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Sneaky Spiders Edition

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Reading the white dwarf, apparently the 200+ page book actually only has 8 scenarios. That's a bit lame.

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what's the other 192+ pages?

>> No.41182774

See this video for details.


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If Scenarios are Battleplans, what are Time of War rules?

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Dunno. Fluff, artwork, and warscrolls for stormcast eternals, khorne goretide and whateverforestspiritsarecallednow, I guess.

Speaking of forest spirits, I've noticed all the photos we've seen so far have been dryads and treemen, I don't think I've seen a single treekin in any AoS photo. Wonder if they're either disappearing or getting new models that they don't want to reveal yet. I hope the latter.

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I do worry about buying the book when they'll only have new artwork for two factions.

I can't wait for the Elf models, I'm seriously stoked for this.

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>what's the other 192+ pages?

Are you familiar with Warhammer Visions? It's just about like that...

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Be'Lakor and spiders and Space Marines and beer and pretzels.

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What does "beer and pretzels" mean anyway?

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>Page after page of sexy Be'lakor pin ups.

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A list of puns with the words storm and blood in them

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As it's vaguely relevant now, reminder that this is what the next white dwarf will contain. Would like to know what other units are in it though, or if it is just that halberd/lantern chap and the gryph-hounds, but it'll probably be tuesday or wednesday before leaks of the full magazine appear.

It's a bit annoying, it's the judicators, retributors and prosecutors boxes I really want to see, but if they're not on the front cover (even in the background) they may not be coming this week, dammit.

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Dame as casual gaming. Playing fun/fluffy games and lists, rather than most optimised "win at all costs" ones.

An abomination.

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Why are the wars rolls for the starter set not on the site?

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I see.

>> No.41183507

Because they want people to buy the new shit.

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If it's Visions but for the other factions it might be call

although that did use to be covered by a catalogue that cost like a pound

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Does anyone have pics of khorne bloodbound warscrolls? Buying them off a friend but hes a lazy ass and wont take pics of them for me. I just need the rules

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The free warscrolls were really only to pad out the time while they release new stuff.

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They seem to be waiting until each thing is released as a box in its own right. So, they will be going up, but don't know when.

As for the why, not sure. Maybe they assume that you can't play it without the models so the rules are pointless, can't remember if they acknowledge that proxying exists or not. It may be that that gets dangerously close to acknowledging their games could be played with other companies' models.

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What about this living rules bullshit? Are they going to put the warscrolls for these units online eventually?

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So given that its said that the old units are going to be usable in Age Of Sigmar, what do the Grail Knights serve exactly and is there a chance that they could be in Ghyran combating Nurgle's forces alongside the other inhabitants ?

As I recall the Glottkin supposedly struck down Louen Leoncoeur during the End Times but he was remade immediately after this.

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Scratch that, I had no idea they put up scrolls for the libbys. Pretty cool on GWs part.

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Grail Knights are just there because those rules are also meant to be used to reenact battles of the old world.
No Grail Knights exist in the Mortal Realms.

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Welp I love this game and I am a huge champion of this game, the eight gaming clubs I frequent all has more AoS players than there were fantasy players, new people, 40k people, ex-fantasy players who abandoned the game because 7 and 8 were shit -- all these new faces are pushing around dudes with swords and having fun.

A good light game which is being well received even by the tourney players near me.

Now, there are a lot of screaming people who are furious, but they're not me :)

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Yeah I got you homie, gimme a sec

Anyone have the pdf of the AoS book? I want to sample how bad this fluff is -- having read many warhammer fantasy books which are awesome.

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Now I've heard the realm of Sigmaron supposedly contains the remnants of the old Empire and Bretonnia so I assumed that's where the old world human units would be originating from now.

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u a real bruh, bruh

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>Now I've heard the realm of Sigmaron supposedly contains the remnants of the old Empire and Bretonnia

It's got humans in it, but that's all.
Old world units either don't exist or are generic enough to be feasibly created again by a bunch of other humans.

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The new lore sounds interesting to me.

>> No.41184007

I've heard the bulk of human models are gonna make up the 'Red Slayers' which are reportedly very empire/mercenary like.

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You've heard speculation.
No one knows.

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Is Malerion actually Malekith merged with his dragon Seraphon?

And if he is, should we call it a he since Seraphon was female? Wouldn't being the result of such a merger make Malerion an even more fitting successor to Slaanesh?

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I really want to know what the lord-castellant is supposed to be. With the relictor being the equivalent of a battle priest (or chaplain) and the the celestant being the obligatory fighty commander, where does that leave this guy? Battle wizard/librarian?

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For normal people it means a simple rules-light game not particularly meant for competitions.
For GW it means "here's this untested pre-alpha of a system, have fun with it nerds (and don't forget to buy our exclusive rulers at only 50$ each)"

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I think it's more likely to be him merged with Tyrion.

>> No.41184173

You figure it out, Sherlock.

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Were the Glottkin ever stated to be vengeful towards the Empire ?

>> No.41184219

The Empire killed their family after all.

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Best Sigmarine/10

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Elf+elf =/= a scaly winged monster.

>> No.41184239

you still there, blood friend?

>> No.41184252


What happens to that vengeance now that there is no more Empire ?

>> No.41184265

Where has it shown to be a big scaley monster?

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Relictors are Necromancers.

>> No.41184273


It wasn't their sole motivation, there's also the usual spread pappy's gifts thing.

>> No.41184298

What needs to happen?

>> No.41184304


There's a fair chance that the thing here >>41184135 is Malerion.

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One Elf with the Wind of Shadow + another Elf could become anything.

>> No.41184329

Oh, well Elf+Elf+Slanneshi flavoured Chaos = that thing?

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Yeah but AoS simultaneously has more archaic rules than other fantasy games and less room for any sort of tactical depth

The entire game is just unit selection and rolls but it still manages to retain some of the major flaws of fantasy

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Malekith loses his personality and memory at the end. He could easily come back as a horrible bat monster for no other reason than he thinks he is.

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Seems like a combination of Malekith's armour and shadow/demonic style. Which makes sense if he's the god of the realm of shadows and possible replacement for Slaanesh.

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>What happens to that vengeance now that there is no more Empire ?

Many humans in Sigmaron are descendants of the Empire and their god Sigmar is the one who defeated them and caused them to be put in timeout.

There is plenty room for revenge.

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Tyrion had the Wind of Light and Malerion seems to be full on shadowy.

>> No.41184394

Dark Vengeance is only $110...

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Rules-wise they function more like old empire battle priests with inate bound spells instead of actual magic abilites.

>> No.41184420

Malerion is Be'lakor.
Screen cap this.

>> No.41184442


Maybe he met Illidan in the void or something.

>> No.41184484

Wait a second.....

The only way for Malekith to take the place of Slaanesh is fuse with Be'lakor. Be'lakor is the rightful Heir of Chaos and he like Malekith he commands the shadows for he is the Shadowlord.

It fits!~

>> No.41184519

If Malerion captured Slaanesh I can see him doing something to absorp his/her power and take their place as the 4th Chaos Gods. Would certainly give him a lot more legitimacy for the position then Be'lakor has.

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>Nagash comes back from the dead again.
>His hat is even bigger than before.

>> No.41184608

>In fact, his hat is another, smaller Nagash.

>> No.41184610


The Chaos Gods will not accept an usurper. By right, Slaanesh's throne belongs to Be'lakor.

Also going by the fact that there are still Slaaneshi daemons and followers around and they are looking for their missing god and hunting Malerion, it implies that Slaanesh is still fine for now

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>defeated by Archaon
Of all the Villains that populated the old world, why did it have to be the most boring of them all to make it to the new one?

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Yeah I grabbed a pizza, red is like blood right, my phone's being a faggot (I can say that word, my boyfriend said so) it's not letting me upload photos to my desktop gimme a sec.

Also the warscrolls are in the primer which is a free download from the black library but they're epub format and honestly REALLY SHITTY so there's that

>> No.41184730

Same wing structure.

Same cone head.

Same skin colour.

Different horns, though.

There is no doubt. Malekith fused with Be'lakor

>> No.41184755

Finally there is no more suffering
Finally there is new rules

>> No.41184764

it's doing it gimme a sec

>> No.41184768

>Archaon the Ender of Worlds and the Buster of False Gods

He is the most competent and METAL Chaos character ever. Dude is unstoppable.

>> No.41184785

His score with Sigmar is not yet settled.
Archaon, Ender of Worlds, will break Azyr and all the other mortal realms with his insurmountable will.
Then, amidst the cold ashes of Sigmar's dream, he will break the God-King with his own hands.

>> No.41184808


Bale'korith, the Eternity Master of Shadows and cucks

>> No.41184837

New fluff out already?

What happened to the Skaven?

>> No.41184851


Mighty Lord of Khorne

>> No.41184856


I think his design is pretty bland honestly, but his former agenda against gods is interesting.

Shame he feels like he overlaps too much with Abaddon.

>> No.41184858

They warped in and proceeded to resume Skavening.

>> No.41184861

>Archaon keeps the forces of CHAOS united and ordered with his sheer willpower
>Sigmar fails to keep the forces of ORDER united and ordered because of his weakness

This is so funny.

As for we needed anymore reminders on who is the better man.

>> No.41184878

The Bloodsecrator who bloodsecrates

>> No.41184898

and incest

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>> No.41184917

As if we*

>> No.41184929

As Terry Pratchett put it, in a fight between Order and Chaos, Chaos wins because their forces are better organized.

>> No.41184949

Blood Warriors -- strangely they neither fight nor fight with blood

>> No.41185008

>no battleshock rolls within 18"
that's... pretty good, isn't it?

>> No.41185022

getting better pictures for the helbrute and cultists, I mean the Bloodreavers and the Khorgorath

Here's the warscroll warband thing -- when deploying a warscroll warband you may deploy any number of units that are part of the warband as if they were one unit.

ie you can do them all one at a time, do half at once, do them all at once, whatever, who gives a shit, we're GW we don't give a fuck about rules

>> No.41185031

Dude sits out most of the endtimes, does jack all of note other then doing abit of wrestling with Karl Franz/Sigmar and in the end his actions don't actually usher in the end of the world. Mannfred's do.
And he has the personality of a bowl of porrige throughout the whole thing.

>> No.41185044

Battleshock is morale test -- at the end of a turn if the unit has suffered casualities (models removed)

You roll 1d6 + #ofdeadmodels

For every point over the units bravery (+1 for every 10 models still in the unit) that many models flee the battlefield and are removed as casualties.

Yeah stopping those tests is very good

>> No.41185059

i just looked at the other verison, but damn, the rules arent in it either! like one guy has a rule

>> No.41185060

>e really only to pad out the time while they release new stuff.

I see it similarly to the General of the Empire vs. The Captain of the Empire. Both are fighty types, but one is the supreme commander, while the other isn't.

>> No.41185083

Should liberators focus on defense (shields and maybe a grandhammer) or offense (grandhammer + dual warhammers)?

>> No.41185091

He could be the wizard, given they don't have one as yet.

>> No.41185092

>dude is unstoppable
MFW GW had to retcon the storm of chaos campaign, where chaos LOST everything, and archaon got his shit pushed back in by grimgor.

GW are the epitome of bad losers.
good guys win campaign, so write in that skaven assassin kills valten.
so much angst GW.

archaon gets beat up but not actually killed by grimgor, when he should have been killed dead by valten if the campaign scores were actually followed.
>don't like losing GW?

>> No.41185102

One of several reasons the Phoenix Guard still make high elves OP.

>> No.41185132

oh the primer?

idk I can barely read it, I've tried four epub readers and they don't really work

Bloodreavers too

>> No.41185140

I think the spiders are the best thing about this.

>> No.41185167

>Dude sits out most of the endtimes,

He directed the forces of Chaos and only sat out during the events of End Times: Archaon because he achieved his objective. He got the city where the device was located and started digging it out. The Chaos Gods wouldn't allow him to do anything else but work to start the device which he did and started the countdown.

Teclis attempts to shutdown the device were not assured to work. Even if Manfred didn't backstab them, Archaon would have climbed up and stopped them anyways.

>> No.41185182


I took five pictures, all of the top left is out of focus, I'm sorry, but you get the gist, missile weapons, melee weapons, the abilities blah blah blah

>> No.41185183


Because the starter set rules are not the complete rules for those units.

Liberators for example have no minimum in the starter rules nor the option to take a warblade, pair of warblades or warhammers, or a grandhammer or grandblade for every five models They lack the paired weapons rule as well.

There are pictures of the Retributors and Prosecutors which show they have additional weapon options as well.

>> No.41185201

oops missed the picture

>> No.41185211

Take one guy with a shield and put him in the back. Bam, the entire unit benefits from rerolling saves of 1. Give the rest grandhammers and dual warhammers. Hammers pull ahead in damage when a Lord-Celestant is around to buff.

>> No.41185250

What madness is this? Bloodstroker? Why?!

>> No.41185262

You can't mix weapons though, it's pretty clear in the unit description that they are all armed the same way. The only exception is the 1 guy for every 5 who can take a grandhammer or grandblade.

>> No.41185263

Serious question, especially those of you who have lots of people trying this at your shops, how are you deciding what to put down? My store-owners are curious about this

>> No.41185264

>And he has the personality of a bowl of porrige throughout the whole thing.

Well, that's an unfair way to criticize the Greatest Everchosen that ever was and ever will be.

All characters in the End Times books had zero to little character development. The books were just battle reports and exposition dumps.

If you want to know about the personality and character of Archaon, then read his two novels and "Lord of the End Times" novel.

>> No.41185345


Good stuff, those books show Archaon was cucked by Be'lakor

>> No.41185375

It's good to know that he and his copycats didn't take long. So how are the Age of Sigmar(Spider) novels?

>> No.41185403

From what I can tell of the games we had at the FLGS, the Bloodsecrator is what makes the entire army work. The rest of the goretide are pretty crap overall, but once you set up this guy they suddenly start working, especially the Blood Reavers.
The Khorgorath is pretty good at shielding the guy thanks to its fat ass.

>> No.41185410

Just one novel. Read it but on half way got bored and went back to reading 40K novels. I might return to reading later.

>> No.41185438

And another thing. So far with the recent fluff we've learned that some trees have a grudge against Nurgle's mooks, that Malekith looted Slaanesh's place as a God of Chaos. How right am I?

>> No.41185449

>good guys win campaign, so write in that skaven assassin kills valten.
>so much angst GW.

You realize that Valten dying was actually a favor to the Empire, right? Valten surviving only benefited Chaos.

>> No.41185480

>How right am I?

About half.

>> No.41185494

About the trees or Slaanesh experiencing what getting looted feels like for the first time?

>> No.41185502

sounds like somebody hasn't played a game of it.

>> No.41185518

Where are the slaanesh demons getting their power from if slaanesh is gone?

>> No.41185527

>So how are the Age of Sigmar(Spider) novels?

We've got one.
It's pretty meh and basically just exists to show boat the Stormcast. But the Chaos dudes are far more likable than the Stormcast.

>> No.41185550

>But the Chaos dudes are far more likable than the Stormcast.

Amen to that.

>> No.41185581

Well, I'd say it's perfectly fair, because, unlike Archaon, people like Nagash, Arkhan, Vlad, Teclis, Gelt, Malekith and a dozen more had a ton of personality. True, most of them didn't really develop much throughout, but at least it was there while big bad Dieter was busy being a growly doomsday villain.
Which, in and on itself, is fine, but at least have the guy ham it up a little or do *something* of interest.

>> No.41185585


Because it's fun. Don't you like fun, anon? Why do you hate fun?

Butthurt poorfag WFB players need to leave pls kthxbye


>> No.41185607


>> No.41185609

Time loop or the realm of Slaanesh itself. "Slaanesh" didn't die when she was looted, that was just his avatar at the center of its realm. Slaanesh is Slaanesh's realm.
Who wrote it?

>> No.41185611

thanks again man, you are doing gods work

>> No.41185617

>People still this butthurt about AoS.

>> No.41185636

Chris Wright.

>> No.41185645

>Because it's fun. Don't you like fun, anon? Why do you hate fun?
>Butthurt poorfag WFB players need to leave pls kthxbye
I don't hate fun. I see what GW was trying to do, but this? They slapped the word blood to everything.

>> No.41185649

The trees.
We have no idea what's happened with Slaanesh.
Tyrion and friends go to capture him, we don't know if they succeed but Slaanesh goes missing, and now Slaaneshi followers think Malerion is behind it.
Slaanesh's symbol is also gone from the wheel of Chaos, but we're not sure what the replacement one means yet.

>> No.41185668

Is he a new writer?

>> No.41185671

>Not liking the word Bloodsecrator.

It's hilarious. It's like Dethklok shit.

>> No.41185703

>GWIDF still this desperate

>> No.41185717



>> No.41185719


Oh please. Next you'll be trying to tell me that 'Deathfire' was a shitty name for a novel.

>> No.41185736

>the trees
Good to know.
>Slaanesh's symbol is also gone from the wheel of Chaos, but we're not sure what the replacement one means yet.
>It's hilarious. It's like Dethklok shit.
It's not doing it for me.

>> No.41185738

No, and I'd say he's usually a better writer.
I'd say it's more of a matter of finding the Stormcast a character of their own, at the moment it's wish-washy-space-marines-but-not-quite.

>> No.41185749


Looks like the throne mentioned in the text below to me.

>> No.41185775

Thanks, Anon.
>Oh please. Next you'll be trying to tell me that 'Deathfire' was a shitty name for a novel.
I wouldn't use that word to describe it, but it could have been better. "Rebirth by Flame" would have been a better title.

>> No.41185776

I am doing Khorne's work, well Chaos in general, I only wear the Shield of Sigmar upon my breast because my store only got one khorne shirt :(

Still, I got two pins and a live bloody bracelet

>> No.41185787

Yes, the GWIDF is the one forcing us all to talk about AoS without shitting ourselves like 3 month olds.

>> No.41185796

>No, and I'd say he's usually a better writer.
>I'd say it's more of a matter of finding the Stormcast a character of their own, at the moment it's wish-washy-space-marines-but-not-quite.
Maybe they'll get better as this trainwreck moves on.

>> No.41185800

you shouldve killed them for the shirt.

>> No.41185834

Here is his interview about the book.

>> No.41185869

Nah he plays chaos, so I'll let him live, for now, when he fails I will tear out his spine

>> No.41185888

Look, the only models in the starter box available outside the box are the Liberators, with a kit coming out Saturday. THEIR rules are already online. The reason the starter set minis haven't got their rules online is because the only way to get them is the starter set, which has the rules already inside.
It's a bit stupid, yes, but it's not the most stupid thing about AoS by a long shot.

Can tell you all about them. Giving pics is gonna be hard. My scanner is awful and I have the German version. What would you like to know, friend?

>> No.41185895

Anyone have a pdf of the novel?

>> No.41185923

>Nah he plays chaos, so I'll let him live, for now, when he fails I will tear out his spine
So when GW does the AoS version of Storm of Chaos and Chaos loses again?

>> No.41185956

>Maybe they'll get better as this trainwreck moves on.

I'm certain it will, as it gets more meat on it's bones.

That's interesting in that matches roughly what I was thinking. It really did feel as if he's not quite got a firm grasp on the new world.
And the Stormcast don't seem as mentally strong as Space Marines, hence the wishy-washiness I was picking up.

I'll be interested in seeing it develop.

>> No.41185972

No I mean like, if I'm in the store, and he loses a game to an order player, I will kick the back of his knee, forcing him to kneel, then I will use my GW™ Citadel™ Hobby Knife to peel the flesh from the back of his neck, after which I will pop a disc out before yanking his spine out of his fleshy receptacle

>> No.41185989

The Eternals have two identities, and some of them are not going to be able to get past that unlike the main character did in the novel.

>> No.41185998

Ensorcelled is such a good word

>> No.41186012

>dead tree version
I'm interested too

>> No.41186042

>I'm certain it will, as it gets more meat on it's bones.
I'm going to be cautious about this.
>No I mean like, if I'm in the store, and he loses a game to an order player, I will kick the back of his knee, forcing him to kneel, then I will use my GW™ Citadel™ Hobby Knife to peel the flesh from the back of his neck, after which I will pop a disc out before yanking his spine out of his fleshy receptacle
If he loses that just proves that Chaos can't always win.

>> No.41186049

didnt chaos win the end times? serious question i only started playing sigmar.

>> No.41186053

And that' when we get glorious Bloodstormbrasscast Eternal Chosen.

>> No.41186074

Chaos won End Times.
It lost Storm of Chaos which was a summer campaign, which was subsequently ignored.

>> No.41186078

There were only losers in the end times, mostly WHFB players.

Technically GW won because they sold hardcover books to people then invalidated them

>> No.41186083

Yeah but GW didn't like the results of the Storm of Chaos campaign and this led to it getting called an alternative time and then retconned.

>> No.41186086

Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker together make the army work, actually. The Secrator makes the Cultists very good and the Stoker makes something else do much more damage. Problem about the Secrator is that he moves slower than everything else in the Goretide, so he pretty much needs to run all day erry day to keep up with the other guys.
Mighty Lord sounds good on paper. In effect, his unbinding doesn't do shit in the starter kit since Storm Host doesn't have a wizard and his special command ability is.. meh. The Axe, however, is bullshit.

>> No.41186091

New to wargaming, getting in with AoS; how do you determine a model's equipment. Is it just what's glued on? Reading WD 76 leaves me with some questions after looking at the liberator warscrolls.

>> No.41186104

i wondered this also

>> No.41186106

>time line

>> No.41186120

Yeah it's whatever it has

>> No.41186122

No, it seems more like there'd be non Sigmar aligned Eternals fighting Chaos as a personal thing more than anti-Sigmar Eternals fighting for Chaos. All of them have fought choas in the past and have personal vendettas against them.

>> No.41186145

Once you build a model you're stuck with your setup? how do you decide limits? Could a liberator just glue on every weapon?

>> No.41186154

Depends. Double Hammers and running them at 5+ Wounds stuff makes them awfully dangerous, but Shields + some wizard to cast that defensive spell on them makes them almost invincible.
My opinion? Wait till the rules for the Archers are out and then decide.
Because they might be pretty good and because those overblown gold armors just standing there shooting arrows from their overblown golden bows makes me happy.

>> No.41186188


An Epub and Mobi of the Gates novel was posted a few threads back.

>> No.41186196

>Once you build a model you're stuck with your setup?

Unless you've got magnets or something, yes.

> how do you decide limits? Could a liberator just glue on every weapon?

An individual Liberator only has one of the weapon combinations.

>> No.41186219

The weapon combinations on that warscroll aren't particularly clear. Can we have two warhammers and a shield? A grandhammer and a warhammer and a shield? Obviously the construction kit will help us out, but....

>> No.41186277

>The weapon combinations on that warscroll aren't particularly clear.

Yes they are.
They give you the profiles of everything you can have.

>> No.41186304


>> No.41186330

Would take hours to find that

>> No.41186347


Seems pretty clear to me

>> No.41186350

Do you have a link to that friend?

>> No.41186372

>"A unit of Liberators has 5 or more models. Some units of Liberators are armed with a Warhammer in each hand (profile 1), while others wield paired Warblades (profile 2). Other units enter battle armed with a single Warhammer and carry Sigmarite Shields (profile 3), and others still pair a Sigmarite Shield with a Warblade (profile 4) In any case, 1 in every 5 models may instead be armed with either a Grandhammer, or a Grandblade"

My question I guess is, does a Grandhammer or Grandblade only go with one hand? Two hands? Can you pair them with other weapons any way you please?

(Also, side-question, can you keep rerolling until you stop getting 1s if you're using paired weapons?)

>> No.41186438

>My question I guess is, does a Grandhammer or Grandblade only go with one hand? Two hands?

Two hands. It say nothing about getting to have either a shield or another weapon with your grandblade or grandhammer.

>(Also, side-question, can you keep rerolling until you stop getting 1s if you're using paired weapons?)

That would be silly.

>> No.41186440

No, re-rolls only apply to the first roll

>> No.41186454

Thanks. Still curious as to how people are balancing armies so far at their shops. Excited to get my starter set in the mail.

>> No.41186474

You can find someone selling the unpainted models on ebay for $3-5 a pop.

>> No.41186512

Ask your local store, I've been speaking with seven clubs to come up with comp rules

>> No.41186579

Looking into this which army list would give me the best fully mounted army?

>> No.41186618

Order just take anything mounted

>> No.41186645

It's a Hobby Corner (US chain that does about half of its business in model trains/planes/etc....) and no one has played AoS there yet. I was the one informing them.

Not the ideal store, but they'll have players eventually. Really? I'm less of a store player and more of getting my buds into playing, but none of them have wargamed before either, so it's just gonna be finding a balance for us new guys to enjoy this game.

>> No.41186651

Any good combos or does it not matter?
Also am I correct in assuming lords can not join other units?

>> No.41186690

I'll find you the comp rules that my buds and I are working with, they're all beta rules for now

There's no like bad combos, most units are pretty equal, order would give you the most variety

>> No.41186707

Thanks. I know there's two point systems that people have worked out, wounds, and $, but I'm open to something else interesting

>> No.41186728

Points are shit

>> No.41187064

The only argument I've read that neckbeards keep making is that the game needs points and army selection rules otherwise YOU WILL HAVE TO TALK TO YOUR OPPONENT AND WORK SOMETHING OUT.

Seriously, the downside to AoS is that you have to talk to your opponent and come to an agreement and that takes precious time away from rolling dice.

Fucking neckbeards, I'm glad AoS is driving them away from GW.

>> No.41187071

>don't forget to buy our exclusive rulers at only 50$ each

It's already stupidly expensive as it is; you don't need to exaggerate it by quoting it in dollaridoos.

>> No.41187169

Do you get four attacks if you're dual-wielding.

>> No.41187227

You get to re-roll ones to hit.

>> No.41187231

Also, other stupid question: Why do single-model units have a bravery score? Is it just for rules that call for that outside of normal business?

>> No.41187257


>> No.41187371


Honestly I just hope they implement some form of army selection simply because it would make pickup games easier.

>> No.41187451

Some spells cause bravery checks

>> No.41187703


Are there any more of these maps floating around? I saw one of the chaos realms a few threads back and I really like them.

>> No.41187738


I'm guessing there will at least be one for the Realm of Fire and one for the Realm of Metal, since those are the other two Realms within the book where fighting is taking place.

The book is supposed to include background on each of the Realms though, so I could see all eight getting maps.

>> No.41187980


>> No.41188160

Repeating Crossbows.

>> No.41188305


Cool thanks. These are great bits for inspiration.

>> No.41188368

So the Sigmarines have rapid-firing Bolters now. I see...

>> No.41188385

Well they did exist, why wouldn't god forged warriors have them?

>> No.41188406

boltstorm/thunderbolt crossbolters

>> No.41188464


I'm not saying they shouldn't. I am merely observing in awe the innovative game design.

>> No.41188557

Where would I start if i wanted to get into AoS.
I've never played WHFB

>> No.41188570

Start with either the starter kit, or the fire sale on ebay with all the people leaving.

>> No.41188576


>> No.41188705

The starter kit is 50 models at $3 a model (less if you live in USA but I'm in Canada and our monopoly money is crappy)

Also battalion boxes are $3 a model for most of them.

If you don't want to play order or chaos the starter kit isn't that good tbh, just pickup a couple battalion boxes which you like the look of and a hero.

Alternatively get one squad of dudes you like, build 'em paint 'em see if you like the hobby.

>> No.41188725

Another alternative is just get a battalion box that you like the look of and go from there.

>> No.41188752


>> No.41188997


>> No.41189700

With the Realm of Fire completely taken by Khorne and covered in fortresses and skull towers, and the Realm of Life at least half taken by Nurgle, corrupting the forests and waterfalls, what the hell is Tzeentch doing to the Realm of Metal?

>> No.41189911

Sitting on his fat ass getting his dick choked on by fine chaotic bitches while his brothers do all the hard work?

Just as planned.

>> No.41190126

>Heraldry of Duke Bohemond of Bastonne, the bloodline of the Breton.
>Wearing armour forged from the scales of the dragon Smearghus, slain by Giles the Uniter himself.
>Not wielding a greatsword.
>Image simply named Questing Knight 02

>> No.41190216

>tfw no woman with manhood

>> No.41190383

is this from WD?

>> No.41190463


Looks to be from the book that went up for preorder yesterday, page number is 243.

>> No.41190618

By the looks of things the new format will be campaign books with 2 or 3 factions and scenarios rather than a rulebook and army books.

>> No.41190731

And has generally smaller minis.

>> No.41190776

Perhaps malerion "possessed" slaanesh. Imprisoning slaanesh within himself and absorbing his divinity.

>> No.41190914

>It's not gay in a three way

>> No.41191356

lol, totally!

So sorry tourney guys ... as I get older and I have less time to fly around the globe playing in competitive events (ain't gonna lie, it's fun) there is something that is very appealing about just escaping from it all and hanging out with your friends and pushing lead/plastics across the table in the game room once a quarter.

tldr, playing for fun is just as fun (in a very different way) as playing competitively.

>> No.41193850

An immortal god warrior who rides a dragon horse on bolts of lightning? Sign me the fuck up.

>> No.41193924

I have a feeling that 'the new stuff', if it uses current models, will have exactly the same rules but with a different name.

See the book preview in this week's WD for example - the Treelord Ancient in the new book has exactly the same stats as the current Treeman Ancient

>> No.41193994

They will probably remove the silly mustache length style rules.

>> No.41194275

Some of the staff have mentioned the silly rules are a fun send off. So characters with them we can probably consider pretty much squatted and won't be receiving newer rules than whats out now.

>> No.41194324

Age of Sigmar is 4 pages of rules, a few scenarios, 30 pages of fluff, then about 160 pages of minis

>> No.41194365

your ye olde speak needs work :s

'Art Thou Serious, knave?'

'Ye, the squires even doth call thee peasant'

'I fornicate with horses, thou said'st in truth'

'Verily, thou cans't not lift thine own blade nor armaments!'

'Come ye back when thou hast removed the rust from thine armor, wastrel'

>> No.41194544

It means being drunk enough to have fun with any game.

>> No.41194568

>DnD wanted to have fresh blood (costumers). >With mechanics that resemble WoW.
>WHFB wanted fresh blood (costumers). With >miniatures that resamble WoW.

Well I hope the Pathfinder of big formation based fantasy battles will show up soon enough.

>> No.41194583

>all these new feces are pushing around dudes with swords

>> No.41194630

Kings of war has been a thing for a while now.

>> No.41194647

>about 160 pages of minis
Absolutely horrifying

We can only hope there're pics of incoming models at least

>> No.41194649

Which is weird, as at least one regular Orc unit got the scream Waagh for re-rolls rule.

>> No.41194750

Damn shills, you were accusing WHFB players night and day that they aren't buying shit, why don't you fucking buy shit? The Age of Sigmar limited edition book is still on sale after 2 days, will this be the shameful first limited edition book in the fantasy range that does not sell out?

You are killing your game by not buying enough.

>> No.41194766

Son, you forgot your Sigmarines with Bolt Guns.

>> No.41194804

Have to admit they look fucking sexy

>> No.41194904


They might be if they weren't mono-pose. It's a pretty horrible pose too... The gun is obviously capable of flight and is dragging the Sigmarine along behind it.

>> No.41194950

>I'm less of a store player and more of getting my buds into playing
There are people who would inflict AoS on their "friends"? I am shocked.

>> No.41195072

But didn't you hear? GW shills here are feeding us that the game is doing record sales.

You best buy it too, Anon - or soon you will no longer be part of the cool crowd.


>> No.41195078

If this thread is any indication, enough retards are buying their AoS shit.

>> No.41195149

>GW shills

I don't think anyone in GWHQ has ever heard about 4chan ...or the internet ...or the TV ...or the radio ...or the fire for that matter

>> No.41195158


What is this whineseer tier post

>> No.41195338

Why do Seraphon (Lizardmen) have the same name as Malekith's mount...?

>> No.41195369

Because Malekith regularly mounts them. Duh.

>> No.41195439


Do lizardmen have females?

>> No.41195444

Eh, combined with the stories of starter sets selling in large volume, this just seems like more evidence that Geedubya is selling to new customers. Random kids stopping by Geedubya to pick up a starter set aren't really in the market for the limited edition crap.

>> No.41195455

Well if they're called "lizardmen", I'd assume there would also be "lizardwomen".

Then again, they're now called Seraphon.

>> No.41195485


There's definitely some females in their tamed creatures though, since those are native wildlife rather than things that pop out of spawning pools.

>> No.41195543


I know the word shill and redshirt is thrown around a lot, but when I went down to talk to the guys at my local GW about AoS they sounded just like some of the pro-AoS posters in these threads. "AoS is great. Old WHFB was generic/boring/etc. This is the future, get in on it. Blah, blah, blah."

>> No.41195544

So one more novel...in aos

>> No.41195573 [DELETED] 

What do you expect? They fucking work at the store, you expect something like' AOS sucks, 8e for LIFE!!"?

>> No.41195594


Naw, I'm just saying the cries of red shirt in threads like this are probably not too far off the mark.

>> No.41195598

This is why the /v/isitors are off the mark. /tg/ companies don't need actual shills, because genuine customers will be enthusiastic enough to do it for free. After all, unlike vidya, if you like a game it's directly in your interests to have more people playing it locally. Plus something like warhams inherently requires more dedication than vidya just because of all the painting.

That and /tg/ companies don't have money to spend on shills.

>> No.41195601


I'm certain it will meet BL's standard for awfulness.

>> No.41195622

Some wizards' spells use bravery scores as milestones for certain effects, like health draining or insta-kills

>> No.41195626


I think most red shirts would do it for free

>> No.41195627


Not to mention if you're only concerned about the rules, the eight battleplans and maybe possible battalions are the only real incentives to buy the book.

The Warscrolls will all get posted on GW's site as the models are released and in the case of the Sylvaneths they seem to be copy and pasted from the Wood Elves.


Age of Sigmar also introduces the possibility of some people gushing about it, not because they have a vested interest, but because they want to piss off grognards something fierce.

>> No.41195637


>> No.41195658

note that it's part 1 of a series....

>> No.41195720

and oddly appealing..

>> No.41195753

I tried AoS yesterday. It's horrible. It's even worse than 8th ed as far as tactical decisions go.
>pile up your units in close combat in the middle
>the end

I'm trying Kings of War tonight.

>> No.41195777


Kind of hype. I loved Reynolds Fantasy work, maybe he cane make something work here.

He seems to have some interesting ideas for the setting going by his ask.fm, so hopefully GW gives him some freedom after he does his Sigmarine quota.

>> No.41195792


Link to his ask.fm?

>> No.41195808



>> No.41195851

>because they want to piss off grognards something fierce.

that's exactly why im getting in on it. even if the game itself is eh, the fact grognards hate it compensates.

>> No.41195913

>> No.41195916

Read the extract from the new book.. new units

Decimators with big axes
Protectors with glaives.

>> No.41195977

well that and Nagash is an attention whore

>> No.41195978

So what happened to the gunpowder weapons?

Will there still be stuff like Outriders or Pistoleers or Pigeon Bombs in the new fluff?

>> No.41195995

Dude if the campaign scores would have been followed dude wouldn't have made it to the Empire


>> No.41195996

How much the models cost..

>> No.41196005

>> No.41196011

Probably not.

>> No.41196050

Wow, this looks like the runner-up for a 'worst in set' MtG artwork competition.

>> No.41196054

what's going down with the metal realm?

I'm guessing Tzeetch vs I don't know the normal Humans since its
Sigmarines vs Khrone in the fire realm

Treemen vs Nurgle in the Live

Dark Elves vs Sleenesh in shadow

>> No.41196056

The Duradin are high-tech.

>> No.41196059

p120 pls

Or do we have that?

>> No.41196067

I was watching the Beasts of War weekender the other day and they said something which made sense.

AoS has been made without the current WH models in mind (they plan on phasing them out). All of the new AoS are balanced when compared to other AoS models.

>> No.41196072

normal humans and draves in metal land probady get them

>> No.41196076

Whoops, I didn't actually intend for this comment to be a reply, just a standalone.

>> No.41196077

Didnt the fifteen dollar fluff book sell out.. Lol

>> No.41196087

Sigmarines are in all realms.
It's because of them striking that the other forces of order have essentially mustered the resolve to strike back.
Tzeentch will be squaring off against Sigmarines and the Duradin.

>> No.41196097


Well they've said any of the models that were usable in Fantasy would be usable in Age of Sigmar so.

>> No.41196104

>I "play" this "game" to piss people off.
Oh wow.

>> No.41196107

50 for 5 same as a terminator
which makes sense since they're the same size

>> No.41196126

So we can look forward to goblins and zombies with Sigmarine power levels? Seems like that would take a whole lot of variety out of the game.

>> No.41196127


They're slightly bigger and also slightly cooler Worth the price in any case. :^)

>> No.41196128

>Dude if the campaign scores would have been followed dude wouldn't have made it to the Empire

No, that's not how the campaign worked at all.
The results dictated how much opposition Chaos would face at Middenheim when their unstoppable horde reached there. Because they fared very badly through the campaign they ended up not making any progress at Middenheim and Archaon lost.

>> No.41196132

Yes they have, so that everyone isn't left behind. But I don't imagine they'll be supporting the old range (rules wise), so you'll eventually be forced to pick up the AoS models if you want balance and fairness.

>> No.41196133

yeah you can tell which ones are balance for AoS they're the ones without the goofy rules

>> No.41196138


>if you want to use your old models, you have to play with flavourful (retarded) rules we gave them

Bravo GW, bravo

>> No.41196145

its a fluff book, no shit
GW is probady looking at the model sales which seems to be high

>> No.41196157

>All of the new AoS are balanced when compared to other AoS models.
Is that true? So a flying sigmarine = a hammer sigmarine = a sigmarine on lizardbattlecat?

Seems a bit unlikely.

>> No.41196162


>> No.41196175

Don't be so dense, one AoS warscroll is going to be considerably more balanced against another AoS warscroll.

>> No.41196186


I still have no idea what that word means.

>> No.41196205

But the warscrolls have no maximum unit size, and the rules have nothing about taking an equal number of warscrolls.

>> No.41196210

It seems that the book is mostly fluff and it doesn't even include 2 new units from the new novel.

>> No.41196211

It memes whatever you want it to meme.

>> No.41196223

The fucking peasant bowmen special ability. Once per game they can triple their shots, or quadruple them if they have over 20 blokes. Combine that with all the modifyers you can give them and you have one of the scariest things in the game.

I think I figured out a unit of 40 guys with 4+ to hit with rerolls, and 5+ to wound rerolling ones. On 160 shots.

>> No.41196234

Dark Elves have had the same thing but smaller for ever, shut the fuck up.

>> No.41196235

>and the rules have nothing about taking an equal number of warscrolls.

Time to collect your "that guy" certificate, then.

>> No.41196272

Wut? No, I'm just saying that if they intended warscrolls to be balanced they should say that in the rules. If you're going to define 'that guy' as 'refusing to agree with my arbitrary assumption about what would make a balanced game' then I humbly suggest that no, anon, you are the That Guy.

>> No.41196283

Well course there seems to be no tactical depth if you don't use any.

>> No.41196287

What kin of asinine name to you think they'll give ye old repeating handgun?

>> No.41196291

>but smalle

>> No.41196297

Rules are rules.
Feel free to play your own shitty homebrew version in your basement alone if you like.

The rest of us will have to use the ruleset which is the same for everyone.

>> No.41196315

I would say they see it as a form of magic like SMT4

>> No.41196353

In practice it kinda ends up even or near even number of warscrolls. With alternative deployment once someone decides they've put down enough the other player might put down another and then the game starts.

>> No.41196366

That's strange, since the new AoS book has current Dryad and current Treemen models in it. Wouldn't they be phased out?

>> No.41196388

Since hey reprint those treemen scrolls in the new book, I think some models are here to stay.

>> No.41196393

Any kit that's recentish or an important core unit and plastic will be kept.
All the really out their weird rules are on fincast characters that we can expect to never get an update and be dropped from production soon.

>> No.41196431

4 page of rules 122-126
and special rules for each scenarios

>> No.41196435


Nobody is talking about GWHQ.

>> No.41196447

So highborn will never have good infantry and cavalry?
It will be pretty shame if they replace phoenix guard, loremaster but keep archers and silver helms.

>> No.41196459


I am not pointing out the existence of repeating crossbows. I am merely mentioning that the new sigmarines have rapidfiring bolters now.

>> No.41196468

Bring on the new rules, Anon.

>> No.41196512

Well... Humans are now called something like "Red Slayers" so expect less '16th century Germany" and more "Grimdark McHammer" I fear.

Dwarves.... sorry "Steamheads" will probably get guns.

>> No.41196524

Presumably that's these chaps in the bottom left (there's a load of guys with some sort of swordstaff and one chap with an axe). I'd assumed those were alternate weapon options for retributors,

>> No.41196534

I kinda want the new dwarves to be steam golems.

>> No.41196559


>that's exactly why im getting in on it. even if the game itself is eh, the fact grognards hate it compensates.

I genuinely pity you if your life has reached this point.

>> No.41196561

Curious that decimators and protectors aren't listed here >>41196005, maybe that book isn't going to have rules for every stormcast model.

(And not having a go at you, I've read the same book extract so I know you're not bullshitting.)

>> No.41196587

The game has barely been out a week. At least let the dust settle before declaring it the best thing since sliced bread. You sound like a yes man.

>> No.41196603

Yeah, it's weird. They could be retributors with other weapon options, but why would they get new names...

>> No.41196645

I really think GW would benefit from releasing the new ranges a little bit faster. If they only release two models per week, then that is a bit TO slow of a burn.

>> No.41196684


>> No.41196688

Dont forget about 40k releases.

>> No.41196689

Dont forget about 40k releases.

>> No.41196700

Jesus Christ, no patience.
They used to release things per month.

>> No.41196712

The upside is maybe White Dwarf will be something other than 40k for a while

>> No.41196735

Rooty tooty point and shooty

>> No.41196749

There aren't any "new rules" for the game, per se.
Just scenarios which have special rules

So you can still shoot into melee lolololo

>> No.41196755

That model is the epitome of the lesson that less is sometimes more.

>> No.41196826

They will eventually. But GWs priorities with new kits seems to be focused on new stuff and replacing finecast. So it could be a while.

>> No.41196848

The releases were a lot bigger nack then, though. Rather than release one or two kits each week, they released most of the new models in one or two monthly releases.

>> No.41196850

Personally I think it's great. Feels more Chaos than a lot of the stuff we've gotten recently.

>> No.41196861

>The releases were a lot bigger nack then, though.

Not really, you were lucky to get a few kits and hope for a second wave a few months down the line.

>> No.41196874

Maybe the retributors weapon options are unique units/rules, and are called decimators (with thunderaxes) and protectors (with stormstrike glaives).

>> No.41197161

The "sigmarine" sprite is now updated with custom loadouts. Come check it out!

I'm really loving the new sigmarite models atm, they have that dark souls feel to me. Can't wait to do chaos next.

I know it looks and sounds autism at this point. But I just like doing it.

>> No.41197173

Doing Sigmar's work, anon. Keep it up.

>> No.41197183

Yes. That's true, so what's your point?

>> No.41197190

Is that a hellbrute without the armor plating/gun ?

>> No.41197192

Nice. I think Imma take those Archers then. They deal impressive damage at range, especially their special weapons, and aren't entirely helpless in melee. So yeah, fucking dragon riders, maybe one squad of dual hammers, a couple of Angels and a whole bunch of Archers.

>> No.41197229

Sigmarines finally got bolters.

>> No.41197247

Nah, dark souls artwork much better.

>> No.41197439

Well my plan is a Lord-Celestant, Lord Relictor, 2x 5 Liberators, 5 bow Judicators, 3-5 Retributors, and 3-5 Persecutors. This is about as big as my friends are building their forces (give or take), but what I arm the Liberators with decides if I'll be getting the starter box or just going all out on kits.

>> No.41197503

Just got round to reading the rules. What a wet fart of a rule"set".

So, wait, basically you're meant to bring your entire collection to games, and put down units one at a time until one person has had enough?

Also, do you pile-in on the turn you charge? Seems ridiculous to me that charging is 2d6 rather than mov+d6 or something, way too random.

>> No.41197531

>new sigmarite models atm, they have that dark souls feel to me
Just to you m8. Just to you.

>> No.41197568

>the game is doing record sales
It really is doing. I was at my GW store when it sold the 25th box in a single day.

>> No.41197569

You can't know that it's bad until you've played it! You can't know that shit tastes bad until you've eaten it.

>> No.41197576

>mov +d6
>somehow different from moving then charging

>> No.41197593


>So, wait, basically you're meant to bring your entire collection to games, and put down units one at a time until one person has had enough?

>tournament game (kek)
>two blokes spend two hours putting out the equivalent of 10k in old points before one runs out
>kills one unit in the first turn
>time limit, the club is closing and the lights are about to turn off
>wins as he has 100% to 98% left

>> No.41197620


moving then (mov+d6) or similar for the charge at least gives you a rough idea of how far you will end up going.

moving + 2d6 charge gives you a variable range of 10", on a board normally only 48" across

I know it's not a serious game, but that seems pretty ridiculous to me.

>> No.41197636

>Charging without having moved their units within 3" of the enemy units.

>> No.41197673

Oh wait, I thought you were one of those guys that believed that charge range being 2d6 instead of mov +2d6 (but without moving before) like in 8th was worse.

I understand now that you are even more retarded!

You know right that making charge range mov +1d6 after having moved make fast units basically unstoppable? Flying things would move 14" and then charge an average of 17", making a 31" average threat range.

Do you understand why this would be bullshit?

Also, there are units whose musicians give them a minimun charge range of 6", like zombies. You still roll 2d6, but if you roll worse than 6" you discard the roll.

>> No.41197707


Mov+d6 was just an example, something like ½Mov+d6 would be more appropriate.

It just seems bizarre to me that a Pegasus unit has no distinction with a unit of 200lb Dwarfs in full plate when it comes to charging.

>> No.41197724

Don't certain units, like Prosecutors, get to roll an extra d6 while charging?

>> No.41197733

Yeah, if only Pegasus Knight had a way to increase charges...


>> No.41197750

The distinction is that Pegasus move 16" while dwarfes move 4".

Also Pegasus and a lot of other units have bonus when charging. See >>41197733

>> No.41198303

I also like that pegasus knights can pile in and attack twice when they charge. With the lances bonus they're really quite nasty.

>> No.41198306

>dwarfes move 4

>> No.41198493

what? dwarves have always been that slow.

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