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Welcome to the /tg/ parliament

>To join in, simply write your name and choose a party as well as a secure tripcode: https://www.4chan.org/faq#sectrip


>Three people are needed to create a party

>Voting starts when the Parliament is at 50% and the parliament is in session (see wiki).

>Create your party platform and see existing laws and regulations here:


Today's agenda:

>Recruiting! Seriously, do we even have enough MPs to start voting?
>Come up with some bills to keep us busy for the week
>Open season on serfs -- no bag limit!
>Samefagging everywhere

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First for spooky!

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>Recruiting! Seriously, do we even have enough MPs to start voting?

Since we have less than 50% seated, then no


Spooky train

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Second for the Knights!

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We are currently 14 seats away from voting.
That is, of course, not counting myself, as I am still awaiting confirmation from the leader of the Empire.

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Oooooo and mort it is extremely high profit if your willing to bargain and make deals with the demons and devils.

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Ah yes, time for another verbal quarrel. Ideally, 2 other of my fellow mages shall attend.

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I'm still here, losers.

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The Spooky Returns.

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Demons and devils are prolific liers making them ideal lawyers, but they are magnets for horrendous for a MP's public image, and I Voltaire, aristocrat extraordinaire out of good conscious cannot bargain or deal with their ilk, the resulting public relations nightmare will scare away my divinity affiliated clients.

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They are a means to an end no more.

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I take it you guys aren't in session right now?

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Please add quest to the thread title in the future. Thank you.

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A means to an end implies there is a point of finality, a threshold, a limitation.

A means that is a means within itself implies no limitation but a positive feedback loop of cursive reinforcement and therefore progress.

I choose the latter.

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First Roman Marcus Cassius Clay here

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Join the Adventuring Party for a ruddy good old time! Questing, feasting, drinking, spelunking, and all sorts of other thingings await new members!

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Just read the Title. My sides.

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Well whatever you call it the little bastards are predictable I can always expect what they are going to do, so I can control them and use them

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I suggest the the Arcane Arts, for your personal liberation.

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>That huge a drop in present MPs in every party.
Hahahahahahaaa, I'm sorry for your losses

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This looks fun.

Can I join?

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Yes. Go to the wiki and read stuff if you want

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As much of a mage I may be, I learn a lot more from my travels with my compatriots versus formal study. Plus I don't get as many opportunities to put my work to practice in the schools unless I want to work in the nurse's office.

Don't forget to add yourself to the wiki

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Yes, just make sure you read the wiki page for all information.

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Can we just reduce the maximum number of seats?

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But use do they have? Manual labor? We have golems, constructs and humunculi that do the jobs more effectively and efficiently.

You may argue that it is cheaper to simply draw a summoning circle, incite the necessary incantations and hand gesture and spare the cost of materials and labor required to build the workforce I have mentioned, but I disagree, I believe society demands above all else convenience and financial prosperity.

I see each humunculi crafted, each golem and construct manufactured its own little economic microcosm, putting people to work harvesting, refining and assembling the spell components, artificers, alchemists and technologists working hand in hand to meet and suceed industrial specifications and design goals, marketers, financial analysts and consultants handling the contraction of this labor force, accountants, economists, scryers and diviners creating projections of future trends, all working lockstep in to a single unified evolving and adapting platform.

I wish to invent and kickstart entire systems and industries, where the fruits of all the labors and careful contrived feedback mechanisms all ensuring the posterity and prosperity of the common people.

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Was my seat counted? Who is keeping track?

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Ignore Voltaire, all he does is poke at people verbally.

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Perhaps if you spend less time in your ivory tower and more time emphasizing and interacting with the people you wish to represent, maybe just maybe you'd understand what I have to get across, Mr. Proudmoore.

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Staring down at one's citizenry is something I can heartily recommend.
Detachment empowers you

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Well said my fellow Patriot. If one wishes to speak for the people, one must be in touch with their people.

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All you do is make faulty assumptions about the way everything in our society works in an attempt to try to sound witty. Stop assuming I'm an aristocrat, because I'm not. Not everybody is a bloody french aristocrat, you self righteous prick. I take time out of my week to take requests at my tower and help surrounding villages. You're always "proletariat this" and "elitism that" to me, why can't you go bug the damned imperium instead? I've bloody told you time and time again that we aren't being elitist and we're a craftsman class of our own, and before you open your mouth about fucking hedge mages and druids we represent them too, so for the love of god, will you shut your god damned mouth?

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And become distant from the people who we are trying to represent? I thought we are civil servants Helmut Schmacker, not petty tryants.


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I think I spend plenty of time with the people, so I'm sure I can represent them well.

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>I take time out of my week to take requests at my tower and help surrounding villages.

Charity is all fine and dandy but ultimately unsustainable, this government thrives on taxation, the people need to have the means of earning their own keep and business must constantly evolve.

> I've bloody told you time and time again that we aren't being elitist and we're a craftsman class of our own, and before you open your mouth about fucking hedge mages and druids we represent them too, so for the love of god, will you shut your god damned mouth?

I have only mentioned such remarks twice, the first time was because your party was not well defined and the second time because one of your members which I won't disclose the identity of, has expressed prejudices and derogative comments about druids, clerics and anyone associated with divinity and the gods.

Again I must reiterate, MP represent the people and any condemning comments will be scrutinized sooner or later once voting commences, so choose your words very carefully.

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I'm afraid if this keeps up, the first motion is going to have you silenced my friend.

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Hey, I said I was fine with druids, and that I probably wouldn't get along with clerics because of my very strict "FUCK THE GODS" policy.

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I use them for research power knowledge and more really. The contracts that they are forced to fulfill alone give me a near endless supply of spells powers and more, whats to say that I need them for labor when they already do so much? Not to mention the stronger ones make beautiful guards so deadly but so powerful

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Then stop accusing my faction of elitism, you god damned lout. Do you ever think about the words that come out of your mouth at all? Because here you're representing your faction and an insult to me is an insult to my people. You're lucky I don't demand your leader to silence you for all the affronts you've tossed at my coalition. You're not a satirical writer here, you're a politician, so start acting like one.

I will push this motion if this affrontery continues.

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I now see why your the political party leader. If the proverbial shit hits the fan you have my support in any and all endeavors.

>> No.40767019

Why would I silence Voltaire? He's of legal age, and I've no intention of protecting him from the consequences of his own actions.

You would think that somebody working under a Chaos sorceress would have a better understanding of why you don't poke the spellcaster, but some people just have to learn the hard way.

>> No.40767048

You silence Voltaire for voicing criticism towards blatant remarks about the outright abuse of our parliament and for what we stand for?

I implore you to reconsider, nothing good can come from those who only wish to empower themselves in isolation. This should be even more evident and obvious in the Imperium of Man when deamon incursions are caused by psykers being allowed to be left alone to their own devices.

Constructive criticism is not a form of attack, and not once in my replies to Bastun have I suggested he and your party was elitist.

The gist of my message was magical is a incredibly power tool of equality and prosperity, but it needs to be properly utilized such that even the non-magically inclined people of our citizenry can benefit from its application.

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Did you guys hear about me completing the bounty? I killed Kreigerscum and already got a gift from Spooky, some kind of clone-slaying sword.

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We'd silence for you that are verbal attacks, that eat at each of our foundation. it is quite rude. and uncalled for.

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It's not "constructive" criticism when you tell me to get out of my ivory tower, and while you haven't said it to Bastun you've said it to me and several other associates multiple times. You can't just claim you haven't been doing so for the past several days.

Stop being so bloody fucking high and mighty. We're not abusing parliament in any way, we're just using it to try to get ourselves some rights and representation. Next time you speak out of turn I will not hesitate to incinerate read:filter and/or motion a gag order you. For the love of god, not every society is aristocratic and top heavy, so why don't you keep your damned mouth shut before I use a djinn to lobotomize you.

>> No.40767330

I can have an army of demons and devils here if necessary?

>> No.40767421

The Galactic Empire does not a blink an eye when they are accused of nohuman right violations and questionable and albeit abrupt government overthrow, they march their stormtroopers through the streets, and ride their armored walkers across our roads to demonstrate their power and military might, and they point their deathstar at us overhead you're not threatened by their Imperialism?

The IoM threatens death sentence on everyone and everything in Parliament for being a heretic, a mutant and xenos and when the succubus bill was passed they summarily executed their standard issue succubi and nobody takes offense.

I ask you, you can't handle the simplest and harmless of my proverbial jabs how will you fair against far more damning scrutiny from more extremist parties? I leave this only this question and only this question for you to ponder and bother you no more.

>> No.40767466


Dude, it's good he's finally fucked off, but you really can't just announce "UR DED LOL" and... expect that person to just stop posting/never come back. That's utterly retarded.

>> No.40767497

Then go harangue *them*. All we're doing is trying to make a god damn living. You know that you're completely ruining your faction's image, along with any chances of cooperation whatsoever, right?

>> No.40767522

So you admit to making jabs at us. What is your intention, and what is

>> No.40767582

He thinks he's some sort of white knight, and that it's his duty to expose corruption and inequality through being an annoying smartass. I suggest we just stop responding to him altogether. I don't want this lout ruining our relationship with the KMR.

>> No.40767592

I have for a dozen sessions to a point where even Moff Wiggles has compromised his stance on nonhumans.

And the IoM on the other hand. Heh lets just say they did not take well to the Spooky party when their representatives claimed the Emperor for being nothing more then a godlike lich. I had no need to add more fuel to that bonfire.

In dare time dear lady, all in dare time.

>> No.40767657

All in Dare Time? This is nothing but a horrible veiled threat. I demand this man be removed from this room!

>> No.40767697

But I hit him twice and then ensnared him for 20d6 damage, there's no way he lived through that

>> No.40767744

Your seat was counted. I keep track of eeeeverythiiiiing!

>> No.40767751

No offense meant, sir, but I see where you get your name.

>> No.40767758

Voltaire, seriously. Put a sock in it before somebody turns you into a newt. Keep screwing up relations with friendly parties, and that somebody will be me.

I really don't want him ruining our relations with the COAA, either. I think just about everybody else in the party is more than willing to cooperate on legislation.

It's a conspiracy!

>> No.40767763

Even though this is inflammatory speech, it is his right to do so.

If you have issue, take it up with his party's leader.

Gosh you mortals are so annoying. Can't you see when a skeleton has a hangover?

>> No.40767797

>and when the succubus bill was passed they summarily executed their standard issue succubi and nobody takes offense.

Oh yeah. Goood times

>> No.40767814

Inflammatory speech is all fine and dandy, but not as a politician, and especially not in front of the face of other factions' leaders. I'm three centuries old and he's still testing my patience. If it was somebody more rash, they would have declared war on the KMR already.

Plus, we've done NOTHING wrong. He keeps accusing us of elitism and stratification. Go bother the imperium, not us.

>> No.40767816

Fair enough my dear lady, I shall take my leave and come back to cooler heads.

Posting from my phone, and auto correct messed up, but I don't think you'd care one way or the other.

Pish posh its not like that has never happened to me before!

>> No.40767892

It is not his right to do so, we wouldn't stand and sit quietly for a filibuster. Nor would we tolerate military threats and engagements. He is attacking members of our party, he has admitted to it. This is not something that'd be allowed among our congress.

>> No.40767896

Sometimes inflammatory speech does come in handy for politicians. It makes them appear strong to the common man and able to fight for their rights. While I believe he has gone over board, just speak with his leader and you will find his speech has given you certain leverages in future talks.

And Voltaire, he is right, the issues you are brining up are more focused towards the imperium.

>> No.40767958

>Leaning back in her seat, not really paying attention, with he feet up on the table while reading a magazine filled with half-naked guys.
Wait, what are we talking about?

>> No.40767969

for *internal* politics. This parliament is akin to multiple nations/interests congregating at a single table. It'd be like if the US went to NATO and called Russia a bunch of homophobic oppresive dictators. Though to be honest, Switzerland would probably be more appropriate, seeing as that we haven't done anything.

>> No.40767986

I am far older than you and probably would have outright killed him and then begun discussions with umbra about how his grease stain mess he left behind could be cleared out.

>> No.40767996

and you'd be vastly overestimating him by thinking he's doing it to improve his image. He's just whiteknighting.

>> No.40768007

Oh hey its Maya's GF

Updated map. Need 12 more.

>> No.40768019

One of the opposing political party's members almost gave us enough reason to kill one of them outright. Kinda nice.

>> No.40768024

Maybe. But is it not of fair old earth that there are nations that do this? What of China and its reports of Human Rights Violations within the United States?

A power show towards other factions may not often help politics between factions, but it may stregthen the people within that faction.

>> No.40768050

Again, you're vastly overestimating his ulterior motives.

>> No.40768057


Voltaire often forgets his place. However, under new leadership I'm sure Knights of the Magical Realm will do what they can to make sure they have a united front and not just a band of rogues with egos.

Speaking of leaderships, would you like to discuss some of the details of trade with Spooky and the Coalition?


Sometimes coming to the aid for the losing side when the battle is over won't help.

>> No.40768061

Denouncing me as a lout, a whiteknight and probably in the process of plotting my demise.

Typical day at the office.

>> No.40768085

Please try to keep it from being messy if you do. I hate stains you know.

Oh don't worry, I already finished my plotting.

>> No.40768129

Which party should I join if I actually care about /tg/?

Ha ha, trick question, you're all a bunch of fags.

>> No.40768134

Plotting my death? I do hope you have several contingency plans.in place.

There is a reason why I remain in office for as long as I have.

>> No.40768137

why arent there any cerberus members in this image?

>> No.40768161

Well, I'm not telling you, that would ruin the surprise.

>> No.40768172

...but there are...?

Serfs sound right for you.

>> No.40768202

im stupid

>> No.40768216

Oh I do love surprises, I hope it does not involve poisons, plagues, assassins, curses, hexes, vengeful spirits or demigods. automatons, flesh abominations or tentacle monsters.

Or I would be gravely disappointed.

>> No.40768221

I apologize if I meant any disrespect, but I have no prior dealings with the fleshbag known as Voltaire.

I had underestimated what I had gotten myself into, had a bit too much alcohol earlier and am finally recovering. So I apologize if I offended anyone. When you don't have a liver, it goes straight to your bones.

>> No.40768225

Mmmm I have more than enough plans for loutish magical knights.

>> No.40768278

Please, we got him called down, let's not make his next outbursts our fault.

>> No.40768338


All good my fellow delagate. Ask anyone here, I'm a firm believer in, "No harm, no foul." As long as people realize that it's all a friendly discussion, then that's cool. However, we have to pick our battles carefully. This may not have been the best one to fight since Voltaire had upset more than just one member of the Coalition and has had multiple...dealings with them. It seems he rather enjoys picking apart every little thing they say.

I'll see if I can't brew up something that'll you enjoy back in my green house. What's your poison?

>> No.40768370

Also, not enough spooky in here:


>> No.40768385

Thank you Great Spook, I was... unaware of his reputation as an aggressor and only caught the conversation half way.

fungus beer

Ever since the Ork Campaign I can't get enough of the stuff.

>> No.40768400

Unfortunately, a curse of a renal attentive mind.

How can I run profitable enterprises if do not scrutinize each and every operation and project until it meets my satisfactory standards?

I do hope our outbursts does not jeopardize our spooky marijuana contracts Haunted Tree, they are very popular items on the market!

>> No.40768498


Ah, heh, well I'll see if we can't find some good fungi for you down in the mines where we grow the spookiest ones.


The problem is, is that it is there party. They do not need to meet your standards to any point of satisfaction. However if they were making a deal with you, then you can bargain and scrutinize. Just mere advice and insight was all that I was hoping to offer there. I understand that sometimes when you're so in the midst of working your brain doesn't quite switch "Off". My assistant wisps are the same way. "Nothing to do? What?!" Having to remind them there are other things they can do, as well as spook becomes quite tiring. Anyway,

Of course not! By the way, speaking of which, I have a sample of the third strain once again, with the spook dialed back down to 72% spook and 28% weed. Give it a few puffs.

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Over hill and over glen
I have traveled far and wide
But every now and then
I find a place I'd like to hide.

I cast my lot with the fine fine folks
Those that quest with noble heart
For songs and rhymes and japes and jokes
Till the time arrives where I must depart.

>> No.40768650

Red, stop adding the Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions to the wiki. We changed the voting times a few days ago.

>> No.40768669


>> No.40768707




These are but a few of the ideals the All-American Party strives for. We don't seek galactic dominance, magocratic aristocracy, a twisted realm of hedonism, or anything more than the prosperity and freedom of all Man(and otherwise)kind!

Do you want to tear down the unjust hierarchy of the monarchists? Do you want to build the infrastructure that are the arteries of this great board? Do you want to kick tyranny in it's giant ass?

Then join the AAP! Or don't! It's ultimately your right to decide!


>> No.40768853

*A seed jumps on his shoulder and begins to whisper something in his ear."

WHAT?! IT ESCAPED?! *sigh* I apologize for that out-burst, but I must take my leave for the evening as...some matters have come up that need my immediate attention in the forest of Spooky. *turns to the seed pod* Ready the Death Knights and plant menders, then bring me who was guarding him, 5 necromancers and The Axe.

>> No.40768871


Sorry, I realized I started RPs with a couple of people but my warhammer group is meeting tonight, and I have to speed off. Peace!

>> No.40768872

But only for three days. No where in the bill does it mention what happens to monday, wednesday or friday.

In fact, if it did, parliament would be over now. Speakers get elected at the monday session, as per the law. Without the monday session, no speaker. No speaker = no further laws can ever be voted on. Just one of many things you did not take care of before proposing this bill. In fact, the amendment for the timezone act did not even satisfy the metarule act (half the parties need to vote on rules that change parliament).

Also, stop adding an extra session time on Sundays. No where in the bill did you write in a new Sunday session so I dont see where you take that from. And it most definitely did not make the GMT timezone vanish from the table like it did last time.

Mon, wed, fri stay. If you wanted to abolish them, you should have been clearer in your proposal.

>> No.40768934

Perhaps you're right Haunted Tree, I need to another frame of reference, I can't treat the Parliament as another board room strategy meeting or annual fiscal presentation.

But you must understand, I was born in that corporate world, bred for it, common sense to me came in my coffers as dollars and cents and I firmly believe that greed of one man is altruism to another.The people demand jobs, they demand prosperity, a larger economic pie, a higher standards of living! Do you realize how many of our petty problem can be solved through the proper utilitarian application of untapped resources through the medium of the free market? Be it strategic or professional talent and capital asset?

But enough of my rhetoric, to a being that know no further need besides his fellow trees and spooks, it counts for nothing!

I'll sample your wares another time, godspeed.

>> No.40768975

So...what have we screwed up, and how can we fix it to resume legislation.

>> No.40768994



>> No.40769048

It was your originally shittily thought out metarules for this whole game that made it impossible for anyone in all of America to vote on any bill at all.

You were also the one who singlehandedly introduced dumbass proposals, and then gang-pressed them into law with a super quick "THE HOUR IS UP. IT IS LAW!"
and as SOON as we made an attempt to fix SOME of the bizarre shit that was happening, you start being a butthurt shitposter.

Yeah there are still holes in the system, but the only FIXES that we have are fixes that WE proposed, not you. Don't say that our bill was shitty because it didn't fix every single thing.

Quit bitching and start helping.

>> No.40769110

The bill doesn't add new voting times, it changes the schedule.

I admit that I didn't think about the election of speakers because I assumed that was an special session held in Mondays specifically to elect the speakers.

The sunday session only applies to Australia, because is already Sunday there during that session, but I'm fine with adding '(following day)' to the table.

I didn't make the GMT timezone vanish from the table. GMT is an obsolete term for the UTC and I only changed it once because arguing over that is dumb.

>> No.40769184

I just interpret the timezone act in a way that allows parliament to still function without violating current laws. I approve of about 80% of the new act and I think Average Joe and Wibbles acted in the best interest, but were not careful how it would affect parliament.

Passing the Lord Commander legislation would be one way out, or amending the timezone act.

Don't see why you take it personal. And lie. All I did and said was according to the rules. The only thing that was maybe rushed (but still within the previuosly agreed laws) was the "whores and weed" act. An act, that literally changed nothing serious.

The whole reason of this here is to act according to the rules we set up. What reason is there to make a new law, and then say "oh, but lets not actually keep to it".

Furthermore, Americans have the best times of all timezones. Look at the table. For Europeans, some sessions are at 4 AM. YOu throw around buzzwords like "bizzare shit" and dumbass proposals i "gang pressed". care to give an example? What did I do, that was worse than an amendment that literally would kill this parliament right now if I stopped persisting in the Monday sessions?

>> No.40769453

>In fact, the amendment for the timezone act did not even satisfy the metarule act (half the parties need to vote on rules that change parliament).

Complete bullshit. I won't go into how this was never an issue with previos rules that changed metagame or how you never brought this up until now when there is a bill you don't like, but it WAS 50% of parliament.
There were 14 parties at the time of the Timezone Discrepancy Bill, and 7 parties voted.
Also that's a stupid rule considering parties like the HBU NEVER showed up after claiming their seats that first Sunday.

In fact, what rule is this? Please reference it for me because the way you choose to word rules and interprets them is conveniently different from the rest of us.

>> No.40769542

Fine. If you insist:

This is the main timezone act bill. Only 6 parties voted on it, not 7. This bill would have failed. And here is the amendment:

All in order. It passed. But what does it actually amend, when the original bill just failed? Don't tell me its the same bill, it was proposed by different people.

I noticed that the very next day. I didn't say anything, as Wibbles was very proud that it "passed" unanimously. It wasn't an issue with previous rules as there weren't any important rules after the metarule act passed. An act i was AGAINST if i remember correctly and had NOTHING to do with. I did not propose it, I did not second it. Though I could see the merit in it.

>> No.40769635

Welcome aboard, Brad! Always good to have a bard around.

>> No.40769659


Thanks very much. As long as I get sole share of the lute.

>> No.40769679


Add yourself to our wiki when you get a chance.

>> No.40769706

And if you joined just to make that pun, then by God I salute you.

>> No.40769727

It WAS 7 parties.

he voted AYE to the bill when it was proposed here

So DokterDegenerate misunderstood and voted on the post where *Speaker* Moff Wibbles proposed the the bill and not the post where *Speaker* Moff Wibbles proposed the bill. oh wait...

I think it's splitting hairs to not count his vote because he responded to the wrong post. But maybe someone else besides you and I should comment on whether his vote should count.

>> No.40769729

Forgot to write: Instead of challenging it outright, I kept quiet and interpretet this sentence:

"Therefore I propose a new schedule (EST) for the sessions:

Tue, Thu, Sat 00:00 - 04:00 "

as "I propose new schedules for the tue, thu, sat sessions..."

Instead of "I propose new Sessions at:" (as you probably meant. Shaky argumentation? Maybe. But it would have allowed to keep this thing while still being able to vote for a new speaker and keep the parliament going. Which is all I wanted.

>until now when there is a bill you don't like

You don't seem to know me very well. I care for the orderly proceedings of parliament and its people. Though yes, you might say I don't like it when people (even mistakenly) destroy something i spend quite a lot of energy building up. I do not say you did it on purpose. I do not hate this bill, in fact I see the merit in it and understand why you did that. All I did was hiding the imperfections while still keeping the timezone bill intact. Until now, where you forced me to admit helping you. Nice.

So what do we do now? I will change back the timetable to a format that agrees with Average Joe's idea. We will all pretend that Moff Wibbles (and Average Joe if he accepts) got elected lawfully today and I hope you fix this hole until next monday. And before you say I "only bitch" instead of help, look at the proposal docket in the wiki and read through my proposal I made with this problem in mind. If you hate it, vote nay and make your own proposal. I did my job.

>> No.40769774

I spent a lot of energy on this shit, too. All of ALF did.
Don't act like you are so personally attacked and hurt when parliament starts falling apart when the rest of us are putting in just as much effort as you to keep shit together.

>> No.40769811

And my party is dead. I am the last and I don't intend to defect to a different party.
I'm pretty much done at this point. This is going nowhere and I'd rather abandon ship while there are still lifeboats left.

>> No.40769859

>as you probably meant
You're replying to Gattuccio, but yes, that was what I meant. English isn't my first language and this isn't exactly common speech, give me a break.

My offer still stands, you can join TnD is you want. I don't mind if you leave if ALF gets another member.

>> No.40769923

I'll just wait stubbornly for my party to not show up.
I'm proud of the work we did, even if it isn't that important.

>> No.40769976

It's a shame, but I respect your decision.

>> No.40769987

I'd vote to grandfather you into the position of secretary if you so desired.

>> No.40770006

I know. As I said, I used it to hold speaker elections today, in case someone said "wait, there are no mondays sessions anymore...". It was an elegant solution and I don't understand why Gattuccio is upset about it. It was either abiding 100% by your new act and stopping parliament, or throwing rules over board nilly-willy, which would question this whole thing as well. I found a middle way.

>Don't act like you are so personally attacked
>It was your originally shittily thought out metarules
>dumbass proposals
>bizarre shit
>you start being a butthurt shitposter.
>Quit bitching
>Complete bullshit.

Yes. Tell me again how much i should not take this personally, please. I don't recall the other ALF member being so emotional. But I appreciate that you care and would be sad to see you go.

Joe, regardless of all this, you have been nominated for speaker yesterday. If you accept, you would be the second one.

>> No.40770061

And lastly: The times for the sessions weren't invented by me. I straight up copied them from the /pol/ parliament after it died. They existed since November last year, so it seemed like a good schedule.

>> No.40770242

Yeah, I accept. I wouldn't be fair to Moff if he has to be the only speaker, and I doubt we get enough members to have a session soon.

We'll have to do an amendment to the Speaker Act to prevent further inconveniences if this parliament survives this week Sunday Midnight, right after the roll call, is a terrible time to elect the speakers.

>> No.40770342

I feel dat many peoples' way of life is not represented in da parliament.
Bruddas, join me in my quest to preserve da memory of our ancestas and protect da wilds of dis place.
On a side note, I have here a newborn litta of warg pups, free to a good home!

>> No.40770409

Oh god, what the hell is that smell? for the love of god, someone bath this barbarian.

>> No.40770420

You know, technically we represent ancestral magics also. You could just join us...

>> No.40770568

Dats very flattering, but dis guy has not even made his first kill yet.
Oh no, don try to pull da wool over my eyes, I seen many barbarians come back to medicine hut after runnin in wit yer ilk, sproutin new limbs and changin color. I can only imagine what you would do wit all dat open wilds and a fresh lot o' souls.

>> No.40770633

I was telling you to take a fucking bath, and one for your mongrel mutt too. You're ruining my nose and I just got it to. Do you have any idea how hard it is to properly get a nose working on a foreign body? Very hard.

Also, That's just the barbarians that fight against the team with the wizard or sorcerer. If you're on the same team, you're often going to be great. I should know, I was the barbarian for my world's first adventuring party.

>> No.40770709

A most promising and righteous of quests!

Unfortunately, you require two more members to be legitimized as a party, however in the mean time, I'm sure I can write out and put forward a conversation act on ancestral lands.

>> No.40770835 [SPOILER] 

SPOOKY Air, reporting in.
I will take a pup and make it SPOOKier.
By freeing its skeleton from the cage of flesh :D

>> No.40770937

Welcome aboard Brad.

While evil men doth walk
A bards work never done
A hearth to keep
(Steel not sheep)

Trouble big or small
Rinse through it all
Wits be the truth
Strength forsooth

>> No.40770952

Dat smell is of spiritual incense. If you like, I could take you on a "vision quest" as well.

>> No.40770968

You misunderstood why I was mad, but that's okay, miscommunication happens.
I won't try to explain what WAS upsetting me because I don't want to argue more than we already have. I think it's a good idea to establish timeframes for the days we missed, and if you want to propose a second amendment then go ahead, I'm sure everyone will vote on it.

>> No.40770993

I'm telling you to cut it out before I decide to go to your tribe and claim a new nose from the prettiest girl there, which will probably be the pig.

>> No.40771032

Brudda, dat is wrong in as many ways as dere are stars in da sky. But you must have favor wit da wind spirits to be able to fly as you do, and I am not one to cross dem.

>> No.40771156

And I didn't mean for you to not act personally attacked BY ME. I WAS attacking you.

I meant don't act like our bills and proposals are made specifically just to fuck you personally over and mess up the game, because they are not.
They were honest attempts to fix problems that several people voiced and you acted like we threw out every rule there was and just did whatever the fuck we wanted, but we acted to the best of our understanding of what the rules were, and attempted to fix the metagame so that it allowed MORE participation, not less. Leaving out GMT was accidental and happened because no one from Europe was saying anything about the timezones so we didn't think about it. I know it for a fact because I created the Timezone Discrepancy Bill and everyone who was present in that chat helped contribute to it. I fully support an amendment to include a third timezone for Europeans and to fix the timeslots for the off-days that we didn't already provide timeslots for.

As for the Monday speaker election, it isn't covered by the Timezone bill because it is an election, not a bill proposal. None of us were thinking about the speaker when the Timezone bill was created and I think it's safe to say that the speaker election times can be held as normal, or if someone takes issue with them as they are, they can propose a new time as per the normal process.
When it comes to times being edited/deleted off the wiki, that isn't me and that is something you guys need to work out, and it looks like you might have sorted that out anyways. I would say to just keep the Monday and Sunday times the same as they have been (although taking into consideration that Australia is in the future is a good idea) and only change the time frames that we proposed to change.

>> No.40771258

All that being said, the third part of the Timezone Discrepancy Bill was misinterpreted by everyone anyways.

>3) There will be TWO designated, predetermined voting periods for each bill, each one at least eight hours apart, in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote.

The way I had intended this was that each voting period for each INDIVIDUAL bill would be pre-determined on a case by case basis. That way we would have known if we were voting on Bill A at 16:00 EST Tuesday and Bill B at 19:00 EST Thursday etc. etc. However it figured out, it would have been case-by-case rather than "Well since we proposed 9 bills on monday, and it's finally Wednesday, guess we can vote for ALL OF THEM RIGHT FUCKING NOW" because then it;s the same problem. There is no point in making people wait 24 hours because they can still just rush a shitload of bills in a one hour timespan anyways.

None of that got conveyed because Moff Wibbles proposed the bill when I was offline and I didn't get a chance to look over it and clarify anything. Not his fault, not anyones fault, it's just that by the time I got a chance to check the thread and BARELY vote on it, it was too late to explain any rules or clarify or talk about it, etc. etc.
Ironically that is the EXACT reason I made this bill. Had we been following our own rule, I would have had more than enough time (24+ hours) to fully explain it to everyone and YOU would have had time to express concern at the lack of the GMT timeframe.

So all in all I think the Timezone Bill IS a good bill and prevents a lot of the frustration BOTH of us have been feeling. Now that it's out there we just need to tweak it a bit and it will be perfect (or as perfect as you can make a law)

>> No.40771310 [DELETED] 





prepare to fap at the speed of light. And daily reminder that mods are deleting vola posts


>> No.40771325

*extends a formal bow* it is nice to meet such a wizened Shaman, tell me stories of your tribe sir. The old ways have such powerful and primal ritual magic, its always a joy to talk to an eldar such as yourself.

>> No.40771385

...we are part of a parliament now?

>> No.40771462

>>3) There will be TWO designated, predetermined voting periods for each bill, each one at least eight hours apart, in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote.

Should probably be split into two parts

>3 (a)There will be THREE designated, predetermined voting periods for each INDIVIDUAL bill (b) Each voting period for an individual bill will be separated by at least eight hours in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote.

For the "eight hours apart" thing suppose that we had a bill voting session right this second. We'll say it started 30 minutes ao for simplicity.
Voting period A is Australian, B is GMT and C is American (EST or Central)
So starting from right now (minus 30 minutes) the voting periods would be
Voting Period A:
1:00 PM Australian, 3:00 AM GMT, 11:00 PM American (EST)
Voting Period B:
9:00 PM Australian, 11:00 AM GMT, 7:00 AM American (EST)
Voting Period C:
5:00 AM Australian, 7:00 PM GMT, 3:00 PM American (EST)
These seem reasonable enough but the timespan between bills could be tweaked if that seems too crazy to anyone else.
>Note: I am not suggesting hard set times for all voting on bills. I am giving an example of what an 8 hour difference for voting periods would be like if we used the current hour as an example

If I'm not making sense let me know because I really don't want to fight over misunderstandings, especially if we both want the same thing.

>> No.40771465

Hahahahahahahahahah, no. If our guild was a parliament. Well it would be bad. No this is something we are obligated to take part in due to it being our duty to our fair city.

>> No.40771484

If you want to be, I suppose.

>> No.40771523

I have returned. What happend in my absence. What is the fate of the serfs aside from it being hunting season?

>> No.40771551

Oh, the serfs are in now, and we permanently kicked out krieger.

>> No.40771557

Duty. Mm.
Ah, Lupa. I spend far too much time up and shouting in front of students in the first place - perhaps I should just leave this to the young guns.
I'll shadow from the schoolroom. Call me when you need me. But not before breakfast.

>> No.40771600

The 8 hour difference is by the way the main point I took an issue with (and voiced it the next day) but also said "lets see how it goes". It will put a lot of pressure on the speakers to organize votings.

Some people already say that we do not go forward, which is not true, if you look at what we already achieved last week. First we had the single file act to order things. Then it wasn't fast enough apparently, and it got thrown out to allow for more bills to pass in a shorter amount of time. Now it's a step back to allow more people to participate on single votes. Which is a good thing, if it works. Step by step we get it to where it needs to be.

Speaker election session needs to be amended, if the Prime Minister (Lord Commander) act fails. It should still be Monday, since Sunday is where the parliament restarts somewhat. But on a later time, to be sure.

The Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions should remain as outlined in the timezone bill. Wednesday could be free for the Prime Minister election (24 hours). Come to think of it, the speaker election could be the whole Monday too since there is no session anyway. It would also give the parliament more time to fill seats. Friday could be used for another whole-day election for a future office. This would allow the assembly to move forward with legislations every other day, while being active with elections during the days without sessions.

>> No.40771614

Well now, it looks like dese other wizards could learn a ting or two from you.
Dere was dis one time our tribe was being invaded by trolls and all our warriors were out fightin da hobgoblins. I summoned de ancestors for dere help and dey ended up borrowin' dese gorilla bodies and fightin' them off even better den dey ever did as orcs!

>> No.40771642

To clarify:

Sunday rollcall -> Monday speaker election (or similar -> Tuesday first day of the week for sessions -> Wednesday Election of another office -> Thursday more time for bills -> Friday election of third office -> Saturday last bills for the week -> Sunday restart

>> No.40771660

>Come to think of it, the speaker election could be the whole Monday too since there is no session anyway. It would also give the parliament more time to fill seats.
I was going to propose that, it's a good solution and I doubt anyone would oppose to that.

>> No.40771663

Very well then. If you want to join in the Mage's guild, we mostly hang out in the archives. check the 1d4chan wiki page for the link to it.

>> No.40771680

Can I please kill him? Or at least force him into a bath or something. The smell is ruining my nose.

>> No.40771709

Not completely unrelated: The first Tuesday session starts in 5 minutes by the way.

>> No.40771723

I know, I'm counting the current members and I don't think we have enough to vote.

>> No.40771725

Wait no, forgot about the 50% rule.

>> No.40771747

What is your issue with the 8 hour difference, if I may ask?
Since people have three opportunities a day to vote it should work itself out well. I was mainly advocating for individual bills to get their voting periods determined at the time of proposal, rather than all having to fall under a universal voting period.

Someone half-jokingly suggested Friday be a "break day" where parliament parties.

As it stands, we have a lot of participation from a few members. Slowing things down a bit might be frustrating to some people, but we DO have lives outside of /tg/

I don't have much of a comment on speaker elections or the speaker position. While it may be difficult to manage 3 different voting periods, the speaker only has to propose it once. People still only have an hour to vote (i think) during each of the 3 voting sessions for any given bill so it makes it easy to look back at a thread later and say "the votes between 1:00 and 2:00 are the only ones I will count" and then do it again for the other two voting periods.

If that seems very daunting then there is always the office of vote counter that was proposed. I was wary of it because it seemed somewhat unnecessary at the time, but now it might have some relevance. Not because there could be mis-counts or anything, but because delegating jobs can help make things run smoother, as you have said before, so maybe having some official people to attend every voting session and just count will make things go easier even if the multiple voting session thing SEEMS convoluted.

There was also an anon who mentioned some sort of vote counter program.

>> No.40771774

I didnt update the map recently, but I think we need 9 more.

>> No.40771781

Has it occurred to you that, because of the ADD nature of the internet, it may be a little much asking for 50% of parliament to be seated?

And what does that mean, exactly? That 50% of the seats need to have members, or that 50% of the MPs need to be present?

>> No.40771783

Ah new faces. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting either of you yet Mr. Percival Cobb and madam Ariedaeonis. It is a pleasure.

>> No.40771816

I do believe that Percival was confused and just stopped in because he saw me, I don't think he will be joining us.

>> No.40771826

The funny part is that without the new seats we could be voting right now.

I understand his discomfort with the rule, it has its own complications and makes the counting process harder and the process slower.

>> No.40771828

I'm worry I wasn't here before I was called to inspect average Joe's establishment for any signs of trickery by some strange nervous gentleman. The only thing out of the ordinary I found was how hospitubal he is, what a swell guy.

>> No.40771845

>That 50% of the seats need to have members
And you need to calm down.

>> No.40771871

I am calm, I was asking a question for clarification on a rule that I do not understand.
You are misinterpreting the tone of my posts and looking for trouble where there is none, and I'm not even talking to you so maybe you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

>> No.40771877

Thats an amazing feat of ritual magic! What components did you use might I ask? Was it the bones of your ancestors an actual grave site, or even perhaps the bones of an old shaman?

>> No.40771883

Thank you, you're a cool guy too. I hope you can come again to visit us, I'll make cookies.

>> No.40771893

My goodness sir that's some potent magical ability. Where did you aquire the recourse nessecary?

>> No.40771921

I'm not looking for trouble either. That's the problem with this machines, it's really easy to misunderstand someone. You sounded a little hostile there, though.

>> No.40771932

I didn't mean to sound hostile. I'm just looking for clarification on some rules that I do not understand.

>> No.40771941

I only see two opportunities, as there are two sessions a day. And I believe it almost counts as a break day, when you can pop in just once, cast your vote for a candidate, and go about your day.

Yes and yes. Parliament needs to be 50% full. To prevent minor parties to declare themselves the winner when no one is there yet.

Don't forget that we had a massive amount of people wanting to join during the first days. Parliament was full on tuesday, and even the 31 extra seats were filled roughly one day later. It made sense to increase the seats (we are still smaller than the parliament on r9k by the way) at the time. No one could have predicted that parliament would be so sluggish after the next sunday. Right now it would also make sense to decrease the seats again.

>> No.40771956

Its strange I have been watching this fight for several hours between pretty much everyone and it simply comes down to, oh yeah I was asking a question I didn't mean to be such a prick. Its cool that its winding down finally though

>> No.40772003

I don't get that, though.
How can we know what 50% of parliament would be until we know how many people will ultimately play?
We can't predict the future, and for all we know this right here could be all we have until next Sunday.

Since this is the internet people can come in, make a trip, grab a seat, and disappear forever. Hell, my own part did that, they all bailed out last Tuesday, with Dozen sticking around until Wednesday I think.

I'm not saying it's anyones fault or anything, but we are in the position of: It's easy to get seats but we have no way of knowing who will even stick around.

I mean shit, I'm super active and I can't get a seat because I can't get 2 other people to throw in with me.

I just feel like the whole 50% thing, and also the 2/3rds thing to a lesser degree, depend on numbers that we don't know the upper limit of.

>> No.40772006

Bones. Dey can't take everytin wit dem when dey die. And when dey go, dey leave a little piece so you can find dem.

>> No.40772061

>If that seems very daunting then there is always the office of vote counter that was proposed.

As everyone who was an active speaker once can attest you. It's not easy to keep organized, thats why I wanted someone to be responsible for votes, and someone who checks new laws if they conflict with existing laws. I didn't invent this concept either. Its the very basic Judicative, Executive and Legislative. But how can you ask players to put up with the extra work? By also giving them powers. It was, and is, a very sound concept by any stretch of the imagination. My canvaseer proposal was not fleshed out enough though, even I could see that. It will be necessary down the line though.

>> No.40772085

When warriors die, we make necklaces of da bones to give to children. It makes dem grow up strong. I borrowed dem for da ritual.

>> No.40772126

>and for all we know this right here could be all we have until next Sunday.

No, don't worry. In the time we argued alone, one other guy joined and wants to create a party. It might take the whole Tuesday, but we will have enough.

>I'm not saying it's anyones fault or anything, but we are in the position of: It's easy to get seats but we have no way of knowing who will even stick around.

Yes. And no way to check who will be active. This is why we have roll calls. If people just grab a seat and disappear, so be it. But what are the alternatives?

>I just feel like the whole 50% thing, and also the 2/3rds thing to a lesser degree, depend on numbers that we don't know the upper limit of.
The upper limit is pretty much 160. This is the full parliament we had on Thursday (or was it Friday?) with 156 seats, plus a few who did not get a seat (and pretty much left disgruntled immediately). Could even be 170. But this week shows the real number of active players is much lower. It's a lesson we are learning right now and we will act accordingly.

>> No.40772146

Seriously, can we throw this idiot in a bath? Because if no one objects, I'm going to do it anyway.

>> No.40772154

I object.

>> No.40772163

What do you guys think of a 24-hour voting period?

That way we don't have to worry about the different timezones, or weird sessions! Opportunity for all!

Just count up the votes at the end of the day, and there ya go! Everyone in every nation gets the freedom to vote.

...Probably every other day, so we don't get swamped.

>> No.40772188

I don't think it could work under our current system. Counting votes is already a pain in the ass.

>> No.40772189

>Clone Wars edition

Also am I in the IoM yet or what?

>> No.40772196

Just have it so all votes have to respond to the proposition, for ease of counting.

>> No.40772204

I honestly must commend your tribes ingenuity. I must ask who you worship.

>> No.40772221

You have the same amount of votes as average joe by the way for speaker. Since Umbra declined.

Vote tally for this weeks speaker:

- Moff Wibbles: 3 votes
- Umbra: 2 votes (has not yet accepted!)
- Average Joe: 1 Vote (has not yet accepted)
- Cobb Bless: 1 Vote (has not yet accepted)

So if you accept, you would be the third speaker.

First thing we wanted everyone to do. Suprisingly many people have difficulties grasping that concept. Responding without trip, then responding to their anon-post with their trip and think we would see it ect...

>> No.40772228

My tanks to you

>> No.40772237

I thought you lead the spooks? What do you want with the IoM? Do you even emperor?

>> No.40772243

>But how can you ask players to put up with the extra work?

Forgive me if this seems really indignant of me, but you are telling one of the few people who has slaved for hours to compile data and info for everyone else's convenience.

I understand EXACTLY how hard it is to stay organised, I don't need to be a speaker, I did it, I counted votes, I went back and RE-counted votes, I have a whole record of all the old threads in pdf form.

>If people just grab a seat and disappear, so be it. But what are the alternatives?
I don't know, but I want us to talk about solutions rather than say "It is what it is, what can ya do?" and accept it.

>This is the full parliament we had on Thursday
Except that's not true. I am not trying to be an ass, but what I meant when I said "we don't know the upper limit" I mean we don't know the upper limit of people who will participate.
Like I said, last Wednesday my own party dropped off, that cost us 4, and all of HBU dropped off, so did the Socialist Workers, and many SPOOKY.

You are talking the upper limit of the literal seats in the picture.
The upper limit of active players was no where near 170, and if we could have booted inactive players and re-done it on Thursday, the picture would have looked like something closer to what it does now, except maybe a few more people.

My issue is that seats fill up and then more than half the people just stop posting altogether. Newbies are out a seat, we are screwed because our rules depend on 50% or 2/3rds of MP actually being active, and the whole game suffers because we have to wait until Sunday before we can reset.

And it's looking like we might have several "seat campers" already.

I don't mean to complain, but I want you to understand where I'm coming from and that I honestly want to know if you have any ideas because I sure don't but I know we NEED a solution.

>> No.40772290

>I know we NEED a solution.
Then let's use this night to propose a solution since we aren't voting. What is your plan?

>> No.40772310

>I honestly want to know if you have any ideas because I sure don't

>> No.40772393


*Takes a seat back down.* Ah I see we have a new party attempting to form. Welcome, do enjoy your stay in our...unique Parliament.

Tell me, what are your platform ideas? What do you strive to work towards?

Also needs more spooky in here:

>> No.40772417


Well, I'll give it a shot.

...Not that it'll be worth much until we reach 50%, and the voting starts up again.

>> No.40772423

>Forgive me if this seems really indignant of me[...]
Was not talking about you. But other people who might need an incentive to be active beyond checking in once a week and shitposting.

Bottom line is, we can't force people to be active once they have a seat. And we can't deny new people a seat just because we assume they will be inactive. The current system works fine, if we get the amount of total seats right.

I can tell you how other parliaments do that: The creator (the illusive man) created most offices from the very start, so most rules were already in place when they started. He does not wait for speakers to be elected, he elects them freely on his whim.I disagree with this, but it does in fact work. My own idea was to build this parliament up from the very ground.

>and that I honestly want to know if you have any ideas

My idea right now is
1) decrease seats when we can, to more accurately reflect the number we get

2) Create the office of the Prime Minister as soon as possible, to streamline speakers and oversee new laws, as well as prevent abuse by samefaggers as much as possible

or failing that, 3) Do away with the 50% rule. This will make parliament more vulnerable to fraud, but it would ensure we are no longer dependant on PM's.

Or 4) Allow independent PM's, and do away with the 3 people for party rule. This will fill the seats quicker and maybe get more anons to join as independens, but we also will have a lot of mini-parties and a harder time to keep track of who is actually a serving Member of Parliament.

>> No.40772515

Haunted Tree leads the Spooks. I don't have time to vote but I'm joining the IoM as a reporter. I would like to study the imperium for a better look at their culture.. and, maybe sisters of battle.

>> No.40772549

All two or three of us? We are honored. Make sure to delete your entry from the spooks and add yourself to our party page.

>> No.40772563

>And we can't deny new people a seat just because we assume they will be inactive.
I agree with you, but what about the people who are denied seats because those seats are being taken by inactive members?

What is a PM?

I don't think we should mess with seats for maybe a couple weeks. Let's see how everything plays out and where we even out at.
What would the Prime Minister do and how would it streamline speakers and oversee laws? How would it prevent abuse by samefaggers?
The 50% rule needs some kind of overhaul. Whether it's abolished completely, or just changed, it needs to be edited. I'd really like some other people to comment with ideas besides just you and me.
Why would they be any harder to track than a 3 member party? We have threads that are archived and public to anyone/everyone, and we have the wiki pages.
I'm not saying whether we should or shouldn't allow for independents, I'm just curious as to why it would be harder to keep track of.

>> No.40772565

>Decrease seats when we can, to more accurately reflect the number we get.
Second, in fact please make this a formal proposal right know.

>Create the office of the Prime Minister as soon as possible, to streamline speakers and oversee new laws, as well as prevent abuse by samefaggers as much as possible
I'm not sure about this, but if it is really well planned it may solve a lot of the problems we have right know. We need to define what can and what can't do a Prime Minister and everything related to the Election of a Prime Minister.

>Do away with the 50% rule. This will make parliament more vulnerable to fraud, but it would ensure we are no longer dependant on PM's.
Half of the problem with that rule solves if we reduce the size of the parliament. I don't think that we should get rid of it, but we need to change a couple of things and reduce the percentage.

>Allow independent PM's, and do away with the 3 people for party rule.
I approve, but parties under the three members limit must be heavily regulated and their members must be active constantly to keep their seats.

>> No.40772604

I strive to represent da viewpoints of people like me, on da fringe of society: Shamans, druids, barbarians and da like. Teachin' about da ways of da past so as to not repeat history, but learn from it. I also fight for preservin' the wilds as dat is da way da world is supposed to be. Balance o' nature and industry.

>> No.40772616

>I approve, but parties under the three members limit must be heavily regulated and their members must be active constantly to keep their seats.
Why should a one man party be more active than a bigger party. It should be the reverse. Larger parties hog seats when only 2 or 3 of their total members post at all, and yet they have 15 members.

>> No.40772652


A balance between nature and industry seems to be something you and I can agree on. Hopefully your party gets enough members because I feel our ideas align greatly and we can make a great friendship between us.

>> No.40772667

Won't decreasing the number of seats make seat camping worse? Why not have an unlimited number of seats and start voting at an arbitrary number like 40. Samefags are gonna same no matter what.

>> No.40772681

I'm joining the Imperium of Man.

>> No.40772706


Regarding the Prime Minister:


I proposed this earlier yesterday. With this exact problem in mind. I chose the Wednesday as election day for Lord Commander, to work in Conjunction with the new Timezone act. It would prevent abusive joke parties like the serfs, could stop people like KriegerSan from rejoining the Parliament (at least somewhat) and wouldstill be accountable to other member since he can be booted out. I named the office Lord Commander because /tg/ (and it sounds way cooler than Prime Minister) but its essentially the same. The name itself is open to suggestions.

>Why would they be any harder to track than a 3 member party? We have threads that are archived and public to anyone/everyone, and we have the wiki pages.

Everytime I try to update the map,i have to beg parties to update their own pages. It is difficult to accurately keep track of new members and party-hoppers like Maya already. When people can join freely as independends, it would be even harder to keep them recorded somewhere, as there is no "party leader" who can be held responsible to update the wiki page. I'm not talking out of my arse here, this is my experience from the last week.

>> No.40772722

Well, chuckle fucks, I'm off to bed. Try not to choke on your spit while I'm gone.

>> No.40772731

If youre willing I can trick your nose into ignoring the scent. That's how I've been doing it

>> No.40772736

For the Emperor.

>> No.40772754

The way I see things, I don't inherently understand why we have a maximum seating limit or a requirement for it at all, when all it is doing is preventing us from voting and participating in this parliamentary game at this point.

This is a game of participation, the people who actively post, roleplay, propose bills or vote should not be penalized due to inactive seat holders and this majority voting should be based off total participating MPs only, not total seats or total occupied seats or number of parties.

And yes I understand samefagging is unavoidable but I have a much more pragmatic solution, if samefagging gets completely out of control. Simply declare the parliamentary government over because they have taken complete control, reset everything and start over from scratch.

This is a far better alternative then trying to think of non existent rules to curb this undesirable habit, or argue about it incessantly.

>> No.40772757

Because otherwise the parliament would be full of one man parties without any sense of unity. And this >>40772706, keeping the map up to date is hard enough without 30 different parties.

>> No.40772760

Good night lupa if anyone chokes I will record it for you in great detail.

>> No.40772770

In one of the threads I proposed the idea for a library or system of libraries to help gather and record as much of history as possible. Would you be willing to aid in the endeavor? If it doesn't go through I will likely begin work on my own collection of knowledge which I would hope to have your support on.

>> No.40772771

I didn't imply you WERE talking out of your ass. I just wanted to know your reasoning as I have not experienced what you have.

>as there is no "party leader" who can be held responsible to update the wiki page.

What if we make a designated "independent party" which has a single wiki page to track all members of an independent party.

It allows people to join with whatever "flavor" they want, while their info if maintained in one place. They are functionally different parties in ever way, except they share a single wiki page which lists all of the independent members of parties with less than 3 people.

They could, of course, make their own wiki detailing their IC info and stuff, but the place you would go to see who is still an active independent and who isn't, is this one wiki.

The begging people to update their wiki part is a related, but separate issue that we will need to figure out a solution to. Since it is a problem which effects all parties, regardless of size, we need a way to keep people updating their wiki.

>> No.40772802

Arguing about things that don't matter is the reason we're here.

>> No.40772809

That isn't an answer to my question. Why should inactive independent parties be more likely to be kicked than a massive seat-camping party like HBU or SPOOKY last week?
ANY seat camping should be punished, or not punished, the same. Special rules for one-man parties are ridiculous and solve nothing.

>> No.40772814

I would gladly aid you, I can especially help staff you with aids such as imps.

>> No.40772826


Going to throw in my two cents.

!) Good idea, but I think we should hold off on doing so for a day or so. Roll Call Sunday did what it was designed to: cleared out the inactives. Despite the samefagging that happened, we still had people that wanted to join later on that we told them that there wasn't enough room for them. I think we should wait until Wednesday at the latest before we remove seats.

2) I'm not against the idea of a Prime Minister or Lord Commander or whatever you want to call it, and I'll definitely look over the position's job description and give my thoughts about it when it gets drawn up. Otherwise the ideas of the Lord Commander that you presented was a good idea that I liked in here >>40772706

3) No thoughts on this because I'm too tired to form a coherent thought about what would happen if we do away with the 50% rule.

4) That I'm actually against. A lot of people have tried to form parties in the past and failed at just two members. This has shown it is easy to get another person to agree with you but damn difficult to get two people to agree with you. Not only that you have to still get those two other people to show up for Roll Call. I think the three person party idea was good. Two is easy, but three was the magic number: not too hard not too easy.

Anyway, this tree needs to go and slumber.

>> No.40772845

Can someone please summarize all this political nonsense for someone not exactly familiar with the going-ons of /tg/ politics? I just wanted to support the Imperium.

>> No.40772863

Also, please make sure she doesn't follow me.

>> No.40772864

It is, but at least I want to see matters resolved and arguments leading to a illusion of progress.

We are all in this thing together to have fun after all, what is the point of bickering over who has the most votes and samefagged when we can wipe the slate clean and resume arguing about things we want to argue about?

>> No.40772867

This is WAY too much power located in one man's hands.

Too easily abused, and it really doesn't solve the overall problems. Plus, it removes minor offices from free election.

Also: Lord Commander? Really? Why not just call me "Emperor Cobb I of the United States of America, Protector of Mexico". In the tradition of Norton.

>> No.40772869

By the way:

If you doubt my dedication: It's now 7 AM where I live. I argued the whole night with you to get on the same page. Good thing I'm unemployed right now. But I start working on July 13 again and wont have time to do much here anymore. If I can't manage to make this parliament self-sufficient by then, i doubt it will survive.

Sorry, no. Trolls would then just invade the parliament every day when they feel like it and force a reset without ever really playing.

>What if we make a designated "independent party" which has a single wiki page to track all members of an independent party.

Yeah thats what I had in mind. It would still need someone who clears that page out every sunday, but it could work.

>> No.40772902

And the serfs are indicated on the parliamentary seating yet possess no wiki page no M.O or member's list?

Trolls have already invaded.

>> No.40772923

By Oghma, this is entertaining to watch.

That is also fundamentally flawed, as it could allow somebody with a similar name to utilise their wide network of subversive elements to have their wishes remotely undertaken without you knowing.

Guild heads' quarters have been warded since the rift-under-the-HEMB issue. Don't you worry.

>> No.40772925

The serfs didn't even exist when I went to bed last night.
I don't know what happened in the last twelve hours.

>> No.40772931


If you have time, just click a bit through it. We need to be at 50% capacity to start voting proceedings. Until then, it's more or less just debates. Add yourself to our party wiki please. And welcome!

>> No.40772953

They have a party wiki, I made sure of that.


>> No.40772964

Thank you, brother.

>> No.40772972

Whoever edited the image to include the serfs is at fault.

A lot of people are as dedicated as you are.

>It would still need someone who clears that page out every sunday
This could be an offic unto itself, with the "independent party" being less of a party and more of a...I don't know, a conglomeration overseen by an Official. I can't find the word I want, but basically it would be a legal grouping rather than a formal party that acts as one.

>> No.40772976

Fair point *stamps foot casting a barrier spell on Lupa's exit and several thousand lupas appear going different directions after the barrier falls* that should do.

>> No.40772981

Then that's my fault.

However they aren't listed on the main wiki page under current parties.

>> No.40773008

>The serfs didn't even exist when I went to bed last night.
Their lord is strong. It is known.

>> No.40773016

Please tell me you legit make a tabloid for one of the 4chan parliaments

>> No.40773020

The page for independent parties is a good idea, and the active speaker could clean it every sunday.

Now we need a way to deal with the seat campers, the roll call sunday is our current tool, but do you think it isn't enough? What if we remove the people that didn't participated during the last few sessions, or were inactive for more than three days.
What should we do to prevent seat camping?

>> No.40773029

I think that as long as the prime minister/lord supreme/spritual liege can't come from the same party two weeks in a row and has a proper election system I think it will be helpful. Plus I trust wiggam and haunted tree to lead us well, among other members of parliament

>> No.40773049

She does, though this is the first one in a while

>> No.40773068

So, since I was not here for the last roll call, does that mean that I am unable to be a seated member for the duration of this week?

>> No.40773071

>and the active speaker could clean it every sunday.
I suggested an office specifically for the independent party page. A sort of "speaker" specifically for those parties who manages the meta-info regarding them

>the roll call sunday is our current tool, but do you think it isn't enough
No I do not think it is enough

>What if we remove the people that didn't participated during the last few sessions, or were inactive for more than three days.
Not bad ideas, but we need more input

What if the lord supreme minister of spiritual everything and divine leisure has to be someone who doesn't hold a seat, and if they do hold a seat, they have to forsake it for the duration of their office, that way they cant propose bills or vote, and it limits their power just a little

>> No.40773076

I don't think we can do anything about seat campers other then through roll calls, besides abolishing the seats altogether so any newcomer MP can vote, propose bills or voice their opinions as soon as they arrive.

But like Red Marine has said, that provides a invitation for trolls to exploit the system and end the game prematurely.

So you take the poison with the cure.

>> No.40773081


There's only four covers right now. I'm thinking of writing something a little more in depth but the words are hard to come by.

>> No.40773095

>can't come from the same party two weeks in a row

Thats actually not a bad idea. It would have three failsafes with this.

>A lot of people are as dedicated as you are.

Yeah i truly wished that was true. But I'm the sorry sod who has to keep track of the map most of the time. This morning, there wasnt even a parliament. Speaker election was never tallied, no one knew what the fuck was going on...We have some pretty dedicated people here for which I'm glad, but my workload here speaks differently.

>Whoever edited the image to include the serfs is at fault.
That would be me. They had 8 Members. They had a wiki page. We had no prime minister. And no legal grounds to refuse them (which they loved to point out). I delayed as much as I could, but ultimately the rules are there for everyone.

>> No.40773100

I think there's tons of seats left open so you're set to get your spot back.

>> No.40773105

Maybe more frequent roll calls?

>> No.40773116

The thing is if you proactively ignore and discourage trolling it does eventually bleed off and die out.

>> No.40773118

Not at all, now that you posted you're back in the parliament.

>> No.40773165

Would add another day in which we can't do anything. Not a good idea.

Lowering the seats, or the percentage of needed members would be an occams razor sort of solution and work. Inactive members are not the problem. Not being able to vote is the problem. Voltaire got that right.

>> No.40773166

If we keep the 50% rule we would never get any job done, but maybe the thursdays we could remove the members that didn't post since the monday.

>> No.40773169

Very nice.

>Yeah i truly wished that was true.
It kind of rubs me the wrong way that you disregard how much people HAVE invested in it. I understand you do a lot, and i'm not trying to discredit that, but you ARE discrediting what the rest of us have done and that's kind of a dick move. I have done a lot myself, and it may be DIFFERENT from what you do, but it takes effort and time nonetheless.

>That would be me.
I based that off of what Voltaire said. I didn't bother to check and see if the serfs had a page, my bad.
(still oughta not have them, though)

>> No.40773192

The problem is if you do more frequent roll calls you discourage active and frequent participants because of their loss of a seat because they couldn't make a single roll call. Hell even if it was twice a week would probably cause enough havoc to become a major problem. Because then people lose their seat frequently and eventually they will lose their seat and won't be able to get it back and this will cause an eventual distaste of the whole thing.

>> No.40773198

That could work, if we do bother to implement it, we should not exceed two roll call sessions per week. And if we do have a Spiritual Liege position act passed hold the right to host emergency roll call session with at least 24 hours of warning and notification.

Are you actually agreeing with abolishing the voting seats or is it a clever ruse to drop my guard as you enact your plan to kill me?

Either way there are people within our parliament that can proactively ignore trolls and there are others who can't, and if you give them a hand, they'll take your arm. This is why I am very critical to how the Serf managed to establish a power base so quickly here.

>> No.40773242

Inactive members ARE a problem though.
It's the 50% rule that forces us to wait for a bunch of people to come in, after that they camp and don't post and new people who come in just straight up don't get a seat and that's completely unfair and ridiculous.

As it stands both inactive players AND not being able to vote without 50% of members are problems. Waiting prevents us from doing anything early in the week, and inactive members prevents new members from getting in on it later in the week.

We need two solutions for two different but related problems, or one solution that somehow solves both. Either way we have two problems here.

You think I don't know that. You might notice that I don't currently have a seat because my entire party have left the game. Plus roll call lasts until parliament is filled up, not JUST Sunday. Seats will continue to fill throughout the week as new members roll in.
In fact, calling Sunday "Roll Call" is a bit of a misnomer because really it's just the day we reset, Roll Call lasts until seats fill, or the following Sunday, whichever comes first.

>> No.40773252

There is nothing stopping people from rejoining parliament after they have missed the roll calls, it is problem for smaller parties that do not have enough active members to keep themselves afloat which can quickly become a huge issue.

>> No.40773273

Ah, excellent. Thank you both.

>> No.40773311

What if instead of a percentage we have a fixed number like 50 or 40?

>> No.40773347

A fixed number MIGHT work if we have the right number for it.

I think we generally hover somewhere between 40-50 throughout the week, so something a little under that, like 30-35 would probably work.

>> No.40773358

Something has to go its either the high seat size, the seats all together or the 50% rule. Your going to have to pick the lesser of the evils and currently the least evil is the number.
I realize that but for this a weekly reset seems rather apt currently.

>> No.40773409

That doesn't happen though. Sorry, you claim to be very dedicated, but you don't seem to remember the last week at all. It was very few members who didn't get a seat after the expansion, and thats a fact. If we keep the current number, but decrease the amount of needed seats to start voting, we would be immune to sudden bursts but still be able to act.

I remain, inactive member were a problem that we did solve by increasing the seats. The only downside now is the sudden drop in active members we didnt anticipate. Stop making up problems that don't exist, or are very unlikely to ever exist. Just look at the parliament RIGHT NOW. YOu said before you dont think we would get enough people to vote until next Sunday. What changed your tone so suddenly?

More rollcalls are dangerous and annoying. You said it yourself: You have a life outside /tg/. So why would you want to check in twice a week suddenly?

Oversight by an appointed leader, or lowered required numbers are the only solution here. Lowering total amount of seats too, but then people might spike again.

>> No.40773440

I'm not sure that I see the downside to decreasing the amount of seated members required to vote.

>> No.40773453

Actually I have a proposal. Wait until next week at sunday's roll call. When everyone checks in make a clear statement that if you do not form a party affiliate to the next closest thing. Then from that roll call double that number and you have the total number of seats to expect and if you fill just add one if someone expresses genuine interest in joining. And after each roll call simply do this. Double the number of people who report in properly. This allows for new people to join starting at the new week and adjusts the size of parliament to accomodate for player schedule changes and such.

>> No.40773480

Realistically, there is none. as its unlikely we will ever spike again as we have at the start.

But IF...and only IF that happens...we would have enough seats for everyone without telling newly interested anons to GTFO or wait.

Like i said, two quick fixes:

- lower total seats
- lower percentage

Lowering percentage is the safer option. Both are valid.

>> No.40773490

>It is problem for smaller parties that do not have enough active members to keep themselves afloat
This can be solved if we allow parties with less than three members, but if we have a separate wiki page for those parties what happens when a party that previously had more than three members lose them? I think that they should keep their official party status for a week and if they can't get a third member after that they have to move to the independent parties page.

30 seems too low, but we should be fine with 35 as the new minimum size.

>> No.40773520

Well yes, but that would force people to join parties. The rest of your idea is good, if we can find someone who creates that map everytime new.

>> No.40773530

There is a lot of unnecessary hostility in your post.

I DO put in work, and just because the number of people who missed out was YOUR opinion of low doesn't mean they don't deserve to participate, especially when there was such a high number of inactive people last week that kept their seats for no reason other than the fact that it's apparently in the rules.

We DID anticipate inactive members. Both me and Umbra commented, in almost these exact words "When Sunday rolls around we are gonna look like dumbasses for adding extra seats."
YOU didn't anticipate a drop in participation and you didn't listen to the people you don't find worthy of your attention.
You claim to be super active in the thread and super invested and somehow you missed all the talk about how inactive this week was gonna be with the sudden drop off after the SPOOKY samefagging incident.

>Stop making up problems that don't exist, or are very unlikely to ever exist. YOu said before you dont think we would get enough people to vote until next Sunday. What changed your tone so suddenly?
What tone change? What are you even talking about? And what problems am I making up?
We have 2 problems.
A: people are bitching because YOUR SHITTY 50% RULE is stopping us from playing the game
B: People are camping on seats which literally helps nothing. And the only reason you are saying it "isn't a problem" is because you KNOW that the ONLY way we get even CLOSE to half of 156 is with campers.

Your hositility is fucking annoying btw and it's why I was making personal attacks earlier. Allow me to make another one: You're a fucking asshole.

>Oversight by an appointed leader, or lowered required numbers are the only solution here. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION

Fixed that for you. Don't make statements as if they are fact or law. The "only solution" is what we are trying to find out, and solutions is why were are a parliament and not a thread that stands around and sucks Red Marine's mighty dick.

>> No.40773568

>35 as the new minimum size

>> No.40773613

Apparently, I missed a shitstorm.

Someone give me a tl;dr?

>> No.40773675

>YOU didn't anticipate a drop in participation and you didn't listen to the people you don't find worthy of your attention.

Outright lie. No one came forward. And by the way, the seat expansion act was voted in by mutiple people. It wasnt a godly decree by me as you would like it to make it out.

>What tone change? What are you even talking about?

I'm talking about this here:

>We can't predict the future, and for all we know this right here could be all we have until next Sunday.

Ah ha. And now you are afraid we do not have enough seats?

>people are bitching because YOUR SHITTY 50% RULE is stopping us from playing the game

Wrong. You are bitching and screaming. The rest saw a problem and worked on it.

>People are camping on seats which literally helps nothing. And the only reason you are saying it "isn't a problem" is because you KNOW that the ONLY way we get even CLOSE to half of 156 is with campers.

Define campers. People who only vote once or twice a week? Please go and have a look at the other parliaments. It's the norm there. Its how some people play. They are not campers just for that. HBU had fun, then they stopped. So what? Got weeded out last Sunday, life goes on.

>Your hositility is fucking annoying

Percieved hostility, by you. You do not seem to handle criticism very well, but thats hardly my problem.

>You're a fucking asshole.

Yeah okay.


Of course its my opinion. So whats your point? Thanks for fixing.

>thread that stands around and sucks Red Marine's mighty dick.

Not sure where this comes from again. You have issues, man...

>> No.40773676


>The metarules are fucked up and no one can agree on how to fix them.
>Red Marine wants to create a new office that rules everything and everyone.
>Gattuccio and Red Marine WWE smackdown
>apparently no one does any work except Red Marine
>the Timezone Discrepancy Bill failed to pass because of an obscure rule that hasn't been clarified or sourced
>Noobs gonna n00b
>Serfs came, they triped, they camped
>no new proposals until the Holy Picture is at 78 people
>no one can challenge the picture
>the picture is law
>never mind the fact they edited the picture and added seats on a whim

>This message was brought to you by the Anonymous Lurkers Front

>> No.40773679

Chill, we were doing fine. Red Marine was a kind of a dick, you're being a dick right know and I'm probably a dick too, and assuming things is making it worse than it should be. But let's forget that and return to business.

We can't vote because we don't have the required number of people, and we're trying to make some changes but the things aren't going smoothly.

>> No.40773716

I didn't assume anything, Red Marine did when he told me I changed tone. I did not. But hey, can't change the mind of an actual autistic person

>> No.40773734

Jesus fuck you two. Calm down, it's a game, allright? There's no need to get into a full-blown smackdown over it.

Does poppa Moff have to put you two in the time-out corner?

>> No.40773772

Ha, thats rich.

>This message was brought to you by the Anonymous Lurkers Front

No. Just you.

>can't change the mind of an actual autistic person

Okay. Call me some more names, it's pretty much all I've seen you doing. I'm gonna go ahead and get some actual stuff done. Map update incoming.

>> No.40773778

You're being unnecessarily hostile and that isn't going to take us anywhere. Please stop that, I agree that Red Marine was inconsiderate when he implied that he worked harder than the rest of us but you're being childish.

>Does poppa Moff have to put you two in the time-out corner?

>> No.40773831

I would think that having half of the original seat limit of 125 could be in the spirit of the law, which would give us just enough seats to start a session.

>> No.40773848

Red. Get in your chat. Now.

Gatt. Stop posting. You know you're shitposting. Fuck off for a bit and calm down.

Everyone who is going to insult someone else, don't.

>> No.40773850


>I tried

>> No.40773852

Damn I honestly thought this was going to be nicely resolved. But hell no it wasn't

>> No.40773863

>Outright lie. No one came forward. And by the way, the seat expansion act was voted in by mutiple people. It wasnt a godly decree by me as you would like it to make it out.

"outright lie"
this passive aggressiveness of yours is why I am being a direct asshole, just so you know


These are the posts that mention how the participation will drop. There is another specific one somewhere but I haven't found it yet.

>> No.40773889

and a bunch of errors. fml.

>> No.40773893

>would give us just enough seats to start a session.
Maybe this time, but 62 is too much. Gattuccio even considered 30, I believe that the number should be between 35 and 45. What's your opinion?

What about you, Moff?

Good work.

>> No.40773910


/tg/ parliament has had three major samefag threats now. In the early days, we had some cunt who would post loli porn constantly for hours at a time.

Then, Kreiger. Now, (possibly) the Serfs.

It appears samefagging is the true horror beyond the wall.


Wait, what am I meant to be commenting on?

>> No.40773913

Ugh i don't think i have to deal with him. I'm not his caretaker, if his feelings are hurt, I'm sorry but thats life.

Will join you after I finished the map.

Oh boy...was any of those quoted postings directed to me? Because you said people desperately tried to tell me, but I, in my hubris, didn't listen when I somehow forced this act upon all of you...no? Carry on then.

>> No.40773915

Perhaps we need some selective interpretin' of rules already in existence? The Rules state very clearly that 'Three people are needed to create a party'. They don't say nothin' about the numbers needed to maintain a party already in existence.

Taken' that way, all arties that got through the point of creation can then continue existin' as long as they 'ave one or two members showin' up and participatin'. Only parties that fall to no seats are dead and need to be formally recreated.

>> No.40773953

We're talking about reducing the minimum size of the parliament required to vote, I suggested a fixed number instead of a percentage. What do you think that number should be? Is 35 too low?

>> No.40774016

I'm not going to pretend to be much of a politician. There is a reason almost all of the stuff I put forward are RP laws - the metarules honestly confuse me.

I'd be the worst person to rule on what would be a good number. I mean, the game could, as far as I can tell, play perfectly well with 15 people - that'd be five parties at minimum size.

As time goes on, the game is going to get smaller as people lose interest. That's just a fact. People get bored, dawg, shiny new things lose their shine.

I'd say as long as there are people still willing to play the game, let it play.

>> No.40774028

Updated map.

Moff, some guy called c4PO wanted to join the GE. I assume you gonna let him and added him to the map. Not to the wiki though,

>> No.40774036

Hmm. Any shitposting been going down from this guy?

>> No.40774055

>that serf picture
I can't help but love them.

>> No.40774060

You make a point. Crafty gnome...

But you do drop at roll calls

I don't know. Only two posts i think.

>> No.40774062

We talked about allowing parties with less than three members as independent parties that are fundamentally different but share a wiki page to make keeping track of them and I suggested that a party that used to have more than three members but lost them should be able to keep being an official party during a week. But I'm interested in hearing your opinion.

If that the case I'm making a proposal

Proposal: 'Amendment of the Minimum Size of the Parliament'
Voting can only start after 35 seats of the Parliament are filled by at least three different parties.

>> No.40774078

>Oh boy...was any of those quoted postings directed to me? Because you said people desperately tried to tell me, but I, in my hubris, didn't listen when I somehow forced this act upon all of you...no? Carry on then.

No they were not directed at you, and I wasn't implying that we warned you specifically.
You said that "we" didn't anticipate a drop in numbers
>The only downside now is the sudden drop in active members we didnt anticipate
and I said some of us did
>We DID anticipate inactive members. Both me and Umbra commented, in almost these exact words "When Sunday rolls around we are gonna look like dumbasses for adding extra seats."

The other stuff I said after that was bitter shitposting on my part. My point was that it was pretty obvious to SOME of us that we would see a major drop around Sunday.

>> No.40774114

They RP it well. Gotta give 'em that.

Hm. Eh, sure. I'll just have to keep an eye out in case of samefaggotry.

I see literally no downside to this. Seconded.

>> No.40774129


>> No.40774137

Forgot trip

>> No.40774170

Yeah and it was abvious to me too. Same thing happened on the /pol/ parliament. Even the great founder parties dropped dead after a while. Resurrected later. Dropped dead again.

>You said that "we" didn't anticipate a drop in numbers
Meant the people i spoke with (or spoke with me). And its true, I did think (or hoped) for a greater turnout than this. But unlike you, I dont see it as a problem, but as a learning experience and a new challenge to correct previous assumptions.

>> No.40774382

We have a fifth member now, Brad the Bard.

>> No.40774463


Good night.

>> No.40774486

I came on at a good time!

ALSO! Remember, joining the Adventuring Party is easy! Sign the charter, which means agreeing to the listed shares, and do that looting thing! Remember, more members means more shares to go around, but means bigger jobs with lots of loot! Also remember that Adventuring Parties support the working class, especially the craftsmen and inn keepers! They are vital parts of our support structure! We don't need JUST adventurers! Blacksmiths to fix and make weapons, alchemists to make potions, so on and so forth!

So join the Adventuring Party today!

>> No.40774538

This man speaks the truth!

>> No.40774640

Things are looking up for the Adventuring Party!
Hey everyone, free heals on me for the next twelve hours!

>> No.40774676

C-4PO was me. I figured that the EHC was dead and wanted to keep on keeping on, so I did the thing. But, if what Grum said is accurate, then
If not, then I'll probably switch.

>> No.40774701

It pains me to say yeah, the EHC is back with your return. Sucks, you'd have made a damn good Imperial.

>> No.40774731

Worry not, there is still a chance in the future. Especially if I get tired of typing all goblin-y.

>> No.40774764

Toppest of keks. Reminds me of a stereotypically Aussie character I once had. Doing that accent was a bitch and a half.

Well, until either we find a way to violate one of the inviolable starting laws, or get enough members for voting to be a thing again...

ded gaem ;^)

>> No.40774823

[proceeds to get as many stab wounds as he can collect]

>> No.40774875

Eeeeeeh, fuck it. Sorry Grum
If I may sir, would it not be advisable to carry session as normal?
My data suggests that once a game stagnates, it is likely to further decline.
What we require is new players, and the best way to draw in new players is by offering what they expect. Instead of arguing about how to play the game, instead presenting them with actual gameplay.

>> No.40774893

Unfortunately, one of the very first rules in the game's original OP was that voting may only commence when 50% of seats are full. Given the 'Cram more seats in' act from the SPOOKOCALYPSE, we're a long way off of being able to vote on any issues.

Also unfortunately, one of the same starting rules, and the only one in bold, is that the starting rules CANNOT be modified or removed in any way.

So, technically, game is kill unless we can drastically reduce the number of seats...

...Which would require a vote.

>> No.40774966

Hmm. I understand the predicament.

What I don't understand is why one would hold firmly to these rules if they detriment the game as a whole.

Now, if we wanted to go by the letter of the law instead of the spirit of itand, really, isn't that the point of politics?, it says that voting is possible after parliament is 50% seated, not while. Since it HAS BEEN 50% seated, then technically we would be within the rules to hold session.

>> No.40774976

and that's why internet autists should never be in charge of a government

>> No.40774985

hmm, I wonder how I messed up those spoilers.
Imagine the bit about "the point of politics" is spoilered.

>> No.40775000

This idea was put forward and seconded here:

>> No.40775025

That is a fair point. And honestly, having game be kill because of some BS technicality sucks.

I'll try to be awake during the next session, and will hold an 'emergency session' where the first thing voted upon will be Average Joe's amendment to the minimum size of parliament. Then we can get back to our regularly scheduled game.

Because I'm only confirmed speaker. I do what I waaaaaaaant.

>> No.40775034

Hmm. I wasn't paying particular attention. The amount of shitposting was rather ridiculous.

Even so, that's not quite what I was saying, though it solves the problem. except that it requires a vote.

>> No.40775058

That sounds like an excellent solution.
And now, this unit needs to dock in order to recharge.
Night Wibbs, >>40775000 night scary guy with a scythe.

>> No.40775059

The last few hours have been largely shitposting.

It seems unfortunate, then, that we cannot vote for the ability to start voting.

>> No.40775076

Good night. Welcome to the best Party in the gaem.

Yeah, sorry about that guys. I'd have bitchslapped 'em both as equals earlier, but I didn't have internet access at the time.

>> No.40775150

Wheres all the white women at

>pic related, me and kai leng

>> No.40775189

he will never be m'lord Goldstein.

When Goldstein returns, there will be no mistakes. Only carnage.

>> No.40775269

I still want to see the Death Star of David in action someday.

>> No.40775289

I am very dissapointed to see such a rapid declone here. Just a few days ago when I joined this place was bustling. In other news HAIL THE RISING OF THE COAA

>> No.40775305

Given the bit with Kreiger, that is a rather apt description.

>> No.40775306

I see what you did there.

>> No.40775313

Actually Gobb and I are speakers too. And you would have to ignore your own Time Discrepancy Bill to do it.

>> No.40775321

I wish I did that on purpose

>> No.40775333

Derp. Good point. I'm half-asleep at the moment, I apologize on both counts.

Yeah, if I'm making fuckups like that, it's time for bed.

G'night everyone. If you burn down parliament while I'm asleep, at least record it so I can watch later.

>> No.40775335

>tfw the story of Ragnarok and Goldstein was a parable showing what could happen in the dark hearts of men and deceit took hold in /pol/ parliament. Goldstein was never the enemy, instead we all were Goldstein.

>> No.40775345

Night wibbs. God or emporer or force or whatever the hell bless

>> No.40775366

Don't worry, I'll record it.

>> No.40777025

Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask one of you to make a new thread.

>> No.40777054

>parliament threads are dead

Well, that didn't take long.

>> No.40777100


new thread

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