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>DM has a whole bunch of ideas for his setting, games and campaigns which he claims are his own
>Over the years you keep stumbling across the wide range of material it turns out he stole them from

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Originality is overrated, it's all about how you present it. Most of the combat setpieces in the Dark Heresy games I run are shamelessly ripped from John Woo films. Hell, I'm in the process of writing up a Kancolle RPG scenario that rips the plot from The Hunt For Red October.

I don't know why your DM would bother to lie about stuff like that. You take what works and incorporate it into your games.

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Sounds like your DM was doing it right. Know your players, steal everything, and don't get caught until the game is over.

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Originality died a long time ago, OP. If he's stealing straight from others, well that's cheap, but it's all about if you had fun.

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>talking about centaurs
>Mention a Horse with another horse body where the head would be
>Next day watch a new episode of Gravity Falls
>There is fucking is

Assuming it was nothing super specific these things happen. I've had people come up to me with an "original idea" that just turns out to be something I told them yesterday.

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>What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

-Ecclesiastes, 300 B.C.

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The difference between being influenced by and plagiarizing is all in how you cite your sources.
-Jack Kirby

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Jim Jarmusch keeps stealing my shit. Fuck him.
-Jean-Luc Godard

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>dm insists his setting is historically accurate
>everybody has sword frogs

nigga fuck off

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>campaign is about fighting demons
>heavily ripping off plot to Oblivion's main quest
>mfw i don't give a shit

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Was it blatant? Or did he at least try?

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no no, i'm the gm

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so no, you didn't try

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I run a fantastic not-spice-islands/malaysia, complete with not-portrugese drow and not-chinese elves. But because i have no players who have left their comfort zones, they don't realise im not making it up myself, im literally ripping scenarios that happened from history.

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Oh please, like any of my players have actually played a TES game besides Skyrim. I could literally leave all the names unchanged and none of them would notice. Trying only has meaning to me at this point.

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Wait, you telling me they have never played at least morrowind or oblivion?

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>I don't know why your DM would bother to lie about stuff like that

Because some of us (who don't understand how good writing works) get butthurt when we hear someone's ideas weren't 100% original.

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Why would you do that? Oblivion's main quest was shit

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Except it is true.

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Oh grow up.

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That's the joke retard. Stan Lee ripped off Jack Kirby.

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See, I try to at least say where I've cobbled my ideas from, rather than try to say "I've made the most original setting that's ever been originally created in the history of originality!"

My first Campaign as a DM ended up kinda like that, though I fluffed around quite a bit in various ways, and college shot my game in the nuts. Really need to get back to that...

>Fairly standard 3.5 setting.
>Dragons of all types are extinct.
>Religious war waged 1000 years ago killed them all.
>Cult that killed off all dragons is now effectively the Catholic Church in medieval Europe
>Except the Catholics didn't have access to magic that could tell the when a random mortal was born with "dragon blood" (Sorcerors and whatnot).
>Primary plotline, Similar to Dragon Age: Origins, PC's are going to unite an army of mostly non-humans to over throw the corrupt church.
>Primary DMPC, Cael from the Drakengard videogame mixed with Ryu from any given Breath of Fire Game
>Dragon blooded warrior who can breath fire, and is a walking black-hole of murderous hate for the church and pretty much any and all members of it.

And no, I've got no intention of having him Gandalf around with the party or Elminster this shit.

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>plot revolves around a DMPC instead of the party
>Standard 3.5

ugh, sounds awful

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Actually no on the DMPC. Read too many horror stories about Players being involved in games that amounted to "DMPC" and friends. The stuff DMPC did quest-wise were going to pre-campaign start, and from there the credit/accomplishments would be the players, not his. Besides, he wasn't even primary leader of the quote-unquote "rebellion". he was basically just the attack-dog of the guy leading the uprising, and would be basically a questgiver more than anything else.

As for the 3.5, I just went with what was more familiar to me, since it was meant for me to pop my DM cherry.

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What plagiarists never understood is there's a difference between copying something and adapting something. Copying specific details for no good fucking reason other than they looked cool in another work is low. Adapting things is something every writer does.

What is the difference? Copied things usually don't fit. They're shoehorned in. It's just taking something you like and plopping it in. It's disruptive and it makes people lose respect for your ability to be creative, because you're not creating anything.

Adapting things requires altering them. Making them fit in the context. This requires creative input on your part.

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Casuals, anon. They're real.

Also, checked your trips.

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>Wow this isn't original
>LOL nobody is original ever!
>"true creativity is stealing and then making it your own thing" quote by some faggot

Same shit every single thread. Fucking bore snore.

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If I steal from something that I know my players haven't seen, I'm not going to tell them what it's from. I just know that SOMEONE is going to read up on it to try to get some meta knowledge. I'll tell them it is original so that they don't know what to expect.

Alternatively, I'll tell them where it is from if I intend to subvert the source material completely, to fuck with anyone who tried to get said meta knowledge.

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Maybe that is a sign

That it is true, or at least a commonly held belief.

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I had to conceal where I was ripping things from in one campaign, but that's because i was framing what was actually a feral world in 40k as a low magic dnd setting. was hoping it would last until one of the following:
>they realise they are in a squat fortress fighting a lictor with swords
>they realise one player accidentally sold their soul to Slaneesh
>said player was conned into turning it into demon world
>big I rocks up after players tamper with a beacon, not knowing what it does

or one of the other half dozen or so clues I had.

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Eh dont be hard on him unless he is directly stealing.

There are no original ideas man. You cant find copies of just about everything now.

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>Sword frogs

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my party have been playing a runescape campaign all along and they still haven't noticed.
>mfw it's an interesting setting done right

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It's desperate self-rationalization.
>i'm not creative at all
>that must mean there's no creativity at all
It's the same garbage as when idiots try to defend their shit taste with IT'S SUBJECTIVE.

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Wait...the thread about originality being dead is basically copypasta?


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The thing is, most anything can be based on something else. Hunger Games can be likened to Battle Royale, the Lion King is Kemba the White Lion, comics books into movies, regular books into movies, fanfics into movies, movies into compaigns, campaigns into movies, classic literature into modern graphic novels.

Basically, art and human expression can be summed up as one big circle jerk.

That being said, yes. Some people have no creativity and do rationalize plagiarism like this. Does not defeat the point.

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>hunt for red october plot into rpg

That's awesome! Props for a cool idea man.

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I'm sure sharks could be likened to house cats too, if you're making sweeping generalisations to support your weak-ass point.

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"Godard stole my cunting first name. Fuck him."
-Jean-Luc Picard

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Quote within a quote....cheeky fucker.

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Well, yes you can liken sharks to house cats but how is that relevant to the particular argument?

Both have bilateral symmetry and share most of the same features that are common among the majority of higher evolved creatures of Earth. The body, head, limbs, tail setup is quite common. Also worth noting is both have the ability to "sense" their surrounds in ways that seem like a sixth sense to us humans. Add in that both use their tails to help steer as well. I'm sure there's more, but this isn't the point.
Also, if you're going to argue, present claims rather than just debating relevance. How is it a weak-ass point? If I'm making sweeping generalizations, then perhaps you can make pinpoint observations that debunk my claims? Come on man, let's go.

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That is essentially Postmodernism.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

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Well i mean in his defense i think the point was that stories that we as humans can empathize with tend to fall under tropes and all of our experience that goes into our writing are things that we, directly or indirectly, experienced ourselves. Unless you live some radically different lifestyle from all 7 billion other people on this planet, at the end of the day you'll be drawing from the same sources of inspiration (for the most part).

Now hypothetically you could arrange 1 million components in an insanely big number of different ways. But there aren't a million combinations because they have to follow a formula (even if it is a rather loose formula) which we call coherent storytelling. And the story has to center on something. When people complain about originality, i believe they complain much less about what to write about and rather the format to present the story- which is to say, every topic and subject is presented in a series of tropes (be they new or old but mostly old because new tropes are rarer by the day) that must in some way or form relate to people. And you can only tell so many different stories about so many different people until you start getting similar (or downright identical) stories due to the vast amount of them being told. So you're right- one could liken a house cat to a shark- they're both animals. Now if you analyze the individual differences, sure each subject is amazingly different, but if you zoom back out again you'll find they follow a similar pattern of being born, living, and dying. And that's their story. And it's the same for all animals.

So the complaint about originality was never about whether the story was about cats or sharks, its that their story generally the same and follows a lot of similar tropes despite the subjects both being radically different (ie being born, living, dying.)

Is that a better construction of the point anon was trying to make?

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You I like.

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Everything is wrong with postmodernism. That's the whole point of it.

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>Both have bilateral symmetry and share most of the same features that are common among the majority of higher evolved creatures of Earth. The body, head, limbs, tail setup is quite common. Also worth noting is both have the ability to "sense" their surrounds in ways that seem like a sixth sense to us humans. Add in that both use their tails to help steer as well. I'm sure there's more, but this isn't the point.
That's exactly my point. All creative works are going to be similar in one way or another; take this to it's logical conclusion, and you could claim that Twilight and Heart of Darkness are similar, because they're both written in english. And since now it's impossible to be original, you're giving yourself a licence to be lazy and plagiarize others.

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>logical conclusion
That one is a logical fallacy, though.

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>nothing wrong
Pick one.

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Did he actively claim that or did he just never say that he got them from somewhere else?

If the former, then I'd be somewhat irked and lose some respect for him. If the latter, I'd just make fun of him for it sometimes after finding out in a mostly friendly sort of way.

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that isn't what's being said though you mongoloid
see: >>41701131
also: there's enough stories out there that even if you have no fucking idea about any of them and try to make the most original story ever, it's going to end up similar to another story anyway.
maybe similar enough that somebody will say that you're a faggot thief and plagiarist.
and if you do make something truly original, chances are good that it'll blow chunks because there's a reason that concept hasn't been done before

you're competing with well over 2000 years of storytelling, don't worry so much about originality - especially not in a fucking tabletop RPG - and instead worry about making it fun, making it make sense, and leading your players through a fucking adventure

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You argue the application of the argument, rather than the argument itself.

The fact that originality is dead bothers you because people have used that (truthful) statement to cover up a lack of good delivery for unoriginal ideas.

Quite honestly, yes. Everyone has free license to be lazy and plagiarize as much as they please. Be prepared to be judged by your peers for it. At this point, we get into personal preferences and the debate breaks down into "stop liking what I don't like" nonsense, but at the beginning of it all we already acknowledged that originality was never the actual reason you are upset.

You're upset because they did a shitty job telling you their unoriginal story.

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Word to the wise, NEVER use the word DMPC when describing a character. Even if "this NPC I really like" is basically the same thing, it's not the alarm bell word that 'DMPC' is to a lot of people.

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>Kancolle RPG scenario that rips the plot from The Hunt For Red October.
I'd love to read that!

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Make him a 13th Age Icon and you'll be safe.

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If you didn't notice for that long then perhaps he did something right, though not admitting that he stole shit is pretty weak. Creativity is hard, especially if you have to keep coming up with good shit week after week. I know I'm no great creative mind no matter how hard I try, so I shamelessly steal characters, storylines, and places from various media and then refluff and mash them together as needed to fit my game world.

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Says the man who stole the Marvel universe from Ditko.

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