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Tell me your traditional gaming sins, /tg/.

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I made a voodoo doll of Gygax and burned it on the same day Gygax died.


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Every time my group plays a narrative-focussed system, I intentionally fuck it up with shitty corny narrative and blame the system so that they don't play it again. So far I've kept my group clean of Dungeon World, Fate and Apocalypse World. It's for the best in the end.

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I make terrible decisions that are often tactically poor because it's more fun and memorable than doing the right thing.

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When I was younger I pulled virtually every That Guy/That GM trick in the book. Eventually I wised up and have spent every game I've run or played in since trying to make it as good and fun as possible for everyone involved. This is my penance.

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Well done, Tywin.

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I sometimes get what I think are awesome campaign ideas for various systems but don't have a regular group, more than a few times I've attempted to put together online games then when enough people were interested get super self conscious, panic, and drop the whole thing.

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I've taken advantage of new players on more than one occasion to get more dank loot. Its never got anyone killed or anything but I always feel a little bad when they blindly agree with my advice on what loot to grab.

As a GM on more than one occasion I've bailed on online groups because their personalities annoy me, I regret nothing because holy shit you meet some really autistic people in game finder threads.

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Taking 40K too seriously.

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The party was completely tight nit and able to work together...

...then we were captured by Illithids of Thoon and I depended to speak to the one in charge. After some brief "negotiation" and several will saves later I was the living embodiment of Thoon on the material plane.

This was the beginning of the end, because every session someone ended up going solo after this and it was almost impossible for the DM to run.

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I'm that guy

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I run 2 games these days.

I keep one of them going solely to torment some shitty players who almost ruined tabletop gaming for me, and am basically doing it just to string them along and laugh at their inevitable failures.

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I rarely play

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Hey, you that anon that posted about this a few days ago?
While I can't condone it, I do understand it.

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A couple of weeks, but yeah.

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GM of just over a year here.

I fudge rolls pretty often to add drama/seriousness to combat. It's really more to save my players though, since it's a 'noblebright' setting and my dice are apparently out for blood. Very rarely to I make a miss hit or a hit crit, but it's not like it doesn't happen.

I play favorites with my players. Most the group is really invested and get lots of 'spotlight' and personal side quests. Then the last one is a bit of a min/maxer who "has no back story" and they have to work a lot harder for what they want.

I've also given enemies some pretty crazy buffs, mostly bosses, just to show them that losing a fight is always an option and there is always a bigger fish. Plus I think as a GM I'm not there to beat them off to their power fantasys. Fuck that noise.

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Get my group hyped up on campaign and homebrew ideas, then never follow through.

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I get really butthurt when one of my characters is near death due to poor luck on my part.

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I unironically enjoy edge and grimdark.

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i allowed a player to make a vow of peace character

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I once fingered my girlfriend at the time underneath the gaming table on campus during a game. In retrospect probably not the best place to fool around, but it held my attention more then the game did...

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I sometimes get in a funk when I get out of trouble due to good luck on my part.

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I'm not really a good GM but my group needs one and I'm usually the most willing. I wish I were better.

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I joke way too much while gaming. In my defense it's just because my GM is so fucking boring and I'm not even sure any of the players actually want to be there.

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When I first started playing tabletops, I used a dice app and lied on all my Rolla because no one else could see it but me.

Everyone called me lucky, I knew deep down that a was 'that guy'

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That's what we do on this board though.

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I actively try to trigger my group's gaming/dice superstitions.

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I routinely fudge rolls when I'm DMing, depending on how I want things to go. I pick DCs arbitrarily. I throw high level monsters at my players while insisting they're level appropriate (they moan even when it is level appropriate though). I conspired with 3 of my 4 players to kill the 4th player's character. There's a trap in the dungeon they're currently in that I designed to TPK them, but they CAN avoid it (but again: arbitrary DCs).

I'm a frustrated forever DM, and I kind of hate my friends a bit.

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I followed a min/max guide to the t on a tier 1 class while my group dicked around with tier 2 to 4 classes.

I wanted to let my party take it easy and not have a hard time, but nobody should have to go through watching me roll for 5 minutes before declaring the encounter is under wraps while they have yet to move.

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If the dice get in the way of the story or fun, the dice lose.

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I've died twice in a Shadowrun game I play in, I've played about 8 sessions.
RIP Jones and Sword-guy, you will be missed ; - ;7

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I play 3.5

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I never play

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I make fun all the time of my ex-gf who plays fire mage and who fails almost every spell she tries to do(almost 3 out of 15 spells aren't failed,even though she doesn't have any malus)to the point that i created a spell of random explosion just for her that she uses all the time and she almost don't fail wwhen she roll for it ! It became her signature move and for me it was just a joke !

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I always play my fetish without realizing it until the character is done.

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I always play my fetish because I fetishise everything because I'm sexually frustrated.

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I have never played a traditional game (save Risk and Axis & Allies with my family). I have no means or desire to EVER play a traditional game.

I come here because the level of discussion is above and beyond any internet community I've encountered and also this is the closest 4chan has to /hist/.

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My longest played character was a min-maxed Mary-Sue with furry porn for a token and a Strong Bad reference for a name.

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My fellow unfortunate nigga. I never asked for this.

Although I do sort of enjoy it in a self-defeating way.

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A love/fertility/nature god in my setting is Saya. One player realized this about three sessions in after she finished playing the game.

When her character died she made a new one that was very much devout towards the god.

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Yes, I've fully embraced it at this point. There's a certain joy to being self aware about it.

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I played a loli snakegirl priestess necromancer once.

In 3.5.

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I just try to keep certain boundaries about things by cutting them off completely just to make sure. Some of those can't translate into reality anyway, due to the conditions for it being arousing not applying in a real life.

>tfw really good doujin but it gets way too harsh despite being your fetish
>tfw this makes no sense but okay

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I hate Warhammer 40k, more than almost any other fiction. I tolerate Twilight more than 40k.

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About a girl playing Saya no Uta or a girl involved in /tg/ things?

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To be fair, Twilight is mostly a punchline these days. Kiddies have moved on to shit like Divergent.

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I only bother with coasters if I see them and only occasionally.

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I once cancelled a campaign out of laziness and waning interest. It was only a two-night railroaded mystery campaign and after the first night, the next session was delayed for the next two weeks. The first session went very well, but I just totally lost all interest in finishing the damned thing. Please forgive me, /tg/.

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I can't look away from those thighs. The outfit itself is pretty cool and I like it, but those thighs and hips are perfect.

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Homestuck, Bayformers, Warhammer 40k really is below everything I can think of that isn't comically bad.

I don't think its worse than Shamwow's Avatar, but I'd never admit to someone not familiar with 40k already.

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I have to confess my sins to /tg/

I punched and kicked my GM once; he was not being shitty and I was totally the one with the blame... we had some unresolved tension prior to the incident and when he didn't let my character do something I just lost control...

Later I apologized in front of the group and they took me back, but it still makes me feel pretty ashamed.

Another one I'm not really sure if I am to blame or the GM (another one) or exactly what happened. The group had been playing for a year or more, all characters were on epic levels and had amazing powers and abilities. I had just integrated to this story and had a character who could use magic and conjure objects and stuff. When the fight against the BBEG came out most of the party was trapped in energy fields including me. Everyone else got out but whenever I wanted to do something to try to liberate myself this GM did everything in his power to prevent it and outright telling me I could not escape. The others had all the fun and I was there trapped and bored. The GM forced the other players to lose with a dick move but then I used my character's actions (since it had been liberated at the end of the fight and hadn't used any action) and defeated the BBEG saving the day and disbanding the group in the process. Some players still hold a grudge to me about it but I have honestly forgotten most of the event. I was pissed at the GM for not allowing me to have any fun but I feel bad that the group disbanded the day after I began playing...

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I don't follow. How did that make the group disband? Were you not supposed to beat the BBEG?

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I think Risk is a good game.

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I actually liked Homestuck. I only gave up on it because the fanbase is unbearable.

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you're some sort of demon.

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Here you go.

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i stopped reading because of the fucking year long breaks. i can ignore the weird assholes that get into it, but for gods sake.

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I'm actually kind of an unreasonably hardcore Homestuck, but I only read the comic. No fanfic, no fanart, no participation in the fandom at all. I'm just a reader. I think that's the way to do it.

It's honestly a pretty technically incredible piece of fiction. It's obscenely long and complicated with a billion different styles and an impossible web of self-reference.

I feel like more people could get into it if it wasn't so known for its crazy fanbase, which has actually calmed down some by now. It's supposed to finish soon, and it's better to read as an archive rather than by updates.

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Don't feel bad. I give Kennoarkkan $10 a month.

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I keep starting to run games online, then abandon them after a single session because I lost interest in it/schedules never seem to align

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I am playing a healer in my current game and I am thinking about withholding heals from one guy in the group. He is super loud and annoying. He didn't make last week's session and it was the best session we've had since we started.

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I spent half the last session I DM'd drunk and no one noticed, I also did not use a coaster for my not-Voka.

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They noticed. Trust me on that.

I enjoy trolling questfags by making fake screen caps and posting them in threads. I make use of sage to not bump threads near the end of their lives to make the fake caps.

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It's almost over, probably within this year. My advice is once it's finished, read it again from the beginning. Waiting for updates kills it, even when it's not on hiatus for a year.

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Whenever things don't go my way because of bad luck/poor decisions on my part, I shamelessly pout like a baby and make backhanded comments about unfair houserules.

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I killed a dude's character because I didn't agree with his politics and choice of religion.(see none).

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Never played a traditional game. Just really want to

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You'd probably be happier if you just jacked off on a pile of dice for 3 hours

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Well then that can be fixed, go to the local game store, comic store and ask when organize play is occurring, (that will puss /tg/ off though)

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i never use coasters. i refuse to use them if asked, and have enough pull with the rest of the group to convince them to do the same.

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I jerk off to imagining my player character impregnating the women player characters in my party and the women npcs we meet.

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No bully

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I wasn't in that thread. Any interesting stories?

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so you didn't agree with the player or your character didn't agree with his character?

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Did they make an anime Saya no Uta?

Is it lewd?

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Same here but replace women's vagina with a men's asshole

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The player, the character was great, I felt like shit ever since.

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No she just looks like Saya.
It has its moments

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You can't impregnate men you fucking retard. All gays should be gassed, too. Just so you know.

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>I enjoy trolling questfags by making fake screen caps and posting them in threads. I make use of sage to not bump threads near the end of their lives to make the fake caps.

What kind of screen caps?

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I once made a chaotic neutral gnome illusionist and used greater image and ghost sound regularly to fuck with the party. It was my first game.

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My nigga.

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No one gives a shit /pol/.

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I do.

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How is this a tg sin?

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>implying trolling questfags is a sin

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Mostly shit that makes them look like unrepentent /d/eviants or /a/ssholes. I deleted them all after catching a 2 week ban for "egregious shitposting" them in a quest thread general. The only stuff I kept was genuine asshole questfags like a couple Bromont screen shots.

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We already know they are retarded disgusting deviants and we are constantly calling for a pogrom. You needed not bother.

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It was this weird group dynamic, retarded murderhobos to the max, and anyone who joined in quickly descended into the same retarded murderhoboism. I tried simplifying my campaigns, but no matter how straightforward I made it, they still managed to fuck up somehow.

I think the worst was this simple little adventure involving being special forces types trying to do missions to undermine an orc invasion of the totally generic feudal kingdom.

I had this little table to roll how individual provinces were holding up under the invasion, and just by random luck (although someone was bound to roll well) one of the border lords managed to secure a pretty big victory against the invaders, and one of the provinces on the eastern marches was stable, unlike the rest of the area.

Obviously, to this idiot crew, it meant I was introducing a DMPC to upstage them. So when they went before the king for more accolades and info for their next mission, they killed the fuck out of the victorious baron, right in front of anyone, and shouted that they were the true saviors of the realm.

They didn't even seem to understand why the court turned on them so fast. I mean after all, they killed half a dozen orc tribal chiefs.

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Did the guy even bring up his religion and political views in an obtrusive manner, or was this really your fault all the way?

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I'm a GM and have jerked off to one or two things in my setting. Thus far I think I've managed to keep my magical realm out of actual sessions, but I fear I might slip up one day.

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Should I tell the story of what I managed to recreate in OVA?

>> No.40809861


Glad I'm not the only one.

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Ive got almost the same situation, except it's the healer who couldn't make it, and that session was best.

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>I'm a GM and have jerked off to one or two things in my setting.
Care to tell us more?

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I take my characters too seriously. I have a burning hatred of midmaxers/murder hobos that I keep underwraps. The saddest part is I haven't played with a single roleplayer once just murderhobos.......

>> No.40809903

^ This is an issue I sometimes have.

>> No.40809908

Slowly turn the game more and more political, only make new plot points in cities and stuff like that.

Just to watch them squirm

>> No.40809911

They sound godawful, but I feel like maybe the problem could have been nipped in the bud by rather than making the adventures more simple, setting up the structure of the world to more effectively control murderhobo behavior. Punish it more harshly in-universe.

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I made a Gnome wizard.

>> No.40809931

A somewhat Kantai inspired girl with an autocannon on one arm, a powerfist on the other, back mounted missile pods, and a smoke grenade launcher...

She blew up like a balloon whilst growing to 20 feet tall to be a living ranged fire support blimp with Inspector gadget gimmicks.

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You can start subtly weaving your magical realm in the narrative like I did, making them think that those fetishes are just part of the characterization of complex npcs and events and that your dick totally doesn't get diamond hard as you describe them.

>> No.40809948

I'm absolutely horrible at coming up with names, so I refer to npcs as their profession as much as I can.

>> No.40809957

I can't remember anything that interesting from lately. I spanked it to the idea of one of the prostitute at one brothel, an Aasimar who gives her clients a sort of spiritual uplift in addition to sex, but so far, no one has actually visited a brothel, and even if they did, I'd just do a fade to black before anything got graphic.

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Always thought this was a good way to feel about things, not a sin.

>> No.40809974

What kind of stuff did you do?

>> No.40809985

>You there, barkeep!
>Ho Blacksmith, trade me!
Makes sense
>Oi good Queen!
>Hail Deity

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I regularly masturbate to the thought of my female characters being defeated by goons and raped.

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That was the worst, it was far from the only incident. They had this bizarre pairing of paranoid and stupid, and it wasn't that I didn't punish them for murderhobo behavior, or made challenges more complex than

A) Hear about threat
B) Get told about threat and where it is
C) Sent off to kill threat
D) Get rewards for killing said threat.

The above story, "court turning on them" involved infinitely spawning guards until they were subdued and thrown in a magical prison colony, which they then quit the game over, because I was "fucking them" for not providing magic weapons in a prison cave complex. And of course, it was "bullshit" that they got "punished" for getting rid of a "shitty DMPC that shouldn't have been there in the first place".

They're the sort that any setback, no matter how well deserved or logical or minor or temporary, is because the DM is railroading them to fail, not anything they might have deserved or just something that happened.

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Put your tripcode back on so I can filter you, Optim.

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I also don't use air freshener after I go to the bathroom either.
mostly my fault, because I advertised that I run one shots for my game store so people could meet and not play d&d, guy was a new guy, was running an OVA horror game ( because I was interested that it wasn't BESM), got pissy when I mentioned a Catholic priest was gonna help them fight the big scary monster (I'm going through catechism right now.) Take 10 minutes for a rant that you would find on the worst tumblr, call break for a bit for things to call off, I didn't. Big bad Monster killed his character.
I know I shouldn't feel bad for sticking it to some hipster shit head, but the guilt gets to me, man. Because what I did I knew it was wrong.

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The more monstrous the better.

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Impregnation, rape, NTR, incest (the whole package, including a lord trying to impregnate his niece because all the wives he had didn't provide him with a successor and he ran out of debutantes), guro, monster girls, orc rape dungeons, a gay man being forced to fuck a woman at sword point to straighten him out, concubines, mindbreak and mind control, lolis and pedophilia, ephebophilia and necrophilia (Well, the zombies and vampires were animated).

>> No.40810208

You managed to "subtly weave" all of that into your campaign? That must have taken a long time.

>> No.40810234

i buy too much 40k, i still haven't finished painting my army and it's been years. i fear that i might become one of those neckbeards that never finishes his army at this rate

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It was easier than you'd think. I just ripped off ASOIAF and Berserk but didn't go "Sunset found her squatting in the grass" mode.

And, not gonna lie, I am gonna give my players the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are not retarded and that the only reason they haven't spoken out is either cause they're polite or because they're secretly into it, too.

>> No.40810338

First off, I do think you were wrong, but I understand the feeling. it can be pretty hard when you feel like your faith is under attack for no reason. I myself have problems with this. Oh god, you wouldn't believe the number of times my group has descended into pointless fights about religion and politics. Shame, really. It always sucks when people disrupt games for real life reasons.

Congratulations, by the way. my mom used to teach RCIA and was heavily involved in our church. It always makes me happy to hear about other Catholic gamers, especially because my own faith is a bit weak right now. Thanks.
Back to the topic at hand: most of my characters are lesbians under the age of 18, including my longest-running and favorite one. She's a psychic who used to have suicidal impulses as well. A good girl, though, one of my most moral.

>> No.40810374

I once had "That Guy" gently take me aside to inform me that my B.O. was getting too bad to be in the hobby shop.

>> No.40810431

Your Barrack Obama?

>> No.40810505

body odor, some people don't shower as much as they should or something like their body gives off stronger odors

>> No.40810508

GM was definitely wrong but I doubt anyone really blame you for being upset, it's just that maybe you could've been an adult about it? Bringing up real life qualms and religion and politics in a group event is all fine and dandy if you know everyone, but bringing it up unwantedly irl like that faggot player did because in-game events brought it up understandably IC is pretty bad.

It's just unfortunate you played into it by paying the player back for it by killing his character instead of discussing like adults. You both start to sound like stereotypes for your respective views in the end (preachy fedora atheist and easily butthurt catholic).

>> No.40810540

Just call it "smell" you ponce.

>> No.40810561

Really? No Response?

>> No.40810566

That is literally how pedio and loli arguments tend to start and end

>> No.40810577

Thanks man, every bit of encouragement helps.
He showed up with his girlfriend to get me banned, but so far nothing happened from that, and last I heard, they got pissed at a girl for wearing a hijab(?) While looking a pokeman stuff.
I can't see how people live like the world is out to get them all the damn time.

>> No.40810600

Oh trust me, I knew what I did was bad, and I should feel bad for it. I just wanted to confess it to tg.

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I'm not even a believer, but at this point I get easily butthurt when people attack religion just because of how retardedly prevalent it is and how infuriatingly ineptly and smug it's done and try to shit on every atheist that opens his big, unwashed dorito socket.

But I also defend Hitler, nazis and racism just because liberals piss me off, so maybe I'm just an asshole.

>> No.40810613

I power game like a mofo and make that monstrosity into an interesting and likeable character so that the other players feel bad about complaining when he ends fights in the first round before anyone else gets to do anything.

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but anon, ponce de leon has nothing to do with smelling funky

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>so maybe I'm just an asshole
or maybe you're just a cool dude

>> No.40810770

There was no other session after that. These guys were playing for more than a year and disliked my attitude, since I told the GM when the session had ended that I had not enjoyed nor appreciated being shoved into a prison without being able to come out when everyone else was already fighting. I was pretty annoyed, some said I scared them but as I said I have forgotten mostly about it... I didn't yelled or rised my voice but I was vocal about how if it wasn't for another player taking me out the fight would have become sour as the GM wanted to win at all costs.

>> No.40810772

>But I also defend Hitler, nazis and racism just because liberals piss me off, so maybe I'm just an asshole.
Honestly, anon, yeah you probably are.

>> No.40810790

I use pdfsharing thread to find pdf because I'm too cheap to actually support the developers.

>> No.40810822

I'm confused, isn't that kind of the point of those threads?

>> No.40810834

Yeah, but I feel bad because I worry bout getting caught by the police.

>> No.40810840

Anon, maybe the group just kept playing but didn't tell you. I don't know if that's gonna make you feel any better, but it seems like a distinct possibility.

>> No.40810865

Other than on the internet, is it actually ever prevalent? Where I live people still give others shit for not going to church, can't see massive fedora attacks existing irl.

>> No.40810903

I know for sure they don't play anymore, some of that group even joined to my new group for D&D 4e and 5e.

The "bad" GM got married/super-busy-at-work and they haven't seen him on years. Two of them changed cities, etc.

>> No.40810907
File: 100 KB, 472x340, lookathisnigga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well first off, fear of consequences is not the same as feeling sorry.

Second, you'll never get caught by the police for shit, thinking that you might is just plain silly. Nobody cares if you download some pdf off a thread on 4chan.

>> No.40810922

Thanks man.

>> No.40810976

Where do you live, because in liberal shitholes like Chicago or New York it's very real, and very disgusting.

Don't get me wrong, both those cities have lots of nice qualities, but they're definitely more fathead fedora atheists running around Chicago then there are in rural or even most suburban areas.

>> No.40810995
File: 454 KB, 1024x1229, islam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just that extremism pisses me off, especially when it completely silences the opposition. I feel the compulsive need to take the side of the attacked party and try to defend it, to bring up reasons and evidence for why thing happened and for the evolution of things and to bring up context that puts it in a different light.

And right now, liberals, cultural marxists and the Politically Correct brigade are the loud extremists.

Plus I'm also kind of disturbed by what's happening in my country and in europe right now and how it's getting alarmingly obvious that the only way we can save our sinking ship is either mass deportation or ethnic cleansing. And nuking Belgium.

>> No.40811002

I tend to hold player's hands through my games more then I should.

>> No.40811018

I don't know how old you are, but there are definitely still plenty of edgy teen atheists screwing around in most public schools.

>> No.40811030
File: 41 KB, 625x626, this is lewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40811032

When I DM I become a sadist and take deep pleasure from utterly obliterating the party

As a Party member I become a masochist and love getting fucked up

>> No.40811044


>> No.40811047

Western PA, (so my experience likely isnt surprising) just seems like it'd be so out of the norm to me.

I don't remember any from back when I was in high school, but might've just not associated with them.

>> No.40811065
File: 15 KB, 242x242, fda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shitting me? Universities and academies are infested with them. Hilariously, the "beacons of free thinking" are very unpleasant if you don't follow the narrative.

>> No.40811066

>liberals, cultural marxists and the Politically Correct brigade are the loud extremists.

Oh you sweet summer child.

>> No.40811079

I haven't encountered that many. Then again, I'm a science student and I don't do that much in the way of socialising.

>> No.40811094

Are you actually going to refute my claim or are you going to post a pointless, passive aggressive comment like the tumblrfuck that you are?

>> No.40811100

thats not summer, its just /pol/.

>> No.40811102
File: 323 KB, 1073x1226, Abbott.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've seen it a fair amount in Aus.

Doesn't help that one of the loudest, most religious far right people in the public eye...is a very unpopular Prime Minister

>> No.40811105

Would it be a sin to only let players die because of their own actions?

The only time I ever fudged dice was to save a lv 1 party member who covered in oil and set on fire from the splash of another players thrown items. He would have burned to death if I had not BS'ed that he was ok.

The other guy was not an evil character or anything, but did not think his actions through or understand that he could actually harm another player.

I feel like a character should only die from either their own stupidity, choosing to not flee the fight, or bravery, but never be at risk from someone else. Yet, people tell me they will never learn that way.

>> No.40811120

Just.. stay away from the art/literature departments. For your own sanity.

>> No.40811130
File: 146 KB, 806x1000, John Goodman Laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I completely agree with you, I just didn't mention college because not everyone goes.

tfw going to moderate (though leaning towards conservative) engineering college, feels goodman

>> No.40811137

As a GM I made one of my party members hitler and literally creates the first Reich in 5e
They were sworn to commit genocide on all bards and ended up destroying both bard colleges, killed nearly 10,000 bards and destroyed the divine avatar of music

>> No.40811145


I'm pretty sure it would be a sin to let players die.

Characters it becomes a bit more grey. That does sound like a relatively reasonable reason to fudge the dice.

>> No.40811169

Is it private? (As if I have to ask) What's the name of it?

>> No.40811270

It depends on the nature of the group, I think. Are you playing with people new to the pen and paper thing? Be more forgiving with them at first. Unless they have a real sense of humor for that kind of thing, in which case, have at it. My Only War group has a pretty self-deprecating sense of humor, and the narrative voice jabs fun at their failures when they get to be really egregious.

>> No.40811398

Kind of to your discretion, my GM has saved my ass a few times and I've really appreciated, but when I've well and truly screwed the pooch, there's generally a consensus that I deserve to be dead and so we leave it there.

If I were to say accidentally take a confirmed crit from a boss that would otherwise kill me, just being unlucky, he might let me get away with "alright you lose an arm and are unconscious for a the next 5 rounds" or whatever.
In the end keep it fun, without just letting them be immortal. Try and keep things realistic.

>> No.40811474

I like to have fun when roleplaying.

>> No.40811563
File: 193 KB, 753x805, 50425258_p10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I included a powerful husbando character to the campaign that has been helping the PCs through advice and giving them warm food and shelter. He was cursed to hell by the BBEG and he can't help the players directly, but he's training the PCs for their encounters and the eventual fight with him if they're not quick enough finishing the final dungeon.

I've been working hard to make him likeable for the players, and so far that's how it's been, actually worrying for him and asking me to narrate his happy reactions in detail.
I'm looking forward for the moment when he gets forcibly killed by the players and make them feel the pain of his loss.

I feel like a psycho.

>> No.40811582

When other players started to bully a quiet guy's character, I used NPC's to back him up and calm the fuck down the others. It took care of the problem pretty quickly.

>> No.40811584

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and yes it is private.

>> No.40811592


Fox News. Talk radio. The Tea Party. The separatist movement. The neo-Confederates. Second Wave Birchers. Non-granola conspiracists. Militia movements. The Minutemen. Actively ideological Open Carry nuts. Talibangicals. Empowered regressives. Reactionary pushback against equal rights, whatever the flavor. The entire fucking loony bin grab bag American right.

Your claim is self-refuting, ludicrous on its face. The loony left has never been more than fringe, while the right has become all crazy, all the time. To /pol/ with you.

>> No.40811652

Way too far

>> No.40811653

both sides have their fare share and then some of loud crazy people who want to silence the opposition, people like this will always be found in any group of sufficiently large size

>> No.40811733

>implying the threat that exists now is the threat that will exist later
>implying we won't all have to reckon with our sins in the deep information age

>> No.40811794
File: 322 KB, 612x380, thor3.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huffington post, jezebel, the comic book, animation and movie industry, Daily Show and sites who say "White America is the problem", "Gamers are dead" and "White nationalism is a scourge that should go away".

All these are pushing an agenda just as hard as the rest of your shitshow american "politics", which is why I also think USA should be nuked.

But no, here's a different story. In here, 500.000 "asylum seekers" are coming in every 6 months, and they can get easier housing, accommodation, green cards and "education" than natives.

In Sweden, muslims who threaten women on the streets with death, rape and violence are protected by the government. There are places in England that you cannot set foot in without being accosted by pakistanis and the PM still defends them despite unrelenting cases of disgusting violence caused by pakistanis. Germany's birth rates are the lowest in the world and are getting outbred by fundamentalist islamic turkish-kurdish hicks who flooded it. In Netherlands, there are schools where there are no dutch students. In Denmark the situation is so bad that what was previously thought as being a joke party at best and "disgusting nazis" at worst got voted into power just because they promised to lower immigration and France, well, in France the algerians are now actively singing songs about how much they hate France, are openly antagonizing the french, saying that "french women belong to africans" and you know the whole Charlie Hebdo thing. Belgium is trying to destroy the concept of Nation-State and make everyone be like their non-country: Culture-less, biteless, as inoffensive as possible. And, despite all this, the left is still defending all those who ail our society and keep telling us to be tolerant and to "share the load" and use "racism" as a silencing tactic to anyone who opposes, racism becoming the new original sin, commie and jew.

>> No.40811804

My players are chaotic, unpredictable, and in a couple places outright assholes. The only thing I can count on is that whatever I have prepared, they'll find a way not to do it. So fuck 'em, now I just make shit up.

I haven't prepared for a game in over a year.

>> No.40811826

You're doing God's work.

>> No.40811874
File: 81 KB, 667x907, oh lord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And let's not get into feminism, which has completely destroyed femininity, has removed any kind of responsibility and accountability in women and has plummeted our birthrates, in which they have an active role. Countries like Poland, where abortion is illegal, are bombarded (both openly and secretly) by american and swedish feminists to remove the law so that women don't have to abort their mistakes and continue being loose whores wasting their youth and peak of their beauty on partying or "careers". And before you talk shit about Poland, I'll have you know they are a rising power and will soon dominate europe. Surprise, surprise, they don't listen to the western drivel.

And then there's also the complete demonization of men, masculinity, just like "racism", being the new original sin and something that has to be destroyed. All "man spaces" gone, man sports slowly being forced to accept women, same with man events, activities and hobbies. I don't hate women, but there's a real fucking difference between men hanging out with men and men hanging out with men but also there's a girl around and everyone is forced to be nice and friendly to her.

I don't give a shit about America and about your retarded political jingoism on both sides. In fact, you can all get nuked for all I care. But I give a shit about my country and about europe. My ancestors didn't die protecting this besotted, miserable piece of shit land from turks, avars, tatars, mongols and russians just so I could see it all thrown away because of bleeding hearts and political pundits who don't get to experience the repercussions of their actions.

>> No.40811881

I do not enjoy being a player and half ass it when I am not behind the screen. I just make a skill monkey or heal bot to slide by.

>> No.40811890

After a game, I masturbated to the idea of my character getting it on with a certain NPC.

>> No.40811898

Feel free to cry /pol/, it won't make everything I said untrue and it won't magically fix my (and your) situation. Bury your head in the sand and use "BUT BILL O RILEY IS A RETARD" as an excuse to get fucked over by the other side. Think with the big head.

>> No.40811958

I desire more stories of these fucktards. They vaguely remind me of the fucktards that tried to take out a Craftworld and got pissy when the GM gave them an actual Craftworld.

>> No.40812001

>tried to take out a craftworld
>cry when actual craftworld
Now i want to hear that story too

>> No.40812013

Yeah, I do that. I think my players know though, because they always ask for names. I gave my players a list of shops in the capital, and there were a lot of them because I got into a groove making retarded puns and references, so they got all excited and thought I had made interesting NPCs for these places. And they don't just ask for names, they fucking chat. Like they don't have anything better to fucking do. There was a whole session I spent coming up with back stories for shopkeepers on the spot. I guess they enjoyed it though, because they fucking married one of them.

>> No.40812014

No, the fact you are posting retarded bs everything you said untrue.

>> No.40812039


In America, the radical right has disproportionate volume and disproportionate influence when compared with the baseline left, let alone the radical left. The Sierra Club has absolutely nothing on Americans For Prosperity. Public utility nationalization will never be accorded the same gravitas as abortion bans or Flat Tax. While examples of both flavors of extreme ideologues exist, there is no equivalence -- ideologues on the hard right skew discourse and policy, while the hard left is completely discounted.

Thoranon: if the picture of Europe you paint is real, then you're suffering the perils of excess neo-Liberalism. To compare that with the American political landscape is laughable. Our immigrants are quiet and industrious, lest we send them back to whatever shithole they hail from. Government bodies actively pass pro-Christian laws with no fear that it directly violates the Constitution. Rights are stripped, then the stripping is vehemently defended in courts with all assets that can be brought to bear. When that fails, courts themselves are threatened. For all our advances, PoCs are still second-class citizens, and our social framework is intentionally structured to keep them there. If you're hearing otherwise, the speaker is selling you something.

>> No.40812044


Here's a sample.

>> No.40812052
File: 36 KB, 579x388, Que.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And before you talk shit about Poland, I'll have you know they are a rising power and will soon dominate europe.

Wat. We are europe's mexico.

>> No.40812103
File: 36 KB, 509x440, 1434890357733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's my biggest gripe. (And don't call them PoCs you fucking cunt). They ARE second citizens. The governments are putting them in slums and ghettos while demanding of the citizens to accommodate them. There are simply not enough spaces, but they just still keep taking in those fucking boats and all it leads to is making the natives bitter. And we all know what happens when you piss off the natives. Hint, it rhymes with "jews have been continuously pogromed or getting kicked out of every country they visited since 250 AD".

I'd rather avoid a race war if we could, and the only way to do that is to adopt Australia's "Fuck off we're full" attitude. Stop the boats. Kick the dumb assholes in charge of EU in the dick and send all non-whites out.

>> No.40812108

I have a group that really likes Shadowrun as a setting. But they are just the worst at ANYTHING mechanical or bookkeeping. I basically built their characters for them, and have to remember every little detail mechanically about their character for them during play. Their dice pools, their equipment, etc

This became too overwhelming to do so I've pretty much thrown out the mechanics and behind the screen I'm just pretending to roll dice and essentially freeforming what I know they will think is cool. They are literally being told a story that they have no control over at this point and don't know it. But they are loving it, so I'll bear this sin.

>> No.40812111

If you gave a shit about Europe you'd be raging at what they're doing to Greece atm, not feminism.

>i am a sad weeabo who don't get no women
>there are girls in my GW
>it is obviously all women's fault

>> No.40812129

There are always extremists on both sides being loud, if you think only one side has extremists at any one time then you are the extremist on the other side.

>> No.40812140

Let us know when your arms get tired from being nailed to that cross, Anon. /tg/ is here for you.

>> No.40812155

Nah, I love Poland. At least your people go west to work, not just sit there on wellfare.
Also, awesome nature over there.

>> No.40812174

>. Government bodies actively pass pro-Christian laws with no fear that it directly violates the Constitution.

Something tells me you've never actually read the First Amendment, let alone SCOTUS decisions concerning religion that touch upon it. You do know that the phrase "Separation of Church and State" comes from one of Jefferson's letters, and not any documents with legal gravitas, yes?

>> No.40812195


He fails to understand, because he's been pointed at the brown people and told that they're The Other. What problem when the common man in the next country over is extorted to the benefit of the unaccountable extranational few? He's been made to believe that These Browns Threaten HIS Way Of Life! Defense of self trumps defense of cousins every time, and there's no greater way to trigger that fight or flight than to introduce a Them and heavily demonize said group.

Mexicans are tekkin ur jurbs, even though illegal immigration flowed BACKWARDS when the economy tanked.

>> No.40812200

I'm pretty sure the Turks never invaded Western Europe, and the Golden Horde broke apart before then as well.

>> No.40812202
File: 46 KB, 400x400, luigi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think only one side has extremists. Hell, if we were under a nazi regime, I'd probably be shot for trying to save a gay man. But right now I wish I could gas all the disgusting faggots flopping their dicks on parades and forcing children to watch and even do the same. I wish I saved that webm of a 9 year old boy dressed like Rocky from TRHP twerking at a gay parade to prove my point.

>> No.40812248

Ask and ye shall receive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16740295/

>> No.40812264
File: 176 KB, 500x903, duhbate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greece has been on the verge of bankruptcy 5 times. It's not da ebil bankers this time. It's their stupid fucking welfare system and 150 vacations per year, governmental corruption stealing all the money they could and using the rest to continue funding the social benefits where a lazy bum got more money than a blue collar worker and to renovate historical sites that nobody wanted to visit anymore because recession hit.

Oh and because people thought SYRIZA was an actual communist, anti-establishment party, they stopped paying taxes, which led the greek state to lose 2 billion euros. Let's not even get into them chimping out and destroying Athens, which forced them to go even more in debt to repair it.

>> No.40812276

I know anon, but you'd think that with two functional neurons and a brainwave you would KNOW this is what the news and the general discourse wants you to think / do.

>> No.40812365

Is this ironic, or did you just post an image with the largest collection of cancer in the bottom of it.

The Greek welfare system is being decried, the Greek people are being targetted and while there certainly were things going wrong, not more or less than in any other country.

The measures Europe wanted them to take at the beginning of the crisis were actually nonsense, and could only push the country further into detbh. FFS, lots of economists cried out against it. IMF and Europe Central Bank knew this. Npw Greece is even deeper in the shit, surprise surprise.

Point of this entire shit is a refinance of a number of banks in Europe. Basically they ganged up on Greece and want to force the country to repay its loans as a way of saving the banks a bit longer. It could have been my country, hell, our finances here are worse off than Greece. Get the country on its knees, pump money into it and have that money flow back to the banks that Greece owes to. It gives them the money but rather than the government saying "here, have some billions", it transits via a political situation.
As mcuh as I'm not into commies, at least SYRIZA is going all "no fuck you" for a while. We'll see what happens.

>> No.40812386

What? That .webm sounds horrifying and hilarious.

>> No.40812426


North Carolina's "I ain't murryin no FAGGOTS!" law is in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. It requires the discriminated against parties to undertake additional steps to secure the same rights as other citizens. The rationale used was religious, and the majority religion is Southern Baptist, a Christian sect. Nice attempt at a smokescreen, though.

>> No.40812441

You do know that the guy in the link you posted is being is in trial for murder and does not give any proof of the bs you posted before right?

>> No.40812461


My group has two GMs who switch off, usually prepping their next campaign while playing in the other GM's world.

And one of our guys is a real genius, fuck awesome GM. Other guy is decent, but he's nothing special. Fast fun stuff, but not brilliant.

And a couple of times, when I was mad at shit not breaking our way in Adam's games, I mentioned how Ian's were better, and kind of asked Ian to hurry up with his next adventure.
I saw him post about it once here on /tg/ and should have stepped up to apologize, but haven't. And I'm to embarrassed to do so face to face, and the group has largely drifted apart for unrelated reasons anyway.

>> No.40812464

NOT that guy but

>in direct violation
Actually it's in indirect violation as a result of the incorporation doctrine; the states were not held to the bill of rights until 1833


>> No.40812533


Sure, sure. Incorporation Doctrine and all that. Still, runs directly contrary to the 14th, and allows for discrimination based upon whatever protected class bothers you today.

>> No.40812560

> Unrelated reasons.

Admit it, Anon. You killed your gaming group to death with your cruel words and cowardice about apologizing.

>> No.40812590

No, it runs indirectly contrary to the 14th because the 14th only applies due to the incorporation doctrine

Comon m8 this is like intro to semantics 101 I just told you

>> No.40812595


>North Carolina's "I ain't murryin no FAGGOTS!" law is in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

No it isn't. The 14th amendment protects the right to due process concerning takings of life, liberty, or property, which marriage doesn't fall into. You should also be aware that sexuality based protections are not equal to the protections based on race, and usually only garner intermediate level scrutiny when applying constitutionality tests.



If you really want to get to the borders of what is and isn't permitted, you should read this


But I realize the big words might be too hard for you.

Just because a law has a religious rationale doesn't make it unconstitutional. As I suspected, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. Go look up "Establishment clause" and "Free exercise clause"

They're a lot less expansive than you're assuming.

>> No.40812679

Not that guy
>religious rationale doesn't make it constitutional
Old up there m80 that's not true,

Pennsylvania v Schempp
Lemon v Kurtzman
Wallis v Jaffree
Allegheny v ACLU

The current test used by the SCOTUS is the Schempp test, which says there can't be a religious motivation for the law. It's fine if it benefits religion, but the REASON for it needs to be secular.

>> No.40812751

> I've attempted to put together online games then when enough people were interested get super self conscious, panic, and drop the whole thing.

Don't worry, Anon, I share your shame. Let us atone together by trying to make a game that lasts, eh?

>> No.40812757
File: 288 KB, 1099x800, The ancient necron threat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40812791

I get to attached to my characters and never let them truly die. If I get killed, I just reroll the same character.

My dwarf cleric has been beheaded, drowned, and burnt to a crisp yet he always finds a way back to life.

>> No.40812807

>The 14th amendment protects the right to due process concerning takings of life, liberty, or property, which marriage doesn't fall into.

Loving v. Virginia says otherwise.

>> No.40812926

I'm a horrible actor so all my characters are either just me playing myself with a twist or three, or some heavily exaggerated personality.

I once acquired extreme power in a massive group rpg and held it above basically everyone's heads ooc so murderhobos wouldn't come after me and I could do mad science in peace.

I've dropped out of most of my main groups games because I feel like I've made a bad character, I get bored, and I lose direction.

>> No.40812948

I get too attached to my player's characters and never use full force on them. I give them plenty of escape routes, and have the enemies waste rounds 'preparing' their spells or 'missing' just to give the player a chance.
The only time people died was when they cornered themselves and refused to run away from a fight

>> No.40812982


They sound dumb but your game also sounds boring as fuck and you just seem butthurt that they don't want to be a part of your lame story.

>> No.40813009

I write fapfic based on our group's adventures.

>> No.40813025

That's only a sin if you don't share it.

>> No.40813104

I never check how legit are character sheets of my players, if advances they bought are legal and I don't know what their stats are. They just roll on r20 and tell me if they passed. Some keep the sheets on rolltwenty, some in the cloud, but I can never be bothered to look it up and course to believe them.
Then again, they keep asking me for all sorts of things and advances after they are given XP so they're probably not cheating.
In my defence, they seem to enjoy the game and wasn't to play every week

>> No.40813117

I mean we could point out ISIS, the Russian State, the Murder of a bunch of innocent people because of lingering racist idiocy, or the fact that we have currently a sitting senator who's state is experiencing record temperatures and flooding who insists loudly that climate change doesn't exist. But you knew all that already. Besides, this isnt /pol, so we are not all fags here.

>> No.40813135

I never check how legit are character sheets of my players, if advances they bought are legal and I don't know what their stats are. They just roll on r20 and tell me if they passed. Some keep the sheets on rolltwenty, some in the cloud, but I can never be bothered to look it up and course to believe them.
Then again, they keep asking me for all sorts of things and advances after they are given XP so they're probably not cheating.
In my defence, they seem to enjoy the game and wasn't to play every week

>> No.40813234



>> No.40813825
File: 2.40 MB, 250x188, 1434649826306.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's something fresh.

>> No.40813893

The only way I've found to enjoy PF or D&D or any system without a massive crunch or muh taktikool combat (GURPS, IKRPG) is by making it into ERP.

Best one so far was diaper-related.

>> No.40813912

I need an army. I can't get by with only 20 good men.

>> No.40813940

I buy sealed boxes instead of singles on occasion. I feel dirty.

>> No.40814107

That link is not really working for me.

>> No.40814115


Translate it yourself.

>> No.40814151

>mfw first worlders UNIRONICALLY think muzzies are at any fucking degree good or even trusthworthy

My fucking sides. I bet you think gypsies are humans too.

it must be great to live in a world covered by sparkles, twinkies and sugar and all kinds of love and spices. Instead of the real world where the rest of us live, you know where "if you see a gypsy walk to the other side of the street" is an average thing to say.

>> No.40814172

No one thinks gypsies are humans. It's amazing. Even our most brainwashed liberals are a bit sketchy about them. I've actually retroactively started liking romanians because I realized what they had to put up with all these years.

>> No.40814446

A guy that messed up in the head not getting the life in prison like think he should does not really prove anything other than you can find shit like this that happens now and then in the news. But again you posted retarded shit like >>40811794 and >>40811874 so it is safe to say you don't really know what you are talking about. But again this in really not the place for this kind of talk this is /tg/ not /pol/ or /b/

>> No.40814882

It's because there is good people everywhere.
But fucking gypsies.
It's not a
>herf def
I live in the country with the second highest amount of gypsies (spain) and while they're not pure fucking evil like romanian ones they're still treated from afar and you know what they're.
Same with muslims.

>> No.40815068

My first confession is that when I read "pedio" I unwillingly imagined an unholy combination of cardio and pedo.

>> No.40815092
File: 17 KB, 171x233, 1433107677696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I yelled at my wife last weekend in front of my players because I lost my temper with her being loud and drunk over counter strike. I then proceeded to tell my players "I'm done. Go home"

It was pretty embarassing.

>> No.40815104

I actively enjoy running silly campaigns that veer into ERP territory, then concurrently running the same game with a group of GRIMDARK fetishists examining the ideas through that lens.

Last example of this was a non-Golarion Pathfinder game inspired by wannabe Lamashtans seeking a group to hunt down monstrous beings for 'preservation' in their 'heavy' petting zoo/menagerie thing.

Group 1 was basically Elven Bride waifu adventures of 'convince the monsters to come peaceably or get creative with the traps and capturing'.

Group 2 was all Ethical Quandries and the Employer was more of a monster than the things they hunted. Then again, that group also wanted the NTR aspect played up of the employer's wife getting in on the project by wanting minotaur and centaur acquisition as well.

>> No.40815190

I can't remember the last time I used a coaster.

I often share GM, Player, and general rpg advice.
Four instances I have come to /tg/ and posted lengthy detailed stories of my recent gaming session, three times to ask advice and once just to share a story that directly related to the thread topic.
Often I have described the details of my players as they related to the game.
These stories prompted discussion which I found informative and enjoyed.
I have not played a rpg in years and these were just hypothetical scenarios that occurred to me about which I was curious what /tg/'s thoughts would be.

Screw you Captcha, a snow cone is not ice cream.

>> No.40815202

>mfw first worlders UNIRONICALLY think muzzies are at any fucking degree good or even trusthworthy

That's only a part of the population, though.

I've recently read a good explanation about it. The thing is, people tend to hate other populations that are close and a lot like them. So the lefties in Europe and the US hate the righties, despite sharing many values, and have arbitrarily decided that Muslims are their allies in the fight against the tribal enemy, the righties. So they come up with all sorts of whitewashing bullshit in order to lift them up.

It's interesting to watch them wrestle with their progressive values and their love of Muslims, who share exactly none of those progressive values except for "the West is Evil and brown people are saints".

It's also interesting to see how the supposed progressives throw progressive Muslims and atheists from Islamic cultures under the bus in order to appease their conservative, Quran-thumping allies.

No joke, I've seen one go from ranting about how Catholics and Jews are retarded theocrats to stating that ALL problems with Islam in our country are because of this one reactionary right-wing politician in five seconds flat.

>> No.40815395


I'd just like to point out that that site is one of a few extremly biased internet-based swedish equivalents of, basically, fox news run by right-winged populists, often criminals, and payed of by the swedish equivalent of The National Front

>> No.40815408

Human society doesn't treat gypsies as human because gypsies disregard human society and their rules.
Those that do not act like human beings are not treated as human beings.

Actually, when I read your post I realized how similar they are to the orcs in my setting.
They have thoughts, emotions, relationships, and interests, and they can enjoy them all while eating your face.

I confess that, to my knowledge, gypsies only metaphorically eat people's faces.

>> No.40815415

So, that translates to normal, well-adjusted people for the rest of the world?

>> No.40815423

>I feel the compulsive need to take the side of the attacked party and try to defend it

I feel this feeling way too much as well. even t goes completely against what I believe in I just find myself trying to get into arguments with other people, sometimes friends as well. Maybe we're both just massive arseholes.

>> No.40815428

As a GM I talk a big game, but am absolutely horrible at preparing.

>> No.40815488

You know what? I hate this wet newspaper of an argument. The other day some faggot used it in context with white supremacists and Islamic terrorists. It's always a false equivalence like that.

Simply put, yes, there are extremists on all sides. But not all extremist groups are equally large or powerful, and they do not all warrant the same level of scrutiny. White supremacists, for instance, are a tiny group. They do not plan large scale terrorism, they are not backed by wealthy, Middle Eastern oil barons, they are not infiltrating world politics, and they certainly do not have their own, genocidal state somewhere that's sucking in other white supremacists worldwide.

I fucking hate this argument because it cheapens one group's extremism by comparing it to lesser groups. And it's nearly exclusively used to try and shut up someone who was legitimate criticism on extremists. Like, you can't say shit about islamic extremists, because this white kid shot up a church in Murica. Well, that's just bullshit.

>> No.40815527

Hows that unemployment treating ya?

>> No.40815543

Badly, I've got a shitty job tho.
Thanks for asking.

It always mystifies me how any women at all can be OKAY with islam. Specially feminists of any kind, it's like "i want to fight for muh female rights! However I won't throw rocks at muslims for reasons(when they're arguably the ones that treat women the worst)".

>> No.40815570

What? Like that shit Greece is going through isn't happening elsewhere in Europe. We're all being fucked by massive anti-austerity measures, while our governments still hold on to deals they made.

But Greece just wants to get hundreds of billions of Euro's for free. No. Fuck them. I feel for the Greek on the street, I really do, but I'm not about to take it up the ass for them. I've got a simple solution: We get their harbours as collateral. That's the shit Russia wants, and it won't hit the Greek in the street, because we'll take that when they can't pay instead of demanding the government squeeze the people.

But the Greeks will say no. Because those smelly goddamn communists that flood their streets have already decided they are the unfair victims of Northern Nazism, simply because we want our goddamn money back.

If these faggots had rioted earlier, none of this would have happened. Those fucking Greeks retire at age 57. Over here, it's 67, because we need to pay for the crisis, and retirement payouts are being cut, too. I'm young. I won't even be able to retire. But those lazy fucks in Greece are whining about getting hit with measures we all experiences long ago.

They should be angry with their government, not with us. If they do secede, I hope loads of "local pro-EU militia's" will spring up, with strangely professional gear and training, and will depose the government. It would be a nice "fuck you" to Putin.

>> No.40815571

it's part of the fun, see what you get out of it. I usually buy singles, but sometimes after the games are over and if I didn't win any prize I'll buy boosters with what's left of my change and see if I get something

>> No.40815595

portuguese bro here, I know your pain. Also, you can't defend yourself, because, much like orks, they are born from fungi under rocks and are plenty, if one tries to rob you and you kick their shit in, you can be sure to have a horde of them after you

>> No.40815735

It translates into an untrustworthy source which shouldn't be used in a serious discussion, unless you're trying to prove your own ignorance

>> No.40815796

It's a joke about Sweden being so radically leftist in comparison with the rest of the world, that right wing extremists in Sweden are probably centrist at the most in any other context.

>> No.40815934

They are gods punishment to man.

>> No.40816288

torture, mocking a priest, killing people, desecration of graves, lying and deception. However everthying was done for saving lives and souls. Except for mocking the priest, that was something that my asshole peasant buddy got me into.

>> No.40816305

We'll I obviously missed that one...

In my defence it can be hard discerning a joke in a text written in a language you don't fully grasp

>> No.40816308

God that's why I never brought by GF at the table.
Exhibitionism is too hot to let it pass.

>> No.40816310
File: 344 KB, 379x378, blackfyre fucking shits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That site is all what you said according to sweden. It is completely moderate from other points of view and what it says is factual.


This is his name.

>> No.40816335

You are a disgrace.
On another hand, care to tell us about how OVA rolls? How did you rule out chargen?

>> No.40816352

You are a good man and a good GM.

>> No.40816403
File: 293 KB, 1024x822, 1363814861437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My groups generally are mixed gender players
My groups generally have no neckbeards in them
I intentionally recruit players for games this way to reduce the stereotype that its only for fat neckbeards.
I basically don't let fat people into my gaming groups in order to fight the stereotype.
I sadly have a quota for females in my gaming group to fight the stereotype

Its all for the betterment of the hobby /tg/ please forgive me.

>> No.40816421

And this is how angels fall.

>> No.40816434

>segregating and discriminating based on looks and gender to "better" the hobby
You should be ashamed.

>> No.40816481


>> No.40816488

Will it not be worth it when the stereotype is gone?

>> No.40816497

Wow, you're fucking dumb. I deny fat people too, but that's because I hate fat people.

>> No.40816504

>implying the stereotype will ever be gone
You clearly don't know how discrimination works.

>> No.40816513

I don't have a problem with the stereotype. In fact, I don't think anyone here but you has a problem with the stereotype.

>> No.40816528

I honestly couldn't care less about that stereotype. People can see that I'm not a fat neck beard, and that's all I care about.

>> No.40816548

>caring about appearances in digdug and drakkens
Do you actually like the games, or are you more concerned with people thinking you might be a neckbeard biohazard.

>> No.40816566
File: 1.43 MB, 615x344, xAONpwQ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fulfill your destiny anon

I do the same thing to a lesser extent, if someone is a walking meme they will not be in my games

>> No.40816587

i often play furry races, yet i somehow still one of the more normal players in the group

>> No.40816589


God i feel old.

>> No.40816593


>> No.40816629

>tfw I'm the normal guy in a group of bronies and weirdos.

I wish my GM was you.

>> No.40816658


>> No.40816673

If I want a magic item I just add it onto my sheet and deduct the correct amount of gold.

For some reason my gm will give the other players anything they want, but when I want to get something it's either "not sold here" or "the merchant doesn't like and charges you double" or "here's a stupid mini quest that always ends with you doing something embarrassing for laughs."

Gm doesn't really do any notes on stuff, so I don't think he'll notice anytime soon.

>> No.40816719


If people told you that you outright scared them, you got some things to think about man.

For people to be that upfront, it must have been very significant

You just gotta remember that we're all human. The DM is trying hard and your play experiences aren't always going to be megafun, its a slow burn. When someone confronts him in the middle of the game, its a distraction and one player demanding the story revolve around him. Its going to make him unreceptive and reflexively turn you down. Bring it up in a break, or whatever.

But mainly it sounds like you need to watch your body language and the way you say things. Sometimes what seems to you to be simply stating your opinion can be done in a way that is so straightforward, so direct, and so clearly motivated by anger (through body language), that you have given people the perception they cannot say no without seriously escalating things, and that's scary! Especially when you've already used physical violence before.

You should be able to state your case but leave an "out" - allow people to politely disagree, and don't put your entire weight into your claim. People *can* and will read your feelings.

Like I'm overanalysing here from very little information, but sometimes having a long hard think about how you come accross can be very useful

>> No.40816744

This sort of "the ends hallow the means" reasoning is exactly why idealists tend to be terrible, little fascists.

On a mental level, you're no different than the people who excused gulags and similar crimes against humanity, with the same idea that creating utopia would be worth it.

Utopia doesn't exist. It will never exist. You're excluding people based on personal preference, but don't have the stones to admit it. So you say it's for the greater good. I don't have a problem with you excluding people. I'm not some bleeding heart asshole. I DO have a problem with your reasoning, because if there are enough of you, the rules you and your buddies adhere to will be forced onto the rest of us. Because you are righteous, and you have access to the one and only truth. That's dangerous thinking, right there.

>> No.40816787

The end justifying the means isn't always invalid reasoning.

It can be taken to extremes and we see this throughout nazi germany especially but when you have a gangrenous foot, you chop it off. It is painful and feels wrong but in the end the body is healthier for it.

I don't know if he is right or wrong, but the end sometimes does justify the means, in fact in most cases it does.

>> No.40816829

That's actually very succinct and what I want to say. I don't have anything further to contribute, but you've done what I wanted to say.

That guy's a massive liberal cunt.

>> No.40816869

You know liberal doesn't mean 'views I don't like'

You just said that someone who discriminates against people based on gender, weight and social skills a liberal. Liberalism is a worldview founded on fucking equality you dipshit.

Seriously, get educated and don't use words you don't understand

>> No.40816901

>Liberalism is a worldview founded on fucking equality you dipshit.
So he's a hypocritical liberal. It wouldn't be the first a person at one of the extremes of the political spectrum was a hypocrite.

>> No.40816908

your approval fills me with shame Stannis
father of the year

>> No.40816929
File: 7 KB, 215x234, 1380778218536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If he doesn't stand for what the core of liberal beliefs are then he isn't a liberal. Do you actually process information? or do you just throw out buzzwords?

>> No.40816957

Trying to destroy stereotypes sounds pretty damn liberal to me.

>> No.40816974

Destroying a sterotype by excluding people for the sake of purity is liberal.


>> No.40816984

>>trying to destroy stereotypes

You've clearly equated all liberalism with sensitivity culture.

>> No.40816985

Like I said, he's a hypocrite too.

>> No.40816989

>And nuking Belgium.

>> No.40817043

>Trying to destroy stereotypes sounds pretty damn liberal to me.
And shunning people from your group because they don't fit your standards for who should belong sounds pretty damn conservative to me.

So... what's your point?

>> No.40817068

>And shunning people from your group because they don't fit your standards for who should belong sounds pretty damn conservative to me.
Oh, please, everyone everywhere on the political spectrum does that. The difference between left and right is who you reject and why you don't think they belong.

>> No.40817072

If Belgium disappear, Europe wouldn't notice. In fact, it'd improve.

>> No.40817082

>>The difference between left and right is who you reject and why you don't think they belong.

So for you, all politics is a team sport?

>> No.40817083

Stereotypes exist for a reason. People don't change just because you stopped treating them like you should be treating them.

>> No.40817102

That's an oversimplification of it, but yeah.

>> No.40817114

Of course its an over simplification but let me ask. Where does compromise fit into this?

>> No.40817116

>The difference between left and right is who you reject and why you don't think they belong.
I disagree. The right shuns (which means they don't give an opportunity to belong if you don't fit their standard), while the left demands conformity (they temporarily shun you until you fit their small little worldview). That's the primary difference.

>> No.40817131
File: 73 KB, 512x600, gookartoons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its all for the betterment of the hobby /tg/ please forgive me.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

tl;dr: No it fucking isn't.

>> No.40817133

>Stereotypes exist for a reason.
Because someone made them up. There are genius blondes, plenty of non-evil left-handed people, and I as an Asian happen to hate all Asian food and am monolinguistic.

Stereotypes are a form of superstition that we pretend isn't one.

>> No.40817158
File: 1.92 MB, 236x224, jaguars-fan-gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you genuinely think that stereotypes are artificial?

What am I asking, of course you do. You just fucking said it.

Stereotypes don't form because someone fucking willed it and decided to hammer it into everyone's subconscious you fucking moron. Exceptions do not disprove the rule.

>> No.40817187

I don't know. Beyond what immediately affects me, I find it rather depressing to think about politics.

>Because someone made them up.
>Stereotypes never have any basis in truth, not even past truths that no longer hold true.
Oh, you naive little thing.

>> No.40817196

Wait, you think that social statuses are somehow natural occurrences and not merely a response from people trying to grasp at some overly complicated mechanism that they barely understand?

>> No.40817231

>Do you genuinely think that stereotypes are artificial?
Do you genuinely believe that left-handed people work for Satan? Because that was a classic feudal stereotype.

Do you believe that all black people universally like watermelon? People of many ethnicities enjoy watermelon, and likely at about the same ratio as black people. Yet that belief does not exist for other ethnic groups. Why is that?

>Stereotypes have no basis in truth
I never said that. I said that stereotypes are a superstition. Superstitions are often based loosely on truth. I'm sure plenty of people had good things happen to them after throwing salt over their shoulder. I'm sure plenty of people have had bad things happen to them on instances where Friday coincides with the 13th day of the month. That doesn't mean they are truths, however. Just because there ARE black people who love watermelon does not make it a universal factoid true for blacks.

>> No.40817239

So if you genuinely don't know, how do the teams in your idea of politics ever meet up and conclude things? How do confrontations end ?

Also, I'm not that guy but yeah, stereotypes are like all other generalizations, oversimplified generally applying rules that many people substitute for understanding. Its not like they are not rooted in reality but everything is because reality is all that's there.

>> No.40817242

We would be out of good beer and chocolate and actual, decent waffles, you retard.

>> No.40817279

This is an underrated post.

>> No.40817323

I can't tell if image is satire or real

>> No.40817354
File: 770 KB, 840x630, ck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Good beer
Germany and the Czech would still exist
WOW what a loss.

Yeah, I think we'll survive without Brussels.

>> No.40817367
File: 106 KB, 1000x500, Av-gGe1dD9Sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Good beer

You CANNOT be this deluded. Only Americans think Stella is good. Literally every single european country, even the UK, makes better beer than your pisswater.

>> No.40817445

You know, I really wish people would stop invoking Nazi Germany in lieu of an actual argument. These days, I'm noticing I just dismiss anyone who mentions it, because I'm so used to dumbass false equivalence arguments, or slippery slope arguments, or other faulty reasoning done in the name of the Reductio Ad Hitlerum.

And Nazi fucking Germany wasn't that special, you know? The same shit was happening in the Soviet Union, the same shit was happening in Imperial Japan, hell, to a certain extent the same shit was happening in the good ol' United States of America.

> in fact in most cases it does.

No, it fucking doesn't. This is a criminal mindset. I am poor, I need money, someone else has money, fuck him, I stab the fucker, now it's my money. Perfectly acceptable, in your world.

This is my problem: The argument that "the end hallows the means" is a conscious rejection of morality, with the caveat that EVENTUALLY the world will be a better place. According to you, and only you. It's like a morality pyramid scheme. There is no assurance that your end will A: Actually be satisfying to everyone, and B: It will even happen in the first place.

So yeah, it's sometimes true. But mostly it's not, and it's just said by assholes who want to take the easy road and apply their own preferences without thinking of others.

>> No.40817477

Christ, it must hurt to be this stupid.

>> No.40817525

Wtf Stella.
We don't drink Stella often in belgium. Some drink worse than that, though. Jupiler and Carapils. Eww.
Don't drink Belgian light beer. Strong beer are way better.

Good for light beers. Like I said, Belgium is better for strong beer.

>> No.40817653

>So if you genuinely don't know, how do the teams in your idea of politics ever meet up and conclude things? How do confrontations end ?
I don't know. So long as the taxes I pay and the social services they provide seem reasonable, I can't be bothered to look into it.

>> No.40817705

I play Munchkin

I sometimes railroad if I feel my players are getting too out of hand

I double draw in MTG sometimes

I used to not thin my paints

I throw ridiculous bullshit at minmaxing players

forgive me /tg/

>> No.40818380

>Good for light beers. Like I said, Belgium is better for strong beer.

Weihenstephan Vitus is pretty good, though.

Anyway, the weird thing about Stella is that it's got mais in it. For a country like Belgium, with a strong medieval brewing tradition, that always felt weird.

And despite having good beers of their own, people in the UK love themselves some Stella and Peroni.

>> No.40818502
File: 34 KB, 520x330, putin_facepalm-520x330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT: /tg/ confesses its /pol/
No absolution is given.

>> No.40818556



>> No.40818595
File: 57 KB, 468x468, autism king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off you cunt. This is exactly what we were talking about. You are completely incapable of listening to any arguments without shouting MUH /POL/!!!!!! Just get the fuck out if you get offended.

>> No.40818613

We used to have conventions, but they got too cool.

>> No.40818692

>go to convention
>everyone is thin and with GFs
>They look at me weirdly
>NOBODY is being fucking awkward as fuck

>> No.40818804
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1414631801006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40819055


Sure is Traditional Games in here

>> No.40819178

its made out of tape


>> No.40819229


Oh, well then you didn't inherently kill of his character for his religious beliefs. You killed him for being an absolute asshole.

It is entirely possible to not be religious, through the entire spectrum from vague disinterest in bothering all the way through atheist, and still be a polite and reasonable human being that can respect other people's beliefs. And that's talking about actual RELIGION. This was a god-damned game - why on earth anyone would get buttblasted over a priest or what have you of any given religion being present and helping out in a fictitious setting is beyond me.

>> No.40819427

Your era is over and your kind is going extinct. The new socially adept geeks have replaced you.

Soon even MtG tournaments will be filled with well adjusted healthy people.

>> No.40819473

>Towergirls Goblin Princess GIF

>> No.40819812
File: 154 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nlyh1bwLkO1r78omqo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40819887

dear god just look at this!


>> No.40820256


Satire, the linework is cleaner than the actual guy who draws those cartoons. Plus the style is a bit off in places.

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