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Previous thread is on it's last legs.

There has been some awesome news lately, so time for a KD:M General

>Gencon 2015 demo with TechRaptor
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_Im2AaXK18 [Open]

>Gencon 2015 floor demo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtqvidHYXu8 [Open]

>Interview with Adam Poots
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6wF8d-zUHw [Open]

>Tablet friendly Character Sheet, created by a KD:M Developer
This one is actually a prototype. Not supposed to have a public release yet. It doesn't work as well on PC because its meant for tablets, but you can increase/decrease your stats by clicking and dragging up or down on it.
Major News:
Shipping will happen in 3 waves.
Wave 1 is the promos and pinups, and will start shipping 2 days after gencon ends.
Wave 2 is the core game + Survivor pledge bonuses, and will be shipping once it gets through customs, probably late next month.
Wave 3 is the expansions and will ship once all the core games are sent out.

So who is going to cut up their rulebook for the glory of /tg/ so that sweaty neckbeards can play the game you paid so much for online for free?

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Link to last thread >>41657433

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Damnit I forgot the fill in the subject field.

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And you missed a perfectly good 'last hands'.

Because hands. Hands errywhere.

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Additional links:
>written review of the game

>Gameplay demo from Beasts of War
This one is more of the same.

>Gencon promos for sale in the KDM store

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Feel free to correct my error and let this travesty slide to the depths.

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I'm surprised how good all the reviews have been.

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Several people played the Phoenix demo, and then preordered it right there. It was that good.

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Literally a fetish for many people.

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I will not. I'm taking your shame and using it as a unique resource and cannibalizing it to make a bitching banana hammock to hide MY shame.

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After thinking about it, leaving off the tags just means it'll be gone before anyone even knew it was here.

Just like the Pinups.

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>When you this card

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Accidentally the whole Phoenix.

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I´m a shitty painter, so I´ll stick with this instead

but with marble texture

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Its too late, I laminated your shame's nametag. Its your shame anon. And now its my shame-hider.

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I own a Wetnurse. I have no shame left. Only regret.

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Take that regret with you. Make it your own and use it on the battlefield. The Regret....The Regret......The Regret!


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>no lanterns in the general image
0/10 would not preorder

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So what sizes of card sleeves will be the best fit for the various cards?

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Most cards:


Settlement Locations cant really be sleeved, due to size.

Settlement Events people are still looking for a good fit for. Some Postcard Sleeves work, but they dont tend to be consistently sized.

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>mfw at least fifty bux to sleeve the cards
>mfw it's a third of the cost of survivor pledge level

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You can get transparent Ultra Pros for 5bux a 100.
The 52x52 sleeves are only 4.

Here's oversized sleeves for MTG stuff, how big are the large settlement events and buildings?

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Adam Poots starts to look like Rich Evans

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>Not getting custom made sleeves that match the print of the back of each type of card.

Seriously though the backs of the cards look great and it seems a shame to sleeve them.

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>Settlement Locations cant really be sleeved, due to size.
Same thing I did with my Eclipse mats, and Dead Of Winter locations.

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Damn, I'm getting hype

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Me too.

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This fucking game is the only thing i regret not backing when i had the chance

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understandable ! for me the hype is real and i am waiting for the stuff to arrive, Adam just said that its on the boat, on its way to the EU so maybe by the start of next month, i will have it in my hand

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I would/am giving it until October myself. They still have to shuffle through customs.

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Did you have access to a lamination machine or did you take them to a kinkos or something? How much did it cost?

>> No.41697990

I know a guy who owns a printing shop so he hooked me up for free.

Kinkos could do it, any printing shop really. It's not expensive. A 8.5 x 14 standard is $3 so I imagine you could put most of the big cards on two or three sheets and have them cut them for you. I only have a 1/2 cm instead of 1/4 inch or whatever border on mine though so they still fit in stuff.

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I'm still super nervous about the idea of giving something like that to a stranger. Even if that is their job.

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There are going to be a fair amount of typos in the core game. There's an especially hilarious one in the book. For such an enormous amount of material in the game done by a small group of folk, it's not surprising. You'll be too busy getting your ass kicked by the game to really care about the typos.

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For me it would be mostly the big event cards, probably the monster stat cards too. I'll have to see once I get my box, but I'll make a list.

I wouldn't worry, if anything it's a good conversation starter.

I mean, I work in a daycare, I can't imagine the looks I'd get if I brought that up while getting them done, but no one cares really. I live in a big city and people go to kinkos to print posters for kink parties.
It's whatever.

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I find it almost endearing. You can tell a small crew put it together.

[/spoiler]Also charming chinglish.

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He mentioned that the demo version presented at gencon was a preliminary draft, and NOT the final version thats getting sent to someone.

That said, yeah, there will still be plenty to slip through.

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Fuck you spoiler.

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I want a few dozen of those big-ass swords for some armory scratchbuild.

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Was there ever actually a model for this? Looked through the sold out stuff and don't see anything.

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Speaking of that pic, which is your favourite Messenger or promo (single non-pinup KD KS mini)?

For me it's either Courage or Humanity. If Guts didn't have his chinese take-out box in his hand then that would've been my favourite.

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You mean before the Kickstarter? If you can't find it on the store page, then probably not.

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Aw that's too bad, it's one of my favourite designs I've seen from them.

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You hope to find a collectors edition resin version of it? If not, you'll get to buy it this fall/winter in hard plastic after everything has been shipped.

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Oh, suppose I'll just hold out till then hopefully.

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Gentlemen! Feast your eyes...!

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what is this game even about? aside from the oddly proportioned and scantily clad female models?

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People wake up fully grown in pitch darkness (if it wasn't for their lanters) on a cold stone floor shaped like faces, stretching out into infinity. They are attacked by a highly intelligent monster, have to defeat it. Survivors band together and travel, until they find a lantern hoard. That will be the basis of their settlement. You hunt monsters and scavange their corpses to get as much resources as possible, then use those to craft new gear, settlement locations, and innovations.

The game is divided in three parts. Settlement phase, Hunt phase, and Showdown phase. In the settlement phase you craft gear, innovate, develop new techniques, ideas, and philosophies you have to choose from. As an example: do you cannibalize your dead for extra resources, or do you bury them to develop your understanding and culture, which will help your settlement in other ways?

Next is the Hunt phase. A group of survivors set off to hunt a specific monster, be it a White Lion, Phoenix, Screaming Antelope, or any other of all monsters available. During the hunt you will trigger events which can either be beneficial or detrimental. You find some broken glass and twisted metal, do you follow it or leave it alone? Maybe you follow it and get lucky and find a pile of broken lanters, which gives you scrap metal to craft gear (if you survive the showdown phase), or maybe you take a wrong turn and end up wounded.

Last is the Showdown phase. Either you found the monster first or the monster found you, and now you have to fight it. The monster is lethal and difficult to kill, and is controlled by the AI and Wound deck which determines how it acts. There are mechanics that help the players influence the deck/s. The AI deck is the monsters hit points, and every monster has 25 AI cards. For each wound inflicted a card is removed, making the fight more and more predictable, but depending on the cards left it might get signifcantly harder or easier.

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Watch the videos posted at the top of this thread. To summarize Monster Hunter + Dark Souls the boardgame.

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alright sounds interesting enough

so what's their deal with women?

>> No.41702279

Poots likes big butts and he cannot lie.

>> No.41702309

Can you learn how baby is formed in the settlement phase?

>> No.41702310

Those are pinups. Pic related is the kind you will see in the (17 lbs) game box and in the expansions.

>> No.41702318

The same company makes lots of limited run collectors miniatures that aren't actually part of the game, that's were all the pin ups come from. Anyway they proved so popular that they're now making hard plastic versions.

>> No.41702331

All the armor kits from the game box and the expansions will be interchangeable to reflect the gear your model currently have. WYSIWYG.

>> No.41702366

>17 lb game box

sounds great, but I have a feeling I may not be able to afford it

>> No.41702386

It's 400$

>> No.41702413

It's not for the feint of heart, no. If you like minis and collect minis, then it gets much easier to swallow, as you get 28 survivor minis in the core box, as well as 7 monsters, one needing a... 100-110 mm base to stand on I think it was. So yeah, $400.

>> No.41702420

Fear not there's plans to release a version of the game that uses tokens instead of hard plastic miniatures that will be drastically cheaper.

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Oh goody, the anal vore bird, could this get any more weird?

>> No.41702515

Is that a rethorical question? Fortunately most normal people will feel revulsion/weird fun rather than thinking it's magical realm.

>> No.41702526


>> No.41702539

at first I thought that model looked pretty neat, then I took a closer look...

fuck no no no

>optional ding dong
>claiming it ISN'T magical realm

>> No.41702554

If it was magical realm wouldn't the ding dong be mandatory?

>> No.41702584

Just because ding dongs are present doesn't a magical realm make. You need context for it. For instance: cleaning granny pussy in course of my work does not give me a hard-on. Licking my ex's pussy did.

>> No.41702605

Making it mandatory (or always absent) is an artistic decision made by the designers. Making it optional appeals to the desires and whims of the realm dwellers.

>> No.41702627

Kind of wish the scribe came in the core game. The model is awesome.

>I regret not being able to back the game like I had hoped
I missed out on so much cool shit.

>> No.41702639

Or backers playing with people who, for some reason or another, doesn't matter which, doesn't want ding dongs in their game.

>> No.41702654

Does that mean I should magnetize fucking everything?

Damn, how much will that even run me?

>> No.41702671

Nothing stops you from trying, but it will be really difficuly to accomplish when arms and wrists are just a mm thick.

>> No.41702672

if it is a market driven decision why even have the ding dong be an option?

iirc a pack of 100 magnets runs about 8 bucks

>> No.41702683

>Fortunately most normal people will feel revulsion/weird fun rather than thinking it's magical realm.
While it does look grotesque it's pretty much obviously sexualized.
'Normal people' without brain damage will be able to tell as much, by looking at the art for any of the female characters at least. Then add in the fact that the monsters are sexual organs thrown into a blender.
It's not like the sexual themes in Alien were missed by the mainstream either.

>Making it optional appeals to the desires and whims of the realm dwellers.
More like makes it 'okay' for the american market. The way you put it implies it wasn't intended to be magical realm-y.

>> No.41702696

In theory you could but it'd be very difficult to magnetize the hands with how thin the wrists are.

>> No.41702732

>if it is a market driven
Everything was upfront during the Kickstarter, and it still got funded 58 times over.
I didn't know Alien was sexualized or had sexual themes until a few years ago. I didn't even consider the fact of impregnation themes with the facehugger things until I started ERPing, it was just "Oh gross gross gross! Ow ow ow!" for me. I'm not saying everyone thinks that, but if I thought that then I was/is far from alone. Aliens (and KD) is more body horror genre for me.

>> No.41702759

>More like makes it 'okay' for the american market. The way you put it implies it wasn't intended to be magical realm-y.

Why are you even talking to that anon, he clearly just wants to shitpost.

Magical Realm: Tricking your players into doing your fetish nonsense. Ex: Playing D&D and arriving at the forests of piss and facing down the piss troll whom can only be defeated by pissing in his mouth.

Anyone playing KD can't be magical realm'd because that is what they're going for in the first place. Unless you sit down to play KD and you're forced to do tax calculations or something.

>> No.41702788

>'Normal people' without brain damage will be able to tell as much, by looking at the art for any of the female characters at least.
The art in the rulebook isn't nearly as sexualized as the pin-up art.

>> No.41702822

>I didn't know Alien was sexualized or had sexual themes until a few years ago.

>Vagina spiders face raping people to pour their seed into their lungs which grow into penis snakes that fuck their way free from their bodies to grow into giant penis headed monsters that kill by penetrating people either with their barbed tails or kissing them to death with their double lips and whose lairs tend to look like internal organs with people tied up on the walls like a S&M bondage dungeon.

>it was just "Oh gross gross gross! Ow ow ow!" for me

That is the point of sexualized themes. It takes something comfortable and desired and turns it into something horrid and monstrous. If it makes you want it while it also being repugnant its doing its job especially well.

>> No.41702837

>I didn't even consider the fact of impregnation themes with the facehugger things
>Aliens (and KD) is more body horror genre for me
There is a scene in the film where the Alien impales somebody with it's tail between the legs. I couldn't think of a more obvious rape metaphor if I tried. Add the whole pregnancy thing etc...
Maybe you watched it when you were a kid?

>> No.41702854


Yeah, but that won't stop SJW faggots from crying about it. Which is probably a good thing, though; if anything, the faux controversy attracts more interest.

>> No.41702918

I did, yes. I don't even remember that, it must've been 15 years ago if not longer.

>> No.41703003

>Yeah, but that won't stop SJW faggots from crying about it.

Nothing can stop them from crying about everything, that's their defining point.

>> No.41703008

This armor kit is so damn sexy, like god damn...

>> No.41703255

The throat and the work on the muscles are just fantastic on this model, the biggest wow-factor for me.

>> No.41703505

Kamina. The milisecond I saw him I grabbed him.

That big lantern could be and easy swap. There are so many empty hands across the core armor kits.

Same actually. Then again I first watched it as a kid alongside Terminator, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street etc etc etc.

>> No.41703903

Eh, I kinda wished he grabbed the sword with both hands to start with, it would add to the weight of the swing.

>> No.41703954


>> No.41704038

SO pumped for that expansion. That one and the Lantern.

So what are peoples plans as far as story and expansions? Vanilla run first then tack on expansions? Or is there one you must do first.

>> No.41704097

Well, we wont have any choice but to do a vanilla run first, seeing as the core game ships first and the expansions later. But later I'm probably going to do a run where I throw on as many expansions as I can and hope for the best.

>> No.41704248

During the kickstarter you could order either plastic or resin for the Pinups.

>> No.41704266

>walking around in moms vast and dark basement
>find crazy hot, naked MILF in the darkness
>9001/10 babyfactory body
>apparantly a lanky basement dweller is right up her baby alley
>she takes me back to her place
>it's a fucking tree
>she gets touchy feely after handing me some shrooms
>this is awesome
>feel great, best time of my life in fact
>and her fingers digging into my chest is just fantastic
>very long fingers
>literally wrapping around my heart
>also my organs
And then thirsty anon died at the hands of his mother and used as fertilizer.

>> No.41704275

Has that been confirmed?

>> No.41704422

Please tell me this is true. I really want to play this game but can't afford all the minis.

>> No.41704530

How do the Messengers tie into the actual game? Also, how do Forsakers an White Speakers tie into the game as well?

>> No.41704547

They are promotional minis designed to keep the stretch goals going, but they also come with one shot challenge scenarios and one or a few gear cards IIRC. So Kara has her big stone as a gear card and... thats the only gear card I know of tbh.

>> No.41704558

You haven't seen Jacob's Ladder then my friend. It's a p.okay movie.

>> No.41704580

They are effectively class-givers for survivors afaik.

>> No.41704607

So you can't play as a messenger? Weaaaak. I remember talk of a DnD type thing with classes appearing...Like great hunters, white speakers, Forsakers and dreamers

>> No.41704622

Question: who is messenger of te first story based on?

>> No.41704639

You can use the models as your survivor if you like, nothing is stopping you from that. Also house rules.
>I remember talk of a DnD type thing with classes appearing...Like great hunters, white speakers, Forsakers and dreamers
Yeah, that would be for an upcoming release. Poots haven't decided on what form yet, be it RPG, another board game, some kind of expansion, or what have you.
A cave girl from Chrono Trigger, I don't remember her name.

>> No.41704661

It might be the case for later games. The survival game is only the first installment.

That is, if Poots doesn't hit the financial bottom before releasing them.

>> No.41704672

That'll come later, but the Messengers do come with their on scenarios and cards.

>> No.41704690

Ayla - Chrono Trigger

>> No.41704864

I thought it was Ayla; the first story threw me for a tick but it makes sense since she's the first real human leader.

>> No.41704874

So are they statted like monsters or like survivors?

>> No.41704890

Dunno. I only know that Guts like chinese takeout.

>> No.41704923

Just leave that hand off.


>> No.41705016

It's a lantern you jackass

I do love how the 4 messengers are all based on characters that are maximum HFY

>> No.41705036

>It's a lantern you jackass
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Really?

>> No.41705061

I don't think they have Chinese takeouts in KD:M so it's probable.

>> No.41705096

New settlement location: Chinese Takeaway.

>> No.41705140


Chiken China the chinese chiken:
Spend a survival to obtain: Chinese takeaway.

>> No.41705175


You can exchange student loan money cards for food that has a random effect on any survivor who eats it:

1-2 The survivor feels bloated and groggy during the hunt. -2 Evasion
3-4 The survivor is hungry again by the time the hunt begins. -2 Strength
5-6 The survivor has an allergic reaction and must sit the hunt out.

>> No.41705197


If your survivor is afflicted with the munchies card, remove it from play.

>> No.41705384

That is NOT true. Adam has specifically addressed this, and said he will NOT be doing this, because the bulk of the weight is not the minis, it is the cardboard tokens already in it + the 7000 or so cards. And the cost of the printing is the major money sink in it, the price difference between the two versions would be very negligable, and would NOT lower it to the 100 dollar price point people want.

What he IS planning to do, is offer an alternate starting point. A major expansion that has 2 or 3 monsters, a couple armor sets, and some settlement locations and events. Enough to run a mini campaign. It can be used standalone, or integrated into the core set as an expansion.

A lot of people are also guessing this set will have the PvP rules.

>> No.41705449

based poots has added more copies of the Gencon Sci-fi Knight + Promo to the store, due to demand

>> No.41705532

Vanilla first, both because thats what I want, and cause its the only option due to split wave shipping.

Dragon Campaign

Vanilla Campaign + Lion Knight + Flower Knight + Dung Beetle Knight.

Sunstalker Campaign

All expansions.

>> No.41705576

Psssst. Hey anon. Tabletop Simulator is 15 dollars on steam.

Just thought I would throw that out there.

>> No.41705894

Do you want to slap my bearded, overweight face while you call me a dirty girl while I stroke your cock, anon?

>> No.41705930

Anon, I-

Well this is going to be 15 dollars well spent.

>> No.41706049


I'm assuming this is a work in progress, because I don't get how they could have the game functional when the vast majority of the rules are still a mystery to most people...

Sorry if this was evident to everyone except me.

>> No.41706178

Just a heads up, It will take a bit to mod KDM into it. I'll definitely post to /tg/ when its done though.

Another person emailed me after I mentioned it in the last thread, who is also 'all in' getting every bit of gameplay content. Having multiple people scanning cards should speed things up. But it will still take time

However there are a few things that may cause issues:
>The rulebook
This is the major one. No one really wants to debind their book to provide quality scans. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that.

This boss has a WAY different base, in that he doesn't have one. Using tokens to represent the minis wont really be an option for him. I might be able to create a new model for him, which is a token for each of his legs, but I cant think of any solutions that actually would look nice.

This one is the one I'm least worried about. But the gameboard is very large and hard to scan. Worst case, you dont get the pretty game board, you just get a grid of the same size, that I threw together in those images.

Tabletop Sim mods aren't that hard if you have some basic 3d modeling software, and an image editor. But yes, it is a work in progress. I'm just setting up some basic stuff now, before I have cards to scan in. Thats why all the tokens are blank.

Also, not shown in that image, I have changed the texture for the tokens to now be grey in the front, dark grey on the sides, and black on the back. This is to show facing. The reverse of each token is greyscale and has a red ring around it, to indicate knockdown.

>> No.41706250

>> No.41706269


>> No.41706355

A KS backer has recieved their Promo and Pinups package.



>> No.41706549

Pics, links?

>> No.41706879

Wow, Poots sure came a long way

>> No.41707018

Dont forget he also had a FAILED kickstarter.

On his website, he used to have a roadmap for what he wanted to do with his Kickstarter to make it as successful as possible.

Start it on Black Friday, when people are of a mindset to spend a ton of money on good deals. Offer discounted levels for that day as well.

Have the campaign run through Christmas, where many backers will get an increase in money as gifts.

Run through New Years to get people ambitious to take on a big painting project.

He had already done 2 projects. One failed, and one that barely scraped by. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and how to make it sell on kickstarter. And it wasn't the Tits and Ass that everyone thinks it is. The tits and ass didn't even enter the campaign until it was already 300% funded.

>> No.41707453


>> No.41707906

You guys know whats snackalicious? Cover half a tortillia with cheese, add a lot of jalapenos, fold it, put it in a frying pan on medium heat till the cheese melts. Take it out, slather on creme fraiche, add chopped onions and olives, om nom nom.

>> No.41708518

Why is the dragon expansion so GOAT?
Best giant enemy
Best human sized enemy
Best armour

>> No.41708668

The armor is indeed bitchin'. Also, that lady armor was not complete in that render IIRC.

>> No.41708698

They make wands that let you fully scan a rulebook without debinding it, anon.

>> No.41708784

So /tg/, would you rather suck the cock of a titanic radioactive insane dragon or risk various fates worse then death but be free?

>> No.41708843

Why not both?

>> No.41708854

I think I rather take my chances with the rest of the world. I imagine that that dragon cock would put any dragon dildo to shame.

>> No.41708855

The dragon is envious, you either serve his whims or you die.

>> No.41708858

Even if the choice was between sucking the cock of a titanic radioactive insane dragon and fucking a hot chick with no consequences - I would still choose the dragon cock.

Gotta love me some titanic radioactive insane dragon cock.

>> No.41709183

Hmmm, do I smell a Bad Dragon-Kingdom Death partnership in the making?

>> No.41709257


>> No.41709279


Every KD miniature ever

>> No.41709342


>> No.41710306

Yes they do. That is my current solution. But most reviews for them aren't that good, or they are too expensive.

Just cause I dropped 600 dollars on the KS, and ~$150 after it, does not mean I still have money to spare. Poots is bleeding me dry already.

>> No.41710686

So which knight is best knight? Flower, Dung, or Lion?

>> No.41710802

The 1st Lion Knight

>> No.41710916

I can't think of a better way to promote a game.

>> No.41711184

Guy who totally caved, having missed the original kickstarter due to being enveloped in classes at the time, and not really being aware of kickstarter. I gotta say, I'm fucking hype for this, and so so lucky that the preorder sale was still going on. Unforunately, I feel like a fucking idiot having missed such beauties as the Lion, Dung and Flower Knight, and even the Slenderman stuff. I gotta ask, any hope that I'm gonna be able to aquire any of it? A Forasker model would be amazing too, even the Butcher. I want that White Knight model the most though.

I feel like that's a big FAQ question, but oh well. Any advice for trying to grab some more nice stuff, I guess, is the tl;dr.

I'm hype though, like so hype.

>> No.41711273

All the expansions (including Lion, Dung, and Flower knight, and Slenderman) will be available on the Kingdom Death store after every backer has had their package sent. There's a pinup Forsaker model in the Pinups of Death collection on the store, the Butcher is part of the core game (table of contents for the core game here http://kingdomdeath.com/ks_images/text-box-contents.jpg). The White Knights are resin models that is not part of the game, you have to subscribe to the newsletter and keep your fingers crossed for new releases or encores.

>> No.41711284

Addendum: all backers will likely have all their stuff sent by november this year.

>> No.41711308

Ah alright, so I'll just have to wait patiently for the White Knight, is the storm knight a resin not part of the game as well? He's actually something I had in mind for a final BBEG for a campaign I'm getting ready to run.

>> No.41711375

I didn't kickstart it because it looked like there was way too much chessecake and repulsive stuff in it by the time I got to it. And to get the level of completion that I wanted would have been a big investment.

And now I've watched gameplay demos and seen more models and I want it. I wish I had gone in on the kickstarter.

But I'm not going to be preordering it now because $275 is a lot of money for missing out on a TON of stuff from the kickstarter. And I am ESPECIALLY not going to be paying the full $400 for it when it goes live.

So it's still the coolest, most beautiful game I will never own.

>> No.41711438

Waiting patiently might never net you a White Knight, or it might. Don't hold your breath for it. The last time an encore run of Storm Knight was released the stock vanished in an hour or two. It's a very popular model.

>> No.41711574

You can probably buy cheaper used stuff 10-15 years from now, don't give up.

>> No.41711595

In that time frame I fully expect there to be a better game.

>> No.41711631

How long is the game going to be on sale for $275? A bit strapped for cash so if it'll be that way for a while if not I'm not too invested in it so I'll just let it go.Watched the demos and it looks fun at least.

>> No.41711677

It says it's open for preorder till 19/7, so it can close at any time.

>> No.41711715

It will all be available at retail after all the backers receive it.

The only things you CANT get are the Promos, which are:
Survivor Candy and Cola
Survivor Kara Black
Messanger of Courage
Messenger of Humanity
Messenger of the First Story
Messenger of the Spiral Path
Holiday White Speaker Nico
Xmas Special Pinup Twilight Knight (wasn't a KS exclusive, but did have gameplay content, and is no longer for sale)
You can get pic related right now if you buy the Gencon Sci-Fi Knight. But its gonna be gone soon.

But these are all promos. Not major content. All the expansions will be there soon.

>> No.41711958

mmh delicious loli

>> No.41712050


>> No.41712083

Get out of here King's Hand!
Also that comic features a goriffic toe stubbing, if I remember correctly.

>> No.41712109

Look one step up.

>> No.41712165

tfw no GATSU

>> No.41712250 [SPOILER] 

Reminder that the monsters DON'T actually have random hands growing on their body.

They have random hands FEEDING on their body.

>> No.41712276

Yeah, that picture makes me a bit uncomfortable.

>> No.41712455

They better have a way of explaining where they hell they come from.

>> No.41712471

The real questions are - where they come from and can you graft them on survivors?

>> No.41712474

The little hands I can believe. I refuse to believe them being able to grow fully grown arms. Also the Pheonix's weird feathery arm wing bullshit.

>> No.41712513

All I can really think of is the Scribe wrote them into existence just like a lot of other things.

>> No.41712546

All of the monsters are actually twisted mockeries of the human form, when you look closely at their details.

>> No.41712562

The wings themselves are arms, yeah. Thats just how that monster looks. The arms growing on it are parasites, cause it has more on it than other monsters (the parasite card is a Phoenix resource).

A few monsters DO have actually human arms on them, like the Lion God and Antelope God.

But all the random hands? Yeah. The monsters aren't born with them.

>> No.41712564

Pretty much everything is spontaneously written into existence by the Scribe, who is basically god, so it doesn't have to make biological sense.

>> No.41712573

>I didn't know Alien was sexualized or had sexual themes until a few years ago.
It must be difficult trying to go through life being so dumb.

>> No.41712593 [DELETED] 

I was bored.

>> No.41712708

I'm curious whether the Scribe is actually the Golden Entity, or a free agent acting on its behalf, with the King being an avatar of the Golden Entity.

>> No.41712753

Redid a little piece

>> No.41712952

anyone know who is the artist responsible for the monster designs?

>> No.41712960

A tabletop simulator that can even simulate a tablet! Just what I need!

>> No.41712985

We need to go deeper.

>> No.41713101

Hows this?

>> No.41713152

Post a screenshot of you looking at that post on the tablet.

>> No.41713172

Well now I have some decent protection against Brain injuries, so that's something.....

Plus now that Gloom Katana is worth going out and getting!

>> No.41713210

Damn, dude. TTS seems pretty neat.

>> No.41713309

Monsters were created before humans, so technically wouldn't the humans be the twisted mockeries of the monsters?

>Golden Entity thinks one day "hey, what if I take all these parts from these other creatures and mash them together into their own terrifying beast!"
>the monsters are so terrified of this hideous 'human' that they attack them without mercy for fear of their own lives

>> No.41713365

You mean " No survivors, you are the monsters."

>> No.41713380

You are straying dangerously close to HFY territory now, even if it's only for comedic effect.

>> No.41713466

Honestly? Its quirky as hell. Its a simulator game, dont forget that. My regular game group spends a lot of time yelling at the physics engine, every time a card clips through the table, shoots off into outer fucking space, then respawns in the center of the table where it lands on top of a deck, automatically merging with the deck, making you spend 5 minutes looking around the table for it before you realize thats what happened.

Also just like in real life, dice fall under the table ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Also you can disable the 'flip table option' if you are the host, in which case whenever someone clicks the button, everyone gets a message saying they tried to flip the table, but they were too weak. But sometimes the person hosting the game will forget, and thank fucking god there is an 'undo' button.

Pic related Also, the browser window can pop out to view it better.

>> No.41713527

I'm under the impression that humans are the charnel, while the monsters consume us. One day, we kill the monsters...

And then we start learning

>> No.41713536

Yes, because while i support this game concept and the motif that it is going for, the Phoenix, and the attack about said butt just seems more childish than anything.

>> No.41713549

That sounds hilarious when read. I can already see the assdevestated posts in the future KD TTS threads.

>> No.41713552

Now post a screenshot of that post.

>> No.41713591

Demanding little bitch aintcha.

>> No.41713633

He saw that one pic of that one copy pasta and it was totally ebin, so now he want it recreated as an in-joke.

>> No.41713636

Dat glorious mustache

>> No.41713714

Actually Candy and Cola will be available later- Soda Pop worked out a deal because of their new company policy of no exclusives.

>> No.41713836

I didn't have enough money to get the sunstalker expansion back during the KS. I'll probably have to pay a lot of fucking money for it when it launches.

>> No.41713862

I'm not sure how many people will actually end up hoping on board, considering it still requires a $15 to be dropped on it. Even if thats way cheaper then the actual game, most people on here are hesitant to drop money on much of anything.

Nah. I only posted that first one as a joke, and the second one to show the tablet pop out. I'm not gonna be one of those assholes who makes the thread about them. I would rather it be about KDM, and ways to play it.

And on that note, the KS comments have been spending the past 2 days trying to make a viable Evasion build. The way they have decided to do this, is to try and make the greased up deaf guy from Family Guy. 3 Monster Grease accessories on them, all of them linked with some other accessory to complete their Affinities, to get you 6 evasion. After that, you just need some way to get +2 evasion, either from the accessories that are completing your affinities, or with one or the remaining 3 slots.

That leaves you 2 or 3 slots left for a weapon, and some form of armor. Though some people think you should leave those open to see if there is some item that regens survival, so that you can use it to fuel Dodge's.

Once thats done, congrats, you can now only be hit by a monster rolling a Lantern 10 on their accuracy roll.

>> No.41714250

I feel you dude, based off the current price of KD, those expansions will probably be like 150.

>> No.41714349

60ish bucks would be my guess. 75 at most.
Poots seems to have put most of the extra work into the main game, to ensure that all backers got it. Hence it spiking in price so much. The major expansions didn't seem to get that much changed.

The minor expansions, on the other hand, probably jumped from like 30 dollars, to 50 dollars. They got a lot of extra bits added, and became more fleshed out.

>> No.41714564

Any idea on how fulfilment is working for Australia?
I know EU has it's own fulfilment center, but does AP also have one, or do we have to wait for it to be shipped back across the ocean?

>> No.41714567

I'm guessing its the king, given that he shows up ominously at the end of the kickstarter video.

>> No.41714573

If a monster hits them twice they're fucked. You can only spend 1 survival per turn, so you can only negate one hit. With no armor any hit of 3 damage wil critical, which is not something you want to happen. Usually just means you're dead or lose a limb.

Also there should only be 4 monster grease in the core set iirc.

>> No.41714811

I actually find it very unlikely that any monsters will have Devastating 2. Every monster attack we have seen so far only inflicts a single wound. That means you can survive a minimum of 4 direct hits, assuming to don't roll any instant deaths, as some serious injuries give 2 bleeding tokens. That would require all hits to be to the head, and all of the serious injury rolls to give 2 bleeding tokens.

You only have a 10% chance to get hit at all. If you are hit, you roll to see where the hit lands. It has less than a 17% chance of hitting your head. If it does, you can spend 1 survival and ignore the attack entirely.It has to do this TWICE in a single round, or keep doing it until you burn through your survival, in order to deal any serious damage to you. It then has to repeat that AT LEAST one more time, in order to kill you, and will likely require up to 5 attacks to actually kill you.

Those are REALLY GOOD odds.

As for the number of monster grease accessories, there are 3, and you would need all of them for the build, and have their 3 green affinity to double their bonus.

>> No.41714875

how is that per se a bad thing?
tts is fiddly as fuck, i honestly prefer vassal but it's not as supported
What if the parasites grow to become humans over time?
we don't know mich about the scribe or the world yet...

>> No.41714881

So basically, chances are good, but not great, that we can avoid fatal hits, but it's still easily possible for one battle to leave a person completely dead?

>> No.41714942

I mentioned two hits. You dodge one- you have no armor for the other. If it deals three damage it doesn't matter where it lands you take a critical. Also some attacks don't have to roll to hit, meaning your super evasion guy just gets fucked.

>> No.41714997

Oh yeah, I played the Phoenix demo and the dude across from me got dead on the first turn. Luckily Poots handwaved it away because it was basically a freak thing.

>> No.41715289

Pretty much. Which doesn't sound great, but its chances are still better than most survivors we have seen so far in the demos.

I'm sure the parasites grow into something, but I doubt its normal humans. Its probably something closer to the Illuminated Lady. A monster that looks like a human, and uses that to prey on people.

You have to be hit in the head twice before you take a serious injury (which is different from a critical wound)

All other locations dont deal serious injuries until the third hit. Again, those are really good odds in your favor.

And again, attacks aren't just going to deal 3 damage automatically. We haven't seen a single card in all of the spoilers to show that. And if, god for fucking bid, there IS an attack that does 3 automatic damage, THAT IS THE ATTACK YOU SAVE YOUR SURVIVAL TO DODGE. You dont burn it the second you take any damage at all. That would be fucking stupid.

If you really still want it to be better, just make the 3 accessories that complete your monster grease affinities be Calcified Shoulders. Only Lantern 10's hit you, any hits have a 24% chance of being ignored, AND if they still get through, you have 9 armor in ever hit location. Only downside is that it is working outside vanilla, since it requires the Dung Beetle Knight. And that you would probably look like a World of Warcraft character with that many pauldrons on you.

>There are attacks that fuck over ANY possible build. Your build can't deal with those!
Well yeah, obviously. We dont have the game yet. No build is gonna be perfect, its just fun speculation. I'm also not saying its a perfect build, cause its not. Neurological damage will COMPLETELY fuck you over, as will any Trap in the monsters hit location deck. But given the information we have right now, its not that bad of a build.

The game is called Kingdom Death.

People die in Kingdom Death.

No build is going to get around that entirely.

>> No.41715444

>And again, attacks aren't just going to deal 3 damage automatically.
What makes you say this, the Lion in the demo, which was presumably level 1 or 2, was dealing 2 damage on pretty much every attack.

>> No.41715666

No, it had 2 speed, so it rolled two dice with every attack. Each one only did 1 damage. Its just they both usually hit, because the lion has really good accuracy. For an evasion build, the monsters accuracy is a non-issue.

Also, Pheonix armor comes from the strongest huntable monster in the core game. It only gives 4 points of armor. I find it extremely hard to believe that any monster in the core game will practically instantly cripple the best armor in the core game, with a single attack. And if it did, yes, it would fuck over an evasion build. But it would ALSO fuck over every other build you could make. Which would make it something you couldn't defend against, and not really worth considering.

Its like saying you shouldn't play Blue in Magic the Gathering, because Island dies to land removal. No shit it does. So does every other color. So why are we even discussing that?

Like, I get what you are saying. There is a hole in the build that can get you killed. But that hole is "You are targetable", Every build has that flaw.

>> No.41715975

Phoenix does 3 damage with every attack(played the demo at Gencon at Gallery 42). I assume other monsters do as well. As said lion does 2. You only have 2 body points after your armor everywhere, the head only has 1.

You can totally attempt to build a dodge character, but they will die. Every monster has attacks that don't roll to hit. If a monster attacks 3 times a turn(Phoenix), hits twice, you can only dodge one hit, because you can only spend 1 survival per round. Other attack goes right through, and you're a goner or maimed at best.

Not to mention, you only have so much survival, and it doesn't regenerate. You either have to have something in your gear that gives it(First aid gives each survivor 3 survival at the beginning of the hunt phase and prevents disembowlment), or something special has to happen. May be a settlement option that gives returning survivors survival as well.

Let's not forget each monster has a hit location deck that can screw you over even on a crit. In our demo dude rolled a critical hit, split open the Phoenix's belly but slipped in the slime knocking him prone. Iirc you can't use survival from being prone(but another character can spend a point to have you auto-stand up: "Encourage").

All I'm saying is, building a one-trick pony isn't going to work. Well-rounded characters are the way forward.

>> No.41716123

Just noticed lion has 2 speed, not damage.

Any critter that knocks you back will avoid your evasion too(Phoenix has a wind attack- you can dash to get into the Eye of the Storm, but that has it's own drawbacks.)

After the game I played, i just don't think an all-in evade build is viable outside of shits and giggles. We'll know more when the game hits.

>> No.41716169

Huh. Well. Fuck me I guess. I was wrong. The people working on this build on the KS are gonna be very disappointed.

Guess I'll stick to my High Insanity build that uses blood paint to double attack with a Xmaxe and Gloom Katana.

And/or my luck heavy whip build to deal multiple crits per turn (and get completely fucked over by Traps in the hit location deck)

>> No.41716219

As an apology for me being WRONG AS FUCK, here everyone.

Have a Q&A with poots:

>> No.41716342

This game is fucking lethal. I'm sure an evasion heavy build may help with some earlier hunts(if you use a bow with said character for maximum safety-range), but against higher-level monsters(you can face level 1-3 of any monster in the Core, you choose what level and what you hunt before you set out) it's going to get messy.

I should point out that doing more attacks is good, but you're more likely to flip the trap card too. Not to mention some hit locations can hit you back(think acid blood type stuff), or do weird shit(Pheonix had some hit where it would end the turn and rewind all the attacks and damage done to it- Did I mention the Phoenix is a time manipulator?). This game is meant to fuck you over for being too good at something. Average is where it's at.

During our battle with the Phoenix(and the group before us) only one survived. Between all the damage he deals, and the fact that he can age everyone each turn if they have a doom counter(or didn't- can't remember) it's just a brutal fight. Poots said they're all like that.

>> No.41716377

I really wish he had done a video interview at some point before now. He justifies the price point and the delays (and their relation to each other) really well. Better than he ever did in text.

>> No.41716484

Dude, that looks like fucking Man At Arms!

>> No.41718219

>> No.41718378

That's a 54mm mini btw.

>> No.41718402

Give me a fucking lantern golem, poots.

>> No.41718415

Hope nobody has claustrophobia...

>> No.41718444


>> No.41718458

too much cloak, not enough lantern

>> No.41718558 [SPOILER] 

Picky picky.

>> No.41718801 [SPOILER] 

give me the lanterns poots

>> No.41718985

Lanterns symbolize hope and survival. They are not meant to ever be a threat themselves. Lead to a threat, accompany a threat, bait into a threat, but never be themselves a threat. That just breaks all the contrast that they are serving to build.

>> No.41719128

I just have to ask how the hell you end up in a situation like that?

>> No.41719213


I feel dirty for making this connection, but it seems appropriate.

>> No.41719214


>> No.41720226


lantern golem to protect the settlement when

>> No.41720261

Hentai artist

seriously I don't know but she dun fucked up

>> No.41720266

I want to like this game but I don't want people to think I'm some kind of pervert any more than they already do

>> No.41720300

This is your yearly reminder that you were promised this game years ago and it's been "just about to ship" the entire time.

>You're never getting this game

>> No.41720321

>trying this hard
It hasn't been just about to ship. Ever. Until now.

>> No.41720327

I love that all of the GenCon KD:M videos have ocarina music in the background.

>> No.41720364

Yeah. The booth next to them was selling them.

>> No.41720389

That's because the only way to enjoy Kingdom Death after backing it would be to play the song of time and travel seven years into the future.

>> No.41720408

I don't normally laugh at the "it's never coming out" jokes, but this one got me.

>> No.41720540

To me it just sounds like a Blizzard "soon" kin of thing, we're it will come out eventually.
unlike Blizzard though, you can actually play it reasonably faster

>> No.41720756


>> No.41720936

You have any concept of using kneadite? If you do, and have a shit load of money to buy it, then censor it yourself.
I'm not going to buy it, but that's because I'm poor, not necessarily I have a problem with it, except with the Phoenix.

>> No.41720955

Apparently the hands coming out of the phoenix's anus are a separate part, so you don't have to glue them on if you don't want to.

>> No.41721000

Thank you for telling me still doesn't help the fact that I am a poor graduate .

But yeah, if you the guy was worried so much about being called a pervert, then use kneadite I(green stuff, or sculpting putty.)

>> No.41721697

>> No.41722616


>> No.41722630

Why is that sunstalker biting that floating blue anime girl in half?

>> No.41722666

Because it's a hungry hungry sunstalker and humans are prey.

>> No.41722684

>hue hue hue
Well done, Satan.

>> No.41722731

No one have an answer for this?

>> No.41722755

Poots does.

>> No.41722784

Dang it, I just realized the dragon is actually actually more of a wyvern.... Also nice dubs.
Sadly no, I would imagine it's similar to the process for orders going out to Asia, but that's just a guess.

>> No.41722794

Do you know what's happening with Asia?

>> No.41723014


>> No.41723463


>> No.41723571

I remember that post.

>> No.41723601

Okay. This one was clever 7/10.

>> No.41723618

Oh cool. Didn't realize the models were so large!

I might break out my drills and rare earth magnets for this when I buy the base set
>tfw you have been too poor to afford any of this until recently and missed all the best deals.

>> No.41723638

They are not. That's just the 54 mm scale pinups they occassionally have for sale.

>> No.41723655

So can you actully buy these models or is it all just for show?

Can't find sweet all in the store that you can actully buy.

>> No.41723681

Is this the first time you visit a KD thread? No, it's not released yet. If you are not a backer you will have to wait till october or november to buy anything game related. The buzz you've seen now is because it was Kingdom Deaths first apperance as a playable game at gencon recently, where we, as backers and as general audience, have witnessed what the final product will look like. The game is currently on a ship from China and distribution to backers will commence within a month or two.

>> No.41723840


>> No.41723942


>> No.41723943

They're probably looking for the "weird" factor that you can only get with ding dongs and anus hands.

>> No.41723987

>dat look of disgust on the space marine keeping his distance

"Ewww girls!"

>> No.41724002

Last time he saw boobs was on a demonette. He doesn't know what to do with this.

>> No.41724029

Poots has alway been honest about what's been happening at all times- he has missed a few updates(what happened to Sacred Backer time?), but he's been a hell of a lot more open about what's been going on.

>> No.41724050

Why do you gobble up the trolls bait? It's blindingly obvious it's a troll.

>> No.41724101

Because it was such a weak troll. I figured I could take it on. It's not like this is Robotech RPG Tactics or anything.

>> No.41724307


>> No.41724309

I'm surprised there isn't a face sculped onto the Sunstalker's uvula.

>> No.41725107

Im sure it's on the other side of it, and what we see is just the back of the head of an upside down bald man.

>> No.41725117

I want more lore

>> No.41725154


>> No.41725159

Thanks and yes, pretty much the first time.

Just seen a few of their models and since they had a general I asumed the figs were for sale, but all was sold out save some not very intresting figs and then the actual game.

>> No.41725300

>Ammo Slave
>Not very interesting

>> No.41726820

Which KD girl would you fuck and impregnate

>> No.41726853

A shorter list would be which I would not.

>> No.41726859

>The implication that the Ammo Slave is actually a Noble from a ruined House.

Looks like someone may have a thing for humiliation.

>> No.41727090


80 year old savior
Grandmother because she bites your dick off

>> No.41727112

And book-head lady by the scribe. I'm not into that.

>> No.41727151

Im one of them.
I hope it's the favoured daughter of that houses patriarch and that she has more duties than just carrying ammo

>> No.41727220

Upon closer inspection, they do indeed look similar.

>> No.41727228

Is there even any question?

>> No.41727255

Oh god, tumblr is going to explode when this game hits store shelves.

>> No.41727288

They bitched during the KS. Check the Lantern Festival update, the book-lady in particular.
>includes optional shirt

>> No.41727353

>store shelves
It will never be in stores. Adam has said as much. He knows exactly what he made, and how most gamestores would not want to sell that game. And those that would, probably aren't willing to carry a $400 product. It will be online only.

Also you realize that tumblr is 90% porn blogs, right?

>> No.41727363

The funny thing is the Scribe includes an optional dick.

>> No.41727503

I think it's an optional cloth piece actually.

>> No.41727610

There is a cloth to cover his lap, but I was pretty sure you have to glue his member on as well.

I haven't built it, so I could be wrong.

>> No.41727675

And chances are that I can't even bring a good majority of the monsters into a FLGS without either getting stares or kicked out.

Hell, Slaaneshi Daemonettes are probably more acceptable than some of this stuff....

>> No.41727779

Most of the monsters more... indecent parts are separate pieces that don't necessarily have to be used.

Otherwise there's always green stuff.

>> No.41727812

Name one monster on the Core you can't take to an LGS.

>> No.41727843

The phoenix has an anus with hands stuffed in it and literally has an attack when it pulls you into its ass.

>> No.41727861

Yeah, that one's a classic but I've always had a soft spot for:
Looks a bit milfy.

is really pressing all the right buttons for me.

>> No.41727863

Actually nevermind- the rulebook had nudity in it, so it's not going to be played there for that.

>> No.41727878

And that's a problem why? Animals not supposed to have anuses?

Not to mention that's a late-game hunt to begin with.

>> No.41727920

And the hand-anus is supposedly a separate part you don't have to glue on if you don't want to.

>> No.41727943

And women are supposed to have tits. But slamming down a pinup model in an brick and mortar store is not generally 'acceptable'.

The monster is grotesque and indecent to the point where a 'family friendly' place like an FLGS would likely ask you to not.

And so what if it's a late game hunt? The question was literally name one monster you can't take into an LGS. And I did.

No it's part of the whole torso piece. You'd have to greenstuff over it.

>> No.41728080

New thread >>41728038

>> No.41728083

Thats the resin one.

Plastics use a different mould.

>> No.41728146

The hands are separate parts in the plastic version

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