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>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

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How long does it usually take a pack to reprint? I'm waiting for the Future proof data pack to not cost scalp prices.

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Unknown. FFG ran into problems with the shipping strikes that delayed a lot of their product. Hopefully we should see the Netrunner reprints show up soon.

No real model for prediction though. You can still find Future Proof and Opening Moves if you run through the Mom & Pop stores.

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This thread's totally gonna be archived again at this rate.

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Just found out about Netrunner this morning when I made my first visit to the local game shop. It looks really neat. I like the lack of pay-to-win in it all.

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The Living Card Game model I think is one of the best ways to do a card game like this, especially in light of that recent story, MTG card sells for $15K. It does kind of suck when there are these sodding great luls between posts.

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It's pretty much the reason why I started playing Netrunner and dropped Magic. For the same price as a competitive Standard MtG deck, I can have the entirety of Netrunner up to the Lunar Cycle. For the price of a competitive Modern deck, I can buy all of Netrunner up to present release, get three copies of the Core Set, get good sleeves for both decks and probably throw in a playmat as well.

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While the spoilered NBN barrier is nice, I think it would have been cool if the subroutines had been 'End the run if the runner is not tagged'. Makes for more interesting decision-making. Maybe we can have that as a future code gate.

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I do love me some big decks. *remembers Titan 329*

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Pls gib dik pik

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>Virtual resource

Apex can use it.

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Spoiler-Ken = AI confirmed.

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That would be a pretty cool subroutine, especially if you put it on something that actually takes a little effort to break.

Thematically it's quite nice too - if they know who and where you are then they don't mind so much that you're getting in.

It'd also probably be the easiest ice ever to put a trap behind.

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My directives when

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While I like the idea for future design space, NBN really needs some tag punishment that isn't an operation. The perk of this ice is that it increases taxation when the runner goes tagme, unlike Data Raven and Gutenberg, which stop taxing entirely. "End the run if the runner is not tagged" would place this new barrier in the same group with Raven and Gutenberg.

Part of me wishes it was a cheap, low-strength ETR barrier that increased in strength when the runner was tagged, but subroutines that turn on when the runner is tagged is probably more interesting.

Also Sub Boost.

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I think it could go both ways. You make ice that rewards the runner for going tag-me, and you introduce harsher non-kill tag punishment to combo off. Either you tax them if they clear tags, or you punish them a la Closed Accounts or something when they keep tags.

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wtf is that

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They're from the board game.

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ayy lamo

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Old Hollywood #83?

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I think there's maybe 4 forms of non-operation tag punishment?
Outside of click, there goes a resource, obviously.

There's Market Reasearch, Universal Connectivity Fee, PSF and DRT,
2 Agendas and an out of faction card. And 2 require click, like the standard action.

Yeah, there's definitely room to expand, hopefully the NBN box will do that - and given the Tagging ID, I think it will

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It's over spoiler ken, I've found your source.

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>There's Market Reasearch, Universal Connectivity Fee, PSF and DRT,
You forgot Muckraker and Information Overload.

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Cost 2, influence 3
Resource: Connection
When your turn ends, you may make a run if you didn't make a run this turn.

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Forgot, it's Criminal.

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Why must Muckraker be Str 3 :(

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Indeed, but taxes 3-4, which is cool. You have to get rid of the bp though.

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It's generally going to tax 3, since there won't be that many runners going tag-me. I like that Expose (the NBN card) coming out in the next pack will make Illicit ice slightly more viable, but Muckraker's pay-off simply isn't big enough. Even without the BP, I wouldn't run it. I'd rather run Shinobi, and even then I'd run Shinobi as a surprise kill, not a tax.

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I didn't count muckraker, though I supose it does count, but I did forget Information Overload - gaining relatively powerful subs with tags is a nice touch that I'd like to see more often.

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If this is real, SK please confirm, this is interesting.

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It does sound interesting, but would you want to run AFTER last click?

There's also an amusing combo with Doppelgänger - four clicks of whatever, then two post-last click runs.

3 Inf is good though, Shapers importing it could be nasty.

Seems reasonable, at the very least

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Hm, in a Stirling Connection deck with Decoy or City Hall as tag protection.

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day job -> 2 runs is awesome, or lucky find, lucky find -> 2 runs

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Geist might like it, especially if he is running Forger for the built in tag protection

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Nice, just noticed these counters for blackmail

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Will this see play now that Net Ready Eyes is a wrecking ball.

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regionals tomorrow. Bringing Andy and HB I think. Net Ready Andy, to be exact.

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no, because its shit.

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Patch is really good on Lotus Field.

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the problem with ice these days is not that fixed breakers are too strong, though that is an issue, its that now there is no sweet spot where neither fixed breakers nor D4v1d can hit. Essentially any code gate or sentry ICE can now be broken for its #subroutines or less, except tollbooth, meaning that spending money rezzing a high strength ICE other than barriers is pointless, and having code gates at all is pointless, especially considering how many people are playing anarch at the moment

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might as well kill myself

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And adding high-strength multi-subs is power creep.

I don't think D4v1d is terrible, but it is a tough program to deal with, both in game and in the design space..

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There need to be more "on encounter" effect ice. Also, the way most barriers are costed is kind of strange. Most of them are too expensive to rez given how cheaply they can be broken with Corroder and Lady. Most sentries are shit now because of NRE-Mimic. Code gates are actually headed in the right direction with high strength, low rez costs, and having strange effects.

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>Most of them are too expensive to rez given how cheaply they can be broken with Corroder and Lady.
I don't think you should take into account how cheap Lady breaks ICE because it's kind of a special case, just like D4v1d.
Well, I say expensive in all caps for DRAMA, but it's kind of alright and fair. Wall of Static cost 2 to break. Fire Wall costs 4. Hadrian and Heimdall 7. Curtain Wall 11. Wotan 12.
Given their rezzes costs it's alright. Second time they pass it they are already paying one and a half what you paid for it.

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I think barriers, with Corroder at least, are okay.
They are very much "it will cost you X, always and only X" - they're consistent and straightforward - they either keep the runner out, or tax them to get in, and they do it no matter what, and if you want extra you'll pay a lot.
That's okay, though more interesting barriers are also nice.

The one thing that's a bit off at the moment, imo, is that the runner has far more ways to get breakers out cheaper and recur them once they're used or trashed than the corp can, especially now ice-trashing is becoming more of a thing - it's just too easy for ice to become devalued, and the few ways that can counter it are pretty poor.
If there was a way to devalue breakers, other than the good but easily lost WotW and the hugely overcosted Morph ice, then maybe this wouldn't be so bad, but currently that's not the case

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No because, Flare exists.
Seriously, after much testing this one is the best counter.

>Flare will burn your goddamn wrecking ball to ash.

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Lady isn't really a "special" case. Just about every Shaper runs Lady. And generally only 1 at that because it can be scavenged. Now, Lady can be taxed, but it is generally difficult to do.

Knifed and Emergency Shutdown kind of kill the idea of rezzing the expensive barriers.


I wish there were more barriers like Hive.

And yes, there need to be more ways to "devalue" breakers. There are far more effective methods of ice destruction than program destruction/removal.

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>Cutlery and Emergency Shutdown kind of kill the idea of rezzing the expensive ICE.
FTFY. Not that I agree.

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Lady is not a special case because everyone plays it. That's not what I meant. It's a special case because it's pretty hard to quantify the tax of a one shot (or, in this case, 4 shots).

Faerie enters in this category too. It's easily one of the best killers in the game, but it's a one shot. Meaning it needs support to be useful. Often in the form of Mimic or just pure recursion.

>> No.40558686

Yes, though needing 2 pieces of support is generally too much, or else people would be bitching about the "break any ice for 3" of Grappling Hook + e3.

Though I am looking forward to using that in Geist, possibly with Crescentus

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You don't agree?

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What the fuck. When I bought my three only expansions so far I bought Future Proof along with two Lunar cycle packs. They costed the same, maybe a tiiny difference but hardly scalp.

Is Sweden the promised land of no buyers to make it go out of stock or are you living in some shithole where everyone is a scalper?

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I like Flare, though it is pretty costly.

But run it in Blue Sun where you have the money and goddamn, I will reroute so much power through your pathetic rig it'll melt your goddamn eyeballs into your skull.

That said, these two >>40557292 >>40557343 may be under-utilised.
ED's trash cost is bad, but it stacks, and HB have got a few anti-trash cards now.

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Hey guys,
Started playing recently. We got a borrowed copy of a starter and we bought one booster pack.
So yeah, I enjoy the game a lot. I made my first Anarch deck focused on getting some mad stacks on my Medium virus and just burning enemy R&D with demolition runs,
I put some Tinkering and Makers Eyes from Shapers, as well as some Easy marks and forged activation orders from Criminals.
I play with generic Anarch guy and I kinda liked the whole buisness. I stomped my friend's NBN corp setup twice, but he admitted it was just a shabby deck building on his side.
One game was won by him just not having enough ice to cover all his agenda heavy hands and the other was a war of atrition, where I ended him with 6 stack of inhibitor on 6 stack medium + makers eye run, which cleaned his R&D of Agendas.

Question is. Do you tjhink it's viable, or is it just cheese?

>> No.40560870

>6 stack of inhibitor

Medium and burning agendas out of R&D is a totally valid tactic, though with more packs you may find traps in R&D ready to blow up in your face.

Also he could've purged virus counters and ruin your fun - was he aware of this?

>> No.40560908

NBN is not the best Corp out of the Core. It lacks the economy, tag punishment, and most of its ICE is very porous.

>> No.40560943

he was. He was just too busy furthering his agendas and he was like one turn away from wining this if he had enough monnies to further his agendas, so then I riced my armitage codebusting and got those 2 extra stacks on medium, as I knew he won't win next turn. Afterwards with extactly 13 creds I needed to break his hadrians wall with my current icebreaker setup, so yeah. That's how I won.

Anyway, good point you made on those traps. How to play around them?

>> No.40560982

There will be a gaming event this tuesday, so I'll have my chance against other decks.

I'm debating myself, wheter I should exchange my Makers Eyes for Backdoor Access or something.

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What is this? Datasucker? Crypsis?

virus counters?

It might be a language issue but it's hard to follow you on some parts.

Both options are totally valid. But keep in mind this, if you're going to a gaming event you'll notice many people will play this card. Because it's the reason many people play damage protection.

>> No.40561299

Inhibitor is this 3 cred virus that gets tokens at the begining of each round. Then you can sacrifice it to move tokens on any other virus. Got it in the booster.

I kind of know the scorched earth, that's how my friend usually reks me. I'm keeping 2 crashspaces in my deck and always keep my wyldsyde handy, to not get flatlined.

Sorry for my language. Obvs i'm not a native speaker. Man, my native language is nowhere as specific as English.
Indeed meant stacks as virus counters.

>> No.40561382

You mean Incubator.

Your language is fine, Netrunner just has its terminology that we're used to.

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File: 72 KB, 300x418, Incub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. sorry

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nbd, for all we know the translation may be a little off on your cards, and netrunner's terminology isn't the simplest thing in the world.

Protection, a big hand size and not running last click.
That last one in particular.

Also, just being aware of their existence is enough, being prepared for things that can happen

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nbd, for all we know the translation may be a little off on your cards, and netrunner's terminology isn't the simplest thing in the world.

Protection, a big hand size and not running last click.
That last one in particular.

Also, just being aware of their existence is enough, being prepared for things that can happen

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your spoiler can't trick me

>> No.40564708 [SPOILER] 
File: 734 KB, 1381x1000, 1434153678358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but I'll at least delete the non spoilered version.

Like this, there's some things NEED a spoiler

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So, /nrg/, who is the best big boss, and why?

What are your experiences using the 5-inf executives - are they worth the price of failure?

>> No.40565786

Opra I mean Victoria has the most power. She controls thoughts and minds of the public.

>> No.40565819

Playable in rush decks, has some interesting plays in Weyland Titan.

Unplayable, There is no hand size kill deck and there never will be.

>The Board
Trash all around.

Honestly not sure yet, that is a powerful ability but not sure how NBN protects her.

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File: 124 KB, 207x290, The Root.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weyland has Congress.

And banks. And the power companies. And leads the way in space.

>> No.40565915

>has some interesting plays in Weyland Titan.
I've not about this, I'm intrigued?

>> No.40565964

Probably with the Atlas train

>> No.40565969

More or less just Weyland rush since they already have all the core tools in faction. They can splash 2 of her without really limiting the deck and they have the tools to protect her for 2 or so turns and really push a win.

>> No.40565988

>Unplayable, There is no hand size kill deck and there never will be.
What are you talking about? Rez him before the runner's turn ends and then scorch earths

>> No.40566144

Uh. Like the other anon explained, when they run out of one printing cycle, it can sometimes take a while to restock it, especially with the shipping strikes. It's the same with all of FFGs products. You probably just bought them at a time when they were still in stock.

Tl;Dr calm down you fucking Swedish sperg

>> No.40567612

/anrg/, what are your thoughts on that CT Au Revoir Monolith deck that managed to get 3rd place in GLC qualifiers?

>> No.40567629

/anrg/, what are your thoughts on that CT Au Revoir Monolith deck that managed to get 3rd place in GLC qualifiers? Too janky?

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File: 870 KB, 587x467, Monolith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could have at least posted the deck.

Chaos Theory
15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to The Valley

Event (12)
3x Diesel
1x Legwork ••
1x Levy AR Lab Access
2x Quality Time
1x Stimhack •
3x Sure Gamble
1x The Maker's Eye

Hardware (9)
3x Clone Chip
1x Feedback Filter
2x Monolith
3x R&D Interface

Resource (4)
2x Personal Workshop
1x Rachel Beckman •
1x Same Old Thing

Icebreaker (7)
1x Atman
2x Cerberus "Lady" H1
1x Femme Fatale •
1x Snowball
1x Torch
1x ZU.13 Key Master

Program (8)
3x Au Revoir ••••• •
1x Clot ••
3x Self-modifying Code
1x Snitch ••


Creator says it sucks against rush decks but is great against Glaciers

>> No.40568080

Sorry, was on mobile and borked the captcha, so accidentally double-posted.

Yeah, the creator says it's slow as hell, which makes sense, but I'm wondering if it's any good against the elephant in the room: RP. Obviously letting them get a Nisei Mk II scored sucks, but you can hammer R&D super hard with your interfaces and stop them from even being able to get the points to their hand to score.

>> No.40568324


>> No.40568365


>> No.40569166

Agenda - Research
You cannot score this agenda on the same turn it is installed.

>> No.40569235

Add: Ignore this text if you scored an Agenda this turn.

>> No.40571080

Why would you want an agenda like that when Astroscript still exists? Every corp has a slew of 3/2's, unless it also had that is couldn't be stolen unless the corp has also stole an agenda this turn.

>> No.40571111

More justifiable if it was a 2/2 or a 1/1 honestly.

>> No.40572258


Basically the only viable code are the NEXT ones and toolboth, and the NEXT only work if you build your deck around them.

(although getting a 6 tax with a next silver is priceless)

>> No.40572745

Inazuma's still decent, though I'd only run two. I think Inazuma is a good way of building code gates: reasonable cost for good strength, with multiple conditional subroutines that are still powerful even if not blatantly ETR or with similar direct impact.

>> No.40573281

had a 9 tax NEXT the other day. when your opponent has no ICE destruction NEXT is king. When they do, it has no hope

>> No.40573420

Been running Breaker Bay Grid and The Root in EtF. It's satisfying to install ice onto a triple-layered server and still gain a cred from it.

>> No.40573441

I love the root in ETF. so much econ

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Important questions: Who is Inside Job guy and when will he be a playable identity?

>> No.40573852

Look at his keyboard. Is that Swedish?

>> No.40573881

Why is he squatting on the toilet bowl instead of sitting? Is he the reason public toilets have shoe prints on them?

>> No.40573900
File: 65 KB, 300x418, Pavilion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This card excites me.

>> No.40573919

So no one can see his feet through the bottom of the door. Spy tricks.

>> No.40573938

But wouldn't the fact that the cubicle's locked be suspicious?

>> No.40573958


It's how Asians poop, apparently it involves less effort and straining?

But, no, he's meant to be hiding his feet so no-one sees he's in there.

Though "inside job" implies he's a member of the company he's hacking and he does NOT look like he's wearing office gear.

>> No.40573974

Put a sign on the outside saying "out of order" or something. *Spy tricks.*

>> No.40573991

No, when Asians do the squat poop, they go for the squat cubicle. Squatting on the seat cubicle is disgusting.

It's probably an 'Inside Job' because he's doing it from inside the company physically and not necessarily that he's an employee.

Well, that makes more sense, I guess.

>> No.40573992

>Though "inside job" implies he's a member of the company he's hacking and he does NOT look like he's wearing office gear.
Naw, Inside Job's flavor text implies he got a friend who's working there to let him in.

>> No.40574643

Wage slaves are only allowed 1 friend and they have to be approved by HR. So I find this unlikely.

>> No.40575026

>"Hey, listen, I'm not asking you to do anything dangerous. Just let me into the building. And tell me which room has the weakest security. And please don't say 'the bathroom' again."

>> No.40575864

Are there any good toys for Nasir since, say, Order & Chaos?

>> No.40575952
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>> No.40576316

It's viable, but there are other cards and ways to do it that will make it better. There is a so-called "Big Dig" Valencia Estevez deck that uses a plan very similar to that one, but with more set-up to try and do that more regularly.

Some of the cards you mention (Easy Mark, for example) are not thought of as good because there are better options, but for what you have that seems like as good a plan as any.

A right pain to play against. Saw someone dig 29 cards down to score all 7 points in one turn.
Don't worry, your English is better than my ANYTHING ELSE. It'd take me all day to do French or German so well, per post.

And I know that some card translations are also very different -- "Backdoor Access" is probably "Sneakdoor Beta" in English. So again, no worries.

Either way seems good, but be prepared to lose in new and exciting ways. That was the case my first tournament. But it is a good way to learn, too.

Snare! is the biggest worry in most decks, and is mostly seen only in Jinteki (not Replicating Perfection) and some Weyland builds.

It takes 4 credits, so keeping them poor can help. Beyond that, run with more than 3 cards in hand (maybe even with 6 if it's a deep dig) and do not run on the last click of the turn.

Haas is sometimes okay, Hiro is rarely okay, Board is awful. Jenkins looks amazing but will be dependent on NBN's ice options. Jenkins + Haas combo likely terrible, but also HILARIOUS.

Unfortunately, Criminal (the faction with least destruction) is in decline right now.

Then janitors know. Closed cubicle in the far end of the middle w/no feet? Who even checks it? If they do, probably a prank, they call janitors to unlock, leave, he slips out. Can lower feet if bathroom becomes crowded enough it'd be used to blend in again.

>> No.40576908

FFG is streaming their Regional.
So far it is a shit fest like expected.

>> No.40577168

>not posting a link
You are worse than the people who keep posting fake links to netrunner announcements.

>> No.40577233

http://www.-BAN ME BITCHES-.tv/ffglive

>> No.40577259

>RP VS Leele

>> No.40577291

Look at dat hacktivist support though

>> No.40577301

>go to stream
>first chat message appears
>mediohxcore: and this is why leela is crap right now

I want to kill this person

>> No.40577340

>Hypomodern: It's game over barring some crazy variance
>score is 2:2
Is "variance" some sort of buzzword right now

>> No.40577353

Dat Crick doing all the work.

>> No.40577388

>>Hypomodern: It's game over barring some crazy variance
>>score is 2:2
Eh, that could actually happen, it's all about tempo and board state. Didn't see that part, so IDK.

>> No.40577390

He has a 2 ICE server with a Caprice in it. He has centrals ICED up to the point Leela can't lock them and the Corp is so rich he won't get AS/Vamp.

So there is more or less nothing the Runner can do outside of getting REALLY lucky on RnD pulls or PSI games to win. So ya variance.

>> No.40577432

>People still not running Revolver and Archives Interface to counter Nisei/Ash
Down with Replicating Cancer!

>> No.40577538


>> No.40577629

Jesus, I just cannot stand card game players from Minnesota.

>> No.40577654

My awful sentience structure give me away?

>> No.40577693

What's with all the twitchy legs on Netrunner players all the time. Can they not calm down?

>> No.40577745

They are minnesotan card game players. The twitchiest, most nervous people who will also take no time to tell you how much your decks suck.

>> No.40577836

Na the Netrunner players are always chill. Our MTG are the scum of the earth tho.

Most people twitch while being streamed if they are not used to it, hard to calm down being watched and having each game count so much.

>> No.40578782

>MTG are the scum of the earth tho.

>> No.40580466

I started playing Netrunner recently.

Is a H&B Grial-based deck somewhat viable? Will I need to shell a lot of dosh to get the needed cards?

>> No.40580596

Not too much dosh, but it's viable, especially with the Foundry identity. Grail ice are kinda spread around in datapacks though.

>> No.40580872

Lots of people posted their Grail/Next decks on this guys deck.

But yeah, like Anon says the cards are all spread out. Going to be expensive.


>> No.40580915

There's this one too.


>> No.40581096

Yeah, Grail Foundry is pretty easy to build. You already know that 9 of your ICE are Grail. Pick around 10 agendas. NEXT ICE fits pretty well the Foundry strategy. Mother Goddess is great for NEXT. Now we have 25~ cards to pick econ and shenanigans (like executive boot camp to rez those NEXT)

>> No.40583454

I thought it usually makes more sense to do Grail or NEXT, and both is too much ice that's interdependent?

>> No.40583515

I've never run one but I assume it's a matter of support cards being good for both, as the success of both NEXT and Grail depending on getting easy, fast ICE access.

>> No.40583616

Yeah, that would make sense.
I only looked into it really when Grail had just got all it's cards, and there was Silver and Bronze, and the prevailing feeling was that even with The Foundry you'd have difficulty getting enough of each set for them to actually be a threat.
But the support cards definitely suit both very well

>> No.40584806
File: 151 KB, 999x800, 687474703a2f2f746830312e64657669616e746172742e6e65742f667337312f5052452f662f323031322f3335372f652f652f6465636f795f62795f656c5f6772696d6c6f636b2d64356f7870697a2e6a7067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40584825

Well, that was a terrible session of the regionals.

>> No.40584909

Why is mediohxcore such an asshole everywhere I see him?

>> No.40585047

Why is everyone on stimhack an asshole?

>> No.40585103
File: 75 KB, 502x377, salt_pile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40585373

Nice try stimhacker.

>> No.40585570

How to fix Whizzard:

Make him a flip I.D. with Edward Kim on the other side and [click] [click]: flip this I.D. on both sides.

>> No.40585676
File: 93 KB, 459x338, Whizzard2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear recently there was a tournament (not sure what level, might have been Regionals) where there were more Whizzards than Andromedas.


I mean, I know Criminals need a bit of a boost, but holy shit

>> No.40585790


Was that the same regional where there was only 1 gabe? I've seen a few of those posts floating around recently.

>> No.40585868

You know how they could have fixed Whizzard? Release Edward Kim in his place in What Lies Ahead, then release Whizzard in O&C.

>> No.40586007

I'm not sure.

It's just an interesting development, that Anarch has become strong enough that one of their lesser IDs is at least as popular as perhaps the most consistent ID in the game.

However, though he is a "weaker" ID, he's also one highly suited to the current meta of glaciers and asset/upgrade-heavy decks - Edward Kim is also anarch, but is most useful against almost the exact opposite type of decks, and thus isn't very big at the moment.

He'll always be good against meat-kills, but Weyland (well Blue Sun anyway) is far more interested in just being richer than god rather than splattering runners across the street, and the other big boys have far more assets than they do operations, so now is clearly not Kim's time

>> No.40586044

That's a not a bad point - all that FA and Supermodernism are full of Kim's targets, where Whizzard is very much anti-glacier, but maybe such archetypes wouldn't have developed so clearly if the IDs had been the other way around

>> No.40586255

Especially since early in the game, people were splashing Beanstalk Royalties for lack of econ options. All that influence, down the drain against Kim.

>> No.40586483
File: 321 KB, 3264x2448, aEIAeq2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cambridge had a lot of him.

Whizzard tier 1.

>> No.40586529

Why is Quetzal no good /tg/? Where did we go wrong?

>> No.40586712
File: 209 KB, 1023x836, larg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is from the regionals at the FFG center today.
Yep, more Whizzards than Andromedas

>> No.40586740

Just a guess, but maybe too much emphasis on trying to synergise the entire deck off her ability instead of just treating it as goodstuff with E3 Feedback Implants. That Supplier deck with Knight and Overmind worked pretty well, but Turing made it unfeasible.

Maybe we could try run Quetzal with the standard Anarch suite?

>> No.40586877

So who won it all? And more importantly, how did that Exile deck end up placing?

>> No.40587121


Thats the one.

>> No.40587365

I'm surprised there's more HB than RP.

>> No.40587383

Will Nasir ever be relevant?

>> No.40587634

Exile is top player after the cut.
Finals are coming up now.

>> No.40588537

Nasir is as relevant as you want him to be. You gotta believe.

>> No.40589339


So whats the top 8 like then?

>> No.40589518

Exile - NEXT
Val - IG
Express - Titan
Iain - TWIY
Kit - RP
Silhouette - CD
Hayley - PE
Gabe - Biotech
In that order.

>> No.40589898

Nice to see zero Kates there.

>> No.40591425

If you run Quetzal in that L4J Whizzard deck, just throw in some E3s, she can be great. Quetzal has the most aggressive ID ability, but people get caught up in "synergy".

>> No.40591459

On second though, you probably don't even really need E3s. Just use her ability to be even more aggressive.

>> No.40592640


Fuck yeah NEXT

>> No.40592762

Can't find a clear ruling in a search:

Does False Lead still cost the runner clicks if they only have one? It says "Click, Click", and that comma seems to imply they lose them one at a time, rather than both at once, but I had someone tell me that unless they can lose both it does nothing.

>> No.40592809

Partially resolvable ability. There is no "if able" in the card text.

>> No.40592816


All or nothing

>> No.40592832

Lukas ruled that a player loses two clicks if able. If they cannot lose two clicks then they lose nothing.

>> No.40592834

Never mind, yes there is.

>> No.40592837

Hmm, very annoying.

>> No.40592838
File: 10 KB, 438x75, false lead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40592843

Wut. Card literally says "if able"

>> No.40592855

Is there a big official spot for rulings, and if so, where is it?

Or is there a PDF or something?

>> No.40593033


Fantasy Flight has rule books and faqs available for all of their games on their website. Just go under "products" to find the game, then once you're on the page for that game click "support".

>> No.40593277

The fact that people believed you is a tragedy.

You people really are some gullible motherfuckers.

>> No.40594318

There's the FAQs they put out every so often, but there is also a big unofficial gathering of rulings (and spoilers, as it happens) at the Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki - just search "ancur"

>> No.40595027

or just google "netrunner faq"

>> No.40595305

Hey guys, I made this website for netrunner drafting. What do you think?


Obvious self-promotion is obvious.

>> No.40595398

Loading stuck at 96%. 0/10 would not try again.

>> No.40595656

Tried it, no option to see the decks after they are made except as a txt file.

Not great.

>> No.40595688

What other export features would you like to see?

>> No.40595968

Hard to say, but being able to check then and there after you've made it would be number one.
Maybe an OCTGN file and plain text?

>> No.40596120

>@39:30 one of the players starts to talking about smoking weed and played baked

kekkest of keks

http://www. tweeetch .tv/ffglive/b/668756922

>> No.40596242

Interesting, but it's a pity you can't add the multiplayer element to the draft.

>> No.40597287
File: 1.35 MB, 734x1045, f8b8uhd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Designing Draft cards and including them in the normal card pool.
Really FFG? REALLY!?

>> No.40597320
File: 96 KB, 720x960, 11406880_855050611249130_2803513018846535409_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TFW I kill them with 3D-Snare!

>> No.40597468

Should have been base 2 strength. Would have made it a lot better.

>> No.40597485

It'd at least been playable. Right now it is just another awful Weyland ICE to toss on the pile of endless awful Weyland ICE.

>> No.40597628

It's not awful, it's just a bit meh. Doesn't help that the others are much, much better.

Still wish they wouldn't keep giving Weyland the lesser options, but oh well.

#79 isn't terrible either, despite lame strength. 3 subs is pretty nice, but it'll probably get eaten by parasite.

>> No.40597831

That's awesome. I always get jagged edges when I try stuff like that.

>> No.40598094

Can we have a list of the latest spoilers? What are we missing from Old Hollywood?

>> No.40598207


61: Faust
Program: Icebreaker, AI
1 MU, 3 cost, 2 strength
Anarch, 2 Inf
Trash a card from your grip: break a sub
Trash a card from your grip: +2 strength

63: Armand "Geist" [SURNAME]
Criminal ID
1 Link, unknown minimum deck size and influence limit
Whenever you use a [trash] ability each turn, draw 1 card.

67: Criminal - Virtual Resource
2 cost, 3 influence
Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, access 1 card from HQ

70: 3MU Shaper program
2 cost, 3 influence
At the start of your turn, you may trash []. If you do, gain 3 clicks.

74: Markus Batty
Jinteki Upgrade
2 rez, 2 trash, 3 influence
Trash: Choose a rezzed piece of ice protecting this server. Resolve one subroutine on that piece of ice unless the runner pays 4 credits. Use this ability only during a run on this server.

76: NBN barrier
1 cost, 4 strength
-> End the run if the Runner is tagged.
-> End the run if the Runner is tagged.

79: Weyland Barrier
4 to rez, STR 2
-> End the run.
-> End the run.
-> End the run.

Old Hollywood

84: Rolodex 0 cost 1 influence Criminal
Resource Virtual
When you install Rolodex, look at the top 5 cards of your stack and arrange them in any order. When Rolodex is trashed, trash the top 3 cards of your stack.

86: Film Critic 1 cost 1 influence Shaper.
Resource Connection
Whenever you access an agenda, you may host that agenda on Film Critic (the agenda is no longer being accessed and is uninstalled).
[CLICK], [CLICK]: Add an agenda hosted on Film Critic to your score area

87: Paparazzi - Neutral Resource, 0 cost
You are tagged.
Prevent all meat damage.

89: HB ICE: Bioroid archer
1 cost 5 strength
As and additional cost to rez, the Corp must forfeit an agenda.
Trash 1 Program
Do 1 brain damage
Trash 1 Console
Trash all virtual resources

Casting Call
NBN Operation, 0 cost, 2 influence
Install an agenda and install Casting Call on that agenda as a hosted condition counter with the text: "When the Runner accesses the host agenda, give him or her 2 tags."

>> No.40598706

Oh wow Surname is such a cool last name. I wonder why I have never seen anyone with it before.

>> No.40598737

Casting Call is wrong. It installs on a scored Agenda and gives 2 tags when they access another copy of it.

>> No.40598758


SMC Qualifier.
"Like all ANRPC qualifiers, this tournament will be 5 rounds of swiss, with the top 3 players qualifying for the Finals Invitational on September 12th, 2015 at Giga-bites Cafe in Marietta, GA, where the winner gets $500 toward covering the costs of travel to Worlds!"

>> No.40598813

Says fucking who

>> No.40598854

Some FFG Insider on Reddit.

>> No.40599018

Link on that?

It's a very underground name - if you're not in with the Muertos you won't know a Surname

>> No.40600114

Okay so Rolodex with Aesop's in shaper let's you look at the top 5 cards of your stack then filter out the doubles of unique cards, obsolete breakers or priority clone chip targets at the start of your next turn, while also netting you 3 credits.

Seems like a legit 2 clicks.

>> No.40600461

Didn't thought of that. Cool.

>> No.40602278

So Is Armand going to make all these cloud breakers work or is everything criminal shit forever?

>> No.40602320

forever it is
I think Geist will be fun with these cloud breakers though. But it's not even out so I think it's fair to say that his days as Tier 1 are still way ahead.

>> No.40602668

Same Old Thing, Grappling Hook, Gorman Drip, Recursion with Clone Chip...

People are going to try weird stuff with Geist...

Hey maybe even Fall Guy will be useful.

>> No.40603329
File: 156 KB, 863x752, 1371868964972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you realise Astrobiotics will never leave the game

>> No.40603737

He's probably the best place for them (or spy-mum), but they probably work better as supplementary to his other breakers.

Grappling Hook (with the requisite e3) is something I'm looking forward to - Break any ice for 3, draw a card.

It looks like he'll be good for running surgically like Iain and using his trash-break tools before Shutdowns and Crecentus, maybe even Running Interference (or even Cortez Chip, seeing as you get to draw when you use it)

I know he's the Criminal "heap" runner, but I reckon you could have a go at making him taxing like Reina

>> No.40604369

>actually listening to FFG Insider
>not trusting spoiler-ken

>> No.40604590

>running surgically like Iain
Can you give me a good example? All Iain I find is Au revoir bullshit and Mill Iain.

>> No.40604622

Autopilot will always be in the game

Andromeda will invalidate half the Criminals for years to come

Weyland will be constantly hobbled/forced into Blue Sun for years to come


>> No.40604735

Except they'll eventually rotate out and even now Andy isn't as popular as she used to be.

BS is still the only good Weyland ID, though

>> No.40604841

Literally the only Andy at the last regionals I went to.....

>> No.40605266
File: 105 KB, 600x510, Bribery Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't really (I swear it was a thing at one point?), but Au Revoir doesn't so much run as much as it just clicks a 4-part Opus most of the time.
When it actually runs, they're very calculated (though sitting on a big pile of cash helps, of course)

Does French running (as in running, using a Snitch to see ice, then immediately surrendering for Au Revoir dosh) often use pic related?
Seems like they'd go well together.

Doubt Giest will do it though, needs too much memory that he'll likely want for other stuff

>> No.40606331

I've been running a Supplier Iain who installs basically his entire deck. You sit back and set up for most of the game. When you see an opportunity to snipe an agenda from a remote, you Call In Favors for 9-17 creds and run in, preferably on click 3 so you can sell the agenda to Data Dealer on click 4. Your goal is to win via attrition: snipe all the agendas, sell them all away. Once you've taken 14 points out of the equation, you ask them to concede.

>> No.40606453

That's horrible - "fuck me winning, you're just going to lose"

I like it.

>> No.40606462

>Once you've taken 14 points out of the equation, you ask them to concede.
Haha, I love it.
How does it handle Fast Advance?

>> No.40606621

It's soul-crushing to play against. Start of turn take 5, click 1 Call in Favors for 15, click two install Overmind for 3 counters, click three run, click four sell the agenda.

Or at some point you just grow rich enough to Vamp them for 24 creds, have over 20 bucks left, then run onto the three-ice scoring remote that's completely unrezzed.

Against FA, you have two Account Siphons to slow them down with. Your best hope is to get an Off-Campus Apartment early to accelerate your set-up, but the main trick is not to bother fully setting up. Use Mr Li to find only the relevant breakers, maybe grab one HQ Interface along the way, then keep applying pressure onto HQ or lock down R&D if you know they have the Biotic in hand but lack the agenda.

My meta slots are a Feedback Filter and a Vamp, so if you don't find damage to be a thing where you are, you could probably drop it for The Source. However, this deck really doesn't want to take any damage and is perfectly fine paying 18 creds to prevent two Snares-worth of damage in a row, simply because you lack recursion. I've run out of credit tokens twice so far playing this Iain, and have had to resort to using a spin-down.

>> No.40606759

To add on, Vamp is great against FA too. They can't FA while they're broke, and while they're clicking for credits, you can get a lock on R&D, despite only accessing for one card at a time. The fact that you usually gain passive 4 defrays a large portion of the cost of checking R&D once per turn, since FA ice typically isn't that taxing. The passive money plus a Calling In Favors or two should keep you rolling in the dosh until you find an agenda, which then lets you gain 9, fuelling the next run, and the next, and the next, ad nauseam.

>> No.40606787

List or Link?

>> No.40606856

>They can't FA while they're broke
That's not actually true. Shipment from SanSan allows them FA on 0 credits as long as they got the astrotrain already running or SanSan is rezzed.

>> No.40606865

Stirling Supplied (47 cards)
Iain Stirling: Retired Spook

-- Event (8 cards)
2 Account Siphon
3 Calling in Favors
2 Hostage
1 Vamp

-- Hardware (10 cards)
2 Dyson Mem Chip
2 e3 Feedback Implants
1 Feedback Filter
2 HQ Interface
1 Lemuria Codecracker
2 Logos

-- Program (8 cards)
1 Corroder
1 Crescentus
1 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
1 Grappling Hook
2 Overmind
1 Peacock

-- Resource (21 cards)
2 Compromised Employee
1 Data Dealer
2 Decoy
3 Fall Guy
1 John Masanori
2 Mr. Li
2 Off-Campus Apartment
1 Scrubber
1 The Helpful AI
3 The Supplier
3 Underworld Contact

You could probably replace Lemuria with Plascrete, but my meta is thick with Mushin CD and I often can outmoney Scarch decks. It's still not optimised, but I'm liking the current build so far. Any tips would be nice too.

>> No.40606902

No 3 Datafolding?

>> No.40606941

Seems a little weak to RP IMO.

>> No.40606982

That's true. The grid is easily trashed, the Astro counter is a bit harder to deal with. It's best to start applying pressure when they're at 4 points. By match point, it's too precarious for you against FA. At that stage you probably won't have to forfeit agendas and can probably try to go for a regular 7 point win. It becomes very much a situation of whether you can snipe it off R&D first or if they can draw it in hand first.

I guess an alternative is to actually use your early Hostage to tutor for Data Dealer instead and aggressively hit all their servers. I did that once, when my NEXT Design enemy fed me two Bifrost Arrays from Archives to try turn off my ability. 18 cred boost early game felt good.

>> No.40607087

No Data Folding. It's too slow, even for this deck. In fact, the only reason I find it viable now is because of Off-Campus Apartment. That card is bonkers. And Overmind is usually a stopgap measure, coming in for 3ish counters most of the time until you find your full suite.

Against RP, you want Scrubber up asap to deny them Sundew and MHC. It's a slog, it always is against RP, but I feel that Iain stands a decent chance against any glacier deck.

>> No.40608370

Why is Data Folding too slow but UC is fine?

>> No.40608412

I did this with Andy for a good while (before Iain was ever out). It was piece of utter garbage Darwin deck with 2 personal touches, cyberfeeders, and three surges. Fun as fuck to play, hilarious when it worked, but utter garbage. Yours sounds more fun.
Unrelated, but is there any news on when the 2015 Nationals is supposed to be? With GenCon now up at the end of July, I'm trying to decide if I want to reserve a pass.

>> No.40608438

Not that guy, but my presumption would be UC will never turn off and they fall off Supplier for free.

>> No.40608513
File: 178 KB, 800x687, Elizabeth Mills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Off-Campus Apartment
Fall Guy can protect that, right?

>> No.40608573
File: 68 KB, 300x419, 08059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40608577

She's so fucking cute, goddamn.

>> No.40609528
File: 441 KB, 576x511, capital investors full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Urban redevelopment, yes

>> No.40609596

God my IG deck is going to love that card so much.

>> No.40609956

Several reasons to this:
1) Running both UC and DF is a trap. It's supremely slow for too little reward. Therefore, you have to pick only one.
2) UC costs two, DF costs three. With Supplier, UC makes you profit from the get-go, DF hits your tempo. This is especially important because there are no Sure Gambles in the deck. Your best opening with Supplier sets you back to 2 creds instantly. You don't want to spend more just to set up.
3) I might not be able to get my memory up in time faster than I'm plopping down my rig. Sounds silly, but it happens quite a bit. UC doesn't turn off once it starts.
4) UC is a connection, DF is not. That lets me put it on Off-Campus for draw, and also fuels Calling in Favors.

As scary as Corporate Town is for my deck, I'm not too worried about seeing it. It's a hate card, and I can't think of many Corp decks that feel so threatened by resources that they're willing to devote deck slots to it and forfeit an agenda. If I see it, it'll be a tough game. But I don't think I'll see it frequently enough. My deck isn't that popular anyway.

>> No.40611665
File: 151 KB, 430x600, Scorched Earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She sure is anon, sure is

>> No.40613718

Underway scans when?

>> No.40614171

Pretty sure this deck is shit, but I'm not sure where to go from what I've got.
Not confident in the breaker suite at all.

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie

Event (11)
3x Account Siphon
3x Career Fair
2x Emergency Shutdown
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (5)
2x Box-E
2x Dyson Mem Chip
1x Unregistered S&W '35

Resource (15)
3x Daily Casts
2x Decoy
3x Earthrise Hotel
2x Rachel Beckman ••
2x Same Old Thing
3x Underworld Contact

Icebreaker (7)
2x Corroder ••••
1x Eater •••
2x Femme Fatale
2x Gordian Blade ••••• •

Program (7)
3x Au Revoir
2x Sneakdoor Beta
2x Snitch

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

>> No.40614387

>1x Eater


>> No.40614428

Needs more MU. Why UC and Au Revoir econ package? Au Revoir already needs a ton of set up and digging, UC makes it worse. You're better off replacing the second Rachel Beckman with a Utopia Shard.

>> No.40614682

I really don't know how to build a breaker suit in criminal

So I should just stick with one - that makes sense.
UC takes as many cards, frees up MU and doesn't take clicks, but Au Revoir makes more money and costs less. MU isn't cheap though

Given that I can't tutor, would one Beckman be enough?

>> No.40615198

Okay talk to me about your game plan. What do you want to achieve with this deck? Do you intend to take your time to setup and then lock the Corp down from there? What's your ideal board state?

>> No.40615320

Essentially I'd like to set up pretty fast (hence Andy) with a good econ engine and being able to get into HQ either through sneakdoor or through brute force.
Not really into hammering R&D, but able to check remotes as needed - actually might want a little expose, now that I think about it.
Sneakdoor also does work if I need a gun or shutdown

>> No.40615828

Several things then.

1) Getting into HQ a few times won't be good enough without multi-access. If you want constant pressure, HQ Interface is your jam. If you want an opportune snipe, Legwork is the bee's knees.

2) Sneakdoor Beta has a good surprise factor, but it may not help much a turn or so later since they can just ice archives. It does have the added benefit of thinning their ice layers though, which can be good especially with ice destruction.

3) The best setup that lets you go aggressive quickly is the good ol' standard Andysucker. You're not gonna find a quicker engine that rewards you for pressuring the Corp. Sec Testing, Datasuckers, John Masanori, they're great for run-heavy decks. Check out standard Andysucker decks.

You definitely don't want two Rachel Beckmans, because her high cost and one inf means you don't want to see her early. She's a 'nice to have', but not vital to the plan.

>> No.40615998


The set up thing wasn't particularly about going aggressive fast, it's that I know the econ engine is slow, and I wanted to counteract the inherent sluggishness to get it going at a "normal" pace.

HQ interface I'll definitely look into - it works front or back, so the cost is probably worth it.

>> No.40617640
File: 498 KB, 1050x836, APEX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40617822
File: 37 KB, 220x272, 220px-KrupskayaPhoto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Apex is the spoiler

>> No.40617866


>> No.40617885

Apex is a lonely spoiler, they desire comrades.

>> No.40617959

Guess spoiling the horrible HB card or the good Jinteki card wouldn't be too awful. I'm not doing it before Underway is at least shipping, though.

>> No.40617981
File: 159 KB, 642x360, android07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40618122


Are we talking about something as bad as rework?

>> No.40618130
File: 118 KB, 208x290, ffg_rework-humanitys-shadow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if they reworked Rework and put the card back into development hell?

>> No.40618733

Okay, that's pretty fair

>> No.40618753

I'm actually also pretty sure someone e-mailed me and wanted dibs on the hillarious HB card (#71) a while ago. I'll confirm if it's spoiled.

>> No.40619020

Why are US Nationals so early this year?

>> No.40619246

Gencon got fucked over by it's host so they had to move it up.

>> No.40621308

didn't you say that like a week ago as well? Maybe time to give up on that person and just spoil it yourself...

>> No.40621404

I remember putting one of these in HB pre Jackson days.

>> No.40621417

One day this will be a thing

>> No.40621442

what does geist my bride look like?

>> No.40621444

2017 is its limit

>> No.40621453

> Money is an a guy with Biometric Tattoos in a day of the dead ghost style.

>> No.40621460

I'm here. I'll spoil Test Ground soon. It's hilariously bad ;p what the worst advanceable card you can come up with?

>> No.40621464

Geist is female?

>> No.40621488

>Test Ground can be advanced
And that's it

>> No.40621515

Ambush, when the runner access this ambush, he loses a click for each advancement on it.

>> No.40621521

Pity it cycles out same time as Jackson, otherwise it might be useful.

Upgrade, unique, HB.

5 rez, can only be advanced while rezzed,

At the start of the runners turn ,all Bioroid Ice in the server gains Strength equal to the no. of advancement counters.

The also runner gains clicks equal to the no. of advancement counters.

Best I can do without making a 5 inf Neutral card with a 20 rez cost that does nothing.

>> No.40621608

ITS WORSE! Not really, but it can have a worse impact on the corp of used incorrectly than simply sinking money and time into advancing it.

That's pretty bad, but I think this is worse. At least you can install-advance that, and it might screw over someone?

Nah this is so much worse than that. That one benefits you and your opponent. The actual card only benefits your opponent ;p

>> No.40621639

no matter how bad it is it could still be an in faction ToL battery, if you wanted to do that I guess...

>> No.40621671

>test ground can be advanced
>when the runner accesses test ground the runner may shuffle 1 card for each advancement from their heap into their stack

>> No.40621699

>when the runner accesses test ground you may put 1 card for each advancement from the runner's heap on top of their stack

>> No.40621716

don't use may, it has to be potentially bad for the corp

>> No.40621727

>mushin no shin
>put 3 plascretes on top of the runners stack when you have no scorch

>> No.40621895


Which one is you? how can we verify this?

Going to need the Ken for this.

>> No.40622005

I don't think that's the spoiler. i think it's a guess

>> No.40622039


>> No.40622147


Ah, see this is a problem with "Anonymous's" claiming to have spoilers.

Would be about as useful as record re-constructor

>> No.40622369

There was no reason to assume that was more than a guess

>> No.40622378

i heard that the there would be a split of male to female crim ids. right now were at 3 females (andy, sil, leela) and 3 males (gabe, ken, iain) if my count is correct, and laramy makes the 4th male.

>> No.40622430

Yes? We already know that, Geist is also a man. We know all the IDs from this cycle almost from the start.

>> No.40622475

Wouldn't that mean Geist is female?

>> No.40622524

yes, but this could use confirmation. im not totally sure about this i just read someone post something about how the equilibrium of male to female crim ids would be upheld by the end of this cycle and so i filled in the blanks myself.

>> No.40622546

No, the split'll be broken.

>> No.40622610

welp, nevermind then. thought it would be strange for a female to have the name armand

>> No.40622613

Sounds like you're correcting him.

I heard it will be broken.
So did that guy.

>> No.40622653

>Armand "Geist"
>french name
>german nickname
>probably member of gang with spanish name

>> No.40622680

>Surprised of multicultural character
You must be new, Welcome to Android Netrunner!

>> No.40622745

>Muertos gang

He's probably half German half French half Spanish.

>> No.40622917

Don't forget half Japanese. Super hacker after all...

>> No.40623728

This guy is wrong. It does not interact with runner cards. I'm graduating now, I'll spoil when I get home :p

>> No.40623781

Armand "Geist" Kuzan
Muertos Gangster

>> No.40623791


>> No.40623839

Thanks. I'm on stage in a big crowd just looking down at 4chan, and suddenly I'm on the big screen. Pretty funny

>> No.40624731

I'm a new player trying to pick up strategy. One thing I see a lot of experienced players say is that ice is meant to tax the runner. How do I know that my ice is taking the runner "enough?"

Also, how can I most effectively entice a runner into an ambush?

>> No.40625047

>How do I know that my ice is taxing the runner "enough?"
Some ICE is meant to gearcheck. This means to force the runner to come up with a solution (icebreaker). Quandary, Paperwall, and Chimera are example of this. ETR ICE but cheap to rez that usually cost 1-2 to break.

On the other hand we have ICE with several subroutines that usually cost 3 credits or more to break, like Ichi 1.0. Or directly ICE that cost something or directly can be paid within the subroutines. Examples include Pup, Popup Window, AP ICE like Komainu or Neural Katana, tracer ICE, and Bioroid that are passed using clicks, taking brain damage, or trashing the rig. All these are taxing ICE. The bigger the cost the runner has to pay, the more taxing they are.

>Also, how can I most effectively entice a runner into an ambush?
There's not a definite answer to this. It would make the bluffing aspect irrelevant if there were. Usually a runner with the Corp at match point will run anything advanced or he lose next turn. But it's always a bluff.
Sometimes you want to make it obvious it's an ambush so the runner think you're trying to bluff an agenda as an ambush and he runs it. Of course, he might just think it's an ambush anyway and doesn't run it.
It's a bluff.

>> No.40625085

Taxing ICE usually always cost the Runner more than the cost to rez after 1 or 2 runs. They typically have a lot of subroutines, or have high strength. Most ICE is taxing in some way, but the best ones are 'must break'. Good examples are Tollbooth, Fire Wall, or something in core set like Ichi 1.0 or Hadrians Wall.

Examples of non-taxing ICE is something like Ice Wall, 0-3 strength Code Gates (due to Yog.0), Wraparound, etc. Generally low STR 1-sub ICE that becomes 1 credit breaks when they have their breaker (Corroder, Mimic, Yog, etc).

Traps get both better and worse when you get better at the game. As a general rule of them being close to match point is a good way to force trap runs. A runner who doesn't want to lose has to run everything you advance if you are already on 4-5 points.

>> No.40625156

>chicken out and go Blue Sun kill instead of RP
>get absolutely wrecked in all but 1 game where the opponent basically gave it to me
>runner goes 5-0
>miss the cut

Top 8 had like 5 NEH Butchershops. I'm such a fucking fool for thinking Weyland is better at the kill than NBN. 2 of my matches had people who could survive 6 damage easily (Exile and Logos Criminal), had infinite money, or they ran Utopia/IHW/Wanton/Keyhole and wrecked me anyway.

Scrubbing out in a tournament, the real life.

>> No.40625233

I don't know how the Brits and the Irish function with that deck.

It's absolutely ass.

>> No.40625238


>Believing Weyland is actually the best at any element of Netrunner

>> No.40625300

Best at making money.

>> No.40625414

Weyland is so bad right now, which is sad because O&C already came out. Blue Sun is still the only real playable ID, and even then it's easily the worst of the "top tier" Corp IDs. Though some people have done some interesting things with Argus. I wonder if the next cycle is going to help Weyland...

>> No.40625416

Rp and sunbdew say otherwise

>> No.40625462

Not really. At least, not by enough of a margin to matter.

BS lets them recover sunk costs, and can sometimes help for money, but there are HB decks that can come close... and both RP and NEH aren't exactly poor.

>> No.40625536

Non-Blue Sun IDs need to score agendas to make money. If you can SMC out and stop a Weyland from scoring his Hostiles with Clot or block his first score, you can easily roll over them economically and just megadig R&D.

It takes really creative deckbuilding to dig out of that hole as Weyland (Snare RNG or Traps), while HB and Jinteki can Ash/Caprice/Biotic their way out of a bad situation. Their money isn't tied in with their agendas and is typically clickless, minus Celeb Gift.

>> No.40625782

But...but I really want them to be good.

I want all IDs, Corp and Runner, to be viable.

>> No.40625876

All IDs are viable

>> No.40625936

Everything is viable on a kitchen table.

>> No.40626319

I guess it's time for a new thread. Gimme a sec.

>> No.40626373


Also, if we start with the new spoiler, it would be a good start. >>40623728

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