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The Great Enemy is asleep, post Eldar

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That theres one cheery Harlequin.

Speaking of, does anyone know how Harlequins are viewed by other Eldar? Does the fact that they technically don't have souls cause any friction with other Eldar factions?

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Only the Solitaire has no soul. The rest of them have souls, they're just pledged to Cegorach

Generally speaking, both sides view the Harlequins with fear and respect. The Harlequins are wild and free which tempts the Craftworlders but their way of life is also incredibly dangerous since it means facing temptation at all times, and being in the webway and the coveted Black Library on top of that. The Dark Eldar know better than to fuck with the Harlequins since they're the only other people who know the Webway as well or better as them. And the Harlequins are sort of a common bond for the other two, since they keep all of the Eldar historical records and so are the only people who can prove without a doubt that the Commorites and Craftworlders are one people.

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Dude the Solitaire has a soul.

I know this, cause its a big part of their fluff that they have no spiritual protection, so when they die their soul gets eaten by Slaanesh.

Its why they have a broken spirit stone on their model, to represent this.

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>Tfw the comissar would blam you if you pumped the xenos with painkillers before killing them.
Exceptions are orks and tyranids and chaos.
Fuck them with a flakcannon.

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Damn straight they have souls. Harlequins are perhaps the most emotive and expressive army in 40k.

They are hands down the best space elves, because they're the ones getting shit done.

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some of our backwards brethren

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>extending mercies to a merciless enemy

You deserve the blamming.

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Huh. could have sworn he used to be a blank. Anyway, they have to have souls one way or another. They have psykers.

Truth. I love their models. Keep trying to make a Skyweaver heavy army work, but as awesome as they are, 60 points a bike is rough. I like the idea of slapping an Autarch on there to keep them safe from Overwatch but then you really need something to provide anti-tank since an autarch with banshee mask and jetbike is like 90 points, 100 once you factor in a decent weapon like a laser lance or fusion gun. They fuck up pretty much any infantry they get into assault with though, since a full squad of zephyrglaives is packing 24 S5 AP2 attacks. And re-rollable Jink in the formation. I'm determined to take bikerclowns to the top.

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Why are the Murder Clowns so alluring? Thanks GW for giving me a fetish for space elf clown woman.

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>feeling sorry for the disgusting xenos

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Well, their masks are apparently psychic weapons that dig up all your greatest fears and project them holographically to throw you off your game mid-combat (and also because fuck you, scary murder clown)

Given they also use them for their performances, they must have different settings available. Presumably, one of those settings is a mask that digs up all your deepest fetishes.

Of course, that's probably a bad idea to play with unless you're the Solitaire.

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>Presumably, one of those settings is a mask that digs up all your deepest fetishes.
Murder Clowns are so perverted.

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T-they're just preserving the oral history of the Fall, m-mon'keigh! It's not like they like you, it's just what Slaanesh would do!

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That's funny coming from a Solitare.

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Thanks, Anon.

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Scorpion-chan has no room to talk, always trying to outflank into the enemy's table edge.

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You welcome

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She's just doing her job. My picture is Khaine's original look.
Thanks, Anon.

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Don't get me wrong, Karandras is my favorite or second-favorite Phoenix Lord

I like Baharroth at least as much, but there's a sheer hilarious joy in having Karandras walk on behind a Tau firing line and watching them cry when their Ethereal evaporates under shuriken fire and Karandras hides under a rock for the rest of the turn.

It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's amazing.

I've been wanting to go full Hitchcock though and build a list that just rains down Hawks and Scourges on the enemy led by Baharroth. Problem is, you can only get one precision-striking Scourge squad since you only have one Baharroth. Still, kind of hilarious if you load them up with the melta lances and drop them directly on the enemy's biggest, nastiest armor.

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How do you feel about Dark Reapers?

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>pointy tits
Look, I can tolerate skintight suits because 'muh advanced materials' but this is /d/ material

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Radical. But I'm not totally sure what purpose their Phoenix Lord serves. Why is a Death Jester the leader of the Dark Reapers? Seriously, it's the same gun with one extra shot. Although Maugan did figure out how to shoot it twice which is impressive.

Anyway I'm just not sure when I'd actually take him. Maybe he could pal around with some Harlequins but they hardly need more anti-infantry.

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>Why is a Death Jester the leader of the Dark Reapers?
You wat now mate? Does this man look like he can tell a couple jokes? This guy would get a book dedicated to him burning things down if 40k gets an End Times.

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Same gun, same fashion sense, same bio-explosive ammo... Yeah, Maugan Ra is a Death Jester

Explains how he knew enough about the Warp to rescue his Craftworld. Probably went to the Black Library.

I bet he's a hoot to be around. Probably starts out real dry and then goes full on blue after the sixth or seventh Hive Tyrant.

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>Explains how he knew enough about the Warp to rescue his Craftworld. Probably went to the Black Library.
Actual he's angry and crazy enough for daemons to back off.
>I bet he's a hoot to be around. Probably starts out real dry and then goes full on blue after the sixth or seventh Hive Tyrant.
I think the fluff implies even the Murder Clowns are a little unnerved by him.

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Who has the wraithguard and Death Star picture?

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This one ?

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That's it.

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Solitaire is sometimes called "soulless" because their soul is already consigned to Slaanesh (barring the few cases where Cegorah manages to distract Slaanesh and snatch the soul to safety)

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That picture reminds of the the Ordinators from Morrowind. Hm. There's an idea. Pain my Harlequins to look like Ordinators. Gold masks and armour, red hair. I think the cloth part of the armour was red and blue.

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I say go for it.

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That drawing would be awesome if he hadn't just drawn the same two faces and given one pointy ears.
Oh well, still saved. Thanks anon.

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Apparnetly the model was originally intended to be a Death Jester, but they made him into a Phoenix Lord for some reason (too bulk-looking to fit with the rest of the Halrequins?).

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Neat star of Chaos on that helmet.

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Did this a while back, mostly as a drawing exercice. I'm still not very good at this.

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>few cases
Iirc, the ratio is around 50/50.

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Time for some Beckjann stuff and Dark Eldar

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Best banshee coming through!

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Post the banshee image with enormous hips & thighs
You know the one

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It's right, there you double mon'keigh.

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That's by far the coolest picture of eldar I've seen.

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gib source

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judging by the tattoo on her check, i'd say that's a sister of battle.

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>people don't think this is the best waifu

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well, shit
have this in apology

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I prefer >>41321754 but the Harlequin is pretty good too.

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Does anyone else kinda wish that the aspect warriors had a little more options in choosing their gear? I know that partially, their idea is that they are super focused on certain aspect of combat, but when it basically boils down to each aspect being built around their gun, it feels rather lame to me.

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This picture sums up why I love Haerlequins.

When everyone else is a tank, go in without armor because you'll outpace the sluggish bastards by a mile.

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Are any of the Eldar fluff books any good?
Are there Dark Eldar books?

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I have more pictures.

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Harlequins are a lot like Bullet Shrimp.

Garish bastards who see more of the world than you can imagine and are so good at fighting it defies physics.

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Man, Harlequins vs the Thousand Suns is the prettiest battle I can think of.

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>Garish bastards who see more of the world than you can imagine
I always had a feeling that their minds were pretty magical.
Ahzek tries to get into their library probably 64% of his time. It's going to be a common occurrence.

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>they have 16 colour cones in their vision
>us humans only have 3
>these things can literally see over 5 times as many colours as we can

>their punches cause water to boil and create a bubble underwater, which kills its prey if it has contact with it, cooking them from the outside
>the collapsing bubble sends out a shockwave strong enough to kill anything in a 10 cm diameter due to pure pressure
>the inside of that little bubble before it collapses is over 400 million degrees Kelvin, hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Shit, did God just tag in Cegorach to design that fucker?

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Isn't that pic of a Mantis Shrimp?

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Mantis shrimp is the official name, Bullet Shrimp is a colloquial one.

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Yes it is.
>Shit, did God just tag in Cegorach to design that fucker?
I would bet money on it, or did Cegorach himself create the Mantis Shrimp to give us an idea of what his servants are like?

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See, I am confused. The Mantis Shrimp has clubs which can break aquarium glass. Pistol shrimp are the ones who make the hotter-than-the-sun bubbles. Or so I thought anyway.


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Fairly certain there are multiple species of Shrimp with similar gun-like traits. But yeah, the confusion is a bit maddening with something so hyper-specific.

I am fairly certain the Mantis is the only one with the extreme color range though.

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Okay, Cegorach is probably responsible for everything weird on this planet. Let us not question the clown god for why he thought shrimp would be a good way of comparing his servants less he pulls a trick on us.

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Guys this is just Cegorach fucking with us.

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Yeah, did a little reading and the wiki article on Mantis Shrimp specifically references the similar mechanics with the Pistol Shrimp. Some crazy shit

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You think?

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>The Mantis Shrimp has clubs which can break aquarium glass. Pistol shrimp are the ones who make the hotter-than-the-sun bubbles.
Both of those are Mantis Shrimp.

Bullet Shrimp are different than Mantis Shrimp. They aren't as garish looking, and instead clack their claws together to make sonic burst attacks that they shoot at their prey. Mantis Shrimp, meanwhile, makes water explode by punching things.

Basically, Mantis Shrimps are Khornate Daemons, while Pistol Shrimps are Noise Marines

Giant versions are also going into my planned homebrew setting, and will replace Wolves and other creatures or the purposes of Lycanthropy.

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>Giant versions are also going into my planned homebrew setting, and will replace Wolves and other creatures or the purposes of Lycanthropy.
> will replace Wolves and other creatures or the purposes of Lycanthropy.

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orks explaine the 40k universe has to be a thing ! where can i find more ?!

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Not sure if that's really a curse in that instance.

>> No.41326203

Sorry, I don't think there are anymore.
I think if it's like regular werewolves it would destroy the world. I think the best way is a nuclear option or the blessing of a god.

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Both Pistol Shrimp's and Mantis Shrimp's strikes are fast enough to produce sonoluminescence (The "hotter than the sun" bubbles).

Though I think in both cases the effect isn't visible to the naked eye.

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If you think that's bad, wait until the party encounters a WereVinegaroon, Were Cassowary, WereLamprey, Were Centipede, WereKomodo, or WereMoose.

Lycanthropes are given their form as a blessing from the Overfiend Umuruk, Lord of Suffering from Savagery and Ruinous Ambition (basically NE Uber Social Darwinist demon lord and patron of evil druids)

Those afflicted and not worshipers of the Overfiend are unable to control themselves, and their minds devolve into pure predatory instinct, making them a danger to everyone who encounters them.

Still, lycanthropes are super rare, and don't appear to often, and Umuruk hands out lycanthrope forms based upon the particular worshipper. So I plan on making a bunch o different beasties by looking at nasties critters from documentaries and old Animal Planet Most Extreme videos.

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>If you think that's bad, wait until the party encounters a WereVinegaroon, Were Cassowary, WereLamprey, Were Centipede, WereKomodo, or WereMoose.
You madman. You monster. What sort of vile thing did your players do to deserve encountering were Cassowarys?

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I need to know where to get this. For... Reasons.

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I haven't finished making the setting, so they havent suffered yet.
Plus its mid-high fantasy, so if they are smart they can handle things.

The only problem I have right now it Lunar transformaitons. The world has 2 moons, wth an artificial 3rd one that occasionally dips into orbit, so I need to determine how often random transformations amongst unwilling afflicted happen

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Jain Zar's hair puts 90s anime characters to shame.

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Are you going to let them off easy on the first time?
>The only problem I have right now it Lunar transformaitons. The world has 2 moons, wth an artificial 3rd one that occasionally dips into orbit, so I need to determine how often random transformations amongst unwilling afflicted happen
Maybe a full moon determines the duration and power of the transformation?

>> No.41326759

but which moon? I was actually thinking of making it a seasonal thing, but I'm stil not sure

Also don't worry, if they are smart they will hopefully not die. But considering that the thrope will have a lot of the same resources including Psionics and Weaboo Fightan Magic, they might have to pull together and work as a team.

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>try to use vats to hit the powder ganger asshat in the saloon after the tutorial mission because i thought it would be fun
>character always misses and hits trudy
this is some weird shit.

>> No.41326828

>but which moon? I was actually thinking of making it a seasonal thing, but I'm stil not sure
Let me try helping out here.
Moon A: Biggest of the three. It determines power.
Moon B: Second biggest and it determines time.
Moon C: The artificial moon and the smallest. It helps balances things out. Too much power causes your time to run out, and not enough power messes with time.
Seasons influence the power and time but one season has all three moons together and during this time causes transformations to equal pure rape.

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>This Mon'Keigh has so bad aim he can't even hit the right thread.

>> No.41326937

I like it, thanks mate.

>> No.41326940

I think this >>41326904 is right. You might want to head on somewhere where video games are on topic. /v/ is that way.

>> No.41326981

You're welcome, Anon. Maybe include events that relies on the the last season and all three moons. One of the PCs needs to transform and beat the BBEG in say 10 minutes because his plot is about to succeed and is dependent on the moons for example. It's not the best idea, but I'm sure you can tinker with it a little.

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Thanks for the planet Carnac. Good luck with your evil rape god, maybe you can turn it into a pokemon like we did.
-Your friends, The Crons

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Trips and statistics don't lie

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>eldar waifus don't even come back when they get killed

>> No.41327106

I was wondering when this was going to come up.
That picture is mostly true, but that Anon's trips are Tzeentch's holy number.

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True but if I was given a choice I would go for Eldar waifu. But then I would have to choose between Banshee or Murder Clown.

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>not picking a farseer to do amazing psychic-sex and all kinda crazy positions while levitating.

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Mon'keigh, please.

>> No.41327344

>wanting someone of Eldrad's profession
Nah. Don't you know how Farseers fare? Rather poorly. Give me a flirty Harlequin girl with a big butt and chest and you got yourself a deal.

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Yeah. You could easilly have multiple wargear options for most aspect squads. Liek Fire Dragons could all carry the flamers their Exarchs can get. It would still fit with their theme of destroying their enemies with rage and fire. Or Dire Avengers could really use almost any weapon, since their thing is supposed to be being unyielding defenders rather than being the guys with slightly better shuricats.

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Banshee because of dat ass

>> No.41327609

I wouldn't want to risk it. I mean, look at Eldrad. What a dick.

>> No.41327641

I think that is a reason for Banshee. Not quite sure what comes with the Harlequin girl.

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The main books about Eldar and DE are the "Path of..." series (Warrior, Seer and Outcast for CWE, Renegade, Incubus and Archon for DE). They're bit of hit and miss.

The CWE do give pretty good insight to Eldar life, whcih we rarely see since 90% of fluff is focused on combat. However, the protagonists of all books are annoying whiny cunts, and the author seems to have seriously messed up the scale of things (Alatoic, despite being a major Craftworld, apparently has a population in low millions and gets its ass kicked by a single Marine Chapter and indetermined amount of IG; this is despite the last time Imperium tried invading Alatoic it cost them an entire sector fleet).

The DE ones are in my opinion a bit better, but they still have problems. The 2nd book is pretty much entirely filler, for one. Still, they give some insight into how DE live and act, and as a bonus the first two contain quite a lot of stuff about Exodites as well (the Exodite priestess of Isha turns out to be suprisingly badass near the end of the first book).

Besides those, there are multiple short stories. Haven't read them all, but some are good, others less so. I do recommend "Mistress Baeda's Gift", a Dark Eldar love story from "Fear the Alien" anthology book.

Although I must say that the best DE fluff I've read is not in any official book, but a fanfic called "Truebprn" posted on the dark city forum. The writer knew DE fluff in and out, so he did a really good job making the story fit the background and the characters to be both enjoyable and clearly Dark Eldar. I'd advice tracking it down.

>> No.41327798

Trueborn or trueporn, anon?

Also will note down the DE books. I've been meaning to explore exodites more.

>> No.41327825

Indeed. Pistol shrimp's claw is eolved specifically to create a shockwave due to the cavitation effect, making it an organic sonic gun. In mantish shrimp's case cavitation is more of a side effect of it punching so fast.

Fun fact: as the cavitation bubble collapses, the heat and pressure momentarily reach the point where matter turns to plasma and fusion of hydrogen atoms to helium occurs. The mantish shrimp punches so hard, it induces nuclear fusion!

>> No.41327852

/tg/, where a discussion about Eldar ends up being about pistol shrimps.
I'm going to scroll back up to see how we ended there.

>> No.41327883

I think somewhere around the 98th post.

>> No.41327911

>If you think that's bad, wait until the party encounters a WereVinegaroon, Were Cassowary, WereLamprey, Were Centipede, WereKomodo, or WereMoose.
None of those are quite as bade as were-stomatopods, though were-cassowaryes get close.
Mantis shrimp punch faster than the speed of sound, with enough force to break the bones in your hands. Scale that to human size and were-stomapods would be demolishing buildings with their punches and reducing anybody hit by them into chunky salsa.

>> No.41327944

I wish there was more stuff for Warp Spiders.

>> No.41327975

I'm now imagining an army of sea elves riding Giant Nuclear Mantis Shrimp cavalry.

I am also trying to figure out if anything could actually prevent said army from being the absolute dominant power of the sea

>> No.41328090

Trueborn, sorry.

Exodites play a minor role in the first two DE books, as in the first one the DE kidnap an Exodite priestess of Isha and trashe the World Spirit shrine. In the second an Incubus and Harlequin end up having to return to the shrine and fix the mess the DE caused, since the World Spirit gets really pissed off and it's causing the climate on the planet to go haywire.

They don't really play a major role, but it does include some descriptions about the Exodite world and about how the World Spirit works. Also in the end of the first book the priestess, who'se been kind of ignored for the most of the book is freed and proves to be fairly badass. She can use her power over life to controll bacteria and viruses and make them replicate faster than your immune system can destroy them .

>> No.41328424

How do warp spiders work, given that most of the other aspect warrior exarchs are kicked out of the infinity circuit?

>> No.41328447

>the protagonists of all books are annoying whiny cunts

well, duh.

Eldar are Jane Austin characters.

Post-scarcity, but still not happy.

>> No.41328495

Warp Spiders aren't really connected to the infinity circuit. They just take their name (and their modus oprandi of "agressive defence") from the tiny wraithbone constructs that hunt down and destroy any Warp corruption that might get into the infinty circuit. Like the warp spiders, the aspect warriors can disappear and reappear ina different place, although they do it with short range teleporters while the actual warp spiders meld into the infinity circuit and reconstitue at a different spot.

>> No.41328510

Good sense of humor?

>> No.41328538

I liked the "Pat of the XYZ" books a lot. The main characters are super hung up on menial shit at times but I can't blame them, I guess it's how you turn out when you don't have real problems.

The books do a realy good job of explaining why Eldar do Eldar things in an Eldar way.

>> No.41328564

I'm an idiot for not realizing that should be the first thing that comes to mind. I heard that Harlequins laugh for the sake of laughing so she's always going to be laughing.

>> No.41328769

Not that anon but I happen to think that power and composure are sexy.

>> No.41328817

You talking about the dick?

>> No.41328852

Not shown: The 80 guardsmen who died trying to kill a handful of Eldar.
He should be shot for even feeling pity for the xenos.

>> No.41328962

Yeah, the avengers especially should have additional weapon options, seeing how they are the closest thing to generalists in the eldar arsenal. Maybe have shit like two members of a 5 man squad get to take some special weapons (that is still assault type though), like a fusion gun, or a lassblaster or whatever the swooping hawks have.
Also, maybe have the option to give them close combat weapons too, seeing how at least their fluff portrays them fighting in both a shooty, as well as assaulty way.

For other aspect warriors, just having a bit of variety in the weapons, while still retaining the overall theme, would be nice. Shit like Dark Reapers being able to take other long range eldar weaponry like bright lances, shuriken cannons etc, instead of just the reaper launchers (still destroying foes from afar), Fire Dragons being able to switch fusion guns for flamers, Banshees maybe getting some heavier hitting melee weapons, maybe two handed swords or something, but losing the shuriken pistol in exchange etc.
Just adding a bit of variety to the mix, while retaining the overall theme of the aspect. It just feels dumb to me that right now, ultimately each aspect just boils down to what gun the fucker is carrying.

>> No.41328989

Slaanesh isn't asleep, just tied up and getting spanked until he pukes souls by your superior Elven counterparts.

>> No.41329068

It did make the eldar look competent when it came to fighting enemies that aren't marines.

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>> No.41330020

gay & heretical

>> No.41330423

Eventually that puss is going to crystallize. I am not getting my dick cut up fucking a statue.

>> No.41330461

Slaanesh is actually just having a romantic dinner and sex in the missionary position with Sigmar.

>> No.41330776

I always do forget how truly depraved Slaanesh can be...

>> No.41331134

Will they hold hands after coitus?

>> No.41331190

The fuck is wrong with you man? Take that shit to /d/.

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>> No.41331270

You sick motherfucker.

>> No.41331983

Why is it that I never get tired of this?

>> No.41332162

Because its so lewd

>> No.41332273

Because you're a colossal pervert. You probably think it's nice to cook a romantic meal yourself, don't you?

I hope you at least practice safe hand holding.

>> No.41332365

When did this go from eldar posting to shrimp to hand holding?

>> No.41332406

>implying hand holding can ever be safe

>> No.41332408

>safe hand holding.

>You and your beloved both squirt hand sanitizer in each other's hands.
>You then old eachother's hands, feeling the the wet squelching fingers and muscles rubbing all over each other as you lovingly hold the other person's hand even firmer to compensate for the lower friction.
>it makes wet sounds like a like that of two tongues colliding and wrestling

>> No.41332446

Not exactly an unusual thread progression for /tg/

>> No.41333955

>2nd book is pretty much entirely filler

True that, but I got what I wanted, which was Morr doing Incubi things. And his sacrifice]/spoiler] was pretty gar. So does he have the same fate as a Young King, or any exarch taken by their Phoenix Lord, where he just has the peace of oblivion?

>> No.41334195

For what it's worth, I find it's sequel Incubi to be just as interesting if not more enjoyable.

>> No.41334251

Blech, that shit needs to be censored. It'll corrupt the children.

>> No.41335257

>Your Harlequin girlfriend laughs like Fran Drescher

Damn you, Cegorach!

>> No.41335345

>> No.41335399

>>Your Harlequin girlfriend laughs like Fran Drescher
>Damn you, Cegorach!
He can't help it. It's the lifestyle they choose.
She'll laugh even in her sleep.

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>> No.41337494

Fucking kids these days. Hand holding without protection. In public no less! The youth really have been corrupted. I weep for the future.

What happened to good old fashioned swinger orgies with cocaine and ecstasy? What happened to people appreciating a good snuff film? All the perverse hand holding crap the kids do now, it's absolutely vile.

>> No.41337670

IMO its perfect the way it is.
When I go to fire dragons I don't go to them to kill infantry, that's not who or how they are. They are dedicated armor busters.

Also its why eldar are the best army in the game. Because when deployed appropriately they bring overwhelming alpha, with no wasted multi-class shooting.

>> No.41338794


>> No.41338858


>> No.41338997

When it got posted on /tg/, of course.
Does that mean she laughs even during sex?

>Pork loin is not steak, captcha.

>> No.41339467

oh, is space knifee ars too buttblasted that some plain monkeigh killed your shit?

deal with it. get ground under the threads of a leman russ

>> No.41343042

Yeah, and we did learn some interesting things about the Incubi, though it somewhat contradicts other fluff. According to the book Drazhar isn't Arhra (and apparently just coincidentally has stats identical to a Phoenix Lord) and Arhra is dead, despite there being fluff in the BRB and Eldar codex timelines about Karandras dueling him.

Still, the Incubus version of Arhra's fall is pretty awesome. We knew before that he apaprently got corrupted by Chaos and trashed the original Aspect Shrine, but the Incubi say the reason why he was corrupted is because he went alone to face off againt a huge host of Chaos after declaring the other Phoenix Lords too cowardly to take the fight to the enemy. He predictably loses after cutting down countless daemons, and gets corrupted. After destroying the Shrine of Asyryan he shows up before he disciplines, burning with the dark light of Chaos and tells them he's fighting the corruption but can't resist it for much longer, and declares that as his final test for his follwoers, they must best him in combat and strike him down before he's fully claimed by Chaos. After doing so his followers partook in his still uncorrupted essence so that Arhra might live on through them.

>> No.41343336

Eldar are super Orky

>> No.41343354

Dude, he was calling out the hypocrisy of the cartoon.

>> No.41343422


>> No.41343566

I wish they were good on TT.


>> No.41343584

How are these guys on tabletop?

Are they actually any good?

>> No.41343587

They are. They're just not a good mono army. Fantastic as allies to their cousins though. I'm running a list right now that uses mostly Harlequins backed up by Jain Zar, a Wraithlord, and a couple of the Eldar fighters and it's working really well. Actually, the fighters are the least used bit, but I don't want to give them up in case I need anti-air.

>> No.41343626

Hopefully if they ever redo the Falcon they'll throw in the scatter-laser rave party AA turret too.

>> No.41343648

Imagine if you peril mid orgasm?

>> No.41343799

Oh I know the Harlequins are, I meant I wished the Solitaire was, cause he is my favourite model in the game and he kinda blows.

>> No.41343879

Doesn't the Blitz rule let him do a crazy as fuck charge that can wipe whole units out though?

>> No.41343907

In theory.

In reality you averaging to dead marines a turn, maybe three.

He sucks. And it breaks my heart. I dunno, he should have gotten an AP 2 weapon or something.

>> No.41344772

They are pretty brutals against 4+ and below units, not bad agaisnts MEQ and light tanks, and can combine their shots to hunt the heaviests tanks, but theirs guns are 18'' and they only have a 4+ save (with mostly permanent 4+ cover save as well), so they can go down very quickly... As far as I can tell I don't think you are shooting yourself in the leg simply by taking them like you would with storm guardians or banshees, thought.

Their rules are aivables on Forgeworld Downloads anyway.

>> No.41344990

Aren't banshees sort of better nowadays, as they can outright deny overwatch?

>> No.41345183

Sort of, but that only fix some of their numberous problems... They still don't have assaults transports (except raiders, which will blow as soon as whatever fart in their direction), they can be fast but they will still die to whatever shoot at them, and even if you somehow manage to get your squad in melee without suffering losses, their impact is just not worth it, as scorpions do roughly the same agaisnt MEQ (and better agaisnt the rest of infantry) without needing an alignment of constellations to work.


>> No.41345268

What would make banshees viable then?
Getting furious charge, and maybe having better swords?
Or maybe giving them something like 4+ invulnerable save against shooting, to represent them dodging and parrying shots ala this:

>> No.41345276

Banshees are by no means a bad unit. Yes, they're fragile. They're Eldar. They should be fragile. They deny Overwatch and are fast enough to regularly get a turn two charge, so they don't need an assault transport. Even if you feel the utter, crushing need for one, you can ally in a Raider, Venom, or Starweaver from DE/Harlequins.

Their damage output isn't monstrous, they're not going to blow through whole squads in a single turn, but they're good enough to wipe out a squad of heavy infantry over a few rounds of combat with enough models left to charge a second, weakoned target with reasonable odds of success. This is especially true when taken as part of an Aspect Host for the WS5, and they become absurdly good when fielded alongside the Avatar.

Banshees are good. If you think they aren't, it's not because they're bad, but because muhc of of the Eldar codex is verging on being absurdly overpowered and the decent but not broken units look underwhelming by comparison.

Either that or you're just a shit player who runs them face-first into Heavy Bolters.

>> No.41345954

>implying you wouldn't use painkiller weapons against slaaneshi

>> No.41347535

I have a Harlequin question, do they recruit from the other Eldar groups or are they a big enough faction that they have children and a society and everything?

>> No.41347587

I'd be happy if Avengers were given a pistol/CCW combo alongside their Shuricat.

>> No.41347603

Holy shit, I remember this doujin. I've been looking for this for four years now.

>> No.41347623

They recruit from all groups, and one mask recruit from all species, sort of.
I don't see why couldn't they have childrens, thought.

>> No.41347717

Meh, doubtful that in their busy schedules they'd have a lot of time to raise Eldar babies.

>> No.41347993

Word, thanks

>> No.41348063


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