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All glory to our Lord and Master! All love to his name!

Come and preach Her word of love, its time for a cheesecake thread! So praise Slaanesh and pass the porn! Spiders are not allowed, fuck spiders.

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Faster, Harder!

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...just taking my vitamins

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The worst thing about ND is his ignorance, which is on par with being a /y/uri cunt

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>Slaaneshfags right now

He basically hasn't been in the game for a good decade, so why fucking bother having Slaanesh around at all?

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Sad to see the bitch go from fantasy No I'm not, ALL HAIL MALEKITH, GOD OF EDGELORDS.

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Nice double dubs.

Malekith did nothing wrong

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>taking shit about the greatest Elf Hero of all fiction (sorry Feanor)

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>better than Feanor

Morgoth I know that is you.

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Well thats more or less exactly who I saw Malekith as

Morgoth even got a strawberry blonde qt sauron

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Dead gods are irrelevant, everyone post spiders.

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I've said it before and I will say it again.

I may still run Warhammer Fantasy Role Play from time to time, but as of now GW is well and truly dead to me. This is a betrayal that will not stand. Time to leave this ship before it sinks.

If you're happy about this change, well good for you. Enjoy your shambling zombie game for the next 10-12 years and playing with squealing 12-year olds.

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>so why fucking bother having Slaanesh around at all?
Because Noise Marines, Hellflayers, the Discipline of Slaanesh are the fucking bomb?

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Slaanesh is only gone in Fantasy, right? He's still in 40k?

Slaanesh may be my least favorite chaos god, but I'd be pissed if he disappeared from 40k as well. They better not get rid of Khorne though. If GW gets rid of Khorne, I will froth at the mouth in anger and turn into a chaos spawn.

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>fuck spiders
You know, considering the topic, that sounds more like a command than anything else

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There is no way they'd get rid of him in 40K, since there is literally so much fluff and crunch dedicated to him, and he has a Daemon Primarch in service to him.

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>fuck spiders.
>You know, considering the topic, that sounds more like a command than anything else
Well of COURSE, how do you think we'll get new models?

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Slaanesh is dead. I claim this thread in the name of the Spider God.

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Anyone who played slanesh and it's warriors are known pedophiles and you know it OP.

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Shhhh. No tears.

Only spiders now.

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Aw thats so cute, a mama with lots of babies

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I'd expect him to be gone soon from 40k as well. The reason why Slaanesh was taken out of Fantasy was because he's too X rated for most merchandise and the same is true in 40k.

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Rejoice, for the Day of the Spider is upon us!

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Smells of heresy in here.

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If Hersey smelled like spiders, then yes this is heretical.

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No, just happy spider families.

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Noise Marines will live on with the spider bass.

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Por que no los dos?

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We are not going there. We are going for asexual spider daemons.

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Behold, a favored servant of the Spider God.

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Who's this we, you are talking about?

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Spiders without titties, got it.

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The Slaanesh is not settling well within the belly of the Spider God.
I think I need to go to sleep.

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2 Inch Fangs.

11 inch leg span.

Lives up to 25 years.

Lays between 100 and 200 eggs, they hatch in 2 months.

Eats adult birds.

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Maybe not that way. Shoot. Now I'm unsure what is the right way to go for this.

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That's a Greater Daemon if I've seen one.

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>mfw all these spiders

Stop bullying Slaanesh!

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Personally, I think GW is going for a drider god (goddess?) thing with this chaos god it seems.

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No, fuck off.

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Kill it with fire.
You think?

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Aren't they also relatively docile as far as huge fucking spiders go?

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What sort of tenants would the worship of Spiderman entail? Besides the whole Great Responsibility thing.

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They are, though if startled they can fire off those little hairs and those can really fuck you up, able to blind you or cause serious problems if you inhale them. Largely they just look really impressive, they're pretty cool.

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If that's sarcasm, yes, I think it's obvious.
if that is not sarcasm, yes, I totally believe that.

sarcasm is hard to understand on the internet.

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>if that is not sarcasm, yes, I totally believe that.
I wasn't being sarcastic.

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That spider looks like he just trolled someone.

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Now we know who started the spider god rumours.

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Sorry man, you can't tell what is serious or not on this board sometimes.
but the idea is that if they are making a god of spiders, and they are extremely lazy (which looking at stormcast, GW is.) There will be some crazy looking spider human monster hybrids.
Also if they are going to make a new chaos god, then most likely, it will be a she, because they don't want to seem sexist with an all male chaos gods. ( I don't agree with that, but that is the kind of bullshit that may happen.)

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Huh. A Spider is tricking us into achieve godhood. How to feel about that? Wait a minute. I was the one to start the Chaos God of Spiders thing on the first thread with the changed symbol but I'm not a spider.
It's okay, Anon. Only time will tell.

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>(which looking at stormcast, GW is.)

What about them is lazy? They look like space marines? That's what they wanted to do. It's not laziness if you do what you set out to do, which is making Fantasy Marines.

It'd be lazy if they thought "Let's make a new Order Faction with Sigmar." then just decided on making them look like Space Marines to save time and work.

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All of those Chaos Spawn.

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Again I'm pulling it out of my ass and they could actually just keep slannash and make him/her/whatever a spider god now, because GW said to itself, "you ow would make titty horse better? Making it a titty spider."

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You got a point man.

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>Pic related is what it is like dealing with GW
Why are they so messed up in the head?

>> No.41107817

They're british? Or they do peyote? Who can tell with them really.

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I'm just hoping Slaany's possible replacement isn't going to be too bad.

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Nurgle Approves, apparently.

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>not hailing the Phoenix King and Chaos God

>> No.41107864

Nurgle is already liking the new kid on the block.

>> No.41107901

Here's hoping.

>> No.41107949

Our hopes are going to get destroyed aren't they?

>> No.41108010

Yeah, but that implies that they were high in the first place.

I'm am half expecting to see titty spider abominations at this rate from AoS.

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>though if startled they can fire off those little hairs and those can really fuck you up, able to blind you or cause serious problems if you inhale them.

That's basically all tarantulas isn't it? They can also cause anaphylaxis in a lot of people if I recall correctly.

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More DJ demons, Daemons, Daemonetts, and heretics please.

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To one degree or another, but the Goliath Tarantula is thought to have the most damaging hairs.

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>Yeah, but that implies that they were high in the first place.
>I'm am half expecting to see titty spider abominations at this rate from AoS.
At this point I think we should just expect the worst and that way we can't get anything ruined for us.

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They got rid of Chaos Undivided in both and just pretended it was never really a thing outside of one big bad daemon. They clearly don't give a shit.

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>They got rid of Chaos Undivided in both and just pretended it was never really a thing outside of one big bad daemon. They clearly don't give a shit.
The Wild Ride isn't kind.

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The funny thing is, I've got a buddy who just opened a game store, and he was surprised by how easy it is to deal with GW as a customer. Better than most of the companies he has to deal with.

I guess they moved all the stupid people from customer relations to development.

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I'll be honest, I don't play warhammer fantasy and 40k anymore, because my 300 dollar army was lost during a move. And I said fuck it and started playing warmahordes, but I do like the lore for both games, from what little I read, then ends times happened... and now this.

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Only spiders now.

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>don't want to seem sexist
Yeah, GW doesn't give a shit about that. Girls don't play warhams, silly.

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On the internet no one knows you are an eight legged abomination

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Well I don't run trollbloods and soon protectorate of menoth.

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Yes, we Lolth now...


>keep slannash and make him/her/whatever a spider god now, because GW said to itself, "you ow would make titty horse better? Making it a titty spider."

>I'm am half expecting to see titty spider abominations at this rate from AoS.
>Only spiders now.

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Shhhh. Spiders can only hear from 100Hz to 250Hz, while humans can hear from 20Hz to 20.000Hz.
Noise marines would have to use relativly low and not at all torturing sounds if they want spiders to hear their prayers.

>> No.41109537

I am apparently retarded.
Spidet bass would be the solution. Specialized noise marines carry their spider bassguitars and command their spider bros.

>> No.41109609


Lolth's "part-spider, part-drow" form is a spider that has a drow's head instead of a spiderhead. No tits or any other elven parts.

>> No.41109628

At least it's not the reverse?

>> No.41109664

How can Malekith become a Chaos God? He's an asshole but he stands for order. The End Times basically made him a good guy.

>> No.41109751

I can't wait to see what these spiders girls will be like

>> No.41109790

What happened?

>> No.41109837

Probably like this...

>> No.41109880

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

>> No.41109892

>They got rid of Chaos Undivided
Going to pretend I didn't hear you.

>> No.41109898

Slaanesh has been killed off, because GW finally noticed that only 5 people liked him and the rest were memespouters.

>> No.41110128

When did that happen? Daemonettes are still being sold on the online store.

>> No.41110170

The new age of Sigmar leak shows an image of a new rune replacing Slaanesh's in the eight-pointed star of Chaos. People are jumping the gun and assume this means Slaanesh is out. More likely, he's being re-branded like Nurgle was like a decade ago. Premature freakouts over nothing.

>> No.41110245

The Dark Master's machinations began when the stars were young. Though Chaos Undivided may not be what humans and other ignorant beasts that have since risen have led believe by his heinous hand, its influence in their fragile minds and bleeding heards is so much greater.

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Why did it have to be minivan sized rapespiders?

>> No.41110631

You expected subtly from Spider Slaanesh?

>> No.41110648

It would be a nice change of pace?

>> No.41110654

I take being able to still buy the upgrade for the Chaos Knight as a sure sign that Slaanesh is alive and well.

Probably just a story thing that ends in Slaanesh Daemonkin and new Slaanesh stuff coming out.

But I'm a rational human being, so probably a faggot.

>> No.41110668

>More likely, he's being re-branded like Nurgle was like a decade ago.
Would you mind explaining this? I've never heard reference to something like that.
Carnac, go and stay go.

>> No.41110683

Well at least she's cute...

>> No.41110807

I've never heard anything about Nurgle being rebranded in the thirteen odd years I've been playing, so unless they meant a longer time period than that I don't know what they were talking about either.

>> No.41110887

What I'm seeing is that, originally, they were less like accountants and more like the Insane Clown Posse's Dark Carnival.

>> No.41111605

Getting your pelvis ground to dust by a cute thing still ends with your pelvis being ground to dust.

>> No.41112396

I like it.

>> No.41113178

ND do you by any chance get by /jp/?, because that would explain a lot of things.

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>"We have the boats, Feanor, are you happy now?"
>"I'm never happy"

>*Feanor yelling*
>That's it, that's pretty much the book

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>> No.41115667

That even looks like the bloody symbol.

All hail our new spider overlords, I suppose

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>> No.41115740

>Not Bob, god of age appropriate spiders

>> No.41115877

Can't wait for the people on the B&C to get BTFO when Slaanesh will also be removed from 40k.

>> No.41115921

You mean prince. And he's dead

>> No.41115966

Because monstergirlfags are cancer

>> No.41115988

>Slaanesh i-isn't just about sex you gaiz
>ohmygawd Slaaneshi spidertits muh diiiiiiick
Why are Slaaneshfags such lying faggots?

>> No.41116026

People keep em on a leash as pets, yeah

>> No.41116105

Bob's a great guy. Real friendly and never forgets the little people.

I'd vote for him.

>> No.41116153

Because the people who say the former are also not the latter.

>> No.41116412

Cavalcades of Nurgle are fun, I wish they'd bring back that idea.

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True gods never die, especially when there are those to feed their power and slake their eternal thirst for souls. As long as sinful and debaucherous desire burns in the hearts of mortals, as long as dark and ecstatic sensations are explored, as long as selfish acts of pleasure are made at the expense of others, as long as there are souls to exchange for power, the Prince of Excess will thrive. Life is too short to waste on petty squabbling when there are so many delectations to savor. So, just remember that nothing matters, nothing at all, save for yourselves. You, and only you, are the most important thing in your short, pointless lives so do as you will and all else be damned. Relish and revel in luxury and self-indulgence! Live for the thrill and die doing what you love! Praise be Slaanesh! Praise be -YOU-!

>> No.41116778

There's no reason why you couldn't understand that Slaanesh's purview of excess goes well beyond sexual pleasures while also liking some spidertits.

>> No.41116886

>true gods never die
I guess the tau were right about Slaanesh then

>> No.41117019

The Tau are right about many things, strange cold-skinned fanged Gue'la!
Join the greater good now, for a better life for everybody!

>> No.41117109

She's a ghost, not a corpse

>> No.41118440

>Not hailing the original immortal high priestess who taught him how to get it up

>> No.41118468

Chaos can be ordered.

The Great Game failed. Balance was lost. Order rules nao.

>> No.41118488

I haven't seen many warm ghosts.

>> No.41118509

Reminder that Lolth in the D&D cartoon looks like Mok, thanks a lot.

>> No.41119185

FUUUCK I love Daemonet art/rule 34
got any more?

>> No.41119901 [DELETED] 

I hope you like vag-nipples!

>> No.41120041

Believe me. As long /d/ exists Slaanesh won't stop existing.

>> No.41120054

Slaanesh has never had shitting dicknipple models.

>> No.41120138

>mfw new chaos

>> No.41120166


Nipple_fuck is one of my favorite tag on sadpanda.

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>> No.41120280

Mine is mind_break, now I feel so vanilla.

>> No.41120321

>Would you mind explaining this?
nurgle's mark used to be a dick and balls

>> No.41120323

Screw you, opiliones need love too.

>> No.41120489

Ah, 4chan /tg/.

Where female:dragon is as vanilla as graham crackers.

>> No.41120629

Got any pictures of that? Google yields no convincing results.

>> No.41120720 [DELETED] 

>> No.41121150

>oh boy, a Z-Ton doujin I haven't seen yet

>> No.41122277

i LOVE this pic? do you have more like it? I love seeing Chaos NOT slaughtering but "converting"

>> No.41122308


>> No.41122438

Only new world tarantulas have urticating bristles. Old world tarantulas make up for it by having stronger venom, brighter colors, and being aggressive motherfuckers. They won't kill you but you'll wish they did.

>> No.41125087

>> No.41125740

I hope you like vacations

>> No.41126066


Git zogged, blu panzy

>> No.41126102

>became a champion because he was a fighter
>fell to his vices

is Mike Tyson a champion of Khorne or Slaanesh?

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>> No.41126742

Spiders for the Spider throne

>> No.41126786

That spider has been blessed.

>> No.41126798

>not titling this Uguuuuu sempai~ my hips are moving on their own.jpg

What the fuck, man.

>> No.41126931

Your memes are not dank enough for the semen demon king.

>> No.41126944

I really hope nothing happens to slaanesh, he was always my favorite god, simply because his followers could be so diverse, from 80's hair metal, to raving lunatics, to refined sociopaths. Not to mention, slaanesh represents a strong role in human emotions. Infact I hope GW expands on slaanesh, and stops sucking khornes spikey cock for 5 fucking seconds.

>> No.41126961

>> No.41126998

I agree and while we're wishing for GW to do impossible things I'd like it if they let Tzeentch do something once in a while

>> No.41126999

>> No.41127054

They both deserve a little bit of the limelight, while it may not be for WHF...I would like to see GW maybe introduce a chaos HQ upgrade sprue for all four chaos gods,kinda like how they did for the space wolves, ultramarines, blood angels and dark angels, that would be a good start

>> No.41127298

That would be pretty cool, but it would probably we a forge world upgrade kit so expect to sell your children for shoulder pads

>> No.41128852

[Z-ton] Nightmare

>> No.41129766

>Holding a knife approaching a spider
>Lid, nothing to slide under it to actually transport spider outside
So he opted to have MORE contact with the spider to get a chance to kill it.

Why are people who are afraid of spiders so fucking stupid?

Lid, stiff paper. Capture, release safely outside. Extremely low chance of contact, and cruelty free.
In extreme cases, longsleeve shirt with nitrile gloves over sleeves. Pick up in "bare" hands, release.
0% chance of contact.

Ya'll motherfuckers ensure that spider will scuttle on you because you're such a bunch of pussies you have to kill a tiny creature not even aware of your presence to feel safe.

>> No.41129775

Fuck your glam, spiders are punk.

>> No.41129831

Hell, I've actually moved Brown Recluses outside when I see them. Sure it has a necrotoxic bite, but as long as you know how to handle them there is no real danger.

>> No.41129855

Spiders be what they want!

>> No.41129914

Weird how quickly a spider can go from adorable to creepy as fuck. The big fluffy ones look adorable, but then you take away the uggu~ eyes and the fluff and they become fucking eldritch abominations.

>> No.41130113 [SPOILER] 

I'm going to draw slaaneshi spider daemons and there's nothing you can do to stop me
I just have to finish the tripod dominae first

>> No.41130169

Am I adorable anon?

>> No.41130264

Yes. That spider is at maximum fwuffy.

>> No.41130489

>Needs to know how to deal with a spider

I think there's the problem anon.

Personally I fucking hate spiders, I think it's due to the whole "people need to see faces in things" part of our psychology. However (saying this I do live in the UK) whenever I see a spider I get a glass of some sort, piece of paper, catch it ant put it out of a window. If it was to big for me to think I could do that I'd call a professional in to do it. I fucking hate spiders, but I really fucking hate people who kill them out of irrational fear.

>> No.41131317

Looks like garbage, just like anything Slaaneshi

>> No.41131343

>Looks like garbage, just like anything 40k

>> No.41131464


>> No.41131791

Did I hit a nerve?

>> No.41131807

Not really, it's just a pointlessly contrarian stance to take, especially since this isn't even a 40K thread you moron. It's about WHF/AOS lore.

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>> No.41136209

Well yeah, Spiders don't have compound eyes or anything like that.

>> No.41136236

Anyone got that image of the bit of lore that says Slaneesh is bound now?

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