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Hot angel chicks gone wild edition

Latest Rules: https://d.maxfile.ro/sawjxaourj.pdf

Core Lists: https://d.maxfile.ro/cxozpswony.pdf

Additional Lists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XgQY5vVHs_V19N_2lsrpk59SIF9hi6_KDBqkmyitRro/edit#gid=644257362

Faction Rundown

Twilight Kin for posterity: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nhZLDFOHUXC2MCA6NwYQWr0HF2mSyvEWIlNH4oCtBeQ/htmlview#

/tg/ Made Homebrew Content: http://pastebin.com/nxRhWT5R

Just a reminder, you can use your WHFB minis(Or any 28mm fantasy/historical minis on appropriate bases) to play the game, it is what most people who aren't playing undead do

Old Thread >>41156312

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Ironleaf Elves maker here:

I've updated the non-heroes with a bit of fluff but for the moment I've stalled as I ponder points costs.

The more help people can toss on that front the better. The last thing I want is to make something overpowered.

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A Cyborg in King Arthur's Court.

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I took a picture of both of my armies on the table, ready to give a demo game.

Darn shame that when I checked the picture it was a tad blurry. Please forgive my half painted elves.

Also, I got that nice house on the table form a rubbish collection on the side of the road.

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No actual picture, what do I have left to live for?

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... aaaaand here is the picture, which I remembered to post this time.

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I've always been a fan of edgy elves and ogres and since in this game I can I would like to combine the two. So I was thinking of a Twilight Kin Army with ogres as some sort of monster hunters as allies and maybe a giant or two. I know the twilight kin are currently being reworked but does anybody have an idea how I could start planning for this, at least with the ogre ally part? Is there any sort of ETA for the TK rework?

Also, in a partially related question, does anybody know of a good female giant model? I already have one of GWs Giants and I'd like to have a female one to accompany him, but I don't want to just use some random 54 mm lady. I'd like her to also be kind of fat and ugly like my male giant. Anybody got any ideas for that maybe?

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This one comes to mind. I think it's shorter than the GW giant, though.

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Closeup of the Soul Reaver knights, GW High Elf Dragon Princes with Mantic heads.

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I'm sorry. I was reading your post in a rush.

How about this one? It looks kinda chubby and she has a mask?
Or this one.

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I would definitely prefer something like those over >>41176074 but I can't seem to find info on the size. Do you know how tall these are by chance?

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>idea how I could start planning for this, at least with the ogre ally part?
at 2000 you'll have 500 points of ogres, you could get 2 hordes of siegebreakers and call it a day.

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No idea, but this image might give you an idea of the scale of the giants.

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That works really damn well.

Center dude looks like he's about to slide off his horse though.

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Stunning, really cool.

I love the freedome to create unit fillers in this game.

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I heard that that conversion worked, but I didn't know that it looked so good. Where do they sell soul reavers? I don't see them on the webstore.

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Automan Empire fag here. I'm at work atm but can you past the pdf in this thread (or did you already and I'm blind)? And i changed around some points costs as well as adding some fluff for the glorious Automan Empire, which i will post this afternoon.

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I think I will mostly go for full regiments. But I might tart out hero bases more now.

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So, as stated in the previous thread, I'm gonna make a quick test game with a friend and my WHFB minis. I've cobbled up 2 750 points lists as advised in the rulebook.

Kingdoms of man :
Foot guard regiment with greatswords
Polearm regiment
Arquebusier troop
Arquebusier troop
Knight troop
Army standard bearer


Undead :
Spear skellington regiment
Zombie regiment
Skeleton warrior troop
Revenant troop
Revenant cavalry troop
Vampire lord

What do you think ?

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Well, straight away, neither list is legal. Might wanna work on that first.

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It's kinda funny how all attention I had fixed on AoS just kinda vanished into thin air when I started thinking about all he kinds of armies and units I could be having in KoW instead.

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How many points should I have for this? 1000? 1500? 2000?

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Why are the undead so popular then?

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Wait you are right, my KoM army has one hero too many.

Foot guard regiment with greatswords
Polearm regiment
Arquebusier troop
Arquebusier troop
Knight troop

would be valid ?

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Mantic's undead models are cheap and look good.

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Which KoM unit would I use for Hoplites? Spear Phalanx?

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That sounds kinda ideal.

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lucky you. I'm kinda fixing on how to stop wraiths supported by revenant kings, and can't find anything much.

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Even just KoM is amazing. You can make practically any army from the Bronze Age up to like, 19th century with the spread of units they have.

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Rules for Space Marines when?

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I want to know if I can do that one Goblin phalanxes with shamans doing the heavy lifting list I had way, way back in the day. The Hero limit is being... annoying.

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So is it okay to out a mounted hero riding a horse on a monster base?

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goblins can get a hero for 120 points, if you want to spam lightning bolts you can easily

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Smallest base possible is the rules.

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Aww. What if a model comes with a big base like the GW zombie dragon or Nagash?

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The rulebook has specific sizes for each unit type, with the exception of a model not being able to fit, you use the smallest base that can accommodate it.

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Well. If I used the Nagash model I think it would tip over with a smaller base.

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Then that is the smallest to accommodate it, and your opponent won't mind if they aren't a dick, and most people aren't dicks.

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But no vampire riding a horse with a big base then. ;_;

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Soul Reavers were such bad models that Mantic resculpted them but they haven't been released yet.

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Again, if you aren't taking it to tournaments I imagine most opponents wouldn't mind, keep the correct size base nearbye and use that to help measuring from the correct place if it helps. I would save diorama bases for units though were I you.

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Rules are in the works, as everyone hated the beta warpath rules. If you want to play asap, look for the Warpath 2nd edition rules

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The new ones looks actually pretty damn good from what I can tell.

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Sweeeeet... If the price is right, knowing Mantic though, it will be.

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I actually like them better than GW's Blood Knights. They are a bit more subtle. I should see if I can find some Bretonnia horses for them.

>> No.41178915

I do like the frills on the converted dragon princes, but those will be a steal and I will pick some up for sure

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So any good infantry Soul Reavera out there?

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Basilean paladins with vampire heads/helmets.

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Been looking at the Wrath of Kings wardancers. The Goritsi Starter box comes with enough for one troop, some good vampire lords, some werewolves, and a guy who would make a decent Lycanis.

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I would like something more gothic and less paladin.

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Paint them black.

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I like the riders more, but the horses less. I understand why Mantic is going for 'everyone uses the same horse' (because it's cheaper) but I don't care for the sculpt. The old horses were fine.

>> No.41179261

Still will look like paladins.

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Black and red.

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File: 122 KB, 244x148, neversaynotoaheavy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Can't unsee

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I think I will just have to think of something else for the Soul Reavers on foot.

I also need this lich in my life now,

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Hey thinking about starting up an abyssal army but not sure what models to use. I find mantic models in general.... substandard and don't want to use the GW ones. Looking for higher quality but having more of the generic demon feel of the abyssals. Anyone know of anything?

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Who makes that?

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>> No.41179531


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File: 1.74 MB, 2560x1600, HavengulLich_DKA_2560x1600_Wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My qualifications for a good liche are

>Flowing robes
>Pretty much skeletal face
>Cool staff for asserting his or her power

Will post pics of one I am working on right now in a sec

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>yfw when you have no staff

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File: 1.70 MB, 3264x1836, 7b55a9f7-937c-4cf1-a8e9-b66422b5195d..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy here, far from finished and still need to paint over my aborted wash on the robes (Should have just used black instead of dark purple) and maybe a glowing gem effect on his staff

He does fit the qualifications, dude has probably spent fleshy if studying the secrets of life and death while other wizards hate him, but now he has outlived them all and has a bunch of skeletal minions to suck his dick, and maybe a few mortal apprentices too

>> No.41179743

>What's the deal with air elemental food?

But jokes aside, he looks pretty good.

>> No.41179799

You need better lighting, Anon. I also find the Bloodletters lying on their back funny. They look like the lich told a good joke and they are laughing their asses off.

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From a Bret player, if you use Bret horses, either run them in Troops only, or play with multibase positioning. The damn beasts are so massive, ranking them normally is near impossible, especially with couched lances.

>> No.41180038


I was just thinking. What if a lich had no discerning features. No robes, no magical artifacts nothing

He just hid among his horde of skeletons, just another skeleton in the crowd.

>> No.41180047

The two dudes at the side, are they using the berserk armor?

>> No.41180061

immortality, unlimited power... and no robes?
he didn't give up on life to be just an other faceless face in the crowd.
make your lich FABOLOUS!

>> No.41180071

I think they are closer to Batman helmets.

>> No.41180096


Hes beyond those silly things, he just hangs out in his skeleton horde, doing mathematical calculations on the heat-death of the universe in his head.

>> No.41180160

Depending on the setting, the dude would have to have a phylactery around somewhere, so maybe not as foolproof as you might think.

>> No.41180161

Less fun to model and paint. Some outfits are also magical.

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File: 28 KB, 366x550, 1436727112532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What if this was his outfit.


He could always do the "Another lich is my phylactery and I am his" nonsense.

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Thoughts on this 1000 point KoM list?

Kingdom of Men (Neutral) 995 points

2x Pike Phalanx Regiment(20)
1x Missile Troops Block (10)
Ogres Large Infantry (3)
Knights Cavalry (10)
1x Cannon War Engine
1x Mortar War Engine
1x Hero
1x Army Standard Bearer Hero
1x Wizard Hero

Not enough shooty? Too many pikes?

>> No.41180613

It's the sneakiest outfit. I would almost consider it cheating.

>> No.41180650

I just played my first two games of KoW (in the same time it normally takes to play one WHFB, and that's with constant rulebook checking, 'cos both me and my opponents were fresh KoWers)

boy, flank charges sure do hurt!
fucking 50 attacks from a single regiment, FUCKING FIFTY FUCKING ATTACKS, GODDAMMIT!

>> No.41180705


Kings of War: Watch your ass, cause it hurts to take it in the flanks.

>> No.41180767


Wait until you take a rear charge.

You think getting hit from the side hurts?

Back charges grant TRIPLE attacks.

This is why heroes on their own, especially on mounts, are such a worry. Because they move and hit like guided missiles. It's not out of the question to see a single hero force at least a waver on a legion if he hits their back flank.

>> No.41180802


You're over the hero/warmachines/monster limit by 2.

>> No.41180829

>Back charges grant TREBLE attacks.

>> No.41180837

Too many heroes/war machines to be legal.

>> No.41180838


P. Sure you don't get bonuses like that if you're a hero.

>> No.41180851

>late to the show as always

>> No.41180888

The only rules differences with heroes is that they don't stop unit charges very well and they don't can basically turn to face however they want. Apart from that, they use all the same rules as everything else.

Which is so cash, by the by. Makes individuals very interesting pieces to see doing shit.

>> No.41180897

heroes ONLY get the x3 if they're on a monstruous mount (not 'individual').
it doesn't help that those mounts usually fly as well.

>> No.41181218

They raise the acoustic frequency of the attacks?

>> No.41181786

So I take it that Mantic wont produce a whole lot of new minis and replacements for KoW until they run another kickstarter for it?

>> No.41181822

Dribs and drabs, and there are some new armies in the pipelines

>> No.41181960

Reaper bones?

>> No.41182114

There really aren't any companies that sell boxes of demons to use in an army other than GW. You could use Reaper Bones, but they would all look the same and the cost would be high.

>> No.41182135

They've said less new game Kickstarters, but perhaps more army mini-kicks (ie Kickstarters only intended to clear 100K or so).

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File: 62 KB, 502x600, naiad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Solitary figures among the capricious Naiads, these sea-spirits have sworn a solemn oath to avenge those sisters who have fallen to the predations of sailors and soldiers over the long centuries. Their bitterness and rage has coalesced into magical power that lends them strength, and transforms them into spirits of vengeance.

So sailors take the time to rape Naiads or at least kill them? Can understand why they are so pissed off to the point of fighting on land.

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File: 132 KB, 700x750, 20bbcef1d9a58ea49d4f53af5c3a968c_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell them about Bane.

>> No.41182526

what's wrong with his staff?

>> No.41182741

that's some serious batman "inspiration" going on there

>> No.41183115

I like it. They are detailed enough and not overdesigned.

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File: 1.34 MB, 3264x1836, c33a9a30-fa24-4103-b657-dcd7ec3f3786..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't take the time to bend it off of the guy

Looks a little better now

>> No.41183280

I'm sure a lot of them probably gets caught up in nets.

>> No.41183388

Man, when is Mantic gonna unfuck the lag on their homepage? It's almost impossible to browse the store.

>> No.41183924

Eventually, glad to see their homepage bombarded with interest though

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File: 411 KB, 1536x1152, Assimilation Host.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so I rediscovered these fellows; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/131182444/assimilation-alien-host and think they'd make for a unique army to use in KoW, is there a pre-existing list that would make a good fit, or would one need to make something completely original for them?

>> No.41184048

Question, where can I find the rules for rear and flank charges' effect on combat ?

>> No.41184196

Blame GW for giving them so many new customers.

>> No.41184294

Are they an everblight-tyranid sort of deal? Just use undead and nature in tandem, that should work.

>> No.41184660

Automan Empire update 2. Added brief fluff descriptions. Tweaked some points.

>> No.41184743


It's in the OP. The /tg/ Homebrew content pastebin has a link.

>> No.41184759

If you put that in a Google docs spreadsheet or something similar I can add it to the /tg/ homebrew pastebin

>> No.41184844

if GW is really getting rid of Slaanesh I want to be ready, where can I get sexy/freaky monstergirls in bulk?

>> No.41184914
File: 239 KB, 1000x458, kings-of-war-succubi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hasslefree sells a lot of succubi

Also Mantic is making some, and should come out in the fall in the form of multi-part hard plastic kits

>> No.41184943

Mantic's are nice but I like the old second wave multiboob ones, that said I'll check out hasslefree

>> No.41185260

Does anyone know where I can get lots of cheap plastic hoplites?

>> No.41185325

Wargames Factory. You can snag them on miniatures market for about $16.

>> No.41185728

Did they can the twilight kin? I cant see the rules for them in the v2 pdfs

>> No.41185831

They're giving them a major overhaul in the near future, apparently.

>> No.41185836

Apparently they are gonna rework them. I'm guessing less GW Dark Elves and maybe more shady elf supremacism.

>> No.41185841


They're undergoing a pretty extensive revision.

>> No.41185844

Do Twilight kin sparkle in the sunlight?
Is it why they live underground?

>> No.41185863

Their rules in the OP's 6th link are still there, it is just that they are being redone flavor and mechanic wise for some reason

>> No.41185867

>maybe more shady elf supremacism
so Dark Eldar then?

>> No.41185948


Picked up the same guy for my lich as well as Arrius for my RK.

>> No.41186140

Nice. Im a disgruntled dark elf player looking into this. Have they stated anything about their new direction?

>> No.41186173

Not a lot. You're going to be fielding them as regular Elves for some time.

>> No.41186192

Come on, Nazi elves!

>> No.41186194

Sucks. I also have some chaos dorfs so Ill stick to them

>> No.41186229

Dark Eldar is more elf sadomasochism and just taking what they want.

>> No.41186230

Great because they really seem to like Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs.

There will probably be some unofficial Dark Elf lists in the meantime, but everything down to the sculpts is being reworked on those. Weird because they're still in the webstore and one of the pricier options.

>> No.41186247

You can still just play them with the WIP rules, they are in the OP

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File: 215 KB, 768x1024, 1436366320949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So tempted to run him in my Abyss army

>> No.41186860
File: 84 KB, 599x450, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should then.

>> No.41187328

If they gave the Abyssal Dwarves new models I would totally start an army of them.

>> No.41187361

Don't expect that anytime soon.

>> No.41187387

I might get my hopes up sometimes after their Warpath kickstarter and if they will expand KoW further.

>> No.41187446

Expanding doesn't really contain remaking existing minis I guess.

>> No.41187488

Any armies that have chariots? Asking for a friend who has a Tomb Kings army.

>> No.41187573


kingdoms of men and ogres do.

but any army with large cavalry could suffice as long as the stats are comparable. Its about the base size more than the names. oh and if you can ally them in of course.

also im pretty sure theres a not-tomb kings list coming out soon too.

>> No.41187597

True, but I can always hope.

>> No.41187669

I think they were making rules for TK with a faction named Empires of Sands.

>> No.41187743


Do we know what the on foot ones will look like??

>> No.41187787

Thank you.

>> No.41188834


Hmmm took a look and not really my thing. A shame. Suppose I'll have to figure something out for demons. Thanks though.

>> No.41189133

So does anyone else have trouble justifying ranged troops cost for the dwarves in this game I usually don't think either of the iron watch groups are worth taking because of the +5 to hit, I mainly just use the organ gun because it's cheaper and has more shots with elite special rule if you happen to have a warsmith by it. I hope it's just me and I'm doing something wrong though.

>> No.41189660

Ranged troops for most factions are just to push a damaged unit over the edge, no necessarily do the bulk of the damage themselves.

>> No.41189896

Also to chip away at a unit as it comes in, softening it up for the melee guys.

>> No.41189953

Fair enough I may just start taking rangers since they can do a bit of melee and range decently

>> No.41190032
File: 12 KB, 554x476, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take your allies with Elves and use their bowmen or something as most of them have 4+ and re-roll natural 1's, but they won't get Piercing like the Dwarves do and they're more expensive. Or just take the Brew of Keen Eyes to bump you down to +4 to hit.

>> No.41190083

Gee, I wonder what could've happened there to cause that sudden spike in interest.

>> No.41190151

What I want to know is what caused the spike around late 2013--early 2014.

>> No.41190158


I think it begins with "GW" and ends with "FUCKING RETARDS" though.

>> No.41190223

>+4 to hit with Piercing(2).
Ouch. That might be better than the Elves but it would be a bit more expensive.

End Times was 2014-2015 wasn't it? That would account for the spike?

>> No.41190373

End Times was 2014, which actually saw a dip in interest in KoW. According to that chart of course.

Early 2015 would have been the announcement of new stuff, and mid 2015 being the current debacle with GW shitting their pants with AoS.

Either way GW is largely to blame.

>> No.41190434

What was the huge spike then leading to 2014? KoW2 was announced November 2014. Before that it was pretty dead.

>> No.41190539

Dunno. That huge spike seems to be very late 2013 to spring 2014.

>> No.41190775

It might have been partially caused by people trying to find cheap alternatives for models for releases like dwarves and end times undead.

>> No.41191404
File: 457 KB, 640x640, aowpl01_blister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I personally stand by using AoW dwarfs, same artstyle but look much nicer, all while being quite a bit cheaper per model.

>> No.41191526


Man, if only 40k worked like that...

>> No.41191599

They took care to avoid that... kind of. In 1e KoW ranged units were overpriced. They've gotten cheaper with 2e. War Engines did wayyy too much for the money though but they've nerfed that.

>> No.41191615

>wanting a sci fi game to not rely on firearms doing most of the work
You're looking for Warmahordes

>> No.41191662

Hey I'm reading through the rules and I'm curious about counter charge. Maybe I'm misreading but what does it really do when you can just charge the target normally?

>> No.41191744

What are some models to use as the Kingdom of men's Beasts of war?

>> No.41191779


Man think if 40k had little to no ranged weaponry. It could be just like Age of sigmar with a bunch of units rushing into a mob-up in the middle!

How fun!

>> No.41192303
File: 14 KB, 181x172, 1409571882403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ogre army set arrives in the mail
>HALF of the models are missing
>contact mantic
>due to high demand, a request may take up to 10 working days to be received
>due to high demand, replacement parts may take 3-4 weeks until they are shipped
>to get to my part of the world will take another 1-2 weeks on top of that

My previous experience is that they provide good customer service. Hopefully it won't take two months to fix this.

>> No.41192409


As oppose to sitting in or near deployment zones and mindlessly assraping everything withing 24+ inches. Yep so much better we should stick with this method!

>> No.41192420

this is one thing I'll give GW, when you get a bad kit, you just bring it back to the store and they"ll just take a replacement off the shelf for free, ad infinantium until you get a non-defective kit

>> No.41192469


>implying warmahordes isn't heavily biased toward ranged units, AOEs, control ranged/channeled spells, and in general punishing melee that isn't hyper mobile bullshit designed to rush in and achieve victory by sniping the warcaster instead of having an actual battle with meaningful terrain, scenarios, and movement

I will stick to literally any other skirmish game, thanks

>> No.41192496

it means that if you're charged in the flank or rear you can still counter-charge.
you couldn't just declare a charge, as you don't have LoS to your rear.

>> No.41192554


It isn't. You build a brick, you'll deliver the damned thing.

>> No.41192702

> 9/11

holy shit mantic

>> No.41192765


The nerve of some people.

>> No.41193028

So traditional Colors for Basilea are Light blue & white. I want to play a small vassal of Basilea though Any thoughts on colors?

I'm toying with the ideas of

Purple & White
Blue* & White
Green & White
Blue & Black
Yellow & Black
Black & White

Since the models I'm getting come with a few extra I may use those to test out color schemes or use some D&D miniatures I have lying around.

>> No.41193110

>yellow and black

>> No.41193128

Purple and gold.

>> No.41193226

>Purple, red and gold
Fast fix

>> No.41193389
File: 153 KB, 640x480, DSC03249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So just Byzantine Empire colors?

(Pic related is the models I'm using, no Cataphract, just teutonics and foot sergeants)

>> No.41193666

Hot damn, I got off easy then.

I ordered my Undead army and the Revenant and Troop sprues got swapped up. I had normal skeletons instead of Revenants. Almost didn't notice, I can't even be mad at the guy who mixed them up. Filed my service email and then later realized I forgot to attach the images/proof of purchase. They shipped out a revenant sprue the next week anyway. Got to keep the extra skeletons!

Tiny tiny company. I'm amazed they keep up with what they do for what they have to work with.

What was missing out of yours?

>> No.41194035

>What was missing out of yours?

six ogres warriors and 3 ogre shooters. Half of the starter set.

>> No.41194911

There is sale in my former FLGS and I noticed that some Mantic stuff is included too. So I just ordered 40 spear elves, 40 archers, 10 scouts and 2 bolt throwers. All in all it only cost me 35€, not bad.

>> No.41195256

at a quick glance, it looks like he is playing a Flying V.

>> No.41195355


>Woah, Basileans! Can't we just talk this out?

>> No.41195379

i smell a conversion idea.

>> No.41195420

>implying WMH shooting is not just there for spot removal and forcing an engagement

>> No.41195426

Bump on this question, I can't find the effects of rear and flank charges in the op.


>> No.41195447

In the OP pdf i mean.

>> No.41195464

page 64, under 'striking'

>> No.41195493

Thanks a lot, I'm really blind.

Also the rules seems streamlined and simple yet very tactical. Can't wait tonight to try them.

>> No.41195494

Nice paint job there, very profesional, the colours work well together too. I would paint the skin of the dudes darker and put some suns tough...

>> No.41195554

thoughts on this evil list of evil?
for 1000 points

1 regiment of goblin rabble
1 monster slasher with stickthrower
2 regiments of wraiths
2 revenant kings on horseys
1 troop of ghouls

>> No.41195866

Anything with the Individual rule doesn't get to double/tripple attacks for flank/rear attacks. Nearly all heroes have the individual rule, unless they lose it from becoming large cavalry or monsterous cavalry (or something else maybe, not sure if any heroes lose individual from anything else.)

>> No.41195884

Wait where is this rule ?

>> No.41195905

pg. 71, "Individuals" section.

>> No.41195906

shit son, have you even read the page with the 'individual' rule?
if you mean how large cavalry/monstruous cavalry heroes lose individual, that's not a rule, but just something that happens in all lists (also, large infantry heroes are not individuals)

>> No.41195907

Ogre heroes don't have the Individual rule for some reason. Because they're Large Infantry, I guess?

>> No.41195946

I see, sorry. They only triple their attacks against war machines.

>> No.41196043

That's correct. That makes them a good bit more scary actually. Warlord would get 14 attacks at 3+ and Crushing Strength (2), which is damn near unit-tier. I think it's one of the big strengths of the Ogre army, and any army with nimble large infantry/large cavalry heroes (I think it's just Ogres, Orcs, and Goblins.)

>> No.41196073

It's completely illegal?

>> No.41196086

could you explain how?
I thought I had understood the restrictions

>> No.41196098

I guess the Kickstarter.

>> No.41196116

Without checking the points costs, and not the guy who said it's illegal, but is it a 75/25% split in favour of the base army? You can't have more than 25% allies.

>> No.41196131

You can blame this one on GW :3

>> No.41196134

250 points of gobbos (75 for the rabble, 175 for the big spider), 750 of undeads.
it's like goblins are made to be the perfect evil allies, but they'll break easily as I couldn't fit an inspiring goblin.

>> No.41196201

resptriction are simple:

you need a regiment (or horde) of your CORE army for every Hero/Monster/Warmachine

you also need a regiment for every two Troops

ALLIED regiments do not count as regiments in this case and count as troops

>> No.41196230

that's completely different from what it says in the allies&alignments paragraph.
where have you found that rule?

>> No.41196240

nvm, I brainfarted

>> No.41196336

well ok then, I thought it was back to the drawing table for a moment,

>> No.41196340

Oh nice. That's kinda what I had in mind but I wanted ultramarine instead.

>> No.41196413

Well, not original Anon asking about Basilea colours.*

>> No.41196527

I wanted some wraiths, but don't like the Mantic wraiths (but I still want to keep it at least 50% mantic, because A: I want to patronize them and their based rules. B: The change to "every unit must be 50% Mantic material" is inevitable... I suspect it will happen within 1-2 years.

I was thinking of basing 4-5 Elohi on a Infantry Regiment base (100X80,) paint them super edgy (pale skin, black fire on the blade-flame, blood dripping from mouth maybe) and have the "command point" be marked with the coolest vampire model I can find. Might fill out any empty space with Legion of Everblight Spell Martyrs, or Menoth Wracks. I like the idea that each unit is the collection of spirits that a given vampire/necromancer can summon and maintain, and I also like the idea of corrupted/bound/dead/vampirized Elohi, I'm just worried that people might say it's confusing that I'm putting large infantry and a hero on an infantry base, and calling it a height 1 infantry regiment. Then again, there are no other flying non-characters in the entire Undead army.


>> No.41196532

If the points add up, it SEEMS like it should work, due to the following logic:
Regiment of Goblins means ONE monster; One Monster Slasher.
2 Regiments of Wraiths means TWO heroes, etc.; Two revenant kings
1 Troop of ghouls; two undead regiments meant up to 4 troops could've been taken.

>> No.41196542
File: 148 KB, 337x363, do_it_faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds good, mang. Get to it.

>> No.41196578

So you don't think people will refuse to play with that much count-as. I'm a former player who used count-as in 40k 3rd and FB 6th, and basically wasn't aloud to use my armies once the 40k 7th FB 8th generation came around, so I'm paranoid about that kind of thing.

I do like how the idea of multibasing is re-igniting the conversion/modelling spark that had long since died out with my play of GW games (TLOS means modelling is a tactical choice in addition to an artistic choice.)

>> No.41196589

You suspect something that is literally impossible to enforce is inevitable?

They are not GW, they do not control the public face of wargaming and most peoples access to a gaming store. If they require mantic models people will ignore them.

>> No.41196598

>The change to "every unit must be 50% Mantic material" is inevitable... I suspect it will happen within 1-2 years.

Why would it matter what Mantic says about which models to use? What could they possibly do about it? Are they running tournaments in your area that you are determined to attend?

>> No.41196602

Niiice. I'm one of the few people that liked the aesthetic of their elves.. More fairytale and less Aryan.

>> No.41196620

The KoW crowd, from what I've seen on here, is all about counts as and proxies. It's half the reason most of us are here.
Look at these bad motherfuckers. Who cares what they are standing in for, they look bawss as fuark.
As long as your base size is correct they can't really say no. Since KoW doesn't use true LOS you don't even need to worry about the height of your minis.

>> No.41196633
File: 1.96 MB, 320x320, 1420748962782.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Counts-as is cool if they are easily recognisable for what they count as imo. A guy I played against at a 40k tourney I went to carried around a sheet with pictures and what they counted as. He gave a copy to each opponent to make it easier, nice guy and a fun game.

Most people are cool, it's only really spergs that get bent out of shape about counts as and they are rare to non existent in the KOW crowd.

>> No.41196655

>have lots of WMH to paint and play
>have a painted Malifaux starter that yet needs to see play
>have a painted Infinity starter that yet needs to see play
>KoW 2e comes out
Oh damn you Mantic, onto the pile you go. I have some WMFH Slaanesh demons TK models lying around. If I convince my local GW drones to try this out, am I ready to go?

>> No.41196664

>You suspect something that is literally impossible to enforce is inevitable?
You're thinking of "enforcement" to literally. They also print the "tournament official" rules. Even if they themselves don't run tournaments, it seems likely that this will become the large-scale fantasy tournament game where the WHFB tournament culture takes refuge.

Enforcement through cultural memes is actually stronger for these lot. Think back to playing GW games. Did you ever play tournaments?: probably not. Did you still keep your army theoretically "tournament legal?": Yeah, most people did. Hell, I did, even though I never set foot in a tourney. Tourney culture has a ripple effect throughout the community, all the way to LGS casual play, and part of that ripple was the strongest thing actually enforcing the "use GW models" policy of GW's games, not their stores. Most players didn't necessarily have a GW store within range, but LGS folks still kept it tourney legal when they could, hell even most basement players did.

Those aforementioned ripples got to strong, and helped make the culture unpleasant in the end, which is why GW tried to axe the tourney culture altogether, but they didn't realize that they were actually killing an enforcing element of "GW models only" stronger than any redshirt or blackshirt. I guess they forgot that LGS and online orders exist. Idiots.

>> No.41196714

Except Mantic made money selling cheap proxies to GW players before the AoS shitstorm.

Tournaments will just ignore the mantic model bit unless they are idiots.

>> No.41196721

If it does happen, it ain't gonna be before they actually decide to make official models for Kingdoms of Men.

>> No.41196728

that is weird

why would a GW-independent tournament care about GW's desires?

>> No.41196736

same reason some people care about MtG proxies at the kitchen table, it's more official, it's more 'real', it would cheapen their investiment otherwise

>> No.41196750

that's retarded as fuck

>> No.41196754

That doesn't make it any less true.

>> No.41196772

I'm not talking about tournaments caring, I'm talking about injecting the meme of "50% or more mantic per base, to keep it tourney legal" into the culture. Hell, back in the day, when GW still ran tournaments, no other tournament gave a flying fuck about GW models, and yet the cultural meme still had enough power to sell GW models when cheaper alternatives (like Mantic) were readily availeble. Surely, every person who buys GW models doesn't play the hobby exclusively at GW stores.

The way the culture looks now, that might not be as big an issue, but KoW's culture might multiply manyfold in the next year or so, which could vastly change the culture.

Still love the game either way.

>> No.41196784

ETC, if I remember correct, didn't have this rule "GW models only" and they one of the largest tourney community.

>> No.41196798

Are these Mantic models? Because if they are then WOW, I'm getting into this game!

>> No.41196808

Nobody said it wasn't retarded. A great deal of human behavior is illogical when you look at it like a mature adult, especially when you're dealing with a hobby that attracts a higher-than-average percentage of autists (and I don't mean that in the meme sense, but in the literal statistical sense.)

At the end of the day, in the current rat-tail market of "nerd-culture" hobbies, the biggest resource that any related company has is the social-capital of "official-ness." Ironically, when they gave up having any point system, GW ham-stringed their own official-ness, because with a points and an army generation system >>41196736
>it's more official, it's more 'real', it would cheapen their investment otherwise

and that's what people are REALLY mad about.

>> No.41196828
File: 43 KB, 523x400, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just tell your opponent that they are wraiths. You can stick a tall tree on your base and the unit would still have the same height value. Go for it.

>> No.41196852

Are you REALLY trying to claim people who object to the idiocy of Age of Sigmar are actually mad about their 'investment' and the fact its less 'official'?

People are mad because the rules are terrible and nothing like the kind of game they want. Your bizarre theory has nothing to do with it.

>> No.41196856

I only care about that stuff to the degree that it's more fun playing against a proper looking army instead of unpainted minis or stick figures.

If you don't have the money or time to get a decent looking army I can respect that, though.

>> No.41196863

Except people did buy Mantic models or keep using older models or using third party parts in conversions.

And you are acting like tournament legality is the only reason people would buy GW models, they generally make great models.

>> No.41196890

I thought the reason people did that was because they didn't allow for non-GW models in their stores?

>> No.41196891

and most people here would agree with you.
it would be great if we had a good ruleset, and used whatever models were the most awesome for a unit!
but it's in tabletop's recent history - people do care about how 'officially' they're playing, even when it doesn't matter, and there's nothing to gain out of it.

>> No.41196906


Those seem to be a mix of GW, Reaper (the giants are actually really cheap models) and something else..

But they are based to be used for KoW.

>> No.41196913

That was my point, Mantic have no stores so nobody will listen if they try to enforce the use of Mantic models.

>> No.41196926

>Are you REALLY trying to claim people who object to the idiocy of Age of Sigmar are actually mad about their 'investment' and the fact its less 'official'?
>Your bizarre theory has nothing to do with it.
>Official-ness being hyper important to nerd-culture hobbyists=bizarre theory
Do you actually play games, or do you just talk about them on /tg/? I'm starting to be a bit skeptical that you've ever spent any amount of time in an LGS or at a game-night.

>> No.41196928

Mostly because it allows them to find easily people to play with on the fly.

>> No.41196929

That's the beauty of proxies. You can technically use anything that fits on the correct size based.

>> No.41196951

And yet people who live in states/countries with literally 0 GW stores still made armies using entirely GW models. Hell, GW was closing stores right and left for a while there, and it didn't change the percentage of armies that were still GW tourney legal all that much.
>And you are acting like tournament legality is the only reason people would buy GW models, they generally make great models.
No, literal tournament legality would be meaningless to 90% of players if they actually thought about it. There's something that resonates with the little sperg in all of us when something's "official" or "tourney legal" or "canon." It feels more real, and that sensation is a BIG part of what you're paying for.

Yes, GW also has some damn nice models.

>> No.41197003

Because GW used to be an absolute monopoly. Really, until recentely with Mantic, the only Warhammer armies with third party units available were undead (skellies and zombies), empire and brettonia. Maybe chaos with Warlords vikings.

On the other hand, Mantic is a third party retailer without shops and without official events in a market that is competitive.

>> No.41197046

I always found that notion to be depressing. The coolest armies I ever saw were the ones the owners went out of their way to make unique. You can just feel the love and effort they put into them just by looking at them.

>> No.41197073

Did you ever even play Warhamer Fantasy?

People are made at Age of Sigmar for many reason, 'officialness' is not one of them. It is bizarre to claim having no real way to balance the game without lots of game knowledge and discussion is only disliked because its not 'official'.

No, its not a 'big' part of it. People bought GW models because they were good or because they simply did not have much exposure or access to the other options. I do not know why you are so obsessed with trying to prove Mantic could get away with requiring people to use Mantic models but drop it, people would not buy into it.

>> No.41197080

>And yet people who live in states/countries with literally 0 GW stores still made armies using entirely GW models. Hell, GW was closing stores right and left for a while there, and it didn't change the percentage of armies that were still GW tourney legal all that much.

Because GW is the most established brand out there. Just because a lot of people use an iPhones doesn't mean that the iPhone is the pinacle of phones. You got plenty of options and a lot of phones are clearly better than iPhones while some are shittier.

>> No.41197081

I would like to point out that one of the principle reasons you overwhelmingly see GW models for GW games is that 40K is easily the most popular, and other companies seldom offer good proxies.

Any company can make elves, dwarves and orcs but only GW was making Tau, Necrons and Space Marines. And Space Marines have a look that is quite distinct from any old sci-fi soldier in heavy armour. Combined with the quality of their models, we shouldn't be surprised at seeing so much GW product for 40K. Meanwhile, in fantasy, every vampire counts player has been using Mantic zombies for the last 5 years unless their FLGS was a GW store.

>> No.41197109


It's funny to believe that people dont buy third party models in a thread about a third party model company.

>> No.41197132

The 40k proxies are slowly creeping in there, though. There are nice alternatives to Imperial Guard and the Mantic Enforcers are basically proxies for Space Marines.

>> No.41197142

Also I remember good WWII orks but can't remember the company making them.

>> No.41197153


Leave your dirty GW vibes behind, relax, chill out and join us. Mantic don't roll that way, and they never will. Talk to Ronnie sometime if you have doubts.

>> No.41197167



>> No.41197182

Yes I think. There was also another one making vehicles too.

>> No.41197191

You probably need ro reach him on Facebook, though. That seems to be his main online channel of communication.

>> No.41197233

Oh I just jumped into the ongoing discussion. What is most definitely a thing is the mentality of many GW fanatics that everything non-GW is less real and just of less worth than anything GW. I find it very frustrating. The cause however is probably not a tournament scene and concerns about tournament viability, but simply brand loyalty - the worst kind of loyalty.

>> No.41197290

Yeah, brand loyalty is pretty stupid. It's the people behind the company you want to keep track on.

>> No.41197405

Found a place for bases made of MDF.

Never bought bases before (always used the ones supplied, like a good GW drone)

MDF bases the way to go?


Is where I plan on ordering from. 100x40mm for my infantry (everyone in groups of 10, 2 groups of 10 for a regiment, 4 groups of 10 for a horde) and 125x50mm for my cavalry (same deal, 1 for a troop, 2 for a regiment, 4 for a horde)

>> No.41197507

what if Elves list got Always Strikes First instead of Elite - allowing them to have attack on any turn they are charged, so enemy can attack only on counter-charges?
Like this
>[email protected] charge Tallspears
>Tallspears roll for attack, [email protected] do nothing
>Next turn Tallspears counter-charge and attack again
>Next turn [email protected] counter-charge and finally get to attack

would make it better, no?

>> No.41197525

Can you blame them? Look at those sexy gills.

>> No.41197572


I can't say I like it. It violates the principle of a player only making decisions and rolls on his own turn.

>> No.41197578

but it fixes one of the biggest problems with this game!

>> No.41197588


What problem?

>> No.41197592

Gills gone wild when?

>> No.41197594

the elves not being better than all other races
they are fairly balanced at the moment
which is wrong

>> No.41197609

It's Bretonnia you cocknugget.

>> No.41197688


>> No.41197692

>mentality of many GW fanatics that everything non-GW is less real and just of less worth than anything GW
Since the price of GW plastic is higher than gold...

>> No.41197694
File: 2.50 MB, 220x242, 1412563857492.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Usually when I type "lol" I don't actually laugh out loud, but I just did.

>> No.41197706

Or pretty much any major wargames show either side of the pond. Mustbe rack up major air miles that one.

>> No.41197715

Maybe Mantic has a company jet that is an old Soviet deathtrap they bought cheap?

>> No.41197800

I'd go with the "they copied one of GW's planes" joke on this one.

>> No.41197814

I have 1 winged vampire, 10 skelly armored halberdiers, 5 skelly armored warriors, 30 skelly warriors, 20 zombies, 13 skelly knights, and a couple of necromancers. What should I get next?

>> No.41197842

Warbases also makes nice mdf bases, they even have some tailored made for KoW minis.

>> No.41197859

I'd say 5 more armored skellingtons (so you can make a regiment of Revenants, but if you make a unit filler for 5 figures, it's a-okay), 10 standard skellies (to field them as one horde or two regiments), 20 zombies (to make a horde), 7 skelly knights (two regiments or four troops). Necros sound good. You could use some ranged shit, either catapults, or skellie archers.

>> No.41197962

Goddamnit, I have this ridiculous obsession with only owning metal models, and insist on buying horde armies. 20 skellies is like $100... On the bright side, now I have an excuse to buy an old screaming skull catapult of the 'bay.

>> No.41198005

20 skellies for 100$? Where the fuck are you shopping? You can get them cheaper even from fucking Foundry.

>> No.41198106

Foundry's are 5 for $20. Cheaper, but not that much. I just got a set of Rackham's 10 zombies for $50 off ebay, and a set of Red Box Miniatures 10 zombies for $30. So $80 for 20 zombies. As more and more manufacturers switch from pewter, it becomes a luxury good within our luxury good market. Ridiculous, yes, but its happening. On a side note, what do you think of re-mounting my old Oldhammer black knights on top of metal zombie/skellington horses? I hate the cheap and weak skellington horses they came with, but the old sculpting style appeals to me. I just don't like them tipping over or that they are going to be the only plastic thing in my army.

>> No.41198136

Is there anyone with enough experience to give a rundown of the relative complexity of WHFB editions?

Really curious which edition KoW is most comparable to. Basically at what point, if ever, did WHFB balloon like a fat sack of crap into the not-tactical model grinding "wargame" that it was.

Need to know which lite-edition of "Official" WHFB to point to when I try to shill this to the local group. They never were comfortable with "unofficial" like 1-page edition etc.

>> No.41198138

wait, is this real?

>> No.41198151


That's disgustingly OP and also breaks fundamental design principles of the game.

>> No.41198162

Some of the pixels quite a few in my time.

>> No.41198212

KoW is Ravening Hordes tier.
all the armies released at the same time.
with the army books, 'armies of the month' appeared, and power creep ensued.

>> No.41198259

1st - Basically an edited version of Chainmail. It was very loose in it's army construction and really anything goes. Its fucking awesome, but really does not even resemble WHFB as we know it. Try it but I doubt it's what you are looking for.

2nd - Revised version of 1st. Makes rules and army building more rigid. Its probably the most fun, and its insane. Imagine a WHFB version of Rogue Trader.

3rd - Probably the first edition that would closely resemble WHFB as we know it today. I would say this is what you are "looking" for. It had 3 books, one for the rules, one for army lists, and one for sieges. It was commonly referred to as HeroHammer because of the ability to build absolute deathstar heroes.

4th - A more toned down version of 3rd. More focused on large armies and less on heroes. It's here GW became a bit, evil... Although this might be what you are looking for if you like both heroes and bigger armies.

5th - HeroHammer strikes back. Reverses things in 4th while still tightening rules down further. I would say this is a less fun version of 3rd, although its quicker to play in fairness.

6th - The definitive version of WHFB IMO. It has big armies, red books, heroes, and GW was definitely evil at this point. However, their evilness did not diminish great sculpting, glorious artwork in their books, or anything else from being amazing.

7th - Oh god..

8th - No...

>> No.41198273

KoW is ridiculously less bloated than WHFB but it feels a bit like 6th edition in my opinion.

>> No.41198292

Or 4th, vaguely.

>> No.41198311

Yeah I would agree. 4th is very similar to 6th in both concept and practice.

>> No.41198337

Classic "whatever float yout boat, man" scenario. If you like how they look, it's gonna be fine. Maybe put some weight on the bottom of the base not to tip them over.

For Rackham stuff, check cadwallon.com.

>> No.41198378
File: 364 KB, 857x1200, 1363003252264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a 500 point list how does this sound?

Revenant King - 120 points.
Revenant regiment with undead rats - 130 points.
Skeleton spearmen horde - 175 points.
Skeleton archer troop - 75 points.

Yes, I like skeletons.

>> No.41198391

I bet they lost a lot of money on that finecast jet.

>> No.41198422

Jetcast can't melt finefuel.

>> No.41198427

Sure. Why wouldn't Mantic put a huge statue right outside on their parking lot? That way everyone that comes to work in the morning and visitors will be inspired.

>> No.41198445

You're not really correct, I'm assuming you're a little kid and never actually played or have the old versions and are just reading it from somewhere else on the internet. First off 3rd is not hero hammer, 3rd is the equivalent of Rogue Trader with the big book. Hero hammer came in with 4th edition and the big box sets, magic cards, etc. People did not play 3rd edition the same way as later editions-- you got together with your friends and played, a lot of times because you need rules for big battles for your WFRP campaign story and converted your characters, tournaments would have been about 3 people, if any. 3rd also had the ROC books, which are critical pieces of gaming history. 4-5th are squarely herohammer, 6th and 7th are still quite bad with the herohammer bits, but better than the others. They didn't cure herohammer until 8th edition with the 6 always hits, 6 always wounds and strike by initiative order. 6th I refer to as the 'cheaters' version because the way it plays with no premeasuring and a bunch of stuff to punish you if you miss charge guessing promoted constant cheating. Premeasuring of 8th and the random charge ranges fixed all that stuff. Liking 6th, I can see that for a more control and cheat style player and 7th was just tweaked 6th really, but dismissing 8th outright, maybe not a good idea.

>> No.41198478


Should you?

>> No.41198543

I don't think so, but you could.
you aren't going to break units with spammed lightning bolts, 3 dice are too few, even with piercing.
if you want to spam something killy, there are the war trombones,, that's a fistful of dice... but they'll rout as soon as someone looks crossly at them.

>> No.41198564

>no premeasuring is cheating
litteraly fuck off.

However I do agree with >>41198273, KoW is streamlined 6th ed.

>> No.41198619

>Little kid
>Begins with insults.
>Doesn't know HeroHammer originated in third and was only called that during 4th and 5th as an insult by the casuals that were brought in by GW after it went to shit.
>Admits to cheating to win.
Jesus, you and AoS belong together.

>> No.41198622

Probably because Alessio also designed the 6'th rulebook.

>> No.41198633

He didn't say that. More like people who couldn't guess distances (like me) were forced to cheat if they wanted to use anything like a ranged weapon, or wanted to charge. I haven't played in that era, but I'm terrible at guessing distances, and no-premeasuring is pure fucking bullshit. As I've heard folks measured their forearms and shit and put their arms on the table to help.

Fuck no pre-measuring. It makes no fucking sense whatsoever. I wouldn't tell my guys "You go there and maybe, if they are in range, shoot at the enemy." but "You go close enough to shoot them".

>> No.41198713

Dude who asked here.

Bingo bango, that's the answer I need.

Pretty interesting history. I missed out on like 60% of it but I overheard plenty of complaints eg "herohammer".

>> No.41198715

>I didn't say that, I was just forced to cheat

>> No.41198851

You got to understand that WHFB has also much more special rules and a whole different magic system with a good hundred of spells. Also army selection is totally different. Also it relies on a different system of morale mostly independent of the wound system.

However, KoW manages to make the battle feel just as deep even without that.

>> No.41198979
File: 1.63 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20150428_183557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



In a world of tabletop gaming with plastic mandolls I think this would be the only time to use the expression 'you fucking scrub' and it be appropriate

>> No.41199017

my only issue with KoW is that it's too battle-oriented. in WHFB, list-building was almost a hobby in itself, even if you never got to play that list

KoW is not Timmy- or Johny-friendly, in MtG terms. But, the game is in its baby years, so all that stuff will grow on it, I'm sure.

>> No.41199025

That's probably remnants from when GW fused RPG rules with wargame rules to make Warhammer the game it became. KoW seems to have kept more of the wargame aspect and trimmed a lot of the RPG aspect.

>> No.41199029

why do people like guessing so much?

ability to guess distances has about as much relevance in a dice game, as moustache length, if you catch my drift

>> No.41199040

>I-it's not like you can have a rule or mechanic in a game you could find fucking stupid

>> No.41199079

Because you make a little game of the distance. If you are correct your brains reward system gives you a dopamine surge. The brain encourages you to repeat all events that gives you dopamine surges because your subconcious thinks you will get bitches and resources that way.

>fun things are fun

>> No.41199087

Anon, you admitted to cheating on /tg/. A board dedicated to grognards and neckbeards. What did you expect?

>You get what you deserve.

>> No.41199091
File: 1.16 MB, 2000x1347, kowgen-fisty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.41199092

Well, I can tell you I certainly never would cheat in such a debased matter, and what do know, by sheer experience of judging a tabletop as a seasoned general I know my thumb to pointer finger length is 6", my thumb to pinky length is 8", and I oddly seemed to have really good luck when making charges...

>> No.41199101

Probably. Same for the save system really.

Because arquebusiers don't have a magical GPS to see if they are in range ?

Plus it was fun.

>> No.41199113


I don't have skin in this argument, but the problem is fucking obvious.

In an hours long game, single events that are important to determine the entire thing come down to a quick triviality, untetherred from any other calculation than spacial relation judgement.


You get the implications, right?

>> No.41199128

you can justify moustache length being relevant in the same way

yeah, especially if you play in the same place always and know the distance from every point of the gaming table there to another point

>> No.41199145
File: 273 KB, 570x460, 1357107383052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Uses MtG terms.
>Takes an issue with the battle being won on the table, not off it.
>Wants this to grow on it.

I found the first rift in our KoW community!

Honestly I hope KoW stays as far far far far far away from being list-building oriented as possible. Half the reason I like it is that the battle isn't won off the table.

I'm not from WHFB, and I never got into WHFB because of it being too list oriented.
I never did Historicals either because they were too dry for me.
KoW has a nice middle ground and I hope it stays there.

>> No.41199153

>hours long
nigga what

>> No.41199157

You missed that part where I've said I haven't played those editions? Actually, a fellow clubmate who played Warhammer since 5th ed or so told these to me.

>> No.41199186


WHFB, and the 'can't premeasure any distance on the table for any reason' thing.

>> No.41199192

This guy has a point. KoW might be fast enough you could not allow pre-measuring and have it add to the game like in X-Wing instead of waste your time.

On the other hand, premeasure still cuts down on bullshit from players.

>> No.41199214

>you can justify moustache length being relevant in the same way

Maybe, but if you can't grow a moustache or you already have a mighty moustache; the element of gambling that the brain loves so much is removed. Then you trigger the part of the brain that encourages you to repeat asshole tribal behaviour.

>> No.41199221


...I hear good things about always being able to know, oh, in this case let's call it "inspiration range".

>> No.41199222


I'm not personally a fan of it.

I'm bloody good at judging distance by sight (It's part of my actual job-job, which helps) and I'm not personally a fan of the idea that my out of game skill at something unrelated to actual tactics means that I'm better at the game than someone else.

>> No.41199226

I take issue with battle being too much relevant.
The game should be fun enough without battle even taking place, that's my point. Converting/painting is fun, sure, but list-building was fun too. Battle is just one facet of a wargame.
Also, lists I build are build for fun and giggles - or maybe cool combos or fluff or something. It's not for a win, it's for fun. In KoW, however, you build your list to be practical, and practical only - because so far there's no other reason to choose different units - no fluff, no fun rules, nothings, just statlines.

And don't worry, my MtG terms were picked up on 1d4chan, I myself never touched MtG - just those terms describe players of any tabletop very nicely

>> No.41199227

You know what is sad? As I sit here at work I realize that we are just two old douchebags assblasting over the fucking internet about their old toy games. If we met in real life we would probably have fucking fun with our toys.

Fuck this gay earth I want off.

>> No.41199265

swap addresses and settle it in person
at your local panera, as loud as possible

>> No.41199266

And you don't develop a good distance judgement in a moment, so what's a random guess for one, is a sure knowledge for another.

In other words
>Your crossbowmen must roll to hit mine
>My crossbowmen hit yours automatically
>Because game-unrelated bullshit, that's why.

>> No.41199302

At the end of the day it's all just preference, and that's okay. I prefer to guess my range, but it's not a deal breaker to me.

>> No.41199312
File: 305 KB, 534x486, 1420014707315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, look!

I think I found the guy GW the "Model Company" was looking for!

>> No.41199316

Eh, you are most probably right. I've never cheated (or at least intentionally), and I don't plan to.

Have a beer on me, anon.

>> No.41199331

It's not hard to guess distances, especially when you have to measure out the board in the first place. It meant in whfb that artillery isn't so OP as it was in 8th.

It also gives an element of realism and curbs your godlike command of the battlefield somewhat.

Either way I like premeasuring and guessing both anyway I would probably prefer measuring just because it leads to a tighter ruleset in general. Which KOW is

>> No.41199358

Where's much new thread?

I'd do it myself, but tablet a shit.

>> No.41199382

Too busy shopping a giant GW logo onto the towers in
before I post a new general with it.

>> No.41199399

>The game should be fun enough without battle even taking place,
without battle, there is no game.
without a battle, you're just doing some fantasy miniature painting, which is fun on its own but you don't need a list to tell you what to paint, you can go full diorama!

>> No.41199435

oh, excuse me for enjoying conversions more than dice-throwing
wasn't aware it was a sin

>> No.41199472

no, I can't

there must be some purpose, even if it will never be fulfilled. there must be some fluff and crunch, even if I alter the fluff a bit and nether actually use the crunch

>> No.41199480
File: 65 KB, 245x200, git.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>over WHFB of all things he calls THIS dice throwing

>> No.41199484

Not git gud Anon, but I get what you're saying. You enjoy the hobby more than simply how the game playes.

>> No.41199531

if you aren't going to ever use them in a game, why bother with making it possible to use them at the cost of your artistic vision?
with KoW, you might find a compromise, since you build units and not just rank up single figures, so you could mini-diorama and still have your figures be 'battle-worthy', but if you aren't into the game and don't want to play it... why bother about that?

>> No.41199541

Fisty Glue Man had nothing to do with 9/11. His Saturday morning matinee series "Fisty Glue Man, Champion of Adhesion" made him a household name in the 30s, but he was eventually hauled up for un-American activities by Mccarthy and deported. As you well know he wasn't allowed to return in till 2008.

Fucking triggers.

>> No.41199564

Or even truthers, see even my phone is in on the conspiracy.

>> No.41199583

New thread

>> No.41199590

I thought his nerve was 9/11? Are you sure superglue can't melt steel beams?

>> No.41199595

hey, I've never throwed 50 dice FOR A SINGLE REGIMENT'S ATTACK in WHFB.

yes, KoW is some mad dice-throwing

because there must be some PURPOSE

and it's not really about what you DO do, it's about what you CAN do. a diorama is just a useless dust-gatherer. a functional unit is a goddamn functional unit, which you CAN use, even if you WON'T

>> No.41199602

Cheers anon, cheers.

>> No.41199610

>no fluff
I play KoW with WHFB fluff with my pals and my army is nearly fully converted and kitbashed. The system you use to run your games has barely anything to do with the fluff or your collection.

>> No.41199637

I like how wizards aren't so powerful that you have to set a side a chunk of your army list to deal with them, but are still interesting enough to have a role in the battle other than 'weak ranged unit.'

Spells like 'Heal,' 'Bane Chant' and 'Wind Blast' aren't powerful enough to wipe out a whole army, but are some interesting tools to add another layer of strategy to the game.

>> No.41199639

in theory and in words, yes.
but deep down you still know it's a different game AND world

>> No.41199648


>and it's not really about what you DO do, it's about what you CAN do. a diorama is just a useless dust-gatherer. a functional unit is a goddamn functional unit, which you CAN use, even if you WON'T

Creating function but refusing to use said function? Absolutely elf-tier garbage.

>> No.41199656

50 dice? wtf, was that against a war engine or to the rear of a unit?
have you had many cannons survive being charged, and many ranked units survive being attacked from the rear, in whfb?

>> No.41199683

> Panera

Or Noodles & Co. if you've got one. Noodles & Co. is the absolute shiznit,

>> No.41199684

you know, many people in Soviet Union rejoyced when Iron Curtain was abolished, even though they never actually left their country afterwards

in olden times, people actually cared whether their banks had gold, even though they would never actually come to claim it

what you CAN do is more important than what you DO do

flank attacks with Hunters of the Wild regiment
and no, my wonderful unit of Ratog... Brutes did not survive that. and how could it? fifty fucking attacks...

>> No.41199703

Just likr WHFB nowadays. Keep in mind we are in the age of sigmar and all the battles you've done against chaos have been for nothing.

>> No.41199740

well, they were flanked. you need to be pretty badass to survive a flanking manouver.
with a good horde of skaven warriors nearby, and a chieftain to inspire them, they'd have (statistically) held.

>> No.41199755


>what you CAN do is more important than what you DO do

Yeah man, Hitler COULD have done nothing wrong, and that's whats important.

>> No.41199909


>> No.41202079

Wrong, the 6th edition was written by Tuomas Pirinen, the 7th edition was basically the 6th edition but updated by Alessio Cavatore so it had tighter rules more suitable for tournament gaming. 7th edition had the best core rules out of all of them, it was only ruined by the unbalanced armybooks.

>> No.41202486

Nice try, but...
Go for the following to max out your skellingtons:

Revenant Regiment -120pts
Skeleton Archer Troop - 75pts
Skeleton Archer Troop - 75pts
Skeleton Regiment - 90pts
Skeleton Regiment - 90pts
Undead Standard Bearer -50 pts (and also a skellington)

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