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>he thinks you can kill it

Her sword weighs 3 tons, wields itself independently, carries all elemental and non-elemental powers and is made out of pure unpenetrable/unbreakable stanless steel, gems and gold. Sapphírus herself has all elemental and non-elemental powers, claws with deadly poison and she seems to have many types of sorcery too.

I'd sooner challenge Azathoth.

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Jumpers. This is the moment we have been training for centuries to face. We can defeat it. Have faith in yourself, your companions, and your ability to defeat disgusting abominations of nature. No offense Anti Spiral.

So tell me, what's you're battle plan?

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Everybody should remember that 411 needs to be "Length Required."

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Cry and run because my eyes have been blinded by this techinicolor monstrosity

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...honestly, I don't know. I like to imagine that it's not nearly as... atrocious as that thing though. the problem is I've got so much shit in there that it's undoubtedly going to look magical as fuck, but at the same time it needs form. It needs to at least LOOK practical, like someone really could pick it up and not kill themselves with it. So it's going to probably end up not looking AS impressive as it really is.

See pic related. Looks pretty neat, right? All fancy looking and ornate and stuff. But is it PRACTICAL? Not really. That drawstring does not look like it's going to hold if someone tries to go for rapid fire. Plus if I need to hit someone with it, it looks like it'd snap in two... to say nothing of even trying to use it normally.

The best weapons are those that combine form AND function. Function should always be given precedence however, because favoring form over function is asking for trouble.

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Run. Run and fucking hide. A Millennium ain't enough to prepare me for this. I'd rather sign up for a century in the Commorragh gulag then fight that thing.

>> No.40559031

I challenge her to defeat Demonbane. Then I'm grabbing some popcorn.

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Timestop, cut anything sword repeatadly, shove nanobits into the wounds to eat it, if that doesnt work retreat and use time travel to kill it before it becomes like this.

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I was told the LOTR jump was getting a rework and so it's not worth making a build for. Is that true?

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Pic related.

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>Journal Entry: 148
>I have traveled deep into the Warp and uncovered another chaos god. It's horrifying.
>However, inside this realm known as "DeviantArt", I have recovered an ancient manuscript detailing it's weaknesses!

Weaknesses: Not the best physical fighter except for her tails acting on their own accord. Using her most strongest skills which happens against stronger enemies, it leaves her powerless after up to 48 hours. Generally Sapphirus can't even make a campfire in this state, so she rests in her healing shield, which comes to her aid automatically and takes her to a safe spot. Also her humanoid state her powers aren't easy to control at all, only in her dragon forms so she must be careful not to overdo things.

>As you can see, one merely has to pierce this healing shield, likely unbreakable, to defeat her!

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Well, see, the thing about Mary Sues is they're not just invincible... they actively warp reality around them so that everyone loves them, everyone sympathizes, they always win, they're always right, and anyone who disagrees is painted in the worst possible light. By the very act of trying to combat one, you are now the villain, and reality itself will fight you.

The only clear solution is to destroy reality.
Spiral Nemesis, GO!

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Well, against better judgement, I've sleuthed out her art blog.

The good news is, she's improved dramatically since ... Whatever the fuck she made back then.

The bad news is, she hasn't improved that much.

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Wait, but I do that too. What happens when we clash?

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Spiral Nemesis, GO!

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>Goddess of Dragon and Elements
>Goddess of Dragon
So which dragon is she goddess of?

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Sounds like superman. Literally. Not even joking.

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Yeah, except Superman actually is the hero he presents himself as. Mary Sues usually aren't.

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As has been true since thread #30 or so, I'll be happy to rework it once someone offers a workable suggestion to how to fix the problems with it. So far, nobody has, though multiple people have been happy to tell me what's wrong. If you have any ideas, please let me know and I'll see if I can make it fit.

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It's even worse. Her twin axe tails are partially chimera and have their own personality now.


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There are problems with it? What are they? It looks fine to me.

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Whats wrong with it?

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Well, at least my eyes are no longer actively prying themselves out of their sockets in an attempt to free themselves from this horror.

Oh, and apparently, pic related is her true form.

Yes, that's a star for scale.

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The only problem I have with it is that the jump is very low power but so is the setting. It's not that the jump is bad or anything but it's really depressing to realise how insignificant all those heroes were. It's not your fault but Tolkien's.

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Wait this is good! That means you can use mind control on them. They are the only part that can attack apparently so use them to attack her or use a madness field.

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>The chimera side of hex, enchanted twin spade tipped tails, each with their own personality.


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Shit. I told you guys. I told you. Fighting Azathoth is easier than fighting this abomination. It's bigger than a fuckin star and it's a dragon. The worst thing of all is that it's going to keep evolving.

This has to be killed right now. Anti-spiral GO!

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A couple of the big ones:
The big Human purchase is basically "you're not human," which is a big thematic break and makes it very hard for the people who don't want to be Elves.
Essentially everyone picks up Elven Enchanting and Dwarven Crafting; despite them being the most expensive things in the jump, basically every build has them, to the point where there's very little variety.
Most of the drawbacks aren't challenging.
People want to be Gandalf, but balancing "True Angel" isn't very doable.
The horses are ill-balanced and under-used; at the time Companions were so new (and my mindset to jump building was different) to the point that having a Companion Horse seemed like a positive worth 100 CP.

Also, as >>40559324 says, it generally feels nowhere near as epic as the books and movies would imply.

Oh, on the plus side though, someone asked about buying a Battle Caribou (as seen in the Hobbit movies); as far as I'm concerned, you can grab them for the price of the Loyal Hunter, or maybe a less-majestic one as a Elven Horse.

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I'm sorry, anon. Sapphirus has the Magenta (mind) gem. You can't use one of her own elements against her.

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So...just how much would a servant with all stats at rank A, Unlimited Blade Works, and the ability to make any weapon he touches into a Noble Phantasm fuck shit up in the Fourth War?

>> No.40559424

And this boys and girls is why you don't risk high level Paradoxes in Mage. Mary Sues are pretty much perfect examples of what happens if you well and truly botch a Paradox roll. Speaking of which any word on the Mage jump?

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But the tails arent her they are their own entities arent they? Fuck timetravel may be the best option.

>> No.40559437

In the Fourth War? All of it, probably. The Master is in more danger, honestly, especially with more high power drawbacks.

>> No.40559472

Technically she has/had all emental and non-elemental powers. I'm sure she's got time-travelling in there somewhere. I know this sucks but it's fun to consider how unkillable a true Mary Sue is.

>> No.40559475

Well, the Master can definitely take care of herself. She's basically a street-level superhero and very good at being sneaky. Plus the hydrokinesis. I don't have to worry about her too much.

>> No.40559477 [DELETED] 

Actually, since it doesn't mention how quickly the shield is summoned, you should be able to kill her before she get it up. Just stack as many time-slowing perks and possible and get and weapon that fire projectiles anywhere from supersonic to Faster than the speed of light.

It may also be possible to teleport things into the shield, so keep that in mind as an option as well.

>> No.40559487

Step 1: Activate Path to Victory along with associated precognition, determine defensive measures and opening for counterattack report

Step 2: Optimal application of all available anti-supernatural abilities and items at appropriate conceptual shatterpoints. Blank, Get Real, Semblance: Jam, Moloch's Razor, demigod binding ordinance, Aspect of Stasis, Nox Nyctores, various conceptual weapons, Thorn Forged To Kill Kings, Normalize Liquid, crudely reverse engineered Deadlight. Clamp hybrid mako reactor/sorcery stopper engines around it to slowly disintegrate it in the most ignominious way possible hide

Step 3: Go back to studying cinnamon toast crunch ignore

Stop that, both of you.

You'll not only become the very thing you swore to destroy, you'll utterly surpass

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Actually, since it doesn't mention how quickly the shield is summoned, you should be able to kill her before she can get it up. Just stack as many time-slowing perks as possible and get a weapon that fires projectiles anywhere from supersonic speed to Faster than the speed of light.

It may also be possible to teleport things into the shield, so keep that in mind as an option as well.

Awful spelling was awful, needed to correct.

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I found the 2014 version. I've got some bad news and good news.

Bad news: She's as old as EXISTENCE itself and when she spends too much power she gains an interruptable shield.

Good news: She controls her powers through her necklace. They are not the source but she'll probably explode in an omniversal blast of uncontrollable energy when it's removed.

>> No.40559598

But AntiSpiral-kun! Don't you want to kawaii neko baka gaijin ohayo?!!

>> No.40559608

Well as long as its not in its true form, I imagine I could make an Ender for it, which is basically a whaling harpoon gun I enchanted with Iterative Improvement Improvement to take out Endbringer cores.

The harpoon itself is has Sting and Corrosive Contact enchanted on it, with other nasty death effects and penetration powers and is enchanted to basically not miss. Takes some prep though.

>> No.40559617

You know, at first I was going to rage. But now I'm actually looking forward to all the freaking out and how people are going to try and solve this. Though it does make me wonder.

Jumpers, what's your most cherished item?

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>> No.40559649

My super-sword. Shit's awesome.

>> No.40559657

A picture of my best friends from this world

>> No.40559774

My natty gains. An eternity of lifts and no strength perks are the greatest friends a Jumper can have.

>> No.40559789

Pretty sweet, Anon.

>> No.40559809

The very fact that so much of my build is focused around mass production and replication means that I, by default, have no cherished item. I build all my equipment, and when they become broken or outdated, I build new ones.

I guess if I had to pick one, though, it would be the locket from Girl Genius.
It lets me pretend I'm still human.

>> No.40559843


Well, she's admitted that she sucks at physical combat. How you can be alive for as long as the universe has existed and still not know how to throw a punch is beyond me, but I'll take it. Her tails are the only thing that can defend her up close, and there's nothing about enhanced senses- If you get the drop on her and you're fast enough, you can open her up, steal the necklace she uses to control her powers (why the fuck she leaves such an important item dangling out like that is beyond me), and run the fuck away. Hopefully, she'll hurt herself more than me.

The shield is a bit harder to get around, considering it's stated to be completely impenetrable, but then all you have to do is bypass the shield completely by making your coup-de-grace come from within the shield. My best idea is an antimatter bomb planted on her in the middle of the fight.

The biggest issue would be surviving her elemental onslaught long enough to get in close and plant the bombs (preferably multiple in case she finds one), but that's why you steal the necklace. If she starts hurting herself with her own powers, it makes the job a lot easier.

>> No.40559873

Most cherished things in order.
1. My family
2.My status as the jumper
3. My coat
4. My motorcycle
5. The light of Terra.

>> No.40559879

....I have to pick?

Hmm... probably the Interdimensional phone I built to talk to my little brother back on Earth while I jump. Or my snazzy pokemon hat. Either or.

>> No.40559968

>collapse for catnap
>come back


Oh dear, the infection's spreading quicker than than we anticipated. Any minute now the Uguu Phase will set in and brain damage will be permanent.


...told you

Well, looks like Balefire is way out of the question at least. Anti-everything protocals still in force, but now time to bring in the Noble Eightfold Path, Anathema, Halted Time, Waste Land, Raff-Rafflesia and Angel Slayer for extra buffers against reality bending/debuffs for attacks. Exploitation Now, It's Not A Glitch It's A Feature and Killdozer for certain sundering.


Okay that's...workable. It means we'll have to tap into THAT to counter it but. Okay. PtV, Eyes of the Goddess and Two Can Play At This Game. Mystic lines of distortion, Super Spin tempered by Real Eater to lines of conceptual absolute straightness, Stand focused on the Spin and Hamon, Shadow Amplifier/Dimensional Breach Controller/LEGO portal/Space bridge hybrid device augmented by nanoswarm and endowed with Exile Cannon energy signature.

One very, very well aimed shot of cinnamon toast crunch enveloped in conjoin conjured spell: Super Spin paramagic and magical girl timestop technique, ensuring projectile possess sufficient velocity and imposes temporal stasis upon energy reaction.

Using Stacked, consecutively project a bubble of the Exile Cannon's burst around her a split second in window of opportunity as necklace shatters. If kinetic blow does not seal energy, higher dimensional energy banishment exists in place to banish it outside of reality. Memo: Refine portal-energy interface with Crimson Saint. Finding the shatterpoint where she'll be still long enough to take hold is the real challenge.

Memo 2: Use Blessing of Stravhs and Words Have Power to make sure it stays dead this time.

>> No.40559989

The Soumin Shourai from Binbougami, it's been at my side for a long time, getting upgraded to channel magic via Magical Girl Noir, and then upgraded even further via RWBY's weapon customization (alongside CATastrophe's Arc Gun and the Holy Firearms in Van Helsing) to where besides being a sword and a rifle, i can also extend the sword part in rifle mode as a bayonet (Well it's more like a rod since the Shourai is just a wooden stick with paper seals, but it's the thought that counts).

It's probably not as ridiculous as some other jumper's weapon, I love it all the same

>> No.40560020

My most cherished possession? Hmm. Probably my ratty old hat from way back before I even started any of this. Slightly too small to fit my head properly but it still fits. Has buttons and straps on the side for no reason. It's an army-green color, and came with a patch saying "ROCK OR DEATH" sewn on it.

A reminder of where I came from, aye?

>> No.40560022

Your phone is useless. Time is stopped back on earth.

>> No.40560054

I'd have to say my sword that I got from Commorragh, because even though I hated that jump it gave the strength and willpower I'd need to survive the rest of my chain.

>> No.40560139

You can pay to give your companions additional cp.
>You can spend up to 400cp on imports even if you have less than 8 companions, each companion will receive the total amount of cp they should now be able to spend. (This will allow you to give 800cp to only 1 companion.)

>> No.40560156

>all the freaking out

Man, we really need to go to sleep. In fact, we're doing that right after this post.

Why, the Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver of course! Except-it's technically an artifact spirit now, so it's less an item and more a very energy efficient god-machine of unfathomable power. Ichor Omega may or may not count depending on whether the nanoswarm as a whole collectively counts as an "item"

There is no photo hidden in our warehouse. It is not of our feeble human form and our companions. We-them, and the person-are not portrayed as happy and content in it[/spolier]

Interesting, a non-corrupted iteration of you. >>40559598 was bad enough, but we'd hoped you would have some /taste/ in your final form. Really-horns, halos, twintails and neon green wings? It's not just crass, it's hurtful to those poor Final Fantasy bosses who worked very hard on their final forms.

>> No.40560169

...even in death, it lashes out at us. Sabotaging our posts.

Let this be a warning to all who would try to turn crocs into high heels.

>> No.40560182

The one from Nechronica. What was that thing called again? That thing pretty much keeps you from falling apart into insanity as a doll.

>> No.40560197

Look, I made a deal with Jump-chan to make it work, okay? I don't pretend to understand the temporal mechanics behind it, but the deal was, she lets me talk to my brother, and I don't nuke the next ten jumps.

Is it so wrong to miss my bro? I don't think so. Curses... there needs to be an 'import from the real world' companion option somewhere...

>> No.40560207

Since I have some perks to help out with psychological stuff, would it be possible to help Mordred out with her issues during the five years until the Fourth Holy Grail War starts so that she doesn't just snap and go straight for Arturia and possibly piss off Lancelot in the process? You know, make her a somewhat stable servant?

>> No.40560215

Lancelot a shit.

>> No.40560235

I'm sorry , but it doesn't work like that. Earth is frozen in time, there is no communication back and forth. Them's the rules.

>> No.40560236

Oh wait, now I remember. I rolled a zombie pet for that, so I don't even have an item, I have a half-rotten puppy or something. Well, it no longer qualifies for the question, but it's cuter.

Guess I don't have an item then, since my build specifically avoids them.

>> No.40560276

Sorry to tell you, your benefactor's scammed you. That's not actually your brother you're talking to. He's still frozen in time.

And if you really miss him that badly, you can get him as Someone Familiar in TWEWY...

>> No.40560283

Well, technically if it's undead the argument could be made it is in fact an item, a dog corpse animated by fell magics as opposed to a living dog.

>> No.40560287

Oh, I should give that zombie pet a changing potion! I've been mass producing those things to hand out to pets and familiars, and it definitely deserves one.

>> No.40560288

There's nothing that doesn't instantly come back to me that i 'cherish'...
So probably (other than my companions) whatever i'm working on at the time. Not because i have an intense love for it or something, but it's going to be irritating af restarting my work. Ofcourse I'm only on jump 19 or so...

That said, i want a dangerous jump. What to do? (Not doing Worm yet.)

>> No.40560293


>> No.40560296

Hey, I'm a human corpse animated by fell magic and I'm still a person. I wouldn't accuse the dog of being less of a (un)living being just because it's in a different life stage.

>> No.40560314


I SAID SHHH-wait, really? Cause I was gonna go there eventually anyway. -Goes to look at TWEWY jump-

>> No.40560317

Piss off Kirby. I hope you can fight a sapient black hole!

>> No.40560336

Kirby it is.

>> No.40560343

>that's not actually your brother you're talking to

But who was phone?

>> No.40560347

What you just did? Don't do that. Don't do that "describing your actions" thing, it's not something you do here.

>> No.40560356

>That's not actually your brother
This reminds me of the interpretation where Jump-chan is roleplaying all of the characters you interact with, including your companions.

>> No.40560397

Isn't that more an alternate with no memories of you whatsoever? By then you're not getting 'them', you're getting a different person that just looks like them.

>mfw people like Binbougami

>> No.40560400

Actually, as stated back in >>40558827, my "final form" just involves letting all my fluff hang out, with my ACTUAL height, along with some wings for regality (because they're sure not needed for flight). It's practically understated.
Most of the splendor comes from unleashing the full force of all my various glowy, charismatic auras at once. That and the whole "being a concept of pure inspiration" thing, which gives me a sortof windswept, almost mad appearance.

In Megaman Battle Network, though, I actually did look like that. The drawback I took said that I was a silly, easily mockable meme.
I chose "Final Boss of the Internet", and every online identifier I had declared me as such.
Needless to say, I got a lot of people challenging me to netbattles, just so they could laugh at me.

Of course, I have complete technopathic as well as technomantic control and electronic resonance, so after a few seconds, the only one laughing was me.


>> No.40560420

As a misfortune goddess, can I summon a bunch of ladders as a symbol of misfortune?

>> No.40560424 [SPOILER] 


>> No.40560434

Oh. Uh. Sorry. Habit.

That is not ideal.

>> No.40560455

Closest thing you're getting. They still have the original's personality, though.

>> No.40560491

Well. That's not too bad then. I'll look into it.

>> No.40560493

You know what, sure. Why the fuck not.

>> No.40560506

Great. This will be hilarious if we get a professional wrestling jump. They're not gonna like my version of a ladder match.

>> No.40560547

>They're not gonna like my version of a ladder match.
I demand you writefag this. It sounds hilarious.

>> No.40560596

I will once we get the jump, I've seen people talk about it before but no wips.

>> No.40560606


>> No.40560640

>Most of the splendor comes from unleashing the full force of all my various glowy, charismatic auras at once.
Careful there, you might end up a blob of loosely-connected flesh and organs.

>> No.40560901

This a worm reference? Reverse image search redirects me to worm.

Anyway, "extra fluffy mode" (wings count as gaining benefits of fluffy) doesn't get activated a lot. Like, not even once a century. It's its own special thing. If I unleashed SPLENDOR all the time, it would lose a lot of SPLENDOR.
Conversely, I believe I spent most of Worm in stealth mode, ie, "nobody knows I'm a jumper" mode. I found my theme park from Rollercoaster Tycoon, dropped a safezone down from Ax Cop, and then spent most of the jump there.

While also building genetic monsters to catapult out into cities for heroes to fight on occasion, because gotta feed the shard.

Also, sortof Frenemies with Uber & Leet, so there was that.

>> No.40560906

I'll get around to it once I finish Splatoon and Spider Riders.

>> No.40560933

I am not kidding, I enlarged this image to see what it was and my cat who was sleeping on my lap woke up, looked at it and then ran away to hide.

>> No.40560952

Hahahaha. Your cat knows what's up.

>> No.40560962

Would anyone like an Injustice jump?

If so, when would you prefer to start. Just before the Joker nukes Metropolis or right after?

>> No.40560970

I don't blame him.

>> No.40560999

Yes. That's Amy and Glory Girl in the pic, and the reference is... well... Glory Girl's ultimate fate.... poor Vicky... poor Amy

>> No.40561008

I'm all for more Superhero settings Especially DC but wouldn't this be too similar to the current DC jump?

>> No.40561024

Okay, so here's my Servant build for Fate. I'm rolled the Fourth War, and I gave all my points to my servant because I didn't really need anything from the jump myself, and took the Techno-Incompetent, Helping Heart, and Royal Rage drawbacks. This should be interesting, right?

Name: Mordred
Class: Saber (2125)
Strength: A
Endurance: B --> A (2075)
Agility: B --> A (2050)
Mana: C --> A (1950)
Luck: D --> A (1800)
Class Skills:
- Independent Action - Rank A+ (1975)
- Magic Resistance - Rank A (1875)
- Riding - Rank B (1800)
Personal Skills:
- Battle Continuation - Rank C --> A (1700)
- Charisma - Rank B (1500)
- Eye of the Mind (False) - Rank A (1250)
- Instinct - Rank A (1000)
- Prana Burst - Rank A (750)
Noble Phantasms:
- Secret of Pedigree (Helm of Hidden Infidelity), Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm, Rank C (FREE)
- Clarent (Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword), Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, Rank A++ (300)
- Clarent Blood Arthur (Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father), Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, Rank A++ (-150)
- Gender Bent (FREE)
- Saber Again, Really? (FREE)
- No Natural Mana Replenishment (-50)
- What Spiritual Form? (0)

>> No.40561046


I know. It's why I'm asking. If enough people want it then I'll start working on one.

>> No.40561078

I think it could be interesting. Gives us something other than what we could do in the DC jump, and the story wasn't all that bad. Although I don't know what we could do for the rest of the time after the story.

>> No.40561114


That's one of the problems. The other problem is that Injustice doesn't have any truly unique things to offer like Teen Titans.

>> No.40561120

That's the problem. A jumper who pays 400cp gets 800-6400cp depending on how many companions he has. This makes your jumps somewhat broken for people with 8 companions, who at the very least buy all items through them, and annoying for people with less than 8 companions, who lose out on cp they would have gotten if they had more companions. You are the only jumpmaker who does this; other jumps have mass import options but the actual amount of cp a companion gets does not scale. A common system: 50cp per companion who get 300cp to spend or 300cp for up to 8 at once who get 300cp to spend. The jumper with 8 companions only gets a small discount.

Yes, you can spend 400cp to give one companion 800cp but that's a fallacious argument. That's no different from charging a person the price of an entire cake even though he only wanted one slice because he didn't have friends to eat the rest of the cake.

>> No.40561168


The Family Dinner perk from Invader Zim might work for being able to communicate with him. It says 'once per year you can attend a dinner with two of your immediate relatives', but doesn't specify which life they have to be from.

>> No.40561198

>I think having abilities is the same as being friends with people who have abilities.
It's not. Can you stop whining that you're an outlier who doesn't go no companions or max companions?

>> No.40561247

Didn't we argue this exact same thing before? And a conclusion was made that the 6400cp thing was wrong because it's not cumulative to one individual, and that most people don't mind the companion import because they have at least 6 companions?

>> No.40561284

Yeah, I have no companions at all and I don't mind.

>> No.40561301

Yeah, this same guy has complained about this same thing at leas twice. There's stating your opinion, and there's harping on it. That guy is harping.

>> No.40561348

In age of Ice, do the special units like, say Sphener or Bambur, count as companions? What if one were to free Brigit from the Ring of Carcer? Would she still count as a place or as a person?

>> No.40561393

I mainly went with the not-batman powerset in DC, so if I can can get a not-superman powerset from Injustice then go ahead and make the jump.

>> No.40561564

I kinda figured it was obvious, but for the record, the people you get from choosing a civilisation and from a religion as well as Brigit can become companions and join you on your chain if you wish.

>> No.40561612

My companions.

Yeah, I'm pathetic.

>> No.40561647

>Valuing your friends is pathetic now.
Since when?

>> No.40561705

You insist on giving people 800cp per companion. This you justify by letting people buy 1×800cp to 8x800cp for 400cp. You could at least admit your system heavily favourizes jumpers with multiple companions.

>> No.40561706


>> No.40561714

This jumpchain. If you aren't some sort of flesh hungry monster who regards people as nothing more than meat you are doing it wrong.

>> No.40561715

Can you please stop? You've gone through this before and you get more annoying each time.

>> No.40561731

But I am that, and I still value my friends.

>> No.40561748

Yes, it was designed for multiple companions because almost everyone either uses eight or none. I stand by my decision despite it's flaws.

>> No.40561833


Having friends is useful. It can give the supernatural monster formed from a fragment of your soul even more power.

Considering people nothing but meat is a waste of a valuable renewable power source.

>> No.40561913

That's all I wanted to know. I just wasn't sure if it was intentional or not. I understand what you were going for now and the 0 or 8 idea makes sense in a way. I can easily live with no imports then knowing it wasn't an unintended disregard for the less sociable jumpers. Thanks for the explanation! I do like your jumps.

>> No.40561933

question about Infectious bite from Van Helsing, does It work for all your altforms or just one?

>> No.40562005

Y'know, you could just ask the jump-maker about tha-

Oh waaaiiiiit.

>> No.40562024

You sure are helpful. I can't even believe all the helpfulness you radiate.

>> No.40562059

So, I am almost done with the Posleen Wars/Legacy of the Aldenata Jump, and have hit a snag. I need one more 100 CP drawback, and then we're pretty much good (just gotta clean up a few things). You guys wanna take a look at them and see what I could add?

>> No.40562187

This came up before, someone wanted to make ultra super mega weremonsters by shifting into an alt-form, biting, shifting into another, biting again and stacking a ton of forms into one person.

One Arm flat out said impossible and that only one form got the bite.

>> No.40562244

Well, I've never read the series, but given the "pre-space era earth receives visit from aliens then war happens" premise, maybe something like this:

+100 cp: Politics
One would think that war with a hyper-advanced alien race would be enough for all of earth to band together in the face of such an enemy. Not so in this case, it appears. It seems as though the world's leaders just can't seem to get along and do little more than bicker with each other. Looks like earth won't be putting up a united front this time champ.

For extra points maybe some countries actively try to sabotage each other during this whole mess.

>> No.40562280

That's a pretty good idea, but it's
A: Pretty much canon, though a lot of it's because the Darhel are bribing people.
B: Kinda related to Incompetent Leadership, so I need to make that one a little more clear.
Genuinely a good try though! Thank you for your thoughts.

>> No.40562373

At some point during the jump, David Cameron will suicide bomb somethingvery important.

Seriously, have you seen avatar? the dude HATES humanity.

>> No.40562409

Fellow Englander detected!

You mean James Cameron.

>> No.40562430

Wut. I think you mean James Cameron.
But that's hilarious.

>> No.40562506

Regarding the How to Train Your Dragon jump, what species of dragons do you think should be made available for the background and companion?

A.) Only include the main 6 featured in the original movie.
>Night Fury [Most expensive]
>Deadly Nadder
>Monstrous Nightmare
>Hideous Zippleback
>Terrible Terror [Least expenisve]

B.) Include all the main character dragons featured in the movies and T.V show.

C.) Include every dragon listed in the wiki. (Possibly not the super huge or extremely powerful ones.)

>> No.40562518

Throw all of them in.

>> No.40562551

I hope there is a skill where you can control dragons by yelling like a retard

>> No.40562570

There had damn well better be a Dragon origin option and a Capstone Intimidation boost.

>> No.40562574

I'm always happy to see more comic settings so I'd be fine with injustice.
What are the odds that everyone who goes there tries to get a bunch of those super pills?

I didn't really keep up with the books but what was Martian Manhunter up to the whole time?

I'd also love to see an Ultimate Marvel jump since so many of the characters are different there.

>> No.40562633

Yeah, but I'm looking more for The ability to give Any of my forms to More than one person rather than Granting lots of different forms to One person.

>> No.40562644

I'd go with B, personally. It should give plenty of options that have a good amount of flesh to them.

>> No.40562671

>What are the odds that everyone who goes there tries to get a bunch of those super pills?

It's basically DC +pills that make you Superman levels strong and some silly characterisation. Strikes me as a bad idea for a jump generally.

>> No.40562830

Didn't the game have Mortal Kombat characters in it? You know what, you wanna make a cool thing make Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It's a thing and that world isn't too high powered and has tons of bullshit to be built off of.

>> No.40562863

We need a Mortal Kombat jump.

>> No.40562927

+800 CP Mileena is your waifu drawback.

>> No.40562955


>> No.40562960

B. and a dragon origin please

>> No.40563019

You gonna let something with teeth like that into the same room as your junk?

>> No.40563037

I got teeth like that and I'm in the same room as my junk. At least I hope so, or that shit is too big.

But yeah she doesn't have the bite force to pierce my skin either way.

>> No.40563045

Not with that attitude.

>> No.40563291

look man you may not get the suction but Im sure you could get some deep action going

>> No.40563375

Damn it you owe me a new pair of sides.

>> No.40563404

Fucking hell anon, go to Sitcom jump, you're comedy gold

>> No.40563410


>The big Human purchase is basically "you're not human," which is a big thematic break and makes it very hard for the people who don't want to be Elves.

I can think of a few possibilities.

Horsemanship was apparently something the Numenor were good at, and so were that group of important nomads. So far nobody has a discount for that.

The numenoreans were also apparently good at crafting like the elves and dwarfs, but specialized in ship building. Along with a talent in ocean and navigation related stuff.

Humans characters also have a tendency to have legacies that can go back for a while. So something that makes you aware of significant ancestors, the connection you have to them, and their histories could work.

The Gift of Men might also work if you ignore the mortality part and focus on the 'can defy fate' part.

>Most of the drawbacks aren't challenging.

As for drawbacks you could have stuff that places you earlier in Arda's history when things were more dangerous.

Another good drawback idea I can think of would be one that forces you to actually follow the metaphysical rules that causes power to decline when 'overused'.

>People want to be Gandalf, but balancing "True Angel" isn't very doable.

This part however get's tricky.

The best I can think of here would be to focus less on the angel part and more on the 'being sent by higher powers to guide but not rule the people of the world' stuff, and maybe a bonus on magic when using it to help with that task.

Some kind of knowledge perk would also make sense since well 'angel that helped design the world'.

The weird shape shifting the ainur have would be interesting, but it's probably too much trouble unless you go 'no you can't decide you don't feel like wearing a body to be unkillable.

Although if you do allow an incarnated angel role losing your body should probably count as dying unless some kind of death substitute(a.k.a. this counts as dying even if you didn't) is used.

>> No.40563419

After all the +durability perks I have, those teeth sound perfect for some mild, playful foreplay to me.

>> No.40563454

>ship building
Neither of these is worth a capstone.
>Humans characters also have a tendency to have legacies that can go back for a while
Protip: That's basically what the current cap is. All significant human have elven ancestry. That's half of what makes Numenorians so special.

>> No.40563494

So, I just thought of something incredibly creepy I have to do in the Animorphs jump. My Name Is Jake and Turning The Tables means that when a yeerk climbs in your brain you control it instead of the other way around. That on its own would be scary as hell to it. But then I remembered that Insight in the Bloodborne jump gives you EYES INSIDE YOUR BRAIN. And now I'm imagining the yeerk climbing in, settling into the folds of my brain, and seeing an eye open to look down on him as he finds himself paralyzed and unable to leave. That's going to be fun.

>> No.40563522

Personally, I like the fact that the minute a yeerk tries to get into my ear, assuming it can actually pierce the eardrum or eat a hole in or whatever it does, that it'll be bathed in poisonous madness chaos blood and dissolved into a puddle of goo.

>> No.40563544

>Damn nigga, was yo momma Jabba the Hutt?

>> No.40563546

Wait so the human capstone is literally you are part elven? Had no idea.

>> No.40563562

Oh, sure that will happen eventually. But you've got to draw these things out. It's funnier that way.

>> No.40563573

Man, if you wanna give feedback on a jump you should read it first.

It's not full on part elven, but it IS basically "You have royal Numenorian blood", which basically puts you on the level of Aragorn. And all Numenorians had some elvish blood, and their royalty especially considering they directly descend from a half-elf.

>> No.40563607

>Having filthy elf blood in humanity
Around elves watch yourself.

>> No.40563618

I agree, elves are disgusting scum. But yeah, the entire reason reason people complained about LoTR was that capstone, pretty much. Some people are human purists.

>> No.40563640


>Neither of these is worth a capstone.

True but humans literally have no other perks but their capstone and their freebie. said freebie is also a 50 cp perk.

>Protip: That's basically what the current cap is. All significant human have elven ancestry. That's half of what makes Numenorians so special.

I was thinking less 'has an important ancestry' and more 'knows about their ancestry and it's connection to things'.

Basically a knowledge perk about your ancestral history. For example knowing about possible alliances do to distant relations, or deals or enemies your family made that could be, and other stuff you would get from knowing way too much about your families history.

>> No.40563643

Well, they have "elvish" blood. After that many generations it would be so diluted as to be effectively meaningless. It's really just a problem for people who have huge hate-ons for elves, and treat elvish ancestry like it was the Shadow Over Innsmouth.

>> No.40563668

GBE it to death, then send the remains into the sun. In the alternative dimension.

>> No.40563672

I still don't think it's capstone worthy. It's not all that good or useful. It's interesting I guess, but that's mainly what we're talking about here.

>After that many generations it would be so diluted as to be effectively meaningless.
Not in mythology or fantasy. Aragorn is called out as being all around better than a normal person because of his blood, distant as it is.

>> No.40563706

>Not in mythology or fantasy. Aragorn is called out as being all around better than a normal person because of his blood, distant as it is.
And we're sure that's objectively true, and not just an assumption born of the ignorance of a pseudo-medieval society?

>> No.40563717

We're sure that's how the books depict him, and that's really all we can rely on.

>> No.40563736


I'm thinking less capstones and more. Wow humans get literally almost nothing, but these seem like possible ideas.

>> No.40563746

No, I mean, is it something told to us in narration, or is it just something characters say about him?

>> No.40563768

Personally, I'd just wrap that into a 'wow you know a bunch of forgotten numenorian knowledge', which would very much be the equivalent of the elven and dwarven crafting skills.

Narration, from the perspective of the Hobbits, does go on about how he's taller fairer wiser blah blah seeming next to normal people.

>> No.40563813

It should be obvious to the people in the thread that the true heroes of LoTRs are the Orcs and Sauron.

>> No.40563816


At minimum his lifespan is a lot better. Unless my calculations were wrong Aragorn is eighty eight during Lord of the Rings, and over to hundred when he dies.

>> No.40563850

>all these jumps having you pay CP to change gender
>not taking it once and becoming genderqueer, allowing you to change gender whenever you like

>> No.40563870

Sure, he's great. But is that explicitly because of the elvish ancestry? He can have a great times forty grandfather who was an elf and still be an exceptional person for other reasons. Does the narrative itself say (not in these precise words, necessarily, just the essence of them) "Aragorn, being the descendent of elves, is therefore superior to normal humans"? Because if it doesn't, I'm going to assume that he's exceptional because he's got protagonism power, and the elvish thing is just the internalized notions of race in their society.

Alright, that's evidence. I assume other humans don't live that long in Middle-Earth? Genuinely asking, that's not always an assumption you can make in fantasy.

>> No.40563900

>Not going to Jurassic Park and grabbing Life Finds a Way
Do you even gender-fluid bruh?

>> No.40563968

Please go read the Silmarillon. Thanks.

>> No.40563974

>not being a shapeshifter
>not being a Shoggoth
>not having the genderflip ability from Body Mod
>not having Life Finds A Way
>not being a Ditto in PMD

>> No.40564095

Sauron just wanted a city where the ugly and unwanted races need not fear persecution from the elvish and otherwise "fair" races.

Because the elves could not abide something as ugly as a troll or orc in their world they destroyed it and spread propaganda about how he was evil.

>> No.40564331

It's mostly when I think about how lonely I am IRL at times and how much I've come to rely on said companions...

I mean, really. I've made sure to have duplicates of all my invaluable magical items for backups, all my science/magical info is sextuple-backedup for fear of loosing it all, I can rebuild all my 'vital' toys from scratch, if need be... But my companions... My companions... You can't replace those. Once they're gone, if ever, they're gone. Like tears in the rain.

It's just something to think about, y'know?

>> No.40564364

>Tfw I am not the only one who feels like that about my companions

>> No.40564410

Thirded. Or fourthed or whatever.

>> No.40564439

One of the big reasons I'm putting off going for spark, is that I don't want to lose one of my companions, whom I promised to take home at the end of all this.

Fortunately, I figured out how to solve that...

>> No.40564515

That sounds ominous.

>> No.40564545

so really what would need to be done for a Star Trek Online Jump?

>> No.40564609

I really do thank you for trying; I don't have the time to make a full response right now, but I'm here.

Shipbuilding and Horsemanship: I honestly hadn't considered shipbuilding, and may toss it in; Giving humans a Horsemanship discount too would also be a good plan. Right now the races are mathematically equal, so I can reduce the capstone cost a bit to cover.

Gift of Men... maybe. I'll play around with it and see if I can make something that sounds workable.

Awareness of legacies is great, but honestly feels more like a Dwarf perk. I may write it up anyway.

Drawbacks: Early history's pretty much a no-go. There are too many things that are WAY too powerful in earlier eras for that to be a drawback. Same reason there's no Silmarillion one; a lot of people would PAY for it.

Overuse of power: That could be workable, but it'll be a very high-CP one, and I really doubt most jumpers would even consider it.

Angelic Stuff: Some of the guidance stuff might work, I'll play with it. I think being a higher power at all is pretty much unbalanceable with the rest of the jump though.

Yep, and that's a problem I'm trying to fix.

Not the entire reason, but one of them.

Yes, he is objectively stronger, faster, and has access to weird magical abilities due to his blood, not to mention the lifespan others noted.

>> No.40564616

It's not distinct enough from the Star Trek jump.

>> No.40564829

If you're taking requests, any chance of including a perk/drawback that let's us start around the start of the Hobbit and stay through the LotR books?

>> No.40564912

...make the entire jump around building your own starship?

No one sane played that game for the away missions.

>> No.40564984

a Lot of jumpers already have starships,Keep going.

>> No.40564988

I'm pretty sure that most Jumpers already have a starship way better than anything you can get from Star Trek.

>> No.40565033

So? Do you ignore swords/melee weapons because guns are way better?
Do you ignore bullets if lasers exist?

>> No.40565057

Melee weapons aren't a direct upgrade. Neither are lasers.

>> No.40565092

actually it's not. It's just a bunch of pod/return/pod shenanigans that duplicates a companion. Or should, at least, from what I've worked out.

Kinda presents a time paradox though.

>> No.40565129

I will consider it. At the time, nobody had done an "extended stay" drawback, so I spent a lot of time making sure you started in a year where you could do some things. You do know there's a 77-year gap between the end of The Hobbit and the start of The Lord of the Rings, right?

Not going there, sorry.

Also, I actually have time to discuss these things now.

>> No.40565680

>>Courage The Cowardly Dog (1000) (19)
Identity (18 y/o)
1000>Bagge Farmhouse Rolled 3 -000
1000>Drop-In -000
0950>Whittle Wonder (Discount Drop-In) -050
0850>You're on TV! (Discount Drop-In) -100
0600>Puddle Portal (Discount Drop-In) -250
0500>Quilt Enthusiast -100
0400>Cook Off! -100
0300>Suave -100
0000>Invisibility (st.x3) (Discount Drop-In) -300
-100>Eggplant Surprise -100
-200>Spirit of the Harvest Moon -100
-300>Velvet Vic Record (Discount Drop-In) -100
-350>Perfect Mac & Cheese -050
-400>Cowardly Flashlight -050
-500>Plunger (Discount Drop-In) -100
-600>Sitar -100
-575>Birds Always Make Fun of You +025
-550>Ya Fool! +025
-450>Paranoia +100
-325>You're Not Perfect +125
-175>Finder's Keepers +150
0025>Mr. Nasty -200
I torch everything. I want to try out my limits and i torch everything. Muriel and courage are dead, and i have no companions. I'm so alone. I reflect on what the meaning of this is, and why i'm doing this at all. For someone who has everything, i'm lonely. There's nobody here. I'm literally in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere i go I destroy that too. I set up shop in an old rundown mansion. It's completely abandoned, not even the rats are seeking refuge here. The reflection of me constantly bashes me, as do the birds and the chinese american who continues to return despite how many times his brains get splattered. Normally this wouldn't matter, but my paranoia keeps telling me- what if they're right? Have i changed that much since departing from my world? I don't have companions- more people are weakness. Or that's what i thought. World after world, It's been 190 years. And every relationship i've made has ended after the 10 years has been up. This is also the first time i've ever had left over CP... But then i realise i'm being strongly affected by the shitty

>> No.40565724

world i've jumped into but honestly i do need some companions. That's the plan for the next 10 years after this.

>> No.40565725

Speaking of Starships, I just thought of something. If you took a vehicle you bought using cp, (Like a car or a tank for example.) could you turn it into a starship and still have it follow you around without the need for the warehouse, or would that be breaking the rules too much and result in Jumpchan throwing you into a blackhole?

>> No.40565748

just pokeball it and bring it along

>> No.40565800

Oh good, I'm not the only one.

>> No.40565808

I have a different question that might be similar to this but Jumpers do you like your spaceships looking like naval ships like battleship yamamto, more sci-fi like star wars or such or more flashy like 40k ships?

>> No.40565858


But seriously though, they tend to look like naval warships with a sci-fi twist. Certainly asymmetrical along the y-axis

>> No.40565924

Always spheres.

>> No.40565947

I generally want to be able to land the thing in atmosphere. The Light of Terra can't do that, so I have a smaller ship I deploy to the atmosphere, except hovering is inefficient so it lands in the water.

So the answer is depends on where it operates I guess?

>> No.40566182

none of those is a sphere

>> No.40566245

That's no moon.

>> No.40566251

>The Luchuirp companion is the one that built all of the evil god's arms.
Give me one good reason you shouldn't destroy him.

>> No.40566257

You actually can fly it in atmosphere if you take the Sensor Spine upgrade in Heathen Trail. Presumably you could also do it if you had the Inertialess Drive, since that is "lol fuck you physics".

>> No.40566280

...so he can build some for you? Invest in technopathy nigga

>> No.40566296

He builds ice golems. Technopathy has nothing to do with ice, and I can build better than golems anyway. (Who makes a golem out of bone, seriously? Bone is fragile.)

Beyond that, he deserves to die for what he did. Luchuirps don't even get a good companion, they get some evil bastard.

>> No.40566326

Oh shit, I confused the golem king guy with the giant robot in part 3. Muh bad.

...I was going to come up with a counterargument but dammit, you're right-Bone golems are edgy /and/ structurally unsound. Put him out of his misery for all I care, unless you're some kinda weirdo who likes redeeming people or a sick bastard who doesn't mind palling around with him, I dunno.

>> No.40566327

Because he didn't want to. He was enslaved by said evil god.

>> No.40566346

Yeah, we're expected to pay for a crappy bone golem instead of 1000 immortal warriors. Yeah, no.
He was asked to and he said yes. At that point, he can only cry about not wanting to die, and fear for your life doesn't excuse crimes of this severity.

>> No.40566380

The text implies that he didn't have a choice. That it was a product of his nature as a created servitor, and no matter how much he wanted to resist he had to agree to. Don't blame him, blame the dwarves who designed him with such poor security measures.

>> No.40566408

All the text implies to me is that he obeyed a command. Not because he was built that way, but because he did. It's all his own fault and he should pay for it.

>> No.40566437

>drawstring does not look like it's going to hold
>tfw Odysseus can't draw it
>tfw Apollo, Artemis and Hercules can't draw it
>tfw when its tensile strength exceeds the strong nuclear force by dozens of orders of magnitude

>> No.40566456

You clearly skimmed it, then. The way its described definitely sounds like an AI struggling against its programming.

>> No.40566502

Question about Waste Land: From what I understand, it operates by harnessing the Colour Out Of Space, correct?

I have Colour Glasses Schematics, Structural Drafting and Heretical Knowledge from Light Bringer (and hella hella science/magic/general research/The Laws Are Mine/Tech Tree). If Lovecraft Anon or Ninjanon are around-would it be possible to reverse engineer the Colour Out Of Space to expand the range and/or intensity of Waste Land using sufficiently advanced light refraction to emulate the Colour's wavelength? If not, is it possible at all to improve the ability through other means?

>> No.40566507

Sounds to me like excuses. I should tell the dwarves what he did, so they know why I'm strangling him into dust with my entropy hands.

>> No.40566510

Where's the Homestar Runner JumpChain?

>> No.40566532

From the entry on the Goliath:
>To Mulcarn they represented perfection. Eternal, unable to change, obedient.

>And so it was done. The King of the Golems became less than a slave, and laboured for uncounted centuries crafting the Ice Golems that filled Mulcarns armies.

>And what would be worse, to surrender the memories of better times or to discard the error that it might be repeated? When can the pain ever grow numb, when even the escape of dream is denied?

>When Baranaxus, acting on inscrutable commands that even he did not understand, crafted Ice Golems for the great god Mulcarn, he chose to forget all that he had done, forever cursed to repeat his mistake until Spring dawned upon Erebus. Every regret was ejected in a cascade of sparks, fleeting moments that die upon the wind.

Sure reads to me like he didn't want to, but was forced by his nature to obey. Go ahead and tell the dwarves what he did. But kill them, not him.

>> No.40566555

>but was forced
We agree on this, but to me, it sounds like he was forced because he didn't want to be destroyed, not because he had to.

>Wants me to kill dwarves.
Oh, hey there Baranaxus.

>> No.40566630

Why would you think Baranaxus wants the dwarves destroyed? I mean, under my interpretation that makes sense because he'd blame them for what he was made to do, but why would he under yours? According to you, he worked for Mulcarn under threat of destruction, not out of malice. And he's removed his memories of that time, so he can't have internalized "kill all life" as his motivation. So why do you think he wants to kill them?

>> No.40566643


Goodness me. I think that would be the time to go full Pun-Pun.

>> No.40566668

He's Mulcarn's little slave, his master rubbed off on him. Who else would want the dwarves destroyed?

>> No.40566695

Yeah, but the point is that Baranaxus has wiped his memories. So Mulcarn rubbing off on him doesn't work. As for who else would want the dwarves destroyed, lots of people. Half the other factions, for example.

>> No.40566722

Perhaps it was imperfect. But this is a tangent anyway. Point is that Baranaxus deserves execution for being an evil fuck.

>> No.40566747

And I disagree, and think you're exaggerating the scenario. But I don't think either of us is going to convince the other, so let's just drop it. Instead, new topic: Which do you think is the best mana affinity to take in part 3? I'm having trouble deciding, personally.

>> No.40566783

Oh, I haven't gotten to that part. I just got passed the lackluster Luchiurp units, read the Mechanos variant, and then had to help a friend of mine with some of her writing.

>> No.40566830

Grail War: Rolled 3 - Fourth Holy Grail War (Fate/Zero)
Origin: Rolled 20, Male, Drop-In (FREE)
Magic Circuits (FREE)
Stronger Servant - 1500 (-500)
Dapper Dressing (FREE)
Companion Immigration: Kaeru, Enforcer - Master (-600)
- Command Seals (FREE)
- Servant (FREE)
- Magic Circuits (FREE)
- Combat Magus (FREE)
- "Useless" Magic (200)
- Runes (0)
Techno-Incompetent (-500)
Helping Heart (-300)
Royal Rage (0)
Future: Move On

Class: Jumper
Strength: E --> A (2300)
Endurance: E --> A (2100)
Agility: E --> A (1900)
Mana: E --> A (1700)
Luck: E --> A (1500)
Class Skills:
- Independent Action - Rank A+ (1675)
- Magic Resistance - Rank A (1575)
Personal Skills:
- Eye of the Mind (False) - Rank C --> A (1475)
- Instinct - Rank A (1225)
- Prana Burst - Rank A (975)
- Prana Burst (Flames) - Rank A (725)
Noble Phantasms:
- Omnigladio (Maze of the Blade), Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, Rank C --> A++ (425)
- Knight of Honor (A Knight Does Not Die With Empty Hands), Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, Rank A++ (-25)
- Palliarma (???), Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, Rank B (-225)
- No Natural Mana Replenishment (-125)
- What Spiritual Form? (-75)
- Migraine - Rank C (0)

So how is this Servant build? I also took a Reality Marble from Tsukihime (Unlimited Blade Works), and I have a Stand that allows me to recreate any weapon or ammo that I've ever seen as long as I have enough energy to sustain it. The Fate jump is basically me saying "Fuck You, Gilgamesh!"

>> No.40566846

I forgot to put in the "Servitude" drawback. Yes, I took it.

>> No.40566892

And that's why I took both.

So, I'm probably gonna finish Legacy of the Aldenata/Posleen Wars tonight or tomorrow, and then move on to Generic Western Jump. Also gonna work on writing up a new shipbuilding perk, a new "know your lineage" perk, maybe a "expert guidance" perk, and 2 new drawbacks for LotR.

>> No.40566921

Looks pretty good overall, very high stats make it a pretty powerful servant, even ignoring outside jumper abilities.

Not sure why you took UBW when you have that Stand, since all the RM now does is alter you mentally to be more like Shirou/EMIYA, and doesn't give you anything you did not have before.

>> No.40566966

Huh, I...was actually thinking of SCIENCE'ing my own Inertialess Drive by acquiring all the gravity-manipulating adornments in the DLCs and then taking the Plecian Tomb to try and figure out how to reverse engineer their schematics into a space-time folding engine which effective neutralises inertia by affecting ambient gravitons.

>> No.40567008

Actually, the Stand only lets me recreate mundane weaponry, no magical or enchanted weapons. The Reality Marble lets me recreate any sword I see, including Noble Phantasms, which are pretty powerful and can allow me to do really cool shit with said swords. Plus, I just wanted to piss off Gilgamesh. I hate that bastard with a passion.

>> No.40567024

Ah, well, so long as you can deal with thinking of yourself as a sword, it should be fine then.

>> No.40567031

In LoT, if we get the Necrodermis upgrade... or really any Necron stuff, is Necrodermis considered to be nanobots (or similar tiny robots), or just not!magic metal? I've tried to find an answer but I can't find a consensus.

>> No.40567203

not!magic metal.

>> No.40567296

If I'm reading it right, Age of Ice 3 lets us choose a primary mana node without cost if it lines up with the element of one of our special locations, right? Nobody else seems to have taken that into account with their builds so I keep wondering if I'm misreading.

>> No.40567420

I took Ruins of Patria, and used it for my Primary Mana... course I'm also basically the God of Building shit.

>> No.40567446

I have Pool of Tears, Yggdrasil, and Letum Frigidus, though I don't remember what mana the original gives. I'm still reading what the effects are.

>> No.40567452

>77-year gap


Still would be awesome, though.

>> No.40567503

Pool is water, Yggrasil is Nature, and Letum is Ice mana.

>> No.40567518

No, I took it into account. I just went and bought more mana nodes because I'm incredibly greedy and wanted my Garden to have even MORE magic than it already does.

Honestly, at this point I think anyone who walks in is going to shoot up a few feet and evolve right there. Before even trying the fruit.

>> No.40567696

Alright! First Version of the Posleen Wars/Legacy of the Aldenata jump, ready for glory!

Let me know any feedback you've got!

>> No.40567889

If you were to take the celebrity head in a jar item from futurama what celebrity would you pick? I kinda want to take it but can't decide which celebrity to pick.

>> No.40567898

Well let's see wh-
>crazy-ass multitasking
>crazy-ass high tech
>amazing suit of armor


>> No.40567923

I'm thinking Christopher Lee.

>> No.40568007

>Buckley Luck
I'm sorry, but this is where that drawback name sends my mind.

>> No.40568061

Yeah... Joe Buckley is a real guy (the guy who runs The Fifth Emperium) who somehow ended up as a designated fall guy in Baen books. Every time anything bad, but not bad enough to kill, happens... it's to Buckley. By the end of the series, there's a human-built AI that's a model of his consciousness. And in order to stay "stable," it reboots and "commits suicide" a lot. At high emulation levels (smarter levels, basically) it kills itself thousands of times a second.

All those events happened to the character, by the way. And more!

>> No.40568068

But isn't the Light of Terra, like, BIG? Really fucking huge? It's like 6 kilometers or something.

>> No.40568081

Those engines put out a lot of thrust, I guess.

>> No.40568090

Typically closer to 25.

>> No.40568094

Is Adolf a celebrity?

>> No.40568095

24-32 or something.

>> No.40568117

Also, "You've got Buckley's" is an Aussie saying about how something is nigh-impossible. Based on a convict who improbably survived the Australian wilderness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Buckley_(convict)

>> No.40568141

Yes, yes he is.

>> No.40568150

Did not know that! Thank you!

>> No.40568340

> up to a maximum of two drawbacks.

Always pains me when it's "x drawbacks" instead of "x points"

>> No.40568369 [DELETED] 

Some jumpers already ARE starships. I'm one of them.

>> No.40568373

Drawbacks: Sudden Assault, Hand-Me-Downs, Incompetent Leadership (1500)

Science Fiction Writer, Age 22 (1400)

Xenophile (Free). Really a given at this point
Master Pipefitter (1300). It's a start, at least
Sohon (1100). Temple of Thought enhanced Ichor Omega. Holy crap.
AID (Free). It's going to get along so well with our HALO AI, Spirit of Intellect and Motherbox. Totally using Reality Hacker/App Master to proof it against Darhel attack
Pharmacopia (800). All the space drugs!
Artificial Friend (600). There's a certain point of stacking AI befriending perks after which we can only assume all technology basically treats us like the Void Dragon
SheVa (0). Antimatter: Accept no substitutes for sufficient dakka

So. First things first: Just going to spam HP cleaning spells at everything we own. No idea if an Artifact Spirit can get dirty from drawback exposure but we're scrubbing behind its ears just in case.

Then it sounds like pretty much the entire Earth leadership is begging for Glow/Mind arcanum blast. Wouldn't be the first time we've made a shadow coup to assume direct control of global government.

This is only the start, however. There is more to this conflict than meets the eye.

>one PtV binge later

...right, so. We're going to bombard the Posleen leadership with energy beams until they opt to stop fighting and hear us out. Using our political supremacy on Earth we shall then ally humanity with the Posleen, and strong-arm the Darhel into surrender, by extension suborning the other alien races. Following this coup we shall then commence a period of building up arms and military research.

The end goal? To use Worm dimensional breach controller technology to blast a hole straight into the higher dimensions the Aldenata have been hiding in, charge them with instigating galactic conflict through forced genetic modification and bind their energy patterns into a consumable format.

>> No.40568397

Sorry, but that's kinda the point. If you want a large point value, you need to take bigger risks. In this jump, I might have let it pass (not too many small drawbacks) but I really hate it when people can grab four minor annoyances and gain 600 CP. Drawbacks should be tough.

>> No.40568401

...also, misread a thing. Guess we'll have to deal with Buckley's Luck instead.

>> No.40568420

Heck, some of us jumpers ARE starships.

And this isn't even my final form.

>> No.40568426

>I'm a spaceship-kin thank you.

>> No.40568441

Sounds ... really fun, actually, though Posleen don't have much in the way of "leadership." Each God-King is pretty independent, there's no higher command hierarchy. At least not at this point; there may have been one in the past and may be one in the future.

I really want to see you sue the Aldenata; they deserve it.

>> No.40568489

>capstone Men is basically you're not human
I read it as that whole "Divine Right of Kings" mythos thing, except with actual real Divine Right. But yeah, apparently there's elvish way back whenever. I would've liked a couple more Men perks.

>everyone picks up Elven Enchanting and Dwarven Crafting
... er, yeah. I ended up with two builds, one with EE and one with a bunch of items, because between the drawback limits and EE being so tempting I Schrodinger'd myself.

>wanting to be Gandalf
I just took Basic Magic. I figured Gandalf's like tens of thousands of years old or whatever, whereas I'm new to this shit.

>companion horses
My biggest problem was that I couldn't buy a herd and still get the stuff I wanted. Because I would be absolute BEST UNCLE FOR LIFE if I could've brought all my little nieces back an Elven Horse each. So I figured I'd do that post-spark or something.

>drawbacks aren't challenging
Only if you don't take it as an early jump and aren't suicidal enough to take Black Riders and/or Morgul-Kissed.


>> No.40568503

Well, it's probably better than being a crystalline growth, undefined mana construct, or a hole in space.

>> No.40568530

Are you just throwing out examples or was that a jab at the antispiral?

>> No.40568532

These are some really dry and boring backgrounds. All of the perks seem to be lower level than would be justified in the setting, are really generic "you're fightier" stuff, and the only backgrounds are chumpiest of chumps, scummiest of scum at the bottom of every ladder. Disappointing.

>> No.40568545

Wow. What a cunt.

>> No.40568552

Lord of the Rings (non-Enchanting build).

free Location: rolled, Rohan. "I'm in... New Zealand?"
free Race: Men. "A sword? Okay, maybe not New Zealand."
100 Elven Grace. "Walking on top of snowdrifts is seriously cool... oh I pun."
150 Might. "Run all day, still be badass enough to fight orcs. Huh. Why'd I think of orcs..."
200 Mental Fortitude. "No means no, asshole."
400 Basic Magic. "Why do I suddenly want a staff and pipe?"

50 Money. "Wonder what's in these saddlebags? Aha!"
50 Bow. "I have absolutely no idea how to take care of this."
50 Lembas Bread. "But I won't go hungry for a while."
100 Elven Cloak. "Or get cold."
100 Master Armor. "... I'm going to put this on right now."
100 Elven Horse. "I can now literally look a gift horse in the mouth."
200 Famous Sword. "... My new sword is... humming? *draws slightly* And glowing blue. Oh, shit."

+0 (+100) Out of the Frying Pan. "That *dodge* explains *duck* the sword *riposte*."
+300 Taste of the Valinor. "That's *swing* three! Would you all stop drooling at me like I'm dinner?!"
+0 (+100) Possessor of the Hoard. "Reinforcements!"
+200 My Word Is My Bond. "Thanks. I owe you guys. *pause* Was that thunder?"

note: I have a house rule that I can take additional drawbacks for challenge/fun/story but don't get cp for them.

>> No.40568555

Am I not allowed to have negative opinions in my feedback? To be a cunt I would have to insult him personally.

>> No.40568575

Feedback? You mean your bitching it's not high power enough for you? If you want to not look like a prick, make some suggestions as to how it could be improved.

>> No.40568586

Examples. Most people probably qualify as one of the three, except for a couple people that keep roughly to a human meatform. If he's in neither camp, it's nice to see a change of pace.

>> No.40568600

I said they look weaker than would be justified in the setting. As in, they don't look impressive for what kind of setting it is. I think that's pretty valid to say, and it's not like you know me or what I want. Though I do feel that I don't need to go into a big blueprint of "What I want and how to do it." to be allowed to state my opinion just like everyone else is because it's negative.

Honestly, you just come across as mean and insulting, like I kicked your dog.

>> No.40568606

Ignoring that not every jump has you make you super important, can you not fucking read? The perks are a lot more than "you're fightier".

>> No.40568612

Really? Oh, we were under the impression the God-Kings cooperated to some extent, given the whole invasion dealio. Like galactic mob bosses cooperating for a big takedown. Is the entire scout fleet just one God-King's emissaries rather than being for the species as a whole?

We were hoping there was a first among equals we could talk sense into/beat sense into to curry favour/loyalty/fear from the others. So it's more like the state the Necrons are currently in, with every God-King for himself?

Current plan for punishing the Aldenata involves building something like a Daemon Engine but keyed to harness/restrain/siphon from their energy signature instead of Chaos, and had those out as party favours to the other races. With a digital key enforcing obedience from them through a literal Gauss particle whip built on the inside. Pokeball schematics may or may not be involved, Gift of Chao based dimensional science and Necron Tesseract Vault prison schematics definitely will.

>> No.40568625

No no, go ahead. Give the blueprint. We'll wait.

>> No.40568639

Alright? Addressing in order:
Sorry you found the drawbacks boring, but they're the three key aspects of the setting, and all the viewpoint characters in the core books. Pretty much the whole series is about the MI and the people who designed and supported them, except for the later "espionage" ones that mostly got folded into drop-in.
I'm not sure what other perks you were looking for, as pretty much every skill I can think of in the setting is "Kill something this way." The only thing I intentionally left out on the skill front was the higher-level aspects of Sohon, which are so incredibly powerful that they would not be balanceable with anything else.
Low level of the drawbacks: I... purposefully left this kind of vague? And honestly, I'm not sure what would be more powerful, unless one of the drawbacks was "World Leader" or something.

Thanks for your input and support!
I don't think that's a house-rule, I.. honestly thought that was pretty official. I've outlined my intended changes in >>4056689.

>> No.40568706

They use "the Net," which is... kinda a Facebook for Posleen, to kind of consensus their way into launching attacks, but a lot of it's personal. If you're a God-King with a small parasite ship, you're invading whatever planet the Battle Globe takes you to. Eventually, there's a little bit of hierarchy when some smart Posleen start to copy the humans, but that's as far as it goes.

Wow, replace "Drawback" with "Background" in every case. Sorry.

>> No.40568721

They're combat related, so they're "more fightier". Better at fighting in a suit, better at using the terrain in a fight, better at fighting, better at multitasking in combat. That's the majority of them.

Why do negative opinions have to be justified while positive ones don't? People are unreasonably sensitive to anything that isn't praise.

Alright. Here's my blueprint. First, fuck yourself, you overreacting jackass. Then, come back with a better attitude and stop insulting other anons for not agreeing with you.

In my opinion, perks that you need to neuter to include shouldn't be included. In my mind, a perk that tells me outright "You are shittier at this than everyone else and will never be as good at them." isn't an attractive perk, and is telling me that I am cursed to be a chump, as far as my role goes.

>> No.40568781

Honestly I'd rather have a neutered version of something cool than not have that cool thing at all. At least then I have the option.

>> No.40568805

That's just my opinion and I qualified it as such. It's just that, to me, it makes them completely unattractive. I don't really want a role or an ability if I have to be the worst at it forever. There's not being the best, and then there's always being the loser of the group.

>> No.40568818

It's a very combat focused setting. It's military science fiction that is literally all about combat. There is a little political manuevering involved (which I have two perks to cover) and some cool tech (which there are similarly perks to cover). I genuinely am interested as to what other non-combat perks you suggest I add.

As far as neutering perks goes... I usually agree. The problem is that, as mentioned, there is absolutely no way to balance the full version, the partial version mentioned is already a canon thing (and for that matter is all that there is until the last two books), and is the only way I could conceive to allow repair/construction of Galactic tech at all (and giving you tech and saying "but you can't make more and you can't fix it" is a dick move). I am not entirely happy with my compromise on the Sohon perk, and if you have a better idea would be happy to hear it.

>> No.40568855

Meh, my perspective on the idea is that-I have centuries to work at improving the ability/role/skill right? Figure out if it synergises with anything else, cover some gaps in information with other perks, things learned in the native jump. Even if it ain't the best, it's still a foundation for me to glean something from, explore. And that's what makes it attractive to me, even though I'm not contesting that the real deal is the optimal group.

I don't mind being a loser. Losers work harder, and find ways to shank winners when they least expect it.

>> No.40568868

...choice. How the fuck did I type "choice" as "group"

I blame captcha's rapidly changing, nonsensical human test for confusing me.

>> No.40568872

Only two perks included any neutering or "you'll never do X" at all. One of them (Cutting the Red Tape) was mostly as a joke, and was a limitation on a side-benefit of the perk. I'll see if I can make it more reasonable. The other, Sohon, is still far better than any human will have access to for decades, and I apologize that that seems worthless.

>> No.40568896

I thought the perk was 'You're pretty good, but the aliens are better at than you. Along with the rest of your primitive species.
I know that feel. I wanted to do an Empire of Man jump (written by the same author iirc), but thought that it would be kind of samey.

For Sohon, just making it really expensive might work. Or would it still just be blatantly the best option even then?

>> No.40568913

If I had made the jump, I would have scrounged around for very impressive tech to offset it, or made it cost some huge undiscounted sum and give writers something else that they would be locked into being terrible at. But I didn't, and nobody is going to agree with me because they already have their toy, as junky as it is, comparatively.

Part of my disappointment is a matter of expectation more than your skill. For a scifi setting it's just, not very exciting. For me, combat grunt is the most boring of boring, and is the setting equivalent of being lame cannon fodder. So there's not much that can be done on that level.

No actually. In this case, you will NEVER be good at it.

I very much do mind being a loser, and I'm not particularly fond of dirty rotten scoundrel type behavior.

When you're the worst among your group and will always be, then that doesn't really have an appeal, for me. Like I said, there's not much attractive in being the loser. Though I never did say it was worthless.

The perk is 'all the other sohon users are better'.

>> No.40568924

>would be
wouldn't be

>> No.40568963

>all the other sohon users are better
Ack. Yeah, that's kind of lame.
Maybe just give you an item that item that lets you repair the relevant tech? An implant might do if you want it to be an ability.

>> No.40568972

Not sure if I was making myself clear-but I was talking about improving it mainly be working with OTHER perks/knowledge from other jumps, to create an outside-context phenomena

>I'm not particularly fond of dirty rotten scoundrel type behavior

I'll take that as a compliment, and agree to disagree. Only reckless egomaniacs with no sense of self preservation need a concept of a fair fight.

>> No.40568992

190: Posleen

+100(1100)Incompetent Leadership
+300(1400)Sudden Assault

-100(1300)Mobile Infantry

-0(1300)Suit Training - Already have our BGC Battlesuit experience, but why not?
-200(1100)Cutting the Red Tape - With the Metalocalypse Contract Law perk, I fancy yes, we could hold our own against the Darhel. And if we fuck it up, that's what the Order Geass is for.
-100(1000)Artificial Friend - I'm actually short on AI, so this is nice.
-200(800)Six Impossible Things - Stacks nicely with Simulflow.
-200(600)Master Pipefitter - With all the Reverse Engineering/Mad Science I've got, I should be able to build the tools, that let me upgrade my workstation, to the point where yes, I can fabricate replacement parts for my tech.

-100(500)Force Screen
-200(300)Boma Blade
-300(0)Advanced ACS

>> No.40569012

I buy perks per jump and look at and play my role per jump. It's a given that anyone can make stupid overpowered combos, but who I am each setting is decided by what I buy. And among what I am, I don't like being the worst forever.

Though I will say if we're dragging other settings into this, I can go to Iji and probably trump Sohon. But that doesn't matter to the discussion of this jump.

>> No.40569037

I have also toyed with a Prince Roger jump, but couldn't make it fit without being a Gauntlet, and I dislike Gauntlets. It's at the bottom of my list.

>Scrounged around for very impressive tech
I actually did that; intentionally, the Sci-Fi writer items are worse than everyone else's, to the point that several other backgrounds actually get slightly worse versions of their stuff for free.
>Make it cost something huge
I also considered that, making it something like 1000 CP. The problem is, the ability to make everything else in the jump, ability to duplicate yourself, ability to hack computers with your mind, ability to teleport, ability to make antimatter with your mind, ability to make black holes with your mind, ability to cancel out various other powers with your mind, and the other things that come with full Sohon Mastery are simply impossible to balance. It was this, or drop it completely.
>Give writers something they're terrible at
Did not consider this, and actually has some merit. I still highly doubt it would balance the above, especially since it would have to drop after ten years.
>Expectations vs. reality
I'm sorry, but it is a very heavily military SF setting that often borders on wan/k/. If you don't like combat, I really can't think of any way to make it better for you.
>Worst among your group
You're not worst among you're group. You're the only human Sohon user at all, and will remain so for the time of the jump. You're also much better than the vast majority of other sohon users, period.

That's cool! Mind if I ask what kind of suit you're going for?

>> No.40569049

I don't know what that is.

>> No.40569108

Its okay marvel, I think its okay... I'm looking forward to unleashing all the alien weapons i've gathered into the setting

>> No.40569127

I'm not sure if that way of balancing items will cause anyone to buy them.

>They're terrible at
To clarify, I meant 'not terrible', just in case that was missed. As in, an entirely different perk.

>Other powers
Are there other powers in the setting?

>Expectations vs. reality
Oh, I'm fine with being disappointed with it overall because it doesn't suit my interest. Sometimes I'll give my opinion, and it's not a demand for change. It's just an expression of how I feel about something. People often mistake that for argumentativeness or a desire to undo something, when all it is, is a harmless opinion.

>You're the only human Sohon user at all, and will remain so for the time of the jump
>of all of humanity, only 8 (of 2 billion at the time) have the potential to become a user of Sohon at all.
It says eight, and I'm assuming that those that survive do reach mastery.

>> No.40569165

>Other Powers
Nope. Literally the only "power" in the setting is Sohon.
>Other human Sohon
Yes, and none of them can use Sohon until significantly after the jump is over. Unless you're choosing to stay there, in which case yes, in fifteen years after your original ten year stay other sohon will begin to surpass you.

>> No.40569184

Still hammering out my plan. It'll be operating alongside a heavy weapons oriented Hardsuit out of BGC, and my Rider in Red multi-jump Kamen Rider identity, as well as a handful of larger mecha, including Artillery Support from a Koenig Monster.

To make it more interesting, my Jumper is imposing a "it's a form of failure if I'm forced to resort to non-technological means of combat against the posleen" not in a 'time to go home' sense, but more that he'll be disappointed in himself that he was forced to get metaphysical.

This does cut me off from utilizing my Jumper's Draco and Pandemonium (Intelligent Device). wonderweapons. Which will be interesting.

What'd be really handy (not that I have the CP to spare) would be some sort of large scale companion import, my Platoon is really itching to join this fight.

>> No.40569195

...don't you think it's a little petty to complain about being the runt of a group that small? Sounds to me like complaining you can't acquire full Primarch powers right off the bat in 40K. That you have any capability at all already seems like a huge boon, by the sound of things.

>> No.40569204

...honestly, as the author of Platoon, I really should have considered that. No guarantees, but I'll think on it.

>> No.40569220

That's still relevant to me, as far as my feelings on Sohon go. I don't really care for how strong I am to start, just about potential. So that's what causes something to be disappointing to me, that I'll always be worse than everyone else.

No, I don't think so. I bought into it, I really don't want to be the worst of the worst. I would rather buy into something more common that I can become one of the best at, than something rare that I'll never be good at.

And no, it's not comparable. For one, I have told him repeatedly that what I would do is not include Sohon. For two, I actually much favor growth over starting at mastery (I like it from a story perspective). For three, your example doesn't fit here well, because 'off the bat' implies its possible to achieve, while full Sohon is not.

>> No.40569257

Wow, missed the you're-your thing there. Sorry.

...yeah, I'm done. Sorry, at this point you very clearly don't know the setting and are bitching just to bitch. I apologize for the rudeness, but I'm heading out for now.

Getting started on Generic Western Jump tomorrow!

>> No.40569260

Well look, what do you suggest as a replacement? It's a pretty neat power as is and I honestly don't think you can come up with anything that would convince me is neater. The power as is already seems to be a huge advantage in the setting relative to most individuals.

Frankly I find your need to be competitive with other fictional characters to be very insecure.

>> No.40569276

Remember, he said up in >>40569127 that he doesn't actually care. He's just trolling at this point.

>> No.40569292

So, having just gotten back from seeing Jurassic World, all I can say is: yep, choosing to stick around in my paddock all day when the inevitable emergency occurs was easily the best decision. Also, genetics do not work that way.

>> No.40569293

>are bitching just to bitch
Well, that was out of nowhere. I just told you that I was discussing it and giving my opinion. I wasn't trying to get you to change anything, so this sudden turn and insulting attitude is unwarranted.

I don't expect it to be changed. Like I said, people wouldn't support a change.

So you think I'm a troll, do you? Would you like for me to leave the thread?

>> No.40569309

Second best.

Acquiring fluffy dinosaurs is the best decision

>> No.40569318

>Also, genetics do not work that way.
When the hell do genetics work in movies the same as in reality? Because I'm pretty sure they never work that way.

>> No.40569361

My altform from Transformers.

>> No.40569368

Yeah, but it's especially bad in this movie, even beyond the original.

That being said, I did like the movie very much, especially the nods to the books.

>> No.40569378

Everyone loves to talk about their own projects, but that's getting a bit stale.

Jumpers, tell me about your companion's projects. What have they gotten up to outside of your supervision?

>> No.40569387

>Letting them out of your sight.

>> No.40569391

Thanks! If they can't come en-masse, then I'll just have to rotate companions in and out so they can get some rest. Won't be the first time I've had to resort to that.

It's looking pretty sure that the base suit for my Advanced ACS is going to be the O'Neal Commander Type, but modifications will be made after the initial fracas. We'll go in with Boma Blade and stock armament, then augment that with whatever we can rip from a Tenar until the dust clears.

When it does, I'm thinking along the lines of adding a Miniaturized GN Tau Beam Rifle, based on Gundam 00 Tech.

>> No.40569395

You're bitching just to bitch because your opinion isn't founded on the degree to which the perk is an advantage in the context setting, but on competitiveness, without accounting for the context of the perk's value from the perspective of a visitor. Which I for one find entitled and insecure.

I honestly don't care if you leave or stay, just as long as you stop your little pity party. Your opinion is shit, deal with it.

>> No.40569411

I was discussing it and you're free to say you don't agree with me, or that you don't want to talk to me anymore, but the insulting and aggression really isn't warranted.

And hey, I'm not having a pity party. I don't care either. All I did was ask a little question.

>> No.40569459


You're...not from this site, are you? Everyone talks shit at everyone, sooner or later

How good are Tau energy weapons, anyway? As in-how do they compare to Imperial ones, or Star Wars ones?

Does holding a bake sale count as a project?

>> No.40569477

I know it's a bit late to respond but, really?
No one made a comment/joke about eating Red's delicious fruit?

>> No.40569480

For the carnivores jump, why does it say that all companions get a human form if there aren't any companion imports?

>> No.40569484

Not much, and I don't leave them unsupervised since worm when my Gyarados and Gria Ravager lost their god damned minds and murdered my Hydreigon. Though the Gria Ravager also died, I'm counting that one as suicide. Should not have given Gyarados Thanatos, and I really should have realized that the two of them were going out. Good thing though that Worm gives a mental fix to anything that screws up the sanity of you and your companions.

>> No.40569502

You have not yet asked a question at all. You've just spouted shit about what's right for the setting without knowing it at all.

>> No.40569508

My Astrub Knight has successfully turned himself into a centaur. If that counts.

could we plz not.

>> No.40569512

this is "based on a GN[T] "Tau" GN Drive, not the 40k tau about which I know incredibly little."

Basically, the protagonist gundams run on reactors that produce these physics-warping particles, and the Tau Drives are a lesser version of the technology that converts electricity into red GN Particles. Since Gundam's about three story tall robots, rather than battle armor, it's mostly fanwank what a downscaled version would be like.

I'd reason though, that a man-sized beam saber made of the same tech would be on par with a lightsaber, but with a shorter runtime in the absence of some sort of power feed. Now, imagine that level of power in a man-pack beam rifle.

>> No.40569529

No, I've been here since 2009, and I've been in this particular thread community since around September. I'm just sick to death of being as nice as I can and still having people get hopped up on rage for my opinion, innocuous or not, and especially of having it labelled as trolling just because. This community has gone through some rough stuff lately, and my nerves are particularly worn thin at the moment. I guarantee you that if I had my name on I wouldn't get half of it, especially because of recent events, but I believe that having a name shouldn't entitle you to better treatment and avoid that on principle.

So yeah, I half want to leave and if people are going to randomly call me a troll I'll take my jumps and do it.

I asked a question about if you wanted me to leave the thread. I'm entirely ready to if that's what's desired.

>> No.40569561

Really, 'cause I can follow the comment thread back, and no, you started talking about how the jump had been done all wrong despite obviously having no clue about the setting.

>> No.40569568

Meh, fair enough. I still think your opinion is stupid because you didn't research the setting before trying to justify it, but it's not the first time I've disagreed with someone on 4chan. Personally I always remove any sort of expectations when interacting with anyone on 4chan, so's I can get pleasantly surprised later on. I guess we've all been on edge lately after hella hella arguments.

Also I'm, like, 75% sure I've figured out who you are

Oh, my mistake. Personally I put beam katanas on my mechs.

>> No.40569574

Done wrong? I pointed out that I had expected something different from a scifi setting, but if that was how this place is, then there was no helping it. I readily acknowledged that, so here's to you for misreading my post and then picking a fight over nothing.

>> No.40569586

I don't know, I'd expect a pretty good operating life. Power efficiency scales up as size scales down. A human-scale GN Condenser should have enough power to run a human-scale beam saber for far more time than their robot-scale versions.

>> No.40569607

Well, my on-the-ground backup consists of as many gundams, battlemechs and destroids as I can pack companions into. So, we've got mech-scale beam weapons and katanas covered.

I want the beam rifle because with the Boma Blade, I've got a decent melee weapon to use but I want something distinctive for ranged weaponry. I want the Posleen going "Oh shit, we're fighting /that guy/ again"

>> No.40569626

Well, there's so much about GN Tech that they don't really detail. The only personal scale weapon I remember having it was that pistol Ali Al Sarshes shot Setsuna in the arm with, and I think that was just a GN[T]-Impregnated bullet.

It could be like nuclear physics where there's a minimum effective size. I think I need to roll to determine a few things there.

>> No.40569627

1. First (now second) post of the thread, but good job jumping at shadows.
2. You were still arguing about power boosts and rewrites up until Marvel called you out so no you didn't "readily acknowledge" anything.

>> No.40569637

Aren't there miniaturization perks, get one of those or something.

>> No.40569650

Oh, no. I don't think you're someone else. But your post was picking a fight when we could've dropped this, since everyone else had.

I was discussing how I'd do it. That's all. What I would have done, a hypothetical. Not a demand for change. Jumping at shadows is how you approach my opinions, it seems. Feelings are demands, then.

>> No.40569659

When you give them in response to a request for suggestions, they are.

>> No.40569667

This is more depressing than anything else you've said. People get shat on all the time, that's nothing new. It's shitflinging. If you've been on 4chan for that long, you know that there's going to be shit flung. I'm not sure if you intended to come off this way, but it really feels like you're trying to blackmail people with "oh no don't want to lose another one". Namefags get bitched at all the time. Look at Megacorp, or tera, or Manyfist.

The worship namefags get around here can be annoying, but they lose that respect whenever they do something the thread doesn't agree with. No one is an exception, so if you're so angry about anons being anon, just back away from the argument.

>> No.40569675

Yeah, I've got some, but they're magic-based. and I'm restricting myself to not rely on magic for this jump. I'd consider it a personal failure if I took the easy road with that.

>> No.40569680

True. Honestly, I've never really been all that sure about how Tau Drives even work. Supposedly they convert electricity into GN particles, and the mobile suits need to carry around power supplies just like they did before they got GN tech. But if that's the case, why would the suits themselves even carry GN Drives? We know you can get by just as well with a GN Condenser, half of Celestial Being's suits run that way. Wouldn't it make more sense to have Tau Drives back at the ships charging the Condensers in the suits? Save some dead weight on not having to mount both batteries and a particle converter, it's not like they don't have to go back to dock and refuel anyway.

>> No.40569696

>I guarantee you that if I had my name on I wouldn't get half of it

Bitch have you seen the shit namefags get in these threads. You would be shat on same as anyone else.

I mean jesus christ Tera trips and he's been consistently dunked on like a bad dunkin donuts.

>> No.40569699

How you'd have done a jump for a setting you "readily acknowledge" you know nothing about? 'Cause I'm really not sure what you're bring to the table if that's the case. Plus the only mention of "If I had done it" was way back when you said you would have scrounged up some better item, which you were told had in fact happened.

>> No.40569720

I think the Tau Drives are nuclear reactors and the power packs just store the GN particles, the reactors not being able to keep up with the full operation of the Gundams, so they have to sit and charge up the power packs.

>> No.40569730

Then I'm afraid my framing wasn't obvious.

I can discuss my jump-making philosophy. That's all it is.
>You only said it once.
Do I have to restate known facts?

>> No.40569752

You know I agree with most of what you wrote but-I find it annoying that just trying to be civil to a few content creators and appreciating them for their work gets construed as mindless devotion.

Is it not allowed for me to like, say, Marvel Anon and still be willing to offer critique when I disagree with them on shit? Don't speak on my behalf

>> No.40569765

I don't know anon, offering critique gets you labelled a troll around here.

>> No.40569772

See, that's what I thought, it fits what we see fairly well. But I asked around /m/ and was told it was the energy converter thing. So I don't know, I'm going to assume it's a generator and just an inefficient one. It would still probably make more sense to have the suits be supplied their particles by tender ships, though.

Speaking of Gundam, the captcha for some reason had a Tallgeese III made of pasta in it. I don't know if that's awesome or stupid. Or how that even got in there.

>> No.40569775

I'm not sure if you noticed, but you seem to be the only one who knew that, so yeah.

>> No.40569793

Then like I said, my framing wasn't obvious. I didn't do a good enough job in defining under what context I said what I did and in how they were to be read. My fault, my bad, I apologize. The sheer hate is still unreasonable.

>> No.40569795

I don't see why it isn't allowed. But that anon seems to think namefags get special treatment when they really don't is my point. I prefer it when people aren't afraid to critique and give out suggestions, it improves jumps.

>> No.40569808

Well that's weird, because I've offered some in the past and it was taken on board usually when I explained my reasoning for it. It's why I liked certain jumpmakers in the first place, because they either take the time to explain their decisions or listen to my suggestions.

>> No.40569825

It's rarely the jump maker. Rather, it's more often very defensive anons.

>> No.40569829

I totally agree. It's what I liked about this community in the first place, when I first and here

>> No.40569830

I'd assume the difference between GN Condenser and Tau Drive is a question of tech level and energy density. Main Branch (Ptolemaios) CB with it's True GN Drives have a high degree of experience and comfort with True GN Drives, is more likely to be able to field a condenser that can provide a decent runtime. Whereas the lower tech world powers, and since the Trinities were intended to be defeatable BY the world powers, would be able to store a greater amount of operational energy as electricity in a battery. Since Schenberg repressed nuclear power technology, they don't have any suit-scale nuclear reactors. Suits are either powered by battery charge, or wireless power feed from the orbital ring. So earth would be more conversant in high density batteries.

They never touched on it, but my best guess is that by season 2, the Tau-based suits are receiving wireless power from the orbital ring, in the same manner that the Flag and Enact did, providing a longer runtime.

Also of note, they didn't start deploying condenser-driven gundams until later in the series. the O Gundam at the end of S2, the Dynames and 00 in the movie. Oh, and that flag, I guess.

They never capture any Tau drives either, so who knows if they'd rather have one?

The other thing a Tau Drive can do that a condenser shouldn't, is Trans-Am. Though that's destructive to tau drives, so you better need it.

>> No.40569833

I looked it up again apparently proper GN drives are nuclear reactors of a type. Tau drives are a particle converter system that do not actually produce power, only transform it.

>> No.40569834

You seem to be following a different conversation from the rest of us. Last I checked "If I had done it I would have done more research, even though you included everything there is to have, and I don't like that a setting that focuses on combat only has combat oriented perks, and why isn't everything stronger" isn't really critique.

>> No.40569887

You mean
>If I had done it I would have possibly offset things by providing better tech to one background.
You construing this as an insult is paranoia. And getting offended for someone else never ends well.
>I don't like that the setting focuses on combat.
Which I framed as an opinion.
>Why isn't everything stronger
Also an opinion. In particular, this was just surprise. Expectations were different from reality, nothing wrong with that.

So no, I'm not saying that everything I did say was critique, but rather, that people are far too quick to call troll, which disappoints me because they're also really terrible at identifying and ignoring an actual one.

>> No.40569908

That makes sense. I had forgotten that GN Condenser tech doesn't become a big thing until Season 2. Alright, curiosity satisfied. Nice reasoning, Bunny.

Shit, now I want a Tiger and Bunny jump.

>> No.40569917

>You construing this as an insult is paranoia.
Interesting sentiment since I made no effort to frame it that way and had never read it as such.

>> No.40569937

Ha, then that was my mistake, sorry. It felt like it was what you were saying. Call me beleaguered.

>> No.40569955

Just fuck already.

>> No.40569981

>Shit, now I want a Tiger and Bunny jump.

I would go there. I would definitely go there.

What really makes Gundam 00 tech a bitch and a half to suss out, is the fact that they switch directors between seasons. This leads to a low level of internal consistency in GN Drive behavior, and S2 is weirder about them than S1 is.

>> No.40570036

No, you don't get away that easy. Youve continued to whinge about being the 'bottom of every ladder' when only one background does it at all. You bitched abou things without bothering to do research or ask questions, then got called on it and pulled a persecution complex. If you wanted a change, that would be some excuse, but you say you don't care. Your spreading shit just to spread it.

>> No.40570109

>You don't get away that easy.
From what? Your hatefulness and complaining about complaining? You think this is a prison?

>You whinged
I said that's what I don't like. I'm not allowed to not like it?

Or gave my general opinion. Like I said, I can give my opinions, feelings, and philosophy about jump-making. If you think I did a bad job of framing it as such, I mentioned that >>40569793

>Having a discussion is spreading shit.
You're poison to this thread as an active entity.

>> No.40570120

Good lord fuck off. Nobody really wants to see you fight your imaginary good fight and shit up the thread for the rest of us.

>> No.40570130


All of you shut the fuck up. No one wants to see you all have some sort of pissing match. Leave the fucking issue already.

>> No.40570190

Beer or cereal?

>> No.40570212

Cereal, it's a better chaser.

>> No.40570214

Alcohol is your answer. Every day, for brekky to dinner. (Kidding, it's just tasty)

>> No.40570215

both. replace milk with the beer.

and make sure it's something fucking decent.

Captcha, that's a car. not a pizza. i'm not clicking it god damn you.

>> No.40570224

Both. I've created a cereal made out of barley and hops. Put it in a bowl with kumis instead of milk and it's like eating beer for breakfast.

>> No.40570226

stole the words right out of my mouth. It sounds insane, but beer is grains or rice, cereal is grains or rice, they go together shockingly well.

>> No.40570234


>> No.40570271

While on the topic, Octoberfest pretzels made to go with beer are flippin' great!

>> No.40570304

Fine, I'm eating a bowl of cereal and then drinking a beer. Hope I don't throw up.

>> No.40570308

While we're on the topic of two things that mix well but are really really weird, have something that sounds nightmarish.

(This is actually real, holy shit it's tasty too)

>> No.40570320

Milk and beer don't mix well.

>> No.40570326

...I think I might be more horrified if I knew what vegemite was actually made of

The name does sound ominous, though

>> No.40570328


>> No.40570331

Anyone? The jump doesn't even mention companion purchase or import options, so am I just on my own for hunting dinosaurs?

>> No.40570333

It's basically yeast extract. Kinda like Marmite I think.

>> No.40570336

>Octoberfest pretzels
Mein freund

>> No.40570345

Is made from yeast, in fact I think it's partially a byproduct of beer production.

>> No.40570348

The most Australian thing you've ever posted. There can be no doubt after your nationality after this, nobody else can stomach vegemite.

>> No.40570350

I'd assume it's saying your eight companions and any extras you have in pods get a free human alt form, in lieu of an import option.

>> No.40570357

... dude. you aren't on your own, and any inhuman companions you just bring in automatically get a human form.

That's the thing with companions, you don't need to import to simply bring them along, imports simply give them a history in the world + some points / perks if the jumpmaker decides.

>> No.40570366

See, that's why you go for my recipe. Barley-hops cereal with kumis (an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the sugar in horse milk). Much better on your stomach.

>> No.40570368


Ew ew ew /oh god how is that even food/

You don't need to purchase or import companions to have them come along with you on new jumps, you know. The default assumption you have 8 slots for companions; they come along no matter what, imports are just to give them new backgrounds.

So I would assume the jump says that to help them blend in with the natives

>> No.40570406

I didn't realize that, I thought that they couldn't even come with unless they were imported. Now I'll have to go back and change my Jumpchain now that I know.

>> No.40570439

Anon, yeast has always been food Beer and Bread own more than a small amount of their flavor to yeast. It's also not just yeast there are other things added in to it.

>> No.40570451

Here's how it goes down:

-8 Companions out at a time + Pod People.
-Character imports can modify the 'out at a time' amount, and grant Companions in-jump benefits.

For the first, see: Zerg Route, Dragon Age: Inquisition. For the second, see: Most of them that have imports.

>> No.40570490

>horse milk

>> No.40570505

Oh, yeah, it's absolutely disgusting going down. But it doesn't come back up, at least.

>> No.40570508


I really want to add Night Fury to my dragon alt-form mish-mash.

>> No.40570526

If you want one that can be fermented properly there aren't actually many options, and it's better than Yak milk.

>> No.40570543

>implying I like beer or bread

Yeast EXTRACT, at least the other stuff has other stuff apart from yeast

>other things added into it

I'm not even going to ask

Goat milk a best

>> No.40570605

In vegemite it's brewers yeast apparently, as in excess yeast produced from brewing. For the other stuff I don't know, it's apparently spices and stuff.

Personally I don't actually know or care that much about it, I just got curious once and looked it up. I'm never going to try it though, as I am allergic to yeast. Though I am also allergic to wheat, onions, and tomatoes, yet still eat pizza.

>> No.40570838

I never got into that Marmite and Vegemite stuff.
Too salty you know?
Though it's probably amazing for gainz.

>> No.40570858

>companion's projects

They tend to split into pairs and go do their own things. I trust them to take care of themselves.

One pair of Pokemon have taken to planning heists and busting up gangs. If Fort Knox or an equivalent exists, they're planning on hitting it before we leave the jump. They're the ones that attract the most law enforcement attention out of my group.

My Great Grey Wolf opens dojos and teaches people the various martial arts he's collected over the years, with the help of a Pokemon as a co-instructor.

My Rotom and Halo A.I. tend to troll people and hunt down tech to copy. They like to create a fake corporation/company/etc. and begin disseminating our advanced stuff for massive profit. They've taken over the world that way only once so far. They tend to make their base in remote locations, because they absolutely love to tinker with tech, often with explosive results.

Jibril and Karasuba I unleash on whatever warzone region is the most active, violent, and destabilized. They've taken over Africa several times, but they always loose interest in ruling soon after. They tend to go into battle with self imposed "handicaps" in order to have fun and to test themselves.

Wuya tends to set up shop in some backwater province undergoing a civil war, and then she proceeds to back one side. When that side wins, she institutes herself as the Queen/Leader/Prime Minister/Empress and proceeds to try and turn the little nation into a major power. Or a resort.

>> No.40570864

I'm looking at updating the Sly Cooper jump a bit, here is the current Changelog:

Age roll is now 1d8+16 rather than 1d8+17, just to have the upper age roll be a little closer to Sly and the gang.

Renamed Drop-in ‘The Extra’ to fit origin naming schema.

Added drop-in Free Gang Van upgrade.

Mission Control gets free maps.

Getaway Van gets a steering boost.

Added discount for Hate Chip if you have all Clockwerk parts so with max drawbacks you can get all of them.

You can now be part of a different gang, and take along up to two companions from that group if you choose to do so.

Swapped the CP gained from the drawbacks GIANT ATTACK ROBOTS! and Fiendish Five with their extra points options, I TOLD YOU SO! and Clockwerk Jumper, so the effective cap is now +600, rather than +400.

If you have any issues with the jump, or suggestions on what to improve let me know.

>> No.40570879

I had vegemite spread alot of that stuff on bread and had to throw it out because I hated the taste.
Also Jumpers which is better for you and this is purely opinion based but do you prefer commanding troops from afar, with your soldiers, be a grunt, or be the secret weapon for any army you have joined or have built?

>> No.40570891

You know what's better? Nutella.

>> No.40570908

It's okay.

I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to food I guess.

>> No.40570912

All of the above silly. That's what duplicates are for.

>> No.40570922

I know I forgot about certain things but I am mainly asking for those who like being in military focused jumps.

>> No.40570953

Personally, I prefer being in the thick of the battle. It's where all the fun is for me. Always found it boring to plan things out when I can just run out and slice up everyone on the other side.

>> No.40570973

I am a terrible commander, a disobedient and obstinate solder, and terribly inclined to kindness in situations involving grey morality. Military focused jumps just see me helping people be people. That said, I can heal and bring back the dead on occasion, so I'm not without tactical application.

>> No.40571041

It's pretty much meant as a flavour-enhancer / thin spread rather than a meal by itself.

>> No.40571117

That explains why there were like 50 servings per container.
Maybe later I'll try some.

>> No.40571131

It depends entirely on who I'm fighting, and how best it serves the cause. Obviously if turning into a dragon and hot dropping into the enemy formation well...

>> No.40571141

I AM the army.

>> No.40571159

I read that as turning into a dragon and leaving hot molten shitting on enemy formations.

>> No.40571165

I rarely hide in a bunker, but stabbing people actively doesn't really lend itself to giving orders. I like to be in a suitable position were my orders will be comprehensible but I can still take some effective shots. Mechs and Tanks lend themselves particularly well to this.

>> No.40571169

Hey if it works.

>> No.40571547

I've never spend so much time on a single build but this one has to be perfect. I was already told the bending types are strong flat boosts on top of bending genius. I noticed the Innovative perk boosts bending too. How does that one interact with having or not having a bending type, say combat bender?

>> No.40571841

myself? I prefer command position - ensure that my side's victory is secure through tactics first. However, if the position calls for it or I find the troops aren't yet ready?

Let's just say I take a cue from this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0eIddaApd0

>every button is counterattack
>and no other option would work.

>> No.40571999

>Finally finish your jump backlog
>Go back into the drive to pick out another one

>> No.40572019

You should have expect this anon. As soon as you finish the backlog more pop up.

>> No.40572074

Question about sly Cooper jump: Can you import Cybernetics And give them upgrades for iconic item?

>> No.40572169


Legacy of the Aldenata
> Background: Science Fiction Writer [-100CP]
> Location: Russian Capital, Moscow
> Age: 27 [Rolled5]
> Xenophile [Get a Freebie!]
> Artificial Friend [-200CP]
> Master Pipefitter [-100CP]
> Six Impossible Things [-400CP]
> Sohon [-200CP]
> Force Screen [-100CP]
> AID [Get a Freebie!]
> Incompetent Leadership [+100CP]

In Soviet Russia, blind leads --
wait, what do you mean this isn't the soviet union anymore
God Damnit.

Anyway, you know what's fun? Being asked by incompetent dunderheads to build impossible things and plan unwinnable missions, and then doing it anyway.
That's pretty much this jump in a nutshell.

> "Konata, I need you to build a spaceship that launches into space via giant slingshots."
> "Okay."

This is funnier if you know anything about the history of Russian science.

>> No.40572284

Answering here as well as the IRC in case anyone else is curious. It's intended for items you either hold or wear, so most cybernetics unfortunately don't qualify.

>> No.40572410

If Clover's around-heard talk about an SCP and/or Fallen London jump being released on Friday, but I haven't seen either one.

I assume IRL's come up?

>> No.40572484

Reminder that if you take fluffy in Jurassic Park then you are evil.

>> No.40572693

Crap, I forgot which jump had a perk/item choice that gave me a weapon that can absorb qualities of other weapons (it wasn't the Harry Potter one). May I get some help in identifying it or an alternative?

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