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How was y'all's gameday? Any good pulls in prizes? Missed mine because I had to cover a shift(the hours are worth more than two of the languishes at present time).

So, let's get buildin' on some what-the-fuck-why-is-that-working tier decks.

Two things for me, either a mono black life leech deck(opponent loses life, you gain life) cored out by Indulgent Tormenter and Archfiend of Depravity, or a mono white built around Valor in Akros + Secure the Wastes for sudden death.

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My Jeskai token deck got raped. Went to two game days and didn't top 8 either. It was my first game day though so I guess I can't be too upset.

Fuck Turbofog though.

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My weekend was awful. I died to top-deck Exquisite Firecraft three times, all against different people. Playing control is awful with this cancer red deck.

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Went 3-1 today with Mono-Green stomp. There were only 8 of us, so we all got the promo. The really confusing thing is that I didn't make top 4. Meanwhile, a guy who was 2-2 and 2-1-1 made top 4. I had beaten both of them during regular matches, yet they somehow got into top 4 and I didn't. I still got the languish and that's all I was expecting, but I still have this feeling of "what the fuck"?

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I've been playing a LOT of modern. I however only really get to play once or maybe twice a month. What's an interesting deck to play that has a decent chance to stick after super standard is over that's not burn as most of my store plays burn apparently.

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Managed to pull out with a first place. Played mono red missing a few key cards but it did pretty well. I pulled a woodland bellower and am thinking of building around it now.

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How do you like the play mat?

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Any idea what is going to replace Coarser after rotation, or are all of those decks fucked?

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Pretty great! Honestly I've never been too competitive of a player so this is my first and it's pretty exciting

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I have a mono red Goblins that I went 3-1 with but I want to retool it into a RWB Goblins for shits and giggles, only because Ankle Shanker is hilarious

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Any ideas otherwise for the white and black? Charms, commands, March ascendancy?

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Should I build this? http://tappedout.net/mtg-deckpaste/09-08-15-dnz-none/

I want a cheap Jeskai deck and the tokens ascendacy one seems to be real fun to play. Right now I have a super trash WG one I made off scraps and pieces from the WG precon and I just can't really win anything. The only times I win is when they stumble on mana/spells.

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Pretty good, actually. I ran my ensoul-nithopter deck to top 8 out of 16. The only person who beat me was mono-red and even he had some trouble outracing me.

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Absolutely terrible. Played Junk rally, proceeded to 0-3 in a cut to top eight where we had such a low turn out that 1 win would get you in.

Round 1 American burn - (1-2) Game one everything went perfect, he just died like he was supposed to. Game 2 was a match of not being able to find any kind of answer to Mantis Rider, and my Game 3 I lost due to being unable to find an edict for one mantis rider. Would of won if I scry'd away my commune but it was the better play trying to find one of eight answers vs lucking into the rally right under it.

Round 2: R/W heroic (1-2): Game 1 he got the absolute nuts with temur battlerage, swiftspear, + Titan's Strength. Game 2 he was a bit slower and I had enough time to combo then game three was just more nut draws on his part.

Round 3: RDW (0-2): Kept a slow hand game one not knowing what my opponent was playing and Game 2 he just went fast and my sideboard cards weren't there.

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impact tremors, kola's command, and maybe rally the ancestors+mogis's marauder if you get alot of black stuff (despoiler of souls and bloosoaked champions)

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Link's not working bro. Jeskai tokens (from what I know) isn't exactly the cheapest for standard, but if you pick up the ascendancys you should be able to build off of them at least for a bit. A couple of the best cards are leaving sadly, however ascendancy is just good enough on it's own I think.

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Valor in Akros+Secure the wastes. Each is <$2 a piece, and that can make for some game ending plays.

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But what about the goblins? They need love too

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Obelisk of Urd is good for another month and a half or so. Just dropped to about $6

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Fucking tappedout
From what I've seen, the most expensive cards are Exquisite Firecraft (Thanks, Pro Tour) and Soulfire Grand Master, who I'm only running because the card makes me rock hard and I love it. Everything else is pretty cheap. I also tried to keep it to things that won't be rotating soon, which is why I'm not running Stoke, though I really should

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Oh yeah that's a lot cheaper than I assumed it was. I suppose a decent replacement for the stokes could just be roasts, but I haven't played the deck so I couldn't say if the stokes are more important for burn or removal.

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Tap goblins to burn you and Jeskai ascendancy immediately u taps your goblins and makes them 2/2s. It's amazing.

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Oh yeah, stoke is the nuts in the deck. Just a replacement idea if the goal is to keep it somewhat rotation proof.

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Should I drop the money and complete abzan rally?

From what I've seen it looks fun as fuck

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Got back into standard a month ago, about to move back out again. It's the same as it was before with green being wildly overpowered and Junk being an unstoppable force. Beatable, but always a threat so much so that people just design decks SOLELY to counter it.

Elves and this new UR mill deck look cool but way too pricey.

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How come every Level 1 judge I've met is some autistic sperg? It's like it's the "free to join" club of literal nerds and socially awkward people but anything beyond level 1 is a regular guy.

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the most powerful decks in standard are Mono-Red and Ensoul Artifacts.

Abzan doesn't stand a chance against these decks, currently.

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Unfortunately I do not remotely agree with you on the slightest level

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Artifacts is ruined by side boards. It's on the radar now (same with tuteledge) and as such is probably not going to place again until 3 or so weeks from now when it's gone from the lime light and people stop sideboarding against it.

Red is strong, and might be favored in the abzan match up but no, it does not have some amazing 5-5 or better every match up shit and can still be hurt hard by a good sideboard. This is what makes abzan so oppressive and strong, there is no special trump card or sideboard card that just fucks the deck hardcore. It's just 3 color goodstuff, you have to design your entire deck or sideboard to counter or combat their deck because 2-5 cards in your sideboard ain't cutting it.

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Are you kidding? Anything running green is powerfully positioned mainboard or at the very least sideboard to stomp mono-red with life-gain and fat blocks. Add white and black gives you token hate and hand control.

And Ensoul can't handle all the enchantment hate options with it's limited counterspells. Unless they get some nuts draw with 2 shrapnel blast, 2 artifacts (0-1 drops), ensoul and both red & blue mana (7 cards out of 10) to finish you by turn 4 the advantage definitely drops. Especially if you play just 1 life-gain land early to stall their clock another turn.

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Played elves coco.
Won mirror match against elves that ran Nissa
Lost to red
Beat some mono black with lilianas
We fired off the event with 8 people and we all got a Languish and I got 16 dollars store credit.

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Can you go to negative life in a stack and not lose?

Example: If I'm at 1 life and I cast feed the clan and trigger my opponents Eidolen of the great revel do I lose or go 4?

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I'd love to play elves, they're very fun. But I'm not dropping 200+ on a tier 4 deck

>> No.41782638

you lose

>> No.41782678

Life total is checked when a player receives priority and that player loses as a state based action if their life is 0 or less. Unless they have a permanent or effect in play that says differently.

The Eidolon triggers after you cast the spell and thus resolves first. You lose after it resolves and receive priority again.

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Played Hardened Scales deck with Renowned Hierarch. Also Ajani Steadfast. Apparently he doesn't get played in Standard, nobody told me because I don't play Standard but friend had a fun brew he wanted me to test and tweak for him.

Turn 1: Renowned Hierarch
Every opponent that day: Wtf are you playing?

Later on I drop an Ajani Steadfast.
Every opponent's reaction I play this against.
"Ajani? What the hell? I don't know what deck you're playing"

Everything I have gets three +1/+1 counters on it. Swing with thopters from hangarback, Managorger Hydra and a massive Avatar of the Resolute with 5 +1/+1 counters on it. Deck was lots of fun and i'll be sad to see Ajani go in this deck.

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Anyone care to rate my elves?


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Looking for some help with Rally elves deck. It's basically Elf tribal with Rally the Ancestors as an alternate win-con if things go south. You can chump more with your elves and even Languish at times because of Rally. I feel a build like this is more resilient to aggro hate but I'm not sure my theory build is the right one. Someone push me in the right direction?

Rally Elves

Creatures (29)

4 Elvish Mystic
2 Gnarlroot Trapper
2 Thornbow Archer
4 Elvish Visionary
4 Dwynen's Elite
4 Shaman of the Pack
2 Nissa, Vastwood Seer
2 Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
2 Liliana, Heretical Healer
3 Siege Rhino

Non-Creature Spells (10)

3 Rally the Ancestors
2 Languish
2 Evolutionary Leap
3 Gather the Pack


To be decided

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Here's a brief explanation for my card choices.

Liliana: Seeing as you'll be chumping with your elves more often than the aggro build, it shouldn't be too difficult to flip her. Also, once she flips, she can immediately bring back a shaman to potentially win you the game outright.

Siege Rhino: Running white, may as well toss in meme rhino's. They are just good.

Evolutionary Leap: Allows us to keep the gas coming while fueling our graveyard. We can block to stop damage, sac in response to get a guaranteed replacement and get an elf in the yard to fuel Rally later on.

Gather the Pack: I figured the deck would need some way to toss cards in the yard. Seeing as half our deck is creatures, this allows us to dig a bit for something we might need while simultaneously filling up our yard a bit.

>> No.41783425


You should run a Nantuko Husk in there somewhere. It allows you to sac your Elves to prevent them from being exiled allowing you to Rally again plus it also triggers Liliana's ability.

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i played saturday and sunday game days in diferent stores.
saturday one was on a big new store, i went 4-2-0
won against temur zoo, turbo fog, rdw and red goblins.
lost to gw manifest and gb constellation.
pretty fun, it was my first big event with 40+ players.
sunday went to my small store i go every time, there where 8 people, we all got languish, and i got 4-0-0 against mono black aggro, gw megamoph, mardu aggro and br minotaurs, fun as fuck and got my playmat.

>> No.41783451

Looking for some advice on this one. I want to make it evil. I want to all but ignore combat. "How much damage? I take it." I want to put 4 Orbs of Warding in. Convince me not to.

Basically, drain their life until I get bored and mercy kill them.


>> No.41783487

That's a good idea. Thanks. I'll take out a Thornbow Archer for a Nantuko Husk.

>> No.41783547


I'd run two or maybe three. Find a way to give it trample as well for an alt win condition unless you're devoted entirely to the combo win by double rally.

>> No.41783564

Tread upon, maybe. +2/+2 and trample

>> No.41783614

I may try to squeeze in two but I'm fairly devoted to the elf tribal theme. I may throw some Tread Upon and another one in the board as a post-board win-con in case they side yard hate for rally.

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How serious are players during constructed game days vs FNM drafts?

I want to start showing up with decks I make, but I feel like I'm going to get raped left and right by people with tons of expensive cards that they bought online.

I just want to win boosters.

>> No.41783794

>Returned Centaur + Sidsi's Faithful or Mirror Mockery
>Sphinx's Tute + Zephyr Scribe or Jhessian Thief or Jace

At least Caustic Caterpillar and Enlightened Ascetic exist to get around Negate.

>> No.41783834

Lube up and go anyway. Competitive level depends on a store to store basis. Some times, a silly, janky, wtf deck can beat a top 8 deck. Find your style, play to your strengths, shore up your weaknesses.

>> No.41783839

Want to build a tutelage/dreadwaters UG mill deck
>Get tutelage out and draw a few cards each turn via cantrip elves and the like
>make use of the mostly overlooked land ramp cards, yes they suck but they could work, to ramp up an excessive amount of lands
>afterwards dreadwaters the fuck out of the other player.
>maybe add some strictly worse fogs to keep damage off my ass
This is the "why would you build that?" Edition, right?

>> No.41783874

Tutelage+dreadwaters in a Ug Mill-Ramp deck can work, though.

"why would you build that" is more for silly and jank, not playing the worst cards you possibly can.

>> No.41783938

I'm thinking nissa and a fighting force of cantrip dudes would synergize with tutelage and dreadwaters nicely. Either way I'll get a proto sorted out and posted in the standard thread tomorrow.

>> No.41784068

>try playing Turbo fog at an FNM
>lose to a starter deck
Why did I do this to myself

>> No.41784144


To be fair the starter decks this time around are pretty decent.

Especially that red blue one.

>> No.41784291

4x Seeker of the Way
4x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Mantis Rider
2x Monastery Mentor
2x Soulfire Grandmaster
2x Jace Vryn Prodigy
2x Narset, Enlightened Master

3x Treasure Cruise

4x Stoke the Flames
4x Wild Slash
4x Titans Strength

3x Jeskai Ascendancy

Currently brewing, still needs testing though. Titan strength + Prowess + Jeskai Ascendancy rape train

>> No.41784311

It was the elves one.

I feel elves fuck turbofog hard. Shaman of the pack isn't stopped by a fog and since you probably aren't removing that much from the board, you're likely gonna take atleast 8

>> No.41784359

Thinking of building the Andrew Cuneo list, except splashing white for Jeskai Ascendancy. No list yet, but Ascendancy is good for extra card selection + Tutelage triggers.

>> No.41784365

I made a deck with you idea.
please rate.

>> No.41784373

I got all the way to the final with UR Artifacts, 2-0 each game. I then got paired against GW Devotion which I had a strong sideboard for. Both games I drew a single land despite mulliganing aggressively in order to find one, feels bad, it was otherwise a free win (after sides) with the only challenge being my own deck.

>> No.41784497

Temur battle rage works beauteous wonders with prowess.

>> No.41784523

Played jank-ass RG midrange. Killed an opponent at one point with Outland Colossus into temur battle rage and two four-devotion Aspect of the Hydras. Pretty amusing stuff. 2-2ed, got my Languish, no complaints.

>> No.41784535

Won today with me R/u burn deck. Played similar lists to top RDW from the pro-tour, got bored, added:

3 Day's Undoing
1 T-cruise
and 3 molten vortexes to build a sweet refill after i ran out of burn,

ended up sweeping the whole day 5-0-0

>> No.41784647


>playing cancer is awful against the chemo


>> No.41784712


care to post your list?

>> No.41785024

Mono red Goblins failed me today. It managed to come back from losing 5 gobbins to Soulfire + Anger of the Gods combo, but couldn't get consistent draws. Had to mull to 5 three times. Went 0-3, and was the only person not to get a Languish. Kill me.

>> No.41785048

deck gets rekt by monored tho, if your FLGS is nothing but casuals then it should be fine

my shop is casuals and 9/10 people play RDW

>> No.41785071

I'm thinking of making a GRW Aggro deck.
I want to use Yasova Dragonclaw, amongst a bunch of others, but I can't think of a good reason to actually go white

>> No.41785083


Seems a little vulnerable, you've got no way to protect your dudes. Try some God's Willing and Feat of Resistance. That's also way too many Ajani's in there and too few creatures. 16 is too low for a supposed aggro list. Run either GW or mono W Ajani but not both and no more than 2.

If you're going to play with Hardened Scales you've basically got two routes you can go with. A more heavier white list with running Anafenza and splashing the green for pumps and trample or a more heavier green list running Avatar of the Resolute with a white splash for things like God's Willing and Feat of Resistance. My list was playing more green heavy with things like Managorger Hydra, Hierarch and Servant of the Scale with things like Inspired Calling for draw and protection.

>> No.41785194


>on elves

How? I run elves and it didn't cost me half that much.

>> No.41785218


As an elf player myself, Turbo Fog is a deck I like to see across the table from me.

>> No.41785239

Nissas and a set of cocos are almost 100

>> No.41785323

This kind of meme question really needs to stop.

>> No.41785361


I don't run Nissa (because of the price). Without it CoCo and Urborg (which isn't really necessary either) are the only valuable cards in the deck.

>> No.41785373

What's the best green pump spell in standard right now? I want to be able to give my deck a little extra punch to be able to trade up and or finish people off but Might of the Masses isn't getting it done.

>> No.41785381

If you can support delve, then Become Immense

>> No.41785386

Honestly I think a more aggro build suits elves a little more, Keep rally as the main win con but bring it down to x2 and ditch the rhinos run 4x collected company and 3x chord of calling for increased elf based stability, you can lose the languish evo leap and gather, because by increasing the speed of the deck if your opponent doesn't answer your fat board state they are dead anyways also find room for sun blade elves because the card is bonkers and run one of sylvan messenger to chord for gas, might of the masses doesn't hurt either. Its basically what i've been running since origins its a fun ass deck with a response to pretty much anything early game can throw at it.

>> No.41785417

Many people do. In fact, many people run 2 or 3, 4 temples of malady, 4 llan wastes, a nissa worldwaker or two and the set of cocos. There are 4 players at my lgs running a list like that, and I'm willing to bet that there are more out there.
I'm not knocking any cheaper elf decks, because they work just fine. I'm just saying that there are pretty expensive elf lists out there.

>> No.41785498


Fair enough. I hadn't seen an elf list running Worldwaker but I see your point in general.

>> No.41785504

played shitty deck, got top 8 then had to face impossible matchup, won it, faced another impossible matchup, got shrekt in semis

next day? played good deck, made misplays and didn't even top 8

fuck this game

>> No.41785508

>nissa worldwaker
that's not how that works
that's not how that works at all

>> No.41785573

>Play well, only lose to a mono red aggro, get 3rd
>Decide the top 8 should have an elimination round for the mat
>Get matched against aggro, lose
>Guy who I beat earlier wins the mat

>> No.41785578

so I got back into magic about 2 weeks ago (I played around 1998-2000 when I was very young) and was very apprehensive about going to a magic event at one of my LGSs' mostly because none of my friends play or would play magic and I would have to go alone. I was nervous about being too new or too slow and annoying people.

I finally decided fuck it and went and had a blast at game day at my LGS. Unfortunately I work at a bar and friday and saturday nights I will never ever have off so I can't FNM ever.

I met a ton of really cool people who were super helpful and even though my deck was garbage red/blue puked together from the origins deckbuilder's toolkit and like 3 packs they helped me every step of the way not only as far as rules but even strategy like "you should have put touch of moonglove on that 1/1 goblin token as you blocked my 4/4" and things like that and even let me reverse bad choices on several occasions.

I have never felt more comfortable in a community after such little time as now and I can't wait to get better and better and meet new people. This game is the shit.

>> No.41785652

Worldwaker seems to be the concensus at my store. I guess they want to play it before it rotates.
I don't really care, standard is my joke format. I play turbofog, and am brewing up a ramp/mill right now.

>> No.41785694

Welcome to the family, I hope you can workout something in the future to where you can go to a FNM, those are often more casual than gameday.
I started out playing EDH, I showed up to the store with my precon. Talked to bro tier owner. The dude sat down with me, we played a game. Eventually others joined in, and that's how commander time started in my store.
Maybe you could show up during the day and play a game at your store.

>> No.41786030

My opponent casts a creature where the text says I can only cast one spell per turn. Can I put creatures on the field and then on his turn cast counter spells?

>> No.41786072

You can cast one spell on your turn, then one spell on his turn, yes.

>> No.41786191

Just how good is Nissa, Vastwood Seer? I want to upgrade my elf deck. If she really worth her price tag right now?

>> No.41786237

Is she good? Yes, but it's only 1 month of Origins, she should drop once Origins flood the market more.

>> No.41786282

Played Turbofog at a small local store yesterday. Came away with 6th place out of 10, so I can't complain.

>> No.41786689

this is the prototype build. guys it'd be great if you'd give me some suggestions, but please keep thm on the cheap side, This is a joke deck meant for fun and causing the occasional tilt against combo decks.
it works surprisingly well when testing it against some of my other decks.

>> No.41787208

anyone wanna help me polish my first ever deck? going with a monoblack card to fool around with alongside work buddies on weekend.


any ideas for sidedeck or maybecards? or even modifications of my main cards? thanks.

>> No.41787422

nice link

>> No.41787430

Why does DOOM have worms all over his face

>> No.41787568

-4 evolutionary leap +4 messenger

>> No.41787598


Put some removal in there.

>> No.41787631

Is say grab one if you can for $20

>> No.41787633

... are you mocking me?

because he's on a fucking ape planet. BUGS EVERYWHERE MANG


thinking about grabbing 2 damnations and 4 thoughseizes. are these solid cards to buy if i have buddies who may recycle them and borrow if i ever dont play a lot? they seem very versatile and useful.

>> No.41787692

Thoughtseize is about to rotate out, but I think it's used in modern right?

>> No.41787698

>... are you mocking me?
no, the link doesn't work dumbass

>> No.41787732

sorry, i marked it unprivate. stupid ass website.

ooo, thanks for the warning. i'll research it.

FUCKING DAMNATION THOUGH, over a hundred dollars for two... I'm so tempted.

>> No.41787746


>> No.41787853

>B/W warriors
>cast despise turn 1
>opponents 7 card hand is nothing but ramp, land and a fog
>I look at him
>he looks at me

>> No.41788159

Fuck Game Day, fuck Standard, and fuck Standard players.

That is all.

>> No.41788362

Revised version


>> No.41788399


>> No.41788429


At least one Reclamation Sage in the main. Take out Read the Bones (at least in my opinion). Maybe add one or two Chord of Calling.

>> No.41788512 [DELETED] 

So I missed out on the whole Theros block and a friend was telling me about the Game Day challenge decks that were released during the set like Face the Hydra. They sound like a ton of fun to play against. How did people find them and are they worth trying to track down? Also, what kind of deck are you supposed to play against it? One from a pre-release kit?

>> No.41788618

So I missed out on the whole Theros block and a friend was telling me about the Game Day challenge decks that were released during the set like Face the Hydra. They sound like a ton of fun to play against. How did people find them and are they worth trying to track down? Also, what kind of deck are you supposed to play against it? One from a pre-release kit?

>> No.41788815

Don't worry I'm sure someone will sell you a full art Languish if you really want one

>> No.41788872

You can straight up buy challenge decks, they were commercially released. you run almost ordinary decks but you also get 2 Hero cards (Hero as a type) in your command zone. There are guides on google but you !at as well just buy one, they're only £15ish

>> No.41788933

Tips on building for big multiplayer games? Like 4+ people. I feel like aggro doesn't work as well because you leave yourself open to big swings from every other player, but I fucking hate building boring defensive decks

>> No.41788953

why would you play standard for something like this, edh is much more appropriate and fun

>> No.41788988

Because my friends are morons and are hesitant to try EDH

>> No.41789051

Building for multi is hard, you simultaneously want to be strong enough to kill multiple people when necessary but also not look like the biggest threat.
I'd recommend a weenie version of UW Prowess, lots of little guys that have prowess and lots of little targeting buffs. You can go from little to large very quickly and unless someone takes the time to assess your hand you might be able to surprise them.
Alternatively BW sustain/ B Drain to try and tank through to the end game and make it a 1 on 1

>> No.41789124

I will say I like the idea of Sunblade elf since I am running white. I'll try it out in there.

>> No.41789194

deck list when?

>> No.41789777

>tfw just ordered a standard goblin deck to get into the game with

>> No.41789840

Goblins are fun as fuck, I pulled 2 of the 3/3 menace goblins at game day and I already have 4 Dragon Fodder its a sign

>> No.41789926

Valor of the Wastes is done. Thoughts?


>> No.41790024


Wizards experimented with these 'AI' (for want of a better word) decks for a bit, what with Theros block and the Garruk from M15. I never thought any of them were worth playing more than once. You were supposed to be play them as a group, however if you built your deck right you could just beat them singlehandedly, like all you needed was a Hero's Downfall to kill Garruk, and other similar things. Also because of the way they played it made cards like Thoughtseize useless since they never had a hand.

tl; dr If you know someone who's got one go ahead and play that, don't buy one yourself it's not worth the money.

>> No.41790038

Thanks for reassuring me. I'm excited for the cards to arrive!

>> No.41790110

They're at their most fun in Modern because KRENKO
If board wipes weren't a thing they'd be a legitimate threat

>> No.41790123

Are there any casual LGS's in NYC?

>> No.41790171

I didn't even grab Krenko due to already having rabble, dragon fodder, hordeling outburst providing enough tokens. maybe will look into him after i at least use the deck i ordered next weekend.

>> No.41790180

Tactician and first response suck

>> No.41790210


>> No.41790212

Krenko isn't in standard currently and you can never have enough tokens in goblins until the opponent is already dead

>> No.41790229

ps. i'm playing standard too... that's why i never saw him while making this deck.

>> No.41790230

I got scrapped in 8th at game day, 3 RDW in a row, made me salty. Mono white just get's booty blasted. Changing my sideboard last minute was bad idea too.

>> No.41790266

I'm working on finishing a temur build I'm satisfied with and looking at brewing a grixis control. I really want to use sphinx's tutelage and Dragonlord Kholghan together.

>> No.41790285

>having trouble with turbofog
>playing red
bro, why didn't you wild slash?

>> No.41790293

Take a look at Altar of the Brood, I'd personally run that over Treasure Cruise

>> No.41790327

Too many 2 ofs. First Response is trash.

>> No.41790424

I'll test it out, but the object here is to land ramp, and card advantage until I can play a couple of dread waters for 10+ a piece.

>> No.41790502


Sometimes the art in an older set is just plain better. Shame you never know when they'll be reprinted and wind up throwing them out.

>> No.41790560

I like khans act of treason better.

>> No.41790611

With altar, though, you're milling everytime you drop something. Land? Mill. Creature? Mill. Enchantment? Mill. Another Altar? Mill.

>> No.41790833

Matt is that you? I'm playing fog and during my gameday somehow raped the hell out of Jeskai tokens even though I should have lost by right. Won with 2 life left kek. Digging for burn just won me the game faster

>> No.41790918

With the removal of core sets the likelihood of reprints getting newer art rises I would think.

>> No.41790952


The art for the Khans version is pretty good. I just find the imagery of the other version far more evocative of the flavour of the card.

>> No.41790957

Yea. The annoying thing is not knowing if you'll like the new art more or less than the old one.

The solution is to never throw out cards. =T

>> No.41790979

Have fun man, Goblins are the best tribe

>> No.41791032

Why would you ever throw out cards? For any reason?

>> No.41791045

Is Calculated Dismissal the current go-to counter for standard?

>> No.41791095

I guess I see what they were going for with khans art. I guess I like that it's more savage and more evocative to me of what red betrayal should be. I always felt like act of treason flavorwise was just sending the creature into a berserker rage and they were attacking their controller out of proximity and that seems to be what's going on in khans. I could be overthinking it to justify my love of the art, but yeah.

Sidenote I'd find it funny if Ajani showed up to Tarkir and went "fuck yeah, more cat people!" Then they were all demons.

>> No.41791109

How many copies of Cancel do you need?

>> No.41791114

Yeah, it's me Matt. Small world!

Wanna come over and fuck my boi pussy? Just come right in, I'll be waiting.

>> No.41791134

>Not just storing them or GIVING THEM TO PEOPLE/A STORE

You must have OCD or some shit.

>> No.41791140

It really seems to be what you're playing. I don't see a big reason to play it over cancel. I mean double blue is a little harder. Then temur counters are pretty different too. It just seems like we have more diverse useful counters in standard than we've had in a long time.

>> No.41791151

With altar out they mill for every land you drop. With two altars out they mill two for every land, if you run 4 altars you're quite likely to see two and that is incredibly dangerous if you're ramping a few land a turn

>> No.41791196

? That doesn't even make sense. I made a point about how newer reprints might have shitter art than older cards I threw out. I'm getting rid of cards and you're telling me I have OCD?

>> No.41791217

I assume he's going off the idea you have a maximum number of cards to retain and have to throw out the rest rather than giving them away

>> No.41791260


I started making this list yesterday, but I'm an aggro-midrange player not yet adept in the ways of control. Can someone take a look at this and give recommendations?

>> No.41791302

Four, to have one of each in your deck.

>> No.41791386

The Khans art is a lot better

>> No.41791416

damn thing can almost mill out my control deck now, which is not bad for the price of an intro pack.

>> No.41791808

During KtK standard didn't that card help top 8 some mill decks.

>> No.41791883

side duress for despise, its more likely your opponent will have a creature and it gives you a little more chance in the early game whilst also giving you another way to deal with creature threats
You also need more creatures if you want to run epiphany storm. You're running 3 copies of an enchantment with only 8 possible monsters to enchant

>> No.41791914

Altar is a helluva drug. A guy running mill on game day drew 3 and proceeded to completely mill out a monored. It was impressive

>> No.41792064

You could switch 3 swamp and a forest for some GB painlands to make you more likely to hit your curve too. All your cards only require one specific coloured drop aside from sultai charm so you aren't likely to take high damage from casting

>> No.41792267

Dictate of kruphix makes everyone draw 2 each DP, it adds up and makes you more likely to hit your goodstuff when you need it
Mind sculpt is cheap to buy, cheap to play and 1/10th of a kill on its own
Whelming Wave is a nice little board wipe to slow down those Aggro decks for a turn
All those cards were chosen for their cheap nature since this is obviously budget fun

>> No.41792796

Ponyback Brigade/Hordeling Outburst/Dragon Fodder for tokens

Set of Impact Tremors for assloads of damage when the tokens come in

Maybe some copies of Butcher's Glee for when no one wants to fuck with your turbomode Goblins and you need dat damage and lifelink

Crackling DOOM for getting rid of big threats

>> No.41792844

So UR Mill won a GP?


>> No.41792922

Only through luck and the fact that the meta had no real good answers for it. This will not be a t1 deck.

>> No.41792994

Right I'm pretty new so I'm probably missing something obvious but what's the wincon there? The only thing I can think of is Protect Jace until you can emblem and then mill for game but even then the main board doesn't much support mill without the emblem

>> No.41793003

Can I use this card on my opponents turn?

>> No.41793032

Cast it? No.

Use the ability? Yes. All abilities can be used at instant speed unless otherwise stated.

>> No.41793099

Insane amounts of draw to trigger Sphinx's Tutelage a bunch to mill out

>> No.41793103

is it possible to run green/black elves without coco?

>> No.41793173

Yes but its not nearly as good.
The answer to "Can I run X without Y" is always "Yes, but its not as good". Expensive cards are expensive due to demand, the key factor in demand is that a card is at least useful, at most plays a key role

>> No.41793207

i guess i'll be making a lot of proxies, then.

>> No.41793210

Possible? Sure.
But really fucking stupid, Coco is THE card that gives you a real fighting chance against better decks.

>> No.41793240


It's not nearly as necessary for Elves as people think. Just run Sylvan Messenger and a full playset of Might of the Masses, with maybe two Evolutionary Leaps in the sideboard.

I do, however, think that a minimum of two Chord of Calling should be used while it's available in standard. Hunting for a Shaman at instant speed is pretty awesome, and lets you run a single Reclamation Sage to hunt for.

>> No.41793300

while we're on the topic, how many two-faced nissas? i've had people tell me not to bother to four

>> No.41793326

Mardu Dash Warriors or plain BW Warriors?

>> No.41793341

what deck?

>> No.41793348

Get right out

>> No.41793357

It's ten buck man, get it while you can.

>> No.41793600

novel Idea, 3 wastes it is.
will be taking a few of theser into account, thanks for the great suggestions guys.
really wished I had come up with this friday, and taken it to gameday on saturday

>> No.41793643

also, why is abbot so pricey now. I was re pricing my binder, and now my $20 collection of abbots is $80. wtf.

>> No.41793668

>red here
>red there
>red everywhere

That sounds like the definition of cancer.

>> No.41793674

You have to be joking. Abzan charm and dromokas command destroy ur ensoul, command courser, and rhino plus good sideboard cards stomp mono red

>> No.41793720

because it was in a deck that top8'd.

>> No.41793761

Has anyone ever ran Gurmag Angler's with elves? I've been running into a lot of people using Sphinx's Tutelage and I feel like it might work well

>> No.41793787

cancer doesn't have a meaningful definition online
you're cancer simply because I don't like you

>> No.41793791

k, didn't know that.
>mfw I got 10 abbots from prerelease
>mfw no face

>> No.41793814

If you side it in against millers, sure, May as well get an inexpensive card out that can turn the game around.

>> No.41793835

Sounds more like a healthy, successful species to me, that just happens to feed on control decks. Its' not like they don't have a way of fighting back in form of blights and sorrows, plus red can loose to almost any midrange deck by drawing just one land too much, as it is not some unbeatable beast. No, faggot, your problem is that, as in every healthy metagame, your deck has bad matchups and you can't stand it.

>> No.41793844

Well damn. Nice.

>> No.41794411

Does anyone have the breakdown of XYZ-of?

Like, 1-of is a surprise, possible closer, 2-of is something you'd like to see by a certain turn, but don't want multiples... I can't remember the full break down.

>> No.41794419

To be fair an abundance of any deck gets a bit tiring and just makes everything less fun. Especially if its a poor match for the deck you want to play

>> No.41794471

Roughly from memory
4 is every game, don't mind multiple
3 is often, multiple isn't great
2 is helpful but not needed, never multiple
1 is a surprise, not expected in your strategy

>> No.41794503

Thanks. More archfiends and indulgents needed, then.

>> No.41794559

I haven't played in quite a few years and I have boxes full of probably almost 10000 cards that I would imagine are all useless as far as actual competition goes, but is it easy to find casual games where all sets are allowed? I mean outside of joke sets. I remember there was this set I can't remember the name of but it was like time themed and it had a lot of bitchy annoying cards that I would imagine people don't really like to play against no matter what.

>> No.41794603

Any time outside of tourney play people will be willing to do friendlies as long as your deck isn't anti-fun. This format is pretty cheap to do OK in though so you may as well just jump into standard

>> No.41794613

If you're serious about having time spiral cards, people like those.

If you want, sort and inventory the cards. Then tell your nearest few stores that you have plenty for when they get buy lists. Look at the list, check inventory, sell. Otherwise, mass sales to stores and eBay are options.

>> No.41794651

I know, I'm still having nightmares of playing 5 round in a row against Abzan midrange on an FNM. Mono red is popular now, sure, it won the pro tour, but it is nowhere fucking near the rhinoing that was not so long ago; and it's popularity will just drop from now on until Zendikar comes out since every deck and it's operator will be fine-tuned to fight it.

>> No.41794704

the pro tour disagree's.

abzan is too slow to deal with Ensoul.

>> No.41794748

2-2 with Blue Devo. Harbinger of the Tides is sweet, especially against Ensouled things. Won vs Ensoul and mono red, lost to UB control and another mono red.

Tryna build Jeskai at the moment but Jace is crazy spensive.

>> No.41794839

Am I wrong or is mono-white a deck that could work right now?

Archangel of Tithes + Brimaz + Elspeth + Spear of Heliod seems pretty dang effective to me. Maybe Vryn Wingmare as sideboard. I guess if it isn't a list by now then it probably isn't a thing but it seems like it should be.

>> No.41794840

Abzan Charm, Languish, End Hostilities and Ugin disagree with you retard
Also thopters has no life gain
Abzan wins the grindy match

>> No.41794841

This deck served me well on game day (3-1, the loss being a 2-1 mirror against an objectively better pilot) and clocks in under $40. I'd recommend dropping the Battle Brawler for another Blood-Chin Rager (less than a $) but beyond that it's solid

>> No.41794873

Then why aren't you at the pro tour basking in your victory? Abzan got beat and it wasn't down to lack of presence

>> No.41794919

Haven't played magic in a decade and only did it casually on kitchen table then.

How does one get into standard and relearn all the rules and shit?

What preconstructed thing would you buy at this point as a quickstart?

>> No.41794936

Not every avenue gets explored, Spear is a fantastic card and that combo sounds good to me. There's a potential curve there too but I'm a shitty builder and don't know much of whites current pool outside of warriors

>> No.41794971

I am already winning with just a deck, here's my list.

3x Kytheon, Hero of Akros

4x Knight of the White Orchid
3x Anafenza Kintree Spirit
2x Hidden Dragonslayer

3x Brimaz King of Oreskos

2x Kytheon's Irregulars
2x Heliod God of the Sun
4x Archangel of Tithes

3x Wingmate Roc


2x Valorous Stance
2x Mastery of the Unseen
2x Spear of Heliod
2x Secure the Wastes
1x Dictate of Heliod

4x Nykthos Shrine to Nyx
20x Plains


3x Arrashin Cleric
3x Surge of Righteousness
2x Tragic Arrogance
2x Revoke Existence
2x Hundred Handed one (SO FUCKING GOOD RIGHT NOW)
3x Hallowed Moonlight

>> No.41794975

If you're set on a precon, either RU thopter or GB elves. The other ones don't feel solid to me.

Easy to relearn the rules, just go play at a store, tell people you're new and want to learn, they'll teach you. Otherwise, quick start rules and comprehensive rules.

>> No.41794981

Have a look at the reviews for the Origins ones and see what you like or get Surprise Attack from Fate Reforged.
Surprise Attack(UG) focuses on Manifest and Morph which is a really fun mechanic and makes sure you can always play something

>> No.41794982

I know youre running budget, but you NEED 2 Sorin
and your removal really sucks
at least 3 Heros downfall, 2 Ultimate price or murderous cut, i also run 3 thoughtseize
Valorous stance is bad, God's willing is better, and so is Hidden Dragonslayer
Only run 1 spear and more chiefs
Hateblade sucks run dragon hunter main or Woe-reaper

>> No.41795007

those decks lost every time to the Ensoul decks.

period, you can't "grind" when by turn 4 you've been hit by a 5/5 flyer 3 times.

>> No.41795033

Abzan will be back, they just need to adjust their hate and sideboard
I dont even play it, just know it well cuz my friend does
But I did beat 2 Thopter decks gameday with my B/W Warriors

>> No.41795057


this deck has a fairly strong matchup against all the contenders, it wrecks Mono-Red particularly hard, as it has alot of "free" life gain, big booty creatures, tons of vigilance, and instant speed tokens that can be 2/2's or even 4/4's sometimes

Abzan doesn't really have flyers and thus gets easily beat, due to Mastery of the Unseen you can also stomp Control decks fairly consistantly.

>> No.41795072

What are the product names for these?

Someone told me to forget about preconstructed standard products for now and play a draft or league and buy a precon EDH deck for fucking about between rounds and learning.

Does this sound like decent advice?

>> No.41795088

Man, that Standard looks fun as shit.

>mill deck wins a PT

>> No.41795105

Abzan doesn't have much answers to turn 2 indestructible 5/5's outside of Abzan Charm.

>> No.41795124

How do they get it everytime?
Do they mull till they get ensoul and thopter/citadel?
Sounds like fag magic to me
Both those cards rotate in 2 months good fucking riddance

>> No.41795126


the Mill deck can't beat Elves, fucking B/W Warriors due to Brutal Hordchief, or anything that can sideboard Shaman of the Forgotten Ways.

>> No.41795152

End Hostilities wrecks it

>> No.41795171

I only get to play once a month or so, Gods Willing and Hero's downfall will likely have rotated out or will at least be close to it when I next play. Also I have two foil stances which I won't lie did contribute to the choice.
Thoughtseize costs more than my deck and is also rotating
I didn't actually know Dragonslayer existed so I will likely pick him up
Spear is staying at 3, that won me games and where I play very few people main Arti-hate but often burnt my chiefs away
Hateblade was originally sideboarded for 2 Dragon Hunter but managed to put in some decent work on game day by being a deterrent for fatties whilst I didn't come across a single dragon all day
As for Sorin, I actually had never heard of him before and I think he is well worth the money. I'll be picking him up

Thank you for your advice

>> No.41795185

having ensoul turn 2 on a Thopter/Springleaf/Ghostfire blade/Darksteel

they have like, 12 cards in the deck that makes this turn 2 "get you for 5" possible.

the only thing they have to have that isn't always going to happen is an Ensoul by turn 2.

also you sound exactly like my stores fags who play nothing bout Abzan Aggro and then call every deck that isn't their own that is successful "fag magic"

I enjoy beating the shit out of your grinding ass deck with my >>41794971
Mono White now.

You Want Attack? Fack you, Pay mana.

>> No.41795202

Not the other guy, but could you say why these cards are bad/worse? A little explanation goes a long way to teaching newer players like myself things like deck construction/card eval. If we look at a card and we're told it's bad and to run smething else, we have no idea why.

>> No.41795209

great, a turn 5 play certainly will save you from a deck that can beat you on turn 4.

or get you low enough that shrapnel blast wins anyways "in response" to Hostilities.

>> No.41795261

Spear is legendary, so 2 at most
I run 3 Foremost and 1 spear cuz 2 formosts doesnt do anything and you cant have 2 spears
If you want deathtouch against fatties use Graveblade Maurader
Mardu Woe-Reaper is still better than Hate-blade
Bile blight should be sideboard against tokens

>> No.41795279

>The mill deck can't beat 2-tier-2-at-most decks and a card literally only green devotion can use.
I would be more concerned about Mono red and UR scissors.

>> No.41795302

my point is that it has many decks, even very fucking bad decks, it simply cannot ever beat

>> No.41795315

Fine you win, Thopters is the best deck and Abzan sucks
But Abzan will be around in 3 months and thopters wont
As i said earlier I dont even play Abzan, but i know how it can come back from the brink to win

>> No.41795355

half of what makes abzan even a deck at all is about to rotate.

not having bileblight/downfall and all the other Thero's cards is about to cripple the deck.

>> No.41795416

Valorous Stance is bad because indestructable doesnt matter with Drown, Bile and Languish.
The destroy 4 part is worse than most other kill spells, it cant kill stormbreath
God's Willing is better for the cost, and its prot which is offensive and defensive
Hero's Downfall, Murderous Cut or Ultimate Price are better kill cards
Valorous Stance will probably be better post rotation
Hateblade sucks cuz you have 3 better 1 drops all of which are 2/1

>> No.41795420

only a month/month-and-a-half to look forward to this, only for something better to release in BoZ and we can get salty again.

>> No.41795425

You make a good point with the legendary, I have to differ when it comes to the 2 foremost though. With two foremost on field you get 4 double strikers, assuming you average 3 power per creature (though chiefs and spear often push you to 4+) that's 12 power plus a potential 4 drain in a single turn
Graveblade is a card I have passed over but I'll have another look at him, I would really prefer keeping my curve low to be as Aggro as possible so its more likely I'll either go for Woe-Reaper or stick.
Again, a solid point with the Bile Blights. No argument here since I can potentially bring in the Hunters to lower costs and boost creature count

>> No.41795444

Why would it not? It plays red, it has removal.

>> No.41795468

Can I get some tips on this? Trying to keep it about $20


>> No.41795483

the Mill deck does not have removal.

it has sideboarded Aether Spouts.

>> No.41795487

Thank you!

>> No.41795514

Congrats on knowing nothing
They can just Languish a turn later, or Crux of fate or End Hostilities 2 turns later
They still have charm, murderous cut, ultimate price, valorous stance, hidden dragonslayer Infinite obliteration and the exile multicolor creatures card
also have Virulent Plague for tokens

>> No.41795604

If you really want to maximize foremost you need 4 Battle brawlers and 4 Chief of the Edge
With chief and foremost hes a 4/2 doublestrike
I never want 2 foremost on the field at the same time because: They have ETB ability so you can just cast them and it works, they get 2 for 1 by bile or wiped, their ability doesnt work on each other
I try to get several creatures and then play the foremost, so they have to kill it or the attacker

>> No.41795621

>Infinite Obliteration.

lol this faggot.

I like this faggot, he's just delusional enough.

>> No.41795622

Indulgent Tormentor is such a damn good card but i have no idea how to take the most advantage of it. All I did before was some ramp but eh

>> No.41795623

All the stuff you've said is key as to why abzan will lose presence, its getting slowed down. Monored is keeping its pace, as is BW Warriors and most other aggro decks meanwhile Abzan is losing its early answers to these cards for more expensive and possibly weaker versions. Virulent plague is dogshit compared to Bile Blight, you can keep Bile Blight mained if you want to and never have to worry about G1 Goblins swarming or BB being dead since every deck runs 4 somethings, Plague is more expensive and locked to sidedeck because its dead against everything that doesn't run tokens

>> No.41795714

I've been trying out a version with 16 1drops. It's pretty fun so far, but I've been having mixed results.

Ignore the sideboard, I haven't given it much thought yet.

The Spirit+Days Undoing package has been pretty hilarious, to mixed results.


>> No.41795729

I won 2 games 2s cuz i infinite obliterated
Got rid of Rhino and Atarka and won cuz they had no big threats
Abzan is gonna change into a deck more focused on 2-3 drop value creatures and co-co, and it will be faster
They will still have Rhinos and Tassigur, but it will be more aggro
Bile Blight is already a sideboard card or 2 main at most, so many better options

>> No.41795818

look, I don't have any way to say this.

but if you run CoCo and 4 Rhino's and 2 Tasigur's in the same deck.

you are straight motherfucking retarded.

>> No.41795852

Im not gonna do it, but it will happen, and it will win major events

>> No.41795887

Started playing again last week after a long-ass hiatus. Is buying booster packs worth it? What is the optimal way to start working on a deck? I've been thinking about a blue-something based tempo deck, I think the term for it is Jeskai tempo now, should I buy a blue deck, booster a bit for trading then go singles for the rest?

>> No.41795897

no, it won't

or it already would have, running 6+ 4 drops in your CoCo deck is retarded.


1, takes space away from 3 drop creatures

2, wiffs CoCo

its one of the biggest Non-bo's you can have in standard right now.

your retarded, you don't know how to build decks, and your shit idea would get laughed at and beaten by next to anything.

>> No.41795966

confirmed retard
and THIS is why

>> No.41796013

I really can't find the space for the 3rd and fourth brawlers. I get that cutting Great Teachers decree would make sense but I'm hesitant as it did serve as a win con in 2 rounds and in fact had I been running another copy of that instead of Harsh Sustenance (God knows what I was thinking) I would have placed first (I drew harsh sustenance and ended a point shy of the kill with a Foremost and Blood-Chin on board against a tapped out board, dying next turn)

>> No.41796104

>They can just cast languish a turn later
A mono red on the play can either outright kill you before that or just burn you to death on turn 5.

>> No.41796166

kill their shit on turn 4, it doesn't matter, they'll burn the rest out of you.

>> No.41796225

I want to get into MTG.

How do I get into MTG.

I already know how to play, but I have no cards or experience

>> No.41796381

Buy an intro pack at your local store, talk to people there and play a few games. Once you're comfortable with the physical motions of the game find a mechanic you like, build a shitty deck (you'll likely use a Deck builders Toolkit for this) and post it here. We'll tell you shy its shit and help you streamline it into something that works

Alongside that you should also play Draft or Sealed if your store hosts it to Bolster your collection

>> No.41796384

>I want to get into MTG.
DO IT!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!
>How do I get into MTG.
buy cards, play games. it's so simple even a 12 year old could doi.
>I already know how to play, but I have no cards or experience
good, you're that much farther ahead of the other noobs.
let me reiterate, buy cards, play games.
If you don't know where to start, tappedoutDOTcom is nice, but if you don't feel like netdecking, an Event deck will suit you. those are stricly better than intro decks.

>> No.41796396

in addition to my post, this.

>> No.41796728


Holy shit, I got it when it was a dollar

I traded one to a friend for a couple foil basics just for the hell of it

>> No.41796771


my local card shops are filled with little underage asian boys who blow their money on yugioh cards with their parent's credit cards.

i'm 21 and i have no friends that want to play it either :(

>> No.41796845

MTGO if you have no scene. That or you just get find people and get them into it.

>> No.41796935


origins plays like shit and keeps bugging out :(

>> No.41797001

Find another store? You can use the official site to find all venues in the world that host FNM

Also final time posting this for this thread, took advice from earlier onboard. Am I finished?http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/02-08-15-tNo-bw-warriors/

Also would it be worth dropping one copy of each sideboard card to make room for 3 Pacifism or no? Because I am really toying with that idea

>> No.41797194


i live in NYC. all card shops are filled with underage gooks that steal your cards right inside the fucking store.

been like that since 05.

i remember i bought one booster pack for yugioh back in the day, i was like maybe 19 years old. Some kids - like, middle school kids, about 5 or 6 of them - tried jumping me for like .50 worth of cards.

i mean, i punched them in the face a few times but the chink police department held me until they saw the camera footage. even then, they gave me a lecture about how i should "act my age" meanwhile like 5 kids are trying to punch me over a booster pack with a rare worth $1. told the store what happened, they didn't care.

>> No.41797202 [SPOILER] 

So now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that the last year since KTK was pretty fun and varied for Standard?

>> No.41797273

Fuck I like all of these, my deck would end up being enormous if I added everything

>> No.41797334

Jesus Christ, I live in England and After Games Day ended people were literally giving cards to each other if they were U or below and offering very decent trades if they were R or M. It was beautiful, gotta say though the MTG crowd is very much your average citizens unlike the Yugioh crowd (tend to be kids and manchildren where I am) and the Pokémon crowd (never heard of razers, most are deficient in some way and some even turn up with parents/carers at the age of 20). That may just be my sample size of two stores a few hours drive apart being skewed but it put me off the games. Still have a YGO Synchrons deck floating about but I'm done with competition side

>> No.41797441

Hey, new to Magic here, I just picked this up and wanted to start building fun decks, but most of the cards don't seem very good or I don't have enough of the same archetype to build a deck around something. Any tips on utilizing the cards for this, or am I shit outta luck unless I buy more?

>> No.41797463

oops, pic related

>> No.41797510

I don't know who thought Rhino was okay, but they needed to be fired.

it isn't overpowered, it is however, just too much value in just the right colors.

this card would basically be unplayable in Mardu colors.

>> No.41797566

You aren't going to build something competitive out of one DBT. The idea is you mash two colours together that are loosely cohesive twice, end up with two decks to play with and repeatedly dismantle and rebuild to learn basic deck building and understanding of the colours.
Just sum up a goal in one sentence (for example, I want to play lots of little creatures) and find which cards allow that (most likely Red and White for my example)
That leaves BUG untouched, so you could make a deck that focuses on disrupting the opponent with the UB cards you have left over since you're likely to have some swan song/negate/disperse/cancel etc in your UB as the Deck builders Toolkit aims to provide a few staple cards of each colour

For a more cohesive deck you want either an Event deck or a Intro Pack

>> No.41797874

Im not a very good deck builder
pastebin com/L1ArJDJV
tell me what i need to change

>> No.41797903

Paste that into tappedout and then we'll talk
It just makes it easier to see what's going on

>> No.41797937

>someone tells me they are running abzan
>tell him i hate memerhinos
>play him in FNM regardless
>turn 4 rhino
>remove him my turn
>turn 5 rhino
>no remove, have to chump block, take trample
>soon turn 7 rhino
>at this point concede
>he checks his next card, would have been topdecked turn 8 rhino, all for of them that fast

and thats why I hate memerhinos

>> No.41797974

That's just sheer luck though, the odds are crazy low

>> No.41798004

it happens all the time, to me at FNM though I don't really lose to fucking Abzan (i'm mono-white dude) and it also happens all the time on stream such as SCG's tournies.

Rhino's Clump, for whatever reason, its well known.

>> No.41798144

replying to an old post, but this is just too funny a story not to tell.
Get a bye at game day for playing a severely outdated GW constellation/strength from the fallen list and losing every match, so I go to watch other matches.
Game is jeskai tutelage mill/control vs UW heroic. Game 1 the mill deck takes it, but only barely. Game 2, heroic sideboards 13 cards, shows them to me: they're all enchantment hate. Game 2 goes to heroic.
Game 3, tutelage guy sideboards 13 cards of his own, heroic keeps the enchantment hate, then gets beaten down by Dragon Fodder chained into 3 Triplicate Spirits.

I can't imagine how smug one must feel after smashing someone with essentially an M15 draft deck after they sideboarded expecting tutelage mill.

>> No.41798218

Why would you go to game day with a deck like that? Did you really not want a Languish? Because it is goddamn beautiful and it feels good to have one

>> No.41798449

hope it did this right

>> No.41798478

>be me, run mono blac devotion/disruption
>all the abzanfags have this face they make when they draw a rhino, perfect time to thoughtseize/despise/disciple of phenax
>same goes for every other player when they draw a big nasy/wincon

>> No.41798531

Is it worth it to build Goblins now with Rabble and friends rotating out? Or should I wait and see what fun Goblins get printed in BfZ?

>> No.41798564

Well, to start with, Rakdos Guildgate isn't legal in Standard and RB in general is a pretty weak color combination in most constructed formats.

But the real problem is that NONE of the cards in that deck are strong enough in Standard. You can try bringing it to a game day but you're going to get stomped on.

Also you posted the link to your deck construction, not the deck list. I changed your Swamps to Child of Alaras, BTW

>> No.41798572

The deck still felt fine, but it was untuned to the current meta, and I had some pretty crappy draws (2 mulligans to 4 for landless hands, despite running 23 lands, 4 satyr wayfinders, and shuffling properly). The deck's loads of fun to play, and if I actually got a bit more practice in (working every magic night and Friday for the last month. Thanks, work!) and tuned the deck properly, I think it still would've been competitive.

>> No.41798606

Not working for me, tappedout automatically makes it private so it might be that (edit, untick the private box). Also check that you have saved the deck as well

New lili is bad for rabblemasters health anyway, build goblins but avoid "must attack every turn"

>> No.41798755

>fixed that for you
Dunno why I laughed so hard, also explains why it wasn't working for me since I'm on mobile

>> No.41798805

Not the mobile game the actual pc client.

>> No.41798831

Do Goblins still run fine without Foundry Street Denizen/Frenzied Goblin?

>> No.41798887

Losing frenzied hurts but foundry isn't entirely necessary. Hopefully frenzied will see a clone/reprint and we'll get some other goblin with a nice effect for foundry's slot

>> No.41798953

ok this time i think i have it

>> No.41798966

I really want a bushwhacker reprint. Hoping for BfZ goblin takeover!

>> No.41799033

Okay here's some deck building 101

You must be able to sum up your decks goal in one sentence, if you can't its too complex

4 copies means you want to see it every game, in multiples
3 copies means its important to your goal but is not as good in multiples
2 copies means it helps your goal but you never want multiples
1 copy is a card that may sit outside your general strategy and aims to surprise the opponent

You need to decide how you want to win, you're somewhere between beat face and burn currently

>> No.41799249

anyone got a good black/red or red burn deck from the origins set only

>> No.41799302

You can't build a good deck for constructed out of one sets cards. If you're >>41798953 don't netdeck, you won't learn card evaluation that way. It sucks in the beginning but sucking now is better than thinking you know what's up and then getting your shit pushed in

>> No.41799327

>origins set only
It's almost like you're trying to build a deck for the video game anon.

Only faggots play that game, and you aren't a faggot right?

>> No.41799548

>from the origins set only
Why would you do this to yourself

>> No.41799602

The sad truth of the matter is that recommending competitive decks to other people just isn't easy to do. There are a lot of minute details that go into each deck. You're going to need to order singles off the internet, you're going to need to know how each card fits into the deck's strategy, and you're going to need to know what decks you're facing against even before they play their cards.

For new players, a deck made up of cards from 1 set is fine so long as you stick to kitchen tables and casual play, or you go to events and expect to lose. The best thing I can recommend is drafts and sealed events. They're great for learning the game, they're fun, and you get to build up a collection.

>> No.41799604

Still fairly new to the game, how does this deck look.

4 blood-chin rager
4 silumgar assassin
4 mardu shadowspear
1 bloodsoaked champion
4 dutiful attendant
2 blood-chin fanatic
3 mardu strike leader
3 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
4 kolaghan skirmisher
4 Hand of Silumgar

4 duress
2 touch of moonglove
1 foul-tongue shriek

20 swamp

>> No.41799765

Put it in tapped out, there's a few cards I don't recognise there but its not looking good from what I do

>> No.41800013

Too many creatures, not enough removal.
Kolaghan skirmisher needs to go. It's just a standard bear unless you're dashing, in which case you're just over paying. Not a good card.
Dutiful servant and Tasigur can also go. Aggro treats each card as nothing more than a source of damage. If something dies, oh well, just play another card and keep swinging. You don't need the revives.
If the game ever reaches the point where aggro doesn't have enough creatures, you've probably lost already, with or without revives.

Get some removal for evasive creatures. Duress is cheap, but it's not going to help if your opponent gets a 4/4/ flying on the table. In that vein, anything with flying will destroy you.
For combat tricks, 2 moongloves won't cut it.

I'm not sure why you're going Black aggro right now. You're probably playing kitchen table casual games right now, which means it's a flavor thing, except your mixing Silumgar with Mardu/Kolgakhan.
Red is very strong right now and would let you build a Dash deck, which is fun for casual.
Also, you're in the Standard general. Are you trying to play within the required selection of cards? It's going to limit your options even further for monoblack aggro.

>> No.41800216


yeah I work fridays so i dont get to play many standard tournaments so I was trying to avoid using sets that are about to rotate out.

>> No.41800383


also i'm coming from hearthstone where I tend to stick to aggro oriented decks. I actually played a black/red aggro deck in a draft the other day that was pretty successful utilizing infectious bloodlust. What would you reccomend for the dash red deck you were talking about earlier?

>> No.41800629

Took my Sultai control to another gameshop yesterday since my usual one wasn't doing a second game day.

Went 4-0

Round 1 (2-0) Mono-Red: Was able to get him to extend enough where languish+jace was crippling and then game 2 I boarded in 4 Feed the clan and saw 2 in my opening hand and was able to dig for a tasigur.

Round 2 Abzan Control (2-1) Game 1 the tacked on chip shots killed me and they were smart enough to boost their coursers with abzan charm turns before to avoid languish. Post board it became a nightmare for them and I decked them out game 2 and was able to Super friend game 3 (Ashiok, Garruk, Ugin,)

Round 3 (2-0) U/R artifact: Sultai charm and dissolve saves me so much pre-board and he just flopped around until i popped Jace's ultimate and Ashiok'd away the good creatures.

Round 4 (2-0) U/B control: Absolutely dominated them with mainboard Ashiok taking away their planeswalkers. Post board he sided out a good chunk of creature removal due to me showing very few creatures game 1. I sided in 3 Rakshasa's Deathdealers and was able to beat him down with those.

Traded away the mat and the promo languish immediately seeing how high people were valuing it.

>> No.41800661

You probably got gypped somehow, that literally is not possible with how the software Wizards uses is set up. You should have been guaranteed to get in, since you had 9 points and they had and 5 respectively. Give Wizards a call, I'm sure they'd love to hear about it.

>> No.41800794

What did you get for them?

>> No.41800853

2 Dragonlord Ojutai for the languish

and a playset of deathmist raptor and a CoCo for the mat.

>> No.41800947

>deathmist raptor is a money card
Now I'm even more confused by the guy playing a RG ramp deck that used Zendikar Incarnate as a wincon. He had like 3 or four deathmist and the rest were all C/U
That card is worth almost as much as my entire game day deck and I didn't have a single problem against it or him with budget BW warriors. Hell two copies of it is the cost of my deck post-gameday advice from here.
Why the fuck is it so expensive? I get that it's good for morph decks but morph decks aren't meta are they?

>> No.41801068

Morph decks do show up quite a bit. Mostly because of the morph utility with den protector, the CoCo range, the deathtouch, and the possibility of triggering it in multiples. I wanted to try a near or post rotation version of Sultai with just Morphs and coco (Den, Bounding Krasis, Deathmist, and etc.) but I never would have personally felt like it would be worth it to buy deathmists.

>> No.41801151

I'd agree with that second part, I would never pay $30 a copy for that card. But hey, that values your mat at like $130 which is pretty fucking incredible

>> No.41801221

Dash might be tricky now since it's out of FNM draft rotation. Sorry about that. RBW or monored is big with Origins.

Anyway, here's my current deck. It's built from DTK drafting and is sub-optimal, for the record. It's not Standard legal either.

Core cards for any Dash deck seem like Mardu Scout, Reckless Imp, Goblin Heelcutter, and Sprinting Warbrute. Boltwing Marauder and Ambuscae Shaman are also core, but good luck getting your hands on enough.

I haven't look at this deck for about a month now, but the main things it needs is less high-cost cards like Kaervek and Dragon Roost. I don't think Lightning Shrieker is good either, but this is Kitchen Table we're talking about and it's a fun card.
Just off the top of my head I'd also like bit more removal. Six total would probably cut it, especially with the combat tricks to drop on the evasive Imps and Fight cards.

I don't have a working aggro deck based out of Origins yet, but Topan Freeblade and Boggart Brute seem core, along with Fiery Impulse for cheap burn.

>> No.41801228

Yeah I was completely astonished to see people flooding to me with positive trades. I'm still very happy about getting 2 Dragonlord Ojutais seeing I wanted to think about using Dragons one day.

>> No.41801870

Does anyone know where videos for GP san diego are? I didn't even know it was happening. I only knew about the SCG legacy tourney

>> No.41803073


Back to Nature is a card. So is Dromoka's Command.

>> No.41803190


mtgcoverage dot mooo dot com

>> No.41803477

Dromoka's command is popular and shits on UR scissors hard

>> No.41803803

Is the combined Armed and Dangerous pack deck any good for a player wanting to get back into magic?

Aren't most of the event decks going to be completely unplayable in a month or so?

Are intro packs for origins garbage?

>> No.41804106


Buy 4 of them and you have a base to build abzan

>> No.41804179

What is my best bet for getting into the game at standard level and not spending over 50 dollars (sealed no singles)?

>> No.41804273

could some one post that editted dragonlord silumgar with swag and bling?

>> No.41804280

wanna make a based playmat as a gift for my friend

>> No.41804367

>Be playtesting abzan elves on untap.in
>Only running 3 rhinos.
>play 2 rhinos by turn 6 7/10 games
Meme rhino is magic yo.

>> No.41804654


B/W warriors. Tier2 deck, but it's cheap (as long as you don't include the sad sorin/thoughtseize)

>> No.41804662

im thinking of building a standard dragon/controll deck
gimme tips
(im really new to deck building)

>> No.41804666


>sealed no singles

oh wait, nvm. You can try to get two elvish intro pack, they would need coco and chords tho. And that shit itself costs more than 50 bucks.

>> No.41804673


google esper dragons.

>> No.41804676

btw blue and white

>> No.41804722


>Valorous Stance is bad because indestructable doesnt matter with Drown, Bile and Languish.

protection doesn't matter when a spell doesn't target the creature. That's why cards like pyroclasm cuck etched champion.

>> No.41804730

To be fair, I play mono-red aggro, and at FNM when I got paired up with turbo fog, I forgot that wildslash had more text after the whole "Shock a dude".

>> No.41804741

Enough copys to make people forget that Counterspell ever existed.

>> No.41804750

oh wow thanks

>> No.41804770

I quit standard between Khans and Dragons because of those fucking Rhinos. If I hadn't come into the parts for RDW or UB control between those periods, I probably would have stayed out.

They put me on the SALT road patrol, thats for sure.

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