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Fucking kek.

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Theres a fine line between gathering hunting supplies and capturing, hog tying a doe, and then pleasuring it into submission with a vibrating sex toy for no good reason.

This line is whether or not the resulting supplies work.

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They... think deer orgasm...?

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I don't think they gave a fuck about the science of it.

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Don't ever do this again.

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Only if you do it right.

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Heard the same about women, think its legit?

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What did they... do wrong?

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The blood texture on the sword was horrible.

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See you later, space cowboy.

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>Telepath - mentally moves objects

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>3.5 Is Stupid Edition

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Every time I see one of these Sesame Street images in a filename thread it's fucking awful. Please stop.

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Usually, yes, but that particular one was more pertinent than I expected, and actually funny.

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Okay that one's pretty good

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I'd like to think I'm secure in my /tg/ lore, but I failed my roll.

Can some one explain this?

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>trust nobody not even yourself

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The pic is of a Sega Gensis with 32X and a whole boatload of "Sonic & Knuckles" cartridges stacked up (S&K accepted plug-in cartridges -- you plugged in your Sonic2 or Sonic3 in order to play as Knuckles).

I think it's supposed to be a crack about flurry of blows and how basically monks punch things lots of times using their knuckles.

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Okay, let's do thi-
>Thread subject
Never mind, obvious bait is obvious.

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Fuck that shit, potential damage to knees is no laughing matter.

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>not wearing shoes

He had it coming.

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Just like my Japanese AVs.

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That hit calf and the leg bent backwards as it is designed to. Potential damage to knee is virtually non-existant. Might have broken his shin, but that's about it.

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>A broken shin is nothing to worry about

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I was thinking twisting/tearing the other one, since his weight is suddenly all on one leg and pivoting with the momentum of the car.

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>VtM sabbat game

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...This is seriously freaking me out.

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Three priests are driving down a highway
A cop pulls them over at an intersection
When he looks in he says: "oh, sorry father, we're looking for a group of child molesters"
The driver says "one moment" and speaks to the other priests, then looks back at the cop and says"okay, we'll do it"

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Somewhere in my mind Flurry of Blows was up there but I wasn't sure.

God damnit.

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>Over 20 lbs of Knuckles

God fucking dammit I lol'd

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In my defense, the title is specifically related to the image, because 3.5 allows you to be a Were-Murder of Crows.

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20 men had tried to take him, 20 men had made the slip, 21 would be the man who liked to punch things with his fist.

Punch things with his fiiiiiiiiist~

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I like his expression in this pic

>goddammit, I spent so much time killing monsters I forgot to get supper started.

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>radical larry




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I'm gonna need some help /tg/. This is the only thread it won't be too much off topic.

A while back, I saw a .webm video pass by. It was a video clip of some acrobatic fight in a snowy bamboo forest between an man with a sword and a woman with a spear. Desperately trying to find i, without succes as of yet.

If anyone can do something with that description, I'd be most grateful.

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House of Flying Daggers?

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No, it was japanese, not chinese, though thanks for the effort.

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i dun geddit

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chuckled heartily. thanks anon

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Is this what you were looking for?

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House cats had a stat block in 3.5 somewhere, which included a melee weapon to represent their claws. Thanks to damage rules in 3.5, specifically that an attack cannot deal less than 1 damage, it was statistically likely that a cat would kill a commoner (whose average HP would be 3 thanks to a negative Constitution modifier and a low hit die, and whose combat ability meant the chances of them hitting a cat in combat were very low) in 3 rounds.

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YES. thank you so much anon.

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You should watch Animatrix.

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And that's how Snoop was arrested in Sweden.

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>Cars are powered by Dinosaurs

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What is this from?

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Should've been >1ED wizard slaughterer.jpg
Thanks for clarifying tho

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Tales of Xillia I think.

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Image search gives me nothing.
Where's this from?

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Couldn't find the webm but

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No problem anon
Actually had someone seriously ask me how to do that. I wanted to slap the fuck out of him.

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Kamen rider wizard.

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How to do what?

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"How does stacking templates on animal companions work?" Was the exact question. It smacked of such power-gameyness that I wanted to hit him

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Oh shutter speeds, will you ever cease to amuse?

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It's because the sword is a mod, and it is based on a model larger than the actual sword. Don't know why the mod maker did that, since there are plenty of swords that size in the game, but there we go.

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>Not GWfliersinreallife

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They. Multiple people. As per >>41545912

You blind mong.

Also fuck you I will only use male, female, and plural pronouns for single-person designations.

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Needs a name.

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>Druid/Bard Multiclass

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I dunno mang. 'Focus on the cat's vagina' is pretty self-explanatory.

Focus on the cat's vagina.

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>whose average HP would be 3 thanks to a negative Constitution modifier and a low hit die

Actually their average HP would be 2, due to a neutral Constitution modifier (CON 10, so +0) and a d4 hit die that they do not get max of at 1st level due to them being NPCs (so they roll the d4, the average result of which is 2 since in D&D 3.X/PF you ALWAYS round down fractions)

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I'm pretty sure their problem is with the ellipses.
People dislike ellipses around here.

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...Aaand here I can't help but see the blur at Soraka's groin height to be her own package.


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I thought Commoners had 8's across the board?

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No, in 3.5 a human commoner has 10s across the board. This gives the a BAB of +0, an average of 2 HP, base saves of +0, a total of 12 skill points (8 from class (2 + INT (0), x4 for being 1st level), 4 from being human), and 1 feat, usually either one of the +2/+2 skill feats, or else Skill Focus (+3 to a given skill).

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All righty, then I should change the filename to 1DeadCommonerEveryRound. Works for me

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What's going on here?

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Look at that ammo cache.

But he only found two bullets.

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You get a whooping two bullets from the big pile of bullets.

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Can anyone give me a quick guide on how to make those images where the thumbnail and the full picture are completely different?

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Not... really.

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You could at least try to keep it /tg/ related.

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This killed me.

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>Players ignore your plot hooks.webm

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/tg/'s always played Mass Effect.

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>Demon prince of Nurgle

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The fact that people who play traditional games also often play video games does not make video games /tg/.

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I've seen some pretty fucked up shit posted here on 4chan, too.

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/tg/ has always allowed video games in small amounts. Especially if those games are RPGs or strategy-related.
It's only the recent influx of newfags like you that don't know that.

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well this house is pretty much ruined. Time to burn it down and rebuild.

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>Make the 'full' image's dimensions some proportion of the thumbnail dimensions (twice the height/width, three or four times, etc.)
>Turn the top-left(?) pixel of each 2x2 (or 3x3, or 4x4, or...) group into the one from the 'thumbnail' image
Probably a program for that, too.

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Why is he blowing a dildo on a video about pepsi?

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he's supposed to be puking; the picture is a tab blurry.

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>he thinks stating a fact is bait

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>Both attorneys have obviously entered into a secret pact--complete with hats, handshakes and cryptic words--to draft their pleadings entirely in crayon on the back sides of gravy-stained paper place mats, in the hope that the Court would be so charmed by their child-like efforts that their utter dearth of legal authorities in their briefing would go unnoticed. Whatever actually occurred, the Court is now faced with the daunting task of deciphering their submissions. With Big Chief tablet readied, thick black pencil in hand, and a devilmay-care laugh in the face of death, life on the razor's edge sense of exhilaration, the Court begins.

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>With Big Chief tablet readied, thick black pencil in hand, and a devilmay-care laugh in the face of death, life on the razor's edge sense of exhilaration, the Court begins.

This sounds like the opening to the best series since the original Law & Order

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Underrated post

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Horrifying actually.

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Wasn't this the other way originally?

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No. That guy also got stuck upside down there and died. They couldn't get him out so they sealed the cave, with his body left in there.

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Oh, there's worse shit. See a lot of sealife have nervous systems or musculature that react kind of automatically to salinity. So a whole bunch of Asian countries have some form of food that literally goes "cut the brain out of something, then pour soy sauce on it and eat it as the corpse spasms down your throat".

It doesn't even taste good. They eat it to feel the death-spasm.

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Why is East Asia so fucked up?

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Where can I learn more about this?

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If I'm right, Soy Sauce on squid does it, since the salt in the sauce makes the thing freak the fuck out. People always think they are eating live squid, but they aren't.
As for taste, well, if you like whole squid, then good I guess. I can't say I ever tried whole squid before.

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>For the love of God, Meowntressor!

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Thanks bro

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It's a salt water/ions on the muscles trick, innit?

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>Not Chaotic Neutral

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I need to rename this, something about having a character with obscene resource allocation abilities...

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Rogue trader deals with loud neighbors?

>> No.41552751

The Continental?

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>buying items without roleplaying it

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Took me a minute.


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That fucking kid.

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I like how the kid and that guy on the left look like they are shrugging at each other.

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>Why are we fighting for this guy again?
>I don't know.
>>Quiet you two, I'm terrorizing our enemies!

>> No.41553067

just reflexes, probably. like chicken running around after you cut their head

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Shit like this is why I really need to work on my kamen rider backlog. What even is the context for this?

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There was a chicken that got it's head cut off and kept on living. Seems they didn't get enough of the "lizard" brain in the spine and kept it alive by feeding it seed a grain at a time. Eventually it ended up choking on a seed.

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can i live that way?

>> No.41553265

Go give it a try and tell us how it works out.

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this is fucking great

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Oh god, I didn't ask for these feels.

Just had to give my cat to my ex because me mum's apartments don't allow animals. I know she'll do good by it, but the first time I'd cried in years was because I had to get rid of the cat.


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Fuck your moon runes they won't even translate.

>Go to heaven of the road , it is responsible for all

I am about 80% sure that is not what you said.

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>> No.41553343

These two can.

>> No.41553368

It's a HBV, IIRC

>> No.41553372

>the sidereal returns to Yu Shan after his defeat.webm

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why in the fuck are these two reteards all over 4chan. every day, on every board, multiple threads of retarded children. why?

>> No.41553548


Every. Single. Time.

Sup fellow /m/an. Thanks for the keks

>> No.41553558


Or something

>> No.41553576

>people post what they can relate to


>that's my fetish

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>fedora space horse

>> No.41553608

>> No.41553732

No a problem. Consider it a standard thing I do, when I find one of these threads.

>> No.41553733

That's actually a really good idea for an atheist paladin.

The god of good and justice has actually been giving him his powers all along but he doesn't know it because said god doesn't want to mess with his worldviews

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>> No.41553858

Kekd again, m8. Fucking Micchy.


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Fucking ducks. They're like the seagulls of the avian world.

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>> No.41553907

>> No.41553913

Is there something I'm missing here?

>> No.41553918

what are seagulls then?

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>> No.41553955

Ducks are masters of water land and air. If they could operate a lighter they would achieve avatar state and be unstoppable.

>> No.41553956

Duck dick. They are barbed, and are in a spiral shape because duck vagina is also in a spiral shape. Sometimes said vagina has false passages and dead ends.

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>> No.41553968

Pigeons of the sky.

>> No.41554012

>there we meet again, vagina labirinth
>my archnemesis

>> No.41554028

>Not the pic I wanted, but it'll suffice

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>> No.41554079

That is not dead which can eternal fly...

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where's the machine gun?

>> No.41554126

Ha! passed my perception check!

>> No.41554192

See all those knights in armor, wielding swords? It's CLEARLY a medieval setting of some kind, there aren't going to be any machine guns or any guns for that matter.

>dipshit trips

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>> No.41554225

instantly reminded me of this


fuck ducks and their rape spirals

>> No.41554235

>are you kidding me, you cunt? either way, you're a cunt, fucking hell.

>> No.41554548


Zeus would react with a high-five, and his approval would fill Herc with shame.

>> No.41554580

Is that Superman in the background?

>> No.41554591


Doge please

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>> No.41554692

The big guy played football at a local highschool next to where I grew up. Native Americans can be gigantic.

>> No.41554722


>> No.41554817

No ones better at a face punch competition then an American!

>> No.41554836

>> No.41554862


Is that Constanza in drag on the right there?

>> No.41554864

No its the super dog scout cheat

>> No.41554934

Christ, that white guy was just so much more built than the Asian one. It almost seemed unfair to the Asian guy.

>> No.41555030


More correct than you might think.

The majority of duck sex is rape, facilitated by their incredible spring-loaded corkscrew penises.

It's like a crazy sexual arms race.

>> No.41555043

This is what happens. This is what happens when your species decides rape is the preferred strategy for reproduction.

>> No.41555079


Honestly its a fascinating story.

1). Kids are born with only part of a brain, making it fairly arguable that they aren't even human
2). Parents have gone full retard or crazy and decide to raise what amounts to a really realistic doll
3). On top of 2 they also post lots of videos and pictures of them. And get really mad when you point out that they have about the same mental capability as a fish

Plus some people get really mad when you point out that they're barely alive

>> No.41555108

Ducks have kind of evolved evolutionarly backwards. With the females evolving traits that make it HARDER to mate. And the males in turn have to evolve even harder methods to rape. Explosive penile launch? So they can enter fast and deep into the vaginal labyrinth. The spikes? Either to scoop out contenders semen or cause vaginal damage preventing further males attempt to copulate.

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>> No.41555140

never heard of hoodies? A celtic shapeshifter thing I think

>> No.41555197

On the other hand, it goes a long way to explain how you could have evil only races. I mean their biology literally demands atrocities committed in the name of procreation, hard to imagine any race not being evil when the majority of all offspring are created through horror.

>> No.41555293

Those are actually some really good prices.

It's a pain in the ass to find toffee nubs in most stores, so I'd be willing to settly for Approximately Toffee Nubs instead.

>> No.41555300

>With the females evolving traits that make it HARDER to mate.
I suspect this is a means for the females to exercise greater control over who they breed with; presumably, successfully mating becomes easier if the female is actively cooperating. So the corkscrew vagina is a means of preventing unwanted rape babies.
But then again, I'm not a duck genitalia expert.

>> No.41555369

Almost all animal biology demands such horrors. We just have become numb to it. The nids have just reached such a point where the normal things of nature become horrific when applied to a large scale. I mean, what do they do? Kill consume and reproduce as any other animal. Even some of the horrific ways they kill things is not unique. Sure the way they go about delivering them often is. But the principles are as old as life itself. You got stuff like star fish that vomit their stomach out which they then use to dissolve its prey and slurp back up, to venomous animals that liquefy their food. To just plain ol claws and teeth rending food limb from limb. Species that evolve to crush shelled creatures is not much different then crushing a tank full of tasty organics inside.

>> No.41555376

Isn't there a bug that procreates by covering a spike with cum and violently piercing the armoured thorax of the female?

>> No.41555406

>preventing unwanted rape babies.

All duck babies are rape babies.

That's because ducks don't have sex, they have rape. Sometimes it's violent rape, sometimes it's underwater rape, hell, sometimes the male ducks realize that the female is fleeing while they fight, and they go double vaginal on her for twice the raping power.

Ducks are one of the only creatures we know of that will rape another member of their species to death, then rape the corpse just to get their rocks off one more time.

>> No.41555480

And will even do it to dead males for roughly 0% reproductive advantage.

>> No.41555491

Underated post.

>> No.41555494

Yep. Documented cases of homosexual necrophilia. Unique in the animal kingdom.

>> No.41555519


I see a lot more of this than I would expect. No Norweigans or Danes either, just Swedes.

Why is this?

>> No.41555544

Is that how you reach the Drow?

>> No.41555569

I've heard about that, can't remember which bug it is though.

I know some flatworms will do a kinda swirling rape dance until one (or both) manage to stab the other with their dick. The stabbee goes on to bear flatworm babies

>> No.41555581

>all this talk of duck dicks and duck rape
Oh, /tg/, how I love thee.

>> No.41555598

Welp, I quit the internet for tonight..

>> No.41555623

Snail kind of does that. Love dart filled with sperm and hormones that renders the target a female and the one forced to bear the children.

>> No.41555639


>> No.41555813

>> No.41555865

>> No.41555873

Well this thread was funny and now it's sad.

>> No.41555880

That's metal as fuck.

>> No.41555908

>> No.41555916

Bedbugs do this.

>> No.41555936


>literally beaten blind
so that's what that looks like.

>> No.41555944

>> No.41555988

Took me a second to get it. Good show, old sport.

>> No.41555993

Do they turn into a swarm, or a single bird? It's the swarm part that gets me.

>> No.41556004

If you've been to Malmö, you'll know why.

>> No.41556006


>> No.41556101


>> No.41556118

Bedbugs do that. Here, have some more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traumatic_insemination

>> No.41556228

Because Sweden is dumping in loads of Immigrants to try and look better. They literally take anyone and try their hardest to accommodate to them. They don't get jobs and get free housing from the government most of the time.
Ex-cons get dumped there by the boatloads and end up committing more rape and murder. Malmo has 41% of the "diversity" that they wanted, and is now considered by some the rape-capital of of Sweden, which IS the rep-capital of Europe.
So, yeah, there's a lot of resentment towards the left for this.

>> No.41556262

I am facinated, but not aroused.

not this time.

>> No.41556263

>rape-capital of of Sweden
Well have you even looked at Swedish girls before?

Shit, I'd probably be pushing that statistic up another point if I was in Sweden.

>> No.41556304


>> No.41556321

makes sense.

>> No.41556329


>Meanwhile sweden men are getting cucked down to Anthony Burch level

My condolences

>> No.41556331

They're too stretched out by now.

>> No.41556360

Good thing that's not how pussies actually work.

>> No.41556367


>> No.41556389

They do, but you are sort of right. They also tear.

>> No.41556392


One of the Animatrix short films

>> No.41556407

>> No.41556432

>Axe hooked over the shoulder like that

Holy shit, that's the only time I've seen that sort of back mounting make sense.

>> No.41556480

Looks Like the P.T. demo.

>> No.41556495

Nigger, that's PT.

>tfw you'll never get to play it now
>tfw someone might make a PT mod for Allison Road in the future
>tfw it'll get big and Konami will shut it down

>> No.41556634

Artificial diversity rarely works well, unfortunately. I won't go into full /pol/ and start raving about minorities and women stealing our jobs, but it still rustles my jimmies when an obviously superior candidate doesn't get a job just because management where looking to increase the females in the workforce or whatever.

>> No.41556642


>> No.41556750

Though I understand the logic, usually someone underprepared getting the job is actually really rare. You have to think that most social notions and behaviours are produced by inertia, and prefering male non-immigrant candidates is the standard, and by no logical reasons, just by mere inertia or prejudice, even when they are indeed under prepared than other candidates.

By "forcing" (rewarding) people to hire non-male and non-national candidates, what you creates is a situation in which those prejudice (immigrant and women are unreliable/worse than national men) start disappearing, and after a while there would be no need for those laws.

I understand that they are, indeed, positive discrimination, but the end will create a better situation. And statistics shows both that this actually works, and that it is still necessary.

>> No.41556797

>And statistics shows
Link to studies?

>> No.41556851

Reminds me of my Fate of the Norns game.

>> No.41556933

>Link to studies?
And then the rest of the thread is filled with back and forth about how he doesn't need to show proof, we just need to Listen and Believe.

>> No.41556963

at least yours is alive, we lost ours this year... the day he was fading I brought him to my room and lounged with him, I didn't even notice when he went stiff until another noted it, I wrapped him up and put him in a box and sobbed, it was not dignified or anything, I bawled like a toddler for a solid 5 minutes, buried him myself in the yard that night

>> No.41556965

I have been looking up the internet a little bit, and I found these stats for the employment of male and female in the US right now.


As you can see, the employment-population ratio is 10 points higher on male than on female, but, as you can see on this link
women are the mayority of the US undergraduate population, so the difference on employment is not based upon skills or knowledge.

I am looking the change on employment rate by gender from the past 20 years, but it's 7 am in the morning and this is neither my country nor my native language, so excuse me if I fail to do so.

>> No.41557014

Also, as you can see in this Wikipedia article
a woman earns 77% of what a man earns doing the same exact job (stats from 2009). So even when they are underemployed, whenever they are hired, they end up gaining a less than a man.

>> No.41557052

You don't unlock those until after the Battle for Bladehenge.

>> No.41557086

I'm still looking for stats. Is anyone there, or do I stop and go to sleep?

>> No.41557110

>not catching the AoE2 reference
In AoE2 there's a classic cheat that spawns that exact car with a machine gun. IIRC, it's "how do you turn this on" in chat.

>need a good name for this webm

>> No.41557133

Proven false by every single legitimate study and dismissed by every economist.

That statistic is based on the amount they make IN AGGREGATE, it is not based on men and women in the same jobs. Meaning that because women often choose lesser paying jobs (Read:CHOOSE, they are not forced) they will make less than men, because men work longer hours, take fewer vacations, put up with worse conditions and are more likely to get promotions because of it. The "pay gap" is not between genders, it is between engineers and art majors, doctors and nurses, coal miners and gender studies degrees.
Saying they get paid less for the same job is a blatant lie, it is literally illegal, it is illegal on a federal level, any company that even attempted this would be hauled into court after their first federal audit.

Stop spreading this fake statistic, all it does is spread fear and keep women scared of fake boogeymen.

>> No.41557151

Wikipedia isn't a citation.

And also that's not what the 77% myth stipulates. What it says is that women as a group make .77 cents for every dollar men as a group earn, which could mean all kinds of stuff.

It's also illegal to pay a woman less for identical work to a man. And furthermore, if it wasn't, and people could get away with it, corporations would hire women exclusively and save 23% on paid salary.

>> No.41557161

Someone seriously needs to mod that car into Assassin's Creed 3.

Instantly make that game 10x better.

>> No.41557163

>Stop spreading this fake statistic, all it does is spread fear and keep women scared of fake boogeymen.
why would they stop, that's exactly what they want

>> No.41557165

>(Read:CHOOSE, they are not forced)
Choosing, when it comes to jobs, is not that true actually. When you have to work to live, you end up being forced. It's the same reason why working 12 hours for 600€ per month is not a "choice".

>> No.41557184

Who? The Illuminati?

>> No.41557188

>Read: CHOOSE, they are not forced
Exactly how much choice they actually have can be debated; subtle social pressures are a thing.

>> No.41557189

Whenever I see anything about the pay gap there never seems to anything even close to a consensus from the studies, some say women get 77 cent per dollar a man does, some 95, others $1.24, I assume this is partially due to which factors they take into consideration.
Plus those stats are half a decade old.

>> No.41557190

>And furthermore, if it wasn't, and people could get away with it, corporations would hire women exclusively and save 23% on paid salary.
fucking this.

you can't argue
>A: that women make less salary than men for the same work
>B: that women are under-represented in high-paying fields
simultaneously, because A would lead to the opposite of B.

>> No.41557202

I'd rather not derail the thread with my tinfoil tear assumptions on the matter any further

>> No.41557204

Feminist networks within academia and journalism. Silverstring Media, for one. Basically a bunch of for-profit scammers trying to make money by perpetuating the need for myths like that.

>> No.41557219

Yes but it isn't as if that is an issue that only women face, wage slavery and the inelasticity of a job are issue both sides face, arguably men more as there is a greater pressure to be the one who brings home the bread.

>> No.41557231

>> No.41557239

>Plus those stats are half a decade old.
Well, yeah, I know they are pretty updated. But I was talking about the use that positive discrimination could have on the employment trend, and the need to change the trend, so 5-6 years is not that much.

>> No.41557246

"positive discrimination" is just discrimination against someone else.

>> No.41557257

>arguably men more as there is a greater pressure to be the one who brings home the bread.
But changing that trend is exactly what the law tries. Which is the reason why feminism (not trumbl feminism, but regular, reasonable feminism) is about everyone, not only women.

>> No.41557269

Then explain why women are the majority of college and university acceptees, get better grades, have the overwhelming majority of government programs supporting them, are incentivized to go into high paying stem fields by said government and other programs and STILL choose to become nurses and teachers instead of doctors and engineers?

You have no legs to stand on, women have everything stacked in their favor to be getting high paying jobs but they choose to take lower pay instead because the job is easier or more comfortable. Men prefer working more for more money, women prefer working less for more freetime. There is nothing wrong with either of those, but you can't have both.

>> No.41557275

10 times 0 is still 0, anon.

kidding, while they were hilariously historically inaccurate, the patriot's hats were fabulous enough to save that game.

>> No.41557292

wuv woo, anon

>> No.41557296

Let's not forget that society literally subsidizes women at the expense of men. More than makes up for a lower average paycheck.

>> No.41557316

>working less for more freetime

>> No.41557329


oh my god, shut up. just shut up. go somewhere else to argue about gender politics. as fucked as they are this is not the place to argue about them.

>> No.41557336

We were talking about a social trend in which white males are picked over other candidates, and you come here and tell me that there are fewer women on higher-payed jobs just to dismiss it?

Because, you know, making the quick assumption that there are fewer women on higher positions because they are lazy, even when they are getting better grades, is just blatant stupid.

>> No.41557349

Better grades do not equate to a better work ethic.

>> No.41557357

I am sorry. I just wanted to keep it on the statistics to show someone that his data were wrong. I should have seen this coming.

>> No.41557358

>> No.41557370

It's been three threads. People aren't laughing.

>> No.41557375

Are you implying that women have better grades because they suck dicks?

>> No.41557392

No I'm not, don't be chauvinist. I'm implying that just because you excel in a standardized environment does not mean that it carries over into the real world.

>> No.41557401

I am.

What game is this?

>> No.41557442

at least your kitty died with dignity, I gave her intravenous medication by putting an IV of bullshit into her back every night for a couple weeks. Eventually she was just so weak she hid under my bed and i had to drag her out. I spent the evening with her but everything was failing. I took her to the vet late at night and i put her down. She shit nothing but blood and purple gunk all over me and i sobbed like a child before i put her in a cardboard box and buried her the next morning with a driftwood cross to mark her grave. RIP
God damnit anons.

>> No.41557458

This does kinda have a point, school tests only test your ability to take tests, and retain random info, there are plenty of A+ students who flounder in the real world, where remembering what the Mitochondria is rarely comes in handy.

>> No.41557526

Nurse schooling is easier than doctor schooling.
Changing IV's is simpler than brain surgery.
My mom is a nurse, she's amazing at her job, but she'll be the first to tell you that it's easier than being a doctor.

Nobody is saying women are lazy, you're strawmanning. The fact is that men prefer working more to make more money, women simply don't. There is nothing lazy about choosing less difficult work because you prefer comfort, it's a perfectly valid choice. "Lazy" would be not doing your job right, nobody is saying that. Taking an easier job because you don't prioritize money over comfort is not lazy.
Men are also NOT picked over women, in fact the opposite is true in almost every field, but the fact is that in most high paying jobs there are more male applicants. Women have government programs supporting their entry into high paying fields, men don't. Companies are incentivized to hire women, not men. Women are CHOOSING to go into lower paying fields, and YOU are the only one saying there is something wrong with that.
Why don't you complain that the majority of nurses are black women? Isn't it fucked up that they're picked over other candidates? No it's not, it just so happens that more women become nurses.


It's ironic that feminists with gender studies degrees are the ones demanding that women go into STEM fields and accusing men of stopping them, all while terrorizing women into thinking that the world is against them going into STEM.

>> No.41557737

>Why don't you complain that the majority of nurses are black women?
Because there are not enough black women in Spain for that to be true.

Anyway, I'm talking about my perception of the situation in my country, which probably is different than the US. I can assure you that in Spain the hiring thing is real, specially on unqualified jobs such as delivery man or things like that., and also the paying, though illegal, as people are getting desperate enough to accept any jobs, and for the same situation there are women being paid less, like, in the same freaking office, doing the same job.

But yeah, this is not the place to talk about this.

>> No.41558087

I lived without head for over 28 years

>> No.41558393

It's overrated.[/spoiled]

My only encounter with it had teeth partially raking the length the whole time.

>> No.41558734

a single bird

>> No.41558770

That just got got duck-jizzed on.

>> No.41558821

no, what corporations do is employ legal and pseudolegal practices to minimise costs. Many conditions might effect that natural wage or salary increase of an employee over time, and payroll departments are a common source of problems and frequently 'forget' to pay workers, and even more frequently underpay them, paying regular rates for overtime and various other under the radar practices that requires constant payslip scrutiny. Women, traditionally or dependant local sociocultural influence, are less likely to be assertive, to pursue promotion or 'cause trouble' by chasing down payrolls 'mistakes'. Now, some, but not all, of this attitude is a result of cultural expectations towards women and the business as usual attitude denying there is a problem for specific groups (when in reality there is a problem for many socioeconomic groups but the poltical nature of some seems to inflame peoples personal sense of indigance)

>> No.41558886

So denying there's a problem is a symptom of the problem.

Nice unfalsifiable argument.

>> No.41558905

Why not just say "focus on the pussy"?

>> No.41558921

Most issues result in denying there's a problem, nobody wants to admit they are an asshole or part of the problem so they deny the very existence, if the problem doesn't exist there is no problem.

>> No.41558935

>If you don't agree with me, you're an asshole, therefore your opinion doesn't matter
>Disagreeing with me is proof I'm right!
It amazes me people fall for this shit.

>> No.41558951

not to undercut the isolated potshot you got going on there, but the comparison you're after is when conspiracy theorists cite a lack of evidence as evidence of a conspiracy to imply conspiratorial coverups. In this case, you have to propose there is a problem first (so for your strawman to hold, denial would have to constitute proof of the problem).
Denying there is even a problem at all, where denial is plausible, is certainly an effective response to an accusation.

>> No.41558970

greentext: how to say something easy to shoot down that no one said

>> No.41558982

"Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you to his level and beat you with experience" anyone who uses such tactics can't be that bright so it's best to walk away from the fight, this results in person feel smugly superior and smart because they "won" an argument, so they think the tactic works.

>> No.41559234

At the Olympic games featuring dante from the devil may cry series

>> No.41559478


>> No.41559527


>> No.41560354

Typical Shadowrunner.

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