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>To join in, simply write your name and choose a party as well as a secure tripcode: https://www.4chan.org/faq#sectrip

>Three people and a party page on the wikia are needed to create a party

>Create your party platform and see existing laws and regulations here:


Current Agenda:

>Next session on...Oh mah gawd NOW!
>Coming up with new bills
>Writing a letter to the Kreml, telling them why we should run things.
>One seat left ohhhhhh

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Old Thread: >>40669029

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Join the Galactic Empire - the party that GETS SHIT DONE.

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Order...ORDER in the assembly! Stop yer rattling, bones! I will be your speaker tonight.

First Proposal:

Proposal of Sub-Bill: 'Provision of Rights of Parties and Individuals in Parliament: Reform of the Speaker office' - Moved by Luxemburg [SWP], Seconded by Sansos [FP], Thirded by Moff Wibbles [GE] There needs to be a way to fight smut usage in Parliament. This place needs to be reserved for politics, not smut. The Speakers would be granted the power to disallow any MP to vote in the next session if they post smut. To hold the Speaker accountable for any misuse of this power a vote of no confidence may be called against any speaker by at least three members of the parliament from three different parties. A vote of no confidence may only be called when the speaker has used this power.

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These are but a few of the words the All-American Party stands for.

If you want to take tyranny down a peg, and defend the rights of all Man(and Dwarf, Undead, Xenos, etc)kind, then join us.

Or don't. It's ultimately your right to decide,



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Second Proposal:

Proposal of Bill: 'Restricted Metarules Act' - Moved by Eronas the Blue [KotMR], seconded by Maya [KothMR] - It is forbidden for any metarules to be passed without the 'yay' votes forming a super-majority comprised of members from at least half the existing parties in the parliament.

A metarule is defined as any rule affecting or altering the baseline rules of the Parliament, such how people can vote (such as allowing anyone but an MP to cast a vote for that MP) or the structure of the parliament itself, including rules that affect the formation of parties (such as forbidding them or dissolving them) or the roles of the Speaker and how they act.

Amending existing metarules (such as our only two existing metarules: Single File Line Act and Speaker of the Parliament Act) can be done as normal. This act only affects the passing of NEW metarules.

The purpose of this act is to prevent any party from gaming the system and creating a method by which they twist the rules of parliament to the point that a feedback loop of power is created, and they win the parliament by means other than savvy role-playing, politicking, and generally being a damned good story teller capable of drawing new MPs to their cause or building alliances with other parties.

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reporting in for duty

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Third Proposal:

Festive Friday Fright Night - Proposed by Jackie Skeleton

Every Friday will be a casual Friday in the /tg/ Parliament. No bills may be passed into law on this day. All parties instead will be invited to dance, party, and enjoy themselves at a neutral party zone ( hopefully without killing each other ). Booze and music will be provided by the Spooky Party, or any other party willing to help promote this festivity of togetherness.

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Hello governors

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Dude, both chats just crashed for me.

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The EHC am here!




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Shouldn't we hold a discussion before moving into voting procedures?

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A blatant attack against the faculties of my party!

Nay. Absolutely nay!

Yes I wholeheartedly agree there must be checks and balances within our fair parliament! Even the watchers must be watched!


An act to pass festivities and waste the people's tax dollars on such useless frivolities?


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When a proposal is posted in the wiki, it counts as finalized. Though you can still change it even then. I think there is discussion happening...? Also, you are free to discuss is and cast your vote shortly before the time limit (for example).

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Abstain from voting on the "Provision of Rights of Parties and Individuals in Parliament: Reform of the Speaker office"

Given the loose definition of "smut" in this bill, and the fact that I have yet to see the posting of "smut" in the parliament become an actual problem, I choose to abstain.
Yay to the "Restricted Metarules Act"
Yay to the "Festive Friday Night Proposal"

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Not only is smut a part of the /tg/ culture, but this proposal contains no metric by which smut is defined.



This is a joke bill that does nothing to address even a single issue facing /tg/.


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Can anyone slap a bill in there, or just party leaders?

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Join the Knights of the Magical Realm to safeguard our sentient rights! To practice moderation and consent in our decadence and carnality and to revel and promote our creativity!

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Absolute YAY


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The Galactic Empire is aware that smutposting is no longer an issue, but it could become a threat in future.


Honestly, this should have been a thing from the very beginning.

It is the view of the Galactic Empire that casual Friday will be a waste of valuable time this parliament could be spending actually helping the citizens of /tg/.

The party'll probably be dead as fuck anyway.


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Nay (I believe that needlessly complicates things)

Aye (We neets should try to go outside on fridays)

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While I personally am not against smut there is most definitely a time and place for it, and an active session of parliament is not the time nor the place
Yea, there must be a way to prevent the unscruoplus changing of our most beloved rules.
nay, why waste your precious tax payers money on a needless luxury, when so many needs are unmet?

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Whoops, dropped my trip. Nay, Aye, Nay.

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Anyone. The procedure so far has been:

1) Post the draft here, get it seconded maybe or BTFO (secondations [is that a word?] are not mandatory).

2) Post the draft in the wiki

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Just wanting to confirm I still exist

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Aye. Keep smut in the backrooms and dive bars where we act behind the scenes.

Aye. As a member of a small party, I would very much enjoy this institution to stay as free as possible.

Nay. Fridays are prime business hours.

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I don't think there's any harm in posting a bit of smut in parliament. Rather, the issue is not rampant enough in our current situation to govern outlawing smut from the get-go.



Time spent hosting festivities could be better spent organizing dungeon raids, an arguably greater fun and almost certainly more lucrative venture than wasting money on ourselves.


I implore you to change your abstention in the "Provision of Rights of Parties and Individuals in Parliament: Reform of the Speaker office" sub-bill to a "Nay". When abstaining your vote, you give the majority more voting power and swing the bill in their favor. If you want to keep tasteful smut in our parliament, you'd better say Nay to this proposal.

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>The party'll probably be dead as fuck anyway.

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Reply again to the proposals with your votes and trip. The anonymous one will be invalidated

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Slight correction on my part: change the "Yay" to an "Aye". Vote is a bit more obvious when spoken verbally.

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You know it mate.

>> No.40682207

Variations of "Aye" will still be counted as such. Dont worry.

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Nay, this is a weak bill that doesn't state the limits of "smut"

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Wait, are you still spook? If so, join me in the 2spooky chatstep pl0x

>> No.40682236

I declare this post in the name of SPOOKY

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I can understand voting against the festivity bill due to tax costs or a preference to spend the time on other things, but voting against it just because it's a joke bill seems rather harsh.
Admittedly, I would rather smut not be posted in the parliament thread itself, but the bill doesn't define what is considered smut and what isn't, meaning it could easily be abused. In addition, I don't see smut being posted in the parliament thread as a very big problem, so the bill feels somewhat unnecessary. I chose to abstain because I feel the bill will have very little effect either way, and frankly, I don't have a strong opinion toward either side of the bill.

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Nay, We representatives need to be able to voice our opinion on any issue, and granting such powers to the office of speaker is opening a bad precedent
Yay, because it is best not to allow those who have malicious intent infringe upon the liberty of this house.

>> No.40682404

Yay. Seems very reasonable and who would even be so deviant to even try to game the parliament like that.
Nay to everything spooky. I don't liek scary things and i would especially never be around skeletons.

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>the bill doesn't define what is considered smut and what isn't
That's a fair reason to vote against the bill. Even if you would like these threads to be free from smut, the bill itself doesn't define this parameter properly, meaning it holds little bearing over what can be posted.

A Nay for this proposal means a Nay against the bill's writing, not necessarily what the topic matter entails. It would be better to rewrite this proposal and bring it up again next week with less ambiguity rather than give the chance for the bill to pass in its current state.

Sorry for chewing your ear off on this matter. Other organizations I'm involved with also take abstentions the same way that you do, though it's not quite the right picture to have associated with the literal intentions behind an abstention.

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Well fuck. Healer makes a good point, and I didn't spot that.

Changing my vote to Nay.

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Oh fuck, votes are going on?





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hi all I like spaec mareens :)

>> No.40682516

I am also changing my vote to nay, as the right honourable gentlemen makes a most fair and valid point

>> No.40682520

oops forgot trip

>> No.40682532

Representing the spooky party of /tg/
Aye for spooky holiday !

>> No.40682539

Extra Yay!

>> No.40682555

Changing my vote to Nay for this bill.

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Also is Chatstep working for anyone?

>> No.40682589

Lets get down and spooky!!!!

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>> No.40682623

>is Chatstep working for anyone?
It took me at least a minute to connect, but I can connect to Chatstep. No one's in the lobbies I want to sit in on, so I don't plan on waiting to connect again.

>> No.40682626

its working for me

>> No.40682648

Nevermind, it's working for me now.
Also dropped my trip

>> No.40682666


Lol I saw, thanks for checking for me.


I only asked because I saw no one in the SPOOKY chat. Kind of odd considering how large our party is.

>> No.40682687

Not really.

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Nay, we don't need to waste a day to have parties. I'm a busy man.

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Yea! I'll bring rum!

>> No.40682787



I want to vote Aye, but my party members have good points. I will have to vote Nay for now. After all, that's what Saturday and Rollcall Sunday is for, am I right?

>> No.40682808


There's a voting session on Saturday too.

>> No.40682840

Votes are closed now

Proposal of Sub-Bill: 'Provision of Rights of Parties and Individuals in Parliament:

Aye: 6

Abstain: 2

Nay: 16

Result: Failed

Proposal of Bill: 'Restricted Metarules Act'

Aye: 19


Nay: 5

Result: Passed

Festive Friday Fright Night

Aye: 13

Abstain: 1

Nay: 12

Result: Passed

>> No.40682846 [DELETED] 

Apparently I can vote now, since we extended the seats automatically




>> No.40682873


Oh the irony.

>> No.40682909


At least it didn't matter in the end

>> No.40682930

I invite everyone to recount. Especially on the last bill.

Two more to go:

Proposal of Act: Create the office of the Canvasser- proposed by Red Marine [Imperium of Man - rep. of the Inquisition] !!YVyar5/qA7Z

Will create the office of the Canvasser. Up to three Canvasser can be elected for the week. The Canvasser is responsible for counting the votes during a session and has to present the votes and the outcome (bill passed / failed to pass) as soon as possible after the voting stopped. His vote tally is the official count. He will be responsible for posting the vote count into the /tg/ wiki under the appropriate section. More than one Canvasser can be active in a single session. If multiple Canvasser reach different vote counts, the bill is pending until the dispute is resolved. The Canvassers will be elected on the Monday Session (00:00 AM EST). Voting will go for two hours, after the first applicant has been put forward. A speaker can not be a Canvasser at the same time.

>> No.40682938

So, wait.

Who's Friday? Australia's or America's?

Because three days a week of no bills is retard.

>> No.40682958


Eh look at the third bill >>40682840 if that person that abstained instead of voted Nay, then they would have tied. Always vote, it always matters.



>> No.40682987

Due to the fact that there's no way for members of the parliament (other than canvassers) to challenge the canvasser's count, I have to vote Nay.
The position is simply too easy to abuse as it stands with this bill.
Probably just whatever timeslots are associated with "friday" on the wiki.

>> No.40682996


I'm not challenging democracy, I'm just saying I voted AYE on the last one, so it didn't matter that I came too late

otherwise yes I'll always vote when possible.


I like this, gives us a check in thread to make sure things are going right

>> No.40683006

Actually...help me out here moff:

The "Restricted Metarules" Bill passed technically a minute before the Festive Friday Act, didn't it? Laws become effective immediately unless specified otherwise. And a bill that erases a whole Session seems to me very meta. Which means it would require a 2/3 majority (and participants from half the parties here) to pass.

What do the others here think? Rules are rules?

>> No.40683027

Anything that modifies the basic rules as they were set up is meta, so yeah, that seems right to me.

>> No.40683034

I actually agree with this interpretation.

>> No.40683040


What a scandalous legal argument. Hell if it failed because of that rule alone I wouldn't be mad, I would be very impressed.

>> No.40683050

Proposing a draft here:

The Actually Fulfilling The Legislation Act
>We passed the ORBITAL BILL
>It requires a Asteroid Patrol Commander
>Let's elect the guy now

>> No.40683051

One moment. I will check the exact wording of the Efficiency Act as it stands.

>> No.40683077

That seesm to be a completly logical point. Anyone who says something against it must some kind of filthy pervert, so I strongly agree.

>> No.40683088

This is my recount

Yay - 11

Nay - 11

Abstain - 1

If we invalidate the Anonymous vote. Please check if I'm missing a vote.

>> No.40683099

How are there 26 votes for the third bill and 24 votes for the other two? This merits a recount.

>> No.40683105

Compelling arguments can be made for both sides, on one hand, the Restricted Metarules Act definitely seems like it would apply to the bill, but on the other hand, the bill has already been stated by the speaker as being passed.
I don't recall writing anything into the act about bills affecting each other, at least not intentionally.

>> No.40683109

Can I change my abstain to NAY?

>> No.40683118

No, voting is over for that bill.

>> No.40683132

>"Effective as soon as this bill is passed, a speaker can present up to three bills at once."

Even though they are in separate posts, the actual bills are considered to be presented and voted upon simultaneously.

Furthermore, the Metarules bill takes effect after the voting is ended, which meant that the voting for the Festive Friday bill had also already ended.

Therefore, the bill isn't subject to the Metarules Bill.

>> No.40683161

Oh hey Average Joe. How are the wife and kids?

>> No.40683162

Wholly agreed. This bill is basically a constitutional amendment.

>> No.40683186

Okay. The Friday Festive act is PENDING until we have figured out the legality.

It is being challenged though. In addition to the legality, I might have even miscounted. A law passes, then it satisfies the rules. Not when a speaker decided that. I just added failed/passed for clarification.

>> No.40683204

*when it satisfies the rules

>> No.40683221

They're fine, and they're totally not a succubus magically disguised and a couple of small homunculi with children's clothes.

>> No.40683227

I can confirm this count, as I too got this vote count.

Also, I have updated tallies for the other proposals.

Out of a group of 23 members:
Prop 1: 6 ayes, 15 nays, 2 abstentions
Prop 2: 18 ayes, 5 nays, 0 abstentions
Prop 3: 11 ayes, 11 nays, 1 abstention

A division in any proposition merits a revote.

>> No.40683242

I really didn't do anyone any favors with that abstention, huh.

>> No.40683244

I implore my fellow parliament members to vote nay on this bill. I have no problem with the concept behind it, under it, a Canvasser could present a false vote to rig the system, and even if they get called out for such, they can endlessly "dispute" the vote count to delay the bill in question.

>> No.40683273

A speaker can present up to three bills at once, but I would say the 60 minute rule still applies. The outcome was final after 60 minutes, not just when I presented the votes. I think...

>> No.40683282



>> No.40683302


>> No.40683305

...The efficiency bill is not very well thought-out, methinks.

It could go either way. I would suggest a revote, but then, is the revote under the Metarules act, or...?

>> No.40683316

Can we get a counting from a fourth person? I can't seem to find my error. If this result is true, the bill fails anyway due to a tie, and the other argument is redundant.

>> No.40683318

I see this bill adding unnecessary bureaucracy to a already bloated system. A bill which we can do without.


>> No.40683321



>> No.40683329

Didn't we have this exact same bill yesterday?


>> No.40683335


>> No.40683340

A re-vote would be most definitely under the metarule act. As the first vote would be invalidated by the revote. And the revote happens to a later date.

>> No.40683343


Nay, because Trout will be under-represented.

>> No.40683357

Awww man...counting sucks though. But I can see where you guys are coming from.

>> No.40683363

This is a frivolous position that has no reason to exist.


>> No.40683364



>> No.40683382



>> No.40683387

Nay because no accountability

>> No.40683397


>> No.40683407

I love the idea, but hate the lack of accountability.

NAY for now.

It needs a revision, IMHO.

>> No.40683419

It's a Nay from me

>> No.40683434


Posting with party.

>> No.40683439

Nay because the bill needs to be worked on I think. It just isn't complete.

>> No.40683459



>> No.40683465

Here is the tally breakdown that I counted. http://pastebin.com/xsicQ0eC

>> No.40683484


Nay, no accountability.

>> No.40683490


Changing it to Nay

>> No.40683500

I want to vote Yay because I had the bad fortune of being speaker while I was on my phone, but it's true that this position is abusable. The speaker should have a way to challenge the outcome if he finds irregularities in the counting and solve the disputes.

>> No.40683501


>> No.40683516

Alright, counted again a bit more carefully. Got 11 aye and 11 nay as well. This is conform with what other people here said.

The bill fails.

>> No.40683524

I'm saying nay. This proposal is not complete; there is no accountability.

>> No.40683538

Nay, in its current form.

>> No.40683552

WM! Bro, get in chat. There have been CHANGES.

>> No.40683561

Nay to this

>> No.40683584


Where is the rule on the wiki in regards to a tie?

>> No.40683598

Nay in current form

>> No.40683620


>> No.40683646

A majority is required for a vote to pass.
A tie is not a majority.

>> No.40683655

The rule, a law needs to have a majority to pass. A tie is not a majority.

>For minor legislations, a simple majority of votes is enough.

>> No.40683701


Aaaaah ok, I was wondering where the rule was

>> No.40683807

Last bill on the docket:

`Got Milk?` Bill - Proposed by Jackie Skeleton

There have been complaints in /tg/ Parliament about a milk shortage.

A portion of land within the realm of /tg/ will be used by the government to create a state of the art milk farm.
This milk farm will be the largest of milk farms and should produce enough milk to drop current skyrocketing prices..
The land used will be located at the north portion of the /tg/ map, at the east bank of the river.
This joint operation will be headed by Spooky and The Knights of the Magical Realm.
Galactic Empire, if they so choose, may conduct tests and inspections to ensure that all milk is untainted.

>> No.40683849


>> No.40683862


>> No.40683865

Aye for the Spooks!

>> No.40683877


I have not bathed in Bahamian unicorn milk for the last 6 hours.

>> No.40683887

Milk isn't exactly rare, given all the cowgirls and minotaurs on top of the already existing cows.

This is pretty obviously a combined landgrab and an attempt to monopolize milk and control the prices on it.

>> No.40683888



>> No.40683892

Nay on account that Milk rations are already accounted in the taxes paid to the Empire for diet distribution.

To me this seems like a "lobbyist" bill as it only benefits non-Empire citizens who have to buy their milk on the private market.

>> No.40683894

>The land used will be located at the north portion of the /tg/ map, at the east bank of the river.

I don't suppose anyone has an updated version of the map to hand?

Not that it really matters

Vote AYE

>> No.40683896


>> No.40683899


Yay! The SPOOK party is growing at an alarming rate and we need to supply milk to keep their bones strong against invaders.

>> No.40683903


>> No.40683917


Aye, for more calcium deposits.

>> No.40683931

Aye. Let them have milk. We already took their Friday.

>> No.40683943


>> No.40683954



>> No.40683967


>This is pretty obviously a combined landgrab and an attempt to monopolize milk and control the prices on it.

You have medcenters, milk is the equivalent to the skeletons and other undead in SPOOKY land. If you deny us this, you deny aid to Spooky and our ability to keep our citizens healthy.

>> No.40683979


>> No.40683995


You need a secure trip to vote, and you need to be on the party roster. I don't think you're either of those things.

>> No.40684001

The difference is, the medical services we provide are free to all, and this is guaranteed in the bill.

There is no guarantee of even fair prices in your bill.

>> No.40684003


Might help if I even wrote anything.


>> No.40684007


>> No.40684012


>> No.40684024



>> No.40684028


Not to mention that it was clearly defined in our bill that we would be paying for this, for the benefit of all.

Who pays for this? With the inclusion of all parties it sounds like a tax would have to be enacted to pay for something only a minority of the population needs.

>> No.40684037


>This milk farm will be the largest of milk farms and should produce enough milk to drop current skyrocketing prices

It can be assured that it will be low in cost and

>Galactic Empire, if they so choose, may conduct tests and inspections to ensure that all milk is untainted.

Your party is invited to test and assure it's quality, that way you can negotiate prices as you see fit. Spooky won't be holding the monopoly on it.

>> No.40684041

Changing my vote in support of the Empire to


>> No.40684045


Yay, because Spooks deserve healthcare, too - despite the protestations of the Empire.

>> No.40684052

So how does that spare seat fill?

I'm sure the Shadowrunning Coalition would be happy to. We might even find a member who isn't a troll who hasn't showered in two weeks, wearing a combination of sweat stained leather, assault cannons and elven babies (as armour).

>> No.40684056


This sounds interesting.

>> No.40684065

Fuck, does the double hash-tags go before or after the name? And how do I get on the roster?

>> No.40684072


> a minority of the population needs.

Minority? I was unaware that humans no longer have bones! And that Spooky is the only holder of all bones in the entire galaxy.

>> No.40684074



>> No.40684076

A pending knight of the magic realm applicant was there, but he never posted his trip. I think the last seat has been already filled by someone.

>> No.40684090

Should be enough isn't a guarantee. It isn't even an assurance. It just says "It could if we wanted it to."

And honestly, our citizens don't have a massive need for milk. Our current supplies are more than sufficient.

If I might ask, where is this milk coming from? Magic, alchemy, cows?

>> No.40684112

Bahamian Unicorns.

Their milk is simply to die for!

>> No.40684121

I will check the thread later and see if someone was legally able to take it.

Regardless, you can ALWAYS join a party. Not just be an MP...until the next roll call.

>> No.40684124

Refer to

Given that calcium supplements are covered in healthcare, this bill is clearly just a landgrab

>> No.40684130

The Galactic Empire, for a society based on order and security

>> No.40684159

Proposal of Act: Create the office of the Canvasser

Aye: 2

Abstain: 1

Nay: 25

The bill fails

>> No.40684175


YOU may have enough, but the citizens of Spooky do not, and do not have the current means to meet the demand of it's currently growing popularity-I mean population. This milk is necessary for the unlife of the land of Spooky, as well as the citizens of the world that aren't in the Galactic Empire.

>> No.40684194

Welcome to the party, brother!
Just type a name in the name field, followed by ## and a password of your choosing and you're good to go!

>> No.40684206

>Not even a mention of the KMR

We said that we would tend accordingly to non-empire subjects.

Lobbyist Bill is Lobbyist

>> No.40684208

Wait, I got it.

>> No.40684231

Honestly, I'm less worried about the quality of the milk and more about the welfare of the unicorns.

No offense, but the KMR is known for, ahem, their sexual unconventionality towards things with fur.

>> No.40684237

I'll add you to our roster, and we'll figure out whether or not you get a seat after the voting is done for the day.

>> No.40684252

I am one of the main proponents for the Got Milk act and I fully support it.

Note that the milk farm operation is a joint venture between the Spooky and KMR to symbolize our continual sign of our good will and pro xeno attitudes.

Lies and slander I take very good care of my ponies, unicorns and muscle girl maids!

>> No.40684259

...or fur, or scales, or slime, or feathers, or...well, you see where I'm going with this.

>> No.40684261


>> No.40684273


Exactly! How are we to know that the unicorns are properly looked after and not, ahem, defiled?


>> No.40684302

Then I grant the Galactic Empire permission to inspect the Unicorns. I have no skeletons in my closet.

>> No.40684308


>as well as the citizens of the world that aren't in the Galactic Empire.

Please read the whole post. Right now it seems that your posts indicated here >>40684124 and >>40683892 show that the Galactic Empire doesn't care about anyone else besides them. Not even the Imperium of Man!

So everyone should go starving unless the join the Galactic Empire? What if everyone joined you then? Could you feed all of them? Would you propose a "landgrab bill" to feed them all? This is just arguing for arguing sakes. We wish to feed the citizens of Spooky and others that wish to drink milk, this includes Equal Heights, this includes the Imperium of Man, this includes the Galactic Empire, this includes SPQR, this includes Totally not Dimir, this includes the All-American Party, this includes the DFTE, this includes the ALF, this includes the Patriarchy, this includes the HBU, this includes, the Socialist Workers, and this especially includes the Knights of the Magical Realm.

I don't know the point for this argument other than "I don't like milk so no one else gets it!"

>> No.40684328



Its all a Ruse! True intentions revealed!

>> No.40684372

Tippy toppy toppest of keks.

Hmm. Honestly, I think the ALF would be better suited to such a thing than us.

>> No.40684418


And the Adventuring Party gets milk too! Jesus fuck I knew I missed one. Goddamnit.

>> No.40684423

I firmly believe in a transparent governing body built upon trust and honesty among all members of this fair and noble parliament.

I Voltaire welcome any solicitation by the ALF and the Galatic Empire to inspect the quality of the milk and the well being of the Unicorns.

I take unicorns and milk very VERY seriously.

>> No.40684454

Nay. That much space for milk could be better used for dungeons, training fields, smithies, or cocaine mines.

>> No.40684462

Honestly, they probably just steal theirs anyway.

Hm. This seems pretty fair. I'd change my vote, but there ain't any point - it's a landslide.

>> No.40684488

I would like to change my vote to yea, so long as the Empire gets to inspect these farms

>> No.40684490


"There will be wards that aid humans and non-humans in the capacity deemed necessary. "

Taken straight from the passed bill, covering calcium deficiency and starvation, of which both can be healed with supplements.

If you are truly worried about the health of the subjects of this world you wouldn't do it by overtly forcing land-grab/ legislation down the throat of minor parties and then creating bloated bureaucracy to inspect said legislation.

>> No.40684560


Oh so they have to be starving to be helped by you? Otherwise they have to go days without food before you deem it worthy enough to treat and help them. How sadistic is that? We care about our citizens and the citizens of others on a day to day life, not in only dire of circumstances.

>> No.40684574


Honestly I think I would aye this, if it was a coalition facility and not just Bipartisan.

>> No.40684578

Then it is settled!

On a side note I have made an proposal of my own on the wiki, I know that it is a little late for that act to be voted upon but I want every member of this parliament to read through my proposal and voice any criticism and loopholes before the next voting session takes place so they may be remedied in a timely and efficient manner.

>> No.40684601



>> No.40684610

I could still put it forward. 1 1/2 hours left.

>> No.40684619

This has been an astonishing night for the spooky party of tg. We can be in government after sunday!

>> No.40684639

So lets give this land to all the peoples of this parliament, The Land will become Coalition territory, to be inhabited, worked and overseen by no particular party.

I mean, everyone gets milk, and you don't seem so "land grabby"

>> No.40684715

I would very grateful if you did.

>> No.40684728

I am here! Fret not!

>> No.40684753


Because everyone still gets milk, and Spooky is beset on all sides, we have no other land at the moment to grow our farms to harvest our milk. We need more land to expand our population and keep them alive.

>> No.40684759


>What is considered a 'recreational drug'? Will there be a list of approved drugs? Where's this list?
>What exactly are these safety standards going to bel?
>What are the consequences of selling to a minor?
>Who will be paying these subsidies? I mean, milk is a bit silly but people do require calcium. No-one requires recreational drugs, so definite waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Galactic Empire would also like to offer the Imperial MedCentre program as a host for the rehabilitation and medical facilities to help people afflicted with drug abuse. The KMR are more than welcome to staff our rehab facilities with their own experts.

>> No.40684780

>Because we need more land

Land grab

>> No.40684851


Acquiring land not for malicious purposes to for purposes to better the world entirely. You look at it in the worst light possible, and have judged us harshly. I see no other reason to continue this discussion as you won't be turned from your negative mindset.

>> No.40684871


>> No.40684915

The Last bill I'm gonna put up in this session:

Proposal of Bill: 'Whores and Weed act' - Proposed by Voltaire[Knights of the Magical Realm] !!ovdI0id3NeK

The full legalization of prostitution and the buying, selling and consumption of recreational Drugs.

Human and nonhuman prostitution under this bill for all intents and purposes becomes recognized as a legitimate business practice and thus is subject to government taxation and regulatory laws if applicable.

To allow the creation of programs designed to educate and prepare consenting human and nonhuman individuals for a career in prostitution, public oversight and funding provided by KotMR.

To provide subsidies, protect the rights of and recognize cultivators of recreational drugs as legitimate entrepreneurs subject to government taxation and regulatory laws on their businesses if applicable.

To allow the legal act for sellers and producers to retail recreational drugs for consenting consumers of the appropriate age, the products themselves must meet any or all applicable health safety standards.

Sells and producers of recreational drugs are required to attach warning labels on all their products, properly informing the consumer the ramifications of rampant drug abuse.

The establishment of agencies, clinics and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and abused prostitutes, public oversight and funding provided by the coalition of KotMR.

>> No.40684954


Hookers and Weed? Fuck yes, Yea!

>> No.40684956

I don't think the codex astartes abides the recreational use of drugs. Only stimpaks.


>> No.40684959

>All those half broken addicts on the edge of sanity
>looking for something to distract them from their addictions
>Willing to do anything to just feed their fix a tiny bit
>"Let's have KMR members run it"

Oh God.

>> No.40684962


Why do the Knights of the Mystical Realm deem this necessary to pass? I'm but a tree and see not the necessity of these things. What strife will this hope to fix?

>> No.40684972



>> No.40684978

Aye, on all accounts!

>> No.40684980



>> No.40684997

I swear, the traffic gets worse every day.
I vote Aye; any initative that increases the cattle population is excellent news although, of course, we Dinosaurs do not drink Milk

>> No.40685002



>> No.40685022

Given that this makes prostitution subject to tax, meaning a rise in budget, and the fact that skeletons are not at risk for venereal diseases, I'm going to have to say Yea.

>> No.40685025

I think Volts a bit of a wild card. While I respect that, I don't really know my party's opinion on this as a whole

>> No.40685027


>> No.40685031



>> No.40685048

`Got Milk?` Bill

Aye: 17

Abstain: 1

Nay: 5

The bill passes

>> No.40685056

Yes by all means The Imperial Medcentres program can be used to hose the rehabilitation and medical facilities this will save costs and relieve more tax burden on the common people. I am all for it.

>>What is considered a 'recreational drug'? Will there be a list of approved drugs? Where's this list?

Any drug that is not harmful to the imbiber within a period of year, this includes marijuana and certain psychotics in small enough dosages.

>What exactly are these safety standards going to bel?

Based on daily, weekly, monthly and annual threshold tolerances for each race and species such that the threshold level does not produce any serious chronic symptoms.

>>What are the consequences of selling to a minor?
Jail time, depending on the severity of the case anywhere from 2 years to a lifetime sentence.

>>Who will be paying these subsidies?
I have legalized prostitution and recreational drug consumption, the taxation of both will pay the subsidies. They are both multi-billion dollar industries.

>> No.40685060


Enlisted men need entertainment. Yay.

>> No.40685061


And now I'll explain why I'm voting for this bill: because I'm not stupid. Everything described in this bill is already happening, but it's happening in the worst way possible.

By legalizing and regulating prostitution, we can control the spread of Nurgle's Crotch Rot, for example. Legalizing recreational drug use also allows us to monitor the quality and purity of these substances to ensure that they won't cause your flesh to start falling off in gangrenous chunks.

>> No.40685074

I hardly see why this is necessary, and I don't think my mother would approve. It may have been put forth by a fellow knight but I think I'll be abstaining

>> No.40685082


Yay, for the common worker's fun.

And weed. Everyone loves weed.

>> No.40685094

>Gets put to vote before anyone can have any questions about the bill answered.

>Bill is going to go through anyway, without any chance to work out loopholes or kinks or protect these rights with any laws.

>It literally doesn't matter if the Empire votes or not, it won't make a single lick of difference in whether this bill passes or fails.


>> No.40685107


Well, as long as it's got access to a Cathay user-base so my trout have some use there, sure.


>> No.40685136


>Empire bitching/no fun allowed
>Yet again

Colour me surprised. You made your grave, go lie in it.

>> No.40685151

This is turning into a Kangaroo Court....

I for one will not be voting on this bill

>> No.40685160


>> No.40685165


I am not stupid either. The undead have no use for drugs since they have no heart-beat, and I'm not too sure about sex. However I don't think I can speak for everyone on the planet, and if you think this will have a large enough impact on the betterment of the societies as a whole then I will vote for this



>> No.40685177

Das the point mang. One party is supposed to become rediculously powerful and abolish parliment, make themselves king or make the other parties illegal.

>> No.40685195

Vampires are all about sex man.

>> No.40685197


Exactly! Bitching about the problem isn't going to help, but hey, do whatever you want.

>> No.40685212


Although the basic premise of the bill is agreeable, it grants too much authority to the KotMR. Any administration resulting from the passing of such a bill should be taken on by an independent body, overseen by a unified body selected by this Parliament.
To simply give all authority for the creation of oversight programs, clinics, agencies and rehabilitation centers to the KotMR without any provision for external oversight or future review by this parliament is foolish and lacks forward thinking.

>> No.40685213

Juts in time to vote for the last bill!


>> No.40685223

I am well aware of the current political environment and I am simply taking advantage of what I perceive is a advantageous position and I am willing to be as bold as possible as current situation would allow.

When the political climate shifts, I am adapt to suit.

I thank you for your respect nonetheless.

>> No.40685226

Weed and hookers does not leave much room for interpretation

>protection by rights
If this bill violates laws already in effect, it is invalid. If someone finds me a rule that forbids this proposal, the outcome does not matter.

>It literally doesn't matter if the Empire votes or not
Thats democracy for you. My own proposal failed and nearly all my votes for previous laws were for the side who lost. Yet I don't complain about it.

>> No.40685234


I encourage you to read the Dresdon Files (on a Kindle or something, never on paper), there are different types of vampires, and again, as I said: I don't think I can speak for the whole planet.

>> No.40685244

You're just mad because your arms are to short for you to smoke a blunt or get an injection

>> No.40685251


Different types of vampires meaning: some feed on sex, others on blood, etc. And you do have a point, they do seem to go about it as rabbits. I voted Aye, anyway...

>> No.40685258

>Bitching about it doesn't help
>Doing everything I can, which is literally nothing, so I voice my opinion to oppose it.

You're right, except I'm literally doing everything I can within the rules(not samefag), and can RP it to boot.

So literally "bitching" is the only thing to do.

Do you even RP politics, bro? Or do you just shit up everything you touch

>> No.40685265


>> No.40685279

Yeah, there are a tonne of different vampires and a tonne of them are about sex. Or do all vampires have to conform to YOUR predefined definitions of what a vampire should be? That's a pretty racist opinion for a Tree.

>> No.40685299

I have stated my objections to the bill, I see no reason to regress to meaningless slander
Besides, should I ever feel the desire to 'get an injection', I'm sure I could find an edible-looking junkie somewhere

>> No.40685301


Didn't really argue the point, did you? Bitching doesn't help, so why do it?

I can RP politics, I just don't see the point when pointing out that someone is whinging for the point of it. Which you basically just said anyway.

Stay rectally rekt, cunt.

>> No.40685312


Seriously, all y'all look alike. Also I'm the Keeper of the Spooky Forest, do you think I get out much to meet with and figure out the difference between ALL of the different vampires? Could you if you had to be at Parliament and tend to the Spooky Forest?

>> No.40685341

is there still the one seat open?

>> No.40685347

The point that there is nothing to argue on this bill because it is pure degenerate swill.

Arguing it would give credibility, which I will not.

but If you actually RP this, you would have picked up on that.... cunt

>> No.40685357

>I'm sure I could find an edible-looking junkie somewhere
>Mackin on some other guy's rocks
Not cool man.

>Seriously, all y'all look alike
Aw Hell naw niggah you did not just say that, I KNOW that you did not just say that. I'm gonna give you a smack upside the head, I swear on me momma, yah fuckin jive ass tree

>> No.40685375

I don't think so. You can still join to a party and wait for the rollcall the sunday though.

>> No.40685440


This isn't even my final form.

>> No.40685469


human kind must have teh boobies in the name of the EMPRAH. But not in session

>> No.40685479


>> No.40685494

both a yeas! sorry
Im a sleepy marine

>> No.40685640

Alright, I'll check back around then

>> No.40685674


I like this one, though it still isn't my final form.

>> No.40685721

You can say your bark is worse then your bite.

>> No.40685952

Did we really decide not to make a position to help our slowly burning out speakers? The only way to make such a position accountable really is to have two active at all times and to see if they match vote counts. But they have to be in different parties who have nothing to do with eachother.

Like ALF and Totally Not Dimir. both VERY trustworthy groups.

>> No.40685985

Voting Aye

Because you always vote aye for wenches and ale.

>> No.40686006

You're a bit behind on that second one

>> No.40686024 [DELETED] 


>> No.40686075

Also Yay

>> No.40686077


Forgot your trip, bro

>> No.40686142

Proposal of Bill: 'Whores and Weed act'

Aye: 17

Abstain: 1

Nay: 4

Voting is over. The bill passes

Going to sleep. Next Session is in 4 hours, though there are no proposals right now. Not sure if a speaker will be there either. IF you figure out who the last seat goes to (trips, name and party tag must have been valid) feel free to update the map.

>> No.40686238


>> No.40686306


As planned.

>> No.40686361

Looks like I'll have some more herbs to experiment with.

>> No.40686391

Y'all niggas acting like a bunch of children
Backhanded remarks, insults/shitflinging, sulking
I don't want any of you as my government

>> No.40686429

You can always found a party of your own.

>> No.40686440

Gee. It's like you've never listened to anyone in real government talk about anyone else in government.

>> No.40686459


>> No.40686460


>> No.40686484

Why don't you join the spooks, chernov, instead of derailing our threads?

>> No.40686510

Join the Knights of the Magical Realm, we have legalized prostitution and recreational drugs, what has the other parties done that can even compare?

>> No.40686511

If it were up to me, we'd be following Robert's Rules to organize Parliament. But the medium for our organization doesn't easily allow that. I'd at least hope that we could hold discussion before voting on a bill, but that would more than likely be the topic of a session prior to a vote rather than held concurrently. And by that point the people who went to the discussion session might not even be at the voting session, which defeats the purpose of holding a discussion before a vote.

>> No.40686577

Bitch you a problem too
I don't know what's between you and the galactic empire, but you don't need to insult them at every turn
That's childish

>> No.40686648

I'm imagining you as a very angry black man just walking into the chambers of parliament and yelling at everyone.
That amuses me.

>> No.40686860

Hello boys, mind if I join in?

>> No.40686944

Come on in! The tree knows some good jokes.

>> No.40687008

A talking tree you say? I haven't seen one of those in a long time. Though I do suppose I should keep up with modern events and all that.

>> No.40687125

I believe we're actually full at the moment, but you'll probably get a seat come Sunday.

>> No.40687127


Some scrambled eggs and fried bacon walk into a bar and tell the bartender, "We need two drinks please." The bartender looks up at them and goes, "I'm sorry but we don't serve breakfast here."

>> No.40687185

Well this >>40686142 seems to imply that there was one last seat, and I don't believe anyone has claimed it since then.

Hm. Amusing.

>> No.40687296


Why did the personal trainer go to the liquor store? To exercise some spirits.

>> No.40687342

Another good one. You are indeed quite humorous.

>> No.40687424


Well I was head of the branch of the joke department. Though I do bough to any master of the word play or those that wood make puns. But enough of this matter, I'll leaf it alone.

>> No.40688095



>> No.40688103


Posting some skeletons to keep this place...alive?

>> No.40688118

Don't worry, Health and Welfare advisers will be along soon to ensure the safe production of milk.
I would hate for this program to die

>> No.40688146

>Whores and Weed

>> No.40688160


I just realized, I could probably help grow some super spooky weed

>> No.40688209

I was afraid of this.

>> No.40688228

>I could probably help grow some super spooky weed
Only the spookiest weed will suffice.

>> No.40688309


Don't worry, only the 2Spooky4U weed won't be sold to you. Only the weed that is just sufficiently spooky.

>> No.40688331

>I was afraid of this.


>> No.40688335

I'm going to have to consult the Provost Marshall's Office to draw on regulations on the prevention of Troopers on leave experimenting with the local "flora".

>> No.40688374


I got it. There will be three levels of spooky weed: Just Spooky Enough, for the entry level of spooky weed smoker. 2Spooky4Me, for those that have grown a tolerance to the previous level or want something pretty spooky. Then 3Spooky5Me for the ultimate level of spooky. Nothing will be Scarecrow from Batman level of spooky, just more like Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas spooky.

>> No.40688385

Visiting the brothels is still okay though right? There's many vampire hookers who would love the blo--- income.

>> No.40688412


>> No.40688459

With the exception of the ones listed in the "Off limits Establishments", Troopers are able to visit authorized comfort sites that are regularly patrolled by the PMO that insure a safe site for troopers to relieve their stresses.

Ofcourse... we have a little issue with rebellious ones from time to time.

>> No.40688498


>> No.40688500


Promotion received. Still not my final form though.

>> No.40688504

Ah, hello sir, I take it you are the leader of the Spooky party?

>> No.40688565

Yes. Yes I am.

>> No.40688568


>> No.40688638

The ISB, however, will be watching.


>> No.40688657

Excellent, I hope you don't mind that I claimed the last seat for your party. I felt it was the best fit for someone such as myself.

>> No.40688754

If it's open it's yours. If not I see no issue in putting you under the non-seated in our party. If a seat should be open then it will go to you.

>> No.40688823

Can you please change the name of these threads to better reflect that you are in no way representing /tg/? Not only did no one vote for you, more than half of you don't even post on /tg/ outside of this thread (and please don't feel obligated to post outside of this thread. Please)

Call this just "Parliament".

>> No.40688841

>Completely missing the point of board parliament

>> No.40688849

Oh sod off.
No one in their right mind would take assume that this is serious.

>> No.40688871

Then why are you seriously opposing changing the name to better reflect that?

>> No.40688903

Because being themed on /tg/ is a big point of it. We're roleplaying a parliament based on /tg/ related interests and regular /tg/ going ons. Multiple other boards have their own parliaments... we're nowhere near the first.

>> No.40688910

Sorry, misread your post.
Too used to people just telling us to leave.

>> No.40689048

Speakers are asleep, post skeletons

>> No.40689067

U wot m8?

>> No.40689089

Just ignore him, guys. If no one responds, he'll eventually get bored and go back to arguing over D&D editions or making threads for the sole purpose of complaining about other threads. Unless it's Chernov yet again, in which case we're shit out of luck.

>> No.40689101


Oh, uh, nothing

>> No.40689116

Better Chernov than the loli spam.

I'm awake. Post skeltals anyway.

>> No.40689145



>> No.40689151

wait a minute are you trying to get on our good side empire?

>> No.40689187


Doesn't matter, just have fun.

>> No.40689204

>Patriotism Intensifies.

Pfft, like that'd work. Nah, you guys are pretty allright when it's not voting time. For some reason, the really caustic members are only around on voting time.

>> No.40689229

A'ight. Time for skellingtons!

>> No.40689272

Daily reminder that the Galactic Empire has the most badass ships in the galaxy. Like, hot damn. It's a fuckin' knife pointed at the ribs of the galaxy.

>> No.40689293

They'd be even better if you ran them with a skeleton crew

>> No.40689321

Ah, but you can't choke a skeleton! How do you make an example when you can't even choke a skeleton?

Unless the officers were humans and the rest of the crew were skeletons. After all, everyone knows you only choke the officers.

How do you think I even got this job?

>> No.40689338

>Ah, but you can't choke a skeleton!

You obviously haven't tried hard enough. You choking skills need work.

>> No.40689351


>> No.40689365

Forgot the second...number sign thing.

>> No.40689368


Also we need to add the bills that we passed into law on to the Wiki

>> No.40689398

Well, true, you could squeeze hard enough to break bone. I mean, I'm not wizard like Lord Vader. I guess I could get a powered gauntlet or something.

Seems like a waste of human resources though.

I wonder if there's a Space America in the Empire?

I want to get of Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.

>> No.40689431

One step at a time!

>> No.40689442


>> No.40689488

Hmm. Corellia seems pretty damn close. Buncha red-blooded mavericks who love freedom and going fast.

The wiki is updated, now with 100% more calcium, weed and profitable, consenting bootay.

>> No.40689527



>> No.40689549

Loli spam isn't that bad, it doesn't derail the thread and only last a few minutes before the autistic faggot is banned.

>> No.40689560

Mate, the last two times, it lasted for over two hours. I actually hit my daily report limit.

>> No.40689602

It has come to the attention of quite a few people that the current voting system is easily exploited. Bills can be made and pushed through before anyone has a chance to properly discuss them, and people in some timezones won’t get a chance to see them at all before they are passed.

Therefore, the Galactic Empire, Knights of the Magical Realm and the Anonymous Lurkers Front propose the TIMEZONE DISCREPANCY BILL in order to give everyone a chance to vote and not discriminate against timezones, and also to ensure fairness, openness, accountability and a more democratic process. This will prevent unscrupulous parties from pushing through a bill before the /tg/ parliament can respond.

1) A bill must be seconded by members of two other parties in order to be voted on.
2) A bill may not be voted on until 24 hours after it is proposed and seconded.
3) There will be TWO designated, predetermined voting periods for each bill, each one at least eight hours apart, in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote.
4) Each MP may vote on a bill once. They may not vote for the same bill in both periods.

>> No.40689623

This is needed order to this chaos.

You have my Aye

>> No.40689629

I'd support this, but for it to work well we kind of need that secondary position we (SPOOKY) didn't pass making

>> No.40689631

I'm chill with having multiple parties support a bill, but 2 voting periods seems a bit much.

>> No.40689654

We have a lot of people who can't make voting sessions simply because they're asleep or at work. The split voting makes sure that everyone has at least a chance to vote, irregardless of their nation or occupation.

>> No.40689665

Quite a few people have voiced concerns that they have to be up at an ungodly hour (ridiculous stuff like 4am) to vote. The main purpose of this act is to give people who simply couldn't stay up or had work a chance to have their say. Not everyone's like me and is on 4chan 24/7.

I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. Please explain?

>> No.40689667


>> No.40689673

I vote yes for this bill, and encourage others to do the same. I myself have been up until 1:00 AM just to vote, and I know many Australian residents have been doing the same. For both of our sakes, sign the bill.

>> No.40689676


As long as we have someone from the ALF or the speakers keeping track of who votes when, for part 4, I will Second or Third this. Whatever it needs, I'm for it.

>> No.40689680

This alone makes it worth voting for. But it would require that vote counting couldn't be handled by elected offices.

>> No.40689692

I barely got into the first voting session today by voting on the last bill and completely missed the second one due to sleep and work.

Pretty much anyone on the west coast is fucked/mountain time is fucked either way.

>> No.40689723

We were trying to vote in an office of basically Offical Ballot Counter.

Last thread or so. It didn't go through Because of the skellingtons

>> No.40689735


I agree, there's going to have to be follow-up legislation for this to make sure that there is someone to count the votes. An amendment of Red-Marines' Canvasser bill (which was good, but had no way to protect against corruption) would definitely...

...Fit the bill.


>> No.40689746

This bill has the support of the Imperial Commissariat

>> No.40689755


I would be alright if we brought it back with an Vote-ception clause. Basically if we think someone is causing a dispute, just to delay time the Parliament can over-rule the dispute by another vote, or something like that.

>> No.40689761

Aye, this bill supports fairness, I have no objections.

>> No.40689821

Just checking in on tg parliament, I accidentally went inactive because of r9k parliament, want to say hi to my old friends if there are any present

>> No.40689838

Oh, hey, you're the old Cerberus 2IC aren't you?

I'll tell GermanicUltra you stopped in and said g'day.

>> No.40689879

>1) A bill must be seconded by members of two other parties in order to be voted on.
Bills are already slowly being made, do we really want to stagnate the parliament even more? Everything else is fine, but this seems the only iffy spot.

In the other parliament it took one seconding from any party to get a bill put on the docket, unless you were opposing the government, then it took two from any party ( even your own ) to get a bill across. Asking for 2 seconded votes from two different parties might cause a slowing of the process of getting bills even added to the docket. Asking at least one person of another party to second a bill seems better.

>> No.40689910

youre trayvon then?

>> No.40689914

We might want to lower it to just one other party. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Let's at least pass the rest of it so I can sleep again.

>> No.40689934

Fair point. This is mostly an attempt to encourage co-operation between parties and encourage a dynamic of multiple, smaller parties and avoid two or four-party systems. /tg/ is diverse.

However, if people feel strongly enough about it, I would be willing to reduce it to one, two if you were opposing the gubmint.

Nah, I'm a /tg/ native. Germanic hooked up with my party, though. Told me the tale of the /pol/ Ragnarok.

I can't even remember when next vote session is. It's either in an hour and 15 minutes, or ages away.

>> No.40689944

We need to change the voting times or the passing of the bills will be slow as hell.

Therefore I propose a new schedule (EST) for the sessions:

Tue, Thu, Sat 00:00 - 04:00
Tue, Thu, Sat 16:00 - 20:00
Rolecall (Sun) 00:00 - 23:59

That way the two voting seasons necessary for the approval of a bill can be the same day.

After all, during the current system Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are always slow because voting ends early in the morning and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are too active because you a voting session during the afternoon and then another during the late night.

Man, I've been up until 3:30 AM during voting sessions.

>> No.40689946

What a surprise, the biggest party wants to fast-track bills without needing any cooperation.

>> No.40689962

No, I think it should remain as is. Otherwise whoever be the largest party could just find one person from another and get any bill through.

>> No.40689963

I don't think we have a majority government yet, since we don't even have a PM in this parliament. Sticking it to one and allowing all parties to use it seems best.

>> No.40689969

In an hour and ten minutes.

>> No.40689979

I'd support this.

>> No.40690010

IoM or any other of the more meme /tg/ parties could have an upswing at any time. Roll call is coming up and Spooky might have a drop as well. No one will stay on the throne forever. You call it trying to fast track bills, I call it trying not to stagnate the parliament. You DO want to vote on bills, right? And not only have one or two bills per night? Or are you upset at some sort of bias you're seeing? Did someone upset you?

>> No.40690016

So he probably taught you to not like me then I assume

>> No.40690027

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy KL :)

>> No.40690048

Oh wait, is in five minutes. Fucking timezones.

>> No.40690077

Yeah, I was thinking two per day. Does anyone have any issues with the times posted here? If not, I will add them to the proposed bill (With due credit to TnD)

Which is one of the things this bill is designed to guard against. Of course, the 24 hour wait before voting means everyone'll at least have a chance to sit down and pick it apart like adult vultures.

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.

I don't pretend to be much of a politician. I'm just trying to make things as fair as possible.

Cheers m8. I'm a bit rekt, been up for ages now. Can you field this one for me?

Me too, yeah.

Yeah, this isn't targeting you guys specifically. This is making sure that no one party can just push their agenda through without support from the little guys. I'm a big fan of the little parties, I don't want to see 'em fade into uselessness.

I mean, Equal Heights and the Dinos are based.

Nope. Just mentioned you as Illusive's right-hand-man. There wasn't any negative connotations that I could spot. Then again, I'm dense as fuck.

>> No.40690083

Anyone have that weird map from a few threads back?

>> No.40690088

actually yes, If we take our time on bills it gives us a chance to actually debate them. Which is the whole point. Rather then just pass bills for the sake of passing as many as we can as fast as we can. Too much progress is a bad thing.

>> No.40690093

Also since this is a huge change to how parliament will work. Is it considered a metarule changing law?

>A metarule is defined as any rule affecting or altering the baseline rules of the Parliament, such how people can vote (such as allowing anyone but an MP to cast a vote for that MP) or the structure of the parliament itself, including rules that affect the formation of parties (such as forbidding them or dissolving them) or the roles of the Speaker and how they act.

So this vote would require a super majority?

>> No.40690105


>> No.40690108

Smiley I miss you most :(

>> No.40690113

Yes, this would be a metarule bill. Unless we made it an amendment to the efficiency bill ;)

>> No.40690152

I'll vote for it. I'm still iffy on the needing two parties backing anything though.

>> No.40690174

Yea. I'm all for more voting.

And this seems like a reasonable proposition to add.

>> No.40690175

You should come fuck around here man.

>> No.40690187

Think of it this way, it makes having allies a bigger part of the game, it also promotes inter-party communication.

>> No.40690205

If it bogs things down too much, I will personally put forward the amendment to reduce it to one. I swear on my Star Destroyer on that.

>> No.40690214

It's worth a try. As long as there's bills coming in instead of a lack of them.

>> No.40690232

aight fam. That's all I care about. Might as well try it.

>> No.40690243

The sessions started five minutes ago.
Want to introduce it and I count?

>> No.40690263


I have a huge following in r9k so I am focusing hard on that but I am considering coming back here smiley. You know when I do I will join your party. Tomorrow I will probably lose the presidential election on r9k and then I will have more time to spend on this parliament

>> No.40690281

THE SPOOKY SIDE IS THE ONLY SIDE. When is voting for the president? I should still be counted as part of the Patriarchy there I think.

>> No.40690284

Deal. Sorry, my brain is smoosh. Too much paperwork and not enough sleep makes Wibbles a dull officer.


Proposed by Moff Wibbles, seconded by Cobb Bless, thirded by Haunted Tree.

It has come to the attention of quite a few people that the current voting system is easily exploited. Bills can be made and pushed through before anyone has a chance to properly discuss them, and people in some timezones won’t get a chance to see them at all before they are passed.

Therefore, the Galactic Empire, Knights of the Magical Realm and the Anonymous Lurkers Front propose the TIMEZONE DISCREPANCY BILL in order to give everyone a chance to vote and not discriminate against timezones, and also to ensure fairness, openness, accountability and a more democratic process. This will prevent unscrupulous parties from pushing through a bill before the /tg/ parliament can respond.

1) A bill must be seconded by members of two other parties in order to be voted on.
2) A bill may not be voted on until 24 hours after it is proposed and seconded.
3) There will be TWO designated, predetermined voting periods for each bill, each one at least eight hours apart, in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote.
4) Each MP may vote on a bill once. They may not vote for the same bill in both periods.


>> No.40690305

>It has come to the attention of quite a few people that the current voting system is easily exploited. Bills can be made and pushed through before anyone has a chance to properly discuss them, and people in some timezones won’t get a chance to see them at all before they are passed.

>> No.40690310

voting is tomorrow 1 eastern, where my hopes and dreams die :(

>> No.40690317


PROPOSED NEW VOTE TIMES (As per Time Discrepancy Bill)
Proposed by Average Joe

We need to change the voting times or the passing of the bills will be slow as hell.

Therefore I propose a new schedule (EST) for the sessions:

Tue, Thu, Sat 00:00 - 04:00
Tue, Thu, Sat 16:00 - 20:00
Rolecall (Sun) 00:00 - 23:59
That way the two voting seasons necessary for the approval of a bill can be the same day.

After all, during the current system Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are always slow because voting ends early in the morning and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are too active because you a voting session during the afternoon and then another during the late night.

It is 2:10pm by my clock at the time of posting this. At 3:10pm, if I am not asleep, I will close voting and Average Joe will count.

With luck, this will be the last time a bill is pushed through while lots of people are asleep ;)


>> No.40690338



>> No.40690340

I vote Aye, for reasons stated above, namely the fact that I have not been getting any sleep.

>> No.40690355





>> No.40690375



>> No.40690379


>> No.40690405

Aye to both

>> No.40690409


>> No.40690421

Also, it's good to see you up and active in these votes, Fight

>> No.40690435


>> No.40690438

I vote aye to this as well.

>> No.40690443

After seeing how this bill go shot down I am writing a script to automatically count votes. Since It is automated the voter will have to vote in a particular way, otherwise it won't be able to count said votes. This will remove the stress on the Speakers once finished.

>> No.40690446

May I put a bill up for discussion?

>> No.40690456

You're doing the Emprah's work, Mr Bones

Certainly, though if the Timezone bill goes through it won't be able to be voted on this session.

>> No.40690463

Proposal of Bill: 'Body Recycling Act: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo' - Moved by Jackie Skeleton [SPOOKY] - The bodies of the recently deceased should not be put to waste ( either by burial, cremation, or any other choice of disposal ).

>Participants who willfully agree in either verbal or written contracts may choose to donate themselves to our fine cause of undeath once they leave the world of the living behind. They, or their families - if the contract holder so chooses, will be monetarily compensated for their donation.

>A coalition council consisting of Spooky, Galactic Empire, and Knights of the Magical Realm, named the "Unlife Relations Council" will oversee the process.

>The "Unlife Relations Council" will be made up of seven representatives. Two from Galactic Empire, two from the Knights of the Magical Realm. Two other members of the council can be from any party choosing to aid in this endeavor. Spooky will only have one representative. If there are any issues that result in a tie of votes, Spooky will play tie breaker.

>The "Unlife Relations Council" will conduct background checks on all participants to ensure that participants choose the path of unlife of their own free will.

>Non-Spooky affiliated Necromancers will perform the transfer of participants to their new unlife.

>Any necromancers found to abuse this process for their own gain will be put to trial. If found guilty, it will result in their death without ability to be raised into unlife.

>The "Unlife Relations Council" will act as the judges of these trials.

>The Undead may choose to join the Spooky Realm to be among those like themselves, or choose to go on their own path.

>> No.40690479

I will take this into account when writing my script.

>> No.40690487

This resolves all of the issues that the Galactic Empire had with the previous version of the bill. Although I do wonder where said monetary compensation will come from.


>> No.40690495

The milk farm will be making bank from the skeles, my friend.

>> No.40690518

Huh. That's pretty well-reasoned. Sounds like the Spooks are starting to build up an economy. Get money from spoops, use money to get more spoops.

Impressive. Adding this to the wiki now.

>> No.40690527

Very well, I suppose I will vote Aye for this bill.

>> No.40690535

>Compensation will be from the phat loot the /tg/ Milk Farm will be making from Skeletons chugging for more calcium

Could be added to the list to help voters better understand where the income will be from.

>> No.40690549


>> No.40690553

Next time don't forget your party tag.

>> No.40690557


>> No.40690558

I can do that. The less ambiguity there is, the less reason voters will have to downvote due to a misunderstanding.

>> No.40690574

We're not voting for the Body Recycling Act: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo.

>> No.40690582

I have a question. Say I have a recently dead guard pet. Under this bill, could I donate them for monetary compensation?

>> No.40690634

A pet as a dog or pet as in something else? If it's a dog then yes, but it might be at a smaller amount. It depends on the creature. All people, creatures, etc may join the Spooky realm if they so choose. We do need more skeletal horses.

Should we add something about humans being rezzed and if they so choose, they can join back with the Galactic Empire for a term of 2 years military service? Or would that be fine under "May choose their own path."

>> No.40690642


>> No.40690659

The Galactic Empire would be more than happy to accept deceased citizens into the fold as per our standing immigration laws.

Hmm. Of course, their free tuition at the Imperial Academy might be difficult, given /tg/ lacks one...

>> No.40690664

Are you seconding this bill? There's no vote going on for it. But if the current bill passes, this one will require 2 seconds I believe. We have one already, would you like to second this bill since the Knights will be invited to be involved?

>> No.40690677

well shit im sorry guvnor i just got in a voting frenzy and i just couldn't restrain my self

>> No.40690679

Something more along the lines of this.

>> No.40690683

Of course.


>> No.40690689

And the 24 hour period waiting time for discussion. Tempted to waive that for this one vote, but I'm honestly not sure if that's within my powers as speaker.

>> No.40690693

Wibbles already seconded it.

>> No.40690694

If you proposed a bill to help fund a joint military academy, or even something more school related for /tg/ I think many would be for it. I'd second it.

It could be like the current hospital set up. Since there's still tensions with the different races.

>> No.40690728

Oh don't worry. There would be much compensation for that.

>> No.40690729




By the powers of the spooky forest I support this bill.

>> No.40690758

Our infrastructure team are actually working on such a bill. Though the academy would be built and run by the Empire (though we're happy to contract labour and buy raw materials from other parties to create jobs), we would be more than willing to invite the constituents of other parties to send teachers and form their own elective courses.

Again, as before, tuition would be covered by taxes and therefore education would be free. The mandatory military service normally added would become optional for non-Imperial students. And, again, there would be courses and campuses open for non-human citizens.

>> No.40690760

Excellent. With all the dead pets I've had over the many years, it would be nice to make sure their body doesn't go to waste.

I support this Bill.

>> No.40690761

How many votes are needed for the current vote if it's considered a metarule change?

>> No.40690773

This is an RP bill. A standard majority is required only.

>> No.40690784


that feeling when your bill makes it into parliament

>> No.40690792

Bro, bro.

Missing your trip bro.

>> No.40690795

Funny you should mention Infrastructure.

So I did something silly, I looked at the old map.

And then I noticed something: We need some more ROADS. If you can't freely travel, how can you be free?

SO: I propose the Interstate Construction Bill
>Funding for the construction of pic related Highways
>Naming of said highways as pic related

It's pretty self explanatory.

>> No.40690802



>> No.40690807


>buy raw materials from other parties

I don't think SPOOKY will be affording to sell lumber at this moment. Apologies. A forest is still suffering from a catastrophe from a wild pyromancer a few years back, and it's been difficult to coax unlife back into it. He liked to play with fire, we liked to play with his corpse.

>> No.40690813

I meant for these.

Do we have enough voters for it to pass?

and spookies should teach defense against the dark arts.

>> No.40690818



>> No.40690827


>> No.40690845

SECONDED. And I'm damn sure the Romans will approve of roads.

It's a shame they can't all be straight. Everyone knows the English are waiting to ambush you at the corners ;)

True, but the undead are tireless. Excellent for paid, unskilled labour, yes?

>> No.40690861

Can you two please stop speaking in such an annoying matter? It's giving me a headache.

>> No.40690868

Yes, the only requirement is a super-mayority. The number of votes doesn't matter as long as more than two-thirds vote yes.

Not that it matters since the voting has been unanimous.

>> No.40690871

Also, those highway names.

Based Cobb.

>> No.40690878


Perhaps, not really my department. However, I could see that the idea is forwarded to someone who will take care of it.

'Ey Jackie, we got skeles for Moff to use fo' buildin' them schoo's?

>> No.40690884

You could also train them to work in dangerous areas that live things couldn't. Like a place contaminated with poison or filled with a non-breathable gas.

>> No.40690888


>> No.40690895


>> No.40690897


>> No.40690905

>'Ey Jackie, we got skeles for Moff to use fo' buildin' them schoo's?
As long as they get union break times so they can chug some calcium.

>> No.40690911

Very true, though we do have mechanical labour for that sort of thing. However, 'get the droids to do it' doesn't create jobs for the people.

Adding proposal onto the-holdonasec.

One of these days, I'm going to have to make a better map. Or get a minion to do it for me.

We ain't using chatstep anymore. We're using IRC. #Galactic_Empire on Rizon

>> No.40690913

What, are you telling me the common man doesn't have a flying creature of some kind to take them long distances? Gods, what are these people spending their money on.

I ask because when I get a headache, I often wrinkle my forehead. And I just got this skin. I don't want to ruin it with wrinkles so soon.

>> No.40690931




I've heard word back that the land of Spooky will provide skeletons that are untiring as long as they get their break times so that they may drink milk to replenish their bone structure. I'm sure the Galactic Empire would see the necessity in that.

>> No.40690935

>Dairy farms outside a city

Now all we need is Suburbia and we've got America in miniature!

Stuff and things mostly.

Not all parts of Teegee are High-Magic or Super-Tech.

Besides, who doesn't love the FREEDOM of the open road.

>> No.40690936

I'm not sure how I feel about how this will impact the airship transportation market.

>> No.40690939

What, and leave Lootsville Manor irresponsibly cut off from all civilization? For shame!

>> No.40690951

This too. Totally.

Even though it means our loot is somewhat more secure.

>> No.40690954

Although my pirate comrade does make a good point here. With an airship landing or two (which would certainly be cheaper than a full highway), it would go over well indeed.

>> No.40690958

Very true. Droids are also limited in many respects when compared to undead. They require power and can't go under liquids unless they are specialized in that way. They are also programmed to only solve a problem in one way and can't use the judgement of a sentient being.

>> No.40690959

>Now all we need is Suburbia and we've got America in miniature!
Write it up! I'll second it.

>> No.40690962

It has the original, preexisting road!

A shift towards cargo, VIPs, and transport into marginal areas, both of which are good developments for Sky Piracy.

>> No.40690965

That sounds only fair. Just because they lack organs, doesn't mean they're droids.

The skies are safer than the roads. Who patrols the roads? No-one! And it's easier for barbarians to ambush you on land than in the air.

>> No.40690987

Quite so! The Clone Wars proved the folly of over-reliance on droids.

>> No.40690988

Spooky does have Skelecopters. An airship market would be nice.

>> No.40691000


Our thoughts exactly.

Did anyone get a chuckle out of the change in voice/writing I did between Moff and Jackie? I thought it was funny but I'm also pretty tired.

>> No.40691002

My god, how the hell do you people manage? I bet you don't even have a golem maid to clean up your labs.

>> No.40691024

The Galactic Empire is building a drydock space station in orbit for our medical supply shipments and convoys of colonists. When it is complete, it would likely make a great centre for airborne trade.

Oi ad a roit fukkin laff m8.

Oh, yeah, we've got plenty of those.

>> No.40691032


>> No.40691044

I'll third this bill.

>> No.40691045

Yes. Of course, we're going to need to establish patrols and customs offices in order to prevent piracy and smuggling, both of which are terrible for the economy.

Speaking of SPACE PATROLS.

Who's in charge of that little endeavour again?

>> No.40691054

>not getting nitty gritty
>not doing it your own damn self
>not being a handyman


We never held the election.

>> No.40691059


Thanks, I like inspiring gaggles.


I've found them too cumbersome and clumsy for my horticulture experiments, and far too large for my greenhouses. Look into sprites sometimes, maybe even a wisp or two. They are quite productive and follow every order. Of course it helps if you never really sleep, and can give pretty simple orders.

>> No.40691063

Okay, that means we're gonna need a bill to establish the roles and ranks of SPACE PATROL, yeah?

>> No.40691066

If there are no one managing the space patrol operations, I Voltaire wish to volunteer for the position.

>> No.40691067

There's also the whole asteroid thing going on. We could use the larger ones, once they are mined out, to make colonies.

IoM, GE, and the Americans might be good for a joint effort space patrol.

>> No.40691080

ALF will be interested in space research as a means to further our quest for knowledge.

>> No.40691088

Look, I don't have time to clean my lab. I have pets to make, and upkeep my body of course. It's a lot harder to find nice, smooth skin then it used to be, you know.

>> No.40691090

>prevent piracy and smuggling

>> No.40691109



>> No.40691112

Knowledge is all fine and dandy, however need i remind you research must have a practical and profitable purpose; research grants are expensive.

>> No.40691113

SPACE Piracy and smuggling, mind you.

>> No.40691143

These are very valid points. I will still have to consider my stance on it, but I will keep these in mind.

>> No.40691169

Lies and slander. This is why I don't join you! You don't know how important properly run Piracy and Smuggling are to an economy.

Hell, with out them, your stormtroopers are really just there for the occasional rebel. Wasting tax dollars.

>> No.40691175

We would be open to discussing what TYPE of research would go on on a research facility manned by ALF members.

Our following is small but dedicated, and our mountain temple has become cramped with books and documents. Expansion into space would not only help us learn more in the field of astronomy, astrology, and many of the sciences, but it would also give us a much needed second location to store information.

My thoughts are for an advanced facility on a remote moon where we could digitally store our collected information and knowledge, as well as observe cosmic events and celestial bodies.

>> No.40691205

I have to admit. Currently it seems pretty easy to get seconds and thirds, and I'll say that I'm enjoying the mingling of the parties right now as we work together.

That's what I got succubi servants for. The cleaning, not the skin part.

>> No.40691219

>Wasting tax dollars.
Yes. We need to give the storm troopers something to shoot. Wouldn't they get bored if all they did was stand around?

>> No.40691228

And without border stations, patrol ships and customs vessels, how would they get to do that shooting?

I mean, other than the gazillion unintelligent dangerous monsters that roam /tg/ and threaten its citizens...

>> No.40691238

Yes, well the succubi no longer answer any of my summons. I think they've gotten wise to my game.

Also, I've been wondering if I can set up shops in the other nations. Like I said, it's hard to find good skin and other parts today, and I need those parts.

>> No.40691244

Research is good. Very, very good. There might be a chance to find hidden moon magic and other such things out in the vast darkness of space. I would second your proposal for research if you have any in mind.

>> No.40691252


>> No.40691253

I'll need a co-writer as I am bad at writing bills. Which is why Moff wrote the Timezone bill.

>> No.40691259

Here's the current parliament, I checked the thread and Spooky got the last seat.

I'm not saying this because Jackie paid me to do it.

>> No.40691263

Astronomy and astrology? That kind of passive research can be done with telescopes and monitoring equipment.

I am more interested in the excavation and outer space harvesting of deuterium and the application of crushed moon rocks to quantum teleportation.

That is the worse broken glass fallacy I have ever heard spoken. You should be ashamed of yourself for advocating piracy and Smuggling, it only encourages the rise of debt and allocation of resources that could be better spent else what and does not stimulate economic growth whatsoever.

>> No.40691264

The Galactic Empire has an asteroid we've just finished hollowing out. We were going to build a zero-g training facility there, but a research centre is a much better idea.

We can tow it out to a place of your choosing, for a reasonable fee...

>> No.40691265

This thread's about to sink, and there's not much I can do about it. Any chance for a new one?

>> No.40691274



No, of course not.

>> No.40691293

is the ALF symbol on a light grey background or is that an optical illusion?

Exploitation of resources is not one of our interests at the moment.

Hmm. This isn't a bad idea. We'll need to tour the asteroid first, of course.

>> No.40691294

Here's hoping no one ever drops a colony onto /tg/ land.

>> No.40691305

Certainly. I can have a shuttle sent to your mountain whenever.

...Nah, never gonna happen. There isn't an /m/ party here.

>> No.40691324

I don't see it as resource exploitation I envision it as venture capitalism!

Where is your entrepreneur spirit Gattuccio? If we do not exploit these resources someone else will later on!

>> No.40691326

Ded thred.
New thred.

>> No.40691329

a /tg/ war scenario would be fun though

>> No.40691355

I really wouldn't count on trying to make a Skeletal werewolf anyway. I've tried several experiments to see that parts react to moonlight the most, and the bones, on their own, are usually the least reactive. Though a bit of muscle does help the process.

>> No.40691488

Pft. We're not /m/ here.
Even if they are our best friend.

>> No.40691920

I believe we have not voted on that yet i've been playing chapter master so i haven't been paying attention

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