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Hey /tg/, I need some bodysuit art for inspiration for my two characters. Do you mind dumping what you have? Mostly suits that cover the whole body from neck down; but I'm not picky. Sci-fi is welcomed, but finding some fantasy would be a huge plus.

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What's the difference between Combat Bodysuits from normal combat suits?

Power Rangers morphs count as Combat Bodysuits?

Having a helmet turns it into an armor?

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Oh hey op I was just thinking I needed the same thing for a phys adept

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>tfw no Lancers yet

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Body suits are usually skin tight and resemble cloth

When in doubt, the determining factor is ass. If you can see crack, its a bodysuit.

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What OP means to say is that he wants art of tight clothed characters, while trying to cover up his interest as something strictly nonsexual.

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>Power Ranger morphs count as body suits?
Yeah, essentially. If it's suit that can function as a second skin across your entire body, and doesn't have too much equipment to be considered power armour, then it's a combat body suit.

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It's time

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What a chick... wait.

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Where's mah tomato?

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It's just something about bodysuits, man. I'm all for less is more when it comes to clothing, but there's just something about fighting and moving in skin hugging clothing that gets to me.

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And his mentor

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>Yes, in purple. And I'd like the suit to have a navel dip.

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You will know the "Friendship of her thighs" after you successfully complete training with her.

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Does Warframe count?

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Passes the ass rule, I'll allow it

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>Oh shit dat ass
>Fuck It's male

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It looks like he has a nipple on one of his abs

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Some Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena art incoming.

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Good taste.

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Everyone's favourite. I only ever got one of her...

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I was way less /d/ before I discovered this series. Without the hentai (or even with, if you are into ERP), the Taimanin setting is fantastic for RPGs.

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And now for the final batch, some of the cool looking mook cards.

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So? I believe that every penis is in need of some love and a skintight combat suit.

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And the last one. Perhaps the bulk of his over-armour disqualifies him, but Crow kicks too much arse to be left out. Besides, he'd probably hide in my cat's food and cut his way out of her stomach to assassinate me if I ignored him.

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the comic that came from is called flesh spell

the skeleton (lich) isn't actually bothered (or stopped) by said penis.

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Thanks you for the images everyone! I have enough for my characters, but feel free to continue posting if you like. I'm totally looking up that anime game later by the way.

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>see this thread

>only interested in bodysuits with facemask/helmet


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Never played Hellgate, what was the motivation for those stupid looking armors in universe?

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>mfw this thread

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the rim shading on her zettai ryouiki stockings makes it look like she's shoving smaller thighs in plastic bags lol

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You are doing horrible things to my dick, /tg/.

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Am I on /e/?

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>Power Rangers morphs count as Combat Bodysuits?
Not OP, but can I get some Sentai looking characters?

Preferably with a bit of armour or straps to it, so that it looks less like zentai and at least like something cool. I like skin tight suits, but for some reason having them be completely skin tight just seems wrong to me. I also hate superhero outfits that are full body hugging.

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i don't ever recall such a successful bodysuit thread like this on /e/.
Maybe on /m/, when the cosmos in right alignment.

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Actually could I get some superheroes, too?

I keep wanting to make superhero characters or do superhero stuff, but it's always either fan art or OC donut steel stuff. I want to get ideas for superhero characters or power rangers groups.

Preferably something where I could get away with altering the colours to make an M&M character.

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>mfw this thread makes me want to play a space opera game where everyone is attractive and wears skin tight bulletproof suits with bits and bobs and straps on them
>tfw no GM
Why even live

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Thanks for reminding me that I basically scrubbed out of doing 3D modeling and my computer is too shitty to even attempt it.

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No superheroes?

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Spider-Gwen may be my favourite Spider related costume design.

That ain't no superhero

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Honestly, I think it's the hood.

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I mean, this Scarlet Spider costume has a hood, too, but it's not integrated into the costume, it's an actual fucking hoodie with the arms ripped off because 90s.

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The fact that he has to take the time to put a different shirt on just makes the costume so silly. I mean, more recent versions are less silly than the torn sleeves thing, but still.

And damnit, image limit reached.

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Those people look like they're payed to fake-kidnap people to bring them to sex clubs

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Made a new thread >>41257523

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I thought that was her sister, and only if you kick said sister's ass and coerce her.

And then you give her terrible instructions to raise your child by.
>"Never reveal your name to anyone."

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This is cool as shit. Tapping on some actual pants, and using this as my next character.

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Sleeves that you can see your own bones through seems like something that would have been invented in the "your friend, the atom" world that was pre-Fallout.

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Do you mean capeshit as in superheroes, or capeshit as in the type of superhero? I'm trying to wonder if "Capes versus Masks" is the comic book version of "Pink Mohawk versus Mirrorshades".

Either way I was hoping for more vigilantes and less cosmic heroes.

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Do Tenno even have genders? At this point I am convinced that they are sentient energy inhabiting bio-tech bodies modeled after the original person*.

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