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first for slaanesh is kill lol

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Behold, The AOS whine response generator!

>1. shill!
>2. belakor!
>3. no tactics!
>4. tactics!
>5. sigmarines are cool
>6. sigmarines are cancer
>7. GW bought by Hasbro when?
>8. GW ate my childhood
>9. my autism!
>10. that fag burnt his models!
>11. but why total war when setting is kill?

Now roll a D12 299 times. Congratulations, using the handy list of responses above I have allowed you to circumvent an entire thread.

Much as you might by condensing an tactical wargame of long history into four pages.
I take no credit for the above content, it is copypasta.

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You are all getting cucked by slaanesh, he's just off to sleep around in other realms for a minute

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It is Be'lakor who shall claim Slaanesh's place, for no one is sexier than the Shadowlord!

>Shadows scrapped around its ankles, benighted children squalling for the approval of their dark master. The daemon drew itself to its full height, lifting back its horned head and beating out its leathery black wings. The daemon was as lithe as a panther, and though its musculature was harder than stone it had a smooth, ephemeral quality akin to smoked glass. An eight-pointed star, the symbol of Undivided Chaos, shone like a crack in the void from its broad chest. It clenched its fists, muscle gliding across muscle, glorying in its own dark skin. Gustav quailed, enraptured, as the gaze of the demi-god passed briefly over him. Its eyes were a bottomless black, an eternal shadow into which a man might fall, forever fall, and never, ever reach their darkest point.

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I think these two links should be added to the first post.



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Why didn't they jump off to the dirt instead of walking through the cement?

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Because artists

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It's not art, it's shit.

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May the web be filled with nothing but flies.

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>completely unofficial

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Because it's funnier that way, autist.

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Yeah - its the Lawrence and Yonge's store's in store rules. Those 2 are 2 of the more popular comp rulesets floating around.

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It's not funny though.

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Post something you think is funny.

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I'm going wiiiiiith #8, 9, and 12

>#10 is best

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>not funny
I'm not surprised, you are on AoS thread.

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Been playing with Azyr comp a lot - I really think the only thing I'd change is their shooting into combat bit.

We changed it to all shots at engaged targets suffer a -1 to hit. Additionally if a unit is shooting at a unit it itself is not engaged in rolls of a 1 to hit are resolved instead against the friendly unit that is engaged.

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another record-setting by Age of Sigmar: the first limited edition book that survives 'til its release. Hell, I think it will be available even after AoS is axed haha

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Why is that surprising? It doesn't have rules required to play in it. It isn't going to sell as well by virtue. Most of the limited books have rules in thus has a greater value.

I bought the eBook and the regular edition. I normally buy collectors over regular but in this case I can't justify the extra cost.

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So I guess we can confirm that there's not going to be a mercenary human faction after all. The slayers are Fyreslayers.

Dwarfs 2
Humans 0

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Based on what - the picture of a slayer?

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based on this.

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It has rules, the scenarios everyone is talking about. You know, the stuff that is supposed to make the whole 4 pages of shit playable.

Alas, End Times were mostly fluff books too. All of them sold out in a minute or two, with a larger print run even.

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Ahh gotcha - hadn't seen that one yet.

So there are mercenary dwarfs and sigmar allied dwarfs? At least based on what we know now?

End Times books had rules for new models being released. This book does not. If you don't see the difference you are being intentionally obtuse.

As far as 'not playable' you're obviously just shit posting to shit post so its not really worth talking about.

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Why do people keep playing and complaining about Warhammer instead of switching to a better system?

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Again, not true. Khaine was the fastest selling End Times book by far with no model release at all

Yeah, I see the next excuse 'but but they were elves, everyone loves elves!'. I don't give a single fuck, becasue that means Elves alone outsold fucking AoS which is rofl-worthy on its own

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It had rules for playing End Time Elves - those were new rules, directly needed to compete with other End Times releases. If you didn't buy Khaine you wouldn't have the rules to play ET Elf armies. If you don't buy the Sigmar Book you can still play Age of Sigmar. Again you are being intentionally obtuse.

One book was necessary to play the game, one is not. The unnecessary book isn't going to sell as well as the necessary book. Failure to own ET Khaine put you at a disadvantage as an Elf Collector because you weren't able to field the lists therein. Failure to own the AoS book does not share the same disadvantage.

Again - you are shit posting.

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No, it was not necessary. Nobody forced you to play the combined elven armies, just like nobody forces you to play with the AoS scenarios instead of blobbing up in the middle.

You are the one attacking strawmen and shitposting - again.

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the Age of Sigmar book actually has a bunch of war scroll without the silly rules, so you have to buy it if you don't want to water your trees or dunno what is their 'fun' rule

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except all of those were optional rules to warhammer, the only rule that wasn't (50% lords/heroes) got faqed into the main book

an optional supplement, just like the scenario book

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How am I attacking a strawman. Your position is AoS is less popular than ET because the book has sold less than ET armies. I provided you a reason as to why. You got mad when you were proven wrong. Also you were shit posting from the start because you first tid-bit wasn't relevant or necessary.

A) The rules will be available online so you don't have to buy the book.

B) There is a non collector's format of the book of which there is no knowledge of the sales data. So if you want a hard copy of the rules therein you don't have to buy the limited book because the non limited isn't on a short run unlike the ET books (limited or not).

Yes because ET wasn't being used in most gaming groups once it was released. If you wanted to remain even semi competitive you were playing ET stuff because it was better than normal books.

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>Your position is AoS is less popular than ET because the book has sold less than ET armies.

This is exactly your strawman. My only claim was that this is the first limited edition GW book I can remember that sells so bad.

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Has anyone tried just porting 40k scenarios over with a few adjustments to see how they work? I've written up a few and they've worked pretty well but I'm trying to put together at packet of 9-10 for regular circulation at my shop.

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Posting the Gates of Azyr novel, I'm also going to put the new book in my Mega once it gets scanned

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This needs to be d20 lol

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Ahh so you were literally just shit posting. You had no argument to make, you just wanted to point out that the book hadn't sold out. That's valuable content right there.

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well, that's one way to apologize for you were wrong, given that you seem to be socially inept and I can't hope for anything more than a half-assed deflection after you were proven being wrong and dumb, I will accept your apology

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My buddy is running Dwarfs right now with an Empire wizard and that shit is rough. He puts the shield on a unit of warriors and then uses a runelord to give them the 6+ invuln and that unit is sticky as hell.

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your buddy seems to be a WAAC faggot, I advise you not to play him anymore

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Eh - we're playing Azyr so he's using most of his hero points to do it.

I play Night Goblins so I've just been shooting him more and then using Skarsnik's ability to cause mortal wounds when I retreat.

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>> No.41286651

Sigmar has members of all races loyal to him and in his city. But the Fire realm Dwarfs are mercs who just prefer hom as a client.

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Seems pretty interesting - Fire Realm Dwarfs could possibly fall and become the new Chaos Dwarfs which would be pretty cool.

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Chaos Dorfs survived. They are with the Mortals, AKA NuWarriors.

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Has FW updated the CD rules yet?

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some gw blackshirt with timestamped shirt said that the london regions opening day AoS sales massively outsold Dark Vengeance. Do you think this was pointless shilling or legit? My local gw had tons of boxes on the shelves and people were painting regular fantasy minis so the information is mixed...

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Because I don't think there is anything exactly akin to Fantasy.

KoW is shaping up to be to Fantasy what Warmahordes was to 40k, in that it's a system focused entirely about competitive play and if you don't like that YOU CAN GET OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Not yet, but they will at some point.

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The old races from the warscrolls for the existing model range are not officially part of the fluff. Just because the hellcannon has chaos dwarf crewmen, doesnt mean there are chaos dwarfs in the setting, for example.

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>tfw the stormcast eternal models are starting to grow on me

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I talk to guys in trade on a regular basis and I know it sold well for them (not that translates to it selling well in stores but they were able to sell it well to their trade accounts).

Additionally - painting old fantasy miniatures doesn't mean they weren't interested (or were for that matter) in AoS since the models are still usable.

As to anecdotal evidence - it has done well but not stellar in my FLGS. Our store ordered 12 copies and sold 8 launch day and has since sold the other 4 and put in a re-order. That feels about on par for IoB/DV so in my locality it seems to be doing average.

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Who does GW think are the people buying Limited Edition books? Its the hardcore veteran fans.

What segment of the playerbase is Age of Sigmar shitting on with its release? Its the hardcore veteran fans.

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For whatever reason - I cannot help but like the guys with the fuckhuge crossbows.

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The only thing I like is the idea of cutting their shitty helmets off and making a force of females, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and skeletons lead by a vampire with a skink carrying their banner.

But that's not lulzy enough to financially support their shit rules.

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I still don't get the lore, how did humans survive?

>> No.41287260


Best I can tell there are scattered pockets of survivors on the various realms. Sigmar founded his fortress and survivors made their way there best they could.

Honestly we don't know much until Saturday and the big fluff/scenario book comes out.

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This so far is the only reason given

>> No.41287459


Seriously none of it actually makes sense. All the races form on the new planet and also all develop societies and technologies pretty much exactly the same as the previous world.

Its just change for the sake of copyright nonsense and increasing £££.

"Some say that the [copyright] will fight for the forces of [copyright] if paid with enough [copyright]

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Eh, based on the fact that there's a Free People tag on all the human stuff in the rules currently, I bet there will be a human mook faction sooner or later. It's not like the current Empire/Bretonnia rules aren't perfectly acceptable for almost any sort of fantasy Medieval society you can think of.

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Pretty sure the limited edition Tyranid book stayed on sale considerably after the codex was released.

>> No.41287649


NPC shit tier race.

>> No.41287695


at least its not hobbit tier

limited edition boxset available after almost 4 years

>> No.41287696


It honestly seems like it would be incredibly easy for GW to add new human factions if they wanted to, Ghyran was supposed to be full of human kingdoms before Chaos came.

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Conservation of Force, Anon.

Assuming they drove onto the wet cement thinking it is a shortcut, they rode onto it with comparably high velocity, meaning the body in motion (driver on bike) would be catapulted forward when the bike itself eventually got stuck on the road.

tl;dr - They got thrown off and landed in their original direction.

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I'm thinking humans will be part of the stormcast eternals faction. Normal humans I mean. These will be the sigmar worshiper from azyrheim that fight alongside the eternals. There are many chambers not described yet in a stormhost, like the extremis chamber or auxiliary chamber, which is where i am thinking you will have your regular humans fighting alongside their god's angels of death.

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Tyrion: "But wait, how did they repro-"

>> No.41287906

Didn't the rules appear in white dwarf.

>> No.41287911

Speaking of storms, I found it funny for some reasn that the fluff-book mentions how the spires of the Stormhost's citadels reach high enough they have sentient storms circling around them. Sentient storms. I wonder what they're like? Are they friends with the stormhosts?

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The book is selling like shit.

Does this frustrate you?

>> No.41288003


Have no way of telling how well the non-limited version is doing.

>> No.41288066

maybe? There have been stranger things in w̶a̶r̶h̶a̶m̶m̶e̶r̶ AGE OF SIGMAR™, like sentient mountain ranges in l̶u̶s̶t̶r̶i̶a̶ SERAPHONIA™

>> No.41288119

Based on what people have said in previous threads, it seems to vary a lot. Some report their local stores being sold out and multiple people having placed an order for a copy, while others say there's a ton of unsold boxes at their store.

For me, the local non-GW store seems to have a bunch of the boxes around, but I haven't asked how many they've sold. I talked to the manager of the local GW today and he said they've only sold a few copies (as was evident from huge amounts of the boxes all over the place).

>> No.41288231

Mp3 version ;)

>> No.41288240


>shameless shills who have sold their souls to GW report their local stores have sold out of AoS starter sets
>autistic neckbeards who don't believe in souls report their local stores have sold little to none of their AoS starter sets

Who do I believe?

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide what army I want to start and I'm leaning towards either a Slaanesh themed WoC or Vampire Counts pure undead army. Does anyone know where I can find some nice alternative heads if I went with a Slaanesh army?

I'm thinking anything with plumed helmets or anything less Vikingy. Thanks in advance.

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>> No.41288529

Sounds like you want Carnivale.

Check Freebooter's Fate, Brotherhood faction.

>> No.41288650


I thought they were Metal Realm Dwarfs? Ironways? No?

>> No.41288700


Sigh I know the Dark Prince is missing but thats not going to stop my warband from running around from raping and pillaging in the most grotesque ways imaginable then snorting their ashes once we've burned them all.

Those models look okay but what I'm looking for is alternative bits I can just glue on to the bodies of chaos warriors and what not. I've also been looking into maybe just buying alternative miniatures all together but so far nothing I've seen looks like it'll fit the whole Slaanesh theme.

>> No.41288708


Aqshy is the Realm of Fire.

>> No.41288855

I approve of this conversion.

>> No.41288943

fuck you bitch suck some eldar cock faggot

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>> No.41288983

wow. he managed to fix one of the ugliest models i have ever seen with a head and arm swap.

>> No.41289010


Alternatively maybe I'll just go Sigmarines and have them as a corrupted Host. Green Stuff on some plumes and decorations to their armor, maybe see if I can green stuff some Slaanesh symbols onto their shields.

>> No.41289013

Honestly ever since all this Age of Sigmar stuff started, I've been thinking i could make a Fantasy game like old Warhammer better than GW ever could.

>> No.41289098

The Bretonnian look does a lot of good, but that mount is still an eyesore.

>> No.41289112

'still shit' edition, rather

>> No.41289134


>> No.41289135

If all you're looking for is the fucking rules, you don't buy the limited edition shit that is 50-100% the price of the regular rulebook. You just buy the regular thing. The kind of person who buys a limited edition anything is not looking for rules or art or whatever's in there. They're looking for a souvenir, bragging rights: "I was in on the ground floor."

The fact that they haven't sold out shows that even among the people who are going to play AoS, there aren't that many who want to invest in it.

AoS is fucked.

>> No.41289152

By playing 7th edition WHFB?

>> No.41289165


>> No.41289170

>Fighting alongside Chaos for any reason

Well, I guess once you start fucking the lore and background, it's kinda hard to stop.

>> No.41289201

I don't think 7th Edition WHF is perfectly balanced by any stretch of the imagination.
Also I'm talking about making a whole new game from scratch, which is what GW seemed to have done for AoS.

>> No.41289204

What's your beef with ur-gold? Isn't it just gold from the old world?

>> No.41289240

Kings of War or whatever is seemingly popular as /tg/'s new go-to not-quite-warhammer-fantasy.
There have been countless kickstarters for similar projects.

>> No.41289291

The pre-order numbers.

Failure to sell even 2000 copies in the span of a week doesn't lie, anon.

>> No.41289307

Slaanesh isn't kill, he just got too fat on souls and got captured by pansy elf gods.

>> No.41289320


Mount and banner need to be greenstuffed/filed down to get rid of the hammer.

>> No.41289346

Other than the fucking retarded name?

I mean, it's on par with Orruks and Aelfs.

>> No.41289541

Balthasar Gelt is pretty stout now - he's one of the better summoner assassins.

>> No.41289557

So looking at this Miniwargaming Battlereport, I notice the Stormcast are quite capable on the table:


Or was their power in this Battlereport likely attributed to the scenario ?

>> No.41289652

It's a bit better. Ur-Whatever was already going on it WFB wasn't it?

>> No.41289701


I bought limited edition of AoS because the page quality is supposed to be higher. Page quality for the 6th Edition 40k rulebook was quite nice.


Pretty sure Dwarfs had a gold sickness in the old Fantasy, this just seems to be an extension of it. Fyreslayers seem to be in between Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs. I imagine the Dwarfs which inhabit Chamon will be closer to the traditional Dwarfs.


We don't know what it is yet.


They're talking about the Age of Sigmar starter set, not the book.

>> No.41289746


I know the Hill Dwarf lord in the War of Vengeance series suffered from gold sickness.

>> No.41289858

Go Slaanesh. Your army is fine, 4chan is doomsaying as usual. You have the rules available, run with them.

>> No.41290038

Rolled 11 (1d12)


>> No.41290086

Only a theory.
Ur-gold exists in 40k too, a guy had teeth in a BL novel made of it.

>> No.41290159

No, it was not.

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>> No.41290410

Played my first game of AoS last night. Put my High Elves with a buddy's Dwarfs against some coworkers running Slaanesh and Undead.

We set up a game with 50 wounds for each army so 100 v 100. Limit of 2 Hero characters and 3 Monsters per army. Honestly, it felt pretty simple to work it out. After the game, my coworkers told me that it was fun and they never felt either super OP or at a disadvantage, so that's good.

>lost my general in the second round after swarm of daemonettes charged him
>wiped them next turn with 15 swordmasters
>felt good man

And I thought it was fun too, so, there's that.

>> No.41290492


Slaanesh is so fucking fast in AOS - my first game against DoC jezzails got charged turn 1 from like 20" away

>> No.41290588

Yeah I didn't realize just how quickly they were on me. Things to remember next time for sure.

>> No.41290589 [SPOILER] 

>Horned Rat!

So tell me what your thoughts and feelings would be if come grand reveal time you walk in to your local store see a giant banner saying Age of Sigmar: Return of Malal

>> No.41290651


I've changed up quite a bit of what I was taking - I'm running two 'catcher units' stuff that is fairly sticky (I play dwarfs so warriors w/shields) backed with some character support (runelords for me) to block the super fast stuff. It keeps my shooters open and more able to not get just lamblasted by battleshock.

At first I thought the shooting into combat was pretty dumb but then I realized that A) combat units are worse than garbage in combat now and B) you will get demolished by battleshock in many cases.

>> No.41290725

b-but, you can't have fun, it's impossible! the game is supposed to be shit, they told me it was shit!

wait, i got it! your a shill. that's right a shill. whew, everything makes sense again

>> No.41290732

My mind would burst as I tried to comprehend the madness that is Malal.

>> No.41290770

His tail is a woman's head. With mantis claws. What the hell?

>> No.41290879

>Stormcast Eternal

They got be trolling now

>> No.41290886

Except you can see two footprints aligned one in from of the other on the side of the bike, indicating they dismounted it normally.

>> No.41290928



Has always been the name of the wind of magic that fire casters uses

>Grungni and Grimnir

Dwarf elder gods

Its almost as if you were being intentionally dense.

>> No.41290960

Age of Sigmar be like:
>Need 500 D6 dices, see how many 3+ rolls you get
>If more than opponent, you win
>This is the definition of a BAD GAME DESIGN

>> No.41291002

Agshy was always the name of the Wind of Magic, fuckwit.


Dwarf Gods.

They were in there since WHFB. I think a good chunk of people who complain about AoS never played WHFB in the first place.

>> No.41291007

So chaos won the final battle and even Sigmar and his new troop are no match for chaos, everything is existence is about to be destroyed, but wait!

It turns out the paradox of chaos winning and opening the way for the destruction of everything it needs to survive awakened the god everyone thought was dead and gone a big chance for a second run!
Malal, the chaos god of order and atheism, was the one who secretly plotted slaanesh down fall is unleashing hell on hell itself! This ancient, forgotten evil god of chaos now wages war to destroy all of chaos for reasons that only he can comprehend!

>> No.41291010


totally and completely original! never heard that before!


>> No.41291046

Aqshy. That's what I get for typing in a hurry.

>> No.41291113

Damn, I need this now but in all likelyhood it won't be.
Still would be cool to have another chaos army based around a god like Malal.

>> No.41291247


>> No.41291290


>> No.41291633

For the Iron Horde

"we'll never be slaves, but we'll be conquerors."

>> No.41291691


>> No.41291762

Something feels rather, perturbing about these guys. I'm just imaging it right?

>> No.41291924

This thing is great. Seems to improve threads on the game.

>> No.41291960


Fucks sake. Work dice!

>> No.41291980

That's hectic

>> No.41291984


>> No.41292003

Ok do dice not work from mobile devices or am I really this retarded?

Also sorry anons for shitting up thread with my faggotry.

>> No.41292059



>> No.41292076


Last test

>> No.41292215

To anyone who's used the new book:
>How are the scenarios, are they what AoS is built for? Can anyone tell me what some of the scenarios are?
>How do realms work? What are the differences between playing in different realms? Are all the realms included in the book?

>> No.41292234


Book isn't out until tomorrow.

>> No.41292272

So people have apparently played with it according to some threads.

>> No.41292281

only 3 realms , fire, life and metal

>> No.41292303


They may have played with some shitty leaked copy stuff but at best the earliest anyone has gotten the book was probably today and that still doesn't given them time to play test the scenarios.

What we do know is there are 3 realms listed at the moment. We've seen one scenario leaked that I have seen.

>> No.41292436

Ah, that explains it.

>> No.41292469

Thaco vs d20

>> No.41292476


I played it one time too. And it was fun insofar wargaming itself is fun. That does not change that AoS is a shitty wargame.

>> No.41292512

>but at best the earliest anyone has gotten the book was probably today
Retailers will usually have GW stuff a little early. Wednesday is when they normally get it with how memphis handles packages.

Someone getting access to the rules a little early isn't really very strange at all.

>> No.41292524


My store is in Memphis and we didn't get ours until today so...

>> No.41292533

So how the fuck does this work if points don't matter, does it go by wounds? Like if I'm playing ogres with 4-8 wounds models versus some faggots horde army how are we supposed to decide how much models to use

>> No.41292539


There is another scenario you can see on GW's website under the preview for the book.

There seem to be certain game types or something, not scenarios, that allow you to use additional rules if you're playing in a specific Realm.

>Realm of Fire

Missle weapons that are shot from 12" or more may reroll to-hit rolls of 1

Every kind of scenery blocks Line of Sight

Wizards can cast Fireballs:

Casting value 5


If the target unit is 1 model it suffers 1 mortal wound

Units of 2-9 models suffer D3 mortal wounds

Units of 10 or more models suffer D6 mortal wounds


Place 6 dice on the battlefield (numberd 1-6)

At the start of every Hero Phase roll 1D6 to see which geyser becomes active.

Units within 6" of the geyser receive D3 mortal wounds.

If you have a model with the keywords Priest and Chaos you can add or subtract 1 to/from your geyser roll.

>> No.41292556


>Realm of Life

Spontaneous Growth:

Roll 1D6 at the start of your herophase, on a roll of 6 you may place 1 Sylvaneth
Wyldwood anywhere on the battlefield (must be a flat surface)

If there are models in your way, remove them, place the wood and place the models as near as possible to their original location.

Blooming Life:

When rolling a 1 during a unit's battleshock test they dont flee. Also
you heal any wounds suffered by all models in the unit.

Wizards can cast Thornshield:

Casting value 6


Until your next Hero Phase all enemy units within 3" suffer D3 mortal wounds.

Breeze of Pestilence:

Nurgle Wizards can cast this spell

Casting value 4


Choose 1 friendly unit

Enemy units within 3" of the chosen friendly unit have -1 to-hit against that unit.

You can choose to increase the casting value to a number of your choice, for every point increased you can choose 1 additional unit

Hidden Foulness:

All scenery has the Hidden Foulness special rule.

During your Hero Phase roll 1D6 for every unit within 1" of any scenery, add +1 if the unit has the Nurgle keyword. On 5+ the unit suffers 1 mortal wound, units with the Nurgle keyword heal one wound.

Father Nurgle, Be With Me!:

Once per game when a Nurgle Hero dies you can roll 1D6

1-2: Replace the fallen Hero with a Chaos Spawn

3-4: Remove the Hero

5-6: The Hero doesnt die instead he heals all wounds back to full life.

>> No.41292562


As has been discussed a million times at this point you have 3 real options

A) Shout loudly, throw your models on the table, laugh at how good you are and how shitty the game is

B) Have a discussion with your opponent regarding limits (things like wounds, heroes, warmachines, etc).

C) Try one of the comps posted in this very thread.

>> No.41292588

>ogre player and orc player having a shouting contest
Need to see that happened
And that's fucking stupid, I liked points. How are tournaments going to work?

>> No.41292591

>> No.41292615

>> No.41292632

You play 2 turns and see if it is roughly balanced. Nothing else really works well.

>> No.41292640

>> No.41292641


They will likely end up using a comp pack that creates organizational rules.

>> No.41292661

>> No.41292675


Azyr comp works really well. Its a solid foundation and works even better if you add in some scenarios.

>> No.41292681

>> No.41292699

The test model assembly of my homebrew stormhost: The Forgesworn Eternals

Basically they were made by Grungni with the sole purpose of protecting and reclaiming the duarden holds and lands.

These guys will be fighting alongside my dwarfs.

>> No.41292730


That head fits really well - is that the Ironbreaker/Irondrake head?

>> No.41292774


Azyr Comp is basically a spin-off game. It probably has more rules than fucking AoS itself, lol.

>> No.41292778

Yup. I had to do some creative shaving around the breastplate to get it to fit, including the head itself. I bought like 20 more heads from a bits site in anticipation of this project. The more elaborate models will be getting parapets and bolts or whatever crowning the heads. This set up is just for the grunts.

>> No.41292845


Not really - it primarily clarifies some things, and adds about a page of rules (not including army costs obviously).

Its a solid set up to add some structure. We've adopted it at our FLGS as the go to for pick up games.

>> No.41292902

Our group likes it. Apparently he is waiting for the book to come out before he updates it with the stormcast and goretide units.

>> No.41292938


We made one small change (and I've emailed him about it and I think he's coming around).

Shooting in to combat - any unit firing at an engaged unit suffers a -1 to hit. Additionally if a unit is firing at an engaged unit it itself is not engaged with rolls of a 1 are resolved against the friendly unit engaged.

>> No.41293026

So it adds about 25%.

>> No.41293085


Yeah thats about right. Not anything wrong with that.

>> No.41293120

What the hell is Ur-gold?

>> No.41293165

Slaughterpriest and Skullgrinder are going to be clampacks according to Atia, no idea on their release though.

>> No.41293248


wtf is a slaughterpriest

>> No.41293339


Presumably a priest who slaughters things.

Being a jackass aside I think it'll likely be a warrior priest type equivalent for chaos. Has a prayer like ability to buff units, decent in combat.

>> No.41293364

Yeah, but imagine adding 25% house rules to any wargame or RPG. That's massive.

>> No.41293421


Will be a Khorne themed Priest that functions similar to a Lord Relictor I imagine, there are currently 19 Priest units in the game:

>Cauldron of Blood
>Plague Furnace
>Chaos Warshrine
>Casket of Souls
>Luthor Huss
>Skink Priest
>Prince Apophas
>Warrior Priest
>Liche Priest
>Lord Skrolk
>Lord Relictor

>> No.41293425

cool your jets, we dont know yet

>> No.41293440


Not when the original rule set is 4 pages. It would be massive if the ruleset was 200 pages.

You're talking about adding 1 page versus adding 50.

In a 4 page rule set there is bound to be 1 page of needed clarification. I doubt a 200 page rule set needs 50.

>> No.41293549

>what are relative numbers

>> No.41293578


Sure - you win - it doesn't matter.

Azyr is a good comp - great place to start for putting together a pick up game standard. Regardless of percentage of added rules.

>> No.41293699

I was going to say that it's what they where now calling slaughtermasters but I guess >>41293421 is right.

>> No.41293920

It merely underlines the retardedness that is AoS.

>> No.41293996


Kinda figured that was where this was going. You win whatever it was you wanted to win. AoS is bad, everyone who likes it is a shill or an idiot. Good job bud.

>> No.41294079

Tried a game today - my friend took a chapel from the scenery book. The rules were pretty cool, he had his priest hang out inside and keep a bulky shooter unit alive.

Fortunately my mortar cleared them out in short order, but it was neat for him to have a shrine he was defending.

>> No.41294134


>> No.41294162


The problem I see though is that due to a lot of negatively aimed at AoS release, people who play AoS simply wont even listen to reason any more when its right in front of them.
For instance, I personally think that GW ruined a really fun game with a deep lore setting and about 30 years of gaming history by pressing the reset button.
Why did they do this? Well, according to GW spokesmen, because they want a better profit. And kids spends more money than 30´ish year old neckbeards. Its that simple. And they have even stated that AoS is a "introduction game aimed at kids with little or no experience of wargames" And will act as a way in to the wargaming community.

and to be fair, this is what GW should be all about. A bunch of great looking models with hardly no rules, and the rules that are is purely based around fun and what the models looks like, with no thoughts of balance in mind.

I just think it could have been done in a different way. And I do think they ruined a really fun game for many people involved in this hobby. I have tried AoS, and to me it was just a really bad (like... really really bad...) warmahordes. And as I play that to, I have no reason to play AoS which in comparison have no real rules what so ever.

So instead of dissing all criticism as "he just hates my game", try reading and asking yourself "does he have a point?".

>> No.41294229

So, just did a count based on the numbers shown for a warrior chamber.

>Angelos Conclave
3 retinues of 6 Prosecutors - 18

>Paladin Conclave
6 retinues of 12 Retributors, 2 of each weapon - 72

>Redeemer Conclave
9 retinues of 20 Liberator, 3 hammer and shield, 3 sword and shield, 3 sword and parrying blade - 180

>Justicar Conclave
6 retinues of 10 Judicators, 3 crossbow, 3 bow - 60

>Chamber Command
1 Lord Celestant, 1 Lord Relictor, 1 Lord Castellant, 1 battle standard bearer, and 1 dude with a bugle. - 5

So a standard Warrior Chamber of Sigmar is...

Hey, it isn't a Space Marine chapter I guess. I could see getting a Space Marine Company, having 100 marines could be cool. I don't think I'd ever want 335 Stormcast dudes. Would probably look cool on the table though.

>> No.41294261


I will just as soon as you stop bringing it up in AoS general because that's not the place for it. If you want to discuss why its a bad game then make a thread for that.

However in my free time I want to discuss Azyr comp, scenarios, new fluff, etc. Not constantly have to read why other people think its bad.

Take your opinions about AoS - make a thread called 'why AoS is a bad game' and people who want to can discuss is there. People who don't want to be bothered by it don't have to be. That's the beauty of an image board, you can take your opinion and make a thread dedicated to it. But again AoS general isn't the place for it. This is the place for those of us who like AoS to talk about it.

I don't go to WHFB general and post nothing but criticism of the game. I don't go to any general and criticize the game. If I don't like the game (for example I loathe Warmahordes) I just leave the Warmahordes threads alone. Please practice this and leave AoS threads alone.

>> No.41294335


There will certainly be people who collect the whole shebang. Its such an odd thing - when you give people a set number of things to have to be complete they go into this 'gotta have the complete set' line of thinking.

>> No.41294464

>Discussion of the demerits and weaknesses of a game aren't allowed in that game's thread.

Enjoy your hugbox.

>> No.41294487


So tell me again why I shouldn't just go into a Warmahordes thread and shit post? As long as I can put a veneer of 'discussing the demerits' on my shitposting its acceptable right?

>> No.41294493

>AoS fan.jpeg

>> No.41294496

There's a difference between doing that and ridiculous shitposting that goes on.

It doesn't help anyone.

>> No.41294522


Holy shit, there are six warrior chambers in a Stormcast Eternal Stormhost. Thats 2,010 Heroes pulled from wherever they were fighting chaos. And a Stormhost has 3 Exemplar Chambers, and 3 Harbringer Chambers. Who knows what those have. If those are around as many Stormcast as the Warrior Chambers, than Sigmar puts over 4,000 warriors in each of his autonomous warhosts he sends out. Even more if you include the Sacrosanct Chamber, the Ruination Chamber, the Extremis Chamber, and the Auxilary Chamber. They look smaller, so we'll say 200 each. 4,800. Then the Command Echelons with four temples in that. Heraldor, Judicator, Relictor, and Valedictor. Let's round up to about 5,000 super human soldiers, all under one Lord Commander and set out with no direct oversight.

My god. Sigmar is cruising for a Stormcast Heresy.

Also, holy shit, no wonder they lost the war to chaos if Sigmar abducted every able bodied defender of the realm for hundreds of years. What an asshole.

>> No.41294533

Just do it. Noone will be able to stop you, Anon. You got the power.

>> No.41294536


Yes - I am an AoS fan. I don't hide the fact. I enjoy AoS - it is a great platform to do some interesting things with. I like to write rules, I like to write scenarios. Those things are fun to me so AoS has a lot of potential for me (and my gaming group to enjoy).

Just because I like something you don't isn't a bad thing.

>> No.41294594


Eh I can tell I am getting frustrated again. This is that point where I remind myself that a hobby is supposed to be fun. These threads aren't too bad when you just hide post (and report) the most egregious of the shit posting.

You can actually focus on having a halfway decent discussion then.


Did you read the Azyr book? He fucked a qhole tribe in the fire realm to take their chieftain to make into a Lord Celestant. He was the last chief of the free people on the fire realm and he was about to go fight ole Khul when Sigmar snatched his ass. Made his whole tribe curse his name, called him 'he who fled'.

>> No.41294610

Well in Gates of Azyr, the Stormhost in that has 10,000 warriors.

>> No.41294631

I wonder if they'll ever release plastic flesh hounds, so I can make a bunch of plastic salamanders.

>> No.41294669

is anarchy, Anon. Deal with it.

>> No.41294672

Well, to be fair, he would be killed if Sigmar didn't save him..

>> No.41294715

He pleaded to be sent back, to fight and die with his people, some of whom apparently survived the battle. Sigmar's kind of a dick.

>> No.41294748


>One of Sigmar's chosen has Angron's backstory

here we go...

>> No.41294765


I knew it. I actually don't like that the setting is called Age of Sigmar now. The fact that it's named after one faction's leader is annoying. As much focus as the Imperium gets in 40k, at least the game isn't called Warhammer 40,000: The Emperor's Imperium.

As someone that plays other factions, I dislike his rise to being the King of all the other gods. Fuck Sigmar and his plan to hide in his castle while his allies and worshippers burned. Then he kidnaps people and doesn't help them with their problems? Keeps them away from helping their loved ones for hundreds of years? Refuses to let women join his armies, leaves them out for chaos warbands roving for pussy? Sigmar is the worst god.

>> No.41294790


>Also, holy shit, no wonder they lost the war to chaos if Sigmar abducted every able bodied defender of the realm for hundreds of years. What an asshole.

Lose the battle but win the war. The LONG war.

>> No.41294809

I am 100% sure that slanessh will just corrupt the elves again and we'll get space dark elves but not on space

>> No.41294812


Oh he is totally gonna have Stormhosts go rogue. They won't necessarily fall to chaos, although I could see them doing so, but they will totally rebel from Sigmar. Liberate a region and become it's new rulers. Who's gonna stop them? They are demigods now, but they still are more human than Space Marines, and they go rogue.

>> No.41294825

He gets over it and embraces his new identity. As Angron should have done.

>> No.41294826

No its not a bad thing ,and good for you for having an opinion but esstially what you are saying is that you don't like people hating on your game, when I see the picture from OP I immediately assume it's not to shower praise on it.
it's your money man, do what you want with, but don't assume that this thread is for people who like this game.

I myself am still in wait and see mode at this point.

>> No.41294843


He also didn't have butcher's nails in his brain. Kind of helps.

>> No.41294870

Probably does. He could have had them removed though.

>> No.41294883

Also, why is Khorne ascendant when the lands are already all but conquered? If seven of the eight realms are conquered, and there is little to no resistance left, and they can't get in Azyr to fight the only free people left, why is the god or war and bloodshed stated as being ascendant? It seems like Slaanesh or Nurgle would be more powerful in this setting.

>> No.41294915

>As Angron should have done
Yeah right. How exactly do you forgive somebody, who turned up to kidnap you and left your quasi-family to die, when he just as well could have just saved them all with a snap of his finger.
You don't. Because he's an asshole who doesn't give a shit about you and never even respected you enough to apologize for getting everyone you cared about brutally murdered. The Emperor seriously dropped the ball on this one and for all their greatnesses ultimately the Primarch's ego always came back to bite their asses.

It's like the Emperor was a superpowered autist.

>> No.41294972


He's like like 50,000+ years old or something and has a bunch of shaman souls swimming around in his mind, of course he's autistic and weird.

Keep in mind the Primarches are the first living pseudo-humans that could potentially live as long as him, or understand even a fraction of the power and weight that rests on his shoulders.

>> No.41295043

They fight themselves and other daemons...and they are trying to break the gate of Azyr . that's when the Stormcast appear and more fighting than ever.

>> No.41295062

>or understand even a fraction of the power and weight that rests on his shoulders.
Which is why him not trying to relate to them such an obvious faux pax.
I mean sure, he's super old, basically done everything anyone can do etc.
But the Primarchs were the key element in his plan to save humanity, to bring them to a place where they no longer needed an Emperor.
You'd think he'd be extra careful to make that go over smooth.

Anyway it's a personal pet peeve of mine, I don't want to derail the thread.

>> No.41295078


Its really forced to move the story of the Heresy along in the direction they want.

>> No.41295095


Oh. The next page explains it. I'm reading the new book now. The chaos armies were working together, then once they had basically won and were just hunting down hidden remnants and shit, Khorne backstabbed like a motherfucking skaven. He sent his daemon legions into Nurgle's Garden and Tzeentch's Labyrinth. Not Slaanesh's place though, guess he was missing by then? Anyway, apparently Tzeentch tried to stop Khorne with arcane intrigue which of course didn't work, and Nurgle teams up with his boy Great Horned Rat, but Khorne fucked them up too. So He grew power from infighting and tried to use that to bring down the Azyr Gate, but Sigmar used Chaos' lack of unity to strike. So Chaos didn't unify to beat back the Stormhosts because Khorne had JUST dicked them over, and so Sigmar gained ground.

Got it. If Sigmar was gone for a few centuries, it must have taken a while to get to this point then. So Sigmar waited until there was almost no one left to save before he moved. God damn, still worst god.

>> No.41295114


Its more he did what Khorne does; he got bored and started killing the only other thing that could challenge him and his hosts.


>> No.41295121

Why is everyone hating on the Dragon?

>> No.41295132


There's tons of people in Azyrheim. Necessary sacrifices etc. Its not a cape comic, he can't miraculously save everyone.

>> No.41295136

Well, while what he did can be seen as a dick move, it's far worse to open the gate and face the chaos when he's not ready, the free people on Azyr would just get fucked.

>> No.41295171


>As Angron should have done.

Given how the Emperor managed the situation Angron may have done exactly what he was supposed to have done.

>> No.41295190

Come to think of it a superpowered roided up Sleipnir would have been much cooler imo.
Still different than WHFB, still fantasy, still in line with 'not-valhalla', still a horse etc.

>Why is everyone hating on the Dragon?
Probably for the same reason a lot of people have issues with the Simgarines. Change is scary, especially if you don't know why it happens.

>> No.41295210


I mean, the Empire was able to hold off Chaos for a long time, and that was without Sigmar being manifest among them. He probably could have done a lot personally.


And if he can just summon thousands of people into Azyr somehow without opening the gates and the Chaos Gods can't do anything about it then why not save as many people as possible instead of only getting heroes worthy of being blasted apart by lighting and rebuilt?

>> No.41295289

I dunno. Wingless dragons are fucking cool.

Gaudy sigmarite (who the fuck though that word was okay) barding and the rider are kinda shit. I'd have preferred a bit less clutter.

>> No.41295413

So, so far Khorne has started from his throne when the Stormcast appeared and 'So great was his bellow of rage that every realm shook to its core, the god's war cry echoing through eternity. A coppery wind - a blasting furnace gale- blew out of the Realm of Chaos, and scoured the Mortal Realms.'

But when Nagash reformed and emerged from the Starless gate, 'Nagash cast an invocation of such titanic proportions that a tomb-chill could be felt across all the Mortal Realms.'

I wonder how many winds will blow over all the plains of existence? So far I'm at two, but I just started counting. Sigmar sending down the Stormcast probably happened with a thunder that could be heard across all the mortal realms.

>> No.41295521

Be less mad?

What did you say pussy? Little bitch feeding off this little back and forth like a goddamn parasite. Consider this: Your retarded. We're fine, we come here to have a yarn and we're getting one. It's not good enough for you though, you gotta break someone down, remind people in all the ways they are wrong. And at the end of the day what do you have? Your 2 inch cock in your hand pumping away whilst you cry and look at all the sick fits you cant afford, hoping one day you'll be well dressed enough that people will forget what a vapid mong you are.

Look in the mirror, you are the retard here. Do you see anyone replying to your posts except me? It's because you have nothing to offer this board and probably life in general. You have no value; the only value you have is providing some guy across the globe with shits n gigs as he tries to get dinner ready.

You have proven to be a failure on such a simple level of human interaction that I'm convinced you are actually mentally retarded and are probably typing these replies with supervision from the nurses at the Fuckwitsville Home for the Mentally Bereft. Now I'm going, because the only alternative is to wait for you to rinse your head out with shotgun mouthwash and I cant be bothered waiting.

>> No.41295533


They pressed the reset button because there wasn't much they could do for the existing armies as the world was and I'm assuming retconning it so that Archaon never existed was either out of the question or wouldn't have done much.

You can't live and make money by just copying and pasting the same lore over and over and resculpting the same models, putting potential ideas for lore and models on the shelf because "They wouldn't fit".

Sure there was Cathay and such, but to be honest those aren't surefire investments, you run the risk of pouring money into numerous sculpts and an army book only for the very real possibility of whatever army never taking off. At least the Stormcast Eternals had the fact that people like Space Marines and people like Warriors of Chaos going for them.


Eventually, they're not going to keep making finecast or metal versions forever.


Greater good


>I dislike his rise to being the King of all the other gods

All of whom, bar Grungi, promptly fucked off and did whatever they wanted.

>Refuses to let women join his armies

Apparently it's going to be left intentionally vague as to just what exactly all of the Eternals were in a previous life, leave it open to allow people to have their Eternals be women, Aelves, or Duardin.


Apparently there was no way to remove the Nails from Angron's brain without killing him in the process.

>> No.41295557

Malal is Chaos Divided.
The opposites of Chaos in one are his Daemons. Bloodlettes, Plaguehorrors, the Unclean Keeper, the Bloodchanger, the Fateseekers.

>> No.41295578

Those aren't GW copyright.

How has a third party company not made them? There's a company who made a mini of a Tau rule 34 pinup for fucks sake!

>> No.41295611


>I mean, the Empire was able to hold off Chaos for a long time

Because they were mostly fighting disorganized raids.

Chaos' attack against the Mortal Realms seems to be First War against Chaos tier or higher.

>And if he can just summon thousands of people into Azyr somehow without opening the gates and the Chaos Gods can't do anything about it then why not save as many people as possible instead of only getting heroes worthy of being blasted apart by lighting and rebuilt?

Maybe because he is limited in someway with what he can actually accomplish at one time? None of the gods in Warhammer are omnipotent. Seems like he wasn't even able to send out all of his Stormhosts, only a portion of them who had to capture the various Realmgates if they wanted reinforcements.

>> No.41295639

I want that pic for wallpaper.

>> No.41295640

They kind of remind me of Trollforged stuff.

>> No.41295677

My understanding was that he resurrected these fallen heroes and whatnot.

>> No.41295690

Especially when Meliketh and Nagash make him grovel at their feet in utter terror..

Both those people are Gods now, and Be'lakor is where? Oh yeah, third fiddle to the Horned Rat.

>> No.41295714

He saved most of them from the brink a death...he does resurrect fallen stormcast enternals by reforging them.

>> No.41295852

So Sigmar lost his hammer midway through the age of chaos, and 'Furious, he retreated to the Celestial Realm, and ordered the Gates of Azyr Sealed. He retired to his Celestial Palace City and was not seen again for centuries.'

What a baby.

Anyway, so who has the hammer guys? Where is Ghal Maraz? And where is Slaanesh? I am liking the whole, ongoing story thing they're trying with this.

Also, apparently Slaanesh was missing for the whole Age of Chaos. Did the elven god's 'Capture Sleepy Slaanesh' roadtrip end up bringing Chaos to the Mortal Realms?

Did the elves ruin everything? Again?

>> No.41295858


So... we have the Origins of FantasyAngron right there, waiting to happen?

>> No.41295866

Nah, it's resolved in Gates of Azyr, he gets over it and accepts and embraces his new identity and role.

>> No.41295867

From what i've read so far Sigmar is 'cheating' by using Nagash's power, they can rez Eternals with some kind of undead Chaplin. Also Nagash is a God now basically on his own side but allied to Sigmat.

>> No.41295870

>Anyway, so who has the hammer guys?
>Where is Ghal Maraz? And where is Slaanesh?
>Also, apparently Slaanesh was missing for the whole Age of Chaos.

Seems like somebody needed some alone time...

>> No.41295878

As another anon have said, he got over it and accepted his new identity by the end of the book.

>> No.41295896


Are you insinuating that Slaanesh is gone because he's been masturbating to how his own reflection looks in Ghal Maraz?

>> No.41295926

Sigmar slew a Hydragor that guarded the gates to Shyish.

>Multiheaded beastman
>Gates to Shyish
>Entrance to the Underworld

>> No.41295974


Guess that may be what this picture is meant to represent

>> No.41295997

No, I'm insinuating that he's been masturbating to how his own reflection at how Ghal Maraz looks in him.

>> No.41296073

Not Allied now because he betrayed him, but he was to start with.

>> No.41296101

No, that's a big rhino looking thing, with two horns. Not a multi-headed thing.

>> No.41296121

>AoS is one of the most viewed pages on 1d4chan already


>> No.41296272


Elves ruin everything confirmed.

Tyrion wakes up as the Lord of Lumination, a god of light. He is blind but he can see through the eyes of Teclis, who is a god as well. They search Hysh but find no elves. Sigmar finds them and invites them to Azyrheim but there are no elves there either.
Malerion wakes up and is a shadow creature. he wanders around Ulgu and finds no elves. He does find him mom, Morathi, hanging out with shadow daemons. They join Sigmar as well.

Years later, Sigmar holds a summit with a pantheon of gods, demigods, and zodiacal monsters. The realms are given a protector, and borders and domains are divided up. Every one worked together. Grungni taught people metalworking, so the tech level has definitely dropped. No more steam tanks. Nagash imposed order on the spirits of the dead and had zombies helping build. Gorkamorka was kinda unruly, but Sigmar had him go off and be a monster hunter so that worked out.

But Alarielle had hidden some seeds from the old world and planted them all over the place, making treefolk and 'Aelven spirit beings'. She much prefered them to actual people, so she hid in the Realm of Life. Meanwhile, Malerion and Tyrion could not find any elves anywhere, other than Tyrion, Teclis, Alarielle, Morathi, and Malerion. I guess they didn't want to repopulate themselves because they chased after Slaanesh and all the elves in her belly, and with the help of Tzeentch manipulating them and Khorne, they capture him, leading chaos back to their homes.

Also, new Aelf models will be half digested mixes of all three elf factions, it all makes sense!

>> No.41296424

So Sigmar finds two dwarf gods, Grungni and Grimnir. They are chained to the top of a mountain in the Realm of Fire for some reason and refuse to say why. Sigmar frees them and they pledge to help him out. Grungni, being a crippled master of metalcraft forge god, says he'll make Sigmar whatever he needs. Then he gathered his scattered surviving dwarfs and established the Iron Karak. Karaks are still around.
Grimnir being hot blooded warrior god wanted to get his debt repayed immediately. He tells Sigmar to give him a foe worthy of his blades. Sigmar says, "Go kill the fire wyrm that's been burninating the countryside." So Grimnir tracks it down right away and it is Vulcatrix, the Mother of Salamanders, the mythic creature that first birthed fire into the worlds. It was so hot that Grimnir's hair and beard burst into flames. Grimnir said fuck it and charged anyway and solo'd the boss. Finally, they smashed headlong into each other, and shattered. The shards of the two rained across the void as blazing meteors. The hot coals of Vulcatrix landed and formed volcanos. 'As for the flaming fragments of Grimnir, what happened to them is a revelation the duardin share with no one.'

Avatar of Grimnir confirmed.

>> No.41296549

Gorkamorka is one god that splits into Gork and Mork when the greenskins squabble and infight. But when they come together to form Gorkamorka, it starts a huge Waaagh!

When Gorkamorka first snapped and broke from the Great Alliance, he started a Waaagh! that swept across the Eight Realms and to the abyssal World's End. And the Gorkamorka turned around and did it again, smashing over civilisations that were in the middle of rebuilding after they had just Waaagh!'d by.

Also, Sigmar found Gorkamorka trapped in living amber. 'Drakatoa' a living avalance that ruled Ghyrria.

>> No.41296795


What they did with Gork and Mork is pretty cool, nicely reflects Greenskin behavior.

>> No.41296829


Yeah, I'm glad he isn't just one god. Splitting into Gork and Mork was a nice touch.

I'm really hoping that every faction gets their God as a model. Nagash for Death, and a Gork, Mork, and Gorkamorka model would be great. Actually fielding Sigmar versus Gork and Mork would be incredible.

>> No.41297010

>Anyway, so who has the hammer guys? Where is Ghal Maraz?
I'm betting on Karl Franz

They can't scrap the model

>> No.41297099

Ok guys, help me decide please.

Ok this first list makes some sense since I can use all the models in a Khorne Daemonkin list and use some of my 40k models I already have. Not to mention they all come with round bases already.

-Khorne Daemons-

-Bloodhthirster x2 - $280
-Soulgrinder x3 - $240
-Flesh Hounds x10 - $120
-Karanak - $30
-Bloodletters x20 - $70

Total - $770.96 (tax included)

-Vampire Counts-

-Nagash - $130
-Manfred on Mortarch - $95
-Morghast Archai x2 - $71
-Terrorgheist - $69.25
-Grave Guard x20 - $99
-Skeleton Warriors x30 - $89.25
-Vlad Con Carstein - $21.75
-bonus if I trade my slaughterbrute and island of blood skaven-
10 skelly warriors
Mortis engine
Cairne Wraith
Wight King

Total - $604.01 CAN



-Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur - $100
-Lord Kroak - $59.50
-Stegadon - $69.25
-Bastiladon - $70
-Troglodon - $100
-Temple Guard x40 - $198

Total - $626.59

>> No.41297112

yeah probbaly the coolest piece of lore to comeout of Age of Sigmar, but thats kinda sad in itself...

>> No.41297146

Because his mouth is buttugly with only a few but enormous teeth

Should look fearsome but looks ill

>> No.41297286


Nope. Karl is dead. Spoilers ahead if you care.

The Ninth Disciple of Tzeentch has it in Chamon. He killed all the Stormcast besieging his fortress, but they saw the golden glow of Ghal Maraz. After Sigmar reforged them he asked for a brief on the state of Chamon, and what happened. He realized it was his Hammer, and orders them to get back there and get it. But a skaven is lurking in Sigmar's throne room and overhears. That is how the story so far ends.

The next book will be the battle in Chamon looking for Ghal Maraz. I suspect the focus will be on Skaven and Duardin.

>> No.41297349

Don't think the profiles differ from what is in the High Elf and Skaven compendiums, but the battalions are new.

>> No.41297351


>> No.41297378

Yeah the boarding could have been better ,but the model has a distinct presence on the battlefield, and the general looks great

>> No.41297401

>These prices
>New game supposedly to bring in new, younger blood
>Tfw I saw a parent scoff at the price and ask a red shirt if these were in "Euros"
>"I heard you were a British company"

>> No.41297425

GW won't ever do as good as they want unless they do something about the price.

>> No.41297433

GW went from rules requiring ridiculous amounts of models to buy and paint making the game unattractive to newcomers, to a handful of super expensive models making it unattractive.
I'm genuinely curious by now if AoS will turn out to be the success GW hoped for.

I have my doubts.

>> No.41297481

https://www.facebook /DesignbyTuomasPirinen/posts/1620250038223421


I really don't think they can do anything about the price other copy the approach skirmish games seem to be taking which is you ultimately use less models but pay more for each.

To me wargaming doesn't seem like a massive thing where you can sell a product for relatively cheap and make your money by moving tons of it, the numbers just don't exist.

The quality and the fact that manufacturing is done in the UK probably has to do a lot with price as well, how many wargaming models are cheap because they come as a few big pieces instead of multiple ones?

>> No.41297562

Maybe they should use China to produce their models.

>> No.41297568


>> No.41297582


GW had a factory in China but they shut it down.

>> No.41297597



>> No.41297637

Jesus, how many more games does GW want to base in christian iconography?

>> No.41297641


If you do production in China, the Chinese will steal your shit. I'm surprised they ever went there to begin with.

>> No.41297668

how do you check this

what is the top 10

>> No.41297722

If they were in Euros the price would be even more expensive, surely?

>> No.41297740

Premade battle scenarios.

>> No.41297750

>1d4chan has visitors
Wowzers. Who and why?

>> No.41297776


Air Conditioning Chargers/10

>> No.41297823

>Rowboat page is more popular than other primarchs.
Well done.


>> No.41297829

It's art.
Art that's actually pleasing to look at because it implies a story, and it's quite funny.
Much better than say an artist that shits on a canvas, or another that just paints a whole canvas blue (and badly painted too)

>> No.41297837

>> No.41297841

nope. No comp, no houserules. Play in your basement if you want, but don't push your bullshit version.

>> No.41297849

Archway looks nice

>> No.41297866

>> No.41297872

whoa there wait a minute kiddo.

AoS is nothing like WMH. It isn't even close. The only thing they have in common is models and dice.
the turn system is different
the shooting phase is different
charging is different
melee is different
every fucking thing is different.

>> No.41298118

A lot of people actually.
Because its /tg/, if you expected anything decent you'd be sucking dicks on Whineseer or Derppa Derppa.

>> No.41298135

>save roll of 7 or more

What? Am I missing something here?

>> No.41298148

If you add one to the roll

>> No.41298202

>Go to Warhammer World in GWHQ
>Ask if they have the AoS fluff book.
>"The fluff book."
>"What's a fluff book."

I know I shouldn't expect a lot from GW, but staff not knowing generic wargaming terms concerns me.

>> No.41298216

You've got to refer to it by it's specific, GW trademarked name, or they won't respond.

>> No.41298283

I wonder how they hire their staff...

>> No.41298322

"Hey kid wanna trade your soul for a 50% discount?"

>> No.41298430

>That miscast roll
>All Lizardmen are Bravery 10

Sotek smiles upon me this day
>implying I'd every play AoS

>> No.41298462

>> No.41298474

>> No.41298482

>> No.41298485

cloudmines..wonder what they are like

>> No.41298493

>> No.41298539

>Behold my giant lightning cock

>> No.41298540

That face..lol always grumpy

>> No.41298620

>> No.41298710

Can't unsee. Thanks, you ruined these forever for me now.

>> No.41298740

We don't know anything almost. Give these things time. And I don't mean a few weeks.

>> No.41298820

They were never good anyway.

>> No.41298855

They have their uses.

>> No.41298880

He adds +1 to a roll so rolling a six makes it a 7

>> No.41298887

>Has a magical light that hurts Chaos


>> No.41299021

Seems pretty broken. Have one for each unit.

Should have been unique in some way.

>> No.41299162

>Also, new Aelf models will be half digested mixes of all three elf factions, it all makes sense!

So what your saying is, the angry army-burning dude was just making a fluffy army?

>> No.41299436

>with no thoughts of balance in mind.

Oh great, you are one of THOSE people who think a game can only be fun if its unbalanced.

What a load.

>> No.41299494

What's happening to me /tg/? At first I thought AoS models looked very bland especially sigmarines with their featureless plate surfaces... But the design is growning on me. I actually dig angels from Diablo 3 and I'd play a Diablo tabletop game any day. I'm actually thinking of buying this fucking set, man what is wrong with me.

On another note - there's a 20% discount on Warhammer stuff in a local store, it's not like super cheap but on par with american/british online store prices for once. I though of maybe getting some Skaven to round up my collection: I have quite a lot of High Elves from IOB (plus some phoenix guard and silver helms) and 1 set of Skaven from the same set. Since I don't have people to play FB with I wanted to make two armies out of those. What should I get? I was thinking maybe a warpstone cannon and a doomwheel?

Or maybe... I should buy some Daemons? There are 40k players in my town so at least I could play with them and maybe occasionally play FB? There are two Battleforces but they look dumb. Is Blood Tide of Khorne a good collection of minis to play 40k/fb? I really like the Skullcannon model.

>> No.41299585

Zomg you are so cool, hating on that popular thing!

Gee whiz!

>> No.41299630

Daemons are goat!

But I am a daemons player, and thus I am biased.

>> No.41299656

Are demons from Blood tide of Khorne a good starter army?

>> No.41299715

All the models in there are good and you can use em in 40k as well.

>> No.41299810

It's probably the same staffer who told me that pre-heresy Ultramarine's are black and white, I feel you Anon.

>> No.41299862

What? Really? I find that hard to swallow.

>> No.41299973

AoS has really taken off in my area

>> No.41300066

What do anons think of the new scenery?
Might buy a set to add to my collection. It says modular buildings in one of the descriptions but does anyone know more about that?

>> No.41300096

Everything is too expensive. I'm not gonna toss in 100 dollars for one box of scenery.

>> No.41300128

I like it, and looks like there's some more cool stuff coming too.

>> No.41300164

Looks neat, but I can't ever see myself paying for scenery. There's still too much cool stuff you can DIY.

>> No.41300324

I'm mixed about the ball of doom and the altar of mismanagement. I'll have to see as more stuff appears. The altar is very stand-alone and doesn't seem to meld with the other stuff.

The orb ball thing, bioshock was the first think I thought of when I saw it. I'm still not sure.

>> No.41300561

Is there a link to the whole book yet?

>> No.41300592


>> No.41301058

where did you get this? its not on the rules page on gw's site

>> No.41301209

I need to know this model for reasons (also because I'm converting a bikini plate shadowsun to piss off our local weeb, I dont even play Tau)

>> No.41301349


>> No.41301378

Thought I was going to get one of those and then noticed the bad ass deep strike ranger in related items.

I now have a new painting project!

Thanks for the links.

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