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I've had a bad day today and feel sad. Time for a /tg/ humour thread!

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Why is Lotus Cobra Is Evil so best?

(This kills the spider)

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Oh there are a series of these comics? Where can I find them?

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I got a few I can share

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What's this from?


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Fuck you Captcha, those were potatoes, not eggs

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My favorite thing about this picture is that the Centar and Scorpitar mothers are probably going to fuck.

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And now I'm done. Hope some of this helped OP

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While the two are attractive in their own right, imagining the mechanics of that made me cringe

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They'd need aids, of the solid and inanimate variety.

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That's like a failed charisma check but a good barter roll.
What's a pln and how much it's worth in burger land anyways?

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It's Polish Monopoly Money and the exchange rate on that is about 4 pln to a dollar, so that makes his offer like $130 or so.

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PLN is Polish Zloty. 500 PLN = ~135 dollars.

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I really need to go to my collection and actually name the damn things and put them in their own folder...

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1 to 4 is not that bad for a exchange rate. Mine is like 1 to 20. Now I hate my country more

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Come north brother, explore the land of the free.

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Thank you! Have a dragon dildo.

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Where the fuck is the joke here?

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Hey babe, are those 20s natural?

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Don't know if there's an actually joke, I reckon the artist is just being silly. It makes me smile at any rate.

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Jesus fuck this is awful, do people actually read this?

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Thanks for this. Been looking for a good kekworthy random event sheet for a while.

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That guy with the black tux has a Sundownery smile going on there.

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Th... the cuteness... I cannot bear it...

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its hard being a single mom, much easier to have two kids but a reliable partner.

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Dude I can't even deal, it's to much cute for a mere mortal to bare.

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do not want

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Alea iacta est.

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Alea stabba est

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Gloriously silly

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What a waste, The other person will get right back up for round 2.

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Iacta alea esto

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Hildibrand is hilarious in FF14. His entire questline is basically a battle of the trolls between him and another detective (the guy who gets hit in the head with the card in the webm) whilst they race to solve mysteries. Imagine a competition between Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau, yet somehow Clouseau keeps winning or coming very close.

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>just get out of thread full of retards flinging shit about gender issues
>feel anxious and upset
>read >>41849805
>smiling and feeling better now

Thank you /tg/!

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gender issues? on /tg/? I mean, I've seen people bitch a little about stereotypes, but never what I'd call "flinging shit"... have I just been going to the wrong (right) threads?

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On a relaed note.


Good read for lulz.

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There's a thread up right now about viking women who were buried with weapons and by now its pretty much just feminists and anti-feminists yelling at each other over the internet.

I'm struggling with an extreme anxiety disorder and coming across threads like that is one of the things that sets it off.

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>I'm struggling with an extreme anxiety disorder and coming across threads like that is one of the things that sets it off.
nice blog, faget

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>mentioning a personal detail during a conversation
>"Stop turning my 4chan into a personal blog you stupid faggot!!!"

Christ I wish summer was over already.

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don't you know?
summer doesn't end

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Eternal September for a new generation of netizens.

I'm not sorry

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Eternal September for a new generation of netizens.

I'm not sorry

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As soon as summer ends somewhere it begins somewhere else.

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>I'm struggling with an extreme anxiety disorder and coming across threads like that is one of the things that sets it off.
I don't mean to offend, but have you considered that perhaps 4chan isn't the right website for you to visit?

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It does seem rather akin to someone complaining about brittle bone disease while trying out for a football team.

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The rest of the internet is just as bad.

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So, that's pretty much every major joint in the body minus the wrists? The hell did you even find this thing?

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This is the worst possible way to show a thread and you should actually, no irony, kill yourself. You're already dead from the neck up so it's no big loss.

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Is this by the same studio who did that tapdancing ghost vignette?

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Not to mention TV, movies and most other forms of media these days. Its all absolutely horrible.

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Horrible is relative.

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That shit gets to me, also. Just turn away from it as soon as you see it. There's never any point in sticking in through.

Find something to read about vagina-spiders by volume instead.

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Not really. There's neutral sites and hugboxes all over that you can go to.

/tg/'s one of the nicer boards at 4chan and people will still tell each other to kill themselves because they play tabletop games in a slightly different manner.

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God damn what happened to our money, every time I check it worth less and less.

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No one is actually serious about that though.

Gotta be able to handle the bantz, mate.

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