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Stories from gencon. Am too tired to post, will check back.in 10.

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Got to demo x-com game with autism incarnate who asked questions constantly just so that when answered he could elaborate on how much he knows about the x-com univers, mechanics, etc
aside from that had a generally good time

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How was the Games Workshop booth?

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>was the Games Workshop booth?
"US Customs turned back all of the Games Workshop folks. Someone mentioned 'working a convention' and they didn't have work visas"

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I was in the costume parade on Saturday behind a huge group of homestucks(Grey body paint and all) and holy shit they were bad.

I thought people were exaggerating how horrible they were

They literally slow marched down the center of the parade, holding their middle fingers in the air, reciting shit I assume was from the comic, and yelling obscenities.

Fuck big groups of them. I saw that group all con and they were almost never not being a nuisance

Picture unrelated, random one from my gencon folder.

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I didn't see it. FW was there though. And some of those guys were GW staff

You just get home, OP?

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Homestucks? This I didn't see, but maybe because I stayed at my hotel on Saturday. What are they from, that they're so awful?

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It was tiny and pathetic. I believe it was the smallest booth size offered. No demos. It was all Age of Sigmar stuff being pushed. One gw rep there wearing a very nerdy driving cap.

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Had Dungeon Saga demoed and unboxed by Mantic Boss Ronnie Renton was very cool. Just me and two other random gamers. Ronnie was very energetic and friendly. Great experience.

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Minor thing but I want to see this thread grow fat with good stories.

I'm a backer on a few kickstarters, and it kind of sorta irks me to see games I backed for sale at gencon before I receive them. I mean, I'm happy that baby beastiary sold like hot cakes, but a part of me is sour because I supported it since its inception, and I'm not one of the first to get my hands on it. Oh well, shit story told, let's hear some good ones now.

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Did you or anyone in here happen to see the guy with an arrow throw his jeans leg, wearing a bowler and a sign saying "I used to be a cosplay like you, then I took an arrow in the knee"? He was my ride up there, and I wanted to smack him for that outfit.

Apparently everyone loved it, and only three people said shame on him for using that meme.

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I wasn't there sadly, blew my vacation time at quakecon. That's why I want to hear what teegee has to say about gencon.

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I getcha. Well it was my first time there, mostly to see what it has to offer so I can prepare next year. I'll definitely say that it's something every fa/t g/uy needs to attend at least once.

I wouldn't bother with Privateer Press though, those guys are dicks. They'll give you a "come back to our store at this time" card, and if that's not a good time for you they'll give you a "that's not my problem" attitude.

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Home stuck is a webcomic that attracts a lot of socially dysfunctional people (more so than other webcomics). Home stuck has a reputation for having fans that are assholes at con's, being obnoxious and getting their badly applied body paint everywhere

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Damn. Looks like they don't even belong at Gen Con, being webcomic fans

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Homestuck fans you say?


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Gencon has everything man. Comics, traditional games, anime, movies, crafts, art, etc.

I was cosplaying all day Saturday and I saw more comic and anime characters then I did /tg/ relevant cosplay.

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Verify plz

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this is how the world ends isnt it.

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I'm sorry, but that's funny.

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I gotta admit, it kinda was. He was really smug and smarmy about it.

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Eventually they'll annoy the wrong group of drunken kilt wearing neckbeards and a brawl will break out.

I am waiting for that glorious day.

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I think I should be one of those drunken kilt wearing neckbeards on that day...

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I wonder if their behavior counts as "Fighting Words" under US law...

I also wonder what the author thinks of the fact his comic attracts assholes.

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What's the comic even about? A quick google to see what they were cosplaying as turned up a bunch of grey-skinned fags with horns.

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I heard two fedora wearing teenagers in the will call line talk about how "There's a lot of tits at this convention" and shit like that.

I had no idea these people were fucking real, /tg/

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I actually read Homestuck and it is impossible to summarize. It starts off with kids getting sucked into a game that is a cross between The Sims and Diablo, but then it gets way too confused to make sense without reading the 6+ years it's been running.

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If they weren't real feminists wouldn't make a stink about them.

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Anyone see any costumes that stood out?

I saw a really well done commisar and sister of battle couples cosplay. I wanted to get a picture of them with one of the fursuiters, but they were never any around when I saw them. Hmm.

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Then explain the Patriarchy

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The Patriarchy is just another name for the Jews. Ignore it.

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The Jews are just another name for capitalism. Ignore it.

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>never any around when I saw them
Hmmm I wonder why...

In one of the Sisters threads I've posted one of the SoB cosplayers. I met the one with the well done bolter and correct haircut, and all I had to say was "Ave Imperator, Sister." And she stopped for a pic. But dammit, my battery was too low to take a pic.

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Capitalism is just another name for the Jews. Habeeb it.

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capitalism is just something communists point at and declare evil.

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Communism is just something capitalists point at and declare evil.

Also that's kind of the point, anon.

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It was large, but much of the events sucked this time around.
GWS had only a 10x10 booth and no demos, with AoS boxes taking up much of the FW booth

Palladium's Robotech tactics was being sold at regular price, after the 30% off coupon. Wave 2 delayed until the end of the year or next year due to engineering problems.
Some store called Geek Chic was in the mall selling gaming tables, art prints for $500+, and a knight statue made of spoons for $30k.
Hall was hot since they didn't turn on the AC until Wednesday, and some of those setting up suffered heat exhaustion.
Lines went faster this year for prereg, and walk in was empty as usual.
Some new giant robot game with 12" figures. Mek Wars or something like that.
Comic/Live action movie featuring the Duke, who has hand made over 7 million metal historical figurines in his lifetime was great. Sadly, the movie is brought down a bit by the quality of the comic art, but you can feel what they're trying to do with it. It's going to be a web series called War Room.
Less vidya in the game roim this year, and no Konami.
No releae date for Battletech Alpha Strike box, but they had a few plastic minis on display.
Grimtooth's Traps released in a nice paperback book containing all the old books plus historical info.
Many of the pony cosplayers from last year repurposed and moved on to furry or anime cosplay. The fat dude in the spandex white ranger outfit was there again.
True Dungeon didn't have enough volunteers and had some other minor issues.
No event took place after 3 am this year except mtg shit.
Police called because homeless dude off his meds attacked a few cosplayers.
Mage Wars Academy was alright.

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>hundreds of women wearing the most God-awful uncomfortable things for one purpose: showcase their tits.
>people commenting on amount of titflesh being shoved in their faces.
>"I need feminism because..."

I can never tell if you guys are being max troll or autismal splerglords. Or both.

Never change, tg.

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Reddit go home.

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Max troll.

Unlike some other boards, /tg/ has a fairly even split between SJ-leaning anons and egalitarian?-leaning anons. People like to exploit the fuck out of this.

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No armada wave 2 :(
I was really expecting that.

Started out slow for me but I got into some games I'd been eyeballing. Nothing really new though.

I think I developed an allergy to alcohol though.

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>fairly even split
Are you kidding? SJW posting on 4chan is 100% shitposting, regardless of what side people pretend to support.
It's like no one remembers what SRS was.

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And there's some of the SJW crap going on at Gen Con too, though it's not as apparent.

Why can't people keep politics way the hell away from gaming?

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Demo'd a couple new flavors of Catan, Star Trek Five Year Mission (which I ended up buying), and the Top Gun card game prototype. Otherwise spent a lot of time playing Wings of War and Imperial Assault.

I was in costume each day and got a lot of positive response, though I was accosted several times by people who really felt like I needed to know about Jesus.

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What was your costume, might I ask?

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Because the products of culture (e.g. vidya and ttRPGs) change culture. So to change culture, you have to go to cultural products and change them, so changing culture- rather than, say, changing the things that actually create culture. Or even just accepting that maybe you as a person don't have a right to change how people think. Isn't it obvious?

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>mentions reactions from costume but doesn't post it or even mention what it is
Good job begging for replies. Here's your (you) faggot.

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Yeah, the hall was fucking terrible on Wednesday. We kept having to take breaks outside to cool off and wash away the sweat while setting up. It took way too long to get our 10x10 setup, I feel bad for the folks with bigger booths.
Sunday afternoon got bad too, but we were able to tear down and gtfo quickly.

Otherwise the show was great.

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I see your point there. But I still don't like it. Not at all. Some of us just want to have a decent time and not have to be bothered by political drama.

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>thinking video games and table top games influence culture instead of being a representation
>implying women never engaged in 'nerd' stuff as much as men because muh bois klewb
oh no its retarded

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Y-you get that I was being sarcastic, right? I mean, that *is* why people do it, but it's also retarded but I'm ever so slightly biased in saying that seeing as I'm a socialist, and this shit runs counter to the fundamentals of socialism.

That said, it's also because a lot of the people- especially girls- who get into nerdy shit are also into feminism shit (and no, I'm not equating feminism to SJWs, let's not start that flame war) because they're both "not mainstream" (despite this either rapidly shifting or already having shifted). So the kinds of girls who'd challenge gender assumptions by being nerds (or at least see it that way) are also going to be attracted to feminism.

Hey, you got there just before I did.

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So, about that true dungeon, and any larp stores you might have seen. I'd like to do a heavily themed shop that sells silly adventuring gear and similar things. Sort of like a high fantasy adventurers shop. People tell me these are a thing, but they can't give me a name and I can't find pics. Help?

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>tfw never been to Gen Con

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>Here's your (you) faggot.
What does that even mean?

Apologies, I'd rather not say with people like the above around.

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>bringing personal baggage into a public setting, then crying when someone asks about it

this fucking guy
go attention whore somewhere else

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I feel your pain brother. Wanted to go, but could not afford. Maybe next year......

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Wellll, I am people like the above so I believe I get the idea. Therefore, nevermind.

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Anyone went to Kingdom Death stand ? Was it cool any new fig' ?

>> No.41647777

Chill out man, I think you need a break for a bit. The entire purpose of this thread is talk about what we did at Gen Con, you're the only one making a big deal out of half a sentence.

If you want opinions on 5 Year Mission, Imperial Assault, or any of the other dozen new games that premiered, I'll happily chat with you.

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A tip for the both of you: $600 is the minimum amount of cash you should bring. This includes hotel costs, gas, and food. Go with 3 or 4 friends to reduce costs.

To be comfortable, I'd have 1500 to 2 grand in hand, which is my plan next year.

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Why do you need that much?

>> No.41647853

If I went to Gen Con, next year. How much money would you recommend that I bring?

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Haha, fuck off.

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Downtown hotels in Indy during con time are about 100-150 a night, figure you arrive the night before and leave the day after and that's 5 nights of stays for about 750. Food is also a bit spendy at the convention and all the trucks outside, so unless you go out of our way 10 bucks a meal twice a day knocks it up another 100 or so. Say you have badge and ticket costs of about 150 and that's an even thousand before any games you buy.

I wouldn't say you need 2 grand, but if you're really into buying things as soon as you can, it's not a bad idea.

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Oh shit! Sorry, I didn't see this was being answered.

>> No.41647941

>we can talk but only if you come crawling to me

You're still doing it.

>> No.41647959

fuck off attention whore
you're really shitposting now because you got butthurt?

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Just fuck already.

>> No.41647972

No, you're being a faggot.

He's also a massive faggot, sure, but it takes two to ruin a thread like you are.

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Anyone get a look at the Achtung Cthulhu stuff? Love that setting.

>> No.41648031

Different guy, bro.

I've never been to GenCon, but when I heard about it a few years ago, I promised myself that I would HAVE to go, eventually. As someone whose only hobby is tabletop gaming and role playing, I don't even know where I'd begin, there.

With so much going on, and so many options and things going on around you, how do you possibly decide where to go or what to do first?

>> No.41648064

The reason I suggest 2 grand is partially because of Albion Swords. They're fucking awesome and we'll made, and I would have bought one if I had only had $900 right there.

Cool stuff you want to buy will not be cheap.

>> No.41648095

Any announcements from FFG?

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My first time I went, I did so pretty much blind. I had no idea how cons worked in general or what to expect, but I paid the daily cost and just started wandering.

There's all kinds of events going on throughout the day and all comes down to what you're interested in. If you like playing a certain game, there's almost always games going on that you can be a part of like Flames or Battletech, and now even video games like LoL and Hearthstone. There's traveling bards/minstrels/bands in the halls if you ever just want to chill out and watch a wookie play a cello. There's even movies and series playing at the Westin if you want to just sit down and take a break from the crowds and noise. The dealer room is huge and filled with booths you could literally spend all hours of the day in just looking at stuff and demoing games.

If I had to give advice, spend a day just walking around and taking it all in, that will honestly give you the best idea on how you'll want to spend your time. Some people really like scheduling things out and buying tickets based on schedules down to the minute, others just like hanging out with friends and bouncing around.

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Good advice. I can back up all those price estimates.

One way we save money is to bring a FUCK load of snacks and beer with us. We've gotten lucky the last few years and had hotel rooms with fridges - but even without a cooler and a hotel ice machine will keep your beer cold JUST FINE.

>> No.41648347

Hah, funny you mention fridges, coolers, and ice machines... we brought a cooler that had been stuffed with WAY too much food by the guy who was gonna come but didnt. The La Quinta we stayed at promised us a fridge, but didn't have any more available when we got there. So we went to the ice machine, only to find the fucking thing barely worked.

We still got by though with the little ice it did give, and nothing went bad.

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Yeah, some of those hotels really push the line in what they actually offer. You'd probably be better off getting a flat rate motel 6, which you know will have a fridge and a microwave, and just bite the bullet with parking fees. The downside is that you can't just walk up to your room and collapse after a long day of gaming and buying.

>> No.41648452

Wouldn't a hotel suite have a fridge? I'm leery of motel 6s, as they tend to be rather... unsanitary

>> No.41648728

>bite the bullet with parking fees.
Had to do it this year. Never again. Being the only one of my group with a working car made me the driver, and I always had to go out of my way to pull money out of them for gas and parking. Not to mention they'd want to drive other places and make me repark. I lost like $100 to the cheapest lot I could find. Fuck parking.

>> No.41648768

(bring cooler and beer anon) Ive never gotten totally shafted with my downtown hotel - personally had good luck three years running. I would rather pay the jacked up downtown hotel fees than deal with parking everyday... Plus I cosplay usually all four days, so having a hotel room close by, or even attached to convention center (skywall ftw) is kind of a must-have for me.

And then theres the ability to make the (relatively) short trip back to my room for snacks rather than paying for the insane and overpriced food/drinks in the con center.

>> No.41648944

Any news from Corvus Belli/Infinity?

Or horror stories. I love the horror stories.

>> No.41648996

CB showed off some sculpts/concept art for RPG stuff as well as a few models I can't seem to remember off the top of my head, you could ask in the general for the stuff cus I know it was being posted yesterday.

>> No.41649023

Wreaked my vocal cords from maintaining unnatural accents and animal sounds in several Cthulhu LARPs.
It's really hard to deliberately impersonate Rick Morranis for 2.5 hours, growl and snort like a hell hound, and the violently narrate an end-of-world scenario, and not feel it the next morning.

Was charmed as all get out by Two Rooms And A Boom. Might use it as a party game at my wedding. I can also see how it could blow up with home-brew mods.

I tried to maintain a count of every time I saw:
>Fez (13)
>Corset (8)
>Utility Kilt (3)
>My Little Pony ANYTHING (6)
>PokeMon ANYTHING (10)
>Link cosplay (5)
>Outstandingly awful, needs to be commented on, what-are-you-eating-to-poison-your-sweat B.O. (1)
>Fedoras (8)
>Wigs or dyed hair (18),
But then gave up when I entered the Dealer Room.

The Sun King Brewery con special was especially good. As a resident of NE MPLS, we take craft beer seriously, and this beer was incredible.

Observed a Geek Wedding at Union Station while helping run a Steampunk LARP. It was cute, but I suspect it would've been more special if there were less strangers attending it. Bride was also cute and busty.

Don't True Dungeon, but got a status report from members of my group who do. End grade was poor. "That Guy" room GMs, really weak puzzles, and not enough interesting use of technology. TD needs to step up next year, from what I've gathered.

Catan on the Big Board was a win, though Orange almost won through inexperienced dumb luck!

Picked up some freelance, and schmoozed.

10/10 this year for me.

>> No.41649089

Cons are the only places I ever see utility kilts worn. I'm convinced that is the only socially acceptable place for them.

>> No.41649243

Damn dude, if you only saw 3 utilikilts than you must've been hiding somewhere. I was seeing those assholes all over the place and all of them seemed to reek. I guess they think 1 utilikilt for an entire sweaty weekend is enough.

>> No.41649906

Yeah, I'm fairly certain SJWs don't even exist on /tg/. We save our autism for other useless shit like card games, toy soldiers and dice with too many sides.

>> No.41649927

>Police called because homeless dude off his meds attacked a few cosplayers.

Sounds like the start of an Unknown Armies plot hook.

>> No.41650276

I tend to agree. This is generally the case. When flame wars erupt it seems like they mostly come from /pol/ and /lgbt/.

>> No.41650311

I think we all know SJWs, and anyone supporting the retarded social justice movement (not even touching feminism) are utterly irredeemable faggots.

>> No.41650476

Reminder, I gave up when I went into the dealer hall. Started in will call Wednesday, wasn't at the con center until noonish next day. It's was overwhelming how many I ACTUALLY saw, but didn't tally!

>> No.41650727

>not equating feminism to SJWs
>implying there's a difference anymore due to 3rd-wave feminism
>implying [spoilers]you don't love the shitstorm too ;^)[/spoiler]

>> No.41650764

Aaaaaand stolen ;)

>> No.41650795

I'm not say we don't know them, but the kind of people who post on /tg/ regularly tend to just focus on games

>> No.41650885

I missed the in-flight report but they announced some expansions and new games. Everything they previewed is on their website though.

>> No.41651060

This anon knows how to Con.

I did the park everyday thing the first couple years. Never again. The unrivaled convenience of being able to drop my swag/merch off or costume change at any time, coupled with the sheer amazing ability to just randomly wander down to the hall at 2AM and find a game, all while never leaving the comfort of climate controlled interiors with bathrooms everywhere, makes downtown hotels a God send. Seriously, I'll never go back despite the cost. Hell, this year I even had to cover costs for my whole crew. still worth.

>> No.41651119

Fighting Words?

>> No.41651180


Because politics are literally inescapable, everything you do, whether you realize it or not, is a political act. When people say "get politics out of X", what they are actually saying is "get the politics that I specifically do not like out of X".

>> No.41651241

Where's the politics in painting models or playing cards?

>> No.41651247


>The fighting words doctrine, in United States constitutional law, is a limitation to freedom of speech as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

>In 1942, the U.S. Supreme Court established the doctrine by a 9–0 decision in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire. It held that "insulting or 'fighting words,' those that by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace" are among the "well-defined and narrowly limited classes of speech the prevention and punishment of [which] … have never been thought to raise any constitutional problem."

>> No.41651279

No, I'm fairly certain I don't want socialism in my games either.

>> No.41651568


The models you choose to paint and the cards you choose to play are influenced by your culture, and the politics that both created that culture and were influenced by that culture. Where the cards aND models were made were influenced by the economy, which is controlled by political action. The choice of whether or not you spend money on these things or just pirate/3-D print them is also an inherently political act. You may not consensually participate in politics, but you are always making political acts.


Of course you don't, socialism in a vaccuum is just a catch all term for variations on a certain kind of economic system. And yet the games you play came from the fiction you read that came fro the culture you live in, which is hand in hand with the political structure of the present and the past political structures that influenced the present. Politics and ideology leaks into every single thought and opinion we have, even the most banal. The reason people are freaking out about this stuff is because the latest generation is finally seeing just how deep this rabbit hole goes, and it can be immensely exhausting.

>> No.41651571

No, there are definitely SJWs in /tg/.

>> No.41651613

There are people who deliberately spread false information and claim fictional associations for the purpose of prompting emotional reactions you mean.
Why are you taking anything posted here as fact?

>> No.41651653

I'm not arguing whether or not it's POSSIBLE to not have politics in your games, just whether or not it's possible to not WANT them in your games.

I do not want my games to have a political bent to them (not the same thing as not wanting to play a political game, of course). This does extend to socialism, even though I am a socialist. Sure, *I* might want to start a socialist revolution in 1520s Germany, but that's only because...that's what was actually happening in 1520s Germany.
Not everyone is a troll on 4chan. Not even everyone on /b/ is a troll.

>> No.41651705

>everyone says what they mean online

You've got nothing to back this up. Why are you arguing so hard for the existence of SJWs on 4chan who aren't shitposters anyway?

>> No.41651763

It's true to say that anyone injecting politics into /tg/ is a shitposter, but that doesn't mean they don't believe what they're saying.

Anyway, it's pretty clear from the effort put into replies and arguments that they do mean what they say, yes.

>> No.41651844

>pretty clear from the effort put into replies and arguments

they put a lot of effort into tricking gullible posters you mean.

I can't convince you one way or the other, but the lack of any argument that holds up to serious discussion should be ample evidence that it's an entirely fictional debate, where the primary purpose is not convincing the audience of the speaker's opinions. As far as what the purpose of the arguments being made is then, there's not much else to chalk it up to on 4chan other than someone having a bit of fun.

>> No.41651879

>He thinks everyone is a troll all the time ever
Oh look, it's summer.

>> No.41651901

No, not everyone is a troll.

As you say, you can't prove it. I don't even know what your reasoning for thinking it *is*.

>> No.41651943

he's trolling you

>> No.41651956

No, anon.
We're trolling you.

>> No.41651962

good meme, but please at least acknowledge it's shitposting material, one way or another.
you can't prove that everyone isn't a troll either.

>> No.41651989

I just got here. Go away.

>> No.41651995

Why do you think they're trolls?

>> No.41652037

because we're on 4chan and everyone here either came for the memes or the shitposting.
It's why anime is our only hope for quality discussion.

>> No.41652038

Because if they weren't they'd be talking about fucking Gencon instead of going off onto an unrelated topic.

>> No.41652090

See, this is why I disagree with you. People do not only troll or memepost.

Trolling isn't the same as shitposting. I 100% admit I shitpost way too much about politics and history. But that's not trolling.
Are you implying going off-topic is in *any* way unusual for /tg/? Pic is extremely related.

>> No.41652111

(that Anon) Why, thank you!

I tend to agree. Being able to wander freely sans car and meet up with your friends drunken 2am gaming (or go on adventures in downtown Indy) totally beats "saving" money by getting a far hotel. You're going to Gen Con for fuck's sake are you REALLY trying to make your lifer that much harder to save a few bucks? If you need to skimp on the hotel for fiscal reasons you PROBABLY shouldn't be going in the first place. Just sayin'

>> No.41652481

Has anyone here had sex with someone they met at Gen Con? I have a fetish for women in costumes. Doesn't even matter what the costume is, any good Con costume makes my heart thump, although my dream is to have sex with a woman dressed as a medieval jester, makeup and all.

>> No.41652651

I went to gencon Saturday for the first time ever. Really all I did was walk around, and go to a couple anime panels (best anime ever and then worst anime ever). All around a good experience, I didn't pay too much attention to spergs.

I was decently surprised by the amount of cute girls though. Definitely unexpected for indiana.

>> No.41652664

I hope those aren't the cute girls you're talking about.

>> No.41652693

Which animé? Don't leave me making snide remarks about worst animé in my head!

>> No.41653010

Am I the only one who finds it deliciously ironic that the most notoriously litigious assholes on the block got the shit technicalityed out of them?

>> No.41653022

No it really isn't. That's about as funny as LONGCAT IS LONG

>> No.41653101

Feminists and SJW don't need reality to be offended. Their imaginations can fill any shortfall.

>> No.41653308

I went to the past 5 gencons but switched jobs this year and couldn't get off.

I literally never attended an event but just the experience of wandering the city and halls with no open container laws was worth it.

Sounds like this years housing situation was an even worth cluster fuck than last years was. (ended up paying 300+ per night at the conrad even though i was online an hour beforehand and sat "in line" before being booted out multiple times)

>> No.41653310

They're alright. Specifically there was a Borderlands Lilith that was cute.
Which were the worst? Uhh dracula: sovereign of the damned, pupa, hakugei, senjou kyokai no horizon, tekken, MD geist, eiken or something, garzeys wing, wizard barristers, ground defense force mao-chan

>> No.41653312

>Dat poor fishnet stockings.
It can't catch all that whale meat.

>> No.41653352

Are you GW?

>> No.41653397

>hating on MD Geist
Do you hate Violence Jack too?

>> No.41653555

>Why can't people keep politics way the hell away from gaming?

Because such people are sad and pathetic individuals. Even more so than people on /tg/. Let that sink in.

We define ourselves by our hobbies, silly though they may be. But we create and express ourselves, we grow our community, and we teach others to have fun. For the most part we contribute positively to humanity, even if only in a narrow niche, and excepting the occasional That Guy. Because we DO THINGS.

People that define themselves by politics, though? They don't even do anything of value to anyone, their sole value lies in being a drone that recites the correct doctrines. A normal person (even us) identify themselves by what they DO; "I paint minis", "I run a boardgame club", "I'm an electrician", "I referee little league hockey". SJW types, they are so devoid of any identity, they have to align themselves with an exterior identity, not by what they DO, but what they FEEL.

>>Because politics are literally inescapable, everything you do, whether you realize it or not, is a political act.
>The models you choose to paint and the cards you choose to play are influenced by your culture, and the politics that both created that culture and were influenced by that culture.

Which leads us to assholes like this, that want to politicize everything, because then it validates their useless existence.

>> No.41653565

Get a hotel like 20-30 mins away from indy (carmel, fishers, greenfield, greenwood, etc.) and drive in, saves so much from hotels in downtown, parking is cheap, restaurants are cheaper farther out, then bring however much you want to spend, so I'd say around 1.2k if you do that. I stayed at my parents house those few days and only spent 500 while there, but I wanted so much more.

>> No.41653618

The USARIADNA box rules gives some tasty hints at the upcoming USAriadna stuff....my boner is ready

>> No.41653658

No, I actually sold product at GenCon.

>> No.41653757

Indiana does have some cute girls, mostly near Indy, Lafayette, and Bloomington, but pro-tip, don't go looking for girls in terre haute (colloquially known as terrible haute), they're either dumb Indiana State chicks, or Saint Mary of the Woods dykes/feminists/sjws.
I go to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, life is pretty close to suffering.

>> No.41653814

That sounds nasty. I got super lucky and had no issues getting booted out of queue or the site at all. Got in about 45 minutes after opening and snagged a room w/in a few blocks for about ~160 a night.

Did anyone else have any disasters with the rooming sitch due to the site? I wonder how they'll do it next year.

>> No.41653982

Jesus christ youre an idiot.

Protip: you know a hell of a lot less than you think you do. refamiliarize yourself with the dunning-kruger effect, because it has you by the balls.

>> No.41654174

Almost went to Rose-Hulman, chose Purdue instead

>> No.41654698

Did anyone else do true dungeon? I thought it was overrated as fuck.

I got the village crone, it's great. I also got plenty of agot 2.0 which is nice though i wish I'd grabbed 10 more to be a cunt and sell to my flgs people. Escape room was amazing, highly recommended. The world of darkness panel i saw was disgusting and embarrassing. The costume contest started with some weird horrible vaguely racist belly dancing avengers show so i bailed.

>> No.41654775

>The world of darkness panel i saw was disgusting and embarrassing. The costume contest started with some weird horrible vaguely racist belly dancing avengers show so i bailed.
hahahahahaha good go be an antsy little fruitcake away from the socializing you power-bourgeois insect

>> No.41654909

There was at least one booth right between ffg and the doors that sold larp weapons. Use the exhibit hall map to figure that out. It was expensive and some items were better han others. I think true dungeon accessories like a better way to carry tokens etc might sell well (special belt with pockets, etc) and the people who play spend millions. Special flash lights would be great.

>> No.41654990

Completely agree. I'm a girl and i did wind up walking three blocks to our hotel once at like 9 by myself. It was totally fine but i would prefer a skywalk for multiple reasons, and the closer hotel would make drop offs much easier. We probably saved 10$ on water just on what we carried in the morning from the car, would have been better if we could stop by all day.

Definitely doing that next year, whatever it costs.

>> No.41655025

My friend's friend allegedly picks up gorgeous women every year, though I'm not sure if they're in costume. I just know there's a lot of waiting in the hotel lobby for my friend when this happens.

>> No.41655050

Conventions sound kinda fun.

Are they actually fun? Or are they one of those things that are secretly stressful?

>> No.41655075

Watching a concert is socialising? My friend and i left and played games. What?

>> No.41655173

Pretty sure he's been trolling all thread, just ignore and move on.

>> No.41655194

>Communism is just something capitalists point and laugh at.


>> No.41655285

Yea this thread is full of that. Whatever.

I bought golden sky stories. Hyped as fuck.

>> No.41655514

I didn't stay for Saturday, but I played with the idea of bringing my daughter there. Guess it was a good thing I didn't.

>> No.41655528

God, I like homestuck I really do, I just can't stand the fanbase.

Is it so hard to not be disgusting?

>> No.41655554


What the fuck are they doing?

>> No.41655594

Well regardless of politics, trolling or politics, anyone got any good stories?

>> No.41655641

Careful there Anon. Here's some wisdom from /cgl/.

And of course someone here now has this fetish.

>> No.41655658

>It actually somewhat baked

Holy shit no

>> No.41655699

I'm going to start saving every penny that I can for next year. I've never been to Gen Con, but I owe it to myself to go, I think.

Every other convention I go to, I specifically look for a booth that sells board games and rpg stuff. I usually find one and spend most of my cash.

How bankrupt would I be after Gen Con?

>> No.41655726

>How bankrupt would I be after Gen Con?
You know those things called foreclosures?

>> No.41655729

>While the source is solid, I have no additional information or confirmations. I would imagine it was figured out, and the GW guys got there.
>Someone at head office messed up the visa application, rather than travelling on a Business Visitor Visa they travelled to the US on a Holiday Visa. Not only were they denied entry, they were immediately deported back to the the UK and will not be able to travel to the US for a while. If they can get a team together in time there will be US staff at Gencon drafted in as emergency cover instead of the dedicated team that are meant to be touring the conventions.
>Also I cannot verify the info here in this update.

>Such as why there’s nothing from Games Workshop for sale at their booth, why it’s staffed by the people at Forge World instead of GW, or why you had to go to the other end of the hall to Forge World’s booth (3033) to make any GW purchases. - See more at: http://www.purplepawn.com/2015/08/games-workshop-misses-first-day-of-gen-con/#sthash.5xJpNOeL.dpuf

I don't get it. We can deport Brits who are only here for a weekend with all the speed and efficiency you'd expect of a modern bureacracy, but somehow deporting Mexicans takes years and people call you a heartless monster for supporting it?

>> No.41655750

Dude your dumb, if you outright break the law in front of an officer it won't take long for a deportation to occur.

>> No.41655780

considering there are literally hundreds of booths....

pretty broke.

>> No.41655935

I live in a quiet rural area of Kentucky. It's pretty well known across town that I host board game night once a week.

There isn't a game store within two hours' drive of here, and I consider it my most treasured hobby. I won't know what to do with myself next year, if I go.

If any of you guys go, and remember this thread, at all, I am a husky "Strongfat" guy wearing a Wario hat. (I wear it to every con I visit.)

>> No.41656005

I've never seen either, but I've heard MD geist is one of those "so bad it's good" shows. I'll probably watch it.

>> No.41656010

The GW employees werent deported, they were denied entry.

>> No.41656060

>Dozens of young, dark-skinned men standing at street corners every morning getting picked up in pickups, moving vans, and trucks.
>Nope, do nothing.

>> No.41656875

>>Fedoras (8)
I.. I thought that was just a meme for militant atheists and "friendzoned" losers. You'd better tell me those were part of some period specific cosplay, so help me God.

>> No.41658171

Anyone try the Pillars of Eternity boardgame while they were there?

>> No.41658651

Goddammit /tg/ now you're making me want to go to cons again. I went to GenCon 2003-2005, right after they got out of Milwaukee. 2003 was a goddamn clusterfuck. 2004 was pretty based, two of my friends got married and I think that was the first geek wedding they had at Indy. Much alcohol was consumed. 2005, no GW, got sick at the Steak 'n Shake, spent wwwwaaayyy too much on Battletech and rare miniatures. Some of which I still haven't painted.

For 2016, what say you? GenCon or DragonCon?

>> No.41659213

You're better off with the women choice pool, and if you're doing engineering, probably worse off with job placement/options.

>> No.41659324

Why not both?

>> No.41659682

I haven't been to Dragoncon, but Gencon this year was a major letdown with almost every event priced at least $2-4 in generics, and nothing going on between 2-8 am except MtG. Maybe it's because of the shit some guests pulled due to RFRA. I know some authors and companies aren't doing anything with Indiana any more because of it.

Or Hasbro, which owns the con, severely overestimated how much shit bronies are willing to put up with and are trying to recoup losses from selling their TV network and the failing pony series since the network aired the same damn advertisement every week.

Or because D&D isn't selling as well due to the low quality of 5E books with misprints of abilities and maps in everything released so far.

Or they're not making enough tranny bucks having that futa mage in MtG.
Who the fuck knows?

The trannies at the con that were there were mostly annoying as fuck and worse than the homestuck players, with the exception of the one demoing the 3d tabletop in one of the hotels. Sure there were dudes in dresses in the previous years, but they weren't annoying cunts, unlike the ham-faced faggots this year.

>> No.41659773

It depends on what kinda con you're after anon. The cosplay is AMAZING at Dragon Con, but I like Gen Con for the fact that there is so much to do that you actually CAN DO. Despite the masses of people in the hallways there is so much diverse programing that it feels like there's something for everyone and ROOM for everyone. Not to mention that for whatever reason I feel like Indy manages the influx of (albeit a slightly smaller) population of nerds better.

>> No.41660058

Yeah. A lot of people forget about all the little people running around.

Small story relating to that. I was pretty drunk during the costume parade and marching with a bunch of arkham characters, all of whom were pretty cool. Anyway, towards the end I was talking about my costume with some other cosplayers, when I here this little voice to my left chime into the conversation. There was this 10-year-old girl in the parade, doing a pretty decent Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. She and I had a rather insightful conversation about costume-making methods for the rest of the parade. Smartest 10-year-old I've met in ages.

>> No.41660123

Yea, I felt kinda bad cuz a couple of times some kids would just bump right into while I was walking around.

>> No.41660126

If someone showed up to the con with a living elongated cat, I'd laugh.

>> No.41660214

Did you see the Fem Lich King with her Abomination, Valkyr, and Acolyte? They were pretty cool. There was also a steampunk Justice League.

>> No.41660289

To be fair, my cosplay didn't show my tits. And a lot of cool fem characters have exposed tits, so if you want to accurately cosplay that character, it's hard to get around exposed tits. That being said, there were a lot of tits. Particularly among the Harleys this year.

>> No.41660319

True post

>> No.41660422

Well played.

>> No.41660491


Basically, "Talk Shit, Get Hit"

>> No.41660498

I can't say if it was period specific cosplay- I'd only see maybe a second or two before I or they'd move on to wherever I/they were going to. It wasn't prevalent, like Fezzes or kilts or corsets.

Speaking of cosplay, this Borderland trio was especially impressive, even though I'm not deeply familiar with the game (but am very aware of its aesthetic)

>> No.41660517

Does it count if she's paid to show cleavage to promote a game, like this woman did?

>> No.41660543

I didn't do it, but a friend told me it was really hard this year.

>> No.41660559

the body-types are all wrong.
I agree the cosplay work itself is impressive, but they need to pick up jogging or something

>> No.41660576

Oh yea, if you chose the puzzle track it was nearly impossible.

>> No.41660604

Sure, but the effort! The love! That's more important to me than body types. Personally.

>> No.41660619


>> No.41660630

I don't care for TD myself, but my friend went through it, and when comparing it to previous years, was massively disappointed, and was sick of the cults buying and selling the chips like they actually were worth something.

>> No.41660661

Really depends on what you do, how money you want to spend, and who you surround yourself with.

>> No.41660677

Lol, I actually found it amusing that some people took it so seriously. Although I gotta admit they are worth money to the right people if your short on cash.

>> No.41660717

>serious business

>> No.41660731

It's like seeing a fat stormtrooper though. No reason to attempt something you can't pull off.

>> No.41660750

There's no reason not to be in shape anon.

>> No.41660822

Those people aren't that fat. Did you see half of the anime monsters globbing around?

>> No.41660854

jogging never hurt anyone

>> No.41660906

Unless you have knee, hip, and/or ankle problems.

>> No.41660911

That's where you're so wrong, friend!
You'll never see a fat stormtrooper in the movies! It's like seeing a fat, hairy guy with a beard dress like Sailor Moon, and have the Confidence Of Kanye™ to strut around like he owned the place!

>> No.41660989

Never hurt anyone.

>> No.41661000

I ran a Cthulhu LARP this year, and this was the monster at the end of the game.

>> No.41661019

(the hand. Not the guy holding it up.)

>> No.41661096

Anyone see that Cut throat kingdoms game there?

>> No.41661908

Gen con is not owned by wizards of the coast. hasn't been for more than a decade

>> No.41662095

Lich King lady was FANTASTIC! Really clean armor/worbla work.

>> No.41663439

>corset (8)

Were you even LOOKING?

I swear every time I turned around someone was either in a corset from one of the leather booths or wearing one as part of a cosplay.

>> No.41664088

It's called "Karma's a bitch. Someone at customs played Warhammer Fantasy."

>> No.41664881

Eh. My brother liked the True Dungeon this year because the puzzles were actually doable. Last year, our group would figure out the puzzle in the first 15 seconds and then run out of time in the execution or due to stupid bullshit. (We failed the sand table puzzle because there wasn't quite enough "blood" to complete the symbol, even though the guy who had "cut" their wrist took like twenty points of damage from bleeding.) I didn't go because my feet were swollen from demoing all day and I'd hated losing every puzzle the year before.

I was volunteering at the FFP booth and they were still tearing down when Jason took us to the airport at 7:30.

>> No.41664949

From what I heard, GW had some ridiculously complicated Age of Sigmar booth planned but the only guy left was an American volunteer and it was impossible to put together from phone instructions.

Of course, you know GW will blame and fire the guy who mentioned being there to work a con instead of the idiot who applied for holiday rather than business visas.

>> No.41665102

>Geek Chic

There were actually three different gaming table companies this year. Geek Chic annoys me since they aren't really geeks or trained furniture makers. They did a Seattle Life interview when the company started and they're just a bunch of normies who wanted to start a company and saw a niche. All their stuff has guarantees on it because the first year of them making stuff they didn't follow basic practices and let their wood dry for a few months before building with it.

>> No.41666227

Fun, although a lot of subhuman filth (unwashed manchildren, furries in bondage gear, spergs, etc.) is milling around, and you are likely to get your worst cold of the year there.

>> No.41666239


Got 4-day parking for 20$ using ParkWhiz. Granted I reserved it back in June, but it was only a couple blocks from the convention center. Good deal.

>> No.41666448

That sounds like the same sort of bullshit we put up with. We got one puzzle because the clue was really good. But this lava puzzle.. It's such bs man. Like you have to jump from letter to letter and i do it in the right order spelling "second" out, but i jumped from e to the other side. He said i fell in and was back at the start. He *should* have let me stay but made me jump on the s before continuing. Then we could have rushed everyone else across. It was just bad dming and kind of railroady. Also there's no way to get the treasure for that one without knowing the answer instantly because getting two stones wrong destroys it. I couldn't use my grappling hook to get across. I was allowed to use a club to test stones, but it still counted for treasure destruction.

All in all an infuriating experience. Like playing dnd with a dm who barely thought through his puzzles. Just frustrating. We felt like we lost at every step. I got injured during combat because someone else knocked my slider into a rock on the picture.

>> No.41666851

did /tg/ ever do meet ups back in the day? I mean, it's a pretty cool and not autistic-as-fuck board.

>> No.41666934

Ok, a bit off-topic, but did anyone else feel that the number of anime cosplayers/weaboos this year was much higher than previous years?

>> No.41666990

Exactly. Parkwhiz is a godsend. And my sister and I stayed 12 minutes away from the parking lot for $90 a night. There's no excuse spending $20 a day on parking or a hotel that $200 a night

>> No.41667039

Nah, if anything it felt like there was less.

The Anime side of things has actually shrunk rather drastically in the past five years or so. Since the move to the Westin for their programming, it's rather out of sight for most viewers, but they've been rather stagnant since then.

>> No.41667152

Ok, maybe I was just imagining things. My first gencon was 4 years ago, so I didn't know what it was like before that. I guess I was just more impatient with weaboos this year versus previous years.

>> No.41667446

There was a time when you would see dozens of sailor moons and packs of narutos walking about, it's at least a little more muted anymore. I'm just glad there was a lot less Homestucks this time then at Indy Popcon.

>> No.41667670

Sounds like it's really DM dependent. The DM my brother's group had this year let things slide a bit more (Like in the first room they got the last bit in place right as the bell sounded.)

>> No.41667728

I know that when I was running demos, I only had about two or three costumes sit at my table the entire con.

Speaking of, what the heck is up with Mysterium? Every day I'd see a huge line at the Asmodee' booth and eventually someone would come out and say "We only have 10 copies of Mysterium left for today" and half the line would leave. I looked it up and the game doesn't look like anything special. Is it just BGG hype?

>> No.41667788


Flavor of the month. Looks pretty though.

I'll never be able to empathize with people who go crazy for games at cons. I'll just wait another month or so and buy it local/online for cheaper. Seems like buying into hype and putting yourself at risk.

>> No.41667860

So I have 2 of greenbriergames' free minis from Sunday. They look about on par with Bones miniatures. Worth anything or should I be fine painting both up?

>> No.41667922

RHIT bros on /tg/? Small world. What hall are you in?

>> No.41667979

Anyone visit Harebrained Schemes booth for the new Battletech vidya?

Did they show anything worth getting excited for?

>> No.41668147

Made Top 8 in the Marvel Legendary 10k after literally learning the game in the first round of the tournament (granted, it's yet another deckbuilder). Didn't make Top 5, though, so they'll mail me a check for less than $100 a month from now. Yay. Also, Oomba is hot turd.

Played in the NSDM Doomsday Scenario as Russia. People seemed surprised when our team built a Doomsday Device.

Got a bunch of prerelease Malifaux stuff and then lost the GenCon promo in my hotel room because an unboxed individually packaged mini is tiny.

Best boardgame I got a chance to play was probably You Dirty Rat, but it's still being Kickstarted and you couldn't actually buy it at the con.

>> No.41668227


I once saw a 20 something guy enter a bus with a cane, fedora, and an Adventure Time shirt.

He actually spun his cane, tipped his hat, and called the driver sir.

They exist. They walk among us.

>> No.41668314

Better than any year prior.

Yes I'm still bitter about asking them if they had any Tau and them asking me which chapter of Space Marine that was.

At least Forge World aren't assholes.

>> No.41668631

I at least really enjoyed it: played with some friends who had brought their original Hungarian copy on Saturday night (que hipster glasses). Its really easy to pick up and co-op which I think lends to the charm, plus the art is all gorgeous af. For sure on my list to pick up when its affordable - whenever that'll be be.

>> No.41668892

Good luck getting a downtown hotel anymore. I got fucked by the Housing Lottery this year and decided not to go.

>> No.41669278

My share of the room aside, I spent 400 including food.

>> No.41670292

Yo. Also did the private Phoenix fight at Gallery 42. Buddy liked it enough to preorder it that day.

Only thing for sale was the sci-fi Twilight Knight pinup, which will eventually make it's way to the store. Playing demos you could win items. If you mentioned you were a backer they'd just give you both of them(One item was for losing to the lion, the other for winning).

$600 is the minimum definitely. We stayed off site, parked every morning at 7-8, and had a blast. Even ate St. Elmo's. Of course I only spent about $200 on games this year, so if there's a ton of shit you want bring more money.

>had to drive people other places
That's where you fucked up. They want to go somewhere else they take a cab or walk. Our group always settles gas and parking fees beforehand(split it 4 ways). You park once, stay all day, cough up $20 at night when you leave. Only thing the car does is hold your shit when you drop it off. Circle Center Mall has the best garage IMO. $22/day of you stay more than 12 hours like we do though.

Fucking everywhere. More so in the mtg hall. It's like they don't realize how stupid it looks, or the stigma attached to it.
I've heard if you want to fuck, go to
Dragoncon. Gencon if you like to play games. You decide.

>> No.41671341

Didn't get a chance to play it, but the box was freaking huge.

>> No.41671626

Didn't get a chance to play it, since the booth was so packed, but took some pictures if anyone's interested in the booth.

>> No.41672337

I'm interested in any card close ups you might have.

>> No.41672403

Picked up Boomtown Bandits over at Admagic, won the first game of Slap .45 from the freshly opened demo box, and picked up a ton of Golem Arcana stuff. I'm pretty happy with my first year.

>> No.41672449

I kept them the native filesize since you'll probably want clear text. A mixture of cards and other rules related stuff here. Sorry for those with shit internet speeds.

>> No.41672464

Go back to sweden

>> No.41672465


>> No.41672507


>> No.41672531


>> No.41672557


>> No.41672577


>> No.41672596


>> No.41672601

Jesus christ this just make me want scans of the rule book and cards a hundred times more...

>> No.41672641


That's all. The booth was super crowded so it was hard to get a lot of pictures in, as you might be able to tell in the reflection of the glass. I also forgot to stupidly adjust the camera settings for DoF so you can read more.

>> No.41672665

>wants anything
Well now I know exactly what never to buy, thanks!

Oh btw filtered as fuck you fucking pile of shit don't bother replying because I can't hear you just like all the other people in your life who ignore you because you fucking suck

>> No.41672669

But will you have people to play with? Or should I come over?

>> No.41672673

Thanks anon, you did a good job.

Haaa... Now to wait a few more years patiently.

>> No.41672692

Anon, stop, you're overloading my tsun-reader.

>> No.41672712

My you seem thirsty.

Anon if the cards and rulebook is scanned nothing stops me from making tokens of all the minis and play Kingdom Death online, not to mention homebrew and add scores of stuff.

>> No.41672772

that doesn't answer my question

>> No.41672774

>tfw you can see that they replied but you don't click it and you will never click it and you know that they are mad as fuck about it

>> No.41672802

That will I have people to play with? (In which case absolutely yes.)

Or if you should come over? (In which case that could be an ocean spanning adventure for you and I don't want you to be eaten by sharks or drown.)

>> No.41672882

Bitch, I just wanna cudd... play board games, no need to worry about your kolbász.

>> No.41672931

>Yes I'm still bitter about asking them if they had any Tau and them asking me which chapter of Space Marine that was.
You can't be fucking serious.

>> No.41672932

I think they said its shipping out in a few months. I live across of their warehouse in Brooklyn, I believe it is. I asked if I can pick it up in person and they said maybe, if they don't have a distributor just do it for them.

For those interested, here are the promo cards if you mentioned you kickstarted the game. I have two copies on the way so he gave me two, the friendly fellow.

>> No.41672966

Also, here's what the gencon pinup looked like. The card got a little bent up, but I bought two copies, so I was not as upset.

>> No.41673007

Oooh, neat. Neat. Man I can hardly believe its actually happening. The kickstarter was sooo goddamn long ago.

Uh-huh. I've heard that before.

>> No.41673071


Why must I miss all the nice things, I want nice things like Kingdom death pin ups.

>> No.41673092


>> No.41673332

>Not even once
...well ok, maybe just this once.

>> No.41673356

"The experience gives you a new perspective."

>> No.41673773

I've got a few photos if anyone is interested

>> No.41673803

This booth had the cutest plushies. I don't like the non games booths usually but holy shit. I got a llama.

>> No.41673834

Best food truck. I'd only ever had the frozen pierogies they sell at the store so it was nice to have real ones. Highly recommended if you ever go.

>> No.41673888

This happened too. Probably one of the better cosplays i saw, honestly. Much better than the 500 mediocre harley quinn burlesque hammer things.

>> No.41673919

Holy fucking shit you're out of your god damned mind!

>> No.41673927

Cosplay contest. Belly dancers. Weird.

I don't actually have any other photos. I thought i took more. It's only weird shit too... Sorry

>> No.41674033

>Best food truck

How can one man be so wrong?

>> No.41674589

>TFW couldn't eat at a food truck because I only had an hour for lunch and everything had a massive line.

Had to get an overpriced Hoosier burger.

Well, at least we got delivery the other three days.

>> No.41674917

This guy put in more effort than 90% of the assholes in there. At least it's funny or whatever.

>> No.41676230

Shush Harley

>> No.41676240

I was thinking of going to Gencon next year. Is it worth it?

>> No.41676310

This year was a train wreck for my group, but we have been going in one shape or form for 8 years now. You can make the con work for pretty cheap, but if you feel True Dungeon is necessary, it is going to cost more. In other words, it depends on your expectations. You can go and have a good time on the cheap though. If it is not too far, just give it a shot.

>> No.41676430

I'm in NY so it's gonna be a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng drive.

>> No.41676706

But anon! You can't give my identity away! This is the interwebs. Also, there should be a comma after "Shush", since Harley is the name of the person you are addressing.

>> No.41677004

Best troll.

>> No.41677088

Once again, this anon's gotta be trollin'. Either that, or he/she's fucking insane.

Anon, I'm pretty sure that anime-fag wasn't joking.

>> No.41677111

You know what? No. I bet anon just posted a pic of himself to fish for compliments.

>> No.41677163

>hiring the girl with the most gross looking fake tits ever

>> No.41677187

Most definitely if you're into it.

>> No.41677209

Are those really fake? I still want to lay my head on them.

>> No.41677264

Do yourself a favour, never look at pics of her with her top off or in a bikini.

>> No.41677345

I will take your advice, anon.

>> No.41677406

>add a 5th mech to a lance out of curiosity to see what the big deal is with clan stars

It might just be me but my scout lance is much more killy now. Four mechs working as a pair while the fifth provides support as needed to the pairs is working pretty well.

>> No.41677500

Now I kinda want to see out of morbid curiosity.

>> No.41677501

It's a real shame actually.

>> No.41677590

It is because she's pretty cute otherwise.

>> No.41677732 [SPOILER] 





>> No.41677803

Awwww maaaan. Those are fake. Fuck. She has a lovely face and great hair, though. Her skin is nice, too.

>> No.41677902

>Home stuck is a webcomic that attracts a lot of socially dysfunctional people (more so than other webcomics).

I seriously doubt this. You see this kind of behavior from the fandom of anything once it's large enough.

>> No.41678273

Anybody can feel like their behavior is the norm when they're in a perceived majority.

Just look at nerds in FLGS. Aside from some outliers, generally the cleaner the store the cleaner the beards; as the store becomes less clean and caters to dirtier beards, the That Guy point is approached and the balance shifts from clean to dirty.

>> No.41679633

She still looks better than her friend with the glasses and the heart tattoo between her breasts.

Also, supposedly she's insanely nice in real life.

>> No.41679701

yeah, she is incredibly nice. Also super fucking talented at building stuff, like that giant robot ND had.

>> No.41681750

As the anon you replied to, yes, this makes a lot of sense. Thank you for putting words to what I was thinking.

You don't often see right wing gamers - of which I am one - bringing their politics into their gametime. I engage in the escapism of gaming because I want a goddamn escape from reality. And so politics are left at the door, and I ignore everyone who doesn't do the same.

>> No.41681818

GenCon was fun. I had two people who were just fucking spoil sports though and didn't want to do anything and were silent most of the time. I don't really get it.

>> No.41682709

Haven't been since 1993... Didn't see any girls there.

>> No.41682731

Get the game guide that comes out several months in advance. Sign up for what appeals to you...

>> No.41683463

There are plenty of girls but definitely a lot more guys. The ladies rooms are always empty which is nice.

>> No.41685161

Is that soccer scarf guy from the Big Catan game?

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