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EDH/Commander General - Super Salty Edition - The Return!

Discuss anything and everything about EDH/Commander

>Do you have any stories about players getting unnecessarily salty?

>Any stories of getting salty yourself?

>What cards make you the saltiest?

>What cards do people get salty at that they shouldn't?

>Are you salty about any part of the ban list?

>Are there any commanders that make you generally salty?

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>wrong field

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Catalog still finds the thread.

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Why is Magic so fucking expensive I just want to play shit trash fuck

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what are some degenerate commanders which I should avoid? I'm trying to get into edh but I'm having trouble selecting a general. I don't want to play something that'll make everyone hate me. Thinking animar right now

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>wants a commander that isn't degenerate
>chooses fucking Animar

Is this bait?

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Animar is pretty good, though I doubt you'll get immediately focused down. The general consensus seems to be that at the very least Narset and Derevi are to be killed on sight.

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no. I just started getting into commander since my lgs is doing some weekly thing with it. I just don't want to be playing something that'll get me focused down every game

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Id be much more fearful of a proper Animar deck then a Narset deck. At least i know Narset won't just go infinite on T3

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Animar needs to be killed on sight too. Don't you know about the creature printed in DTK that instantly makes Animar go infinite with no support, allowing him to one shot the black or white players at the table?

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Generally, generals (hah) that mess up with mana costs in some way are broken as shit.

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There's only one Animar in my group, and we're all super casual, so my experience is not necessarily reflective of the whole. No one here really thinks infinite combos are fun, so we generally just crack beers and play for double digit turns. Sorry for being too pleb.

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It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have protection from both of the best removal colors.

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>Don't you know about the creature printed in DTK that instantly makes Animar go infinite with no support, allowing him to one shot the black or white players at the table?

Tell me more

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Only works if you have friends that are game, though. The actual community is horrible. If you've got bros to play it with it's just MTG with every card for free and it doesn't take forever to shuffle your decks.

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This is what he's talking about.

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>Do you have any stories about players getting unnecessarily salty?

I don't think so but I have only had a functioning commander deck for a few weeks, I know that when commander was bigger in the group I played with, (before I joined) everyone hated the fuck out of one persons skithrix deck for obvious reasons. Everyone in my meta agrees infect is "bad".

>Any stories of getting salty yourself?
The only time I've gotten salty so far is when by all rights I had the game won already, and they top deck funeral charm give grimgrim swampwalk and kill me, actually I get pretty salty when he has gravecrawler in opening hand. And also that half the cards are peroxied but he just wrote it out illegibly on the card in smudged pen and won't at the very least get it printed out on paper.

>What cards make you the saltiest?

hmm, besides what I mentioned already, sensies divining top, and counter balance, more so just because it takes forever, anything that takes to long to do.

>What cards do people get salty at that they shouldn't?

one guy absolutely HATES eldrazi under any circumstance, really just because of annihilator, but the level of but hurt he gets when he could just play removal most of the time is a little silly. Another person hates sundial of the infinite because they got blow the fuck out casting shit at end of my turn.

>Are you salty about any part of the ban list?

Not any cards that are band, but some that are not baned that should be, winter orb, soul ring, and for me specifically sharoom.

>Are there any commanders that make you generally salty?

Sharoom, and rurhic-thar.

Last thread some one mentioned multicolor tech, does anyone have good ideas for making this thing super huge? I love this card and made RG just because of it.

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alll the 2013 precon commanders are broken as fuck

derevi, prossh, oloro, marath are all top tier degenerates

jeleva is clunky but essentially just as bad

the 2011 precon commanders are scarcely better

Ghave is very very strong but possibly not as scary as Marath as a tokens/counters combo deck. Mimeoplasm is very powerful colors but probably easier to build in a not broken way. Riku is a very good combo deck, probably top tier, Animar even more powerful

at least zedruu is meh and kaalia is just solid, not broken

the 2014 precons are a little better, Daretti is feared as a brutal artifacts commander. Freyalise is a passable commander for an elf deck, and because elves are always strong, she can be strong. Nahiri is slow but a very fun and not broken deck that can still be powerful with a good equipment package. Teferi is a great planeswalker but nothing special as far as mono blue commanders go

ob nixilis is generally regarded as the weakest of all the precon commanders

if you want to build a charming deck that will be a political darling for the playgroup, I suggest building something quirky like a tribe other than goblins or elves. White is generally a good color in edh for keeping a low profile, blue, black, and green are the top dogs and therefore the most hated out, especially in combination.

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okay cool, thanks! I'll look into making a tribal deck

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Technically you need four counters on animar before this goes into infinity which is still going to cost a good chunk of mana if you're only relying on the statue to reach that point. But yes, it does get out of hand really fast. As someone with an animar deck I agree that the best choice if you're facing one is to shoot it down on sight before it gets any counters on it.

Are there any specific strategies or colors you prefer? There are quite a few commanders that share the same colors and encourage similar strategies but are less likely of being degenerate such as with Arcum Daggson and Muzzio.

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I generally play decks with a lot of synergies, like affinity in modern and gb enchantments in standard

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>Players Getting Salty

Well my friend was using his Bruna deck and he got super salty when I had Attrition out on the field and kept popping his dudes. I was running Kresh and just slapped him for lethal damage.

>Any stories of getting salty myself

Well, I wasn't necessarily salty but I was running a super casual Radha EDH deck for fun in my group and one of the group members was using his ultra Tryhard competitive Golgari deck with all Holos.

Again, I wasn't necessarily salty, but god damn, that deck must've cost him $10,000.

Another story was when I had a Mystic Remora on the field and my playgroup payed the 4 mana to prevent me from drawing a card. I proceeded to use my intrepid hero and Merieke General to pop all of his seamonsters.

>what cards make me salty

Honestly, I find tutors make me a tad salty because it takes out the Variety in a game. Not to say that I am some faggot who loves LOLCHAOS but still. I like some Variety in the way my games play out.

>What cards to people get salty at but they shouldn't

Counterspells, Mass Land Destruction.

>Are you salty about any part of the ban list?

I think Sylvan primordial shouldn't necessarily be banned since it opens your deck up to MLD

>Any commanders that make me generally salty

All Bant commanders, if I see those 3 colors together I honestly don't want to play with them.

Esp Rafiq

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>Do you have any stories about players getting unnecessarily salty?
Out Timmy can't handle any of his buildup being wiped out. Granted, he isn't the best player, so it isn't death to let him build. Fucking salt.

>Any stories of getting salty yourself?
The Dave in our group can make the whole group pretty salty pretty fast. He doesn't know how to tone decks, and seeing as I'm a Vorthos with another Timmy (and the 3 of us run tribals to Dave's netdecks), Dave gets pretty huffy when we team up against him. And sometimes I get salty that he just refuses to quit playing anti-fun decks.

>What cards make you the saltiest?
Turn 1 Sol Ring+Mana Cypt into Signet into Everflowing Chalice a turn later. Other than that, general "you don't actually play anything because nothing untaps", "I take 3+ turns", and "I cast Mind Grind for 10+" all turn our table pretty salty. Compliments of Dave.

>What cards do people get salty at that they shouldn't?
Anything with cmc8+ that gets things done. we play with some custom cards, and when Omniscience exists at that mana, well, suck it And wasteland+variants. Dave can't handle his blue mana being wasted.

>Are you salty about any part of the ban list?
Only that Sol Ring+Mana Crypt isn't on it.

>Are there any commanders that make you generally salty?
Jeleva is annoying because her deck is all mill, and I hate mill. But eh. The real fucker is Nekusar. I fucking hate Nekusar. I refuse to play Nekusar. I don't speak to Nekusar players. I wasteland all of Nekusar's land.

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>tfw when you ramp really hard early game and the cute guy at the table looks you right in the eyes as he casts Ravages of War
>tfw you can't stop him, and just have to pick up your lands and put them in the yard with shaking hands while he grins at your helplessness
>tfw he kills the other players first so he can savor your inability to resist him

being bullied is so arousing.

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Poor Kaalia, easily answered and her deck is fragile as hell if she doesn't go off.

I still hate her off the table every time I see her. Fuck that bitch, she can keep losing every game after she turn 4 killed me.

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I wanted to make a deck that nets you loads of mana but you don't really do anything with it because you have so much it's worthless.

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>Based on Greek mythology
>Taking mana they don't need and wasting it


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I didn't even realize that. Thank you for pointing it out.

>> No.41449353

I just Bolt him usually, or Hydro/Blue Elemental Blast him.

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What the fuck is happening here

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So I asked in the last thread how to balance my cmc in a fatass demon rakdos deck. I'm looking for small fast burn and weenies that fit the deck thematically. Anyone have any suggestions?

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That appears to be a rite of replication on a precursor golem. Neat.

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> broken as fuck
Have you ever actually played Magic?

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Jeleva is the best grixis general if you want to be competitive. She disrupts your opponents plans (often exiling a key combo piece), and lets you cast shit for free, which can be incredibly useful in making doomsday piles.

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>tfw I make a hug deck with Phelddagrif as my general.
>I end up not really helping anyone or I end up making someone draw into his win con early instead of helping everyone equally like I intended.
>I'm bad at being friendly and cooperative in EDH.

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no, that's just how group hug works.

>> No.41452019

I want to bully you now. I don't care if you're a guy or a girl.

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>Jeleva is the best grixis general if you want to be competitive
Irrelevant and arguable. Thraximundar and Sedris are both very strong commanders.
>often exiling a key combo piece
> can be incredibly useful in making doomsday piles
So your explanation for why Jeleva is a broken commander is that there are two specific situations in which Jeleva is useful?

Jeleva is expensive, defenseless, random, and slow. She has some fun potential, but she's not broken. Hell, she's not even good.

>> No.41452034

I don't know much about EDH but it looks fun. Why is Griselbrand banned?

>> No.41452089

Draw 7 cards for essentially free at any time you want.

>> No.41452106

You don't get it. Doomsday is one of the most powerful strategies in EDH. Actually so is storm.

Jeleva is the only grixis general that complements both strategies, if you decide to play her, while also disrupting your opponents.

Which means she's the only general that even offers something of competitive value if you're optimizing.

So it isn't that Jeleva is broken (which I never said). It's just she's the only thing worth anything at a competitive level besides color access.

Neither Thraximundar or Sedris offer anything. The fact that you complain about Jeleva being expensive, defenseless, and slow is hilarious considering you think Sedris is good.

Trust me, I've minmaxxed a grixis deck to compete with the likes of hermit druid and azami. Jeleva is the only general worth a damn in those scenarios.

>> No.41452137

You don't disrupt shit by exiling cards from the top. Jesus. You help just as often as you disrupt by clearing shaff away.

Learn your statistics.

>> No.41452149

>Trust me, I've minmaxxed a grixis deck to compete with the likes of hermit druid and azami. Jeleva is the only general worth a damn in those scenarios.

>> No.41452178

are you retarded or something? You can't plan around people topdecking their shit. In a competitive game, combo pieces will be tutored or drawn in the initial hand, 90% of the time. I don't care if I exile chafe, while the payoff for exiling an essential combo piece can be to knock a player out of the game for the next few turns, or even entirely.

Learn the game.

>> No.41452195

Tru dat

I forgot about the 40 life starting total

>> No.41452554

Goddamnit now I'll be imagining this is what goes on in all of my neckbearded opponents' heads whenever I cast Armageddon.

>> No.41452564

>In a competitive game, combo pieces will be tutored or drawn in the initial hand, 90% of the time.
Then how is Jeleva "often exiling a key combo piece?"

>> No.41452574

Fucking cancerous neckbeards.

>> No.41452645

If you exile it, it can no longer be tutored for, I guess is what he's saying. I guess he's sort of right. He's not saying mill is good because it removes the opponents' bombs, but if he's playing in a combo-heavy meta, I could see how Jelava could occasionally give a huge hand by exiling someone's combo wincon. "Digging them closer to better cards", the frequent counterargument against mill, doesn't really apply here, as your opponents aren't typically topdecking their combo pieces anyway, they're using tutors for that.

I don't think he's saying that's the reason to play Jelava, just that it's a small advantage.

>> No.41452670

And obviously none of this would apply if she didn't exile them. That's the key thing here. Don't start running Traumatize in all your blue decks because "muh mill, muh removing combo wincons".

>> No.41452786

Because sometimes the combo piece is sitting in the top 4?

Across 3 or 4 opponents, it happens more often than you think.

There's a much smaller chance that the card they're looking for is sitting at position 5 of their deck, and you just made them draw it next turn. That's not really worth considering in the face of the much larger chance that you just exiled an important card in their top 4. And it just isn't worth thinking about anything deeper. If the card was 6 cards in, they wouldn't have drawn it after you played Jeleva, and likely would shuffle their deck before they do (fetch, tutors, ramp, etc), because nobody knows the card is now only 2 cards away.

Sensei's Divining top can change the math a bit, but only for players who have it out.

Exactly. it's not the main reason I play Jeleva, but it is a small upside to playing her. When I built the deck, I wanted to use Doomsday, and grixis colors. I looked at all the generals in grixis, and decided Jeleva complimented it the most. She can either cast Doomsday for free (the worst outcome because it's so telegraphed), or more likely, sandbag some cantrip that I can cast for free after playing doomsday, which makes the piles much easier to form, and more resilient.

The fact that she can disrupt opponents while doing so is just a bonus.

And then I realized she's great for a storm based wincon too, in much the same way. She can either cast Ad Nauseum, Yawgmoth's Will or a Storm Card for free, or more likely, cast cantrip for free, which can help to get there.

It's not often that I even play the commander in the deck. But it's nice having a general that compliments the strategy, instead of what is functionally a vanilla card (every other grixis general) within the context of that strategy.

And given my success with the strategy, I think it's the most powerful way to play grixis.

Probably not the most fun though, unless you really like solitaire.

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I can understand how she's the best for what you're trying to do. It's a hard sell though because she's bad as a traditional commander: as one you build around that is, not as one of the pieces in your singleton vintage grixis combo deck.

Grenzo is still my favorite Doomsday commander. He's not the best, not even close, but he's such a cool take on Doomsday.

>> No.41452855

>There's a much smaller chance that the card they're looking for is sitting at position 5 of their deck
Wait, why is it more likely for an important card to be in the top 4 and anywhere else? Why didn't you realize the issue in >>41452564
was that your two statements were contradictory?

>> No.41452884

>Nicky Bicky
I'm now realizing a Chandra's Ignition on him is probably the coolest thing. I'm going to try that.

As for Jeleva, your mind is obviously made up so there isn't any point in talking about it anymore.

>> No.41452915

it's more likely for a card to be in the top 4 cards, than to be at exactly the 5 card, the only spot that matters for your contention that you're "just as likely to move people closer to their winning combo pieces".

Surely you can see why: 4 potential spots >1 exact spot.

For traditional commanders, she's still great, if only because the overrriding consideration in that meta is how fun it is to pilot. Which is pretty subjective, but I'd wager a lot of people find that to be a fun ability.

It's why I've got 2 jeleva decks, one for fun, one for competition.

Nicol Bolas is a cool card, and I really want to make an archenemy deck some day with him at the head. But if Jeleva is slow, he's glacial, and requires way more set up. In the context of a competitive game, i'd find his ability so hard to land as to be useless, making him a vanilla creature.

>> No.41452929

It's less likely to be in the top 4 than to be in the rest of the deck. But it's more likely to be in the top 4 than in exactly the fifth position. If it's anywhere else in the deck, Jelava's ability didn't affect the odds of drawing the combo piece as the deck will get shuffled, or a tutor will happen, before any real digging occurs. If it was in the top 4, you just got rid of it forever.

It's not OMG AWESOME COMBO DECK DISRUPTION but it does some cool things, it's a very small advantage to running that commander. He's not advocating for a dedicated mill strategy, just saying "Sometimes my opponent's Doomsday or Hermit Druid or Mind over Matter was in the top 4 and that's a cool bonus"

>> No.41452938

I have a heavy control, only instant and sorcery deck with Riku as my commander.

My playgroup is pretty bad, even though their decks are worth 10 times more than mine, I can drag out games and slowly win 1v3 after a few big cards come out. When this happens they just forfeit because the game takes too long.

Im making a karador deck now, so they stop crying.

>> No.41452953

The issue is in traditional commander, she often does nothing. Players who build around her and focus on repeatedly casting her often find that getting "free" spells isn't worth losing the ability to cast them outside the combat phase.

She's great if she exiles Doomsday or Ad Nauseam, sure. She kind of sucks if she exiles Force of Will and Misdirection.

>> No.41452991

It also doesn't help that Mind Seize was an awful, awful deck, and most people's early experiences with Jelava were hilariously bad. Contrast with Prossh, Marath and Derevi who were pretty decent out of the box: or Daretti, who was no contest the best of the lot and is now unsurprisingly a very popular commander. First impressions matter.

>> No.41453008

>, the only spot that matters for your contention that you're "just as likely to move people closer to their winning combo pieces".
You claim to play competitively, and yet you think that removing chaff isn't good? Digging is digging, even if it doesn't get you to your goal immediately.
>Jelava's ability didn't affect the odds of drawing the combo piece as the deck will get shuffled, or a tutor will happen, before any real digging occurs
Yes. Decks get shuffled literally every turn, meaning that top-deck manipulation is always worthless. You wouldn't happen to be in this guy's super-duper competitive Jeleva playgroup would you?

>> No.41453016

Using Rosheen Meanderer, What are some more out of the way X costs I can take advantage of? Already have most of the fireballs and hydras,

>> No.41453061

It is an easy to observe phenomenon in Magic that as you move towards more powerful format or more competitive metas, you typically see a lot more shuffling happening. It's not a cause/effect relation but there's still a correlation there.

>> No.41453159

what you're saying isn't making sense.

The significance of removing chaff and then shuffling it away is so low as to be meaningless in any individual game. Let's say a deck has 85 cards in it, and 1 combo piece that needs to be drawn to win that turn (the other piece being in some other zone). 1/85=.011~, or 1.1%. Let's say I remove 4 cards from the deck that aren't the critical piece. Their chance of drawing the card is now 1/81=.012% or 1.2%.

Shuffling actually compliments most forms of top of deck manipulation.

SDT: See you don't have anything good coming for 2 turns? Crack a fetch and shuffle it away.

Brainstorm? Put your shit in your deck, draw 3 new cards, crack a fetch, and shuffle the shit away.

Same principle with Scroll Rack.

But shuffling demonstrably doesn't interact positively or negatively with simply exiling random cards off the top of your deck. The key thing that makes shuffling work well is knowledge of the top card, which we're presuming isn't present in this example.

I've already admitted that SDT can change the math on whether Jeleva's exile is beneficial or not. but only for the player with an SDT on the field. In a multiplayer context, where multiple SDTs are unlikely to exist, Jeleva's exile can still benefit you more than hurt you, small though it may be.

>> No.41453190

Artifacts with X costs may be worth looking into. Can't think of any of the top of my head though other than mana rocks though (i.e. Astral Cornucopia and whatnot).

>> No.41453226

I can see why people would think that way.

In my fun build, I transitioned from focusing on the spellcasting, to focus on the exiling. There are still great, high impact spells in the deck. But a lot of the fun comes from just mass exiling libraries, until you pull out a win with something like Hatred, Runechanter's Pike, Extra Combat Steps, or drawing your entire deck and then conflagrating.

In that deck the exile effect is much more noticeable, because I often exile half of everybody's deck before I run out of steam or win.

>> No.41453490

>be in a game group for the past 3 years
>had this guy who cried at everything
>this guy would get rustled if Pernicious Deed was fielded
>his mom would buy him fat packs 24/7
>he went to a game store and bought Silumgar for $20
>just got pic related
>watch him seethe when he chose to lose life
>he would literally take minutes to decide between the two
>one game he actually killed him
>watch him cry as I gravepurge him back
>he actually blocked me on his AT&T plan

I haven't seen him for a while but I heard that he actually has a huge personal ban list of cards he'll refuse to play against. I can only assume he goes through people's deck like crazy.

>> No.41453653

Was his name sheldon?

>> No.41453728

By my guess, that anon often called him "faggot"

>> No.41453820

Boy needs to get nutslapped

Was Athreos your commander?

>> No.41454066

How old was he?

>> No.41454180

>he actually has a huge personal ban list of cards he'll refuse to play against
Holy shit that is transcendent levels of salty

>> No.41454210


>> No.41454223

Yeah, I have a Mogis deck I run with him too but there is no greater feeling than presenting an opponent with the choices of losing life or making their attack pointless.

22, he's an adult and I've seen him physically cry in frustration. He does a lot of trash talking while playing too, he would call people shithoses all the time.

>> No.41454232

animar gets focus because he makes shit cheap and it's hilariously easy to combo out with him.

pretty much all the RUG generals get aggro except yasova and surrak I guess.

>> No.41454276

run Thromok and use Life and Limb.

watch out for wraths

>> No.41454492

The math also changes significantly when you're running different commanders.

For example, Jeleva or Narset.

Then, being able to manipulate the top cards of your own deck (or your opponents too, though that's harder) can be a major boon as it let's you pick which free casts you get.

Brainstorm is one of my favorite cards in my Narset deck.

As far as Jeleva's exile goes though, in my experience, if your playgroup has at least two or three other people, she's always going to hit something useful. I usually get quite a few useless cards off of her, plus things like card draw and field wipes and cards that would in general make my opponents' lives easier.

She's not going to win you games very often, but she does make great disruption and deck thinning. And if she does swing, that instant value is always nice.

>> No.41454502

I have a personal list of cards that cause me to no longer care about the game when they're resolved. When someone casts a T1 Sol Ring, or a fucking Gilded Drake or Prophet of Kruphix at any point in the game, I just phase out. Outside, it just looks like I'm shrugging and going along with it, but inside I'm going full DSP, going "WOOOOOOOW NOTHING I COULD DO THAT'S SUCH BULLSHIT, HORRIBLE GAME DESIGN" and throwing my controller.

>> No.41454539

This word, again. Just when you guys couldn't get more autistic. Your the kind of player I like to stay away from.

>> No.41454667

- said Dave.

>> No.41454673

I know right? For a format that's supposed to be about playing cool old cards, it sure is filled with people ready to eat you alive if you play a cool old card they don't like.

>Play chains of mephistopheles on cockatrice because i've always wanted to try it out.
>"oh well if i knew we were playing that way, i woulda brought my 80% reliable t2 kill deck out"

>> No.41454695

I've actually cried once in a game, but it wasn't in EDH. It was late night drafting and I was really, really tired. The "I should have been in bed 30 hours ago" tired. I kept doing a bunch of mistakes and I was worried my opponent and judge hates me and a bunch of nonsensical stuff like that. Ended up having a small nervous breakdown because of false perceived thoughts. Never staying awake for multiple days again.

>> No.41454744

I've started to hear that word around too. Just reminds me of this guy. I'll still play you if you say it but chances are I won't want to hang out with you.

>> No.41454781

I've beaten a Derevi deck with prophet of Kruphix out.

Granted I was running Narset, and he couldn't remove her, so my board state was pretty dumb as well

And why the fuck are you bitching about sol ring? Red, Green, and White all have easy ass spot removal for artifacts, and someone always kills the sol ring (in my playgroup anyway). If you're playing one on one just say fucking french rules and boom, you don't have to deal with it.

There's playing decks with cool old cards and interactions, and then there are decks which all other players out of the game, leaving everyone there rolling their eyes while you basically masturbate and then the game is over.

Combinations that just win the game and have no interaction are just bad game design.

It's not a game if there's no chance to compete.

>> No.41454838

Got a list for that Mogis deck? I just finished one not 10 minutes ago. It is exclusively big honkin' creatures and murder/burn spells. I have yet to play it but it could be fun

>> No.41454879

>And why the fuck are you bitching about sol ring? Red, Green, and White all have easy ass spot removal for artifacts
>It dies to removal therefore it's balanced
For fuck's sake.

>> No.41454884

>I don't know what warped format means
>I don't understand the value of free early mana
>I don't understand why the Moxen are so strong, they "just give you mana"

>> No.41454928

So I want to make a Bushido/Samurai deck, who is the best commander for that? Theres a few Legendary Samurais.

>> No.41454956

>I like putting words in peoples mouths
>I like straw man arguments
>I don't have real counter arguments

Yeah you're kinda right. I'm just saying that in multiplayer format, sol ring isn't stupid strong.

In one on one I will freely admit it's broken as fuck and the person who drops a t1 sol ring usually wins the game.

>> No.41454996

What colors do you want to run? Cause there are Samurai in every color except for blue, just given a quick search on gatherer.

>> No.41455016

>I dont understand that if games went faster, we could play more

You stop the spells they play, not their mana base, unless you are a faggot
Why cant I play my all my really good eternal cards in an eternal format?
Sounds like kids wanna play with their snowflakes but cant take real combos

>> No.41455060

>Jeleva is annoying because her deck is all mill, and I hate mill. But eh. The real fucker is Nekusar. I fucking hate Nekusar. I refuse to play Nekusar. I don't speak to Nekusar players. I wasteland all of Nekusar's land.

Nekusar wouldn't be so bad if every Nekusar deck in existence wasn't just the exact same thing. He's good at what he does and the deck just builds itself. Boring as fuck.

>> No.41455070

I was thinking Mono White, sorry I did forget to mention that.

>> No.41455098

>muh salt
>muh salt
>muh salt
>muh salt
>muh salt
Jesus christ. Keep this shit in /v/ where it belongs.

>> No.41455122

if you really want mono white takeno or kentaro are probably your best bets.

if it were me I'd run RW and do forced combat shenanigans with like aurelia or something.

>> No.41455180

I do have a lot of extra boros cards, thanks that sounds like a fun idea.

>> No.41455201

There are a ton of pretty good in mono white
Like this guy said. You could also run Kongming the sleeping dragon, Eight and a Half Tails, Elesh Norn, Odric Master Tactitian, or a whole host of other White goodstuff legendaries.

I would also suggest making it RW though, because then you have access to more stuff and more versatile commanders.

Auralia or Iroas would be pretty good for a creature based Bushido deck.

>> No.41455246

>implying a warped format is healthy
>implying the argument that free early mana is gamebreaking is a stawman argument
>implying comparing the Moxen to Sol Ring isn't a fair comparison

Anon please. You even admit it's broken as fuck and wins the game 1v1. Math says there's a 60% chance that 1 out of 4 players in every game will start with a Sol Ring in hand.

Same reason I can't play Time Walk, Time Vault, the moxen, etc. If you want to turn 3 masturbate & win, go play vintage.

>> No.41455371

>Gilded Drake

Why the fuck would you get so salty over gilded drake?

>> No.41455381

And that person then also has four players who are looking at them and saying "Your next fegget."

Perhaps that is just my playgroup. But we all take great joy in obliterating anyone who has gotten even a little bit ahead. Sol ring often bites the dust before it can be used. Or anything they cast is either countered or point removed. etc etc.

Yes it's powerful. But I still think that in a multiplayer format it isn't game breaking like time vault or mox's.

Should it be banned? Maybe. Honestly I wouldn't cry over the loss, but in my experience the one person who has the sol ring in a group of four usually doesn't end up winning.

>> No.41455396

Sorry, three players. but point still stands.

>> No.41455409

You've said this in multiple threads and I still don't get it. What's your problem with the word "degenerate?"

>> No.41455502

And people still use the word multiple times. What is their problem? Its just annoying when they keep referring to the same word over and over trying to justify their autistic asshole playing stiles, decks, and personality overall.

>> No.41455524

Is rough because red/white are the best colors for samurai, but all good samurai commanders (Godo, Sensei Golden-Tail, Konda, etc) are all mono color. So you'll either end up omitting a lot of good samurai cards, or having a general that doesn't fit your theme.

>> No.41455563

You're like the only person who didn't like this topic. Get over yourself.

>> No.41455568

I know, based on this thread's suggestions im just going to have a RW general that doesnt fit the theme (I like Iroas) and include all the good r and w samurais.

>> No.41455578

Ah. My playgroup plays a little softer game, preferring diplomacy over force.

Anyway, if a card is so good that should be in all decks forever and always, and any answer to deal with it T1 is the best play possible at that moment, then it's at least format-warping, which is banworthy.

Additionally, we lost a game last night to a t2 Sol Ring -> Mana Crypt -> Chromatic Lantern -> a signet, with t3 5 counter Everflow Chalice, and a t4 Mind Grind at x=10, followed by a Dig Through Time. Proceed Rape Train as Jeleva gets cast on the extra turn, exiles the double extra turn card & Rise of the Dark Realms (we tried stopping, but he had more than a few counterspells by this point).

And we were done. That wasn't his deck doing anything. We all had removal and counterspells (but no more than 2-3 mana each, depending on lands entering tapped or not). That was just mana out the ass because of a single card, without which Dave would have played these at significant numbers of turns later.

>> No.41455579

Really tired of seeing it, 2stronk in a control/tempo game. Costs 2 mana to steal any dude, no conditions, very negligible downside. It is to Control Magic what Mana Crypt is to Sisay's Ring. I'm not saying the card is broken or banworthy, I'm just fucking tired of seeing it and I die a little inside every time it's cast.

>> No.41455624

I wanna t1 crypt, ring, tolarian academy, voltaic key, tinker for time vault, with Fow and ancestral recall for backup
just to ruin everything for you forever

>> No.41455637

In multiplayer, sol ring is and will always be one of the top 10 most busted cards in the game.

Make sure to stay informed, and don't let yourself make one of the same tired and failing arguments for keeping sol ring in the format, like you just did.


>> No.41455656

To keep up with a thought from the last thread on trading selling cards from a new set while they're high:

>get a boros reckoner in a pack
>this was back when it was almost $30
>Guy really wants it, only thing in his binder I want is a karn liberated
>"fine, I just really need that reckoner"

>> No.41455720

well when people actually share stories of people getting salty, which happens pretty damn frequently in magic, the thread is a lot better

>> No.41455733

I don't usually play with Daves, sorry. fuck roomates, so over magic with Dave

>> No.41455768

What I don't understand is why the author argues in favor of Mana Crypt.

"Sol Ring at t1, costing 1 to net 2, is too strong."
"But this other card, at t1, costing 0 to net 3 at an average of 1.5 damage to you each upkeep, it totally fair. Pls buy more 150$ cards. :^)"

>> No.41455841

>Mana Crypt tries very hard to be like Sol Ring, but I think the discussion of banning Mana Crypt is separate (and much more complicated). The life loss attached to Mana Crypt is a real liability to decks interested in the long game. Though comparable to Sol Ring in terms of tempo boost, the decision of whether or not to include it in your deck - and even play choices if you do include it - are non trivial. As a result Mana Crypt is less ubiquitous than Sol Ring and provides much more good tension.

Doesn't sound like he's endorsing mana crypt to me. He's simply (and correctly) saying that the discussion over mana crypt is much more complicated than the discussion of Sol Ring.

>> No.41455879

Thoughts on Márton Stromgald? Is there any super secret tech I should be aware of?

>> No.41455926

Author implies that a game goes long if some one has cards like mana crypt or sol ring, which unless that person is playing a pile of shit (unlikely) the life loss from crypt might as well not exist.

Only "fast" rock that shouldn't be banned is mana vault, its a colorless dark ritual that requires more mana to be put into it to reuse it and unlike the monoliths, cannot be abused with power artifact ect.

Tears of rage and lots of token makers like tempt with discovery. Dolmen get lets Marton live through combat too.

>> No.41455967

At that point it's up to you to make the rest of your deck theme worthy, if that's your end goal. Sure your general won't be a samurai (if you want to have something decently competitive).

Iroas is actually a very thematically apropriate god for Samurai, and then it's juast all about making the fluff to match. Maybe go lighter on the true "Boros" creature cards and add some equipment like general's kabuto.

Put in a bunch of RW combat tricks that emphaize unity like coordinated assult, call to arms, rally the righteous, and war flare. All of these add some pretty nice stuff to your deck, and are thematically appropriate.

>> No.41455969

>I tap Homeward Path
>I play Brooding Saurian

>> No.41455985

aggravated assault gets you an untap for marton even if you don't use the extra combat

>> No.41456012

Sooo I was building two different pauper decks and I had some questions about auto includes and such. Are there any for an Affinity deck based around dropping Glassdust Hulk and then shitting out a fuckton of artifacts on every turn after to kill people? And what about Deathfang Dragon anything I'd need for a control/reanimator deck in b/u?

>> No.41456029

I know pauper affinity decks all run the artifact lands.

>> No.41456061

The common eldrazi monsters are nasty in pauper.

>> No.41456089

I am looking for some critique on my Grand Arbiter deck. It usually durdles pretty hard until I can hit 5 mana, anyone know what could spice it up a bit?

1 Grand Abolisher
1 Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
1 Archaeomancer
1 Hallowed Fountain
1 Flooded Strand
1 Sol Ring
1 Azorius Signet
1 Darksteel Ingot
1 Chromatic Lantern
1 Consecrated Sphinx
1 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
1 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
1 Venser, Shaper Savant
1 Venser, the Sojourner
1 Gilded Drake
1 Deadeye Navigator
1 Wall of Omens
1 Serra Ascendant
1 Geist of Saint Traft
1 Sword of Body and Mind
1 Sword of Light and Shadow
1 Batterskull
1 Stoneforge Mystic
1 Arcane Lighthouse
1 Celestial Colonnade
1 Nimbus Maze
1 Memory Lapse
1 Council's Judgment
1 Split Decision
1 Entreat the Angels
1 White Sun's Zenith
1 Sensei's Divining Top
1 Ancestral Vision
1 Leyline of Anticipation
1 Future Sight
1 Sapphire Medallion
1 Pearl Medallion
1 Lightning Greaves
1 Umezawa's Jitte
1 Meddling Mage
1 Nevermore
1 Winter Orb
1 Cyclonic Rift
1 Wing Shards
1 Drogskol Reaver
1 Swords to Plowshares
1 Path to Exile
1 Wrath of God
1 Terminus
1 Crystal Shard
1 Brainstorm
1 Academy Ruins
1 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Darksteel Mutation
1 Land Tax
1 Detention Sphere
1 Remand
1 Luminarch Ascension
1 Glacial Fortress
1 Mindslaver
1 Phyrexian Metamorph
1 Glen Elendra Archmage
1 Thassa, God of the Sea
1 Disdainful Stroke
1 Mother of Runes
1 Thespian's Stage
1 Temple of Enlightenment
1 Pact of Negation
1 Mutavault
1 Pithing Needle
1 Wurmcoil Engine
1 Command Tower
1 Rhystic Study
1 Austere Command
1 Spelltithe Enforcer
1 Archangel of Tithes
1 Counterspell
1 Supreme Verdict
1 Reliquary Tower
1 Fact or Fiction
1 Iona, Shield of Emeria
1 Cryptic Command
1 Myriad Landscape
1 Strip Mine
1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Gilded Lotus
7 Plains
7 Island

Any thoughts? I am currently saving up for a JTMS, but that's a while away.

>> No.41456090

>Mana Vault
Can be abused the fuck out of via voltaic and galvanic key. Along with Tezz, the seeker, Teferi, and other such abilities.

>> No.41456144

First requires to have Homeward Path in hand or in play. Second requires resolving a spell in the face of the blue tempo/control player that only had to tap 1U to stabilize the board on his own turn and is now sitting on counter magic. It also requires having Brooding Saurian in your deck, which is bad.

There's a million answers to Gilded Drake. It doesn't make the card any less powerful. I really wish retards would stop chiming in on every card discussion with "B-but answers". We fucking know answers are a thing.

>> No.41456155

Isn't Umezawa's Jitte banned? Also, more counterspells, cause you're playing UW (unless your play group is light on the control and you want to keep it that way)
Anafenza kin-tree spirit maybe, since you seem to be running a lot of creatures.

You don't really seem to have an endgame except beat them with creatures, which is a bit odd for UW, but funciontional I suppose.

>> No.41456183

So can any number of mana rocks like thran dynamo ect.

Are we just going to start banning cards because they have synergy with x?

>> No.41456212

Near as I can tell, Jitte is still legal. You are correct though, the usual win con is hit them a huge Entreat or White sun.

>> No.41456284

Not arguing for a ban, just pointing out why you saying "it's the only 'fair' fast rock" isn't really valid.

Sure it's worse than sol ring, but sol ring is worse than mox's, doesn't necessarily make it less broken.

Taking my own deck as an example, I only need to use vault once, to drop Narset on turn three. And after that it isn't useless due to the cards I just mentioned.

Should it be banned? I don't really think so, but then again, I still don't think sol ring should be banned.

>> No.41456317

It's not just "B-but answers," it's that it's a such a common effect that has so many answers that should already be in your deck that is making you so salty. It just blows my mind that someone would break down and stop caring about the game over a fucking gilded drake.

>having Brooding Saurianin your deck which is bad
If it stops you from a salt overload, then I don't see how it's bad.

>> No.41456325

>using narset as an example of how broken a rock is

I think you need to take a look at how busted Narset is and not the mana you used to cast her.

>> No.41456380

>Isn't Umezawa's Jitte banned?
No, and is no where close to being banned. It's a very good card, but it's not anywhere close to as good in edh as it was when it was legal in standard. It just has a bad reputation from back then.

>> No.41456412

Oh I know Narset is straight busted, it's part of why I love her. But using the "it's not the mana ramp that's broken, but the cards you play with the ramp" is still a stupid argument.

Or should we just ban all "busted" cards in EDH because one can ramp into them?

As far as my Narset deck goes, I don't do a lot of the retarded stuff that I've seen. No instant win infinite combo, no taking infinite turns, etc. I have lost games with Narset active. I mainly picked her b/c I wanted a commander that couldn't be spot removed with my playgroup, and I love Jeskai colors. My playgroup is slowly gravitating towards higher powerlevels as well and my deck isn't even at the top of the curve.

really? I'll need to pick one up then.

>> No.41456493

So does someone have an official EDH pauper banlist?

>> No.41456518

Posted in last thread

If anyone wants a commander pimped and has appropriate art, reply.

>> No.41456605

I love playing BW. My Selenia deck is one of my favorites. However, there's a problem in my group.

There are three fucking people with Animar, and a fourth on the way. I remember one time taking out my Selenia only to see two Animar decks. I can only wrath so much. Shit is frustrating, especially since I get attacked because I can't fucking block.

>> No.41456652

I take it you aren't playing singleton ad nauseum combo, but more of a "fair" deck?

You want spell recursion.

The One Eyed
Corpse Dance

is one of my favorite packages.

>> No.41456804

That is retarded and I wouldn't be caught playing with something like that. I'll congratulate your skill if you did make it.

>> No.41456839

Will you do Narset, Enlightened master for me? Here's the art. Maybe make it a bit brighter if you can?

>> No.41456865

Sure can friendo, I'll be a little bit.

>> No.41456883


>> No.41457149

I'd make a Geist deck if I had that sweet ass promo.

>> No.41457254

I hate the promo, my friend owns one and you can barely see St. Traft in the the art and the foiling isn't as great as it could be.

My friend regrets getting it instead of a regular one now.

Anyway, I'm planning a savra, queen of the golgari deck and so far I have a few cards and need more tech:

>Golgari germination
>bloodsoaked champion
>reassembling skeleton
>gutter grime
>masked admirers
>Birthing pod
>perilous forays
>grim feast

That's what I have right now in terms of synergy and I want to fill the deck with as much synergy ect before I start packing in good stuff/removal.

>> No.41457339

Here's the unbordered, bordered up next.

>> No.41457377

There we are.

>> No.41457422

The number of answers is completely fucking irrelevant, it's the strength of the effect that matters. Even if I have a million answers to Sol Ring, it's still the most powerful card in the format.

>> No.41457455


My playgroup just softbanned Sol Ring.


>> No.41457460

Really great! Thank you.

>> No.41457474

life from the loam, treetop villiage, wasteland, smallpox, ghost quarter.

Swing with bloodghast and treetop, pox them sacking treetop and bloodghast, play wasteland killing whatever land they don't sack or is best, and then get bloodghast back because landfall, and then life form loam for your wasteland, land and treetop back.
bloodghasts for days. also lotleth troll, bloodsoaked champion and bloodghast are best friends. gravecrawler can come to.

>> No.41457481

No worries.

Anyone else? I have a day to chew and only so much Firefly to re-watch.

>> No.41457513

You're still a faggot for crying about a children's card game. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.41457526

You may aswell throw Jarad in as and alternate sac engine, he can basically act as a second commander for how synergistic he is.

Probably want crucible of worlds too.

>> No.41457545


I've been close, I know dem feels.

Anti depression drugs get weird.

>> No.41457578

I feel like you don't fully grasp why Gilded Drake is good, and just how good it is. It's nowhere near the most broken card in the format, but it's still an immensely powerful effect, at an absurdly low cost, without the usual caveat of Mind Controls that you can just blow up the enchantment to get your stuff back. Depending on the quality of the creature you steal, and if opponents aren't running a deck with Homeward Path, Expedition Map and Crop Rotation, what you stole generally will have to be answered. It's a 2-for-1 for 1U with the meager downside of giving the opponent a flying dork.

Gilded Drake is really, really good is what I'm saying.

>> No.41457596

I wish Sheldon's group would hardban Sol Ring.

>> No.41457615

I wish I could find a larger picture to start.

>> No.41457659

Mmm, This really wont be worth doing tbh.

Try the custom card general thread and look through the art sources that they list for something you like. Ideally it would be around 700+ image height.

I'll take a look now, see if I can find something thematic.

>> No.41457763

>My playgroup is pretty bad, even though their decks are worth 10 times more than mine
I know that feel bro. My $40 Vorel deck consistently beats my friend's $500+ dollar decks, I can take them on 2v1 easily enough.

>> No.41457767

Not the commander, but the entire reason for the deck. I wish this was a legendary creature with some kind of evasion.Basic Landwalk pls.

>> No.41457796

>friends all gang up on you because you were the only one to really understand EDH when you started playing and made way stronger decks
>everyone's decks are now as strong, if not stronger than yours
>they still all team up against you

I've actually gone out of my way to make EDH decks that seem incredibly weak just to have myself survive.

>> No.41457907

Congrats. You have an 80$ card.

>> No.41458013

Sure, but it isn't a game ender, like you seem to be making out.

>someone plays gilded drake
>i zone out and stop caring about the game

That's your paraphrased story. It's a complete overreaction.

>> No.41458095

Done, Bordered up next.

>> No.41458137


>> No.41458164

I swear to god there is a Pauper deck for this guy just waiting to be made.

>> No.41458187

Yes, it's an overreaction caused by me being so fucking sick and tired of that card. And though it's not a game-ender, it's often the beginning of the end for aggro decks. The tempo swing is too real, the turn where the UGx player gets to stabilize the board, get the best threat on the table, all without tapping out, is usually the pivotal point of the game. Gilded Drake makes that too easy.

>> No.41458217

Commence your brewing friend

>> No.41458298

The only problem is the lack of interest in pauper in my area. And the fact that I'm the guy from earlier who's already working on two decks.

>> No.41458433

This is fair.

I actually have a colorless pauper decks that consists of darksteel sentinel and a heap of affinity/modular/equips.

It's trash.

I love it.

>> No.41458446

Decklist please, that sounds like fun.

>> No.41458458

One day I will make it, probably Wednesday cause thats when I go to LGS. Jam pack that shit with "go get lands".

>> No.41458566

Are you still there card art anon?

>> No.41458586

Sure am.


>> No.41458712

Think you can do this picture as a Sen triplets?

I'm trying to find a good one with three characters from dark souls, but this is the best I can find.

>> No.41458740

ach, it's so small. google why do you fail me.

>> No.41458785

It's too bad Arty's group has four members, Artorias, Gough and Ornstein would make for some killer art.

>> No.41458826

I know right?
On the other hand, Ornstein and Smough would make great card art for "Brothers Yamazaki"

>> No.41458879

Hm, It's missing like 4-5 cards atm, probably more.

Here anyway

Snapsail Glider
Myr Enforcer
Arcbound Bruiser
Arbound Stinger
Dragon Engine
Clockwork Gnomes
Shield Sphere
Ulamog's Crusher
Training Drone
Yotian Soldier
Phyrexian Walker
Myr Sire
Arcbound Worker
Myr Adapter
Phyrexian Digester
Narstad Scrapper
Arcbound Hybrid

Vulshock Morningstar
Sylvok Lifestaff
Leonin Scimitar
Vulshok Gauntlets
Executioners Hood
Strider Harness
Bladed Pinions
Flayer Husk
Accorder's Shield
Slagwurm Armour
Copper Carapace
Bone Saw

Tooth of Chiss-Goria
Ur-Golem's Eye
Springleaf Drum
Welding Jar
Prismatic Lens
Sisay's Ring
Serrated Arrows
Rusted Relic
Herbal Poultice
Golem Foundry
Scale of Chiss-Goria
Explorer's Scope
Elven Lyre
Pristine Talisman
Squee's Toy (My favorite art on an artefact ever)
Moonglove Extract

All that, with a few other of the common eldrazi minion guys.

My group lets me use basics for lands, you'll be pleased to know they're all mountains though.

Sure can. Will be a tad.

>> No.41458923

Ciaran is the Yoko Ono of the Knights of Gwyn.

>> No.41458954

Alright, I cleaned up the Kitties With Titties, put in more removal and took out a bunch of redundant equipments.


>> No.41458962

>Best 2014 precon

Dude your playgroup must be retarded. Just kill Daretti the turn he drops (and the goblin welder) and that deck is completely useless. There are so many fucking dead cards in that deck and your only wincon is daretti's ultimate which if people aren't stupid is easy to stop since that deck's creature base is much worse off than Nahiri or Freyalise's.

>> No.41458967

Do Memnarch you lazy fuck.

>> No.41458991

Ok then, which of the precons is better than the red one?

>> No.41459006

Er, on second thought.

The res of that image is atrociously low, it would almost look better if you just pasted the picture to a sleeve.

Sorry man. I will, however, help you look for
better art for sen triplets, because I love souls.

Give me some decent Memnarch art then you lazy fuck.

>> No.41459031

Do I post here to ask for deck advice?

>> No.41459039

Daretti is pretty good. At worst (for the player) he let's you rummage two bad cards (which admittedly is shit), but I've had people recure a darksteel citadel or a platinum emperon off of his minus ability.

I'd argue that Freyeles is better, just cause the manaramp. But Daretti is still really strong.

yeah that's what I thought when I found it. I'm still looking currently.

>> No.41459068

Definitely green, possibly white. I didn't get a chance to play around much with the other two. Obviously this goes out the window if you alter the precons or are buying for value but for out of the box playability red is certainly not the best precon from last year.

>> No.41459079

My friends and I bought all 5 and played with them, swapping them about before divvying them up.

Red is the best base to work off, and with a few additions it becomes insanely powerful, but the deck itself is limited with a lot of bad cards.
Black is the worst base to work off of, it's really confused and doesn't know what it wants to be, but the deck itself is solid and performs strongest as a standalone.
Green is a pretty generic green but strong. It has a lot of good draw and some removal, but it's pretty one dimensional.
Blue isn't bad, but it feels more like a collection of fun cards, has problems actually killing shit outside of a few combos.
White we found by far the weakest. No one ever came even close to winning with it. It doesn't know if it wants to be a token or an equip deck and fails miserably trying to be both. WotC cannot into mono-white premades, and this is the epitome of that. Great singles, but my god it cannot win a game.

>> No.41459149

It doesn't help that everything sen triplety in souls is 4x.

4 Knights, 4 kings, 4 lordsouls

>> No.41459191

On that note, found this.

Someone recommend me a legendary creature Gwyn fits, so I can do this up.

>> No.41459213

This is the best I've found so far, but it's still bad just from the lore perspective.

I'd prefer something like 3 firekeepers, or Pricilla, Gwynever, and Quelaag or something, but none of those have any sort of lore connection.

Nekusar or Erebos

>> No.41459362

Mmmm... Yea, still not quite good enough.

Yea I cant settle on something for Gwyn. Might just leave him for now.

I'm not beyond making up custom cards as generals however. I might contain that to /ccg/ though.

>> No.41459366

Platinum Emporion and Darksteel Forge are not in the precon.

My thoughts exactly. The deck is great to build around but the precon has a lot of dead or weak cards that need removing
Pretty much yeah
Yeah, it having bad singles to build from is pretty clear from the outset. I didn't get to see enough of it to argue that it was the strongest standalone.
I've never seen anyone play this so I have no idea how it plays but I agree it looked like a random jumble of fun singles. Hence I never bought it.
It does suffer from inconsistency and from being of two minds but I think that it manages to be decent. If it had come with a sword of x and y or had focused more it would have been bananas.

>> No.41459382

What do you think of pinwheel for Sen triplets?

I thought you meant as a commander, not necessarily in the deck it came in.

>> No.41459398

Green is the weakest in a multiplayer game, it has no lasting power and falls apart completely after one or two wraths.

>> No.41459402


Yep. Post your deck list on TappedOut and paste the link. Most people here are pretty chill.

>> No.41459416

Linked to the wrong post lol

>> No.41459464


That could work.

That art there? I'll take a look for something more uh, traditional-artsy looking.

Man, pinwheel is such a tragic character.

>> No.41459476

perhaps Dakon or Korlash?

>> No.41459479

True, it had a lot of ramp but nothing really to ramp to.

My only experience with the green precon was playing it one v one with my Jeleva deck (barely modified out of the box). My friend won pretty much every game.

As for it having no ability to survive? I once wrathed his board three times and he still won. If I'd been able to kill Freyelese it might have been different.

I'll look for something different. That was just one of the highest Rez I could find.

>> No.41459494 [SPOILER] 

>plays Sen Triplets
>likes Dark Souls
Makes me want to guess what type of player you were. I'm going to assume int/dex, you got a huge kick out of getting someone to dodge through your crystal soul spears and whacking them with a CMW'd up curved sword out of their roll. Am I close?

Guess what I typically play in EDH from my Souls playstyle. This webm is /tg/-related can't report me.

>> No.41459506

You can. It helps if you post your deck.
Most people use tapped out.

Gwyn is more of a Heliod than an Erebos. He had that whole sun god and army of knights thing going for him at his prime.

No worries.

Freyalise survives most wraths and really helps the recovery process.

>> No.41459508

>sorry not sorry
I didn't know my 16 year old sister is on /tg/

>> No.41459541

how about this one?

Actually I was strength pyromancy.
I'm the guy who got a max level lightning zweihander to go along with my combustion.

Sen triplets is for my friend, who is also an avid dark soul's player. I'm pretty sure he's tried a bunch of builds. I myself play Narset in EDH

>> No.41459554

Dakon is actually super thematic, lands could relate to the dying light/fire that Gywn struggles to protect.

Too bad he doesn't have r in his mana identity, owell.

>> No.41459580

Heartless Homie.

>> No.41459589

You sound like


Giant dad.

How many bass cannons do you possess currently?

>> No.41459592


Mostly trying to figure out what to cut/adjust. Wincon is unblockable (via horsemanship) creature damage, using Card Draw to get land and the cards I need.

>> No.41459624

>Actually I was strength pyromancy.
>I'm the guy who got a max level lightning zweihander to go along with my combustion.
Sounds like a Spike, and Spikes play UGx.

>> No.41459629

I'm considering making a deck that's all about using my opponent's resources and turning their own shit against them. Thinking of using Sen Triplets as the commander. Can anyone suggest some fun cards for this?

>> No.41459669

That makes a surprising amount of sense, but no. Aurelia aggro.

>> No.41459686

Giant dad was a lot of fun.
I didn't do enough competative (bought in on the x box and all my friends had it on pc) to really care fire up the base cannon though.

On my other playthroughs I did do some dex int stuff. Nodachi plus catalyst was fun.

I fucking hate green. It is literally my least favorite color. I trade away all my green stuff, and don't run any green decks.

Though I am considering putting together a Seshiro mono green snake deck, just b/c is sounds like so much fun.


Telepathy, then you get to see their hands.
Spell jack, to steal spells as they cast them
Take possesion
Enchanted evening combo

>> No.41459703



>> No.41459731

>giantdads play Narset
It's perfect. Maelstrom Wanderer or Prossh would also have been acceptable answers.

>> No.41459743

Another fun one. Let me guess: sublime Archangel+tokens to 2 shot people in a single turn?

I fucking loved my aurelia deck.

>> No.41459775

What are the odds I play Skittles?

>> No.41459778

I played against a prosh deck once. Sacking my own stuff is... meh to me. I like free casting spells much more.

My previous commander was Jeleva, but she dies too damn easily.

>> No.41459787

Green is an awesome mono color, or when paired with red. It starts getting boring for me when paired with any other color(s).

>> No.41459813


I went pure STR first playthrough.

As soon as I got gud, I basically just played with full kirk's to roll-stagger anyone with no poise. I'd just dead angle with the lifehunt scythe all day.

I feel no shame.

Gywn/dakkon coming up.

Pinwheel after

>> No.41459876

Thanks, I got it at the WMC.

>> No.41459944

Bordered up next

>> No.41459986

Sens coming up in a bit. Gonna see if I can find some art that really 'pops' for me.

>> No.41460022

>P/T directly related to number of lands

>> No.41460032

Yeah pinwheel art is hard to find.
It's either shit, to0 simple, or really drab for the most part.

>> No.41460061

Welcome to Legends. That set was a fucking mess.

>> No.41460080


Pretty much.

At least the flavour text is ballin' as fugg.

>> No.41460113

eh, counting swamps is a black thing, its not that great a stretch to say adding other colors lets it count all lands.

>> No.41460117

I like how even it is inconsistent with the colors though. Mountains, really.

>> No.41460118

Funny thing is he's actually pretty damn powerful because of those collors

>> No.41460147

Esper colors to keep him alive and remove threats, Dakkon to beat everyone's face in.

As a control deck you want all the land anyway, so I see where you're coming from.

>> No.41460172

The thing is black's Nightmare ability has always been very specific about only counting swamps. That's what defines that ability, and differentiates it from things you can find in green. Meanwhile, red's gimmick is it counts your opponents' lands, and blue's abilities that count islands generally don't directly affect power and toughness. Can't think of any white creature ability that does something based on the number of lands you have in play (excluding land tax effects of course).

>> No.41460183

so what do you guys use to hold all the spare cards that aren't part of your decks? I've been using trade binders but it's getting annoying and hard to keep organized.

>> No.41460186

That ability is a Gruul ability, literally the complete opposite of Esper.

>> No.41460202

Giant ass pile on my night table.

>> No.41460291

Hows this!

Bordered next

>> No.41460335

I'm actually pretty satisfied with this, official art too I'm pretty sure.

It will look really good when done up to a foiled proxy, I might actually include it in the next set I make.

>> No.41460371


>> No.41460383


>> No.41460402

This is pretty good.
Saving both to print out at a later time.

So, my friend and I are thinking of making some custom magic cards for a cube. Suggestions for how to go about that?

>> No.41460433


>> No.41460546


Look up permanent proxy process.

It can lead to some seriously good looking proxies. I literally did what you and your friend are thinking of, I have power 9 and a heap other cards proxied for my cube and they look awesome.

>Mis-typed captcha with pictures

>> No.41460888

Yeah, my friend and I were also thinking of just making some of our own cards/ make cards based on other stuff (like souls).

So which method do you recommend? Blanking normal cards with acetone then printing the new art onto them seems to easiest, just need a color printer. One other guy used transparencies.

For the time being I was just planning on printing the cards off and putting them in sleeves over another card.
I actually already have Narset (not like she's expensive or anything), and I just wanted some cool alternate are for her.

Would be really sweet to have an actual card instead of just a picture of course.

>> No.41460977

I use transparencies, just because I have access to cheap transparencies.(friend works at a print shop, lucky me)

On that note, finding cheap foils to blank out is actually quite bothersome eventually, but you'll find that a lot of people have heaps of useless foils they are willing to almost throw away at fnm.

Yea I'm in the process of building a semi-custom edh deck with a custom commander. I should really finish it someday.

>> No.41461154

>strength of the effect

Is solid, but nothing overbearing. Stop being autistic.

>> No.41461233

Yeah that was my biggest thing against the transparency method is that I have to hunt down cheep foils. I have a few, which would be enough for custom commanders for my playgroup. But after that?

Also, I've never used transpariences before, was kinda worried I'd fuck up a fair number of sheets before figuring it out.

>> No.41461301


You should try to fit some utility lands in there, you don't need that many Plains. Stuff like Strip Mine and its buddies are really solid, maybe toss some of those in?

>> No.41461318

Gilded Drake is one of the best blue spells in the format. It's a solid staple that's almost an auto-include in any deck that can run it, same way Cyclonic Rift is.

>> No.41461327

You can get random foils off troll & toad for very cheap I believe, I haven't looked recently though.

Yea with the transparencies, it's fairly simple after you get the gist of it really. Set printer to print the images flipped horizontal, that way you get the side that the ink is printed to on the inside, protecting the image.

It's hard to explain, just experiment a bit. I think 'window decal' sheets are cheap and do the same job?

>> No.41461390

Maybe the problem isn't so much with other people, maybe it's with you. Stop getting pissy when people use a commonly used and understood word.

>> No.41461420

It probably still wouldn't get banned since there are still 5 other rc members to vote on it.

>> No.41461585

I think if they have even an ounce of common sense, they'd agree with the decision. However, one of them would assuredly bring up Mana Crypt as a card to ban alongside Sol Ring, and Sheldon would backpedal the fuck out of this conversation because he doesn't want to devalue his huge collection of Mana Crypts.

>> No.41461588

You would have a problem with it if you knew how autistic these people sound when saying it. Similar to this >>41454744

>> No.41461624

Who cares?

>> No.41461650

Between crypt and vault sol ring really doesn't feel all that bad.

Though I suppose it depends on the powerlevel of the decks. As there are some admittidely very stupid things you can do with that much early mana.

>> No.41461691

Because those cards (Crypt particularly) are also broken. A balanced Sol Ring costs 3 and enters the battlefield tapped: and it's still really fucking good like that, Worn Powerstone sees a lot of play.

>> No.41461741

At that point we might as well run Thran dynamo.

As far as it goes, I understand why all these cards should be banned in one on one, and agree with it. But I don't see why everyone's so but hurt about sol ring in a multiplayer format.

Do so many people run combo decks that just win the game if they have sol ring?

>> No.41461744

You're like those guys that get pissy when they hear the term "unfair" used to describe a deck, and go on a rant about casuals and "Creatures: The Tappening". Hell, I'm guessing you are one of those guys.

>> No.41461812

People that don't look like you.

>> No.41461814

No, but everyone plays a deck that fucking loves going "Sol Ring - 4-drop - 5-drop - etc." Everyone loves casting their Prossh or Maelstrom Wanderer on turn 3.

I really don't understand this "It's not as good in multiplayer" argument. I hear it often but I've never had it described in a way that made sense. "Card's so powerful it turns the game into Archenemy, therefore it's balanced". Seems kind of dumb to me.

>> No.41461832

>The one eyed

Let me pull that $100 out of my ass. It's a good suggestion, but not exactly price range.

I'm not Ad-naus, no. I'm life fuckery. Dropping myself down and either switching or gaining it all back and draining the table. Besides the combo pieces, I'm mostly BW control.

>> No.41461846

That is very rude.

>> No.41461891

No problem with unfair decks, they are everywhere. I have one myself. All depends on what group of people I'm playing with.
Also >rant about casuals and "Creatures: The Tappening"
not sure what you meant try to express your thoughts better next time.

>> No.41461897

Because it's just as powerful in a group as it is in a duel.


>t1 sol ring allows you to play a CMC4 planeswalker t2 and run away with the game.
>t1 sol ring lets you play winter orb t1, while having a huge advantage in mana.
>t1 sol ring lets you play your commander a few turns earlier, which can be huge depending on the commander.

The point being, that you don't have to run combo for a t1 sol ring to radically alter the game balance.

It's only thirty if you buy the judge promo, which is better looking anyways.


>> No.41461930

And ad nauseam is one of the greatest life manipulators in the format. It lets you drain life while digging for a combo piece. You should consider it.

>> No.41461982

That article's from 2011. Not to say that it's no longer accurate, it's just sort of depressing. If the RC still hasn't seen the light, odds are they never will.

>> No.41461995

Sorry. Noting persenal kid.

>> No.41462020

It's not that "It's not so good in multiplayer"

It's that it's more balanced in multiplayer, if only because it does turn the game into archenemy. It doesn't wreck the game balance in multiplayer (in my experience) and so it should be allowed to stay because one of the biggest points of edh is running stupid cards.

Sol ring is easy (as far as broken cards in edh) to deal with

Read that article, am not convinced.

As far as the different groups I've played with goes, sol ring does not seem to be a major problem, and almost always eats artifact removal after a few turns, if it even survives that long.

It enables people to do broken shit with the format? Find a group that doesn't run masturbation decks which reliably combo out turn three.

Pointing towards math as a reason why it's broken in the over arching format?

Let me put it this way, in the terms of that article.
If everyone at the table took full muligans to five in order to get a sol ring, yes there's a 60% chance that one of us might have it. But we'd all have shit hands.

>> No.41462022


>> No.41462107

>Hey guys, there's this card that you're required to run to have a good deck.
>if you play it, it's only balanced because everyone else will gang up on you to kill you for it.
>still worth running though.

The whole "archenemy makes the game balanced" argument is bullshit. It can apply equally to every card on the banlist for power.

>> No.41462174

If a turn 1 play has the potential to immediately turn the game into Archenemy, it is NOT balanced. Like, I just can't wrap my head around the fact you used that as an argument to prove it was balanced in multiplayer, that is fucking mind-boggling.

>> No.41462197

No card on the banlist is as powerful as Sol Ring though. I'd generally play Sol Ring over Black Lotus even if the latter was an option.

>> No.41462202


EDH threads on /tg/ are full of retards. Just accept it, and don't get confused when they spout shit opinions and whine about Narset.

>> No.41462220

Can we stop discussing fucking sol ring.

EDH comes down to either fucking dealing with the banlist or self regulation.

Stop fucking crying about it.

This is all any conversation about this topec will come to.

>> No.41462248

I do agree with them that Narset's annoying, bitch didn't need hexproof. She's like a slower but safer Maelstrom Wanderer. Still weaker than Wanderer in my opinion, but a huge deal nonetheless.

>> No.41462290


Sure, lots of cards are annoying. But being annoying doesn't deserve the amount of autistic rage that stuff like Narset, PoK, Deadeye, and any other decent card tend to see in these threads. It's like the average EDH player loses a game, and assumes that every card in play at the time of that loss must be banned to avenge their wounded pride.

>> No.41462300

As someone who plays Narset, she really needs hexproof. Either that or to be two mana cheaper and have haste.

Without hexproof she's a trash commander that will eat spot removal (or just be countered, as she often is currently) the moment she comes out, making her overall a worthless card that could never be played in a serious deck.

As it is in most multiplayer games she gets countered or boardwiped away often enough. Hexproof (and to some degree the first strike) are part of what make her viable at all.

>> No.41462339


Shroud would have been fine imo, Hexproof is just a trash mechanic all around.

>> No.41462344

As someone who plays Jeleva, you're full of shit.

You are in the color of counterspells, you are in the color of haste. If you can't reliably get Narset out and swinging the same time you cast her, or protect her until she can swing, your deck is shit.

>> No.41462392

Are you the same faggot who's been fedoraposting all thread?

>> No.41462425


No, that's my first fedora.

>> No.41462437

>boardwiped away
Most of the board wipes are sorcery speed, and you really should be giving her haste one way or another.

>> No.41462483

The amount of perceived rage around a card is generally proportional to the size of that card's defense force. You only see frequent arguments around these cards because whenever someone voices any negative opinion against them, a couple anons will go "Oh my god you're such a casual just remove it or counter the damn spell you suck at the game".

You know, the old "Dies to removal" argument.

>> No.41462551

As someone who's played both, Jeleva being four mana and instantly milling out spells makes all the difference in the world.

You can play Jeleva off curve and still have a decent amount of mana up for counterspells. If you don't get Narset out turn six (or close to it) you're pretty far behind against certain decks and then she just dies.

As for giving Narset haste? I haven't spent enough time looking for that I'll admit, but unlike Jeleva, Narset doesn't immediately get to pick the best value spell out of all the ones you stole. Sometimes you wiff and don't get anything but land, ramp, and maybe some equipment which won't matter till next turn.

Narset staying alive matters, because she provides that instant value less often than Jeleva does, and her mana cost gets crazy. Mainly because she will always come out later than Jeleva, and so the second time you cast Narset she's probably gonna eat a counterspell, which Jeleva might have been able to avoid due to people setting up their own boards on turn five or six.

Shroud would have been a fine alternative.

Like I said I only have three ways currently. Well, four if you count assault suit, but that costs three to equip. I've been looking for more ways to give her haste, but I think my argument still stands.

>> No.41462582

Shroud has officially been made redundant because it's ANTIFUN.

>> No.41462625

>but I think my argument still stands.
Your argument stands in your meta, when talking about your deck. It is addressing what you do with Narset, it isn't relevant to the full potential of Narset and to any discussion about whether that card is top tier or not, or whether she needed hexproof to be viable.

Kaalia operates pretty much under the same principle (except a lot weaker since spells > creatures), she doesn't have any sort of protection, and she's still like, what, tier 3? Perfectly playable, powerful even, casuals hate her.

>> No.41462717


>> No.41462761

It doesn't matter that Narset can whiff. If it's lands, you didn't want to draw it anyway, and if it's not lands, 99% of the time, you want to windmill slam it onto the board as soon as you hit second mainphase.

Give Narset haste. Because there's no limit on how much you can cast per turn from her stuff, the absolute worst she can do with it is take 4 lands off the top of your deck and hopefully let you draw juice. Anything beyond that is pure card advantage. If you get mana rocks, that's just more mana to recast her with if she dies before your next turn.

I really can't believe you never considered haste. It's so obvious that I have to doubt you've put any work into the deck at all. Probably just a netdeck from a retard on MTGSalvation.

And kek @
>ut unlike Jeleva, Narset doesn't immediately get to pick the best value spell out of all the ones you stole. Sometimes you wiff and don't get anything but land, ramp, and maybe some equipment which won't matter till next turn.

Jeleva can whiff too. and unlike Narset, Jeleva has to pick the best value spell out of all the ones she stole. Narset doesn't have to pick because she can cast them all.

I'll give you a winning formula with narset;

Load your deck with as many mana rocks as possible. throw in extra turn cards, and some good equipment. Now put in haste enablers, like Hall of the Bandit Lord.

Congrats, you got a t2 deck, and it took me all of 30 seconds to think about and write down.

>> No.41462837

Basically decided to not go that route.

I do need more haste enablers, but I wanted a superfriends deck so I started tracking down planeswalkers and shoving them into the deck. I doubt it's t2, but it's fun.

I'm purposefully staying away from most of the extra turn cards right now, because they're broken as fuck, only running temporal tresspess for the lels. Hall of the bandit lord has been difficult to track down at my local store so far. So I'm stuck with generator's servant, swift foot boots, and hammer of purphorose as haste enablers.

>> No.41462880


I like my U/G merfolk/leviathans deck. It plays like a green despite most of the cards being blue. Just whip up some lands, through down some merfolk to get the ball rolling then release the kraken a and leviathans and just start beating face.

>> No.41462931

I'm not bullying your or anything but it seems to me like you made some pretty uneducated comments about Narset's power while deliberately staying away from the very things that make her broken. I appreciate that you at least have some experience with the deck and therefore I'm not dismissing your comments entirely, but your point of view is very limited.

>> No.41463016

You're right in as much that my comments are limited to my own experience with a Narset deck which hasn't been structured around maximizing her powerlevel.

However, my play group primarily plays control decks. Everyone has blue, along with red black or white, which makes getting Narset onto the field a hassle, and keeping her there even worse.

If she didn't have hexproof, I doubt I'd ever be able to use her ability, even with haste.

>> No.41463017

Anything that tutors

Sisay, zurr, sliver overlord, arcum..

Play any of this shit and people will assume your playing some kinda instsawin combo or lockdown

>> No.41463136

Cavern of Souls will help with sticking her.
Expedition map with getting the cavern.
Your own counterspells.

>> No.41463332

Trust that guy.
Bullshit your way into them letting you swing with Narset even once, and suddenly Narset is house banned. This is if you have a tuned Narset deck.

>> No.41463504

Can you do Marchesa, the Black Rose done with this art please?

>> No.41463530

May I have Vela, the Night-Clad using this art?

>> No.41463546

>Playing my Wydwen Fairy Deck against Medomai Voltron and Khemba
>Khemba has no fliers and Medomai has Strionic Resonator
>All Kemba is able to do before dying is killing a few of my faires with Elesh Norn
>I have my Vedalken Orrerry and Glen Elendra Prankster on the battlefield.
>I draw into Cloud of Faeries
>Ensuing half an hour of Medomai getting Ultra-Salty because he can never land a hit on me because I'm just bouncing shit left and right, and if he's got the idea of turning on one of his manland or manstone, I just kill it with Dreamspoiler Witches

I won by hitting for 2 or 3 per turn thanks to my Glen Elendra liege.

>> No.41463866

Daily dose of rage and a question for you guys. If the RC's banlist really is art, what art piece is it?

I think it's "A Serbian Film"

>> No.41463906

Oh and if anyone's interested, he is currently "testing" Recurring Nightmare so as to get it unbanned. His latest comment on the subject was that last game he played, it ended up being terrible because an opponent had Possibility Storm in play so it wouldn't even have been a Recurring Nightmare.

>> No.41463921

Finger-painting by a Kindergarteners with Down syndrome?

>> No.41463942


>> No.41463965

Spongebob Episode 48a

>> No.41464022

we already know it's 'someone played it against me and i don't like it' banlist.
we're basically playing in sheldon's house rule.

>> No.41464043

any one know of any secret tech with pic related? I really like her flavor but I can't think of shit to through in besides "untap effects" and I don't want to build the entire deck around her cause otherwise that would be fuckin dumb

>> No.41464071

Tidal Force could be fun

>> No.41464166

Sheldon's post history on mtgsalvation. Read and weep. Among other pearls, we see his obsession with Recurring Nightmare, him claiming he carries a gun everywhere he's allowed to so he can protect the innocents, and finally defending Sol Ring and Mana Crypt because "We never see T1 acceleration in my meta, we socialized it out". Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, settle down with your favorite blanket and rage helplessly at this faggot who's in charge of your favorite casual format.

>> No.41464226

It's worth noting that if the creatures become indestructible, you can safely untap her and retain control.

Also, blink effects that return the creature to play under your control (as opposed to the owner's control) let you keep the creature indefinitely too, even if you lose control of merieke.

>> No.41464245

>Sword of prunic + Ashnod's Altar
Wipe opponents field

>> No.41464265

>Power level isn't everything; it has to be combined with context. No one will argue that a life raft is more powerful than an F-15--but that F-15 would be pretty useless flying over the Titanic.

First post and I'm already triggered.

>> No.41464270


Go with a blink sub-theme. She's in the colors for it, and it works in the same way as untap-effects. Use her ability, blink her in response, and you get a creature and an untapped Merieke.

>> No.41464297

Keep going, it gets even better. We should link this every time someone tries to defend Sheldon or claim he's not the boogeyman of the format we make him out to be.

>> No.41464401

I'm about 50/50 on whether or not the interaction works that way.

If you blink Merieke in response to using her ability, you no longer control the instance of merieke that created the ability, because it doesn't exist, so I think the creature just goes right back to its owner.

However, I know that if you blink a creature that you control, and the blink effect puts it back into your control (as opposed to the owner), you get to keep the critter regardless of whether you control merieke or if she's tapped or not.

>> No.41464420

Isn't it about time Wizards took over? They have a financial interest in this, after all, and they can't do a worse job than him.

It's also really fucking baffling how hypocritical this is. He makes this huge deal out of the way he'd rather see the format die than have to compromise his vision: while he literally doesn't care about anything beyond his own playgroup, so the format thriving or dying doesn't affect him in any way other than no longer having people call him a faggot on the Internet.

>> No.41464424

Summoner's closet or whatever it's called along with Restoration Angel
I'd also say twin or Kiki-Jiki, but she's the wrong colors for that.

>> No.41464476

i Definitely like the blink subtheme idea, I got a few idea's just from the mention of that

do you mean sword of the paruns? I sounds like it could be brutal paired with ashnods altar only downside is i would have to use 1 mana to untap but i plan on throwing in peregrine drake+deadeye navigator in so that should fix the problem

is that true? so if i put indestructibility on the creature or eldrazi monument (just 2 examples) that i would keep the creature?
would cloudshift work for the flicker effect as well?

>> No.41464487

Holy fuck this guy.

Wizards cannot take over fast enough, this shit is fucking terrible.

But what can we even do? Wizards will never just assume control of it without a huge calling for it and most people aren't even aware of how bad Sheldon is.

>> No.41464593

Did you even read what the damn card do?

>> No.41464646

The oracle text of Merieke makes it more clear:

Merieke Ri Berit doesn't untap during your untap step.
Tap: Gain control of target creature for as long as you control Merieke Ri Berit. When Merieke Ri Berit leaves the battlefield or becomes untapped, destroy that creature. It can't be regenerated.

Note that there are two different conditionals here:

>If you lose control of Merieke, lose control of the creature.
>If Merieke leaves the battlefield or becomes untapped, destroy the creature.

So becoming untapped doesn't mean you lose control of the creature. Normally it means you destroy the creature which is basically the same thing, but not if the creature is indestructible.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you do this, you'll have to remember: every time merieke becomes untapped, she tries to destroy every creature she has under her control, even if she failed to do so the last time.

Yeah, did you?

>for as long as you control Merieke.

If you blink Merieke, you don't control her anymore. When she reenters the battlefield, she's considered a new game object (to make it simpler, think of it as "merieke prime"), and while you control that object, it isn't the same one that the game is checking to see if you control.

>> No.41464703

You are allot of what is wrong with the people that play this game. hope you choke on your mountain dew and god knows what else you throw down your windpipe.

>> No.41464723

got it, thanks, one last question: if i cloudshift/conjurer's closet that creature, would merieke still try to destroy it?

>> No.41464724

Dude can you do ghoulcaller gisa for me?

>> No.41464765

>When she reenters the battlefield, she's considered a new game object

Different anon, but yes that's part of the point.

Merieki ability on the stack, then you flicker her. Well the ability still resolves as per the rules, and since you no longer have the Merieki with which you took the creature, you cannot untap her, you cannot "lose control" of her. Because you have already lost control before the creature was yours.

The conditions on the card can no longer be met, the creature is now yours unless something else happens.

Granted, I'd still want to ask a judge for sure, but that's how I think it would work from my understanding of the rules.

>> No.41464817

EDH noob here, been fucking with my Mimeo deck recently after getting tired of losing all the time. any suggestions?


to contribute to the thread, the saltiest experience i've ever had was at my friends house, we used to meet up every night to play a few games and smoke a few bowls, you know? anyways there was always a very competitive feeling in the air these nights. so the 4 of us are playing twin headed dragon and the one kid we always give a hard time is getting manafucked and cant contribute anything to his team, his team mate starts talking shit, we start talking shit, suddenly he just stands up and wants to fight me for being "a disrespectful little shit" even though i was just parroting the same exact things my other friends were saying first, laughed in his face, packed up my cards and went to hangout with some other friends

>> No.41464837

Just as an adendum to my point. Please not that the oracle text says, "If Merieke leaves the battle field" Not "If you no longer control Merieke" Which means it's an effect that activates as she leaves, rather than a state based action.

>> No.41464888

Nope! The creature that gets exiled by cloudshift, and the creature that comes back into the battlefield are different game objects. The new guy is completely independent from Merieke.

Yeah, I could definitely see that happening if the merieke ability created a later condition. Like if the card explicitly stated "if you lose control of merieke, lose control of the creature".

The oracle wording of Merieke is actually: "Gain control of target creature for as long as you control Merieke Ri Berit."

Compare this to Cytoplast Manipulator

"Gain control of target creature with a +1/+1 counter on it for as long as Cytoplast Manipulator remains on the battlefield."

Notice that cytoplast manipulator has an oracle ruling that supports my point: 5/1/2006: If the ability is activated and Cytoplast Manipulator leaves the battlefield before it resolves, the ability does nothing. The target creature will remain under its current controller's control.

>> No.41464945

Life's Finale would be pretty good for your deck. Golgari grave-troll and some other dredge cards perhaps to get some more stuff into your graveyard.

More kill spells, like, get some doom blades 'n shit. If you have more cash a thought-seize also wouldn't be bad.

>> No.41464979

i like the ninjas, hard to tell from just from the list though, might want to throw it together and playtest it, one doomblade at your commander and bye bye horsemanship

>> No.41465025

looks pretty sick man, i would love to play against it. no Rhys the exiled though?

>> No.41465064

Since these threads tend to have a bunch of Aurelia Aggro players, I was hoping to get some feedback on my deck. Just swapped a few cards around and was looking for ideas. I'm afraid my mana base may be a little thin, but it's rare for me to get screwed out of a game unless I'm ganged up on.


>> No.41465129

cool i'll look into pick those up. any suggestions on things to replace?

>> No.41465149


Actual just thought of this myself, but I might swap Journeyer's Kite out for Expedition Map (which was swapped out for Sword of the Animist). The kite and sword are more similar than the map and kite, and sword fits the "attack, attack" theme better than the kite's "3, T:" effect.

>> No.41465158

Merieki's ability creates a continuous effect that lasts until you lose control of her. If you flicker her in response to her ability the duration with which you would have controller the creature will have already expired and you will never gain control of the creature. In addition since the delayed trigger from the second half of the ability is only created when the ability resolves and by that point the referred to Merieke no longer exists according to the game it is now impossible for the event the trigger is waiting for to occur and the creature will never be destroyed.

Flickering Merieki in response to her ability makes nothing happen.

>> No.41465205

where are all your big dragons and angels?

>> No.41465237


I focus on getting some smaller support drones out and then getting Aurelia out to beat face. My deck used to have the big Angels and Dragons but it kept getting BTFO so I trimmed the fat.

>> No.41465258

I like a lot of things about your list, like the fact you understood these operate on a low creature count and actually need to run wraths. However, I do not like the land count. 31 just won't cut it, your commander costs 6. I wouldn't be comfortable running that list with less than 36.

Cuts I would suggest are:
>Legion Loyalist (never did enough for me), >Journeyer's Kite (too slow, maybe try Sword of the Animist if you're into that)
>Relentless Assault (cheapest but also worst of those effects)
>Deflecting Palm, Fight to the Death (cool flavorful Boros cards but only good if everyone else is playing aggro, YMMV)
>Boros Cluestone (CMC 3 mana rocks won't cut it, try Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone)
>some of the enchantments whose effects can be replicated by creatures: Fervor is better on Urabrask or Ogre Battledriver, Mobilization is better as Heliod, God of the Sun)
Also, Cataclysm is the most powerful white card that's currently legal in the format, it's not an auto-include in every deck but you should consider whether it's something you want to run.

>> No.41465313

Regarding enchantments, I do realize that Fervor is a lot more durable than Urabrask: but durability isn't your prime concern when playing aggro. You shouldn't be trying to go long: and if you do go long, you should be happy to have Urabrask or any other like it in the graveyard for the purpose of Marshal's Anthem or Angel of Serenity.

Playing Aurelia, it occurred way too often that I had my opponent almost dead, but the board was stabilized and I could only hope to topdeck a threat. Even something like an Assemble the Legion. This isn't when you want to topdeck Fervor or Goblin War Drums. You don't have great sources of card advantage in Boros, aside from Clamp.

I see you have Armageddon, so get Flagstones of Trokair. There's almost no cost to running that over a plains.

>> No.41465327

I'd drop Jorga tree speaker, you already have all the ramp in sorceries, if you want more, just ad more manadorks. Quirion elves is quiet good.

Isao enlighted bushi doesn't do anything with your deck.

There are better things to run than Mikaeus the unhallowed. I'd say drop it for now.

Mulldrifter, you already have better card draw, and it isn't the point of your deck. Hell, if you really want card draw, run treasure cruse, or jace's ingenuity if you don't want to exile. There are also just a ton of decent blue card draw that's banned in modern and standard like preordain, brainstorm, and ponder.

Skythix maybe.

Heroe's demise, for actual black removal. Again like doomblade, hero's downfall, or murder.

Black vise, unless you think you're going to be playing against a lot of control match ups, you're making them discard shit. The rack would be better (but still bad)

Coercion is also a card you might consider adding, just to pick more cards out of their hand.

>> No.41465342

Help. I don't have much experience with mono-red; what should I cut, and what am I missing?


>> No.41465347

Here's my cockatrice (re: wet dream list) for aurelia.


It's fairly different from your list, but I think it has a lot of good ideas you can use. Instead of focusing on having a really large army to swing with, it focuses on voltron elements with some minor token elements. Creatures were chosen to either deny my opponent access to resources/spells, or to take advantage of Aurelia untapping them in combat (Looters for instance can draw you multiple cards a turn).

sublime angel and swords are generally enough to get through for lethal.

Finally, I highly recommend running as many boardwipes as you can in conjunction with faith's reward and similar. I see you're also using Boros Charm, so you're on the right track, but I think you could do more.

>> No.41465420


I tend to rely heavily on Aurelia herself. More often than not it's Aurelia beating face, using Deflecting Palm to buy time or kill an opponent (it is an Aggro heavy meta with a Prossh and a Bruna almost always being on the table), and then dropping SoFaF and Aggravated Assault to combo-out.

And yeah, I plan on upping my land count. Probably just basics for now, although I might have some other RW duals laying around.

>> No.41465535

Not sure why you're running Druidic sachel, Viashino heratic, or seige gang commander, or goblin offensive (it's a bit too slow).

Maybe add molten Rebirth, Hammer of Purphoros, krenko's command, and dragon fodder. Also you can't go wrong with value red agro cards like Stoke the flames, Monastery swift spear, and goblin guide.

The biggest problem with this deck is that it's monored agro. In a multiplayer format, that means you're likely to take out one opponent, before loosing b/c everyone else has stabilized in the time it took you to count to 40.

In one on one it really depends on how many board wipes they're running.

>> No.41465598


I'm not sure what you're trying to do with this deck, are you just playing UGB stuff I own are are you wanting to build it as "build a mimeoplasm with cool abilities and large power, then smash for 21 commander damage"?

If the latter, here's a few cards to look at:

>the god creatures in your colors, as they add nice utility and can potentially be used to either add counters to mimeoplasm or maybe even make it indestructable
>cairn wanderer and soul flayer, if you stock your deck with creatures with keywords to be the "base" creature for mimeo these seem good
>gaea's revenge, 2 good ability tacked onto a big meaty body, good as a beater and as a base creature for mimeoplasm
>thrun, the last troll, hexproof and regenerate are great things to tack onto a commander
>death's shadow, phyrexian dreadnaught and lord of extinction: these cards give mimeoplasm a huge buff to p/t to help kill people with commander damage.

>> No.41465621

>Not sure why you're running Druidic sachel, Viashino heratic, or seige gang commander, or goblin offensive (it's a bit too slow).
>Maybe add molten Rebirth, Hammer of Purphoros, krenko's command, and dragon fodder. Also you can't go wrong with value red agro cards like Stoke the flames, Monastery swift spear, and goblin guide.

Holy fuck you're really bad at this, just stop m8.

>> No.41465660

>Not sure why you're running Druidic sachel, Viashino heratic, or seige gang commander, or goblin offensive (it's a bit too slow).


>> No.41465685

>suggest cutting good cards
>suggest adding dogshit like molten birth and dragon fodder
>in edh

Okay, this has to be some kind of ebin maymay where one guy constantly gives bad advice for the lulz or some crap.

>> No.41465862

Can I get some advice not geared towards a Standard deck?

>> No.41465894

Here's my gisela deck, for being a bunch of shitty cards i had around, it can hold its own very well.


>> No.41465949


>> No.41465987

Impressive. Didn't think it would with that steep curve and lack of ramp.

>> No.41465989

I'll try and help a little, but I've really only got a few suggestions.

Dragon rage looks like it could be good for the deck, same with share animosity, as you have lots of creatures that share creature types.

You can do no wrong with sword of feast and famine, which works wonders with the aggravated assault you're playing. Speaking of extra combats, it seems to me like savage beating would be a good fit too.

Honestly I don't like suggesting cuts, I feel people know their decks better and know which cards are being a little iffy for them are aren't working as planned.

>> No.41466049

Could i get away with subbing llanawar elves for joraga? Isao is just a cool mother fucker. Mikaeus has come in pretty clutch a few times. skittles is the rage maker for my play group. i have a murder ill add in. one of my regular opponents is a Damia control player so that ones for him, might axe it thougn. i can definitely get behind coercion. thanks for the tips m8

>> No.41466210

it has an odd sort of way of balling out of control after getting to 6 mana, although it is pretty slow, which had money for mana rocks.

>> No.41466270

Thanks for the suggestions.

>> No.41466349

You don't need money for rocks m8.

>Boros signet
>star compass
>Everflowing chalice
>Gold myr
>Iron myr
>fellawar stone
>Coldsteel heart
>fire diamond
>marble diamond

That's just the 2 drop rocks, none of those should run you more than a a few cents to a dollar each, just pick the ones you can afford and have at.

No problem, just trying to help but honestly your deck looks pretty much like how I would build Marton.

Not sure what was up with the other guy though, cutting good cards for stuff like dragon fodder seems retarded yo.

>> No.41466379

May as well post mine.

I do not understand why it works as well as it does, the list looks awful at a glance, but goddamn I rarely if ever have bad games with it. I'm currently trying Relic Seeker over Taj-nar Swordsmith, I suspect it will be bad but I'm giving the card a chance (don't have a Stoneforge Mystic)

>> No.41466513


I'm definitely going to have to look through my shit to find my mind stones.

>> No.41466560

Oh, I forgot to mention, the list I posted: >>41465347 hasn't been updated in a year or so.

>> No.41466569

It's as good as it's made out to be. Commander's Sphere is a cool new alternative if your deck has more 5-drops than 4-drops, but my own Aurelia deck really wants to cast a 4-drop on turn 3, delaying an extra turn is really bad most of the time.

>> No.41466615

I bought a playset of gateway promo ones years ago but I traded 2 of them away for other things (including a fnm promo everflowing chalice).

Great card and its even better with sun titan.

>> No.41466653


I grabbed one from each of then C14 sets, I just need to make sure my roommate isn't using them all.

>> No.41467443

cool, i'll look into those.

>> No.41467555

Sol Rings are usually under 3 dollars.

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