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Welcome to the /tg/ parliament

>To join in, simply write your name and choose a party as well as a secure tripcode: https://www.4chan.org/faq#sectrip


>Three people are needed to create a party

>Voting starts when the Parliament is at 50%

>Create your party platform and see existing laws and regulations here:


> Post a draft for a new legislation here if you are MP
> Every MP can vote on it within one hour after it has been postet. After one hour the votes will be counted.
> Simple legislations require simple majority.
> Amendments and constitutions (important stuff) required a super majority of 2/3.
>All passed laws must be postet in the wiki so everyone can actually see them.

Voting is open until Monday, 00:00 EST (Votes during rollcall-day is so far allowed). After that, please check the wiki for the regular scheduled Sessions.

Keep it in good faith

Note: Picture related is the most current parliament, but not the official roll call parliament. Solidarity comrades!

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Do we get a place for all the passed bills?

Oh and I didn't execute my succubus waifu

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Hi I'm John Kowalsky of the NSAP, the second oldest party of /tg/, who still hasn't reached the 3 members threshold. Join us if you think our policies are the best for /tg/ (protip: they are).

In other news remember to check the Basement Express, our general's very own gazette, which is totally unbiased and objective and no one can prove otherwise.

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The 3rd edition, for all those who missed it.

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Unfortunately it's not formatted very well.

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Thank you kind sir

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Hey everyone. I'll be busy today, but lurking. Nice to see its not dead yet

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The first law passed gave us all free succubi? Good to see we have our priorities straight.

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Always count on MP's to make their lives easier first.

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I propose a new bill: The Grognard Bill! With this, you only need three votes from your party for any bills that affect minor things. With bills that affect the bigger picture, you need seven votes, with only four from your party allowed, and everything else needs to be from someone from another party. This is subject to changes, as usual.

>Teaches succubus GF to venerate the Emperor

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>pets her sleeping succubus, who is using sprawled out across three seats and using them as a bed.
If there are many among you who do not want your succubus waifu, please give her to me. I will give her a nice home.

If you require compensation, I will be willing to pay in silver. Know that they will not be treated as slaves, yet I will require of them to do chores to earn their keep.

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The latest passed bill shows that slavery is alive and well in /tg/.

All races deserve freedom from slavery, no matter if it's the worker under the slavery of the capitalist system or the succubi under the slavery of the perverted members of parliament.

I have personally discussed a strike with the Succubus Union. It's time to act against oppression in all its forms. Workers unite!

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come onto chatstep comrade

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Will this be meant for inner party situations alone?

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I'm ok with getting something without sucking up to the Knights.

Aren't you supposed to have melted her by now?

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Damn guys we should really really get a better formatting on the Bills history.
I would do it myself, but I'm on a desperate run on getting prepared for three exams, so i'll lurk and vote.

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What do you mean?

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Had to leave yesterday before the debates started, but I'm back in.

The second party to get three members, The Patriarchy supports the progression of male rights, inappropriate compliments aimed towards women, and destroying all forms of lies and degeneracy poisoning the board.

In any case, I don't know about the rest of my brothers in sperglordom, but I'm very satisfied with my succubus. I'll make sure she learns her place. Unless she likes being in her place, in which case I'll make sure she forgets her place.

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Not really. The Warp still hasn't fucked with her, so we're good. I still have my combi-melta with me though, just in case.

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Are you saying that each party needs 3 supporting votes to put up a minor bill, along with higher numbers for others? Your idea has merit, I will not deny that, but it might stagnate the number of bills and slow down parliament should we not have enough bills to vote on.

Perhaps the idea of requiring a co-signer from another party for a bill to be introduced to parliament? At least for now, while we are still new and being introduced to the system.

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Well, that might work. A major bill needs some one else to approve of it then. So, to make some sort of "speed voting", you'd only need three votes for one thing, and one should at least be from another party. For bigger shit, you'd need five votes, two from your party, and the remaining three from at least two different parties.

We should also pass a law that makes some laws void, or erased if proved accountable and hindering to the Parliament to be reviewed by other anons.

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Drafts of Proposed Legislation according to the wiki are currently as follows:

Removal of Act: 'The Succubus for All Bill: Bill #40589598' - Moved by Chernov [SWP], seconded by Luxemburg [SWP] - Slavery should not be tolerated, especially not when paired with the objectification of women through male-fantasies like succubi. Just a fucked up act that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

Proposed Bill: 'Act to prohibit non-political and apolitical organisations' - Moved by Chernov [SWP], seconded by Luxemburg [SWP] - Self explanatory, but calls for the banning of organisations without an explicit political program. Currently, this would include the following organisations: Homebrewers Union, Knights of the Magical Realm, Spooky, Patriarchy, the Adventuring Party and Totally not Dimir. This is an attempt to maintain the parliament as a political space rather than it being reserved for jokes, apolitical bullshit and anti-politics.

Proposed Bill: 'Communications Bill' - Moved by Chernov [SWP], seconded by Luxemburg [SWP] - Simply a call to move towards creating a more streamlined way of communicating publicly and privately.

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Question: Do you also accept gay men into your party? If so, I'm willing to join up.

>> No.40595647

Approving this kind of shit. Maybe the first proposed bill should bar parties that don't have some kind of definite goal.

>> No.40595665

No person or parties should be banned. Parliament is meant for all.

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>Removal of Act: 'The Succubus for All Bill: Bill #40589598'
>people standing up for succubus rights

I'm touched.

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If you don't have any attachment to women, go ahead! Remember, anyone can be oppressive to women, even other women or trannies.

>> No.40595710

Consider me your fourth member.

>> No.40595712

Signing up.

kek the faggots already trying to ban parties they don't like.

>> No.40595716

Come talk to us on https://chatstep.com/#Socialist

Also, as a gesture of goodwill towards the parliament, I suggest everyone come onto https://chatstep.com/#tgparliament with their tags on to debate everything.

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We stand up for the rights of all oppressed people. One of the first bills passed in parliament has been a major injustice and it's time we stand up against it.

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I don't like any of the other parties, but I'm only calling for the banning of anti-political parties like yours so that parliament isn't a massive in-joke

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If I may, what is your definition of the word 'people' in this context?

>> No.40595775

Why approve the banning of parties? That will only make this parliament smaller.

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I'm honestly really interested to see how these work out, especially regarding the second one. The power of "joke" parties is pretty big; some of them actually have legitimate political stances, like the support of content creators or more personal freedoms in terms of sexuality. What would you prefer us to be; pretending to be fictional or historical political groups instead of revolving around /tg/ meta-topics?

Welcome aboard. I think the leader this time wanted less Judaism, but all enemies of women and friends of The Patriarchy.

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Just because you don't like them does not mean they shouldn't be able to participate. All you're doing is attempting to metagame and ruin the fun of others.

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I'm only an anon but I'd like to put forward a bill for people from parties to consider and adopt:

>"In reflection of socialism's status as a failed ideology, the votes of socialist parliamentarians shall be worth one-half the votes of normal parliamentarians."

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Organisations are free to adopt a political program, and individuals inside the joke parties can form new parties with actual politics. So the same amount of people will be involved, just not on a crap apolitical basis.

The main point is that its fucked up to have these imaginary slave-women as part of a sexist power trip for weird men on the internet.

You're missing the point. I hate all other parties but I'm not calling for getting rid of them, just the apolitical/antipolitical ones i suggested in the bill.

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The bill is not primarily meant as a ban, but rather as a way to force parties like yours to adopt a political policy instead of just faffing about.

All sapient species.

>> No.40595828

Sounds wonderful tbh

>> No.40595833

It would simply make people join other parties.
Really, though, the only party that probably should be banned is yours.

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Even though the NSAP has no political power to speak of, we still condemn the second proposed bill. it has once again become clear that the parties who preach freedom the most will be the first to try to limit it. Typical of communist scum.
The other 2 bills are generally supported by the NSAP as they are in line with the party platform.

>> No.40595864

No parties should be banned. This is a game for everyone and not a select few.

>> No.40595865

I'd actually say that the bill gives more benefits to the succubi than banes. It provides them a stable source of sustenance, the price is that they have a bit less freedom. All good things have price.

>> No.40595868

Yes everyone, the fascists are the ones standing up for freedom. This is simply a bill stating that all organisations in the parliament must have a political agenda. What is so wrong with that?

>> No.40595877

They should get their own say in it. Giving up their freedoms for sustenance should be up to each individual succubi, not members of parliament.

>> No.40595884

Give a seat to this anon!
Fellow brother, how would you like a parchment of land and the best slaves of our subdued territories?
Join SPQR and help rebuild the greatest empire of history!
We're for the "Mos Maiorum", the way of our ancient fathers!
Great public works!
Bread for all citizens!
Mighty armies!
A whole world to conquer!
Cheap whores, faithful slaves and weekly shows in the arenas!
Join SPQR!

>> No.40595891

We have a political policy. It's not our job to cater to your inability to read and comprehend our wiki page.

>> No.40595904

The fascist hordes fancy to do whatever pleases them mister, if that means supporting freedom, than so be it.
Seriously though, you can't just ban parties because they don't pass some criteria you just fixed yourself. And I might add that parties such as the HBU have been way more involved and beneficial to this parliament than yours ever was.

>> No.40595906

and this>>40595884
was intended for >>40595809 too!
Join SPQR!

>> No.40595909

>the fascists are the ones standing up for freedom.
Such is life when the alternative is socialists.

>> No.40595912

What about "We oppress women and want to make sure both genders are in their place" is apolitical? Does everything have to fit across some left-right spectrum to be considered political to you? What qualifies as "political"?

I say we go the other way. Give everybody incubi, to make sure the succubi are being adequately pleased/oppressed when their takers are out. Any people in favor?

>> No.40595914

Now apply that logic to your proposal to ban my party, you should see the ramifications easily.

>> No.40595916

Just because the politics of the parties in question don't line up with your ideal of politics does not mean they are lacking them. Stop attempting to metagame.


>> No.40595933

>able to see

>> No.40595938

>Waves a hand to Rance.

Sir there is already an amendment to offer MPs a choice different from a succubus. It was noted by the speaker in the last thread I believe.

>> No.40595947

Your party is basically the most cabal-like of all the parties, which is funny considering that that's even the case compared to TND and Spooky.

>> No.40595948

This calls for a new Basement. LEt's gtet some information up this bitch.

>> No.40595950

I think he wanted all parties to have some definite goal, my friend.

By the way, where's the IoM chat?

>> No.40595959


>> No.40595963

I am not creating the definitions of political or apolitical, since it's entirely subjective. I am asking for a debate to be had on the subject. In my personal opinion, "Good Story Telling" and giving "Every man, woman, or other indeterminate sex should have their own magical realm to their own tastes!" is not political at all.

>> No.40595984

Have you guys passed a legislation for the speaker act yet? Or upheld and amended my originally proposed Bill?

Will clean up the Wiki a bit, now that it's quieter in here.

"Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing"

>> No.40595994

Please explain what the Speaker Act is, bro.

>> No.40595995

>CHIVALRY! We are an order of knights after all. Whatever code of honor and knightly behavior you follow!
>Interspecies 'Cooperation'

>endorses mistreatment of succubi


>> No.40596005

Ah, alright. My mistake. I should be paying more attention.

Woot, great to see more updates.

>> No.40596009

Actually the "Fuck Off /pol/ Party" is the definition of antipolitical bullshit outlined in the draft legislation.

>> No.40596021

Are you illiterate? What does that have to do with anything he said?

>> No.40596025

Their policy is fuck off /pol/. A policy most of the major parties share

>> No.40596027

What's the point in a parliament with no formal powers given to it?

>> No.40596031

I've been reading over the last transcript. The speaker act was said to have passed 11/10 yay and naes, but some are calling that it should be thrown out because it had not been a super majority, while others were calling for changes. I don't think anything happened after that. Does the parliament have a constitution?

>> No.40596032


>> No.40596034

Fuck Off /pol/ no longer exists.

>> No.40596036

The "Knights" are a reformation of the "Fuck off /pol/ Party"

>> No.40596048

Wrong. FOP merged with BERP to hammer out a new, more comprehensive political agenda.

>> No.40596053

I don't think it's worth arguing with him. He seems set on trying to spoil fun and metagaming.

>> No.40596059

You're completely ignoring the efforts of the wonderful people who strove to bring /tg/ closer to its sister state of /d/, and end the moderators' tyranny by bringing back erotic roleplaying? Shameful. They're not all fops, you know.

>> No.40596061

I don't think so. What should we include in it? I'm going to sleep, bye anons.

>Freedom of speech is a first.

>> No.40596080

'more comprehensive political agenda'
>"Good Story Telling"
>"Interspecies 'Cooperation' (if you know what I mean *winkwinknudgenudge*)"


>> No.40596082

Pah. Fuck your shit. That's why /tg/ had gone bad.

>> No.40596084

Freedom of speech
Freedom to form a party
No player or party should be banned
No party should be forced to rename due to legislation, unless there is a vote inside the party that has a majority. This should be left outside of parliament and be inner party politics only

That's all I can think of for now.

>> No.40596088

I didn' vote fur nun of you lot.

>> No.40596093

> the efforts of the wonderful people who strove to bring /tg/ closer to its sister state of /d/, and end the moderators' tyranny by bringing back erotic roleplaying?

Movement to ban the Knights of the Magical Realm?

>> No.40596095

Well, since the discussion died down, I think its fair to say that the speaker Act will be upheld, until amended or removed entirely by another motion. I hoped Moff would have -in his function as the provisional speaker- brought clarification to it.

The fact remains that we need this speaker act for now to be able to pass any other laws at all. Moff is away right now, which means until he returns there can be no voting. Until tomorrow, when we elect three speakers.

>> No.40596098

These are the core concepts that allow /tg/ to enable the most fun for the widest range of people. Our mission is to protect the creative freedom that makes /tg/ great.

Again, I'm sorry that you're apparently incapable of seeing that.

>> No.40596100

Oi, banning parties is a dangerous road to go down.

>> No.40596102

Last two are not good, sometimes it has to be done, dear anon. First two are good with a bit of rewriting. I propose all anons should weigh in to write the /tg/ constitution.

What the hell is the Speaker Act? Answer me, damnit!

>> No.40596107

And with a vote for The Patriarchy, /tg/ can become even worse!

I'm going to say ixnay on the "No player or party should be banned". Somebody might just ruin it for everyone. I'd say "No player or party should be banned unless there is an overwhelming majority vote that says they should be."

I'd also add "freedom to affiliate with any political party and form unions" and "freedom to merge with any political party"

You can still form a party if you think you can get two people.

>> No.40596110

Valid. Moving to create a Dungeoneers party to assist in the passing of legislature to ease the exploration, excavation and desecration of the randomly shifting megastructures occurring outside parliament. This will also include creating taxation laws on recovered objects, as well as reconnaissance efforts and formal pay guidelines.

Currently looking for party members.

>> No.40596142

You can spin things as much as you want, but when you act contrary to your own policy, it's a betrayal of expectations.

Magical Realm is geared towards bad story telling as well as various injustices to other species. Funnily enough, despite your obsession with them, if there was a party of monster girls they would be calling for your blood.

>> No.40596143

Thats no way to adress your brother in arms.

Looks like no one posted the speaker act in the wiki. Will update it momentarily.

>> No.40596154

If you can garner enough support your interests seem very closely aligned with ours in our adventuring party.

>> No.40596157

It's fascinating, totally organically, from a start with whatever parties people could name, /tg/ is coalescing into two broad viewpoints, an authoritarian leftist pro-censorship grouping and a liberal right pro-freedom grouping.

If this continues, I expect to see cooperation and perhaps even merges between IoM and SWP on the one hand and KMR and The Patriarchy on the other.

>> No.40596164

It's half joke, half "Cull them now before it's too late."

>> No.40596168

>What is the Imperium of Man?

Fairly simple. We are a party dedicated to ensuring that mankind is not subject to the whims and authority of any alien sovereignty, through diplomacy or military force. So, what do we do?

We push for the progression of interplanetary militarization.
We promote an independent human state.
We will make sure mankind reaches its golden age.

So come, and join us!


I'm sorry, battle-brother, I am tired as of today

>> No.40596171

The adventuring party might be for you.

>> No.40596184

IoM seems to be a different bloc entirely to the SWP

>> No.40596189


Speaker of the Parliament Act

Creates the office of the speaker for the parliament

The Speaker(s) will be elected on the Monday sessions. This particular voting session will go TWO hours. The MP with the most votes wins. Only a currently active member of the parliament can be elected.

The speaker will have the right to open parliamentary session threads within the given timefrime as outlined in the rules. His threads will have priority over any other created threads for up to 30 minutes after the scheduled time has arrived. He will also be responsible for creating new threads in case the old one reaches page 10.

Furthermore, he has the power to halt ongoing sessions for up to two hours. All voting must be halted and no new draft may be put forward in that time. He can only do that once every 48 hours.

During voting, the speaker is responsible for putting forward the draft everyone else will be voting on. He can freely choose which draft to be put forward if there are more than one to choose from. Only one draft at a time can be actively voted on.

There can be up to three elected speakers at any given time. However, only one speaker can be active in a Session. If there is a dispute between speakers on who will lead a session, the speaker from the bigger (more current serving MP's) party takes priority.

This is the act.

>> No.40596197

Why would we merge with a party dedicated to the denigration of women when we have female MPs?

>> No.40596212

Red Marine sir. Is there a way for parties to be listed on the front page as they are in the other parliament games?

>> No.40596213

Because your party is dedicated to the denigration of all people?

>> No.40596228

IIRC, the original FOPS that helped found the realm were very anti-Patriarchy. Even though I support the degeneration of women through magical realming.

Hey, women can be misogynists, too! Don't try to prevent them from participating in whatever they want to.

>> No.40596232

So you say, but I cannot see your parties goals, but if I were to guess yours are less about the managerial and legislative practices, nor the legitimization of the industry.
As it is, it is filled with scoundrels and rogues and you naught to go on but word if you want a party formed to recover goods from the structures. I wish to reform this to its proper place, as semi-analogous to the booming mining industry of the land rich neighbours which share our northern border.

>> No.40596233

Which party would like to present itself in the new edition of the Basement?

>> No.40596245

fail. IoM, NSAP, SPQR basically cover different flavours of fascism. The Patriarchy and KMR are joke parties.

>> No.40596265

>Braids her succubus hair. The succubus is still asleep, sprawled out across two chairs.

If there are many among you who do not want your succubus, please give her to me. I will give her a nice home.

If you require compensation, I will be willing to pay in silver. Know that they will not be treated as slaves, yet I will require of them to do chores to earn their keep if they choose to stay with me.

>> No.40596268


>> No.40596278

So with you and those three there's four different fascist parties? What the fuck? Leave some room for everybody else!

>> No.40596293

I'd love to join if possible

>> No.40596295

Would you be willing to add my request to purchase the succubi of any MP to your news letter?

>> No.40596299

Check out our wiki to get a better understanding of who we are.

>> No.40596307

Welcome aboard! Adding you to the wiki.

>> No.40596320

Ahhh, a fellow Patriarch, welcome aboard! Have a succubus and get thinking about how we can put women in their place.

>> No.40596365

I guess yeah.

>> No.40596371

I know what you are thanks.

>> No.40596378


Will do

>> No.40596381

Who all moved over here and why? What happened with /pol/ parliament?

>> No.40596391

It died.

>> No.40596443

Everyone can edit and enhance the wiki and is invited to do so.

>> No.40596458

Senate when?

Also you should really double the threshold for party legitimacy. Parliaments with a lot of minor parties are never very successful.

>> No.40596480

A parliament with smaller parties encourages those parties to interact with each other in order to get legislation passed, rather than simply plopping down a bill and pushing it through via simple inertia.

>> No.40596489

t. Amerifat McBurgerson

>> No.40596491

What are you awaiting 40k is popular on /tg/

>> No.40596496

Okay I'll make an area for parties on the front page.

Everyone. Link me your parties so I can put them on the front page.

>> No.40596508

That reminds me. My succubus qt.3,14 got torn apart by my mighty warhammer. No, not what you think.

>> No.40596511


>> No.40596514

Chernov, comrade, you are putting the cart before the horse.
I support your initiative, but I cannot support your bills as you propose them.

First, the slavery of people remains legal until we pass a law saying otherwise. And outlawing slavery for all may have damaging effects on communities like SPQR.
What's more, before we can rule on the slavery of people, we must first define slavery and people, like good representative Bulat [The Patriarchy] !!WaNWRSgFw71 said.
We would need to define them, "All sapient(or sentient) species," as Luxemburg[Socialist Workers Party] !!8Zb8STF5kTT said, might work as long as the term species includes our Spooky sort.

A bill securing the rights of freedom would seem to be what you want, and yet you want to restrict the freedoms of the other parties to limit them to definitions you consider "political,"

What about the right to freely represent the political goals of average, completely normal citizens like those of Totally Not Dimir?

What about the freedom to further political acts that support the continued work of Homebrewers like myself?

We need not define ourselves to what you deem worthy of a political party to be one.

Also, your communication bill needs a little more fleshing out beyond a worthy "call."

As far as the poor format goes, I just got a new girl in.
She has a great figure for head- I mean, a great head for figures, but little sense for wikia pages.
I will attempt to touch it up later.

>> No.40596518

I am voting nay on rights for succubi women,
nay on the act to prohibit non-political organizations,
and yay on the communication bill.
Rights for xenos are no-no, as is killing of free speech.
Dangit, and I wanted to like the socialists, too.

>> No.40596526

... You could have sold her to me. I would have given her a nice home or her choice of freedom.

>> No.40596527

What's your tag?

>> No.40596537

Joining in. let the Interspecie fun begin

>> No.40596540

A parliament with a larger threshold encourages coalition politics and more dynamism.

Still shit without a senate.

>> No.40596553

I have no idea how my trip fell off.

>> No.40596555

I'll add you to the wiki.

>> No.40596569


>> No.40596575

I follow Adam Smiths philosophy of the guiding invisible hand. Small parties will be eventually absorbed by bigger parties of form coaltions. Or experience a member migration.

>> No.40596578

I admire your dedication to the game.

>> No.40596592


seriously weird.
I also made sure there were spaces between bills on that page before saving.
Not my night.

>> No.40596597

Check the page now, I've made it

>> No.40596616


The only freedom her kind deserved, was to be liberated from this life and stompkicked back into the warp.

>> No.40596621

I like the system as it has unfolded thus far.
Just voicing my approval.

>> No.40596627

Thank you. You made it better than I could have.

>> No.40596628

I think it's unnecessarily bureaucratic to wait until we define slavery and what a person is before we remove the sexist act.

The communications bill was a way of starting debate on integrating new ways of communicating with the board.

>> No.40596635

Those laws have already passed. New votings will be held when the provisional speaker returns or when regular speakers have been elected tomorrow.

>> No.40596637

no banning of parties, for whatever reasons.

>> No.40596651

>Covers Fifi's ( her succubus ) ears. FiFi is still asleep though and seem to have stirred any.

The warp can't be safe for them.

>> No.40596661

seems to have not*

>> No.40596664

I understand people don't agree with banning for the reasons I stated, but I think it's too far to rule out EVER banning a party. What would you do if tomorrow the Gore Party is formed?

>> No.40596666

Huh. I thought I had copied it when I posted. This is the price I pay for turning off cookies.

>> No.40596667

Disregard that, I am autist. The laws have not passed obviously.

Still, no votings yet.

>> No.40596679

Whoever fixed the Voting History, you did a nice job.
I think I get to sleep for a couple hours now.
I hope I wake in time to vote.

>> No.40596680

I believe it is necessary to know what is considered slavery and what can be enslaved so that slavery can be ended.
That said succubi and women can't possibly be slaves for succubi enjoy the act of seductin and reproduction, and women are born to slavery to men.

>> No.40596700

i would vote aganist their proposal and encourage others to do so too. You need to win by democratic means, not by totalitarian.

>> No.40596701

Thank you, sleep well

>> No.40596716

>You need to win by democratic means

Hence it was proposed as legislation to be voted on democratically...

>> No.40596721

It is possible to ban parties. But its unlikely it would pass. Nothing in the iron rules states the people can not pass legislations to ban other parties.

>> No.40596731

>>You need to win by democratic means, not by totalitarian.

>nods in agreement.
This is how it should be. Voices and parties should not be silenced.

>> No.40596742

No speaker = we aren't voting on anything yet and when we do it is 1 at a time.

>> No.40596766

Hear hear people of /tg/, it's with a proud heart that we present you the (already) 4th edition of the Basement Express. Comment, rtae, critic, write an article for us and subscribe. Also note that we were forced to once again push up the price because of the inflation, oy vey.

>> No.40596777

I was suggesting defining slavery and a person in the bill that frees the (still living) succubi.
The bill already gave us the succubi, striking it won't un-give us them.
It would prevent any new parties from receiving them, but so would a law that prohibits such acts, you see?

The delivery was actually impressively quick.
I received mine in less than an hour in a rather roomy crate.

I agree that it's conceivable to have a scenario where banning was appropriate.
But banning should be a rare and desperate, final step, rather than a measure of taste.

>> No.40596781

I remember /pol/ trying something like this.

It went surprisingly well, considering /pol/ and its ability to turn everything into a sequence of 100 shitposts.

>> No.40596783

Thanks I hope I enter the parliament some day ;_;

>> No.40596788

As a hellish amalgam of cursed, arcane cells formed by fell magicks into a roughly cubic being of pure malevolence and unending hunger, I feel uniquely qualified for politics.

>> No.40596809

Being racist does not necessarily mean shitposting.

>> No.40596818

>reads the paper and realizes she's once more thought to be a man. She's not sure how to take that, as being thought of as a man might give her special privileges.
I guess it's not so bad... I might get an award.

>> No.40596826

Racism isn't pols worst quality

>> No.40596827

What does your party stand for, in a nutshell?

>> No.40596840

I was interested at first, but considering the direction this thing is going, it looks like it's only going to get worse and worse from this point on.

Shame, since I had a hope that /tg/ might be able to rise above it's lowest parts, but now that I think about it, this thread really is just a giant beacon to the worst parts of this board.

>> No.40596843

I'm not sure how comfortable I feel defining non-humans as people

>> No.40596845

You should increase your recruiting efforts. Or join an existing party.

By the way, I'm still available for the interview. Yesterday my chat sperged out and didnt tell me you (or anyone else) was there. I still have about 45 minutes time.

>> No.40596857

You're damn right it gives privilege, it's good to be a man. Of course we men have to provide for the ladies that we marry, so there's a proper cost to the privilege.

>> No.40596883

( I wish we could play more than one person. I'd love to join and be able to rp as a reporter and interview players / make stories. )

>> No.40596892

There's one free party place in the parliament, isn't there?
I represent the Rules-Light Party, also known as Lite.

We advocate the simplification of the rules down to their essentials and we don't tolerate the rulebook bloating just for the sake of bloating.
The rules should be clean, crisp and concise. Any crunch that isn't appropriate to the main mechanics of the game is a waste of both space and money.

We think that almost any game can be sized down from multiple tomes of rules down to a pamphlet with a couple of pages, and we encourage it.

We favorably view the efforts of Homebrewers Union, because, more often than not, they too support the notion of clean and concise rules for better comprehension and lesser waste of time and effort spent on learning the homebrewed system.

Some of the more radical members of our party also think that said notions of being concise should also apply to fluff. Currently, they do not hold any amount of respectable power, though.

>> No.40596894

Cool insight into what happened to the /pol/ parliament, and how we can avoid a repeat:

"FROM: GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc] !NBNWXT2C6M

>two weeks ago, Illusive man of Cerberus got elected PM
>He resigned, and the then party leader of the libertarians, Ignatius, became PM.
>Ignatius was a sperglord however, and wanted to live GoT fantasies in the parliament threads
>Ignatius tried to ban the National Socialists
>Ignatius was impeached according to the few rules we had already set out
>After Ignatius' impechment, we decided to write a clear constitution on what a PM can and cannot do. Government was to remain frozen until the constitution was finished.
>We decided to give the PM veto powers
>Flash forward to a week ago.
>New elections are held despite the constitution not being finished,
>Coalition of NatSoc, Cerberus and SPQR wins
>Sir Zyklon, leader of NatSoc, becomes PM
>Soon an lgbt fag enabler-bill is put to vote.
>PM Zyklon vetos it
>Massive shitstorm
>Goverment frozen again
>We decide to finish the constitution once and for all
>We decide to have an elected monarch with terms of two weeks as head of state, as only person who can veto.
>Illusive man leaves, because against monarchy
>He takes the bulk of Cerberus with him
>G.A. Trayvon of the Galactic Empire get pissed because he wasn't invited to the constitutional convention chat.
>Whole thing fucking explodes
>Catharsis, libertarian, speaker, and basically the person who for one and a half week managed to fix the parliament and keep it calm resigns
>Others leave as well
>Parliament thread losing massive amount of traffic

So yeah. This whole thing could've been avoided if we either finished the constitution about a week ago, or if nobody sperged out because of a PM acting withing his legal boundries.

Wanna know more, simply ask me; I witnessed it all before my bare eyes."

>> No.40596907

Pretty good. States our position accurately, methinks.

Exactly! White men have a strong burden on their backs, and you should never forget that!

>> No.40596929

Syndicalism, Nationalism and Catholic morals
I'm not sure about an interview since my PC seems to be crashing every minute right now. Probably overheating again.
Well It's not like you can't I'm both a party leader and a reporter and an editor-in-chief. But doing that requires a several case of DM-split-personalities disorder.
Btw I'm still waiting for a concurrent newspaper, it's lonely without competition.

>> No.40596945

Samefagging would be cheating, if you vote with all your accounts. In the spirit of the game I would ask everyone to not do that. You can leave and join parties at any time though.

Related: [Not Dimitry] Party is almost definitely consisting of one guy.

"Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life"

>> No.40596955

i'll try and write up something real quick to see if it works.

>> No.40596958

We have no limit on parties, only on seats. We could always add more squares.

>> No.40596982

( I agree. )

>> No.40597062

I'm almost tempted to jump over to your side, but the syndicalism sounds awfully close to communism, which is the very definition of failure. Am I the only one excited for fallout 4? It's been 8 years since I first played 3, and I still pop it in my ps3 sometimes
The rest of your goals sound great, though. Amazing newspapers. Best of luck to you, friend.

>> No.40597070

Right. I forgot to watch the Fallout 4 trailer today. It's what gets me through the day. Also started a new round of New Vegas.

>> No.40597082

Boomers best tribe, tbh

>> No.40597086

Fail. I protect my waifu with the might of the Inquisition
not really hyped for F4 because Bethesda

>> No.40597102

Hate them. Followers of pock-lips all the way.

>> No.40597103

One thing I noticed: the slots are nearly full, but more parties seem to be seeking a founding.

Should the parliament permit more people to create parties, or will twelve parties be the cap? I'm considering a cap of 12 parties, but the ability for new parties to replace older ones if they gain more support.

>> No.40597130

I have not considered a party cap so far. I guess we could vote on it sometimes. The only cap is the amount of available seats. Shouldnt be hard to add more sqaures. Maybe we should overhaul the infographic anyway and make it fancier.

>> No.40597135

*Hefts a HEAVILY customized storm bolter, with Double-drum mags, a silenced compensator sheath, and a scope*

You see this bolter? I put down my succubus Waifu with it. I can think of no finer weapon to kill slaaneshi daemons with, save one of those Force Halberds the grey knights use.

>> No.40597149

Proposal of Bill: 'Provision of Rights of Parties and Individuals in Parliament' - Moved by Chernov [SWP], seconded by Luxemburg [SWP] - It is proposed that Parliament immediately begin debate on defining the rules of parliament, including outlining the rights of MP's, Parties and representatives of the parliament.

>> No.40597155

Bethesda made skyrim, and that was amazing for the first 300+ hours.
>inb4 hurr dur who ever liked skyrim

>> No.40597177

But but...we are debating now?
Ironically, we would have to vote on it.

>> No.40597213

Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet


>> No.40597215

Skyrim was fun. Fallout 3 was meh

>> No.40597219

Just saying I was asleep and would not have supported this legislation by my party.

>> No.40597235

I really think we need to do something about the time frame of voting to make sure that everyone has a chance to vote on every issue, regardless of their time zone.

>> No.40597254

I'll give you that, but they have more experience with making good games now.
Not that you'd be able to tell with the elder scrolls online.
Aye, but it's not like we're not already, at our own pace.

>> No.40597257

a good link to good info

we need to aprove the roberts rules to be go to go


>> No.40597268

Since the Galactic Empire has previously stated that relations with xenos are strictly proscribed, are there are any parties with a more progressive stance on xenosXhuman affairs?

What is the stance of the Knights fo the Magical Realm on such things?

>> No.40597280

>> No.40597289

Alright, here's my proposal on how to draft a constitution under which we should operate.

1. Every party designates one of their members as a Constitutional Expert. The experts from each party should get together in a thread/chatbox and start making a constitution.

2. If all members of the chat agree on an article it is immediately added to the draft

3. If no consesnus can be reached, each memeber holds a veto power. In that case the article is presented to the entirety of the parliament who will then vote for or against the proposed article

Repeat until constitution is finished.

>> No.40597292

Who said I agree with my parties stance towards Xenos?

>> No.40597299

>Interspecies 'Cooperation' (if you know what I mean *winkwinknudgenudge*)
This is a direct quote from our wiki. We are probably the most progressive party where xenos are concerned.

>> No.40597303

Excellent work comrade! Come join us in the socialist chat.

>> No.40597306

Well then what is your parties stance towards xenos?

>> No.40597318

Yes, we have noted that you're one of the more Radical inquisitors. Easily shown in that you haven't killed your free waifu yet. I'm disgusted to think what you're doing with her.

Xenos, Mutants, and Aliens are to be destroyed for the superiority of mankind.

>> No.40597323

Hot off the presses!

( I tried ;_; )

>> No.40597331

Lies and slander! but I like it. It's on phuckers

>> No.40597335

Well that makes things rather easy.

>> No.40597356

This sudden explosion of news outlets is most to my liking.

>> No.40597361


My brothers! We shall work towards a day where delicious xenos waifus will not be persecuted by the narrow minded conservatives of our race!

>> No.40597373

*Strokes his Gun-Waifu* We'll persecute them all we damn well please, xenos are to be destroyed. The Imperial Truth says so.

>> No.40597377

Welcome to our magical realm!

>> No.40597380

Your waifu a shit!

>> No.40597401

Don't you dare insult Mandate! I'll have you know that I've recorded seven thousand confirmed kills on Necrons with her, during my first century of service.

>> No.40597405

Thanks for having me! Is there anywhere we discuss important magical realms?

>> No.40597413

Friendly reminder for KMR members: our private chat can be found at https://chatstep.com/#Fuck_Off_/pol/

The parliament's public chat can be found at https://chatstep.com/#tgparliament

>> No.40597415

but, Captain Xavion.. don't Necrons come back to life?

>> No.40597430

*holds up one of his custom made bolts* They absolutely don't when I kill them. If you pump enough bolts into them they certainly don't get up. That's why Mandate has TWO drum mags!

>> No.40597444

So what you're saying is you can pump Mandate all night long and he doesnt go empty?

Sounds like a bit of a slooot. Also gay.

>> No.40597447

As is proper.

>> No.40597458

Hmm, I'm thinking of making a new edition of the Be to salute the springing up of concurrence.

>> No.40597475

At least for me, you could call it cooperation between the intelligent aliens (example eldar) and other species. And I apologise for the arogance and ignorance of my colleagues.

>> No.40597486

I wonder if there should be a wiki page made with past editions so members of parliament can read them over at any time.

>> No.40597491

Im glad theres somebody reasonable representing the EoM. If you ever need a backup interrogator for a xenos inquest I could see some 'inter-party cooperation' in our future.

>> No.40597493

Already exists man

>> No.40597496

Which parties are gay friendly or are pro gay?

Also can you belong to more than one parliament, like the /pol/ one?

>> No.40597517

Roxa Joining NSAP, lets finaly put this at the parlament

>> No.40597528

your name is not your orientation in that matter is it?

>> No.40597532

You know what. You're really proactive and fun. I'm going to join your party.

Knights of the Magical Realm, I'm sorry that I'm departing the party. But please understand that it is not because of any injustice or issues. I only want to help John Kowalsky on his quest to make his own party, as well as attempt and write for him in my own news letter.

>She says this while her succubus is gnawing on her finger.

>> No.40597535

>Tasteful (and occasionally not so tasteful) Lewds. Every man, woman, or other indeterminate sex should have their own magical realm to their own tastes!
Your preferences are protected in KMR.

>> No.40597537

bloody hell this is outdated. i was telling my compatriots this would be amusing.

>> No.40597550

Sad to see you go, but I wish you the best.

>> No.40597552

Oh day of joy, oh day of glory, I finally found another member, just one more now!
Welcome Roxa, feel free to do anythin as long as it doesn't explicitly go against the basic outlines of the party.

>> No.40597564

Do you guys have a chatstep?

>> No.40597569

Yup, it's fun how quickly politics can change.
Joie, joie Noel, we're in!
Welcome to you to!

>> No.40597585

There are no gay-centric parties, but I guess most parties are neutral to it, as long as you don't keep focusing on gay stuff.

>> No.40597592

Glad to be of help! Let's get the news rolling!

.. I can keep my succubus concubine, right? She's freely chosen to stay with me.

>> No.40597600

The SWP is against the oppression of LGBTI people, and the oppressed everywhere.


>> No.40597622

We support all those who hate women, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is.

>> No.40597691

First the aliens voted that you don't matter, then the villainy voted to take your hard earned money for their nefarious reasons.

The Galactic Empire is here to stop that from happening!

Join US, so WE can fight Corruption where it starts!

Some of the things we stand for:

=To unite all humans, everywhere, under a single banner.
=To ensure that human interests are protected by a strong military.
=To ensure peace through overwhelming force, such that none will dare attack us.
=To ensure that all citizens are bound by the same law and that justice is applied to all fairly.

So don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

>> No.40597692

The Imperium of Man is entirely Gay Friendly, as sexuality is an expression of mankind. As well that gays are proven through history and experience to make superior soldiers that die for the emperor.

>> No.40597702


>> No.40597729

Of course, as long as the Succubi Labour Union doesn't voice any protest, we're good.
Also join the chat

>> No.40597745

Does this mean I can date a Sister of Battle if one should show up?
*tries not to fidget*

>> No.40597754

Yes of course! You are welcome to try to date one of them should they show up.

>> No.40597755

I missed the last thread - why did you leave our proud brotherhood?

>> No.40597758


>> No.40597778

It was for no reason, other than fun_________

>> No.40597785

sadly we did not get to meet. i am grandmaster of the Knights Duke Elbrus, it was a pleasure to have you among our ranks for a short while

>> No.40597818

everybody ignored our emblem and somehow people forgot the patriarchies emblem, not that i mind but its amusing nonetheless

>> No.40597833

They won't date you if you're a heretic.
Being against the Imperium is heresy

>> No.40597856

Fair enough. You still have my support with your Imperial duties. As long as you're still male, I support you.

>> No.40597863

what if i told you there was no heresy and that there is only heresy

>> No.40597880

And I shall back you up on that support my brother. May our party be as firm as, well, you know.

>> No.40597882

You're still my first party in this parliament, so I'll always be friendly to all of you!

>> No.40597895

You can try. Maybe you will find one of the more openminded Orders

>> No.40597905

oh btw i'd be willing to do a 2nd interview about the merger since its a historic event

>> No.40597911

I'd call you a heretic. Then I'd probably shoot you for heresy. Why do you ask?

>> No.40597930

I would probably shoot you with my bolter waifu. Her name is Mandate, and I think two drum magazines full of kraken bolts is enough to reduce your body to a fine red paste.

>> No.40597941

don't know why but this thing looks like facism

>> No.40597943

I propose a treaty of friendship and cooperation between our 2 parties. While we don't have similar platforms, they don't contradict either.

>> No.40597949

you would shoot the liaison between your party and mine?>>40597930

>> No.40597960

It is.

>> No.40597961


>> No.40597962

I thought Christian values and banging tentacle-demons were kind of against each other.

>> No.40597963

Sure join me in #NSAP in ~7/10 minutes
>clear implication there is only one way between capitalism and communism
gee i wonder why

>> No.40597979

No, shooting your own men is heresy unless a commissar does it, in which case they weren't good enough to be our men.

>> No.40597990

Gonna be interesting for next issue. Wonder if you are going to fire back at The Daily Worker.

>> No.40598022


>> No.40598030

But yeah sometimes you just have to go Realpolitik. And as long as the Pope doesn't send me a letter condemning my alliance I'm the judging what is morals or not.
+ As long as the tentacles are married and willing, i don't see a problem.
it is agreed then, our 2 parties shall thus form a voting block on political freedom issues.


>> No.40598069

Oh don't worry about that. The so-called worker's paper is in fact nothing more than an inside job made up by anarchists and agents of foreing powers.

Also Elbruise come to chat 4 da interview

>> No.40598083

If you mean with "date" "getting burned to cinder and ashes" then yes.

>> No.40598132

It's never easy...

>> No.40598154


>> No.40598159

Well I am part of the party but news should be based on fact no bias. Maybe you should get some other parties members to write for you also to make it look more based on fact.

>> No.40598199

Read up on our ideology on the wiki

As stated before, you have free reign over your actions as long as they don't openly contradict the party line. Otherwise you're free to RP the most fascist MP on /tg/.

>> No.40598271

I was able to get in contact with Alma in the tgparliament chatstep. Since ser Vampire looks to not be interested in the head position from my scanning of the past thread, I'm instead giving it to Alma.

I know my trip doesn't match with the one I posted on, and that's because I posted that trip publicly upon leaving parliament. I've updated the wiki page for spooky using the wiki account I've uploaded pictures to it from. Here's hoping that's enough of a give away to show I'm authentic.

Also to Galactic Empire. Sorry about the fuss. /pol/ Parliament made a lot of butthurt.


>> No.40598334

Salvete, senators.
I am migrating over from /pol/ to support my party. Seems I missed out on the shitstorm these last 10 days, but it is part of the natural order for nations to rise and fall, though we will fight to preserve the SPQR amid the turmoil.

>> No.40598350

hah i knew SPQR wasn't a homegrown /tg/ party!

>> No.40598380

Issue 2 of the Daily Worker is out!

>> No.40598387

check out the Basement Express for informations on the past few days.
Or if your sexuality swings that way, check out the concurrence press.

>> No.40598392

Why not join the Imperium of Man? We give cybernetic limbs for healthcare, and you get to protect humanity from the countless forces that seek to eliminate us. What's not to like?

>> No.40598400

Updating, check if any member from your party is missing.

>> No.40598411

Damn, the BE is still in the workings though, it will come out soon.

>> No.40598414

I like the Knights of the Magical Realm and Spooky. You guys seem fun.

>> No.40598427

Hey, NSAP. Do you have a chatroom? I'd like to open a discussion.

>> No.40598451

If I had more time I'd join Spooky.

>> No.40598473

I would like to request that my seat be towards the rear of the assembly, so as not to interrupt parliament with my, er...activities.

>> No.40598480

The SPQR site must be updated as well.

Thanks. Checks out with the wiki.

>> No.40598495


>> No.40598499

what party do you belong to?

>> No.40598518


>> No.40598523

I've been a /tg/ lurker since before /pol/ was created, but I dare say that our two boards have much in common.
I'm staying with SPQR because I believe politicians need to have integrity and principles.
I'd probably join the Imperium otherwise since I'm a fan of the IG(is it still called that here or is it now Astra Militarum?)

>> No.40598530

Whoops, dropped my trip and didn't even realize it.

>> No.40598534

Fuck the emperor, no monarch will ever represent the people

>> No.40598566

I for one support the Imperium!

As long as they support Gas Mask deregulation, i'm a-okay!

>> No.40598575

The Emperor is no mere man, he is a God.

>> No.40598606

Pic related

I don't see why not. Get your clantag and join the ranks, brother.

"Only in death does duty end"

>> No.40598629

Don't forget to add your faction at the end of your name, then!
You funny man. I send you to gulag last.

>> No.40598639

The fun alliance.

>> No.40598647

kk im ready to play again, pls everyone tell me about your parties so I can decide who to join

>> No.40598657

I don't see how you plan on enforcing your fascist ideals without a strong leader.

Without our Emperor, the proletariat would force their delusional fantasies on us.

>> No.40598662


>> No.40598664


Praise the Emperor!

>> No.40598670

The Patriarchy supports male empowerment and honesty. And sometimes Judaism.

>> No.40598674


See us at >>40597691

>> No.40598675

Check out the SWP:

And our newspaper:

>> No.40598682

It's Smiley. Go for Spooky. I'm not playing on this name anymore but the people I gathered are pretty chill there and a pretty pro-fun party.

>> No.40598687

Our wiki page: http://tg-parliament.wikia.com/wiki/Knights_of_the_Magical_Realm

tl;dr version: we exist to promote creative diversity, and to protect /tg/ from nofuns.

>> No.40598715

Done, missed u smiley :^)

>> No.40598717

https://chatstep.com/#tgparliament come here too.

>> No.40598724

we've come a long way from pauldron just shouting fuck off /pol/ haven't we

>> No.40598747 [SPOILER] 

Welcome aboard.

>> No.40598749

That we have. It brings a highly poisonous tear to my blood-encrusted eye.

>> No.40598792

I'm looking to join a party. What is everyone's motto?

>> No.40598804

Having no skin does not excuse you from not having a clantag.

+1 Spooky
+ 1 IoM

>> No.40598823


>> No.40598825


"Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean"

>> No.40598837

The Imperium of Man seeks to protect humanity from the schemes of the alien, the degeneracy of the mutant, and the lies of the heretic. All in the name of Him on Earth, The God-Emperor Of All Mankind. Without him, humanity would have perished to the winds, with not a single soul knowing Man had ever lived.

>> No.40598850

I'm not using this name anymore so if you have me on the records, please strike it out. Also Alma is to be the leader of the Spookies.

>> No.40598856

ah man.. I've been trying to get into warhammer 40k lore for awhile. Any suggestions what I should read first?

>> No.40598876


Well said.

>> No.40598879

"Safety, Security, Justice and Peace!"

>> No.40598922


Requesting to join Spooky party

>> No.40598933


the force resides in the people, there is no place to an false god who wish guide our lives

>> No.40598937

Not really a motto, but we're the only not-freaky looking guys in this video. That's the kind of stuff we do.

>> No.40598952

Thats some Chaos talk.

>> No.40598965

can recommend the lexicanum pages. And if you want it goofy as fuck go to 1d4chan :^)

>> No.40598975

"It's our privilege."

>> No.40598997

Dare you enter our magical realm?

>> No.40599000


>> No.40599015

...well played

>> No.40599035

Pic related, I'm not supplanting anyone by the way.

>> No.40599066

.. There's something suspicious about you..

>> No.40599073

I got in with the Dawn of War games for the PC, then just read wikis and eventually decided to read some of the books - the Commisar Cain, Gaunt's Ghosts and Eisenhorn series.

>> No.40599131

Is it intentional that the acronym of your party is that close to that of Hitler's?

>> No.40599133

I as leader of the NSAP, am proud to announce the formation of a new voting block.

The Iron Front

Formed by the Galactic Empire Party and the National Syndicalist Action Party, with the full consent of their members, the Iron Front is a new force on /tg/.
While our parties are not the same, they are similar and we could feel only appropriate to create a voting bloc out of our 2 formations.
We request that we be seated together in the next parliament roll call.
If you have any questions address them to me

>> No.40599143

Can we please disallow anons to edit the wiki? Someone just tried to wreck the SWP page.

>> No.40599166

you dont need to request it, you can simply proclaim yourself to be member.

>> No.40599168

Actually no. The name was originally French (Parti d'Action Nationale Syndicaliste, PANS9 and a shoutout to the French Action Fran├žaise (Party of French Action).
just read the wiki.

>> No.40599238

Ever thought about not being a twat? That might help. Then no one would have a reason to fuck with you.

>> No.40599241

so wait, the patriarchy party isnt about the establishment of the eastern orthodox patriarchos?

they are actually people who unironically use a tumblr meme as their name and unironically move for misandry?

thats much less cool/

>> No.40599253

I can confirm this action as a representative of the Galactic Empire. Long live the Iron Front!

>> No.40599258

This has quickly turned into the gayest kind of roleplaying, the same cringe-worthy shit that made up those avatar-fag threads of old.

>> No.40599275

Strength through Unity!

>> No.40599291

>> No.40599334

>The Patriarchy
>A tumblr meme

Pfft, it insults me how little you know about this social construct. You need to read more feminist writings. Might help you understand what we're up against.

We'll make sure that all women are complimented against their will!

Wasn't it this from the beginning? And what's this "of old" thing - avatarfagging is alive and well on /tg/, isn't it?

>> No.40599363

Have I done something to anger you, comrade?

>> No.40599438

Welcome to /tg/

>> No.40599472

Was this decision made in the knowledge of the Galactic Empire leadership, specifically Moff Wibbles?

>> No.40599502

I was approached by Inithis who held plenipotentiary powers to secure an alliance, so I'd assume that yes he's informed.

>> No.40599508

Same guy? Then there needs to be -1 for spooky as i added one additional member erronously.

The parties are resposible for taking care of their own wiki.

>> No.40599513

Don't you think that the internal affairs of other parties should be kept internal?

Oh, wait, you're the MP who gimped somebody else's interview. Dunno what I really expected from you.

>> No.40599528

*Rises...from the seat he had been sleeping in overnight*

Mr Speaker, Is the floor open to new legislation at this time?

>> No.40599542

It was made in my capacity as a diplomat. I was given the authority to sign treaties yesterday by the Moff and other founding members.

>> No.40599551

Surely that would be up to the party to decide, and not for you to make the decision on their behalf? Lets not get nasty over nothing, shall we comrade?

They knew I was in the chat with that interview too.

>> No.40599580


No reason to vandalize the wiki. Why not keep bantz in the threads?

>> No.40599585

Okay, I won't get nasty over nothing.

I'll get nasty over the fact that you attempt to use trickery and deceit to ban your opponents from parliament, the fact that you appropriate material without consent, all while attempting to claim any form of legitimacy whatsoever.

>> No.40599602

Salve frater! Good to see you here as well!

>> No.40599607

You obviously know a lot about gay things, newfriend. You should join a party and play too.

>> No.40599612

If I wanted to deceive the parliament I wouldn't have proposed legislation to it for everyone to see, would I?

>> No.40599629

Forgot Trip

>> No.40599634

You mean the legislation based on criteria that you either could not, or would not, define with any consistency whatsoever? Yes, I would call that chicanery.

>> No.40599644

Moff wibbles is the speaker. Ask the galactic empire comrades when he will return or if they know more.

Else, we gotta wait until monday to vote for regular speakers.

>> No.40599654

I supplied my own opinion and left the matter open for debate on the floor of parliament. Is that too open for those at KMR?

>> No.40599686

*returns to his seat, flicking cashew nuts at the back of the Socialist workers party's heads*

>> No.40599713

Debates in the parliamentary chat were quite to the contrary. During those discussions you backpedaled regarding which parties were considered "joke" parties, and were unable to clearly articulate the rather arbitrary formula for determining which parties you consider illegitimate and why.

>> No.40599729

All that means is that i'm bad at articulating what I considered a joke party or not. Does that make me the most evil person ever?

>> No.40599757

When you're intending to base parliamentary law on a formula that you cannot even define, yes, it makes you the worst MP currently sitting.

>> No.40599801

Again, let me reiterate that the law wasn't based on my personal subjective opinion of what was a joke party or not, it was up to what the majority of parliament thought was a joke party. I just wanted to start the discussion.

>> No.40599822


>> No.40599828

>Magicrealmfag with an opinion

Sorry, but you and your crew are by far the worst.

>> No.40599845

this are the rules guys


do you aprove the rules of this game?

>> No.40599870

hmmm how so random anon?

>> No.40599900

A proposal which contained and was followed up with, as I recall, several references to parties you disagree with.

This proposal was nothing less than an attack on the nature of parliament itself in an attempt to establish the sort of hegemony you claim to fight.

>> No.40599910

A vote for NSAP is a vote for a hole in spacetime tearing everything you love to shreds. Literal spacetime shreds. Don't you love everything you love?

>> No.40599949

Eliminating the joke parties would not bring us closer to establishing hegemony nor is that even part of the SWP program.

>> No.40599964

God no. Why would we vote a whole bunch of rules into existence at once.

The rules of the game are already in the wiki. They are deliberately few.

Post-scriptum: Being independend is not possible for an MP here. Continental parliamentary style all day 'err day.

>> No.40599968

I'm once again proud to bring you the latest fifth edition of the Basement Express, the only unbiased journal in the whole of /tg/!
unfortunately, the times have been tough and the inflation is still going strong, so we were once gain forced to raise the price, but the content remains of superior quality.

R8,, comment and subscribe people!

>> No.40599974

Really not a party thing as he said I don't support the legislation.

>> No.40599999

Fedora Johnson representing spooky

>> No.40600000

I believe Sundays are roll call only. Unsure if legislation is to be passed on this day

>> No.40600019

r8 8/8 m8, Its good, Subscribed :^) I follow all newspapers

>> No.40600027

The newest Banhammer is out! And it's asking all the HARD questions!

>> No.40600036

Oh, but wouldn't it? Certainly the SWP doesn't support the misogynistic views of the Patriarchy. Are you attempting to tell me that having them removed from parliament wouldn't prove advantageous to your party?

>> No.40600048


>> No.40600062

SPQR is now officially a member of the Iron Front coalition!

>> No.40600064

bloody 'ell

>> No.40600066

wait did we just get politically maneuvered into supporting the patriarchy?

>> No.40600072

If it was pure opportunism, can you explain why we didn't call to ban every party that disagrees with us politically?

>> No.40600098

Because your reach is not that long, nor your grasp quite that firm.

>> No.40600107

>"Other parties didn't give any relevant commentary on the issue as of now"

"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment"

>> No.40600113

>gee that turned out so good on /pol/

>> No.40600178

>flashbacks to iggy intensifying

>> No.40600180

We weren't maneuvered into supporting them so much as we were both targets of the same attack. I don't think anyone misunderstands that point.

>> No.40600193

As a diplomat of the Empire, we approve your ascendancy.

>> No.40600205

Sexcellent as always, I approve.

>> No.40600219

you did a piece about bad boys and didn't include Elbrus the baddest boy of them all. eyyy baby let come at you all rationally.

>> No.40600227

Can I offer someone else's life?
I think I'd prefer that.

Did I miss anything? Looks like a whole lot of arguing over nothing.

>> No.40600240

Listen here, and listen well you ungrateful little bastard, because I'm only going to say this once. You're right, The Emperor was not a god. At least, this he claimed. He was a man of peace during the 40000 years he walked treaded earth for. He fostered and raised humanity from a race of wandering hominids to the noble creature you see today.
He bested a god, so technology would yield to us and our spirit. He held back the predations of things many times worse than hell that wanted nothing more than our destruction, using his soul as a human shield for humanity during their long, long adolescent years.
It was only when a thousand worlds were taken in an instant, did he realize he could no longer guide as steadily as he would have wanted, and crusaded across the galaxy to unite Mankind under one banner. He would have led us all into the most golden age imaginable, were it not for a single son, who did not believe in his father's nobility.
His foolishness rendered an entire age, an entire galaxy, an entire cosmos of valiant men, asunder. His most favored son, his favored child, had forsaken him on the words and lies of daemons. His son struck him a mortal blow, but The Emperor, in his infinite benevolence, still pitied him, even as debased as he had become.
It was only when a man had threw himself onto Horus's wicked blade to protect The Master of Mankind, did he realize what his son had become. He struck him down, so much that his very soul would never live on again, that it may never hurt men as it had in life.
The duel He had with His son had mortally wounded him many times over, and even as mighty as The Emperor was, he was still a man. He was interred on the golden throne, where he sits ten millennia later. Every moment is unimaginable agony, for he does what he has always, even in death. He protects humanity from innumerable horrors worse than hell, using himself as a human shield. He wants nothing more than to die.

>> No.40600269

There will be more head to heads! Don't worry!

For now I'm trying to find a few Sisters of Battle for a bikini edition.. Don't tell the Imperium.

>> No.40600277

Do you want to know why He does not do so?
He loves you. From the most damned soul, to the greatest hero, He loves you. The pain of losing a single Man or Woman is too great of a burden for him to bare, but if he stops, every single person He holds dear will be lost. He claimed He is not a god.

But He has led us since time immemorial. He has cared for us since His birth. He cares for us beyond His death. He has moved heaven and hell for His sons, and has shouldered the agonizing, angry weight of both for Millennia. He weeps for those who have never shed a tear in their life. He weeps for those who can weep no more. We can only hope to repay his eternal sacrifice, and we try every day.
They say to err is human, but to forgive is divine.

We are human, and we repent for our failure in mind, body, and soul.

But yet, for all our failures, The Emperor loves us.

He claims he is not a God, and sometimes I even ponder if he was speaking the truth.

Could divinity even hope to be as noble as He?

>> No.40600330

>pic related. me and my succubus concubine while listening to all of this.

>> No.40600346

Every post that Maya person makes, for one thing. Toxic is also pretty bad.

>> No.40600348


Time for a new thread soon?

>> No.40600369

>mfw writing this
>mfw not wanting to shit on the emperor's groove

>> No.40600411


>> No.40600423

I take that as a compliment.

>> No.40600429


Who would say "No" to that?

>> No.40600438

what exactly about us do you find worse than the patriarchy for example. my compatriots might offend you through something or another but at least we aren't pol lvl shit posters

>> No.40600468

The patriarchy is also pretty bad?

Do you really want to cross-examination of which of the two worst parties is really the absolute worst?

>> No.40600515

>Every post that Maya person makes, for one thing. Toxic is also pretty bad.

>> No.40600574




>> No.40600581

Don't worry, that's just one person.
While the purpose of this parliament is to give the minority a voice, a minority is still that.

>> No.40600582

Yo Maya get into #NSAP pls.

>> No.40600813


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