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Since there is smut thread, it seems natural for a cute thread.

All word and pixel /tg/-related cuteness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags write your cute stories, and drawfags fill out cute requests. We don't want to overlap too much with the lewd threads, so while cute girls and monster girls are fair game, discussion about having sex with them is probably better off in the lewd thread.

Also, discuss cute things in games you like, or things that other people may not find cute, but you think are somehow adorable.

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Posting my Seal of Approval!

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I added a small catfolk race to my homebrew setting simply because they're adorable and a best.

Bonus points: they tend to be more social and charismatic than other races, meaning they're all over the place as traders, diplomats, merchants, and politicians.

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Are cats really social though? Or is that the folk part?

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Drow cavalry incoming.

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>The bbeg sits in a big black iron chair grooming himself instead of being petted
I approve.

He looks more concerned or confused, really

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Is Lunar magic welcome here?

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OP's picture is drawn by Hayami Rasenjin, an avid roleplayer and prolific artist of both comic and game.
I mention this only as a curiosity, in case anybody cares. His work is freaking great.

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I think that this thread is a great idea. Too much of /tg/ has become filth, quests and quests for filth. We could use a little of the imagination that makes this board great. While cute isnt strictly creative it DOES require more imagination to make cute than smutty.

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It is if this spiderwolf is.

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Thread needs more orc.

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Quests are the best part of this board.

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Quests are OK in moderation but since the decree that quests belong on /tg/, and the subsequent flood of quests from other boards, the board has been over run. Most of the people that fill the quest threads don't even remember the days of Oinkbane and Bagworld, let alone the older and even better creations this board used to produce. I would love for quests to continue but on their own board.

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Does it disturb you that I'm posting in both? I can like either, you know.

That said, >>40848648
>merchants with a 'batting bag' of feathers and whatnot to avoid absentmindedly swatting a delicate crystal windchime or something
>servants with a mini-sedan chair so they can look down on people they're negotiating with
>Siesta time because desert culture, just lying around in the sun
>Famed opera singers
>Circle of cat merchants playing speed and reflexes based card games (like Snap)

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>brings up oinkbaine
>hates quests

Please, fucking die.

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The both of you are being insufficiently cute.

Pretty Kitty Revolution is pretty hilariously cute, yes.

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Use this tool for good, not evil.

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Speaking ill of quests? That's a bannin'.

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>we never got an Air Bud: Dungeon Master movie

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You have ruined my day.

You mean like this?

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What have you done!?!

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Bunny Knight!

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..can be upgraded to Bunny Regiment!

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Time for the Corgissar.

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No, they aren't. Permabanning them from 4chan as a whole would improve it greatly.

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Men, I've gotten reports of a Green Cobra in the area. I need you to hunt it down.

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Is this to your liking?

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Succubi who are self-conscious about their tales are all of my hnnng.

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That's a fat tail.

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It's becausehe's all "You're a cute kittay!!!"

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The original cutey.


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>six legs

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Fairies are usually cute.

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moths are the cutest :3

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The adventure I'm running at the moment has mothfolk angels of an insectoid time god.

More inspired by luminoth than your pic, though.

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Cats are different from cat to cat, but I know one who spends all of his time climbing people until he can get his face on their face, at which point he nuzzles ad infinitum. My cat himself refuses to sit on people ever, but he will rub his chin all over your shoes, and sometimes sticks his butt in my armpit so his neck is right in the way of my mouse for scratches.

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Moths are still the most adorable things. I wanna hug their foof.

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>I hate fun

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This thread is to cute to die young!


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cute is not /tg/ related

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Cute is always /tg/ related!
Do you hate cute anon?

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You're not /tg/ related

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Cats have their own social groups. It's not really hierarchical like dogs, though, and can be subtle. Like when travelling together, cats will keep a good deal of distance from each other, so you'll generally only spot one cat at a time.
If your cat's following you around the neighborhood, you may only catch glimpses of him as he goes.

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You know there's a whole board for this stuff, right? Just make a crossboard thread on >>/c/ , your primary goal with this thread is to see cute stuff, not traditional gaming stuff.

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We are looking at cute /tg/ stuff, not cute anime stuff.

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Despite the stereotype, most cats are super-friendly to people they know. They get really territorial around other cats, though. They'd make a perfect race of xenophiles - curious, obsessed with novelty, easily bored, and once they get used to someone they'll be all over them. Kind of like Kender done right.

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Kitsune are cute!

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I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't turn into retarded /r9k/ shit.

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That's adorable.

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Cestree is adorable!

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There are not enough modrons in this thread.

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I had a character similar to this, a nun belonging to an order whose members house fiends within their bodies in order to act as living prisons and prevent them from being summoned anywhere else in the world. This particular nun is host to a powerful succubus queen; the side effects meant that she grew a pair of black horns, little batlike wings, and a tail, but otherwise looks like a young, beautiful girl in her late 20s, even though she's really 75 years old.

Sometimes, in moments of extreme emotions (typically lust), the succubus takes over her body and forces her to watch helplessly as she does lewd things to others.

Yes, I posted this in the old thread, I deleted my old post so I could reuse the image here.

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You can't see the two left side hind legs it's laying on.
But you can see the two right side hind legs.

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Adding an injection of cute.

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Cute monsters.

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Wrong thread Anon, this is Cute, not lewd...

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I want to make that girl into a woman while the ghost friend watches.

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>Lil 'umies ar weird

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She's like 14, dude..

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Old enough.

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I thought this was supposed to be cute not smut....

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Smut can still be cute.

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Yeah, those are more smutty than cute.

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Dats kewt.

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how dare you be punny, my parents were killed by puns

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Even in the grim darkness of the far future.

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Oh my god, my day needed this. Thank you.

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I need to see a Modron with an adorably large Monocle and tiny tophat on.

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I hope this meets the criteria.

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"Sauce Weasels

Ok ok ok ok ok... this is a scientific illustration based on the theory that all sauce comes from various breeds of sauce weasel. They just lay packets of sauce like chicken lay eggs. Each breed produces its own unique sauce and each has its characteristics. For instance the soy sauce weasel maintains a fully vegetarian diet. The elusive secret sauce weasel is in actuality a cross breed of a ketchup weasel and a salad dressing ferret. The American BBQ weasel is most active during summer and the Worcestershire weasel has a fondness for fish in its diet. The Mexican hot sauce breed is born with one of three temperaments: spicy, medium, and mild. So far the scientific community has scoffed at my theory... the fools. I suspect a cover-up that the sauce industry does not want exposed."

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I am in fact a genius

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Okay, I'm here! Did I make it in time?

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That's damn good of the Red Comet.

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Showed this image to my younger brother, now he's wanting to be an altered Corgi in my Traveller game.

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Here, have my cutest orc girl.

I don't know what kinda animal her pet is, but I want one.

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>Can I keep it?
If it doesn't bite you in a month, sure.

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>traders and diplomats
>not cooks and meownster hunters
You fucked up

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What about Power Armor Bunny? That's cute, right?

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Fuck off smutnigger.

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Says the greedy little fuck who keeps trying to derail this thread into another godawful WST.

And you faggots claim that general is necessary for containment purpose. Buncha fuckin lies, that.

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You are a very sad person.

>> No.40879745

Sad that you can't keep it in your pants even after the mods gave in to your demands for a /d/ embassy on /tg/, yes.

Why do you feel the need to ruin nice things by smearing your dick all over them?

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Your having a bad day aren't you?

>> No.40879783

You should lay down for a bit, you seem upset.

>> No.40879791

>over a minute apart
Are you really so butthurt that some people are sick of you memespamming smutfags that you have to samefag about it?

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The eternal struggle between smut and cute rages on. Having said that, playing RPGs primarily with other people around a table, the introduction of cute has always gone down better than the introduction of smut in games - is it just that my groups are weird in that regards, or is it that smut in RPGs is best suited to online games?

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All those dead adventurers underground in the bottom one cracks me up. These are nice, do you know who did them?

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Probably because no one wants to jack off in public with you. It's the same reason theaters playing blue films have all but died out in the civilized world.

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The guy posts on Pixiv, so you'll need to sign in to browse properly, but signing up is the same as any english site so I'm sure if you use google translate you'll figure it out if you haven't already.


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Or maybe this link will work a little better...

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This is so dumb and I love it.

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Requesting young mothers and their babbies

>> No.40880128

Kinda reminds me of old Where's Waldo images.

>> No.40880161

She fights to protect you anon.

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>It's a reimagination of the Bayeux Tapestry as an SRPG
>It's a whole book
Holy shit yes.

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Stop shaking your tail and meowing, you might attract a Deviljho.

>> No.40880361

But it's in japanese, how could you enjoy it?

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Cuddles, Anon.
That's all I want... besides maybe another bottle of whiskey.

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It's like Where's Waldo meets Final Fantasy Tactics

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/tg/ related because beholder derivative

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>the board has been over run
Baseless claims for 300

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Ignore the quest and smut related trolls. Do not be drawn into arguments over pro-skub/anti-skub factionalism.
Post /tg/ related cute stuff.

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It's snek

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While I'm at it: can we discuss of cute events/random encounters/races/stuff you guys pulled off in your campaigns?
I'd love to read about them!

>> No.40885520

a snek?!

>> No.40885714

let us feast!

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That is one angry Valkyrie.

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Seeing that pic makes me wonder. Is there an RPG system based on playing little animals like rabbits and mice etc. in a fantasy setting?

>> No.40887337

Mouseguard and Golden Sky Stories, both sort of.

>> No.40887353


There are several of them. The old classic Bunnies and Burrows, Mouse Guard, Hyperboareon Mice, Lapins and Lairs, and probably some more I don't remember.

>> No.40887466

awww you're just fine the way you are sweetie, now go rig the Prime Sinister's car to explode as soon as the MPH reaches over 25mph. No evidence or Dunkelzhan's ghost will tear me a new one.

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"子供の頃-ヽ( °◇°)ノ モフモフ"

>> No.40888403

"子カトリス ('◇')"

>> No.40888438

"子供の頃 (。・ω・。)"

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>> No.40888517

Cute as hell but I'd just be terrified of accidentally hurting someone so small.

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Clap your hands if you liked Predator 2!

>> No.40888702

Clap your hands if you liked Predator 2!

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>> No.40888834

that image is very close to heresy

>> No.40888942

the little lamia doll on her tail gets me every time.

>> No.40888980

>> No.40889002

>> No.40889029

>> No.40889059

Would a cow grill head butt you to show she liked you?

>> No.40889089


Well, are you going to post the second page?

>> No.40889098

Yes it's Hellstar Remina. But I can't get over how it totally looks like Cookie Monster about to nom on the Earth.

>> No.40889129

Probably, but in a gentle way.

>> No.40889259

Well, full grown cows think they're doing it gently when they do it to humans, they're just kind of stupid and don't realize we weigh a couple hundred pounds less than they do. Hence why farmers try to break cows of the habit when they're small, it's only cute when they're small.

>> No.40889292

honto ne

>> No.40889305

Yeah but Cowgirls are smart... smarter than regular cows at least.

>> No.40891592

>> No.40891791


I see you Deviljho don't think you can hide from me.


I remember these guys.

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>> No.40893512

bye all, yall have a good week

>> No.40893535

I legit just let out a very quiet "aww"

>> No.40893651

YES! THANK YOU!! I couldn't figure out what unsettled me about these objectively cute pictures but that's exactly it.

>> No.40893737

That is adorable

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>> No.40895500


>> No.40895618

Cows are pretty nice animals for the most part. They're too dumb to be mean.

>> No.40895793

>> No.40895885

>> No.40895955

Bonus points if that is a male kirlia who gets separated from Honedge and evolves into Gallade so he will still have a blade.

>> No.40896098


They're Stupid Nice, being herd animals and all. As opposed to chickens and guinea hens, which are True Stupid.

>> No.40896631


Damn, don't trigger me like that! That fucker stopped doing the comic right after that page, and went on to make that stupid Dungeon Grind comic instead.
Life is suffering.

>> No.40896826

I know your pain.
I still go on it every now and then hoping he may have started it up again.

>> No.40896965

>> No.40897014


That would be counterproductive camouflage- disguising as something readily eaten by many larger creatures.

>> No.40897096

That's how you can tell it was made by a wizard and not evolution.

>> No.40897118

>> No.40898314

>> No.40898430

>> No.40899323

Saving everything in this thread.

>> No.40899574

Nah, they like cute things.

>> No.40901516

>> No.40901892


>> No.40901911


>> No.40902475

Unless its actually a parasite looking to get eaten.

>> No.40902543

Try heart-rending.

>> No.40902582

What? Naaah, couldn't be.

>> No.40902751

Fuck you! Fuckyou fuckyou fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou!

>> No.40903099

da ddy

>> No.40903357

Good boy...

>> No.40903810

Hey not all chickens are True Stupid!
Most are just True Chicken, while Broilers are Stupid Evil.

>> No.40903883

Right the fuck back to tumblr, degenerate.

>> No.40903946


Sorry, I ddin't mean to TRIGGER you.

>> No.40904017

Christ, you fucking tumblr dickshits deserve all the fagbeating you get. "Sorry officer, I didn't mean to trigger you when I committed actual crimes, but I'm agender, so you can't touch me without it being a hate crime"

>> No.40904021

We only have a smut thread because people cant keep their magical realms to them selves. This is just a /a/ magnet for all the animfags lurking the board.

>> No.40904091


Trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger trigger mushroom mushroom

>> No.40904372

Most of the cute stuff in this thread isn't even /a/ related. And if anything, you probably should have said /c/.

Also, I think it goes without saying, but everyone here loves anime. Even you. You probably just don't know which anime you love because you haven't really explored the broad medium.

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