murder.

>> No.41952173

a temporary player being used as a plot point actually seems like a fun swerve to me
I once had the GM for a game I play in join the game I GM as a player for 2 sessions once
the party was searching for an ancient relic that they found at the beginning of the second session then the guy I introduced a player stole it and they had to kill him surprised the hell out of my players

>> No.41952241
File: 78 KB, 1191x670, asuka_langley_shikinami_wallpaper___1920x1080_by_the_incorruptible-d5okapi[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One of the movies has her not looking like a child and with an eyepatch? Maybe I need to watch more of them.
She's 28 years old but she still looks like a teenager because people piloting Evas stop growing

that and somehow she wants to be a catgirl now

>> No.41952432


Yep. Still better than a fucking feminist SJW warrior. Isn't crippling society

>> No.41952465

you must be bored, baiting anons that were there almost an hour ago

>> No.41952490

Man baits are getting so uncreative these days

>> No.41952519

She at least looks like she's somewhere around 18 now though. No longer lolibait.

I might be a temp player, we'll see. Friend is definitely over this person's shit, but it's not overly unanimous enough to outright kick them. Also the game is supposed to be ending soonish.

>> No.41952539

Well congratulations, you got nobody caught.
Now what's the next step of your master plan?

>> No.41952951
File: 241 KB, 500x320, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Mfw so many baiters in the thread

Bravo, anon, bravo! Excellent storytime altogether. The group reeks of clique-bias, and the GM blatantly just lets things slide. Always sad to get kicked out of a group for such petty reasons, but like you said, it may have just been for the better in the end.
Thanks for the contribution.

I too would like to not believe, but sadly I have witnessed it myself.

>> No.41953166

>GM working with a player to enable meta gaming pvp shit
He's the worst of the bunch. At least a player can delude themselves into thinking their dickery is IC, but there is literally no excuse for doling out meta information to another PC's detriment

>> No.41953232

You say that, but I'm about to do that >>41952077
I think it's justified in this case though. I mean the backstory literally says there are assassins after this PC. I didn't think that actually happened.

>> No.41953443

I complained about a GM on here once. He didn't find it, but instead found my "looking for new GM" ad somewhere else.

He responded by yelling at my boyfriend, not confronting me at all, blocking everyone on Skype, and having our characters be violently stabbed to death in his new campaign.

So pretty inconsequential.

>> No.41953523
File: 9 KB, 215x199, 1403354789647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone finds out about being considered a subpar GM and/or a shit person
>proceeds to confirm it by alienating everyone in sight
you'd have thought they'd take it as a wake up call.

>> No.41953660

If you have an issue with something someone is doing you talk to them about it, don't resort to mixing IC/OOC faggotry
The GM in this scenario should just say "No. You can't play as an unknown royal family, also the assassin-thing won't work out in the kind of game we're intending this to be"

>> No.41954173

I agree, Friend should've just said no. Ah well, interesting scenario for me now.

>> No.41954319

I wish. I even made the ad sound like there were creative differences instead of his personal failings, but he was so offended we'd want someone else.
He was a very new GM, though, so maybe he did learn something and was just preserving his self-esteem. We all make mistakes at first.

>> No.41954549


Well that's fucking boring

I mean, the guy sounded like a dumb fucker, but THAT'S your tipping point? A fucking wooden dildo, left lying in a room in game?

>> No.41954812

Maybe happen to have a healing potion that, oh noes, went bad? Only works if your GM's into managing inventories.

Or happen to 'find' notes on a ritual of some kind that turns bad/gives you a reason to put the caster down (demon summoning, necromancy, whatever's seen as bad in the setting).

Or happen to carry a healing potion and a flask of alchemist's fire/something similar close to each other (because you need to keep both close at hand, you understand). Talk it through with your GM before it happens, and make him make you roll for it.

Or go scouting and miss a trap/set up one/prepare a piece of stone to fall down/...

The possibilites of course depend on the game and your character, but there's still a load of them.

>> No.41955003
File: 64 KB, 500x375, Not even the dead know peace from this evil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, combined to the fact that he had shown absolutely no signs of becoming a better player in any aspect, but rather even declining slowly during the campaign. Just pointing out again that he was kicked out of another game and on the verge of getting kicked out once before. Also, see >>41934154
> The day of the last session, Mark's final chance of redemption...
> Again, I was disappointed, seeing no improvement in his disdain for the game
> "Oh well, I'll just prepare myself for breaking out the news to him in private, after the session, I don't want to humiliate him..."
> But then
The whole wang-episode just keeled me over the edge. My patience ended there and then, having lasted for more than two years.
You'd understand the case better had you spent time with the guy, trust me. Pic related.

>> No.41955089


I'm not blaming you for kicking him, the wang thing just doesn't seem like it was actually bad. Hell, probably would have been funny if he was less of a retarded sperg

>> No.41955120
File: 1.97 MB, 400x240, tumblr_njjt9buHsp1r04f08o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Different poster here, you and your group sound like thin skinned faggots.
We had cases of THAT GUYs and disruptive players with our group, but leaving a wooden dong? maybe a couple laugh, some jokes, then everything is fine.
even if you had enough, getting so worked up at an inmature joke? my god.
I could understand if the guy had attempted to repeteadly Player kill, attempt to put players agaisnt each other both in OoC and IC, bring poisoned snacks IRL. but no, you lost it at a wooden dildo.

>not beating the guy's pc to death with said dildo

>> No.41955169

Well, apparently the gal had some issues with sexuality. Depending on how big and known they are doing shit like that might be pretty ill advised. That is, of course, assuming that here issues are not a matter of taste but of some psychological scarring.

Or, you know, the last drop that let's the water overflow.

>> No.41955180

You ever heard the expression "the straw which broke the camel's back?"

>> No.41955240

But bretonnians are underpowered. It's not his fault

>> No.41955251

>I could understand if the guy repeatedly

Apparently, you couldn't, because your reading comprehension is shit. "the guy repeatedly" about sums him up.

>> No.41955313

>le ur reading comprehension is shit
except his last act wasn't any of those things, nor other of the worse things the OP mentioned.
Guess I can understand if it they all were really on the edge and had enough of him, but still, seems bizarre such a dumb and harmless joke caused people tog et that worked up.

>> No.41955404

I'm starting to wonder if people have actually read the whole story about Mark. It's not as much about the ending as it is about his overall qualities that we as a group have endured for years. He was about to be booted anyway, the wooden dildo just escalated things needlessly.

You've got a point there anon. It's not only how stupid shit you do, it's also about how you do your stupid shit.
This was not how to do it.

Your skin can grow quite thin when you have to endure various kinds of shit a single person puts up for several years, every session.
See >>41951888 for a short reference.
Just what >>41955180 said.
Also, the player considered a dildo-assisted murder, but that would not have fit the character.

Please note that the female character was actually played by a male, as stated in >>41934154 Not that it would rule out the psychological scarring.

> and has sold away all his other armies
The dude used to own DoC, Skaven and OK armies not too many years ago on top of his Brets. And it's not about his financial situation.

>> No.41955521

Reading comprehension is one of fa/tg/uys' problems.

>> No.41955567

grow some thicker skin faggot

>> No.41955619

Of all the flavours you chose to be salty... just let me go get some chips first.

It's not my fault you're illiterate.

>> No.41955688
File: 170 KB, 450x417, This heresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That fucking guy who always runs away the moment the fighting gets serious. Like not serious like four of the six members are dead, but when you're fighting anything that's not a basic mook. So fucking annoying I want to kill the player IRL.

>> No.41955848
File: 43 KB, 600x693, Disdain for Plebs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> runs away the moment the fighting gets serious
> anything that's not a basic mook
I can understand if someone wants to stay back in a fight with a less combat-oriented character, but outright running away? Gee. Unless the character really has a reason for that, that's just being a douche.
Unless of course we're talking about a really low-power game, where anything above the regular mook is too much for the PCs to handle. Which I don't believe has been the case here.

Thanks for actually contributing to the thread, anon.

>> No.41956159


> For one thing, it actively hinders the wider acceptance of geek-related activities

Stopped reading there.
Fuck off with your wannabe popular bullshit. RPGs, Comics, and video games were a lot better when they weren't trying to pander to the non-gamers/readers. This author can fuck off.

>> No.41956211


D&D 5th ed is the game this problem is in. We are pretty powerful and the character in question was a spellcaster (who get infinite cantrips btw) behind three dedicated melee characters and had not a single attack hit him in the entire dungeon yet.

>> No.41956363

Is he roleplaying Rincewind, by any chance?

>> No.41956421

Deal with it IC. Party survives combat, he comes back.
>The fuck did you abandon us for, coward?
>I was s-s-scareded.
>I've half a mind to kill you myself.

>Muh glory days

>> No.41956448

how do you guys like keep running into these people?

i mean online i guess it's harder to screen but i can't help but wonder how all these fat neckbeards that can barely string a sentence together always pass the "are you a decent human being" stage of finding players.

>> No.41956467


>muh gotta be popular because nobody respects me at the thanksgiving table

>> No.41956492
File: 413 KB, 600x3368, The 7 D&D players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having taken part to a D&D 5th ed campaign, to see where the game has gone to, this summer I know your predicament
Funny fact, Mark plays the group's main wizard
Cantrips are a fun idea to allow full-time casters, but I don't like the idea of unlimited effective damage spells that shadow even some real low-level spells. They're supposed to be minor tricks, and the damage should be accordant. Just an opinion, of course.
I have only ever played the '83 D&D and AD&D 2nd ed

>> No.41956585

If you screened players by appearance you'd never find a game. I've personally noticed that the worst players in my games are the ones that don't fit any profile.

>GMed a shadowrun game in 5e with locals/regulars at a comic book/game store.
>people who signed up included:
>crust punk who lived in a squat, worked at a coop and had a face tat
>dudebro who would join our sessions right after working out at the gym up the street and left the group to learn how to kickbox in thailand
>'muh free markets' STEM major libertarian that seemed to lack any sort of self-awareness in between spouting off the most strawman of ancap positions (he and the crust punk, coincidentally, ended up shooting the shit with each other as if they were old friends)
>wiccan/neopagan/whatever mysticism girl
>guy who works in business, comes to every session after closing time in his dress clothes

guess who turned out to be the crazy magical realm one? you get three guesses.

>> No.41957145


No, he's playing a Yuan-Ti pureblood with mysterious secret mission and contempt for all forms of life who's still somehow neutral and with the party. Other characters from the same player include;

>16-year old water genasi sorcerer/wizard. Went apeshit in the middle of a town, tried to kill a barmaid for picking her spellbook from the floor when it had fallen by accident, then ran around town shooting spells everywhere until detained by the guards after multiple wild magic surges.
>Chaotic Stupid Dragonborn Sorc/Monk who charged 60 feet ahead of party every time and finally died when Flameskulls destroyed him.
>Lawful Evil antipaladin in a group with a party.. stole the Wizard's spellbook, threatened to reanimate any fallen party members and was finally taken to custody by said Paladin so she could be brought to justice in the nearest town.
>Halfling Ranger who randomly started shooting at party members.

Yeah, fuck this guy. If I was the GM, I'd kick him out already.

>> No.41957871

Imma guess, either Business man, grill or libertarian?

>> No.41958035

What does edgy even mean? A red/black color scheme seems to be the only unifying factor.

>> No.41958083

to quote urban dictionary:
the act of being edgy is basically teenage kids that think theyre cool. hardcore kids seem to think theyre the fucking edgyest things ever.

"why are you wearing that bandanna out of your pocket," says 9th grade homeroom teacher.

"because i'm effin edgy biotch," says asshole.

So basically, trying really hard to be cool and alternative, scary or weird, and failing, hard.

>> No.41958231

Can also mean an annoyingly antisocial or meaninglessly offensive character

>> No.41959350

You did dodge one.

Make the logs available to anyone you see dragged into their game later, however you sort this stuff out.
They deserve to be warned its the adventures of edgemaster the killer, his bbw the ASSassin and hippie side-switch their vaguely allied backup.
New players will be extras, punching bags or supporting cast at best.

I won't bag on you for a high powered high magic setting.
Nor the pvp aspect.
Not my thing, but different games for different folks.
They may be contributing factors to elements but the core issue is gm/player collusion and some simple favouritism.

Fuck them all.
Go and form your own game.
With blackjack.
And hookers.
And no bullshit from assholes.

>> No.41961199

Anon, did you read any of it?
It talks about how the idea that because you are friends who do geeky things together does not me you are above criticism or reproach.

>> No.41961981

Why would it at all? What a silly idea.

>> No.41962406

Not that poster, but this thought process happens alot. It doesn't make sense which is why it's labeled as a fallacy. Its happened in a few of the groups i run with. They all like bitching about how one person in the group just pisses all of them off. Yet, because he's "our friend" no one ever considers the possibility of talking to them about it. Or in some extreme cases, kicking them out. People are crazy, we usually put feels above reals when it comes to those close to us for some reason.

>> No.41962455

Oh, is that what was meant? I understand that completely, especially when applied to PnP groups in areas that are low on players. I thought the sentiment was that nerds period could do no wrong or some shit. I've come cross that mentality before, believe it or not.

>> No.41964834

>Friend asks me to teach him 40k basics
>Spend a while just answering questions, he downloads the rulebook and reads a good bit
>Decide to take him to FLGS to play on some of the badass tables they have there
>Call the day before I intend to go in, not actually sure on their policy there, ask if its cool for us to use the tables
>"Sure thing, see you tomorrow"
>Go in there, talk to guys at counter
>"Yeah just go set up at X table"
>We are both nineteen

>> No.41964944

>A bunch of older men start whispering to each other and looking at us, one points
>Obese man comes over
>Tells us to leave
>"We reserved all these tables for X-Wing today"
>Uh no, we reserved this table for warhammer
>Continue setting up models
>The guy tells us he's going to get the store to make us leave if we don't
>Friend realizes he doesn't work there, just some dude, and busts out laughing
>Tell him it'll be a quick game, we'll be done in an hour or so
>All these X-Wing players go over to the counter and start talking to the employees
>An employee approaches us
>"I'm sorry, we've been having some trouble with these guys, stay as long as you want, they can't kick you out"
X-Wing players are now a joke among our entire group

>> No.41965258
File: 1.79 MB, 245x260, mannersmakethman.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


there need to be more elegan/tg/entlemen in the world anon

>> No.41966722
File: 453 KB, 500x223, Comic book guy rage.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"We reserved all these tables for X-Wing today"
Read this in the voice of pic related. Couldn't help the mental image.
Man, just screw those guys. Props to the employee for not just waving it off.

>> No.41966774

I thought it was just the group of X-Wing players at my LGS that were entitled shits but is it really all of them?

>> No.41968634
File: 12 KB, 560x407, Shrug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't talk about own experiences, since there's no X-Wing players around here. Not that we'd have an FLGS either, anymore. But what I've figured out is that quite many players have migrated from Warhams to X-Wing in the late years. Might have an impact on the stereotype of the player base.

>> No.41969023

It's FFG's fanbase in general. Something about their products just draws in idiots and assholes en masse.

>> No.41970712

Here's a case that got me to hate running RPGs for a long time. Names have been changed for my own safety.

>Me, moving to a new town because studies
>No RPG players whatsoever
>Find a gaming community "near" (~100km from my place)
>Really itching to play so nevermind
>Join the party
>Party has been playing the ForeverGMs Cyberpunk game for some time
>Almost the whole party consists of tha/tg/uys
>In spite of this everything goes smoothly so ask if I could run a game
>Everybody very interested, courages me up and cheers me up for being the only other GM since forever
>Motivate a fucklot, so create completetly own system, base is OSR, inspiration from LotFP and Labyrinth Lord, genre is twisted fantasy horror
>Game begins, totally hyped up, everybody else is hyped up also for a completetly new game system and genre for them


>> No.41970971


Might have just been your storytelling anon. You had a build up, but the ending was rather deflating.

It's like the heroes of a story are fighting the BBEG with the world on the brink of destruction. It's down to the wire and shits getting really bad. Suddenly the BBEG says sorry for being a jerk, everyone goes home, insert happy ending.

>> No.41971056

>PCs have been captured by Carl who works for an Inquisition order of sorts. Player characters are all wanted for various crimes and are now being transported by Carl to headquarters to be interrogated.
>Headquarters have been overrun by cultists, PCs, Carl among them, are trapped inside.
>Long story short, Mesopotamansh burns things up, killing all cultists and all spawned things.
>Then I planned to introduce some of my main themes in the game, changelings.
>In an inn there are some changelings that I hoped that PCs would deal with somehow.
>In the end the whole inn with its surroundings was burnt down by Mesopotamansh. After whick he started fapping to the fire.
>"Okay, he's a pyromaniac, some stuff like that could come with that." I thought to myself.
>To the town ahead!


>> No.41971066
File: 83 KB, 245x200, Ohmygod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want to point at this point that I gave them freedom to think about their characters before the first session. I was in the impression that all players were experienced gamers and could do at least tolerable characters. I came to regret this a lot later, for reasons you will notice when reading onward.
>So here's a good point to tell about the party
>Matt Huberson, ordinary human specialist with no particular talents or abilities, except fuck good at shooting things with his beloved longbow.
>Carl, no surname, an extra-zealous human paladin that likes to panish and torment to extereme levels. Also loves to fap to torturing and tortured people.
>Steven Stone, an old dwarf warrior of mysterious origins, his parents were killed by chaos dwarfs and he hates chaos dwarfs a lot because of this. But plottwist! He is the long lost king of chaos dwarfs! Also loves to fap to gems.
>Wink, a male lesbian stealth assassin elf. Wears a green hat and a green jacket with khak-colored trousers. Loves his sword and triforce shield.
>Mesopotamansh, a pyromaniac human magic-user who loves flames a bit too much. Also loves to fap to flames. The character of ForeverGM.
>Lalithimerien, a female elf warrior. Ha sno blood in her veins, only LSD. With her psychic powers she can move some LSD straight into other people's system. We played at this guy's apartment and he was known for having random outbursts of rage, so I allowed this.


>> No.41971092

>We played at this guy's apartment and he was known for having random outbursts of rage, so I allowed this
So what was twisting your arm to allow the other 4 characters?

>> No.41971173

>In the town we went to the local church to talk about the partys changeling incident earlier.
>The main priest of town told about strange incidents that had been troubling his time for some time.
>Every now and then a man would come to town and visit the orphanage there. He would take a child and return it later. This has had been happening for half a year now.
>Carl and Lalithimerien decide to look into the matter. They try to interrogate the orphanage's headmistress, to no success.
>At the same time a new character joins, a female human mage, capable of metamorphosis. Her name is Hummingbird.
>In the end the party decides to burn the orphanage, ignoring Hummingbird's protests of the matter. And the whole town too, to be sure that no changeling gets away.
>And of course Mesopotamansh faps to this.
>At this point I'm starting to lose faith in humanity but I decided to see this to the end.


>> No.41971203

>They had played as a group for years and stood together against me when I tried to protest about some of the PCs "qualities". In the end I gave up. I just wanted to get the game started. At this point I still had faith in humanity.

>> No.41971491

Oh, I forgot to say that Carl fapped to the dead burning children at the orphanage.

>Before the party got to near city ahead they put up a camp to rest for the night. During nighttime they were confronted by crabmen, elkmen etc etc.
>They asked if the party could help them with their revenge. They wanted to kill all changelings that resided in the city. The party agreed.
>Next morning party sneaks into the city while telling their new allies to wait for Hummingbird's signal.
>Place seems to be totally abandoned except for some soldiers that roam the barracks. After a little investigation, they are knocked out and brought to a local inn where "The Resistance" gathers up.
>Party and The Resistance decides to join forces. They storm the barracks. Easy fight.
>Suddenly, some members of the resistance tells that they are surrounded. Changelings apparently changed form and waited for the party to get to the barracks. It's a dead end.

>> No.41971622

>Mesopotamansh decides to summon something. The end result is somesort of Succubus, at least by effect.
>Mesopotamansh falls instantly in love and starts to force a tentacle of the monster to his ass.
>At this point Carl and Lalithimerien decide to go all nuts. Lalithimerien grabs Carl's dick and showel it to her ass running out of town, through the horde, and screaming loudly at the same time to the sunset.
>Steven Stone and Wink are also bewitched by this creature, each grabbing a tentacle to showel it to grabber's ass. Also random fapping occurs.
>"Oh my god what have I done"
>The monster is able to kill all changelings, at the same time most of it's tentacles being "used".
>Mesopotamansh understands that the creature has to return to its own realm soon. Mesopotamansh decides to accompany him/her/it?
>Fighting is over, members of The Resistance and the mutilated people give their regards.
>Looting, party finds a magic carpet.
>Steven Stone and Wink's tentacle-in-the-ass session was vulgarly interrupted, so they decide to use the corners to pleasure themselves. Also Matt Huberson is being used as a sex slave at the same time. At the same time they travel to the distance.

I silently take my things, wish them good evening and leave. I haven't GMd anything since.

>> No.41971677
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>> No.41971743

I know the story ending wasn't what everyone was surely expecting. I wish I had a more suitable ending for it, for the sake of the story, but what can I do. Had I left it out, people would have squeezed it out of me regardless.

Also, I can confirm >>41970712 storytime, if someone doubts it. I wasn't there, but I know the person behind the anon.

>> No.41972106

>>In the end the party decides to burn the orphanage, ignoring Hummingbird's protests of the matter. And the whole town too, to be sure that no changeling gets away.
This would be perfect if it was a parody of PC logic

>> No.41972380
File: 68 KB, 480x644, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What the hell must've been going through that tentacled monster's head when it was summoned

>> No.41973202
File: 62 KB, 548x556, 1408468220705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure which is more painful; this story, or the fact that it's not even the worst I've read this week.

>> No.41973217

By worst, I mean the contents, not the writing.
That shit must have been rough to handle, man.

>> No.41974374

Our group's that guy really isn't even that bad, now that I think about it.
The worst that happens is that he'll just complain loudly and for a long time about bad things happening to his character or anything that's maybe a little unfair.
It's only a problem because it starts eating up a lot of time, but if I yell at him to shut up and fucking deal with it, things get back on track pretty quick.
Honestly I don't think we could ever kick him out, because his fits and antics are a source of entertainment to the rest of us.

>> No.41975872

>not even the worst I've read this week.
Holy shit anon, I feel sorry for your brains after such exposure. What could go still worse than case presented? Care to elaborate?
You have my interest.

Sounds like a pretty tame case of that guy, lucky you. If he is that much an entertainment to your group, that should already make up for his complaining, seeing as he is able to shut up when really needed.

>> No.41976149

It was that one last week, with Blackleaf style suicide attempts, assaults and date rape.

>> No.41976787 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.96 MB, 512x328, 1440017587007.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh right. I already forgot about THAT thread. Thanks for reminding me...I guess?

I really hope someone screencapped that shit and stored it. It'll take a real killer-thread to beat that. Just... Uhhh.

May the dice gods protect us from a fate worse than any of that. Actually, anything even close to that.

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