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The fuck is the spider-like symbol there for?

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Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle...

And Spider?

They're axing Slaanesh from Fantasy?

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If you liked End Times this is your fault.

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Slaanesh wasn't family-friendly. Too much sex and bare titties.

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That or prince finally sued them for using his name.

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So we have a new Chaos God? Post pictures of spiders so we don't get another thing taken away.

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That is some symmetrical bullshit right there.

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This is baseless, but they might've changed Slaanesh's symbol so that it can't be misconstrued as implying that gender/sex noncomformity is "chaos"/"heresy"/"evil" (and perhaps to distance reduce the focus on Slaanesh as a sexual god)? The transgender community has invented a fair few new symbols, and I wouldn't be shocked if you could slip Slaanesh's original symbol in without anyone realising.

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This will appease the Chaos God of Spiders.

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>Slaanesh is now a spider
where were you when GW went full magical realm?

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Maybe Slaanesh is going full tentacle monster

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At /tg/.
Nope. Spiders.

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i did always wonder if any angry parents came to complain about there kids painting a titty deamon army...
>sorry miss or sir, we will refund you. or would you like your child to paint tau?

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Spiders for the Spider God. Web for the Web Throne.

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Why is the Tzeentch symbol at a bizarre angle?

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>God of violence worshipers disemboweling people with gore axes for the blood god is fine

>God of Incredibly toned down androgynous crab people

fuck this gay world

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so the goblin's spider god hit the big time?

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This shit better not happen to 40k.

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Wow, we're really ramping up the assumptions in this thread.

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better hope Age of Cuckmar is a flop then

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>Shared model range

Gee I wonder

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Actually, that's heteronormative world.

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>just started Emperor's Children

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>A chaos god getting killed by one elf
>The semen-drenched shanty town of Slaaneshfags

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This train has no brakes.

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I have a giant slaanesh daemon army

If this turns out to what I think it is Im just quitting this hobby

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>>The semen-drenched shanty town of Slaaneshfags
I think you meant web.

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I'll allow it.

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Lolth? In my Warhammer?

If this goes to 40k are they going to completely rewrite Eldar history? Really, the history of the entire galaxy?

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Guys, this it was hinted at all along. They told us about the Chaos God of Spiders before this.

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It's ok anon.

They won't advance the setting in 40K. They'll only continue to add to the past.

Fuck, I'd expect them to reveal the identities and history of the II and XI Legions before advancing the plot.

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What am I looking for in the red boxes you make no sense.

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Speaking of spiders...

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It's not a retcon, Slaanesh is going to get rekt and that's how he'll stop existing in the new family-friendly AoS.

In the 40K End Times, Slaanesh will just be killed by Ynnead instead of one angry elf.

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>[external screaming intensifies]

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No they'll just shit something out that pisses everyone off. The developers are hack frauds.

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Publicly traded GW doesnt have to please you. They have to avoid any potentially sticky situations that could affect share prices.

How did western society come to be in this place? Plastic boobs are offensive and threatening to a childs.... what exactly? But glorfying violence on every page and in every kit, the essence of the setting essentially - no one bats an eye.
Here we are all acknowledging the stupidity of it, yet still it continues. Is the religious right really that influential? Violence isnt on the same level as nudity. How is this still a thing.

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Have you seen the Gift of the Spider God?
This is funny now since there was this one guy that said only spiders could like Age of Sigmar.

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The symbol looks a lot like the horns on her crown.

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Is it just me, or we pretty ok with this?

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Its like I'm back in the 90s :D

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Maybe GW is looking at Age of Sigmar as the product to grab the young players below the age of 16, and then move them up into Warhammer 40k when they're older and able to handle Slaanesh.

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I don't know. But what I do know is that we might get Not!Lolth.

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Sexual violation is always worse than physical violence. Oh boy, no more ND, no more dickgirls and faggots, at least there is something good in AoS.

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I have to admit, I have never given a fuck about Slaanesh.

If the replacement is decent then it's ok I guess.

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Wouldn't surprise me if it was Malekith after the massive boner the End Times (mainly Ward) had for him.

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>Publicly traded GW doesn't have to please you.

A company still has to make money, and if they don't offer what customers want, guess what, they don't get their money.

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The symbol certainly fits.

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That's not a spider. Look at the other symbols. They're all portrayed right-side up. So those aren't legs; they're horns or spikes of some sort. It's possible it's just a revamped Slaanesh symbol to avoid the association of deviant sexualities and sexual theories with "evil."

>Here we are all acknowledging the stupidity of it, yet still it continues. Is the religious right really that influential? Violence isnt on the same level as nudity. How is this still a thing.

I got news for you boy. It ain't the right that's been doing the complaining. It's the left.

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Holy shit

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>it's the right
>it's the left

It's both fucking sides.

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Mystery solved then?

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could be Belakor too, it was his ambition to become Chaos God for as far as memory goes

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He's not a spider. Only Spiders can like AoS.

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>Morathi ascends to godhood before Be'lakor
>humiliated and furious, Be'lakor flees to seek his apotheosis away from her taunting
>Ahriman ascends to godhood before Be'lakor
>the cycle continues forever

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True, though it feels like more left than right these days.

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Even if they are just changing the logo to please trannies, it is upsetting as I would need to redo my seekers to stay current. Almost as bad as realizing that I used square bases for nothing when AoS came out.

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this better be Malal

and by Malal I mean Gotrek

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The religious right is currently way more concerned with gay marriage than violence, because that's basically an attack on their turf.

The left has always crusaded against violence in media, but because the religious right has shifted their focus you only hear the leftists complaining noawadays.

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>not crusading against any depiction of sexism in media they don't feel is right
>not wanting to control the narrative and taking away the right of anyone else to speak for minorities, sexual or otherwise

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Is the spider/malekith/whatever god the god of privilege?

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have you got any pics of your slaanesh daemon army?

i was thinking of collecting one but if it's true i might not bother.

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I for one welcome our new Spider Overlady!

Honestly, it would help give Slaaneshi armies their own style...
...Too often everything besides "Crab claws" gets lumped in with Tznteech as well, even the color scheme overlapped with Horrors!

>Oh boy, no more ND

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>I for one welcome our new Spider Overlady!
I think it's just going to be asexual spider daemons.
>Honestly, it would help give Slaaneshi armies their own style......Too often everything besides "Crab claws" gets lumped in with Tznteech as well, even the color scheme overlapped with Horrors!
Slaanesh isn't the god of creativity, that's Tzeentch.

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I have another spider picture.

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Nope it's feminism. Khorne is patriarchy.

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I don't know much about malekith, if its him what does he represent anyways?

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>Implying Spiders aren't a great animal to represent a Goddess of Pain, Sadism, Lust, Perfection, and Excess
Being a Drider instead of a Cuttlefish isn't as good, but I can still live with it...

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I know this artist. I have talked with her before.

>> No.41096864

I heard spiders

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>I got news for you boy. It ain't the right that's been doing the complaining. It's the left.

Please. Is that what you tell yourself?
Who crusades against gays? Sex education? Same sex marriage? Sex, nudity, etc. - thats the rights bread and butter.

If we were talking anti-violence/guns/etc. - then you could point your finger at the left.

But dont kid yourself. I understand you really need a group to hate, and I understand you really want to identify with what you think the 'right' stands for. But pick your battles. Pretending the left is the anti-sex and boob faction just exposes you for the retard you so clearly are.

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>inb4 how many spiders can slaanesh fit in her ass

>> No.41096926

Rape is worse than murder. That's also why most rape victims fight for their lives with all they have, right?

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>Honestly, it would help give Slaaneshi armies their own style...
>...Too often everything besides "Crab claws" gets lumped in with Tznteech as well, even the color scheme overlapped with Horrors!

Maybe if you're a blind retard.

You got crab clawed androgynous hags, which are not gaudy snakemen with swords, bloated sacks of shit nor... what ever horrors try to be.

You got a big bull/what ever that thing is headed thing with crab claws, a big winged dog headed thing with ax and whip, a bird and a big sack of shit.

You got chimera type things with crab claws, scorpion tails, claws and hooves, lizard dogs, sacks of shit, manta rays.

You got crab clawed androgynous hags on some sort of snake ostriches, snakemen with swords on mechanical bulls, sacks of shits flying on big bugs, and some sort of sea cucumbers spewing fire.

You are right, Slaanesh totally does not have its own look and is easily confused with the rest.

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>Be'lakor, The Evercucked

>> No.41097075

>He becomes the Chaos God of Jealousy and Inadequacy

>> No.41097095

Some people are saying that the new chaos god will be the horned rat over slanesh.

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That is so perfect.

>> No.41097117

All of them.

>> No.41097308

That's not a spider. It's a crown. Check out the angle that Khorne's symbol is at.

>> No.41098757

Nah, he never ascends.
The god of Jealousy and Inadequacy keeps him around so he'll have someone to feel superior to.

>> No.41099210

To be fair he's not "one elf" he's the God of Elves in this new setting.
Still bullshit, of course. Makes me wonder if we're gonna see Ynnead finally do something in 40k though.

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Yeah, why would the spider god have an upside down spider as a symbol

>> No.41100267

underrated post

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It wasn't the right that got GTAV pulled from Target in Australia because of "violence against sex workers in-game". It's not the right that is campaigning for porn to be banned because it's degrading against women.

Look, I'm as left-wing as they come, but the modern left has a major puritan element in it. There's a big divide between sex-positive and sex-negative feminists, and the later are leading the narrative on sex being harmful towards women.

It's true that the right is against a lot of that stuff too, except there's been a bigger shift in the right (talking America at least) towards holding freedom of speech as sacrosanct. Furthermore outside of publications like Fox News, the extreme right is simply ignored (indeed, all it takes is to call them right-wingers and their points are silenced). Meanwhile the extreme-left get plenty of face time in major media outlets where their views are presented in a positive light.

>> No.41101041

>Meanwhile the extreme-left get plenty of face time in major media outlets where their views are presented in a positive light.


Left-wing politics is allowed plenty of air time as long as it talks exclusively about race and gender politics and never anything of substance. When did you last see someone on a major media outlet call for smashing capitalism?

>> No.41101113


Oh boo hoo the Elves finally got to do something cool in their pathetic existence, whatever are we going to do.

Oh I know, let's give the Skaven another faction to kill, they're good at that right?

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This will only piss me off if they get rid of Slaanesh in 40k as well.

>> No.41102595

I fucking called sit so I did!!!

Spiders I said and spiders did come.

>> No.41102675

What offerings will the Spider God demand? Slaaneshfag souls?

>> No.41102812

What is Chaos?

An eight pointed star, one for each leg of spider. Spider God demands maximum spiderposting and offing of the still livingwrapped in slim with should be placed in bowls of bone and be left to die of dehydration.

These are the words of the Spiderprophet.

>> No.41102896

This makes so much sense.

>> No.41102978

Yeah, ironically I always figured Spider Daemonettes would be good for a Female Khorne...

>> No.41103327

>Chaos suffers a massive loss, no longer indestructable Sues
>Morathi/Malekith ascend, probably Morathi because Mal still has a prophesy involving being killed

I can't hate AoS anymore. Its like Midichlorians: The Game where Jar-jar gets killed by Kyle Katarn.

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Forgot pic.

>> No.41103734

>Slaanesh gets axed because "muh childrun!"
>"just look at how they censored daemonettes"
>in 2008
>only change daemonettes and mounted daemonettes
>changed style back to pre-Diaz daemonettes
>did not change fiends or slaanesh lord on daemonic mount, both with rows of tits
>did not change harpies nor Morathi, both with tits out
>later same year Dark Elf book had plenty of scantily clad witch elves prancing about
>Morathi with her tits out
>2013 Dark Elf army book
>new witch elves with equally lacking in clothing
>GW added whore makeup to them
>Bloodwrack Shrine comes with a snake lady with her tit out, feature in the book in art and mini form

Truly GW is being reamed by the SJW mob.

>> No.41103799

Taylor Ascendant.

>> No.41103968

I think this it.
Slaany might get a little more PG and the androgyny might get played down but that's fine. I doubt they'll remove her completely.

>> No.41104040

>generic spider god instead of a god based on vice that thrives on excess to make the game kid friendlier

>> No.41104416

I started 40k as EC a year ago.
I was carefully modding and painting every single mini before starting playing seriously.

Now i'm scared to death to even finish the Land Raider i was building this morning, because it will probably be a waste of time.


>> No.41104451

It's the symbol of the new 4th Chaos God, Crud.

>> No.41104459


>> No.41104506

I think he's the fifth Chaos God.
Just use web patterns. You might as well move over to worship of the Spider God.
That is my prayer.

>> No.41104528

>That is my prayer.
I actually play Chaos Daemons and the Slaaneshi units are some of the most fun to paint

Plus y'know dark eldar won't work without the god

>> No.41104529

>No more dickgirls

You're talking like this is a good thing anon.

We can just replace Slaanesh with sexual driders. Problem solved.

>> No.41104544

We already got Be'lakor from it. What do you expect?

Don't give a fuck, I continue as usual.

>> No.41104579

>Plus y'know dark eldar won't work without the god
No Slaanesh in 40k is a bad thing. Without it, the Dark Eldar won't have anything to fear.
>The Dezins of the Dark City Rise: Vect has brought Viagra but no Lube.

>> No.41104583

Lets ask murder victims would they rather just be raped instead.

Also, enjoy Be'lakor and carnac.

>> No.41104603

>save the children by removing slaanesh
>let loose with dark eldar

>> No.41104626

>Lets ask murder victims
We can't, their DEAD!

>> No.41104640

Nothing will be left unraped. That Land Raider, that cow, that pile of dirt, that 7e Sister Codex, and that pile of dakka? All will be raped.

>> No.41104672


40k will be the bitch of AoS like their statue got removed for a Stormcast Eternal (much cooler name than anything in 40k btw)

deal with it

>> No.41104685

>7e Sister Codex
...You can't rape that which doesn't exist, believe me, we tried...

>> No.41104697

>(much cooler name than anything in 40k btw)


>> No.41104728

No they stole it and then raped it before GW could released it.

>> No.41104738

>tfw slaanesh marines are already only makeable via an overpriced conversion kit that lets you make about 3 models

>> No.41104763


man they can't fucking take away noise marines

if that happens i'll personally travel to GW HQ and resculpt that piece of shit sigmarine to a golden vibrator

in the name of slaanesh ofc

>> No.41104831

>No more dickgirls

>> No.41104941

I shudder to think where you get all of this smut that is always at least tangentially related to the topic at hand.

What terrifies me even more is the NSFW stuff you are undoubtedly stockpiling.

>> No.41105089

Welcome to America (and the UK), GW's target audience. Where violence and gore is fine as long as nobody says the word "sex"

>> No.41105264

Ultra liberal from the capital of California here. It's the left. They can't stand having to talk about or confront sex itself. There's a HUGE difference between sexual orientation, deviation from heteronormitivity, and fucking.

Moms and dads regardless of who they're married to do not want their kids to see breasts.

>> No.41105308

If GW cared what SJW's think, 40k itself would not exist.

>> No.41105325

You mean the right.

>> No.41105394

>They can't stand having to talk about or confront sex itself.

I don't remember right wing nutjobs whipping their tits out to protest shit, or stuffing things into their pussies in front of crowds as performance art pieces.

You're clearly talking about the sex negative leftists, who view all sex as rape and all that shit. Sex positives are more towards the opposite, except when men like it as well, then it's rape culture.

GW is not a US company so US morals should not affect it as much.

>> No.41105424

Nope. The left. This coming from someone who's very liberal and grew up liberal

>> No.41105473

How about you listen to the fucking brits who live in the same culture as GW

You fucking presumptuous cunt

>> No.41105482

It's probably got nothing to do with keeping trannies happy. I don't think I've ever heard anyone complain about the slannesh symbol.
probably more just a move to make it more obvious that slannesh isn't just about sex.

>> No.41105490

Liberal isn't left only an american would equate the two because it makes no fucking sense to

>> No.41105564

>only an american would equate the two because that's how it works there

>> No.41105648

No, what kind of chaos god is spider? It doesn't fit the idea of what chaos gods are.

Slaanesh was fine on it's own, they already removed the tits from everything but apparently that wasn't enough.

Fuck AoS.

>> No.41105654

This. The far left has been so marginalized by McCarthyism that liberals ARE our far left. Even American SJWs are hesitant to tackle the issue of class beyond "Muh 99%" and instead focus on shitty identity politics.

>> No.41105740

If this is their plan, it's going to crash and burn. Kids don't play these kinds of games anymore, it's all about videogames or integration with videogames. It's why Skylanders and amiibo are such a hit, because they do things in videogames.

GW needs to understand their market isn't children, never was. It's grognards and fans, and their product is a niche one.

If they really want money, make a videogame studio and work their IPs through that. Toy men aren't going to cut it for children.

>> No.41105748

>Warhammer Amiibo/Skylanders

>> No.41105769

Hey, that's because they know the moment they say they're Marxists, they've lost the game in the US. So they got to distract with gender politics and shit to drive their ideology through.

>> No.41105789

Meh, it'll still basically be Slaanesh but with a spider motif, even if its someone else. I wouldn't think too heavily into it.

>> No.41105923

They can even act like Nintendo and keep supplies artificially low.

These fuckwits should be rolling in money. Their incompetence when it comes to business strategy is astounding.

>> No.41105996

>media outlets owned by the wealthiest interests
>maximize press time on issues events that divide the plebs along racial, ethnic, cultural, gender lines
>plebs squabble amongst themselves while multinational corporations fund shady trade deals and vet the next political candidates long before the polls open
>the so called "right" and "left" fall for this shit hook, line, and sinker time and time again

>> No.41105998

So what you're saying is, Dawn of War 3 on the Wii U with Amiibos for special commanders?

>> No.41106004

They have the basic idea right of simplifying the rules and trying to get more people into playing it

Unfortunately the rules still have most of the underlying flaws (and a shitload of new AoS only flaws) and they're trying to get an entirely different audience to play instead of more from their existing audience

Lower the cost and actually update all your armies and more people would play
At this point they must be losing a significant number of people given the rise of other, similar, wargames

>> No.41106072

>they're trying to get an entirely different audience to play instead of more from their existing audience

So, just like D&D 4E then?

>> No.41106119

They're doing basically what you've said with free rules and reduced game size.
most people don't seem to care about the per mini cost, just the per force cost.

>> No.41106161


Except D&D 4e wasn't a bad game, it was just a weak roleplaying game

AoS is flat out bad as a game as is
And yet there's a £40 rule book coming out soon
They're holding something back

People do care about the per mini cost, it's the reason a lot of people I know from the community stopped playing. GW just pushed and pushed with shit like pricing and eventually they quit the hobby

>> No.41106213

GW is a bunch of fuddy duddy old british guys, I sincerely doubt they give a flying fuck about the LGBT community. I'd say it's more likely they're just trying to downplay Slaanesh's sexuality, since recent fluff has made that only a small part of his/her domain anyway.

>> No.41106230


>> No.41106244

I'm so glad I saved this .gif

>> No.41106265

The rulebook appears to be primarily for scenarios and fluff. We'll know what's really going on when it hits the shelves though I guess.

I just mentioned the per force cost thing cos it seems like every time people are discussing cheap games infinity, warmachine or xwing are frequently brought up as examples of cheap games despite them having very high per mini costs.

>> No.41106319

Yeah but the difference with WMH isn't just the force cost it's also the individual power each box you buy has in the game

With GW games a single troop is sometimes little more than padding whereas in WMH the game's tuned so each unit is decent enough to make a notable impact
For a player that's arguably more important than the superior quality of GW's models for the same cost

Hopefully AoS addresses this if they are going for the skirmish format

>> No.41106437

Depends on the game, army and unit. I mean, in a WW2 mini game a German SS panzer grenadier unit with two machine guns and panzefausts plays very differently from a soviet platoon of unwashed masses with rifles. But when you got mass, losing a few dozen dudes is not a problem.

In a small scale skirmish game every model has a role and losing one lessens the army's function.

>> No.41106554

That's why POINTS are important, if a Grenadier Unit and a Conscript Platoon are of equal tactical value, the Conscripts will need to individually be cheaper than the smaller scale Grenadier Units.

>> No.41106604

Better resolution

>> No.41106931

You don't need points in that case though. Points is merely one method of balance.

In that case it could be done by having fixed "platoon" sizes. With the platoon of crappy guys having many more dudes in it.

>> No.41107089

From the little I've played of AoS I feel like they've already done that. 1 unit of basic troops does have a significant impact on the game.

>> No.41107299

>I think he's the fifth Chaos God.
You mean sixth Chaos God.

> tfw nobody cares about Malal.

>> No.41107368

But Malice is only for 40k.

>> No.41107473

Not really. Malal as a chaos god debuted in Fantasy.
> The concept of the Chaos God "Malal" was created by comics writers John Wagner and Alan Grant along with Malal's champion, Kaleb Daark, for the Warhammer Fantasy world in the Citadel Miniatures Compendium and Journals.
And it continued after that. It's only afterward Malal and his space marine chapter found their way into 40k.

>> No.41107512

Oh. My bad.

>> No.41107598

Lol all the assumptions that it's a spider, based on a symbol that's upside-down and doesn't look like a fucking spider either way!!

>> No.41107778

Heres a thought.

Its antlers. Like hmmm I dunno, Beastmen and the Horned Rat?

>> No.41107816

oh fug

>> No.41107930

Shoo, go away

>> No.41107948

7th. In fantasy malal got replaced by zuvassin and necoho.

>> No.41107983

but aren't beastmen still chaos unaffiliated

>> No.41108031

No. Beastmen have always been chaos affiliated.

>> No.41108103

I believe he meant "Chaos Undivided".

>> No.41109354

Then the "Platoons" aren't "Fixed Sizes" the sizes vary by troop quality...

>> No.41109638


That thing killed a fucking coral snake?

>> No.41109690


I have EC, Slaaneshi traitor guard/Lost and the Damned, and mono-slaanesh daemons. I've been collecting these armies for over a decade.

>> No.41109723

You sure those are Spider legs, they looks like bat wings to me

>> No.41109832


Underrated as fuck post.

>> No.41109884

>One of the Big Four finbally gets his shit wrecked
>Chaos are no longer edgy Mary Sues who can't be beaten EVERZ
>/tg/ flips it shit

top kek

>> No.41109956

This is how this thread makes me feel.

>> No.41111419

Well technically we can try asking attemptedmurder victims if they would've preferred to get succesfullyraped to establish a baseline.
It'd even have gradations!
I.e. somebody threatened you with a gun.
Or if you got stabbed a little.
Or if you got stabbed quite a lot and barely survived in the hospital.

>> No.41111482

Pretty much, yeah.

>> No.41111579

To be fair, a large portion of that is because it might make a lot of armies that people have spent a lot of time on completely useless.

>> No.41111687

This is really creepy and scary. I LIKE IT!

>> No.41111728

it looks like the shape of Morathi's crown.

>> No.41111960


>> No.41111992


>> No.41112079

This. Skaven and beastmen are both grouped under chaos faction. Everyone saying dark elf characters is crazy. All elves are forces of order now, so they wouldn't make one a chaos god.

>> No.41112107

>All elves are forces of order now, so they wouldn't make one a chaos god.
Wrong it's aelfs are force of order, not elves (Morathi, Malus etc).

>> No.41112121

Welcome to 40k, where yesterday's purchase is today's paperweight.

>> No.41112158

Well somebody's butthurt for End Times.

>> No.41112193

But both murder and rape victims lived. Question is, is it preferable to not exist? People might go "well, at least he ain't suffering no more", but he ain't feeling anything else either. We just don't have to deal with them, but do we truly understand what it is to not exist anymore?

>> No.41112221

>bu-bu-bu-but muh sex ass pussy and tiddies slaanesh

I want to be mad, but I can't because all you retarded cunts think Slaanesh is the Chaos God of Tits and Dicks.

Fuck I hate all you retarded /v/ DoW meme cunts and I wish you all died.

>> No.41112233

I assume this includes equipment as well, because if I only get X amount of troops vs. Y amount for Soviets, you bet your ass I'll be taking as many machine guns, panzerfausts and anti-tank grenades as I can get.

And I'll just take as many platoons as I want, what you gonna do to stop me?

Problem is that if you want balance purely based on no points, then you pretty much have to give guidelines on what the players can take. It becomes chess where both sides have fixed units, no ability to modify them.

>> No.41112242

I think you took my jokepost too seriously.

>> No.41112251

GW apparently thinks Slaanesh is the god of tits or they wouldn't have cut hir

>> No.41112253

fixed size as in you can't change its size, its just 1 platoon of X = Y guys

>> No.41112278

Its not GW who thinks that, they just know some other people do and could be trying to distance slaanesh from that and more towards proper slaanesh as the god of excess he's always been.

>> No.41112303

Fair enough, I'm actually excited to see what they'll do with the other aspects of excess. But if they completely cut out all the sexual shit I'll be annoyed as it IS very fitting thematically (albeit not to the exclusion of other indulgences such as gluttony etc)

>> No.41112367

Yes it did.

>> No.41112391

Its obvious gw is just a bunch of misogynistic manpigs slaanesh is the only chaos god who is refered to as she, obviously they just cant handle strong independent women who know what they want.

>> No.41112399

>Slaanesh wasn't family-friendly
>Sex and titties are wrong
>Butchering the living fuck out of every man woman and child in the name of Khorne is a-okay
Dafuq geedub

Check the pic, Slaanesh really doesn't look out of place

>> No.41112418

That picture is so triggering. Why are SM chapter and CSM warband symbols missing? I want to identify as a Blood Angel.

>> No.41112422

>That random transistor

>> No.41112428



>> No.41112444

That version is missing things. Another version had Australian Male as a symbol.

>> No.41112447

Didn't they do away with the bare titties years ago?

>> No.41112475

No, fuck AoS if they removed Slaanesh or removed the lust facet of Slaanesh.

The entire point of the chaos gods was they each covered multiple failings of humanity.

Khorne: Wrath and War.
Nurgle: Sloth, Despair, Disease.
Tzeentch: Ambition, Pride, Betrayal
Slaanesh: Excess: Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy.

>> No.41112479

Just empty out the circle on Slaanesh and you won't be able to tell it's not one of them.

>> No.41112480

>no more ND
Thank fuck.

>> No.41112493

Psh, like anything could exterminate ND or what ND represents.

>> No.41112506

What is a demiboy?

>> No.41112550

>mfw reading this shit
>mfw these things are allowed to have the vote
>mfw the ride never ends

>> No.41112569

It's hmmurica m8!

>> No.41112600

>people on 4chan shit on other people
>people playing pretend with little plastic dudes shit on other people

Truly the ride never ends.

>> No.41112616

>yfw this came out in 2013
>yfw fiends of slaanesh, slaanesh lord on daemonic mount, witch elves, etc.

>> No.41112619

>At /tg/.


>> No.41112645

At least we admit we're playing pretend, they're fucking living it.

>> No.41112668

How was I suppose to know that the Age of Spiders was coming?

>> No.41112705

I doubt they'd remove it completely. They'd probably just focus more on the other stuff to reinforce that he isn't just lust.
That is if they're not just replacing Slaanesh afterall.

>> No.41112719

Oh, there's nutjobs even in /tg/ ranks, lets not deny it.

>> No.41112734

You'd think a thread filled with outraged Slaaneshi whores would be more understanding of gender politics, but fuck it.
The time I could spend arguing why such things aren't inherently wrong, if you cut out all the SJW bullshit, would be better spent sleeping.
>implying Tumblr isn't entirely populated by shapeshifter infiltrator-assassins sent from /pol/ to ironically roleplay as otherkin and headmates

>> No.41112761

>Snake tits.
>Hot bitches
>Avatar of Khaine
Holy shit, now i want this box, thanks anon.

>> No.41112813


>> No.41112997

what's that?

>> No.41113014

>Can't even get mad at you.

>> No.41113029

I want to see Slaanesh die in 40K as well.

What's wrong, fags? You kept asking then to advance the plot.

>> No.41113043

You mean obnoxious faggots?

Oh wait that's IRL Slaaneshfags

>> No.41113088

tin foil hat on too tight?

>> No.41113128

>gender politics

Gender politics is just bullshit perpetuated by retards who want money and power, and figure creating controversy out of nothing is a way to do it.

>> No.41113140

Honestly would be 10/10 model if it didn't have the blood effects sculpted on

>> No.41113180

>all you retarded cunts think Slaanesh is the Chaos God of Tits and Dicks.
That's all GW bills him as and you pretentious hipster faggots who never actually bought GW's dickgirl armies are the ones who killed Slaanesh, not any soccer moms

>> No.41113200

>Honestly would be 10/10
9/10, still have the manface.

>> No.41113201

>everything I hate must be thanks to America
GW is a UK based company, yurocuck.

>> No.41113214

Have the model here, it's mostly the paint job.

I use her as a mounted herald and yeah the blood is a bit iffy, but a creative paintjob does wonders.

Shame it's going to count for naught.

>> No.41113218

>company is based yuro, must be yurocentric.
We dont have any kind of problem with tits amerifag.

>> No.41113221


>> No.41113238

I have the model stuffed in a bag, went to look for it after reading this.
You are right, not as bad as that pic made me think.

>> No.41113259

Very few models are, GW just sucks at painting minis. Look at shit like the savager orcs. They looks like made out of concrete slabs with how they're painted, but in reality the models themselves are just fine.

>> No.41113262

>We dont have any kind of problem with tits amerifag
Judging by GW's actions and your massive faggotry, that's wrong

>> No.41113265

I can already imagine some douchenozzle kid bragging to his friend in his most hamfisted strayan accent

>I have captain Diomedes

>> No.41113268

Necrons fit even better. Point?

>> No.41113272

That's because they are more interested in usa market.

>> No.41113274

Sure you do.

After all, bare tits goes against Sharia Law.

>> No.41113287

>yuros fucked by their own companies

>> No.41113294

>Left-wing politics is allowed plenty of air time as long as it talks exclusively about race and gender politics and never anything of substance

Fucking word.

It's like left-wing politics in the Western world can only exist when it's about skin colour or women.

Whatever happened to filling the chasm between the rich and poor?

>> No.41113299

>Sharia Law
>america's school education

>> No.41113301

>That's all GW bills him as and you pretentious hipster faggots who never actually bought GW's dickgirl armies are the ones who killed Slaanesh, not any soccer moms
No you retarded cunt.

/tg/ memes aren't the same as official GW lore.

>> No.41113308

Cucked, even.

Either way, I'm having a proper giggle

>> No.41113309

Too complicated, it's easier to bleat about MUH OPPRESSHUN.

>> No.41113317

>Necrons fit even better. Point?
The transgender community is made of soulless robots, just like the Necrons?

>> No.41113321

>the joke
>your head
>salty yurocuck still mad

>> No.41113325

Of course.They went for more greener lands, so now we have fantasy murrhens and brain dead rules.

>> No.41113336

>madness ll slip away.
>ignorance ll stay.

>> No.41113348

Apparently WHF were too hard for you yurops seeing as none of you niggers bought the fucking game

>> No.41113412

Eh the UK Green Party has plenty of left wing muh poor people policies.
The problem for them is they are full on pants on head retarded and so are never getting anywhere, despite all the shit they talk about their membership.

>> No.41113448

This really people it's the horn rat

>Skaven are confirmed for chaos
>leak lore states the elves attacked and killed slaanesh

>> No.41113451

Nice projecting there. Where I live WHFB was pretty much the way to go. 40k didn't pick up speed until recent years.

>> No.41113474 [SPOILER] 

Just as planned

>> No.41113478

Nice try, Ahmed.

>> No.41113507

Yes, yes, we get it. Death to America. You mudslimes can't shut up about that shit.

>> No.41113516

All the latest models have shitty sculpted effects on em.

Hate it, ugly as fuck

>> No.41113520

Fantasy has traditionally always been at least on an equal footing with 40k

The issue is that by pushing 40k all the time whilst not giving fantasy much new stuff and raising prices (making Fantasy much more expensive than 40k to play) GW killed interest

I mean how the fuck was I supposed to even spend money when my Bretonnian and TK armies barely ever got anything new to buy

>> No.41113535

>Fantasy has traditionally always been at least on an equal footing with 40k
meant to add "in europe"

>> No.41113584

Gw backed thmselves into a vicious loop. Noone wanted to buy fantasy because of the stupid hordes and shit. Since noone was buying fantasy they stopped putting effort into it and ended up with the End Times,
That still tickles me. GW spent all that time and money on the books and new models for ET, only to kill the setting off the next year,
I feel sorry for the WHFB players like the ones at my store who only get to play in a GW shop since there's nowhere else for them. They got fucked pretty bad.

>> No.41113633

It's honestly been easier to find a warmahordes game than a fantasy one in the past two years which is insane when you compare the shitloads of GW stores in my area (SW england) to the absolutely nonexistent presence Privateer Press has outside of the hobby stores that stock everything (and they don't have tables)

If I ever get into 40k I'll probably pick the most common army possible just to make sure I have one which GW actually bother to release new stuff for

>> No.41113753

The sex negative right is being replaced by the sex negative left. We must no longer protect children from Satan's influence in the name of Christianity, now we must protect and women and girls from the patriarcy's influence in the name of feminism.

>> No.41113778

Oh god I actually wouldn't that.
>AoS is literally babies first wargame

>> No.41113802


>> No.41113888

That's Nurgle.

>> No.41113893

Chaos Lord Bambi will be a smashing hit.

>> No.41113925

40K is already popular with the kids anon, there's no stopping that. AoS is merely designed to get even more kids.

>> No.41114071 [DELETED] 

I don't want tp get banned for of topic, again, but fuck.

GW is off, the god damned, mother fucking, quoit tossing, rails.

>> No.41114093

Cry more, Slaaneshfag

>> No.41114139


Am I the only one irritated by the revolutions?

Khorn is upside down, Nurgle is on his side (note the orientation of the skulls), Tzeentch is rightside up.

>> No.41114148

I don't think anyone will disagree with you there.

It's a shame really. I was hoping this would be the glorious rebirth of WHFB, but holy shit did they fuck this up. Then a built a golden statue dedicated to their fuck up.

>> No.41114152

Its a circle, the symbols 'top' is pointing to the inside of the circle.

>> No.41114201

They are all pointing to the middle of the circle. It's a pretty common arrangement of symbols.

What is kinda curious to me is why they didn't try to actively gouge interest. Like doing a survey via email to their registered customers or something.
I mean, axing the biggest Fantasy wargame on the market without so much as a warning seems like a rash decision and I'm pretty sure they didn't do themselves a favor.
Everybody looking to get into a game like AoS is likely gonna compare it to other games, of which there are many more these days and many of them more established and one might argue better.

>> No.41114204


>> No.41114231

Is Anansi a god of Chaos now? Is he going to trick Khorne with enemies made of tar?

>> No.41114253

>Everybody looking to get into a game like AoS is likely gonna compare it to other games, of which there are many more these days and many of them more established and one might argue better.
I do wonder how the sales of say, warmahordes, have done since they announced fantasy was dead

>> No.41114269

That's what gets me, fantasy works, mudhammer fans loved it. The level of writing that led to the end of fantasy is five year old tier. I'm also shocked that as you say, there was no probing at all.

Just out of fucking no where a total garbage system, and now there rearranging the disfigured remains of fantasy? Christ.

>> No.41114290


Lost my shit

>> No.41114376

I mean every other company would be ecstatic to have the fandom of WHFB. For GW that was not enough, okay, but they basically killed that stream of revenue off entirely, instead of just changing the system. So whether or not AoS will do bigger is a huge gamble.

Even introducing Aos as it is, while keeping WHFB around for a while to see what happens would have made more sense. AoS could have made it easier for people to start building a WHFB army even.
I just don't see the any logic behind that decision at all.

>> No.41114384

I hope it does.

But in some epic battle that brings back the eldar empire plus friends.

I want all dat eldar pantheon to rise right our of her gored belly in the burning ruins of her palace left by the reborn efforts of the legion of Avatars of Khaine, unleashed right after the god Yneed (can't spell it) is born and storms the palace like an spectre god to fight Slaanesh in a duel in the center of the throne room before winning.

And the end result could be still a fractured but rearisen eldar faction going all out on nation building and recovering their crone world goodies as their souls now go back to the pantheon, but whispers of Slaanesh still tingle in their minds as a god waiting to be remade, but also tempered by their regret of their lost and sense of imminent anhilation via Yneed.

>> No.41114394

They do that all the time too, wtf Kool-aide are you drinking

>> No.41114402


>> No.41114416

This thread started yesterday so we haven't had it today yet

>> No.41114422

Paint it white....

>> No.41114431

No idea, but Kings of War has certainly seen a raise in popularity here.

And you can what you want about Mantic, at least they were smart enough to ask the community for feedback before sending their rules to the publishers.

>> No.41114490

Oh fuck me.

>> No.41114506

Malal's symbol is of the 8 spoked wheel with a skull in the middle.

>> No.41114524

But what sort of madness will we get after it?

>> No.41114545

His symbol is a black and white skull or a waxing or waning moon.

>> No.41114614

I'd pay for that. Any chance to use Gorgutz In Smash Bros.

>> No.41114666

That new symbol reminds me of the Night Lords symbol. Maybe Curze didn't die...

>> No.41114772

>not Bludflagg
Actually I like both and would be happy with either

>> No.41114969

Well, it wasn't as though religion was working for us, anymore. How else do we breed millions of wage-slaves?

>> No.41115122

>> No.41115155

Like an albino?

>> No.41115218

I think he meant the blood effect, not the model itself.

>> No.41115347

Yeah, could have just you know? ACTUALLY give some attention to mudhammer? Instead of fucking destroying it.

But then again with the way GW has been "giving attention" to things recently I don't think there is any point and we can kiss any hope we had of things improving good bye.

>> No.41115479

Then what's with all the Page 3 controversy, hmmm?

>> No.41115551

>Then what's with all the Page 3 controversy, hmmm?
A small but vocal group whining about something noone cares about?
To put it in perspective, the Jeremy Clarkson petition got more signatures in 24 hours than the page 3 one has gotten in 3 fucking years.

>> No.41116148

>When did you last see someone on a major media outlet call for smashing capitalism?

In the UK you see it occasionally. Not nearly enough, though.

>is dyed-in-the-wool anarcho-syndicalist

>> No.41116263

Because normal mortal beings shouldn't be able to kill the embodiment of the concept of greed, lust and excess.

>> No.41116286

>Just empty out the circle

That's what Slaanesh does all the time, anon.

>> No.41116319

>Play Vampire counts.
>AoS happen, models move seperatly, can't play because no one will ever want to play against it because of time.

Sigh... Atleast I still have my Slaanesh 40k army with CSM and Daemo-

>Slaanesh getting axed.

All I love in the hobby I love is kill.

And you know they will force it into 40k to get that wankercramping T rating.

>> No.41116330

White blood?

>> No.41116342

No, anon.

>> No.41116453

>"So the unwanting soul sees what's hidden, and the ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants."
>"He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still."

>> No.41116469


>> No.41116501

>And you know they will force it into 40k to get that wankercramping T rating.
>TT games getting rated
>40k getting a T rating just because Slaanesh is gone.
yeah no.

>> No.41116512

That's it.
Age of Smegma is about as true to the spirit to spirit of it's setting as the highlander sequences at this point.

>> No.41116580

Yes, paint it splattered with mayonnaise!

>> No.41117917 [SPOILER] 

GW has entered into a partnership with a popular franchise designed to broaden the fanbase. Behold your new Chaos god.

>> No.41118187

It's still Slaanesh

>> No.41118304

>Be me
>Decide to create a pantheon of spider-goddesses with one spider-god
>Can't find a good picture or idol or even good plastic toy at Wal-Mart
>Decide to use a chaos star for the idol and put it above my altar
>Give thanks to spider deities for months
>Come on /tg/ today
>See this

...I swear if I accidentally caused this, I'm gonna be so fucking pleased with myself

>> No.41118320

You set in motion the plans of the Spider God.

>> No.41118669

>Spider god actually Tzeentchian puppet confirmed.

He's doing it guys, finally moving to become top shit chaos god again, was tired of waiting for his stave to be rebuilt.

>> No.41118690

didn't Malekith end as one of the good guys following End Times? Becoming Phoenix King and stuff?

Also, that spider god thing somebody posted above was for a goblin unit it looked like, which fits, since goblins in fantasy have always loved them some spiders.

Wouldn't that mean the spider god being chaos makes the goblins chaos now?

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