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I think this proves that forge world are our bro's because they've taken fan made things and turn them into canon materiel.

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I can't wait for powerfist replacements for the Gatling arm.

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On the other hand, like BL they're just churning out endless HH crap and have apparently forgotten that 40k not only exists; but is better outside of rules anyway.

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I think they are doing it because there isn't much lore around it and they want to cover it.

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Their Imperial Armours were better in pretty much every way on top of giving us more than just endless derivatives of the same space marine shit.
Though I will concede that Forge World's presentation of the fluff is far better than BL's shitstorm.

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Or, they've just looked at the kit and went "what's the easiest way for us to make money with this?"

This is like when people claimed FW was being all funny may-may with the whole "lasgun with flashlight" thing.

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>Do thing we always wanted to see
>Re-made some cool vintage stuff, and made them even cooler
>Give you alternatives to some old and terrible GW kits.
>Some of the coolest design ever
>Expand and help factions that have difficulties
>Give us Beta-Rules for playtesting and eventually correct them
>Actually listen the community
>Answer to email, even about things that are not their sector

FW is definitely a Bro

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You mean ruining an awesome idea and turning it into something boring?

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What's wrong with a Lord of Skulls with legs? Sometimes treads aren't going to cut it everywhere.

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A tank centaur is an awesome idea. This is just another walker.

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I like the concept, but the legs look kinda spindly. They don't need to be all spesmehrine stumpy, but they need to convey a bit more weight IMO.

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Maybe better like this?

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If they were suupabro's they would have the option to just buy the legs and whatever extra bits it comes with

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That's why a walking Lord of skulls is bad? A tank centaur does sound pretty cool.

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It just looks like a big Khorne Berserk with weird legs.

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Because lord of skulls is suppose to be on treads? That's like making a Warhound titan with wheels instead of feet.

Also, it's not a lord of skulls on legs, it's an entirely different daemon engines that just has some similarities with the lord of skulls, like with Defiler/Soul Grinder.

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I'd just give it the skull cannon arm, heavy stubbers somewhere and use it as a Chaos Paladin.

Defiler style spider body would have probably been cooler.

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Like Khorne would want it in any other way.
>Warhound with wheels
I wouldn't compare it to that.

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i like the slender hips better

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>take big thing
>change its mode of transport
>does not compare to other big thing with altered mode of transport

Do explain.

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A Lord of skulls with legs makes more sense than a Warhound with wheels.

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So that you have to pay for an entire Lord of Skulls and then buy an expensive upgrade kit instead of them just charging you for the parts you need to build this particular thing?

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Yeah, I email them my ideas and they email me back about looking into them truly forge world are the greatest.

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duel powerfists.

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Like 40k makes sense at all?

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I think more like this. I have to say, the chicken-legs do not work for a Khornate daemon-doom-engine of death. If the upper body looks like a giant berzerker, so should the lower-body, at least dimensionally.

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it wouldn't be able to walk as those legs are so stuby and short.

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The lounging pinup girls make this model.

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I still think they need to make this, it serves as a heavy version of the walker.

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Lord of skulls is a torso on treads. If you put it on something else, guess what, it's not a lord of skulls anymore. And it isn't. The thing with the legs is not a lord of skulls, it's a totally different daemon engine, even its fluff says so.

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In 40k, stubby and adorable walkers are the norm

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Those aren't canon anymore, its been updated and corrected.

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>GW make stuff kinda shit to save costs
>other GW unshit stuff and charge twice as much
They win either way

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>my giant mechs must be sensible and realistic

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I'd argue that should be how the Defiler should have looked in the 1st place. Having the front two legs be the fighting arms looks a bit weird, especially when the top half is basically a dreadnought torso. You could instead attach the fighting arms to the torso like normal arms and have it be a quadruped for the bottom half.

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In the current era of miniatures people just expect more.

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Just stop, please.

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Yeah, those were pretty disappointing.

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40k needs to go back to its psychadelic medievalist roots one of these days

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boxnaughts are the greatest 40k design

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I liked marines more back then (especially noise marines), it also made more sense back then for fantasy to supposedly exist in the same game universe as 40k

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>tfw chaos dreadnoughts aren't a thing anymore
>tfw helbrutes are a shit

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they really missed an opportunity by leaving out the giant crotch cannon. maybe they'll make a slaanesh version with an even bigger one.

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No big shit allowed if you aren't the protagonist force

Even the fucking Tyranids got their big units nerfed

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They may go down that route, considering how popular the Knights are.

Just need people to snap and start painting yellow and red checkers on everything.

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>Even the fucking Tyranids got their big units nerfed
Don't you mean fixed?

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>pepper shaker gun
>those fucking shoulders
This is amazing.

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I'm honestly even more mad about how the 'nid fluff in their own fucking codex is a history heroic stands against the nids

At least give some focus to the tactics and adaptations used

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>not playing 30k and bathing in glorious new daemon models

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>yellow and red checkers
Totally gonna do that if I see one on sale cheap

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Why even play GW game at all anymore if Age of Sigmar is any indication of where things are heading?

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>At least give some focus to the tactics and adaptations used
Why? They are just dumb beasts that are so hungry and dumb that they eat each other during a battle while the valiant hammer of the Imperium grinds them with shells

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Because it's not?

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>that filename
I still think he's a Ygmarl genestealer that has a grudge against the Hive Mind and a fetish for tanks. Who has that pictures of him with the text that says he has tentacles?

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Because GW is retarded, but not so retarded that they would fuck up the thing that sells so many FW models that they could cover the UK in a resin dome.

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i'm kinda convinced it's a long standing grudge because he got tabled by nids turn 2 years ago in 3rd/4th. watch, at the next nid update they won't get decurion

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It probably is because he got butthurt over losing to Tyranids, but haven't they suffered enough already?

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>> No.41311220

>at the next nid update they won't get decurion
They will probably get one that gives Fearless to all within synapse or something...

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death is final, suffering is continuous

i still wanna get some nids to paint or ally with, but i swore this year i wouldn't buy anything else until my daemons are finished

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Cruddance is Mr. Bones?

>> No.41311314

I never make that promise to myself anymore. Because it will always end with "well I didn't know they would release THAT model, so it's an exception"

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If you take the front leg plates and extra pauldrons off the centurions they look so much better, you can see there's actually a marine in power armour underneath them (seriously, under that leg armour there are powered armour legs modelled, but unseen) which makes it look more like a piece of kit that attaches to the body rather than the stubby MARINE WITHIN A MARINE thing they have going on.

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They are still a thing.
Imperial Armour 13.

Thank you based FW for not letting us down, again.

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Anon, please.
His LGS is probably full of fags that refuse to play with anyone who so much as put a FW model on the table, even if it's a proxy.

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>yfw Cruddace writes in Space Marines 6e that Calgar was half-dead by the time he got to the Swarmlord and the Swarmlord only nearly finished off an already incredibly wounded warrior.
>yfw Cruddace continues to hype Calgar in the Tyranid's own 6e dex. pic related

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As befits our noble blue-eyed God of War.

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Fuck those people.
FW is legit.

I have the same problem here in my LGS, but I converted them.

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>FW is legit.
But people still claim it isn't not even Game workshop shops stock them.

>> No.41314180

>But people still claim it isn't not even Game workshop shops stock them.
Was there supposed to be a dot around here or something?

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They'll still display the models though. The GW store in my city has a full Sons of Horus army as their central display piece.

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Really? Fuck me. That's awesome! My local store hadn't even heard about it until i mention it.

>They only dealt with the pure stuff they said, luckily there is a hobby shop that sells everything cheaper down the street but still no forge world stuff.

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Still no Iron Circle? THEY'RE NO BROS OF MINE!!

>> No.41316385

I wouldn't count on ever seeing FW in any stores outside of Warhammer World.
>IWfags get their primarch
>cry about not immediately getting another model

>> No.41316417

>I wouldn't count on ever seeing FW in any stores outside of Warhammer World.
My local LGS has a show case of pre-heresy World Eaters

>> No.41316425

I mean for purchase.

>> No.41316477

>I mean for purchase.
Oh, in that case you are right

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There are a few instances of this over the years. The Kytan isnt necessarily a great example, but FW is producing some great stuff. They are based af.

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I was under the impression that the rumor was that forge world were beginning to sell in GW shops.

>> No.41316957

Doubt it, that would mean they would have maintain a steady production of miniatures to keep stock instead of just casting shit when payment has been recieved

>> No.41317720

All gw stores have a webterminal that lets you order things outside the instore range, this includes FW.

>> No.41317769


I pronounce it "Kitten"

>> No.41317780

How does that differs from ordering shit at home via your own computer? I have never ordered through GW

>> No.41317795

>How does that differs from ordering shit at home via your own computer?
It makes the entire range available for purchase from a physical location inside the U.S. which is super important for copyright reasons.

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>>IWfags get their primarch
>>cry about not immediately getting another model

The model isn't complete without its integral components, dick. Would IHfags have sat there with a stupid smile on their faces if Ferrus had been released without Forgebreaker? Nope. The FW staff needs to be decimated for failing to release Perturabo to standard.

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I like the legs but the treads make more sense. Do you want to stumble in battle or need to be mindful of your footing? No, having treads means you can go full turbo with the fury of the Blood God, not to mention you can run over more dudes than you can step on.

>> No.41317993

How does this hinder LoS in anyway? The two are separate units and big walkers are nothing new in 40k and their practical problems have never been an obstacle

>> No.41318031

Looks like shit.

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>> No.41318075

this, iron within brother

>> No.41318098

When did the cyber demon go full cyber?

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>> No.41318159


Too bad you faggots never buy their products and just whine about prices and buy chinashit while pretending not to be poor then wonder why GW sales go down or prices go up or fantasy gets killed.

>> No.41318217

Dude, shut up about your damn snowflake primarch and how he deserves extra models that no other primarchs get. They didn't even put rules on him for the Iron Circle, so why the fuck would they put it with his model? If you want them that bad fucking make your own and run them with him and cry that they don't do anything.

>> No.41318220

>Throw your money at our products line, even if you don't like how the current rules, fluff or models are, and if it's better then our paints sales we might keep it alive.

GW logic.

>> No.41318233

why the fuck would you use it as chaos paladin, when you could just spend a little more and bring an actually chaos paladin? Which is like an amazing model instead

>> No.41318240

Uh line of sight has nothing to do with it, and as for it being a walker sure classify it as a walker I don't care what you call it, I meant that imo the treads served Khorne's aesthetic better. It's crude, it's scary, and it has a giant container of boiling blood on it. Legs are just legs, they're not interesting. What makes it stand out? I liked how being a half tank sets it apart, it gives it flavor.

>As the various warmachines strode into battle, the shifting of gears and grinding of treads on axels as they trained on through oceans of skulls echoed out. The Blood God's engine of war issuing challenge to a gallant imperial knight in the distance.

To me, it paints a more warmongering picture.

>> No.41318292

>Which is like an amazing model instead
I hate the Chaos knight model, It find it to be far too "Knight with spiky bits", at least the kytan looks like a daemon engine thats evolved over the last 10,000 years.

>> No.41318357

>Sales go down
Because they messed up something, somehow. The customer has no way to make the sales of a company go down by himself. Killing specialist games or releasing badly balanced rules, along with other bad choices, tend to have this effect. (Remember Conga Line or Flying Dreds?)

>Prices go up.
This is GW begin GW, and economy begin economy. The more you buy, the more they charge you. Maybe they, for some fucking reason, decided that since they weren't selling like they used to, they would rise the price to cover the expenses and keep the Execs fat salary intact, which actually made their sales worse because less people are buying their overpriced toys. If they see any threat to their salary, they start cannibalizing themselves (Less workers on their stores) and using tactics that alienate their customers (Destruction of fantasy, along other 40K examples), further decreasing the sales.

>Death of Fantasy
Bad choices along no incentive of the owners to make it a good game is what killed fantasy, because it was not selling as it used to. So instead of fixing the problem they decided to reboot, like that guy who re-installs windows because he got a single virus.

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>chaos player
>hasn't converted his own knight yet

>> No.41318366

>Uh line of sight has nothing to do with it
LoS as in Lord of Skulls, the contexts is the key
I meant that imo the treads served Khorne's aesthetic better. It's crude, it's scary, and it has a giant container of boiling blood on it. Legs are just legs, they're not interesting. What makes it stand out? I liked how being a half tank sets it apart, it gives it flavor.
Again you speak as if this were to replace the lord on tracks. This isn't a Lord of Skulls. It was made to be its own thing and there was a strong financial motivation behind this because it is a conversion kit with half the pieces already made

>> No.41318392

NO! YoU jusT didN't spend ENOUGH money$!111!!!! GW is DYING because of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

>> No.41318419

Wow, what an idiot.

>> No.41318429

>It's a different model that just uses the same pieces.

That's not bad then I guess, but the legs still look just tacked on rather than made to compliment the torso. What makes this model a viable option in place of Lord of Skulls? Different stats? Do you have the rules for it?

>> No.41318430

Knowing most players that would just mean a Knight kit + Chaos Vehicle Upgrade kit. Besides, nothing stops people from using the new Chaos Knight kit in some conversion

>> No.41318433

>i don't buy GW shit and can't afford the hobby but i always post in GW threads and have the time to waste to whine about prices and how totally not poor i am and how bad of a company GW is


>> No.41318451

The model OP posted isn't Lord of Skulls, and it is not intended to be used as one.
And like with every FW thing ever, the rules are either in the new book, or linked on the fucking page the model is on.
For example, straight from the page THAT model is on:

>> No.41318464

>but the legs still look just tacked on rather than made to compliment the torso.
Agreed, the torso doesn't really fit perfectly to the legs because it wasn't sculpted for them.
>What makes this model a viable option in place of Lord of Skulls? Different stats? Do you have the rules for it?
Its only 525 pts for starters

>> No.41318477

>I also don't buy GW shit and don't really care that GW is shitting on the hobby but I always post in GW threads and have time to waste about poorfags and how they are are totally poorfags instead of pissed customers and how awesome GW's cock is.

Man, your existence must be suffering, I take pity on you.

Don't worry Anon, you don't need to proof yourself in an anonymous imageboard. I will ask kindly for the Emperor to protect your soul.

>> No.41318507

>Give a explanation as to why your points are wrong.
>"Lol, poorfag! poorfag poorfag poorfag. Lalalalala."

Silly Anon, calm your tits. I know you can muster up the words to express yourself, I belive in you!

>> No.41318551

lore-wise, what sorta engagements would one of these be deployed in? apart from stomping/spraying i can't see it being particularly effective in an anti-infantry role.

>> No.41318576

Well it has a D weapon, so it is a titan killer first and foremost

>> No.41318598

It probably fills the same roll that loyal knights do for the imperium. Chaos has a reputation for building/possessing a lot of new shit because they don't have access to the new stuff loyalists build, so they counter it with warp fuckery.

>> No.41318822

Bitches love canons.

>> No.41318898

The Nottingham store displays an Iron Warriors HH army.

Warhammer World has an entire FW store.

>IW players being autistic.

>> No.41318904

Doesn't, you still have to pay shipping.

>> No.41318934

Only difference I can forsee is people who's mail delivery is dumb and the delivery person just leaves the package in front of your door if the mailbox is too small.
Like my neighborhood.
Because I love having $300 of stuff sitting on my porch for 3-5 hours while I'm at work and just have to hope nobody takes that shit.

>> No.41319037

Fucking shill

>> No.41319095

do you even know what shill means?

>> No.41319138

>Lord of skulls is a torso on treads. If you put it on something else, guess what, it's not a lord of skulls anymore.

Jesus Christ, I knew things were bad but apparently not even imagination is allowed in modern 40k

>> No.41319184


I'm thinking that, after the Horus Heresy is done, the designers are going to be so burnt out of Marines that there's going to be a huge influx of absolutely everything else.

And I'm hoping that they start rolling out Dark Mechanicum abominations for the last couple of books, possibly delving into the tech-heresies of the Dark Mechanicus in 40k based on designs from other parts of the lore and possibly some of their more vintage Rogue Trader designs.

>> No.41319207

I'll call them my bro for ever if they bring battlefleet gothic back. Sadly, it will never happen.

>> No.41319263

actually stores in the Euro and some in the US have forge world stuff.

>> No.41319370

Imagination leads to scrap-building and that leads to not buying models, which leads to you killing the hobby/fanasy

>> No.41319462

Are you being stupid, or were you just born that way?

What you're saying sounds like putting a turret on a Valkyrie and calling it a Leman Russ with wings. Nothing stops you from making a lord of skulls with legs, but just like nothing stops one from putting a warhound titan on wheels, but is it still the original thing, or something different?

What does imagination have to do with it? I'm not saying you can't nor shouldn't do it. You're the one unable to think outside the box and call it something else.

>> No.41319479

>spend a little more

Or just get a regular Knight and slap green stuff and spare Chaos bits on it.

>> No.41319699

A warlord on wheels sounds cool.

As for the 'Is it still the original thing or something different' maybe just something like, so long as all the weapons and base and height are modelled appropriately it'll count as the same as the original?

Like if you replaced the warhounds feet with roller skates but was still same height I'd still call it a War hound

>> No.41319712

I prefer a hundred cultists, thanks.

>> No.41319782

>I prefer a hundred cultists, thanks.
That for some reason can't seem to take damage.

>> No.41319859

Are we talking fluff or rules, because I'm talking fluff. Soul Grinder and Defiler use same bits of the model but in fluff are very different. Same with Lord of Skulls and OP pic. The fluff acknowledges the similarities, but states they're two separate things.

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