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What's the worst thing your group's That Guy has ever done? In or out of character at the table.

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I brought custard donuts to the table because I knew nobody else would want share. I ate them all.

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Well, the last That Guy isn't around any more due to his manslaughter conviction, but the current That Guy has an absolutely infuriating habit of mana weaving other people's decks when they're passed to him to cut. He always hides it when a judge is nearby, but he's openly stated he does it to piss people off.

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Original guy
>Wanted to play a furry in No Exit.
2nd guy
> got super pissed off a the girl playing a priest in sundered skies. And called her out for supporting the patriarchy because she wore a head scarf, because Russian Orthodox.
God, I wish I startes screening players more often.

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Attempted suicide at the table.

We all knew he had issues, but holy fuck is that not the place. There's still bloodstains on my battle mat, and honestly he was such a selfish cunt about it that I almost regret helping to save his life.

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>Well, the last That Guy isn't around any more due to his manslaughter conviction

>Attempted suicide at the table.
>There's still bloodstains on my battle mat, and honestly he was such a selfish cunt about it that I almost regret helping to save his life.


I was about to say something about my That Guy having bad teeth and other hygeine problems, but damn, you guys take the forty cakes.

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Jesus fuck.

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First one ended up date raping a chick the group knew, but they were both equally horrible people so I don't really care about the well-being of the woman in question. She used to deal drugs and still does a lot of them and was an enabler for a friend of mine and now he does a shitload of drugs with her. And he would metagame and make munchkin characters and name them shit like Rand Al'Thor and try to break every game he got involved with because "LOLSOFANNEY" when everyone else stopped thinking it was funny after the first time he accidentally someone's campaign.

The second was a tryhard powergamer that couldn't stop metagaming to save his life and cheated on his rolls.

Then there's one, who doesn't quite count as a that guy since he's not typically that bad, but I've caught him cheating on rolls because he gets WAY too attached to his characters and RP's almost a little too much.

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Rolled 1 (1d8)

>Well, the last That Guy isn't around any more due to his manslaughter conviction
I honestly have no clue. One day he just stopped showing up and a few weeks later his answering machine message switched to an older woman saying "So-and-so is unavailable since he's in jail for manslaughter, please leave a message."

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In Character? He's a lolrandum wizard, who has, in the course of the last few sessions:

>Tried to light a blunt on a table of volatile chemicals, leading to the only clue we had of the BBEG's whereabouts dissapearing
>Got 'annoyed' by birds while in town, 'accidently' cast a fireball and killed a flock of pigeons, and proceeded to spend the entire 8 hour session screaming about it
>Flat out said 'no' to almost every quest hook, and claims there's no reason to stay with the party
>Hears the region we're going to has 'bear riders'
>Decides to abandon the quest and go to the complete opposite end of a Russia sized area to try and convince the bear people to revolt
>Whines for hours when the rest of us want to continue to the city we actually need to go to

Out of character is almost worse.
>The pigeon thing, but spent the next session asking if we remembered that time he killed the pigeons
>Tried to bribe several of us OOC if we went with his bear people thing, and threatened to quit if he didn't get his way
>Claimed he had a 'family thing' the night before we had a session planned, and we later found out (from someone else) he was hosting a session
>Made a group consisting of some of our players and several people I've introduced him to, and making the people in our group work around his game
>Cancelled a game he was hosting 15 minutes before it was supposed to happen because he got too high the day before with aforementioned group
And we have a guy who comes from 2 1/2 hours away to DM this shit.

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Speaking of the DM, he used to run pure fluff RPGs on camp outs w/ our BSA troop. He's decent enough now, but he used to pull shit like this:

>You're in a room, -description of room-
Can I go through the door?
So what's outside the room?
>You haven't gone through the door yet
Ok, I go through the door
>You run into the door
What, why?
>You never opened it
Fine, I open the door and leave the room
>How do you leave the room?
Through the door I just opened.
>You can't go through the door, it's wooden
Through the doorway then
>Okay, so you're outside now

He made us describe everything in impossible detail, it was excruciating.

And I doubt anyone here cares much about this, and I know no one I know will read this, but it's really nice to get this off of my chest.

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No you're fine, I live for That Guy threads and I honestly have to say, fuck your DM.

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Get a new battlemat. Whats wrong with you?

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Yeah. He was really mad we switched to the new D&D edition, and he had dumped his girlfriend. She told me he was planning a mass shooting but I laughed her off cause I was loyal to my friend and thought she was a whore. Plus he doesn't even own any guns, just a flip-out spring knife thingy he bought to "protect himself" at work.

But yeah, his character died at the table, because he basically committed suicide running in to fight 5 ogres at once. he killed 2, then was BTFO. I got up to go get some more soda, turned back when one of the girls screamed to see him trying to cut his own throat. He didnt hit the right artery or whatever, I hate talking abotu this stuff because blood makes me feel like fainting. But I literally called 911 and bandaged his neck while almost falling uncosncious. A week later he messaged me from some suicide watch place saying he hated me for ruining his death or some retarded shit.


It's only been a few weeks. He's still in the hospital and we haven't played since. I'm still kinda in shock about the whole thing.

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Battlemats are expensive.

Although bloodstains are a legitimate reason to replace it.

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Wow, fuck that guy. I'll say the first 6 lines or so are perfectly fine, maybe even with the player in the wrong, but could still be done better.

Can I go through the door?
>Sure. How are you going about it? Crack it quietly, kick it through, etc. Get into the habit of describing your actions for me.

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jesus christ is this shit real? who are you guys associating with?

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is what shit real? the suicide guy or the slow descriptions guy?

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Oh my god. Seriously, fuck that guy, that's not something you do as a human being. My best wishes from the internet for you and yours to get over this bullshit. My advice is to just never, ever contact that guy ever again in any form, even if he threatens suicide again.

Again, sorry about that crazy shit, stranger. Do what you have to do to work it out and get through that traumatic stuff and hope you are able to do so swifty.

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Wow man, that's fucked up.

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>Ok, I go through the door
>>You run into the door
>What, why?
>>You never opened it

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I'd say keep it except that they're not bloodstains from a fight, they're bloodstains from someone's suicidal histrionics, which means they depreciate any cool factor the mat has, rather than bolstering it.

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As opposed to figuratively calling 911.

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Yeah, he's really mad at me and my other friend, as well as his ex, because he got fired from his job at the FLGS because of the suicide.


Dude I was trying to not pass out from like, a lot of blood. While trying to save my nutso friend's life. Because he tried to an hero at a fucking ROLE PLAYING GAME. Give me a break.


I want to throw it out but that's like, accepting that it happened. it feels like one of those fuck-weird dreams you wake up from and it feels real for the next few days.

Plus the fucking thing cost 20 bucks so I'm hoping to get some of that hard-core cleaning stuff and see if I can get the blood off. It's vellum though, or whatever that clothy stuff is, so I doubt it. it's probably soaked in or something.


> peanut butter sandwich making description bullshit

Yeah fuck DMs who do that.

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The cleaning stuff might cost more than a replacement mat.

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He's definitely gotten better since then, he runs our main campaign currently and (even though it's 4e) he tries to do a lot of political intrigue, riddles, puzzles, etc, shit that's not just murderhoboing.

Yeah, none of us were very good players back then. Most of us that started out with him are still in the group though.

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Wow, I was going to talk about my hard magical realming faggot again, but suicide man blows him away.

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It's not a competition, you're not going to get a medal for "most That Guy story." Go ahead an post, let's keep this thread contributed to.

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Our worst That Guy tried poisoning the group after his character died for being a backstabbing fucktard. His rogue literally tried backstabbing the Paladin because lolreligion, fucked it up and got a chest full of longsword from the paladin and fighter.

So he comes in with brownies the next session along with a new character. Something is wrong right away, the brownies taste like fucking medicine on the first bite. None of us are more than a bite and one of us got sick just from that.

Turned out the shitter ground up a whole bottle of Hydrocodone and Tramadol into the brownie mix as revenge. He got kicked out of the group and the player that got sick stalked him to his ork at Taco Bell, after we all found out from his sister days later, and threw him through a plate glass window.

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Man, after suicide, rape, manslaughter, and being greedy about donuts, my that guy stories feel bland in comparison.

-tries to play a homebrewed class that he swore was legit

-tried using literally made up feats that he swore were totally in some splat book somewhere, but couldn't even provide a source

-Came to a session with a character that he "rolled really well on," prompting me to ask him how he had multiple stats over 20. His answer? He rolled d20 for stats, apparently that is how his other group does it, and thought it was the standard. (So he claims)

-played a lawful neutral character and committed wanton murder in the first session

-tries to play races with ridiculous level adjustments without actually dealing with level adjustment

-Fudges dice CONSTANTLY. Always makes an excuse to to play slightly removed from the rest of the group, and thinks holding up his die and showing us that totally legit nat 20 for the fifth time in a row lends any support to his claim

-whenever it isn't his turn, doesn't pay attention and browses fucking imgur on his laptop. No matter how many times I tell him to put away his computer and pay attention, claims he is looking at his character sheet which he always conveniently keeps digital.

-ignores starting wealth spending rules, purposefully misunderstands magic weapon pricing (I can totally afford a +2 keen mithril katana with 5000 gold!"

He isn't that bad a guy outside of anything that can be called a game, but in games he is the biggest fucking cheater I know. When we did D&D over roll20, he insisted on rolling real dice and then showing us the result with his camera rather than just using the built in dice roller.

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Oh, forgot a good one:

-Claimed a pathfinder witch's special ability is to be able to cast both a hex and a normal spell as one standard action.

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What a fucking waste of drugs. He definitely deserved to get tossed through a window (also he should've faced jail time for fucking drugging a group of people but I'm sure pressing charges was FAR TOO DROLL AN AFFAIR for a bunch of busy intelligent people such as yourselves).

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I'm with >>41902315, this guys should be behind bars for trying to poison people.

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Ive played strictly with close friends, so this shit is always strange to me. Only exception was two gamefinder campaigns that were very short from one being very boring and the other infested by furries.

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>Actual bloodstains on your battlemat
Dude I would pay money for that.

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Also you've already got a free supply of blood, champ, so get to work.

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he shit his pants and refused to admit it. we could smell it, and when he got up to get a drink a bit fell out of his fucking pants. so i chased him off with the hose.

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>Not wanting to eat best donuts

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Wow, compared to suicide guy my players are really tame. And it helps that our "That Guy" is my best friend and I can reign him in a bit but...
>Doing a pathfinder run, I made up this whole custom world.
>Get his first character, a pretty cool cleric of Cayden Cailean, a muscular brown elf from the plains of the western continent. Literally spends all her money helping people and buying rounds of drink, at one time she even drank a dwarf under the table with some amazing CON rolls.
>Our PC's continue on and run into some Dark Elfs, one of which tries to cut the PC's throats in their sleep.
>Gets captured, put in a small wagon with our local hobowizards rubbish pile.
>Autistic edgelord (Lol I'm going to be evil even though this isn't an evil game at all) claims her as his slave.
>Elf gets pretty butthurt about that, and her player says he can no longer justify his character staying with the group. "Fuck alright fine if you're going to whine about it she goes off on her own)
>New character, some gigantic wise old monk who's stupidly broken, luckily although he min/max's he never lets that get in the way of the rest of the group.
>A few more adventures happen, hero's go off to save the world from an entire kingdom of crazy, positive energy worshipers.
>Suddenly says this would make sense for the elf, wants to switch.

He does this sort of thing very often, switching characters mid game because he grows bored of them. Its not the worst thing ever, I can manage it but he's literally destroyed other DM's campaigns by doing stuff like this.

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>stupidly broken
Uh huh

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Honestly, to me it seems more like the autistic edgelord is the That Guy.

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He's more of a secondary that guy. He only cares about stats, literally every character wields a kukri because of the higher crit ratio. He also doesn't seem to understand what roleplaying is. He either just says what he does out of character (Because he has no character) or he stays silent. And I've yet to get a character with any actual backstory, I've had to yell at him for being 3 sessions in and him still not giving his character a name.

All that being said he's not mean except for a few random occurrences, and he doesn't actively derail games.

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I'd ask him to pay for cleaning cost if it is on carpet. Them tell him to wear fucking diapers, what mother fucker shit his pants in company? Is it too much effort to go to the bathroom?

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I've talked about Ken the Furry a few times here so some of this may be familiar.

First a description. Ken was fat, like 350+ lbs, had greasy curly blonde hair, and a literal neckbeard, he shaved his face but not his neck. He always had a big tin of off brand cheetos balls and drank Mt Dew by the 2 Liters bottle (most nights he'd drink 2), and for some reason alway carried a six D-Cell Mag Lite Flashlight in his backpack. He smelled of onions and vaseline.

His habits included...

When rolling his dice, he'd hold the flashlight like it was a titantic cock and rub his dice hand on it, moan in what he thought was an erotic tone, and "spew" the dice out like they were his jizz.

When eating his off-brand cheetos he'd never get a paper towel off the roll on the table, he'd wipe them on whatever was handy. Normally his pants or the arms of the chair he'd sit in. This infuriated the host as Ken's chair would develop a crust of nasty cheetos residue.

He sometimes also ate potted meat food product at games. He was especially fond of spreadable meat. The shit looked and smelled like canned dog food. The worst was when he'd bring both and put cheetos balls on his spreadable meat and crackers.

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On to shit he did in game...

He liked to play little pervy fucks (gnomes when he had to play a standard race) and acted as the sidekick/enabler for other players' bad habits, we had a giantess fetishist and a slave fetishist in the group. Most often some brand of dick-ass thief with a hefty side of magic.

When anything went for races, like the times GM wanted to run GURPS Fantasy, he played his fursona, a giant blue dog. If the GM let him it was a quadruped, but if not he'd make him a dog-man. His fursona's primary attack form was pissing acid.

His most infamous thing was the creation of fairy butt-beads and butt-beads of force. The former is not quite what you think, they weren't butt-beads for fairies, they were butt-beads made from living fairies. He got the idea after capturing a bunch of fairies to sell as slaves with slave fetishist and thought that it was sad that the giantess was sexually frustrated because no one was big enough to fuck her. The latter were made as an attempt to smuggle a magic item into a high security area, he shoved them up his ass to sneak them in. He then used them as "shit covered projectiles" against some guards we needed to contain.

On shit outside of the game...

He pulled the stereotypical creeper bullshit anytime anything vaguely female was around. For awhile though he had a ham planet girlfriend, but she dumped his ass. After she dumped him he showed up at the weekly session with tears in his eyes and cried five or six times during the night. According to the ham beast she caught him trying to hit on her 15 year-old sister (he was 22 at the time).

The last I heard of him was he got arrested for indecent exposure parked outside an adult novelty store shoving a butt-plug in his ass. That incident made the local paper. He got six months in the pokey for that incident. According the sex offender registry, he moved outstate shortly after he got out of jail.

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you're a good man anon. I don't have the blood thing, but I can still empathize. I can't imagine facing that level of squick just to save some dumbass.

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The fuck are you doing nigger? Use hydrogen peroxide.

>> No.41902940

wouldn't that risk bleaching part of the battle mat?

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How did anyone at all put up with him even coming near their house, let alone game with him?

>> No.41902955

>He rolled d20 for stats, apparently that is how his other group does it, and thought it was the standard
All the other stuff he does is fucking shitty, no doubt, but just for the benefit of the doubt, the first time I played 3.5 the GM told me to roll a d20 for stats. It wasn't until I read the books months later that I found it what you were actually supposed to do.
That said, given the rest of his habits, he's probably just a shitty person.

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It's pretty easy to put up with a fictional character, anon.

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Are we supposed to be shocked and horrified that a 22 year old was hitting on a 15 year old? Frankly I think the AoC should be at like 14.

>> No.41903014

Nope. Dilute the Hydrogen Peroxide in water first and make it mild. Test an inconspicuous area.

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Hey, guys, the That Guys found the way into the That Guy thread!

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Hello bait my old friend

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I live in Germany where the age of consent IS 14, what's your fucking problem?

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Can we get the cliff-notes story of That Guy #1 up to his manslaughter conviction?

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Physically assaulted another player who poked fun and joke-flirted with the female GM. Surprisingly, even after receiving a sucker punch to the jaw and awkward elbow to the stomach, the other player didn't react beyond twisting That Guy's arm and pinning him to the floor until he swore he would leave quietly without incident.

>> No.41903114


Was he White Knighting, or a jealous shut-in?

>> No.41903117

That Guy left the table to use the bathroom and was gone for a while. Went and found him undressing in my 22 year old daughter's room (she was back from college during the winter break). I knocked two of his teeth out and left him unconscious then had to spend the night in jail while things got sorted out. He moved to another state. If you're reading this Bryce Stevenson eat shit and die.

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Way to go dad. You deserve a beer.

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The rule if you're older is {Your Age/2]+7 = Acceptable.

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We had a That Guy who made fun of a player at the table with a disability, got kicked out for it, showed up at the GM's house anyway because he thought we were kidding, and we had to call the police to get rid of him.

>> No.41903180

Both. The GM and other player clearly had chemistry and That Guy thought he could prove how manly he was, pushing around a bigger guy who is a really nice, quiet person.

>> No.41903183

Epic arbitrary bullshit rule anon.

>> No.41903189

What was the disability?

>> No.41903192

Our "That Guy" is totally cool and we love hanging out with him, but he just dates idiots and always brings them around. The last girl was a fucking furry and obsessed with taking care of animals and would not shut up about animal stuff. So unfortunately we had to be careful about inviting him anywhere we didn't want her to also be.

Fortunately, he broke up with her a few weeks ago and we finally have our friend back. After each disastrous relationship he realizes what a mistake it was, but he always seem to rush into new ones. Hopefully he'll be single for a while.

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14 - 14
16 - 15
18 - 16
20 - 17
22 - 18
24 - 20
beyond that, pfffff

>> No.41903214


It's not arbitrary, it's descriptive. A case of just looking at the data and creating a simple equation to fit the line.

>> No.41903218

I made a character that at level one wielded a huge great hammer that counted as colossal.

I can only play characters my DM makes now and I have no choice in the feats or gear I can use. Even if we loot something I have to ask the DM before I can even ask to have it.

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Arbitrary bullshit.

>> No.41903236

Well, there's an easy solution to this problem. Take a hit for the team and be his new girlfriend.

>> No.41903248


Actually, that reminds me, our GM shit his pants once. Had a 103 fever with the flu and was all "nope, this is game day, WE FUCKING PLAY" and would not go to change until a scheduled break.

In retrospect, we should have tied him to his bed and forced him to rest.

>> No.41903257


does your DM also force you to take orc dick?

>> No.41903262

Sure it's arbitrary, but it's a workable system.

>> No.41903265


Sounds like he was mad delusional from the flu.

Was the game session trippy because of his madness?

>> No.41903278


I don't believe this for a second, fucking no one would stand for this.

>> No.41903306

>tfw i'm 16 years younger than the acceptable age for my fuckbuddy
>i'm 23

>> No.41903316


Neurological in nature, no sensation over large portions of his body. I forget the technical name, although he's told it to us.

Put simply though, he can't feel a lot of his body, and he's constantly checking his hands and looking in a mirror to make sure he hasn't like cut or burned or broken anything. Our That Guy thought it was an awesome superpower and throught he should be a stuntman, along with constantly jostling him at the table and saying "Well, he can't feel it, right?"

>> No.41903326

That Guy crashed the GMs birthday party he wasn't invited to, got drunk in the first 15 minutes, took his shirt off and tried to get pity sex from fat girls and then passed out in a beanbag and puked all over the GMs really nice Star Wars carpet.

So the GM and I decide to clean him up and put him in the laundry room. Midway through lifting him up, he pukes on me, then starts thrashing, hits me, gets up and runs outside to puke again, leaving the GM to clean up this trail of puke through her house.

By about 1am he'd sobered up enough to walk and talk, roped the GM into listening to him complain about his life, then tried to kiss her. She walked out and sat on her bed, he followed, crawled on top of her and when she she said no and called out for me, he smothered her with a pillow.

For 2 weeks after, he left dozens of messages with the GM, saying that it was all the alcohol, he'll never drink again, that I'd planned it from the start and convinced him to drink half the bottle of expensive absinthe I brought, then formulated a conspiracy whereby I drugged him and coached him into doing what he did.

>> No.41903336

I had a ThatGuy at a game once. He showed up, half-assed it for a bit, ate a fuck load of the pizza I bought and brought in for our first game session then promptly bailed an hour in. The rest of the game went smoothly, and the next game some of the players decided to be nice and bring pizza to the game so I wouldn't have to buy.

>> No.41903342


No, not really. He didn't have quite the tactical verve that he usually displays with his monsters, but honestly, smell aside, it was a pretty normal session.

>> No.41903344


I think I've heard this story before. Have you told it here before?

>> No.41903353

I do because I know myself. I'm the only one at the table that knows how shit works. I dont even try to min max I just can clearly see whats worthless to my build and what works best at a glance. I also refuse to hinder myself in any way.

So its either let the DM do everything for me or not play and I kinda want to play.

>> No.41903364


Yeah, a while back. Months ago, maybe even a year.

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What you did may not have been Lawful but it was certainly Good.

>> No.41903392

Ah, not as bad as making fun of someone who was blind or something but still a dick thing to do especially if they were told to stop

>> No.41903406

Im assuming he not coming back for gaming any time soon. Good ridence, the drunk fuck.

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>> No.41903425

He must be a damn good DM or you must be really desperate to play.

>> No.41903454

>I also refuse to hinder myself in any way

You sound really boring. If you're such a god at this game, why don't you actually challenge yourself instead of just blind optimizing?

>> No.41903465

>the entire 8 hour session screaming
>8 hour session
isn't that a really long session? Anybody back me up on this? That seems like a really long time.

>> No.41903492


Yeah, it is, but I don't disbelieve it. You can set aside a whole day with your buds and get together for a really long, dedicated session rather than just a few hours at a time.

>> No.41903509

I used to play 8-12 hour long sessions when I didn't have to deal with arthritis. As long as everyone is cool with it it's basically a sweet party. Get drunk, eat pizza and taco bell, and kick ass.

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This whole thread makes me want to go all Deathnote on these fuckwads. Holy shit, some of these people.

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>I'm sure pressing charges was FAR TOO DROLL AN AFFAIR for a bunch of busy intelligent people such as yourselves
That was golden, anon.

>> No.41903558

I used to have 13 hours sessions. 8 is not too ridiculous.

>> No.41903560

I do. When I build I normally come up with an idea and run with it. Like "I want to wield a really really big hammer" then with that in mind its really easy to see what works to that goal and what does not.

Right now for fun I'm trying to make an immunity canceler character. Oh your immune to fire? take fire damage anyways. What you cant take piercing damage? Well fuck you I'm gonna kill you with a spear. Kinda deal.

My "ability" as you can call it to just know what works with a glance leads to me reaching most of my goals. To be honest I don't understand why the rest of my group cant do it. It seems so easy to me yet they just cant think out side of the box. Before I would pick feats and everyone would groan about how it was useless and I should just get weapon focus. Then 2 levels later that feat enabled me to break the game. I would try to explain why it worked and was good but they just don't get it. Its like they cant see past the feat or class skill itself. They focus on just the feat or skill and don't even try to see how it would fit in with other feats or skills.

>> No.41903567

Jesus Christ where do these people come from

>> No.41903596

I don't powergame at all but I kind of want to hear how you do this. Like, can you give me an example of a seemingly useless feat that can break the game.

>> No.41903636


He made the Chultian Druid "Nix Bood" whose foremost goal was to demonstrate natural selection and rape as many women as possible, when not engaging in petty theft and picking fights with authority figures.

>> No.41903652
File: 28 KB, 577x1024, CBIxxOPUcAAH2X7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spreadable meat
this is a thing?

>> No.41903668

I had That Guy as a DM once.

-had two DM PCs, literal dragonloli, and some fucking mary sue rogue who regularly swooped in to save the day (often when it wasn't needed) and one shot things with a fucking whip.

-Tried to use his DM PCs to get into in game relationships with the players

-Basically said fuck rules. Knowledge of the manual didn't really help one, as he basically made up new rules whenever it suited his needs.

-Whenever we threw together funds to buy whatever greasy shit we were eating that week, he would throw in the least, and use the most on himself to ridiculous degrees. For instance, once we through together some money and went to get taco bell, we gave him the money, and he left to go get it in his car, when he came back, he basically gave us each two $1 tacos, and kept literally around 10 assorted items for himself, each of which likely cost more than everybody else's "meal" combined. For comparison, each person threw in about 10 bucks, and he said he would just add in his own funds as needed when he got there. After doing the math at some point later, he literally did not even put in any money himself.

To be continued.

>> No.41903695

Never watched Sling Blade? www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e0qpl7oC9s

>> No.41903720

That's a very subjective thing. It entirely depends on what you are trying to do. A feat can go from great to absolutely worthless in moments based on what your gaol is.

Here is one I used in a perma fear build that my group said was a wasted feat.


They said it would rarely if ever be used and was too specific. Normally yes that is the case but as I had done other things that results in every other creature even my ally's become feared it became an important step to removing that fear from my ally's without having to spend gold on items that I wanted to spend elsewhere.

>> No.41903743


Spreadable meat sounds extremely processed/fake. Like sometime I'd find in a dollar store, or the Kwiki-Mart bargain bin.

Having a fatass neckbeard eating it, I can partially see how he got so lardful.

>> No.41903746

Oh, huh, nevermind.
That sounds fun, but also kind of exhausting.

>> No.41903778


Needless to say, in future sessions we did shit like ordered pizza, but he would also scarf down half the pizza before everybody else had finished their first piece. Gluttonous asshole. (He wasn't even that fat, somehow)

-At a certain point, he just stopped rolling dice for stuff altogether, arbitrary deciding when we got hit or didn't. Occasionally he would have us call high or low, or even or odd or some shit for things like fucking saves. (Instead of rolling a will save to resist being mind controlled for example, he would just have us call even or odd or high or low or some shit, when he was feeling generous and actually let us participate.)

And you might think, "well, maybe he just really wanted to tell a story."

Fucking wrong. His DM style could basically be called "stream of thought DMing," basically throwing us into whatever situation came to mind, in an extremely disjointed manner. One time we went from being in the deepest shithole in the underdark, to being on a pirate ship on the ocean. From a port. In the underdark. To the very above-ground ocean. And then it turns out his rogue DM PC knows the captain, who just happens to be here, in an ocean port in the underdark, after we had essentially been wandering aimlessly for days.
We literally went from traveling a normal road; to investigating a necromancer's keep; to literally falling into the underdark; to some strange demi-plane of some god he probably made up on the spot, where he basically said "look at all this cool stuff, oh shit you are being chased, run away!"; to stumbling back into the underdark, physically, like, there was a door; to the aforementioned pirate ship. All in one session that took about four hours maybe.

The spell list was just not a thing he consulted. His idea of a spell was "what do I want to have happen to that person? Okay, that is a spell now"

>> No.41903781

>date rape
Isn't a thing.

>> No.41903786


Yeah, it's pretty good, too. Deviled ham sandwiches are awesome.

>> No.41903813
File: 750 KB, 625x626, Bait-Apocalypse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41903884

Honestly, not even a that guy really but the party in my game(which is a muderhobo megadungeon game) consists of an evil wizard priest to the demon-god Apep, an aging halfling warrior, a fey sorceress and twilight sparkleshy the unicorn.
I mainly keep the pony around because their "let's solve things with the power of friendship" approach actually has an interesting dynamic with the ruthlessly murderhobo rest of the party.

>> No.41903928

>perma fear
Shit man that sounds cool. How did you do it/was it any good?

>> No.41903953


>The MLP guy is more preferable of a player to have around than the rest of the murderhobo party.

I can't contain all these keks.

>> No.41904088

It was great until the DM made everything immune to mind effecting. It was forever ago but it was cleric based and through a combination of feats spells and items whenever I made an action everything that was within 120 feet of me regardless of line of sight or walls had to make a DC 62 will save or become feared. Based on their success or failure would determine which stage. Then on top of that if they failed a second time they they had to make a DC 42 fortitude save or die from instantly of fear.

The DM actually made a specific magic item that was "so cheep any farmer could buy one and made them immune to anything that affects their mind unnaturally." Shit pissed me off as it completely invalidated my character as I was starting to get fear piercing to fear things that were naturally immune to fear.

I ended up scraping the character because I couldn't do anything else. One of the players even said "Shoulda just focused on healing like clerics are supposed to do." Doing what the classes are supposed to do isn't fun. I want to take them to strange new places. Its like a giant puzzle. I know what the end result should look like I just got to get everything to fit together to get there.

>> No.41904093
File: 2.78 MB, 386x232, laughing_schoolgirls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The former is not quite what you think, they weren't butt-beads for fairies, they were butt-beads made from living fairies.
This is so twisted it turns right around and becomes fucking hilarious.

>> No.41904098

My DM has a recurring character we have all take not calling "That Girl" because she is constantly fucking shit up just for the fuck of it.

She's a Paladin of Freedom, who is literally on a quest to stir up as much chaos in the world as she can, because chaotic times bring the villainous out more quickly to exploit the chaos, leading for faster resolutions.

In actuality how it works is she's a party girl who literally brews and weaponizes a alcohol, has burned down literally every tavern we have found her at, and has this bizarre habit of throwing sheds at us.

It's kind of fun though, its usually good for a laugh, and it's a good way for the DM to drop plot hooks or information on us as she wanders into our way. But at this point it is clear she is stalking our party because we are the most powerful entities around and she wants to keep an eye on us.

>> No.41904130

This probably explains that Unteralterbach game...

>> No.41904143

My party has a bard.

He has shifted the campaign from fighting, to going town to town playing rocking concerts. The Wilder is a transmutation specialist and conjures/plays the drum and enhances the sound. While the druid plays a Leaf-flute.

In any combat scenario they have ever gotten into, their FIRST instinct is to play a song. Due to a series of crazy situations, this has always worked and they have never taken a life.

It's pretty fun, and at least they aren't murderhobos. But it totally fucked my entire world and prepared events.

>> No.41904159


>focus on healing like clerics are supposed to do

I can't wait for this line of thought to die, jesus fuck.

If I want to play a healer, I'll play the fucking healer class.

>> No.41904273

he's a shitty player, but not really that-guy territory yet. It's like a malfunctioning roomba, you would prefer to have a working one but at least it isn't actively destroying your house yet

>> No.41904399

The wizard-priest character(who's pretty much playing Thulsa Doom., down to the backstory) after the session where the pony befriended a bunch of morlocks, told me "I didn't realize talking to the dungeon creatures was an option. I just thought that since they were morlocks, I should immediately try to kill them."
It's nice though, instead of a straight dungeon assault, the party ended up poisoning the morlocks during a feat to take their uranium.
Only time the pony hasn't tried to befriend the monsters and convinced the party not to kill monsters for their treasure was when a bunch of johnny 5's attacked his hirelings.

>> No.41904445
File: 138 KB, 771x886, 1432536912288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not even sure our group has a "That Guy".

Granted we collectively do so much stupid shit as a group, we might as well be a group of "That Guy"s. Half of the things we do would probably trigger someone at a more "normal" table.

>> No.41904446
File: 153 KB, 648x720, 1438356113184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posted this in a smaller thread, re-posting here for further opinions.

We have just ended a campaign a month ago, and we're currently looking to start one up in about a month.We decided to play some 1-2 session mini adventures to pass the time and experiment.

Well, we decided to play Tomb of Horrors, D&Dnext version. 3 players and I wanted to, the 4th person, Bennet, did not. He didn't say he was against it, he just said that "meat grinder" dungeons weren't his thing. The other players semi-pleaded with him, saying that it's a legendary adventure, and they wanted to try it. I of course wanted to try it too, I was the one who reccomended it. We all know it's super lethal, we just wanted to give it a shot. Bennet then reluctantly agreed.

Last week was our first session.

Bennet and co. found the 1st false entrance, and Bennet imedeately said told the group not to go down it and to continue digging around.
I thought it odd, but whatever, his rogue is just cautious.

Then they got to the giant demon face, Bennet claims right away that no-one should touch it or stick their hand in the mouth.
Now I get it, and I'm mad.

The party gets to the fake tomb room, and Bennet's rogue immediately calls it fake and continues to look for the correct path.
The group is now rolling their eyes along with me.

Final straw: The rolling behemoth trap.
Bennet stops the group and explains that a giant roller trap is about to be sprung.
I stop the game and ask him why he would read/memorize the dungeon before hand, this was supposed to be a nail-biting "how long will they survivie, how far will they get" experience.

Bennet looks me dead in the eyes and said "Why would I play anything that I know I'd lose? I play to win or I don't play at all."

He read the whole dungeon adventure, memorized it, and ruined the experience for the group.

Is he a "That Guy"? We always have chalked his so-serious attitude as "different playstyle", but I'm so mad this time...

>> No.41904511


>"Why would I play anything that I know I'd lose? I play to win or I don't play at all."

He's that guy. By every measure and definition.

His goal was to ruin fun. He ruined fun. He is That Guy.

>> No.41904525

Total That Guy. He's playing D&D, a game that has no true end point or victory conditions, to "win".

>> No.41904539
File: 94 KB, 400x400, for real.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not being a healer class

>> No.41904542


People who read adventures ahead of time are literally the worst people to play with. I had one of these once, pretty much the exact same situation, running a group of new players through the infamous tomb of horrors, ruined by one faggot.

The problem is that you can really never un-ruin it. Once the secret is spoiled, it is spoiled for good.

>> No.41904551

1) There's a D&D Next Tomb of Horrors?

2) Why didn't you just tell Bennet to sit out that one if he wouldn't enjoy it or play it another time as a side game yourselves?

>> No.41904556

>No Blackleaf you're dead!

>> No.41904565


If you're not sure if someone read an adventure/dungeon beforehand: Put a whole different room in the dungeon or change a room's effect.

See them sperg out and spill the beans about reading the dungeon.

>> No.41904572


There's different versions of it around, some are different takes on hyper-lethal dungeons, others are sequels to the Tomb of Horrors.

Of course, next time, don't invite him to that session.

>> No.41904580


That is exactly what I'm talking about you double nigger.

Just because they have the capacity to heal does not make them the dedicated healer class.

>> No.41904583

Why didn't you do something other than run the book word for word?

>> No.41904612

preventing damage is always better than healing it ;^)

>> No.41904630



Not that they're inherintly the same thing, but you know how I mentioned he has a "different playstyle"?

He likes super-highpowered adventuers with tons of magic gear and such. The core DM and I (the 2ndary DM) tend to like lower-level stuff and low fantasy survivalist stuff. The others in our group are typically middle ground. He's basically the type of guy who wants his DM to be Monty Haul.

Also, he insists that he'll run us through a WoD campaign in the future, because I bought the Vampire core book on a whim. Except he won't run it until he buys Werewolf and Mage, because he wants to run "an epic campaign that has all three books involved". When we warned him that we all just want to play Vampires, and since he's a new DM he should probably just relax and take it easy with one book. He stated that he has no interest in Vampire, but he wants to make a really cool Mage DMPC. Yeah, he wants to DM a WoD campaign just so he can make a Mage, while the rest of us are vamps.

We are not looking forward to that campaign.

Arg... sorry. Just blowing off some steam.

>> No.41904666

>Not eating foie gras at the table like a true dapper gentleman

>> No.41904686

Hydrogen Peroxide should take that out. I have blood on my pants from our last session and that's what I plan on using.

Failing that, those insanely alcoholic makeup or nail polish wipes will get that off the mat probably.

>> No.41904688

I classify that under the general "support" umbrella along with healing and buffs

>> No.41904695

i doubt fat ass neckbeard doesn't have the money for that shit. more so because he was too poor to buy an actual bag of Cheetos

>> No.41904738
File: 1.90 MB, 200x200, Death Mask Productions.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Eh, It's just that I if we were going to run this thing ONCE, I wanted it to be pure.

We can never get it back now.

It's in Dungeon Magazine 213.
Also, he AGREED to play it, we have a very open policy in our group, if even one person puts their foot down and says "No, I'm just not into that, lets not." Then we don't do it. After the rest of the group pleaded their case to him, he said it was fine... sure he was a bit huffy, but if he had simply said "No. I don't want to do ToH", then we would have either skipped the idea, or told him to just take a break for 2 weeks while we play it.

His "playstyle" of only playing characters or campaign settings that are really powerfull is exactly why we can't play any of the 40k RPGs... except deathwatch, which our DM and I both don't want to run high-level Deathwatch stuff.

It's so frusterating. He said OK... normally that's enough.

>> No.41904747

>i doubt he has the money
God, beer and lack a sleep is great for posting.

>> No.41904754

Dude, it sounds to me like you and the group you're in just want completely different things. They want a fairly normal game, where you want to bring in your murderbot 5000. My advice is either learn to chill out about that stuff, or else find a different group that's into that stuff too.

>> No.41904911


Fuck off Ken.

>> No.41904985

Sounds like you became a ready-baked BBEG. Cleric researching a simple idea, suddenly he's so terrifying that people are dropping dead of fear around him.

>> No.41905042


Granny fiddler.

>> No.41905066

no man, he's a cougar hunter, granny fiddler would be almost 25 year older than him.

>> No.41905140


I don't get this... I'm a GMAIL and all for PC's coming up with stuff on their own. But if I heard someone say "I want to make anal beads out of fairies, use them on a giantess and shove them up my ass" I'd be dead panned and say "no you fucking aren't going to do that."

>> No.41905179



He's a retired bodybuilder hung like a fucking horse with a nice personality.

>> No.41905186

>make character that literally easymodes the entire game
>surprised when your DM has to bandaid patch it just so that an encounter can actually happen
he should've talked to you and told you to quit being such a gamebreaking shitter instead of getting into an arms war, but that doesn't change the fact that you were basically making the game an unfun ghost town

i don't imagine you'd like to play a campaign where a DMPC kills every monster ahead of time and the only thing you can do is progress to the next area because there's nothing to fight, nothing to talk to, nothing to do

like it or not, but in D&D and PF the cleric IS the healer class
the only others with significant party healing ability that i can think of are alchemist and paladin, with their potions and lay on hands - both have their own focuses on other things, whereas clerics are either shitting out deathbeams or shitting out lifebeams
there's really nothing else that is more of a 'healer class'

>> No.41905343

There is not a single authority figure in the campaign that he has NOT turned hostile to him specifically, thus inconveniencing us by association.

>> No.41905420

Been spending too much time on /k/. Thought FLGS was Friendly Local Gun Store and was wondering how this guy wasn't dead sooner. Crazy story, man.

>> No.41905548
File: 216 KB, 640x484, jesus_christ_how_horrifying_by_turtleboy1-d5h8myv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Bunch of Johnny 5s attacking the hired muscle
>Bunch of Johnny 5s

>> No.41905598

Goddamn, that's a rare kind of asshole

>> No.41905762

Oh fuck me anon it is, trust me
But it also can be really awesome and if stuff goes right, and nobody totally bitches out, you won't really notice the time.

>> No.41905773


That's what you get for being that guy. Creating a character who would cause immense issues through the entire game.

>> No.41905871

>When we did D&D over roll20, he insisted on rolling real dice and then showing us the result with his camera rather than just using the built in dice roller.
Jesus Christ. I've done some shameless cheating on my time, but that takes the piss.

>> No.41905891

He should make ideas for villains in his DM's campaigns.

>> No.41906130

Sounds like our group actually. Only the dm pcs were people who were close to him and pretty much in his pocket. Dragonkinloli was a bard (his current hambeast girlfriend) and the op rogue was his friend who would constantly brown nose and side with him even on the most bs calls (felt as the veteran player he had to do all the work so new players could "learn how to play correctly") DM would use our fund to buy himself vape fluid and dew otherwise he would be "too burnt out" to play that day, bringing people to the game only to be sent home if he didn't have his way.

>> No.41906247
File: 139 KB, 424x470, rage4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DM's girlfriend. SJW. Gets mad at me for saying things like derp because it's "casual ableism". Various other things, but the one that still gets my goat is when I mentioned "Yeah, all of the animals in my house are male, except my mom," and she took that to mean that I considered my own mother less than human. Myself and others tried to explain the whole 'humans are animals' meaning to her and her response was "Or maybe he's just covering for his bullshit."
We dropped the subject at that point. Maybe she still thinks I consider my mom subhuman, I dunno.

>> No.41906431

Why don't you run some lower level stuff without him?

>> No.41906441

That's pretty goddamned toxic chief

>> No.41906457

>things that happened

>> No.41906547

>curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.

>> No.41906629
File: 34 KB, 600x250, 8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let off some steam, Bennet.

>> No.41906643

I dunno, she sounds sorta in the right about that last bit. Your statement was pretty fucking stupid.

>> No.41906699

>Decides to abandon the quest and go to the complete opposite end of a Russia sized area to try and convince the bear people to revolt

Sounds something my group would do. But as the whole group, so it's usually great fun anyways

>> No.41906706

Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't feel much dissonance in calling humans animals. It's an amusing way to say 'all the pets and people in the house'.

>> No.41906710


I refuse to believe this is even a word.

>> No.41906732

Suggested we play D&D.

>> No.41906739

He thought the module was his personal kobyashi Maru, instead of a fun look into the meat grinders of the past.
Maybe he assumed he'd get a kirk like response of adulation for beating the 'no win' scenario...

What a cockwrench.

>> No.41906766

So you're a bear hunter?

>> No.41906784
File: 243 KB, 160x126, th_wtfugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the rapist
>the manslaughterer
>the suicide guy
oh well. THAT guy

>> No.41906885

When I think back to it, I think I was That Guy when I was roleplaying for the first time. I really want to punch that asshole.

>Behind the door is a dark hallway, you see a faint silhouette approaching
I quickly but quietly close the door
>You close the door, but you can still hear someone getting closer to the door
Knowing the classic methods, I attempt to hide behind the door as it opens and hit the person on the head.
I can't recall my exact words, but I want to point out that I spoke out of character and sounded like an asshole.

At some point I started talking to the other players about topics not related to the current game. At least I learned my lesson when the DM got sick of my interruptions and took some experience points from my character as punishment.

>> No.41906954

It's not amazingly original but it's not the worse plan ever. How is that That Guy?

>> No.41907073

I kicked one guy out of my group for trying to smoke at the table. He wouldn't go outside, and things got heated... Then he smashed his cigarette on my pool table and stormed out.

>> No.41907186

omg you are making me want to vomit

>> No.41907207

>I'm hoping to get some of that hard-core cleaning stuff and see if I can get the blood off.
Two parts baking soda, one part water. Rub onto the bloodstain, slop on a generous amount, let sit for half an hour, then toss it in the washing machine.

>It's vellum though, or whatever that clothy stuff is
Vellum is parchment made from calf skin. It's a thin, bleached piece of leather.

>> No.41907209

Depending on context both yes and no.

>> No.41907348
File: 33 KB, 442x550, shrug[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm 26 and hit on 19-year-olds
>tfw some moralfag tells me I'm doing it wrong
They're really cute and they will love you for bringing them beer

>> No.41907424

the mage item should have boosted their saves instead of making them inmune, if theyre cheap enough that farmers could buy them and all. also higher quality versions of the charm (or whatever it was) could be found on bosses to keep your guy from just auto winning without ruining your character.

tldr fuck your unimaginative gm

>> No.41907429

Total fucking bullshit rule you have there anon.

But I can understand where you are coming from.

I knew a man who was in a sexual relationship with his daughters school friend. It was paedophilia but she grew out of it

>> No.41907436

You must be a riot at parties.

>> No.41907469

I admit it, I snickered.

>> No.41907473

Are you that same faggot who has been cutting himself and bleeding onto the pages of his monster manual?

>> No.41907491

So did I when I was told it.

Not at the time of course as the man was in a position of authority in the company I worked at and, as the new man, was toeing a thin line at the time. Best I could think to do was a deadpan.

>> No.41907507

Yes, not calling close relatives animals, what a square.

>> No.41907540

Good, then we're in agreement.

>> No.41907558

Should have called cops on him either way.

>> No.41907570

If I had to pick one thing? Expected others to like his character after she read their minds to try to find out their deepest, darkest secret.
She literally only failed against my character, but he saw what she was doing to the others in the party and thus began a long (well, like 15 sessions) history of distrust and animosity, which That Guy didn't seem to understand at all.
>"But she didn't succeed on you! Why are you upset?"
Because my character's race is deeply suspicious of mind magic, and reviles the possibility that you'd use it against your allies.
>"But my Diplomacy roll!"
What the fuck are you rolling Diplomacy against another PC, and why the fuck hasn't the GM stopped it.

Oh, and there was the time he decided that his character was the daughter of the God of the Underworld, and could, at level 5, let an ancient evil that had corrupted a god-princess inhabit her mind. And the GM let him get away with that.

>> No.41907645

And tell them what?

That a late 50s guy was fucking an early 20 lady?

That's not illegal and I had no proof he was fucking her since she was 14.

Also I worked with his son-in-law who was 6'11" and was known to be a hell of a bare-knuckle brawler. I didn't know his feelings on the matter and valued my teeth and use of my limbs.

Turns out he was a s disgusted as I was but I didn't know that until years later after she left him and he broke up with his daughter.

>> No.41907697

There's this one Guy in or group who's magical relm is incest, tentacles, and trophy brides, 2 randumb murderhobos, a guy obsessed with gaining slaves, a moron who challenges everything to fight and overreacts if anything goes wrong, one normal player, and a forever DM who struggling to make the adjustment to player, Aka me. In short, our group is shit, but they're my friends, so what do?

>> No.41907712

Talk to them about what you see as a problem like an actual human being. Jesus H. Fuck, this isn't difficult, anon. Stop making it difficult.

>> No.41907747

That "so what do?" was supposed to come off as more of "ayyyy what cha gonna do?" more then anything. In hindsight, I've could've worded that better. Still, I'm debating if I should leave.

>> No.41907748

>Ugh, this guy just tried to kill himself on MY stuff? Fucking selfish cunt.
You know that if you're actually attempting suicide that's a legit illness rather than some bullshit dramatics, right? Saying "i feel so bad im going to kill myself pls giv attention ;_;" and never doing anything is one thing, actually trying to kill yourself is a completely different matter.

>> No.41907774

Twinkerbell? Is that you?

>> No.41907792

I agree.

Still disgusting, but I agree that it should be allowed.

>> No.41907796

>saying that it was all the alcohol
This shit always pisses me off

No, alcohol DOES NOT make your personality flip 180 degrees. It removes some inhibitors.
Anything that you do and say when you're drunk is a reflection of who you are on the inside and the morals you have.

You cheat on someone while drunk? No, it wasn't the fucking alcohol: you're a slut and don't value the relationship

You try to rape someone while drunk? You're obviously a pig and only don't do it while sober because you can still remember the consequences

>> No.41907811

Probably some shitty railroading with invincible DMPC characters who stand around going "Hmph!" or teleporting past the party with their katana. At least he didn't go "Psst, nothing personal kid."

>> No.41907812

>bank heist
>bank has a charm on it that, if you are holding one of the many magical mcguffins, the deadly creatures inside the bank won't attack you
>everyone in the party has one, except the rogue
>That guy, the warlock, has two.
>Refuses to give the rogue the spare one, demands he buys it off him
>Rogue refuses, says he'll stay outside
>It's a bank heist, we'll need the rogue
>After MUCH convincing, he hands over the spare McGuffin


>Have to interrogate bank manager for passcode
>That guy chops his arms off immediately
>We find out passcode
>That guy then beheads him "because we no longer need him"
>murderhobo.exe is running full blast


>Sneak into main vault room
>Dragons guarding it, but not attacking us because we have the McGuffins
>We command it into corner of he room to allow us to get to the treasure beneath it
>That Guy attacks the dragon
>We try to stop him, fail but end up chopping That Guy's arms off.
>He has a tantrum (out of character) and leaves the vault, jamming the door on the outside.
>Angry dragon attacks rest of party
>We escape vault
>That Guy is pissed. Alerts guards to all our presence
>We apologise for disarming him, say we'll fix his arms. He doesn't care anymore. Is in proper two-year old tantrum mode now, throwing his toys out the pram.
>DM has to call in super powered NPC to get us out the bank without being killed/arrested
>That Guy refuses to go with us. Just sat in bank, and is clearly pissed off irl.
>I suggest we call it a night.
>Not sure if the campaign will survive

Ideally we'd kick him out, but he's imbedded in our social circle too much. Funny thing is, he was the one to suggest we play D&D, as he's never played it before.

>> No.41907826

>be in grade 10
>a girl from my math class plays DnD
>get a few other students to come play with us in addition to some of her friends
>girl says that it's 3.5 and to come with a level 5 character of any class or race
>this motherfucker from my English class comes in with a custom class
>it's labeled "superhero"
>d12 hit die, full BAB, all good saves, fighter feat progression, attribute bonuses, tons of spells as "at will" including Fireball as an 8th level wizard at level 5

I could go on, but let's just say that we never even played. It just turned into a giant argument and then that faggot and his friend went home leaving only 3 of us so we watched tv for a little while and then left. I later played with him during college, but that's a story for another day.

>> No.41907830

>as he's never played it before.
He thinks you're in a video game. You should probably emphasise the incredible importance of the fact that ttRPGs are group activities, not individual competitions. So he needs to act like he's part of a team and fast.

>> No.41907844

>he hated me for ruining his death
wasn't this the plot to The Incredibles?

>> No.41907846

Nigger, if he was truly that guy, then it should be story time right about now.

>> No.41907876

Retcon it and remove kebab.
There's a point where someone is so disruptive that it will be more trouble than it's worth to not boot them, and the social repercussions won't offset the value of it.

>> No.41907897

Alright, but it's actually not that interesting

>plays a min-maxed build thrower character copy pasted from some online forum
>can do like 50 quadrillion damage if it goes off
>problem is he has to be able to sneak attack the enemy, and be within 5 and 30 feet
>he didn't prepare well enough for this and has no way to deal with undead, constructs, etc.
>constantly bitches if he cannot do his epic attack
>gets super excited when he actually can and it takes fucking 5 minutes to roll every time because there's like 180something d6s with 1s rerolled

I would comment on his character but he had none. Just sat playing on his smart phone until it was combat time. Don't think he ever said something once. He also flirted really openly with two of the girls at the table, and like creepy flirting. He once followed one of the girls back to her dorm and kept on showing up at her room.

>> No.41907921

>remove kebab
Do you know what that even means?

>> No.41907945

Yes. I just gave no problem bastardising it when I'm feeling lazy

>> No.41907963


> Not knowing what Pâté is

>> No.41907972

Oh, and adding onto that, he'd frequently OOC use some debilitating illness as an excuse as to why he's being a dick/why the game should go like he wants. Sure, it's somewhat feasible that you have a disease I've never heard of with an estimated lifespan of 5 more years. Less so when you also break a leg and get a concussion. And no, it's incredibly unlikely that you have 3 forms of autism on top of all that; how the fuck have you not been hospitalized for the entirety of the campaign?

>> No.41908009 [DELETED] 

My That Guy met a girl and invited her to our gaming club. She was (and is still) awesome. She also happens to be a huge lesbian.

That Guy was super creepy with her from the start but she didn't seem to notice. Lots of unnecessary contact, always hovering around her awkwardly, sometimes just standing behind her watching while she played.

As soon as she started coming, I started getting messages from his online buddies asking me to confirm if he had a kinky friends-with-benefits deal with this girl and her girlfriend. I didn't know the girls very well at that point so for all I knew it might have been true, so I refused to comment.

Fast forward a few months and this girl is totally sick of That Guy; she's finally cottoned on that he's not just an awkward guy trying to be friendly, and she heard him shit-talking her to the rest of the group.

It turns out that That Guy got jealous that this girl was talking to other people and started insulting / spreading rumours about her when he figured she wasn't giving him enough attention. I guess he thought that if everyone hated her then she'd have to spend time with only him. It just made everyone hate him, and it's destroyed our local card game scene because he was the host and nobody wants to go game with him. No surprise the 'friends with benefits' lesbian threesome thing is just a lot of bullshit he's been feeding his friends.

So now I'm in this awkward position where this girl feels really betrayed and is already super upset, but I know that it's even worse than she thinks and I don't know if I should tell her about all the horrible made up bullshit he's been spreading to his OTHER mates about her and her girlfriend.

>> No.41908050
File: 53 KB, 587x663, Gyt5nfi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My That Guy met a girl and invited her to our gaming club. She was (and is still) awesome. She also happens to be a huge lesbian. It didn't stop That Guy though. He was super creepy with her from the start but she didn't seem to notice. There was a lot of unnecessary contact, with him always hovering around her awkwardly or just standing behind her watching while she played.

As soon as she started coming, I started getting messages from his online buddies asking me to confirm if he had a kinky friends-with-benefits deal with this girl and her girlfriend. I didn't know the girls very well at that point so for all I knew it might have been true, so I refused to comment.

Fast forward a few months and this girl is totally sick of That Guy; she's finally cottoned on that he's not just an awkward guy trying to be friendly, and she heard him shit-talking her to the rest of the group. It turns out that That Guy got jealous that this girl was talking to other people and started insulting / spreading rumours about her when he figured she wasn't giving him enough attention. I guess he thought that if everyone hated her then she'd have to spend time with only him. It just made everyone hate him, and it's destroyed our local card game scene because he was the host and nobody wants to go game with him. No surprise the 'friends with benefits' lesbian threesome thing is just a lot of bullshit he's been feeding his friends.

So now I'm in this awkward position where this girl feels really betrayed and is already super upset, but I know that it's even worse than she thinks and I don't know if I should tell her about all the horrible made up bullshit he's been spreading to his OTHER mates about her and her girlfriend.

>> No.41908061


The fact you tolerated this makes you look worse than him.

>> No.41908095

We didn't have a ThatGuy as much as we had a That DM who'd go out of his way to make impossible to win scenarios out of spite for his players. When I missed a game session he sent me a text asking if I was OK and then tried to call me when I didn't respond. Needless to say after the last session I don't play with that group anymore, the DM was a real creeper.

>> No.41908099


Yeah, he likes his video games. Though I don't understand this mentality, even though it's obviously the cause of it. Surely there are loads of team-game video games where teamwork is essential to victory? I can't imagine him playing COD and shooting his teammates for kicks, yet that's what he'll do in D&D.

Maybe you're right, maybe we just re-enforce the fact that it's a communal game, rather than "first to the finish line", though we've told him all this when he's been doing his That Guy behaviour.

He's also the kinda guy that fudges his rolls (if something is 6d4' he'll roll the d4 until he lands a 4 then multiply, e.g. 1+2+1+4x3), "misremembers" spell limitations and gets pissy if he takes any damage.

He was alright the previous sessions, albeit being a murderhobo, but I'm starting to loose hope that he's salvageable. I think he just plays D&D to hang around with us, rather than enjoying the actual game beyond letting off steam stabbing things.

We're taking a week break anyway because a few players are on holiday, so hopefully enough time will have passed that we can talk to him objectively in a fortnight without it being too much of an open wound.

>> No.41908114
File: 47 KB, 500x600, disappointment-e1414425594983[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the spoiler wasn't you banging the chick after the third wheel called it a night

>> No.41908127

>'impossible to win'
>DM hates me!
>You don't show up without so much as a word
>dude calls ONCE because he's concerned
>Someone with apparently normal social skills is both creeper and vile, evil overlord who's out to get me.

Nice job outing yourself, sperg.

>> No.41908130

this thread has been a that guy goldmine the like of which is rarely seen

>> No.41908141

I'd like to see your build: class setup, feats, rulebooks, etc.

>> No.41908211

Life Oracle is the new standard healing class, but Witches and Shamans do some good healing too, and of course 4e and 5e D&D helped most classes be able to do a bit of healing.

>> No.41908239


>> No.41908245
File: 268 KB, 769x1200, 56bd9ffa062b5ebd1acd95d29bd8b373edaa6388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boogedy boogedy boo

>> No.41908272

I had the exact same experience when I joined a brony Savage Worlds game out of sheer morbid curiosity.

Say what you like about the brony fandom, at least "power of friendship" encourages a cooperative party dynamic.

>> No.41908291

You should probably tell her and kick the creep out. Seems like you got a sweet trade off with her though

>> No.41908293

I let one guy get a weed plant once because it actually made sense in the setting. Every encounter he handed the npc a blunt, but his charisma was great and him and a sphinx smoked a fatty

>> No.41908303

m9 how do you not immediately know he's faking it
i mean, broken legs usually have a pretty damn visible cast

>> No.41908325

Come on man are you even trying with this bait?

>> No.41908386


That's awesome. Gonna try that for a oneshot one day

>> No.41908443

It could be a pretty sweet trade-off but somehow this douche always seems to reappear eventually. Everybody else seems far too lenient to this arsehole, and I'm the villain when I tell him off.

I'll try breaking the news to her when I see her next though. I guess she has a right to know that his shit-talking her isn't a recent thing.

>> No.41908450

Very, very, very underrated post.

>> No.41908458
File: 51 KB, 500x750, 13KEBb7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>Dumping on the fedora guy

Can I just say that the "let's mock the dorks who can't get laid" trend is just pure cruelty?

These are actual human beings and the pain and loneliness they're experiencing is real. I expect cattiness from women but we guys should be helping one another up. Telling them to lose the fedora, cargo shorts, and wallet chain? Teaching them how guys need to play hard to get too. Explaining weighlifting techniques.

>> No.41908498

They are beyond redemption, anon. Their pain and loneliness comes from a deep misunderstanding of reality that they refuse to let go of, and the words of a "normie" can not sway them from their path.

>> No.41908550

Dude so much this>>41908498
I have tried a few times to save old friends from the fedora but it never worked no matter how much they improved the moment they hit a slight hitch it was back to square 1 all over again. they are lost souls and helping hands can not redeem them. their only hope is for us to mock them so much they eventually look in a mirror and realize how retarded the shit they pull is. from there they can make their own journey down a path of self improvement

>> No.41908592

>Dorks who can't get laid haven't been mocked at some point

It has always been this bad anon, just different wording

>> No.41908595

Roll20 and Skype voice calls.

>> No.41908606


26/2 = 13+7 = 20

Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.41908623



>> No.41908643

I think he meant
(26 / 2 = 13) + 7 = 20

>> No.41908645

I've met a That Girl before, an edgy mlp watching hipster who's convinced that there's no good in the world. Got pretty angry when i didn't want to accept her CN drow rogue into a good party. though she did find a group that accepted her.

>> No.41908653

Most video games, especially casual ones teach people that they're the chosen one god king hero master of the universe and literally the only important person ever. There's basically no single player campaigns where you play someone expendable. The only one I know of is Red Orchestra.
You can see this translating to mutliplayer games with people who think they're deadeye snipers and lone wolfs, people who will fuck over their entire team for a trick shot worth five extra points. Who cares if the objective goes unnoticed as long as you land a sick headshot.

>> No.41908668


i don't understand.

>> No.41908698

Sodium Cyanide should clean it up pretty good. For extra measure put it in that guys drink next time you play.

>> No.41908722


It depends. Are they capable of redemption? Some people you just can't fix, bruh.

>lose the fedora, cargo shorts, chain wallet
>teaching them how guys need to play hard to get too
>explain weightlifting techniques

These won't fix the problem, because, akin to many SJWs (their mirror image in many ways), they have retreated into delusion and cannot easily discard what they cling to for security, i.e. euphoria, dressing like a "gentleman", being a "nice guy", etc.

>> No.41908724

I found the problem: you're rigidly inflexible and probably have difficulty with puzzles that require you to think outside the box.

>> No.41908764

wow, what a fucking cockbag.
what other stuff has this shitpail done?

>> No.41908770
File: 9 KB, 240x240, 1413518590777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aware I sound edgy as fuck, but if he had stabbed you first he wouldn't have had this problem.

>> No.41908942
File: 184 KB, 500x373, I will never play tabletop IRL again. Because I don't want to die..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey I wonder what's in the thre-
>A murder attempt, a rape, botched suicide, character assassination, drug enabling, a guy punching out a baby fucker - best father ever by the way, assault, butt-beads of force, constant cheating, and overly specific descriptions

>> No.41908964

>When we did D&D over roll20, he insisted on rolling real dice and then showing us the result with his camera rather than just using the built in dice roller.

In his defense, the dice roller for roll20 is kind of garbage; to the point where it is an in-joke in my group. Regardless, it seems to me that there is a trend with decent people devolving into pieces of shit in game. There's this strange insistence on always 'winning,' even in a game that has no winstate, that I'm certain is the root of the problem most of the time.

>> No.41909046

>putting cyanide in liquids
>putting it in drinks that are likely to be acidic

>> No.41909088

Not the guy who posted the story, but someone attempting to slice their own throat in front of three other people is fucked up and he deserves no sympathy because he has now scarred those other people for life because he decided it wasnt worth it anymore. He didnt ask them for help to talk it out, no, his imaginary character died and he decided that was the tipping point to kill himself in front of his friends. This guy did it for attention or else he wouldve done it in the privacy of his own home, or he was very mentally unstable and belonged in the place he ended up.

I have no sympathy for suicidal people because Ive gotten over my own tendencies in the past and I had an ex who used suicide so I would talk to her. Its such a copout and only serves to hurt your loved ones.

>> No.41909125


You are being ignorant!

The moment someone decides to take their own life, everything they have done wrong is no longer their own fault!

You don't know what it is like! These people are NOT in control!

Are. We. Fucking. Clear?

>> No.41909126

Meh doesn't seem edgy to me. It seems the practical choice. If you are gonna go full death scene might as well do it efficiently, and stabbing another person is a very easy way of making sure people don't stop you from committing suicide.

>> No.41909128

Really, half of these could be solved by the DM putting their foot down and having a spine. And if they don't like it? Fuck it, then you aren't invited anymore because you're literally ruining my adventure that I'm making for the rest of the group.

Fucking kick the assholes out, problem solved.

>> No.41909148

>The moment someone decides to take their own life, everything they have done wrong is no longer their own fault!
I'm honestly not sure if this is satire at this point.

>> No.41909155

It's sad to see that there are people in real life who say that kind of shit without being sarcastic.

>> No.41909157

Can't tell if bait or actually this stupid

>> No.41909162


The problem is that when we catch him cheating, he doesn't go "fine I'll stop," he takes it as a fucking challenge. He'll find new bullshit ways to cheat no matter what we do.

He does this in pretty much any game, not just D&D. Magic? Just blatantly pulls cards from his graveyard and plays them again, stacks his deck, etc.

Chess? Has literally tried to move pieces when I wasn't looking.

Pretty much any board game will find him cheating, whether it be him insisting on controlling the "bank" and just taking what we needs from it, grabbing more cards, adding more victory points than he has, etc.

>> No.41909172

>Not detecting obvious sarcasm

>> No.41909183

awful bait 0/8

>> No.41909188

Tone is hard to detect when the person in question isn't actually speaking.

>> No.41909189

This story isn't about one particular event or person, because it really seemed like my entire party was That Guy. Maybe I'm overreacting.
>Junior year of high school trying to get friends to try D&D
>They all agree on the condition that I DM
>I gladly accept and I must've put dozens of hours into coming up with a setting and characters for them
>First session starts with them all in a gladiator ring fighting for freedom and everyone admits they didn't read the rules
>Take numerous hours just to get through the introductory combat and "big escape" because no one knows how the game works
>Half the players are texting or playing games on their phones during combat or roleplaying
>Only one player was paying attention but he was getting pissy that the plot didn't revolve around him

This shit only continued through the entire campaign. My ex was part of the group and they actually had me take their turns for them because they had no idea what to do.
No one roleplayed, no one tried to do anything other than murder innocent people (While playing a party that was largely chaotic good) and rape every female character they came across. I wish that they would've at least had the courtesy to just tell me that they weren't interested in playing. I've found an amazing group since then but I'm still hesitant to DM because of a party that bitched when I didn't bend over backwards every time they wanted to be lolrandum or 2edgy4u. I'm glad my old group TPK'ed.

>> No.41909215

Combine the existence of Tumblr with Poe's law, m8

>> No.41909235


You got your shit straightened out in the first session pretty quickly. That's not that guy, that's a lot of first-timers.

That Guy doesn't stop, doesn't get the hint, and takes ever chastise or correction as a personal attack, holding petty grudges against any attempt to teach.

You made some mistakes. You were corrected. You learned. Good on you, it happens to us all.

>> No.41909257

The weird thing is that it's your DM who has an unusual injury: complete lack of a spine.

Pretty much. Lack of knowledge is a valid excuse. Refusal to learn is a bad sign.

>> No.41909306

>but he's imbedded in our social circle too much.
Then you just kick him out anyway
If anyone in your social circle questions it, tell him he acts like a whiny piece of shit and have the rest of the group testify

Don't let people walk all over you just because they are "friends" or your friend's friends.

>> No.41909345

You learn more about someone in an hour of play, than a century of conversation.

Your friend is a son of a bitch, drop him already.

>> No.41909347


Get her to be your ally when it comes to kicking that asshole out. Two pissed off people, especially one with such a personal stake in it, can make a better case than you as the solitary "villain."

>> No.41909410

>ITT: hopeless pushovers deathly afraid of rejection and conflict.

>> No.41909495

This >>41909347 a thousandfold.
When you got some spineless folks who won't stand up against him or call him out on his crap, they also won't give you shit or make a villain out of you when you're not alone in it.
In fact, they'll probably join you instead.

>> No.41909514


>You learn more about someone in an hour of play, than a century of conversation.

I'm shamelessly adopting this phrase. If /tg/ ever makes a guide or short document on /tg/ rules and philosophies, this phrase should be in it as one of its cardinal rules in the That Guy session.


Save for the guy who knocked the teeth out of sex-freak.

>> No.41909517

>their only hope is for us to mock them so much they eventually look in a mirror and realize how retarded the shit they pull is. from there they can make their own journey down a path of self improvement

I can confirm this to be a valid method.
It worked for me (although I was never a fedora, mostly just a huge sperg)

>> No.41909526

That reminds me of the time that I was high on Oxy (I got my wisdom teeth removed recently and that's what they prescribed for the pain), and thought it was a fantastic idea to write BL fanfiction about two of the characters and post it in the Skype chat that we used for the group. Needless to say, it made the two whose characters were involved very upset.

I... I may have been that groups' That Guy.

>> No.41909551


You either keep your fanfiction secret like a shut-in, or you clear it with the players whose characters you're writing about first.

>> No.41909558

Sounds just like a one-time thing. So long as you don't continue that shit then you're probably all right. Plus, oxy kinda fucks with your head a whoooole lot.
Just don't do stupid shit consistently and try to make amends. If you do that then you're not That Guy.

>> No.41909783

What's the wrong with it? I don't have any problems.

>> No.41909891


The treatment for aspergers is literally trying to get better at socializing and trying your best to act normal. When people use it as an excuse, that's when they've stopped trying to learn and started using it as a crowbar to try and bash their way through any situation they find themselves in.

Still, I'm not sure it's a valid method; some people only externalize criticism and adversity and blame the world, while others internalize it and overcome it, changing themselves to better fit the world.

>> No.41909988

My college group's that guy was a math major with a huge ego. In our GURPS game, he'd always take the "ADD" disadvantage, roll to see if he was still paying attention to whatever the group was talking about, glance at the dice, then go play minecraft on his laptop. While loudly announcing "My character has lost interest in your conversation".

This was about when minecraft came out, so a few months before everyone had a laptop in front of them covertly playing minecraft when I wasn't actively engaging their character.

>> No.41910027

Would his name happen to be "Mark" by any chance?

>> No.41910102

The Poe is strong with this one

>> No.41910177

Nah, Clinton. And he spoke in received pronunciation, which made him easier to hate.

OOG he would drag people into "I'm an atheist, debate me" fights if he heard they were religious, and always left shit on the counter when it belonged in the fridge. Wouldn't be so bad, but he insisted on drinking milk while we were gaming.

>> No.41910238

>received pronunciation
Is that the really smug British accent?

>> No.41910293

>Is that the really smug British accent?
Yes. The most poshfag there is

>he spoke in received pronunciation
Please tell me this isn't the states. I'm from scandi and have to put off with "le british behavior" from many classy pseudo-intellectual nerds I meet but seriously a guy in US doing that? Holy fuck

>> No.41910392

>someone attempting to slice their own throat in front of three other people is fucked up
>this means they deserve no sympathy
I think you're a psychopath, anon.
>he didn't ask for help
I think you're autistic, too.

Nobody cares about your boo-hoo sob story faggot.

>> No.41910414


He was a very quiet, smug voiced guy who thought of himself as being like a vulcan. Fucking intelligent, no argument about that, but was also a total asshole about it, and had exactly zero social grace.

When I saw him around campus after taking a break from running games (forever GM), he said "oh, Anon, I'm surprised to see you. I'd figured if any of our friends had dropped out by now it would definitely be you." No hint of humor or insult, he literally just said exactly what was on his mind.

Also, he made a lot of jokes about Carl Friedrich Gauss, and thought they were hilarious.

>> No.41910421

No. It's what Americans think English people sound like- it's the standard middle class south eastern accent.
You're both idiots.

>> No.41910453

...Gauss as in the geophysicist?

>> No.41910479

4E: So bad, it's the IRL equivalent of the Death Urge power.

>> No.41910484

We're in the states.
The whole group admitted he was likely the smartest guy we knew at the University, but we all suspected he might be autistic, based on his lack of social awareness and his specialty in one of those weird maths that are hard to conceptualize without five years of prior education on the subject. We didn't talk about our subject of study much, mostly cause half our group were "worthless life sciences".

His dad was white South African, we knew that much about him.

>> No.41910501

>not being told the story about 8 years old Gauss adding the integers from 1 to 100 every time a math professor introduces something Gauss made

And yet you've evidently gone to college since you know about a geophysicist. I envy you

>> No.41910505



Looks like he was a few more things than simply that.

>> No.41910508

Hi Clinton.

>> No.41910528

Hi anon. Such a shame you've never heard an aristocrat, or even a pilot in some old warfilm, speak.

>> No.41910536

Well yeah, he was also a mathematician , philosopher, astronomer, and an engineer. But I wasn't aware he also had a line of jokes.

>> No.41910547

>mana weaving
I don't play MtG, what is that?

>> No.41910549

oh yeah, this is the guy who makes CRTs fuzzy and the warthog cannon.

>> No.41910578

>And called her out for supporting the patriarchy because she wore a head scarf, because Russian Orthodox.
I bet he thinks muslim head scarf is ok

>> No.41910587

Stacking the deck so you always have enough resources. Some people claim it's not cheating. Those people are idiots.

>> No.41910592

He never mentioned MtG, baiter.

>> No.41910607

That's not what it is. It's doing that, and then shuffling it.

Rendering it not cheating...and also meaningless.

>> No.41910608

fuck you

That guy was a selfish cunt. He did it in front of people because he wanted to be saved and was calling for attention

>> No.41910609

He did mention decks. It's a fair assumption

>> No.41910627

>He did it in front of people because he wanted to be saved and was calling for attention
That might be a good point, actually. And he did suicide his character first.

>> No.41910631
File: 109 KB, 274x231, absolutely deedeesgusting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this bait or are you serious? Someone showing concern for you isn't That GM, it's called trying to be a friend. Something you're clearly not used to apparently.

>> No.41910643

Of course it's bait. He's even a namefag.

>> No.41910656

Depends on how much you shuffle

But honestly if you shuffle just once and your friends are okay /w that anyway it's cool

If you scoop your board, slap it together in a pile and riffle shuffle it once you'll get screwed copletely. Takes 6 times or so to randomize a deck (According to the know-it-alls

>> No.41910666

He was outed the second he used a tripcode.

>> No.41910675

It's when you space out your lands so they're evenly distributed throughout the deck instead of all in one place. It is cheating if you do it and then play like that, but not if you shuffle sufficiently afterwards. You're still gonna get called on it if you pull that shit in a sanctioned event.

>> No.41910704

>>The pigeon thing, but spent the next session asking if we remembered that time he killed the pigeons
that made me laugh because it reminded of one guy in my party who, upon managing to do an incredible roll to snowboard on a shield while chased by an avalanche the thing he said right afterwards pulling it was "hey, remember that time when I went down a mountion on my shield while an avalanche was chasing me?". The timing was so good it ended up being quite hilarious

>> No.41910787

laughed hard

>> No.41910829


Then used it as an excuse to blame someone else for saving him, so he can get all the attention and shift all the blame.

>> No.41910855

I wouldn't assume that much.

But yeah, I guess there's a fair chance he was a pillock. I mean, he might still not have been and he really did just happen to break then, but that's about a thirty percent chance now.

>> No.41910951

> everything they have done wrong is no longer their own fault!
>NOT in control!
>Are. We. Fucking. Clear?
Generally tone is hard to catch via text, but this anon made it really, really, REALLY obvious. I think you might just be retarded my dude.

>> No.41910964

I've always used this as a reason not to get blackout drunk. I've always seen Alcohol as letting people's 'true selves' out, and from what I've gleaned from a couple college parties from half a decade past (the ones where I got trashed), I'm kind of an asshole.

Not a mega-asshole, just garden variety.

>> No.41910973

this is why I created a homebrew in which players are requried to provide a backstory for their characters to determinate the starting reputation with people of different social backgrounds and an objetive/dream/goal for the character to achieve to create secondary quests for them to get closer to accomplishing such

>> No.41910977

That Guy 1 was just a general jackass. When we said "sure, proxies are fine for casual" he proxied up vintage decks, whenever he lost a game he called the other guy's deck OP or demanded the card he lost to be banned because it was "broken", if he got attacked or targeted at all in multiplayer he bitched about being unfairly singled out, when we ordered food he always tried to shirk his share of the bill, played the race card if somebody said "No I'm not playing with you", etc.

In Magic, it's desirable to draw a fairly even mix of land cards and non-land cards. Mana Weaving attempts to prevent clumps by deliberately spacing your lands out throughout the deck before shuffling. If it works, it's cheating and if it doesn't work it's a waste of time. He rants on and on about how you're doomed to lose if you don't mana weave, and is so dedicated to it that he'll mana weave YOUR deck. And in the process he'll see all your cards and know what you're playing, which is an unfair advantage. Next time I see him pull that against me, I'm just going to go through his deck and clump all his land cards on top and all the non-land cards on bottom before shuffling it. See how he likes it when the shoe's on the other foot.

>> No.41911005
File: 67 KB, 720x540, My pain.... IS GREATER THAN YOOOOOOOOORRRRRRSSSSSS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poe's Law. I've seen some pretty ludicrously stupid things before.

>> No.41911011

I ran an Avatar D20 game for a group once. It's a semi-popular 3.5 homebrew that's somewhere out there on the internet, and bending rules are not unlike psionics in how they're handled (but they actually work).

Everyone had a great time and loved it, they were essentially an elite group of benders sent to cross the continent in a time of war and assassinate a prominent general. But midway through the adventure, we get That Girl.

She's a giggly ham planet who heard we were using 3.5 rules, ignored the setting when I tried to explain it, and started begging to be a tattooed monk. I shrugged and said whatever, cause it sounded like something that would fit into the Avatar world, I really didn't care.

She sits with the group and the moment I leave the room to go get a sammich, I can hear her shrill voice giggling and telling the group how she tricked me into letting her play a broken class, and how abusable it was, and jokingly apologizing in advance in that way assholes who want recognition apologize.

Every time she'd do a maneuver or some weird trick, she'd pause for applause or comments while looking around at the group, who were thoroughly unimpressed due to being a bunch of kung fu wizards. And she was surprised and upset when an earthbender soldier trapped her in stone, and was asking how a soldier could cast spells (she was the only monk I've ever seen consistently fail saves).

It was literally like watching a fighter try to show off to a group of mystic theurges.

>> No.41911079

Our resident that guy is just a powerwanking power-gamer who both plays and runs games as if they were video games and his characters are all piles of abilities and if they have any personality beyond the guy's ability to act for the session it is their abilities
Worst thing he's done to me is as a GM is put my PTSD character into a terror field and make him shit and piss himself

>> No.41911099

Wait, I don't get it.

Was your daughter in the room? Was she awake or asleep or what?

Basically, was this a dude being a perv, a dude in a relationship with your daughter, or attempted rape?

>> No.41911140

>Mentally unstable people belong in hell

>> No.41911204


I had assumed perv from the text. Attempted rape would have been mentioned.

If he was in a relationship, it probably wouldn't have involved an intervention. That and she was "back from college for winter break," so relationship is pretty unlikely.

>> No.41911207

Case in point...

>> No.41911244

Read the FAQ of this is thin privilege and then get back to me.

>> No.41911246

Maybe not hell. Just someplace very far away. From me. Forever.

>> No.41911280
File: 281 KB, 555x504, 69c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, i remember you from the original Luke thread.

Sometimes i wonder why the RPG community attract this kind of people.

>> No.41911283

You must be a great friend.

>> No.41911339

haven't asked him about that, though i guarantee its gonna be a 2 hour rant about how all faith is bad.
but in this thread i should really count my blessings

>> No.41911341
File: 46 KB, 494x469, tumblr_mmufr4CDOw1r270yso1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Hambeasts having the money to afford the good shit in life instead of settling with the equivalent of Hostess Donettes.

Foie gras is one of the few things I'll give a pass in terms of spreadable meat because that stuff is most likely made with much better ingredients, not to mention the price tag means poorfags aren't going to be eating fancy duck liver spread.

>> No.41911377

Jesus Christ did that dude have problems.

>indecent exposure
>6 months
Must be terrible living in a police state.

>> No.41911398

You don't know much about SJWs, do you.

>> No.41911415


I'm just glad he sperged out hard enough that he grabbed the attention of the public. He won't be bothering your group ever again.

>> No.41911417

When people try poisoning an entire group of people, it means it's time to call the police.

>> No.41911422

Just had some bad experiences with people who were less than sane.

>> No.41911439

Something warms my heart about a table of that guys getting along

>> No.41911465

Yeah, tarring every person with mental problems with the same brush because of anecdotal experiences is totally justifiable.

>> No.41911512

And assuming every person who distrusts the mentally ill is some kind of jackass based solely on your own is?

>> No.41911535

...Are you saying that it is possible to be prejudiced without reasons beyond personal anecdotes and NOT be a jackass?

>> No.41911591

My own experiences tell me that being overly trusting around someone who I know is mentally ill is risky. If a dog bites you once and you decide that all dogs are evil, your an idiot. If someone tries to murder you, steals your shit, sends you death threats, and makes casual references to shooting up a hospital, and you make an effort to avoid people similar to them, your someone who doesn't want to die.

>> No.41911603

are you me?

The time I got the most drunk wasn't bad at all because I maintained th composture, I was able to move properly and understand my surroindings, but the fact that I spent a good chunk of the night sexually harrasing my girlfriend and tried to rape her when we were alone is more than enough reason to swear that I will never get drunk again

>> No.41911604

Thats not in any way what was said anon.

>> No.41911615

I used the wrong "your" there, damn.

>> No.41911621

>that filename
you triggered my PTSD that makes me laugh like a fucking retard

>> No.41911637

>you dont know what its like
Clearly someone didnt read the spoilered text where anon said he had gotten over his own suicidal tendencies.

>> No.41911663

more than not knowing I just don't understand them

>> No.41911676

If it had aggravating factors combined with a prior record, it's not that outlandish

>> No.41911683

why do you write and communicate to others in such a literal and stupid manner?

>> No.41911686

>clipping out the part of the text that says the guy deserves no sympathy because he mentally scarred three of his friends

How is it to just pick and choose what people say so you can bend it to make your point?

>> No.41911696

>a guy punching out a baby fucker
Reread the post. Daughter was 22 dumbass.

>> No.41911700

>star wars carpet
>Tried to rape and smother someone
>Did not call the police.

Everything about this story shows a great deal of poor judgment by all parties.

>> No.41911713

What if you dance like a moron while listening to Pink Floyd?

>> No.41911725

No, you're still a prejudiced shit.

Avoiding people with mental problems for the reasons you said is stupid, but understandable. But saying all people with mental disorders should be kept away from you is just selfish retardation, as is thinking anyone suicidal must be an arsehole looking for attention.
I wasn't clipping anything out you paranoid faggot, I just don't see how "ew you tried to kill yourself within eyesight of me" serves as any kind of argument.

>> No.41911762

Are you always this autistic?
You should never be locked up for doing something that just hurts everyone's moral sensibilities rather than actually harming anyone. And no, children can't be traumatised by a guy awkwardly shoving a dildo up his arse.

>> No.41911769

I know SJWs but they are often so contradictory and hipocritical that admiteddly I can't understand shit about what they realistically want

>> No.41911790

Then deep down you enjoy dancing like a moron while listening to Pink Floyd. It's your guilty pleasure that accidently came out when drunk.

>> No.41911791

>Are you always this autistic?
only when I skip the rest of replies in the thread

it was a misunderstanding

>> No.41911798
File: 717 KB, 500x366, Costanazadex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup, Tumblr

>> No.41911802

For the record, I never said anything about suicidal people.

Look, I may be a whiny prejudiced selfish cunt, but I'm a whiny prejudiced selfish cunt who wants to stay alive and is afraid of anything that I believe has a disproportionately high chance of stabbing me.

>> No.41911803


Attention, anon. They're just another brand of troll, an attention parasite.

>> No.41911820

>boiling down mentally scarring friends to "ew you tried to kill yourself within eyesight of me"
Good bait.
Well congratulations, I got myself caught

>> No.41911825

>muh prejudice

You're the one making shit up about what the other anon said, mate.
You're going so full whiteknigh, I'd say you're the one with prejudice here.

>> No.41911947

They aren't contradictory, although they are hypocritical. The thing is, SJWs are just a label used by people like us (faggots on the internet), and even then they're much more defined by their methods than their beliefs. They're not some unified political force- they have deep divisions, such as sex-positive and sex-negative, and pro-Israel and anti-Israel, and- in this case- anti-"white" religions, pro "coloured" (racist shits) religions.
Yeah but it's obvious from his tone that he was caricaturing the view he was pretending to espouse.

A Modest Proposal isn't meant to be taken as an actual proposal.
Somehow working out that seeing someone try to kill themselves is worse than actually trying to kill yourself is nothing but retardation, anon.

>> No.41912020

>The thing is, SJWs are...
fuck man, I know well what SJWs are, I'm an internet faggot as well

>it's obvious from his tone
Poe's law, There was no tone to see for me to realize
also, I felt like giving a dick answer, don't judge me, I may have brain damage due overexposure to this site

>> No.41912055

>SJWs are just a label used by people like us
I've actually seen them use the word themselves now as some sort of badge.
Guess they don't know what 'social justice' evne means and that it's negative.

>> No.41912096

Then you should have known it'd be at least as likely (probably more likely) that they hated Islam as well. Just like they hate Japan, and Africa, and anywhere not America (ironically) or Scandinavia.
Social justice isn't negative. I mean, I think it's a bad concept to pursue (for 100% unrelated political reasons), but it's never really seen as negative.

It's the warrior bit that's the insult. Not the social justice bit.

>> No.41912144


>It's the warrior bit that's the insult. Not the social justice bit.

Like calling people "keyboard crusaders."

>> No.41912202

>you should have known
ironically, I've met more SJWs defeinding islam as "it is a peasful religion and not terrorists and we should respect their culture and beliefs" than what you claim

>hate everything but America
>not "respect every culture save white christian western culture"
what the fuck are you even talking about, now I ask you if you even fucking know what social justice warriors are and claim

>> No.41912277

>you're on 4chan
Anon I have bad news

>> No.41912365

This guy sounds like that Sheldon character from that risible show with all those ugly actors promoting dysfunctional nerd culture.

>> No.41912373
File: 141 KB, 544x161, Screenshot 2015-08-16 at 7.54.27 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hoo boy...

Seeing as I'm not actually trying to prove Anita said this shit, just that it's well within the realms of possibility that they did, I'm fine with this.

If you want more, check out Polygon's Bayonetta 2 review.

>> No.41912413

Well this thread went to shit.

>> No.41912452

Thank you for magically making it better again.

Seriously though, it's 70 past bump limit, what did you expect?

>> No.41912463


Is watching mlp synonymous with edgy?

As for my own story of That Guy, it's not horrible. Just a friend of 22 years that was all gung-go about D&D who now doesn't pay attention to the game, interjection with terrible puns that are 50% OOC and 'huh, what are we doing's to almost everything. It's not even him on his phone, it's him just drawing things on a piece of paper or talking about things that don't pertain to the game.

>> No.41912518

Sounds like he's just not enjoying it. You should at least ask him about it.

>> No.41912535

If what he said offends you so much, then maybe it would be best if you killed yourself. That'll show him!

>> No.41912556


MLP is synonymous with That Guy; poorly socially adjusted people who somehow latch onto this thing and get weirdly invested in it. The "brony" MLP fans have a pretty big overlap with the fedora-wearing anti-theist and MRA following, plus a whole lot of socially awkward guys that stick to the idea of "I'm so manly because I'm not afraid of liking a girly kid's show."

There's okay people in it, but there's a large base of corrosiveness. Maybe a bit less so now, as it seems to have cooled down a bit compared to a few years ago. Maybe they've grown out of it or mellowed out. Or gone deeper underground into sicker, darker places.

>> No.41912584

The fuck makes you think I'm offended? I don't have mental disorders, and pretending to have one to feel super special and get attention is about as disgusting (on many levels) as you can get.

>> No.41912588

>There's okay people in it
Oh, I see, you're a brony. Now get out.

>> No.41912593

They were the ones who originally came up with the label to describe themselves without irony.

>> No.41912625


Hey, all I said is the not all of us- I mean THEM, are terrible autists!

>> No.41912642


>> No.41912643

>Act like a cunt
>Get called out
>woah why did people get mad?????????

>> No.41912656

Why are you telling someone with a history of suicidal tendencies that he is evil for not willingly surrounding himself with abusive, mentally ill people who will only drag him down?

>> No.41912669

I'm not.

>> No.41912724

I never understood the killing yourself in front of people thing. No matter what you do, you are doing it for attention.
personally, I would buy a gun, go out to the desert at night, ditch the bike and just walk

>> No.41912803

I'd shoot up Reddit's main offices while wielding a gun with "THE BANTER" written on it. And when I'm dead, they'd find a note on me saying "Redditors couldn't handle the banter!"

>> No.41912809

Or you want to die surrounded by people.

Personally, if I wanted to kill myself I'd endeavor to find some way to do it in public while masturbating. Die as I lived, sort of thing.

>> No.41912811

Nah, you need to go out with a bang or not at all. Maybe at a Moms Against Gun Violence rally.

>> No.41912824

>social justice warrior
>weekend warrior
>people of color

three terms I'm still confused that people would willingly apply to themselves.

>> No.41912840

>Moms Against Gun Violence
Why are conservatives so fucking annoying? Liberals aren't any better, to be fair, but still. But people who think doing shit like banning guns is a helpful way of ending gun violence is an idiot.
Hey, people do weird shit. I'm personally happy to call myself a fa/tg/uy and a neckbeard, not to mention nerd.

>> No.41912889

Oh, I just thought it'd be funny to mess with their rhetoric.
Climb up on stage and scream, "Help, my gun is telling me to kill people!" And then blow my brains all over the speaker."

>> No.41912911

Yeah, that's a good point; what the hell happened to "guns don't kill people, people do"?

>> No.41912935

That guy's lack of trigger discipline rustles my jimmies.

>> No.41912940


People started arguing the flaw in that logic that the gun kind of helps smooth the whole thing along.

Pretty hard to kill 30 people in a few minutes with your hands. Fairly easy with an assault rifle and a few spare magazines.

>> No.41912943
File: 459 KB, 604x453, merica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Conservatives don't want to ban guns. Where are you getting these ideas?

>> No.41912945

>implying calling an animal an animal is wrong
humans are animals, deal with it.

>> No.41912946

Dismissed as ableist rhetoric for people with non-compromised mental faculties

>> No.41912960
File: 1.25 MB, 400x226, Trigger Discipline.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41912996

>Telling them to lose the fedora, cargo shorts, and wallet chain?

I just had a wild weekend of crazy fucking circus sex. And I wear all of those things. It's not the dress, it's the attitude, yo. And being willing to settle for less than a 8/10 who has a nice personality. So yes, I will continue to mock people that can't get laid, other than temporary dry spells which we've all had.

>> No.41913286 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 700x490, 1426580898842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41913352

Can't tell if rp or faggot

>> No.41913610

Different countries, honestly. Different traditional values- when your country banned guns a century ago, the fact you've done so is now a cherished tradition and a part of the moral fabric of the nation.
RP. RP isn't posh, unless you consider "quaint small town bag-of-cats middle class" posh. it's what a good chunk of the UK population speaks. You wouldn't call General Maximus posh, would you? A posh Brit accent would be similar to what the Queen speaks, or other aristocrats. You know; so unlike
You'd get

>> No.41913625

Back when I had a GM who had no job or life outside of GMing, we used to do 12+ hour sessions.

>> No.41913791

I told /tg/ of the time I ran Only War where a girl in my group wanted to play DKoK. When I had assumed she was playing a man; as DKoK are all men, she had a hissy whilst I tried to salvage the situation before she stomped off and we; the rest of the group, sort of half-assed played the game before we quit out of discomfort.

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