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So /jc/, what's YOUR mecha?

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JUMPERS! A question for you all:

You've gained all manners of power and technology. You've seen things no mortal can, done things a person can only dream of.


Have you ever focused all of that for cosplay? Just showed up at a convention focusing on looking impressive or doing a perfect rendition of a character? Was it an established character or an OC?

Hard Mode: Did you ever 'help' other people with THEIR cosplay?

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Pic related

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So, Jumpers, what's a big mistake you made early on in your Chain that has influenced your policies ever since?

My sixth jump took me to the world of Ice and Fire. It was both my first Jump into a world quite that Grimdark, and my first time Jumping into a host with such serious mental problems.

Brandon Pyke was clever and charming, but he was also a sadist. I tried to restrict his - now MY - violent urges to people who REALLY deserved it (and there's no shortage of those in Westeros), and to channel them into ironic punishments rather than straight up torture. It mostly worked.

Mostly. I captured Ramsay Snow, and tried to keep him hostage to encourage Roose Bolton's good behaviour. Turns out Bolton didn't actually care all that much. Thousands died.

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Eventually, sometime, when I've finally writefagged through Transformers, Optimus and I will go to a convention. As ourselves. By then, I will have hopefully helped give Optimus a human-sized robot mode for his convenience.
>Holy crap, that's a good Prime costume! How does your friend sound exactly like Peter Cullen?

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My group routinely shows up dressed as (read: wearing the armor of) ODSTs.
Also, Elsa cosplaying as herself.

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Big and bulky.... and yet not really that huge. Magitek Armor variant basically. Haven't been doing many jumps recently so all I got is some know how, and FF6 Magitek. I think I did some good though.

With all the tailoring I have I'm sure I have at least a couple nice costumes. Knowing me I probably would have done something like a generic fancy wizard, mostly just so i have an excuse to make the robes as fancy has possible

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I always thought a Klytus (Ming's Head of Secret Police) cosplay would look pretty cool.

>anon adds to anime-to-watch

>my mecha
... I think my favorite would be the one that looked like the (un)holy spawn of a dragon and an A10 Thunderbolt I saw once. Dunno the name, unfortunately.

>color a waste, endowed scares off predators
Wut? You never met a poison dart frog?

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>human-sized Optimus
Proof that jumpers have good taste.

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I plan to - especially while at con-style LARPS and D&D sessions.

>"So I hear you like roleplaying. Have you ever wished you could really be that Elf?"

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Jumper me has never thought of doing any cosplay, too busy fighting the monsters, conducting experiments and trying to conquer the world.

I AM the mecha. Modified Transformer body with a jet mode solves a lot of problems.

I'd have to say abusing/being overly reliant on my companions. At first I used to them to get myself out of jams so I had to get strong enough to solve major problems on my own.

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Reposting just cause. Also I like that pic a lot so

>> No.41339298

HEAVILY modified version of the Dubstep Mech from Splatoon. I basically mashed it together with my Voot Cruiser from Invader Zim to give it more space. Using my sparkiness, I loaded it up with as much bullshit as I possibly could. Every weapon has an attached Miniaturized Soviet Reactor. Highlights include my own personal flavour of the RYNO, as well as a souped-up Nanorifle. Not to mention all the crazy sound weapons I've been developing and working on.

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>soviet Reactor
...Yeah soviet science is best.

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Oh, man, we could be here all day while I tell you about that thing. I have put far too much effort into thinking it up. I should probably make a pastebin for it at some point. But the summary would be "biomechanical physics-warping abomination to make NERV cry". So much physics shenanigans.

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You should tell us. AND post a pastebin. We like writefagging.

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Basically this. But with 1000% more spiral power compatibility.

>> No.41339450

fucking spirals. I am starting to see Anti-spiral's reasoning.

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Alright, I'll put my thoughts on it into writing. Probably not tonight, though.

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After Transformers, I AM the mecha!

And a jet.

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Anyone have any ship builds for the Light of Terra jump? Some of the features are a bit confusing, mainly how I don't know where to put my weapons, or if it matters, really. I know some stuff does clarify where it *has* to be mounted, I cannot tell what I'm supposed to do with the majority of the weapons.

The jump is located in the 'complete but no images' section, with its own sub file, if you're not familiar with it.

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I have one for my LoT build.
I went Tau due to a roll so this is mine.
I apologize for this weird format.
Armaments: The Prow: Tri-Barrel Heavy Railgun Battery Aft: Drone Array, Hull: Gravitic Compression Plating, Port and Starboard: Tau Launch Bays (Free from the Heathen Trail), Command and Control Node (Taken from the Heathen Star), Automated Repair System (Taken from the Heathen Star), Runecaster (Taken from A Grand Day Out), Laboratorium, Auto-Stabilised Logis Targeter, Superior Damage Control, Micro Laser Defense Grid
Superstructure: Elsewhere Coil
Prow:Nova Cannon: Mars Pattern Nova Cannon (500) 2600/2000
Port: Macrocannon Batteries: Basic Macrocannons x6 (Free) Hecutor Pattern Macrocannon x2 (600), Hecutor Pattern Plasma Macrocannon x2 (400) 1600/2000
Hull: Torpedo Launchers: Basic Torpedo Launchers x8 (Free), Seeking Torpedoes x1 (200) 1400/1000
Starboard: Lance Batteries: Basic Lance Batteries x8 (Free), Las-burners x2 (200), Godsbane Lance x2 (400) 800/2000
Void Shield: x6 Void Shields (Free), Prow: Gryphonne IV Pattern Void Shield (400) 400/2000
Warp-Drive: Gellar Field (Free), Aft: Vakarian Warp Engine (400) 0/2000

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Fuck I forgot to link it to this anon. >>41339525

>> No.41339626


Final Defender Jet Alone

>> No.41339687

KOTOR Anon, pls.

>> No.41339700

I hand converted an FF7 airship into a transformable mech. I earned that wonderful son of a bitch. It proceeded to fight a weapon to a stand still. Didn't pick up anything remotely spiral powered until Gurren Lagann which was much later. Never even got to use said spiral power in the jump because I took the beastman drawback. Its main weaponry is a huge array of laser beams and missile pods. Still perfecting the BIG cannon which I figure will be a kaiju buster.

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Total newfag, can someone explain this to me and how I get started?

>> No.41339715

I plan on converting a Cylon basestar into a mecha, when the time comes. But at the moment I'm still working on number 21 for my current (and likely to be final) chain: sitcoms.


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Do you know what a CYOA is?

>> No.41339747

You know what CYOA's are?

It's like that, but you go from one CYOA to another and keep your purchases as you go along.

Also, most people start with Pokemon.

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This is mainly just a overbloated CYOA that became this thing where there are hundreds of other Jumps all linked together into a chain that you make.

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For the jumpers who've been to Civilization, how did your world turn out? Who were your people, how much did you influence history, what kind of technology emerged? What kind of world did you create in the Civilization jump?

>The one time I don't check for mentions of my name like a narcissist.
It's endurance as in stamina.

>> No.41339840

Thank you.

>> No.41339878

1100/1100 cp

Usami - [Redacted]

Age 20

Low-Tech Settlement

Spliced - Free
Wanderer - 50
Trustworthy - 100
Rabbit's Foot - free
Party Animal - 150
Salty Dog - 400


Snorkel - 0
Biggest Boat - 400

Klutz + 100

Woke up with only my previous memories left, [Redacted], Once I got there I started raising a MASSIVE flock of [redacted], just so happened I got into a big party on the yacht [Redacted]
and then when that was done, [redacted redacted redacted].

That was how I woke up on a desert island with only a skirt, a smile, and a hangover the size of hanover. After that it turned into a game of survivor while I tried to piece together
what happened, and why my [redacted]. The answers would surprise you, but I imagine whatever I wrote can't be as lewd as what you all are putting in the censored bits. So I'll just say
I somehow got talked into [redacted] with a couple of [redacted] though the thought hadn't crossed my mind in years and it got only worse from there
and that was my story of all about how my life got turned floopside down

>> No.41339969

>and that was my story of all about how the tiger caught my scent
Fixed that for you.

>> No.41340000

... y'know, I guess I have four now.
I've got a heavily modified Zaku, a somewhat modified Leo, a barely modified Cancer, and the Dragonzord. I think of the Dragonzord as more my personal mech than the others.

The Zaku is at least a match for any high end Gundam as would be piloted by a protagonist or villain. And probably well beyond, because it incorporates outside jump tech. I used it for most of my Gundam run.
The Leo is more like a sidekick to the Zaku, and isn't quite as impressive. The Cancer is just there because I had 25CP left over and figured I could add aquatic Gundams to my list of blueprints.

The Dragonzord isn't really fast, and it can't fly, but it makes up for that by being retrofitted to run off Spiral Energy, and has an absolutely sickening amount of weaponry installed.
During Power Rangers, my "special attack" involved no swords, and instead consisted simply of, "Fire full arsenal."
That thing erases cities.
Also, there's a drill on the tail!

> You know the common statement that nobody in reality truly thinks of themselves as a villain?
I totally think of myself as the villain. I'm just not full on Sauron levels of villainy. I shoot for Eggman levels. I'm a threat, but hopefully not irredeemable.
Of course, walking a line like that means opinion varies. Some anons think I'm silly and cute. Some think I'm a monster. I'm kindof trying to do both at once. Which is confusing and causes moral conflict.
But at least I'm honest about it.

>> No.41340006

Is this how you became the prince of bel air?

>> No.41340150

Don't think the Prince of Bel Air was stalked and violated.

>> No.41340161


Fresh Prince with A Thousand Enemies, more like

>> No.41340179

Prince with a thousand pixels. Give or take.

>> No.41340181


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To Babylon Guy: With the upcoming release of Age of Sigmar, can we expect a DLC to Warhammer Fantasy?

The sheer ridiculousness of some of the content (reroll any failed hits as long as you have a better mustache than your opponent! Reroll failed hits if one of the fictional characters talks back to you! Reroll failed hits if you're dancing while rolling-and reroll failed wound rolls if you can coerce(!) your opponent into joining in too!) is...tantalising as a place to jump to.

>> No.41340288

Please tell me that first reroll rule is real. That is amazing and should be in every miniatures game.

>> No.41340322


This is only the tip of the iceberg

>> No.41340381

>Elves become entirely evil

>> No.41340385

This is amazing. And people say that Age of Sigmar is bad? Weird. Personally, I really want to get into WHFB now.

>> No.41340394


Normally this wouldn't bug me but after seeing how it's been received...everywhere, well
Pic related

>> No.41340652

Civilization is going to be my Jump where I have thousands of years to train my powers. Also I want to go to Wakfu so I can be the God-king of my nation, literally. Monitoring for ideas.

>> No.41340664

Huh. Who knew entertaining children and exceeding the expectations of crowds would be fun? Or entertaining for that matter.

I actually enjoyed this - creating new magic tricks and blowing minds with my own actual magic. Was an interesting experience.

And then there was most of my Companions becoming feminine bombshell bunnies.

... Dante. You may hate me for this, but consider this your comeuppance for SNEAKING IN ASS PINCHES YOU HOUND.

Age: 20-years-old
Location: The Distant Spring
Drawbacks: Uninvited Guests (Dweevils) (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Origin: Captain

Abilities & Skills:
-Leadership (Free)
-Ancient Relics
-Leader's Word
-Expertise (Science)

Items & Gear:
-Spacesuit (Free)
-Spaceship (Free)
-Pikmin Master Onion

>> No.41340735

Go home GW shill.

>> No.41340761

More like
>Elves are now Slaanesh's babies.

>> No.41340823

But it has mustache contests and imaginary horsy rides. That's amazing, man. I know nothing about WHFB, I just think those are incredibly amusing game mechanics.

>> No.41340886

>mfw I'm a Wood Elf

So... pic related?

>> No.41340934

Don't they have Slaanesh locked up somewhere and interrogated by WH's equivalent of the DEA i.e. angry elves?

>> No.41340957

Basically Slaanesh ate all the elves, so they had to force her to vomit/birth all of their souls back out. So happy unbirthday to you.

Also they all got taken over by the evil elf leaders during the End Times, though I'm not sure if that's still the case. So they might be evil now too.

Two gods captured her. Think they still have her, but she might have escaped.

>> No.41340966


Yeeep, I shouldn't have doubted.

>> No.41341027

I wasn't baiting. My enjoyment of the ridiculous rules here >>41340385 is genuine.

>> No.41341036

Actually Dark Elves became good, as the leader of them is actually the true Phoenix King. He kicked his mother to the curb.

>> No.41341051

How suicidal would it be for me to kidnap Nanoha and take her home with me?

>> No.41341059


Clearly this is a sign that you should accept your role as a deity, put it off until your done with the chain, return to Invader Zim and collect your irken minions as The Tallness, and then go to war against your parent in a titanomacy where you overthrow chaos and become the warp goddess of Tall.

Or just freak out for a little if you want to be sensible instead.

>> No.41341077

>Dark elves

>> No.41341079

>Basically Slaanesh ate all the elves, so they had to force her to vomit/birth all of their souls back out.
>So happy unbirthday to you.
>mfw people kept teasing me that Slaanesh would try to grab me in Light of Terra
Oh fuck that noise. I'm out. I'm so out. Gone.

>> No.41341095

>Did the regular WHFB jump and picked up Morathi
>She sees this alternate universe and flips out, basically forcing you to re-evil the Dark Elves

>> No.41341102

This is why you use all dat dakka to kill Slaanesh.

>> No.41341109

You gonna get befriended.

>> No.41341120

I think I'm gonna freak out a lot. Just saying. I am going to lose my shit. I am going to freak out at ANYTHING that may be even tangibly capable of making Slaanesh get me. No. None of that. They won't get me. I'LL RUN FIRST.

>> No.41341126

Is that any way to treat your mother?

>> No.41341153


>> No.41341173

Can't hear you, too busy running away and screaming like a little chihuahua rushing to find their owner.

>> No.41341207

Question about the age of sigmar, how much time is there really between the start of the end times and age of sigmar? Because I was actually trying to look that up and I couldn't find anything.

Also how much power/energy do you think I would need to feed to the maw to get it to eat everything else in the setting rather than allow age of sigmar to happen?

>> No.41341212

Wot da zog is a mother?

>> No.41341231

In the Pokemon jump, the psionics perk says the upper limit on your powers is the level of a Gardevoir, how powerful exactly are Gardevoirs' psychic powers? All I could tell from the pokedex entries is that they can make black holes and float.

>> No.41341248

That new thing that Red learned a Chaos God is to her.

>> No.41341250

Don't trust what are made in the pokemon entries since they are most commonly agreed on that they were made by 10 year olds.

>> No.41341254

The Pokedex lies.

>> No.41341295

Meh, plenty of people have another valid view, that the Pokedex isn't all lies, just that some of the more ridiculous parts are exaggerated.

>Kid sees his Gardewaifu cause a big psychic explosion



>> No.41341320

Alrighty then I made a mistake. I'll retract my comment.

>> No.41341345

Eh, you didn't make a mistake. What you said is true, a lot of people do think it's all bullshit. It's just not unanimous or anything. Those two opinions exist pretty cohabitatively here funny enough.

>> No.41341387

Thousands of years.

>> No.41341444


Technically making a black hole while impressive doesn't actually tell much. After all a black hole is just some matter condensed into a singularity.

This however says nothing about the size of the black hole, and rather small black holes are possible.

Which basically makes 'made a black hole' equivalent to 'did some gravity stuff'.

>> No.41341458

Yes but how powerful are gardevoirs? Can they do mental projection, clairvoyance, etc. or just telekinesis? And how strong can the telekinesis get?

>> No.41341499

> trying to separate Nanoha from her friends

>> No.41341508

IIRC word of QS last time it was asked in IRC is that it's fairly strong telekinesis, telepathy, and mind beams.

But then again nobody listens to QS anyways.

>> No.41341527

True, tiny blackholes that dissipate instantly without being able to effect larger matter aren't exactly rare in the land of particle acceleration.

>> No.41341727

Depends on when you try to kidnap her.

>Post Lyrical Nanoha
You get befriended, then beaten by Fate, and jumped by a retrieval squad sent by Admiral Lindy. Oh, and Nanoha's family, who are ninjas/ex-assassins torch what's left of you.

>Post Nanoha A's
Same as above, plus a violent visit from Chrono, a full-body energy immolation courtesy of Hayate, and a 4 way mauling from the Wolkenritter, all while Yunno holds you down with binding magic.

>Post Striker S
Turbo-Befriending, plus the above ramped up a significant level in power an viciousness. Nanoha's various TSAB buddies jump in as well, as does her 4 new students from Riot Force 6, Hayate would order in an additional retrieval/assault squad, and Vivio would join in as well- which would in turn involve the Saint Church who would send their own assault squad to back up their fledgling Kaiser.

In short? You have messed up, big time. You're in a setting where Magical Gundams are cleverly disguised as magical girls, and you've just tried to kidnap their leader.

There is no way in which this doesn't end in polychromatic magical death beams getting all up in your everything. Repeatedly and vigorously.

>> No.41341745


So I thought I'd do a build for Transformers and everything was going well (apart from SO MUCH SHINY AND NOT ENOUGH POINTS) until...

"Reload required after X shots". Wha? Since when did Transformers need to reload?! And I also seem to recall various bots had a lot of built-in weaponry? It was all pew pew pew right up until somebody whined about being low on energon and their side ran away to fight another episode. Again.

>> No.41341769

I think that's taken from War/Fall of Cybertron.

>> No.41341777

>magical gundams cleverly disguised as magical girls
What's that? That's clearly a little girl, there's no way that-

>> No.41342152

In DMC can you upgrade the Sick Ride while maintaining it's indestructibility or would any new parts only be as durable as they are outside of the vehicle?

>> No.41342367

I'd figure new parts would only be indestructible so long as they are cosmetic (flares, rims, fuzzy dice, mp3 player) or merely improve performance (wheels with better grip are fine, wheels with built-in minelayers are not), and they must be selected so that they still fit the "sexier than sex" aesthetic.

Either that or somehow its not upgradable due to the being indestructible thing.

>> No.41342381

Honestly, that doesn't seem to terrible. That said, the above anons effort would be better spent kidnapping Fate from her abusive mother.

>> No.41342388

Intended for >>41341727

>> No.41342424

Welp. What have we learned, kids?

GW can't keep shit straight anymore.
And also that evidently we enjoy tormenting a specific someone.

Yeah... Yeah tha's about perfect.

And she's not happy.

In some more terrestrial worlds? Absolutely there was convention-going and cosplaying.

Killer B actually lost a cosplay contest (going as himself) to someone who was cosplaying as... well. Killer B.

It was hilarious.


Well. The good news is, I made some progress on this newest project. I've dubbed it now the 'Breath of Creation.'

The only issue is... I still can't find a way to make it an organic form. Not unless...

Hmm. Might be time to dig out the Geneforge again.

>Age of Mythology
Identity: Norse
Boon: Odin
Age: 23-years-old
Drawbacks: Pantheon (Greek) (+300), Mysterious Old Man (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP

-Walking Woods
-Healing Spring

-Ulfsark Arms (Free)
-Book of Thoth
-God's Hammer
-Orichalkos Mail

>> No.41342465

In DC jump, the self sustenance perk says it makes you immune to radiation. Since heat is radiation, this would make you able to survive any level of heat possible, correct?

>> No.41342475

Don't be a shithead and intentionally misinterpret a perk's intent.

>> No.41342485

I'm pretty sure it only means ionizing radiation. Besides, even if it covered thermal radiation, you'd still have to deal with convective and conductive heating.

>> No.41342489

Anon, no, for one thing heat is transmitted three ways, only one of which is radiation, the other two being conduction, and convection.

Also that's a stupid idea and you are stupid.

>> No.41342492

Plus you'd fucking die.

>> No.41342634

Jump you love of a setting you hate. Did it ever happen to you?

>> No.41342711

9-5 jump doesn't nerf your powers, sitcom jump doesn't jump your powers, slice of life jump doesn't nerf your powers, West Wing jump doesn't nerf your powers, so why does Fallout jump nerf your powers?

>> No.41342719

>Slice of life doesn't nerf your powers
>It just full seals them off.
Look, if you're going to start shit, at least get your facts straight first. Moron.

>> No.41342722


>slice of life jump doesn't nerf your powers

Slice of Life only doesn't nerf your powers if you don't count losing your powers as a nerf.

>> No.41342728

Guess I'll stick to enchanting it then. Thanks for the input.

>> No.41342745

Oh, also is there a drawback limit for DMC?

>> No.41342749

No there isn't.

>> No.41342764


you rang?

Might as well drop my...relatively unfluffed Soul Calibur build!

Soul Calibur
Kaminoi Castle
1300/1300 cp


Tiptoe(free) - Move like a shadow!
Demon Hunter(100) - Seek out evil, find evil, slay evil with fuckin' sweet silver bullets.
Faster then a Howling Wind(150) -I need to kill fast and my enemies are too slow!
Lost in the Mirage(300) - More Decoys, less problems. The less people actually try and hit+kill me, the better
Manji Ninjitou(100) - Holy shit this is my fighting style. Trickery, deception, poison..I need this!
Deliverance(100) - Because god knows how useful this will be with my weak bunny mind
Muso Battoryu(100) - Cause fast-draw knives and whatnot...What can I say?


Demon-Fighting Gear(100) - Yay for sweet demon killing loot!
Fine Clothes(50) - ..Not that there's gonna be much due to the following


+100 Fanservice - No Comment
+200 Wardrobe Malfunction - No comment

>> No.41342767

Right, thanks. Super difficult DMC it is!

>> No.41342770

Because it's a relic of ancient times when jumpchain was still closer to QS's original vision. That's not bad or good. It's just what it is.

There are many ways around it though and thinking them up is plenty of fun.

>> No.41342779

Because the jump maker actively doesn't want anyone to take it. Don't take it, there's nothing worth seeing, getting, or doing there.

>> No.41342788

Forgot to mention I took that Fu-Ma ninja origin, derp

>> No.41342796

It's that bunny brain getting to you.

>> No.41342810

That or that Brows has declared the bunny hers in IRC, she also said she doesn't need OAA anymore.

>> No.41342816

Brows is making him forgetful? Well that's devious.

>> No.41342817


Crap, am I a bimbo now

>> No.41342834

Quick, become a science bunny before it's too late! Stack them intelligence perks!

>> No.41342842


I'm going Armored Core next, already looking at Engineer! I refuse to Algernon it up!

>> No.41342855

You could always be a genius who PRETENDS to be a bimbo. The look on everyone's faces when you abruptly and violently prove them wrong will be priceless.
And you can do it every ten years!

>> No.41342863

She looks surprisingly cute... Where is that pic from? Can we jump there?

You don't see that kind of girl in the Netherlands. I really want to companion her and take her back with me.

>> No.41342868

Konata, I don't think Digger wants to be a gross and annoying stereotype of a retarded and slutty person.

>> No.41342878

I'm pretty sure that's Hayate the Combat Butler. And we do not have a jump of it yet.

>> No.41342879

That's Hayate the Combat Butler.

>> No.41342881

It's a trap!

>> No.41342891


>> No.41342941

>the Netherlands
I'm sorry guys, but you fell right into my trap question trap. All of you to the shadow realm.

I really hoped someone would get that sneaky reference... and you people darebcall yourselves human trash NEETS?! You're a thousand years too young if you still care about the gender of someone that is cute.

>> No.41342953

Seems I'll join you guys in the shadow realm.

>> No.41342959

Hey, I just gave a name, as did one other person you linked.

>> No.41342968

If you go to a jump where travel between universes is possible wouldn't it be possible to just start jumping on your own without the planeswalker spark?

>> No.41342984

Yea but you won't get an oldwalker spark that way, and an oldwalker spark is a hell of a lot more than the ability to travel from one reality to another.

>> No.41342988

Who said I cared? I just wanted you to get full disclosure here.

>> No.41342990

It's generally agreed that multiverse travel is blocked off until post spark in all it's forms.

>> No.41342994

No omniverse, just stuck in that particular multiverse.

No actually, there's a few perks for it. Alternate Earths and such. Can't leave a setting though.

>> No.41343003


Isn't the usual assumption that it's limited to non-crossover dimensional travel at most? A.k.a. you can only go to places in the same setting as the current jump.

>> No.41343004

Why isn't there a Needless jump yet?

>> No.41343006

You know what I meant. No jumping to other settings on your own.

>> No.41343023

Gets a big messy with things like nasuverse and marvel where all realities that can exist do exist as a part of canon.
Balancing it would be hard, and the wiki a shit.

>> No.41343030

Jumpchain can't handle the legitimate clones of Jesus Christ.

>> No.41343036

But we have Jojo with the actual Jesus Christ.

>> No.41343039

To be fair
Its 5 am and I'm a rabbit

>> No.41343044

But in Needless they clone the Second Christ, like a dozen times or something.

>> No.41343051

Well you can never have enough Jesus.

>> No.41343057

I wonder if we could amplify the Aion miracle to be powerful enough to revive Jesus. I wonder if we could companion Jesus.

>> No.41343062

You might if you're a Joestar. It's implied that Joestars are descended from Jesus. Joshua Joestar.

>> No.41343068

The Bible says to accept no substitutes to the original Jesus brand Jesus-flavor Jesus.

>> No.41343222


>> No.41343250

Except the Bible is completely 100% fiction.

>> No.41343275

So's Jumpchain.

>> No.41343281

God hand
bad genes +100
the gentle(wo)man +200
hand hater +300
rolled a seven +20 equals twenty-seven years old
hero -100
I'm brutal and ruthless, free for hero
hyperactive fighting style -200 discounted for hero
bob 'n weave -400
Dodge cancel -600
prompts -300 discounted for hero
Western punk clothing free
box o'fruit: Supear one free
meaningless item: my jacket -100.*
*It hurts just saying that.
Baby's first God Hand!:Monique, RJ painwheel, Waddle Dee retainers, free
hero -100
I'm brutal and, ruthless, free for hero
hyperactive fighting style -200 discounted for hero
box o'fruit: Peachi one free with hero
meaningless item: micro bikini -100

drop in
I'm brutal and ruthless -100
Dodge cancel -300 discounted for drop in
Western punk clothing free
I'm brutal and ruthless -100
bob 'n weave -200 discounted for drop in
Western punk clothing free
bag O Gold -50
box of fruit:Bubble Fruit-50

Waddle Dee retainers
hero -100
I'm brutal and, ruthless, free for hero
hyperactive fighting style -200 discounted for hero
Western punk clothing free
meaningless item: their jackets -100
box o'fruit: Bubble Fruit one free with hero

#now this is a world that makes sense! I've got a planet to reterraform, bad guys fight and an adventure to have, not having access to a God hand is nothing big, considering my super mode is already on par with such, the God hands just not capable of manifesting energy Constructs or such.#

>> No.41343288

So? They did it because they could, not because they should have, or needed to.

>> No.41343297

>getting Joshua son of Joseph as a companion

>> No.41343299

Dunno about Aion, but if you can reach level 202 as a cleric from FR or OOTS, you could try a True Rez and see if he's willing to come back.

Nah, not 100%. But yeah, maybe you'd just get a surprised evangelist. Depends which jump you're in.

>> No.41343300


A month or two ago, someone got everybody hyped up like nothing else for the Qualia the Purple jump. May I ask how is it going? Or get closure?

>> No.41343307

If it makes you feel any better, if you get the clones too close together they fuse, explosively because there can only be one.

>> No.41343310


>> No.41343318

>Hyped up
Didn't it just start a big argument over how just one of the perks was ridiculously broken?

>> No.41343325

Wasn't there some King David guy in there? And a place called Egypt, and a Roman Empire. Hey, that was the place the crucified people, right?

>> No.41343328

So does that mean that before Latinazation it would have been YeYu's Bizzare Adventure?

>> No.41343338

Now I want to make that happen. With a lot of them. Create shitloads of super powered jesus clones and fuse them together to see what happens.

Then Aslan shows up and smacks me upside the head.

>> No.41343356

No, an Anon started a big argument about how the deuteragonists' powers (or one of them, at least) were broken, and since the jump OBVIOUSLY would have to make them all buyable by the jumper, the jump shouldn't exist altogether. The debate was pretty stupid all around.

>> No.41343374

Just because I wrote slash fiction about how Charlemagne ass raped his older brother to death doesn't mean it actually happened.

>> No.41343382

No, I remember there was this one perk that let you contact alternate selves and basically teach yourself anything you wanted. It was one of the few things that got posted about the jump.

>> No.41343387

It was a power of Gaku anon, she's the protagonist, and it is very much her story.

>> No.41343414

Hm, maybe so. Either way, it would've likely been nerfed and doesn't change my query.

It always seemed to me that Yukari just ceased to be a hero of the story, appearing less and less. Subjective opinion, there.

>> No.41343435

It was always from Gaku's point of view though, and it was always her telling the story of her life.

Though I actually wish the story continued on from the ending to whatever Yukari and Gaku get up to from then on.

>> No.41343653

do I keep my memories (of my original self and other jumps) when i acquire a new backround/origin in a jump ? Or i start a totally new self everytime ?
how does drop-in work ?

>> No.41343677

You always keep your memories, you just have another set of memories added in with the background. Drop in just doesn't give you new memories.

>> No.41343686

You keep your memories, you just also have memories of living another life stuck in your head alongside them. It causes some issues with reconciling your personalities, but it also provides you with skills and connections you can't get by just buying perks.

Drop-in just gets inserted into the world, generally with only what they need to interact with society, but with no connections or memories besides any they brought in.

>> No.41343705

cool thanks

>> No.41343740

Fallout is one of the first Jumps, and was created before we all became whiny entitled bitches like >>41342779 who regard any restrictions whatsoever as an atrocity worse than genocide.

That's not hyperbole, by the way. Commit genocide and people will just roll their eyes and call you an edgelord. Make a setting that doesn't give people everything they want, and they'll throw a shitfit.

>> No.41343771

That call me entitled,whatever, but that isn't a jump; it's a cyoa, and should be treated like one.

>> No.41343814

Not going to go as far as>>41343771, but at this point, it seems entirely logical to dismiss the jump wholesale as anything but a starting jump. There isn't a reason to take it at any other point because the perks you would get from other settings are made irreverent for its duration, and if you have power great enough that the Nerf doesn't really matter, then it cant offer anything substantial anyway. All the Nerf really does is place greater emphasis on its position as a early jump and nothing but.

>> No.41343851


Actually I can think of another use. If you go to Light of Terra first and don't break the deadlight It gives you a chance to get ten years to try to get some practice with the prize if you picked one of the ridiculously dangerous ones.

>> No.41343854

In what world does running around with skin as strong as power armor, the ability to magically throw around mini-nukes, and an entire team of trained Deathclaws at your back, constitute irrelevant?

>> No.41343873

A world where the Nerf isn't strong enough to matter to the jumper, called "Mid-to-Late game".

>> No.41343876

The world inside my head.

>> No.41343971

This is awkward so someone please help me. I know Aslan is Lion Jesus but does that mean he is the real Jesus? Does he know everything about me and all other jumps? On one hand that would be extremely annoying and metashattering, but on the other hand the idea of outsmarting Jesus feels... blasphemous. I'm really not devout at all but this might be Jesus so it still feels weird.

How did you guys wank it?

>> No.41343979

Dude, if he is jesus, he's jesus of a single jump. He won't know anything about other multiverses. No more blasphemous then Percy Jackson or Type Moon can get.

>> No.41343993

I worship Ignis, so the whole ordeal felt totally natural to me.

>> No.41344109

This is one of those questions that we really can't answer, since it's really an issue of what you believe in. My thought is that yes, he knows who you are and what you can do, if only because of the 300 CP drawback where he wants to teach you some sort of lesson feels like it relies on that.

Just don't take the drawback and don't fuck with the Jesus, and you'll never need to find out.

>> No.41344111

Gods don't really do cross dimensional. Even if you're devout, there are just a ton of settings where our realworld gods just straight up don't exist, are never mentioned, and mentioning them just gets you funny looks like, "Who?"
One assumes that if the the multiverse is infinite, with multiple gods going up and down the power spectrum, there are just simply a shit ton of worlds where they just don't have sway.
Also, trying to put an actual power readout on GOD is going to be difficult, because our overall interpretation of what he can do (everything?) and what he chooses to do (???) is poorly defined at the best of times.

If you want to assume he's up there, then he possibly has the power to look into other worlds, much like Jump-chan herself, but I would assume he has better shit to do than follow along with the path of every possible imaginary world within further imaginary worlds. That sortof starts to get into the realm of "this shit is so irrelevant to what I'm doing I shouldn't even have to be talking right now. also, how are you even talking to me."
In which case he might be aware of you, or have a general idea, but again, he's a busy lion and you're basically just visiting. He only cares if you're going to run ripshod around the setting.

Or, if you're really, REALLY devout, then Jump-chan actually answers to him.
Which is honestly kindof boring, I think.
But it's whatever works for you and your story.

Personally, I prefer the "I'm busy" variant.

>> No.41344249

There's probably something wrong with me because this feels... incredibly naughty? Like it has to be forbidden and I'm going to lose my soul for even thinking about it. How can I even consider that Jesus won't know anything about other multiverses and that I'll... know more than he does. I'm a bad person. Is this what they call a 'Jesusboner'? When did I become so religious? It's like I can't breathe and my heart keeps beating faster and faster.

I give up. I'll just avoid him at all costs and mutate my own body so I immediatly faint when I come within 15km of Aslan...But then I'd be saying that I'm capable of avoiding Jesus so that's no good either.

I should probably not jump Narnia at all. I mean, it's not like the cat disappears when mice close their eyes but at least mice can't see their own sinful blasphemy and impending damnation with their eyes closed...

I'm extremely ashamed to write such stupidity on 4chan but I guess I can't just ignore my Catholic upbringing. I'll conquer this somehow. Maybe Jesus no matter where he is or what he is, won't mind if I keep being a nice person? I'm sorry for annoying you guys like this.

>> No.41344287

If you are getting this freaked out you might have a problem with Megami Tensei franchise then because if I recall God/YHVH detests freedom and free will so you may need to avoid that jump if it bothers you this much.

>> No.41344291

You know what's even more blasphemous? You can summon him as a Heroic Spirit in Fate, and make him your Servant and force him to murder other heroes in a Grail War. Or use a Command Seal to order him to commit suicide.

>> No.41344330

>trying to avoid Jesus
>not taking the 300 CP drawback that has him become your own personal teacher for the next ten years
>missing out on a once-in-a-Jumper's-lifetime chance
Bad Catholic. Bad, bad Catholic.

>> No.41344379


Technically it just relies on lion Jesus deciding to spend ten years teaching you some kind of lesson that doesn't get explained.

Sure Aslan probably has a way of finding out about that stuff, but that doesn't actually require every version of Jesus being the same, and drawback technically doesn't require it.

The lesson could be something that requires knowing about you, but it could also be something silly like Aslan deciding to use the most inefficient method of teaching someone how to make narnian four cheese pizza because of being bored.


I can see two alternate solutions.

1. Mortals can't really truly understand something like God, and it's already an entity with multiple 'selves'. So you wouldn't actually be able to tell if it's the same one or a different one.

2. Omniscience that's actually omniscience instead of just nigh-omniscience means you can't actually know more than whatever has it.

Although the 'don't be a jerk' idea would probably help.

>> No.41344384

I love Megami Tensei and Fate. I also side with Chaos or Neutral in every Megami Tensei game because God and the angels are absolute dicks there. In SMT4 I even went out of my way to save before "the final fight" and kept re-killing those bitches because they were especially annoying this time. Killing that piece of crap just once was not enough.

The difference is that you're not supposed to take Megami Tensei or Fate seriously. It's harmless fun. I'm not that far gone that I'd be organizing a crusade against their headquarters...

Narnia is a bit different. It's an allegory. It fully intends to be taken seriously. Aslan is or symbolizes Jesus and we're supposed to learn a lesson from him. I'd be a lot happier if Aslan were a 50ft tall mecha who is actually a genderbend Jesus magical maid, called Muhammadina.

>> No.41344388

It's an imaginary game for fun, dude. It's prettymuch no more blasphemous than it is to create a setting like Bravely Default, which claims to know the "real world", yet does not appear to know of or care about any existence of "God."

I mean, Jesus appears in a lot of settings. Any number of them could be real or fake. Aslan just sortof manages to do the whole "regal bearing" thing better than most interpretations, and was written by a guy who was himself really devout.
Whether any of them is actually "real" or not is basically up to the story, and it's no more blasphemous than C.S. Lewis WRITING about him in the first place and putting words in his mouth.
Because, lemmie tell you, Lewis wasn't the spokesman for God, should he exist.

Personally? I just kindof assume he's about on the level of Jump-chan. He could totally run all around the multiverse but chooses not to. He's concerned with his own little cluster of worlds and what he's doing.
He can probably figure you out at a glance because he has the rough equivalent of EVERY perk, but he mostly doesn't care.
If you take "Not a Tame Lion", Jump-chan tells him you specifically asked for a lesson (because you kindof did), and Aslan's response is, "Oh did they now?", and now you're gonna suffer for being a cocky bitch.

Some people are TOTALLY gonna say that's blasphemous in real life, but again, Jumpchain is imaginary.
If you're freaking out this bad, Aslan would probably forgive you.
You are no worse than Lewis.

>> No.41344433

>yfw pseudo-Cthulhu Mythos are actually canon in Fallout because of their homage to the 'The Dunwich Horror'
>yfw when there is a nerf because 'the wasteland isn't about all that'
>yfw you could just fuck everyone and their shit up by summoning a dark god to the mortal existence

>> No.41344487

Jesus Christ, I'm glad I wasn't brought up strongly religious. How strong is your brainwashing that you're still trying to struggle with religious symbolism so many years later? You're running your mind in circles for literally no reason.

>> No.41344514

Actually, it’s pretty easy.

Just modify an Orgel of Origins to supply magical power and install it in Raising Heart.

Bam, she will now follow you anywhere.

>> No.41344560

I am not willing to take Orgel of Origins if I can't do it under my own power beside Nanoha was before that jump anyway.

>> No.41344665

Believe it or not, I "brainwashed" myself. I remember -for example- that my parents offered me a big party and €1500 cash if did not undergo my Confirmation but if I did, I would still get a party but no money. They were not religious at all and frankly, me undergoing the Confirmation would require them to sit through a whole lot of church masses. I got extremely angry at them for even suggesting such a thing and insisted on my Confirmation. It's pretty funny to reminisce about those days so many years later.

Honestly, I think I was just a very sad kid who took comfort in being told I was put here for a reason and Jesus would always be there for me.

>> No.41344676

What was that about brainwashing religions?

>> No.41344682

Incase you're wondering.
>yfw the necronomicon is in Fallout
>still trying to justify nerfing it

>> No.41344732

Or, and bear with me, the fact that there's a homage to the Cthulhu mythos in Fallout doesn't actually mean anything besides the fact that Bethesda thought it would be fun to include a homage to the Cthulhu mythos, and trying to summon Ug-Qualtoth will be about as effective as trying to summon Cthulhu in the real world?

>> No.41344759

Nobody was wondering.

Also, considering that the worst we see out of Dunwich is a bunch of ghouls and some doors that open by themselves, all of which is piss easy to accomplish on your own, I don't see why you're being such a whiny pissbaby about the whole ordeal.

>> No.41344760

Does the Necronomicon actually summon a Great Old One? No? Then that's justification for the Nerf - even one of the most powerful books in the Mythos wasn't spared from it.

>> No.41344829

Y'know. Ya'll's bitch. And bitch. And bitch. And bitch. about Fallout's nerf which brings you down to face-to-face level with Fallout's higher-end shit.

And yet nobody has once complained about the fact that the Silent Hill in-progress? Is essentially the same fucking thing in reverse - in that everything is scaled to your level by default instead of you being nerfed to their level by default.

It's the same damn thing, guys. You're still fucked, yet I've heard nothing but hopes and praise for SH.

>> No.41344863

I'd rather the setting scaled up to bullshit levels relative to me than be scaled down for the setting. I'll support the latter any day, but anyone that supports the former should actually kill themselves. So, fuck you.

>> No.41344864

Dear Jump Authors,

Please include more nerfs. Any time there's a setting which isn't high magic, reduce the power of magic in-Jump. Any time there's a setting where pistols are a credible threat, reduce the power of technology. Any time the setting is "the real world," make everything weaker. Don't take it away, but just nerf it.

It's the only way people will stop whining. Once they adapt to the new regime, we'll finally be done with his bullshit forever.

>> No.41344872

You're missing the number of people stating that they aren't going to silent hill because fuck that.

>> No.41344882

Because it's not so /v/irgin enough that it'd be torn apart like that. /jc/ fags will defend anything they pick and choose to do so with though and that's a big part of it.

Ya'll can't even stick to your own rules.

>> No.41344913

Actually, we had a thread just last week where a bunch of people stated they wouldn't be going to Silent Hill because they had no desire to suffer through that bullshit.

>> No.41344915

I'm going to share a super special secret legendary double secret piece of knowledge with you, that I am compelled to repeat every time someone mentions the Fallout nerf: the Nerf is no big deal, and easy to work around if you insist.

My favourite method is creating hundreds of weak independent items that are individually unaffected by the nerf beforehand but just so happen to be capable of being chained into something incredible. Think of it like putting hundreds of magnifying glasses in a row and using them to melt a mountain, in cartoon logic. Something less cartoony should work in Fallout unless the nerf is going to erase every object that can somehow be combined with a different object to achieve something beyond the Fallout nerf limit... I don't think there'd be much left of Fallout if that were the case.

>> No.41344935

It's still a fucking nerf you giant moron, just in reverse proportions.

One or two people? That's their prerogative, yes.

Just as it's people's prerogative that they don't have to take Fallout.


Careful mate, trigger word right there. You might just get someone to call you a shitlord.

>> No.41344951

I might've missed that, bugger.

Still though. You'd think that people would also use that logic to apply it to Fallout - that they just won't take it.

Instead of agonizing and spending hours complaining in a thread about something that they can easily skip over and move on with their lives.

>> No.41344952

Then I'll just go right ahead and post CoC and Generic Lewd. Since that is so fine now, apparently.

>> No.41344960

Okay so you're deliberately being a whiny brat - you can't ignore something or skip over it and would rather kick up dust over the fact that it exists to begin with and offends your sensibilities to the point of a tumblr-level reaction.

>> No.41344970


>> No.41344985

And yet you still do. I don't care that it's done so much as it is justified so poorly or not at all.

>> No.41345008

>One or two people?
At least four from when the question was asked, and a couple people who were only conditionally willing to go to silent hill.

Still though I was just bringing up that the idea is not favorable to everyone.

>> No.41345015

Nerf supporters are shitposters. Don't reply to them.

>> No.41345059

>people who don't fill thread after thread whining and crying about how one of the oldest jumps in the chain takes away their candy are shitposters.
Just leave /jc/. Nobody will miss you. We'll be happy.

>> No.41345093

What perks combo well with [Critical Existence Failure]? [Dog Charm]? [Heart of Steve]?

>> No.41345109

>ITT: Jumpers cannot resist taking stale bait

>> No.41345122

> previous conversation has nothing to do with Fallout
> no mention of Fallout for the past several threads
> suddenly Anon comes out of nowhere and starts bitching about Fallout
> multiple posts tell him to shut up about this ancient jump nobody cares about
> "anyone that supports nerfs should actually kill themselves"
> "Nerf supporters are shitposters. Don't reply"

I'm sorry, I just find how hard you're trying to be hilarious. Please, continue.


>> No.41345125

I don't care about the bait, I have a thing for hooks.

>> No.41345134

The Journey to the West thing that someone mentioned ages back that I think can transfer enchantments. Put the talisman power in something more durable, then hide it inside you somehow.

>> No.41345138

>that pic
Oh my. All those different body types.

That reminds me. Jumpers, could you describe your body (type) and explain why you chose it out of all the endless possibilities the chain offers? There's a certain suspicion I'd like to see confirmed...

Jumper Flatlets, don't bother. I have no use for wannabe traps or lolicon creeps in my investigation. Drink more milk or buy a shapeshifting perk instead. Mammary-defficiency is not something to joke about so don't torment the poor souls by pretending you'd choose to live such a miserable life.

>> No.41345140

Can you put a trip on so I can filter you?

>> No.41345157

Can you?

>> No.41345182

Claymore's [Assimilate] is ideal for this.

>> No.41345212

>triggering more Zalgo-text

Are you sure you want to go there?

>> No.41345267

This is my body type. It's a thing of beauty.

>> No.41345277

Can you suppress the enhanced memory of Savant for terrible memories, like the sanity distorting dreams if you pick the Darkrai drawback?

>> No.41345279

You know Nightwing? I try to go for his build. Slightly above-average height, lean muscle tuned for agility as much as strength, lots of flexibility.

>> No.41345284

Think mind reading is off the table

>> No.41345298

What does critical existence failure come from and what does it do?

>> No.41345317

SAO perk that lets you swap to HP and back at will.

>> No.41345320

I don't think so, but if you don't mind having your pokemon tampering with your mind you could likely have them alter them in some way. I think that's part of the plan of a number of people who take that drawback anyway regardless of if they have Savant.

>> No.41345324


>> No.41345344

It's from Sword Art Online. makes you work on an HP system instead of actually taking damage. Any harm you'd take is instantly negated and instead subtracted from a hypothetical health meter (which you have constant awareness of, don't worry), which puts you in a near-death state once it hates zero. But until then you're completely fine.

>> No.41345348

Rolling counter, from Mother, prevents damage from taking affect immediately, then any fast regeneration making it so that you can start regenerating before the effects of the damage hit you.

>> No.41345353

Lithe and lightly muscled, with modestly-sized breasts and an ass like a Greek Goddess. I run around a lot and do a lot of athletics, and I figure it's better to go with something lean and lightweight... But I needed to make some concession to vanity.

>> No.41345388

Pretty much sleek and athletic, kind of tallish gymnast, plus tits, not big tits, just tits.

>> No.41345392

Then, wouldn't that synergize well with generic healing magic or regeneration magic, or even "HP increasing" magic?

>> No.41345396

Hmmm, waking up crazy every few nights, or waking up in pain with your starter standing over you having just eaten your dreams... Sounds like a great plan that we should all get behind.

>> No.41345436

I look the same as a man or a woman; tall, athletic, and vaguely, supernaturally attractive.

>> No.41345479

Is your suspicion confirmed yet?

>> No.41345495

> Jumper Flatlets, don't bother.
> buy a shapeshifting perk
Oh, I have a lot of those.
... a LOT of those.

I can look like anything you want me to, Anon.

>> No.41345523

If you want staying power, just engrave healing runes on every square inch of your flesh, or replace your blood with FF elixirs, or something else equally extreme and equally effective.

>> No.41345646

First off it's debatable whether our current form of existence can be considered a "body" or not-but for the sake of brevity, let's assume it is one and that it...kind of transcends all the conventional criteria.

That said, the embodied tulpa into reality we most often interact with others through follows pic related's template quite faithfully: Tall as we want to be, kind of blobby when moving quickly, covered in phantasmagorical images instead of muscle tone, utterly lacking in tertiary sexual characteristics and permanently surrounded by a spooky shimmery aura. Sometimes two dimensional when it's convenient, sometimes more. Also, very stretchy. As for why-we want to send a message to those we're interacting with through this form: That we want to have a conversation of some sort, and that we are also utterly outside their contextual knowledge WITHOUT accidentally their sanity.

This isn't our only humanoid form. We have a Kars-like body for doing the whole Atlantean monarch stick, or any other time being a muscular demigod has a social advantage. We have a Russian form with no excess body fat and a career soldier's build as a sort of memorabilia from when Jump-Chan insisted via dice roll that we incarnate as Russian. We could even reproduce our form from just after Ravenloft: Average height, lanky but solid frame, all wiry muscle. Think Raidan from MGR, or Protoman

>> No.41345656

You rang?

>> No.41345688

Only you, Konata, would make that sound terrifying.

>> No.41345690

List of extreme measures to have high regen, health, and/or armor.
1.) engraving healing runes into multiple layers of skin
2.) tech based potion auto-injector
3.) use Bio-Magitech to replace your body with a superior form, probably with the above solutions included
4.) become a multiverse

>> No.41345716

I took the weapons from War/Fall of Cybertron. They offered more weapons than your standard "Energon Pistol, Melee Weapon, Energon Rifle". The cartoons rub off of rule of cool, which is fine. However I was wanting weapons and what not to be important. However at same time I forgot about other tech. Which I did go back and add some other stuff.

>> No.41345782

How about you do the same so that we can be spared your whiny asshattery for once.

>> No.41345855

I suspected a suprising amount of female jumpers on a forum and board that are predominantly visited by men. I was indeed pleasantly surprised.
Imagine the most horrible, gruesome and mindshattering abomination you can transform in. Then imagine the cutest, sweetest and most innocent form (not loli, women can be cute too) you can transform in. Combine them somehow.

Now pretend I accidentally intruded on you while you were getting dressed and say something like: "A-anon, I'm not r-ready yet! Go a-away, S-Stupid..."

Describe what you looked like and don't forget to make it spoopy-cute. Also, don't kill me: this is supposed to inspire a few weird personal builds and dying is too depressing. Looking lewd is not important. It is the Lovecraftian cuteness I need.

>> No.41345865

Y'know, I prefer the "lithe and mobile" mold, personally, because... well... it's lithe and mobile, and just generally more economical. I prefer being able to bend and stretch when I need to. It's the only true scientific option.

But when I don't, I TOTALLY go for the Wakfu bodytype. Because that's... well... that's just fine.
Hips are the superior body part. Space Dandy knows what he's talking about, and Issei is a fool.

That's because you are now realizing that I would absolutely abuse this ability to turn into something horrifying at the worst possible moment.

Like the disapproving face of your grandmother.

>> No.41345870

Considering that dying ends the chain, does transferring conscientiousness into a manufactured body count as dying?

>> No.41345897

I think it depends on how you do it. Like Lord of Light has a perk all about setting up systems just for that.

>> No.41345915

Do you consider uploading your mind to be cloning and suicide?

>> No.41345950

>the disapproving face of your grandmother.
That isn't horrifying Konata, that's just what I thought her face always looked like until I was half way through highschool.

>> No.41345957

Do you consider warp-style teleportation to be suicide?

>> No.41345977

Regarding Age of Sigmar, it's gotta be it's own Jump. After End Times, Chaos won (not surprising). They destroyed Warhammer's world, but what was left was a core that was from Sigmar's twintailed comet that signaled his birth.

Using that Sigmar with help of a Star Dragon helped rebuild kinda a Ring around a star. Bunch other stuff happened, and races of Order are fracturing. Nagash made a deal with Chaos to betray Sigmar, but Skaven/Chaos came in and conquered Realm of Death.

Gorkamorka decided it had enough of taking orders and lead a Waaagh! Against the Order, and was eventually stopped by separating the two again. So they turned back into their normal Orc selves, bunch of infighting.

Dwarves decided to BTFO, Elves went on a raid to capture Slaanesh. Bloated by all the Elf souls, they capture Slaanesh. Malekith survived by fusing with his dragon, renaming himself Malerion. He's punching Slaanesh daily forcing her to vomit the souls up. The elves have once more split into three factions, but still loyal (sorta with Exiles) to Sigmar.

It's like Warhammer meets Spelljammers. What they're doing is releasing the rules for free, updating them constantly digitally. So no more buying $70 books to support your army.

The size of armies have been reduced so no need spend $1k just for single army. Two starter kits seem to be doing the trick. It's interesting times we live in.

>> No.41345997

Something like the common depiction of Santa Claus. I could simply not take yodeling in the Music jump without being a large man.

>> No.41346009

I was pointing out that if he considered mind uploading to be a form of suicide than it would result in his jump ending, and if it didn't then it wouldn't. That simple.

Also as for your question, considering that beings have souls in 40K than it's a simple matter of "Do you still have your soul".

>> No.41346018

Female Jumpers != Female Posters. Remember, /tg/ stands for "the (little) girl".

>> No.41346022

Not if done in a very specific way; the conscientious exists as extended from the original body into a server base, is then extended into another body while the consciousness is retracted from the original body and the server bay. The mind never ceases; "death" never occurs. However, what I think doesn't matter, what matters are what the consensus for these things are in the thread.

>> No.41346067

In that case, shouldn't you just live in the server base with an extended conscientiousness so as to be extremely difficult to kill?

>> No.41346107

Meh, continuity of consciousness is meaningless anyways considering we don't actually have it. My opinion is "Your Build, I won't care unless you show it off".

>> No.41346151

It's stuff like this that makes me wonder why SCIENCE! based jumpers even have human bodies anymore, rather than have hundreds of robots made of Bio-Magitech with a hive mind between all of them.

>> No.41346194

Because oddly enough, some people like staying roughly humanoid instead of minmaxing themselves into eldritch abominations.

>> No.41346211 [SPOILER] 

Well here's my jumper attempting infiltration. Stealing pic from Jojo because I tend to use the first three as character references.

>> No.41346232

I mean, even if you tried, you'ed only come to the natural conclusion of a roughly human shaped Eldritch Abomination. It's kind of unavoidable really.

>> No.41346245

> Imagine the most horrible, gruesome and mindshattering abomination you can transform in.
Not really my style, but... I would imagine something like a fully formed Shoggoth, in a sortof worm-like shape, lots of eyes, as well as empty eye sockets, all moving independently of each other, with exposed ribs, some tendrils, and just enough of a skeletal human form at the end to sortof invite identifiability, just enough skin, while still being obviously dead or inhuman. Face is obviously mutilated. Fluids are of an unidentifiable quality, and continuous. There is bile, but no blood, despite open cavities all along its length. Bones are seemingly mobile independant of each other, but not dextrous or good at anything. They just sortof move and occasionally try to stab at things. Has one arm, which is a claw, which it uses with grace at odds with everything else about it. Makes rasping and squelching noises frequently as if injuring itself or in pain.

I'm not good at spoopy because I find an inordinate amount of spoopy things to be cute.
I have a very, very odd range of what I consider to be "cute." It screws with my ability to make spoopy.

> Then imagine the cutest, sweetest and most innocent form (not loli, women can be cute too) you can transform in.
I dunno, if we're going fully formed woman? I'd probably go for wakfu-style because reasons, a head shorter than whatever you're at, with tan skin and long hair that tries to get in the eyes.

>> No.41346252

I take it you succeeded yes?

>> No.41346263

> Combine them somehow.
Hippish wakfu girl with exposed rib cage on one side, the other side is normal. One hand is an obviously monstrous claw, while the other is normal. One side of the face (same as the claw) is horribly scarred and missing an eye, which is constantly hidden by long, unkempt hair. The girl is embarrassed by the appearance of her face and attempts to hide it if at all possible. Her skin is clammy and mottled. The girl is clumsy, but is able to use her claw with surprising gentleness. She tends to squeek when scared or embarrassed.

> Now pretend I accidentally intruded on you while you were getting dressed

>> No.41346279

Yes well. Ask Red, Konata or even OAA any time. Sometimes that shit ain't pretty to look at. Sometimes that shit's a hassle. Sometimes they've just got more interesting things to do.

>> No.41346333

They demanded I go fetch lots more tequila and change clothes, on the plus side it did get the guards drunk off their asses trying to forget what they saw. My companions too, except Carawyn, they just gave a thumbs up and a couple tips.

>> No.41346343

I believe the general consensus on dying is this, or at least this is what I was told when I asked a similar question:

Dying is not what ends your chain. A True Death does. Consider this to be a state of all-encompasing death out of which you cannot independently and within reasonable time return from.

So leaving behind your material body to live in cyberspace is not true death because you still continue to live in a virtual form. Being virtually destroyed is still not a true death if you had prepared for that and live on as a cyberspace hivemind capable of reforming your virtual avatar. The God of Internet saying fuck you and completely obliterating every possible form of cyberspace itself, but a companion is still capable of recreating your data? Nope, that's not you doing anything anymore. So unless you had some ace up your sleeve this is a true death.

Bad example, I know. But I think most people agree on the general concept of a true death although individual jumps can always add or remove special death conditions.

>> No.41346414

People always bring up QS to support their stupid arguments. None of his jumps do what Fallout did and the entire fucking premise of the jumpchain is that you keep your powers.

>> No.41346469

More fucking whining, more fucking bitching. Just fucking leave, you aren't wanted.

>> No.41346564

When in my casual human form, think Series 800 model 101 Terminator.
I like having bulk.
I'm an Arnold fan.
I'm and even bigger fan of robots so I love the Terminator.
And Terminator 2 is a part of my childhood.

>> No.41346591

So we get one seasonal power in Narnia but I distinctly remember there being at least 3 more seasons. In which jumps are they hiding? I want to have the entire collection.

>> No.41346667

In Dresden you can get magic powers related to either summer or winter.

>> No.41346687

Just fucking stop, OK? You think you're making an argument you've never been made before? This is one of our oldest Jumps, and people have been periodically wailing and gnashing their teeth about it for hundreds of threads. It didn't change then, it won't change now, and there is literally nothing you can say or do that'll change it. So dry your tears, because nobody cares.

>> No.41346793

I was told to not touch anything fairy or fae related in Dresden with a 10mile pole. Isn't this fairy or fae magic? It sounds suspicious.

>> No.41346852

You should be fine if you just buy the perk. That comes with no strings attached. Its if you start trying to make deals with people that you're going to find yourself getting screwed.

>> No.41346856

Ok, I'm done now. I gonna come clean.
is me. I've been samefagging since the beginning of the argument in favor of the nerf, but I'm sick of people who actually believe in it acting like they have any support whatsoever. So, take this as a demolition of your "Popular support" argument, it's mostly just me. Most people actually think the nerf is wrong.

>> No.41346879

It is fae magic, it's a magic source, but unless you interact with the fae or get them to interact with you it's fine. Just don't go to them, and don't give them reason to come to you.

>> No.41346912

Cool. Nobody cares.

>> No.41346976

It was already a side with only one or two proponents, so the other shitposter is unlikely to stop considering that he samefags just as much, and that he legitimately believes in it.

>> No.41346992

How tempting are the deals? I'm exactly the kind of person who'd be thrilled to trade my sandwich for a skull-shaped, pulsating talisman sold by a crazy, one-toothed hag. I'm really bad at resisting stuff like that and the more ominous the situation, the more I want it.

Basically, I'm the kind of person who pushes the giant red button that says 'DO NOT PUSH' and is haunted by curiosity for the rest of his life if he doesn't.

>> No.41346993

It is but-ah, ninja'd. Twice.

I'll be honest: My advice would just be to grab whatever Fae powers you have and run, run, run away from the Courts. They're nothing but trouble and politics.

The only Sidhe you can trust are the Brothers Gruff, who are bros if you're even only technically on their side and some of the most deadly enemies to have as a whole.

>> No.41347059

Oh shit. The Sidhe are...good at offering you what you think you want, in general. They've had centuries to git gud, and the Winter ones have had to thrive in a constant arena of backstabbing and one upmanship. They know all the dirty tricks in the book. There is actually not much direct info on how the Summer ones behave but they're implicitly much nicer if Eldest Gruff and the Summer Lady is any indication.

Coupled with your honest assessment of yourself, and I'm going to recommend you just clap your hands over your ears and run the other way if you ever see any pretty people with pointy ears. Except-glamours. Glamours are a thing so you're probably screwed if they actually take an interest in you.

>> No.41347122 [SPOILER] 

It's... debatable. I do try to keep to a humanoid form, barring one or two changes (occasionally a third eye, or maybe a tail, that stuff) but a humanoid form nonetheless. I know some people might consider this 'inefficient' or 'a waste of time', sure. And who could blame them? At this point my jumper-self's body is literally made of magic, with magitech cybernetics and flesh being so intertwined they may as well be the same. By some definitions that IS eldritch. But I still like to keep to a humanoid appearance. It's simple, it's what I'm familiar with. If there's no desire to become some grand abomination, then why go for it? Besides, folks probably consider me one already.

Pic related a lot of the time. I want to be otherworldly, I want to be tall, I want to be curvy. Along with being ripped. Amazonian body type, yes plz. Because why the fuck not? I get to look alluring AND strong at the same time!

Honestly? It's not a bad thing to want to take precautions, it's just part of who you are. But I don't think you have much to worry about, Aslan's pretty chill, and if you're willing to listen then chances are they're only gonna give you a lecture because you didn't know any better for whatever's at hand.

Just be yourself, don't sweat it, I'm pretty sure you're gonna be fine. I do understand where you're coming from, so the best advice I can give you is just relax and don't worry about it. Just act natural.

>> No.41347223

Once a jumper learns magic that can make an object bigger on the inside, there's not going back.

>> No.41347272

Could you out-deal them? I've got tons of (in their eyes) foreign and otherworldly cursed stuff. Most of those should already be high quality and hard to detect especially for someone who is completely unfamiliar with the magic system it originated from. I don't carry cheap crap in my warehouse anyway.

I'd love to counter-prank them like that but they are probably all legendary magical scam-artists compared to me?

>> No.41347361

Yup. Harry does - he gives himself up to his Fairy Godmother (the most powerful Winter Fae who isn't one of the Queens) after drinking poison, and Michael then sells her an antidote for an extension on the time before she collects.

>> No.41347427

Honestly, that's why science, magic, and technology focused jumpers are so powerful, because they can so flagrantly defy the laws of physics and get away with it. Particularly so considering relatively low-powered settings like Maoyuu have stuff like crimson saint which universalizes magic, or harry potter, which has the space creation enchantments.

>> No.41347431

Anon, if you have several stacked "I am super good at this magical deal shit" or "I am good at legalese in general" perks I think you'd have a tremendous advantage. That said, if you're still >>41346992 I'm rather worried the Sidhe would know how to get the better of you

The Winter Sidhe practice magical scams as a way of life. Due to having to hold off an endless horde of abominations as a culture they've ingrained manipulation and deceit (while technically speaking the truth) to a fundamental level of their being.

>> No.41347451

*magic and technology

>> No.41347477

Not necessarily. I mean I only did that once with the Garden, and in truth I really, REALLY don't try to do that to my own body. Too risky. What happens if that container's broken?

I'd be far more scared of a jumper who's creative than a jumper who has [x] ability. It means they've got a deep bag of tricks to use.

>> No.41347498

As a clarification though I can confirm >>41347361
is correct though. If you really wanna go for it, be unpredictable like Harry. Let them know as little about yourself as possible to stop them from getting a read on you. Whenever possible, think outside the box in a deal

>> No.41347518

Personally, I like to fit in. So, even though my "natural" form is some kind of tall, /fit/, improbably attractive and adorable creature made half out of magic and the rest of pure soulstuff, who has enough "blending in/don't notice me" perks that the eye somehow avoids wanting to focus directly on me despite the fact that I fucking GLOW...
... I usually just take a normal human form because I like being able to interact with normal people.

I usually take a waifish maiden kindof form, without a lot of curves, because, again, I just find it to be economical and good for most of what I want to do, which is surprisingly not "look gorgeous all the time". I look cute and I have fair skin and that's good enough for me.
If I wanted to make people fall in love with me or even tried to ascribe to my vision of beautiful or sexy, I'd probably look a lot different, to be honest.
I mean, I would think the constant yelling of "HIPS!" I just gave a few posts back would be evidence of that.

I don't really want to look like an abomination because there's simply no appeal in it for me. I mean, if I wanted, I guess my full on "fuck it, abomination time!" mode would be something like, "Immobile and hooked up to a massive god machine, you are currently talking to a hard light projection."
But that's boring and I can't walk down the street to buy tacos like that, so I don't.

Whatever. To each their own, right?

>> No.41347808

Pretty much. And hey, fitting in is good! I have a 6 foot human appearance just for the sake of wandering around and being able to buy local food without people freaking out that I've got horns. I do keep a purple eye color though, because I gotta leave SOME clues...

But yeah. While showing off and being confident about a sculpted body is fun, there comes times where it's far easier and far more convenient to just look like a human and avoid the general issues.

>> No.41347831

>walk down the street to buy tacos

...goddammit we miss that feeling.

When WE try to do that, we first have to perform a 12 dimensional calculation to configure where our avatar manifests in the materium. And THEN we have to use a hyperadvanced form of AT-Field manipulation to-look, the actual physics and metaphysics could fill several textbooks but to simplify a very complex process we have to squeeze an itsy bitsy drop of soulstuff through a portal so small relative to ourself it statistically doesn't exist, compressing a tiny sliver of our exotic matte into a crude simulacrum of our greater self. And THEN you have to actually control it right to stop it from falling apart under the pressure of fundamental constants into a blobby mess, which is like simultaneously moving a marionette and fiddling with a quad flyer's controls except if you calculate your own mass-vectors wrong there's a risk of subsuming the neighbourhood or accidentally a localised gravity well.

All the while we're just...trapped outside reality peeking in on everything like an RTS player. Have we mentioned the first...er, anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 years of actually achieving universal existence were EXACTLY like complete sensory deprivation, except also on a metaphysical level? Being locked outside of reality is-ugh.

Well, it takes a lot of getting used to.

And the bad memories...they never really go away.

What we're trying to say is-for all that it was worth it in the end, sometimes we wish we could eat some damn tacos without having to consciously simulate a digestive tract.

Protip: Never try to make a magic pot of infinite flan, with a few custom Magicks you designed while drunk and the enchantment for Moody's bigger-on-the-inside trunk.

The mess takes forever to clean up.

>> No.41348128

Why not make a taco?

>> No.41348146

My point was that all it takes is the smallest gap in the veneer of reality for many of us to imagine in to many ways how it could be used to crack open clean through to whatever's on the other side. while [x] ability may be potent, it's what it can lead to in synergy with anything, everything else that leads to what could only be called utter bullshit.

>> No.41348158

>make a taco
>outside of reality

>> No.41348176

His tacos are probably better than any tacos conceivable to the whole of mankind, he has so many cooking perks.

>> No.41348277

>Being an army of robots
>not just being a planet at that point
Jumpchan would find it hilarious, especially once you realize being a planet is more work than you likely thought it would
>gotta deal with meteors
>gotta deal with the creatures that live on you and won't leave
>gotta deal with being imported into new settings
>gotta deal with horrible cosmic abominations visiting from deep space
>Space is actually really boring

>> No.41348287

Ivote we add an amendment to the /jc/ Drinking Game.

Take a shot every time someone whines about Fallout.

>> No.41348321

If you can't buy a taco, what's the point to living?

>> No.41348359

So, I suppose you don't have the Locket from Girl Genius?

>> No.41348417

You'd fit right into Nasu cosmology. Wouldn't have a Type though.

>> No.41348445

Taco dimension.

>> No.41348452

Never mind the fact some cosmic entities will actively try to use you as a womb for their horrible eldrich spawn.

>> No.41348485

Some of them aren't so bad.

>> No.41348516

How would importing resolve itself? Would a planet sized jumper just suddenly appear where they normally would?

>> No.41348551

Isn't that the opposite though?

>> No.41348591

One of them is literally the horrible eldritch spawn, so not so much, I think.

>> No.41348685

Some of them however...

>> No.41348743

Confirmed as the best way to deal with the Fae. Call on a boon to demand one spare your life? It'll break your legs and strap you to a bed until it no longer needs you out of the way, then maybe let you go. Maybe. Call in the same boon to have it go fetch you a donut instead? Not only do you get to escape the confrontation, but now you have a donut as well.

>> No.41348812

I mean, that's basically the form of this hypothetical "abomination form" I described.

The creation of a massive god machine with untold memory and processing power, which I am then bodily hooked into. I am immobile following this process, although my body remains a separate entity for the purposes of disengaging in the event of an emergency.
At this point, robots become useless, as I am capable of instantly constructing hard light projections through a combination of song magic, technology, and myself at any point within a vast and mobile distance.
Being hooked into this machine, I am capable of processing tredecillions of mental actions at any given moment and accessing any part of my warehouse and all its collected knowledge instantly, improving research dramatically.

That god machine exists. It takes up about a tenth of my total warehouse space, housed in the upper environs of its Ar Tonelico tower. But I only use it as a regular computer, because becoming the deus ex machina is quite frankly boring.

There's no drama in that! There's no decisive action! I make sacrifices for the sake of PERSONAL INTEREST! Spirals and drills, Anon! SPIRALS AND DRILLS!

And tacos.

I briefly hooked myself up to a smaller version of that in Ancient Belka, for the war.
My companions said it was, by far, the creepiest god damn thing they'd ever seen, and that we were not doing this.
Straight up, "You are not allowed to do this again."

Then they blew it up.

>> No.41348884


Speaking of that.

What do you think would happen if I tried to make Gems out of the Dragon Balls?

>> No.41348906

They don't do anything by themselves, so you'll be stuck as a walking Macguffin

Not like you can get the dragon balls anyways

>> No.41348915

That would mostly sort itself out by the fact that the jumper has powers and resources great enough to be a fucking planet. Let's see if those fuckers are tough enough to deal with 10^10 cubic kilometers of magic and technology!

>> No.41348928


I know I can't. I just think it's an interesting idea.

>> No.41348943

Considering that DBZ is an End Jump and you can't get the Dragon Balls until then, I don't think anyone has an opinion.

>> No.41348944

You mean like taking Gem Technology to DBZ and trying to Kindergarten them into Gems?

You'd probably end up with something like the Shadow Dragons, but in Gem form, and they may or may not be evil.

>> No.41348965

I'm a petite woman with a near-flat chest. Fuck you I won't do what you tell me.

>> No.41349078

Both sides are being insufferable unlikeable bitches holy fuck

>> No.41349115

Don't reply to shitposters.

>> No.41349155

Right on! Who needs useless meat? Itty bitty titty committee represent!

>> No.41349202

Yeah fuck them manly men is where it's at.

>> No.41349227

Right on. Why go out of my way to change my body type just to suite someone elses ideal? I am what I am and I like it, and if you're gonna ask jumpers about their body don't arbitrarily cut people out because they don't fit your taste.

I mean, reading their posts it seems like they have some kind of weird complex so I just had to give them the answer they didn't want.

>> No.41349291

Yeah, but the Eldritch Being that spawned it didn't try to use the human as a womb for it's spawn.

>> No.41349378

I was talking about Amethyst. Or did you forget the area that was reduced to a lifeless wasteland to create her?

>> No.41349402

So I just landed in the Lyrical Nanoha jump and from what I remember this is/was one of the more talked about jumps. So I have a few questions.

1.What exactly should I be doing in regards to the plot?
2.What should I try to avoid or not do?
3.How powerful are the Jewel Seeds?
4.Could I just take over the Saint's Cradle myself with the Kaiser's Mantle drawback? The thing sounds really badass.
5.The "Befriending" drawback states, "...which will last until she (Nanoha) succeeds in blowing the everloving crap out of you." does this mean I just have to hope I survive whatever crazy destructive magical attack she throws at me?
6.How easy is it to upgrade my Device in-jump?

1.The description for Cultural Artifacts cuts off after, "Useful for a bit of trading and bartering, and..."

>> No.41349459

Here's my build, too give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

◘[#46] Lyrical Nanoha:



>Age & Gender
2.Female-(Free) (1st time picking female as my starting gender.)


>Skills and Abilities
1.Cartridge Endurance-(Free)
2.Adult Mode-(100cp)
3.Age Is No Barrier-(100cp)
5.No limiter Can Hold Me-(200cp)
6.Blood of Kings-(300cp) [Darkness]

1.Storage Device-(Free) [Staff]

>Device System
1.Processor Racks-(50cp) [General] [Shooting]
2.Additional Form-(50cp) [Standby-Form]

1.Cultural Artifacts-(Free)

1.Companion Immigration-(400cp)

2.Kaiser's Mantle-(+200cp)

•Continue the Chain

>> No.41349643

> 1.What exactly should I be doing in regards to the plot?
You don't have to do anything. The plot mostly takes care of itself.
But if you want to be on the good side, just go ahead and help Nanoha with whatever she's trying to do. She is weirdly enough the idealistic good guy.
Also, learning how to cast magic and pumping up your mage rank are both good passtimes.

> 2.What should I try to avoid or not do?
Don't piss off Nanoha. Also, don't kill people, since Nanoha is more in the business of forceful rehabilitation via high energy laser blasts.

> 3.How powerful are the Jewel Seeds?
Strong enough that, when implanted into regular objects and creatures, they grant them a huge influx of magical energy and turn them into giant monsters big enough to roll over an office building.

> 4.Could I just take over the Saint's Cradle myself...?
The thing is that you're basically acting as the key, not the driver. The control system is in another section of the ship entirely.
Also, it's not exactly found unattended at any point, and Nanoha and friends prettymuch opt to just blast the shit out of it. Although if you can wrestle it away from Quattro before then you can probably fuck around with it to your heart's content. At least until the TSAB asks for you to hand it over.

> 5.The "Befriending" drawback...
It's generally non-lethal. You will get knocked out and it will hurt, though.

> 6.How easy is it to upgrade my Device in-jump?
You need specialist training. S'bout it.

>> No.41349669

I'll be honest, I didn't think you were talking about her.

>> No.41349834

Alright thanks. I guess I'll try to get on Nanoha's and the TSAB's good side early on. I'll defiantly be seeing that I have time to study the Cradle, and maybe tamper with the thing a bit so that it self-destructs when I have to hand it over.

>> No.41349868

The TSAB has its share of monsters, so don't get TOO friendly.

>> No.41349937

Definitely take Befriended. Going to the Nanoha jump without Nanoha making friends with you via giant pink energy beam? You might as well not have gone at all.

>> No.41349981

Right, I read about Jail and the cyborgs, perfect example of Gone Horribly Right. I'll probably try to stay as independent as possible, but I'll also try to get some support/influence from the Church since I went with the Belkan origin.

Already did.

>> No.41349998

>Weirdo religious nutjobs

>> No.41350193


>> No.41350203

They literally worship a little girl for being a king. Not even a deity.

>> No.41350281

> does this mean I just have to hope I survive whatever crazy destructive magical attack she throws at me?
Also, just so you know, Nanoha has never actually killed someone with her attacks (unless Force went way towards edgy, I haven't seen it), and the series in general skews WAY high on the idealistic side of things. There are arguably not even any true villains until the third season, as everyone is just some variant of confused or lost or trying to do the right thing with the wrong methods because they're dumb, barring Presea who is completely fucknutters and sortof tragic in a terrible person kindof way.

What's more, energy based magic in Nanoha seems to have the ability to switch to a "nonlethal mode" at will, allowing you to tear the ever holy fuck out of someone and not have it kill them. Nanoha abuses this whole heartedly. She will absolutely not hold back if you piss her off, and yet you WILL survive it, assuming you're not slitting kid's throats or something like an edgelord. Again, way far on idealism over here.
Despite all that, the same supposed immortality CANNOT be said for the environment, and most likely you are gonna see some fucking buildings collapse into rubble at some point.

Jail and his bimbo squad do actually try to murder people, and successfully brainwash people, so watch out for that.

The series is weirdly safe except for the moments where it is suddenly wildly not safe. But you can avoid those moments or just be on the winning side.

>> No.41350480

Is it okay to take Sagebrecht blood and use it to take advantage of the church and their religion by being the equivalent of a saint or godling?

>> No.41350514

/jc/ how dangerous is Generic Dungeon Crawler jump supposed to be? Should I expect to fight Eldritch gods on a routine basis on the lower floors?

>> No.41350546

You do that in Elona.

>> No.41350560

As long as you don't do something weird like declare war on the TSAB or something there probably wouldn't be any real consequences.
You'd basically become the new pope.

>> No.41350586 [SPOILER] 

Let me put it this way.

I apologize for nothing.

>> No.41350729

Someday someone is gonna make the Nyaruko jump we've been teased with for hundreds of threads. I believe.

>> No.41350757

My Space CQC will be maximum.

>> No.41350864

>Non-lethal magical energy blasts.
Sounds fun, this will actually go great with "It's only a Tranquilizer" from Carnivores.

Doesn't mean they can't be useful.

>> No.41350938


>> No.41350994

Sounds like a far more effective version of Touhou's danmaku.

>> No.41351213


The later you put off getting befriend, the worse it's going to hurt. Best get it over with quickly.

>> No.41351410

Or he could always run.

>> No.41351440

You'll be running for your entire ten year stay. Why not just go pick on Nanoha when she's just starting out, let her beat you up, and then become one of her best friends like Fate?

>> No.41351553

Alternatively, counter it with increasingly-amplified Dragon Slaves. Being powered by the Mazoku as it is a Black Magic spell, the Dragon Slave is effectively all of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu's condensed hatred and desire to destroy made manifest. You'll want the Demon Blood Talismans to make it even more potent, as well as various other forms of magic amplification to feed into it.

tl;dr block the friendship beam with your hate beam.

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