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When you netdeck winning Jinteki decks you're just Replicating Perfection

>What is Android: Netrunner?

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Why aren't you talking about pic related?

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Also this. Such delicious jank.

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That's a very nice agenda - not as good as GFI, but still good.

Probably the huge volume of new cards meant it's not been noticed as much, but I like it.

I also like the art, a lot

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When this card was revealed I had thought of an interaction that I thought would make it worthwhile, but of course I didn't add it to my notes immediately and now I can't for the life of me remember whatever it was.

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The avalanche of two datapacks + D&D at GenCon certainly made us overlook some cards.

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survice double dose of Scorched Earth?

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Yeah, I think we'll be digging through the GenCon triple release for a while yet.

Things like DaVinci and DDos look great

Pic related is nearly as good as a Fall Guy, and no influence - it also works really well with paparazzi

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Nahh, that was something purely on the runner side.

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That's a card I'm totally going to try and fit in one of my scorched earth (not the card, the strat) Reina decks when I get back to playing them.

Finding *what* ot will replace is going to be the hard part.

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I could see it being useful in Hayley, as a place to store stuff you can't install yet

Fisk Investment Seminar can be pretty powerful - I played against a guy using it, Fisk's ability and Utopia to make me draw, and then played Hades after I'd discarded.

Didn't win (it's a good job Jackson went to the Seminar, he saved my ass) but it was a bit overwhelming to play against - you're quite powerless against a lot of it.

Pic related is also pretty nice, and that we can get Dr Lovegood to turn it off is a nice touch

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Works as a storage place for cards if your deck is dependent on draw order, can help you survive kill attempts, and could be used to store up Faust food.

Also, I highly doubt I'm ever going to build a deck with three of these, so I think I'll use one as an actual bookmark.

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I'm really liking some of the Lovegood interactions.

Makes me want to use The Source and/or Donut Taganes - I'm really thinking digging the idea of reworking a Stirling connection deck.

Or maybe in Adam proper ?

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It's Aggressive Negotiation made agenda, which fits because that extra click to play AN was pretty annoying.

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More annoyed by the influence if you're not Weyland.

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Also, there just isn't room in most corp decks for effects like AN, unless it's on an agenda.

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Fair point too, yeah.

It's not so much Aggressive Negotiations is a bad card as much as it's so hard to find room for it. It's one of these cards you would play, but when you start trimming it never makes the cut.

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Yup. I'm going to test it in my HBFA deck instead of the two Chronos Projects it currently has. While Chronos is quite nice against the current meta, the strength of its effect depends on both timing and the runner's deck. The nice thing about TFIN is that it's almost never going to be useless, and you can use it to either snowball your own game or slow down the runner.

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Also, I will try to make the rushiest and snowballsiest Titan deck ever.

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Stash your hand there before you LALA for quick access, maybe?

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With Aggressive Negotiation and Fast Track as well?

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I can't tell, do you think this is meant to be Liz Mills, or is the suit style just popular with corporate types?

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Nah, hair is just too long.

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When Turntable triggers and Human First is installed. Do I get credits for the agenda I stole or the agenda I swapped?

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Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within
49 cards
Influence: 15/15
Agenda points: 21

Agenda (9)
2 Braintrust
3 Nisei MK II
1 Philotic Entanglement
3 The Future Perfect

Asset (14)
2 Aggressive Secretary••••
2 Edge of World
1 Jackson Howard•
2 Mental Health Clinic
3 Project Junebug
2 Shi.Kyū
2 Snare!

ICE (12)
1 Chimera
2 Fire Wall••••
1 Grim
2 Komainu
2 Neural Katana
1 Swordsman
2 Wall of Thorns
1 Woodcutter•••

Operation (14)
3 Celebrity Gift
3 Hedge Fund
3 Mushin No Shin
2 Neural EMP
3 Shipment from Kaguya •••

Any thought about this ?

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The one you stole, probably.

I know you're Tennin, but... Woodcutter? Really?

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Yeah, maybe

The one that goes into your score area, because that's the one you stole

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Whats wrong with woodcutter ?
It's quite powerful, fits in the deck and none of my friends has any good sentry breaker.

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Nah, ended up just putting in 3x Atlas and 2x The Future is Now. That should be enough tutoring.

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Nobody plays parasite, Deus X, and faerie?
Just kidding, if you didn't include woodcutter I would be saying "why not woodcutter?"

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Also, wrong eye color.

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You're a romantic, sir.

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More surprised by Woodcutter with no Corporate Troubleshooter.

Got so many fond memories of those two together. Add Thomas Haas for bluffing your way, making it to a kill shot the runner thinks you can't set up once s/he's fully learned to expect it past the time it landed in a prior match.

Oh, well, influence is always tight.

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I'll be extremely disappointed if there's not a single NBN card that's a reference to crazy ass Bollywood shit once the next cycle hits.

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Aggressive Negotiation is actually pretty bad for reasons beyond the extra click. Basically half the games when you overscore a Project Atlas you leave it in your score area with the agenda tokens until you actually need it.

AN does not give you the option to wait, fetching only when the ideal situation presents itself, making it much worse.

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Asked Lukas at GenCon about the possibility of New Bollywood, his response was that people won't be disappointed with Bollywood references.

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gdlk interaction. Criminal only to save influence on Fall Guy and Hostage I bet.

Aggressive Negotiations out of the core box helps set up double Scorches out of a slow rolled Posted Bounty. Atlas is nice, but you could get crazy early double Scorches through this kind of play. A Mushin Weyland can give this a try and see if it's still a viable playstyle.

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Had some fun with pic related and Hollywood Reno today - I lost, because quite frankly mydeckisshit.jpeg, but that combination was fantastic.

Started at 3 subs, from advancing it unrezzed before I played Hollywood, and then I used Hollywood to advance it up to 5.
The runner did not expect it, cost them 3 D4v1d counters (and a clone chip) and 6 credits, and they jacked out immediately after

I definitely think there's potential here.

Also, with Burke Bugs, Spiderweb, Hive and Swarm, I'm definitely seeing something of a theme here - the "insects" are destroyers and their "homes" are multi-sub barriers.
I'd like to see more (and in the case of the insects, better) ice in this theme

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>the "insects" are destroyers and their "homes" are multi-sub barriers.
I never thought about that. Now I want to make an insect deck. All bugs.

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Burke Bugs are pretty buggy, though I could just see them in a super-tracer Making News

Like I said, I'd love to see more like them

For runners you could easily do a bug deck though. Fucking Parasite

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Lets think through this.

What was the color of the second card?

Because i'm thinking either 'draw 4' with geist, or for holding shit for andromeda.

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That's not a bad idea, using it to mitigate a grip full of stuff you can't really use

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Thank you (and the other anons too) for trying to help me remember, but really I can't for the life of me.

All I remember is that upon seeing it thought "hey there's that cool interaction, should be interesting". I'm pretty sure that wasn't ID related though.

The worse is that it may just have been a bad idea, but I won't know until I remember. Been driving me crazy all day.

(And of course some other asshole taunted me whole games about not forgetting to bookmark my cool ideas for later use... died by Ronin, so that will teach him... pffffff)

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The thing that kill Burke Burg for me is Weyland doesn't really have the econ to make it work, as disappointing as it sounds. And really other faction have no need for it.

I've had fun with the card in Making News actually. Just leave it on a server, cost you zero, the runner is going to have to pay even if only one credit every run there. In that case I think the Whizzard quote is just perfectly descriptive: it's not a *good* card, but damn it stings having to pay for it for the runner (I guess it's like getting beaten by Dan in Street Fighter or something).

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The hilariously smug moment when the runner plays legwork and sees Scorch, Scorch, SEA Source

>> No.41918269


And then you pray to not be AS/Vamp-ed right behind.

But yeah, it *is* one nice smug moment.

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Eh I lost. CT got MOpus turn 1 or 2 and eventually got all 3 RDIs out.

At one point I was kinda milling myself a little in a dumb move - there was a mostly-paid Femme, an RDI and Clot all on a personal workshop and I have Liz Mills in the deck.
Never found her.

Triple RDI + Makers Eye run was game over

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With the new wave of link runners (either all those that just discovered that UC actually works, or Sunny and Geist) Burke Bugs is now worst as ever.

I'm thinking this in Gagarin for the Bugs deck. But I'm not sure if it's worth it.

>> No.41918805


We need to splice this into Scorched Earth.

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So one of my playgroup guy's spotted this earlier today:


>Business First is the second Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle.

>Passions flare and Jinteki faces a game-changing crisis in Business First. As the issue of clone rights rises to prominence during the Indian Union's national elections, Business First explores the tensions and conflicts within this tumultuous environment with sixty new cards (a complete playset of nineteen different cards) that leak horror stories about Jinteki's treatment of its clones, find the Corp's PR team scrambling to draw attention to its work with sustainable foods, and follow Haas-Bioroid's efforts to capitalize upon its rival's missteps.

This sounds really interesting, I'm curious how the cards in the pack tie into the storyline. Sounds like Jinteki is getting a ton of Illicit shit?

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>and follow Haas-Bioroid's efforts to capitalize upon its rival's missteps
These two we have some idea of

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Betrayed by Miss Miller ? I wonder how much they paid her ?

Who am I kidding ? She loves her work far too much to be bought.


Loving the sound of this. Still don't know whether I'm going to upgrade past D&D though, gonna depend on how things go locally.


I'll console myself (no pun intended) with the hope that at least we're going to see more Link on the global meta.

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It was not great.

MOpus shapers are a pretty tough job - any ideas to keep within shouting distance?

I've got 2 econ slots in my deck, and 2 inf to spend on it, any ideas?

I wish pic was related, but I don't think it is, at least not for this deck

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I'm wondering about this, but 2 to trash is suffering

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Who's ready for the new lord of ambushes who will fuck you up at the price of a strength 6 trace?

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Gonna hate the answer but: it depends.

There's a reason so many people switched back to using Asset Econ from the huge initial focus on Operation econ we had when the game started: it's a good way to force the runner to spend credits and waste runs (well, not the only reason but it's sure a huge one from where I stand)..

You also have more aggressive options, but they're hard to come by: program trashing (and I guess hardware trashing to lower the MU cap and force program trashing) exists, but it has been harder and harder to land. That's what they wanted for Weyland, but they went too prudent with the power level of cars and it hurts (though that's probably for the better in the long run).

NBN has some very cool options - though generally it takes money to make the runner lose money, so it can be tough. Big hope you have is that they don't play Link + Opus (though unless your meta is link mine, that's pretty likely). Then you can use tags to keep them poor (not only because of the money spent, but also the click wasted not making money).

Another thing you can do is try the Jinteki game and use damage. No to kill the runner, but to force wasted clicks on draws. That's not an easy one either. Probably never been harder actually.

You're not going to ever beat the runner in the econ race. Best you can hope is open windows.


I'm not. Have a love/hate relationship with NBN. I love the design of so many of their cards yet overall it's probably the corp I take least pleasure in playing (well, granted, I almost only play HB with silly decks... CI swapping, Custom Biokill, Cybernetics hand reduction... so that's kinda cheating) and this is a perfect example: I love the design of the card, can't say I want to play with or against it.

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While the runner encounters it, they can't actually pump and break it with an icebreaker, right? There are no paid ability windows during an access, and although its an encounter with an ICE, its happening within the access step of a run. Like, its a trace 6 that WILL fire, correct?

>> No.41923424

Yes, bit note that you never access an installed uce so you only definitely get hit by it when it's uninstalled

>> No.41925103

I don't know for sure, but I think the intention is that you go through the whole encounter process, steps 3-3.2 of the run. Doesn't make sense the other way.

>> No.41925187

>Panic Selling
>Criminal - Event
>Cost 2, Influence 2

>Make a run on R+D, if successful, instead of accessing cards reveal cards from the top of R+D until you reveal an agenda then add it to HQ. Shuffle R+D.

>> No.41927483

Event should be double, at least.

>> No.41927639

Also a "Run".

>> No.41927731


This fucks over government takeover/ vanity project decks hard.

This 2-3 times into Legwork does seem expensive.

>> No.41927921

This actually does a good job of turning on Adams Safety First directive, while also keeping him out of scorch range.

>> No.41928021


>> No.41928061

Can someone explain how DDos works? The wording is going completely over my head. Does it last the entire turn or only 1 run? Does it only count for 1 chosen server or every server? Why am I so stupid today, usually I can understand this stuff no problem 0_0

>> No.41928125

maybe. It does say that you are encountering the ICE. But the traditional timing chart isn't for encountering ICE, its for encountering ICE during a run (I think the page is even called "Timing of a Run" or something like that). This encounter is happening once the run is successful, which doesn't allow for paid abilities normally. How would this new timing chart even work? Could you use a paid ability after you "pass" the piece of ice?

>> No.41928625

I've been playing Sunny and most of the game I have 3-5 link, so bring it on!

>> No.41929294

Weird newbie question. I know for an icebreaker to interact with ice, you need to pump up that breaker to interact with subroutines and break them.

But do you actually need to pump up the strength of the icebreaker to get past the ice? Or is that even a thing? Can you just take the subroutines and go through, or does the icebreaker at least have to match the strength of the ice?

>> No.41929353

After the ICE's subroutines fire off, and if that hasn't manually ended your run or flatlined you, you can be off on your merry way toward the server.

>> No.41929376


And suddenly I realize we have been playing this game wrong for weeks now. Thank you.

>> No.41929511

Outside of a pure kill deck, is 3 SEA too many?

>> No.41929576

i'd say yes
depends on your deck, but I'd say, just use one.

>> No.41930164

Hilarious game against cloud-only Geist, definitely proves you really, really need other breakers.

He had all 9 out and over 100 credits, still couldn't get into my servers.

>> No.41930562

Hadrian walls, ice walls, fire walls. Hell, even Curtain Wall will keep him out. But I like the idea of a blitz criminal. D4v1d, grappling hooks, LLDS, and it needs lots of derez/destroy too.
But I have no idea how to play blitz.

>> No.41930667


Actually I think he could get into R&D, he just didn't think he could and he had no R&D multiaccess.

The thinking thing is pretty relevant though - there was maybe 2-3 pieces of ice on R&D, unrezzed and somewhat advanced, but it was not decent ice.
In fact I'm pretty certain that for most of the game there wasn't a single ETR on R&D - he'd had draws that were too good, allowing him to set up 5 cred/turn drip econ and eventually all the breakers, but that gave me time to build and advance what appeared to be an impenetrable server.

Bluffing, in Weyland, who'da thunk it?

Meanwhile my HQ was actually a fortress, and I eventually got the scoring server built and put a Str 10 Hadrian on the outside

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I'm playing 3x Wasteland. Corp trashes an ICE hosting parasite. Does the Wasteland trigger?

I know Clot triggers Wasteland when the Corp purges virus counters, but who does the trashing when a host trashes hosted cards?

>> No.41931346

I don't think so - clot and the other viruses with the "trash when the corp purges" clause tell you to do something - you're the one trashing.
When something gets trashed because its host is uninstalled that's a universal effect

>> No.41932473

When is data and destiny legal?
Some guy on Jinteki.net got mad at me and left because I was running Global Food Iniative in Medtech.

>> No.41932526

I'm getting back into the game and trying to catch-up, could someone gimme the cliffsnotes...

A year ago no-one was playing Jinteki, what changed?

Subsequently, what packs are essential if all you play is shaper/jinteki?

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Well he's a dick then.

Was it with TFP?

>> No.41932650

I think it's best to tell people you're using data and destiny, so little bitches like this guy won't complain.

>> No.41932656

Not OP, but Data and Destiny hasn't come out yet, so it isn't legal. If I recall correctly it's current status is at the printer.

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What was the last packs that you were playing with?

The Jinteki Big Box is amazing, get that at the very least

>> No.41932718

ah, i didnt know that, i just saw it in a Covenant video and assumed it must be out.

>> No.41932748

last pack I bought was Honor and Profit, i see RP is doing pretty well now

>> No.41932784

Yeah - though in the most recent packs spoilered/released there's a couple of big hits against RP they haven't fully landed yet

>> No.41932889

>it isn't legal.
well, to be fair, jinteki.net isn't legal either

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File: 28 KB, 890x1010, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41932937

That's hilarious. I love Medtech but I keep running into Influence problems, even with 12. What do you spend the 9 influence on?

ICE? Aggressive Secretaries?

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>> No.41933108

Not the anon you replied to but I use mine with 3 SanSan Grid and 3 Jacksons. Aggressive secretaries wouldn't be welcome, advanceable traps do not work well with Medtech in my experience.

>> No.41933438

Yeah, the jackasses at FFG thought it was a good idea to make an early release for those at gencon, screwing up anybody else. So until... october? we are going to have a disparity in what people is trying at OCTGN/Jinteki.
So much complaining about spoilers ruining the game for everyone and they go and create this awkward situation.

>> No.41933630


I kinda agree with the theory that it was purely a spiteful move aimed against the spoiling people.

>> No.41933690


Come on, it was a nice pun.

>> No.41933822

2x jackson
2x tollbooth
2x eli

>> No.41933877

"pun" guy here, that wasn't a pun, that was just an observation

>> No.41933903

a PUNservation

Sorry, I'll go now.

>> No.41933933

That made me laugh, and I am ashamed of it.

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File: 181 KB, 638x563, Daily Business Show.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deciding between Private Contracts and Capital Investors, which should I choose?

Capital always seems to get trashed, but it's cheaper and infinite

>> No.41935768

Contracts if it's enough econ.
Capital if provoking the run&trash is useful to your deck for other reasons (SEA source, opening scoring windows and the like)

>> No.41935799

So, everyone on netrunnerDB is acting like resistor is hot shit. Is it just because it is a 0 cost gear check barrier that can tax?

>> No.41935867

What more can you want out of an ice?

Btw, what current works the best with New Angeles Sol?

>> No.41935885
File: 89 KB, 720x960, D&D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the comments on someone's deck?

Resistor looks pretty crap to me tbh, though I can see there being a place for 0/0 ice

>> No.41936035

Resister is for Midseasons, man

>> No.41936122

Yeah, post-midseasons it's ace, can't deny that

>> No.41936815


It's great gear check in early game and can in the right deck become taxing in late game.

If you do tagstorm I don't see why not replace wraparound with it. At worst it does aprroximatively the same thing, at best ist super taxing.

>> No.41936839
File: 1.97 MB, 400x242, Tom_baker_creepy_smile.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poorfag not getting Data and Destiny at Gencon? Cry more nerd.

>> No.41937169

PC is primarily about making a little money, while CI is primarily about getting the runner to spend theirs.

>> No.41937186

vice-versa rather

>> No.41937248

some people do not live in america, burgerboy

>> No.41937256

Not the other guy, but D&D getting a limited release is a legitimate problem: it temporarily fractures the playerbase, which is always a terrible idea.

>> No.41937318


That being said I'm looking at it as an interesting rehearsal of how things will go down when some people stop upgrading their card pool.

>> No.41937371

It's in the deck comments and description for the top making news deck on netrunner db

>> No.41937423

wut? PC rarely gets trashed because it's limited. If you're including it in your deck to make the runner spend money, you're an idiot.

CI is usually going to get trashed by the runner because its value doesn't diminish. The best play for the runner is usually to trash it ASAP, so you shouldn't expect to make a lot of money from it. You install it into a taxing remote and make the runner spend money trashing it.

>> No.41937444

Which is it?
I'm primarily looking for econ, rather than tax

>> No.41937461

Oh, how the player base is fractured by non-tournament legal cards! Oh, we'll never be able to figure out the might of proxies or telling that dude we don't want to play against those cards!

Whatever shall we do?

>> No.41937529


I would answer that question, but my lawyers are advising against it.

>> No.41937552

I mean, he's not wrong, not sure why you're responding in a manner that implies that he is.

>> No.41937587

I bought D&D at GenCon. Haven't used it once because others here don't have it. Same with UoT.

>> No.41938042

FIS + Panic Sell + Legwork or HQI = Profit?

>> No.41938746

As long as the woman in public sympathy is Kate, I can believe the woman on fast track is Mills

>> No.41938785

Nearly as annoying as Noise mills, and combined with Fisk running (usually archives, but sometimes your overloaded HQ) gets nasty fast

>> No.41939645


There were 200 copies of D&D at GenCon, that's less than the number of people who even played at Nationals. "Fracturing" the community 99:1 isn't actually fracturing a fucking thing.

>> No.41940174


Unless locally you have enough people that attended to make significant difference.

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File: 1.01 MB, 296x225, TOO_SUBTLE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy I sure am glad that literally no one else but those 200 people have any method of playing with those early release cards, wouldn't it be terrible if someone made something that allowed you to play with cards you don't own?

>> No.41942043
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Yeah, Sympathy has terrible art

>> No.41944170

Don't OCTGN and Jinteki have those available to use?

>> No.41944477

too subtle.

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