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Who is your 40k waifu?

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Damn, I can't say the emperor of mankind.
>Eldar Farseer Taldeer

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Inquisitor Adrastia

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I mean just look at her, all I want to do is caress those genetically engineered veins

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Canon? Torchstar.

Noncanon? Blue.

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Non-canon: Lord Admiral Natalia Bisk, Master of the Talon of Oblivion and the highest ranking human officer within my homebrew SM chapter (pic semi related)
Canon: there is no substitute for love of the Emperor

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Technically he's a hasubando, but it doesn't matter.

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who the fuck is torchstar

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Battlesuit pilot and youngest member of Farsights group, The Eight. She also really likes setting things on fire.

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That Callidus is making some compelling arguments

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My niggah.

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Well you got the Assassin part right.

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>not wanting a psychic blank with no social skills that you can have adorable/awkward situations with as you teach her how to love.

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you fags do you not realize that a callidus can be a different woman every night

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>Implying I'll ever fuck my psychic blank without her helmet on.

I've got a skull/awkward girl fetish m8. appearance is irrelevant.

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Blanks make everyone hate them by their very presence.

Your waifu a shit

Captcha thinks coffee is ice cream.

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>physical contact with a pariah
Even being in the same room as one is a bad idea, dude.

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Canonically a man faced dyke

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Oh look, an excuse to post this.

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Ehh, I'll make it work, somehow. The indiscernible hatred from being around a blank will fuel my rageboner leading to, hopefully good, sex. It'll be a weird relationship.

When we have kids I'm sure that I'll hate them. Being filled with nothing but revulsion and rage for my own family will lead me to work all of the time, only coming home to fuck my wife. She stays because I'm the only person she's met who can stand to be around her. My constant working will eventually lead me to receive promotions from basic factory worker to plant manager. From planet manager to being in charge of a city. From there I'll use my wife's skills to kill everyone in my way as I become planetary governor. It'll be fun.

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How does she walk with that thing hanging between her legs?

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It's not hatred. Being near a pariah makes you physically ill, even without being a psyker.

>no but I actually get off to steadily worsening migraines and difficulty breathing!

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Ask your mom.

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>Not bestberry Torchstar

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>waifuing Tau
Enjoy being forcibly sterilized and thrown in a concentration camp for the GG no re

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Such is love man.

>Not getting off to incorporeal erotic asphyxiation.

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Dont people always think they are disgusting and alien due to their blank aura?

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How do guys do it?

No really.

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haircut is iffy

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Wide steps so my monster sized package doesnt break my knees.

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They theink they're disgusting because of the whole physical rejection thing.

Culexus assassins are even worse in that respect, because all of their gear and training focuses on making them more potent anti-psykers.

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And each one is a lie. Why bother knocking up crazy if it's just fake crazy?

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I'm not allowed to ask my mother about Inquisitorial business....

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How the fuck did fem-Jagatai become the best Primarch out of nowhere

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>dat biker grill
>dat ponytail
>dat Asian

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Xun'Bakyr is canon

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The woman is still the same, she can just look different.

Not to mention, not getting old.

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Fucking eat something.

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>liking hambeasts
>liking landwhales
>chasing chubbies

Choke on a Whopper already.

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>wanting to see a girl's ribcage when she takes her shirt off

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>he doesn't hate-fuck his waifu.

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Why do you think I picked a space skeleton in the first place?

It should be obvious by now that I hate fat people.

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>Not wanting to get old and die with your waifu
>Not wanting to explode in a shower of gore hen your hearts give out during a bout of nasty nasty retiree assassin sex.

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If seeing what's under a girl's clothes is hot, wouldn't being able to see her skeleton be even hotter?

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Gotta strangle that skeleton!

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There aren't too many to choose from in a setting primarily about sweaty dudes doing sweaty dude things. I'd go with either Medea Betancore from Eisenhorn or Colonel Kasteen from Ciaphas Cain.

>Non-canon: Lord Admiral Natalia Bisk, Master of the Talon of Oblivion and the highest ranking human officer within my homebrew SM chapter (pic semi related)

Neat. I've been wanting to write a story about normal humans working for a Space Marine chapter. Thinking about a mini-not!Rogue Trader taken in by the Guardians of the Covenant, or a homebrew chapter, to help explore their uncharted region of space.

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The skeleton has already encased your mind anon, you have always been a prisoner, you have failed before you even began

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Mandatory image

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>not waifuing sweaty dudes doing sweaty dude things
What are you, a faggot?

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A Sigmarite all can look up to

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Reminds me of Riley from FO3.

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I like her hat

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My new thing to call fuck buddy.

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Ask Eisenhorn, it didn't stop him.

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If you read the books it kinda did. It prevented him and her from ever being more than close friends and he had to work hard to keep the pain and revulsion down

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>This is fine.

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Oh okay. I never read them, but I picked up something about him being in love with her but never being able to touch or get too close because he's a psyker and she's a pariah. Wasn't she also a prostitute at first?

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Fucking Fem-Khan

>Hey, anon, do you think we could work on that AP English thing tonight together? I've been real busy with AP Chem and I'm real behind. I can give you a ride on my bike, it's really no trouble. You're cool with that, right?

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This gal.

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Fixed ur whyfoo

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And by "it didn't stop her" I mean it didn't stop him developing feelings for her. Should have been more precise.

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>dat file name
I see what u did thar

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Is it wrong to want the uncensored version?... for non heretical reasons of course...

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Nobody claimed Macha yet? Sweet.

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Well no wonder I can't feel anything...

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Everyone can aspire to be ultramarine, brother.

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>all this weeb waifu shit neckbeard circlejerking
I sleep better at night, knowing that I will never be such a massive fuck up as you guys

>> No.41342083

Try masturbating away your hateboner, you will sleep even better.

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Seriously, when did it get so damn Summer in here?

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Don't know, ask the shipwrecked from /wst/ after their thread was sunk due to troll overload.

>> No.41342205

Cry more, smutfags.

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Krieg-chan and my techpriestess OC

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>ultimate cancer complaining about "summer"

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I just want to travel the galaxy with him...

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I'd rather be a smutfag than a shithead...

>ultimate cancer complaining about "summer"
Yes, I know it's hypocritical, but I get back after sleeping most of the weekend to find the smut threads have been getting Troll Nuked...

Seriously, has Nazimod come back to the board as an Anon or something?

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>I'd rather be a smutfag than a shithead...
Good thing you're both.

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. . . . Why does the gun say Vox?

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Hope you like masturbation dear Anon, there's a reason she was not claimed ...

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>shitting up everything you touch with your weeb fantasies and smut autism
You are a way worse shithead than me or the other guy

>> No.41342413

nobody fucking likes you, i honestly had nothing against name fags until you cropped up all over like the cancerous fucking weed you are.

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But WST claimed her. Multiple times, even.

>> No.41342434

ND isn't ultimate cancer. He's just mega cancer. ND ain't shit compared to some of the other obnoxious namefags we've had and continue to have.

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I guess for Canon, Shira Calpurnia. Best Arbite Girl.

Also, ITT: People who forget that the Tau have clammy skin, dead black eyes, and a freaky forehead slit. These anime style abominations are nothing but propaganda.

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A young human girl called Shadowsun the Space Princess and the daemons of the Warp called Shadowsun the Ice Queen.

I think that implies that Shadowsun has regal beauty.

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You are men of great tastes and you are all my chinks.

It does beg the question, how's her drive?The other one i mean :3

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Yes she was a prostitue who was constantly down on her luck because people hated her. Pariahs inspire loathing and unease in non PYSKERS, you just don't like then for some reason. Being around them is physically painful for PYSKERS.

My phone auto capitalized PYSKERS and I'm lazy

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>waifu thread
>posts hasubando
Curze will never notice you now

>> No.41342549

BTW she is a part ultramarine.

>These anime style abominations are nothing but propaganda.
That is why he have eldar.

Still she is ugly as fuck on official pics.

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There's only one primarch that could go in a waifu thread.

>> No.41342591

Don't insult ultimate bishie Sanguinus, anon!

>> No.41342611

Which is? (Sorry not too familiar with 40k - which is apparently an achievement on this board)

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He's just too manly. He's got a good looking face and great hair, but If you put him in a dress I can still tell that it's a man. A feminine man, but a man nonetheless. He's a great husbando, but a poor waifu.

>> No.41342777

Only one conclusion: we need a husbando thread.

>> No.41342835

>Dat gaze
>Dat autistic sense of honor
yes, I am a faggot.
his sideburns bug me in pic related, they're too wide. That's not how sideburns work.

>> No.41342840

This one's pretty good too, but the way-to-obviously-ripped-from-Avatar bugs me.

>> No.41342865

Kon-kun still best hasubando

>> No.41342930

I'm gonna be the heretic that says Emperor-chan.

He literally is the best thing about 40k. And mai husbando.

>> No.41342935

I'll take a human female thanks.

>> No.41342939

Yes but which one, namefag? There's billions of billions of people in the Imperium!

>> No.41342961

Well, she's part of the nobility from the Ultramar region.

The only problem is that her first love will always be the Emperor, and then the Imperium in that order so third is pretty much the best I can hope for.

As it should be, no heresy here!

>> No.41343085

I think she should be hinted as psyker.

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Hi there!
You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!
Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

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Those daemons could have been in the Old World and seen, and banged as of the End Times, the Tzarina, who is a literal Ice Queen. Maybe there is a resemblance.

>> No.41343125


>pick from the four or so named female characters in 40k

What a selection. Who would have thought that the imaginative landscape of a bunch of limey autistic neckbeards who spend all day thinking up new ways to sell out their players for their next marketing push makes for slim romantic pickings.

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You're all faggots in my book.

>> No.41343365

>Enjoying the view from down their? I thought so

>> No.41343409

It looks like her husband beat the shit out of her

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>> No.41343875


You're a blight on this board

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>> No.41344318

He/She/It is mine, back off!

Sweet Fulgrim, with your spiked anal probes and your gorgeous hair, however can I obtain your delicious, fragrant lips upon my phallus?

>> No.41344361


Isn't wanting to bang Assassins considered heresy though? Jaq Draco in Inquisition War was certainly a Radical and possibly off his rocker.

>> No.41344770

Captcha also thinks frogs and cats are food and dogs are bread...

>dat eldar
Yup, great taste there anon

>> No.41344823

Aww yeah

>> No.41344938

Who are you to decide that? Ten thousand people that form a hive mind?
If people open up threads for smut let them do, there are not ten thousands of them, so they clot the catalog up.
fuck and if you don't like it, FILTER IT or STAY AWAY

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>> No.41345058

>asking people on 4chan to behave like reasonable human beings
If anon doesn't like a thing, anon will shit post loudly rather than ignore.

>> No.41345098

>Tfw a faggot at my flgs painted his 3 callidus as totally spies

>> No.41345129

> Not knowing she's the one that does the beating.

Those are sleep rings from spending both days and nights punishing criminals and heretics. The law never sleeps as much as it should

>> No.41345148

Your suffering brings me joy, Anon. That's goddamn hilarious.

I hope someone does the Powerpuff Girls with a Celexus, Callidus, and Eversor.

>> No.41345188

...Why would you despair at something so awesome?

>> No.41345227


Sprouting your faggotry over this entire board, constantly spamming semi-lewd whatever that makes your useless dick slightly less floppy, the fuck you're getting out of this?

>> No.41345282

Their moms are better.

>> No.41345296

>Who is your 40k waifu?
no one,
everyone in the 40k universe is a fucking psycho!

>> No.41345335

You might be on the wrong website

>> No.41345340 [DELETED] 

Well yes, but MILF makes everything better...

>> No.41345863

1. See your psychatrist
2. tell about your failings to accept the world isn't revolving around you and will keep moving no matter how much you cry and scream
3. receive therapy
4. become a reasonable human being able to be cincerely happy about yourself
If people wouldn't be so stuck up about their own failures and inabilities and maybe visit a psychologist sometimes to check their psychological state regulary, we wouldn't have such problems

That's okay. People being asses fuels my resolve. People resisting my attempts of rectification empowers me.

>> No.41345895

The only thing they're better at is looking worse than their Lamo daughters nyhahahaha

>> No.41347172

Krieg-chan a qt.

>> No.41347235

>You will never smoke cigarettes with Angron
>You will never bully Guiliman into suicide with Fulgrim

>> No.41347294

I have never figured that out anon. The picture isn't mine, got it from a char art thread. It was just the only vaguely imp navy pic I had on my phone

>> No.41347367 [DELETED] 

Bolter bitches are kinky bitches.
Insert your fantasy in the bubble.

>> No.41347401

Enjoy ur vacation, brah

>> No.41347455

No titties no vag, it's a tasteful nude from all standpoints. What, is a finger doing things you can't see too lewd for the internet, now?

>> No.41347470


And bare ass is still NSFW

>> No.41347472

She's masturbating anon, maybe you're on a phone and can't see it, but seeing how the mods are cranking down lately, it might be deleted soon.

>> No.41347530

You can pretty clearly see her hand between her ass cheeks, along with a spray of liquid.

I'm not saying I don't like the picture. I am saying that my boss would have words with me if I was looking at it at work... which makes it NSFW.

[Ignoring for a second that anyone who views 4chan at work is a screaming moron, and the entire concept of "SFW" boards on 4chan is just a bit retarded these days. Give us an "NSFW" spoiler equivalent so we can tag them as we post them and they can be hidden by default. Give us a "REPORT NSFW" button so we can community-tag things as NSFW, for when stuff slips through the net.]

>> No.41347554

Well unless you're into Cartesian dualism, everyone here on earth prime is a blank, so it'll work out

>> No.41347570 [DELETED] 


>> No.41347620

>cartesian dualism
I see what you did there

>> No.41347621

you know what the krieg specialize in right?

>> No.41347643

Way to make a shitty picture even worse.

And twice as bannable.>>41347620

>> No.41347670

>I want blue boards to be red!
Then just go to a red board, moron.

>> No.41347674

What did I do wrong? Is there a board rule that good old Rene earns you b&s?

>> No.41347691 [DELETED] 

Hahahah, it's funny because you believe it.

>> No.41347720 [DELETED] 






>> No.41347736


>cracking down

On shitposting maybe

>> No.41347737

Dude, chill out and just report it.
Save it for next weekend when WST tries to go live again

>> No.41347757

That's not wanting a blue board to be red. That's wanting a blue board to be reddit.

>> No.41347782

Naw, that was just my phone being retarded and grabbing your post while I was scrolling down. That post was meant solely for ND, sorry about that.

>> No.41347806


No they fucking won't. Not if I have anything to say about it

>> No.41347830

Out of curiosity, what do you guys have against the /wst/ and how is it any worse than this waifu thread?

>> No.41347836

Fuck yes.

Moldy blueberry is bestberry

>> No.41347851

Oh okay. That being said, it's still a mystery to me how ND is always around and hasn't gotten b& yet.

>> No.41347871

This thread isn't much better, but at least its not full of blatant porn and namefags 69ing each other while anons stroke their egos.

>> No.41347893 [DELETED] 

>That being said, it's still a mystery to me how ND is always around and hasn't gotten b& yet.
Because the Mods realize I'm not nearly as bad as the vitriol paints me to be...

>> No.41347967

But you are every bit as bad.

>> No.41347972

For the little I've visited it, I thought they kept the actual content off board?
And speaking of namefags, haven't we gotten the worst of the lot here (talking about ND)? I mean, I'm much more bothered by people namefagging in random threads than those smut-namefags, who rarely namefag outside of it. I just don't get the hate, is all. When I don't like something I just don't go look at it and I dont' feel obliged to participate in their circlejerk. Just let 'em be, you're spending a lot of energy hating on something.

>> No.41347988

>constantly posts unrelated smut on a blue board
>basically writes a blog about his autistic fantasies
You are far worse than anybody paints you.
Personally I'd claim that your smutposting is a way of avatarfagging and permaban you.

>> No.41348011

>I thought they kept the actual content off board?
Ha ha, no.
>haven't we gotten the worst of the lot here (talking about ND)?
He is also a smutfag who wants /tg/ just be /d/2.0
>who rarely namefag outside of it
If only that were the case.

>> No.41348039

You're a bigger shitposter than virtualoptim, and that's saying something

>> No.41348047

Mentally ill attention whore tripfags breaking the rules who don't belong here

They are a blight to the board and infest every thread. Mods are going to start cracking down and then /TG/ can go back to being good


It is a porn bait thread. Post until its off the board.

>> No.41348102

Guys I see around here quite often are ND, "Strayan Barbarian" or Virtualoptim. Those aren't smut people? Or are they?

I just don't get the hate, anon, I really don't. Does other people's behaviour really matter to you that much? Do you go in the streets to protest against gay mariage or that kind of things too?

>> No.41348142

Only ND. VO is just a faggot troll and SB is a faggot blogfag. ND is a special brand of retard

>> No.41348144 [DELETED] 

No you see:
>Mentally ill attention whore tripfags breaking the rules who don't belong here
>They are a blight to the board and infest every thread. Mods are going to start cracking down and then /TG/ can go back to being good
The Prude Crusaders think THEY are /tg/, when in reality they are a vocal minority who've only just now gotten enough time on their hands to shitpost across the board...

>You're a bigger shitposter than virtualoptim, and that's saying something
Oh hell no...

>> No.41348170

>infest every thread
I'm with you if you're talking about ND there, but haven't seen the other smutwriters do it and go tripcode and post smut in other threads.

And mentally ill, seriously, any more than people on this board? This is /tg/ mate, we could also all be outside at a pool party or such.

>> No.41348174

>Do you go in the streets to protest against gay mariage or that kind of things too?
Are you really constructing this sort of bullshit strawman? This is why no one likes smutfags.

>> No.41348193

Yeah, you're way worse than virtual and have been shitting threads up much longer

>> No.41348195

>not into autistic weeb roleplay and hentai shit makes me a prude crusader
Seriously, kill yourself

And yes, you are worse than that Virtualoptiom faggot. He doesn't shitpost every 40k thread and it's obvious he is just a troll. You on the other hand actually think you are doing the right thing.

>> No.41348214

Dude, just. I know you're a guy that has a lot of time on his hands too, but WHY are you doing it? I mean, sure, you've got a nice stash of lewd pics on your computer, probably, but why do you always post those things in any sort of thread that is remotely related? Just... dig deep in your psyche and give me a reason. Why is that such great fun to you?

>> No.41348258

Not a smutfag, you could probably call me a newfag though. I just always figured that /wst/ thing happened over the weekend, if you like it fine, if you don't you ignore it.

I'm trying to understand why you don't just ignore it, honestly. Just like I once tried to understand people who opposed gay marriage (hence why I mentioned it). It's the kind of energy expenditure I don't get.
"I don't like it, so it must disappear", and then you spend a lot of time behind your computer reporting that smut thread... because you don't like it? Help me out here anon, why is that so important to you?

>> No.41348350

By that logic, we should fill this board with offtopic and porn because "if u don't like it, just ignore it :^)"

>> No.41348400

Tripfag hate is usually retarded and is a "board culture, anonymoose legion!" thing but ND is a character who does NOTHING but barge into threads to post unrelated softcore porn along with a non-response like "I agree xD" in hopes to derail the discussion into another smut thread or discussion of their own person.

Seriously. I am incredibly accepting of tripfags. I think prudefags are as bad as smutfag anime shitposters. And ND still pisses me the fuck off.

/wst/ is the least problem. The problem are the smutposters who derail every. fucking. other. thread. that isn't a general or a quest with hentai and "elf slave wat do?" "wud u a shortstack goblin?" "in my setting all elves are pregnant sex slaves what bout you?" bait shitposting. /wst/ isn't the only source of lewd on this board, though I'm 100% sure that the demographics overlap.

I can't ignore it because it derails a non-trivial amount of threads. I don't hate lewd, or anime, or anything, but it gets even on my nerves.

>> No.41348423

>Why is that such great fun to you?
I honestly have very little better to do...

>I'm trying to understand why you don't just ignore it, honestly.
Most do ignore it, like they ignore me...
But you see those people, unlike myself and the whining prudefags, have actual lives and thus their time and energy is actually WORTH something.
Right now we have a bunch of listless Summer children who want to believe they are actually DOING something of note, and thus started a shitstorm about what they think is and isn't "Traditional Games."

>> No.41348436


Hm, well, I have seen topics about bullying healers and such surface here as well, and some of the material posted in it was borderline porn-ish. But there was a lot of lewd discussions, more than the one or two /wst/ thread I visited. Those were just people bouncing ideas back and forth and ND posting whatever.
It seemed pretty much to always be about D&D settings or pathfinder or 40k though.

I'm not saying we should make this a red board or something, but I don't get what is so offtopic about it. And I'd report images that shouldn't be posted instead of just the thread, but that's me.

>> No.41348455

>I honestly have very little better to do...
I'm curious: do you actually ENJOY making other people unhappy or are you just so self-centered that you don't care?

Because nobody likes you barging into a thread and dumping porn while you blog about how much you hate your penis.

>> No.41348461

>I have very little better to do
Sorry to hear it mate. I mean, if that's what you fill your life with I hope it gets better soon because that's just kind a sad.

>> No.41348468

Those are what the smutfags from /wst/ do during the week, which is why people want them gone wholesale

>> No.41348554

Okay, thanks for replying. I think I'm starting to get it.
It is true that there is a lot of what you call "bait shitposting" around here and it kind of makes me wonder too, but how do you know that those people are those in the smutthread? Also, what garantees you that once the smutthread is gone that bait-y shitposting will slow down?

Considering the smut-thread/bait shitpost crossover, I'm sure there is overlap. But on the other hand, I thought that people who can vent their aggression or lust somewhere tend to be more collected and not need to whip it out in everyone's face no? I dunno, I'm afraid it'll just worsen things.

>> No.41348570


Well as I said in me reply (>>41348554) I'm still not sure that those are the same people and that cranking down the /wst/ will help.

>> No.41348667

>But you see those people, unlike myself and the whining prudefags, have actual lives and thus their time and energy is actually WORTH something
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I seriously can't wrap my head around your statement. Are you implying that it's impossible to fully participate in a thread and have a life? That you can only lurk and maybe post every few days? Are you fucking mentally retarded?
I have a life. And I love shitposting and discussing on 4chan. So when I'm on my PC and have time, I open up a fuckload of tabs while simultaneously using stuff like Facebook, news or Youtube. And I'm sure the majority do the same. It's like saying people who listen to music on youtube can't have a life, because they must dedicate wholesomely to it. No, you fucking open it in a tab and change it from time to time. And in the 4chan example, read the comments once the thread updates.

And again, just because I don't like your fucking hentai or roleplaying doesn't make me a prude.

You're on 4chan m8. 30-70% of posts are shitposts, depending on the board. And /tg/ is one of the easiest to bait or derail, even if accidentally.

>> No.41348748

>I mean, if that's what you fill your life with I hope it gets better soon because that's just kind a sad.
I thank you for your sympathy, hopefully getting shit straightened out at home will help with this.

>that cranking down the /wst/ will help.
It really won't, because /wst/ was spawned from Lewdposting...
I was THERE!
This was just after the Minotaur Civilization threads.

>> No.41348749

>And /tg/ is one of the easiest to bait or derail, even if accidentally.
Okay, I'll take your word for it, but then why do the guy cranking down on /wst/ not realize that this is kind of the nature of the board, to be baited and derailed? I mean, I don't know who they are, but if they've ever had a moment just between guys, they'd know cracking jokes about sex it a given at some point. I always felt like this was what happened to /tg/ and just ignored it.

Is my ignoring game just so strong?

>> No.41348797

While youz boyz kumplain 'bout fings, I'm postin' me why-foo

>> No.41348801

Anyhow, thank you all for the civil discussion about it, but I really think you're going for the wrong target by trying to get rid of /wst/ and I must say I am not fan of the methods.

I know, it is 4chan, but still, I always thought /tg/ was one of the more polite boards. I'm disappointed, I thought I had found something good here.

>> No.41348803

>Are you implying that it's impossible to fully participate in a thread and have a life?
With the energy that the /wst/ were shitposted to death, YES...
Hell, I myself was unconscious for most of the previous weekend...

>Is my ignoring game just so strong?
No, their skin is just that thin...

>> No.41348819

Dat leet post

>> No.41348911

Not the one you were talking to.
I don't give a fuck about smutfags if they stay in their threads. And I don't open up obvious smut threads. Except to shitpost or argue why somebody should kill themselves, as was the case here. Hell, I don't even give a fuck about tripfags, even though I think they are retarded for doing it, or thread derailments.
But just as it's their right to be smutfags, it's my right to call them on being retarded. That's the magic of 4chan.

Wasn't there m8. Never opened those threads, because I'd probably shoot myself out of despair for humanity.

>> No.41348919

kill yourself

>> No.41348958

>because /wst/ was spawned from Lewdposting...
Cancer breeds more cancer, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to remove any tumors you can.

>> No.41348995

Answer the question ND >>41348455

>> No.41349005


Love the pinup on her legguards

>> No.41349108

How has nobody posted best grill Mira yet? So perfect even Spess Mehreens waifu her.

>> No.41349148

Oh don't worry I do find this entire thing of "writing smut" rather iffy and I'd call them retards too if I had nothing better to do. Never gotten fanfiction in the slightest.

But what I saw in the last thread was just pummeling it restlessly into the ground. So far I've gotten compelling arguments about why /wst/ is disliked, not why it should be trolled off the boards that hard. Just report and let the mods deal with the smutfags.

>> No.41349169

You know you've made it when a Goddamn Ultramarine captain takes the Inquisitorial bullet so you don't have to.

>> No.41349201

Ultras are all about saving the lives of their fellow soldiers though. There's a comic where a withered old general thanks an Ultramarine for doing the same thing as Titus way back when the general was a fresh faced recruit

>> No.41349454


Ultras are boring. Black Templars are best chapter.

>> No.41349546

>hating on ultras
*tips bat winged helmet*

>> No.41349564

I'm sorry we aren't big enough frothing religious fanatics that do more harm than good half the time for you, anon.

>> No.41349567

Why is she so perfect /tg/?

>> No.41349606

>Muh codex
>Muh honor
>Limiting our forces is a good thing guise
>Codex Astartes does not approve this action

You worship yourselves more than you worship the Emperor. You may as well be heretics.

>> No.41349659


>hating on Captain Titus

There is something wrong here. I think it's you.

>> No.41349707

Leandros did nothing wrong.

>> No.41349831

You just jealous because we got all xenos bitches.

>> No.41349882

>> No.41350080

dang, I was in that thread when that happened.

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