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What are some asylum encounter ideas?

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A nurse who brings you your medication.

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Spooky skeletons

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A half-naked retarded child screaming unintelligible nonsense about Mudkips.

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An art room with crayons, finger painting and modeling clay.

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Random rooms are sealed and marked condemned. As players wander they find rooms they were in before sealed and marked condemned when they return. Some of those rooms had important objects or NPCs inside. Players exit a room and find the door mid-way through being sealed.

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slender man

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>The character hears whispering over in the next room. If they strain their ears, they can make out someone counting off a sequence of numbers. The whispering stops suddenly when they enter the room. If they search thoroughly, they find the digits scrawled into the plaster with a fingernail behind one of the bedposts.

>Whenever there's a prolonged period of silence, the sound of someone awkwardly clearing their throat can be heard. Occasionally it's followed by a bit of coughing.

>The moldy ceiling in one room sags inward, making the confined room feel even smaller. A deep crack runs along the middle of it. Anyone who stands under the center and looks up sees a single blue eye staring back. Close inspection reveals it to the head of a one-eyed porcelain doll, wedged deep into the cracked plaster.

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I dig this

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Sam Neill with a single black crayon.

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>Whenever the character shuts their eyes for a significant amount of time, they hear familiar voices discussing how long the character will have to be in the asylum and if there's any hope the character will ever recover.

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>Ctrl+F "combine"
>No results
Fucking Christ, /tg/

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A cell full of a mass of squirming dicks

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mender slan

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didn't you ask this already?

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What, no

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Are you sure, anon? Tell us again about what happened on July 16th, 2015.

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Better yet, make it so the items aren't medicine or at least don't look like it through the PC's eyes.

>A nurse will come up to them with a tray of various items.
>These items include a dead cockroach, and eye ball, ear, rusty nail, and used band aid.
>Failure to eat at least one of the items results in the nurse tying you down and force feeding all of them to you.
>Eating one results in small sanity loss, being forced to eat all results in mild to medium sanity loss.

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There is more than 1 person on 4chan you know :p

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nice try but we all know that there are no people on 4chan

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Oh shit, then who was dog?

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>If caught out of their cell inmates (PC's) will be beat senselessly by the staff.
>At night the walls will mimic the sound of their heart beat, presumably the more damage a PC receives the faster the heart beat will be.
>Every few ingame days objects and environment will become more damaged and atrophied based on game progression. (from clean to almost abandoned)
>NPC inmates that act up and cause problems will be removed from the asylum the next day.
>Looking into other inmates cells can sometimes show the inmates twitching or having seizures, or doing other out of ordinary things.
>Random objects will sometimes initiate conversation with the PCs.

I have more if you want.

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Fucking more

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what about the combines?

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being random isn't funny.

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I'd post suggestions but I'd just end up listing shit from Grave Encounters and I'm sure someone would end up calling me on it

So just watch Grave Encounters

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Or you could list them ;)

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Yeah anon we're all anons here.

Also don't deny the dubs(near trips)

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Nonsensical hallways that go on forever, or exit the way they entered. An entrance that, when the party tries to leave, just leads to more of the building. Narrow window slits in the tops of hallways that just let the slightest sunlight in, and then remain dark longer than any night could last.

A ghastly surgeon who prescribes lobotomy for anyone he encounters, and attempts to force one on them. Accompanied by hulking, expressionless orderlies, who themselves have the affect of a lobotomy patient, possibly formerly non-hostile NPC patients.

Inmates who babble about demons and Hell, only for you to later find occult paraphernalia and ritual sites.

Tales of troubled patients that committed suicide, only for you to later find them in similar circumstances. Hearing of a patient who cut her wrists in the bath, and then later finding a tub filled with murky reddish liquid and chalk-white fingers hanging on the edge. Being told about a patient who bit his tongue, and then later finding a trail of black slimy blood leading to a rotten tongue with bile dripping on it from above (don't look up!).

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An entity which just follows the party and vanishes whenever they try confront it. Kinda like gollum in fotr but looking something like pic related.
They only catch a glimpse of him every now and then...

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Honestly, the less you see of something like this, the better.

Hear it, see its handiwork, but never ever see it.

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Also strange noises coming from the walls and overly aggressive vermin.

And how about a large section of the basement filled to the brim with spiderwebs but no spiders. The group should have a reason to go there and once they enter, they loose sight of eachother and see the webs moving from direction were nobody should be.

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Holy shit, that's spooky as

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Not gonna lie, this is a pretty freaking cool thread

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If you're gonna repost the exact same thread multiple times, use a new picture at least, friend. Otherwise it's practically a quest thread.

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Come on jigglypuff, be cute again

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Nah, eating the things makes you regain sanity. If the character manages to eat all of them most of his delusions disappear.

The trick is that before he eats the pills (because those things are just regular medicine and the character is merely hallucinating them as disgusting/scary things) attempting to eat them requires succeeding in a willpower test which is really difficult.

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Silent Hill nurses

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Watched a bit of grave encounters, its cheesy as fuck

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Crazy people...

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No, that's the joke, right? Your "sanity-meter" is just a sham, maybe it shows how actually butt-fuck crazy you are. The higher your 'insanity', the more really fucked up things seem absolutely normal to you.
The whole party is insane, they share in the delusion that the world is messed up. The more they take medication, attend meetings, that kind of thing, the more they fail in their pursuits, in other words, the better their mental health.

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Full spook mode:

>your group has to rest in an haunted asylum
>your guard dutys beginns
>you doze of because you are dead tired from getting spooked
>You wake up from "something"
>You have the same view on a long dark corridor
>there's a face
>with hollow eyes and a toothy grinn
>about 5m away from you out of the darkness

The face was just painted on a chair but still.. someone placed it there

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Whole lot of endless needless screaming

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That's actually a pretty amazing idea, especially if you keep the players from realising it.

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How could you get it to work ingame?

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Do you mean keeping the players from knowing, or getting the concept to work?

The first:
Lie to them, give them a fake backstory each for the game, but that actually happened from their characters' perspective. Over time of getting "insanity", they'd realise things are becoming more coherent and less things are trying to kill them. They'd work it out over time, but if you did it well, it'd be a revelation and they will love you forever, not a "why did you do this shit" moment.

As for getting the concept to work, uh, same again I guess.

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Oh, and if you have their sheets, after a certain point of "insanity", replace "insanity" with "sanity". See if they notice.

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Haha, that's actually a great idea.

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lander mens

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Fuck off with your meme bullshit

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Getting the concept to work, sounds like it could be extremely convoluted

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More of this glorious fuckfest

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an asylum that was buried away because people died or the workers went crazy or something 2spooky
you'd fall in through a skylight/roof , landing all the way on the first floor and would have to explore and figure out how to get back up to the entrance... or find out why there seems to be something living there still in the dark
there'd be no light except for the hole you fell into

entrance would be like pic related, except with less light and no snow and probably papers and stuff strewn all over the place

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>A ghastly surgeon who prescribes lobotomy for anyone he encounters, and attempts to force one on them.
A middle-aged Jewish physician who prescribes an enema for anyone he encounters.

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Have an underground generator that requires going through either above-ground bridge/path swamp or barely mapped-out caves. If former is picked, the bridge collapses due to crocodiles? . If latter, cave roof gets broken by not-BBEG and crocodiles .You have to escape knowing not-BBEG is around

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Asylums are to cliche'd for my tastes. It's always about spooky and scary stuff going on in asylums. Well fuck this. I'll make an horror campaign where NOTHING happens once the players happen to be in the asylum, and every stuff going south will only go south because of those goddamn psychopatic and paranoïd players. Dangit.

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wouldn't it be ok if stuff happened in the asylum as long as it wasn't spooky?

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Perfectly OK. And you're right, I've misread OP and have been influenced by his picture.

It's also the force of habit. Every time it's about asylums, there's almost always an horror element trown right in, as if it was necessary to make it interesting. I guess I'm kinda butthurt, that's all.

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Okay, here we go.

>If a PC initiates conversation with the staff, they won't understand you, and think you speaking gibberish.
>Talking to most inmates will show they are quite insane, however some will speak clearly.
>Sometimes at night pitch black, faceless guards will stroll the hallways looking for out of cell inmates to claim.
>At night, PCs can be interrupted by another inmate yelling profusely for a few minutes, then stopping completely.
>The PCs learn that they are actually journalists with complete and total amnesia under a different name.
>Their original task? Report the corruption among the staff, and poor condition endured by the inmates.
>At night PCs can hear the sound of footsteps, when investigated the sound will trail down the hall.
>If followed, the footsteps take them to a broom closet, and when searched they find a pair of feet.
>Around guards and nurses all of the hallucinations and crazy shit will stop.
>Sometimes inmates will attempt to escape, which almost always ends with them dying, or going into a manic fit and seizing on the ground.
>There's a small chance they might get lucky.
>Also don't pick up hitch hikers.

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That last sentence was from a movie. I don't know it's name but I saw that part online. With the blood dripping from the ceiling only to have a tongueless guy there.

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I think the whole "the patients are crazy and dangerous" angle is overplayed when it comes to asylums. Sure some of the patients are going to be insane and a possible danger to the PCs, but some could be their for fairly minor quirks that the people they knew didn't feel like putting up with and so had them locked up at the funny farm. What the PCs should be really be put on edge by is the staff. They're the ones who control the place and if they don't like you, they will make you miserable. They have the power to keep you confined, keep you docile, and keep you out of the loop. The PCs should try to avoid the staff's attention if they can, but have to act "normal" or at least complacent when they have gained that attention. Otherwise they're back to their room to take some medicine.

And if you're bringing supernatural elements into the mix, then the staff take on a whole new horrific spin.

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Being institutionalized is actually boring as shit. Including the part where they make you take medications. If you refuse, they're just like "okay" and keep you there longer.

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Didn't used to be that way. Used to be, being institutionalized was a thing of horror, shock therapy, aggressive forcefeeding of pills, lobotomization (did a project on that, holy fuck did people get others lobotomized for really petty reasons, and not just in asylums, you could get it done to anybody you controlled, a lot of young, disobedient daughters and housewives ended up getting an icepick in the brain) and worse.

Hell, my mother's fifty and she went through at least the pill force feeding, and she had friends who got shock therapy.

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spooky messages on walls that break the barrier between the character's world the player's world

bonus points if you take advantage of the player's real-life trauma e.g. if they have a phobia or were a victim of something

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Here's some stuff that actually happened to me though, make be interesting in a game.
>pathological liar and troll plays poker with a man who completely lacks anger control, you try in vain to keep the peace
>liar dude takes letter your gf wrote you while you're not looking and starts reading it out loud. You have to decide between beating him to a pulp and staying longer or hoping the staff gets it back intact
>short lady gets in all the guards faces yelling about how she's a badass mother fucker and they better not mess with her
>wardens wake you up at seven am telling you that you've been prescribed some medication you don't know about and you have to take it right now
>pull staples out of national geographic magazines and turn them in to the staff hoping to win points while secretly wondering how I would kill myself if they extended my stay
>keep self sane by making origami flowers for gf out of pretty pictures in nat geo
>new patient arrived just before I leave, was literally strapped to a chair where she screamed/rambled for four hours straight
>basically just a lot of food being thrown, piss on the floors, people talking loudly and nonsensically and banging on the walls

Yeah, I've read about that guy who just traveled across the country lobotomizing people, and the forced sterilization in the Netherlands or whatever, etc etc... pretty terrifying stuff. But I think a more realistic modern RPG set in an asylum would test the player's patience more than their sanity (assuming they're not completely off the walls).

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Using a player's real-life trauma for shits and giggles is kind of low, anon.

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should animated skeletons be in asylums?

>> No.41283516


i like the idea that if you are running a horror game that will delve into the depths of the unknown and hold no punches then that should apply to your players too

i think there's some ghost house thing in new york like this, essentially it's very sexual and disturbing (i've never been)

i mean you might watch a movie where someone gets stabbed or raped and if you are a stab or rape victim that's horrible but the movie isn't going to change to suit you

what's good about role playing games is you can say in advance "ok guys this is going to be a serious horror game, it's set in an asylum so we're already dealing with mental health which is a subject a lot of people are uncomfortable with. i also intend to bring up other things you're uncomfortable with, and these might stem from your real world experiences. if you're not ok with this, it's better if you don't play in this group"

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this one

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Roleplaying games are not movies. If you want to play a game with a serious unpleasant theme because you want to explore that topic, warning your players that that is your intention is fair enough, but it really is rather a different matter to deliberately include a subject specifically because you know it would upset a person at the table. I can't really understand that as a thing you would want to do to people who are presumably your friends.

>> No.41283732


maybe because it's halloween and you want something genuinely disturbing now that we're all jaded adults

yes you will feel bad but that's the point and it's definitely something you have to choose to do with full warnings and all

i'm sure you've read a book or news article that has made you feel angry or afraid or uncomfortable in some way but overall it has been an experience for the better

and this thread is about asylums to begin with which are an acceptable horror cliche despite being a horrible or touchy thing to a lot of people including some posters itt

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Just tap your X card if it gets too scary, silly!

>> No.41283789

Oh god I remember this.

Do you have the link to the original article?

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If possible watch both movies

>> No.41286993

Slander Men.
Gordon Freeman says something.

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Holy shit, this thread is still continuing?

>> No.41289248

if you mean the one from yesterday, no, it's two different threads.

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Hahaha, this fucking cat

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That IS from Grave Encounters.

>> No.41289490

The Joker just released ALL of the inmates.

>> No.41289689

The Combine is from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, you mongoloids.

>> No.41289805

-> >>41255355

>> No.41289932

Nothing that a hail of bullets can't fix

>> No.41290330

So, with horror roleplaying, should we be psyching out the players or what?

Seems a bit harsh

>> No.41290675

>get number of remote controlled vibrators equal to number of players
>set to maximum vibration
>synchronize radio frequency
>tape vibes under your player's chairs
>introduce spoopy scenario
>wait for suspicion to rise
>active vibrating chairs
>watch player freak the fuck out

>> No.41290676

You can't cut them with your edge if you don't

>> No.41290726

>party is jailed for shooting up the mentally ill in their only home and rehabilitation center

for our next trick, lets firebomb a fire station

>> No.41290773

remember the guy who said he periodically set the thermostat higher during their session?

nerd sweat sure is scary

>> No.41290849

Make it a common session and, when they recover enough sanity, lead them to the asylum. This would represent their regaining.

They start on a bar, drinking. The bottles are lined up in the bar. When they "enter" the asylum, one room have several drugs and some of them have the same name of the bottles.

The inner garden looks like a small version of the city park, including the hollowed tree were they found some clue.

They never entered the asylum. They were there all along.

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Literally thousands of innocent lives will be saved if all of Batman's rogue's gallery were killed.
Especially the Joker.

>> No.41291160

Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.

>> No.41291254

>Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.

There are those who are uniquely qualified to judge and exact death as punishment when need be.

>> No.41291306

To some, death is no punishment, but liberation. Batman is the worst sadist of DC for denying mentally ill people the rest of the grave.

>> No.41291330

Hell does not look kindly on wasted investments.

>> No.41291384

A (demonic invested) soul free of the body can do more harm than confined in a cell.

>> No.41291426

Why the fuck would you do this O_O

>> No.41291429

>Can you give it to them?
Uh, yes. Yes I can. And I would, or I'd be just as responsible for the people they kill. Like Batman.

>> No.41291620

Bullshit. If that were true, all Evil gods would command their worshipers to kill themselves.

>> No.41291909

The only evil god is humanity

edging intensifies

>> No.41291950

Well tipped, m'lady.

>> No.41292297

[spoilers]tips fedora[/spoiler]

>> No.41292798

You fucking suck mate

>> No.41292908

nice joy, Buzzo

>> No.41293370

Not entirely surprising for murderhobos

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MOtherfucking wOrd

>> No.41294578

Stop that

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i want to click that gif....
but i'm too scared too...

>> No.41295182

>staring at the gif for 5 minutes
>not sure if the veins are pulsing

>> No.41295264

I clicked it. did not animate

>> No.41295826

You're all fucking pussies
It's static

>> No.41297518

Fuck off

>> No.41297824

It's just an image, mate. How does that not qualify for being called a pussy.

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Stay salty

>> No.41298209

i clicked it!
as i'm fairly sure it is not standing right behind me as i type
i feel like less of a pussy.

thank you for the encouragement

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Less this shit, more asylum encounter ideas pls

>> No.41298496

>What the fuck GM!
>"Well it does say Entrance."

>> No.41298597

Was thinking of maybe introducing a Crimson Head element to the game...is this is a good idea or completely terrible?

>> No.41298806

You mean they arise faster, stronger, better if you don't have specific weapons to permanently desttroy them?

>> No.41299384

Pretty much

>> No.41299395

>> No.41299845


>> No.41300854

Hahaha, what the shit is with that?!

>> No.41301120

An institutionalized farmer rambles on about this huge harvesting machine he used to operate.

>> No.41301206

Please to be telling more?

>> No.41301230

Real asylums and madhouses were terrifying for the people sent there because of the people who ran them. "therapies" were without exception always painful or traumatizing.

>> No.41301696

Damn fucking right

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