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If it were the size of a great white shark, Would you ride this creature into battle?

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Fuck yes, isn't this the regenerating lizard Thingie?

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I vaguely remember doing something similar in Dominions at one stage actually

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can I choose the great white shark instead?

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>splash fights to establish dominance

If this is true, then my worldview just got like 1d4% brighter.

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Hell yes I *love* Mudkips!

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I thought that said "repetitive anal gaping", and was throughly confused for a moment there.

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>need to be submerged all the time for its gills to function properly
>requires a very specific temperature range
>skittish by nature

i know /tg/ is bad at animal, but come on guys

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It has few if any natural weapons but yeah, I still would.

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No, but I would get it to tell me bad jokes.

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Sharks are cool. Interesting to note that they use their gums as a method of physical investigation, and that shark attacks are quite possibly a cause of simple curiosity rather than an attempt to devour people.

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I don't think a species that thinks biting things is a good way to investigate should be detectives.

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Don't be so sure.

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Oh c'mon!

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For some reason all I could think about were shark dudes with pompadores and biker cloths sizing each other up.

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I don't know. If you had no hands and extremely sensitive gums, that's a pretty good way of gathering information. The sensitive nose also helps.

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Axolotl can regenerate limbs and parts of his brain. Looks cool too, but is not a fighter-

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>he doesn't gum the evidence
I'm taking your badge, you're off the case.

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Orangutans do the same thing. Their hands are too rough and calloused to feel things well, so they investigate by pressing everything against their lips

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Aww. Shame they can't sheath their teeth then.

This whole time they just wanted to know what the fuck we were.

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Thought we told you not to show your ugly faces around here anymore, sharks.

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>needs to surface for air
>can't bark
orcas a shit
sharks a best

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How about I fweet your shit?

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That's great white sharks. Tiger sharks, on the other hand, ram their teeth into people at twenty miles an hour, which is also how they attack prey animals. I don't think that's really investigation.

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>People don't think sharks are the cutest.

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I can't tell if that's a raft or if the thing it's biting is just a buoyancy device higher up on the hull. I seriously hope its the latter.

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Its biting into the hull.

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Tiger sharks are basically garbage trucks, though. They'll eat stop signs and shit.

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I want an amphibious Dunkleosteus, it's already the size of a Great White.

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>I don't think that's really investigation.
they're investigating whether or not they can eat the unidentified object

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