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I know we love these. I'm specifically looking for images of characters doing stupid shit.

Specifically bards, if you have them.

But all humour is welcome here.

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There's nothing especially funny about that picture, though.

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Unfortunately, it's the best I have at the moment. I thought the concept itself was hilarious, but that might be my Britishness showing.

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Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to?
You give me something I can hold on to
I know you'll think I'm like the others before
Who saw your name and number on the wall

Jenny, I've got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny don't change your number


Jenny, Jenny, you're the girl for me
You don't know me but you make me so happy
I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve
I tried my imagination but I was disturbed

Jenny I've got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny don't change your number


I got it, I got it
(I got it)
I got your number on the wall

I got it, I got it
(I got it)
For a good time call

Jenny don't change your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny I've got your number


Jenny don't change your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny I call your number


Next two lines sung over
Background refrain of, "8 6 7 - 5 3 0 9"
Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to
For the price of a dime
I can always turn to you



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I don't know why but it made me laugh it's so cringeworthy

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I wish to contribute.

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Not tg but it's all I have. Bet there's some way to make it tg-related.

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The fuck? That's what vanilla Vex looks like?

Nigga you best get the mod that makes literally everyone and everything in Riften better.

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so stupid
why am I laughing so hard
my sides

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>Implying I don't have mods to make everything look prettier

I didn't take the screenshot, mang.

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This is old, ese

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Because it's fitting.

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>that moment when you mistook her sash for a strap-on

I need to spend less time on /d/

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You need to spend more time on /d/ until that actually becomes strap-on.
Hail Slaanesh!

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Oops, wrong pic.

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not sure if this fits here

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This is the least funny thread I've ever seen. Dead bodies on /b/ is funnier. Please, stop posting.

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>cheese and crackers!


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I smiled.

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Of course it is, that's an obvious Natural 1 if I've ever saw one.

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>not sure if this fits here
Nigga, that was a /tg/ screen cap. Of course it motherfucking fits here.

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Is this the plot of the new Marvel movie?

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Well, thank you for adding to my folders those few who posted. Take my well wishes for your health.

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What is this? A thumbnail for people?

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Do that with a Baneblade and I'll be impressed.

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Oh my~

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At least he is still alive in the book!

My husbando

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What is it about sidecars that makes people think: 'you know, this clearly needs a piano'?

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I really can't take Thanos seriously in the Marvel movies because every time I see him I think of this.

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There really seems to be comparatively big intersection regarding people on /d/ and /tg/.

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Because it do.

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I have something just for you, OP

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No, I find them trite and repetetive.

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To be fair, he DID take out at least 10 of those guys alone.

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Quick, which is worse: SMBC or XKCD?
Trick question, they're equally shit.

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Iqdb reverse google

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Every single time that image is posted
like clockwork

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Someone come up with a good filename/caption for this.

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what character is that?

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During the battle of Armageddon, the orks were in their trench, preparing for a charge, when the warboss heard someone calling from the other side.
"One space marine is worth ten orks!"
Furious, the warboss sent ten of his boyz across. None made it back.
The next day, the voice called again.
"One space marine is worth fifty orks!"
Furious, the warboss sent fifty of his boyz across. None made it back.
The next day, the voice called one more time.
"One space marine is worth a hundred orks!"
Again, the warboss was angry, and he sent one hundred of his boyz to meet the challenge. A few hours later, a single boy crawled back, badly wounded and breathing his final breathm he said,
"They's wuz cheatin', boss. Der wuz two of em!"

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>Armor as DR

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I see your point, sir.

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No idea, unfortunately

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An ork, a space marine, and an eldar are walking together when they come across a warp portal. an ominous voice says, "Speak the truth to pass."
The space marine goes first, saying, "I think I'm the bravest!"
He passes unharmed.
The eldar goes second, saying, "I think I'm the wisest!"
He passes unharmed.
The ork goes third, saying, "I tink-"
He is sucked into the warp.

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Age of Sigmar.

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But what would happen if someone said
> I won't be sucked in the portal
Will it destroy itself?

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You wouldnt be sucked into the portal so the sentence would become true.

I think you meant "I WILL be sucked into the portal"


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No, Fateweaver comes out and cackles madly and puts half of you about five milliseconds into the future.

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>not posting the superior and bigger version

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What is this from?

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I almost died laughing

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Kung Fury

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Tae Kwon Anger

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Megan Gwynn, aka Pixie. She's actually a filthy mutie, not a real fairy.

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Thanks anyway

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Man, fuck Greg Land.
How is he still getting hired when all he does is trace porn?

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If she looked like the chick in the pic, she'd be right.

Alas, the lot of the ugly butter huffer is to have to pretend to like the things her guy likes.

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He always makes his deadlines and churns out tons of art for cheap. Execs don't want quality, they want the security of knowing that they'll never have to delay an issue.

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Tumblr pls go.
No one else gives a shit about how comic book characters are sexualized

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Pixie. That's her name. D-list X-man.
Possibly most notorious for her Greg Land Pornface when she was beaten to half to death.

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Are you a fucking idiot?
Its not sexualized, its just fucking lazy and looks like shit.

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it isn't about sexualization. It's the faces.
he attempts to convey "I'm angry and shouting and fighting" by tracing porn star O-faces.

Way to get triggered, though.

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No, he's right. The guy literally traces porn.

All his women look like they're just floating in some weird orgasm pose

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Not that guy, and I already had the source, but thank you anyways. You deserve it.

All of you can fuck right off back to /a/. Newbros can be forgiven the grave crime of not instantly knowing every fucking reference, inside joke, and internally popular Mongolian hieroglyphs. It is ok to actually post sauce when someone fucking requests it. If you don't want to, shut up and let someone else do it then.

Reverse Image search can *sometimes* help you find something, but not always, especially if it's an edit of the original. In this case, the only match is some shitty image hosting service that requires you to login, though it at least gives you the title of the original shit.

Can't even begin to count the number of times I reverse searched and image to just find nothing but a parade of 4chan archived threads full of people going "Use reverse image search XD" with no sign of the original content.

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Why is one tit massively bigger than the other?

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This never fails to rustle my Jimmies.

Hows that fucking fireball coming along, twat? Got that down yet? No? Better get rid of it if a venerable Game Designer can't master it in part of a morning.

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I was about to say both.
>>durr can't have negative opinion on things only praise is allowed

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The point isn't that you can't have a negative opinion, it's that no one gives a shit what you think and telling everyone your opinion as though it's relevant is silly.

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If that was the point of the strip, the message would say "FAGGOT" or something. The "ok" means just that: an acknowledgement of your meaningless opinion.

I don't even read XKCD, I just remember when it was an awesome thing that everyone was telling everyone else about, and then it got popular enough to attract the "I hated it before it was cool to hate it," crowd, which then outgrew the original fandom (at least in volume). Fucking hipsters.

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I can only imagine how fucking funny it would be if Toaru had a Finnish translation. This is already enough for me to chuckle a bit.

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So you're using your worthless opinion to let me know about my worthless opinion. Nice logic there, may as well have ignored my comment in the first place then, no?

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> posting the bigger version that apparently has half the pixels of the thumbnail version

>> No.41687582

No, I'm explaining the situation to you so you understand better in the future.

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>guy has no fucking idea what he's seeing or talking about
>whines about tumblr at the slightest mention of something sexual
>gets told in the most absolute way possible

Kek. This is why /tg/ is infinitely superior to /co/.

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>You done? Now, allow me to retort

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Looks like Lelf

>> No.41688144

this one has been floating around for a bit of time.

>> No.41688354

>Not "Lickitor"
still give it a 9/10

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>> No.41689021

this image is still unaccountably full of itself

>> No.41689321

Not that I myself give a shit about a comic artist tracing porn, but you're misusing the tumblr insult there. Don't cheapen a meaningful dig.

>> No.41689610


SMBC has a few more decent points, like color use, and his actually inoffensive way of incorporating race and the LGBTQTIEMYSHOE ideas into his characters.

XKCD is a 1/10. SMBC is like, a 2.

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Which is still probably a waste of time, but some people are optimists.

There are no heroes left in Man

>> No.41690600

See >>41684192

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That's exactly my point, people who use that image think it's a conversation ender when it's just shit

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>> No.41690762


Or maybe you're just offended by the fact no one cares about your hipster opinion.

You fucking hipster.

>> No.41690841

And out comes the spite.

>> No.41691141


It's more derision really.

>> No.41691146

God damn that thread was a shit show.

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>> No.41691483


Anon. This is the same motorcycle with the same piano-sidecar being driven by the same dude wearing shades.

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The self-effacement emerges, to.

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Explain two cats to me please

>> No.41692092

ah i did some research.

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Well apparently I'm retarded. Completely misinterpreted what this >>41686826 guy meant.
/tg/ please accept my apology for my stupid comment.

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2 cats eventually becomes 4, becomes 8, becomes 1 million

>> No.41694982


>> No.41695005

Catsplosion. I think that is what he is referring to.

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>> No.41695585

Fo' sho'.

>> No.41695774

>When combat interrupts the ERP.png

>> No.41698458

Not sure if bait

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>> No.41699995

Now all it needs is a .50 cal

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Why isn't the file name for that HowdoIturnthison?

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