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Its early, or late, but whatever. Maybe we can get a game going.

FIrst to three chooses the race, first to three chooses the place.

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Awesome, got a vote?

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I vote homunculus

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Living Moon.

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1 vote Homonculus Ruins
1 Vote Slime Swamp

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1 Homonc Ruins
1 Slime Swamp
1 Insects Living Moon

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Rolled 3 (1d3)

i'll roll for my vote.
If it's 1 it's slimes
2 - Homonculus
3 - Constructs Ruins

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Go Slime Swamp.

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Homunculus! Because they have the whole backstory pre-built!
Come on look at these creatureman

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1 Homunc RUins
2 Slime Swamp
1 Insect Moon
1 Construct Ruins

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Screw it, changing my vote to homonculus, i have seen many slime adventures (My attempt at it was kind of halted due to lack of people), but only one homon.

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Homunculus are amazing. Great room for lore and character depth. Amazing ancient thaumaturgical magick and science!

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It'd be funny if Kappa makes em sort of like the homonculus from FMA. Imagine having to murder towns upon towns in order for us to make more of our own.

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Checking in

Never been in or done a homo thread so that's my vote.

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No man. I hope he makes something unique and we all create. Not some rip off. FMA is great because it's FMA.

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Finally a homunculus civ

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So, are we homunculus, then?

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Well, whatever he/she decides to do with it, i am positive i'll like it.

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Homunculi opener coming up.

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Waitin eagerly.

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What is a homonculus acording to /tg/?

As far as my knowled ge goes that are Artificial humans that are small (man made midgets).

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You all can thank me later :D

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All I can think of are those little figures where the body parts are proportional to the brain power invested (i.e. huge hands, large penis, large head, small everything else.)

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From what i know, a homonculus is an artificial being made to replicate life, essentially it can look like anything, but most of the times it's human.

It has superior mental and physical capability.

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Also, most of the times, they have unique to themselves abilities.

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>It has superior mental and physical capability.
Not according to the chart.

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Wiki defines it as;
A homunculus (Latin for "little man", plural: "homunculi"; from the masculine diminutive form of homo, "man") is a representation of a small human being. Popularized in sixteenth century alchemy and nineteenth century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human.

In modern pagan and pre-judeo christianity it was defined as a being created out the remains of ancient thaumaturgical magick

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So we are just midgets, then?

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mutated malformed midgets

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So, Leprechauns?

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>Thaumaturgical magick
You just said
>Magick of the nature which those that can perform miracles and magick performs
Sorry haha but the redundantcy is entertaining to me. Thaumaturgy would have sufficed.

Thanks for the explanation though I didn't know the neo definition.

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That is classic latin Homunculus.
Infraction of the old lore mixing with Christianity metamorphosed it into being abominations of life by mixing human life with various other life on the planet via magick.\

You are all taking it to laten en literal.

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Sorry kinda tired.

Meaning. We could take it either way.

I vote we take it from modernized lore.

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Kek'd as well.

None of you are very sure just what in the hell they were thinking. Menassas was a prosperous city somewhere in the North-West of the continent, near enough the ocean that you could most time smell the salt in the air when the breeze blew right.

Now it was mostly rocks.

Rocks, dust, and a barren landscape devoid of any life in sight. Oh, and your creators' lab, of course. This is where you and thirty other of your kind have been hiding ever since the war.

Time has passed you all by as you tinker with the lab equipment, experimenting over and over again, grasping blindly at the secrets of your creation.

You have yet to find it.

There used to be more of you. Large parties of strange machines bearing foreign runes managed to cart many of you off before you finally managed to create the first weapon to be seen since the destruction of your city.

It fit over your hand like a glove, and inside was a battery your people constructed to power the weapon. On the palm is a slight protrusion with a small hole in the center, about an inch in diameter. You managed to fend the machines off with your new plasma based weapon which could fire at moderate ranges.

But there is a problem. Supplies in the lab are running low, and your group is thinking of moving on. Your name is 88, and most of them have looked to you as a sort of leader.

What will you do, 88?

>A. Agree that your group should move out onto the barren wastes in search of resources, but take charge (roll 1d20).
>B. Convince the group to send a scouting party as they would be less noticeable on the open wastes (roll 1d20).
>C. Take charge and proclaim it is too dangerous to journey in search of resources as your numbers have dwindled. Your safety lies in the laboratory. (roll 1d20)
> D. Other (Specify/1d20)

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So, in the end, for all intents and purposes, we are like the undead, but we are created from science rather than magic?

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Rolled 12 (1d20)


Also, we should keep trying to find out how to make more of us.

also do tell us how you take the rolls into account.

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Essentially a human was taken (usually dead) and with ancient magick was reanimated, but with the hybridization of science with it, combined multiple species/life with it.

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For clarification, are we migrating or just looking for resources in the surrounding area?

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Science AND magic

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Is it too late to ask for a space faring setting?

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Rolled 18 (1d20)


>> No.41217676

Rolled 9 (1d20)


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Yes to late.

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Rolled 15 (1d120)

Bugger it all.
B. Here comes the roll to save us from the current ones.

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Population: 31 Homunculi (genderless)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (Dwindling), Steel (Dwindling), Medical Supplies (OK)

I usually roll 1d100 for special encounters or actions. The higher your roll with a 20, the better your success in your action is.

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>12,18, 9, 15
>How to lose on the first turn, the rolls.

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Mines better then both of yours.

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Wait, flag that, I'm just being retarded,

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What i meant was, if several people roll for the same thing, which roll do you take into account?

The best?
The first?
The average?

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88 calms the troubled Homunculi and appeals to their since of rationality. Eventually, they agree that a small group of four Homunculi should be enough to scout for a supply of Thorium and Steel.

Meanwhile, your people continue to research the secrets of your creation. Roll1d100.

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Usually it's best of 3. The first is too random and the average leads to, well, a boring average that strives to the middle.

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Rolled 84 (1d100)

Please RNGeegus help me toll high.

>> No.41217739

Rolled 90 (1d100)

They see me rollin'

>> No.41217742

I take the best roll.

>> No.41217744

Rolled 88 (1d100)


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Yiipeekayyey, you guys are on fire.

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Rolled 96 (1d100)


>> No.41217762


>> No.41217768

Rolled 15 (1d100)

All of us had freakishly good rolls, too.

>> No.41217775

Except for that.
I keep forgetting to remove dice from the email field.

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88 remained in a secluded part of the lab for the rest of the day to better his concentration. Test after test after test after test. DNA samples. Gene samples. Rigorous study and examination of the results and...

Something. It would appear that, hiding in the data that the systems "Unknown" file, were several key components on the creation of more Homunculi like you. A miraculous breakthrough and a large step towards understanding the act of your creation.

88 stumbles madly into through the laboratory shouting of his results when he notices that the scouting party has returned, but appears battered and is short one Homunculi.

Your fellows return with the news that the mine once used to gather various rare and precious metals has been overrun by the slavers' mechanical minions. One of your kind was captured on the mission while the others suffered moderate injuries that require immediate medical attention.

The group is arguing about what to do, and they are split. Some want to disband and take their chances far, far away from the Barren Wastes. Others wish to save the captured Homonculus.

What will you do, 88?
> A. Attack the machines head on in a full assault using your last supply of Plas-Batteries. (1d20)
> B. Search for a better route into the mines rather than charging directly in. Study the mao of the immediate surrounding terrain and form a plan. (1d100)
> C. Move on. The Wastes are too dangerous for your kind.
> D. Other (specify)

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Rolled 67 (1d100)


>> No.41217832

Rolled 99 (1d100)


>> No.41217834

Rolled 95 (1d100)


Oh glorious RNGeegus, help me roll high.

>> No.41217835

Rolled 60 (1d100)

>Fuck yeah studying! Fuck yeah maps!

>> No.41217844

>All dem high rolls
Seven good years are followed by seven bad years

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I feel like OP will have to revise how he decides on the outcome. Otherwise we might breeze through this.

>> No.41217882

Oh don't worry, i am certain that when it counts, we will roll solid 3s 4s at most

>> No.41217899

Rolled 57 (1d100)

D. Study ancient alchemy to find a safe mode of transportation and defense through the mines.

>> No.41217933

If you're like me and you run best of 5, it's really easy for the players to succeed most of the time. However, they have a tendency to fail hard when it really counts.

The RNG gods that inhabit /tg/ are forgiving, but they will spite you when it matters most.

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The cowards among you quiet themselves and sit down with the rest of you to study a map. The bulk of the considerable mind-power of your people is put to forming a strategy around infiltrating the mines from another entrance that lies nearer town (apparently for convenience of transport of materials). There is no telling if this way is well guarded or not, so you decide the stealthiest among you must scout the area first.

Your scout returns in a few hours and informs you that the machines appear not to inhabit this particular part of the mines, though it has been picked clean of materials. However, there are three large vehicles with huge buckets attached to maneuverable arms operated by levers in the cab. These are made of thick steel and would serve you well in an assault.

(Ok guys. Discuss how you will assault this mine, or if you will, with the 30 population you have left. All are equipped with Small Caliber Plasma Cannons. There are two entrances, one heavily guarded, the other seemingly not so. Three armored mine transport vehicles have been located at the second entrance.)

>> No.41217951

These vehicles can fit five of you in the cab at max. It is a tight squeeze. Imagine large bulldozers, but with the cab set inside the body of the dozer so you are protected from attack.

>> No.41217953

>2 people in heavy vehicles "assault" the heavily guarded entrance.
>Everyone else + 1 heavy assault vehicle attacks the weaker one.

>> No.41217959

Charge through in a surprise attack with the armored mine transport. One transport rushes in and gets some good shots, assuming the rails keep going past the machines they'll turn around to keep shooting at it. Then the rest of us go in and shoot them at the back. It's a decoy.

>> No.41217970

We're assuming said transports are abandoned, and not watched by the Machines.

>> No.41217971

Let us send a small group to distract the all the other enemies in the area away from the entrances. That way we can secure all vehicles easily, then we do a sweep back and pick them and destroy the enemies easily with the vehicles.


>> No.41217980

I'll work it out if things get too easy.

There are no rails, but I hear you.

You guys should agree on a strategy, or vote on the one you like. If you are all divided, roll 1d100 to decide.

>> No.41217983

Wouldn't a pincer attack be much better?

the brunt of the force goes trough the mine, while a small distraction party goes from the front. If it is well synchronised it's a sure win.

>> No.41217999

I'll give you guys ten minutes unless you just want to roll for it.

>> No.41218007

I'm fine with this. From what I get the vehicles are abandoned since no machines were spotted on that side of the mine, so we can use them with the larger force.

>> No.41218009

Rolled 1 (1d100)

That is pretty much what I said.
Small party in front to distract, the rest in the back securing vehicles, then laying down cover fire with the rest and vehicles.

>> No.41218024

Rolled 59 (1d100)

i hope i roll better.

RNGeegus, give me strength

>> No.41218027

Rolled 66 (1d100)

I can agree to this.
Rollin on success.

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Rolled 39 (1d100)


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W-we were rolling for the plan we were going to use, not how effective it will be. R-right guys?

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Did i not say that we will get this reaction from RNGeegus?

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If you can take the 99 you can take the 66. Buff your chest and charge into that mine screaming AKAKAKKAAKAKAKAKAAKA like a man

>> No.41218104


Of course, of course. I just had to be the one to trigger the downfall.

>> No.41218111

A party of ten Homunculi heads to the rear entrance of the mine to secure the vehicles. They do so safely and without resistance. They bring the vehicles back and choose who will operate the transports and who will provide ground fire. It is decided that 2 Homunculi will be required to operate each vehicle while the rest will use the vehicles as cover during the attack.

A single vehicle trundles on towards the main mine entrance. Nine other Homunculi cling to the sides and back of the transport. When they are within 30 yards of the entrance, three large Machines immediately begin to charge you. They wield large mechanical axes. They are the biggest of the Machines you have encountered.

You open fire.

Roll 1d20 for distraction assault/feint.

>> No.41218129

Rolled 5 (1d20)


>> No.41218133

Rolled 10 (1d20)

RNGeesus, don't abandon me.

>> No.41218136

Someone whose not me roll. xD

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File: 1.18 MB, 400x226, hell no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Rolled 10 (1d20)


>> No.41218145

OHGODWHY!!?!?! Rngeesus has left us.

>> No.41218147

It's all up to you.

>> No.41218167

Better roll, man.

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>> No.41218188

Roll, damn it.

>> No.41218190

Rolled 27 (1d100)

Jesus. It comes down to me.

>> No.41218191

But i already rolled a 5, i don't think i can reroll.

>> No.41218193

d20, bud

>> No.41218202

you have to roll a d20 not a d100

>> No.41218213

Just a 5.4 average on a d20 though is there no limit on the amount of rolls from which we take the highest?

>> No.41218223

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>> No.41218225

Rolled 18 (1d100)

I've come to save you.

>> No.41218227

Oh, c'mon, isn't that childish?
To ask for a reroll all because of a bad roll is, well, childish.

>> No.41218233

>this nigga

>> No.41218239

Good job I rolled the wrong die also

>> No.41218240

Praise be unto thee.

>> No.41218242

Thank you based Crubicle.

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>> No.41218288

Nice rolls.

As the Mechs charge the transport, the Homunculi open fire to slow their advance. They effectively slow the charge with their shots and, on a whim, the operators of the transports run full speed into one of the Mechs, smashing it 's legs apart and crippling it.

The ground team is able to pick off one more machine and when the other goes to make it's retreat, cripple it as well.

The bait party proceeds to enter the mines where great sounds of commotion can be heard. The fight is not yet over for these brave Homunculi.

The main assault party has made progress of about a mile into the rear entrance. They have encountered no mechs and now come upon a large cavern that has been hewn from the stone. Several Homunculi are hard at work expanding the space, and as you enter, they look up from their work in disbelief. The sight of you causes several of them to drop their tools.

Just then, from spaces all around you are fired upon. Your team is able to maneuver themselves between the transports for cover, but you are in a tight spot.

Roll 1d20 for ensuing battle.

>> No.41218302

Rolled 3 (1d20)

>It was a trap

>> No.41218308

Rolled 19 (1d20)

It is, and a game with no difficulty detracts from the fun.


>> No.41218314

Rolled 16 (1d20)


no point in rolling after this, but why the hell not?

>> No.41218357

OP, please post T^T

Also, maybe enter your name?
You keep posting as Anonymous.

>> No.41218374

Your fellow Homunculi who have been slaving in these mines for at least a year turn their tools upon their Mechanical Overlords, giving you the chance to spread out through the cavern and engage the enemy with the trucks providing cover as best they can. Two Homunculi are wounded and will require serious medical attention.

After two hours the battle is over, and you are the clear winners. You rejoice with your long lost comrades over the victory. Several of them perished fighting the machines, as they were poorly armed. Overall, ten of them survived. The decision remains to be made whether or not to send them back to the Laboratory for safety.

The team entering the main entrance has encountered heavy resistance though it seems frantic and disorganized. Your plan seems to be working smoothly. Several Mechs are now making a stand and have halted your advance, and your transport is taking a serious beating from the amount of high caliber bullets being shot at it. You are outnumbered.

What will you do?
>A. Halt the bait team and retreat to safety (1d20).
>B. Push forward with the attack (1d20).
>C.Other (specify)

Sorry, I try to keep it detailed and interesting.

>> No.41218390

Rolled 9 (1d20)

"You are surrounded and your brethren are dead. Surrender, and hope that we treat you more fairly than you treated us. Otherwise, stand and die. The choice is yours."

>> No.41218400

Roll 1d100 for diplomacy. Penalties because you are unskilled and in the midst of battle.

>> No.41218403

Rolled 11 (1d20)

You are doing wonderful at that, just got a bit impatient, sorry.

rollin for this.

Aid me RNGeegus.

>> No.41218408


>> No.41218409

Rolled 88 (1d100)


>> No.41218414

Rolled 57 (1d100)

nvm, seems i gotta roll a d100

>> No.41218423

Rolled 98 (1d100)


>> No.41218432

Rolled 51 (1d100)

Lucky bastards haha

>> No.41218490

The main attack force has flanked the Mechs and they are now sandwiched between you and you are no longer outnumbered.

"You are surrounded and your brethren are dead! Surrender, and hope that we treat you more fairly than you treated us! Otherwise, stand and die! The choice is yours!"

The Mechs appear distraught. A few attempt to escape and are gunned down.

"WAIT!" A gravelly mechanical voice echoes through the tunnels.

"We surrender." The Mechs lay down their weapons and the Homunculi are free to collect them (6 High Caliber Chain Guns, 9 Steel Mech Axes).

The Mechs are completely at your mercy, and you have rescued all of your brethren.

88 steps forward and addresses the Homunculi.

"How will we deal with the minions of the slavers, fellows?"

>A. Capture them. Lead them back to the laboratory and scrap them for study and parts.
>B. Capture them. Force them to work for you in the ruins.
>C. Take revenge. Destroy the Mechs. They are too dangerous.
>D. Other (specify).

>> No.41218510

Let's be merciful.

>> No.41218522

Let's be fair, they are naught but workers, they did what they were asked to do.

I say interrogate and then b or just set them free.

>> No.41218541

>Capture them.
Fuck it. Let's do it. Maybe if they're good workers we can even show leniency and integrate them into our society.

>> No.41218553

B. Servitude is merciful. We might create a caste system later and grant them rights. For the Greater Good.

>> No.41218576

Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (31), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (40 units), Steel (60 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (100 Units)

Writing up what happens next guys, unless you are tired.

>> No.41218587

Workworkers needed

>> No.41218590
File: 120 KB, 507x800, watcher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using our miraculous discovery perhaps we could finally work on making more of us.

>> No.41218600

The mechs have to slave away in the mines now, gathering resources for their merciful overlords.

In the meantime, we should fortify the mine.

>> No.41218628

Forgot to add Homunculi Creation to Tech. It is at 45% research.

You put the Mechs to work collecting all the resources they have mined and transporting it back to the ruined city of Menassas where you store them in your lab. Due to your technological prowess, you are able to reprogram the Mechs so that they must obey your commands and not harm you, though this is reversible. They seem grateful for your mercy.

Upon further exploration of their memory banks, you find that they are the creations of a civilization of Unseen (taking the guise of Dwarves) that lies many miles east, deep in the mountains and past the Barren Wastes, though the Mechs have never actually been there. They were built and activated on-site in the mine.

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41218655

1. Research: Continue researching reproduction.
2. Build: Fortify Menassas.

>> No.41218660

sounds good

>> No.41218662


>> No.41218664

If we are low on the plasma ammo, we should craft some of it, if not >>41218655
will do

>> No.41218712

Roll 1d100 for Research success.

88 sends the Mechs and a team of Homunculi to assist and oversee the fortification of Menassas. In reality, all you are fortifying is a city reduced to crumbling buildings and rubble, but you DO live here. At the end of the new day you use every bit of your stone to construct 14 ft. wall of stone around Menassas. It isn't the best defense, but it will keep most invaders out. Siege weapons are completely capable of knocking through the stone though. You may want to upgrade at some point.
You have plenty of Thorium (for the battery/ammo) and Steel to arm your Homunculi, and you will have plenty left over.

>> No.41218725

Remember to roll guys.

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41218729

Rolled 54 (1d100)

Sorry I'm late to the party

>> No.41218732

Rolled 70 (1d100)

Rollin for Research

>> No.41218742

I say we continue researching reproduction and also mine stone. I kinda wanna see that city back at its former glory.

>> No.41218750

Rolled 19 (1d100)


Let's mine shit. Research? Building cloning vats? Not sure what's our progress on it.

>> No.41218752

Rolled 68 (1d100)

Rollin for reaserch


We should attempt to also try and construct more mechs, they will be very useful, so maybe reaserch them as well?

>> No.41218753

yupp, sounds good.
Reproduction is need!

>> No.41218756

Rolled 58 (1d100)

C) Craft new weapons
B) Continue research

>> No.41218808


Doing these because they had the most votes.

88 spends the day locked away, yet again. With the latest discovery he is able to decipher yet more of your mysterious genetic code, and sifts through massive amounts of data to piece together the "recipe" that is your very DNA.

>Homunculi Reproduction Research: 65%

The mechs are accompanied by a small team of armed Homunculi to mine more stone. At the end of the day, the Mechs yield

>15 units of stone.

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41218821

Rolled 38 (1d100)

>Research and make new mechs
That's not a bad idea. After we research reproduction we should definitely do that.

I just wonder if we even have the ability to make them in the first place.

>B. Continue research
>C. Craft ammo

>> No.41218825


Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine, Homunculi Reproduction (65%)

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (31), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (40 units), Steel (60 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (15 Units)

>> No.41218829

Rolled 49 (1d100)

1. Research reproduction
2. Craft weapons.

>> No.41218833

Rolled 32, 85 = 117 (2d100)

I say we continue our reproduction research and also reverse engineer one of our mechs.

>> No.41218836

Do we require any food? Or at least as building blocks to make more of us? Or are we made of something else?

>> No.41218846

You are masters of technology. Essentially, yes, you could research and stufy the mechs and figure out what you need to craft them. You might not be able to make the exact Mechs you have now, probably a lesser form until you perfect the technique.

>> No.41218860


>> No.41218892

All the materials for creation that you need are present in the lab. You just don't know how to piece them together.

2 votes for continuing reproductive research and reverse engineering the mechs.

2 votes for Research and weapon crafting.

Damian and >>41218821
Roll 1d100. Whoever had higher roll will take the two actions they suggested. Or you can do one set now, and compromise to do the next set after.

>> No.41218907

Rolled 54 (1d100)

I actually voted for >craft ammo

But personally, I like the idea of simultaneously researching both subjects.

>> No.41218909

Rolled 89 (1d100)

I can agree to a compromise. Whoever rolls higher gets prioritized.

>> No.41218951


88 seems to make no progress on the reproductive research. Perhaps he is just burnt out from the recent battle and the intense puzzle set before him. He decides to rest a day and give it a try another day.

>Homunculi Research: 65%

Rverse engineering the Mechs proved to be quite successful for the Homunculi. They know a little more than they did before about the mechs, which is to say almost nothing.

>Mech Research: 20%


88, after resting his troubled mins, makes another attempt at reproductive research.

Roll 1d100 for research.

Your people also craft

>10 Small Caliber Plasma Cannons.

Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine, Homunculi Reproduction (65%), Mech Research (20%)

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (41), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (30 units), Steel (50 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (15 Units)

>> No.41218960

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41218972

Rolling for previous research

>> No.41218975

Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rollin' for reproduction.

1. Continue research on mechs
2. Continue research on reproduction.

>> No.41218979

Forgot to roll, bud

>> No.41218984

Rolled 72 (1d100)

You didn't see that

>> No.41218990

Also roll 2d100. You rolled for today's reproductive research. Now roll for tomorrow's.

>> No.41218994

Rolled 23 (1d100)


>> No.41218996


>> No.41219003


>> No.41219007

Rolled 46, 66 = 112 (2d100)



>> No.41219009

Rolled 99 (1d100)

Count this as my second roll.

>> No.41219033

88 furiously works to complete his research on the creation of Homunculi. Progress is made.


>Homunculi Reproduction: 80%



The next day, 88 makes little progress with his research.

>Homunculi Reproduction: 85%

However, the other's have tremendous success reverse engineering the Mechs.

>Mech Research: 55%

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41219041

Rolled 57, 44 = 101 (2d100)

Finish off both research projects.
Also, are we getting some sort of daily income from the mine thanks to our remaining mechs?

>> No.41219051

Rolled 75, 70 = 145 (2d100)

Continue both researches.

>> No.41219069

Rolled 65, 6 = 71 (2d100)


>> No.41219075

Rolled 67, 44 = 111 (2d100)


>> No.41219080

Rolled 15, 31 = 46 (2d100)

All this furious researchbating might bite us in the ass, but this shit needs to get done.

>> No.41219090

We're homunculi, research is our only strong point.

>> No.41219119

Good point. I'll add you some Thorium, Steel, and Stone. Pretty sure someone mentioned they wanted the Mechs at constant work in the mines anyway.

Today your people have made history.

They have mastered themselves.

Their destiny.

The art of creation.

After intense study, the puzzle of your DNA makeup is complete. It is complicated. But now that you have the scientific aspect figured out, you can use the arcane to literally construct new Homunculi.

>Homunculi Reproduction: RESEARCH COMPLETE

The rest of the Homunculi have finally got the AI for the Mech's figured out and know exactly how to program it. Test run's and troubleshooting are being conducted.

>Mech Research: 70%

Your people praise 88 for his magnificent discovery.

You have two actions to spend.

>A. Build (specify)
>B. Research (specify)
>C. Craft (specify)
>D. Mine (specify)
>E. Other (specify)

>> No.41219135

Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine, Homunculi Reproduction, Mech Research (20%)

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (41), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (60 units), Steel (80 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (45 Units)

>> No.41219139

Rolled 3, 77 = 80 (2d100)

Create more of us. Finish mech research.

>> No.41219144

Rolled 68 (1d100)

Okay finish the mechanism research and then build more population. Or breed. What is the correct terminology for homunculus replication anyway?

>> No.41219145

Rolled 33, 96 = 129 (2d100)

Do we have the resources required to reproduce?
If so, please do.

Also finish mechs.

>> No.41219188

Cloning I guess. I think natural pop growth should be an automated trickle. Only upgrading lab infrastructure to increase our growth should be an action.

>> No.41219198

So you're saying we should dedicate a few dudes to co stantly replicate?

>> No.41219200


88 joins the rest of the Homunculi in reverse engineering the Mechs. After that, it doesn't take long before they complete the research. They have finished a working, sentient AI and the first fully functional Mech body. The body is smaller than the Mechs they worked with, and not as strong, but it is tireless and completely loyal to the Homunculi. They decided to call them Drones.

Finally, at the end of the day, the Homunculi gather where they were all born. The place of their creation, the giant vats of glass and steel holding a nutrient rich ooze from which new Homunculi would emerge. This ooze was quite easy to make, as most of the ingredients were mining by-products and refuse such as sulfur and trace amounts of copper.

After programming the vats and turning down the lights, the Homunculi waited. There were seven vats and it would take a week to grow a fully mature Homunculi.

Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves)

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine, Homunculi Reproduction (65%), Mech Research (20%)

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (41), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (30 units), Steel (50 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (15 Units)

>> No.41219202

Make new strands of battle homunculi

>> No.41219210

Or could we make something like an incubator homuncul? I dunno somthing like a carrier with small Imp-like homunculi?

>> No.41219214

Correction to the stats

Population: 39 Homunculi (genderless), 9 Mechs (Slaves), 1 Drone

Tech: Plas-Battery, Advanced Medicine, Homunculi Reproduction, Mech Research

Weaponry: Small Caliber Plasma Cannon (41), High Caliber Chain Guns (6), Armored Transport Vehicle (3)

Heroes: Number 88 (Scientist)

Structures: Ruined Laboratory

Supplies: Thorium (70 units), Steel (90 units), Medical Supplies (80 units), Stone (55 Units)

>> No.41219216

I say we crank out a TON of drones. They'll be helpful in the long run.

>> No.41219225

Rolled 44 (1d100)

>Craft drones
The more of them we have, the better off we are as a whole. More resource income too.

Is there anything we can do to improve the laboratory? Like a generator or something? Or is that already here?

>> No.41219234

Rolled 85, 44 = 129 (2d100)

Can we make mines, or at least research them?
Also make more drones.

>> No.41219252


We could research drills!

>> No.41219253

Ok guys, I've been running this for.... several hours and I'm gonna get sloppy. This is probably the best civ I've ran and I've got a lot of ideas for it, so I'm gonna try and be on later after I get some sleep and socialize with my girlfriend. I wanna give you guys a hint of whats gonna go down but I don't wanna give anything away haha. Anyway, hope to see you guys later. I'll have an adventure prepared for ya, so just keep a look out. Might be really late/early. In the AM probably. Midnight at the earliest. I'm CTZ 8:00 AM right now.

>> No.41219262


Was waiting for this.

The name of the civ will be DUST Homunculi Civ Part 2

>> No.41219272

A'ight. Thanks OP

>> No.41219275

Sounds good. Looking forward to it, OP.

>> No.41219295
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>> No.41219301

thanks for runing it mate, awesome thread

>> No.41219314


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