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Welcome to the /tg/ parliament

>To join in, simply write your name and choose a party as well as a secure tripcode: https://www.4chan.org/faq#sectrip

>Three people and a party page on the wikia are needed to create a party

>Create your party platform and see existing laws and regulations here:


Current Agenda:

>Next session in 1 hour 18 minutes.
>Coming up with new bills
>Voting on bills, yo!

Old thread here.

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Actually, I believe mine was the first.

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Careful with that. I agree with the sentiment, but before anything regarding a "leader" is put forward, be sure to define EXACTLY and unqquestionably what kind of powers he would have. Leave not a single speck of doubt.

Because this is what killed the parliament on /pol/. Unrestricted power and abuse by a Prime Minster, whos powers were very unclear.

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Yours was the OP. I was the first post in the thread.

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Reporting in.

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As a citizen i'd like to propose a bill for a 'warhammer 40k general' thread.

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I would argue that they can veto it as long as they do so within an hour of it passing or perhaps the same thread? Not during the actual proceedings. No need to give them an excuse to start a shit storm when it might not be necessary.

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it's not a veto if they can just delay the vote. The idea is to cause a reset button with the veto. But if you guys just want to have it as a delaying action, that's fine too.

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so theres some issues with the Parliament Speaker vote, it started on sunday at 01:08:19, but was ended at 02:15:30. Am I missing something, isnt it supposed to go for 2 hours?

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present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.
"the original owner of the house"

Deal with it, nerd.

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I would say no more than 10 minutes after it has been put forward for voting (timestamps). To prevent Consuls from vetoing when they are afraid a voting might not go in their favour.

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Yes. Check again please. I was quite careful not to end votings prematurely. I remember even putting an alarm...

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Then it's not even worth it to have the veto power? The idea of consuls is that they should be able to veto something they feel is not in the best interests of the nation, and force it through the entire voting process AGAIN. Otherwise it's not a veto.

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Wait no! Votes go for one hour. Where did you get the two hour thing from?

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A parliamente that doesn't listen to it's people is no parliament at all.

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He got it here: >>40642572

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How do we do with bills and other law stuff?

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Eh, I dislike vetos in general. It's a huge power, far more effective than most people think. And you want to give it to two people even. I doubt they will be always online at the same time to counteract the veto of the other.

But I never disputed for how long a veto might be in effect. Only the exact moment someone can excercise that power after a bill is open for voting.

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Ah. Classic fuck up from me.

"After a new draft has been put forward by a member of the parliament, every MP can vote on it within 1 hour. After that the votes will be counted and the draft becomes law or fails."


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(I mean, how they're proposed.)

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if i am not mistaken, there is a predetermined time in which parliament takes session, during this time we go around one party at a time in which each party presents the bill they wish to put forward, voting is then made regarding that bill and see if it passes or not

does that answer your question?

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What is your party? Make sure your name, party tag and tripcode correspond with the party page in the wiki.

If you are a new party member, the seats are unfortunately full for now, so you can't be a seated MP for now. And therefore not propose new bills. If you are a MP, you can just post your bill here and afterwards add it to the wiki. Startpage, all the way down.

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Almost correct. Bills are put forward in-thread by a MP (Either a member of a party or an independent) that has a set in the /tg/ parliament.

It is then placed on the wiki under the 'proposed bills' section. When session starts the current speaker then chooses one from that list to put forward for voting. Voting then takes an hour, after which time the speaker tallies the votes and the bill either passes into law, or fails.

Sessions last four hours, so a quick speaker can get up to four bills voted on.

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You's propose da bill, den generally dere's a consensus on wetha we should put it to vote er not. Den, when da votin' period comes around, it's placed to a vote.

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Speaking on behalf of the Dinosaur population, I am in favor of vetoes provided they are held by righteous and honorable Saurians.
Obviously you can't trust humans with them, who knows what sort of corrupt, political shenanigans they might exercise them on

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You are indeed mistaken. The speaker (for this session Moff) has the sole power of putting forward bills to be voted on.

PROPOSING however, can be done by any MEMBER OF THE PARLIAMENT.

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You're almost as bad as the damn Sergal.


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Ok, after tallying and retallying the votes, here's the final (?) chart of the speaker of the parliament vote. It's real close either way you slice it, and some people will argue that you need a 2/3 majority, but as of now, it looks clean.

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Yes, I am new.

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jesus dude, I can see where you're coming from on the Sergal thing, even if I don't agree. But the freaking dinosaur thing is an awesome joke. Don't shit up the thread complaining about it.

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Join the ALF. we make nice pdfs and lurk real hard

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[spoilers]My post was in-character. I apologize if I gave the wrong impression.[/spoiler]

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And here I thought we both had fun with our endless debating.

How unfortunate to hear that.

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I has a question.

Would the DFTE party be's willing to make an alliance wif us, in favor of rights for non-human individuals?

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Thank you very much! Yes, some argued it should have been 2/3. But since no one really challenged it for a day and we couldn't decide if a new office was really changing the constitution (which still doesnt exist btw) we left it there. In part because without a speaker, this assembly is not able to act.

I hope you stay around for the session today. We would really need you for counting, as I cant count for shit apparently.

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On a related note, I propose that the current position of speaker be dismantled until a super majority vote is reached to establish such a position.

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Ah, my apologies for misunderstanding Moff. Carry on.

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The Galactic Empire strongly advises against joining the DFTE. They're even more imperialistic and racist than we are. Just because they're not humans, doesn't mean they'll see you as anything other than food.

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Ha, screw you :p we need a speaker and it is law.

But you may put forward a bill, or amendment to change the office. Or propose an act to abolish the position.

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Am I too late to get a seat?

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Welcome to Holoradio, the Galactic Empire's number one and only source for news.


Transcript: Welcome to a Holoradio news exclusive. The new Moff of the Teegee Sector as appointed by the Grand Emperor has brought honor to the Galactic Empire. Moff Wibbles successfully navigated his way to being elected Speaker of the Teegee Parliament as well as putting forth the Iron Front Constitution in the place of the NSAP. We are certain Moff Wibbles will continue to advance the Imperial Agenda in Parliament. This was Holoradio news with Jeron Vais.

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Yesm brother. But I will add you to the codex regardless. You will not have a seat, but be a member of the one true party.

Maybe we pass a bill tonight that increases the amount of seats by one outer ring (roughly 30-32 seats). Or you can wait until roll call on sunday and report in.

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I'm actually all for the position, I'd just like to see a supermajority for it. Would definitely vote yay, just would like to see 2/3 of others do so as well. (Although no speaker would ever present a proposition disbanding the role of speaker I guess :P)

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I agree, somewhat.
Since the previous law for speakers was provisional (Since it didn't require a supermajority, and thus is not a legitimate change to the constitution/parliament rules) I think that our new constitution should cover the job of speaker.
I do not think that the law should be dismantled, though, only superseded by a constitutional definition of the speaker's job.

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Ah, a pity. Well, I hope for the best. I forsee a bright future for the Imperium.

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Makes sense, and would be fine by law. But the more things you add to the constitution, the bigger the risk that it will fail to pass as a whole, just because people dislike 1 or 2 points. Why not start small and add things piece by piece?

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Don't worry Gaf, you'll always be my favorite Sergal.

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At least one rep from the Adventuring Party reporting in.

Also reminding any lurking AP members (All three of you I hope) that we need to have a little chat in our brand new chat room as linked in our page.

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And the KotMR highly advises against joining the IoM because of their incredibly long record of human rights violations stretching back to its founding.

Not to mention the abysmally poor standard of living the average human citizen is subject to or the low life expectancy, extremely high mortality rate and almost 99% of its population living in abject poverty or the horrendous treatment of abhumans and psykers.

And yet humans flock to the party willingly and with consent.

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You know, I left my Heresy detector in my room, but I think I can hear it going off from here...

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Hey, he is Empire. We are Imperium. Huuuuge difference

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It's funny because the person you're quoting isn't even the IoM.

Clearly, that substandard facial structure and overgrown fur is impeding your vision, because you seem to be confused as to the difference between the Empire and the Imperium.

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my name is Marty and i am here to complain. Somehow i was elected for a seat in this parliament. The only problem is I am totally not Dimir. Like I didn't even know what Dimir is. So I guess my real question is: What percs do come with my job here?

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Assemble my brethren!!

>> No.40643655

Though, one thing that would be hilarious about the Consuls.

The Speaker gets to shout "AWAKEN MY MASTERS"

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I'd not talking about a full alliance.
Just collaborations on the issues that impacts us especially hards.

>> No.40643671

Hi, I represent some of the Anonymous Association for lazy bums. We ask for proper representation within the Senate.

>> No.40643674 [DELETED] 

Of course I know the difference my dear parliamentary representatives.

I am merely stating the similarities of regimes.

>> No.40643685


Nope. Not part of the parliament. No perks at all yet.

>> No.40643692

The Anonymous Lurker's Legion is already a thing.

>> No.40643717

And we ask that you find two more people, set up a page for the party on the wiki and wait for either more seats to open up or the next sunday roll call.

But i guess you won't be arsed to do that.

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Uhhhhhh... Crap, their onto us fellow /b/terroists, run!

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But we are quite different. One hates your kind, the other despises your kind.

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go back to /b/ you summer fags.

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Remember when the prospects of a raid from /b/ actually scared people?

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From my perspective, same differences.

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Hey! I take offense to that. It takes a lot of hard work to lurk and never post!

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And that is why filthy xenos and mutants are considered subhuman.

>> No.40643810

I apologize for my slow response, I was occupied by extremely important duties to my party
Although the DFTE is always open to political discussion with other parties, I must inform you that such discussions fall under the office of Foreign Affairs. As such, they are not my responsibility, but I will of course inform the minister as soon as they return to their desk.

My duty is to protect the dignity and rights of all Saurians, and I object most strongly to the vicious conduct of the IOM. Their accusations are entirely unfounded, and clearly aimed at slandering my party. While the DFTE does indeed support the creation of a glorious Saurian monarch, we do so only because it is in the best interests of everyone involved.
As for accusations of Racism, nothing could be further from the truth. Is it Racism to view a cow as nothing more than a collection of steaks? To see pigs as future sausages? If anything, it is the fault of the human race (and its various offshoots) for being so delicious

>> No.40643814

not yet anyway...

What? No, I didn't say anything. Go away.

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Upon re-reading my statement, I seem to have said ION instead of Galactic Empire.
Please accept my humblest apology, it was an error on the part of my secretary and entirely unintentional

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Are you not a sanctioned psyker?

Your standard of living within your Imperium is even below the standards of a subhuman.

>> No.40643873

Hello, guise, I'm back!

>> No.40643874

Yeah, me either. Want a sammich?

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>Implying your perspective matters.
>Implying you're not just the KMR shoving their horrible fetishes into every thread.
>Implying we want to enter your magical realm.

>"It's their fault for being tasty."

You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. The DFTE advocate murder for no other reason than being tasty. Savages.


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I am a Primaris Psyker, one who holds a high office in the Imperium, as I also hold rank as an Inquisitor.

Think "a Psyker who has such mental discipline over his powers that he was awarded rank and high station." If humans within the Imperium are dissatisfied with their standard of living, they need only prove their worth to the Imperium. The Emperor rewards his faithful, after all.

>> No.40643945

The Grand Opening of the Tarkin Memorial Medical Centre


Transcript: Hello, I’m Jeron Vais, your one stop shop for Galactic Empire News. Today we have seen the grand unveiling of the new Tarkin Memorial Medical Centre as a direct result of the fortuitous Civilian Safety Act. The new medical centre is brimming with state of the art facilities, technology, and staff all with the goal of bettering life in the Empire. Hopefully we shall see many more centres like this one built in the coming weeks. The Galactic Empire thus far has created great strides in improving the free healthcare of Imperial citizens, increasing our security, and safety. This has been a Holoradio news exclusive.

>> No.40643952

ALF reminds you to stay informed!

Our repository of voting records and analysis is here:

Ex Silentio Scientia

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A parliament that doesn't listen to it's people is like every parliament ever

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You! I like you. Your death will be quick and (relatively) painless.

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To any and all ALF members - please enter in ChatStep whenever possible.

(Current Inner-Party Motions: None

Current Floor Votes: Indeterminate as of the moment.

Parliamentary Proposals:
> Iron Front (NSAP, GEP, SPQR) Constitution Proposal (http://pastebin.com/YgaSUpWU)
> Knight of the Magical Realm (KoMR) Constitutional Revision Proposals (http://pastebin.com/hSchzGWh)

Wiki: http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/Parliament_of_/tg/_Wikia)

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still waiting for NSAP

>> No.40644084

I protest most strongly. It is entirely possible for a human to live without one of his arms, and the sacrifice of that arm might feed a poor, starving dinosaur. You are equating my desire to ensure the long-term survival of my electorate, and their continued access to a stable food supply, to advocating mass murder
Furthermore, I am given to understand that your own party advocates the murder of its own species, in some cases for no other reason than holding unconventional spiritual views. If any party here is guilty of encouraging mass murder, nay, genocide upon both other species and its own, it would be yours sir!

>> No.40644085

ORDER IN THE PARLIAMENT! Settle down everyone, this session is officially begun! You, in the back, shut up, we're trying to get things done here.

Allright. The first bill that I am going to put before parliament today is the BODY RECYCLING ACT as forwarded by the SPOOKY party. Details are below:

Proposal of Bill: 'Body Recycling Act' - Moved by Jackie Skeleton [SPOOKY] - The bodies of the recently deceased should not be put to waste ( either by burial, cremation, or any other choice of disposal ).

Participants who willfully agree in either verbal or written contracts may choose to donate themselves to our fine cause of undeath once they leave the world of the living behind. They, or their families - if the contract holder so chooses, will be monetarily compensated for their donation.
Government appointed Necromancers will perform the transfer of participants to their new unlife. The Necromancers will not be affiliated with the Spooky Party.
Any necromancers found to abuse this process for their own gain will be put to trial by /tg/ Parliament. If found guilty, it will result in their death without ability to be raised into unlife.
The Undead may choose to join the Spooky Realm to be among those like themselves, or choose to go on their own path. This includes the chance to join up with the HBU where they shall be paid in rations of Cheese snacks and soft drinks, and disposed of properly when they inevitably burst from gas build up.

>Voting will last for exactly one hour, after which I will call a stop to voting and count the votes.

>Only members with seats may vote. Members may only vote once, but may change their vote before the voting period expires.


>> No.40644101


>> No.40644103 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644112

I deem this to be FREE.


>> No.40644131

Oh, it's good you received our message, currently you can't get a seat but you'll have an important job pretty soon. Our members have the terrible habit of disappearing without notice.

>> No.40644139 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644163

The Galactic Empire wishes for clarification before we vote on this matter. Specifically, the phrase

>"Any necromancers found to abuse this process for their own gain will be put to trial..."

Found by whom, I ask? There appears to be no actual check, no people assigned to oversee this and no real checks to ensure that anyone can, in fact, be found to be abusing their power.

>> No.40644179 [DELETED] 

With such lofty titles, speaking to a being of my lowly caliber should be beneath your notice, yet here we are man to beast, face to face. I bet very syllable you utter in retort to my statements must excruciatingly painful.

But I digress, in your hive worlds, your average human citizen cannot rise above their stations in life, they are prevented from even ascending the social hierarchy and thus turn to petty crime. There are entire generations of human slaves who are born, work and die on board your ships and fleets, never knowing the outside world of their Gellar field coffins. You treat your own kind with such horrifying disdain, they are better off dead.

In addition, your emperor has not given out a command or order in the last ten thousand years, he can't even recognize his own little less form a single coherent thought with his soul so fractured as it is now. How do you even know you have not corrupted his vision for humanity?

>> No.40644180

Hmm... AYE

>> No.40644182

This party wishes to know if the consumption of the recently deceased would be considered 'waste' under the provisions of this act?

>> No.40644185 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644186

New Parliament Session in Progress


Transcript: With a new session of parliament, we have another broadcast. We have Speaker of the parliament Moff Wibbles leading the session. We here at Holoradio News are eagerly awaiting what ever new bills are presented by the Galactic Empire today, as well as seeing what ridiculous acts the Knights of the Magical Realm try to shove down Imperial Citizens throats. Hopefully the Galactic Empire and the Imperium of Man will show fierce opposition to said proposals. This has been Jeron Vais.

>> No.40644201 [DELETED] 


>> No.40644212

Anyone fancy starting an Ork Party?

>> No.40644224


>> No.40644240 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644252

NSAP in full strength now. Just let me finish eating.

>> No.40644264 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644272

I's in favor ofs a rapidly growing works force.


>> No.40644291

While I want to vote aye to this bill, the Moff brings up a good point. This bill requires some form of stated oversight.

Unless you were talking about the Government mandated part. Which..still doesn't put in a general oversight that checks in on the necromancers regularly.

I mean, we Adventurers love killing the Undead if they get out of hand, but there's just a point, ya know?

>> No.40644305

Question for Jackie Skeleton of the SPOOKY Party:

What means of monetary compensation are provided to those who donate their bodies (post-mortem) - is the monetary compensation offered available in all forms or is a specific type of currency offered?

How does the SPOOKY Party intend to gain the finance required to compensate the parties due for such? Will the means of gaining finance be independently handled by the SPOOKY Party or is it to be handled by another/any other organization?

How does the SPOOKY Party intend to monitor and regulate necromancy, and who will be tasked with enforcing this? Assuming /tg/ Parliament handles enforcement of such, will regulated SPOOKY-affiliated necromancers be considered employees of the government or will they be independently contracted?

I respectfully abstain from voting.

>> No.40644306

While i find this talk of resurrecting the dead to be unwholesome, I do have some concerns vis a vi the competition from the dead to our living workers for the dead most certainly have no need for food or rest or even families to support what about the honest craftsmen who will be put out of work by this proposal will the government have some form of compensation for them?

>> No.40644321

There's not any more room on da parliament.
Seats may get free when da next roll call comes about.

>> No.40644326

I have a few questions for this bill.

1. What will these undead be used for precisely?
2. How do you intend to keep the undead from stealing the jobs and lives of the living?
3. What systems are in place to prevent abusing necromatic powers?
4.Will I be able to use them for hard labor?

>> No.40644330 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644333


I remember this being discussed at length, and I'm not sure why Jackie dodn't add it, but was it not that a council of the parties interested in overseeing it with 1 or 2 persons per party in the council? Then if memory serves, the discussion got disrupted, and the Constitution was posted for the first time leading it to a dead halt.

I would trip, but I am on mobile at the moment.

>> No.40644339

Nay. Every man has the right to his own body, in life and in (un)death.

>> No.40644340 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644356

>I didn't read the first sentence

>> No.40644368 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644369

And how can we be sure that these necromancer are unaffiliated with the SPOOKY party, what sort of checks and balances are offered we only have vague reassurances that they will not abuse their power I am forced even though this goes against the alliance of my party to vote nay

>> No.40644378

Fighting-man, up for popping into the chatstep room I have set up?

>> No.40644381

I sees it as making sense dat dey keep deir old jobs, and dis gives rise to new feats of industry, especially wif all da room for expansion possible.

Besides, we doesn't wants deir knowledge ands skills lost to da future generations.

>> No.40644383 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644390 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644392


>> No.40644393

This bill has obvious loopholes in its current state. It needs to be revised with more regulations and checks put in place in order to ensure openness and accountability.

I vote NAY.

>> No.40644395

What is this tomfoolery? The Spooky Party are merely attempting to bolster their voterbase. I say nay.

>> No.40644400 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644403

>get things done here.

>> No.40644412


nay, to desecrate ones body after death is an insult to ones ancestors and to receive compensation for turning undead borders on prostitution

>> No.40644425

Where have you been?

>> No.40644430

Until the matter of consuming the deceased is clarified, and the interests of my Carrion-eating brethren represented, I feel compelled to vote against this act


>> No.40644443

I vote nay on the proposal, as it seems that the undead would both pose a danger to living as well as remove jobs for said living. Also they are corpses riddled with disease, and I can't stand the smell.

>> No.40644455


Like a simple and traditional man I believe that all deceased must be given a proper burial.

I'm not opposing to this act because it would make harder to hide or clandestinely reanimate a corpse to serve hypothetical evil acts and then blame the Spooky Party.

>> No.40644463

Well said most good sir

>> No.40644472 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644475

I'll vote nay for now, but if the law has oversight included I'll change my vote.

>> No.40644485

I have had vital business to attend to, representative. I am sorry that I could not be here more often to represent the interests of Rome.

>> No.40644486 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644516

Voting nay, as I consider the points brought up.

>> No.40644526


But aren't we forgetting this rule?
>Voting is only possible after the parliament is at least 50% seated
which is 62.5 people, there are only 32 unique posters in this thread right now.

>What will these undead be used for precisely?
Well they have the choice to go back into society. If they do then they have the rights of a being and can be their own person, work and live in society.

>How do you intend to keep the undead from stealing the jobs and lives of the living?
By giving them jobs that only the undead can do. As an example a living being can't survive in a spaceship without air, while the undead can.

>Will I be able to use them for hard labor?
You will not be able to take them as slaves, but you can hire them for hard labor that living beings wouldn't want to do.

>What systems are in place to prevent abusing necromatic powers?
What type of abuse did you have in mind?

>> No.40644528 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644546

Very nice, finally the /tg/ parliament is moving from paper-only news.

>> No.40644550 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644554

Will this also benefit the DFTE in any way at all?

>> No.40644561

>Voting is only possible after the parliament is at least 50% seated
That refers to the total number of seats occupied, right know we're full, even if some members are not present right now.

>> No.40644563 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644573


I thought the dinosaurs of all things would appreciate equality of living and dead

>> No.40644592

I do, but I'm concerned our kind may not get this treatment.

>> No.40644594

Oh, I thought seated mean present in the thread.

>> No.40644621 [DELETED] 

>> No.40644624


>> No.40644626



>> No.40644627

I am voting nay, simply because it is unspecified where their monetary compensation will come from. I expect the influx of necromantic workforce will cause a surplus in the industry but this interferes with the right to own slaves, corpse desecration, and ownership of a zombie rights. I would like to see a sub committee jointly lead a committee to hammer out the details on zombies and their station before pressing forward with this bill.

>> No.40644638

Oh, by the way, did you finish building that ride you've been talking about?

>> No.40644641

I agreed For Freedom.

>> No.40644642 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.40644643

Forgot my trip

>> No.40644646

>The first bill that I am going to put before parliament today is the BODY RECYCLING ACT as forwarded by the SPOOKY party


The use of necromancy stands in direct opposition to the expressed believes of many members of this parliament and I find the very notion offensive.

>> No.40644652

What Average Joe said on your first question.

For your last: Clearly, your own party thinks said abuse is possible, as there is mention of those caught abusing their power being executed.

Just nothing with which to actually CATCH anyone in the act.

Here are some examples that come to mind.
>Claiming consent when there is none.
>Resurrecting the dead without free will.
>Combining multiple corpses into a gestalt when they wished to be resurrected individually.

Interesting. You're aware you're the only Imperial voting Aye, yes?

>> No.40644654

With respect, many of my fellow dinosaurs are reliant on carrion for their food supply. This act does not specify if the consumption of corpses would be categorized as 'waste'. The passing of this act could, potentially, endanger the continued well-being of certain portions of the dinosaur population

>> No.40644663

Is there room in the viewing galleries for one more?

>> No.40644680

You can join to any party, but there aren't seats available right now so you can't vote until next sunday.

>> No.40644686

We could eat all of the re-animated

>> No.40644688


I am aware. I vote "Aye", because the use of Necromancy within the Empire would significantly boost our ability to field much-needed manpower to other areas.

Fully-necromantic factory workforces allow those bodies to be put into uniform, robots into building arms, and overseers to be put into officer academies.

The bodies aren't helping as they are - Let them serve the Empire, even in death.

>> No.40644698


Mr. Bones, with Jackie Skeleton currently absent, would you be able to provide some insight into this bill via questions provided?(>>40644305) Your explanations are appreciated.

>> No.40644715

Join the DFTE

>> No.40644729 [DELETED] 


Fair enough, hopefully the name shows now

>> No.40644741

I agree, inb4, most of our brethren rely on carrion, so that means if the ones who rely on the others who eat humans will die. I see no benefit in the act for our party or the public.

>> No.40644743

I see. Please report to the GE chat, Krieger.

>> No.40644750

I did consider such a course of action. However, I am not well informed as to what degree the reanimation magics used preserve the corpse. A certain degree of decay is necessary in some cases, for reasons of flavor or ease of consumption, and it may be that re-animated carrion would prove too difficult to consume

>> No.40644776

The flaw with your reasoning as it stand is that there is no guarantee that these necromantic workforces will work in such jobs as well as lacking a regulatory system to ensure that the undead produced are not being used by necromancers in order to gain power to fight the empire. And we still have the issue of the dangers of an undead population in terms of disease and unnatural occurrences.

>> No.40644799

It seems that they would and will continue to decay further

>> No.40644827

The spooky party may also become upset if we eat the corpses that they use.

>> No.40644865

Well, like a burial, the ritual would be attended to by family and close friends. This way there is a large probability that if a person were about to be re-animated by the Gov't official, the family or friends would oppose. However, they could all agree to lie in order to get the fee. In order to prevent this the contracts would need witnesses, three should do, and one of them has to be a person who has no relation with the said undead. Said witnesses must be present at the reanimation party, by which the family could ask for their presence and identification.
That takes care of the first two questions.

>Combining multiple corpses into a gestalt when they wished to be resurrected individually.
I had not thought of this as it was implied that they would be resurrected individually. It should be that it can only be individual resurrection and a group of undead can thereafter decide to conglomerate into one being of their own free will.

I will answer what questions I can. I haven't actually spoken to Jackie Skeleton.

>> No.40644880


Too late

>> No.40644901

You seem to be missing out on something. As I'm sure you're aware, there are millions of jobless people in your "Galactic Empire". How would they feel if the jobs that they strove for, and are still trying to obtain, were simply given away to a dead man? Your argument is almost as inane as this bill. I urge you to vote nay.

>> No.40644906


I vote Aye, only because armies of corpses.

>> No.40644918

Possibly, but without independent confirmation I cannot in good faith approve of this bill

>> No.40644925

I like the way you think.

>> No.40644944

Welcome aboard! Please check out the party page http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/The_SPOOKY_Party and add your-self to the unseated position. The parliament is currently full but you can fill a seat in the Sunday role call.

>> No.40644946

Tarkin, unfortunately you joined after seats were filled. Therefore, you don't technically have a vote yet, until either the "More Seats" bill passes or the Sunday Roll Call hits.

Also, please report to
Internal communication and deliberation before acting rashly is very important to our overall strategy.

>> No.40644954

Join our chat.

>> No.40644980

But what about disease most honorable gentlesaur decaying meat as any proper frontiersmen knows is filled with disease and death

>> No.40644982


I'm voting it only because it'll extend capital punishment.

>> No.40644996

If I may, how far will the bodies decay after being re-animated?

>> No.40645002

Great. I am looking forward to doing true and good work for our community and definitely not sacrifice then for occult experiments.

>> No.40645015

As of now, it's a not so close race, with 13 voting nay, and 7 voting aye

-This message brought to you by ALF-

>> No.40645038

Im voting nay

>> No.40645041


and done

Thank you Mr Bones, I'll just stay in viewing gallery until Sunday then.

>> No.40645050


Do we get a vote if we don't have a seat?

On the off chance, Aye. Because >>40644906 sounds Kickass.

>> No.40645061

>this nigger is trying to use a dictionary against jargon and in-language

>> No.40645068

Under capital punishment the person is put to death, since the reanimated person would keep their memories they would be the same person, putting them to capital punishment. It would be a waste of resources to kill them again, so they would simply be left dead.

That would depend upon the persons preference. They might want to be a skeleton, a partially decayed zombie or fully intact person. Also, the Government might be late due to too an overload of reanimation requests, which would make more of them partially decayed.

Sorry but only seated people are able to vote. Join a party and come to role call on Sunday to get a seat.

>> No.40645069


>> No.40645070

Unfortunately, no you do not.

Also, please report to our chatroom


>> No.40645078


Bloody hell. I'm Empire affiliated.

>> No.40645083

reply to the original speaker's post

>> No.40645090

Forgot my trip

>> No.40645097

I say the nay, in the interest of further clarification of the bill.

>> No.40645104

>Under capital punishment the person is put to death, since the reanimated person would keep their memories they would be the same person, putting them to capital punishment. It would be a waste of resources to kill them again, so they would simply be left dead.

I would be all for it if it wasn't for the capital punishment against the necromancers. I am not for capital punishment and therefore I can't vote for this bill.

>> No.40645112


After conferring with my party, I will be changing my vote to a Nay.

>> No.40645133


>> No.40645134

Voting nay, for a variety of reasons.

>> No.40645152


>> No.40645178

>I vote the way my party tells me to vote

>> No.40645188


>> No.40645198

>no trip

>> No.40645202


>I realised workers with no motor skills would make terrible workers

>> No.40645209



>> No.40645214

Nice. Hail hiddlar :DDD

>> No.40645221

I believe this gentleman belongs to the French Freedom Party. No, perhaps the Canadian Crusaders? The Mexican Marshals? I can't put my finger on which one it was...

>> No.40645230

Which bill is next?

>> No.40645238

What's the point of joining to a political party if you're voting for something against its interests? Unless, of course, you're some kind of double agent from a shady party, but that's impossible, since said party doesn't exists.

>> No.40645241

I would like to remind the representatives of all parties that we are barred from active recruiting attempts until voting ceases.

>> No.40645276

>no motor skills
I's gonna let da [Spooky] party refute dat.
But, really?

>> No.40645287

Can you provide me the legal basis for that?

>> No.40645295

non-official AFL count

Bill failed to accrue the required votes

>> No.40645308


Complex motor skills. Anyway, refute it all you like. My vote remains.

>> No.40645315


>40644101 NAY
>40644339 NAY
>40644392 NAY
>40644393 NAY
>40644395 NAY
>40644412 NAY
>40644430 NAY
>40644443 NAY
>40644455 NAY
>40644475 NAY
>40644516 NAY
>40644627 NAY
>40644646 NAY
>40644624 NAY
>40644982 NAY
>40645038 NAY
>40645097 NAY
>40645134 NAY

>40644112 AYE
>40644180 AYE
>40644224 AYE
>40644272 AYE
>40645069 AYE

This is my reading of the results. A few people forgot their trips: I'm only allowing the votes of those who remembered to add a trip or quoted their voting post with their trip.

Even if I'm a little bit wrong, let's face it, it's pretty overwhelming.


The next BILL on the floor will be:

>Proposal of Act: "Cram more chairs in" - Moved by Red Marine [Imperium of Man]

Will add another outer layer of seats to the parliament, increasing the total available number.

Again, voting will take an hour.

This time, anonymous votes will NOT be counted. Even if you quote them. You'll have to make your vote again with your trip on.


>> No.40645342

More seats = more FREEDOM


>> No.40645343


>> No.40645348


Aye, Cram those bloody chairs in.

>> No.40645351


How many unseated members are there at the moment?

>> No.40645355


>> No.40645361

I'd like to propose this. Go on with any other bills you had lined up.
Bill: Don't Rattle Me Bones!
Skeletons, Spooks and corporeal beings shall have the right to lawfully not have their bones rattled, body disturbed or harmed (Physically or spectrally but not mentally) by another being — without consent of that person. Exceptions to this include when would-be offender is a good Sumerian (i.e. breaking a rib to preform CPR), under war time against another party and such persons as an executioner; upon the last case the offender is instead the offender is the person(s) who ordered the executioner. If such cases as lawfully executing someone by vote (or by the party's mechanism of government) or during war-time and the executed is of an opposing party — the would be offender is exempt.

skeletons and undead have motor skills. How else would I be typing on this keyboard?

>> No.40645362

is this the bill that allow to have more Honorable PM's ?
I vote Yay

>> No.40645378

Perhaps, in the interest of expedience, we should vote on multiple bills at once.

>> No.40645384


>> No.40645394

Put a hard limit on how large a party can be, and I'll consider it. Otherwise, this seems like a means by which large parties can gain an even larger share of the parliament.


>> No.40645398

The one at a time bill would need to be voted out, then.

>> No.40645403

Voting Aye, especially as this is NSAP's chance to get back in on this, their whole thing with the Iron Wall be blasted.

>> No.40645411

Questions for Red Marine and/or the IoM Party:

In adding more seats to Parliament, what can we hope to accomplish that could not already be accomplished with 125 registered representatives? While providing more seats would allow greater diversity in voting, would it not be more efficient to simply clear chronically absent seats?

Where will we get the chairs, and how comfortable will the chairs be?

I respectfully abstain from voting.

>> No.40645414

More seats will allow for better participation. However if too many bills of this nature are passed a filling up of half the parliament will be impossible and parliament couldn't vote for less seats.

We should wait until Sunday to fill those seat though.


>> No.40645418


>> No.40645427


>> No.40645439

Ah, right, my apologies, I had forgotten about that.
Given that we now have designated speakers, that bill seems somewhat obsolete. If possible, I would like to vote to repeal it once we finish voting on the current bill.
I wish to abstain from voting on this bill.

>> No.40645441


There's gonna be chairs opening up on Sunday when people don't report in I bet.

Why jam it full with people who aren't gonna participate.

>> No.40645450


>> No.40645452

This dinosaur votes Aye on principle, but asks when these new seats would be created? Would their addition be immediate, or would it be delayed until the next parliamentary role call. Furthermore, would they be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, in the case of parties who already have enough unseated members to claim any and all seats thus created?

>> No.40645475


>> No.40645477

Exactly how many extra chairs will this bill call for? That is important to clarify I feel. And when will it come into effect if it passes?

>> No.40645481

Is it to late to join?

>> No.40645491

Or rather Aye.

>> No.40645492


>> No.40645504

no. Get a trip and join a party. http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/

>> No.40645507

I kind of woke up inside of this huge room with chairs..
Its some kind of parliament?
Can we get an official booze day?

>> No.40645514

>Will add another outer layer of seats to the parliament, increasing the total available number.
I assume this will add 12.

>> No.40645521

Never too late. Join the galactic empire!

>> No.40645523

the role call is going to clear half the seats away anyway though

>> No.40645531


>> No.40645540


>> No.40645546

Reporting in and praying I didn't miss anything terribly important.

>> No.40645561 [DELETED] 


>> No.40645568

you missed voting on one bill. There's a vote currently in progress.

>> No.40645570

You need to be a Tripfag ANd an MP to be able to vote. Join the Galactic Empire if you are pro-humanity, my brother!

>> No.40645578


>> No.40645585


>> No.40645592

I think your poster's letters could use a border on them so they stand out more when the picture isn't enlarged friend.

>> No.40645597

Nay, there will be chairs freed up by sunday from neglect and inactivity.

>> No.40645606


>> No.40645608

Aye, forgot my trip.
Already have a trip, just forgot it.

>> No.40645612

With so many unseated party members, I would be remiss in my duty as leader of the Galactic Empire party if I voted anything but AYE.

>> No.40645630

We can if you propose a booze day bill and it gets voted in. But in order to propose it, you need to be a Tripfag AND and MP. Join the Galactic Empire if your are pro-mankind, brother.

>> No.40645651

Ofs course not!
Maybe you coulds consider joinings the EHC?


>> No.40645657

I, the fine and distinguished gentleman of Troutania, do humbly request to join the Galactic Empire as part of my desire to further the efforts of Trout in Trout Eating Societies.

Thank you.

>> No.40645663

I haven't seen much activity from The patriarchy, adventuring, imperium, frontiers,or socialist recently. If they get removed that will free up a lot of space.

>> No.40645677

Whoops, let me links dat properly.


>> No.40645687

Thank you for your request! We are currently instituting a policy of interviewing potential candidates before accepting them, due to the influx of applicants.

Please report to our chat.


>> No.40645698

We's gotta wait for da roll call on Sunday for dat.

>> No.40645703

Chairs that will be filled by the Galactic Empire's backlog, no doubt. This game is one-sided enough as it stands.

>> No.40645704

The Trout Lord shall find solace in the chatroom, for the efforts of furthering Trout Eating Societies.

>> No.40645717

What is the test?
"Is you human? Y/N
Is you magical? Y/N
Is you a rebel? Y/N"

>> No.40645726

We'd be glad to make an alliance. I'm sorry for replying late

>> No.40645730

I shall vote aye to this motion

Can't chatstep right now lads, normie life calls

>> No.40645744

But I'm a dwarf. Does that count as human enough?

>> No.40645762

Yeah more chairs will probably become more filler space where 1-day members vote once and never return, only to be opened back up the next Sunday.

" Rather than having 30 1-day members, how about we have 42! " is what this bill is saying.

If this goes through now it may effect what party gets control over who is "Consul" or what not if we base that on how large a party is.

>> No.40645768

Human enough. At least you're not an AYYYlium.

>> No.40645777

I Narza [PARTY] have decided to join, but what party should it be?

>> No.40645781



>> No.40645785

ah but what is he is a jewish dwarf?

>> No.40645790

I change my vote to NAY

>> No.40645795

What are your values?

>> No.40645797



>> No.40645798

Join us the DFTE we'd be extremely grateful to have you.

>> No.40645800

We had that at the very beginning. Maximum chaos.

>> No.40645810

I believe in order, stability and humanity

>> No.40645828

I am aware, but now we have a designated speaker to keep things more orderly, as it stands right now, our legislation could easily be moving much quicker.

>> No.40645836

Socialism is a stable, orderly and most of all humane ideology once established.

>> No.40645851

Yes, the alternative to that would be more frequent roll calls. But then we would have two days where parliament can not vote, instead of one. Also, all roll calls require active members to be present at all times to update the map accordingly. This will be next to impossible during weekdays. More seats is a safer solution to the same question.

>> No.40645867

The galactic Empire seems interesting, may I join?
Also how do you do the secure tripcode thing?

>> No.40645877

read the faq in the first post

>> No.40645883

Of course you may join! For a secure tripcode, simply add '##' and a password of your choosing after your name.

>> No.40645891

All laws are effective immediately unless specified in the bill otherwise. Or until we vote for a law saying that new laws are effective later. You get the drift.

>> No.40645903

holy shit we thought you guys were dead

>> No.40645908

BTW, join our chat:

>> No.40645909

I just finished the template, in case this passes. It's 31 new seats.

>> No.40645910

Hello there!
Thank you for your application to the fastest growing party in the history of ever.

Due to the RIDICULOUS influx of applicants, we are interviewing people before formally accepting them, in order to ensure that the Empire maintains quality as well as quantity.


Plz report to the dance floor.

>> No.40645919


Welcome, Narza!

Please head to our recruiting chatroom at >>6203639 and feel free to get aquainted.

>> No.40645920

ive been here all along

>> No.40645933

Then so it shall be!!, I will join the glorious empire!

>> No.40645937

Oh so it isn't the bottom 12, but the ones in the back?

>> No.40645964


>> No.40645987

Why not. Draft a repeal for the single file line act then.

>> No.40646031

Yes. Outer layer. As stated in the bill.

>> No.40646050

Nay! How would we regulate so many peoole. Furthermore, there is little chance that they would join a small party like the SPQR or the HBU. They would gravitate to the larger factions just to be heard.

>> No.40646069

I would propose a limit in the number of bills to be voted at once, maybe three or five.

>> No.40646101


>> No.40646123


>> No.40646132

As of right now, myself (Kriegersan) and my room-mate, FleshyMeatSack, resign our posts as Empire ministers.

We are, however, open to other offers. What can you offer us in the vein of an easygoing, fun environment?

>> No.40646158

This parliament is almost as chaotic as the pit in wall street

>> No.40646175


What, why?

>> No.40646184


>> No.40646195


Just not the environment we're after. Very serious.

>> No.40646208

you're still MP's right?

>> No.40646216

try spooping some people, it's very fun!

>> No.40646225

Alright, it was fun, but I don't have the devotion to maintain a joke party for too long without support. And things are happening outside. And I feel the party is too /pol/, not enough /tg/.

Resigning from the Patriarchy as of now, so fresh faces might take my place.

>> No.40646235


No. We will be leaving the Galactic Empire party.

You know what, Spooking people *does* sound fun. We're in. As mentioned before, we're roomies, so basically when either of us is on we speak for both of us. If that's cool, we're in.

>> No.40646249

a proposed bill
Mineral Claims To establish a clarity in the realm of mineral rights the parliament of tg/ resolves for the creation of a system of mineral rights and claims . All minerals not claimed since time immemorial, or on existing property, in the realm of /tg, are hereby opened for claiming. A claim shall be marked as described here: A sign on the four corners of the claimed property, marked with the name of the claim-ey. A claim claimed thusly is good only for thirty days if not worked, however if registered at a government office, the claim lasts one year even if not worked, but must be re-registered every year. Taxes being important to a well functioning government are described as follows: For an unregistered claim all minerals recovered and sold are to be taxed like normal income. For a registered claim all minerals are taxed at a 5% royalty rate.Mineral Claims To establish a clarity in the realm of mineral rights the parliament of tg/ resolves for the creation of a system of mineral rights and claims . All minerals not claimed since time immemorial, or on existing property, in the realm of /tg, are hereby opened for claiming. A claim shall be marked as described here: A sign on the four corners of the claimed property, marked with the name of the claim-ey. A claim claimed thusly is good only for thirty days if not worked, however if registered at a government office, the claim lasts one year even if not worked, but must be re-registered every year. Taxes being important to a well functioning government are described as follows: For an unregistered claim all minerals recovered and sold are to be taxed like normal income. For a registered claim all minerals are taxed at a 5% royalty rate.

>> No.40646256


>> No.40646263


You know what, when I was in their chat a few hours a go, I found the same thing. Fuckit, i'll join the wild ride too, seeing as I didn't have a seat anyway.

>> No.40646271

Join our order. We got knights, and honor, and swordfights, and monster chicks, and booze, and magic, and cookies!

>> No.40646281

My contribution to the Anonymous Lurkers Front Records Department

>> No.40646295 [DELETED] 

add yourselves to the wiki!

don't forget to remove your entries in the other parties pages.

>> No.40646304




Results will be announced shortly.

>> No.40646312

FleshyMeatSack and myself would like to announce our formal join of Spooky.

Also, the Frontiersmen are going to imminently announce their union with the Galactic Empire. Do with that what you will.

Get a sense of humour, cunts.

>> No.40646313




>> No.40646322

I'm going to say nay as realistically the seats are all just going to be filled with applicants for the major parties. Plus I feel like this is a quick and easy solution to a more intricate question.

>> No.40646336

Welcome aboard. Add yourselves to the wiki page! http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/The_SPOOKY_Party
Don't forget to remove entries in the other parties pages.

>> No.40646346


>>40645342 AYE
>>40645343 AYE
>>40645348 AYE
>>40645355 AYE
>>40645362 AYE
>>40645384 AYE
>>40645403 AYE
>>40645450 AYE
>>40645452 AYE
>>40645492 AYE
>>40645578 AYE
>>40645585 AYE
>>40645606 AYE
>>40645608 AYE
>>40645612 AYE
>>40645677 AYE
>>40645730 AYE
>>40645781 AYE
>>40645964 AYE

>>40645394 NAY
>>40645418 NAY
>>40645441 NAY
>>40645475 NAY
>>40645597 NAY
>>40645790 NAY
>>40646050 NAY

I'm surprised to say, the AYES have it.

There will be a short break whilst this ACT takes effect.

Red, if you would be so kind?

>> No.40646379


If you're a Dwarf, equal heights is the party that represents YOU!

>> No.40646383

I’m Jeron Vais, and breaking news here from Holoradio. In a surprise move, the Frontiersmen have decided to peacefully merge into the Galactic Empire. We welcome them with open arms are are looking forward to their cooperation and exploration expertise. Moff Wibbles and Sansos reached the agreement shortly after the vote for an increase in parliament. The Empire thanks you for your patronage.

>> No.40646385

Yes it is true that the Frontiersmen are going to be rolled into the Galactic Empire to better represent our interests in the coming future, this however has been a long planned and carefully thought out move. Foward the Empire!!!

>> No.40646389

Not that it's going to make a difference but by my clock you finished about five minutes early it seems.

>> No.40646396

Dozen is currently away, and I do not have the software to produce PDFs from Word. My apologies, but here is the unofficial count, provided courtesy by the Anonymous Lurkers Front.

>> No.40646408


You planned it literally 10 minutes ago.

>> No.40646410

When parliament's dissolved by the end of the week, make sure you all drop by my office so that I can say "I told you so" before Wibbles sends you to the spice mines.

>> No.40646418




>> No.40646428

Work on a repeal bill if you're concerned

>> No.40646430

Shit, I probably did too. Sorry. I'm trying to do a dozen things at once with no sleep and it's fucking destroying me. ALF, please count

as votes.

They cancel each other out though.

>> No.40646437

Well then, here is what I've drafted. I ask of everyone to tell me their new amount of MP's so they might be added.

>> No.40646456

>go work on a repeal bill to stop the majority party from stacking the deck
You're hilarious.

>> No.40646488


FettSympathiser [Galactic Empire] !!jfSQ9Q2yqkB

IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER RedshirtTrooper [Galactic Empire] !!izWqcMXGAiV

FuckHerRightInTheKarkoon [Galactic Empire] !!qoYK+wRqtNE
IMPERIAL RECRUIT ButtSarlacc [Galactic Empire - Dinosaur Scatlogical Society] !!sluYAMgsB0d

Sansos[Galactic Empire] !!jH/ysVV0w1Q

Troutlord [Galactic Empire] !!2PMwa5UCx8P


>> No.40646496


fuck that, I dont do duplicity. If Spooky will have me, i'm in.

>> No.40646505

Ah, but you also just lost two.

>> No.40646506

Minus one.

>> No.40646514

This is a request from Suomynona on behalf of the Anonymous Lurkers Front:

With the addition of a back row of chairs, could our party be moved in such a manner in which they are in the dead center either in the back or during the movement of other parties? This is mainly to emphasize our commitment to neutrality in the affairs of parliament.

Any effort to do such is greatly appreciated, thank you.

>> No.40646515

Well that's how these processes work. This entire add more seats bill came through in a single day. You have an entire week to work out a counter-bill if you are disturbed by it.

>> No.40646523

No problems, like I said it won't change much but more for archival reasons it's good to have things clear.

>> No.40646527

One of whom wasn't a voting member.

Narza will take KreigerSan's seat.

With the loss of Karkoon, that still puts us...

5 up.

>> No.40646542


Actually, no. I'm open to offers, I may have rushed to a decision. Which party can offer me what?

>> No.40646547


>> No.40646556

Make that four. I need a fuckin' nap.

>> No.40646558

Read the wikia

>> No.40646562

We have hookers and blackjack.

>> No.40646564


>> No.40646571

Bitches and Knightly glory, AT THE SAME TIME. Think about it, dude. Your destiny awaits

>> No.40646573

Hm hm. Continue with your duties, speaker. I will update the map in peace, according to each partie's wiki page.

>> No.40646576


Actually, perhaps three. I'm with >>40646542, I rushed into the bandwagon.

>> No.40646591

I bet they don't even worship Talos

>> No.40646599

I am saddened to hear this, good luck in your future endeavors, and if you ever wish to join us again we will accept you with open arms.

>> No.40646602


>> No.40646608

We're always open to new applicants in search of maintaining the truth >>40646576
The same holds for you

>> No.40646617

Make that three.


Removal of Act: 'The Succubus for All Bill: Bill #40589598' - Moved by Chernov [SWP], seconded by Luxemburg [SWP] - Slavery should not be tolerated, especially not when paired with the objectification of women through male-fantasies like succubi. Just a fucked up act that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

It's 8:18 by my clock. At 9:18, voting will cease.


>> No.40646621


Actually, I'm not a huge fan of backroom bullshit.

Last year Spooky seemed the best bet, can I join?

>> No.40646634

we're always open to new Spooks!

>> No.40646640


>> No.40646657

Hey you, YES YOU. Do you want to save Boba Fett from the pit of the Sarlac? You want to be an intergalactic playboy and be covered in alien booty? Then you gotta join the Knights of the Magical Realm. Because if heroes like Boba Fett aren't allowed to hang out with xeno babes, like the Empire says, then who among us is?

>> No.40646660


Done! Count me the hell in.


>> No.40646664


Whether or not this act remains in place is irrelevant to the interests of my electorate

>> No.40646676



>> No.40646680

I, having no need for succubi and thinking that the concept of enforced waifus is bullshit, vote YAY.

I urge all Imperials to vote with their heart on this one.

>> No.40646685



>> No.40646693


>> No.40646696

Aye, get rid of this beast.

>> No.40646707




>> No.40646713


>> No.40646717



>> No.40646724


>> No.40646730


>> No.40646732

Aye. The Codey Astartes is very clear what to do with Xenos. Taking them as a GF is not one of them.

>> No.40646735

Aye, as succubi are incapable of spreading STIs anyways.

>> No.40646736

Aye, The Succubus for All Bill set a bad precedent for the future. I will be glad to be rid of it.

>> No.40646740

Aye, that sounds like a reasonable offer.
Someone who understands the need for an official drinking day.

>> No.40646741


>> No.40646747



>> No.40646749


>> No.40646750

Trip required

even though i know its you meri khan

>> No.40646753

Nay, keep the act.

These Succubi would have difficulty finding jobs had the parliament not stepped in.

This act is paving the way for the families of these Succubi to find housing and jobs as well!

This anti-human oppression is getting awfully heavy.

>> No.40646756


>> No.40646761


>> No.40646765



>> No.40646782

Dude, you just got outed by your own party.

>> No.40646783


This act was an abomination intended to fulfill the disgusting fantasies of lesser, corrupt men.

Let it be struck down!

>> No.40646794


Nay. How else would I get my labour?

>> No.40646798

So I guess I'm gonna wait until the mass-exodus from the Empire is over before I update your new seats.

@all parties: Maintain your party page. Seats will be distributed according to your members list. Being in multiple parties will be seen as fraud, so edit your own name out of your ex-party.

>> No.40646803

after seeing the points that >>40646753 raised, have decided to change to NAY. There will always be enough Succubi who are willing to work.

>> No.40646804


>> No.40646818

Trip please

>> No.40646820



Also, as Krieger mentioned, roomies, Spooky, etc.

>> No.40646833


Also, defecting to Spooky. Because reasons.

>> No.40646843

Succubi are born to be free. They do not require jobs or positions of power, as they find love and freedom wherever they roam. I bless them upon their future journey past this unfortunate hurdle this parliament placed before them

>> No.40646846

I will be signing off to go to work, however I think Dozen is returning.

I found a website online that coverts to PDFs, which is awesome. Here's the final bill record - Pseudo and Cobb's votes were not counted as they were moments too late.

>> No.40646847

Whoops, put trip in the wrong place

>> No.40646852


Nay! Slavery is a holy institution, when it comes to breeding fish.

>> No.40646862




>> No.40646893


>> No.40646899

Sorry, just defected. I was Eagle 1776

>> No.40646925


I'm locked out from editing myself/FleshyMeatSack out of the GE wiki. There's a few others that shouldn't be on there aswell, by the looks of things.

>> No.40646926

As a regular man, having a succubus assistant helps me a lot during my daily job. I treat her with respect and care, and reward her accordingly. You can't take my waifu.

>> No.40646933

Your capital letters and aggressive freedom fighting are spooking the children.

please continue

>> No.40646938


>> No.40646965

If she wishes to remain you can simply rehire her afterwards in a perfectly legal way that was not forced upon her.

>> No.40646969


What the hell, I leave for 10 hours and there's an exodus?

Well, I lemminged into it, so I might as well go out of it, if what other people are saying is true.

Rattlers still taking?

>> No.40646976

Okay thank you. I will wait until the session is over i guess and sort it out

>> No.40646996


Aye. Despite the shittonne of votes from those Human Superiority wanker parties, this law is unfair both to the captive hellbeast and the society and morals of the owner. Strike this down!

>> No.40647003

Won't be able to edit the wiki until I'm done counting these votes.

I can't do everything at once.

Plus, I have to sort out how many of these votes are from people with actual seats.

Which is gonna be a nightmare.

>> No.40647004


If you have recently (within the past 3 hours) joined the spooky party, please join our chat room with your name that you use here on /tg/. I want to get a head count and make sure our wiki is up-to-date. Our chat can be found on our wiki page.

>> No.40647034

The reason for this exodus lies with one man, Krieger. I advise you to not go the way of the masses, but give us your own personal scrutiny and consideration.

>> No.40647041




>> No.40647046

looking for a new party

>> No.40647052

Take your time. I will wait until session is over and everyone has gone back home.

>> No.40647056

All cold-blooded Dinosaur brethren are welcome

>> No.40647065

Join the Spooky party! http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/The_SPOOKY_Party

>> No.40647089

I would like to abstain from voting on this bill.
While the original bill was proposed by my party, it's ultimately fairly inconsequential whether or not it is upheld.
Really it just seems like some parties are inflating the issue to make it a new political battleground.

>> No.40647104


Actually, i'd say >>40646383

Did it. Anyway, i'll probably just opt out.

>> No.40647115

Join the Galactic Empire, brother! We are pro-humanity and praise emperor palpatine!

>> No.40647142


Also, any who are looking for a new party, the Adventuring party is always looking for people who are into profit, loot, adventuring, loot, drinking, loot, less sheer murderhoboing-with-out-reason, and being diverse. Did I mention loot?

>> No.40647181


>> No.40647186


>> No.40647202










>> No.40647218

Think about Anonymous Lurkers Front. We try to stay neutral, and make decisions and estimates based on the vast amounts of data we collect

>> No.40647227



Yeah, okay. Not with you guys having tent poles up your asses. Not related.

Numbers seem to argue otherwise.

>> No.40647231


>> No.40647238

by the way have you managed to talk you your leader about my prop?

>> No.40647250

I don't know what you've heard, but it was probably spread by the 1 discontent member we had leave.

Give us a chance. Come to our public chatroom and let me argue our cause.

>> No.40647251


>> No.40647254

>opt out
as in leave the parliament completely?

well the SPOOKY party is always open to new spooks.

do you have a seat in parliament?

>> No.40647255

Tent-poles in our asses?

You mean we actually run off order and discipline?

yea, because that has nothing to do with our party line... its like you didn't actually look at our wiki at all.

>> No.40647264

Do you like equality, loyalty, honor, and the occasional lewd implication? Then Join the Knights of the Magical Realm

>> No.40647278


>> No.40647280


>> No.40647285


Hey there Red, we got quite a few people joining SPOOKY. As such, those coming from other parties that previously had seats are going to be added to our "Seat Holders" section. The Unseated will remain Unseated.

I just held a head count for those BEFORE the act just now was passed so you know who in our party right now does not have a seat. Right now we are at 15 seated, and 6 unseated at the time of this writing.

>> No.40647305


Just added you to our list! So, >>40647285, it is now 7 unseated!

>> No.40647315

Dude. Why exactly are you guys mad that Sansos joined?

>> No.40647321

okay! your name is now in the wiki. come in for role call on sunday and you can get a seat.

>> No.40647333

I'd argue that, but given my name, I am not in the position to do so.

>> No.40647335


I didn't have a seat to begin with, but if you're offering seats, sure, i'd join. But I probably won't be active often, honestly. When I can spare the time.

Seems like there's more than one. Anyway, i'm good. More than one person saying you're not easygoing enough.

>> No.40647347

Aye, this bill clogs up the channels of law and prevents honest beings from the wholehearted pursuit of self betterment

>> No.40647364

Officially, they are all seated. I just can't update the map yet as long as its so frantic. But since there were 31 new seats, everyone should have gotten one. From all parties.

Will update the map after the session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither Wibbles nor me are going to speak for the next session in about 5 hours (sleep!). Average Joe will have to do that, if he is here. If he isn't, no voting, sorry.

>> No.40647365


Also, Nay.

>> No.40647376

we're always open to Spooks, but the only way to get a seat is to be present for roll call this Sunday.

>> No.40647379

no party?

>> No.40647395

Remember, 32 just got opened up immediately. But they're not being tallied until after this session.

>> No.40647397


Excellent! I shall update the list, I just didn't want to assume they would and have it turn out that they won't.

>> No.40647400

Most of those people that left never once joined our chatroom, I urge you to enter our chatroom and see for yourself. However; if you are cemented in your position I wish you the best and should you desire to return to us we will welcome you again.

>> No.40647402

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither Wibbles nor me are going to speak for the next session in about 5 hours (sleep!). Average Joe will have to do that, if he is here. If he isn't, no voting, sorry.

>> No.40647403



>> No.40647444

just add yourself and your trip to the wiki page and you'll be set! http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/The_SPOOKY_Party

>> No.40647481


>> No.40647501


>> No.40647520

I'm here, what's next?

>> No.40647534

15 minutes until this vote ends.

After that, I'll field the next one. I'll need you to handle next session. I feel burnt out as fuck and Red needs sleep.

>> No.40647550

I'll help with the tally if you guys need it

>> No.40647581

The upcoming session (WED. 00:00 - 04:00 EST) needs to be fielded by you if you can. If not, dont sweat it though. If you need a reminder what you can do as a speaker, check here:


>> No.40647616

I'll push for a legislation tomorrow, creating the office of the canvasser. Someone in charge of vote counting. You guys will be my #1 choice

>> No.40647669

Did we go on a village slaughtering spre--.. I mean, recruitment drive? I see there's a ton more spooks on the wiki page!

>> No.40647708


>> No.40647728

A lot of people seemed disenfranchised with the Galactic Empire for one reason or another and it seems the party of choice to move to was Spooky.

>> No.40647742


Nah, just a heap of defectors from GE after a NO FUN ALLOWED spree, and a few recruits.

>> No.40647753

its true. This current vote has 13 spooky votes, out of a total of 36 or so. the second place in votes is the empire at 7.

>> No.40647780

Nice to see you Jackie Skeleton!

>> No.40647808

I hope our coalition still stands, brother.

>> No.40647834

Wait, what? What coalition?

>> No.40647850

the agreement upon spook related matters? Talk to Jackie Skeleton. I only proposed that on my own.

>> No.40647852


Gonna call a stop to voting on this one.

>> No.40647868




>> No.40647877

Voting should be over now. The un-official ALF results. nice showing from SPOOKY, but sorry.

>> No.40647882


Well, the Galactic Empire had a treaty with Spooky as a kind of Ace-In-The-Hole against the Imperium of Man, when the time came. (From their POV, anyway.)


>> No.40647900

oh you people of the Galactic Empire should take a look at this: http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0001.html

>> No.40647904

What coalition? *rubs skeletal hands together.*

>> No.40647932

>40646640 AYE
>40646680 AYE
>40646685 AYE
>40646693 AYE
>40646696 AYE
>40646707 AYE
>40646713 AYE
>40646724 AYE
>40646732 AYE
>40646735 AYE
>40646736 AYE
>40646741 AYE
>40646938 AYE
>40646761 AYE
>40646996 AYE
>40647186 AYE
>40647231 AYE
>40647347 AYE
>40647481 AYE
>40647501 AYE

>40646664 ABSTAIN
>40646676 ABSTAIN
>40647089 ABSTAIN
>40647142 ABSTAIN
>40647251 ABSTAIN

>40646717 NAY
>40646747 NAY
>40646749 NAY
>40646753 NAY
>40646765 NAY
>40646783 NAY
>40646794 NAY
>40646820 NAY
>40646852 NAY
>40646926 NAY
>40647365 NAY

That's my count. Can ALF confirm?

>> No.40647941

The coalition with the Empire of Man. We stand stronger together, my friend.

>> No.40647954

Close enuff. off by about 1. not enough to make a difference

>> No.40647984

Will there be vote over bills 1776, 1789 and 6'000'000 today?

>> No.40647992


*sad trombone*

>> No.40648009

Finally. GTFO Succubi yaaaay

uh...if you say so. My battle brothers are all off in combat i'm afraid. Terrible showing from us today.

>> No.40648038

Nice summary on that one by the way

>> No.40648067

i wonder if i can beg a interview in the future for two of my kmr guys who were the writers of the additional articles for the constitution that were proposed

>> No.40648075


>> No.40648081


>Trusting Skeletons and other spooks


>> No.40648088

Doesn't matter. I am confident the Imperium of Man will rise again!

>> No.40648129

Can I join the spooks?

>> No.40648132


>> No.40648139

no mention of how the KMR turned on it's heal with this bill?

>> No.40648146


T-the Coalition... Please, we allow fun...

>> No.40648151

Maybe in the future. I'm tired as all fuck right now and in no way able to conduct an interview.

>> No.40648154

sure, add yourself to the wiki.

are there anymore seats left for Calciums?

>> No.40648164


>> No.40648169

any luck contacting your leader with our proposal?

>> No.40648185


>> No.40648212

Thank mr. skeletal

>> No.40648215

So many new leaves to the tree of Spooky, so much counting...

>> No.40648218


Numbers speak for themselves, man.

>> No.40648250

Anyone got the updated seats graph showing allegiances?

>> No.40648278

Yes. Your lord and saviour. The last Space Marine alive, apparently.

Grats to Mr. Skeltaltonsis. Biggest party and only party to profit from the expansion

Please feel free to order the graph and clean it up a bit.

>> No.40648289



>> No.40648293

>mrw people are joining SPOOKY


Thank you kind sir, your dauntless service is appreciated.

>> No.40648312

24 Spooks!

>> No.40648331

>Empire gets shat on
>Fun allowed coalition grows

I'm officially satisfied. Noice!

>> No.40648339

I will open a new thread with this picture shortly. The session is over in 15 minutes. The next Session is in 4 hours already. As I will be off for now, i kindly ask for someone to update the laws and vote tallies. Good luck in the next session to you all!

>> No.40648357

May calcium come to you bones todaysir!
Who is our party leader? I haven't read the wikia very well, sorry for that.

Here have some free spooks

>> No.40648369

Fuck youuuuuuu add him yourself plox. With great power comes so much fucking responsibility, you guys!

>> No.40648389

Get in the chat, skelebrother!

>> No.40648401

link? I am sort of a newfag to these threads

>> No.40648413

nah man I didn't ask you to add in the stats.


>> No.40648419


>> No.40648446

New parliament draft.

If your party is missing a member or you want to change your seat please tell me before I begin pasting logos.

>> No.40648451

New Thread >>40648431

New Thread >>40648431

New Thread >>40648431

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