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>> No.41319329

Any jumper here ham up their first appearance or when talking to someone?
I tried to be skeletor as a villain in Power Ranger but it didn't end well for me for some reason.

>> No.41319349

I prefer to go with cryptic passing encounter or full Dynamic Entry.

>> No.41319406

That sounds good anon.

It's from when the Servants are summoned that the Master-Servant pair become hostile. So mostly just before the war begins, though some can be up to a few months before. However, they'll probably wait till they can contact each other in wherever the war is being held before going after you, unless you actively go after them.

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You do realize that there's a basis for the ideas posited by the other anons regarding methods artificial Personal Reality production in the the series itself right?

>> No.41319463

I like to go for the nonchalant encounter while being completely absurd. Like full on hair billowing behind me with no wind about, full on fire and smoke pouring from my eye sockets, and I'm wearing a t-shirt with cargo shorts and crocs while reading the newspaper or something.

I will also answer the door like this. Freaks people out. People will automatically judge me and I'll just go on living my life. I get the newspaper, mow the lawn, BBQ on the back porch, lounge in a pool, tend to my garden, go out to get the mail and so on.

Never actually do anything remotely threatening.

If people ever ask why my heads on fire then I just reply with a question of my own like, "Why are you white?" or "Why do you have red hair?"

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Nope, I'm just not hammy enough, I realized this quite strongly when making a build for G Gundam. I just couldn't be as hammy as the Gundam Fighters in G Gundam, so I had to go Groupie instead.

>> No.41319509

Welp. Another build.
Starting to wonder if they do anything anymore. We get very few builds per thread as it stands.

So how do I sum this up...

There was:
-A man with a butterfly mask
-A species of alchemical monsters, both humanoid and bestial
-Metallic hexagons that activated weaponry through willpower...
-... and the humans that wield them.

The approach?
Spectatorship. I do not know this story, so I'd like to see how it plays out. However, as always, ensure as few lives are lost as possible.

>Gurren Lagann
Age: 14-years-old
Location: Adai Village
Complications: Mute (+200), Hey it's... that guy (+100), It's For Agility! (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Background: Engineer
Companion Import: 400 CP

Skills & Abilities:
-Spiral Energy (Free)
-Stylish Mechanic (Free)
-What Do Those Symbols Mean?
-Imperfect Beings
-Always A Bigger Robot

Equipment & Gunmen:
-Repair Kit (Free)
-Mecha Import (Dragonzord)

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>> No.41319698

If you're still around, I've some questions about Servant skills:

How would EX Rank High Speed Divine Words work, or rather differ from Caster's ability?

How would A+++ Rank Mystic Eyes of Distortion differ from Asagami's power?

>> No.41319740

EX rank HSDW? I'd imagine it'd just give you a lot more knowledge as to that type of magic then Medea had, since higher ranks just give more spell info.

Not really sure, it has been a long time since I watched KnK. I guess they'd probably be a good deal stronger at least at that rank.

>> No.41319795

Hmm, I see. I guess I'm just not very clear on what you can achieve with HSDW apart from what Medea demonstrated? Are there any other canon users of it? According to the (notoriously unreliable) wiki HSDW works by basically shouting orders at reality and having the magic respond to you but even then it seems pretty boss.

I'm just not sure how much stronger Eyes would be, given Asagami was able to rip apart a bridge when pushed to her limit and IIRC according to Nasu she could've been much stronger with proper training.

Considering EX Rank Imperial Privilege too but based on the description of it only doing the weird stuff above A rank I'm pretty sure there's not really any point.

That's okay, I don't consider myself very hammy either anon.

I mean, my companions disagree but. I just don't have the confidence, y'know?

I know the trailer you're referring to, but for some reason I thought of Spanish Donte

>> No.41319816

HSDW is basically just the magic system Medea uses. It seems to just be Age of Gods magic system in general, rather then altering reality by shouting, especially since for the most part Medea doesn't even use words. Fairly sure Medea's the only canon user, since Solomon uses Kabbalah or something and Tamamo uses Witchcraft, while any other Caster is post Age of Gods. So uh, Medea's pretty much your only example.

>> No.41319932

Bugger. I...dimly recall Tamamo has an EX rank in her version of magic too at least, and I don't remember anything about Solomon's kabbalah stuff but I'm assuming golems are involved somewhere down the line, somehow. Semiramis springs to mind but she ain't even a proper Caster, she's just a phony exploiting the fact that everybody got her legend wrong.

Dammit Nasu what's the point of having all these awesome wizards if they utterly fail to perform half the time?!

Also I guess that means the wiki's assertion that HSDW is "the power to activate thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits" is utterly ass backwards because that sounds...ridiculously energy efficient. I'm still considering taking an EX rank in it though, just to utterly confuse any Age of the Gods-era Servants I meet.

"Wait...I don't remember you from the Age of the Gods! I was there! I freaking shaped that Age! How the hell do you know more magic than me?!"


I was going to ask if you're just going to do sign language hot-bloodedly but then I remembered you're a cripple

Maybe you can wiggle your ears very, very excitedly?

>> No.41320049

You can turn CP into SP, but can you do the reverse? I want to do the Servant summoning a Servant thing but don't have enough CP to get an import, let alone apply Servant-hood to them, but I can change enough of my Servant's build to have the SP to do it if I need to.

>> No.41320068

No. CP can only be turned into SP. Not vice versa.

>> No.41320083

You know, you guys keeping waffling on about golden chains this and that but-there's something else in Smite that baffles me to know end. Specifically-the first purchase of Hybrid.

"Any supernatural power you have can be poured through you and your weapons to achieve new effects"

With a custom Elder Scrolls spell, does...does this mean you can punch people into ducks?!

>> No.41320094

I think it would be easier to punch people into ducks using Harry Potter magic, but yes.

>> No.41320148

Shoot people into ducks even. Or shoot Killing Curses, or add a magic stun effect to your tranqs, or have your whip bind people instantly, or any other spell done through your weapons. Seriously, it's a good perk.

Also there's an add on for that perk that lets you put charges into improving your powers, so you can make any of them better over time... Hello Civ jump, Endless Legend, etc.

>> No.41320185

Say, I've been thinking about how Hakuno has several possible choices for his/her Servant right? Saber, Archer, Caster...and [punching bag of the week for /jc/]

Are we free to assume which Servant Hakuno summons or will there be a 1d4 roll for which one he/she ends up getting? Come to think of it, will Hakuno's gender need to be rolled too?

>> No.41320229

Honestly, I'm thinking that you'll just replace Hakuno in Extra, since it seems simpler overall. If we don't go that way, we'll probably just go Male/Archer, since I find it endlessly amusing to put EMIYA through more pain and that seems to aggravate him the most, while also giving someone interesting for a jumper to fight.

If you take the 0cp CCC drawback, Hakuno gets Gilgamesh instead. Have fun!

>> No.41320389

Could you grab E rank High-Speed Incantation and take the Hans Christian Andersen version in the example?

>> No.41320421

Sure, if you want.

>> No.41320454

Val, I think I shot myself in the foot here. I went through A LOT of trouble to survive the 4th Grail War as a Caster because I really wanted high level magic. I ended up with MAN A+ and HSDW A+ (also Charisma A/A+ Ter Creation A and Item Construction A) so I completely focused on it. I kind of regret it now.

1. There's not much of a point in buying magus perks in KaraNKyoukai or Tsukihime so I'll probably end up with tons of weird meta/harem perks 2. I'm a walking definition of a Sealing Designation: somehow I can 'speak' the Divine Words from the AoG which humans should no longer be capable of... so they'll probably want to figure out how with a nice dissection table 3. I'm by Nasu fiat stronger than 98% of magic users but would still get my ass kicked in by the really spooky monsters if I'd ever step out line or if the Association went full crazy and started pulling out ancient Artifacts/mystic codes...

This might sound stupid but you do know tons about the Nasuverse so how would you personally handle this situation? No retconning my Servant build pls because I still enjoy my magic but rather a way for me to act in those jumps that would not get me in some deep shit. Should I come clean about my AoG magic? Distance myself from all magic-related affairs and live a normal life? Try to disguise HSDW as a special but not too special origin or alignment?

Sorry for bothering you with these questions. Should have considered all of this sooner.

>> No.41320529

Honestly? The safest method is to just not go near the Association at all, and just stay in some out of the way town. In fact, pretty much most eastern countries are great, since the Association is mainly concentrated in Europe/Western places.

If you gotta spend time near/around them just don't use HSDW and pretend you're just some human with a ton of prana but no magical skill. Which isn't too rare, although the amount of prana might be noteworthy. Most magus of worth would be able to tell something's up if not outright realise you're using a different system.

Coming clean about having AoG magic is probably one of the worst things you can do, so uh, don't do that. One way ticket to having the whole Clocktower on your ass.

It's fine, I'm always happy to answer questions to the best of my ability.

>> No.41320642

That's depressing but it's pretty much what I expected. Stupid Association... I would totally help out wherever I could and be really nice. I blame harry potter: Hogwarts tricked me into believing all magic schools are wonderful places but the Association is not really a magic school I guess. Actually they're like the ministry of magic with Umbridge for minister and policies against everything that is remotely out of the ordinary. Lucky that I picked Charisma A+ so I might still bluff myself out of a bad situation if I'm unlucky enough to get involved with the Association abroad for some reason.

I'm also wondering something about origins. Technically I've already been in the Nasuverse with Fate but did that affect my origin somehow? Should I keep my actions in Fate in mind when I decide on my origins in Kara No Kyoukai to make sure they fall in line with how I acted there?

>> No.41320672

The association is a school or at least a school is a part of it, it's just one that is run by people with a great interest in things like the Age of Gods.

You'd get an Origin and Element just by jumping to Fate, same as with any Nasuverse jump. It's just an intrinsic property of the setting. So you can just decide what you want in Fate and have it the same later on. Of course, once you pick your origin it can't really change, unless you pick up that double origin option I guess.

>> No.41320717

Changeling The Lost
Jumpchain Compatible Ver. 1.2
Contracts of the Jump +200 CP
Annoying Bane: colored glass+300 CP
Roll'd 3 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Theme: Territory – Mood: Fear
Child-50: age of abduction twelve, thirty years in Arcadia six months passed on earth
Seeming: Fairest Kith:Treasured
persuasion -100
WyrdX3-300, discount child
clarity X3 -200
common sense -100
danger sense -100

Oneiromancer -100
Pledgesmith -150 discount child
Contracts of Dream rank one -100
Contracts of the Mirror rank one -100
Contracts of Vainglory ranks one and two -100 discounted for fairest
fairy garden -50
Healing Fruit -50
#This wasn't approved either! Thirty years standing still, thirty years not being able to so much as turn my head without being shattered to pieces , melted down and re-made thirty years looking at the pews of a pseudo-church belonging to a keeper who didn't quite get that different messianic figures mean different things, and are treated differently. I spent these ten years running, enjoying every new thing I can, traveling and staying the hell away from the hedge my lady, why have you forsaken me! Pick related it's my fairy form. plans include: picking up some longing tongue and other goblin fruits,moving and being as active as possible, never waking up to the same view more than once, trying everything I can, not getting caught.#

>> No.41320824

Socially autistic, edgy people then who think the normal way to act is immediate capture, preservation and dissection. I don't mind sharing my AoG magic and I would if I could but just invite me over for tea! No worries though. I could probably live a fairly enjoyable life for away from the Association. I mean, the "Unified Language" guy did it and the UL is way more impressive than the (HS)DW.

I never picked an alignment because I went Servant but I'll have to pick an origin in Kara No Kyoukai anyway. I'm not sure I'd want to but it's free for everyone so it's mandatory. Same for magic circuits... they pretty much force 20 of those on me which would only get in the way unless I go full magus/magecraft and break the canon by trying to combine modern magic with AoG magic. I'd rather stick to my AoG magic so I'll find a way to get rid of those 20 magic circuits somehow.

>> No.41320913

Generally speaking free things aren't mandatory. Those that are usually specify that.

>> No.41321002

Really? I always assumed they were because they're usually tied to a background or an important aspect of the setting. Basically the things that come with the jump. It feels weird to refuse them but it does sound logical that you could refuse them.

>> No.41321334

Just remember, if you went Tamaranean in Teen Titans you can make out with Unified Language guy for ultimate cosmic power.

>> No.41321665

What would A+ Clairvoyance be like? Given C lets you track fast moving objects within 4km's and the description mentions higher levels might reach precognition and other forms of perception beyond standard eyesight (X-ray vision and so forth) I'd think it would be some sort of Byakugan with Sharingan predictive capabilities, though I don't know if A+ would be enough to 'see' everything around them or just what's within 4km's of their normal field of vision.

>> No.41321717

Don't want to spoil your fun but precognition, enhanced senses, ... are relatively common perks you can find all over the jumpchain. Why would you spend valuable SP on that?

>> No.41321802

Because it fits his Servant/Character design? Some people consider options based on a single jump without considering what's available in other jumps, which is completely fine. Doesn't always have to be about efficiency.

>> No.41321988

That's pretty much it. I do like being able to do the same thing in different ways though, in case someone finds out how to stop one way.

>> No.41322034

>Punch people into ducks.

You my friend, are an ally of the fist. I like you.

>> No.41322338

The only time I really hammed it up was G Gundam. It just felt right to be Space Steve Irwin.

The fact that Neo Australia's resident Gundam Fighter is fucking stupid didn't have anything to do with it. Nope, not at all.

>> No.41322375

Yo, jumpers, when did you ever have a game changer? A perk, a jump, an item, or if you're into stories maybe just a thing somebody said to you. Was there ever a time that changed your whole style of jumping?

>> No.41322673

FF7 I feel was the jump that set the tone for my jump chain. Varying degrees of shonen hot bloodedness and never giving up hope.

>> No.41322792

I've had several :Pokémon mystery dungeon is where I started focusing on being more of a tank,Kill la Kill cemented my juvenile Delinquent motif when the Dice gods themselves approved of that's also when my jacket Really started getting off the ground .

>> No.41322839

Death of the Author, from Princess Bride. It's like being a Time Lord, but better, because I'm not bound to the plot the way they are to time. I can feel the point where the plot can change forever, and I can choose whether or not that happens through my actions.

Before, there were times when I was afraid to intervene, because I didn't know what the consequences would be. Would my kindness weaken the hero, causing them to falter in the future? Would my efforts just make things worse? But now, I know when I can safely lend a hand, and when I'm going to derail everything. Or, for that matter, when I'm the only thing that'll keep things from continuing on an irrevocable course to tragedy.

Needless to say, I do a lot of intervening now.

>> No.41322843

So Alaya is the collective unconsciousness of mankind, specifically the drive for survival. Assuming for a moment that a Jumper manages to distort that drive for survival in a way that would be beneficial for him by 1. cursing/infecting/mutating mankind to trigger a mass extinction at the Jumper's death or 2. actively twisting the minds of people on a planetary scale to subconsciously consider the Jumper's safety and protection vital for their survival...

What would happen then?

Please also assume the Jumper is intelligent enough to not make something like eternal imprisonment in absolute stasis a possible way to fulfill the chosen requirements.

>> No.41322923

Please stop asking about Type-Moon.

>> No.41322966

Alaya just sends dozens of CGs back in time to before the change you made in order to brutally and swiftly crush you. Cause, time travel's completely within it's power.

>> No.41322998

Pretty sure you'd have the Counter Force brutally murder you during the setup stage of your plan.

>> No.41323016

This. Alaya acts to oppose large-scale changes because the will of humanity doesn't want those kinds of changes. The fact that humanity's will would be changed if you succeeded doesn't matter. So you'd get attacked by the Counter-Force, and if that failed, you'd be destroyed by the Counter-Guardians.

>> No.41323046

Is there a reason mankind's utter death has to factor in at all? What did you do, piss off everyone imaginable?

>> No.41323063

Maybe he kancho'd Barthomeloi Lorelei

>> No.41323131

>-Mecha Import (Dragonzord)
>-Always A Bigger Robot
What are you doing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Also yeah, I've noticed a distinct lack of people posting builds lately. It's kind of dismaying.

>> No.41323203

That's good to know.
No particular reason. I'm a careful person so even as a Jumper I like to consider what I'd do in the worst case scenario possible. In Nasu, that would either Gaia or Alaya going berserk on me so I wanted to think up a back-up safety measure.

Nope, I'm not an edgy murdermonster. There should in fact be no reason whatsoever for Gaia or Alaya to target me. Never hurts to consider the impossible though.

>> No.41323271

Ravenloft cemented this around companionship and making true friends. I'm seriously not joking. Taking a former world ending villain to Ravenloft early was my best mistake ever. Saved a villain from falling with the power of friendship and I hadn't taken any friendship or relationship boosting perks.

>> No.41323281

A'right, fair enough.

Obviously he's trying to go full Macross with this shit, making his Zord a personal battleship?

>> No.41323304

Cory, you a Getter.

>> No.41323385

I can start posting builds instead of just updating my Pastebin.

>> No.41323783

You want builds? I shall give you builds. Have all my builds.


I figure I'd just pastebin them all rather than posting them in thread since they just seem to take up space when I do and no one really comments on them.

>> No.41323830

Did you go in random order or did you select which jumps you were going to?

>> No.41324017

It's all largely selected. I have it in mind that jump-chan comes to me with a list of choices to pick from when it's time for the next jump and we work out all the finer details like perks and such over tea. I have a minor side mission of trying to find a tea that will be her new favorite.

>> No.41324209

That seems to be a fairly common way people do it.

>> No.41324688

Thread question for anyone who's made a jump:

What's your process? Do you write the into first or last? In what order do you make backgrounds, perk, drawbacks, etc? Do backgrounds come first, then perks are based around them, or is it the opposite way? Does none of it come out in any particular order? How to you decide if a setting will make a good jump in the first place?

>> No.41324711

Jump (39) - Kara No Kyoukai

Title "Kara No Kyoukai: the Nasuverse expands"
Theme Sequels/Zelretch-please-tolerate-me

roll//7- Age 21
Gender- Female->Male
July 1998
Ordinary Drop Out

Dual Origins: 'Wanderlust' and 'Identity'(100)
Find Anything(freebie for O D P)
Friend to Everyone(250) (discount for O D P)
Sense Murderer(450)
Determination(550) (discount for O D P)
Proto-Tohno Gland(750) (discount for O D P)
Clear the room(1150)

Infinite supply of Ice cream(1200)

Filthy Red(1000)

I usually stick to what I buy in a jump. Not today. I still have MANA A+ and HSDW A+ from Fate and the 4th Grail War so there is no need to buy magus or bloodline perks here. This leaves me 1200CP for fun things. I enjoyed buying WhatTheHellIsEvenGoingOn?, Sense Murderer and... Proto-Tohno Gland which is 2x as effective in my particular case *cough*. Oh, and infinite Ice cream!

I took 'Wanderlust' and 'Identity' for my Origins because these fit me best. The reason I started jumping was to discover and experience more interesting worlds and 'Wanderlust' exemplifies this, also far less negative than 'World-weary'. 'Identity' is my dual because I do not want to lose myself in the process but stay who I am, me. Those ideas have always been important in my chain and life.

It is sad that I have nowhere to go this jump and cannot share my HSDW or risk a Sealing. I secretly picked Filthy Red to force myself into the world. I am also tempted to find Zelretch and ask him to use his considerable influence to prevent a potential sealing: I am neither evil nor an idealistic do-gooder so he might tolerate me.

Good build? Bad build? Feel free to rate.

Somehow this build is really personal. I blame the soul-searching for Origins. Even anonymous it is awkward but I always post my builds. Next is an Autumn Wizard in Narnia: feel free to shit on my season-fu to get rid of any vicarious embarrassment.

>> No.41324898

I'm a pretty messy jump maker. I take ideas and toss them at the jump most of the time. And hope it sticks. Most of my early jumps where like that. And well. They're more than a little messy. And take forever and a half to properly balance.

My best jumps came from actually following proper jump organization. Super Smash Brothers, and Spyro: Classic.

But mostly I make them based on what inspired me to do them. Like with GW2 I mostly focused on Drawbacks just because that's where most of my inspiration came from.

And most settings would make a good jump. But usually I would run it by the thread AND chat first before anything else. Just to make sure no one has previously claimed it or if they like the idea or not. After all this is a community. And the thread has some very knowledgeable and insightful anons who are willing to help.

>> No.41324948

I start with a setting, usually don't decide to make it until I've got a couple of ideas for a couple of the categories. Often starts with a thought like 'well that'd be a good drawback'.

Intro and any other body text comes last. Backgrounds and Perks sometimes pop up at the same time. I usually have ideas for a few perks/items right away, choose backgrounds that seem to make the most sense to me given the setting and I'll generally list down a lot of perk titles that I'm not entirely sure what they'll do. I then sort them, take them out or add new ones depending on what's needed in terms of balance for a given background/if there's some redundancy or bad ideas.

Eventually I'll have a skeleton of backgrounds, perk titles and usually a couple of items and drawbacks. Perk titles become full perks with text after I've thought about it and priced them accordingly, sometimes it's obvious what they do straight away, other times stuff needs tweaking to be worth as much as other things of equivalent cost.

I usually do Items and Drawbacks last as they're arguably harder in most cases (although you need fewer of them). Drawbacks need to be difficult to deal with no matter what a jumper has already been through and it's difficult to keep them fresh and appropriately severe. Items are often difficult as you sometimes have to give them weird qualities to be worth the CP as they're often grabbable in universe.

Setting doesn't really matter as long as you know it well enough to do it justice. Fact is that great jumps can be made out of shitty settings and terrible ones can be made out of really good ones.

>> No.41325040

If we were to say it were an element, what would be the opposing element to Biological/Organic Life? Artificial Life?

>> No.41325108

Synthetic Organisms, if you want to keep within the realm of life.

If you want a more "opposing" opposite, death/decay.

If you want a FULL opposite, the concept of stasis and stillness, something completely antithetical to the concept of life.

Full other end of the spectrum, lack of existence.

>> No.41325115

noob question, can I start from any cyoa in the drive ?

>> No.41325129

Sure. Generally people start with Pokemon, but there's no obligation.

>> No.41325163

thanks, i kinda guessed that cause it's numbered, but i personally (and this may be an unpopular opinion) don't like pokemon and don't know shit about the settings

>> No.41325192

I'll generally write things as they go on, whatever I'm motivated to do at the moment. I'll generally get a framework going first though, then do perks and items. They're harder to do than drawbacks, which is eerily easy for me.

Backgrounds always come first as part of the framework; I like to keep a theme. Things need to make sense for what they do, and as long as I have that framework it's kind of easier to make stuff up with it. But more or less none of it comes out in any particular order.

>How to you decide if a setting will make a good jump in the first place?
I decide it by how interesting it might be. Swat Kats, Binbougami, Ace Combat, Stargate... they have a lot of options, they all bring some kind of interesting tidbit to the chain, and they all have enough wiggle room that people can do just about whatever. If I feel people will have fun in it, I'll go for that. I do tend to have exceptions, though: Squirrel and Hedgehog was me trolling the shit out of everyone, and F.E.A.R. I just kind of wanted to see everyone suffer. So while I do try to work for people mostly, I get the occasional personal whim. Even then, as I said in the last thread I never think about how it might work with my build. If I build ANY jump with any intent of personally benefiting, I feel that's a fuck-up on my end.

I've been tempted to do a 'Nerf' vacation jump where it's nerf gun fights or water balloons, with the ability to import your items as nerf variants, but I'm pretty sure I'd get my ass kicked.

Really, the important thing for me is how a setting can contribute to the story of a jumper. I like hearing plans, I like hearing stories and 'what-ifs', I like hearing the little things or the grand schemes. And if a jump of mine leaves an impact on a jumper, then that's a job well done for me.

Pic slightly related.

>> No.41325209

Biological/organic life almost always revolves around sustaining and repairing (individual cells). That's why the opposite of life is usually decay or poison... basically something that destroys or damages individual life. Artificial life is very much like biological life in that it involves or needs an energy source to sustain and repair itself.

So I'd either go for something that speeds up instead of rejecting entropy or exists completely outside of it. I know this is stupid brotier science so don't hurt my feelings.

>> No.41325224

I myself rather like pokemon and such but I felt it just didn't fit into the chain for me.

>> No.41325262

I'm doing... THINGS, RED.


Like turning my Advent capital ship - with integrated 2nd-Generation Jurai Tree - into a variable-mode mecha.

And also maybe continuing work on a project where I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING, BUT I CAN ONLY HOPE IT WORKS OUT.

Furious body-language communication.

Because I'll somehow conveniently forget how to use my Thought Projection.

I know.

I know how this story ends.
And there's not much my aid will do to change it. Humanity's numbers will grow until the moon becomes Hell's herald. So what can I do?

Advise. Help at least ensure that when the Anti-Spiral Menace comes - it comes against a force capable of standing up and fighting, and not fragmented.

But before then? Well. We've got a revolution to win.

>Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars
Location: Red Zone
Age: 29-years-old
Drawbacks: Fog of War (+200), Scarred (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Background: GDI

-Commando (Free)
-Sound Master
-Silo King

-GD-2 Rifle (Free)
-AI Grenades (Free)
-Zone Armor and Railgun

>> No.41325360

Do not that it's generally accepted that you either do pokemon first or never do it at all. This because QS made it so the body mod and warehouse are given as a reward for completing your first jump. Even though we all ignore what QS would rule towards the end, the pokemon jump was still designed under the belief that you only have access to what you bought there.

You could probably get away with doing it later though unless you insist on abusing dozens of magic and science perks to enslave pokemon, catch all legendaries and other edgy shit. That would cause a mighty shitstorm.

>> No.41325418

I'd like to say it wouldn't but I won't doubt this thread's power to turn anything into a shitstorm. In my case though, I definitely wouldn't give a shit, since you can do that anyways by going to Mystery Dungeon and Conquest later in your chain.

>> No.41325528

We could hope it wouldn't, but when updates that only add content get shat on... Well. Yeah.

>> No.41325597

>This paranoia still going on when the only person to say anything about hating updates last thread said they didn't care about additions.

>> No.41325624

I wonder if you could find a way to boost Aion's resurrection miracle to be powerful enough to bring back Scions dead wife.

>> No.41325650

Use a philosopher stone or two. We'll see what happens.

>> No.41325653

>acting like it's only one person who hates updates.

Why do you think I never post builds? As soon as I try my shit gets nerfed.

>> No.41325691

First off, I only start with a setting I know and love. It's just too much work to start with something I don't care about. From there, I think about why I liked it so much. What makes it special and fun? Once I've got that in mind, everything I design will be about trying to present the setting in a way that gets that across.

From there, my first step is backgrounds. Each background is usually based around a couple of characters from the work, and I try to make them represent a different approach to the world. Drop-in usually is either designed to fit a role that doesn't exist, a character who is kind of an oddball, or the players themselves - so they get the meta abilities more often than not. The most important thing is to make a theme - nobody likes the Drop-In who's a catch-all of things you can't fit elsewhere.

From there, I generally go in order of perks, companions, drawbacks, and items. Since perks are the most tied to backgrounds, the important thing is to make them fit the playstyle or character each background represents, while still representative of the unique aspects of the setting. The most important thing, though, is not to just duplicate the background. Backgrounds aren't just discounts - they offer skills and training innately, so doubling up cheapens that effect. It also forces people to be locked into one playstyle instead of being a hybrid.

Comparatively, items and drawbacks are usually much easier. For items, the big complication is how to offer something the Jumper can't just grab. Some unique feature generally helps, and for consumables a periodic refresh makes then worth buying.

>> No.41325716

Drawbacks, on the other hand, are usually from me taking things that are serious complications that people in-setting had to deal with, or figure out what would be really bad to have to deal with in the setting, and then offering points for having to suffer through them. The biggest challenge there is pricing - an eternal pain in the ass is usually 100, while 200s are a regular serious threat or constant misery, and 300s have to put the Jumper in critical danger on a regular basis. I try to avoid ones that won't be interesting to deal with, though.

Finally, I go over it and flesh it out. That's easily the hardest part, because I want to make sure I have a good voice for the setting. If everyone in the setting talks in flowery language, slang and sarcasm won't fit at all. It's here that I usually do a bit of balancing. My two rules are "the player can never start off stronger than the main characters end up when the story is over," and "every option must be a viable choice." I might not ever pick it, but if nobody would, it's a failure and should be replaced.

Finally, I do my proofreading, format it for PDF, and upload it.

>> No.41325837

What? Do you really believe jumpmakers are that spiteful as to attack you the second you try to share things?

No wonder the paranoia is rampant.

>> No.41325885

Speaking of Philosopher Stones, I have to questions. What's the standard policy for making those other than Mass-Murder on Mars? I can think of a few ideas, not least of which is a soul factory which manufactures semi-intelligent lifeforms just sentient enough that they have a "soul", which are then feed into a grinder to become Sanguine Stars and Philosopher Stones.
Second, whats the best way to avoid being corrupted by those things considering the effects of those things on the minds of their users exhibited in canon?

>> No.41325912

I don't think anyone in modern times makes Philosopher Stones often (they were more popular last year). The closest you'll get are Konata and her super Red Stone thing, and the people who copied her idea.

>> No.41325975

Super red stone thing? I mean, I was planning on getting red stones again and frankly it would be pretty trivial to go to Minecraft in order to set up a method to crank them out in industrial quantity... but I have not heard of this super red stone thing.

>> No.41325977

>How the fuck did they do that? Did they just scoop her out of what was left of her mother's corpse after the plane crash and hope for the best, or did they change that whole bit entirely?

It was a car accident this time, the lady was pregnant like near middle the pregnancy. Too far along to not care, not far along to survive outside the womb. So it was an experimental technology, and they somehow transferred Major's Ghost to a cyborg body.

Funny thing, she was fighting for the right to be recognized as a person not owned by the Military. After helping out Izamaki, he put in a word, and she was promoted as well set free of being owned.

>> No.41325992

Loads of will power and mind/soul protecting perks for the last question.

>> No.41326039

Basically Konata keeps packing more and more blood, strange kinds of blood (like kaiju blue), and alchemic ingredients to juice up her Red Stone that she calls the Sanguine Star.

>> No.41326094


Basically they did a movie where there's another version of a Philo Stone called the Sanguine Star. It uses blood instead of souls, but as a result it needs a LOT more. Like... a lot more.

And thanks to some jumps giving you the ability to pour out a shitton of blood, combined with regen? Supplying such blood amounts becomes somewhat easy.

>> No.41326107


>If people ever ask why my heads on fire then I just reply with a question of my own like, "Why are you white?"

i'm not sorry

>> No.41326119

Not enough builds, you say? Wellllll... I hadn't been posting my builds, since I have over forty of them now, and I have yet to add my characteristic witty commentary to a lot of the later ones. However, since there is such a dearth of builds... here! Take a look at my first five Jumps; I'll post more periodically.


>> No.41326122


Technically the Sanguine Star already exists, and it's the bloody equivalent to a soulful Philo Stone. Konata's deal was the first time many people heard about it though.

>> No.41326153


>> No.41326168

I'll have to keep that in mind. I may have to do exactly that. Even the horror movie jump lets me spew gallons from a wound... and I took that perk.

>> No.41326176

>Save State


>> No.41326181

Know of anymore perks like Cult of Personality in Fallout? I want it but don't have the points for it. I can almost swear that I've seen one like it somewhere but don't recall.

>> No.41326193

Oh shush, I just forgot to fix it. Give me a few minutes to work out what to replace it with.

>> No.41326210


>> No.41326211

I made two jumps and each of those about a short, enjoyable setting. In fact each book was so short that I created half the jump while reading. It all came very naturally.

Then it all went south. I left the next two jumps in a very early draft to work on a setting I suddenly took an interest in (mistake #1). The setting was special and so I figured the jump should be special too (mistake #2). I decided to make a beautiful imaged jump (mistake #3).

Here is the thing about imaged jumps. On one hand they are incredibly fun and easy to make: instead of immediatly writing everything down, you can think about the jump while you slowly design it and come up with something better than you normally would. On the other hand it is all or nothing: you cannot quickly finish up an imaged jump halfway through by reverting to a non-imaged format for the last few pages.

Long story short, I had a great time for about 2-3 days when I finished about 85% of the jump. Then something strange happened, I honestly have no idea what (mistake #4), and I have not touched the jump in 2-3 weeks. My computer is running 24/7, filling my bedroom with a ghastly green light and the soft grinding noise of a wind turbine, so I do not forget about it. I am also slowly becoming insane (mistake #5) and am even having nightmares about those final 1.5 pages, yet only 15% of the jump if you consider all the general work from images and background colours to design and font that I have done already. Now I am too ashamed to reveal my trip but I have accepted my fate which is to monitor and read these threads like a lurking ghost fueled by remorse and guilt (mistake #7).


>> No.41326389

The first thing I start with when making a jump, aside from the setting, is the outline. I'll write down the titles for everything I want to include then after that I start working out ideas for what should be included.

My primary resource will always be the wiki but I'll also try to go through either the show or the game that I'm making a jump out of to get some ideas.

I pretty much always start with origins since they dictate what items and perks will offered, however I switch between perks, items, drawbacks and other things as I come up with ideas for them. The intro is typically the very last thing I write.

When it's time to add graphics to a jump, I simply order the pages in the most efficient way possible then start imaging a design. I tend to change a lot of things as I go along, I'll notice that something doesn't look right in the image or and idea turns out ugly.

>> No.41326446

Okay, save state removed. Sorry about that, everyone.

>> No.41326458

Decide the story, split it up into sections. Make lots of notes and jot down such inspirations as may happen while I'm doing it.

Start filling in the sections. Do whatever interests me during that session. I've seen a few people complaining about being stuck on a section and really looking forward to the next one they have to write. It really confused me, because why not go do that one? chances are you'll have a few ideas while you are writing, and a chance to think about the problem bit wont hurt.

> How to you decide if a setting will make a good jump in the first place?

If it interests you, it automatically makes it a good setting. Weird? something nobody knows exists? good. Variety is best. Don't be afraid to do things a little differently when writing as well. Forcing yourself to stick to the 'established' jump format when things would work better a bit differently is just going to end with a jump you aren't going to be happy with.

>> No.41326485

First I try to gather as much info on the lore as possible. That helps give you ideas on Origins, Perks and the like.

Then you get a few critiques about stuff, and send it out. I generally don't make jumps about things I'm not super hyped for, otherwise your interest and commitment to it might wane.

And for pictures, I beg Rising to do it. Seriously, we all worked on Kingsman, but he did all the picture work. Guy's great at it.

>> No.41326514



-Fixed various typos.

-Octarians don't actually have arms, they just use their head-tentacles to manipulate things. My bad!

-Added prices for the races- If you really want to be an Octoling Agent, go right ahead...

-Added Human race.

-Clothing now have fixed slots- That is to say, every peice of clothing has one ability you can choose. The rest still have to be rolled for.

-Added Hero Suit.

-Added Octoling Suit.

-Zapfish population is now flat 150.

-Baby Great Zapfish is now flat 200.

-Added Splatfest Stage.

-Dubstep Mech is now Discounted for Octotroopers instead of Drop-Ins.

-Added drawbacks: Drop The Sea Bass and Stop Squidding Around

[spoilers]roller coasters all the way, for the record[/spoiler]

>> No.41326613


Ahh..I started off with origins
I do that a lot, since it helps me structure the rest. I always try to theme the perks to the origins and then have origins themed to a certain sort of playthrough. For Cave Story, I just figured out "Robots get combat and mobility, Scientists be scientistin', Mimiga get a connection to nature and Drop-ins get to break the rules and do things that only side-characters really can(Swim easily, make life potions, do magic)
I make drawbacks really easily...also, I tend to pick settings that are really fun to me or that I love quite a bit

>> No.41326623

ya done goofed Brows

>> No.41326653

Stop Squidding Around.

>> No.41326695

i have brought shame upon my family

>> No.41326711

Brows you better delete that before OAA sempai notices your mistake.

>> No.41326878

>Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Uh Kooler, you have to buy the Bender perk from LOK if you want to buy any of the bending abilities offered there.

>> No.41326879

Indeed you have - there are two twos in one row on that sudoku!

>> No.41326921

But... I already have bending. I have to purchase it a second time? How does that make sense? I mean, if I was getting a second bending style I could understand it, but I'm just expanding on the bending skills I already have.

>> No.41326974

hey man, he's dying of blood loss, probably read the first 1 as a 7.

>> No.41327030

Deplorable Word from Narnia. You perform a ritual and speak the word, then all living things from flowers to elderly women on the planet die except for you. The jump version does warn that it may not work against certain magical or immortal beings and that it can only be used once per jump.

Anyway, is there a non-edgy use for it? Can you think of any location or time in any jump when it could actually be useful? It sounds too murderish for me but it's still a unique item so if it could ever be used for a purpose or with good reason...

>> No.41327067

Because you may already have bending from TLA but you're still making an entirely new build for LOK. It doesn't take into account any of your existing abilities during the time your making your build, you have to gain a whole new set of bending abilities and memories, and Lavabending, for example, is genetic, it'd be impossible for you to learn it normally without taking all new bending abilities.

>> No.41327079

Right now she's actually got her eyes set on a rabbit-boy trap.

>> No.41327167


>> No.41327191

...In that case, the jump is misleading. At the end there's a note which states:
>If you’ve already done the Avatar: TLA jump, you’ll retain any bending powers or skills you already have.

Which made me think it counted. Bleh, now I've gotta try and free up a hundred points...

>> No.41327193


So long as you made sure ALL of the other operatives were off Mars? You could use it to take care of the Roaches in one fell swoop.

Which removes the chance for awesome fight scenes, but eh. Whatcha gonna do.

>> No.41327200

You deserve it buddy.

How long will it be until that godly luck runs dry though?

>> No.41327222

The West is a rough place, but I managed to eke out a nice life. Hell..Once or twice, between the bar brawls...I could've been called a hero. The El Paso bank's got
way too many holes in it now, though. Damn. In any case, it was a great deal easier to swallow then my previous life, but that woman seems to have picked up
on, well, the pretty notable lack of fantasy I've been going through. She decided to fix that, and sent me on my way to somewhere pretty familiar.

Ocarina of Time - Welp. At least it's familiar to me, though not sure about how this will work.
Hylian (0) - It's not nonhuman if it's an elf
Hermit(50) - I swear, she finds this funny.


Survival Training(free) - Living off the land's never really a bad idea, is it? Could be useful for sure.
Combat Training(100) - Because these bullets aren't going to last me forever, as far as I know.
Farore's Wind(150) - Discretion is the better part of valor, innit?
Great Fairy's Grace(300) - What kind of sick FUCK!? AAGHK!! Alright. In times of great need..but nothing else.

Magic Bottles (free) - I could do with some nice water bottles, I wonder if I can bottle lava...Probably not worth it to test.
Basic Gear(100) - Because Bullets aren't cheap or infinite. Hell, I can't buy 'em here as far as I know.
Lense of Truth(100) - I need to not be afraid of ghosts, of course.
Mask of Stone(100) - If I can keep the mooks off my back, it should be simple enough to reserve my ammo for the elites.

Most of what I'm doing here is riding atop my ol' Tennessee stud (Jack a' Spades) and moving to fight evil across the land, saving my silver bullets for the day I come across the lord of all evil..I say that but really I'm just wandering and seeing the sights, also keeping the mask on until I see a boss then running or shooting it in the obvious weak point. Sorry Link.

>> No.41327224

The notes specify that "there is NO use for the Deplorable Word that does not qualify as abusive".

But if you're the sort of Jumper who wants to spend 800 or more points on an everything-killer, I suspect that won't bother you very much.

>> No.41327225

Ironic, how it takes a trap to let someone go free. I'm not sorry.

Also posting Changeling v1.3 due to request.

>> No.41327226

Soon anon. Every dog, er, rabbit has it's day.

>> No.41327227

It's considered to be the single most evil act committed in the entire setting.

Well, unless it has larger range than just the planet. The jump makes note that it's possible and you're fucking yourself over worse than Jadis.

>> No.41327233

Yeah sorry, I'll have to change that later.

>> No.41327258

So the jump takes away all your skills? The issue isn't what you said, it's someone taking 'your abilities still exist and work as is expected' to mean 'I don't need to pay this jump's tax on abilities'.

>> No.41327273

Mmm, fair point.

Might not be a wise decision to use it even to get rid of the Terraformers then.

Probably around the same time the dice decide to Critical 1 me to death when throwing me against suicidal odds.

At that point, when they've pulled for me so far, they will cease.

>> No.41327288

>Zelda jump
I wonder if I could swing a Zelda Wii-U or that new Four Swords game jump when those come out. it was my desire to make a Zelda jump series before we got a lump-jump, so any excuse is a good excuse for me.

>> No.41327290

Could be good in Commorragh.

>> No.41327313

There's quite a few ways. If I recall, Wakfu made the Rollercoaster Tycoon jump for the specific purpose of having the Mr. Bones drawback.

>> No.41327359

Only because you keep running away. At least the trap takes it like a man.

>> No.41327379

Breaking his legs doesn't mean he's taking it like a man.

>> No.41327409

Does breaking any of our legs even matter anymore? Pretty sure any jumper worth their salt has accumulated enough Regen perks to laugh off having their legs broken...

>> No.41327416

... How lewd.

>> No.41327423

Think of each Bending perk as only applying to it's own jump. You buy Bending Arts in TLA, you can buy it's perks and benefit from it's discounts. Buy Bender in LOK, same thing applies.

Not buying Bender in LOK doesn't take away any of your abilities, it just prevents you from buying anything new.

>> No.41327426

Just because you can regen doesn't mean it don't hurt like a bitch.

>> No.41327456

Would also kill the moss, effectively setting everything back to pre terraforming except maybe temperature distribution. I'd say more useful would be nuking various hells or similar, although that's a great way to get some high end demon lords on your ass.
I suppose it helps some if you think of it as the backgrounds alone. Sure A:tLA you has Bending but LoK you doesn't and therefore him having training in the arts of Bending would look really awkward in the backstory. Although yeah that phrasing could use some work.

>> No.41327483


I regret nothing

>> No.41327486

Yeah I know.

>> No.41327502

Oof, fair point on the moss. Did not know if the word affected plantlife as well - now both I and anon know.

>> No.41327505

And pain tolerance perks...

>> No.41327513

You say that now Dig. OAA was young, naive, foolish once. Now he's a hardened, jaded, dragon man. Still foolish though.

>> No.41327542

That is... strange? The Deplorable Word is after all just a weapon of mass destruction and it is not unthinkable that there might be a good and justified reason to use it (ex. when you're the last survivor on a planet that was taken over by murderous xenobugs that will soon abandon their hive-planet and spread throughout the galaxy at an exponentially increasing rate...)

It's very strange to objectively brand a weapon as evil. I think so at least.

>> No.41327582

>Good and justifiable use for a spell that kills all life on a planet, period, and maybe the entire universe.
Reminder that Charn completely shrivelled and died after the use of the Word. Even the sun turned red giant and all the water shriveled up. Soon after Jadis left, the entire realm completely died as nothing at all was left.

>> No.41327708

Don't blame me. I don't personally subscribe to C.S. Lewis' metaphysics, I just translated them into a Jumpchain-compatible format.

> and it is not unthinkable that there might be a good and justified reason to use it (ex. when you're the last survivor on a planet that was taken over by murderous xenobugs that will soon abandon their hive-planet and spread throughout the galaxy at an exponentially increasing rate...)

I wasn't making a normative statement. I was just stating that things will almost certainly go worse than you expected. If you've crossed the Godzilla Threshold, then by all means, let loose with your most devastating weapons.

>> No.41327819

I hereby curse the jumpmaker of Ravenloft. Your jump does not stress enough the fact that all will die a horrible death or suffer for all of eternity in exruciating pain. That should be written in bold letters over every page. It also looks very cute. So I curse you to be reborn in the Planes of Dread in your next life. That is all.

Has anyone ever jumped it? The actual campaigns were pretty traumatizing but our DM was an edgy dick so I might have been mislead.

>> No.41327882


Oh, the creators pushed for it to be Despair & Dread, but you have to be smart. The Lords and the entities holding them there practically will try to trick you into doing just about every wicked act if they find you 'interesting.'

Unfortunately, it means you will have moments where you could've genuinely been good, and you might pass them up because of paranoia.

>> No.41327904

It's, uh, actually my eleventh Jump. I wanted to get it out of the way just in case I did anything too questionable later on. I'm relying upon Hamon channeled through Waterbending, as well as my Persona (which benefits from Unbreakable Bonds + Butterfly Charm). I've also gotten several Willpower Perks before Ravenloft, and I didn't take any of its Drawbacks.

>> No.41327905


I usually end up taking it relatively early, full equipment run. Before I'm really evil enough to get trapped in the plane but after I can find a way to survive innawoods
Most of the Gear looks really helpful enough to at least survive, with some jumps and trying to keep yourself pure you can make it through

>> No.41327922

I did it. Because JAnon sent me there. Three times. Technically he sent me there and it's equivalents, but hey, who's counting when it comes to your revenge.

>> No.41327931

Anon? Normal people live and work in Ravenloft. Some of them even live lives that are miserable and shitty but are completely mundane. Not everyone is a Dark Lord aka torture pet.

>> No.41327940

So if I bought a perk that says this:

"You find combat much easier when fighting alongside close allies. You can instinctively determine your close allies' next moves and better coordinate with

them, and vice versa. Your sheer synchronization in the heat of battle has lead some to suspect you and your allies might actually be only one mind among many bodies."

Do I need a perk that says this:

"Working with your companion so closely and for so long the pair of you come to fight in perfect unison, each taking advantage of the others' strength and covering their weaknesses, the pair of you the equivalent of another fifty people in a small skirmish."

Now that I've written it down it seems a little more explanatory, but I thought I'd run it by you guys.

>> No.41327971

Three times? How?

>> No.41328006

where from?

>> No.41328017

Ravenloft, Dark Sun with the Ravenloft drawback, and then Slice of Life with the setting being Ravenloft.

But don't worry Anon! He then sent me on a relaxing vacation to Lovecraft Jump!

My salt is immense.

>> No.41328033

Depends on whether you're running a chain that relies on "Single perk takes all" or "Depreciated returns". If you're running the latter, you'll probably want both perks since the effects will stack up, whereas in the former, just take the one that's better.

>> No.41328040 [DELETED] 

One is in the Black Bullet jump, the other is the Light of Terra jump/

>> No.41328070

One is the Black Bullet jump, the other is the Light of Terra jump.

>> No.41328072

>Dark Sun with Ravenloft Drawback

You, uh, did you get more CP? Cause if so, I DON'T think that's allowed.

>> No.41328077

Do I maintain my previous memories with the Drop-In ?

>> No.41328082

You get none.

>> No.41328096

I didn't get extra CP. Why would I?

>> No.41328099

Ravenloft is an interesting place - if you keep your head down, don't do anything major, and just focus on the everyday struggle of survival, you'll have a crappy ten years with a low probability of your town being wiped out by a random wandering horror. (If it does, then you might want to pass your fort save to successfully die. That's an actual thing in Ravenloft. A player in a game I know of died before even encountering the rest of the party, but fortunately passed his fort save, and was allowed to die.)

On the other hand, if you try to be a hero, or gain power, or stand out, you'll draw... attention. And then, the temptations start getting sent your way, to turn you into something that Ravenloft can keep, and if they aren't working, then they'll get alternated between temptations, and outright attempts at killing you - either by sending bad guys against you, or just the world itself deciding that it got up on the wrong side of the bed today, and it's your turn to *SPIKED PIT TRAP!* ouch...

>> No.41328100


>> No.41328116

Sorry, sorry. I haven't done Dark Sun, so I was unaware of that Drawback and how it worked.

>> No.41328191

I jumped it. It was... wow, it was Jump No. 27 for me. I remember jumping it back when it was brand new, and the sheer comments on it. I mean wow. And keep in mind FMA was new at the time too, so folks were freaking out that using/making stones would doom them.

-Background: Drop-In (Free) -I want no history with this place. FUCK this place.
-Trained Warrior (900CP) -More skills. More training, more goddess-level battle prowess.
-Sneaky (800CP) -Sneaking. YES. Along with Agent, this will make me capable of getting anywhere.
-Iron Will (700CP) (Discount) -This place likes to fuck with me. I will not let that happen.
-Magic Resistance (400CP) (Discount) -Stacking magical resistance. I will be a wall.
-Sun Blade (300CP) -Sun blade with sun martial arts? Very useful, and against evil beings it will be of great use.
-Silver Bow (200CP) -Channeling Hamon into this, it will make this bow a perfect anti-evil ranged weapon. Good thing I know archery.
-Mask of Shadows (0CP) -Being able to look perfectly average and sneak around is very very good. I don't want to be known here.
Dice Rolls: Sithicus, 17 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

But at the time, I was just focused on living. Keep your head down, don't be a dick, and keep an eye out for anything that might be a problem. It's fine as long as you're not an edgelord or constantly sucking out souls/shoving people into grinders/other kinds of sheer super edge cartoon villainy. Pic related.

>> No.41328220

>Good thing I know archery.

And so, a bow was born.

>> No.41328263

Or try to be a hero. They love heroes.

>> No.41328307

That's what I legit tried my first run through. I didn't know the type of place, and I thought if I proved myself to be incorruptibly good, they'd just kick be out early.

Things did not go so easily.

>> No.41328329

>How to you decide if a setting will make a good jump in the first place?
Honestly I pick based on what settings I like, and generally what I'm feeling up for. It's all motivation based to get it done.

Origins and Perks come at the same time, since the origins (even drop in) are themed after particular characters or roles so the perks usually come at the same time. The intro generally comes along as I double check the setting somehow, like playing through the whole game again or reading summaries.

Honestly my stupid level of throughness makes me really slow to making things

>> No.41328425

Okay there's a particular free perk I loathe and despise for an Origin I like all the other benefits of. It is okay to just skip taking the perk yes? I want all the sweet twipire candy but the sparkling is a dealbreaker.

>> No.41328444

That's why they're free perks, not mandatory perks

>> No.41328448

So... Which you no longer chasing him, does that open up for other people?

I want that tail.

>> No.41328449

Yes, you never have to take the free perk. Like I skipped the hell over the free one for Claymores.

>> No.41328491

Anon please

>> No.41328525

How does the Slice of Life jump work? It says 'store your powers', 'body is temporarily replaced", "knowledge ... is retained".

I get that various superpowers are sealed for the jump, but what about various mental or social boosts. Like my perk granted Eidetic memory, for example. Or perk granted knowledge that I might not have practiced.

There's also no mention of the Warehouse. Is that to be considered a power?

>> No.41328574

And it's usually considered okay to toggle your perks between Jumps, right?

For instance, I took the free Bulging Muscles from the 80s Action Film jump. My next jump was Firefly, in which I had a lean, lithe musculature... but when I went to Heavy Metal Viking Land, I was a beefcake again.

>> No.41328621


Sure, why not? It's not like most of them would work together well
Like the ones where you're terrifying without your mask on (Yoshi's Island) alongside the ones where you're really attractive

>> No.41328624

The first part is simple: Is it a perk? You don't have it. You're a normal unpowered human.

As for the warehouse, I tend to presume that "opening the door/portal to the warehouse" counts as a perk for this purpose.

>> No.41328798

Narnia Anon while you're here I have two questions.

First about Jadis. She is a half-jinn half-giant. This is not something we can be, right? Just checking.

Second is about the Seasons power. Winter is a really simple season: snow and ice. The other seasons not so much. Summer is warm, okay. But what Spring and Autumn? I can imagine an eternal Winter (snowy hell) and an eternal Summer (hot hell) but an eternal Spring (do flowers keep blooming?) or an eternal Autumn (do the trees keep refreshing their dying leaves?) not so much... Same for the magic aspect: Winter is ice, Summer is fire/heat, but Autumn or Spring are two big blank holes in my imagination. Could you tell me what you had in mind for them?

>> No.41328916

Whenever someone mentions the dark powers, whenever someone insists that Ravenloft is actually the most powerful, most dangerous, and generally most awful setting to jump, and in general, whenever someone just fucking mentions Ravenloft, I spend a good five minutes cursing at my screen in sheer unbridled anger over the fact that it was even made to begin with such that a jump could be made for /jc/ to even have such terrible conversation.

>> No.41328930

>I hate content because I don't like a setting.

>> No.41328960

>implying there aren't worse places

>> No.41329016

>Implying that you are the ultimate impartial judge.

If you've got this list of "acceptable jumps" that you want people to follow, how about you post it instead of convincing everyone else in the house you have autism.

>> No.41329046

>Implying implications
I hate the conversation and the despair wanking, I have no issue with setting, just the faggots that talk about it like the would Lovecraft of 40K.

>> No.41329071

People who think they'll instantly die are wrong, but it's just like 40k or Lovecraft in that if you get involved in shit you have a good chance of being fucked over. It's a valid way to talk about the jump.

>> No.41329116

Given that part of the premise is "being entertainment for an eldritch entity" making plans to deal with being entertainment for a more different eldritch entity makes sense.

>> No.41329154

If you're going to try to equivocate The Dark Powers to Chaos Gods or Azathoth, then you're both wrong and the problem.

>> No.41329161

You don't know shit about the Dark Powers, I'm guessing?

>> No.41329183

Aren't we already entertainment for a eldritch entity by the name we call The Lady, Jumpchan and such?

>> No.41329204

More than you do apparently.

>> No.41329213

Yeah but she does nice things. The Dark Powers never do nice things.

>> No.41329214

>She is a half-jinn half-giant.
Not exactly. She is "descended from a jinn" and "has some giantish blood", but that doesn't mean that her parents were a Jinn and a Giant. Mr. Beaver also seems to think that she's descended from Lilith, Adam's first wife, and she certainly does not qualify as a "daughter of Eve".

She's a descendant of hundreds of generations of the Kings and Queens of Charn, and the reader is never actually told exactly WHERE those originally came from. I'm ruling that they're at least as human as the Dunedain or Melniboneans.

>Spring (do flowers keep blooming?) or an eternal Autumn (do the trees keep refreshing their dying leaves?)

Yes and yes.

>Could you tell me what you had in mind for them?

Autumn is harvest time, bounty, hard work followed by hard celebration. But it's also fear, lengthening nights, the cold wind blowing through your hair, the dread of the winter to come. It's the death of the old year to make room for the new.

Spring is rain, rebirth, growth, rain and melting snow. It's hope, it's survival, it's new life arising and slumbering life awakening, it's the smell of fresh blooming flowers and thawing earth.

>> No.41329223

Precisely my point. If you're going to go around being interesting to to inhuman entities you're going to need to deal with the fact that she's not the only one around to take interest.

>> No.41329230

Lovecraft is one of the safest settings out there. It's even safer if you surround yourself with white people and stick to big (white) cities in white countries, and you can thank his racism for that.

The Elder Gods will NOT steal you away. Cthulhu will NOT awaken just to get you. Heretic Cultists will NOT travel all the way from the middle-east to London to involve you in whatever it is they do.

I doubt most jumpers would have more than 1-2 very mild experiences with Lovecraftian horrors in that jump unless they go looking for it. Actually, 1-2 experiences is already far more than most have in a lifetime.

Future corpses who took drawbacks not included.

>> No.41329313

You missed my point. My point was that jumpers will challenge things definitively out of their league. Chaos Gods or Elder Gods those things are, and the dark powers are not.

>> No.41329315

Also, taking non-euclidean geometry classes is apparently a bad idea - the wrong sort of angle can break your mind.

>> No.41329333

So college level math drives you insane?

>> No.41329360

Secrets Man Were Not Meant To Know is a very broad classification according to Lovecraft.

>> No.41329391

You're right. The Dark Powers are more powerful than either of those things.

>> No.41329419

Basically not trying to learn anything is a good idea as well. Don't try and produce great art or make scientific discoveries. Don't go in the sea or to space. Don't explore generally, especially in your dreams. If someone looks weird they probably are and should be avoided.

There's some basic rules to Lovecraft and staying safe. If you've read a bit of him you'd know to do it automatically. Anyone who hasn't may be in trouble. This isn't a universe that'll reward you for trying to get the most out of it.

>> No.41329434

>Not taking Crawling with Cute and haphazardly combining it with other drawbacks

>> No.41329435


>offering my soul to anyone but the Lady
>Especially after the shitshow that was Changeling

>> No.41329445

>a few D&D jerks who can barely hold one vampire in place
>more powerful than entities who exist in all things, and feed on all the emotions generated by an entire galaxy of unfortunate souls that can never hope to truly defeat them, even when led by their own gods
>more powerful than THINGS older than both man and the universe, which upon their awakening would snuff out all existence

>> No.41329454

Nah, you would've been driven mad already by elementary school lessons on 3d figures, spheres especially. And that's assuming you don't go mad looking at the bowl they serve you food in as a baby or your mother's tits.

>> No.41329463

>Implying something this stupid
Why do I reply

>> No.41329491

I like the way you worded that. That's basically how Autumn and Spring are most often presented and I love it. My question was mostly on the technical aspect of the magic though. Like how Winter would be ice and snow for offensive magical purposes (the whole spikes and blasts of ice thing), I'd like to know what that would be for Summer, Spring and Autumn. Basically, what do we get to blast or shoot with those if we find ourselves in a sudden dangerous situation?

I've always loved Autumn because it's a melancholic but pleasant season. It's hard to explain. Unfortunatly, I doubt people would appreciate eternal Autumn or 'Autumn powers'. They'd rather see me bring Spring and maybe even Summer.

>> No.41329495

Where's that 'breasts are the spiral' image when you need it?

>> No.41329504

>Power discussion
We all know who is the strongest.

>> No.41329514

Speaking of D&D, has that one anon made any progress on that Points of light 4e jump?

>> No.41329529

You realize that The Dark Powers are probably just a bunch of high level wizards this a sadism bent right?

>> No.41329533

>bringing in professional wrestling

Are you as fake as your idols, anon.

>> No.41329542

Why not flavor it yourself? It could be entirely up to you how you flavor the seasons and what kind of abilities you get from that flavor.

>> No.41329559

Dark Powers are a plot device and are as powerful as they need to be. Both sides of this argument are dopey.

Arguably they shouldn't be given priority in the chain by being able to keep you in Ravenloft when there are other plot device entities in other settings who also may have issue with you leaving who can't force you to stay but arguing about the exact power of Dark Powers compared to anything else from other settings is fucking retarded as the values aren't fixed.

>> No.41329568


>> No.41329578

Who says any offering is involved? Entities like Q will often just go around being jerks to anyone they take interest in.

Epic level wizards can be pretty kind of eldritch, to be honest.

>> No.41329593

You have a point.

>> No.41329600

They can be literally Eldritch if they're an Alienist or spend too much time in the Far Plane.

>> No.41329616

Saitama vs. Ravenloft
who wins

>> No.41329635

How about Saitama vs Falcon Punch?

>> No.41329653 [SPOILER] 


I like you.


>> No.41329681

Yes, but if Winter is offensively ice and snow then I'd rather stick to what Narnia anon had in mind for the others. It feels a tad unfair that I can flavour my own season offensively but Winter-pals can't choose to shoot blasts of darkness or shadows at enemies instead of ice even though the darkness/dark of the longer nights are also thematically Winter.

This is just for the offensive aspect of the perk though. I'm going all out for everything else and I'm flavouring the hell out of it.

>> No.41329716

Go dance with the Angels buddy.

>> No.41329720

> Unfortunatly, I doubt people would appreciate eternal Autumn or 'Autumn powers'.

For what it's worth, I took Autumn myself.

Who would pass up the power to make every night Halloween?

>> No.41329736

Saying that their a plot device is a cop out, there are examples of their capabilities and limitations, and they an be scaled relative to other entities within the context of the setting and their feats.

>> No.41329766

Jack Skellington.

>> No.41329773

we all lose

>> No.41329859

>It feels a tad unfair that I can flavour my own season offensively but Winter-pals can't choose to shoot blasts of darkness or shadows at enemies instead of ice even though the darkness/dark of the longer nights are also thematically Winter.

Who says they can't? I pointed out "crude blasts of fire/water/earth/air/whatever" as one of the first tricks you'll learn, not as the limits of the power.

>> No.41329987

>Jack Skellington.

So, is "Eyebrows" around? I'm planning on taking the YouTube jump next, and I'm curious as to whether my strategy is kosher.

>> No.41330034

It's never been explained what they are in anything canonical. Plot device is about as accurate as you're going to get, they're basically the DM. Just things that throw stuff at adventurers and keep Ravenloft Ravenlofty.

>> No.41330081

Liam pls go

>> No.41330114

I get the feeling someone's been mentioning Fairy Tail in the last few threads for a reason and specifically that it was on a powertrip or something. Well, I'm all ears. What is going on? Did someone finally die?! Or we still dealing with a negative amount of deaths...

I always forget I have that Demon Soul magic. If every demon I defeated became an alt form since Fairy Tail, I should probably start using it once in a while. But I won't so I'm hoping for a good justification to retconn it out of my build. Here's hoping Zeref went SS, or Majin.

>> No.41330118

Can't punch what you can't see

>> No.41330175

I'm pretty sure he can just punch the vague area you're in so hard you die. It's not like you're fast enough to escape him Mr. Potato Salad.

>> No.41330186

HSDW is ridiculously powerful. Pic related was one of Medea's spells- each beam could vaporize a Servant, and only Servants with A rank Magic Resistance had any chance of surviving one blast.

>Each beam is a deadly spell on the level of High Thaumaturgy with three times Shirou's entire amount of magical energy, capable of destroying the body of a Servant with a direct hit. Just the use of one single beam would normally require a magic circle, ten count aria, and one minute of casting for a normal magus, and still thirty seconds with a High-Speed Aria. Caster's Divine Words allow her to shoot them in rapid succession without any preparation after simply targeting the enemy with her wand.

If a regular mage's spell is like a pistol bullet, Medea's magic is like a carpet bombing.

>> No.41330244


>> No.41330438

The rules specify that I must reach one million subscribers by the end of my Jump, and I can't:

1. Hack YouTube's servers to artificially inflate my subscriber count, or
2. Sign up fake accounts.

Plan A was to do things fair and square, produce lots of high-quality content (with a light sprinkling of Dark Side memetic engineering) and get millions of people to CHOOSE to sign up.

But then I saw the -800 CP "SOPAcalypse" drawback, and I couldn't resist the challenge. The drawback specifies "Starting at the beginning of 2013, you will have to fight an incredible uphill legal battle to get SOPA repealed,". I'm curious whether that sentence is meant to be descriptive or prescriptive, because while I certainly COULD "fight an incredible uphill legal battle", it would probably be better for everyone involved if I just took over the world.
I've got a GDP that's several orders of magnitude greater than the rest of the world put together, plus a whole bunch of charisma, political, scheming, administrative perks- plus a few I'm picking up from this Jump. I'm also several different types of inventor/mad scientist/tinker/spark/genius. Assuming I choose not to simply mind control the entire Supreme Court or quietly replace every congressperson who disagrees with me with a cyborg replicant.

I make a point of NOT immediately conquering every lower-powered setting within a week of my arrival, so I prefer instead to think of this as REALLY AGGRESSIVE PHILANTHROPY.


>> No.41330550

Like many Jumpers, I keep forgetting that I'm a Multi-Gazillionaire. I usually leave the handling of my colossal fortunes and various shell corporations to one or more of my companions until the time is right. In this case, I'll be massively, but secretly, invested in telecommunications, infosec, renewable energy, robotics, etc...

Along with my day job as not-Hank-Green, I plan to spend the first couple of years quietly setting up a world wide Darknet (satellites, wifi hotspots, autonomous repair drones, etc.) much of which will be protected by cloaking devices, out of phase with our dimension, and so forth.

On December 18, 2012, a cryptic countdown ad campaign comes out of nowhere. On Christmas Day, it goes live. Every human being on the planet will receive a way-past-next-generation semi-sentient computing device. I'm thinking of calling them "Lares", after the Roman household guardian spirits, because my first choice (daemon) would have turned too many people off.

In their default form, these Lares would be a floating orb roughly the size and shape of a basketball, covered in comforting-looking blinking lights, but capable of morphing into a laptop, a beetle-shaped hexapod, an armband, or a bunch of other configurations. It's not just a computer, but a fully-featured personal assistant, tutor, bodyguard (though it won't help you initiate violence against anyone else), health consultant, and, hopefully, friend. Its personality matrix is set to adapt to yours... and hopefully, through the Power of Friendship (and applied psychology) to subtly influence you into being a better (and smarter, wiser, fitter, etc.) person.

>> No.41330619

The ones given to children will also be extended a substantial line of credit (paid for out of my obscenely deep Money Bin) to be spent on that child's behalf as the Lares judges it necessary. Along with all the new infrastructure I'm going to be building (and helping other to build) I will at the very least ensure that no child will ever have to grow up in poverty ever again. Ditto for health- its medical scanners won't just let you know if you've got ringworm, it will offer to vaporize them for you. It won't just warn you not to drink the river water, it will purify you a glass of water and serve it to you with ice cubes.

You can permanently dismiss your Lares if you're really, really sure, and it will leave with no hard feelings, but no one else can do it for you. Trying to coerce someone into giving up their Lares against their will is not going to go well for the blackmailer. Oppressive governments and abusive parents who hope to isolate their children from the world are flat out of luck.

(Oh, and the process of initializing your Lares also "just happens" create a new YouTube account that's automatically subscribed to my channel. There will be an opportunity to opt out, but I suspect at least a couple billion people will stick with it. But this is mostly an afterthought at this point. If even that is against the rules, I'm pretty sure I'll be long past a million anyway).

Since they're going to contain all sorts of super-duper future tech with all sorts of potential unethical applications, they've also been designed to be tamper-proof black boxes. The first NSA lab that tries to take one apart is getting teleported to Ganymede, and will remain there until they promise not to do it again. Or run out of air and water, whatever comes first.

And just for kicks, I'll administer all this from my giant Fortress of Joy located precisely on the Geographical North Pole. While eating popcorn and watching everyone's reactions.

>> No.41330706


And how is any of this at all related to the point of the jump - wherein you're a fucker recording things to put up on the internet for entertainment, educational, or varying other purposes.

What kind of logical leap does it take to go from 'Make videos for a living' to 'world domination.'

>> No.41330749

Becoming the Government was also my first thought. Fuck SOPA.

>> No.41330792

>What kind of logical leap does it take to go from 'Make videos for a living' to 'world domination.'
Jumper logic.

Then again, do you TRULY need logic to make the world a better place?

>> No.41330813

>And how is any of this at all related to the point of the jump
It's not, really. That's why I'm asking the jump maker whether I'm going too far.

I'm STILL a fucker making YouTube videos. But I want to make sure that everyone has at least the opportunity to watch them- or to watch whatever other media they want- without interference from their oppressive government.

And I figured there was no sense in going half way, so I may as well record my videos from a giant doom fortress on the North Pole.

>> No.41330883

To create a medium by which this could be done? If I become the god emperor of mankind, I could probably get to the necessary sub count in a few months thanks to the power of being the only place with content hosted. It's kind of like being the only T.V. channel left in the new world order.

>> No.41330905


i suppose taking over the world might work, but just taking over the us would probably be simpler...

>> No.41330912

>God Emperor here with an update from Doom Fortress Alpha
>I made tacos today. And they were really good tacos. That is all.

>> No.41331419

time dilation is real

>> No.41331439

>>41330438 (You)
Well, something like that. Although in this case, I don't intend to set myself up as the God Emperor of Mankind. More like Santa Claus. I actually WAS Santa Claus back in my 25th Jump, and I'm sure there will be many transferable skills. I'm gonna go 90% of the way to taking over the world, and then hopefully decide not to get greedy.

Of course, there's a nontrivial chance that the United States, the Republic of China, and a bunch of other national governments are going to want to stop me. I'm particularly interested in seeing how things go down in Best Korea.

This might result in them declaring war on my newly founded Kingdom of Polaris. I don't expect that this will go well for them.

Eh, sort of. Except that I intend to protect the right to freedom of expression with an iron fist! Especially for those who say mean things about me. Anarcho-Totalitarianism mode, engage!

>> No.41331501

>not tamales


>> No.41331736

Version 1.3 updates contracts to 75 CP, not 100.

>> No.41331842

Whoops, meant to reference >>41330883 instead of >>41330438 (my own post). Not sure how that happened.

Heathens. Sunday is Burrito Day at the Fortress of Joy. But please like, comment, and subscribe for all Mexican food.

>> No.41332018

Ok question in 40k how bad of a idea would it be to talk to Harlequins of the Eldar? Are there any sorts of Eldar that aren't as dickish like regular Craftworld eldar?

>> No.41332028

Exodite Eldar might be SLIGHTLY more agreeable.


>> No.41332050

Exodite Eldar are basically renegade eldar right?

>> No.41332060

It's actually (secretly) pretty common for powerful Imperial individuals and organizations (like Inquisitors and Rogue Traders) to have deals set up with individual Eldar organizations or worlds. You just have to be smart enough to go about it and pick one of the 'friendlier' groups.

They're feral Eldar.

>> No.41332123

Any idea which is the "friendlier" ones of the groups?

Well that might be a problem to deal with if their feral than they might hate technology right?

>> No.41332165

Sort of. When the old Eldar Empire was falling to to decadence, those who weren't into the whole "murder-rape-drug-cult" scene had several options.

Exodites are the descendants of Space Hippies, while the Craftworld Eldar are descendants of Space Truckers. Dark Eldar are mostly business as usual, although with the added bonus that their souls will get eaten if they stop partying.

So, the takeaway is that starting my own internet (with blackjack and hookers) is a valid solution to that challenge? Thanks.

>> No.41332192

Uh, probably, but FYI one of the first things a resurrected Eden would want to do is take your powers and assimilate you as a shard. That's a Bad End, anon.

>> No.41332228

Nah, I figure it's pretty likely that you'd be able to get a deal that let you survive for you fixing them. They won't not destroy earth though

>> No.41332447

If you're willing to let Earth die to secure your own freedom, it'd probably be simpler to just go with the standard "kill Jack Slash so Scion doesn't start killing people until after you've left" strategy.

>> No.41332462

Something about him seems off. Familiar.
Like he's a monster from long ago - given a new face.

The voice is the same.
The voice that belonged to a pale face. A fae's face.




>Shadow of the Colossus
Where Am I: D2, Stone Arch Gorge
Age: 39-years-old
Drawbacks: Colossus of the Colossus (+600), The Original Forty-Eight (+0)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP

-Shadow Creatures

-The Last Guardian
-Harpoon of Thunder

>> No.41332673


They can't hurt you anymore, and I want you to know that I'm sorry. It should have been so much better for you.

It should have been like it was for me.

>> No.41332754

If I recall, the will use most of the same technology as the craftworld Eldar.
I think they're mostly know as feral because they live on planets instead of craftworlds.

>> No.41332775

It's because they have dinosaurs.

>> No.41332859

They have pet dinosaurs and they're regarded as feral and not the epitome of civilization? Truly the Eldar are a degenerate breed.

>> No.41332867

...then why aren't they called "Awesome Eldar"?

>> No.41332956

>Thinking the Entities feel gratitude
>Thinking Eden won't sic multiple Endbringers on you to get rid of an annoying blind spot

>> No.41333010

Out of curiosity, which single jump allows you to get the most CP total by stacking drawbacks/scenarios/whatever?

>> No.41333091


No Drawback limit whatsoever.

Good luck surviving even a day if you take all of them.

>> No.41333125

Light of Terra, I think. No drawback limit there, with a number of high-CP drawbacks to take. Plus, CP transfers between sections, so you can build up a huge amount if you really want to outfit the fuck out of your ship in Part 3. If you survive that long, of course.

>> No.41333234


1) 1000CP as base.
2) +800CP via drawbacks
3) -1800CP mass companion import times 6
4) +14400CP spread out across 48 companions each with a free origin and 300CP a piece
5) Use a power/ability transfer scheme.
6) Try to wash off the dirty feeling
7) You can't, it's under your skin
8) Crawling in your skin
9) These wounds, they will not heal

>> No.41333258

You have to _pass_ your Fort save to die? Uh... dare I ask what happens if you fail?

>> No.41333267

Forgotten Realms is an easy place to get a lot of cp with drawbacks. Well, easy in that you aren't limited to a specific number of drawbacks or a cp total. The drawbacks aren't exactly easy to get around.

>> No.41333275


>> No.41333287

I've seen you guys play some sort of drinking game involving Worm, but no one has actually explained to me what the rules are.

Should I be drinking?

>> No.41333291


>> No.41333365

I just sort of make jumps and then they are made and I'm like wow, jumps. Sometimes I have to redo jumps and that's okay too.

>Should I be drinking?
Yes. There never was any other answer.

>> No.41333474

Take a shot if Endbringers are involved, and another shot for each name specified.
Take a shot if fighting the Endbringers is mentioned.
Take a shot if Scion's mentioned - take two if fighting Scion is mentioned.
Take a shot if 'Worm is the best for x' is ever uttered.
Take a shot if Entities are mentioned.
Take a shot if Taylor is involved.

Finish the bottle if waifu'ing Scion is mentioned.
Finish the bottle if waifu'ing an Endbringer is mentioned.
Finish the bottle if morphing and/or becoming an Endbringer and/or Entity is mentioned.

Go to the liquor store and start drinking everything if Wildbow's inconsistency and nonsense is brought up.

Okay that last one is just me.

>> No.41333546

I mean, I'm already drinking. I'm just wondering if I should be drinking FOR THIS REASON.

Also, is there a Rick and Morty Jump? I could have sword I saw one a month or two ago, before I watched the show, but now I can't find it on the drive.

>> No.41333756

>You have to _pass_ your Fort save to die? Uh... dare I ask what happens if you fail?

Then the plant zombie that bit your head plants a seed in you, and it grows in your brain, and you become another plant zombie. Technically still alive and concious until your body rots away as fertilizer, but unable to control your body, and in agony until you finally die.

The funny part on that, is that the plant zombie managed to make it's attack in a _surprise_ round, because the player in question botched his spot check as it shambled up behind him. It was technically one of the least dangerous things they encountered during that whole campaign.

>> No.41333849

If one wanted to build mimetic polyalloy assassins, what jumps/perks would be the most beneficial?

>> No.41333876

>Finish the bottle if waifu'ing Scion is mentioned.
What about waifuing Eden or making Scion a new waifu?

>> No.41334005

Right, right. Forgot to mention those possibilities.

Finish the bottle if waifu'ing an Entity is mentioned.
Finish the bottle if resurrecting Eden is mentioned.

Take a shot if making Scion a new waifu to replace Eden is mentioned.

>> No.41334020

So the Exodites are the only eldar that would be the least dickish of them?
Well damn.

>> No.41334133

Reincarnate is far more fun!
>casts true reincarnate, rolls d100=30
>Eden is now a Gnome!

>> No.41334137

What about resurrecting Eden and then proposing a threesome?

>> No.41334154

Any rules regarding Abaddon, or does he fall under the blanket rule of taking a shot any time an Entity is mentioned?

>> No.41334173


>> No.41334182

Okay. Alcohol poisoning ahoy.

>Finish the bottle if waifu'ing an Endbringer is mentioned.

*sweats nervously*
I haven't jumped Worm yet, but the Smiurgh is actually pretty low on my waifu priority list, behind Dragon, Tattletale, Glaistig Uaine, Bonesaw, if she wasn't like twelve, Taylor...

>Finish the bottle if waifu'ing an Entity is mentioned.

And don't even get me started on my Husbando list.

>> No.41334198

Just the blanket rules. People don't mention Abaddon enough for him to need a specific rule.

>> No.41334239

>Glaistig Uaine, Bonesaw, if she wasn't like twelve
You do know GU runs around as a loli, right?

>> No.41334280

By the time I get around to the Worm jump, I'm more worried about Taylor and Panacea husbando'ing me.

Because, there's going to be some unintended consequences with all the charisma/appearance perks I've been picking up, and befriending both of them is fairly crucial if I want to solve all the problems with minimal bloodshed.

And Jump-chan help me if either of them go yandere.

>> No.41334295

You'll be there for 10 years, Narniaman. Surely you could wait?

So! What's the quickest path to becoming 100% bullet and low-grade explosive proof? I don't particularly need either, since I've still got a lot of low-power settings to make it through, but I'm still paranoid of random happenstance fucking me over.

>> No.41334330

> Panacea husbando'ing me
...yeah, I don't think that's going to be a problem.

>> No.41334334

Let me guess, people want you to l͕̯̪̣͚̖̩ͬ͗͗ͥͯ͐̾̌́̚̕e̠͋ͩ͑ͥ̄̓ͩ͟t͈̺̤̅̀̍̆̚̚ ̵͇̠̠̠ͥ̑̾ͮͪ̔̽͝t̴̘̖̥̞͈̠͔̗́̚͜ḫ̨̞̙̰̮̳͒̅̅̚͟e̷͚̦͔̖͍̥̼̬̾̉̄ͤ̈m͖͓͓͈̱̲̯ͯ̈̂̉̂͑̚ͅ ̶̛͕͂͂̊̊̎lͫ̾͗̑ͥ̓̋͠҉̶̫͉o͌ͭ̚͟͏͍̰͍͍͙̗̺̪v̞̙͛͒ͪ̐̽ͨͨe̠̬̘͕͙̔͊́̍ͯͦ͊̃͘ ̡̞ͮͧ̀͊̐ͯ̆̋͠ẏ͎̝̝͙̹̗̋́́o̵̜̥̗͈̞̓͗̇̊ų̶̉͗͐̃͏̖̦̼̟͈̯̬̬͙.̰̞̳̯̝̭͓̱ͩͯͩͨ̐͒͟͝

>> No.41334350

Just make sure to get the sword swallower perk from Razzle Dazzle so you aren't vulnerable to being shot in the mouth.

>> No.41334360

>high drive for conflict
>competition over the same man
There will be blood, Anon.

>> No.41334428

At least you don't have to worry about attracting Heartbreaker's attention.

>> No.41334441

>people remember your random writefagging and make reference to it

>> No.41334455

Mega Man X-Chassis Upgrade III. Gives you the durability of a modern battle tank.
Doesn't mean that much in the Mega Man X jump itself, but grab the Self Repair ability in MMX and get some heat resistance perks before it and you should be fine.

>> No.41334469

>Panacea husbando'ing me.
Pan is hard gay.

>> No.41334485

Hard Gay has a wife.

>> No.41334492

Oh, the absolute quickest? Go full Cyborg in Metal Gear Rising, preferably with Zandatsu Approved. Raiden is ridiculously tough and fast there.

>> No.41334500

Good point. Although there's a difference between being 30-something and dressing up like you're a couple decades younger, and being 12 and dressing up like you're a couple years younger With surgery, but without anapestic, it's still kinda creepy. How about I specify Valkyrie instead?

Why, because you're not her sister?

>> No.41334539

>Hard Gay has a wife.
Panacea would like to do that too.

>> No.41334548

>How about I specify Valkyrie instead?
That doesn't actually change anything. Same person. I guess if you want to let Bonesaw have some more life experience before you kidnap her for your weird harem fantasies, but that doesn't matter so much for GU.

>> No.41334549

Yeah but Hard Gay is straight, so she can't be Hard Gay.

>> No.41334567

When a girl has a "love me and/or despair" aura and leaves their sister in it for years, there is inevitably a certain effect.

>> No.41334576

To be fair, it was a pretty decent piece, and an excellent warning to people who stack too many appearance perks.

Lookin' at you, birdie. The red one, too.

>> No.41334589

Lousy autocorrect.

Bloody Yandere Harem?

>You'll be there for 10 years, Narniaman. Surely you could wait?

Good point.

>> No.41334596

I thought her power was biomancy? What's this about love auras and incest?

>> No.41334651

Glory Girl, you dip.

>> No.41334659

glory girl, panacea's sister, has such an aura.

And that is how pan caught the gay.

>> No.41334662

The "Love Me And/Or Despair Aura" was Victoria's power.

>> No.41334676

Oh. Well someone needs to off that chick 'cause that's fucked up and there's no real way you can have that power without abusing it.

>> No.41334679

Panacea's sister, Glory Girl, has an aura of awe/fear that Panacea becomes addicted to, and this causes her to develop the hots for her sister.


>> No.41334695

We're talking about her sister. Glory Girl has an aura that amplifies emotions towards her to be the best for the situation she's in. Trying to intimidate someone, it goes to fear, just hanging out it's affection, inspiring someone it goes to admiration and respect. Panacea grew up with that, though her most formative years. It had a bit of an effect on her feelings for Victoria. It's not actually incest, they're not biologically related. Doesn't change the fact that Vicky isn't gay, though. Makes for some...uncomfortable consequences.

>> No.41334703

It'd certainly be more merciful compared to what happens to her in the story.

>> No.41334723

OI. At least I shapeshift to keep it down at times. I just love collecting that stuff for other times. Don't take me for a certain blue haired shortie who loves tormenting others.

>> No.41334729

That is the thing, she was not even abusing it.
Not in the classical sense.

Part of me wonders how far wildbow got on writing "Guts and Glory" that damn asshole and his inconsistent continuities.

>> No.41334743

That's the thing, she doesn't want it either. She can't turn it off, and she hates how it robs her of the ability to have sincere relationships with people. If you could disable it she'd be your best friend.

>> No.41334746

Pan is gay and in love with her adoptive sister. Said sister has a fear/awe aura, people blame that (and her) for everything that goes wrong in Pan's life (even though she's kind of a bad person), because obviously girls aren't really gay, they're just holding out until the right man comes along to set them straight, or something.

>> No.41334804

So what's this consequence people are so afraid to state?
I don't want to be friends with people I find repugnant.

>> No.41334822

She might have already been gay, maybe even had a crush on her sister. Something which due to societies outlook would have been something she might have grown out of. But the aura made her go full out gay for her sister.

>> No.41334842

Dude, have you seen the fandom? That's not the attitude it takes at all. The fandom loves the idea of Amy being gay. They just attribute Amy's obsession with Victoria to the aura, not her attraction. The general assumption is that without that influence Amy would still be gay, she'd just be a happier lesbian. That's not entirely correct, there are a lot of factors in why Amy's so messed up. But they're not saying her homosexuality is the result of brainwashing.

>> No.41334869

Imagine all the ideal images you see of people in comic books and in your own imagination.

Remember how they are actually physically unfeasible? and would be horrifying in real life?

>> No.41334872

Fuck off with your politics, please. People feel that way because it's fucking incest, not because they're lesbians.

>> No.41334876

>Someone has a power they can't control and would be thankful to you if you could turn it off for them.
>They're repugnant.

>> No.41334882

Man, fuck fandoms and their opinions. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of manchildren wheeze about their sexual repression I'd-

-well, I'd do it somewhere where it's been refined to a somewhat entertaining artform, at least. Like this very site.

>> No.41334890

are you stupid or something, people say that even if she WASN'T gay that it still would've happened because her mind all the way through puberty was basically force to admire and obsess over her sister because of MIND ALTERING POWERS. No one's saying she couldn't be gay on her own, OR that woman can't be gay you fucking idiot, just that it would've happened either way because it hardwired her brain.

>> No.41334903

Stop being coy, please. Are you saying Panacea mutilates her sister into her ideal sexual image for not loving her back?

A monster that eats human flesh because it has to for the sake of survival is still repugnant. Same way someone that destroys free will because they can't help it is.

>> No.41334924

Presenting: New Malibu Shoggoth Barbie!

>because obviously girls aren't really gay, they're just holding out until the right man comes along to set them straight, or something.

>Who are Foil and Parian?

>> No.41334952


She gets mindfucked by Panacea to turn her gay in a fit of extremely bad judgement, then later turned into a pile of flesh that's barely alive but still conscious. Still alive at the end, IIRC.

>> No.41334958

she mutilates her because she fucked up in the first place and forgot what she originally looked like, so she started to used her warped impressions of her, giving her a long graceful neck(too long) along with A LOT of other small but SUPER PROBLEMATIC adjustments. The warped part is because of Glory Girl's power.

>> No.41334972

Admittedly the one anon who did know nothing about worm did mention trying to turn pan into a waifu, so they might be basing their anger on that.

That was not being coy, that is what happens, she looks like a human being in the real world forced into comic book proportions, slightly off comic book portions at that.

>> No.41334989

the second part here was to>>41334903

>> No.41335015

Slaughterhouse 9 attacks, shit happens, Pan-Pan has to heal her sister from the brink but due to the stress, panic and getting her own physically impossible ideal of her sister shoved into her head repeatedly due to the aura she fails to get anything better than a slab of organs, skin and muscle that is only functional enough to live and think and wish it were dead. Then she throws herself into the inescapable, physically impossible to leave prison because we can't have people thinking rationally and fixing shit. At least, that's what I remember.

>> No.41335028

Shit like this is why I think anyone who genuinely thinks getting a waifu in Worm is at least seven shades of retarded. Or maybe even 50

Unless the waifu in question is Jessica Yamada.

>> No.41335042

I woke up in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room in- I glanced out the window and confirmed that it's an unfamiliar view- an unfamiliar town.

That's mostly to be expected, however. After a Jump it always took a few minutes for everything to settle in, and I idly waved a hand at the wall to open an entrance to the Warehouse. I'd spend a few minutes going over news sites with an actual secure internet connection. It wasn't that there was always an Illuminati, just that there was usually an Illuminati.

Dragging myself out of bed was harder than it usually was. Strictly speaking, I hadn't needed to for a long time, but I enjoyed the experience never the less. Rubbing my eyes, I blearily walked through the portal, and then promptly fell backwards when I rebounded off the wall.

The wall without a portal.

I narrowed my eyes, now much more awake. Tried to open a portal again.



The next hour was spent mechanically going through the morning routine I'd kept here. Examining my teeth revealed that even the body tune up I'd picked up long ago wasn't working. It was a small thing, but I'd grown accustomed to being kept clean. It was surreal to actually need to brush my teeth after so long.

I also became progressively more and more aware of how limited my perception seemed. The sluggishness of my body. How slow my mind seemed. What had I done to myself when I'd Jumped here?

Jumping was the de facto name for the process. Suspended in roiling potential, looking upon bastions of stability. Strange titles, simple ideas broadcast to me. Launching myself at a realm, fitting myself into strange containers with stranger expressions and adding a little of the realm into myself as a prize. I could push the limits, but always paid the price.

I hadn't pushed the limits.

I was paying a price anyways.

I gripped the sink, leaning in to examine my face in the mirror.

I hadn't expected this from 'Slice of Life'. I was expecting a vacation, not an exercise in humility.

>> No.41335058

Ugh. Should I take out Panacea too? Her sister is disgusting because of her power, Panacea is disgusting because of what she chooses to do, which makes it worse.

>> No.41335070

Jessica Yamada, the only sane person in Worm. So sane that she makes other people more stable just by being in the same room. I wish we had a million of her.

>> No.41335089

No, you should just shoot everyone. The plot sort of builds momentum by means of blatant stupidity and gets stapled together by more precog abuse than ever before seen.

>> No.41335097

Are you referring to the mutilation or the brain chemistry altering? Because the brain chemistry altering was her choice, but the mutilation was caused by a psychological breakdown due to torture making her unable to control her powers properly. That one deserves a bit of leniency.

>> No.41335117

You should calm your tits and not be a murderhobo. Welcome to Worm, enjoy your stay. There are people who do far worse than they do on a regular basis, like the Slaughterhouse 9 or the Butcher or the Endbringer cultists or blah blah blah.

The thing is-these two are actually trying to help.

I don't want to discourage you but-maybe put this in a pastebin to stop eating posts?

>> No.41335149

see, that's the problem, Panacea didn't CHOOSE to fuck up her sister, she was just completely mindfucked from both her sister and the slaughterhouse toying with her and nearly killing her sister. She wasn't ABLE to think clearly why in god's name would she do that to someone she loved on purpose?

>> No.41335157

Yeah, that's gotta be rough - also, decent piece of writing!

Here, have a tiny mantis.

>> No.41335164

She even tried to avoid the brain altering, but glory girl being a good sister was trying to help her after their family got attacked... in an attack specifically designed to make panacea interact with brains. She did not want to do the brain chemistry thing.

>> No.41335178

Both are repulsive to the point of complete unforgiveness. Since the mind alteration happened first, it hardly matters how severe you think the second is since she has already earned my disgust.

I should not stop people from doing horrible things? Sorry anon, not all of us like letting them happen to people out of some misguided sense of non-interference. I've already ruined the plot by preventing Taylor's horrible life, so that shit is out the window.

>> No.41335209

Don't bother, I'm pretty sure this is the same idiot who decided committing genocide in Changeling was a genuinely benevolent deed

>> No.41335247

No actually. My stay in Changeling was rather uneventful and thematic.

>> No.41335253

considering this >>41335178
I think you may be right, I'll just stop here

>> No.41335269

Taylor's horrible life is as much her own fault as anyone else, save the Simurgh, who orchestrated the entire thing to create a weapon known as "Khepri." You, for that matter, are the worst person in this premise, because you pretend to be justified and blame everyone who disagrees with you.

>> No.41335295

You could try to fix them. There are a dozen forms of magical healing out there-or sufficiently advanced healing in the case of the medi-gun, or even mental magic should you decide to take a more direct hand in curbing their tendencies. You could attempt to SCIENCE! up devices to curb Glory Girl's aura.

But no, you went straight for killing them all instead of asking yourself whether the world is genuinely better off without them considering the threats it experiences regularly.

>> No.41335350

Didn't you listen to him, anon? They're repulsive.

Clearly not fit to live in his beautiful world.

>> No.41335352

He will fit right in.

>> No.41335354

Really? In that case, I apologise for mistaking your for him.

As much as I disagree with you on your current course of action, the other guy is a far bigger fag.

>> No.41335357

>I don't want to discourage you but-maybe put this in a pastebin to stop eating posts?
We're past the 300 mark and into auto-sage now, it's not so much eating posts as much as it is seeing how far we can go before the thread falls off the tenth page.

>> No.41335359

Do not stay your hand so that you may punish the lamb; rather, bar it from treading the road to hell with a firm arm.

>> No.41335378

See >>41335247
Christ, you people. What do you expect me to do? Not everyone is non-interference like you and I never claimed to genocide a species like that idiot who flipped tits that he couldn't fight the Fae in Arcadia.

Blame? I don't see how I blamed any of you.

Why in the unholy fuck would I let this shit continue along until the point where Glory Girl gets mindraped?

And I already told you why I find her repugnant. I'm not nice, I didn't go hero, I don't care one whit about any of this 'you're edgy for not following my morality' crap you see here. Call it what you want, but I don't go out of my way to heal anyone if there's an easier solution.

>> No.41335388

But that's too hard, anon. It's much easier to just blow everything up.

>> No.41335437

If you want to kill them all, just do it and be damned then. Avada kedavra them, smack them with Balefire. Fuck the greater good then.

Just do us all a favour and don't pretend you have any higher ideal than stoking your own murder-boner eh? A real hero would try to help, and do no harm. A real villain would just tear down the whole world because he found it untidy.

>> No.41335439

The thing is you're effectively punishing someone for crimes they could commit in the future.

Instead of, yknow, just changing events so they won't do those things.

>> No.41335443

If you want to fix this, rather than killing them all off, find a way to kill the damn shards that push them into being that way.

>> No.41335464

>Why in the unholy fuck would I let this shit continue along until the point where Glory Girl gets mindraped?

And the only solution you can think of is pre-emptive murder?

Nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.41335508

Yes, because actually trying to talk to these people and avert this crisis in the first place is thinking too far out of the box for you.

He's already admitted he's looking for the easiest solution, not the optimal one. He's just murdering them because he thinks they make the place look messy.

>> No.41335542

You're looking at a typical Jumper, ladies and gents.

Instead of putting effort into helping people, the best solution is murder.

>> No.41335565

I though the typical Jumper is World Domination and Harem?

>> No.41335581


>> No.41335586

So, how many Jumpers are actually decent parents? If you do have kids, how did you deal with their powers awakening?

How bad were the property damage bills?

>> No.41335589

Sometimes though, the best solution IS murder

>> No.41335601

This is why you people are just awful to talk to. You might hate my response, and my opinion, but that doesn't mean I'm doing it just because I get off on murder or hell, that killing someone isn't sometimes the best solution. Might not be here, but I've seen this kind of reply in the stupidest situations.

I'm not fucking around with the interdimensional organs that I have in my head. That sounds like a bad idea.

What makes you think words can stop someone's uncontrollable power?

Maybe I'm a little too pissy because of all the horrible poison I'm inhaling, but at the same time people are way, way too morally judgemental and upright in this place. Like, subscribe to my moral standpoint or fuck you you're a monster and a thread troll get out.

>> No.41335611

Not in this case, is the point

Your head

>> No.41335646

I have tons of daughters but they're all adopted.

>> No.41335649

I personally tend toward diplomacy. I actually tried to take the gun from President Shinra's hand that he shot himself with. Seems he was too big a coward to own up to his crimes.

>> No.41335666

Anon, your morality is based on convenience and what annoys you, and clearly forbids thinking of these people as people. It's pretty inevitable that some people are going to find callous disregard for life as repugnant.

>> No.41335691

Hey, nothing's stopping you from leaving yeah?

>Might not be here

Yeah, that more than anything is kind of the point. Also you've already admitted you're not a good person and that you're doing this because they disgust you. This isn't a sympathetic trait.

>too morally judgemental

I'll actually agree to that. This place is...oddly uptight for a 4chan-based community. And I say that as someone who likes hanging around here, and someone who recognises that the bulk of my interests would probably not be good to discuss. That said,


There are explicitly communication/charisma perks out there geared to do just that. Heck, some of the best are in Worm Jump itself

>> No.41335699

I like to think I make a good parent.
It helps that I'm not a psychopath. Plus the fact that the kids grew up in mostly risk free settings so that they could get accustomed to the weirdness inherent in being the kid of a Jumper.

>> No.41335756

That's fine too, I'm not looking for admiration and approval. I just balk and misrepresentation. And I don't like that, in all of the infinite possibilities offered by this intellectual exercise, all of the posters here sorta have to be restricted into a heroic mindset or they face a lot of people that seem genuinely pissed that someone would go about things this way.

Why would I leave a place that I generally enjoy because a lot of you have a few behaviors I don't like? It'd be pretty childish to leave over something so small.

And the point of that statement is that I was saying that those kinds of perks won't let me talk Glory Girl's aura from not working.

>> No.41335773

Oh wait nevermind, misread a thing in your post. No, there are SCIENCE! perks out there which by their listed feats ought to be able to design some sort of quick-fix to GG's aura.

Otherwise, see >>41335666.

>> No.41335866

I'm just going to use the medical perk tree from Franken Fran to genetically and biologically make certain people incompatible with shards, first and foremost those with powers they'd rather just never have.

>> No.41335893

Yeah, that was a reading comprehension fart on my part. I suspect folks were rendered bitter because-myself included-they started out thinking you had benevolent intentions from the outset and it was only a few posts later on that we found out you were doing this because because you just hate some parahumans. I think people around here hate delusional hypocrisy more than blatent, shameless evil.

Otherwise, I've never felt that posters are "restricted into a heroic mindset". I mean, Anti-Spiral Anon is a thing.

>> No.41335897

>going Worm

>> No.41335923

Oh, and Val. Val's jumper is a cannibal with a Stand that brainwashes her companions by existing so...yeah.

>> No.41335933


You mean 'beaten-horse-concept'?
Whether he's heroic or villainous, the guy's just boring nowadays.

>> No.41336000

>the guy's just boring nowadays.
I think that's just it for why people are a bit apprehensive about killing people or doing evil in general. Honestly we've heard so much about fighting and killing and highly questionable to bad morality that it's just gotten boring.

>> No.41336009

I like to think my intentions are overall benevolent. They're lazy, and cold, and pretty subjective, but my end goal for this is to leave humanity in as good of a position as I can manage while being free from monsters. My definition of monster is just a fairly personal one that many don't agree with in its entirety. I'd be a hypocrite if I claimed to be 'good' or a 'hero', but I'm smart enough not to.

Anti-spiral seems like more of an exception, maybe because he's been around so long and people eased into him being as he is or something, I don't know. It feels like most new people who act 'evil' or 'less than pure white morality' get a lot of guff from other posters.

I remember Val getting a lotta shit last time her build came up. Granted, that was from one anon that everyone else was calling an idiot.

>> No.41336032

I wasn't arguing about about boring or interesting, anon. I was talking 'bout the acceptable villainy of given Jumpers.

>> No.41336066

So I heard you like being attacked by shounen protagonists.

>> No.41336077

Honestly, that's where >>41336000 has a point. Early threads were -full- of this kinda shit, and it's getting to the point now where it's just a case of 'do something fucking unique for once' instead of just murderizing.

>> No.41336113

I'm sure I've gotten into my share of fights with them. It's rather fitting that DBZ is my endgoal.

It goes the other way, where now being evil is kind of taboo and it could be seen as boring that everyone has to be super righteous or a tourist. I have always felt that people should play how they want, but how about having variety instead of one or the other?

>> No.41336133

I disagree with you being overall benevolent when you're willing to kill two teenage girls for crimes they haven't committed yet, but hey: Whatever works for you man.

At the very, very best you sound like a more spiteful Illusive Man.

I think people just kind of accepted Val being crazy batshit evil after a while.

>> No.41336171

Go to the liquor store and start drinking.

Blanket rule

Yeah you're screwed son.

A madman reminding me of too many moons spent in that blasted garden of Arcadia.

And the forced slaughter of innocent creatures - just so that I could progress onward.

I wonder at what kind of being my benefactor is now. What was the point of that? An exercise where the only choice is to either kill innocents to save an innocent, or kill another innocent and condemn their lover.

>Razzle Dazzle
Location: The United Kingdom
Age: 21-years-old
Background: Self-Taught
Drawbacks: Party Time (+100), The Aristocrats (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

-Signature (Free)
-Patter (Free)
-Standard Tricks (Free)
-Advanced Card Play
-Third Act Twist

Items & Companions:
-Double Act (Seras Victoria)
-Lovely Assistants (Everyone else except Sazh and Adam Jensen)
-Magic Wand
-Invisible Ink: An Introduction
-The Amazing Boiler Case!

>> No.41336226

At the risk of drama.

I personally feel that the primary concern isn't whether someone's 'good' or 'evil' (because let's face it, there's ALWAYS going to be a debate on whether human morals are applicable after a certain period of time), but the honesty of their actions.

Like, do you wanna baby eat people? You're an asshole, but if that's your deal then have at it. Hell, back in the day the flavor of the month was creating Philo Stone power generators. So there's hardly a case of power suddenly making people evil. If the person was that way from the start, then it is what it is.

Primarily, the issue is doing said actions while trying to play it off as something else. Granted, there is something to be said for if people are trying to get 'in-character' so to speak, but as we've seen here it seems to trip people when they try to justify said actions under a veil of justice or righteousness. Which while understandable, is something of a loaded issue to begin with because what one person sees as justice, another may see as evil. A consensus may be reached most times (hell, we have laws in countries that are proof to that), but you will always have differences.

tl;dr Let's stop bitching and let's just talk about things. Differences are gonna be different.

>> No.41336240


Mainly cause it's kind of a cliche or just straight-up uninventive for even the smallest bit of power after a few jumps to make them feel like they can do whatever they want
and since there's no real way of enforcing "but if you did this the setting would probably end up killing you" it just becomes "and then I ate everyone"
With Anti-spiral and Val they've gotten to the point where it's sort of their schtick and they've been grandfathered into it being okay
With new anons it's just "so you go mad with power and want to eat everything. big woop"
It'd be like posting about trying to seduce and waifu every female lead or character they encounter, just with murder instead of sex
it helps I like 'em as users and people so

>> No.41336247

Aaaand forgot to namefag like a complete faggot.

>> No.41336325

Not sure if I would call what I'm doing is unique, but I like to think being able to punch most of my problems and resolve them without actually inflicting any physical harm... except when I do. And it will be spectacular.

>> No.41336338

But can you make your fist into a nuke.

>> No.41336344

You know the common statement that nobody in reality truly thinks of themselves as a villain? Look at it that way. I don't consider myself a villain because I see and agree with the logic in what I do.

See >>41336113
For my response to that kind of feeling. Better to live and let live instead of being so, I'm not sure what to call it, over the way people act during their jumps.

>> No.41336354

>tl;dr Let's stop bitching and let's just talk about things. Differences are gonna be different.

Sounds good to me. Let's talk about something else.

SO, do you guys have context sensitive buttons?

>> No.41336380

I'd thing it's fairly damn close if I dump everything into it, i'll have you know. Spiral energy and tao magic can be a scary combo. Also i've learned the secret of ranged punching.

>> No.41336401

I do not.

Who needs buttons when you're a sorceress?

>> No.41336405 [SPOILER] 

Context Sensitive what is that?

>> No.41336410


>> No.41336445

Is it bad that I have an entire folder of these?

>> No.41336453

No. Not it's not.

>> No.41336457

Ugh the Xbox version was ugly.

You know I bet this is something you could get away with making a jump of. Certainly on the line though.

>> No.41336458

No that just shows you are prepared for strange questions.

>> No.41336506

Nope. Pic related.

>> No.41336531

Very well

>> No.41336555

Needs more guns.

>> No.41336634

Will this do

>> No.41336678

Neva Enuff Dakka.

>> No.41336690


>> No.41336710

Absolutely Haram

>> No.41336788

I don't modify settings, instead choosing to let things play out unless something absolutely involves me. My companions and I are of equal mind (and to fit our narrative) that non intervention policies are generally the best means to ensure that we survive.

>> No.41336790

You actually made me laugh.

>> No.41336813

What's that gotta do with buttons?

>> No.41336819

Quickest? Pretty much any durability perk from a superhero or shonen jump, e.g. Superhuman Durability from DC. The real trick is finding a low-power jump that does that. DC ain't one of those.

>> No.41336872

Jumper has made a machine that lets him modify settings.

>> No.41336940

>entire setting
>not locations or even worlds, setting


You'll have to be a lot more specific

>> No.41336985

Probably means a terraforming machine or something, or might have turned a perk like genre savior into an item form, I dunno.

>> No.41337188

You might want to consider that you're the one considering whether to murder a pair of teenagers for the crime of finding themselves in a shitty universe like Worm.

Or, I dunno, you could just come up with a peaceful solution. Might take a mid-tier jumper... what, an hour, tops?

>> No.41337247

We all know lots of settings have secret societies. Did you join any of them?

>> No.41337282

Meh, we already reached the end of that conversation further on down anon. Though really I wonder if I should've just gave in and gone completely evil and if I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing if I did that instead of trying to have my jumper act as I feel would be ideal or 'reasonable. Not how I act in real life of course, in real life I'm a pacifist doormat.

You know, I don't think I really have. I guess because most secret societies are kinda, well, very controlling of their membership.

>> No.41337318

Only when forced into it. I took part in the fights in Killing Bites and Sekirei. Really, secret societies just aren't my style.

>> No.41337501

The Illuminati.

Which one?
All of them.

Because Gargolyes, that's why.

>> No.41337512

You know, you could try to find a solution to that problem by taking advantage of the jump allowing you to start as a member of an established team. Choose the Hero origin, and it's totally permissible to have a history as a member of New Wave. From there you could be a teenager/young 20-something and potentially give Panny someone to lean on that she's not incestuously crushing on.

Or, more helpful but potentially changing things too much to be acceptable, you could pay to have the max age of 30, which would mean you would have been around 20 when New Wave defeated Pan's father and adopted her. You would totally have been old enough to have potentially adopted her and let her grow up with a parent who actually loved her. Like I said though, this might be pushing the effect your origin could have on the story a liiiiitle too far.

>> No.41337722


About the quickest I can think of is just to hand Panacea the following letter and teleport away once she's read it: "Dear Amelia, prolonged exposure during puberty to emotion amplification auras can have long-term effects. Here's Doctor Yamada's phone number, she's an excellent therapist. Kind regards, Grey Lantern 2814."

An even lazier GL might just leave the message on her answering machine or something, but this is Worm and I wouldn't trust the phone not to spontaneously develop a flat battery or something.

>> No.41337896

KOTOR Anon, does Peak Human Condition in Teen Titans when it mentions endurance mean just endurance or endurance and stamina or just stamina? You were smart enough to make the distinction between agility, speed, and reflexes but that only made me wonder if the endurance thing was intentional and only what it seems to be but not typically what it is referred to as.

>> No.41337913

Cauldron, because we have the same goal of stopping Scion.

>> No.41338066

Evangelion finally made me start looking at companions seriously

Ar Tonelico and Civ actually gave me an ambition that carries into post-jump

>> No.41338256

When I went to Mob, I took up Godfather, but I was a member of the FBI. I decided to fluff my "Gang," in future Jumps as a sort of Paranormal Response Bureau. Regardless of how small (sometimes only three to four members), I always have a small secret society to work with in each Jump.

>> No.41338264

Ar Ton? Like with the companions? I can see that since it's a JRPG with the typical friendship thing plus it's a waifu game all about the super strong bonds of love and all that mess.

>> No.41338331

I'll prolly toss in my Bastion Build now that I'm here.

Legend of Zelda...Well, I got to admit. Was pretty exciting watching Ganon start trying to take over Hyrule between Kid link and Adult Link, but also a lot of creatures
and good people being attacked. Tried my best to protect the individual towns, but hell, I ain't a hero. I'm glad Link came back, and I am sure as hell glad I didn't have to
call out the Great Fairy for anything yet.

1300/1300 cp


Dulcet Tones(100) -Ah, the relaxing sound of Rucks..Might be nice to have this about when I'm doing things, and not feelin' too alone.

A Pleasant Host (free) - God damn is this good especially since I'm planning to try and camp out Jawson's Bog of all things. Later on living off the land is gonna be simple as a breeze!

Nordy the Bird Boy (100) - Not gonna lie. My only method of transportation around here is going to be using a flock of Peckers to carry me around like a god damned madman. Noah's Ark-ing the Wilds will be fun too.

Too Raw(200) - Man don't live in the wilds without getting rough and ready as momma nature herself. I refuse to die till I get the debt she owes me paid back in full.

Bane of the Jawsons(300) - Okay that was a weird friday night. Came out alright, though, Now I can breathe out this weird nerve gas? Sweet.

Vineapple Seeds(free) - Between the faerie fruit and this thing, I really should just start a garden at this point.

Pecker Egg(150) x 3 - More Birds! I want to start breeding them once I can find a few to take into my Warehouse.

Burrstone(50) - Could be a useful battery thing, I might need it later.

Lunkhead(200) - SO CUTE!

Sneaky Decoy (100) - Cause why not

Lightweight(+200) - God dammit, I just got into drinking!
Just the Kid(+100) - They call me...the Savage. Not too talkative, but I can

>> No.41338386

>can be a good host


>> No.41338502

Crap, better do this while I mention Warehouse:

Medium - Free
Charmer -100

Appeal 4 - Free + 100
Shape 4 - Free + 100
Endurance 2 - 100

Endowed 3 - Free
Metavore - 100
Color -100

Utilities - 30
Forcewall - 20
Food Supply x 2 -20
Free Space - 30
Stasis Pod - 40
Terminal -10

Presented without comment.

>> No.41338521

Yamada gets a lot of praise for being the only actual therapist in the story, but she never accomplishes anything. She interviews Skitter, who refuses to change, and GU, who tells her that she's already done with what she was doing. Her actual accomplishments and contributions at any observable scale measure a fat fucking zero.

>> No.41338583

Waste of points. At least endowed can be used to scare off predators.

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