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Vendell Blackfist Edition

Old Thread

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Am i the only one who saw this?

everyone is saying sigmarines are shit because they are just modified space marines, but i don't think even the modifications are original. Am i the only one making this connection?

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The combat gauge actually seems kind of useful

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B-But whineseer and dakkadakka said they were going to remove Slaanesh!

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Oh please, Anon. They're just ripping off themselves.

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Is that a new Slaanesh machine? Looks neat.

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You know they both got that rumour from 4chan, right?

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I'm gonna convert all my Skaven into Slaanesh Skaven and try to play them at every GW I can.

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No, it's an Exalted Seeker Chariot

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Can you link me to their threads? I want a good laugh.

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what the fuck is this, then?

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Looks familiar.

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slaanesh is prolly hanging around somewhere, but captured apparently. they will still be in AoS most likely but this might be a new god or a symbol redesign

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Skyrim didn't invent gold armour with a face

>> No.41146944

Yeah, Morrowind did,

>> No.41146985

More copy writable symbol. Remember Age of Sigmar is basically written by GWs legal team.

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The image in OP was up here on /tg/ 2 or 3 hours before it hit Warseer. Dunno about Dakka.

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Thanks, anon,

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So anyone else read Gates of Azyr?

Eternals are pretty much Robocop. Remade humans who've died or almost died. They have flashes of memory about who they are and what they used to be in their old life. The main one even had a woman he loved but could only vaguely remember.

Eternals: More like Robocop than Space Marines.

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>$55 for a 3inch ruler
>$70 for 8 dice and a dice shaker
>$125 for a 240 page fluff book if you buy the other two "tools" aswell.

Oh and $85 for 5 sigmarines.
what the actual fuck.

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Reading it now.

Don't you think that the Chaos Gods are over excessive with their butchering, torturing, and cannibalism. It's like they are trying to prove a point.

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You're in Australia? Cause everything is way more expensive in Australia.

That just seems like what those particular guys do. One group was basically near feral, they hunted like wolves. The other was one of the most feared and powerful groups, so they are of course going to be complete monsters.

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The US prices for the combat gauge and dice shakers sort of make sense to me considering the former is made of metal and the latter resin.

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>Slaanesh is FINALLY gone for good


>> No.41147765


God damn! even at austrailian kangaroo bucks, that is just retarded. Its not going to be reasonably priced in any country.

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Now the audience GW always wanted can finally feel interested in AoS. The Spider God comes.

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Nope. This is.

>> No.41147824

I was way off.

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I think I know how these things wear the dewdrops now. It's the blessing of the Spider God.

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Nice, Twin Tail comet shields. Colour choice isn't very good though.

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I kind of like the Astral Templars (First row) and the Celestial Vindicators (Third row)

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So is that a new Giant model? The one with the giant rock, I mean. Also, who are the Skaven/Gargants fighting?

>> No.41148198


Just a conversion using an Arcane Ruins. Everything else is in the current Giant kit.

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Wow, those models look like shit. MMO Pauldrons, loincloths that drag on the ground even though they're in full plate, helmets with faces, the tropical skittle color scheme, that stance... the more I look the more I see shit that I don't like.

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Helmets with faces were a thing, you know.

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Slaanesh is going to be the patron of the new dark elves but they'll tone down the titties and up the black spikey armour of eeeeeeevil angle. Slaanesh will be so butthurt about getting kicked out of Chaos she'll join the Death faction.

source: my ass

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I think they're fighting Dark Elves. Exile Aelves.

>> No.41148321

Sounds suspicious, but your ass has a decent track record of being right.

Taking it with a grain of salt.

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Dark Elves are confirmed as being Order, not Chaos.

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those crossbows look pretty damn big. i wonder if crossbows offline are that big in person

that giant in the middle with the big stone looks stoked as fuck about causing mischief

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What if Slaanesh decided to give order a try since he hadn't experienced it yet?

>> No.41148454

Hey man don't shoot the messenger. But really, why would evil elves be on team noblebright good guys? Prepare for their sudden but inevitable betrayal in a future campaign.

>> No.41148483

That doesn't mean they don't still look like shit here.

>> No.41148485

that's just crazy enough to work

i'm kinda surprised someone remembers the exalted seeker chariot exists besides me

>> No.41148505

Look fine to me.

Because they are descendants of the evil elves, not the evil elves themselves and they have a new, different culture?

>> No.41148533

>different culture
They described as Dark Eldar.

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>> No.41148545

The exiles serve their own interests, not the interests of Order,

>> No.41148607


Only in that both use lightning raids as a method of warfare.

>> No.41148610

>descendants of the evil elves,

>> No.41148633

I doubt order will stay noblebright. I'm betting on assholes in golden armor with an angelic theme versus assholes in crimson armor with a demonic theme. And their friends.

>> No.41148635

Hidden capital, yeah sure redshirt, they totally original and GW writers will never copy 40k elements.

>> No.41148666

I'm guessing slaanesh is captured and imprisoned by replacement god (either belakor or that dark elf guy) while the slaaneshi deamons are still about and trying too free him.

>> No.41148667


Where in >>41148545 is a hidden capital mentioned?

>> No.41148678

The side of Order isn't noble or bright.

The alliance of Order was ripped apart by betrayals and divisions from within. The Treemen and their queen (The EverQueen what'shername from the old world) still hold the other races of order in contempt for the debacle that happened centuries ago.

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The gauge is metal? Well I guess that price isn't so bad then.

>> No.41148706

Well they say the Duardin are descendants of Dwarfs, so I assume the same is true of the Dark Elves and Exile Aelves.

I saw it in a leak of white dwarf 76 or the new fluff book. I'm not sure which it was, but it was posted in one of the old threads.

Well the Eternals don't seem to be assholes in Gates of Azyr, but we'll see.

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In description of Order faction in WD, redshirt.

>> No.41148714

Some can be. Also remember these are superhuman lighting robocop paladins. They'll be able to use huger weapons.

>> No.41148724

Which WD?

>> No.41148725


I'm enjoying the new aesthetic myself.

Its actually one of the few things that has made me consider Fantasy.

>> No.41148728


>The perfect tool for quickly and easily measuring the space between models locked in bitter combat, the Combat Gauge has been designed for all those who love to play their games with as little fuss and clutter as possible. Hewn from metal, with detailed engraved patterns and a surprising heft, the Combat Gauge’s four edges measure half an inch, one inch, two inches and three inches incrementally - so should you need to ascertain whether two models are within range for a scrap, just use the appropriate edge to find out instantly. No more tape measures!

>The Combat Gauge comes on a thick cord, with magnetic clasps, and can be worn away from the gaming table as a unique accessory.

>> No.41148730

>so I assume the same is true of the Dark Elves and Exile Aelves.

>> No.41148748

Because it makes sense that they wouldn't be the same, otherwise they'd still be called Dark Elves or even Druchii, if they wanted a fancy name to trademark.

>> No.41148749

With free sigmarines, if I remember correct.

>> No.41148767

I was gone for a day, have we gotten of the "we spiders now" part of slannash's new lore or are we still complainin about that?

>> No.41148770

>wouldn't be the same
Sure redshirt, Stormcasts totally unique and didn't look like Space Marines.

>> No.41148785

No hidden capital mentioned here.

>> No.41148786

Oh, you've changed from Manager to Redshirt. Glad to have you around, Slav Shitposter.

>> No.41148816

Okay "hidden strongpoints".
>hurr only shitposters didn,'t like AoS, durr it's not 40k copy, its all totally original

>> No.41148831

Yeah, that's you, shitposter. You're unmistakable.

Your rants and completely unrelated arguments to what I post really gave it away.

>> No.41148849

Anon, just a heads up. He is the Slavic warmachine troll. He is just here to shit up threads. He hides behind "criticizing" AOS and GW but he is really here just to shitpost.

His writing method is easily posted and I recommend you just filter or hide his posts.

This is the first known thread where he began his shitposting


>> No.41148872

>unrelated arguments
>He hides behind "criticizing" AOS and GW but he is really here just to shitpost.
Lolwut? Why criticize = shitposting, redshirt?

>> No.41148906


I talk about how Dark Elves are probably different to Exile Aelves, and you shitpost about Stormcast Eternals.

You remember me from yesterday, Slav? You still need to go back to school. Remedial English, maybe.

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>> No.41148966

>your arguments is shitposting
Try harder redshirt. I use Sigmarines as example of uniquiness of AoS factions, and assumes that Dark aelfs will be like Dark Eldars.

>> No.41149001

Like I said earlier, Slav, the Eternals are like Robocop more than they are the Space Marines. They just look like Space Marines.

>> No.41149033

>They just look like Space Marines.
And also have chapters, use the same concept of "superhuman anti-Chaos knights" (Grey Knights are space marines too) and immortal as Rubric marines.
From robocop they have only lack of personality.

>> No.41149104

Okay, so they actually have a personality clash. They are both the Superhuman and the Human, one even doubts his mission because of him remembering his past life prior to being made an Eternal. So to say they lack personality is bullshit.

Sure they have different chapters, but both Chapters and Stormhosts have their origin in Knightly Orders.

One of them is from the Plane of Death and has remained a lot more human for some reason. He doesn't really agree with Sigmar, but apparently he owed him so he joined up to help free his Home plane eventually.

Eternals are pretty cool and are quite different to Space Marines once you get past how they look.

>> No.41149118


man, you'd be constantly tripping over your dick-flap if you were one of these guys huh

>> No.41149131


Well that and the new lore.

Fantasy's old lore was a bit dry to me. Especially in the technology department.

>> No.41149166

>So to say they lack personality is bullshit.
They lose part of personality when dying.
>Sure they have different chapters, but both Chapters and Stormhosts have their origin in Knightly Orders.
And of course GW use Knightly Orders, not their most popular army as archetype for sigmarines.
>Eternals are pretty cool
For kids, who never read something better than BL.
>different to Space Marines
Where? Same concept, same weapon (thunderhammer), same armor.

>> No.41149190

They also call themselves brothers

>> No.41149199

>day starts in bongland
>shills start shilling


>> No.41149255

>They lose part of personality when dying.

They actually forget most of it during the Forging process. It's possibly they lose more as they die and are revived via death magic, but I haven't seen anything with that yet besides White Dwarf.

>And of course GW use Knightly Orders, not their most popular army as archetype for sigmarines.

I said they both used Knightly Orders, not that one isn't based on the other, you dumb fuck. Work on your reading comprehension.

>For kids, who never read something better than BL.

Right. Because Robocop wasn't awesome.

>Where? Same concept, same weapon (thunderhammer), same armor.


>> No.41149287

So are their female Stormcast Eternals?

>> No.41149300



>> No.41149329

are there tranny stormcast eternals?

>> No.41149336

I think so.

The Eternals character has memories of fighting alongside his lover before he was taken for the forging. Sigmar recruited the Eternals from hardy tribesmen that died in the wars against Chaos. These tribes some of these tribes had warrior women so unless Sigmar is a sexist, he should pick up some warrior women souls for his Stormhosts.

>> No.41149339

>I said they both used Knightly Orders, not that one isn't based on the other,
Then why you said, for what reason? I knew the "reason" should be new word for AoS players.
>Right. Because Robocop wasn't awesome.
I didn't see anything from robocop, sigmarines are not cyborgs and AoS is not sci-fi/cyberpunk, it's poor clone of elemental planes mixed with Infinity Crisis.
Also, Robocop is movie, not writings.
And they acrually the same in their fluff. Same organization, same ruler in golden armor, same role.

>> No.41149346


Fantasy turbonerd sets all his mini's on fire in protest of Age of Sigmar

>> No.41149386

We've been over this

Geneseed don't work on them

>> No.41149423

That looks totally like the crown of a Dark Elf, maybe they're being corrupted by Slaanesh, though I'm not up on fantasy fluff.

>> No.41149431

>those crossbows

They're literally fucking bolters.

>> No.41149439

Even though it would seem childish of me to do so, I wish nothing more than to comment on this video with; U mad?

>> No.41149444

Odd, the kit only has the hammer shields, and the bundle doesn't mention any special shields included. wat

>> No.41149448

They would be giant women incased in manly armor.

Reverse Crossdressers.

>> No.41149452

>Also, Robocop is movie, not writings.

Guys, guys movies don't have scripts or writers. The slav has spoken.

>I didn't see anything from robocop, sigmarines are not cyborgs and AoS is not sci-fi/cyberpunk

Okay, try and follow this. Sigmar takes people who died or are about to die, then put them through an augmentation process, and they come out on the other side as post-human beings with a mix of two personalities, one artificial and one original, they then end up sometimes having identity crises about who exactly they are and what they are fighting for.

Omni Consumer Products takes a man who dies, puts him through an augmentation process that turns him into a post-human being with a mix of two personalities, one artificial and one original. They then end up having identity crises about who exactly they are and what they are fighting for.

You see the similarities?

>> No.41149523

>Guys, guys movies don't have scripts or writers
I didn't say it, redshirt, just mentioned difference between movie and writings. Robocop wasn't generic fantasy with paladins vs. hordes of evil duddes.
>You see the similarities?
Only "people who died", anything else more close to Space Marines.

>> No.41149552

Forgot something.

Sigmar's mortal lover was a warrior woman from his tribe. So I guess Sigmar wouldn't be sexist and not include the souls of warrior women in his Stormhosts.

>> No.41149569

Perhaps it's Malekith's crown, implying he's somehow gained crazy god powers. At least, that's what i'm thinking right now.

>> No.41149593



>> No.41149611

Or Morathi.

Which wouldn't change a damn thing about the Four Chaos power.

>> No.41149614

My legs are OK.

>> No.41149627

>My sigmarite legs are OK

>> No.41149633

You gain brouzouf.

>> No.41149636

>You have gained Stormhost
>Your Slaaneshi are broken

>> No.41149650

If the chaos sigmarines are Jians, things will be amazing.

>> No.41149651

Corrupted chaos sigmarines legions when?

>> No.41149668

I think in one of chaos releases.

>> No.41149685


>> No.41149699

>>You have gained Stormcasts Eternal Stormhost Storm
More closer to AoS.

>> No.41149700

The day we get corrupted Grey Knights, we will get corrupted sigmarines .

>> No.41149707

But we already have Draigo.

>> No.41149713

>$85 for 5 sigmarines.
This shit is why I switched games.
No matter how hard I try, I cant get back into 40k because of all this bullshit.

>> No.41149727

Draigo wasn't corrupted and his lore says that no god or daemon can defeat him.

The daemon and Grey Knights codexes both say that no Grey Knight have ever fallen.

>> No.41149740

>no scabbard

>> No.41149745

>wasn't corrupted
>slaughtered hundreds of sororitas in the name of khorne

>> No.41149754

That's one hell of a Gary Stu.

>> No.41149769


No sisters were present in the Bloodtide incident.

>> No.41149793

Sure, inquisitor

>> No.41149814


Nonsense, mentions were omitted from a blurb but that doesn't mean anything.

>> No.41149857

>Chaos comes to the Basilica of St. Mariel on the world of Van Horne. A statue of the Emperor is accidentally damaged during renovation work of the inner sanctum, disrupting the forgotten stasis-reliquary within. As the ancient prison crumbles to dust, the Bloodthirster Ka’jagga’nath, Lord of the Bloodtide, breaks free. At his bellowed command, a tide of gore washes through the vaults, corrupting everything and everyone it touches. It is only when the Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood arrives on Van Horne that the Bloodtide is abated and the Greater Daemon vanquished. Before Ka’jagga’nath’s essence can escape his ruined body, the Grey Knights are able to cast the Daemon’s dark presence back into the Warp, and the psychic backwash banishes the Bloodtide and the legion of Daemons it drew forth.

-7th ED Grey Knight codex

The text is clear. The Bloodtide corrupted everything and everyone on the planet. If there were sisters on that planet, then they were corrupted.

>> No.41149898

If we follow literally what the text says the grey knights would have been corrupted too by your logic

>> No.41149906


Bloodtide could corrupt Sisters, but that blurb is literally the same story as in 5th edition with stuff omitted.

>Chaos comes to the Basilica of St. Mariel on the world of Van Horne. A statue of the Emperor is accidentally damaged during renovation work of the inner sanctum, disrupting the forgotten stasis-reliquary within. As the ancient prison crumbles to dust, the Bloodthirster Ka'jagga'nath, Lord of Bloodtide, breaks free. At his bellowed command, a tide of gore washes through the vaults, corrupting everything and everyone it touches. The basilica's guardians and priests, so recently counted amongst the Emperor's most virtuous servants, roam the nearby streets seizing hapless citizens to use as blood sacrifices upon the tainted altar. For eight days and nights the orgies of gore continue, each fresh death luring yet more Daemons to the mortal world. Hour by hour, the Bloodtide spreads further and further across Van Horne - it is estimated that the entire planet will be enveloped in a matter of days. On the morning of the ninth day, Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Ebon Chalice assault the basilica. Some Battle Sisters are corrupted on contact with the Bloodtide. Those who endure fight valiantly, but most are slaughtered by the Bloodletters atop the basilica walls. It is only when the Grey Knights' 4th Brotherhood arrives on Van Horne that the Bloodtide is abated.

>> No.41149926


Well they would have without the talisman, presumably.


>Needing a talisman of purity to protect against the Bloodtide's taint, the Grey Knights' first act is to turn their blades on the surviving Sisters of Battle. The innocent blood thus spilled is then mixed with blessed oils and used to anoint the Grey Knights' armour and weapons. So shielded, the Grey Knights are able to stride through the goreflood without risk of corruption, and they smash their way into the basilica's heart. A trio of Librarians lead the attack, enunciating the cants of cleansing that repel the Bloodtide wherever they tread. In the end, Ka'jagga'nath is only defeated through the selfless sacrifice of Ordan, Champion of the 4th Brotherhood. Before Ka'jagga'nath's spirit can escaped his ruined body, the Grey Knights are able to cast the Daemon's dark presence back into the Warp, and the psychic backwash banishes the Bloodtide and the Daemons it drew forth.

>> No.41149927

you are changing the story

first it was the strength of their faith that kept them from being corrupted, now they really were corrupted.

back on topic, I really want to try playing AoS but I have no friends and the nearest FLGS is an hour away. Furthermore, the only fantasy miniatures I have are a couple of old reaper minis. I suspect as long as the stupid special rules are ignored the game might actually be fun.

>> No.41149931

If you disregard that fact that they are incorruptible

>> No.41149948

>The Bloodtide corrupted everything and everyone on the planet
Read better, there's no mention of the bloodtide touching the whole planet or the whole population, only that it corrupted what was touched, since there's no mention of how it spread we cannot say that it corrupted all the sisters

>> No.41149978

Well if massacre (dice rolling) without any tactic on the middle of table is fun for you, that you actually can enjoy AoS.

>> No.41149981

It's hyperbole.
If Grey Knights were incorruptible, why do they even need protections from Chaos and why can no one but Crowe be trusted with the Blade of Antwyr?

>> No.41149982

>You have gained Sigmarabulufs
I told you not to make storms.

>> No.41150011

The spread bloodtide in the original story was fast. Estimated to cover the planet in 9 days. The Sisters assaulted the origin of the Bloodtide on the 9th day. They were will within the Bloodtide range.

>with stuff omitted.

For good reason.

If the contributions of the Sisters were important, then they would have been mentioned.

>> No.41150036


Their records speak for itself. None have fallen in 10K years.

Draigo is in the heart of corruption and the seat of the Four powers and he is proving too pure and too strong for the gods of Chaos to corrupt or destroy.

>> No.41150060


Maybe only he has the combat prowess to keep it out of the hands of those who would abuse it or use it for their own nefarious ends ?

>> No.41150072

>orges of blood

if i ever do a deathmetal band...

>the incorruptable grey knights who literally cannot be corrupted by chaos need the blood of sisters of battle who have only had 1 sister of battle fall once

this just bugs me to hell. there's no way the sisters have only had 1 girl fall over the years or that the grey knights actually need some blood from them

>> No.41150094

>There are people who question the incorruptibility of Grey Knights after witnessing Draigo

What's wrong with you?

>> No.41150102

I would so love to see Ward's precious mary sure ripped apart, like a dramatic reveal that draigo is full of heretical thoughts, but the voices from the warp are guiding him in all the right ways to keep it their little secret

then he gets found out, flees into the warp, and becomes the big bad special character of a new "Chaos Warband" codex (while Abby gets an also full price "Chaos legion" codex)

>> No.41150108

So has technology seen any improvements in this new setting ?

>> No.41150136

Dwarfen/Duadren tech? Maybe.

Human tech? No. Humans regressed. Luckily, Aelf and Duadrin are in Sigmaron to teach them all over again.

Magic got a boost, though.

>> No.41150159

god those names are fucking retarded

>> No.41150161


Well that is disappointing.

But then again I guess Warhammer Fantasy was always designed to be a technologically primitive setting so.

>> No.41150164


>Humans regressed

If this means less blackpowder and clockwork stuff and more swords and good old fashioned manliness, I'm sold.

>> No.41150188

>> No.41150192

i guess the first few books/weeks will focus on humans vs chaos, but what about the other factions? what is nagash planning besides a skeleton take over?

>> No.41150200

>> No.41150212

Next release is Life vs Decay.

Alarielle's Wanderer Aelfs & Treemen vs Nurglites in the Realm of Life.

>> No.41150223

Well, there are some treeman in the new book.

>> No.41150228


Nah, it's because he is the only one who is resistant enough. Codex says so.

>Even among his gifted brothers Crowe is unique, for his presence in the Warp is a burning
white flame that purges anything that touches it or tries to subvert him with its taint, and as a
raw recruit Crowe displayed a resistance to the Warp that would take most Grey Knights
decades to develop

>The Blade of Antwyr is as potent an artefact as the Grey Knights have ever possessed. Some
within the Chapter speculate that Antwyr is more than merely a Daemon Prince or Greater
Daemon trapped by foul sorceries, and may even be the last surviving fragment of an ancient
god. Men standing too close to the wielder are driven mad by the constant whispers and lies
of the sword as it twists their thoughts against them. Only Grey Knights are able to resist its
words, and even then only for a time before they too feel their wills being bent and buckled
under the onslaught. Remarkably, Crowe alone seems immune to the effects of the blade,
though it is known that Antwyr speaks to him too. Part of the Castellan’s duty as guardian of
the sword is to record the blade’s words, in case there might be some piece of forbidden
knowledge or clue to Antwyr’s weakness hidden therein. So far, vaults filled with tomes of
lies and curses has yielded little of apparent worth, though Crowe continues undaunted.

>> No.41150238


Supposedly the book going up for preorder will have background on all the factions and realms.

>A full-colour, 264 page hardback book with stunning artwork throughout, it contains backgrounds and stories behind each of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar realms and factions


That is contained in the aforementioned book along with the Stormcast Eternals versus the Goretide and Stormcast Eternals versus Tzeentch in the Realm of Metal.

>> No.41150260


Note that there is no "Stormcast Eternals vs Slaanesh" btw.

>> No.41150267

We will know why next week.

>> No.41150292

Sooner, if we get leaks.

>> No.41150341

When are we going to actually know?

>> No.41150346

I suspect that Allariel's forces might be composed more out of tree people and less out of elves, given that Sylvaneth are her faction and those dudes are all plant guys. I'm sure there'll be leaks presently to confirm or deny, though.

>> No.41150350

Don't think that's the slav, this guy's capitalizing with consistency.

>> No.41150365

oshit nevermind, it's definitely the same guy

I hate Age of Sigmar something bad, but this guy is definitely detrimental to having a discussion about why.

>> No.41150379

GW opens in an hour, what's the ETA to get a pdf of the 96 page book in the starter set?

>> No.41150386

4chan Filters are your friend. Definitely improved my 4chan experience

>> No.41150400


I was hoping they would have had more steam powered technology.

>> No.41150456

>I hate Age of Sigmar something bad, but I will never criticize it, because it's my first wargame

>> No.41150461


Theoretically there should not be any obstacle for that, since the process is supposed to be magical and doesn't have the limitations of Space Marine creation. Although Emperor perhaps could have created female Primarchs, he was shocked by the idea when Malcador suggested that to him.

Magical creation process would also make it easier to provide the female stormcasts with a more feminine "heroic build" instead of making them look like men without cocks (as is often suggested for female Marines). But then there is the biggest obstacle: GW's cost-cutting ways mean they're not going to make female Stormcast models and thus they probably won't ever be mentioned in fluff.

>> No.41150489

Yeah, that's probably going to be the case. It's GW afterall.

>> No.41150553

We might not see the models but they could appear in the fluff.

In 40K, there are female Necrons in the fluff. Though, there doubts if they look different than their male counterparts.

>> No.41150571


It's actually a financially debatable decision. Good-looking female models might sell like hotcakes (Diaz daemonettes are to this day much more wanted than the plastic ones) so it could have been worth the expense.

>> No.41150581


Assuming the Necrontyr had any defined gender before the Bio-Transference.

>> No.41150591

I got my boxset at the midnight release about 18 hours ago.

>> No.41150595


They had, but the metal bodies are mass produced, and only high-ranking nobles get even a little customization. It isn't really comparable to Stormcasts or even Space Marines.

>> No.41150669


All Necrons look like some variant of skeleton, sexual dimorphism is gone.

The only exception is the Silent King who looks like an idealized humanoid made of metal. There's a good reason for this, as the holder of command protocols he was the only Necrontyr C'tan intended to not be a mindless slave after the biotransference.

>> No.41150685

Little customization? I don't think so.

Look at the difference between Zarathusa and Imotekh

>> No.41150705

>it's like imothep but technological

Fucking GW.

>> No.41150714

Necrons royalty, Judicators, Crypteks weren't mindless slaves. The Higher Necrons had their minds back then but they were unable to resist the Command Protocols.

Anyways, Zarathusa had his android body customized before transferring into it.

>> No.41150738


The C'tan promised Necron leaders free will but really intended for them to be enslaved to command protocols. Only the Silent King was in on this and he got the only non-skeleton body.

>> No.41150778

They were free to act on their own and do whatever. It's just that they were bound to the Command Protocols.

They were by no means mindless and at the start of the Second War in Heaven they were satisfied with their new bodies and the glory their conquests.

>> No.41150839

Cheers m8.

>> No.41150928

Stormcast Arbalesters !

>> No.41150967

>my entire club is up in arms about AoS
>not a single person happy about it
>did some test games yesterday
>people saying they're never going to play it again

However, it did spark interest in several dedgames, so we're going to do a Mordheim campaign.

Thanks, AoS. I fucking love Mordheim.

>> No.41150980


So the Glottkin brothers are being granted another chance after their previous failure ?

And did any remnant of Mousillion active during the End Times or still around or are they finished ?

>> No.41150982

I think your ass is full of shit!

>> No.41151051


They weren't free until the Command Protocols had been released. Their minds work according to the paradigms set in their android bodies so it stands to reason that most have have skeletal self-images and are happy being metal skeletons. Silent King is one of the exceptions, even though he has a superior body he is not satisfied with it. Wanting to be a skeleton is not healthy.

>> No.41151068

>So the Glottkin brothers are being granted another chance after their previous failure ?
Nah, more probably it will be just two chaos lord/warchief but with model of Glottkin brothers.

>> No.41151077

The Silent King should be happy with his body the way it is, and not pay attention to the concepts of beauty he's internalised from cis scum.

>> No.41151082


Now as I understand they haven't been destroyed yet.

>> No.41151092

He is happy with his body. His issue is the lack a soul in his body.

>> No.41151095

Archaon made it back.

So why not? I guess.

>> No.41151114


I never could appreciate Mordheim.

It seemed too small for my tastes.

>> No.41151118

So, is there a lore summary yet? What I've read so far sounds fishy as fuck and WAY too high fantasy for my taste, with dimensional warfare on elemental worlds and such, but I think that's because I don't have the full picture yet

>> No.41151121

The paradigms thing is not stated anywhere. Their minds were just ported in their android bodies and let us not forget that the Lords viewed and customized their metallic bodies before willingly transferring into them.

Also let us not forget that the Necrontyr were mentioned to be a morbid and death obsessed race.

>> No.41151125


They haven't

Really will not be surprised if a decent number of the Warriors of Chaos characters, particularly the devoted ones, make a reappearance.

>> No.41151129

Download White Dwarf 75 and 76. They all all the current known lore.

You can also buy the new novella.

>> No.41151157


They viewed the bodies because the C'tan could hide the important things (like the Command Protocol suspectibility) and needed to convince Necrontyr to make the transformation. When the technology wasn't theirs there's no telling what could have gone unnoticed.

>> No.41151330


Guys, this is Age of Sigmar General, not 40k General

>> No.41151346

Warmachine of Warhammer Sigmarines, can I has bigger pauldrons pls? how can anyone like this crap..

>> No.41151350

almost like some kind of "bolt gun"

>> No.41151357


Well it seems more interesting aesthetically than Fantasy was to me.

>> No.41151363

How does a multi part plastic kit from GW in 2015 end up looking like their 3 single pose variants, in metal, of two decades ago? Where's the variety?

>> No.41151366

Well yeah. They're the "good" marines too contrast the chaos marines that warriors of chaos/chosen are.

>> No.41151390

>/tg/ in charge of staying on topic

>> No.41151468

GW already made them a long ass time ago.
they're called Chaos Chosen.

>> No.41151481

They're pretty big infantry minis. Termie sized maybe a little taller.

>> No.41151511

So, any scans of the mega fluff book yet?

>> No.41151526

the fiasco we expected. first time in a long while I do not see a limited edition book selling out. end times books were gone in minutes, sometimes seconds. sigmar book is out for hours and still available

looks like the shills are just talking but not buying anything

>> No.41151531

you mean the starter book? The big book isn't out yet.

>> No.41151532


noone is buying it, anon

>> No.41151536

Cause the books are mostly fluff now

>> No.41151547


that's why I compared them to the end times books, shill. stop making excuses, Khaine sold out within 1 minutes and the only meaningful rules were the combined armies, the fluff book have more than that with warscrolls and scenarios

AoS simply isn't selling, as expected. no amount of shilling will chnage that

>> No.41151550

I could have sworn that it came out at the same time as the starter box.

Someone will always take the shot, and let's be honest even if I don't like AoS, I am at least curious about the new fluff.

>> No.41151567

warscrolls are free with models

>> No.41151577

No, the big book is for pre-order now.

>> No.41151591

>I could have sworn that it came out at the same time as the starter box.
Which is 9 a.m., today, when stores open.

>> No.41151595


I was actually expecting that there would be enough 'I love the hype' GW-drone who will buy it. so a surprise for me and bad, bad sign for GW. this damages their reputation as well, if I were them I'd just put it to 'sold out' in a few hours regardless of the loss of money, the collateral damage is higher

>> No.41151607

Given the reception to Khaine, and how the End Times ended in general, it's hardly surprising people are less keen to snap buy this stuff as soon as it appears. I'm pretty sure End Times: Archaon's special edition hadn't sold out an hour and a half after going up.

>> No.41151617


Well there is this:

> Gates of Azyr

> Epub and Mobi


I am unsure what Azyr is however other than a point of conflict between what I assume is Order and Chaos.

>> No.41151619

Stirland at the time he ruled was a matriarchy which he didn't have any issues and his armies were mixed

So probably

>> No.41151631

Weak justification for females maybe being in the same armour as males: the armour was designed by a dwarf, for whom males and females basically have the same physiques.

>> No.41151646

Warhammer 8th edition: 192 pages of rules, 1 type of shield
Age of Sigmar: 4 pages of rules, 21 types of shield

finally simplicity!

>> No.41151682


But wouldn't Sigmar have shown him what kind of things he'd be making armor for?

>> No.41151683


The End Times books also had extra stuff like art prints mostly, and the art book with ET:Archaon, and at least until Khaine most people were generally excited for what it was.

Age of Sigmar basically is just a re-skinned book in a box, nothing extra, for at least in Australia an extra $100... I paid less for my Space Marine limited edition and got a lot more than a book.

>> No.41151693

Sigmar has more important things to do.

You think that throne will just sit on itself?

I say down with Sigmar! Let the People choose the true and just path!
I might actually have a laugh at AoS if Chaos Stormcasts are fucking populist commie rebels

>> No.41151694

I hope the pro-AoS guys won't kill warhammer by not buying it :(

>> No.41151712

You can't unfortunately. This homo prefers to stay edgy and be an internet tough guy without any pesky commenters bursting his bubble of impotent rage.

>> No.41151784

How can you kill what's already dead?

>> No.41151947

Don't you see it? they are robocop .
The new shifty one.

>> No.41151992

And all for the low price of £120 or £6.00 a piece of shit miniature!

I mean personally I like the idea of revamping things but...the new miniatures are WoW garbage, I bet I could get my 3d designer buddy to shit out a better design.

>> No.41151996

It's 50 in real money

Make sence since they're the size of terminators

>> No.41152029

Errata and FAQ for competetive AoS released via stores.

>> No.41152045

>competetive AoS


>> No.41152048

They do have genders bad in the flesh days

Devourer had a bunch of female necrons

>> No.41152063

"For every 25 counted wounds you may take:
• 4 Warscrolls
• 8 Wounds of models with the Hero keyword
(only 60% can be spent on a single model,
rounding up)
• 6 Wounds of models with the Monster keyword
• 5 Wounds of models with the Warmachine
• All models with 10 or more wounds must be
from the same Compendium as the General.
Regardless of Wound Totals
• All named Heroes are 0-1 choices and may
not be taken multiple times.
• All unnamed Heroes are 0-2 choices and may
not be taken more than twice.
• Models with both the Hero and Monster
keyword count against both allowances
• No more than 35% of the army’s total Wounds
may be models with the Fly special rule.
• When a model receives a Wound through an
upgrade, the bonus is not counted towards your
army’s total wounds.
• When a unit exceeds 10 models, receive 2
models for each that is purchased with wounds.
i.e. a unit that begins at Five, 1-wound models,
would cost 10 wounds total for a unit of 10, but
only 15 wounds for a unit of 20."

good thing the excessively complicated point system was replaced by this simple, elegant, streamlined force organization variant

>> No.41152066

So would he now be anti chaos flat out since his plans to piss off the chaos gods failed

Like the new green knight

>> No.41152068

In what fucking universe is £20 a good price for a 3" measure?

>> No.41152074

in the galaxy of GW-shills

>> No.41152084


He is the Supreme Commander of the Chaos forces and the reason that Chao is so united and powerful enough to kick the ass of the forces of order across 8 realms.

He is Archaon the Ender of Worlds now.

>> No.41152149

Wait, is this official?

>> No.41152154


>> No.41152176

Well, it has the typos and glaring omissions I'd expect from a genuine GW publication. But the fact that it acknowledges the existence of something called 'competitive play' suggests to me that it isn't.

>> No.41152349

When it's made of by the looks of things machined brass that's not an overly bad price.

>> No.41152359

>Although Age of Sigmar has taken a unique
approach to Tabletop Gaming, this document
represents a completely unofficial way to
modify the rules into ones more conducive to competitive play
>completely unofficial way

>> No.41152400

Brass. Sure it is.
Truly the Age of Shillmar.

>> No.41152403

I think anon meant 'was it written by Geedubs?'

>> No.41152410

Azyr is the proper name of the Wind of the Heavens, and, I guess, the Realm associated with it.

The others are:

Aqshy (Fire)
Hysh (Light)
Ulgu (Shadow)
Shyish (Death)
Chamon (Metal)
Ghyran (Life)
Ghur (Beasts)

>> No.41152419

>>Still upset about ward

Get the fuck over it already.

>> No.41152430

>Aqshy (Fire)
>Hysh (Light)
>Ulgu (Shadow)
>Shyish (Death)
>Chamon (Metal)
>Ghyran (Life)
>Ghur (Beasts)

>> No.41152444


What is in the realm of metal outside of Tzeentchian influence ?

>> No.41152472

>that army organization system

That's so overly advanced and still doesn't achieve anything because you still never want to take anything but the most elite units. There is still absolutely no reason what so ever to take a High Elf Spearman unit over Phoenix Guards.

>> No.41152488

Lame. Thanks redshirt

>> No.41152493

It's more of a slate grey to be honest.

>> No.41152510

I doubt a redshirt would bother with the names, mostly people who take interest in the fluff would find these things.

>> No.41152526

Duardin I think.

>> No.41152548


If I say I like these does it make me a shill or a manchild?

>> No.41152558

>Making you remove casualties from the front
>You can still shoot into combat
>Those composition rules
I take 90 Crossbowmen for every 50 wounds. I get 181 20"4+/4+ attacks that rend on 6s.

>> No.41152562


I get the impression that the actual AoS armies probably won't have 'line infantry' in the way Warhammer does. Like, ALL the units will probably be elite mythic motherfuckers (and everyone's going to be always hitting on some combination of 3 and 4 anyway, fuck variation an' shit).

The game will still be heavily skewed toward strong multiwound units though.

>> No.41152569

I admit I like the green ones best.

I tried to do that sort of aged-copper effect on my skelemans but I can't get the hang of it, which is a similar colour.

Any painters got tips on that btw?

>> No.41152575


>> No.41152583

>that fuckin' spacemarine
Well played anon.

>> No.41152592


>> No.41152595

why would you care what other people think.

>> No.41152597

Brilliant. It took me about eight seconds.

>> No.41152599

Not my pic, I admit. But I thought it was by far the funniest one I'd seen so far so I kept it.

>> No.41152616


Everyone cares what other people think, even if they say they don't.

>> No.41152638

theres no good reason too though and once you realise that you stop caring.

>> No.41152665

Why would GW release an unofficial update to their product?

>> No.41152679

That sucks.

That really sucks.

How is the game fun when every army is the same? And when every unit is special, no unit is special.

>> No.41152689

It's made one gw store.

>> No.41152697


>> No.41152700

they used to do it often enough in WD and on the website.

>> No.41152777

Well, way I see it, in smaller games (fuck what GW says, this shit can only come close to working in smaller games) where you have less units, you can definitely expect every unit to have interesting rules or unique stuff that makes them more than just 'guys standing in a line', because you don't have room for tons of mooks. Example: Warmachine, where even your standard infantry guys will often be able to Shieldwall for extra survivability or can have attachments that grant them abilities.

The difference is, in Warmachine these units will have lesser stats in general than the more 'elite' ones. They'll still have useful utility abilities, but they'll be generally less potent than elite units, and will be costed less to make them good to field.

Without the points cost, GW's only option is to make all units equal. Which is fucking retarded - and even then, it only works if you stick to the exact number of models per unit that you get in a box.

>> No.41152799

Am I correct in assuming that the stuff in the AoS starter set is all snap-fit?

Like, the regular Sigmarines are up on the GW site now and they come with a load of different options, the ones in the box are hammer and shield only though?

>> No.41152800

It seems that Slaanesh is missing and Malerion( Malekith/Tyrion?) is to be blamed

>> No.41152815

So the elfdemon ate Slaanesh

>> No.41152819

Nah, I remember it being converted for the siege of Volganof campaign in the 8th brb. However, does this show evidence of an independent giant tribe?

>> No.41152832

I see that Malekith continues to be the Doctor Doom of Warhammer.

>> No.41152855

Oh, I was hoping it would be Morathi not some new thing or fusion of names or whatever.

>> No.41152865

>> No.41152893

>> No.41152900

...Is this real?

It looks dumb as shit.

>> No.41152911

Any leaks on the Undead legions as in new models or anything? I was guna get a VC army pre AoS but meh, not sure now

>> No.41152940


>> No.41152951

Glottkin confirmed

>> No.41152952

No, it is the houserules of one particular GW store. Move on, peeps, nothing to see here.

>> No.41152954

>> No.41152955


Lawl...get a load of this guy! Updates to non new factions?!

>> No.41152965

I got an ET VC army. Gonna square-base these boys up good and proper I think.

Also got settra before he vanishes.

>> No.41152968


They are phasing the old model range out you pleb

>> No.41152973

>What prowls in the shadows of the Uglulands?
>Lizardmen are fucking coming bitch!

>> No.41152982


Yea i was thinking square bases might be still a better idea for now, as it makes playing 8th viable as well.

>> No.41152988

>> No.41153006


I knew they would be back given it said Nurgle was merely displeased with their failure the last time around.

Interestingly the object of their vengeance (The Empire) is no longer around.

>> No.41153012

>Champion of Chaos Champions

>> No.41153020

Though seriously, those lizzies look like ass.

>> No.41153030

>skybolt bow
>boltstorm crossbow
>shockbolt bow
>thunderbolt crossbow
Geedubs pls stahp

>> No.41153040

What the hell's going on with that picture? Did they photoshop stills from Jurassic Park or something?

>> No.41153042

>Ulgu (Shadow)


>> No.41153050

What became of Gutrot Spume and the Maggoth lords out of interest?

>> No.41153051

Those lazy cunts. That looks nearly identical to an old picture I've seen of the chaos realms where the four gods live.

>> No.41153068

They really can't please anyone can they.

>> No.41153069

They use that style in all their maps dumbass.

>> No.41153074

Can you get a single Sigmarine from like, a WD or something?
I want one for conversion fodder, but like hell I'd buy a full box.

>> No.41153081


I have no idea.

I assume they were probably regurgitated along with the rest of the blighted filth when the Plague God turned his sights on Ghyran.

>> No.41153096

>full box.
of five.

>> No.41153112

Could be worse, could be Centurions.
Which I also need for said conversion, so it doesn't help.

>> No.41153121

I'm sure you'll be able to buy them on ebay soon, the starter set is so cheap compared to the regular boxes that loads of people will be buying it for one of the two factions.

>> No.41153139

Is sigmarines marches on Blade's edge Mountains?

>> No.41153148

Pretty sure the god Malerion worshipped by the Dark Aelfs and apparently associated with the Realm of Shadow is Malekith after becoming an Incarnate. The other Incarnates (at least Nagash and Alarielle) have become gods, so presumably he has as well.

>> No.41153163


Now when it said some of the wood folk had rotted what does it mean by "wood folk" exactly ?

>> No.41153164

that was last weeks WD. you'll have a hard time finding one now.

>> No.41153182

It's looks like DOTA map.

>> No.41153186


>> No.41153191

Poor Nagash ... I hope Arkhan and Neferata are well.

>> No.41153207

I kinda like it.

>> No.41153211

the dryads, treekin and treelords presumably.
Called the the Sylvaneth now I think.

>> No.41153237

you can try checking local news agents or magazine stands and such. If anyone has unsold WD's it'll be them more likely than any hobby store.

>> No.41153238

>> No.41153246


So I'm guessing the blight has spread further than the map would indicate then ?

>> No.41153253

In Soviet Sigmarland, elf eats Slaanesh.

>> No.41153276

>> No.41153277

Most unsold magazines are simply returned when the next issue comes out though.

>> No.41153296


So I'm guessing the Lizardmen didn't appreciate those events in the Old World then ?

>> No.41153298

>> No.41153328

eh depends. I know i've managed to get oldish (like only 1-3 issues behind) WDs doing that in the past. I'd at least give it a shot if you really want a cheap sigmarine or two.

>> No.41153344

I'd assume the map just shows where nurgle is in complete control. But chaos corruption is at least somewhat present much further out.

>> No.41153360

Yeah it's worth a shot, just adding that as a warning.

I still remember the horrible disappointment of rolling up to get my Aenur sword of twilight WD and finding that someone had bought a dozen fucking copies of it and there were none left.

>> No.41153361

So it's description of scenarios?

>> No.41153375

I'd forgotten how cool the treekin stuff was. I think I might just grab some now since i can just mix armies.

>> No.41153419

>those retarded weapon names

Christ. This really was written for five-year-olds.

>> No.41153553

>> No.41153558

So this Malerion is gonna eat Slaanesh and become the Chaos God of Shadows? Would that turn the Exiles to Chaos Worshipping elves (again)? Or is the horned rat gonna take his place and this Malerion is just gonna be the edgy part of order for all the kids that like to be troubled brooding asshats but still heroes? Or is it just gonna be a new symbol for slaanesh and his daemons might get a new spider theme?

I would really like some bloody clarity about this whole ordeal.

>> No.41153570

I like how everyone in the image is compelled to stop mid charge and stare at that sweet magical explosion.

>> No.41153594

>mechanised cloud armies in Chamon
Wasn't Gelt the Incarnate of Chamon before Mannfred betrayed them ? I'd pay for Gelt back with a full automaton army and allied with his pal Vlad.

>> No.41153630

This art is horrendous. I am sad I pre-ordered the book.

>> No.41153636

It's probably the dorfs

>> No.41153652

>> No.41153685

It would be ironic if Morathi ended up consuming Slaanesh and becoming a new Chaos god after she got pulled into the Warp. But yeah, it seems this Malerion guy is either Malekith as a god, or a fusion of Malekith and Tyrion (MALEkith+tyRION). much like Gorkamorka is a fusion of Gork and Mork. Strangely enough, Slaaneshi daemons and warriors appear to be still around, so why did they squat him/her/it but still keep their servants?

I doubt they'd make Horned Rat a new member of the Big Four. He overlaps too much with Nurgle, making one of the two feel redundant. As much as I hate to admit it, Belakor is probably the likeliest candidate, assuming Malerion doesn't take Slaanesh's place.

>> No.41153714

>Strangely enough, Slaaneshi daemons and warriors appear to be still around, so why did they squat him/her/it but still keep their servants?

I am not sure. Initially I assumed that the new elf-slaanesh would just pick up work where the old guy left off.

>> No.41153725

>Mechanised cloud armies

There has to be more on this.

>> No.41153736


this is some shit-tier art, considering its official.

>> No.41153748

The Horned Rat is odd also because his main aspects are of two opposing gods. He's like a fusion of Nurgle and Tzeentch.

>> No.41153767

>Strangely enough, Slaaneshi daemons and warriors appear to be still around, so why did they squat him/her/it but still keep their servants?

The squating(if there is one) seems to be part of the plot this time. So the Slaaneshis are still around because slaanesh isn't gone yet but will be replaced as part of the beginning story of AoS.

>> No.41153850

pretty sure I read somewhere that they're in Chamon so it seems a safe bet.

>> No.41153887

and that's when your stopped washing, using the money you saved to buy more sigmarines

>> No.41153888

because slaanesh isn't squat. He's still in the lore. He's just imprisoned. presumably this Malerion is involved in that which is why the slaaneshi deamon are hunting him and why he may be the replacement chaosgod.

>> No.41153991

Great art.

>> No.41154034

I was under the assumption that the whole reason for writing fluff about Slaanesh being captured and removed from the Big 4 was because he/she/it has too much of a sexual theme and isn't really marketable to (the parents of) 12 year olds. So keeping the tittysnakes and daemonettes around would seem somewhat counterproductive.

>> No.41154039

jesus that's bad... get Blanche back

>> No.41154082

Well, why would you assume that?

You didn't just leap to a wild conclusion did you Anonymous.

Obviously I don't have any idea what is going to happen with Slaanesh or why, but let's just wait and find out.

>> No.41154083

Still better than the actual model

>> No.41154103

A few people have assumed that. But slaanesh is specifically mentioned in AoS fluff, so he's definitely still around.

>> No.41154128

Pretty amazing they were able to make the art of the cold ones look even derpier then the models.

Crazy as it is, if ths Malerion becomes the new Slaanesh and leads the exiles, that would be pretty close to my wish of getting the Cult of Slaanesh back. They'd probably cut down on the naked ladies but if they can keep some of the asthetic of the dark elves and slaanesh I could at least get some nice new models for my edgy little heart out of this Age of Sigmar mess.

Or they'll be shitty drow clones with spider and drider daemons. That would be less neat.

>> No.41154248

I doubt they'll do anything drider like.
The spider deamon stuff has entirely come from people seeing the new symbol upside down and thinking it looks like a spider.

>> No.41154414

If it's elf-Slaanesh I'm expecting even more naked ladies.

Nothing says I'm an elf but but also edgy as fuck like getting your tits out.

>> No.41154445

I guess the new Lord-Castellant is the opposite war scroll? Anyone already got that one?

>> No.41154481


Most likely its related to the dwarves.

>> No.41154541

Well, if you ask me, everything going on in the age of sigmar is just stuff happening in the warp, so it kind of fits

>> No.41154824


Well as I recall there is nothing as of yet saying that the new world conforms to the standards of the old or that the Warps touch on this world isn't greater than it was on the previous world.

>> No.41154966

>Archaon wrecks the forces of Order across 8 realms
>Humiliates Nagash and slays him, humbling even the Master of Death

How can a man be this based?

>> No.41155163


Since it says "8 realms" does that have anything to do with Khorne ?

>> No.41155254

Nah, there's a realm for each of the winds of magic, of which there are eight.
If anything, the winds of magic would have more to do with Tzeentch than Khorne.

>> No.41155296


Especially since, when including the Chaos Realm, there's 9

>> No.41155304

>Implying a jabroni Orc victim who needs his sword to do all the work for him and has no personal life is better than Thane with Army Battle Standard

Shit taste nigmo. Thane with Army Battle Standard is going to seize his rightful place as the fourth Chaos God, and he'll do it while carrying a flag and having a chat because he's competent as fuck.

>> No.41155357

>Everyone is a squatter in Tzeentch's house
>Including the other Chaos Gods
I mean, it makes sense, without change there can not be chaos.

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