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>Gencon 2015 private demo with TechRaptor
>TechRaptor Interview with Adam Poots
Coming later this week.
>Gencon 2015 floor demo with Board Game Replay
>Board Game Replay interview with Adam Poots
>Gencon 2015 floor demo with Beasts of War
>Beast of War Interview with Adam Poots

Written Review:
>Images of the Phoenix display + first impressions of the game

>Semi-official Tablet friendly Survivor Sheet
>Lore info. NOTE: HIGHLY OUT OF DATE. Much of this may have been changed by now.
>Image dump from gencon thread

Shipping will happen in 3 waves.
Wave 1 is the promos and pinups, and has already begun shipping. This wave will also include the Resin Beta.
Wave 2 is the core game + Survivor pledge bonuses, and will be shipping once it gets through customs, probably late next month.
Wave 3 is the expansions and will ship once all the core games are sent out.

Resin Beta will collect feedback and create a day 0 FAQ, as well as to houserules for a "User Created Content" section of the site.

Gencon mini currently for sale online. Already sold out once,

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post the scribe figure with the dick

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Old thread

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What's that shit in the middle, Slenderman poster anon?

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Trait cards. Each level of a monster has 1 additional trait, as seen in this pic.

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Looking at those affinity squares makes me wonder if anyone has a compiled a gallery (or really big image) of all of the gear cards that have been spoiled so far, so we can start making up stupid, unrealistic equipment builds.

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First terrible homebrew idea:

>buy a bunch of those rad dionsaur figures from the toy aisle
>homebrew some trait/hunt cards for them
>play caveman vs. dino adventures

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what the fuck is the difference between the colored puzzle pieces and the colored square?

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mite b workable

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>post an image that gets you banned
How about fuck you.

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Well given that you have to
1) Kill the Gorm
2) Harvest what is implied to be the most dangerous part of the entire gorm carcass

I think it's probably reasonable?

Plus you gotta decide who is going to wear it because getting multiples of them is probably really goddamn hard.

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My guess is that with the regular square the square of that color can be completed anywhere on your gear grid whereas the puzzle shaped square has to be completed using the gear card itself.

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That is exactly right, yes.

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So what do you think happens if someone actually manages to kill The Scribe?

Do they become the new one or something?

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Depends on the scribe having superpowers or his book having superpowers.

If the book is the magic thing then who the scribe is doesn't matter. The PCs can do whatever they want because they write reality.

If the scribe is magic, then the PCs probably just continue to grow their settlement and nothing can really ruin it because they've killed the most dangerous thing in the wastes. Maybe whatever makes the world so shitty goes away slowly.

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Poots will close down Kingdom Death and destroy his stock, then hang himself because he designed the game wrong.

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I bet all the survivors from the start and any you saved, as well as all the monsters in the world, explode into ink. Leaving the next generation to populate the world as the only non-written entities.

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What gear do you want to equip your survivor with? For gameplay reasons and/or aesthetics.

>> No.41813819

Or for fun.

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If anyone wants, post waifus that's not covered in this picture and I shoop alright, Paint them in tomorrow morning after I slept.

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Not so smug anymore as an Ammo Slave.

>> No.41814212

not the same

the ammo slave's breasts are far too large

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The ball and chain feels like overkill honestly. She's pretty much unable to run away anyway, and you want her to be SOMEWHAT maneuverable to not slow up the hunt too much.

I think that has more to do with the lack of armor and corset you know?

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Scrolling down /tg/ and this is the most arousing thing I have ever seen. What in the world am I looking at here, some original Magical Realm roleplaying game?

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>What in the world am I looking at here, some original Magical Realm roleplaying game?
yes, with a dash of horror

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Personally, I'd just let her arms be free so she'd be able to pass ammo during a Hunt. Last thing a Hunter needs to do is to personally fetch their own ammo.

Alright, so you see the Great Game Hunter: >>41814077

Apparently, Noble Houses that are disgraced or bankrupt sell their own members to other Noble Houses as slaves. Anyone from the Head of the House to the lowliest servant is made a slave.

I think other Great Game Hunters would bring slaves to carry ammo and supplies during a Hunt.

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>implying she wouldn't keep her smugness even in bondage
what kind of casual do you think she is

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This just keeps getting better.

>> No.41814359

what you're mostly seeing is the pinup models. The game is a survival horror focused game with far more gender neutral armor as a rule (not entirely gender neutral, but far more so than the pin up stuff).

4-6 players are a group of survivors trying to create a sustainable village and survive 25 years to encounter a boss monster then beat that.

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She doesn't look so smug in this close up shot.

>> No.41814407

Kingdom Death? Isn't that the game that is never coming out?

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>I think that has more to do with the lack of armor and corset you know?
No, the slaves are larger than her head. It's a noticeable difference.

>> No.41814478

There's always the unlikely theory that she gets fed a high protein diet considering she has to carry all that stuff in the pack.

>> No.41814660

She doesn't have black hair.

Pinups and extras are literally shipping now. You'll have to bait harder than that.

>> No.41814695

Not really, the minis and pin-ups will ship now.
And we all know this is what we wanted.

>> No.41814819

Is there a colour version?

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Help me /kdmg/, I'm feeling tempted to preorder a copy even though I pledged for one already!

>> No.41815166

Might as well. If I had the scratch I would.

>> No.41815189

>mfw everything has finally arrived at my door

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Its on a boat right now! As long as it doesn't sink we are in the clear!

If you have the money... extra gear cards are REALLY useful, and you can use the models for different paint schemes for the level 3 versions of each monster. Plus it gives you extra copies of each gear card, which is really useful. And you can use the spare HL and AI decks to make funky chimera monsters, without having to worry about sorting them afterwards. I say go for it.

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Given their new profession of hard labor instead of affluent noblery, the food would probably not go exclusively to the breasts.

Realistically speaking it's more likely they'd lose weight.

>> No.41815905

On could always assume she's been recently enslaved.

Also I don't think all Noble Houses use slaves- she was sold alongside the Rogue Big Game Hunter.

>> No.41815928

>On could always assume she's been recently enslaved.
yes, but then the physical disparity is even more strange

It's just "a" slave, not that particular hunter as a slave.

>> No.41815972

Honestly it was probably intended just as a cheesecake model- no one was supposed to think too hard about it.

A non- pinup pinup.

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So aside from what was posted near thetop of the thread, do we know anything about this monster yet? I'm worried/excited that its going to be like the Peco from Monster Hunter - Not super dangerous on its own, but it makes a lot of noise that attracts other, stronger monsters to the fight.

>> No.41816019

>but it makes a lot of noise that attracts other, stronger monsters to the fight.
That's kinda not what it does at all.

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I was just asking, no need to get like that

>> No.41816156

Check the gencon photos- it eats you with the mouth in it's stomach. >>41816054
Oh, I'm so sorry! Did I hurt your feelings?

>> No.41816175

Uhh....Are the Parasite Hands growing OUT of that thing?!

>> No.41816200

Yes, out of the gums of its chest-maw apparently.

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It's ok anon

>> No.41817338

i wonder if they do lewd things to ammo slaves

>> No.41817393

You mean like rolling on the intimacy table?

>> No.41817523

Its the first huntable monster in the game. You encounter it as an event at the end of Year 1, after the tutorial. During your first settlement phase, you hear its scream, and it becomes a huntable target.

During its fight, there is grass that grows nearby. The lion will sniff out the survivors when it can't otherwise take an action. The Screaming Antelope, however, will move to the nearest patch of grass, and start eating to heal.

This healing grass can also be collected by survivors, which can greatly help players survive the Butcher fight that comes very early on in the game.

During the fight, the boss also has a way to increase its evasion, so its important to bring high accuracy gear.

Monsters do not summon other monsters, Poots has said so himself, while the KS was still going It requires too much set up, messes with initiative, and makes the game even more impossible then it already is. Its just not any fun. Unless a monster is specifically designed to integrate other monsters into a fight, he doesn't see it ever happening. HOWEVER, it is entirely possible for the HUNT phase to change what you are fighting. I fully expect the Antelope to have many cards that ambush your survivors with a Lion that was looking to eat that Antelope.

As for its actual attacks, there was an Engulf ability shown somewhere (don't have a source at the moment), which triggers a story event for that survivor, where you either instantly die, take some heavy damage and repeat next turn, or cut your way out.

Its resources can be crafted into what is, as far as we know, the only gear that comes with already completed affinity squares on it, which will be a very important part of getting bonuses from mixed sets.

I'm obsessed with this game and am digging too deep. Send help.

>> No.41817537

Geez man, you fuck a human once and then before you know it there's like a hundred of the little fuckers running everywhere, tearing up your nice stone floor and trying to bash your head in with rocks. Just don't man, trust me, I'm a lion.

>> No.41817595

>Its resources can be crafted into what is, as far as we know, the only gear that comes with already completed affinity squares on it, which will be a very important part of getting bonuses from mixed sets.
I thought all armor sets had complete or near complete affinity internally? Like you just need to grab a compatible weapon with a set of armor and it's good to go?

>> No.41817634

No, he means the various Charms as seen here: >>41811964 which give you a full color box (and hopefully do at least something else to not be too boring) at the cost of 3x organ each.

>> No.41817663

Yes. All armor sets we have seen can complete their own bonuses. Thats why I mentioned mixed sets. You can mix Rawhide Headband with the Phoenix Boots and Lantern Torso to get a good mix of strong abilities. but it would be hard to trigger all the affinities with a mixed set like that.

The Antelope has Charms, which are accessories that have a completed affinity in the middle of the card, instead of half of an affinity on the edge. That makes so many more builds viable, as now you only need to complete the puzzle affinities on your gear to get it working, and leave the rest to what is actually very early game accessories.

>> No.41817725

Quick question about armor sets? Can we turn the cards any which way? or must they be placed right side up?

>> No.41817740

no i mean like kissing them on the cheek platonically

>> No.41817753 [SPOILER] 

might as well hold their hand while you're at it!

>> No.41817766

You're a depraved sicko, you know that?
I highly, highly doubt that would be allowed, seeing as it would make the gear-grid puzzle aspect far too easy to solve.
Anyone else willing to weigh in on this?

>> No.41817831

>Anyone else willing to weigh in on this?
From a lore aspect? Then I guess the mother of the kid who gets the honor of being attached to a Sunstalker is considered someone of great importance.

>> No.41817851

You definitely have to keep proper orientation.

>> No.41817867

I think a better question is who the hell thought of attaching a child to the Sunstalker in the first place, and what an Adult human and Sunstalker exactly do?

>> No.41817916

Then actually I'm unsure if you can complete the half bits with a single armorset to do anyhing. Look at the screaming antylope leather armor? >>41811964
It's impossible to arrange it in such a way that you can connect everything I think?

Closet I can get is...
[ ] [ ] [ ]
[Skirt] [Coat] [ ]
[LegW] [Brace] [ ]

Horns got no place to fit in.. and that leaves two empty portions to the screaming coat... which I guess can be filled by other stuff, but it seems unlikely to have anything that matches the blue on the coat and the green on the head?

>> No.41817978

"Sunstalkers are creatures that manipulate and swim through light, shifting the colors of the spectrum at their whim. A tribe of humans began to worship a very ancient Sunstalker as the sun itself when it stepped down from the sky to rest on a mountain top. Countless generations and centuries have past and a strange human & monster relationship has emerged. The human culture tends to the young spawn, feeding it with a combination of food and ritual sacrifice. Only the fairest of maidens are selected for the horrifying honor of being a caretaker and not many survive the creatures period of infancy.

In an attempt to create a lasting relationship between the human and monster, the child of a mighty sun warrior is umbilically attached to the young sunstalker. A highly dangerous practice that occasionally results in a symbiotic link between man and monster. Sometimes the human child gaining some of the creatures strange ability to manipulate light."

>> No.41818024

I'm pretty sure that's by design, you have to pick which bonuses to build into.

It would be super fucking lame if you could just plug in everything.

>> No.41818083

Also allows for moments during a Hunt where you realize that you really should've rearranged your equipment slots to get the bonus that you really need right now.

>> No.41818097

>not living on the edge by randomizing the location of all of your gear

>> No.41818164

b-but that means untying her, if i wanted to do it comfortably at least

>> No.41818205

You untie her for one night as she falls asleep right next to you. She kills you during the night and takes all of your hard earned gear.

>> No.41818379

Anybody got that picture of all the armor sets? The art of them and the models?

>> No.41818498

Dont have the art, sorry.

>> No.41818633

This art one?

>> No.41818663

What suit is that between the Dragon and Gorm?

>> No.41818694

I think that's the set you get from killing the Dung Beetle Knight.

>> No.41818751 [DELETED] 

Looks like someone fixed her left leg.

>> No.41818781


>> No.41818786

she can't do that if i hold her hand until she ahegaos

>> No.41818807

might be flower knight's set

>> No.41818810

How soft do you think she is? I wanna hold her close to me like a pillow.

>> No.41818826

Both wrong.
It's the Emerald Knight set.

>> No.41818827

The Green Knight Armor is a very special and very difficult armor to create. It requires a number of forgotten molds to be collected, reconstructed AND several rare resources from the Dung Beetle Knight, Flower Knight AND the Lion Knight! ( you'll also need some trace amounts of gormite, for the under armor lining! ) The armor is masterpiece and it cannot be combined with other armors in the game. Because of this, the miniatures are mono sculpts and only their hands are compatible with the other miniature armor kits."

>> No.41818884

How many survivors do you will die in the attempt to make it?

>> No.41818888

>The armor is masterpiece and it cannot be combined with other armors in the game
Do you think this will mean an extra large 2x2 sized gear card?

>> No.41818906

Nah, just unique bits.

>> No.41819039

Green Knight Armor. Its a Herald of Death reward, and is crafted by collecting moulds from it from the fights with the 3 Knights, and combining resources from each of them.

It is very possibly the strongest set of armor in the game, and you are required to have the full set equipped, you can't break it up. Its kit is NOT armor kit compatible. You can equip another head, but thats it.

>> No.41819276

i guess that depends on how hard they work her and how they feed her

>> No.41819726

So who's up for starting to plan a schedule for the official /tg/ playthrough (and then eventually the SvS tournament for base game/Sunstalker/Dragon King/ Fox Entity)?

>> No.41819767

There will have to be several considering they're 4 man parties.

I can probably do one since I'll be getting a pledge and therefore a rulebook.

>> No.41819781

That skull mask is pretty sweet. Mite b cool to just use whatever body but keep that mask.

I still find it odd that this miniatures game has a dress-up aspect to it.

>> No.41819811

I hope you're making a long list of names for your characters.

>> No.41819849

Yeah, but that will mean that people will be used to the online interface by the time the inter-settlement battles start- which will lessen the difficulty of such things.

One thing that will need to be addressed is some way to keep a settlement's data stored online (so that no one person has to be present for the group to play/ and to prevent mix-ups between people's at home stuff and their online stuff).
There are plenty of baby names books out their to get cheaply enough. That or steal from whatever media you most currently consumed.

>> No.41819855

>Has trouble coming up with names.
Pick a random foreign country, type 'common names for country' in google.
Pick some, add random letters if you need to. Done.

>> No.41819874

Do you plan on making up a backstory for characters that somehow last longer than the average character?

>> No.41819885

I think we can have like 255 character blurbs, epitaphs as it were, about characters who died?

>> No.41819908

I personally plan on (and hope that anyone I play online with will) roleplaying out all the settlement phase decisions (and most of the hunt/showdown ones too, as much aspossible) as though the survivors themselves were making them. Also passing down names and gear from one survivor to another.

>> No.41819938

>I personally plan on (and hope that anyone I play online with will) roleplaying out all the settlement phase decisions (and most of the hunt/showdown ones too, as much aspossible) as though the survivors themselves were making them.
That honestly sounds painful.

>> No.41819946

"Here lies Yorrick Bluebottom, the Slayer of White Lion, Knightslayer, and Musician. Died heroically (aka died like a scrub) while protecting his comrades during a Hunt."

>> No.41819975


We keep track of achievements and roleplay as the settlement rather than the individuals.

>> No.41820017

It can also potentially lead to hilarious limericks for an epitaph.

>> No.41820022

is someone gonna be working on an unofficial digital version?

>> No.41820059

The one dude is doing work in Table Top Simulator. But you'd have to buy TTS to play with him.

>> No.41820097

I already bought my copy for when it pops up. Tbh, I'm not a model/miniatures person, but I love me some quality rpg.

>> No.41820237

Word. I never liked the look of TTS but if we can play KD on it I may pick it up next steam sale.

I wonder if it's possible to share the texture pack or whatever he has going on so others can set it up.

>> No.41820556

I plan on playing TTS until I can afford the full game, because really, the guys deserve the money. At the very least I intend to buy the rules and cards if they're sold separately from the models.

>> No.41820664

Well prepare to be disappointed, because people/groups on /tg/ tend to lean towards the whole being dogshit.

Hopefully we can get some decent groups though.

>> No.41821477

What reports do we have of Wave 1's shipping?

>> No.41821673

I have not heard any. Also it's kind of annoying that the promos will come out before the base game, meaning they can't be played right when you get them.

>> No.41821837

>Screaming Antelope


>> No.41821942

Nope. Sorry. No one is working on an online version.

>> No.41821992

I'd actually really like Poots to make official DLC for TabletopSim.

It will never happen, but I can hope!

>> No.41821993

So no one's also working on a way to keep track of what survivors/gear/ innovations a particular settlement has so that a person could play in more than one at once, and also so that not every player has to be there for their to be access to such information?

>> No.41822070

Its not being handled that way because they planned it. Its just how logistics worked out.

Small rewards like the pinups and the promos, are not being handled by the distributor that the rest of the stuff is, its being handled by the company itself. Its on the same plane that the advance copies of the final product, and the resin beta backers copies are on. Once they get them all, they will ship them out.

The mass distributor is still waiting on the ship to arrive. Promo/Pinups weren't PLANNED to be Wave 1. They will just be touching down before the core game, so why not just ship them immediately?

>> No.41822983

The wait i killing me and the wife. We both missed out on the kickstarter as we found out about the game fairly recently, but we did manage to get in and pre-order it.

I'm pretty confused when I look at the shipping for all of it, so could anyone shed some light on when people can expect pre-orders to come through? I know the backers come first and they will get priority, but thats about as much as I can figure out, no clue on an actual ETA

>> No.41823185

>wait until I can afford
>until full retail price
You do realize you're going to pay $125 extra plus shipping after he closes preorders right?

>> No.41823201

No word yet, but I would expect sometime in October.

>> No.41824079

>so could anyone shed some light on when people can expect pre-orders to come through?
>but we did manage to get in and pre-order it.
If you read what was written on the pre-order page you would know the expected delivery is around october.

>> No.41824532

It's possible they preordered at Gencon and thus never saw the estimated delivery date.

>> No.41824554


To be fair 'around october' is pretty fucking vague, so even if he did read the pre order page you cant blame him for wanting a little clarity

>> No.41824981

making an app for that wouldn't be hard honestly.

>> No.41825148

Reminder that the kickstarter for this game ended 2 years ago, and not a single person has received a copy of the game yet. Are you all retarded?

>> No.41825179

The backers are all receiving their copies right... Oh wait, this is bait. Gotcha.

>> No.41825195

That bait was effective 1.5 years ago. Step up your game.

>> No.41825787

>shipping promos now
>shipping schedule
>no announcement on KS

I am so tired of this.

I'm going to love the game, but damn the communication is terrible.

Also, first person who dies in our campaign plays as a gorm penis.

>> No.41826191

>2015 + 1/2
>still using expired bait
i shiggydiggy

>> No.41827254

Anyone found a painted version of this model?

>> No.41827802

I would love nothing more then to give each and every backer / pre-order an exact date of then their game box will arrive. However, that is sadly not how reality works. Currently we have 8, 40' containers of games and games + survivor level rewards being shipped out across the globe. Ocean freight companies provide windows and often advise clients to calculate potential custom delays and being held up at the port. Hell, If I could somehow freeze time and hand deliver each one of these things I would. There is really nothing I want more then for everyone to finally have and play this game!

>> No.41827843

You're a cool dude.
Grandmother Encore run when?

>> No.41827862

Can you at least tell us if the ~2 month window is still accurate, and if that window is accurate worldwide, or just in the states?

>> No.41827890

Plz give techraptor the okay on the interview

>> No.41827916

How do you feel about the TTS version? >>41821942

>> No.41827932

beefcake pinups when?

>> No.41827938

Whoo, Pootsykins!

If you could choose your favourite monster, which would it be and why is it the Dragon? No, you can't choose the Dung Beetle Knight.

>> No.41828005

I'm pretty sure he cant officially comment on it for legal bullshit reasons.

You know, its not exactly the best business strategy to go "Oh? This thing that requires you to throw 20 dollars at another company, and none at me, to play my $400 game? Yeah it looks great!"

That said, Adam, how would you feel about collaborating with Berserk Games to make an official Tabletop Simulator DLC? They have already worked with Superfight to get their game added to TTS.


>> No.41828296

>Hey poots why don't you middleman your product through a sub-standard medium and give these lazy dudes a cut of your bottom line?

>> No.41828604

>Poots posting on 4chan

>> No.41828689


Now I feel a bit bad. If I could get just the rules and cards I would, seeing as I am a poor fag. I love the game decisions, I love difficult games, and I love civ builders, Monster Hunter, and tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and Disgaea.

Poots literaly made a table top of all the things I like smashed together. But the lack of IRL friends who would be interested and my lack of personal cash...

One day Poots, one day I'll afford it.

>> No.41828705

I wonder if he takes the time to read all the shit people posts on these threads too...

>> No.41828804

Im with this anon, please give us some more encores Poots, I need them.

>> No.41828838

See this? This is my greatest fear about the game.

I love the models. I love the cards. But every time I saw an add-on to the game my first thought started to become, "Is this going to increase the price?"

I was one of the patient bastards who kickstarted the game, but everyone else who wants to play has to pay 400 dollars now. That is an absurd cost for a board game. That basically means that outside of this very small niche of people who've bought it already, very few people are going to buy it again.

There needs to be a $100 version for people who just want a simple game to play with friends. Otherwise the community can't grow.

>> No.41828861


>> No.41828961

Considering it's selling pretty well and gaining traction means your fears are fairly unfounded.

>> No.41829525

Yeah, naw.
Considering how fast most of his $25 single models sell out I wouldn't worry about a lack of community much at all.

$400 is chump change for what you get.

>> No.41830089

Even still. Buying the base game is hideously expensive for most people and will turn them off right away when combined with necessary assembly time.

There does need to be a cheaper version that can be made well under the selling price and then sold at 100 bucks or so.

>> No.41830140

I would easly buy a KD:M game without the minis. Or without armor kits.

>> No.41830223

Just showed my LGS's owner this game and his words were 'I want to track down and kiss whoever did the character designs because these girls are hot'

>> No.41830459

I kinda like a high entry point. Keeps out the riff raff know what I mean.

>> No.41830465

@ No.41828838,

I don't know how to directly respond on 4chan, so the ole "@" will have to do.

It's tough when your vision and your personal desire to do your best to your original 5k+ backers causes the end project to bloat so much. Until we hit retail, I officially don't give a shit about anyone EXCEPT the backers. New customers / fans, as sincere and earnest as they might be, were simply not part of the campaign, they didn't suffer alongside our small staff and when I spent all night comprising heartfelt updates they were not the eyes was writing for. Once we do hit retail, well, then I can officially start caring about them too. But here is the raw point of honesty on that. KD was and is, very much a personal vision. It was not, nor was it ever meant to be, a mass market product for the every gamer. I wanted to chase the dream, so to speak, with as much purity as creatively and fiscally possible. If that end result, indeed is a $400 experience. Then I stand by it. It is nothing less then the best I could do.

That does not mean I might explore smaller cheaper starting points in the future. Tho there is a possibility that may never happen.

As far as online stuff goes, thats a tricky topic. The best solution is if we made a module and charged for it, and made it the best that we could. But I don't have that currently in the pipeline. It is slightly frustrating to me that people will go ahead and make free versions but, until I can actually do something, I will just be happy that the community wants to play the game that much. Most other large companies I've asked about it, basically say their policy is to turn a blind eye towards it, and focus on what they are good at / how they make money... Which makes sense! I would like to keep making tiny men after all.

>> No.41830495

>I don't know how to directly respond on 4chan, so the ole "@" will have to do.
you put meme arrows in front of the post number, like this >>41830465

>> No.41830522

You can either click on the post number, or you can type out the number, as you did, and put >> in front of it.

>> No.41830557

Or just click the number on the post you want to reply to.

So is October the tentative timeline for backers and new cutomers? Or just backers?

Also I assume all the expansions/extra monsters will all be general release? Or will we have to camp out the store front to get our hands on limited runs?

>> No.41830590

Hm... perhaps that was a little harsh. Essentially my top priority is to get this game out to the people that backed us and the new supports that have pre-order it. Once thats all taken care of, I can sleep for a little bit, then figure out how to best handle new, full retail level customers.

>> No.41830622

Tabletop Simulator offers the exact solution you mention there. You give them 2d assets, work on a price point together, and they make the DLC themselves, splitting the profits from it.

You could also probably put together a digital promo, where people can use the steam key for the DLC at the store to get a promo card when they order something physical from the Kingdom Death story. Would encourage sales of both.

>> No.41830623

I understand Poots. Taking care of the people who took care of you is for the best.

Also, just click on the Number of the post you want to link to.

Its fine Poots, stick by your guns. You are a content creator. We are just dirty consumer peasants.

>> No.41830624

The warehouses were instructed to ship out pre-orders directly following backers. So it should pretty much all go out as one big surge. And yeah, the timeline is the same.

>> No.41830638

>Essentially my top priority is to get this game out to the people that backed us and the new supports that have pre-order it.
That answers my main question.
Thanks Poots, godspeed.

>> No.41830642

>based Poots
Will you still be releasing encores and new items before the pledges start to ship, or are you bogged down with Pinups and such ATM?

Have you sent out anything yet?

And are you going to release any special models alongside the retail release of Monster?

>> No.41830659

Thanks dude.

>> No.41830686

Aw, I feel bad about being mean now. Haha.

I just wish I could do the main game cheaper. The price is the "business responsible" price. It sucks, but it is what it is. Ima slink away now, feel free to resume your conversation, without feeling like the creator is reading it!

>> No.41830729

Actually he posts half of it. It's an advertisement technique.

>> No.41830748

its fine. just make a cheap version with tokens instead of models and a black and white, text only rulebook and maybe I won't pirate it. :)

>> No.41830794

>Implying people are going to cut up and scan their rulebooks and 1000+ cards so you can stick it to the creator of the game they paid for.
I am amused.

>> No.41830807

Poots, if you;re still here.
How is fulfillment happening for Australia. Is there a fulfillment center somewhere in Australasia, or do I have to wait for it to be shipped across the pacific ocean twice?

>> No.41830850

They won't need to. Just need someone with the book to make a vassal program that runs the game satisfactorily so they can play with their online buddies.

>> No.41830858

Poots is asleep, post online versions of his game

In all honesty, thanks for being so super cool about it! I'm gonna be that asshole that makes every hate me though. If you ever change your mind, Steam/Valve is extremely respectful of DMCA notices. if you file one, any mod of Kingdom Death will be taken down. Paizo does that with their game, as does Steve Jackson games.

I will say though, I dont recommend doing that unless you are in the process of doing what was mentioned above, of getting official DLC for the game. I'd drop money in a heartbeat for a digital version.

Hes answered that before. The cost of reprinting and maintaining two different versions of the game, in addition to the weight of the cardboard, and printing an entirely separate box for it (the minis box would be too loose), would all lead to it ending up being... roughly the same price. Not worth the amount of effort needed to dump into it, for barely any savings, if any.

>> No.41830895

>Hes answered that before. The cost of reprinting and maintaining two different versions of the game, in addition to the weight of the cardboard, and printing an entirely separate box for it (the minis box would be too loose), would all lead to it ending up being... roughly the same price. Not worth the amount of effort needed to dump into it, for barely any savings, if any.

Then publish a digital print-and-play version.

>> No.41830899

I like how this thread is blatantly against the rules but no one complains.

>11.Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

>> No.41830936

>Don't recommend protecting your IP unless you're dumping money and time into making a digital version to appease people who don't want to pay for the base game.
You guys are well meaning, but you have the worst business sense/sales pitch I've ever seen in my god damn life.

>> No.41830947

>HURR DURR Talking about a game you like is advertising
I guess that makes all of /tg/ against the rules.

>> No.41830959

Just like every new FW/40k release thread am I right?

>> No.41830986

>A bunch of KS backer get excited after their game supposedly finally ships after three years
>it's advertising

Dude what? You can't even get most of the KD stuff anymore afaik.

That aside, by your logic all discussion of games would be advertising and consequently every thread on this board against the rules.

>> No.41830992

Also, reminder to everyone

I'm still not convinced its possible for me to do the spidicules expansion in any reasonable way. The mini is just too funky. That one is probably gonna require poots to make an official mod, if its ever done at all.

>print and play of a game with 700+ cards, and some printed items that are larger than half a sheet of paper, meaning you could only print one at a time, and almost all cards are white text on a black backdrop
So.... you WANT to pay 400 dollars on the game, but dont want the minis?

Because that is what would happen with a print and play from a standard home printer. You will go through way more ink than you think. If you've ever tried the Yomi print and play, you would know that its cheaper to just buy the board game at that point.

No more than the Engine Heart threads we used to have, or Kickstarter General.

>> No.41831021

>Then publish a digital print-and-play version.
You could just get a job and buy it if you want to play it so badly?

>> No.41831041

You have no idea how Berserk Games handles partnership, do you?

You send them 2d assets, they make the DLC, send you builds for approval, and then put it up on the steam store, splitting the profits. Time and Money are not things required for that.

>> No.41831070

>TTS shill please.

>> No.41831083

I do have a job. I just don't give a shit about paying for the models because I'm not interested in modeling. I don't see why I should have to pay extra for a feature I don't want.

>> No.41831118

>Wants to play a miniature game.
>Doesn't like miniatures.
So..don't play it?

You could just homebrew some rpg if you wanted a grim world with disturbing monsters.

>> No.41831199

>This person isn't interested in assembling and painting plastic cavemen

stop posting

>> No.41831249

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to re-sell them on secondary market for a reasonable portion of the original price.

>> No.41831305

Because, believe it or not, while the miniatures are a significant part of the price of the game, they AREN'T significantly more expensive than their alternatives. Whatever version they post, with or without minis, print and play, whatever, would be just as expensive. If you can't meet that price, either speak with your wallet and take your business elsewhere, or camp out on ebay to find people reselling it for cheap after the KS backers get theirs.

Spiderdude is just a 2x2 token. His miniature is odd, but ingame it works like any other.

>> No.41831307

>Being this butt devastated.
The game is based around miniatures. It's a miniature game. You can even dress up your miniatures, because miniatures are such a big part of the game.

If you don't like miniatures, maybe stick to your video games or make a homebrew rpg.

Your outrage is charming but it is what it is.

>> No.41831339


We have a warehouse in the AU. However small rewards (pinups, promos, etc) will be shipped from our office in the states. We are currently picking and packing those orders now.

>> No.41831355

Because making a version of the game without the feature you want gone is too expensive for the company that already invested in this version of the game.

>> No.41831360

But they're ultimately a cosmetic piece. Would you not be interested in KDM if it wasn't for the minis? Would you lose interest if instead they were cardboard disks?

Warning: If you answered yes to any of the above, you may not actually like games!

>> No.41831365

Go back to sleep, Poots.

>> No.41831403

I like the game and the miniatures.

You just have a stick up your ass.

>> No.41831446

Thank you Poots.

>> No.41831489

You shouldn't be seeing this. Let anon's be anon's, and fight amongst ourselves. You are way to close to the live fire combat simulation.

>> No.41831490

Whoa whoa whoa, back up! Who's this semen demon?

>> No.41831523

Looks like a sun tribal maybe?

AlI know is I need to know more about this badass.

>> No.41831770

I missed that one for some reason. That thing looks baller as shit.

>> No.41831877

I'm really interested in some of the "Giant Man" monsters in the works.The Honeycomb Weaver, with the bee tongue is really fucking weird and the Mountain Man sounds like he has a awesome backstory.

>> No.41831935

Nice to know that Poots has got time for the half-fags but not the actual backers. I think this is the first time I've actually regretted giving him the better part of a thousand dollars.

>> No.41832027

He pretty much told us what we already knew. The aussie anon for example could have got that info from the pre-order page but reading is hard.

>Implying you pledged in the first place.

>> No.41832137

What exactly did you want to know that we don't already know? Shit is on a boat from china. September/October delivery. He won't know specifics until it's at the warehouse.

>> No.41832729

I'm happy with anything KD really, although the Beehive queen just looks too top-heavy to me. I'm not a fan.

>> No.41832924

1. Why should I have to check the pre-order page? I'm a backer
2. When I previously asked in threads no one had any idea.

>> No.41833010

Fair noof.
It reminds me of something I can't put my finger on, but I really like the odd elongated human look.
I wish there were more 'peoples' in KD though. Like societies of monsters or something.

Like how the Forge God or whatever builds the gut plate for the Grand Mother and stuff.

>> No.41833016

>implying you asked in the first place
When did you ask, pray tell? Before or after Gencon?

>> No.41833039

My bad.
Just that the pre-order page mentions the australian warehouse.

>> No.41833068


Please understand that our updates are spread far. So it needs to be done right and with every little duck in a row. If you have a direct concern or question you can always reach out to us directly. We are a little backed up since Gencon, but we do answer like 99% of messages that come in. The fulfillment update is prob our single most important update, if it takes a little bit of extra time to get it right, then thats how its gotta go.

P.S. This captcha thing is bullshit.

>> No.41833130

>P.S. This captcha thing is bullshit.
There's an option in the Settings at the bottom right of the window to go back to the old Captcha style.

>> No.41833134

What do you think the ETA is for everybody getting their Wave 1 shipment? Should I be eagerly camping by my mail box waiting for it, or should I expect a few weeks at the least?

>> No.41833287

calm down.
Yes most are only interested in the minis.
Thats the reason why the Pin-ups/Promos are shipped first.
And thats why the pre-order of the box has such a big discount, while the printed stuff is so expensive.
Because too many boxes made while the most demand is for the minis, which promptly are sold.

>> No.41833339

preorder for 275... I am incredibly sorely tempted... but I have obligations to meet first when my next paycheque arrives... ugh. We'll see if I can still afford it when all is said and done.

At least it doesn't come with the Wetnurse, that'd be fun trying to explain that to my parents.

>> No.41833434

>explain to my parents
Perhaps you should consider moving out first before buying more games.

>> No.41833493


>> No.41833578

No bully please.
I don't know if this is an absurd question or not, but will there be a visual reference sheet/booklet of all of the gear cards (and maybe other cards too) available in the core game/expansions released at some point in time?

>> No.41833660

Why explaining?
Show them some HR.Giger paintings and Alan Poe "The Raven". Say its loosely based on art and psychologically horror.
If they still complain, say they dont have a sense for creativity and good horror storytelling.

>> No.41833667

That'd be great if the housing market didn't suck and this way at least I can save up a nice little nest egg of savings for real emergencies or actually buying a katrina cottage or something and moving it onto one of the properties my family owns.

>> No.41833689

oh! I'm not worried about them complaining! I'm more worried about mom making constant fun about 'aren't those girls getting a little cold? I mean that place doesn't have any sun right?'

Yes, she totally will read the books, not play the game, but read the books, just for material to poke fun at me. Shes awesome/horrible like that.

>> No.41833826

All this info has been available since then. I believe he also shared it in the kickstarter comments.

>> No.41833943

So she will remind you why you bought it?
Why most of us bought it?
Stand up and say "yes i like the female forms and wanted a naughty horror game, not this washed up kiddy games."
At least she knows you arent gay.
But honestly, just take it easy and dont react to it. Maybe "yes", "maybe" or "Could be right" emotionless answers will take them by surprise.

>> No.41835104

>not how reality works
>posts updates on 4chan anyway

I honestly don't even.

>> No.41835535

Poots, if your still around, I've been a backer since the Kickstarter but can't get my emails answered by your general email. The shipping confirmation was missing a leading 0 in the zip code and I just want to know if I'm absolutely fucked. Got somewhere else I can email to actually get a response?

>> No.41835951

Um... Guys, what's the likelihood our shipments got caught in the explosion at Tianjin?

>> No.41836277

They're on a boat nerd, not in the fuckin' boonies of china.

>> No.41836388

I just wish if poots cared about the backers so much he could of published vids of how the game works or just gives us the rules to play that way us backers could hit the ground running and get a game in the day we got it idk if I'll fund one of your KS again poots you make great scupts but your almost as bad as GW in the customer service department.

>> No.41836426

>I officially don't give a shit about anyone EXCEPT the backers
>Backers are the last people to hear about anything

You'd be killing me if I wasn't already dead to the world obsessed with this game.

>> No.41836522

If you saw the start of the book then I think you'd understand why he hasn't done what you've suggested.

It seemswants people to dive right into the tutorial and the game with little knowledge of the intricacies of the game

>> No.41836581

>It seemswants
I like this new word you've coined; also nice dubs, also how soon do you guys think is too soon to start introducing the one-shot challenges from the promo figures?

>> No.41836696

*seems he wants

>> No.41836722

>Nice to know that Poots has got time for the half-fags but not the actual backers.

See >>41830465 and get your head out of the Phoenix's ass.

>Until we hit retail, I officially don't give a shit about anyone EXCEPT the backers. New customers / fans, as sincere and earnest as they might be, were simply not part of the campaign, they didn't suffer alongside our small staff and when I spent all night comprising heartfelt updates they were not the eyes was writing for. Once we do hit retail, well, then I can officially start caring about them too.

>> No.41837055

Have you tried [email protected]?
If that doesn't work try [email protected]

>> No.41837513

I have no interest in the game but I want the art, for the obvious reasons, and also because I love the monster designs.

Is there an artbook shipping separately or is everything only packaged with the box?

>> No.41837816

Nope, you're all in or nothing.

>> No.41838474

The artbook is a pdf, so while it's backer-only, it'll be easier to get than a hard copy.
I don't think anyone knows if there will be a way to get at it later.

>> No.41838658

I really hope that this entire thing will prove to investors for the guy that they can expand the business to other areas, opening up sales of individual models, sets, rulebooks, etc.

>> No.41839743

What the fuck are you talking about?
It's not a corporation- it's a sole proprietorship. The only person Poots answers to is himself. There aren't any "investors".

>> No.41839766

I've been scratching my head at that one too. We (as in the backers) are the investors...

>> No.41839888

I'm saying that he could get them now if he wanted to expand his operations.

>> No.41839949

He can probably afford to expand his business and keep it privately owned. Fuck having investors to hold it over you.

Do you know much about businesses? Cause it doesn't sound like it.

>> No.41839979

It sounds like you don't know much about it friend. Right now he's got a very expensive product and can't produce it very quickly. Investors could potentially expand his market into full retail mode.

>> No.41839985

You really don't want to look at backers as investors- we aren't getting stock or anything that grows with time. We get product.

We're not preordering either, since we're actually funding the creation of the items. They don't exist yet, and there's also the chance that it can change from the time we funded, and the time we receive product.

It's crowdfunding- it's a different beast altogether. It has a lot less protections, and a lot more risk.

>> No.41840009

We're effectively commissioners, not investors or preordering customers.

>> No.41840048

Please kiddo.

>he's got a very expensive product
That people are happily paying for.
>can't produce it very quickly.
Says who? He has warehouses to fulfill production and the KDM box is in no way limited and has sold 5k+ copies already.
> expand his market into full retail mode.
Which he's doing by himself without investors.

You should educate yourself. You try to sound smart but you're really not.

>> No.41840091

You're essentially investors. That's how businesses look at crowdfunding.

>> No.41840143

>literally said he doesn't give a fuck about full retail a couple posts up
Maybe you don't know shit about small businesses and their quirks. Bigger means more problems, and I can totally understand why he doesn't want to deal with that shit as a son of a small business owner.

If you're satisfied with what you're doing, there's no need for extra headache to make more cash.

Also, subject matter. This game isn't going to be sold in fucking Target or GameStop dumbass.

>> No.41840234

See >>41840009

>> No.41840276

>This game isn't going to be sold in fucking Target or GameStop dumbass.
Heh, now I can't stop imagining a Target's board game section filled with various kinds of Monopoly surrounding a single box of KD:M

>> No.41840387

Follow your dreams. Become Poots.

>you are a fucking inspiration

>> No.41840397

It's not really a commission because there's no actual contract or guaranteed return. There's more inherent risk in the initial up front funding and there's little legal recourse should the product fail.
So more of an investment. It's just our return is product instead of money.

>> No.41840637

I don't think the KDM box has any indication of what's actually inside it either.

Just a masiive ominous black box dominating the aisle.
With a $400 price tag attached to it.

>> No.41840750

So it will probably not be bought till black friday when someone mistakes it for an Xbox one/ ps4 and them get the shock of their life when little 10 year old Timmy comes out with half naked women and men, and anal bird.

>captcha was bananas, he knows what's up

>> No.41841196

Can somebody post a quick summary/breakdown of the big huntable monsters (phoenix/gorm/etc.) that are currently set to be released?

I'm putting together a P&P RPG to run with my friends. As far as I know none of them have heard of KD: M, so it should be interesting for them.

>> No.41841229

Timmy is the luckiest boy on the block it seems.

>> No.41841231


>> No.41841277

I've seen that, I was hoping for something a bit more informative and less shouty.

>> No.41841367

We don't know what their actual behavior is going to be, outside of those who've demo'd the White Lion and Pheonix.

White Lion,
Screaming Antelope,
King's Hand,
are all core enemies.

Flower Knight,
Dung Beetle Knight,
Lion Knight,
Lion God,
The King and The Scribe
are expansion fights.

The Sunstalker and The Dragon King are larger expansions.
The King/Scribe come from a large expansion too, but these two have alternate starting conditions.

What are you looking for exactly?

>> No.41841382

He also probably will be traumatized and will have fucking nightmares till he is 21.
OR will get some sort of /d/ fetish from it which ever happens first

>> No.41841395

I would totally watch a group of middle-schoolers playing KD:M; it'd be fairly edgetsatically hilarious I'm sure.

>> No.41841465

>What are you looking for exactly?

Any fluff/blurbs we know about them. If >>41841231 is essentially what we have to go on I guess that'll do.

>> No.41841482

>Also, subject matter. This game isn't going to be sold in fucking Target or GameStop dumbass.
Even expanding to various websites like DrivethruRPG or even allowing the average LGS to order sets would require investor capital probably.

And he said he doesn't care about retail -right now-

>> No.41841547

I think your best bet is to go to the kingdom death shop, then choose Out of Stock, then check the cataloge for the relevant mini. They are sorted alphabetically and this anon
provided you with a nifty list.

>> No.41841558

we got almost nothing on the setting right now, sorry.

>> No.41841690

Yo poots, if this thing turns out successful, in a year when i can actually afford it, if you decide to do a mega-encore run to celebrate your success to let me buy versions of literally everything released for the game you'll bankrupt me. this looks so cool but i cna't afford it now.

>> No.41841715

You'll have to ask a demo'er for stuff about the Pheonix and Lion, not much has been spoiled on them.

The Antelope can apparently scream and cause your survivors to go insane. It can also suck you into it's stomach cavity to eat you.

King's Hand is a humanoid enemy that shows up to your settlement at one point. He can bring or take a baby, give you an innovation, or attack.
The Watcher goes around and attacks settlements that have become too large.
The Butcher used to be a completely insane human berserker, but now he is a mindless destructive force.

I don't know about the Flower Knight. He probably likes plants.
Dung Beetle Knight rolls around a dung ball that he attacks with and sweeps up stuff on the ground.
Lion Knight is a patron of the arts. He might like your settlement if you're not too warlike.
Gorm has a 'lure,' and pretends to be a lantern until he's too close to get away from. He eats most things that get in his way, and has crazy digestion.
Spidicules lures people from your settlement to eat using a dead torso. He can also turn invisible. May or may not vibrate through walls.
With special guest Slenderman, as himself.
Lion God takes revenge on you for killing all those White Lions.
The King is an avatar formed by a bunch of hivemind Golden Entity subject-humans. The Scribe wrote you into being before the game started.

Sunstalker is a shark/frog/fish thing that absorbs/releases light anD swims through the air. At one point, it swam through the sky and appeared to be the sun. It is now worshiped by a survivor tribe.
The Dragon King controls a settlement. Has a human form. Breaths radiation.

>> No.41842036

That works, thanks.

>> No.41842317

Is this that game no one has played yet?

>> No.41842335

There's also the one apparently human controlled major settlement. The city of the Great Hunters. Though whether they're secretly under the thumb of a greater entity (Such as the King, Scribe, Golden Entity, Ancient Sun Stalker, or Dragon King) is an open question.

But they are significantly more advanced than any other settlement, possessing gun powder and advanced metalurgy in a land that by and large is just crawling into the iron age.

been repeatedly and publically demoed. 0/10. It's like you trolls aren't even trying anymore.

>> No.41842419

Why haven't you updated your bait yet? It's like you are running Windows ME while the rest of the world use 8.1 and 10.

>> No.41842465

>while the rest of the world use 8.1 and 10.
>implying I upgraded past Windows 7

They've just been moving backwards instead of forwards. Muh "we want the facebook audience".

>> No.41842469

Tianjin is the 4th largest shipping port in the world.

>> No.41843428

Tianjin is a pretty major port >_> worse, if the stuff WAS in route through there... then finding out their condition is going to be a mess because the port authority is going to be inundated with questions about whose cargo was damaged and whose wasn't.

Thank god for transportation insurance in such cases. It'll just take time to reprint all the pieces, they won't be gone forever.

Also, given the time frame for release of the first wave? I'd say that they're probably already on the ocean.

>> No.41845672


Literally no retort, so call it bait


>> No.41845683


> Until we hit retail, I officially don't give a shit about anyone EXCEPT the backers

Great to know the money I have put into the pre-order means fuck all to you. Why did you not express this disdain when I was ordering from you at GenCon?

>> No.41845838

Hi, I'm Adam Poots. You can definitely believe its me because I typed my name in the box. Who would just go on the internet and lie? Definitely not me, thats for sure!

>> No.41845851

Jesus nigga, you're going to take it that personally? I'd be surprised if he said otherwise at this point, it's been over two years since the Kickstarter ended with backers dropping over 2million on him not counting post-kickstarter pledge manager funds and pre-orders whatnot.

If he had said anything else it'd honestly be surprising. It's not that your money doesn't mean fuck all to him you tookie lookin' knuckle fucker, it just means that in terms of getting the product out the door, the backers are going to come first. It's a show of loyalty to the five thousand motherfuckers who sat around waiting for this bespectacled fuck to give us an update on production and fulfillment.

Slow your roll.

>> No.41845878


>> No.41845934

You do realize that he immediately took that back, right?

>> No.41845955


>"I literally don't give a shit about you"

How else would people take it? Slow your fanboying, fucktard.

>> No.41845972

Except that's not what he says.

He clarifies that in the following sentences as 'can't give a shit about until X happens'

>> No.41845977


People's first reaction is usually the most accurate. He's shown his true feelings before realizing how it would make him look, then swiftly backpedaled. Pretty simple

>> No.41846033

Man, you are really salty about missing the Kickstarter, aren't you?

>> No.41846100 [DELETED] 

If that's Poots, you forgot to delete your name from the name field.

>> No.41846644


I don't think it's about that at all. When a company takes your money for a product, you expect to be treated with a little respect

>> No.41846656


So rather than address the issue he raised, you deflect to ad hominem? Not really helping the cause dude

>> No.41846722

Frankly, that's all he deserves.Browse the archives if you don't understand what I mean.

>> No.41846778

Apparently the trolls have finally upgraded their bait, and it's working wonderfully.

Sharing previously unseen sculpts tends to lend credibility to claims.

Preorders are immediately shipping after backers- it's retail that he doesn't care about.

>> No.41847427

Poots, will there be an official TTS dlc pack kinda thing?

>> No.41847630

Doubt it.

>> No.41847648

I cant wait to get angry at tabletop simulator while playing this game

>> No.41848728

You still failed to provide an adequate reply. So far all you've done is strengthen his arguments for him...

>> No.41848790

This will be hilarious.

>> No.41849006


>N-n-nobody gave a shit about me!

>You're all jerks! >:(


>> No.41849753

With all the shit that fills up the board, I'm not sure it would be an enjoyable experience. Is there an Arkham horror mod that work(to compare)? It would be a bit similar to that with a smaller board.

>> No.41850146

Hey man, you still around?

>> No.41850497

The Gencon promos have begun shipping.

Yeah i am.

>> No.41850593

On a totally unrelated topic- how does one report a TTS game for copyright infringement?

Just curious of course...nothing at all to do with you.

>> No.41850597

TTS has loot bags, which you can store stuff in. They take up very little space, and have infinite storage space, but they are a hassle to get stuff out of, unless you are pulling out everything at once.

Im also using a mod that adds pulled out drawers to the table, giving you a lot of room around the edges.

If there STILL isn't enough room, i can scale down the game board by 50% and make the extra space on the table usable for settlement stuff. But that would be a last resort, as i would have to rescale the minis to the new board. Wouldnt take a lot of time, its just a hassle.

>> No.41850663

I'm mostly just talking about the different deck and discard piles. Then you have everyone's gear, fighting styles, and character sheet. After that the game boards.

>> No.41850674

File a DMCA with Valve, if you are the original owner of the IP.

Otherwise, you can report an item on the workshop that violates the Steam ToS by clicking the flag on that mods workshop page.

go ahead and report it. I really dont give a shit. Im making the mod for my own personal group, where it will continue to work fine even once taken down.

>> No.41850965

Il just fucking with ya. I don't really care either way. Got mine, fuck you! and all that.

>> No.41851114

>> No.41851148

>> No.41851256

>Innovation card that lets the settlement use monster parts to create a tactical wargame that lets them plan out how their showdown will go, giving them a better chance of winning; also has some elements of fortune telling, so it can be used to semi-predict what will happen to them on their journey

Would you KD:M while you KD:M?

>> No.41851333

>> No.41851419


>> No.41851523

Once it's done, if it's taken down, please share it with us.


>> No.41851548

I can't help but read Spidicules as Spidiculous.

>> No.41851589

I always read it 'Spider-cules' like Hercules.

>> No.41852502

New thread >>41852483

>> No.41853333

When it's done, you should submit it to Poots along with directions for setting up the whole deally with TTS to allow mass distribution. That way he can do the whole 'let lots of people play my game' and at the same time still focus on the market he always targeted from the beginning, the people willing to pay 400 bucks.

Doesn't matter if you did report it unless you were Poots. Copyright law is pretty specific in that manner. Most Valve or TTS would do is inform Poots of what had happened and ask whether it's being done without permission or not and what he wants them to do. After all, if they just went and took shit down that was legitly given permission to be made on the word of an unverified 3rd party, that'd make them look like douche bags. Bad for any business that's working as a distributor for other companies.

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