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There has been some awesome news lately, so time for a KD:M General

>Gencon 2015 demo with TechRaptor

>Gencon 2015 floor demo

>Interview with Adam Poots

>Tablet friendly Character Sheet, created by a KD:M Developer
This one is actually a prototype. Not supposed to have a public release yet. It doesn't work as well on PC because its meant for tablets, but you can increase/decrease your stats by clicking and dragging up or down on it.
Major News:
Shipping will happen in 3 waves.
Wave 1 is the promos and pinups, and will start shipping 2 days after gencon ends.
Wave 2 is the core game + Survivor pledge bonuses, and will be shipping once it gets through customs, probably late next month.
Wave 3 is the expansions and will ship once all the core games are sent out.

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I'm pumped! I can't afford the core game, but I've picked up a variety of models from kd + kd:monster.

>inb4 ded game

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>Wave 2 is the core game + Survivor pledge bonuses, and will be shipping once it gets through customs, probably late next month.
Fuck, I'm going on a four month long business trip in September and was hoping to take them with me.

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>been 3 years
>implying the game is actually on the way
>implying the next update wont just be "The boat sank"
>implying he wont try to 'make up the loss' with more preorders to scam more jewgolds

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>demo has unpainted miniatures

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Daily reminder that mentioning this means you're upset because you didn't get in on the great deal of $300 for a bunch of cardboard and wishes.

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Oh man, the guys in that second video are such authentic nerds- it's absolutely adorable.

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Another video. Beasts of War demo. Its more of the same, and they seem less interested than the Board Game Replay guys. Only real info from it is that the "Randomly select a hero" for ties in priority is ONLY a thing the demo guy is doing. Normally, there is a Monster Controller token that gets passed around, and whoever has it rolls the dice for the monster, and also gets to pick who it attacks in the case of priority ties.

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A-any still interested in doing an official /tg/ settlement online?

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yeah like everyone here.

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I bought a Butcher right when they released the model, but it's so nice it's still sitting in it's box cause I'm afraid my shit paint skills will ruin it. Anybody have one done up that I can take inspiration from? Or tips on how to make him look like the bad ass he is?

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Not really interested in the T&A models from the system, but do you think the hanging tree or what it was will ever come back/be regularly available?

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I'm really glad this game can be played single player, too. I have no friends.

I'm genuinely surprised at how soon shit is getting shipped out. I was expecting that I wouldn't get anything in the mail in regards to this til october.


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Would be totally up for it.

Anyone want to make a tabletop simulator mod for this? Or Vassal?

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Anyone else super hyped up to never get the stuff they paid for?

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I think all the expansions will be available later. That is, if they're able to actually sell core sets outside of pledges.

The 400 dollar base price is a really high bar of entry.

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>all this edge

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Consider the resin runs usually sell out in an hour or two, and those are 50-80 dollars for a single mini, im not to worried about sales. He also mentioned he is toying with the idea of releasing an alternate core set that is smaller but has different content, and can be used as an intro set or be integrated into the existing core set as an expansion.

As for the tree, its kinda ambiguous if it will be for sale later. It STARTED as a KS exclusive mini to take the place of one of the terrain tokens already in the game. Just eye candy, with a couple of promos thrown in as well.

HOWEVER it is now a full fledged expansion. So that might have changed.

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>"Man, three years and still nothing but empty promises?"
>"Q-quit being so edgy, anon!"

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Envy anon, envy.


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The game is literally being shipped tomorrow.

People have literally already played it.

Yeah, at this point, you are pretty much just trying to be edgy for the sake of it.

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promos=the full game
okay bro

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The game looks pretty cool. Any idea when it will be availible to nonbackers?

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There were two rounds of preorders already. Ship in October. So it will probably ship in rounds throughout the year. Who knows from then.

>implying that gencon demos, interviews, and all the other clear evidence is the biggest, most time and money wasting ruse ever.

If he wanted to run off with the money he could have a year or more ago. Not wait until now when all eyes are on him. He'd either be incredibly stupid, ballsy, and some sort of monster that feeds off of suffering.

See >>41665734

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But that's wrong. Most of them are from 20-25 dollars, maybe going onto 50 for the bigger ones.

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You're playing into a troll.

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New to board games (played 2-3 different games) and this seems pretty interesting. But being a Kickstarter game, this probably won't hit retail will it? Especially if you go by the pre-order price $400, which is ludicrous.

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I'm glad to see there is nothing to justify the game's expense even in it's more final forms.

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Kingdom Death (as a company) is at the upper end of the price range even by the miniature hobby standards. This game definitely wouldn't be for casual audience (and if I recall correctly from the gameplay testing, even the difficulty is pretty crazy high). It will find its audience but if you're new to the board games, it's probably not for you.
If you want something more afforable in similar vein - there's Descent 2 (classic fantasy), Super Dungeon Explore (anime-ish style) and the one from the world of WarhaHordes that I forgot the name of.

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>there is nothing to justify the game's expense
YMMV, Im most definitelly getting it (as soon as I secure monthly mortgage payments)

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The minis themselves are $250+. The Pheonix is $165USD MSRP, then add two dozen minis with optional gear. So subtract that from the game and the core is within premium game range.

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I figured that would've been the case. I am interested in the players vs a powerful AI-controlled monster thing though, so hopefully some other designer will pick up some bits of the system and release a similar more affordable board game.

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You could always play the game with different models once the rules have been converted into pdf format.

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Perhaps one day Poots would consider selling a version with no plastic where everything is tokens for like $100

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Poots has apparently mentioned making a set that's cheaper as >>41664824 mentioned.

Maybe that's your key in.

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>If he wanted to run off with the money he could have a year or more ago. Not wait until now when all eyes are on him. He'd either be incredibly stupid, ballsy, and some sort of monster that feeds off of suffering.
Why does he have to be a scammer? Why is it that when shit goes bad with a Kickstarter the backers always bend over backwards to try to prove the person isn't ripping them off, as if being almost comically incompetent magically lets him off the hook? This guy clearly has no idea what he was doing and asked for tens of thousands of dollars anyway. People have every right to be mad. You definitely shouldn't be giving him any more money if you actually want to play the game, since there's no way this guy is going to stay in business even if he's able to get the preorders out.

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Look for Wrath of Ashardalon. It does exactly that. Its nowhere NEAR as robust or flexible, but it is way cheaper.

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I'm going to buy both of the Apotheosis models just because of you anon. :^)

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Everyone who had ever backed a kickstarter knew exactly what would happen. Hell, he even mentioned MULTIPLE TIMES while the kickstarter was still going that the retail price was going to go up, and the game was going to be delayed, because of the stretch goals.

If you are cranky cause you were to busy looking at the tits to actually read his warnings, you deserve to have lost that money.

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I'm just going to use the rulebooks to play it with Bones minis.

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Looks pretty interesting, if my group ever gets bored of Descent 2nd edition I'll try and suggest it. Thanks!

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I can't tell if serious and very stupid, or a fanboy concern trolling.

He's only been in business for what, 8 years?

And told everyone that the overfunding and expansions would lead to great delay.

Yup, definitely going out of business..

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Where the heck is 'every thread' guy?
Oh well, no worries, I got your back.

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So with what little story info we have so far, what kind of settlements does everyone have in mind so far?

I know I'm going to try for a hippy-dippy one with maxed out Understanding for sure, and then try to make thematically appropriate ones when using the Sunstalker and Dragon expansions.

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Gotta go full cannibal warrior settlement.

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His deal was "every thread until the game comes out", he is free now. His work will be remembered.

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He got banned for posting porn in Weekend Smut Threads every single week. It wasn't just these threads.

Well, my survivors will be balanced and complement each other, but I'm definately going to go with pure efficiency for the settlement itself. It will be a well oiled machine. Cannibalism, put the dead to use.

Wish we knew some more principles that can be adopted.

Also, apparently TechRaptor is delaying their interview by 1 week, at Adams request, because it has some spoilers in it.

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Any KS game that has an organisation behind it tends to hit retail, or at least the creator's web store.

>> No.41672532

He did say 3-8 weeks from now, and that's just getting the core game out the door. Then it has to ship and go through customs.

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I want a bunch of Lantern Armor kits, because dat fuckhueg slab of metal called a sword.

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sort of on and off paying attention to this for a while and one thing i am sure is brought up alot is alternatives to gluing the pieces together, or will it be a non issue, will there be more than enough extras to not worry about running out, even in multiple campaigns?

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I put these pictures up in the gencon general thread, but for those that haven't seen it yet...

>> No.41673157

Some dude took pictures of the KD:M Booth at Gencon.


>> No.41673176

Think I also found some extra pictures that I haven't put up in the other thread.

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Derp. Guess I linked 'em for nothing if you're gonna repost.

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Haha, you had the brighter idea of just linking them. Oh well, I'll just finish what I started.

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the gencon promo cards if you demo'd or if you mentioned that you kickstarted the game.

>> No.41673472

Nope, not banned, just busy with work now.
Also, not me who posted porn in the threads.

I lost my Kingdom Death folder after having to wipe my computer of everything.
RIP in peace 4gigs of porn and OC images.

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and the gencon promo pinup sci-fi twilight knight. I think they said it will be available for sale later.

>> No.41673506

Forgot the pic.

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this game is just ecchi porn

>> No.41673566

Trolls, pls go.

>> No.41673604 [DELETED] 

care to defend the game using your words, anon?

>> No.41673646

Go, pls. The door is that way.

>> No.41673672

ok thanks for confirming that the only reason you play this game is that you've never actually interacted with a female

>> No.41673681

okay sure

yes, and?

>> No.41673705


You're not helping.

>> No.41673754

I dont get it, are you really denying that part of KD is about luscious well bodied women and perfectly fit master race of men?

>> No.41673760 [DELETED] 

>b-but theres monsters, too!
theres monsters in tentacle hentai. doesnt mean it isnt hentai

>> No.41673764

>That smexy harp

>> No.41673785

Don't engage the trolls.

>> No.41673874 [DELETED] 

>h-he's trolling so we dont have to defend our ecchi game!
damage control

>> No.41673905

>this game is just ecchi porn
>you've never actually interacted with a female
'Kay. Get back to your dōjinshi now, your waifu called.

>> No.41673917

So i have some questions that i am sure get asked in everythread, but seeing as there is no FAQ in the general ill ask anyway

>are the extra models that are now sold out just for painting or are part of the game? I assume the monster looking ones are monsters, but what of the humans?

>pinning/magnatizing the minis, is it possilbe? or will there be more than enough extra bits to not even worry about it?

>are the kickstarter bonuses only going out to backers or will they be sold later

>will stuff thats sold out be put back in production? i really want pic related

I wish i had the job i do now back when this was kickstarting

>> No.41673932

So what if it does have ecchi?

It has great-looking models, an interesting premise and I have enough spare cash to drop on it so I can play with my friends. What else is there to defend?

>> No.41673936 [DELETED] 

wow nice argument you sure proved me wrong!

>> No.41673954 [DELETED] 

have fun circlejerking with your friends to your chinamade models

>> No.41673980

I dont think anyone is in denial here, it is what is, awesome art, awesome models...Now fuck off :D

>> No.41674010 [DELETED] 

>awesome models
they're probably made of glass

>> No.41674015

Thanks, I will. You already said it better, so I'll just link to your post: >>41673936

>> No.41674020

Thanks for all the pictures anon, pretty good quality.

>> No.41674037

>someone got paid to draw this

>> No.41674053


So 'made in china' is an insult now...considering everything in your apartment/house/hole is chinese made that's hilarious...

>> No.41674062

What argument? What proof?
Is this game not-veiled soft pron? Yes it is.
Are the minis cheesecake? You can bet.
Is that wrong? Hell no.

I bought one mini from their store, I'm sure I ll bought more. Their line is the fav of my gf.
Didn't bought the game because reasons, but I come to check news often.

I think you are here just for trolling. >lelelelele

>> No.41674116

>are the extra models that are now sold out just for painting or are part of the game? I assume the monster looking ones are monsters, but what of the humans?
Some are just for painting mainly the pin up girls, theres a ton of expansion that are compatible with the game though.

>pinning/magnatizing the minis, is it possilbe? or will there be more than enough extra bits to not even worry about it?
I doubt you can use magnets because the limbs and all that are really small, especially the hands.

>will stuff thats sold out be put back in production? i really want pic related
probably, but not for a while since poots is a slowpoke.

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nothing i've ever bought from chinks overseas has been as expensive as this fucking game lol

>> No.41674172

>not recognising lokmanlam's style

>> No.41674183

I'm assuming you're talking about the stuff on the site?
Everything that doesn't say it has game content with it isn't a game piece.

It's really hard. There's a lot of extra bits, but don't assume you're going to get more than the advertized four models out of an armor kit.

I believe it was said that they *might* be sold at events.

That's the Flower Knight, he's an expansion, you can get him.
They occasionally do encores. Sign up for the newsletter.

>> No.41674270

>are the extra models that are now sold out just for painting or are part of the game? I assume the monster looking ones are monsters, but what of the humans?
Just for painting and collecting. The Xmas special and the Pinups do have game content though.
>pinning/magnatizing the minis, is it possilbe? or will there be more than enough extra bits to not even worry about it?
Maybe to both. Minis are a little bit bigger than GW humans, so I'm assuming if you have enough magnets you can do that. There are more weapons and such on the sprue than there are character models.
>are the kickstarter bonuses only going out to backers or will they be sold later
Pretty sure everything will be sold later. He did make it all out of HIPS anyway.
>will stuff thats sold out be put back in production? i really want pic related
He does encores occasionally, but they're random almost. Sign up for the mailing list on his website. That particular model has an expansion, so unless you just want the resin version you can get it soon.

>> No.41674279

Thank god I don't, that would imply I look at shit like that regularly.

>> No.41674449

>implying it's shit
Please post something good for your tastes.

>> No.41674462

you must have a shit TV and PC then...

>> No.41674464

why pay for these overpriced chinese models when you can just watch ecchi

>> No.41674496

not from china, dude

>> No.41674506

>watch ecchi
So, it's the same for you..?
I guess you have a lot of fun painting ecchi.

>> No.41674535

i dont paint shit like this

>> No.41674581

Confirmed for troll. The mini ìs are very well done with fine details and quality. But you chose to be an uptight asshole hunting for tits and flesh.

>> No.41674595

It's pretty shit. The dude needs some entry-level anatomy lessons in a bad way.

>> No.41674621

>well done with fine details and quality

>> No.41674686

Surprisingly they did a pretty good job on these. Looking at the Phoenix and such first hand I'd hazard they rival GW in quality, if not surpass it. As far as detail is concerned anyway.

>> No.41674750

I think hes more obsessed about China...

>> No.41674959

hey guys lets all be buds.

>> No.41674969

People get paid to draw a lot worse.

>> No.41675099

I dunno, it looks similar to the Dragon's Crown aesthetic (emphasizing the feminine aspects to the point of caricature), so I don't mind it that much.

>> No.41675382

how do these niggas not like cheesecake

>> No.41675415

>high price
>high difficulty
>high test
I am ready.

>> No.41675483

sun stalker male armor is definitely my favorite.

>> No.41675561

Jesus, my girl LOVES this game's aesthetics.
I don't have this game, not pledged, nothing. Spent around $400 between my and my gf.
What's wrong with the uber sexy chicks?

>> No.41675593

Lactose intolerant. Don't be angry with them. Pity them.

>> No.41677733


I have a couple of the prototypes from a Black Friday sale but haven't painted any. Not sure if I ever will due to them being less common..
(Totally not my fig)

>> No.41677739

Seriously every thread about KD several people will mention they like the concept but not the cheese cake on 4chan. Wtf I would think /tg/ would reveal their inner /d/eviant. But no ilunless there is someone posting lokmamlam's art all cheesecake posts seem negative.

>/tg/ is not /d/ light so it seems.

>> No.41677857


I'm not in it for the cheesecake but I don't mind it.

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>> No.41677998

>That lure
Oh yeah that'll fool them.

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>> No.41678035


If the figure comes with a pointing hand, I'm going to have to modify it out. Something about it looks silly to me.

>> No.41678040


>> No.41678059


>> No.41678077


>> No.41678080

The world is total darkness, and it mimics a lantern light in the distance. Once you get close enough to see its NOT a lantern, its too late to try running away from it.


yeah it kinda will fool them

>> No.41678095


>> No.41678107


>> No.41678142

Thanks for sharing all the painted mini pics! I haven't seen most of these before

>they weren't from gencon were they?

>> No.41678155


>> No.41678171

naw just a collection of pictures ive gathered over the past 2 years

>> No.41678189


>> No.41678637

>Scientist art

Amazed that dude is still alive.

>> No.41678784

Can I get a more detailed explanation of what KD is about? I've got the gist of it, but I'd like a bit more.

I may try to convince my FLGS to buy a set and have it as a feature of the store (Kingdom Death nights?), since it's so expensive. Some GMs to arbitrate, and factioned Settlements (two to start, more if it becomes popular), and basically an ongoing campaign for store regulars. Granted, this is just an idea scratched from the surface of what little I've been able to glean about KD from this thread and others, but does that sound interesting?

>> No.41679655

Both of the videos in the OP give you a good idea of the showdown phase- where the majority of the game's action will happen; the settlement phase is the least structured and amounts to deciding what stuff to craft with your resources and how to arm your survivors going out to hunt; and the Hung phase hasn't been demoed I don't think, but it's all about tracking down the selected prey and dealing with events along the way.

I would totally be down for that if it was an option at my LGS, even though I already pledged for my own copy, the only real problem I see with it is determining who decides how the parts for the survivors and put together and painted.

>> No.41679755


I'm going to be using little magnets
Dunno about the painting just yet, though.

>> No.41679825

GW is pretty much babbys first sculpting attempt compared with the final product of Kingdom Death.

>> No.41679877

>Kill me!

>> No.41680460

I wouldn't be surprised if GW outsourced some of their manufacturing to china.

It is worth noting that the price of doing business there is increasing as is the quality of goods. It's just the rate of knockoffs grows exponentially as well as a result so there's reason for the chinese quality stereotype to grow legs.

>> No.41680637

The manufacturing wouldn't be the problem when GWs master models are disproportionate to start with (like the IG, Spess Mahreens etc).
>It is worth noting that the price of doing business there is increasing as is the quality of goods.
Yes, that seems logical.
>It's just the rate of knockoffs grows exponentially as well as a result so there's reason for the chinese quality stereotype to grow legs.
I don't get this at all, because I assume you are talking about tiny plastic dudemens and... what? Did you have a... what? What? I just don't get that sentence.

>> No.41680668

Care to explain how this model will work ingame, or is this just eye candy?

>> No.41680718

>I assume you are talking about tiny plastic dudemens
He isn't he's talking in general.

>> No.41680724

I'm pretty sure that one's not in-game, though the infant version of it is a huntable monster- and comes with a variant starting for the settlement that involves the survivors worshipping/living with one (or more?) in the expansion.

>> No.41680730

That's the resin baby sunstalker that's not part of the game. Pic related is the adult sunstalker in resin, which has been turned into plastic and will be a game expansion. It will either work as just another monster to hunt, or it can be used as an alternative starting point, with your survivors worshipping it like a sun god.

>> No.41680748

No, the one you are talking about is the infant version. The adult sunstalker like so
is a huntable expansion monster.

>> No.41680852

So I'm intrigued by this game, what is this game about (I know that it is a horror board game, and it did well in its kickstart, and it is supper expensive to buy.)

>> No.41680933

It's a coop game vs the monsters, and can be played with 1-6 players. You have to kill monsters (which are lethal) to gain resources (furs, bones, organs, etc) and use those resources to build your settlement and to craft gear, like Monster Hunter. The game is diveded in three phases. Settlement phase (build new settlement locations, craft gear, innovate, decide on which monster to hunt, and so on), Hunt phase (tracking down the monster, and special events often occur that the hunting survivors have to deal with), and the Showdown phase (trying to kill the monster they have tracked).

>> No.41681256

I'm sure people will run games on /tg/.

I'm getting it and I certainly will, may not scan my precious rulebook...but I can probably do cards and stuff.

>> No.41681315

So hiw much will it be at launch? Because the monster box is about 250 dollars, I can't imagine it will be any more expensive than that?

>> No.41681340

It's $400 if you didn't preorder it during the convention last weekend, then it was $275. If you backed it during the KS it was $100.

>> No.41681396

>400 us dollars
so the next question is does it have the cure for cancer with in it, because for a board game, that is insanely expensive.

>> No.41681414

It'll probably be $400+. I say plus because I think the Pledge Starter comes with extra shit? I know it comes with at least 2 bonus minis and all the armour/weapon kits, so.

As a side nots I predicted $250 myself.
I'm not a USA resident and the shipping+duty will easily be another $100+. Note that shipping it to a USA address was actually more expensive than direct postage for me so that's also worth factoring in.

>> No.41681450

Yeah its pretty insane, that's why like others have said in the thread Poots might make a lighter version of the game, but that probably wont be out for another 2 years since Poots time.

>> No.41681451

It's not just cardboard and cardboard tokens though, it's 17 sprues of minifigs, including a monster that has a 100 mm base (I think it was), plus a 200+ page rulebook with half of it being full color pages.

But yeah, it's not in the price range of your casual gamer. I wouldn't have backed it if I had to dish out $400.

>> No.41681458

It's one of those things where if you can afford luxury items that you really enjoy, you buy it. Otherwise you don't, and kinda have to look for someone who did or go online.

I mean, the Forgeworld Warlord Titan is almost $5k of resin but they have trouble meeting the demand for it.

>> No.41681472

>but they have trouble meeting the demand for it.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but holy shit.

>> No.41681515

Wait, my bad, only 2k. But the point remains.

>> No.41681523

It's summer and teenagers know everything

>> No.41681551

To give you an idea of how titanic this game is it weighs almost 8 kg and comes in a 2' x 1' x 4.5" box.

>> No.41681663

I picked up a storm knight, and got it in my head that I should paint it. Now I am left with the realization that I may have left myself with a daunting task.

The armor isn't too bad, nor is the lightning. However, I need to think of a way to blend the cloud cape to look like storm clouds with a purple tint (lightning is going to end up a whitish color with a purple hue to it, sort of like when lightning occurs around lots of water vapor). So now it gets to sit on my to-do section until I figure out how the fuck to come up with a way to make it look good.

Would any of you happen to have suggestions on how to get such a look? I'm nowhere near the level of the pics above, but I want it to do my best to do the model some justice.

>> No.41681739


Go to an art store and pick up some oil-acrylic hybrid paints. They blend as well as oils but clean up like acrylics. If you're unsure about it, just buy a tube of a color you might use often for something like detailing. Burnt umber or black comes to mind for weathering and panel lining. You can mess around with it some and see how you like it.

>> No.41681882

Mix together the gameplay of Xcom and Monster Hunter. Set it in the universe of the manga Berserk.

Thats what Kingdom Death is.

>> No.41681911

I backed it and did dish out $400.
I got all the expansions and it will be glorious.

>> No.41681923

I backed $670 in total, but I was saying that I wouldn't have backed the core game if it was $400 for just that.

>> No.41681940

I just checked my email and they put the Pinup Sci-fi Twilight Knight up for sale on their store with the 2 promo cards from gencon too, just bought mine.

>> No.41681948

>not dishing out the extra 200 bucks for all the promos as well

Also the gencon exclusive pinup mini got added to the webstore, and has BOTH of the gencon promo lanterns with it.

The mini itself is not usable ingame, while the lanterns are.


>> No.41681966

Sorry, I'm not interested in the pin-ups. Except for Candy.

>> No.41681967


>> No.41681977

He's talking about the promos, not the pinups, like pic related.

>> No.41681979

>> No.41682003

Yeah, the Messangersm and the Crossover minis. All of which have gear and One Shot Scenarios.

The oneshots are going to be really good for weeks when the whole group can't meet up, so we can just try to knock one of those out that week instead.

>> No.41682015

>> No.41682018


>> No.41682062

Thanks for the suggestion. I have some old minis I can practice on until I feel good about the work.

>> No.41682135

I haven't followed KD for ages so forgive me if this is obvious.

But where can you get your hands on the models?

The site seems to be permanently out of stock.

>> No.41682137

What models are you looking for?

>> No.41682150

Whatever model this was.

I want abit of chubby in my Slaanesh army and this fits the bill perfectly.

>> No.41682169

Why the fuck are all the good figures sold out
I love this artificial scarcity meme

>> No.41682183

That must be a kitbash with some Kingdom Death bits, because there is not a single KD model looking like that. However, buy pretty much any KD pinup model and you have a good base for the body. The closest I can think of that is currently available on their store is one of the pinups in the Pinups of Death collection. Check it out, or sign up for the newsletter and cross your fingers for encore run.
Because curvy ladies are popular minifigs to paint. Sign up to the newsletter and hope for encore runs.

>> No.41682186

That would be a White Speaker. Pretty amazing conversion honestly. I didn't even recognize it at first.

You dont know how resin pouring works, do you? The molds break down extremely quickly.Their plastic stuff usually stays up for quite some time.

>> No.41682232

That is a conversion of one of the white speaker models.

>> No.41682256

This one to be specific.

>> No.41682352

This one got the thickness, but perhaps not the attitude you want.

>> No.41682651

Any chance there will be another run of the models? I was considering grabbing the thief when it came up for encore. Decided against it and I saw someone saying they got theirs in the WIP thread and I instantly regretted it. There's a lot of other cool models from the line that I never got and want to grab if I can.

>> No.41682712

Sign up for the newsletter and cross your fingers, it's the only thing you can hope for. Maaaybe they will ramp up resin production once KD with all the expansions is finally shipped out?

>> No.41682722

Thought it was something like that, damn. Guess I'll do that and keep an eye out on ebay.

>> No.41682736

I have a client at work with proportions damn near as humanly possible close to that, hips/thighs/ass ratio forged by the hand of god. She has a thing for skirts+tights and perfectly fitted jeans, fucking exercise in not spilling spaghetti that was, and she knows it for damn sure. It transcends mere lust, I marvel at what a cosmic masterpiece she represents.

>> No.41682752

So uh..

does this game have like

a plot?

I'd love to actually hear about the lore, and the game itself.

>> No.41682757

I'm sorry, I have to get a little /b/ here and say this: take creep pics and post it in a creep thread on /b/ and link it here ASAP

>> No.41682774

>a plot?
Supposedly yes
>I'd love to actually hear about the lore
As would everyone else in this thread, but the creator, Poots, is tightlipped and doesn't want to reveal spoilers.
>and the game itself.

>> No.41682841

(stomping of a dozen metal boots running)
- Quick! It's the both elusive and omnipresent /b/! Don't let him get away this time!

>> No.41682848

You wake up with ink caked over your eyes in a night(mare) world where the ground is covered in stone faces. The only light source is a lantern next to you. You have no memory, language or anything. You are an adult human with only instinct to guide you.

You find other survivors and team up to survive. Eventually you start a settlement, bone, make more survivors and start hunting monsters for resources. Eventually expanding your group into a thriving community. If you don't die horribly along the way.

Each expansion is another set of encounters or gives you alternate starting situations. Like being a citizen in the Dragon Kingdom instead of waking up dumb.

>> No.41682855

What's the deal with the lanterns?

>> No.41682861

IIRC they hold your soul

>> No.41683076


>The manufacturing wouldn't be the problem when GWs master models are disproportionate to start with (like the IG, Spess Mahreens etc).

Which is an aesthetic choice for gameplay purposes, though I wouldn't be surprised if now it also isn't being to help make painting easier. It's not that smart to have an aspect of the whole which you heavily promote be a pain in the ass to deal with.

>> No.41683210


Something you can try with it is take a small bit and put it on a palette, then thin it out a little (they tend to come in tubes and are a bit thick) before applying for edging. From there, you can clean the brush off a bit (doesn't have to be thorough), wet it, then tease/drag the edge of the line work to a fade.
The pic shows the effect using burnt umber on the edges of the brass in the upper torso

>> No.41683299


Yeah I thought so, can they still be bought? Like I said It seems the site is always out of stock.

>> No.41683301


Just wondering: what field do you work in?

>> No.41683329

>> No.41683332

>> No.41683434

The model with the thickness ( >>41682352 ) is in the Pinups of Death collection that's a general release.

>> No.41683681

All the classes will get a release WAY WAY down the road, like 5-10 years.

Kingdom Death Monster is a prequel to let players experience the history of the game he wants to eventually make, Kingdom Death Heroes, which is more of an RPG/dungeon crawler, like Descent.

>> No.41683735

>which is more of an RPG/dungeon crawler, like Descent.
Last time I heard he didn't have a final plan, but that RPG/dungeon crawler might be an option among several.

>> No.41683756

>Alice Cooper - Only women bleed.mp3

>> No.41683795

There is a god known as the Golden Entity, who is so fucking vain that he created thousands of monsters to just perpetually worship him. But that wasn't enough, as he couldn't shape the world exactly how he wanted, so he created a new species, Humans, and the Wet Nurse to take care of them. The Wet Nurse nurtures young humans, but also erases any free will they have and they become an extension of the Golden Entity. Humans in KDM are a fucking terrifying hivemind wearing human skin, and thats about it. Pic related is the King of Humanity.

There is another human known as The Scribe, who has a book that anything he writes in it becomes reality. It is very possible this is The Golden Entity itself, but we dont know for sure.

The survivors wake up as fully grown adults with no memories, and their eyes caked in ink. Speculation is that this is because they were literally just created seconds ago by The Scribe. They are presumably created to just be food for a nearby White Lion, which attacks you. The survivors manage to grab chunks of rock, and somehow defeat the lion, leaving them alive as the first humans to ever have free will AND complete freedom. Other humans with free will do exist, but are usually just subjects given to very powerful monsters (like the Sunstalker Tribe or the Dragon Tribe)

And thats where the game starts.

The final boss of the base game is the Watcher, which is presumably just a monster that wanders around, fixing mistakes like humans who have free will. Kill it to win. The Lantern Festival expansion extends the campaign, making the Watcher the halfway point of the campaign. After you kill him, the human hivemind notices your presence. That expansion adds normal humans, the King, and the Scribe as new bosses.

>> No.41683829

Not quite. Soul's arent really a thing. Humans aren't special snowflakes. They are just a species of monster created with the intent of being a good food source, while being extremely productive in large groups. They have nothing unique about them to make them better than any other species in the setting. Especially since most, if not all of the monsters have human level intelligence.

However, this is a world of total darkness with no sun (it USED to have a sun. Turns out that was just a monster who fell asleep in the sky for a century or two. Then it left.) Humans don't have night vision, so having a lantern to see things is extremely important. Not having a lantern is guaranteed death. So if you lose your lantern, you might as well have just lost your soul, which is where the idea that they WERE your soul came from.

but if you are in a settlement? Fuck it, you can just grab another from the pile.

>> No.41683971

Wait, so the god makes humans with free will but they are all raised by the "wet nurse" that takes away the free will?

Why give them said will in the first place?

Or is it corrupting exsisting humans? in which case my corruption funny bone has been tingled.

>> No.41683992

Whats your favorite monster /tg/, I fell in love with the Lion God as soon as I saw it

not him but, I guess some humans are just created out in the dark just to be hunted by the larger monsters for food

>> No.41684014

I would say the Dragon King. I actually had a 'Wow!' moment when I saw the final plastic product, because damn.

>> No.41684023

Btw this is the wet nurse.

>> No.41684024

Slaanesh guy again. There's some real goldies in here, that mage

Just screams to me.

Again, pardon the repeat question but how do you get your hands on these? Please don't tell me they only did limited runs.

>> No.41684035

Humans with free will are toys for the monsters to play with. Humans without free will are extensions of the Golden Entity's will.

>> No.41684037

It literally says 'Limited Run Collectors Edition'

I'm sorry

>> No.41684062

That one had a limited run a month or so ago, it sold out in a few hours. Limited in that it got an individual number stamped on a card. The good news is that it will probably get an encore run in the future BUT! You gotta sign up for the newsletter and hope like hell you live in the right time zone, because attractive pinup models sell like nothing else.
Plenty of models had limited run collectors edition and later had an encore run.

>> No.41684070


>> No.41684081

I noticed that right after posting sadly.

Is it like that for all their models?

Because then I'm going to give it a pass, no way I'm going on ebay for a neat model for conversion when speculative wankers who bought 5 and sell them for 5 times the buying price on a inspiratinal wimp.

Love that model, it's just the kind of mind fuck I'd love out of an army, sadly I should probably not since I've already had my army called sexist for using the old daemonette models... Somehow.

>> No.41684082


They might eventually do more runs, I think.You can occasionally find a figure on ebay in the neighborhood of 20, 25 bucks.

>> No.41684090

That was before the kickstarter, where that was pretty unusual.

Now, you are lucky if a limited run lasts long enough to actually get the newsletter email before they are sold out.

They literally go THAT fast.

>> No.41684095


>> No.41684118

No, they also have General Releases, which the preorder for the game is. As is the Pinups of Deeath, a bundle of 8 of the pinups.
Though they are almost out of stock at the moment. http://shop.kingdomdeath.com/collections/in-stock/products/pinups-of-death

It will be refilled soon though, since its general release, and the plastic molds are far more reusable than the resin ones.

>> No.41684129

Read all the replies you get. Here's a copy paste:

That one had a limited run a month or so ago, it sold out in a few hours. Limited in that it got an individual number stamped on a card. The good news is that it will probably get an encore run in the future BUT! You gotta sign up for the newsletter and hope like hell you live in the right time zone, because attractive pinup models sell like nothing else

>> No.41684131

Gotta go with the mother of monsters man.

>> No.41684149 [SPOILER] 

Dont forget, they actually made a PINUP of that model.

Not for those with weak stomachs.

>> No.41684252


That's kind of a buzz kill, not going to lie.

I'm no big fan of GW but I will get them that atleast availability isn't a factor when buying from them.

I realize they keep the models exlusive, but they gotta miss out on so many inpulse buyers, it's like the raging heroes Kickstarter models all over again.

>they also have General Releases.

Glad to hear it, but hopefully some of the sold out ones aswell, because I'm sorely not tempted to buy what they have on the site when I can flick over and see all the good minis they have that I can't buy.

If the company wont sell me their product I'll have to look elsewhere, it's as simple as that.

>> No.41684275

>That's kind of a buzz kill, not going to lie.
Do you understand the concept of encore runs at all?

Also, it's a very small company that has made a living selling resin minis, and resin molds have a very short life span and the manufacturing process is expensive. KD doesn't even come close to having the same capital as GW does.

>> No.41684318

That second video is really good. It appears to be a blind run of people with no experience, and were non-backers. And even then they were saying that even though the game was outside what they planned to spend at gencon, it was good enough that they will pool their money to buy it, cause it was worth the price.

Coming from someone who only heard about it a few hours prior, that is a HUGE amount of praise. Makes me very excited to get it. I never had any buyers remorse, but I could not hope it would be as good as it seems to be turning out.

>> No.41684345

Wait so am I too late to get the Survivor package? I want to pick that up and an expansion or two.

>> No.41684370

nigga the kickstarter ended in 2013

>> No.41684371

>Do you understand the concept of encore runs at all?

No need to get aggressive, but no I haven't encountered it before, I'm going to asume it's a fancy term for reprints at some point in the future, and again that sort of vague definition is kill for inpulse buyers.

>Also, it's a very small company that has made a living selling resin minis, and resin molds have a very short life span and the manufacturing process is expensive. KD doesn't even come close to having the same capital as GW does.

Neither does Infinity, Raging heroes or Dropzone.

I'm not trying to fault the company, but if they won't sell me the mini I can't very well buy it from them and so on.

If you are just a collector, I can see why this model might work. But they'll miss out on the wargaming market which let's be honest buys a large chunk of the minis moved.

Again, lack of availability is what kills games like inifinty, atleast around these parts.

>> No.41684381

Yes. You can order the core game still, but it costs as much as survivor did. Still a pretty good deal, 41 minis plus 150 bits for customization, and its currently $275. Even without the game components, thats a pretty reasonable minis price. Will go up to $400 soon though.

Expansions are not currently for sale.

>> No.41684383

You are about two years late for the kickstarter.

>> No.41684395

King, no doubt. I don't enjoy the most of other KD shit very much, but the moment I saw King - I just fell in love with it.

It's the creative design, my beloved archetype of inhuman humans and the theme of manifestation of collective power that always finds a strong resonance in me that all together deliver for real.

>> No.41684417

I honestly love every mini this company makes, except for the White Lion.

The lion looks so fucking derpy.

>> No.41684419

>wargaming market
You are in the completely wrong thread.
>buys a large chunk of the minis moved.
You got any source on that?
>Again, lack of availability is what kills games like inifinty
Kingdom Death has been around for 8 years, and it's only this fall it will be available as a game. They are and will be fine.

>> No.41684436

Well, fuck. Looks like I need to pay more attention to shit happening on /tg/.

I'm still probably going to pick up the core game, thanks anons.

>> No.41684444

Descent and SDE sell just fine. Miniatures aren't ruled by the wargaming community as much as you think. Board games have a huge market share as well.

>> No.41684461

So far KD has dealt exclusively in limited resin runs as a boutique miniature collector. After the kickstarter ships the store will have all the HIPS sprues available for sale, plus the core and expansions.

As for selling to wargamers, Poots could not give a fuck. If they do buy, great. If they don't, he's still selling out within 24 hours.

>> No.41684481

I think some of that has to do with the lion having no fur on most of it's body. It's more or less a man in the shape of a lion.

>> No.41684500

actually, I'm really happy with the body. Its just the face that is so fucking derpy. He looks like he has downs.

>> No.41684512

He does. That's part of the horror.

>> No.41684537

Again I'm not being down on KD, I really like their product, but I litually can't give the guy my money if he isn't selling the model.
I'll have to get the cheap China recast instead and I'd very much prefer the creators got that money instead.

>> No.41684573

Then sign up for the god damn newsletter and be patient like the rest of us that have two braincells to rub together.

>> No.41684699

Which models are you wanting specifically? Most of the high-demand Pinups are in the Pinups of Death set which you can get right now.

>> No.41684708

>Shut up and get in line and you might be graced with the chance to spent your money, nerd!

Boy, you got no skin if you get prodded that easily.


Glad to hear it, I want it to do well, these models are fantastic and I hope one day they'll be avaible to a larger crowd because they deserve recognition for a great product.

>> No.41684733

Well the mage for starters, but I get the feeling that was a recent one.

These >>41682256

Would be nice aswell.

I take it they aren't all included but one or two would probably be worth another look.

>> No.41684738

KDM fans tend to have pretty thin skin. We have spent the past 2 years getting stereotyped as basement dwelling creeps, by people that society typically stereotypes as basement dwelling creeps.

the salt is real

>> No.41684754

The second one you linked, with the scythe thing, is included in the Pinups of Death. Its a partially assembled version of pic related

>> No.41684774

Because you are being a fucking idiot. And I already told you twice that this model
is available on the store. So once again, you are a fucking idiot.

>> No.41684796

Can see why, the helm isn't the greatest to be honest.

Any chance the white seer or what it was called is up in some form?

>> No.41684801

stop being so rude

>> No.41684812

Then stop being fucking retarded and listen and try to understand what people are trying to tell you.

>> No.41684843

No kidding, I hate to say it but I've seen less autism in AoS general and that's no small feat.

I realize there's some kickstarter nerves or something, but I honestly don't give a toss, I just want a cool model and is bumbed that the company won't/cant sell it. I don't get how questioning that practice in a calm manner can get that much spit flung at a screen.

>> No.41684856

Not the same guy, everyone thinks you are being a fucking spastic.

>> No.41684867

As others have said the White Speaker is already included in the PoD box. I can remember which version- there's been the generic White Speaker, and also White Speaker Nico. I can't remember which is which ATM though. And the Mage is a really recent one, but I would expect an encore eventually. If it helps he usually puts new releases up between the 20th and 30th of a month, at around 2am.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did a 2nd PoD box with the other Pinups.

>> No.41684900

Afraid it's not the one I was looking for but thanks anyway.

I'm guessing they don't sell the models individueally after the first run? 25 bucks for a 28mm model I can live with but it would be nice not having to buy a whole host for that one you were after.

Again, wish thinking here.

>> No.41684903

I get frustrated because the retard gets answers to his questions several times, he complains that KD doesn't have models available like GW does but get a polite explanation why that isn't so, and he -still- complains like he didn't understand a word that was written to him. He's like a 4 year old kid you sit down with and explain to him why things are what they are, but then he completely ignores it because he doesn't possess the mental faculties to process the information. Only that he is an adult.

>> No.41684909

Its the pinup white speaker. Pic related.

The joke being that the Pinup White Speaker is exactly the same as the normal one in a different pose, but its art has cleaner clothes.

>> No.41684927

He understands just fucking fine dumbass. His complaint is that he cant throw money at Poots. He understands just fine why he cant.

Try taking your own advice and actually reading his posts, idiot.

>> No.41684987

Oh yeah, they sell resin versions over and over. I think the Twilight Knight pinup has had about 3 encores at least.

It will eventually be rereleased in resin, but I can understand being frustrated not being about to get it now without going the china route, or scalper prices on eBay.

I'm still waiting on a Forge God rerun myself. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

>> No.41685221

Sir, today we're going to look at a few of our models and remaster some.

Excellent, which is up first?

The White Speaker, sir. We plan on altering the pose a little to make it a little less of balance and improve a bit of the anatomy

Hmmm sounds good. Also make the hips wider

But... sir, we've already made the hips very wide


Sir, hips that wide could cause an instability in-


But sir, I don't understand that ref-

Just make that ass fat or you're fired.

>> No.41685305

That's something I guess. Still, can't really get hyped over a hypothetical 3-5 hour window to buy. And I get the feeling from your post, that it isn't going to be anywhere in near future either.

I really want to buy into it but it's a hobby afterall, I'd like to spent time and money building, painting converting and playing with it rather then just be waiting.


I really hope this dumpster baby level of autism dosen't represent the wide breadth of the KD community.

>I get frustrated

Grow up.

>> No.41685600

Cosmo ain't got nothing on my selection.

I really like them thick.

>> No.41685790

KD releases are really just more of a side project(until my Monster comes in), so I just get up to go to work, check my email, buy anything that tickles my fantasy, and then go on with my day.

As a boutique manufacturer, you can't really expect him to constantly have everything in stock. When he gets Monster and the expansions, I would expect those to be stocked, and restock fairly quickly when they release though. Being HIPS means they'll be easier to get more runs out of than the resins.

He has a lot of demand, but then again some of his stuff misses. The Apotheosis models have been out for months and still are on their first run. Nobody must like fit girls.

>> No.41685837

Perhaps we should mention it to /fit/

>> No.41686092 [SPOILER] 

Now I know the color scheme for my white Lion!

>> No.41686229

So up for it you have no fucking idea.

>> No.41686332

I saw it as the god entity not having compleye omnipotence, so it can create humans, but for whatever reason it only can make them in a way that grants free will. So it needs a third party made that can strip them of it.

>> No.41686383


Got the silver package while I was deployed. Am so psyched.


>> No.41686400

I don't know of this has been corroborated or straight-up disproven, but it seems like the Golden Entity is the one making baby humans (to be raises by the Wet Nurses and become members of his society); and The Scribe is making the adults (for reasons unclear).

>> No.41686750


There's a shit ton of cards too, though.

>> No.41686819


SJW beta-male detected

>> No.41686875

>want me a couple of girls from the pinup collection
>can't be bothered to order myself, there is a ton of pain with paypal and credit cards in my country.
>show KD to buddies
>2 already made orders, 4 more are on newsletter
>mfw they agree to give me exactly the minis I want basically for pocket change

And I don't even like KD that much!

>> No.41686884

Yeah, tbh the models could just be tokens really. The real meat of the game are the cards and rulebook.

>> No.41687242

I fully plan on scanning the cards when I get my set to try and make a tabletop simulator mod.

>> No.41687298

All 600+ of varying sizes? You have far more patience than I do.

>> No.41687328

I think someone is actually already doing it

>> No.41687351

I tried to talk with poots during the KS for buying all minus the minis. I dont have patience to assemble all that shit.
Hopefully it will be a good game, I´m counting on it.

>> No.41687365

Stay out of my territory.

Would you be willing to scan and upload the rulebook instead?

>> No.41687399

Are you trying to give me a hard-on, anon?

>> No.41687443

>tfw will never get to play this because my group would just think i've gone full Magical Realm

>> No.41687450


I find it poorly made to put all the card descriptions (events and some skills) in the rulebook. The manual will be used 100% of the time :/ (and you know what it means... It will worn out fast)

>> No.41687480

It's not like you would get a chance to get the models in the first place.

>> No.41687507

They actually seem to be going the MtG approach for keywords and terminology. Low level cards or stuff with only 1 keyword have the common effects spelt out, while high level stuff has it condensed just to the keyword.

The events wouldn't really fit anywhere else honestly. They definitely make full use of the pages they are on.

>> No.41687528

I caught a 14 day ban on /tg/ back in 2012 for posting this exact picture of the wet nurse.

I'm still fucking mad.

>> No.41687595

Enough anons seem interested in an online campaign to make divvying up the scanning tasks an option, especially when it comes to the cards.

>> No.41687621

I suppose that's true. More power to you. I'll just be playing alone myself, and hopefully a campaign with friends on weekends.

>> No.41687625

Pretty easy to get out of bans anon

>> No.41687729

Listen to >>41687365

work together and you guys will make a good virtual tt.

>> No.41687823

The Fuck are you talking about? If you have the game then why would you not have the models that come with it?

>> No.41687828

China has some very high quality production if you know who to ask and are willing to pay for it. They are just best known for shitty mass production.

>> No.41687894

I think that anon meant that you wouldn't be able to get any of the Magical Realm pinup releases, because they sell out within hours of being put in the shop, before the newsletter about their release even goes out.

>> No.41687983

I think I'd have to debind the rule book... I don't think I'd be willing to do that, unfortunately.

How about I take care of the tokens and boards, you can take care of the cards?

Got some contact info I can take from you?

Mine is [email protected]

I actually don't have the client yet but I'm planning on getting my own copy soon in order to scan in my set of Barbarossa and Slime Adventure cards.

>> No.41688097

Making a network of settlements would be awesome.

Also, where do the great hunters figure into things if humanity is a hive mind?

>> No.41688121

I was under the impression that they were just a different settlement that was somehow allowed to become more advanced than the others or something. That or there are multiple factions of monsters.

I mean there's also the white speakers, too. How do they fit in?

>> No.41688192


IMHO: Great hunters could have a little free mind, and the white speakers, as the twilight knights are free willed people

>> No.41688256

The White Speakers are a coven of witches who's blood magic is passed down through oral tradition. They're a true-naming kind of magic too, so stories are powerful in and of themselves.

There's also the Twilight Knights, who are a knightly order each bound to an eldritch artifact weapon. They have partners with ancient tomes that seal and take care of the weapons. They all tend to go crazy at some point.

>> No.41688318

Also butchers.

>> No.41688359

Forsakers. Forsakers are basically the berserker class, that works by surrendering yourself to rage and destroying everything in your path. If they go too far, they can lose themselves, and basically become a rage spirit possessing their old armor. THAT'S what a Butcher is.

>> No.41688437

Right, looking at the lore on the store pieces;

The Twilight Knights brainwash initiates into monster killing machines and give them sentient swords and cloaks. Their Archivist buddies help keep them under control. The brainwashing can be broken or the knights can just straight up go insane.

Forsakers are human berserkers, they go insane and gain horrifying power.

Butchers are particularly old Forsakers. Hardly human, the armor and flesh carries on the will of mindless destruction.

>> No.41688914

also known as human hands everywhere the game

>> No.41688977

>also known as lanters everywhere the game

>> No.41688995


>> No.41689035 [SPOILER] 

We actually finally have a lore reason as to why, thanks to the gencon display.

I can't believe people are still using my shitty edit. I wish I spent more than half a minute making it.

>> No.41689051

Hands inside Phoenix ass. o.O

>> No.41689100

Oh jesus. That actually does explain it. But what the fuck why is that even a thing?

>> No.41689124

There's actually an attack where if you're standing back there the hands reach out and pull you in. Fucking hilarious.

>> No.41689195


Literally Asshole Attack...

>> No.41689315

If any of you are crazy enough you can get a good scan without debinding a book http://www.diybookscanner.org

>> No.41689394

Link to new thread >>41689335

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