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>Best Girl Edition

>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed] [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):

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Reposting the spoilers from last thread

4 to rez, STR 2 Barrier
-> ETR
-> ETR
-> ETR

2 influence.

Endless Hunger
Program: 0 cost, 4 mu
Apex, 2 influence
Icebreaker (not typed, not AI), strength 11

Trash an installed card: break an "↳end the run" subroutine.

Event, cost 3
Apex: 3 influence

Play only if you made a successful run on HQ, R&D, and Archives this turn.

Trash all installed Corp cards. Turn all Runner cards facedown.

Program: Icebreaker, AI
1 MU, 3 cost, 2 strength
Anarch, 2 inf

Trash a card from your grip: break ice subroutine

Trash a card from your grip: +2 strength

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Try."Why.I.run",.great.for.prospective.Runners .looking.for.a.hands-on.demo.on.how.Running.works

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You forgot Marcus Batty.
2 rez cost, 2 trash cost, 3 Influence.

Trash: "Chose a rezzed piece of ice protecting this server. Resolve one subroutine on that piece of ice unless the runner pays 4 credits. Use this ability only during a run on this server"

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They could have made this card playable in Motivation decks.
But nope, they had to make it Push your Luck tier.

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I was looking for it but couldn't find it. Thanks.

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Play it in a deck that has triple Magnum Opus, breakers Torch Garrote Battering Ram, big stuff in general. It could work maybe.

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Chaos Theory is best girl and Dinosaurus is best Dino.

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>yfw princess space kitten is a guy

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I wanna know what the directive cards be is.

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>mfw Princess Space Kitten is Apex

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I want to know a reason for Sunny to exist

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she's the black girl on windfall
unless that's Silhouette on holiday

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Best girl

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It really depends. Unfortunately some of the best operations and cards cost 2 or less. If you're playing it in a deck with big breakers/MO/big events, it fits right in.

Unfortunately no one plays that because it's generally bad.

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I think all three were made for flavor over playability.

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>big events
I don't think events had "install cost"

>implying sunny has any flavour

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Wait a sec, Adam's directive cards are considered installed? Does this mean we can just Aesops (or chopbot, or heartbeat, etc.) them away if we don't want them?

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Doubt it.
They likely have some clause like "cannot leave play except by blarblardiblar"

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Makes sense. It'd be too easy otherwise, since snowjax did say they're mostly negative effects.

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>hey aesops, wanna buy the part of my programming that keeps me from killing people?
>sure, how about ... 3 credits?
>why is everything worth 3 credits to you?
>when I was a little boy my mother was very sick and I couldn't afford the medication because I was missing 3 credits

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>tfw no adam spoilers

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you know the "compulsive hacker" makes me think his original programming was altered by somebody (maybe Kate) to force him to stick it to the corps.

maybe he just wants to be a hazardous materials labourer like the others, but the directives won't let him.

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I have a different theory.

HB wanted to create a perfect hacking machine. Faster, stronger, better and something that will only listen to them. For what purpose? Maybe they wanted to bring the game on the runner themselves or a hacker of their creation to use on other corps. So Adam was made with directives placed on him to keep it under control without getting out of hand or going rogue and the rest is the typical story of something trying to break out of his shackles and fulfill it's one true purpose.

To be the best there ever was.

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Right. I had overlooked that. Then yeah, it's mostly crap.

Shapers don't want it because it fucks with CC/SMC
Criminals don't want it because it fucks with other events
Anarchs don't want it because it fucks with low-cost cards

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That would make sense - HB isn't averse to corporate warfare, especially against Jinteki, and they're big on security, so a hacker bioroid would be something they might make.

Then along comes someone mysterious, setting Adam free - or at least changing who his master is, and now he's trying to break what's left of his directives, all while doing what he's built to do.

We'll have to see if that's anything like the truth

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Bioriod ID. Spend click, click, click and 20 credits:
deal 1 Brain Damage unpreventable

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What's that even supposed to mean

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go home

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>One is a bioroid mysteriously set free from the Third Directive.
The Third Directive is the one that compels self-preservation, so that's an interesting choice. Also, he still has 3 directives, so it must have been replaced with something else.

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No, look >>40395364

In the board game Floyd had the following directives:
Directive 1: Unit may not kill or cause serious harm to humans.
Directive 2: Solving the case is the unit's first priority, except where it conflicts with the first directive.
Directive 3: Unit must report to Haas-Bioroid for weekly maintenance.

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ya these aren't asimov's robot laws

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Yeah, I know.
I know that too. The directive to report to Haas-Bioroid for maintenance is intrinsically linked to the need for self preservation.

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Who is to say adam won't have his own directives? Or are all the directives set in stone?

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He's the Bioroid on Frame Job. The one that got framed.

In truth, his first step as a self-conscious life form was just Noise trying "something funny" to stick it to the corps.

>> No.40397343

>Who is to say adam won't have his own directives?
He probably will - I'd guess they're unique to each model of Bioroid, as they all have different functions, though the third, concerning self-preservation via reporting back to HB may well be universal

>> No.40397366

I doubt all bioroids have "solving the case" as a directive, but the first directive at least is likely to be universal. It's already been stated that he's been freed from the third directive (probably the directive to report back to HB) yet he still has 3 directives. So I'd say there's a pretty good chance his first directive will be in line with "don't harm humans" but there's really no telling what his other two directives could be. We don't know what his original function was.

>> No.40397516


Directive 1: Adam cannot trash a bioroid, clone, executive or sysop ?

Too evident/literal ?

>> No.40397611

He could disconnect them from the server without killing them.

>> No.40397641

Could be directives related to running since he's a compulsive hacker.

Directive: You must spend your first click on a run. Gain a click when the run is completed (or successful, if they want to nerf it).

>> No.40397647

Probably limited to executives and sysops. Bioroids and clones are considered property, not people. They have no rights, and Jinteki makes a point to convince people that clones aren't *really* people to keep it that way.

If he got arrested he would have been returned to HB to be tested and decommissioned. So unless he escaped or HB decided to let a defective bioroid loose for some reason, that's probably not Adam.

>> No.40397956

>If he got arrested he would have been returned to HB to be tested and decommissioned. So unless he escaped or HB decided to let a defective bioroid loose for some reason, that's probably not Adam.

I assumed escape - being a runner and all.

I like the idea that all of Adam's coming into being is just the result of a series of unrelated incidents. Most of them purely accidental.

A tragicomedy of errors.

Someone hacked a Bioroid as a decoy for a run. The code changing gave it some form of self awareness. HB fighting to get it's property back (because incriminating evidence) gave the bioroid enough time to ponder its own survival. And then it got out without even trying to escape because of a Human First attack during transfer. And all its hacking is just its defective way of trying to get back into contact with HB.

Not going to be that, but always fun to imagine.

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>Finally break directive.
>Jinteki people want to start shit.
>Toshiyuki Sakai calls PSF goons and Nisei clones.
>NBN live feed showcases him getting thrown into a car while his katana gets snapped like a toothpick, PSF goons get bodied and clones pale before Adam.
>Back at HB HQ, Director Haas and Isabel McGuire breaks out the champagne.

>> No.40398284

Adam should get discounts for trashing Adonis and Eve Campaigns.

>> No.40398445


It's not like people need much convincing with shit like the Turtlebacks running around. Jinteki purposefully makes interacting with clones off-putting so no one will feel empathy for them.

Pretty much every clone in the novels except Caprice is fucking creepy.

>> No.40398674

They can be aesopped away, amongst other things. They're really silly, thematically. Hell, one of Adams cards does mostly does nothing except get rid of them. I wish I understood the point.

>> No.40398706

does he at least have some broken stuff to make the downsides worth it?

>> No.40398820

His only decent card is one influence. He has two cards dedicated to shutting off his directives. One is decent in Apex, one could be decent in some janky builds, but too much effort.

Really, he's a mess in my opinion.

>> No.40398882

this makes me sad, but glad at the same time, since now i can instead hype myself up about sunny and the new nbn cards! thanks based snowjax

>> No.40399245

I'm going to hope that it's just a misintepretation on snowjax's part. I can't accept FFG borking Adam so badly.

>> No.40400431

What the hell is the point of playing Adam then?

>> No.40400729

I just got into this game through someone else quitting and selling their collection. All the cards up to Order and Chaos, tokens, some sleeves, a box to hold everything, and a playmat.

A playmat that they won from a tournament.

To my great surprise, I've realized that I cannot bring myself to literally play on top of someone else's achievement in so blatant a fashion.

So I sold it online and now I'm looking for a replacement. I'm thinking something durable in a plain solid colour, but I've always been quite boring that way.

Any suggestions? Simple designs are best, never been a fan of staring down on a surface cluttered with eye catching details. Nothing too lewd, though a bit of eye candy to help perk my mind up after a day of playing wouldn't go amiss. Durability above all, I intend to keep this a long time.

First to 3 votes that meet the above conditions will decide.

>> No.40400880

One of the FFG Netrunner playmats they sell

>> No.40400890

Why not the official FFG playmats? I quite like The Root's design.

>> No.40401092

I was hoping there might be other options. Not to say the FFG ones aren't nice, I just want to look at few more choices before committing.

>> No.40401097

Either the Jackson Howard or the Kati's Delivery Service mats designed by Krystian from TeamWorkCast. (available on inked playmats)

Fairly minimal, but not too plain.

>> No.40401196

Well, I now know my first choice unless something else pops up. Thanks anon.

>> No.40401295

What IDs can work with Grail ice that aren't Foundry, TWIY* and RP? CI?

>> No.40401401

NEH full Grail suite 2 biotics, cyberdex support for parasite and clot.

Very effective at punishing aggressive runners trying to keep with the threat of BioAstro or a scored Astro.

Finds biotics slower than the 3x Biotic net deck version, but centrals are a lot more taxing than the traditional binary rush suite, typically allowing more time to assemble the combo.

>> No.40401405

Well you can try blue sun grail. There is also Titan Transnational.

>> No.40401580

What econ options then? Marked Accounts? Melange? Pad?

What are the benefits of Titan for grail?

>> No.40401647

Titan is good for rushing stuff (in particular, Atlas trains) and Grail helps with rushing by forcing the runner to slow down.

>> No.40402119

Marked accounts, pad, hedge and sweeps for econ, same as every NEH.

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>> No.40403613

From what I can tell, just the theme.

>> No.40403649

you kill me snow-jax. /anrg/ on suicide watch.

>> No.40403687

Just gotta hope that snowjax is winding us all up to be pleasantly surprised at how good adam really is.

>> No.40403694

eh, more interested in sunny anyways

with 50 cards and no ability beyond 2 link, she's gotta have some fun cards.

Along with the best flavour text.

>> No.40403845


I have a feeling 50 cards is just to dilute/delay the Underworld Contact/Data Folding Drip econ. But I'm really hoping she has some interesting/great cards. She has an interesting theme, would be sad to see it go to waste.

A bit disappointed on the Adam reveals. The idea of directives as modular ID ability was really appealing to me design-wise. We'll see.

>they had to make it Push your Luck tier.

Isn't that the whole point though ? It's a quintessential wild card. Some people love that shit, and it's good that it exist for them.
I can already hear the more aggressively competitive players complaining about losing a game to a 18 credit win Windfall being bullshit because it's all pure luck.

>> No.40403864

No, I'm just saying, don't have false expectations.

Very fun. She's a blend of Shaper and Criminal. Most Sunny decks will auto include Security Testing, which is thematically appropriate.

>> No.40403892

>Very fun. She's a blend of Shaper and Criminal. Most Sunny decks will auto include Security Testing, which is thematically appropriate.
I guess she can somehow build a rig *while* running? Something like "whenever a successful run ends, you may install a card from your grip", maybe with restrictions to programs/hardware/resources only.

>> No.40403985

Not exactly. She has in house access to a powerful rig, and her console is dedicated to a mechanic that, so far, has only been in Criminal. She also has in house R&D pressure, and also has a card that has excellent synergy with Security Testing.

>> No.40403986

will they include access to globalsec

>> No.40403987


If the runner side of this Deluxe expansion was anything but thematic, I would be disappointed.

Although if anything in it makes Record Reconstructor playable, I will actually consider buying Second Thoughts.

>> No.40404043

bypass? or derez?

>> No.40404059

>her console is dedicated to a mechanic that, so far, has only been in Criminal.

Bypass console confirmed ! Praise the lord !

Bypass the first piece of ICE you encounter on a run if* its STR is equal or inferior to your Link.

Would you play that ?

*: "whose" would probably be too much.

>> No.40404060

>a mechanic that, so far, has only been in Criminal

>> No.40404083

She has two cards that reward loading up on link.

>> No.40404111

time to borrow some satellites!

>> No.40404132

>time to borrow some satellites!

Time to Access some Globalsecs!

>> No.40404173

Time to box some tools?

>> No.40404182

time to help some AI's? hmm that one doesn't work

>> No.40404184

Gooby plx, her console is too stronk to give up

>> No.40404197

Time to hole some rabbits!

>> No.40404202

....ew. my mind goes to some disturbing places

>> No.40404223

A console that says: Initiate a Trace, if succeed, bypass the first piece of ICE you encounter!

>> No.40404245

I was thinking it'd make sense for an expert security consulant to use a big multi-function toolbox, but >>40404184 makes me think the card she'll actually use is even better

>> No.40404265


Oooohhh... shiny !

I like that one even better.

Anything that makes people play more with Link and Traces is ok in my book. And this would be a cool way to help with that.

>> No.40404273


>time to borrow some satellites!

>Time to Access some Globalsecs!

>Time to box some tools?

>time to help some AI's

>Time to hole some rabbits!

Which means its time to Fox some Fires !

>> No.40404298

surely fire some foxes? they don't need those damn jobs. human jobs for human people!

>> No.40404302

With 3 power taps out, this would spiral out of control very quickly

>> No.40404317

Throw in 3 Disrupters and that's a Tier A+ deck.

>> No.40404328

A reason to use power taps!
Throw in "the first ice you encounter each turn" and it's not worse than the already Au revoir.

>> No.40404336

>3 power taps
>3 au reviors
Bypass, jack out for 6 credits a click.
It'd have to be once per turn, if at all.

>> No.40404431

You can Out-fire a fox, but you can't Outfox a fire.

>> No.40404555

I'm a newbie, and last night I was playing the Corp against my fellow newbie. As side effects of other cards, I ended up with two agendas face-down in the Archives. I was kind of lucky that my fellow newbie never thought to run there (and maybe also unsporting of me not to remind him that was an option), but I have to ask, is there anything the Corp can do with agendas in Archives, other than wait for a card that specifically permits it to get cards out of there?

>> No.40404577

Not much - you can use them as bait, if you've loaded the archives with traps, and self-protecting agendas still protect themselves, but you really just want to get them out of there

>> No.40404588

You can also leave some points in Archives and then Punitive them, preferably multiple times, next turn.

>> No.40404591

>other than wait for a card that specifically permits it to get cards out of there?
Nope, the archives is the discard pile for a reason. The only cards that do something from the archives are Subliminal messaging (which returns to your hand so you can play it again) and ambushes like Shock and Shi-kyu.

>> No.40404607

This is why Jackson Howard saved netrunner, if you mulled into too many agendas pre Jackson you pretty much just lost unless you just scored them out.

>> No.40404700

>Mfw I placed first in the last local netrunner league without including Jackson Howard in my Corp deck

>> No.40404732

>yfw your local netrunner league sucks

>> No.40404839

I've been a bit out of the news loop and suddenly I see this. What the hell is this, a new format?

>> No.40404856

Next deluxe box will have 3 runner mini-factions.

>> No.40405010

Oh, I was wondering how they'd solve that disparity. I thought they'd just add 1 identity and a few cards per faction, but this looks cool too. Apex means I can play as a virtual AI? Schweet!

>> No.40405013

I already knew that. I placed first after all. The important point is that after 14 games I wasn't agenda flooded early enough to need to Jackson out of the situation.
I kept my cool, installed a Veteran's Program/ABT in my Eve Campaign server, and scored it next turn while the runner (Andy) bashed his head against R&D for 9 credits per run.

>> No.40405037

>implying you play Apex
Apex assumes control of your body to achieve his goals

>> No.40405110
File: 35 KB, 590x368, wearone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying that's undesireable.
Pic related.

>> No.40405177

You know, I always thought it was kind of crazy that he was a 3 of in EVERY SINGLE corp list I see online.

>> No.40405211

Only new players say things like this.
Jackson Howard really is one of the most useful cards in the game, this one card can do so many different things. It's very difficult to justify cutting him out of a deck.

>> No.40405261

It seems like part of the point of Adam might be built into the theme of trashing installed cards as a resource?

>> No.40405288

You mean Apex? He's the one installing for free at the beginning of each turn, and trashing 1 of his installed cards to draw another with Chop Bot 3000.

>> No.40405299

That's Apex.

>> No.40405355

I think he was thinking Adam due to the directives (hey, three free installed cards from the start!), but that's a pretty hillarious misconception.

>> No.40405368

Which card from the next pack do you guys wanna see first, by the way?

>> No.40405391

3MU shaper program. (is there really even anything left in the pack besides it? i guess whatever sky is falling jin PSI card)

>> No.40405406

Psi will only make the sky fall when, we can bid -1

>> No.40405412

67 criminal "when scored" is also mostly unknown.

>> No.40405423

no it's not, when corp scores, access HQ

>> No.40405427

ANCUR list needs to be updated then.

>> No.40405444

Criminal - Virtual Resource
2 cost, 3 influence
Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, access 1 card from HQ

Do we know anything about 71?
I'm looking at 4 is flatline, that doesn't even say if it's Neutral/Shaper Runner or HB?

>> No.40405448

yeah the underway is mostly spoiled now, neutral runner card, 3MU shaper and jin psi are all that's left

>> No.40405460

Psi card or 3MU program. Either's good.

>> No.40405467

>neutral runner card
But anon, #71 is HB.

>> No.40405490

...no runner neutral? i guess this is interesting. is it any good?

>> No.40405505

#71 is hillariously terrible.

>> No.40405514

i vote 3MU program then. leave that shitty card for the pack haha

>> No.40405544

Helion Alpha test terrible or Gingerbread terrible?

>> No.40405593
File: 259 KB, 300x418, Surveilance Sweep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May have a use when D&D drops - you don't want to hit high strength tracing ice when you have to pay first

>> No.40405618

That was the trap, Gingerbread actually has potential.

>> No.40405648

It was actually pretty good in Drafting...
Pity it's two inf and in the faction that only has time to dick about with multiple copies of Killers.

>> No.40405671

The 3MU program or the new psi. From the way others are talking, the 3MU thing. Cool to see what that is like.

>> No.40405693


>> No.40405705

3MU, The last High MU prog Shapers got was terrible, so this one "should" be ok.

>> No.40405750

Ah, the eternal curse of Spoilering, set to an good tune.

You're not wrong though.

I'd quite like the 3 MU program, but I don't really mind - Underway already looks to be a great pack

>> No.40405769



>> No.40405799

10/10 poetry


>> No.40405801


>> No.40405821

uh... does it say when trashed gain 3 clicks?

>> No.40405844

It says at the start of your turn you may tray X, if you do gain 3 clicks.

>> No.40405853



>> No.40405864


>> No.40405880
File: 252 KB, 300x418, Amped Up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 credits, trash for 3 clicks?

Eh? Slightly disappointing, even if that would normally cost a slice of yo brain

>> No.40405924

>be hayley
>have a program on personal workshop
>install program before your turn starts, use your ability to install the 3 mu program from hand onto leprechaun or something
>start your turn with 7 clicks out of nowhere

>> No.40405950

WAIT!, WAIT!.... did you just say I can use Record Re-constructor SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW!

>>C: Start of corps turn
>>R: Have you seen that card before
>>C: Yes...
>>R: That's because you got RE-DESTRUCTED!
Seven turns later...
>>R: So found any Agendas yet? pity.

Brick + Record Re-constructor= Profit.

>> No.40405954


>> No.40405974

Program heavy Hayley builds with say leprechaun and Sahara turn the click decompression up to 11.

>> No.40405988

This card will be the return of Data Hound and Snoop for sure.

>> No.40406009

You can do better than that.
>Autoscripter for 8

>> No.40406028

The return of Data Hound?
Has he ever even been there?

Autoscripter only works on your turn.

>> No.40406064
File: 211 KB, 496x369, 1276100398446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40406069

>"When you turn Begins"
Is that not your turn?

>> No.40406073

I'd run it with mid seasons over those cards mang.

>> No.40406096

Autoscripter works on the install, not the trash.

>> No.40406102
File: 410 KB, 430x600, bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda02096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was always kind of a sleeper card that showed up from time to time.
Making the Runner pay in first might give him some more value.

>> No.40406107

Though thinking about it, snoop and invasion of privacy become extremely taxing for the runner with surveillance suite active.

>> No.40406108

No, he is right.
If you pulled it off at the start of your turn you couldn't pop it at the start of your turn.

>> No.40406113

I was thinking of using it 4 times at once with 3 clone chips, but that doesn't work cause you'd only get the "when your turn begins" trigger once.

>> No.40406123

Or you could use it three times with 9 spare memory.

>> No.40406153

surveilance sweep only works during runs

>> No.40406155

Surveillance Sweep only hits during runs. IoP is unaffected. Snoop might still get better with it, but all trace ice do.

>> No.40406224

With SYNC and SS do people think Shoot the Moon will become playable at last?

>> No.40406277

Never run, just amass money and put leprechaun with three of these thing on it.

Drop three medium with mass install and acess the whole deck with your 13 clicks !

>> No.40406280

well, shoot the moon's problem doesnt' have much to do with the runner removing a tag,

a way to add multiple tags that isn't as expensive as midseason is basically what has to exist before shoot the moon becomes playable

>> No.40406314

>during a run
Include midseasons by all means, but Surveillance Sweep doesn't help it

>> No.40406328

Shoot the Moon is already playable.
Seasource, rez archer for free.

>> No.40406339

>a way to add multiple tags that isn't as expensive as midseason
So basically you're asking for power creep?

>> No.40406365


Midseason is already a completely broken card that destroy the game but yes, let's add another better option.

>> No.40406367

well eventually midseason is going to be rotated out, you HAVE to assume they're going to include mass tagging in the big box.

>> No.40406403

You need the surprise factor of Archer, man. Just sitting there it isn't a threat.

>> No.40406443

It's still a 6 strength sentry with 4 subroutines.
Have fun trying to dig R&D behind that.

>> No.40406475

this is the other drawback to shoot the moon, is all that hard-to-rez ice supposed to have a payoff when you rez it before runner is ready. so you play with shit ice until you can gather the right amount of cards in your hand, and then you don't get any real benefit.

it's a card that sounds much better on paper than it actually executes in game.

>> No.40406557

Just like Psychographics, Shoot the Moon is a card where many people immediately think "oh man when I give the runner one million tags I can do crazy stuff!". They don't seem to notice you don't actually need a lot of tags to make these cards work.
Psycho with 2 tags can fast advance a 3/2. Shoot the Moon with a single tag can already give you 10 credits for 2 clicks.

>> No.40406628

this is true. i am REALLY hoping that whatever mass tagging card in the big box can translate to tagging like 5 times or something like that.

the problem with shoot the moon is that by the time you have spent all that money to make it work, you could have just rezzed ice.

>> No.40406697

So Echo Chamber was a False Lead? :[

>> No.40406741

Psycho with three tags is my jam. I've scored so many points just from that.

>> No.40406759

Of course. There are a lot of people here pretending to spoil stuff without a trip for some reason.

>> No.40406782

>Echo Chamber

>> No.40407043

Just doing it to entertain themselves. Don't blame them, there's nothing good on TV past midnight here either.

>> No.40407239

What was Echo Chamber spoiled as?

>> No.40407395

some program that can host and swap around ice

>> No.40407418

Funnily enough switching around Ice comes later.

>> No.40407577


>arrange the rest in any order

do you guys worry about phrasing like these? potential loopholes, right?

>> No.40407589

Better or worse than Escher?

>> No.40407642

Totally different from Escher.

>> No.40407817

Like this?

>> No.40407928

Not at all. It's not even Shaper.

>> No.40408447

The question is - is it a Runner card at all? Another Jinteki ice re-positioner? Because Sunset and Tenma Line turned out so well?

>> No.40408804

Right, say worst thing happens and FFG releases Netrunner Second Edition tommorrow.

Given FFG's track record, would our cards still be useable, or would they need replaced?

>> No.40409091

I could see this happening with the Core Set.

>> No.40409335

...or you can actually try using Tenma Line. That card is awesome in RP.

>> No.40409950

Echo Chamber was program where you hosted it on an ICE. Then when you run HQ anytime and access any piece of ICE, you may swap the hosted ICE with the ICE you access. Trashing Echo Chamber may or may not happen, I don't remember fully.

>> No.40409984

Given FFG's track record Netrunner second editition wouldn't be released tomorrow.

>> No.40411448

I....think I would be ok with this...

>> No.40413021

I'm not saying it will, I mean I barely heard a rumor about it here, but GoT got a second edition with new rules and I'm kinda new to FFG, I'm just wondering if we'd have to start collections over, if anyone'd be opposed to that?

>> No.40413276

I would hope they could find a way to not invalidate the expansion cards that had been released so far, but the rules nerd in me would like to see a revised core set at least.

I wouldn't mind seeing a full on second edition but I would probably prefer to have them wait until rotation is about to start and release them together.

>> No.40413341

I think they'd want to give rotation a chance first, see how things go after the first two cycles go, and at least give the next cycle a some time to see the reaction.

There's a lot of key cards in the first cycle, so it will be a true test of the game

>> No.40414867

It is seriously unlikely that we'll be seeing a second edition of (Android:) Netrunner. We haven't hit so much as a single rotation yet. It's not completely impossible, but it is HIGHLY improbable.

Not that I'd be entirely against some errata'd cards at some point, but there's just no way it'll be coming within the next couple years at least, and it seriously might not ever come.

Though I do feel a bit bad for HB and Criminal's lack of great stuff in their Big Boxes. I guess the Core Set holds more power for them, but it still feels a bit unfortunate.

>> No.40414993

And Weyland? Not quite as bad as the other two, but they needed it so much more

>> No.40416279

True, but I think it'd be easier to support the Weyland half of O&C, most of the cards just need a better way to advance ice or some extra tagging.

Criminal got the Centrals only suite, Security Testing, and Legwork, so I suppose they didn't do TOO badly with 5-6 cards, but Jinteki got at LEAST 8, mostly agendas (which was their big weakness).

HB got... 3-5 cards that see any competitive play. EffComm, Overwriter, Viktor 2.0, and then maybe Pet Project or Ichi or something. Solid cards, but none as amazing as even Security Testing has been for Criminal. Shaper got at least seven, all of which are more essential than any of what HB got.

By all rights Weyland should've gotten 8ish decent cards plus a couple great IDs. Which is to say they got 8ish cards that SHOULD be great but fall just slightly short. The support for the IDs just isn't there, and advance ice turns out to be kind of terrible because they don't realize BWBI is shit and all the support is going to rotate. They're getting more support for it all, but none of it is built into the box or core, which does mean they'll need to splash more for fixes. Anarch, on the other hand, got almost a full deck's worth of cards.

So while I think Weyland's position is awful, I don't think they're hurting quite so badly in the big box as much as I feel like they've been let down by what they've gotten in the datapacks. A better O&C showing would've been nice, but other things like Kaguya putting counters on three different cards rather than two would do almost as much to fix them, I think.

Maybe I'm off my rocker, though.

That said, I really want to do a Core Set + Deluxes only tournament after D&D hits to experiment with all of the non-rotating cards and see how they all shake out when left on their own.

>> No.40416425

I think we're more likely to see a second edition core set that only invalidates the core set cards, not changing the rules base.

>> No.40416527

I don't know, all the stuff advanceable needs, except maybe The Root and ToL, is in the big boxes, and with Genesis and Spin leaving there'll be a lot more things to worry about than the few tools for advancing ice.

>> No.40419777

I think the issue is more that Weyland has a much heavier reliance on importing stuff, though. They need a way to land 2+ tags at once for traffic accident, and most non-rotating ice is advanceable, but that doesn't make it good. FFG prices advance ice as though it getting several advances is a given because BWBI isn't total crap.

So they need more support from other factions or the data packs to make O & C good for them. But in terms of cards that could be good, they got a lot (although there are some stinkers like Searchlight - the generally worse Hunter) especially in comparison to HB.

Though being the only faction to nor have a rotation-proof 3/2 is also a thing, on the whole O&C had a fair few corporation cards that ought to be fairly good.

>> No.40420196

Seems a bit weird the stuff in the Nationals seems so bleh compared to that of the Regionals.

Would it have been that troublesome to include another 2-sided ID as a prize instead?

>> No.40422163

>and advance ice turns out to be kind of terrible because they don't realize BWBI is shit and all the support is going to rotate.
>all the support is going to rotate.

Made me take a closer look; because that's not something I agreed with on a hunch. But one should beware hunches.

So, what cards do we have that supports the Avance-ale ICE that isn't going to rotate?

Shipment from Kaguya Psychograhy I guess (I only once felt the need to use one to secure a server, but it is a possible use), Matrix Analyzer, Constellation Protocol, Space Camp, Satellite Grid.

What is going to rotate ? Trick of Light (ouch), Simone Diego (I'll miss her, but I'll be the excepion I think), BWBI, Commercialization (nother ouch) and The Root.

Then the ICE itself, we'll lose the advance-only-while-rezzzed set (which I don't think will much be missed) and the Morph set.

Overall, looking at the cards, I can't say I agree.

On the lack of posting, captcha is now hidden behind the field in which you're supposed to type it, making posting close to impossible for me (or well, so much guess work that I'm not going to bother for a while).

>> No.40422399

Ok, hear me out here. The big corp in the meta is RP. RP loves sentries so that you can't just bounce off then. RP tends to end up with multiple sentries stacked on their centrals - and centrals is where you really hurt them.

Could it finally be time to put Pipeline back in my deck, for the first time since my very first game of Netrunner?

>> No.40423205

Actually, Weylan is the only corp that *doesn't* have a rotation proof 3/2. The 3/2's that won't rotate are Astro, ABT and Philotic.

>> No.40423356

They really should have printed a 3/2 for Weyland in O&C. Otherwise, they ought to do so every few cycles so that Weyland won't be stuck without one.

>> No.40423385

Actually, you could. There is a paid ability window before the start of turn trigger.

>> No.40423401

Tsurugi: break for 6
Komainu: break for handsize
Swordsman: break for 5.

Why not just Mimic? I mean, are you really going to use Pipeline to break Susanoo for 13?

>> No.40423421

That's what he meant to say, " faction to nor have" was a simple typo.

They've said they aren't doing 3/2s any more, but they might feel they've got a better grip on balancing things now.
I hope so, anyway.

Using a Bad Card™? Heresy!
You might have a point though, if you can find a way to reliably pay for it decently, like recurring credits or BP.

And net-ready eyes would help immensely

>> No.40423482


Influence, and the option of breaking big surprises. Paying 14 to break Archer sucks, but it sucks less than losing 2 programs.

You're probably right though.

>> No.40424217

Well, if you're running in Shaper, then you probably ought to get through Archer with Sharpshooter.

>> No.40425238

I'm not saying the will....In the near future.

But they will, they always do.

>> No.40425485

RP Hasnt been a "sentry deck" in months. They run like 8-9 code gates now. 3 Enigma, 1-2 Lotus, 1-2 Tollbooth, 2 Cricks

>> No.40426827

AIZ, too, but I forgot Kaguya was core set.

It's not like there's a lot of support there in the first place, let's be honest. They price advance ice as though it wasn't advance ice, after all.

They say this, but Weyland are the only folks with just one anyway. They should get another (or Atlas again) just to even things out, power-wise. Even if it's just a one-of per deck, they need something.

(and yeah, nor was a typo)

They have... what, once? Twice? With games that DIDN'T rotate, which was introduced specifically to avoid the issues that forced 2nd Eds.

So no, they really might not.

>> No.40428827


if the cards aren't playable already then they don't count as good

"could be good someday maybe" is not the mark of a good card

if they get good, O&C will have been better, until then it sucked for W as much or more than C&C did for HB

>> No.40430845
File: 743 KB, 750x1000, 1432659655547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody using Turntable yet?

>> No.40431410


>Arkham Horror ---> Elderitch Horror

>Descent ----> Descent (Journey in the dark second edition)

>X-wing ----> Armada

Hell even the Warhammer LCG is being called Cosmic encounter 2.0 by some of my friends (Personally I think that one is a bit too far)

My experience with FFG leads me to believe we may get a Netrunner 2.0 one day, of course that's just from my experience and my interpretation of how similar the above games are (Which is hilariously subjective), so I can see what you are saying, when you say there are not many examples.

Besides Netrunner 2.0 may simply be a new core set or some weird rotating gimmick, doesn't really matter FFG will do it right.

>> No.40431595


>Descent ----> Descent (Journey in the dark second edition) ---> Imperial Assault

I would play the Cosmic Encounter LCG.

If Fantasy Flight released a new core set after forcing me to buy three at the start of all this. I would flip my shit and then, promptly go and buy three of the new core set like a good little Fantasy Flight drone.

>> No.40431872

I bought Arkham Horror and then they released Eldritch Horror. I was so mad.

>> No.40431884

aren't x-wing and armada both from the past year or two? and I heard x-wing was more focused on a small dogfight/skirmish style and armada lets you pull out the huge ships for a slower more strategic style game.

>> No.40431971

X-wing is 2012, while Armada is 2014. Both rip off Wings of War anyway.

>> No.40433138

>They price advance ice as though it wasn't advance ice
Annoyingly true. I think the worst offender (though not a terrible piece of ice once powered up) has to be Swarm.
8 Credits and 1 BP, and you still have to advance it. And the runner can pay their way through, at a push

>> No.40433387

I was given a copy of it as a gift from a friend who didn't want all their time and money (custom storage, all expansions) wasted by the updated version, I further past it on as I also didn't want my one invalidated.

While the focus are different (Scale Wise) the game's are pretty much the same, Armada is merely the newer, cleaner version.

Don't forget the Startrek attack wings game, where the ships look like they are made out of soap and are all the wrong size.

No, but while playing my Jinteki Biotech deck, a little voice in my head keeps telling me "If he had turntable and did X, then Y would be pointless and why, GOD why am I running this deck with turntable released, the can accidentally win the game by hitting fetals" But so far I have been lucky and not seen it.

>> No.40433541

The whole x-wing/armada/attack wing thing pisses me off.
Attack wing should be being produced by FFG and on the armada system, not a dogfighting sysem, for obvious reasons. And armada can just dissapear for all I care, no one is into star wars for it's capital ships.

>> No.40433559

Has Spoiler-Ken ever been actually right about the text of a card? Ever?

>> No.40433655

Almost all of the time?
What have you been smoking anon?

>> No.40433674

Well, turntable is a turntable. But I don't know if it would change the way I play my decks that much. I don't feel I can do anything if a runner suddenly decides to swap my agendas.

You'd be surprised. Most of the players I know that play X-Wing are looking forward to Armada, and some thinks it's a shame it wasn't released earlier, since now they put so much money into their X-Wing squads.

On the subject of Weyland advanceable ICE. I like the concept of Morphs, but they are actually pretty expensive. Anybody had any success with it?

>> No.40434644

Otly Changeling's been good in my experience. Wendigo is so-so. Lycan is rubbish. A str 4 ETR sentry is pretty good, forces the runner to go find their Atman. Wendigo is straight up tax for cheap.

>> No.40436013
File: 48 KB, 416x609, Chameleon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know the next pack focusses on Criminal cards, but I'm really looking forward to pic related.

>> No.40436330

You're not the only one.

>> No.40436462

What's with the name and tripcode?

>> No.40436510


>> No.40436517
File: 69 KB, 300x418, llds-processor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chameleons high on (L)LDS, hell yeah.

>> No.40436655

Just got the starter box set today, is there any expansions that are pretty good to get right off the bat or does it depend on playstyle?

>> No.40436764

Play a bit with the cards in there. Maybe get What Lies Ahead for based Plascretes and more agendas for everyone. Once you get a feel for things and gravitate towards a faction, get things with IDs for that faction. They tend to have good things to support those playstyles.

>> No.40436894
File: 634 KB, 1258x1000, 1432845012696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What lies ahead have agendas for all factions, so it's a good starting point if you still don't know what to do.

Opening Moves brings Jackson Howard, which really helps the Corps to save the game from awkward situations like having 3 agendas in hand.

Future Proof have reliable multiaccess for Shapers, a great bioroid barrier for Corps, and faeries for Crims. Do you believe in faeries anon?

If your runner play have troubles keeping up with money, Kati Jones is in Humanity's Shadow.

For Deluxe boxes, Creation and Control is practically a must. Corp side is weak, but runner side really change all over how Shapers play, while at the same time helps a lot to all runner's factions.

In any case, you can just play with the core box for a while, get used to it, it's very mathsy and some people are not looking for that kind of game.

>> No.40436965

Apologies, accidentally left it on from an unrelated thread.

>> No.40437011

Lol just felt weird since you weren't spoiling anything, no biggie.

... unless you have delicious spoilers for us?

>> No.40437117

None relevant unless you're in the /tg/ netrunner steam group.
Ord is cooler than Nyan.

>> No.40438848
File: 167 KB, 300x418, yog.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40438906

Shut up kika, you're waifu a shit.

>> No.40438908

Others have covered most everything. >>40436894 in particular lists out reasons why you'd want most stuff.

Other than those recs, though, it depends on what you like playing. Give the Core Set a go, see what you enjoy. Tinker around with deckbuilding just within the Core Set at some point (there's a bunch of mediocre-feeling cards you can replace with out of faction ones to make everything feel better).

Once you know if you like the game, either follow that general advice or come back asking for help for specific factions then.

If you don't like the game so much, you won't be out the cash (though it's great, not everyone finds it as addicting as some of us).

Don't worry if you like the feel of a particular style of play in Core that feels sort of weak, though. A lot of new archetypes have been created and old archetypes supported.

>> No.40439485
File: 119 KB, 227x240, waaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else excited to exploit the neutral identities?

You made me laugh so hard it hurt.

>> No.40440044


>> No.40440222

hell yeah guys thanks, gonna try and get through the rule book with a little help from youtube

>> No.40440254
File: 30 KB, 480x360, tripledouble.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40443277

Yeah, the online tutorial thing is pretty handy.
On another topic, anyone excited for Trope? I feel like people are writing it off because it's not as good for MaxX as some folks wanted, but at the same time I think it's got a tonne of potential, for Noise in particular.

Hard as finding deckslots might be, I'd take 2-3 Trope over a Levy, get in on that SMC action.

>> No.40443319

does anyone actually use Paige Piper or did she turn out to be a dud?

>> No.40443651

She's not good enough to justify the splash and anarch doesn't have a build were it wants to run enough unique cards that you get sufficient deck filtering from her to be worth the slot. She has to trigger at least 3 or more times a game to be worth the deck slot compared to just putting in draw.>>40443319

>> No.40443955

The need for sequencing can really ruin your day. A friend of mine ran Paige in Valencia, but she just didn't pop up quickly enough to make a significant difference, or the trigger being only on the first card installed really ruined Val's day with icebreaker sequencing.

>> No.40444070
File: 42 KB, 251x350, Moneyandpoppedcollars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone been playing around with Fisk decks? I must have made one for him every 3 months. He seems a lot better than he did in Spin cycle.

Fisk ice Hemorrhage

Event (21)
2x Dirty Laundry
3x Fisk Investment Seminar
2x Forged Activation Orders
2x Immolation Script ••••• •
2x Inside Job
2x Legwork
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble
2x Unscheduled Maintenance

Hardware (2)
2x Desperado

Resource (10)
1x Earthrise Hotel
1x Enhanced Vision
2x Kati Jones
3x Same Old Thing
2x Security Testing
1x Symmetrical Visage

Icebreaker (7)
1x Cerberus "Rex" H2
1x Corroder ••
3x Faerie
1x Femme Fatale
1x Passport

Program (5)
3x Datasucker •••
2x Parasite ••••

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Universe of Tomorrow

>> No.40444796

Why Immolation Script? I'd rather run Eden and Utopia Shards. The single Earthrise doesn't make much sense to me, I'd probably change it to a second Symmetrical Visage for consistency. As much as you want to blow up their ice with Para-sucker and go ham with Immolation Script, I don't know how frequently you'll get to see doubles of their ice, even with flooding them. Overall feels like it needs more econ, though I'm not certain about it. I'll probably get to crafting Fisk once we get more info about the cards in Universe of Tomorrow.

>> No.40444827


What is the board game called?

>> No.40445106

Android: The Boardgame

>> No.40445133
File: 864 KB, 567x769, Ugly Noise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just called Android.

You play as one of five detectives
Caprice Nisei
Louis Blaine
Floyd 2X3A7C
Rachel Beckman
Raymond Flint

I've not played it, but I hear it's okay.

It's also where we get our first look at Noise, as a suspect

>> No.40445162


You can also pay to flatline him in this game as well. Via Human First iirc.

>> No.40445382
File: 1011 KB, 1261x1000, Noise is a dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, he is a massive dick

>> No.40445479

>Watch this. It'll be funny.

>> No.40445908

I know, I mean look at the Assault frigate MKII it looks like a bullfrog, the game is damn good though.

It would be great if we could pull all the statistics off of Netrunner DB and find out what datapacks are most popular, so we can actually find out which ones are most used.

>> No.40445934

Opening Moves.

>> No.40446259

Now that Net Ready Yog is back, is it time to drop every code gate under strength 5? I feel my RSVP is useless now.

>> No.40446409

According to all my deck statistics, its O&C at 12% of all decks, then What lies Ahead at 5%

>> No.40446454

Hardware destruction might move up in priority?

0 Cost mean it's cheap to trash, and you can also burn PPVPs and Clone Chips while you're there.

Hell, they even included a trap for trashing hardware, though it has the incredibly lame "the runner chooses", so that's not likely to hit NRE unless it's the only thing out there

>> No.40446470

Your personal decks, or just statistics?

Because if a person owns Opening Moves, 99% of their corp decks will include a card from it

>> No.40446744


>Cerebral Imaging: 50%
What the fuck are they doing

>> No.40446927

Triple Scotch triple SfSS for reliability.

CI can draw through an agenda flood and they never get the best value play of Jackson in a server with their game plan, definitely better places to slot the influence.

>> No.40446949

My personal deck, I'm evaluating it on what percentage of the overall decks are made up of each datapack, so while all corp decks may have jackson howard, not all of them have a high percentage of opening moves in them. I think this a better way to judge a datapacks popularity.

>Weyland BABW 20%
This is why I use Netrunner DB

>> No.40447011

>>Weyland BABW 20%
>This is why I use Netrunner DB
The only people playing BABW are those who just started and only have the core set. It seems accurate.

>> No.40447035

Overall popularity isn't a great measure when it comes to some cases though - most corps want Jackson, and thus opening moves.

Most Shapers want C&C, as it's the pack that defines that faction in a way no other pack-faction combo really does.

Double Time is likely to rank high - NAPD and Caprice are both massive, and there's also Lucky Find and Hive

>> No.40447080

Anybody noticed how Viktor 1.0 in Stronger Together is an Eli 1.0 that does brain damage?

>> No.40447226

Yes, but an Eli in Stronger together is a Firewall with two subroutines.

>> No.40447241

Viper is the Code Gate Eli 1.0.

>> No.40447257

>Viper is a more porous code gate eli

>> No.40447262

I'm not looking at popularity of Datapacks, I'm looking at number of cases of cards from each Datapack.

As for specific decks using specific packs, that's why I need to put more data in, to balance it all out.

> Core 19.68%
> O&C 10.63%
> Breaker Bay 6.32%
> Opening Moves 5.85%
> What Lies Ahead 4.78%

>> No.40447295

Sadly, a Firewall is still a Firewall in Stronger Together. Still both Viktor and Eli are pretty good for Stronger Together.

>> No.40447307

>It's as taxing as eli

>> No.40447323

>CI can draw through an agenda flood and they never get the best value play of Jackson in a server with their game plan, definitely better places to slot the influence.
There is no card that can draw you as many cards as Jackson, he's way more sustainable than anything else. And also CI decks are often likely to run out of cards because of their draw, so Jackson's second ability is also very useful for them.

>This is why I use Netrunner DB
I don't understand what NetrunnerDB has to do with this.

>> No.40447431

It's a code gate, not a barrier.

There's a reason this wasn't as ball busting in its hey day, and saw ever decreasing play since spin. Even STR 4 is emminently Yoggable, which will always be the silver bullet to an otherwise taxing ice.

History of deck construction has shown that runners aren't willing to take a resource intensive but more efficient fracter at the tempo cost of having to install it to break binary end the run ice.

Because of its subtype and the nature of breakers runners choose to combat that subtype Eli will remain much more reliably taxing than Viper.

>> No.40447755

Besides Viper is susceptible to Gingerbread, the most overused breaker in the game.

>> No.40447807

What is this going to be in?

Cause I need it. Badly.

>> No.40447852

>What is this going to be in?
>Cause I need it. Badly.
You can check the little number at the bottom. 69 means it's in the 4th pack range (61-80).

>> No.40447873


>> No.40447907

>You Beauty

>> No.40448268

Underway. Next pack.

>> No.40448359

>cambridge regionals

>nbn 17
>near earth hub 17

>weyland 16
>blue sun 14
man I remember some guy in these threads talking about how playing blue sun was not worth it when it was released

>> No.40448377
File: 321 KB, 3264x2448, aEIAeq2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>forgetting picture

>> No.40448404

>more whizzards than andromedas
I'd have never thought this day would come

>> No.40448421

I don't remember those threads. Blue Sun was strong since release, OAI curtain walls and Adonis all over the place. I remember the talk about a new dawn for Supermodernism and Scorched decks.

>> No.40448476
File: 232 KB, 848x282, MoiDSuC[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40448544
File: 164 KB, 340x284, kit-tagged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3 tags

>> No.40449851


Anonymous Shareholdings
Criminal - Event

>Gain credits equal to the number of cards in HQ.

Cost 1
Inf 2

>> No.40449985

Blue Sun has a fundamentally different strategy from Supermodernism. Instead of hitting you right in the face from the get-go it builds a slower, more sustainable game. Titan is the Supermodernism ID of choice these days.

>> No.40450003

Yeah, no. Criminals don't need a third Sure Gamble. That should cost at least 2 so you'd need Leela/Fisk shenanigans to make it better than Sure Gamble.

>> No.40450563

What's their second sure gamble?
Three steps ahead? Calling in favours?

>> No.40450582

Dirty Laundry + Desperado

>> No.40452428 [SPOILER] 
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How do you keep your playmats stored and how do you brings them to your FLGS?

>> No.40453562

>How do you keep your playmats stored
rolled on a shelf, on top of the box with all the cards
>how do you brings them to your FLGS
rolled up in my MANBAG

>> No.40453799

new thread


>> No.40456324


Aesops is non virtual resource

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