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Version 3.5 is out! What's new:

>Three new races: Githyanki, Githzerai and Goliaths. Also, the Zerg are now Kythons.
>Exaltations: the Demiurge is back in and the Para-Psyker has been heavily reworked. There's also a brand new exaltation, the Sage.
>Two new sword schools: Aphotic Wind and Infinite Choir.
>A couple new weapons and ship modules, some new sample vehicles.
>More proofreading and clean ups.

Also D:tD general I guess.

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dat Liono

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By Vectron's shimmering beard can it really be so?

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You'd better believe it, brother!

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Shit, I remember putting this on my iPod Touch and reading it in high school. I thought it was ded.

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I'd like to add that Geth did get some updating on the forum, but weren't caught before this went to print, so to speak.

Same with the Demiurge, which had some changes in-thread that weren't accounted for here.

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I see those magical girls has finally been added, that's been in the talks since the first thread hasn't it?

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what other plans are there for this book?

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Something like a Raksha/Ozoi exalt, if I'm recalling past threads correctly?

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I have no idea.

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I recall discussion about an exalt like pic related, and there's probably going to be more about the Overlord again.

There's also a few more weapons as well as some artifacts floating around the forum that might yet be tossed in, and some Mark assets to go with the Book 2 alignments.

There's also a few races that haven't made it into this draft, but one of them (some unholy mix of Homestuck and Elfen Lied) is waiting on a new draft of its own first.

There's only one class of note on the forum that isn't in the pdf yet, at least that I can see.

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Reworked alignment system
More enemies
More weapons
More exaltation assets
An Overlord that actually works

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will Mind Flayers be a pure monster race or playable? also I noticed they dropped zerg from the book, I kinda liked them, though I would have used collectors as their front art

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>Mind Flayers
Presumably remaining antagonist-only, as they were in Book 1.

>dropped Zerg
Didn't happen, they were just renamed.

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oh, I was skimming and saw no art

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I'm the guy who was reworking the alignment system, and rebalencing the spelljammer creation rules. I'm moving house at the moment, but will finish them up and post them in the next few weeks. Praise Vectron!

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I noticed that Geth still have an amped up version of an Exaltation power.
Is there a reason for this? I haven't checked in recently.

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Yeah, actually... guy compiling the pdf actually read the thread with the updated version, thought he'd already read it, and proceeded to believe he'd already put the update in.

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hey, that reminds me, Spelljammer Illithids are actually pretty chill, they have access to brain fungus which keeps them from needing to hunt others, causing them to just become a bunch of traders

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>dat demiurge exalt
>dat sage exalt

literally perfect (fluff wise)

>A Level 5 Maido having a sword school trick called 'The World' and a class skill called 'My World'
Totally not perfect. Might be best to change one, like the sword skill one could change from The World to Taking Out The Trash or something

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Where to get the other two books?

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Maid feat would be the one getting changed, if that's the new name.

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Were any Final Fantasy XIV elements get added like some people were talking about a while back?

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Muda Muda muda

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>The Gith are Irkans and Nameks.

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>It practically baits you into a sarcastic buddycop team up.
>Nephilim Techpriest Zim, with Big Britches
>Sage Punchwizard Piccolo, with Nail and Kami Spirit Mentor

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>They fight crime
>And the lunch rush at Crazy Taco

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What book should I pick up to play this? 1, 2, or 3?

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You need book one. Books two and three are splats.

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This is a community project, not something the original maker did.

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>New ship modules
Not that I can find.

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Z: why do you talk to yourself?
P:better reasons than you do.
Z: Zim always has the bets reasons!
N:when do we get to kill him?
K: now now, he reminds me of a younger version of you piccolo, all that unbridled destructive joy, the pathological need to show off.

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Where can I find the other books?

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will that Outlaw Star thing ever be finished?

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with the Gith now in, we should focus on getting the Bullywug/Incursean/Keronian/Slann/Sladd race finished up, although I'm not sure if any progress has been made since the last time I was in one of these threads(which was at least two weeks ago, maybe longer)

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I do appreciate most of the exalts having downsides, like all the exalts should. Demiurge has its social penalty and being Hated by all gods and their religious institutes. Force Sensitive has its dark side alignment penalty. Parasite has its healing and social penalties. Sages just don't give a shit.

Kryptonian could use one bigger/better than 'no sunlight? No powers'
Para-psychic is just...odd overall. I mean I get what its going for but it just feels odd, imo.
Font is still stupid and bad.

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I do appreciate most of the exalts having downsides, like all the exalts should. Demiurge has its social penalty and being Hated by all gods and their religious institutes. Force Sensitive has its dark side alignment penalty. Parasite has its healing and social penalties. Sages just don't give a shit.

Kryptonian could use one bigger/better than 'no sunlight? No powers'
Para-psychic is just...odd overall. I mean I get what its going for but it just feels odd, imo.
Font is still stupid and bad.

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I have a question about the system: how do parrying and dodging work? The description of the actions says you add half the result of the roll to your defense, but the attacks section says a successful dodge or parry roll completely nullifies the attack. Which is the correct one?

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You add half the result to your static defence, and compare that new defence to the attack roll. If the defence is now higher, the attack misses.

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>enter thread

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I wonder if at this point we should start looking for lore from the release thread to be added to some of the splats...

like lawyers being the Sith, or a refined version of the filk where the devil challenges LawfulNice to a homebrew contest...

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I'd love to see a little more love for it, there was a ton of fluff written up that's just languishing in archives, but it's as done as it's gonna get without someone getting a wild hair up their as about polishing it.

I was the race stat crunch guy, and the guy who threw the munchousen drive on the wiki after book 2 came out, and tried to drag the project to a more solid completion, but I have shit for work ethic and live off feedback, so lack of attention killed me.

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>Font is still stupid and bad
explain further

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Man, I need to sell a kidney or something to get these printed in full colour and placed on my shelf.

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nah, just bribe a printer...

but you'll never have a full sized full gloss page copy...the lawyers would smell it and chase you to the ends of the earth to tear it from your corpses icy embrace...

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Process servers go missing in this county a lot. They can try their damndest and it won't even make the news.

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I dunno, I've had good luck using lulu to print noncommercial copies of things. I survived Disney with Star Wars REUP, so I might give this a try.

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I have been seriously contemplating using my university's printing service to get one. I have freinds doing PHDs who get reduced rates on binding, so it could be done.

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Anyone ever figure out what happened to Lawful Nice?

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We've been over this, he moved on to Battle Century G on Kickstarter, and writing My Little Pony fanfiction on Reddit.

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>Battle Century G

>> No.40779822


All of the lawyers that'd been stuck in his door since he released the first book finally got themselves unjammed and started suing.

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Seriously what?
Five seconds of googling can confirm both of the things I said.

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Yeah. Remember that thing that started to grow out of Giant Guardian Generation after the developer started tossing out everything that made it good? That game.

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Not them, but I think it needs a more tangible downside. Sure they can't spend resources without taking a Full Action, but other than that there's not much downside.

AND to top it off, a lot of their powers are double loaded with benefits, which might be fine if Avatar had a harsher disadvantage.

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Hm. Maybe something like "you must spend 1 Drop at the start of each turn or immediately drop out of Avatar form"?

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If I remember correctly, that's what the old version of the exalt Font is a remake of had. Apparently people didn't like that? I did, but whatever. I guess the problem at that point is that they might need a bit of a higher resource point cap or they will just run out real quick.

Maybe something dumb like
(6-Power Stat) resource points to transform, instead of just one? So at high levels it's really easy to transform, but at low levels you have to really drain yourself to do so. I think that would balance it, but they would still need an increase in resource point amounts.

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There was something exactly like that in previous builds, don't remember if it was the Wellspring or Champion.

>> No.40780151

>(6-Power Stat) resource to transform
Then you can't transform at all until Channel 3, because of how resource points are limited.

That was Wellspring, yes.

>> No.40780175

>but they would still need an increase in resource point amounts.

>> No.40780187

Increasing the amount of resource points does flatly nothing when you can't spend more resource points than your power stat in a given round.

>> No.40780211

Make an exception to the rules just for transforming, then? It's not outside of the spirit of the game to break it's own rules.

>> No.40780399

You're all very silly people with a rule system that works well.

>> No.40780518

this was the biggest point of contention that lead to the font being made (aside from generally more people saying they liked the champion in spite of the wellspring being a more "polished" version)

that is oddly something that didn't occur to anyone as it came together. it isn't outside the realm of how the game already operates, promethians counter the general rules on resource points by denying healing with them right in book one.
the other possibility is a time limit somewhere in line with the werewolf's warform. my fear would be that it's a bit short lived to make the centerpoint of an exaltation, werewolves get all sorts of umbra hijinks to do between flipping out and turning into monsters.

>AND to top it off, a lot of their powers are double loaded with benefits, which might be fine if Avatar had a harsher disadvantage.
I think this is a case if a lot of ideas people liked getting kept even in the face of power creep.

>> No.40780643

I was thinkng about that, the duration of stuff like Warform and Living Weapon. But it just doesn't fit the theme of a henshin hero as well. I honestly like the duration mechanic as it is now, no power left means you drop out of it.

But huh, it's weird that people aren't bending the rules a little. It's homebrew, guys. Be creative. I mean, at least Font isn't ANOTHER exalt with a penalty to social tests.

>> No.40780662

>time limit
Off the top of my head, the only Rider I can think of that uses this is Mach (and Drive Type Dead Heat), and no magical girls?

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Thanks Spurdo, that's very nice of you.

>> No.40781224

Someone wanna throw this up on Mediafire somewhere and link it off the 1d4chan article? This is nice and all but I'd kinda like to be able to find it later, and suptg doesn't do PDF archiving anymore.

>> No.40781329

Archive.moe and 4plebs do though. You can also check the official forums:

>> No.40781455

It was a thing for GARO at one point.

>> No.40781724

Thank you, I'll be adding that to my library later.

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Monster Spitballing Time.

Tribbles + Mogwai.
Witchlight Marauders.
Make Alboleths the Ur-Quan.
Hell, why don't we already have Giff + Thraddash?
Mindworms, the whole Xenofungus ecosystem rolled into Myconids. Halo Hunters made of Mindworms.
Liam Neeson + John Walsh.

>> No.40782934

For me, its a fluff thing. Why do they exist? Why are they so rare? Why aren't everyone becoming one? What fuels the font? That there's something even remotely near the level of the gods able to empower individuals for any amount of time to normal Exalts?

If the fluff was changed, I wouldn't mind nearly as much.
Also the feat names are redundantly stupidly named. Have some creativity!

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>Why isn't everyone in the DC Universe a Green Lantern?

>> No.40783278

In defense of the asset names... no, fuck that, I'm not defending them, there wasn't any need to change them.

>> No.40783354

>Why is anyone a Green Lantern in a universe at super war?

>> No.40783469

I can't tell if you think that's a rebuttal, you honestly don't know, or are just stringing random words together and happened on a combination that's semirelevant.

>> No.40784460

Anyone else find a little weird that of all the classes of all the books only the swordsman gets Improved Weapon Focus/Specialization?

>> No.40784526

It's a fighter thing, you wouldn't understand.

>> No.40784653

I get it's supposed to give an advantage to melee fighters over ranged ones but why only the swordsman and not the barbarian or paladin?

>> No.40784723

No, I mean it's a *fighter* thing.

As in, probably an attempt at letting the fighter retain *something* to call its own. No idea why, other than maybe pity, given you can pretty much skip the first level if you take a level in any other martial class?

>> No.40784739

Yeah, let's give angry fightman and holy fightman everything fighty fightman gets, and then some! That's totally fair.

>> No.40784982

But fighty fightman already has itsadvantages over angry fightman and holy fightman, like Iron Heart, Combat Master, Combat Insight and the ability to go power armor as soon as level 3.

>> No.40786036

horned hero didn't really make any sense from the get go, and slashing hero definitely wouldn't have made sense with what is currently overflowing energy. without them the kyoruger naming homage didn't really hold together.

>> No.40786085

Keep the name, change the content.

>> No.40786239

to what? what kind of mechanical differentiation between horned, fanged, and slashing heroes even makes sense? Overflowing Noun isn't exactly catchy, but why shoehorn mechanics behind a nod to one season of a franchise?

I do like [thing] Hero as a naming convention. what about renaming them to the different genre's of henshin? masked hero, magical hero, etc. sentai hero seems a little exact. Ranger hero?

>> No.40786747

Mighty Hero
Unerring Hero
Indomitable Hero
Mystic Hero
Exemplary Hero

>> No.40787360

...Or this. This is good.

>> No.40788041

This isn't referencing anything is it? just taking the "Adjective Hero" convention and making it descriptive of the assets?

>> No.40788088

That may be true but its better than what's already there as its apparent that the guy who made that post put some fucking thought into the names.

>> No.40788093

Not specifically, but it's in the spirit of manga banners like MIGHTY HERO OF JUSTICE KAMEN RIDER STRONGER!!! and shit like that.

>> No.40788295

Here, even. If we want it more specifically in that particular spirit, I can do that too:

Mighty Destroyer of Evil!
Unerring Arrow of Justice!
Indomitable Defender of Innocents!
Mystic Avatar of Redemption!
Exemplary Overdrive Avenger!

>> No.40788689

Almost forgot about this project. So far, I've completed Eldaring shuriken rifles/pistols, Tau rail rifles and markerlights, as well as ork weapons (though they're basically a template you can add to other weapons). Anything else I should stat? Any guns people want so it doesn't feel like every race is using the imperial 40k armoury?

>> No.40788915

I'm good, if only from the fact I can just handwave away the physical guns into being different aesthetically between each species. And in that we got the big ones. Bullet, explosive bullet, laser, plasma, missles.

What I would be interested in are daemonic weapons for the rest of the gods and not just the 4 chaos gods plus malal. Also more syrneth weapons. love me some bullshit super techmagic weapons.

>> No.40789031

Your new races are shit. Size fucking 6? Are you retarded?

>> No.40789057

They certainly still eat brains and enslave people, but they do the former for profit and the latter when they can get away with it.

>> No.40789254

those seem a bit much for asset names.

>> No.40789266

So is Ogryn just a Imperial Slur for Goliaths? The text says that they used to be called Ogres.

>> No.40789282

i'd almost rather the last one go with the simple "Super Hero"

>> No.40789369

I agree. But it's more like what I was sort of referencing.

See, I like that but it's really damned generic and open to durrhurr criticism.

>> No.40789385

It's ever so slightly implied that they're Ogre-Human hybrids.

>> No.40789499

Ah, I was going to have them be called Ogryn as a mildly racist classification, like how the British divided Indian troops into perceived quality based on ethnicity.

>> No.40789621

How did that go for them?

>> No.40789658

The Pakistanis kept the system and got there arses handed to them by the "inferior" central Indian army, the British based the system on who gave them the worst trouble to fight not who could actually fight and command.

>> No.40789734

Will the Champion ever be put back in? I liked a item-based exaltation to do Shushu/KLK/ Magic Girl stuff.

>> No.40789737

To be fair, no one fucks with a Gurkha.

>> No.40790730

Seriously they put a Size 6 race back in?

Welp, they did.

Do I need to pull up the numbers again?

>> No.40791009

no plans on it. the font does offer free artifact dots (pending any revision after this all-upside quandry) there are rumplings on the official forum about non-vampire corporial undead, the fact that liches and death knights both center on a haunted item both offer some potential common ground for some kind of item-centric thing but IMO that kinda thing is really better handled with refluffing and background dots.

>> No.40791022

I don't know what numbers you're talking about, so go for it.

>> No.40791055

i believe the idea was to honor the premise of the original minotaur's creator, that being "da hugest race" but there's really not enough downside. also the guy making it seems to be underestimating resilience as a stat in general. the marrow vector no longer virtually doubles size, but +5 resilience at max power stat is pretty fucking impressive

>> No.40791078

If a race is going to be that big and that should basically be it's only thing.

>> No.40791080

short version: resilience is bananas and size is a direct enabler of it. promethians' warstrider ability will snap the game in half with enough gains.

other anon please provide proper maths

>> No.40791104

Oh yeah, I'm all for the refluffing of appearances and shit, I was just disappointed that nothing was really close to the shuriken gun.

Though now that I think about it, a lasgun that does R instead of E damage is close enough. I think I'm going to work on the expanded alignment system mentioned earlier instead.

>> No.40791198

Didn't want to do it myself so I just copy-pasted some I found in the last thread. It's probably yours.

"A level 5 Size 12 is at resilience 10. That means after armor he divides all damage he takes by 10 and removes the remainder.

This means a darksteel promethium at level 5 in warstrider form needs to take 26 damage to lose the first hit point and needs ten more for each additional hitpoint."

>> No.40791439

Oh god, with Munchausen Drive addition in this book, the mecha campaign I've been planning for a long time suddenly got way different. Because now Mechs can travel through the warp, and now you can have mechs fighting demons in the warp. In fact, it'd be necessary sometimes to do that. I guess that means I have to go through with statting out MOTHEFUCKING DEMONBANE!

>> No.40791492

do we also have to stat out the Grand Zamboa or the Getter Emperor?

>> No.40791587

Oh yeah. Unfortunately, I'm building them all within the mecha scale so they are all explicitly smaller then starships and at a lower capacity. But there's a BUNCH of massive ones all at the same size with crazy weapons, and now I'm going to throw Munchausen drives on old ones and make even more now.

If I ever run the game, the PCs will start with small mechs/large exosuits and upgrade from there, so I'm hoping when I do run this that my friends like it so we can get this far.

>> No.40791752

>not enough downside
Then give an actual suggestion for it, because it was built on a previous thread's indication that this concept was the only one that had any right to be as big as it is.

>> No.40791957

Have them calculate static defense shittier than normal, like the opposite of Halflings.

>> No.40791998

Like, subtract Size*3 instead of x2? That sort of thing?

>> No.40792113

That, or maybe dex and/or wisdom count as 2 points per dot in stead of 3?

>> No.40792178

Considering we have at least two exalts that can let characteristics go to six by default, would tweaking the Size penalty be more cruel?

>> No.40792256

Size makes more sense and has precedent, anyway.

>> No.40792267

No. With a 3x size penalty, that means that the Goliath starts with a -18 size, but with Dex and Wis at 6, he has a base 28 now. A size x4 penalty would just be too cruel on starting characters.

But with Dex and Wis only giving +2 would result in a max defense of 22.

>> No.40792279


>> No.40792382

Alright. While attention's on it, then, is there anything else of note that needs to be tweaked?

>> No.40792476

For Goliath? Nothing really, if we're giving it the less Wis and Dex debuff, I'm fine with it being fuckhuge, but I am also not the one who brought it up first.

>> No.40792532

>Li'l Devourer feat

Thanks for giving me fap fuel for my giantess, guro AND vore fetish, /tg/.

>> No.40793013


>> No.40793132

>dat tail do

>> No.40793135

> Fibers.
Oh good lord. When I get back to my club, they're going to have a laugh with this. Based OP.

>> No.40793159

Are you going to run a Kill la Kill game in D:tD as well? Planning that shit, probably going to use S Academy as a Honnouji stand-in.

>> No.40793183


>> No.40793195

No, but we seem to reference it a lot. We're running a Cyberpunk game right now, our Cops is effectively Samurai Flamenco. Of course another thing we do is we play 80s music during.

What we do is if someone is missing we roll up characters in another game or do a one-shot.

>> No.40793401

Is it waifu posting time?

>> No.40794485


>> No.40794500

How threatening is the Imperium? Is it jut another space nation or is it Fascist Italy, invading what places it can get away with.

>> No.40794557

In my version of the game, they're not threatening unless they can hold you long enough to get reinforcement platoons in, because they will eventually overwhelm with numbers. But as for their methods, they usually only attack chaos/warp tainted places, modrons and other antagonists. With gusto.

>> No.40795117

Space fascist italy, always.

>> No.40795673

Make a bubble gun! I need it for reasons.

>> No.40795695

Forgot picture.

>> No.40796219

the problem is that hitting a goliath more does nothing to balance out resilience. A goliath promethian warstrider, as mentioned in >>40791198 is size 12, meaning he's taking a -24 penalty to static defense. that's over half of what you can get with 5 dots in dex and wis. driving that number to zero doesn't alleviate the problem of requiring fuckhuge damage to overcome it. You either need to calculate resilience different for these guys or gimp something else to a terrible extreme.

>> No.40796334

But, what if someone WANTS to play a damage sponge like that? Armor Penetration is a thing, as is the Tearing quality. And using Sword School/Gun Kata techniques on villains allows them to pull shenanigans that will tear through armor. It's not like it's impossible to damage them like that. This game has exploding dice, and it's not like it's not unreasonable to start needing vehicle class weaponry to take out high level IMMORTALS.

This game is a game about immortals fighting immortals, why shouldn't they be able to resist damage?

>> No.40796468

Armour is fine, it's very easy to get past. Resiliance is a whole other bucket of bolts.

Very few things can get past resiliance, and a villian who is merely capable of injuring someone with resiliance 10 is probably capable of one-shotting any other character who hasn't spec'd for resiliance. This distorts campaigns, and makes players more scared of playing fragile characters.

>> No.40796553

>high school

>> No.40796579

>Dungeons: the Dragoning came out in 2012
>People could have been in highschool three years ago, and are now old enough to be on 4chan

>> No.40796581

Problem with it is that then this exalt is paying to have his power, which the others don't. Is that okay? I think so. But somebody bitched on the forums about it long and annoyingly enough that it got changed.

>> No.40796615

It's silly like the Ultramarines who are ultra marines that paint their armor ultramarine and live on Ultramar. Except less.

>> No.40796624

>a creature normally the size of a human or only slightly larger
>has a right to be as big as it is

>> No.40796636

You definitely sound like the kind of group to get a kick out of this game.

>> No.40796684

no he means goliaths.

the problem with paying resources to maintain acatar mode is that you're paying to have most of your power. the kne resource per round limit means you're paying your only resource to gain the privilage of everyone else's baseline. >>40780211
suggests a way to make it work, the problem then is that you're enacting a de facto time limit which has been mentioned >>40780662 as being a little off-theme.

I think the idea of the font having a distinctly finite resource pool might be a better middle ground than just enacting an exalt tax. if there were no automatic recovery of drops and a font had to do something to recover resources. kinda like the atlantean, but psychic phenomena seem played out as far as resources

>> No.40796842

>the problem with paying resources to maintain acatar mode is that you're paying to have most of your power
That's what I said.

> >>40780211 suggests a way to make it work
Right, you'll notice that post was made before mine was. In other words, the problem is now solved. Hence why I didn't need to specifically call that problem out.

>which has been mentioned >>40780662 as being a little off-theme.
Read the context of that. It's about an actual literal time limit. Nothing is off theme about a power limit – different here because your drops are also spent to do other shit. The only thing awkward about this is that to be in-genre, taking damage should also be tied to this, and right now the only thing which does that is Henshin a-bye-bye, which works very differently.

>I think the idea of the font having a distinctly finite resource pool might be a better middle ground
I think you have no fucking idea what you're talking about, because that's not a fucking middle ground. The sides here are "we should do this because it would be very in-theme" and "we shouldn't do that because of balance and muh design philosophy". The latter position is to omit a feature which would reinforce the theme, and your "middle ground" is directly counter to the theme. If we're organizing shit in a linear fashion, you've taken an extremist position.

>> No.40796931

>villain capable of injuring Resilience 10 is capable of one-shotting anyone else

>Giants Felling Blow
Specifically designed to take out bigger targets by cutting their Resilience.

>Exit Wound Kata, Memento Mori, Weep and Bear Witness
Ignore the Resilience calculation in favor of simply causing Hit Points to be lost.

>Tearing quality
If it hits, it deals damage, full stop. Steel Wind grants this quality to any attack on the cheap.

>Incendiary, Toxic
If it deals damage, it can deal more damage. Combine with previous to great effect.

>Modrons, Artful Maiming Onslaught
Autocrit damage. Goliaths don't take any more critical damage than anyone else does.

>Brawling attacks
In case your 10+ Resilience is coming from an exalt other than Promethean, these tack on a level of Fatigue with each hit. Enough Fatigue means lights out, same as anyone else.

>Tl;dr version
The same amount of intelligence required to milk a Goliath Warstrider for Resilience tanking can be used against it. Use Gun Kata and Sword School abilities especially and they don't get loot out of it, either.

>> No.40796944

>It's about an actual literal time limit.
Nothing is off theme about a power limit – different here because your drops are also spent to do other shit.

but by using resource every turn you are setting an actual literal time limit, that being a number of rounds equal to your resource stat. which then shrinks if you do anything else with your resources.

>The sides here are "we should do this because it would be very in-theme" and "we shouldn't do that because of balance and muh design philosophy".
i meant a middle ground between constantly draining resources and basically no penalty at all.

>> No.40796984

this feels like an argument about the ways in which martials are useful in D&D 3.P

>> No.40797018

Except not really?
>>40796931 makes a good point, there's plenty of ways of getting past beefy defenses, there's no reason to nerf a race that JUST got nerfed (check the forum) further because people are talking about the defense of a character in a vacuum environment without calculating the fact that the enemy might have any way of eating away at defenses.

>> No.40797096


To be fair, there are a bunch of Tearing weapons. If you're dealing with high resilience, then using those is just common sense.

>Protip: To kill the Goliath, shoot him with a bolter until he dies

>> No.40797133

>bolters are tearing weapons
oh hey, i thought only chain weapons did that. neat.

>> No.40797214

Yup. Bolters tear shit and explode shit.

They tearsplode them.

>Protip: To kill the Cyber-Goliath, shoot him with a bolter until he dies

>> No.40797300

to kill a cybergoliath, smack him with your local minotaur's face

>> No.40797330

Or the Iron Hands, led by a man named Iron Hands, because he has iron hands?

>> No.40797351

"Space marines" is high gothic for "redundant"

>> No.40798610

Wait why did we add in Irkans?

>> No.40798658

>Gundams beating the shit out of greater deamons.

>> No.40798708


>> No.40798800

One anon suggested Irkans and Namekians instead of just Githzerai and Githyanki and everyone kinda went with it.

>> No.40798937

So they formed a alliance or some shit? Yeah I can see that. Because their both green, soon the orks shall join them as well.

>> No.40799262

It's literally the opposite of what you said. The Githyanki and Githzerai used to be one group, but now they're hated enemies.

In DTD, the differences are more than ideological. They are now different enough to qualify as two races. One taking after Irkins, and the other being Namekians.

>> No.40799282

They're both ex mindflayer slaves, Namekians/Githzerai branched out and the Irkans/Githyanki stayed closer to their genetic roots. They both hate each other, and Mind Flayers more.

>> No.40800572

Didn't read at all, huh. Not all Githzerai are green. Also >>40799262

>> No.40800734

Fuck this, you guys are just putting massive amounts of power creep in this book.

I'm out, you guys have fun with making a book of homebrew that proves why most tables refuse homebrew.

>> No.40800792

How's about instead of bitching, you propose a full and viable alternate. Or really do anything but make your complaints in a bitchy fashion.

>> No.40800880


I'm, uh, not on the editorial team or a contributor. I'm just running a campaign in it.

That answer occurred to me within ten seconds of looking at your complaint, and is trivially available to every character.

I'm not saying resilience isn't GOOD, because it clearly is, but saying it's uncounterable is just straight up bullshit.

>> No.40800908


Not that guy, but off the top of my head, any excess Pen remaining after armour is removed reduces resilience by the corresponding amount?

>> No.40801064

That sounds kinda op, as armor reduces damage just by a flat amount while resilience divides it. It would make high pen weapons paradoxically incredibly good against unarmored targets. Leftover pen as extra damage would be fine, on the other hand.

>> No.40801250

Because for some reason the SM isn't allowed to snap the players out of "one answer for everything"?

It's trivial as hell to dip Fight Guy or literally any other suitable martial class to get access to Iron Heart, and that's if you don't want to carry around a bolt pistol as a backup weapon.

>> No.40801284

>I'm, uh, not on the editorial team or a contributor.
to be clear, the "editorial team" is one guy trolling the forum for complete-ish stuff and compiling the PDF. the "contributors" are anyone who can be arsed to post mechanics on the board and tell that one guy it's not a half-done mess.

>trivially available to every character.
most of the items in question are "rare" or higher, and sword schools are obviously restricted by class, and most of the advantages in question require three or more levels. granted, gamebreaking goliaths aren't going to hit until level 5, but it sets up a precarious arms race. also the issue is how a GM can handle a goliath, few of these options are available on out-of-Book-1 monsters, for whatever that's worth. It is more answerable than one might initially think, but trivial is stronger language than I would use. that said, I HAVEN'T played or run a game, so maybe it just looks worse than it is.

>> No.40801359

Here's a better solution, don't fucking include a Size 6 race, and don't include an asset that gives +5 Resilience.

Respect the initial balance of the core book and not be fucking idiots about your concepts.

>> No.40801491

Both of them were suggested right here on /tg/. I can tell you're not that anon, though.

>> No.40801548

I agree. Size 5 is big enough, and that asset is still too much. There are other ways to make them tanky without adding resilience.

>> No.40801568

to be fair, +5 resilience was proposed as an alternative to effectively doubling size, which is bananas and could be got at level 1. the five resilience requires 5 power stat, but might still be extreme for just one feat. it was just resonable in light of the alternative.

>> No.40801597

Doubling size gives at most +3 Resilience, +6 if you cheese Dragon Form with it.

>> No.40801705

And that can be changed a fair bit more readily.

Goliaths, on the other hand, were in fact suggested in a previous thread (not by myself) as an example of a "sensible" Size 6 race.

>> No.40801872

>other ways than Resilience to be tanky
Which manner would you recommend? Hit Points, more Armor? Maybe filch the "ignore non-damaging attacks" from the older Wellspring feats?

>> No.40801982

6 base +3 from form of dragon +1 from enlarge person, +3 from abomination doubles to 26 which ends up at 17 resilience if you really want to cheese it. also at the time the then size six minotaur had a feat for +2 size on top of all that.

>> No.40802041

Minotaur was completely retarded.

>> No.40802083

the font still has a feat that lets you pay to ignore non-damage, and it does cover a variety of things that one might not realize. also effects like iron jaw or terminator honors to reduce some effects but not just say "no thank you" to the average damage roll. I swear i remember a feat or ability to reduce any amount of critical damage to1 but forget what it was.

>> No.40802111

it was not built with much consideration for its consequences.

>> No.40802329

True Grit or Tough as Nails?

>> No.40802574

probably tough as nails, thank you. but yeah, point is you can buggerall damage without resilience.

>> No.40802893

>but by using resource every turn you are setting an actual literal time limit
It practically limits the time, but the thematic difference is quite different.

>i meant a middle ground between constantly draining resources and basically no penalty at all.
I know, that's why I said you didn't understand the issue.

>> No.40802941

Uh... just change the wording, maybe?
>Spend 1 Drop at the start of your turn or drop out of Avatar form
>Drop out of Avatar form at the end of your turn unless you spent at least 1 Drop

>> No.40803946

What's your opinion on it now though?

>> No.40804587

I like that a lot. It goes from a tax to just a requirement, and obfuscates the effective time limit.

>> No.40804647

>the thematic difference is quite different.
but the end result isn't

>that's why I said you didn't understand the issue.
then you're right, and I also think whatever issue you're debating is superfluous.

>> No.40804740

Does it still have catboy sperm slaves?

>> No.40804751

No, I'm pretty sure that got dropped...

>> No.40804752

>the end result isn't
Not to you, obviously. Some people care about flavor though.

>and I also think whatever issue you're debating is superfluous.
And I also think you're an idiot.

>> No.40804837

>Not to you, obviously. Some people care about flavor though.
I care about flavor, but I don't see how a practical time limit delivers a different flavor than an explicit time limit does.

>And I also think you're an idiot.
I'm glad we got our lack of respect for each other out in the open, it's rare someone who's wrong on the internet is willing to be so honest.

>> No.40804863

it did. We Thundercats now.

>> No.40804933

Too bad...

>> No.40804960

Does anyone even use these memebooks?

>> No.40804984

The fact that it's a practical time limit is a side effect. Doing it as a power limit means that you have the same amount of power to expend regardless of whether you go all-out and blow your wad from the get-go, or if you want to play it slow and draw things out more. A pure time limit greatly incentivizes the former. More importantly, in actual magical girl and henshin shows, that's how it works. The problem is that the other features of the exaltation aren't really set up to work with this more than any other exalt does, but this is at least a step back in the right direction.

>> No.40806168

>More importantly, in actual magical girl and henshin shows, that's how it works.
except it's not? Rarely is there a hard limit on powers in most henshin shows. Kyorugers is the only one I can think of where that was a thing, and even then they only ran out of power because plot, and then a few specific examples that aren't even true for transforming in general from KR Drive. Magical girls I don't have much experience with, but most of what I hear people talk about magical girls is a more recent development of deconstructions and the dark magical girl genre. Do you have any major examples where they just up and run out of magic?

In kamen rider, super sentai, power rangers, transforming is just the thing you do when it's time to fight monsters. You turn it off because walking around in a goofy costume is a weird thing to do, or because plot. In Fourze and Gaim specifically the main character is shown just casually transforming for little to no reason. Rarely does the character reach some finite limit and become depowered. if anything they're depowered because they got their asses handed to them, which is exactly what the Henshin a-bye-bye ability is trying to recreate, or because of plot. Occasionally because they lost their transformation trinket, which one could classify as because plot.

>> No.40806303

I would like some clarification on what Black Blade of Disaster does exactly. The wording is somewhat obtuse.

>> No.40806432

you spend a full-round action, make a focus test and, if successful, end up holding a power sword that ignores armor. It disappears if you let it go or end the scene.

>> No.40806459

Okay. And can you do sword school tricks with it?

>> No.40806498

anything a power sword is good for, yes.

>> No.40806712

Thanks for the clarification!

>> No.40807140

I'm playing as a Not-Alex-Mercer with more focus on actually being a doctor and biochemist.
Turns out Druid was the best fit for class.

>> No.40807597

What's the point of having that many vehicle-based classes? Wouldn't just one do?

Also, the archaeologist class needs a new benefit. +SD vs traps is pretty useless.

>> No.40807665

there's a four horsemen theme. whether it's warranted or not is up for debate, but that's why.

I think archaeologist's class benefit has been mentioned but no alternative that wasn't stupid has been proposed, and I don't know if the original poster is still involved.

>> No.40807793

The Geth racial asset "Robots in Disguise" lets you treat disguise as a trained skill. This seems pretty useless, as all it does is remove the penalty for not having points in disguise, and if you're going to be disguising enough to take the asset, you probably have points in it anyways. I suppose the ability to pass as living helps, but I really don't see the point of the other bit.

>> No.40807941

+1 to non-combat tests? or too much?

>> No.40808199

If you want to go all Indiana Jones, put some +1k0 to attacks made with scenery and improvised weapons.
The falling damage you caused is enhanced by alligators and shit.

>> No.40808433

Could work. I'd prefer something else though.

I feel that the fairy asset The Strongest gives a too-large bonus to armour. Sure it doesn't stack entirely, but it's still quite a bit.

The demiurge asset Qliphoth Emanation doesn't give a duration to the bonus damage, and as it's written it's permanent. This is bad.

>> No.40808507

Why does the Sage exaltation exist? The fluff as I understand it seems underwhelming, and the crunch seems more like it would work better as a class.

>> No.40808677

>wanting a casting exalt without having to be possessed by some dick
>wanting to muck around with the Umbra without having to die or be furry
>bodhisattva enlightenment is not a class

>> No.40808778

>Wanting an exalt based entirely around being a caster (atlantean at least has skill stuff too)
>then just have it be a class, or write up rules for umbra stuff in another section
>it damn well is

It just feels like the absolutely most flavourless thing to me.

>> No.40808803

Why are there no homebrew gun kata?

>> No.40808857

+1 to something something stunts?

>> No.40808900

no one has homebrewed any?

>> No.40808980

Not that I can find.

>> No.40809003

>based entirely around being a caster
No, that particular garbage didn't make it into the pdf. At least the Sage can do things other than casting by default.

>Umbra stuff in another section
Yep, that's being done too.

Now you're confusing it for the Paragon.

There is one - Crimson Sickle - on the forum.

>> No.40809108

>literally being a certified badass and instant action movie hero
you wot

>> No.40809113

Why are the Riven still in the book? Weren't they replaced with Youma?

>> No.40809244

I just noticed that Githyanki Doppelgangers can do the same thing only better.

>> No.40809267

Paragon doesn't need flavor though. It's "I'm awesome, you can scarf dicks."

>> No.40809392

"Githyanki Doppleganger?" Clearly your puny primate eyes are malfunctioning. I am nothing more than a normal Human meat-child.

>> No.40809424


He's legit. More organs DOES mean more human.

>> No.40809490

Literally only one gun kata. Sad.

Is it any good?

>> No.40809700

The Font Super Mode seems a little too good. All it effectively does is increase the drop cost to be in avatar mode by 1 in exchange for a large bonus on all rolls PLUS an extra point of resilience. I feel it needs a reason not to be in super mode 24/7.

>> No.40810224

I agree, sage should be a class. It would be a nice alternative to Warlock.

>> No.40810247

It's great, go read it.

>> No.40810284

because you can't for two levels?

seriously though, that's how a number of henshin heroes go, they get a power-up and pretty quickly it becomes the go-to. maybe slight power down (ditch resilience, at least?) and/or a higher flat cost for a round or two of thinking "should I go super mode or just punch the guy really hard?"

>> No.40810360

I say ditch the resilience and go for a static defense and speed bonus.

>> No.40810449

Static defense maybe, but I'd rather muck around with something like the overflowing energy asset and boost a characteristic than speed. maybe +1 to one characteristic chosen when you enter super mode? that'd let you mess around with some kind of modular power up like a lot of Kamen Riders do.

I don't like speed because if your Font is primarily a caster, and focuses on mental/social characteristics and not punching things to death, you might never see the benefit of it all the way from the back of the party. on the other hand, if you ARE a fighty font, Str and Dex would both end on a speed bonus anyway

>> No.40810580

Good point, so like a +1 to two attributes?

Also that reminds me, is there a cap on how high stats can go temporarily?

>> No.40810883

Why are Daemonic weapons suddenly a thing? They strike me ha as things that would be more suited to artifacts or macguffins or other things up to GM fiat. And why a whole new class of weapon?

>> No.40811085

I don't think so, but there aren't a lot of ways to increase characteristics temporarily.

>> No.40811161

There's an implied cap of three through Orichalcum Promethiums. At least from one source.

>> No.40811265

What irks me more is the fact that they are exclusively of the evil chaosy variant. We need some for lawful and neutral gods.

>> No.40811311

actually, I'm pretty sure if an orichalcum promethian with 5 generation spent five pyros for a round all to give themself +1 to a characteristic that was already at 5 dots, they would end up with that characteristic at either 11 dots or 15. it's a little unclear if the orichalcum asset grants an additional +1 for each pyros spent, or just +1 on top of whatever you pay pyros for.

>> No.40811449

there's a lot weird about the daemonic weapons. Why is an anguish (an anguish? the anguish? they are definitely named like they should be unique items) more common than a fucking hunting rifle?

>> No.40811487

speaking of weapon weirdness, the Handcannon in book three doesn't look like it's supposed to be a revision to the Hand Cannon from book 1. Why did no one think to rename the later one?

>> No.40812737

Perhaps this is a difference between Henshin and Magical Girl then. Aside from the most basal actually-aimed-at-girls drekfests, magical girls usually have some kind of limitation on their transformation. Not a huge or imposing one, but getting knocked out of transformation is pretty much the norm when you're fighting too long and hard without winning. And you usually can't un-transform either, you just have to wait for the transformation to be over.

>> No.40812786

People were like "what if you could be a planeswalker and also CHIM?
And then that concept got super dumbed down and plebified, and what we've got left is a buddhist who remembers some places.

>> No.40812965

the idea of modern/dark magical girls (I honestly don't know what the lines are or which is proper term for it) themes were brought up, and even other games like magical burst and princess the hopeful were brought up. but this was more in the context of having consequences for using your powers, and led to the overflowing energy asset's "refill resources but also psychic phenomena so buckle up" ability.

>> No.40813067

Problem with that is that right now you don't have a lot of good resource expenditure avenues built into the Font.

>> No.40813545

Geth Sage Warlock


>> No.40813594

That's a very... interesting combination. I can dig a Geth using machine-like detachment from the world to reach enlightenment but why warlock?

>> No.40813619

mostly because it seems so incongruous both with the Geth's normal philosophy and with the method of becoming a Sage, so was curious what reasoning you guys might think of to justify it.

Right now I'm working on some kind of semi-nihilistic 'one with the oneness' type sage, or one who sees themselves as a necessary evil. Bro-Lich for example, the caption image that says 'kills your family to give you purpose' type deal. A Sage who sees themselves as a necessary mechanism in the universe, an evil that is meant to be a crucible to create heroes and make the world a better place. If there must be evil, at least let it be someone who is conciously doing so in order to give rise to heroes that will defeat not only themselves, but the more vile and self-serving evils of the world.

>> No.40813759

How is this for a game plot
Star Wars Clone Wars Narrator:

Danger stalks the Outer Rim!
Raiders from the Knight World of Araxe, serving the vicious Wolf Clan terrorise nearby shipping lanes. Using their Mobile Suits, they are unstoppable in their strikes!
The only hope resides on the planet Karan, where heroic individuals gather to thwart the sinister plot.

>> No.40813776

Star Wars
Warhammer 40k
Needs more anime references
I sugest naming NPCs and enemies after Exosquad, Robo-tech and Gundam characters to balance it out

>> No.40814402


>> No.40816010

But there's already Gundam in there.

>> No.40816968

well the feat itself forces a drop spent every turn to maintain the avatar. I also don't know if you really need to force drop expenditure on font specific things, the generic stuff you can spend resources on are pretty fucking handy.

>> No.40818533

At this rate we're going to add in World of Warcraft. Arthas to command his Arthas against the heroe's of Arthas. Cookie if you get the Arthas.

>> No.40819516


Fantasycraft has a feature that allows you to shrug off a single grade of Fatigue or Shaken once per scene.

Assuming the +5 Resilience is a feat, why not something like this?

No Pain:
In each combat, the first time you would take hit point damage, you take 5 less hit point damage (min 0 damage).

>> No.40819531

Currently discussing tweaking the current races on the forums. We also want to add in an infamous group of pastel colored ungulates. Anyone is free to contribute.

>> No.40820066

Oh god why?

>> No.40820170

LawfulNice liked the show. We're merging them with D&D magical horses, with assets that turn you into Nightmares or Celestial Chargers. In other words, it won't be as bad as you would think or expect.

>> No.40820235



>> No.40820387

>Dungeons: the Dragoning

>Not playing Fatal Phoenix Missions: Glory

>> No.40820409

No it'll be worse. Fucking ponyfags.

>> No.40820549

You can either keep bitching or do something to make them less terrible for you. Nobody said you even have to allow them at your table.

>> No.40820628

>My friend IRL wrote the Helmsman class
So proud of him, man

>> No.40820750

I'd personally recommend a separate module. so the people who don't like it don't have to see it (trust me I get it)

on an old dare I had to imagine a version for 40k

So it ended up with them being a race of genetically engineered terraformers made by the old ones. They were basically sapient beasts of burden for the war in heaven. The Marks were originally a means of psychic branding to designate their jobs, something they eventually co-opted when they said "fuck this I'm out" taking any race that wanted to come with them to paece out with them and a planet tucked away in the web way then promptly cut off from the rest of the web way. It stayed this way with a fake sky to keep things managed, time was kinda dilated and occasional leaks caused a daemon or two to manifest on the planet [both familiar] Until a crew of Ork Freebooters stumbled upon it forceing the planet to deal with the 41st Millennium .

>> No.40820859

this guy has some ideas >>40820750
just needs mixing with more than 40k but it's a potential starting point

>> No.40820896

>Nobody said you even have to allow them at your table.
nobody said I was gonna do that either, I'll read the race entry, my knee-jerk was just the first reaction to ponies, I never have enough phosphorus to fulfill it.

okay...my brain derped out a little after the phrase "fuck this I'm out" and I basically got nothing out of the rest of that exerpt...

but the first bit I don't mind...

>> No.40820954

the point I got is that they tucked into a safe eddy in the web way, with all lines in and out cut off. other Speacise there like Griffons and Minotaurs were other alien races. A Moon and a Fake Sky to keep the planet working. Some of the villains are aliens or Daemons that leaked in, and then orks find it and force them into real space.

>> No.40821240

That actually sounds good. It would explain why they need to change the weather and the celestial bodies manually.

>> No.40821287

and the terraforming thing also explains how they can, the psychic branding explains the marks and the idea of it expressing who they are would tie with them taking it and making it their own

>> No.40821303

as the guy who posted the excerpt, lemme know if you want more ideas for this

>> No.40821367

And that is...?

>> No.40821397

Go for it. Also, pitch this on the forum. The thread is called "I'm Sorry".

>> No.40821536

I hate 40k more than colored horses, can I force homebrewers to stop adding so much 40k references?

>> No.40821727

well one idea was that their Leader at the time was the first Alicorn thing, meant to basically be a control Nexus for them. She got fed up with the war and her kind being treated as fodder, claiming she would write her own fate, thus the first self made mark was formed a a Quill with Ink and Paper. She had to make a Shady deal with the Deceiver to sabotage the krorks into the degenerate orks to secure their freedom [I like to imagine that their harmony magic was in part a prototype for what would be known as the Waaaagh!]

>> No.40821812

You have no idea how close people were to saying that the human empire was exactly like the 40k empire before the saner minds forced them to keep it ambiguous. You're welcome by the by.

That being said, there isn't a lot of references beyond the aasimar and tau that can't also be viewed as something else that exists in sci-fi.

>> No.40821901

I'd keep it vague, honestly. Too many facts get in the way of alternate interpretations.

>> No.40821936

fair enough, we just need to weak the old 40k crossover story into a more rounded one

>> No.40822052

need to TWEAK sorry

>> No.40822966

We're putting them in a separate book now. It's better that way.

>> No.40823039

It's the smart thing to do, really. They barely fit and the kneejerk reaction from most people is just too strong, anyone leafing through the book and suddenly finding MLP out of nowhere would drop it like a primed hand grenade.

>> No.40823051

And they would be in the right to do so. Suffer not the mutant, the witch and the pony to live.

>> No.40823053

exactly, their own book would also leave more room for details and such to ensure the fluff is composted with the rest better

>> No.40823090

Less 40k faggot. Don't forget the White Wolf and DnD

>> No.40823113

Then where are we getting our talking mounts, smart guy?

>> No.40823125


>> No.40823143

Uplifted animals.

>> No.40823220

so with them getting a containment splat book, what will we put in their place? Xcom aliens? Protoss? No wait, Hybrids fluffed as their own race!

>> No.40823246


>> No.40823269

I think we have enough races in Book 3 as is.

Why haven't Riven been switched out with Youma yet?

>> No.40823270

We have ENOUGH races.

No more please.

>> No.40823306

was a joke guys

>> No.40823331

We have races in excess for two splats but if you really need ispiration for another one some people were pushing for a frog-like race of bullywogs/slanns.
For now we should focus on more important things like expanded bestiary, the alignment system and fixing the weapon creation rules so they don't suck.

>> No.40823469

At this point you guys should just make it an 8th edition.

>> No.40823493

I propose an uplift/awakened animal race. this gives a much wider range of potential characters while still referencing popular sci-fi fantasy concepts and anyone that wants to be a sentient magic pony still can without the entire race itself getting that kneejerk reaction.

>> No.40823520

the debate has been settled, they go into a splat book, lets focus on things other than races

>> No.40823547

Lizardmen and Beastmen (which were made into Catfolk) filled that role. If we go with >>40820750 then they are still uplifted animals. Book 3 is getting a little bit crowded anyway.

>> No.40823635

yeah book 3 has enough races, let the Pony fans make their side book so they can detail as much as they like.

>> No.40823862

We hit bump limit already? Time flies.

Anyway, is anybody working on a new weapon creation system? If so, how's that working out?

>> No.40824106

There's races on the forums we should look at first before we make more. Like the Jawas and the Space Pirates.

>> No.40824406

they sound more like Beasiary add ons

>> No.40824734

Deep in Sector Ultima lives the apostate of Gork and Mork
An Ork who preaches peace, an Ork who follows the path of the Natural Spirits.
Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka searches for him to prove the superiority of his faith.

>> No.40824832

Are we ever going to get Bestiary errata?

>> No.40824846

I declare this another successful DtD thread, Keep up the good work and bile.

>> No.40825033

this shit properly archived yet?

>> No.40825116

Doubtful. We could also use a new thread.

>> No.40825352

should prolly get going on both then

>> No.40825380

I hope so, I'd like to see what we can squeeze into it

>> No.40825462

The trouble is everyone wants a Beastiary in theory, but no-one is willing to put in the time and effort to make monsters. Or more usefully, a system that can be used for jamming a monster together from random keywords. Or a way to judge how tough a monster someone else has built is, and if it will merely tickle or outright murder a party.

>> No.40825748

There's a guy doing good work on monsters in the forum, check it out.

>> No.40825923


New thread nerds

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