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How so?

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This was asked too late in the lasst thread, let's dump our lists here

best things in 40k
>best army
>best unit
Lootas or Flash Gitz
>best vehicle
Leman Russ
>best hq
>best lord of war
Kustom Stompa (But only if self-built)
>best ranged weapon
Shokk Attak Gun
>best melee weapon
Burna (doubles up as ranged)
>best wargear
Bomb Squig
>best psychic power
Da Krunch

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Yesterday I posted here asking about help coming up with a color scheme for my sisters. Essentially, they're a splinter of The Bloody Rose who is paling around with a Black Templar's crusader fleet. I want to have both represented.

Some friendly anon came up with basing them white, and doing spots on their armor as if they were bleeding, stigmata like. I'll do the BT's cross on large spots to tie in to BT's.

My question, which never really got answered, is what areas would a stigmata make sense being at? Also, how would I go about painting it?

Other paint scheme ideas welcome as well.

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idk if stigmatas would work considering how the emperor wiped out the earth religions, but go for it. maybe around the eyes

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former player trying to return to 40k here. Haven't played the last 3 editions at all.

what is the general consensus for the power rankings of the different codices? I always see Eldar at the top and SoB at the bottom, but other than that nothing is very clear to me which armies are considered strong.

Also, can anybody give me an explanation of the difference between detachments and formations?

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>What's the most powerful army in the game because I want to play it

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Besides losing his left arm I dont think the Emperor had any other characteristic wounds when he was interred, I think he also lost an eye but that could always just be part of his body decomposing.

Paint half of their helmet and the left arm red, maybe have the rank and file be all white and only veterans and sgts have the red painted in their armor.

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Eldar and Necrons, marines are good and tau are still good and get nastier the more riptides you have.

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I already know that people say eldar is at the top. If all I wanted to know was who was the strongest I wouldn't have needed to ask at all.

But if I do consider trying to put an army together I would like to think that I have some chance of winning a game. So I would like to stay away from whatever armies people say are terrible or almost impossible to make work. Maybe that seems unreasonable to you.

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>not picking what looks cool
>not trying to forge the narrative

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>Best HQ: the Swarmlord

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>In 7th edition, Psykers can cast as many spells as they know


In 7th edition, a Psyker may only cast a number of powers equal to his Mastery level, so while your Psyker may indeed know 3 powers thanks to Psychic focus, he can only cast two powers per turn!

Thanks for tuning in!

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Alright I'm looking to buy some paints but does anyone know where I can get a purple this color? Does the purple paint GW has for sale look like this?

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Daemonette hide for the base

Screamer pink for first highlight

Pink horror for extreme highlight

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Just saying that they don't have more or less lore than any other Craftworld and that you failed as an Eldar fan to look up their fluff.

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That just says it depends on his mastery level. No where does it state 'equal to mastery level'

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>That just says it depends on his mastery level. No where does it state 'equal to mastery level'

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It's pretty ambiguous, actually, since even as the rules are played it depends on his mastery level because that's how many warp charges he generate.

In fact, I think that phrase is left over as a cut and paste from the 6E rulebook. It's definitely not phrased as a rule. They would've written "equal to his mastery level."

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number of shots depends on the number of magazines. shots > magazines

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Thanks a lot for the list! Have you had any real experience with these? I want to know the true color so to speak.

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You'll need to buy a purple rod ohbby for the glowy bit. Should be easy to find on ebay.

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Some guy on twitch


painting a MA Big Mek

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Man that sounds like a headache though with finding the appropriate sized rod and gluing it on the figure. I'll look around and see what I can do.

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I think he was getting at having the stigmata be representative of their sister's who died during the event that partnered them with the BTs. I didn't post all the fluff I had came up for them.

I thought about doing a scheme like you say, I just don't like having models being half one color, it bugs me out. I might end up doing it though, since I can't really come up with a bad ass scheme for a splinter of Bloody Rose sister's now following a Black Templar's crusade.

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Thanks for the link. I think I'll try to put a super thin layer of purple on my rods though. If its thin enough, it can still have the translucent look.

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That's the price of being a snowflake really. Try and buy the largest rods you can, they end up much cheaper in the long run.

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Can I also ask questions about Dark Heresy here?

Can a build around primitive weapons make them viable? (Feral world at least removes the primitive modifier)

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At first, sure.

As you gain XP, you'll have to move to non-primitive weapons. But you can still seem primitive. Arrows and weapons with the Mono upgrade and eventually power weapons

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>But you can still seem primitive.
Yea, that's what I was planning.
At least if the weapons have a resemblance of being primitive, the material doesn't matter to me.

Doesn't that only remove the primitive quality?
In which case that would be useless if I have a guy from the feral world as his "racial" already replaces the primitive quality with proven (3)

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Is this the whole ork army? Anyone think it's worth?

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The nobz are missing, but it's a fair price.

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No nobz but two more boyz, alongside some kustom stuff on them. Pretty good deal I'd say.

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Ok anons i haven't played in a very long time. I've dusted off armybuilder and going to try the green tide build with my dark angels.


am i just going to get totaly stomped? anyone know how to add the free transports in armybuilder?

should i swap to battlescribe?

should i say fuck it and just go utramarine or other FOTM (eldar/tau)?

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What free transports?

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I use Battlescribe and there are some boxes you can check in it to give you the transports for free if you are taking double demi company.

Greenwing is pretty good and is one of the better marine armies if you know you are fighting an assaulty army. Otherwise Ultramarines are strictly better than Greenwing.

If you want the good Dark Angels list you go pure Ravenwing.

Also Tau haven't been FOTM since 6th.

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Thanks. I guess eldar would still stomp the green tide and i'd be better off running blueberries.

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>What free transports?

follow the damn link in the post you replied ti it flat out explains how you get free transports (razorbacks/rhinos/drop pods)

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RAW rules lawyering faggot detected. People dont like you. I dont like you.

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Oh I thought that only vanillas got free transports, and DA got the full bs overwatch.

Didn't know they both got it.

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Except he is correct and personal attacks make you a worse kind of scum, GTFO

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Well how does "depends on their mastery level" affect how many powers they can use? Can level 3 psykers use only 6 spells then? Can level 4s only use 1? There's no definition.

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But he's is right though.

Like completely right. It doesn't specify how the mastery level affects the casting of powers at all, nor does it give any detail on what the statement means.

What it basically said was, "if you are a higher mastery level, you can throw more dice around and therefore cast more spells."

Also, calm your tits.

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Homebrewing a vaporwave/seapunk themed custom spess mehreen chapter: good idea, or great idea?

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>best army
Eldar Gotta go fast
>best unit
>best vehicle
>best hq
Nameless Chapter Master (lets the player self-insert)
>best lord of war
Lords of War are stupid and need rebalancing, but Necrons at least look good.
>best ranged weapon
>best melee weapon
'Uge Choppa
>best wargear
Gift of Mutation
>best psychic power

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It'd work better as a Guard army, honestly. Power armor is pretty standardized with Marines, but Guard pretty much get anything.

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Eat a dick you semantical faggot. If the psyker is ML 3, he can use 3 warp charges worth of abilities. A 2 charge ability and a 1 charge ability. All you dicksucking faggots claiming RAW here are just dicksucking faggots.

Pick rules apart and look for RAW exploits if thats your thing, but lets not pretend this is even remotely an issue outside of this thread. ITC has tuned the rules to close loopholes and tie up loose ends. They didnt feel it was necessary to address this. So congratulations on convincing yourselves youve discovered some mistake/exploit/dick in your ass. Everyone else will continue business as usual.

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>I use Battlescribe and there are some boxes you can check in it to give you the transports for free if you are taking double demi company.
i'm trying out battlescribe now

yea i'm going to do that.. also thinking about including some fw stuff (like my old anchient rt era spartans. any idea how i add the FW units in there?

>> No.41632957

Not that guy (in fact I play GK, so I'm certainly not biased on the subject), but:

Depends: v. to be conditioned or contingent (usually followed by on or upon)

There is no other interpretation of this, other than inferring that the dependance is one-for-one. Considering that this is how it was in 6th, and they outright state that the # of powers you can cast depends on your mastery level.

The phrase is unnecessary if it is simply saying "you are arbitrarily limited by the # of powers you know", which would also be phrased more clearly.

Really, people are just trying to weasle out of the rules by ignoring the obvious context of a non-absolute phrase. Then again, hey I wouldn't mind getting to use force & hammerhand at the same time.

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To be fair, as an Ork player, Swarmlord auto-wins against any HQ option we field from the base codex. The only thing he struggles with is a Meka-Dread.

>> No.41633039

The swarmlord also costs nearly as much as a Wraithknight

>> No.41633065

>Also, can anybody give me an explanation of the difference between detachments and formations?

Formations are a type of detachment. You can have any number of detachments in your army. The old Force Organization Chart is now a Detachment called a Combined Arms Detachment.

All Detachments will have special rules they confer to units taken as part of it. One thing that makes Formations different is that they have pre-set unit and sometimes wargear choices that must be taken.

>> No.41633099

Well there can be other interpretations. Like for instance my FLGS and my friends interpret it as a psyker can cast all the powers he knows as long as he has the charges to cast it. The level of psyker he is certainly affects the powers he can cast because a level 1 will cast less than a 3 just by knowing less.

It's vague and people should stop pretending that their interpretation is the right one.

>> No.41633241

One explanation is the most logical and the context is obvious. The phrase would be meaningless under any other interpretation.

You can play the game anyway you want, so it really doesn't matter in the least bit, but it is known that GW writes vauge rulesets so picking a fight on semantics is an obvious fallacy

>> No.41633252

Where the fuck in that rule does it mention warp charge?

Nowhere. It doesn't mention it anywhere. But somehow you made it about warp charge.

Well done. You made yourself out to be an idiot as well as a fucking rules lawyer.

The only person who has been right thus far it this anon >>41633099

Stop acting like you have the answers. You don't. The wording is fucking vague at best and people can argue until the cows come home about it.

Stop acting like you know exactly what was going through GW's head when they wrote that. Because you don't.

>> No.41633348

There's pretty much no characters from any codex that can take on a swarmlord in single combat. The critical word there being combat. Just shoot the fucker.

>> No.41633383

Whats his statline?

>> No.41633407

Actually there's quite a few HQ's that can, the swarmlord took a big nerf

>> No.41633422

Wraithknights were stupidly underpriced.

>> No.41633424

Swarmlord costs 5 points more than a Wraithknight.

>> No.41633446

and the swarmlord is stupidly overpriced

>> No.41633467

WK is 295 Swarm is 285

>> No.41633512

Oh sweet jesus I'm so confused. I'm new to 7th edition and just finished my GK army...so I CAN'T hammerhand and force on my ML1 squads? And if I cast Gate of Infinity (warp charge 1) then I can only cast two warp charge levels worth of abilities? So force and hammerhand or if I get lucky cleansing flame?

Grey Knub

>> No.41633515

Abaddon, draigo, lysander and papa smurf could do it probably. Other than that there's few that can take him on in single combat still. He's been nerfed, sure, but that doesn't mean he can be toppled over willy nilly now.

>> No.41633555

Necron overlord and smasfucker can do it as well

>> No.41633563

Look, just fucking ignore the rule, as its shitty wording will just give you headaches.

Keep doing what you are doing. Its not really OP anyway, as psychic dice tend you run out pretty quickly.

Well unless you are Eldar or Space marine, but whatever.

>> No.41633566

interpret it how you wish. It's vague enough to where both work.

>> No.41633580

Jesus, my English comprehension shit the bed there.

>> No.41633586

Fuck off retard. I described the way ITC plays it, and every single player Ive ever fucking seen plays it this way.

The rule might not be worded exactly how you'd like it to be, but to anyone that isnt a full blown semantical cock sucking faggot - its not even on the radar. You can use abilities with warp charges equal to your ML. Thats how it works. ML 2 can use two single warp charge abilities, or one two charge ability. I cant believe this has to be explained to you. I can only imagine what an insufferable douchlord you must be irl.

>> No.41633616

Ah I thought he was 300 points. Shows how often I play my Nids.

>> No.41633627


Morkanaut with Grot Riggers and KFF is 5 points more than a Wraithknight with two ranged D weapons.

The moral of the story here is that Wraithknights are criminally under-priced.

>> No.41633635

Or GK, they get 10-20 dice. (only enough for 3-4 powers XD)

>> No.41633677

Against an overlord you may as well have two pawns on opposing tiles for the entire game. Neither will kill the other.

Smashfuckers not his own man (unless he is now, I've not been keeping up with marines for a while.). A swarmlord with his retinue could probably do it.

>> No.41633679

Basically, it's implied that a Brotherhood of psykers are treated as a single psyker for the sake of Warp Charges and Spells known. What you get for having a brotherhood is extra wounds before you're left without a psyker.

Basically, your basic dudes would cast Hammerhand, your HQ with the unit would cast force.

>> No.41633696

Yeah I'm running GK and get 12-14 base on an 1850 game.

>> No.41633713

First off, ITC is not the end all be all of rules. They do realize that Gdubs can't right rules worth shit and try and fix it for tournament play that shouldn't even be happening because Gdubs makes this game unbalanced as shit.
Second off, you're right. Every player YOU have seen plays it that way. So unless you have seen every player in the world you need to fuck off because it's vague and people will play it as they want.

>> No.41633717

Thats fucking stupid, as you can have psykers who know powers that can't cast

>> No.41633719

-orkanauts are overpriced and undergunned. It's hopeless even bringing them up.

>> No.41633739

You can, mastery level really only affects the amount of charges you gain.

>> No.41633746

They could cast a warp-charge 2 spell, though. That's the whole point of rolling that d6 at the beginning of a phase. To give you a little more oomph before you take into consideration the ability of the unit/model.

>> No.41633799

According to that anon, a lvl 1 psyker can only use warp charge 1 powers. Hell an eldar farseer could never use the warp charge 4 mode of eldritch blast

>> No.41633809

Really it just sounds like you are intent on everybody interpreting the most vaguely worded rule of all time the way you interpret it, and scream and shit fling when nobody agrees with you.

Nobody I know pays attention to this rule. Nobody at my lgs. None of the redshirts who work in my local GW.

I can't believe you had the fucking nerve to implicate things about my character when literally every post you have made has just been screaming and name calling.

Grow up.

Also, I don't give a shit what ITC thinks. They are not GW, they are randomers like you and me.

>> No.41633823

Speaking of GK and warp charges, I played a game this morning with my 1850 of pure GK (plus a Vindicare) against a friend's tournament list Salamanders with 7 drop pods, 2 Vindicators, and a bunch of Skitarii Vanguards loaded in the drop pods as well. Since I ran a Nemesis Strike Force we both arrived turn one...except I went first. So almost an entire GK force arrived on an empty board, where drop pods proceeded to land and torch everything. And the Salamanders obscure chapter tactics meant that all my Incinerators and Heavy Incinerators were useless. By the time the Vindicators and Onager Dunecrawlers made it on the board, it was already like a 300 movie last stand. Glorious, hopeless death to all GK. Draigo got killed by Skitarii.

P.S. this was my 5th game since starting to play again after ten years.

TL;DR should I ally my GK with Skitarii or Greenwing since I can buy DV stuff cheap on eBay.

>> No.41633840

Smashfucker usually detaches from whatever bike unit he's in to go smash stuff

>> No.41633854


Hey now, I like paying 230 points for a single Kustom Mega Kannon shot. Why, otherwise they would cost me a whole 30 points for the same firepower at a higher BS!

Also, as a side note, they look way better with focused loadouts. Why I'm not allowed to run them like that is a mystery.

>> No.41633878

A level 1 psyker CAN only use ML 1 abilities. He can throw 6 dice at it, but he only has one ML, which limits him to powers that only cost 1 charge.

>> No.41633895

I was under the impression he had to have an apothecary with him to get the 2+ FNP.

>> No.41633914

You don't need 2+ FnP, most of what he's going to be fighting can't kill him anyway and it lets you deal with more units

>> No.41633919

Yes, if you pay attention to an incredibly vague and poorly worded rule, which may not even be a rule and just might be another bit of meaningless text.

Interpretation. I would have no problem with a GK player using two powers on his squads when fighting me.

>> No.41633929

I have never once seen nor heard of someone doing it any other way.

So an ML 1 psyker can cast as maby ML 2 powers as he wants, providing you have the dice pool to let him just repeatedly manifest power after power?

Come the fuck on, have you ever played 40k?

>> No.41633959

Damn those double klaws look sexy, I'd run a gorkanaut just for the style if I could do that (as long as it got some fun extra rules for dropping the dakka).

>> No.41633963

Same reason Knights can't dual wield.

No reason at all.

>> No.41633995

A ML1 psyker is only going to know two powers, and you can't cast the same power more than once

>> No.41634006

Yes, almost every week as a matter of fact and no. He only knows one by being a level one psyker and can only attempt to manifest a power once. The way you say it works he could never attempt to cast it because it's a level 2 power and he's a level 1 psyker.

This anon gets it.

>> No.41634011

>So an ML 1 psyker can cast as maby ML 2 powers as he wants, providing you have the dice pool to let him just repeatedly manifest power after power?
Force, Primaris, Rolled power. That's about as many powers you can squeeze out of a ML1 psyker.

>> No.41634039

*cough Gallant *cough

Here is where it balances out >>41633995

>> No.41634081

>nobody agrees with you.

A few retards on an obscure imageboard dont agree with me. You might cast unlimited #'s of 2 warp charge psychic powers with your ML 1 psyker, but you'd be wrong. Please tell me what is the point to having ML 1, 2, 3, and 4 then? If a ML 1 psyker can do anything an ML 4 psyker can do, why not just have one ML for all psykers? ML 1 is a weak (relative) psyker. He can access the stronger abilities. A pink horror cant do what BelAkor does. Stop being so fucking stupid.

>> No.41634116

Except you can't cast an unlimited number, because a ML1 would only know one warp charge 2 power

>> No.41634144

Because >>41633995

Thats why.

Well, no, but he will only ever know two powers, three max with force.

>> No.41634197

>Please tell me what is the point to having ML
-the amount of powers you have under your belt
-the amount of psychic energy you can drag up
-the better your ability to defend against weaker psykers

>> No.41634211

So a ML1 psyker who rolls on divination can end up not having any powers he can cast? That sounds exactly how the system works

>> No.41634282

Also good to know that demon summoning armies don't work as horrors aren't ML3

>> No.41634319

This is in fact, incorrect. This changed in 7th, read the rules.

>> No.41634358

A primaris psyker decides he is going to delve into the forbidden lore of daemonology.

Rolls on table. Automatically can't use primaris. Rolls twice again and can only use one power because...

Ends up using warp charge as lube for wanking.

>> No.41634379

But they do, b/c that anon doesn't own a copy of 7th edition, apparently.

ML has no affect on the warp charge required to manifest powers in 7th.

>> No.41634396

I was being sarcastic

>> No.41634468

If you had gone first you would have cleansing flamed his skittari off the board.

GK are a one trick pony as an army, deepstrike and hope you've got enough dakka/you make your saves.

Dreadknights are pretty much required as well, for them.

>> No.41634488

Ah, sorry. On /tg/ it's hard to tell the difference between sarcasm, trolls, and retards.

>> No.41634562

>playing War for the Overworld vidya
>listening to Dwarf enemy chatter when they fight


Shame I can't git gud at the game.

>> No.41634573

Naw, he's a fool.

Dude has one power, that's all the ML means

ML 2 can have up to three powers, but he can only ever cast two a turn (assuming he has the warp charges to do so).

>> No.41634612

You can cast as many powers as you know

>> No.41634640

Could very well be, just can't reattempt to cast them. I wouldn't know, I usually burn through all my charges with Symphony of Pain and whatever else.

>> No.41634652

To quote the book

To manifest a psychic power, you will first need to select one of your Psyker units. It
does not matter if the selected unit is Falling Back or has Gone to Ground. Then, select
a psychic power known to the selected unit that the unit has not already
attempted to manifest in this Psychic phase.

>> No.41634667

Ah, well there ya go.

>> No.41635603

Do Titan Legions recruit princeps from only the world they're based on, or do they take anyone they can get?

>> No.41635674

they kidnap people from random hive worlds

imagine you go to bed one night

and you wake up with your arms and legs severed chained to the cockpit of a titan

at least it isn't a skiitari chicken walker

>> No.41635774

For titans? I don't see it.

>> No.41635793

Which would you waifu?

>> No.41635908

What do you think about getting an Imperial Knight as an ally? One of the reasons I started a GK army is because I love having a low model count. Can't get more low model count than a Knight as an ally. Just have no clue which one...

>> No.41635958

I'd go for Mortaria so I could hang out with her interesting quiet friend who's pretty pert. It's not like she's not already bitter as fuck anyway.

>> No.41635976

Titanicus Collegia have a massive recruiting pool composed of their primary Forge Worlds, surrounding Knight worlds, and other odd vassal planets in their feudal domain/immediate sectors and systems. While theoretically the demands for Princepes means a Collegium can recruit anybody who fits the extremely exacting standards, the sheer number of the immediate recruiting pool means, statistically, they will usually find a plausible recruit without having to go very far.

>> No.41635995

Why not just go for Pert in the first place?

>> No.41636020

I saw what happened to Dorn when he went straight for Pert.

>> No.41636037


>> No.41636327

magnets are your friend. errant with powerfist and icarus is 415 but none of the builds seem terrible. though i'm a chaos guy who doesn't play much so someone else can offer a better suggestion

>> No.41636353

Rules /you/ get wrong more like it.

>> No.41636494

By that logic, 7th edition has no rules for skarboyz, so I should use the 3e stats if I like.

Nowhere does it say that it is 1:1 in 7th. If we use "that's what other editions say" for rules, then you're opening a Pandora's box of dumb ideas. Is this what was intended? We can't be sure. Is this ambiguity the result of bad rules writing? You betcha. Do the rules actually limit them 1:1? Nowhere. The fact is that the other version also has powers cast be dependant on your ML, based on number of dice, etc. and the rules are vague.

>> No.41636526

None, all of them are shit

>> No.41636647

So what is the effect in the rules of "There is only war"?

GW writes vague rulesets, so no-one can be sure what the rules are meant to mean or how they're meant to be played. This leaves us with the options:
1) Go with what is actually written.
2) Go on people's opinions.
3) Go on a specific person's opinions.
3 Requires a ref/judge, 2 works until there's actually a disagreement and people are bad at 1. 1 has as much chance of being what the devs meant in this case as any other and is a valid approach. As we don't have a formal judge and 2 is just OPINIONS, it's the only approach that makes any sense.

>> No.41636885

Completely new player here. I'm wondering what I should get for some fuckin nids. Because some of the prices for the nids are super cheap ($14) is there a reason for some of these being so cheap? How much would it cost me to make a basic 500 point army. I have cash to spend but I don't wanna give me fuckin limbs though.

>> No.41637322

Any Mechanicus Cult or Skitarii players in here?

I need help building a main detachment that will eventually ally with;

Space Marines
Cult Mechanicus

...at varying times. Just can't get a good core

>> No.41637382

Pick a role for your troops and then make them fulfill it, need AT? Get the Haywire/Grav guns, Anti-TEQ? Plasma/Grav out the ass.

>> No.41637421

Is the Tau codex and rulebook current? Sorry. I'm new

>> No.41637668

Lion'el of course. She'd be the most tsundere.

>> No.41637708

Its current, but rumors are that Tau are getting a new one in ~October. Probably better to wait till then.

>> No.41637799

>i-it's not like I'm torturing the Fallen for you or anything!

>> No.41637913

Ok, thanks

>> No.41637914

This makes even more sense since I'd imagine that the Emperor is the main character.

>> No.41637965

Daemons are the funniest thing i've fought to date.

>1500 point game
>got a knight, DW knight pack with zeke, and three eversors.
>Get matched with the daemon player who brought two thirds of a flying circus with fateweaver and a bunch of pink horrors, he had screamers for a bit but those ate stomps
>Turn four after losing the knight to constant beams and bites, fateweaver blows up in his own shooting phase cause of warp storm.
>Win game 8 to 3 cause eversors chewed through pink packs
It was bullshit for him still, since it was almost his first win.

>> No.41638010

I need Black Templar names. Help me out

>> No.41638111

yeah warpstorm is like that. though that doesn't sound likely since fateweaver can reroll the warp storm table


>> No.41638241

Underrated post

>> No.41638284

Ah, he used the reroll 1d6 fateweaver gives but he never rerolled the table I suppose.

>> No.41638430


>> No.41638453

You're either the best kind of person or a horrendous faggot. Do you know where the names are from?

>> No.41638493

Oh come on I bet people who haven't even seen the show know where they're from by now.

>> No.41638496


I got them from MST3K.

>> No.41638517

Jaghatai is waifu-tier

>> No.41638553

you are now aware that the show has been off the air for over 10 years now

>> No.41638570

I hear the best way to make a nid army on the cheap is nidzilla, but don't take my word for it.

>> No.41638778

Why you make me feels?
There's still Cinematic Titanic, Master Pancake Theater, and Rifftrax to keep me content

>> No.41638815

Rifftrax is literally better than MST3K anyways I've been going to their live events for a few years now, so good.

>> No.41638845

What show?

>> No.41638881

I would hang out with Fulgrim and help her bully Guiliman-Chan into suicide

>> No.41638882

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

watch it, you'll love it or hate it.

>> No.41638916

Hey everyone! My FLGS is doing a new 40k army event, it's been going for about a week now, and I'm dropping into it a little late. This means I've got a small bit of catch up to do, but I'm really excited, because I've been itching to play some 40k.

I'm starting up the MT Scions, using their supplement book, and I've got myself a few of the boxes so far, loving the models. Just a few quick questions I'd like to toss around.

First, do you think it's worth taking full 10 man squads? I feel like I don't get a lot of orders, and they're really strong, so I want to try and get as many guys with them as possible, but I'm also tempted to do like, super MSU and just spam all the wonderfully cheap plasma squads.

Are tauroxes any good? I like the model, and the formation seems strong, but I'm a little wary of paying 80+ points for the paper armor they're toting around.

Are salvo weapons a big drawback? I like the idea of the hot shot volley gun, and it looks sweet, but I'm worried the range will be way too short on the move, and only two shots seems janky, but they're cheap so yeah.

Thanks all!

>> No.41639053

Few things, full packs only work well when your doing gimmicks like the ground formation hop in hop out.
five man melta or even flamer squads are pretty good, but are suicide squads nonetheless.
Plasma command squads with twin linked or preferred enemy are awesome.
The taurox is good if you grab the mini-punisher, though it makes for a passable artillery piece if you backfield it with the missile launcher with autocannons. (Strong preference for lots of shots)
Volleyguns are tricky, if they didn't have gets hot and you could sit on objectives with a chance of surviving they'd be okay, but they're just not.

You will realize there's a lot of AP 4 stuff.

>> No.41639063

>is it worth taking full 10 man squads?
Generally speaking no, you get your special weapons right away so you dont need them that large.
>Are tauroxes any good
Yes, they are a great transport but become a bit pricey when you deck them out. And it is paper armor but the taurox model is actually pretty small and it is piss easy to hide 25% behind a ruin and get a 3+ save with camo netting. The airborne assault formation is more competitive but ground assault is still a lot of fun.
>are salvo weapons a big drawback?
They can be but if you get them in a good firing position they tear marine armies to shreds.

Look into bringing assassins and inquisition to fill the gaps in your army

>> No.41639079

They don't get hot though if you check the errata.

>> No.41639084

For those of you who are interested. I literally re-wrote word for squinty word the Skyhammer Annihilation Force Formation.

Too lazy to smooth and deblur it, cheers.

>> No.41639093

>if they didnt have gets hot
But they dont have gets hot, the profile without the gets hot was FaQd to be the correct one

>> No.41639099

I thought the errata added gets hot?

>> No.41639121

It took it out, to bring it into line with the one in the AM codex.

>> No.41639138

It did the opposite

>> No.41639147

I'm not gonna complain

>> No.41639171

I love RAW! Means I can plop a unit of Lootas or Flash Gitz in this Squiggoth and because of how it's written that it ignores all other rules for transport except disembarking and embarking, have a moving fortress that my units inside can shoot from as if they hadn't moved!

BS3 Orks da best.

Wonder what other rules I can take advantage of due to poorly worded phrases.

>> No.41639189


Thanks for the help guys! I'm really excited for the army and I'm starting to work on some painting, the new army thing is going up to 2250, so I'm planning to have more then my fair share of these tin soldiers.

>> No.41639217

You wont, but it is always funny when a marine player does when he just checked your codex for the profile of a volley gun after losing an entire squad of marines in a turn to like one or two squads

>> No.41639238

Reading that made me realize Raven Guard were made even more completely useless. It's almost cartoonishly pathetic.

>> No.41639295

Hope you have fun with it. One last thing, don't doubt the gatling gun option for tauroxes. It is great at drowning enemies in wounds and can easily make up its point value

>> No.41639303

How many vehicles are you bringing?

>> No.41639346

>>have reasonably sized ravenwing army with deathwing sprinkled in for flavor
>>get into dark angels almost exclusively due to their near-monopoly on the sexiest looking space marine models
>>know that I should be fielding a terminator or bike HQ unit, but feel pangs of regret every time I look at the three dark vengeance hq models and pic related in their non-deepstriking, footslogging misery

Help, teeg. Is there any way of fielding a librarian, interrogator chaplain, or company master in power armor that isn't a useless points sink?

>> No.41639352












>> No.41639359

could run them as scouts. But yeah, anything Raven Guard can do another Chapter could probably do better. Might as well run them as Ultramarines.

>> No.41639376

Wut? Raven Guard make the best use of this formation

>> No.41639403

I'm probably going to try that out on my first one I think.

So far I've not got any together, building my first taurox now. I'm probably going to do two or three of the formation, so 8-12 armor bit, some flying some not.

>> No.41639412

No. The loss of the banner of devastation made greenwing fucking pointless.

>> No.41639559

i see your skyhammer and raise you a fist, though skyhammer wins out due to more versatility

>> No.41639630

Its alright but still costs over 600 points

>> No.41639643

That's super sad.

Not even combos with the sacred standard (relentless, counterattack)?

>> No.41639712

The book of salvation is sorta fun, and ezekiel isn't a bad HQ.

>> No.41639740

relentless only affects the command squad so no. And greenwing is too ineffective in close combat to even work with counter attack, it is really just there to soften the blow when you get charged. They are just a worse version of vanilla marines, but hey if you really wanted to maybe you could try and convince someone to let you use grim resolve as your chapter tactic in a friendly game

>> No.41639805

yeah, 650 at the least but it does seem worth it. i'll have to give it a try some time

>> No.41639820

Cram him in a land raider with deathwing knights? I've been itching to use the new interromancy stuff and this fellow is a swell stand in for Ezekiel.

>> No.41639831

The trouble is 20 zerkers are going to overkill whatever they hit and then sit there with their thumbs up their arses

>> No.41639847

Interromancy, while it has a silly name, is awesome.
Between aversion and mind wipe it certainly makes gunlines easier to handle.

>> No.41639861

Could work if it werent for how easy it is to kill land raiders now days. Honestly best way to get an interromancer to the enemy lines is by putting him on a bike

>> No.41639901

in a perfect world there's at least 3 guardsmen squads just hanging out near each other all comfy in a gunline so you can mutli charge everyone and the drop pod just ate pask with his friend

>> No.41639944

You do have the option of charging multiple units, if the opponent has clustered together, which should let you survive through into your own next turn.

Alternatively, build the rest of your army to be just as fast and hyper-aggressive. Large units of Bikes and Flesh Hounds, that can start on-table and easily threaten a turn two charge, and try to rush everything into point-blank range. Those 20 Berzerkers are going to be a massive sitting duck if they're on their own - but if the opponent has to choose between shooting them, or the 3-4 other dangerous units which are going to be hitting combat as well, then something's going to get through.

>> No.41639947

I'm not confident in my ability to centaur this dude >>41639820 onto a ravenwing bike but if I could still make it look pretty I could probably live with that. I got into the army to use mostly ravenwing and the forced second CAD for troop tax and additional hq is kind of boning me (because unless I've been reading this wrong the ravenwing strike force is not only limited to just Sam but also forces everything into reserve if you take any fliers). It'd be nice to find a good use for foot sloggers beyond "mandatory".

>> No.41639967

He's trying to use force choke

>> No.41639981

Your opponent is going to know its coming though which puts a bit of a dampener on that plan

>> No.41640002

Emailed them about it, you can take HQs on bikes with it but they dont get the ravenwing rule but this is subject to change until the official FaQ is released. And it isnt so bad to have everyone in reserve, just place an assassin on the field out of line of sight of the enemy army and you are golden.

>> No.41640020

Could give them a missile launcher and sit in some ruins.

>> No.41640118

Well thats nice to know, and since you mention it, I have a solid crew of assassins painted so that would be fun. Hopefully I can shoehorn in some deathwing via the -other- strikeforce for teleport homin' and smite mode'n.

Yeah that's pretty much the usual.

>> No.41640155

Sorry to post it here, but is there anything wrong with my list except that i'm not running Decurion
--- Necrons - 1999 + 1pts ---
Cryptek; The Solar Staff - 80
Cryptek - 65

20x Necron Warriors - 260
20x Necron Warriors - 260

Tomb Stalker; Scarabs - 220
2x Triarch Stalkers - 250
5x Deathmarks - 85

>Fast Attack
6x Wraiths; Whip Coils - 258
6x Wraiths; Whip Coils - 258

>Dedicated Transports
NightScythe - 130
NightScythe - 130

>> No.41640266

Tacticals are not the most exciting thing.

>> No.41640378

have to field a whole army of hot shot spec ops douchebags on space motorcycles to make up for it.

>> No.41640643

thanks for this btw

>> No.41640723

y deathmarks tho

>> No.41640762

Specifically, can unbound lists still use formations and can battleforged detachments hang out with unbound units outside their detachment?

>> No.41640780

Unbound can use formations, but you can't have battleforged and unbound in the same army

>> No.41640783

lost the first bit: unbound, battleforged, detatchments, and formations are confusing the hell out of me and I have questions. -

>> No.41640792

>can battleforged detachments hang out with unbound units outside their detachment?
pretty sure they can't. I'll try to find the rule

>> No.41640801

Thanks, good to know.

>> No.41640817

Had some points left over, plus i use them as a fire and forget unit.
See if i can weaken/kill the warlord and then let them sit on objs if the survive

>> No.41640824

I got it. My pdf doesn't have page numbers but the line goes

>Unlike other detachments, Formations can also be taken as part of Unbound armies. If they are, their units maintain the special rules gained for being part of the Formation.

>> No.41640877

Thanks, I couldn't find that for the life of me.

>> No.41641468



Can use Formations. Otherwise, you can take whatever units you like from any factions you like. Unit sizes, points costs, wargear options etc remain unchanged. The Allies matrix governs how units from different Factions interact with one another.


All units in a Battleforged army must come from a Detachment. Units can only ever belong to one Detachment. This means for example, if a Formation calls for a unit of Tactical Marines, they are taken as part of the Formation, and would not count towards the two Troops choices that must be taken an a Combined Arms Detachment.


Everything is detachments. Formations, "Force Organization Chart" style detachments, the Allied Detachment. If it provides structure as to what unit choices can be taken, it's a Detachment. You can have as many Detachments as you like in your army. Detachments confer special rules to all units taken as part of them. These rules are specific to units taken as part of the Detachment do not carry over between different Detachments, except in the case of Decurion style super-detachments.


A type of Detachment that must take specific units. Otherwise they function identically to Detachments.

>> No.41641558

should i get toxin sacs or adrenal glands for my gaunts

im playing against tau/IG/crons primarily

>> No.41641581

Huh. So if your primary detachment gives you special rule A and a formation from the same faction gives the units within it special rule B, the formation exists apart from the detachment not inside it so it only benefits from rule B?

>> No.41641594

Yes, unless the formation is part of the detachment

>> No.41641608

Neither. Points invested in Toxin Sacs or Adrenal Glands are better off invested in more Gaunts instead.

>> No.41641662

get sacs. they will have a chance of cheving up a riptide and more likely going to kill warriors/veterans/firewarriors

>> No.41641844

So I'm planning on buying my first army.
Are Grey Knights decent?
Unit count is low and I don't want buying an army leaving me starving for the rest of the month.

>> No.41641938

They can be. I certainly saw then absolutely wreck the local meta at a nearby club. Every week the guy would turn up, wipe the board with all the other players, pack up and go home. I think they were all pretty casual (except the GK player). First the kids stopped coming, then they just stopped playing. Now the club is only attended by MTG players, and even they are getting a bit too competetive for my liking (a tad too much tailoring and ego stroking.... I just can't be bothered changing my decks every week just to counter a strong deck that someone has tailored simply to beat mine. I'm FAR too lazy for that.)

>> No.41642141

Me(g/k)a-dredd or 'Orkanaught?

>> No.41642242

Pur a custom force field mek inside, if its not a proper transport it shouldnt limit his KFF to the transport only.

>> No.41642279

You do realise this means it doesn't count as an open topped vehicle for shooting and so has no fire points? RAW isn't always an advantage

>> No.41642329

They are pretty solid despite having very little choice in units and they synergize well with the rest of the imperium should you want to branch out. just keep in mind that due to their low model count they are not as forgiving as other armies and you'll be fine

>> No.41642491

Except for where it literally says it counts as open topped.

>> No.41642498

Is the Age of Shitposting over yet?

>> No.41642504

for embarking and disembarking only

>> No.41642519

"A model with this special rule counts as an open-topped vehicle, with a transport capacity of 15 models, for the purposes of allowing Infantry models to embark and disembark."

"This rule does not affect the model's attacks or movement, and does not bestow the ability to Tank Shock or Ram, or to use any other part of the vehicle rules."

>or to use any other part of the vehicle rules.

You can embark and disembark, but that's all. You can't shoot out.

>> No.41642709

The "model" can't use any vehicle rules besides embark/disembark.

Passengers still treat it as a open topped transport.

They should include special translations for Americans and others that has English as a second language.

>> No.41642753

And where does it mention this?

>> No.41642845

In the rules.

Its right there to read clear as red letters on a green backdrop.

>> No.41642875

Still only says it's an open topped transport when embarking and disembarking models

>> No.41642879

I don't have access to my rulebook to check the exact wording right now, but by RAW I don't think the Squiggoth has firing points. Troops can only fire out of a transport if it has fire points, and normally an open-topped vehicle counts its entire profile as one big fire point that everyone embarked within can fire out of. However, the Squiggoth only counts as an open-topped vehicle for the purposes of embarking and disembarking, and cannot use any other portion of the vehicle rules. Ergo, it cannot have fire points.

>> No.41642907

The squiggoth treats itself as a vehicle only for purposes of embarking and disembarking, so for passengers embarked its a open topped transport.

>> No.41642931

It only gets the embarking and disembarking vehicle rules, so it has no rules for shooting out of it

>> No.41642964

>so for passengers embarked its a open topped transport.

I'm 90% sure that, by RAW, an open-topped vehicle counts as possessing a fire point that encapsulates the entire hull. The Squiggoth cannot access these rules, and thus the troops inside do not have access to a fire point to shoot from. You can argue that they are technically allowed to fire, but the lack of a fire point means it's impossible for them to draw LoS to anything and thus have no targets to shoot at.

>> No.41642974

They measure range and line of sight from the hull of the vehicle.

>> No.41642976

>Abaddon, draigo, lysander and papa smurf could do it probably
Skarbrand too.

Swarmlord can kill shit, but it ain't the best HQ in the game. Which makes me question what this >>41629054 Anon is smoking and where can I get it

>> No.41643003

Yes, and they are allowed to do so because the hull of the vehicle is specified as a fire point. It's a very specific bit of wording - troops can fire out of an open-topped vehicle not because they don't need a fire point, but because the entire hull is one.

>> No.41643022

I was clarifying what the book says exactly

>> No.41643080

I dug up a scan of the rulebook, and it turns out you're correct. Apologies.

>> No.41643082

All the dark skins?

>> No.41643102

It still works out the same as the squiggoth doesn't count as a vehicle for that purpose

>> No.41643222

Anywhere I can find a copy of Imperial Army 8 online? They don't sell it anymore from Forgeworld.

I sent an email and got the following:

"Thanks for your question. At this point in time we don't have any information about a 2nd edition of the IA8 book. It may be that we produce a new type of Imperial Armour book covering the Orks in some way rather than an updated version of an older one but we're not sure at the moment.

If you are looking for the rules for our Ork Vehicles then the majority of them can be found in the Imperial Armour Apocalypse book and some of the larger models' rules such as the Gargantuan Squiggoth can be found in the 40k Apocalypse rule book."

>> No.41643259

I kinda like Guilliman

>> No.41643377

Hey /tg/, I'm looking to add a bit of melee to my MT list. As of right now it consists of several squads of MTs, a Knight Crusader, a couple of Valks, an Inquisitor for that sweet Prescience and an Aegis with AA.

Where do I turn? Trying to avoid CTA allies. How are the Clowns now? Maybe Eldar/Deldar? Could you build a nice melee unit with the henchmen? Crusaders+Arceoflaggelants+FlamerAcoloytes? Maybe the Eversor assassin? Or do I have to go power armoured?

My meta isn't all that competitive, but would prefer something at least semi competitive...

>> No.41643402

Inq assasins are quite deadly and with stormshield acolutes shielding and an inq buffing they are quite killy.

>> No.41643724

So a mastery level 2 librarian gets a 3 warp charge spell he can't use it despite having warp charges from the d6 roll? That is ridiculous

>> No.41643762

Original poster, i just find it cool as fuck.
Afterall we aren't talking about "best" in powerlevel

>> No.41643773

read here>>41643762

>> No.41643800

>best army
Astra Militarum/IG/Renegades and Heretics. I love playing as someone you may ACTUALLY be if you were in the setting
>best unit
Chaos Spawn (I honestly love these fucking things. They're so fast, so deadly, and so cheap.)
>best vehicle
Malcador Defender. That thing looks so dope
>best HQ
Abaddon the Despoiler. Never seen him go down once, but i've seen almost everyone else go down quite easily in comparison.
>best Lord of War
Probably Wraithknight, rules wise. It looks awesome too but I hate playing against them
>best ranged weapon
Blastmaster, easily. It can do almost anything you want it to.
>best melee weapon
Boneswords. Fuck I hate Boneswords.
>Best wargear
This one is hard..probably the Grimoire? Icon of Excess? Burning Blade? Idek.
>best psychic power
Cursed Ground when you play as Daemons. Oh fuck its so fun with Kairos, and I just imagine all the missile weapons coming at him turning into little worms or fingers.

>> No.41643876

>How are the Clowns now?

Harlequins can be tricky to use as allies. Since they don't have an HQ unit, you can't just take a small Allied Detachment, and their own detachment requires a pretty hefty number of units. They do have a couple of smaller Formations, though. The simplest is just a Troupe, Shadowseer, and Death Jester all rolled together into one unit. A kitted out six-strong Troupe, plus the two characters, will run you at about 320 points. It's rather fragile and depends on the Shadowseer's powers for survivability, but hits very hard and the Jester offers you a little bit of ranged flexibility. Worth considering, and they'd be a nice contrast to the rest of the army.

>> No.41643912

From the UK store

>> No.41643925



Please Gw, please...

>> No.41643962

Don't get your hopes up. Apparently the next few weeks releases are going to be more Age of Sigmar stuff, just for Khorne this time. Not-Marauders, not-Warriors, and Flesh Hounds.

I wouldn't take this to mean Sisters are getting a release any time shortly.

>> No.41643967

Hold your horses, this has happened before. I had my eye on one to loot for ages (they're the same price as the SM Rhino, but with more bits) and when I finally decided to do it they were sold out. They were back in stock a couple weeks later.

>> No.41644013

You play sisters?

I'm pretty sure you play everything.

If you do, do you think that the general consensus that SOB are dogshit on TT to be true?

>> No.41644093

I've got about ~750 points or so that I painted up when the Witch Hunters codex was released. Haven't really played them in a long time other than as allies for my Mechanicus though.

Their tabletop rules aren't *bad*. They're a mid-low tier army but they're still perfectly playable in casual games - IMO any army with global 3+ saves, cheapish shooty transports and widely available Meltas/Flamers will never be genuinely unplayable. The problem is that's all there is to the army. They're pretty boring - virtually everything in the list is a Sister, with a Bolter/Flamer/Melta, and a special rule if they're Elites/FA/HS. They army desperately needs a wider variety of units, like the return of Fraetis Milita, some kind of bike or cavalry unit, and more weird-looking vehicles like the Exorcist.

>> No.41644161

I have a Dark Heresy (2nd) question here. Uh, is there a correct way to start off psykers overall in the game? It seems like you'd be much better off not focusing on powers at all at the start and contribute to the party by mundane means? It seems like you are a risk to the party (and yourself) everytime you use something as simple as warp sense.

Can I get some tips on how to build a psyker properly or get some guidance? I have no clue how to approach essentially an wizard who's major ability is good at exploding.

>> No.41644224

there really isnt. the class is for shits n giggels and desigend to make good stories rather than excelling in combat.

>> No.41644235

>It seems like you'd be much better off not focusing on powers at all at the start and contribute to the party by mundane means?

Pretty much exactly true. In the early stages, you only really risk using the Psyker's powers if it's an emergency or you've run out of options. Don't think of Psykers as wizards, this isn't DnD - you're there to provide support and act as a panic button, instead of acting as magical artillery. At least until you're powerful enough to cast reliably without exploding into a cloud of Daemons.

>> No.41644287

Cruddace please...

>> No.41644311


>> No.41644313

Could someone please explain to me why the nid codex is so bad?

Cause from what I have seen it seems to be pretty horrific, at least on paper.

What aren't I seeing?

>> No.41644319

this reminds me of one time when we were playing only war
>be unsanctioned psyker
>literally first session
>group trapped in a leman russ while about 6 orks are outside
>operator and medic run from the top hatch as a diversion
>i come after them and start smitin them boyz
>"fuck it" decide to push my power
>ayy psyrating 5, kill 2 boyz somehow
>suddenly bloodletter
>chops me up
>luckily the group has gotten far away from the leman russ

>> No.41644326


I do understand it's a feature for them to be explode-y. It just seem odd that being a good psyker ment you were more likely to errr die.

So, would it be better overall not to invest into any powers what so ever at the start and develop them later through play?

>> No.41644352

So, after a ten year stint with Orks, I'm damn near done with my entire army. I've been getting an itch lately to maybe run Cult Mechanicus and skitarii together. Kind of an all 'rounder list, most of the LGS is MEQ, but there's a couple tau, couple IG, and a Godzilla nid player.

My main question is, if I run everything except electro-priests, will I still have a decent force? Or are they in the "must take" category?

>> No.41644366

electro priests arent really that amazing. if you want something melee capable just take rust-stalkers, they are better imo

>> No.41644495

Virtually everything in the book is fragile and overpriced compared to other Codexes, with mediocre statlines that leave them struggling to actually deal noteworthy damage.

A great many units don't function in the way they're supposed to - the Trygon tunnel, for example, doesn't work until the turn AFTER the Trygon arrives, by which point your reserves are most likely to already be on the table. Or Lictors, which can pop out of nowhere, but are then forced to sit around helplessly for a turn, making their potential for ambushing units a complete joke.

The almost universal lack of Assault Grenades means that soft assault units like Raveners or Genestealers will suffer considerable damage before they can strike. Synapse is as much a penalty as a boon (IMO this isn't a bad thing, but previous Tyranid codexes compensated in other ways). Venomthropes, Malanthropes, and Toxicrenes can provide good cover saves, but Ignores Cover weapons are becoming more and more common (and more powerful) with every Codex that's released.

Essentially, it's a fragile, footslogging melee army in a game dominated by shooting. Tyranids CAN compete if they spam Brainleech Devourers, but fielding a list of five winged Hive Tyrants and a few Lictors/Spore Mines for objective camping is not my idea of fun.


You can run an Admech list without Electro-Priests just fine. Fulgurite priests are pretty rubbish, but I've started to really like the Corpuscarii ones. They're fragile, yes, but the sheer number of St4 hits they can deal out in a turn gives them an insane damage output if they can reach their target alive.

>> No.41644510

Returning to 40k after a long hiatus.

Looking at an Ad Mech/Skit combination and was reading on the War Convocation. That looks really fucking good just based on my past years of playing 40k.

Any Ad Mech players?

>> No.41644522

Hmm ok.

Are they viable at all as a melee army.

>> No.41644534

Not against any opponent who's brought a competent list and knows how to use it.

>> No.41644618

>Toxicrenes can provide good cover saves
They only have Shrouded, which they can't share

>> No.41644622

But I thought their whole shtick was the melee swarm?

How is that possible?

>> No.41644631

>Amoured ramps open an eyeblonk later
>Amour blonk

>> No.41644639

if you would collect every single individual from each race and put them against each other on a single plain. who would win? i would guess nids because of the sheer numbers

>> No.41644642

>How is that possible?

>> No.41644657

>That looks really fucking good

It is. IMO, as a Mechanicus player, it's way too good. The number of points you save not having to shell out for upgrades gives you a significant advantage over the other player right out of the gate. While it does significantly limit what actual units you can field, none of them are tax units - even the ones a lot of people would view as poor are still entirely usable. You can just squeeze a War Conovocation into a 1500 point list, and at 2000 points it starts to get even sillier.

Blame the idiots GW has writing the rules these days. The man who wrote the previous Tyranid codex, when presented with mathematical evidence that Fleshborers were better than Spinefists despite Spinefists being a 1-point upgrade, replied with "that's your opinion."

The book is garbage. It isn't worth playing. My Tyranid army is currently shelved and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

>> No.41644696

>My Tyranid army is currently shelved and I don't expect that to change any time soon.
Out of curiosity, what fleet they are?

>> No.41644702

>The book is garbage. It isn't worth playing. My Tyranid army is currently shelved and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

Wow. Ok I won't get a battleforce then.

In all the posts I have ever seen you write, this has got to be the most negative one. Normally you are very optimistic with even bad armies.

Welp. That fucking sucks. I wish there was a good swarm army in the game atm. Maybe their next update will be a good one.

>> No.41644737

IG is pretty swarmy
so are demons

>> No.41644794

Custom. Fluffed as a splinter of Kraken.

>Normally you are very optimistic with even bad armies.

I will freely admit to being very bitter and jaded when it comes to my Tyranids, so in all fairness my opinion isn't unbiased. I want to play them, I want the army to work, but the book is so deeply and fundamentally flawed even before you take into account the wildly different power level between it and the other armies that they just aren't fun any more.

>I wish there was a good swarm army in the game atm.

Try Chaos Daemons. With Horrors constantly using Malefic Daemonology to summon in new units, the army can play quite an effective attrition game, which I've found can give them enough momentum to carry them into the enemy lines. They suffer from some of the same problems Tyranids do (fragile units, no assault grenades, etc) but their damage potential is much higher and tend to have built-in ways of mitigating these problems, while Tyranids get nothing.

>> No.41644852

Alright, thanks, I'll try that!

>> No.41644864


I'll take that as a yes then.

>> No.41644879


I remember a friend of mine started translated some of them into latin-ish for Astartes names a while back.

Big McLargeHuge = Maximus Magnus Vastus.

>> No.41644889


Oh, well if it's too strong, I don't want to play it. Playing with a buddy and don't want to steamroll him (He plays CSM Nurgle with a Demon Prince and Oblits).

Let's say I collect that for a tournament army. What would be a good ally army to field at 2k that is competitive but not overpowered?

Considering Inquisition (I just want to throw an Assassin in there for fun) or Space marines.

>> No.41644930

Honestly I can't give you too much detailed advice - I've never actually played a Psyker in DH.

A Culexus Assassin wouldn't be a bad pick, since the Mechanicus don't have any built-in psychic defense. Assassins are also taken on their own now, divorced from the Inquisition, so you can easily drop one into an army.

If Mechanicus armies have one weakness, it's that they don't have any transports and outside of a few Skitarii units tend to be pretty slow. You might want to consider allies that can help them out in that regard - some mechanised Imperial Guard, or possibly Marines on bikes.

>> No.41645062


Ok, thanks for the help! Appreciate it.

So--if I wanted to do a 30k army too, if I bought a couple units of marines and rhinos...and an HQ...I could eventually ally those in somewhere as well. Not looking for a list per say, just making sure I don't have dead purchases.

>> No.41645109


>> No.41645112


Oh also--for that War Convocation--what Knight do you suggest?

I'm digging on the Crusader right now.

>> No.41645210

"no longer available" is different to sold out. They could be kill.

>> No.41645243

I would assume so, but you'd have to use them as regular Marines, and not 30k Legiones Astartes if you wanted to run them alongside 40k Admech. Or that would be my assumption - I don't play 30k so can't say for sure.

Eldar can run reasonably viable melee armies, as can Dark Eldar via the Haemonculus Covens book. Pigeonholing them into 'shooty' armies doesn't seem right. Orks can also play the shooting game rather well if they choose.

Not having a Knight myself, I can't say. Forge World does do a couple of Admech themed Knights - I'd go for one of those, personally, just because they look the coolest and the fluff feels appropriate.

>> No.41645279

Orks are supposedly more numerous than nids, but that's only in actual numbers. Nids still have the spawning abilities to shit out a load more guys.

I'd say nids would be targeted more by the bigger share of the other races which could also run their numbers down too. It's hard to say really but the victors are either necrons nids or orks for sure.

>> No.41645362


>> No.41645642

correct me if I'm wrong, but shooty orks are about excessive amounts of inaccurate fire, while shooty eldar are about accurate, lethal, but short-ranged fire.

Also, look into dividing the orks/eldar/DE based on unit durability

>> No.41645727


Yes, but this looks more like a chart based around broad themes. It doesn't need to be divided any further than it already is - it just needed to have a category for armies which can't easily be pigeonholed into "shooty" or "fighty".

>> No.41645744



Not this shit again...

>> No.41645772

You want marines or grey Knights

GKs would be a fun/fluff choice because you already have an Inquisitor. Crunch wise the gk librarians are great utility and GK terminators are good melee with the ability to tote decent heavy firepower. Also dreadknights.

For marines you could go full ODST and stick your scions in drop pods

>> No.41645796

If someone cares. heres one with the chapters too

>> No.41645847

>Iron first
No jokes please

>Vanilla SM
who actually calls them this instead of vanilla marines?

>> No.41645862

why are CSM satanic? Satan doesn't exist in 40k.

>> No.41645880

>still meme-hating ultramarines in 2015
they want to be tactical space romans but can't

>> No.41645895

See if anyone has the cohort mechanicus formation pdf. It's not "free upgrades" good, but is still very good because it gives all adm/ski units in formation both canticles and imperatives....

>> No.41645904


>> No.41645920

>Iron fists
I don't get this joke. You know the chapter is the Iron Hands right?

>> No.41645945

>want to play Salamanders
>only way to get enough heavy flamers is Devastators
This seems like a terrible idea.

>> No.41645975

totally mixed up imperial first and iron hands unconsioucly.
whatever, people will still know what i mean

>> No.41645980

"Heresy?" Should really be "Xenos?" then break it down into horde (nids, daemons (yeah daemons can go elite but so can the rest) and orks) vs elite. Then you can use "weeaboo?" to cut crons off then edgy/fishy for deldar and tau.

>> No.41645995

>imperial first
fucking brit posters, you keep doing this

>> No.41645997

Get promethium pipes, enjoy your torrent. Also mass TL dual heavy flamer ironclads

>> No.41646022

After typing the word imperial we always drift off to dreaming about better times.

>> No.41646057


One battleforged army = Any number of Detachments + any number of Formations
One unbound army = Any number of Army List Entries + any number of Formations

One Detachment = one Combined Arms Detachment or one Allied Detachment or one army-specific Detachment or one Mega-Detachment
One Formation = one army-specific Formation fulfilling all required Army List Entries and restrictions
One Mega-Detachment (not official name, see Decurion/Gladius Strike Force/etc.) = army-specific but generally 1+ or 1-X Core, 0-X Command, 1+ or 1-X Auxiliary
One Core/Command/Auxiliary = one Formation or one Army List Entry

One Combined Arms Detachment = one Faction consisting of these Force Organisation slots: 1-2 HQ, 0-3 Elite, 2-6 Troops, 0-3 Fast Attack, 0-3 Heavy Support
One Allied Detachment = one Faction consisting of these Force Organisation slots: 1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 1-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support [ALLIED DETACHMENT CAN'T BE SAME FACTION AS THE DETACHMENT WITH YOUR WARLORD IN IT]

One Faction = all Army List Entries from one codex, supplements count as the codex they're based on, many exceptions exist
One Force Organisation slot = generally one Army List Entry, some Army List Entries don't take up Force Organisation slots based on conditions, some can take multiple Army List Entries in one Force Organisation slot
One Army List Entry = one unit as depicted and chosen in its codex

>> No.41646151

You should expand from yes/no answers.

For instance, "robots?" yes -> admech, no -> IG, describes admech well but doesn't really describe IG.
Instead you can have "robots or conscripts and tanks?" robots -> admech, conscripts and tanks -> IG, which describes both of them while still being succinct.

>> No.41646185

>caring about a joke chart
why dont you guys complain more about the
space marine branch. its even more fucked up
than the xenos branch

>> No.41646262

If you're not just spamming OP shit and you're trying to make a balanced/ fluffy army, which is better, Orks or Nids?

>> No.41646271

A guy is looking to buy some of my old Eldar stuff.

2 Vypers, 1 Falcon, and 3 of the late 2nd Edition era metal Wraithlords.

He's offering $60CAD (which is about $45USD).
Fair deal? I don't want to rip anyone off nor do I want to be ripped off myself.

>> No.41646375

The CAD is really that weak right now? Shit I might want to plan a trip to Montreal...

As far as fair price. You could try to push it a little higher. But it also depends on whether the models are damaged and/or painted

>> No.41646390

DE are neither weeaboo nor exclusively shooty.

>> No.41646434

try for 100 CAD. thats 35% of the price if you would go and buy the shit from GW

>> No.41646476

It's not a very funny joke, but it could be a decent image to repost whenever noobs come in and ask what army they should pick

>> No.41646698

I'm reading through the tyranid codex now, and aside from the obvious overly expensive shit everyone mentions, the word "bio" makes it to the front of nearly every word. It actually starts affecting the writing as I can't remember what half the shit does as all I see is fucking "bio."

Also, whoever thought that the term "bio artefact" was a- ok deserves to get raped. The description doesn't even make fucking sense, as it implies that the ultimate evolutionary organism cannot replicate creatures and limbs that IT FUCKING DESIGNED.

>> No.41646738

Tyranid artefacts really should have been called bio mutations or something similar that hints at it being a freak thing. Even that that goes against the fluff a little too though.

>> No.41646774

Tyranids for me. Orks are the least fluff-friendly army in 40k despite having such rich and awesome fluff. Dedicating into one klan is difficult with the lack of characters and upgrades

With Tyranids i play Fleet Behemoth, The focus is big monsters, but i'm never nidzilla, i take a balance of gaunts and monsters.

With Orks i go Kult of Speed, but it's gutted so heavily i honestly don't touch the army these days. I'm just waiting for them to delete Zhadsnark come the next IA update.

I feel you could maybe pull off Goffs, Evil sunz, or Bad moons as they have formations and units that fit nicely. Blood axe / Savage orks could work model-wise, but need to be proxied as like Kroot or daemons.

>> No.41646823


Can Nids compete in this edition? What do you normally take?

>> No.41646843

Aberrant mutations I think has a nice ring to it.

Also, why are hormagaunts and shrikes so fucking expensive??? And ripper swarms? Look at the stats! They die to a stiff breeze!

Why is there so much expensive shit that has lousy toughness and a shitty save!?

>> No.41646847

>Dedicating into one klan is difficult with the lack of characters and upgrades
That's not that fluffy really. More times than less all clans put aside differences (as much as possible) and get together once a WAAAGH! is on.

The kult of speed and freebootas are really the 'clans' that work alone fluff wise.

>> No.41647064

One of the endless things that annoys me about the book is how all of the new guns are called *something*cannons.

Drool Cannons.
Rupture Cannons.
Impaler Cannons.
Stranglethorn Cannons.

Compared to the old, evocative names like Fleshborer, Devourer, Flamespurt, etc, they're just so boring.

Interestingly, one of the hoax 'rumours' leading up to the Tyranid release suggested the "Bio-artefacts" were actually going to be called "Apex Biomorphs", which fits much better.

>> No.41647194

spam flyrants with brain leech devourers

literally take the combined arms Detachment
fill the 2 troop slots with 2 mucolid spores
and the 2 hq slots with flyrants
and continue as long as you fill up the point limit.

>> No.41647296

>Drool Cannon
>Shoots digestive acid

>> No.41647331

GW is really limiting their vocabulary. The amount of "storm" stuff is pretty ridiculous.

Could be called drool spitter/launcher/enveloper/engulfer instead.

>> No.41647380

Well i can't really comment too well, i don't play to win and everyone i play is kind of casual gaming as well.

I take a Flyrant to lead my army, because he's the old model and always had high-elf dragon wings. I give him brainleech for shooting, or the Reaper relic for when i need to fight a Daemon Prince.

I like Raveners a lot, they always do well if you hide them in cover and use their quick movement. Trygon prime with Miasma cannon for popping up and deleting snipers and anything that hides in cover. Biovores are a hidden gem and will wreck Tau or Skittari

I take 2-3 Carnifexes no upgrades, and a dropod with Zoanthropes, and some Hive-guard for fighting armor.

Units i would avoid would be shit like Haruspex, Maleceptor, Harpies (Though i think both fliers are shit and look terrible) things that just occupy space and don't have a real role, with Tyranids every unit has to count and achieve something, no dead weight allowed.

>> No.41647382

yes, use them as cheap HQ for the Lionsblade and stop whining.

>> No.41647420

>Could be called drool spitter/launcher/enveloper/engulfer instead.
It shouldn't be called drool-anything. The "weapon" has nothing to do with drool

>> No.41647441

Is it easy to convert Tyranid hormagaunts into Termigaunts? Thinking of buying the Tyranid swarm bundle but I don't actually have any use for hormagaunts.

>> No.41647465

I noticed that too actually. Between that and "bio," I just can't keep a track of shit.

Are there any good tyranid books out there? Ones that capture the cosmic horror feel of the bugs?

>> No.41647484


Is it possible to run Tyranid Warriors, Genestealers, and Flyrants?

>> No.41647501

It looks to me like a funnel that just pours out the acid when the "fingers" that hold the acid sacks squeeze them, not some big push, it's a slow dribble that hits like acid rain in my mind.

>> No.41647517

>Is it easy to convert Tyranid hormagaunts into Termigaunts?
You use the extra 80 weapon bits you get from the box? Spine fists are the easiest but all of them fit

>> No.41647572

>Drool cannons fire gobbets of caustic digestive juice over their victims.
Think what you will, its not like there's real fluff to go by anyway

>> No.41647625

>Is it possible to run Tyranid Warriors, Genestealers, and Flyrants?
Have you even looked at the codex?

>> No.41647645

I'm just saying it how I see it, the fluff doesn't really go for or against what I think. The gobbets line could be more in line with the acid rain idea I have though.

>> No.41647665


That's perfect.

>> No.41647683

>the fluff doesn't really go for or against what I think.
And that's what I said. Tyranids are the head-canon faction of the game because there isn't enough good fluff to go by

>> No.41647738


Uh yes. I'm asking if it's viable not if it's possible.

>> No.41647827

People got that rule wrong? In the year that I've played, and the 80+ games that I've played I have yet to see someone do that wrong.

>> No.41647881

Flyrants are a staple of competitive Tyranid lists, but only as flying shooting platforms with two pairs of Brainleech Devourers. If you want to try running a melee Flyrant, there's the Skytyrant Swarm, which is a Flyrant and two broods of Gargoyles rolled together into a single big unit. The big mob of ablative wounds certainly helps the Flyrant get into combat, but because it's a Formation, it doesn't take up an HQ choice - so you're going to have to bring along a non-Troops Terivgon, another Tyrant, or a tax Tyranid Prime.

Genestealers suffer massively from Overwatch and a lack of assault grenades. Compared to other dedicated melee units in the game, they don't even hit all that hard any more - two WS6 St4 rending attacks just isn't terribly impressive these days.

Warriors are extremely difficult to run as anything other than small, cheap fire support/backup synapse units. Three with a Barbed Strangler costs 100 points and can sit back on an objective, spitting out a pieplate every turn and stopping other rear line units like Biovores or Exocrines from suffering IB. Anything more than that is a waste of time and points. Warriors can be pretty scary in combat, but you have to pour a huge amount of points into them, and that's just asking for the unit to be cut down in a shower of St8 shots/blasts.

>> No.41647888

Just getting back into the game, the wound allocation part seems pretty fucking confusing.

So...a unit of marines with a plasma gun and bolters roll up on another group of marines. Is this right?

Active player elects to use bolters first. Rolls hits, wounds, enemy rolls saves. Removes casualties from front.

Aha! That did the trick, now the IC in that group of marines is the closest guy! I roll two plasma guns, hit twice, wound twice. Now the enemy IC must roll two individual Look Out Sir! rolls, fails one.

So he takes a save (If he has an Inv.) and the closest marine to him is dead.

Is that right?

>> No.41647939


Thanks anon! That's a let down, those were the only units drawing me back to the Nids. Looks like I'll pass.

>> No.41647943

That's correct, yes. It can be a bit of a chore if you're firing a unit with lots of different types of weapon, or firing at a squad that includes several troops with varying saves, but you can use the position of your unit and the order you fire in to try and pick off special weapons and characters rather than having to kill every member of the squad first.

>> No.41648019

You people actually find this confusing?

>> No.41648020


Esh, that's kind of what we found when we played...rolling wounds was kind of a pain in the ass. We tried to fast dice where possible but still.

From our initial games 40k seems waaaayyy more shooting oriented than I remember. Overwatch coupled with random charge seemed to make it really rough on the melee units.

>> No.41648044


Not often do you see TFG out himself on the internet. Well done chap.

>> No.41648076

It's faster if you take look out sirs after the save rolls, but some see that as a bit cheaty. For the most part it's the same result in the end anyway though.

>> No.41648085

Random charges aren't really a problem - it gives you a chance to pull off charges that they normally couldn't. Units with Fleet can regularly charge 8"-9" thanks to their re-rolls.

Shooting is much more dominant though. Overwatch itself isn't that bad. It mainly hurts fragile shock units like Wyches or Genestealers, which don't have the saves to tank the hits or the bodies to absorb the casualties. But ranged weapons have become much more powerful, Ignores Cover much more common, and directional casualty removal means that footslogging melee armies are going to lose several inches of ground every turn which can delay them getting into combat even longer.

>> No.41648240


>> No.41648264

>not going down with the ship

>> No.41648283

Abaddon thread!?

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