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"To Sea or not to Sea"

Hear ye, respected battlemages of Ziona.

In order to relieve pressure from the main cyoa generals, this thread and those following it have been set up as a temporary isolation for the popular Battlemage cyoa by SDA. Feel free to post your builds here and shoot the shit between your characters.

Please note that this is NOT a quest, and NOT ONLY an rp thread. Any discussion pertinent to the cyoa itself is very much welcome. Please do not discuss any cyoa meta stuff; for that you can use the main general.

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First for Hydromancy being a thing.

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Mark: Hunter

Armor: All Leather Rogue set

Weapons: Cutlass/Shield Catalyst Combo, two Daggers, Recurve Bow

Spells: Full Shadow set, omitting Dark Shard Storm, though it pains me to do so

Companions: Igor Tsekhanovetsky, Faren Lovell, Christoffle Jurdan

My vision is a team of people who can run deep into Detritus territory, causing chaos with raids and seeking out strategic targets long before they could become an issue for others.

Igor's abilities not only work great for taking out huge enemies, but for also crashing through fortresses and making a nice distraction, while the hunters go to work. Myself and Christoffle would make a good duo, fanatic Divine and subtle Shadow working in tandem. Faren is too interesting to be ignored and his magical power would be a huge boon to the team, however I would have concerns about him going evil. He's got that Jafar look. Also, I intend to bang Abby in my free time.

I do wonder how one might interact with the other companion choices in your free time. For example, if you made friends with Phisora, could she help you plan an assault on a fallen battlemage? Can I truly get it in with Abby?

Also, by gaining experience, can we experiment and grow with our magic? Perhaps developing new techniques as Faren does?

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Don't forget the secret school.

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but who is Abby banging in her free time?

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Her Magebook status says she's single!

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Must be a lot of people then lmao

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Girl is like the neighborhood bicycle. Not that this is a bad thing mind you, but if not for her 'heritage' she'd of dropped dead from exhaustion by now.

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>Can I truly get it in with Abby?
I thought you meant "get into Abby". Can't be very hard.

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When you change your form using Changeling, is it permanent or do you revert back to your original self after a set amount of time?

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Build Repost Mark III: I came up with this first edition

>Wizard Hat
>Battle Robes
>Knight Gauntlets
>Wizard Robes Bottom

>Hybrid: Titan Blade + Lightning(?) Staff


>Elemental Dragon (Lightning)

>Plasma Weapons
>Energy Siphon
>>Energy Focus
>>>Energy Barrier
>Void Stare
>>Void Call
>>>Void Cast (no, its name is stupid. I'm using this one)

>Step 1: Mjolnir
>Step 2: Hold large metal stick skywards during a thunderstorm
>Step 3: Spam Overload at large, slow, dumb target

Seriously, not one reply to this in all the threads?

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Maybe her newfound freedom has made her very choosy and she wants to experience real love

But also doesn't understand the emotional connection most humans attach to sexual acts.

For example, a prophet helps her work out destructive kinks in a demonic flame spell. She repays with a blojob and doesn't understand why her boyfriend is upset by this

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Anon, I hate to break it to you but...
It's easier to find the one you love, then get each other to be as depraved as you both like in the bedroom than it is to find a depraved girl and try to make her fall in love with you.

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Interesting build, focused on a large amount of magical damage. I'll tank so you can cast without worry.

Soldier helmet
Knight Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

2 Bucklers, hybrid with wands: 5 slots total
Shield Catalyst


Felena Wyverun: 5 slots
Anna Blanc: 6 slots
Zalixar Nyhr: 8 slots

>FORCE: Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch, Black Hole
>DIVINE: Mending Sparks, Guardian's Halo, God's Wrath, Weapons of Light
>FROST: Frozen Heart

I can launch+cannonball the big monsters to draw their attention, and use my dense and holy powered fists to cause damage. Not only that, but my armour and healing abilities can absorb attacks from them, as well as divert damage to me. If all else fails, I can use Black Hole and cause enemy attacks to gravitate towards me.

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Vladimir Ivashov
Mark: Slayer

Armor: All Knight set

Weapons: Custom Tower Shield/Staff of Lightning (5 w slots)

Density -> Unstoppable Force -> Launch -> Black Hole

Bolt -> Shock Force
Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus -> Energy Barrier

Elemental Dragon (8 c slots, 1 w slot)

Game Plan:
1) Fly in far above enemy on dragon
2) Swan dive off of dragon
3)Use Density on Tower Shield while in air
4)Use Black Hole while in air to achieve a terrifying terminal velocity
5) Land on, and most likely go straight through enemy, using tower shield as point of impact
6)Assuming nothing has survived near the point of impact, Launch back up to dragon
7)Energy Focus, then Rinse and Repeat
If things get hectic on the ground, casting of Shock Force and Energy Barrier while using Energy Focus will protect me while my dragon picks of any remaining enemies until I'm able to commence operation Majora's Moon again.

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Another living cannonball.
Muh Force user

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Just engaging in a little role play, anon. I know that. Learned it the hard way, like most idiots

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Any of the fellow Slayers up for RP?

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Aceline Dupond

Knight Set, save for Soldier's Greaves

Runed Blade(Staff: Divine + Greatsword)
Runed Boots (1 slot weapon, kicks hit like a war hammer.)
Shield Catalyst


Iselota Lyenne
Sonya Keilana
Tilly Rohesia
Daniel Roland

Force: Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch
Divine: Weapons of Light, Mending Sparks, Guardian's Halo, God's Wrath, Light Ray
Frost: Ice Heart

A noble's daughter who joined the Battlemages out of a sense of Noblesse Oblige, she has a reputation of being arrogant but well meaning. The first to defend an ally and the last to retreat from a battle, even if abandoning an ally would be the better option. This has earned her a position in the Sentinels, where such a mindset will do more harm than good.

Not a specialist by any means but an accomplished jack of all trades magically with a heavily focus on defending her allies and striking down foes like a bolt from the very heavens themselves. A similarity in magical styles has earned her the mentorship of Daniel Roland, who she believes can achieve greatness with work. She has earned a comfortable friendship with Iselota, a regular dueling partner of hers and Sonya Keilana, with whom she has stood back to back. Iselota has, in turn, recently been placed in charge of looking after a new recruit who acts as scout for her battalion, Tilly Rohesia.

>Honestly, I'm not sure if avoiding rank 3s leaves someone underpowered...but they have a lot of versitility within the area of being ungodly hard to take down and hitting like a mack truck.

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>Honestly, I'm not sure if avoiding rank 3s leaves someone underpowered

It is debatable, but I'm on the side that says the creative application of a spell usually matters more than its raw power/tier-ranking.

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>Ice Heart
But can sweet love melt it?

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I figured with splitting up this much it wouldn't be a superpowered rank 3 like some other people can manage so it would cost me less to skip it.

That and I figure (Not sure if right) that the rank 3s are horribly mana costing, so someone not running them could outlast an opponent if they can survive the rank 3s.


>where such a mindset will do more harm than good.

...wrong way about. Doy.

>where such a mindset will do more good than harm.

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I can rp for a short while.

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Vals Nimpol, the Foothold
Sentinel of Undead, Nature, and Lightning
>Soul Guardians, Army of the Dead, Root, Energy Focus
>Battle Hood, Knight Cuirass, Battle Gloves, Soldier Greaves.
>Staff of Undead/Shield Catalyst hybrid
>Guillame Juhel and Undead Behemoth

He found power that flowed from within.Unsatisfied, he drank from earth, breathed from sky, ripped from life.

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Wizard Hat
Leather Armor
Soldier Gauntlets
Wizard Robes Bottom

>>Weapons & Shields
[5]Shield Catalyst


[6]Guillame Juhel
[8]Roseia Joceus


2.Doppelganger Slave
4.Silver Tongue
5.Desire Peek

8.Mark of Fear
After seeing so many brave individuals go out and fight I decided to create a private getaway for all battlemages.

My palace is dedicated to providing a relaxing environment where battlemanges can relax and recuperate after being out in the field. Whether you want to talk, play games, get pampered, or even have an intimate experience you can be sure that you'll enjoy your experience at the Elysium Retreat.

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Repostan, I can RP.

Knight Helmet
Soldier Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Square Shield
Shield Catalyst
> Stack the Catalyst and the Square Shield.


> Idemay, the waifu.
> Elemental Drake

> Flame Weapons, Flame Armor, Dragonfire, Nova
> Weapons of Light, Mark of Redemption, Angelic Wings, Archangel
> Density

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So, you're the proprietor of this lounge?

>> No.40337774

No, I imagine that the lounge is just everyone hanging out at the academy. The Retreat would be for ERP.

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Battle Robe Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Knight Greaves

Earth Staff + Great Hammer
Hand Axe


Zalixar Nyhr
Theo Giraud
Tyrant mounts

>Earth Spells
Launcher and Immovable Object lines, Black Hole.

>Void Spells
Spell Block and Spell Grab

A team built for long haul monster hunting. Theo brings frost and nature crowd control magic and is an expert at hitting a monster's inevitable glowing weak spot. Zalixar brings debilitating magical support and his own unique brand of expert monster hunting advice. Tyrant mounts give the team long range and allow the ranged members to quickly reposition.

This team fights with attrition. Theo's frost enchanted crossbow freezes joints and Zalixar's magic saps a monster's energy.

Our own equipment and spells provide the stamina and durability required for long fights against powerful monsters, enough agility to evade their strongest attacks, and the strength to cripple limbs and batter down armor in preparation for the death blow.

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So which one of us is going to kick it off?

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You first, I never RPed on /tg/ before.

I have RPed on other sites though.

>> No.40337944


I'd probably recommend irc or something myself.

>> No.40337961


So, how about that new "Elysium Retreat" place that's just opened up? Seems like a fine, upstanding establishment.

>> No.40337993

IRC is... probably a better choice, that way we don't clutter this thread. Unfortunately, I'm lazy as shit.
Julius shrugs, still sitting and staring into the small campfire the group had set up. His helmet sat on his lap, and the fire reflected into his eyes as he spoke, still exhausted from their most recent hunt, "It sounds pretty... Uh, pretty seedy, I mean." It was easy to tell that the fatigue was finally settling in.

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Jin polished his helmet meticulously as he listened intently to the necromancer and Julius' conversation. Sadly Jin had not heard of this establishment yet. "What retreat now?" Jin asked the necromancer.

>> No.40338114

"They set up a pleasure house somewhere in the north end. Meant specifically for battlemages, they say."

>> No.40338135

"Yeah, uh, supposedly they use some kind of magic to enhance the whole experience. I don't... I just think there are more important things to be doing, like our jobs, for one." Julius began inspecting the edge of his blade. It was still in fair shape -- though that run in with that Detritus had left some of his gear looking a little worse for wear.

>> No.40338162

"Well, I don't see any detritus about at this hour of the night. So how about a practice match? Two first or second-tier spells apiece, just using our axes so we don't tear the street apart."

>> No.40338166

At the word of pleasure house Jin stopped the polishing of his helm, and then picked up his bucklers. The spikes on them were coated in dried blood, and Jin began to clean his bucklers as well.

"I don't even want to imagine what type of magic they'd be using," Jin shook his head at the notion of magical prostitutes for battlemages. "Guess that last one was a bit tougher than you thought?" he japed at Julius, noticing him keenly gazing at his sword.

>> No.40338207

"A bit, yeah." He ran a finger along a chip. He'd need to get that fixed as soon as he could.
"A practice match? I... Well, alright. I'm as ready as you are. Just two first tier spells though -- I won't use my wings, either. For this I'll use..." Julius thought for a moment. "Density and Weapons of Light." He stood up, replacing his helm on his head. He picked up his large shield, and grasped the hilt of his sword. "Let's go a little light, though. You never know when they'll strike."

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Within the space of less than half a minute, the necromancer colloquially known as Smashfucker activated three spells.

"Fazha Dromm!" said he, as the icy pall of a Frozen Heart spread across his face.

Then he took a small vial of blood from beneath his breastplate, drank it, and incanted, "Seliung hai Ramma!" The Sanguine Essence filled his veins, making his eyes grow wide as saucers.

And finally he said, "Djul," and tapped his axe with his middle finger, causing its keen edge to go blunt. Then he hefted his square shield and invited his opponent to strike first.

(I suggest we roll for the combat, but it's up to you.)

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At the readying of his two companions for battle, Jin Jin pulled out a small skin of wine, removed the stopper, and took a drink. Perhaps it wasn't a great idea the only one not fighting was drinking, but they had just killed one of the more lethal beasts-there shouldn't be another one around for a while.

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Made some changes from the one I posted last thread.

>Leander of Mysos
Physical Skill: S
Magical Skill: D

Knights helmet
Aegis Curiass
Knight Gauntlet
Aegis Greaves

Titan Blade+Wand
Short Sword


Ève Laveux


Density > Unstoppable Force > Launch > Black Hole
Seismic Sense > Deflect > Immovable Object
Spell Block > Spell Grab

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Currently listening to


I gotta find out who killed my dad.

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Rolled 65 (1d100)

Julius watched Smashfucker's motions carefully, aware of how his foe works. He knew that he was destructive -- but could his undead magic bode better than his own Angelic? He carefully, slowly approached his foe -- whom he was sure hadn't forgotten just how agile he was in this armor, let alone simply *fast*. As he closed in, jabbing at his defenses, he finally swung, hard, fast, and violently, his weapons bathed in light with a strength that belied their appearance.

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Rolled 40 (1d100)

Roll first, write second.

>> No.40338449

Do you want me to rewrite my post, or are you writing something up right now?

>> No.40338461

The necromancer realized, after the fact, that his strength could have allowed him to take the light-empowered blow directly on the shield, thus giving him the chance to potentially counter with one of his own. However, something in the night air told him that this sword should be met face-to-face with his axehead. So, he took a big, open swing at the bar of light speeding towards him.

The two weapons met with a resounding clash, and the so-called Smasher of Fucks was sent spinning in mid-air before landing face-first on the cobblestones. After a moment of... reflection, he scrambled up to his feet. Surgate was shaking his right hand, as if it had itself been jarred from a hard impact, but his smiling face said something altogether different.

With a combative grunt, the necromancer ran at the light mage, axe poised to strike.

>> No.40338473

Rolled 31 (1d100)


>> No.40338483

Rolled 17 (1d100)

However this turns out, you write it this time.

>> No.40338513

His blade glowed in his hands as Smashfucker began charging towards him. He could see the other Slayer -- barely, but just enough to evade his wide swing entirely, before bringing his shield to bear, smashing it into his opponent's cuirass. He put all of his weight behind the blow, and thanks to Density, sent the battlemage flying through the air once more, though this time Smashfucker had managed to land on his feet. "Had enough yet?" Julius taunted. He was just getting started.

>> No.40338560

Rolled 55 (1d100)

"No. And for your information, I'm actually a Vanguard!"

Surgate wondered why Smashfucker would choose to share this information now. While he was wondering, the opposing battlemage quickly thrust forward. The bottom edge of his shield was stuck out like a fist, and aimed for the light mage's throat.

>> No.40338573

Rolled 5 (1d100)


>> No.40338604

Wait, shit, so are you writing this one?

>> No.40338624

Julius was flung far backwards, farther than he logically should have been -- the rim of Smashfucker's shield having struck hard into his throat. For a moment, he was worried that he couldn't breathe. Julius slammed into the dirt, his shield and weapon falling by the wayside as he clutched at his throat. He raised an arm in surrender as he still clutched at his throat, slowly but surely regaining his breathing.

"Jesus, I thought we were going light," he choked out, still catching his breath. He had been through worse, but it didn't lessen the utter fear and panic that spread through him at the thought of choking to death,

>> No.40338630

...And I think I have to sleep now, since I can't differentiate commas and periods. It was fun; I'll see you guys tomorrow as well, I suppose.

>> No.40338646

"I only break out that little gem when I think I'm going to lose. Take it as a compliment."

Goodnight to you too. Don't let the eldritch monsters bite.

>> No.40338666

"Good fight I must say. Here," Jin used his Mending Sparks magic to alleviate Julius' suffering as he helped him up.

I think I'll call it a night too.

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All this time I haven't seen anyone use Force. Such a shame.

Muh build:

Armor: Wizard Hat, Battle Robes, Knight Gauntlets, Aegis Greaves

Weapon: Hybrid Longsword Mace/Great Hammer to Longsword Mace/Great Hammer Staff

Mark: Vanguard

Companions: Sigma Admund, Fharan Qtinn

School: Force, full power.

>> No.40338812

Fharan Qrinn. Typos, typos.

>> No.40338823

>All this time I haven't seen anyone use Force. Such a shame.


>> No.40338862

Lesson learned: Never ever post a statement that can expire if you dally while completing it.

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Knight helmet
Knight cuirass
Knight gautlets
Aegis greaves

Spear+staff(ice enchanted)
Shield catalyst


Ice drake


Frost armour > obsidian ice > flash freeze > glacial winds
Cryo shot > seeker shards > comet
Frozen heart

Dark shards

Living most of his life on the north, he learned one thing - the ice kills everything, be it raging fire, natures greatest manifestation or living human. That's why he now uses it against his enemies. Taking name of the only living thing to survive ice blizzard of the north, small birds named icecat.
Notable to get into conflict with other mages, like: with fire mages over why it's better to freeze things than melt what I've already turned into the ice statue!
with lightning mages over "you're even worse than fire mages. What you gonna do, zap me?"
with acoustic mages over "how it's even possible to call this puny street trick "magic", sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my blizzard"
with every non-ice mage who learned forzen heart over " You cursed beings don't understand full potential of ice magic, every long dead great ice mage is now spinning in his tomb !"
with ice mages who learned ice permanence over "Why would you lose time on learning worst ice magic ever discovered! You're disgrace to your keen, your house, your city and whole Zionia. Choosing best school of magics and failing to learn anything useful"
with cartographers over lake that's called Bone SEA.
with water mages over "why you even exist? You're using an ice magic for babies"

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Got a feeling you're not too friendly with the other Slayers.

>> No.40339007

I've got a feeling he'll be dead in the ground before the next winter. You need friends to survive.

>> No.40339015

>What you gonna do, zap me?
Quote from man zapped. Probably quite frequently.

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File: 22 KB, 500x363, Icecat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I found an image of Icecat's average day out.

Also: Man, Slayers are popular.

>> No.40339035

Ooh, saucy. I think I'm going to like you.

>> No.40339052

Because everyone wants to be the guy who goes after the big ones

>> No.40339080

>Slayers are popular
Considering their life expectancy, it's a good thing.

How much battles an average slayer sees in his life? I think around 2-3.

>> No.40339121

Don't think many others will do that.

>> No.40339129

If I did what most other people do, I wouldn't be called "Smashfucker" and be raising skeletons from out the ground as my day job.

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Susan Farsight

>Leather Hood
>Leather Armour
>Leather Gloves
>Leather Boots

>Hybrid Bow/Staff (Lightning)
>Shield Catalyst


No Companions

>Lightning Dragon


Lightning School
>Plasma Weapons, Blink, Magnetism, Bolt, Shock Force, Smite, Mjolnir
Nature School

Sure being a Forerunner doesn't bring in the ladies like being a Slayer, Vanguard... hell even Prophets have that whole diplomatic power thing going for them. Point is information is power, if I tell the Vanguards that there is a lapse in their defences or a Slayer that some Titans have been spotted or Sentinels an attack is coming it allows them to do their jobs.

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>Battle Robe Hood
>Battle Robes
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Aegis Greaves
>[4ws] Custom Weapon Staff-Spear Hybrid: Arcane Enchanted.
>[5ws] Shield Catalyst
>[8cs] Dragon: Arcane Breath
>[6ws] Elemental Mount: Arcane
>Frozen Heart
>Energy Siphon
>Energy Focus
>Energy Barrier
>Void Star
>Void Call
>Haste Caste

Unlimited power, defender of the last bastion of civilized society - the unwavering guardian whose defensive barriers, destructive storms, merciless rays and seemingly boundless energy reserves serve as both offense and defense, with added utility to sap my enemies of their energy, should their eyes be unlucky enough to fall on me, and the ability to energize my allies. I am a servant of my order, the people and the enemy of all who would dare mar the lands I protect.

It lacks the healing I would have liked to add in, as well as many other aspects that would add to the unwavering magical guardian that heals and supports/defends their allies/people while still being able to dish out magical devastation. Any thoughts on how to improve/change the build are welcome.

I kind of want that "Archon" feel to it.

>> No.40339185

This is one of my first builds... criticism?

>> No.40339196

>No Companions

Well it's a good thing you're a Forerunner.

>> No.40339273

That was my thinking, larger groups are only easier to spot. This said maybe a bundle of low level forerunners could make a solid team.

>> No.40339299

It ain't a job that garner praise from the public like some of the other, but someone has to do it and you seem more than capable enough for it.

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File: 107 KB, 1259x635, gate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Battle Robe Hood, Aegis Cuirass, Knight Gauntlets, Aegis Greaves
>Custom Weapon Short Sword/Wand
>Targe, Shield Catalyst
>Plasma Weapons, Blink, Magnetism, Energy Siphon, Energy Focus, Energy Barrier
>Void Stare, Void Call

"By the earth beneath their feet and the metal upon their bodies, our enemies shall fall."

>> No.40339368

A group of four or five people is less conspicuous than a dragon, I would think. But then again, what do I know about subtlety?

>> No.40339375

But i'm here to be cool and slay beast, and it's already -5C here

>> No.40339380

Oh right mounts and stuff.
>Horse, Elemental Mount Lightning
>Alexandros Phmic

Sentinels unite.

>> No.40339415

If you go up high enough and fly at night I doubt you'd be that conspicuous but I do get your point... Maybe I should look at thoroughly redoing the companion/mount section.

>> No.40339468

I'd imagine the Tyrant would be the best mount for scouting.

>> No.40339519

every slayer wants bruce to witness him

>> No.40339563
File: 2.84 MB, 250x155, Cutest swordsman alive.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe this time Bruce senpai will notice me!

>> No.40339640

The Generator
>Mage Hat
>Soldier Cuirass
>Leather Gloves
>Soldier Greaves
>4 Bow-Staff Hybrid
>5 Dagger + Buckler
>6 Flute
>1 Hendry Bertram - Fire
>1 Phisora Janeth - Shadow Prophet
>1 Anna Blanc - Force/Divine Slayer
>1 Juliana Angaret - Lightning Vanguard
>2 Arael Henriet - Frost Prophet
>3 Theo Giraud - Frost/Undead Sentineel

>Frozen Heart
>Energy Siphon
>>Energy Focus
>>>Energy Barrier
>Soul Seeker
>Void Stare
>>Void Call

Training regiments are typically lead by Second Battlemages, in this case, Theo Giraud, who leads a mixed squad of those considered future leadership material to learn from his unique style.
Helping out during their trial runs is the battlemage who calls himself the Generator; although he has very little offensive focus, preferring instead his bow, the combination of lightning chains and his extraordinary stamina make him a valuable teammate for mana intensive attackers.

Basically, Void Call lowers magic cost, with the boost from mage hat added to staff and aria, plus the stamina from soldier's cuirass and frozen heart, and lightning regen plus refuel from soul seekers, means basically i can keep people topped up with magic via lightning chains basically indefinitely.

>> No.40339673

also i'm kinda similar to
here, although i like how you took a similar sentinel build and made it very laser-y. I think i picked up a bit further on the healing and such but no t4 spells might suck in a 1v1, that's why i needed a big squadron.

In general I feel like we're not thinking with enough military strategy in mind, but maybe that's just me. I imagine the generator being a fuel well for like a back line of caster-artillery.

>> No.40339781

Name: Valerien "Vanilla" Glaciem.

Armour: Everything from the Knight set.

Equipment: Wand, spear, kite shield, mace.

Mark: Sentinel.

Companions: Mikeal Ouren, Juliana Angaret and Danilene Roland.

Mount: Behemoth.

Magic: Everything from Frost except Ice Permeance.

The plan: "Be the wall." "NO FEAR! NOT ONE STEP BACK!"

With the ice spells crowd control and containment should be easy. Unless the enemies are immune to ice magic they will be frozen to death. ...And if there are enemies that are immune to cold the ice will at least keep them in place as my allies deal with the beast. Equipment has also been chosen with defensive abilities as the prime point and Frozen Heart and Frost Armour will further improve survivability. This wizard shall take on his enemies while riding the Behemoth.

There may or may not be horrible, horrible ice related puns...

>> No.40339816

>except Ice Permeance.
I like you

>> No.40339925

Permanent till you change again.

This is what I had in mind for Abby.

There aren't too many females, to be honest.

I like reading all the fluff you guys make.

Hah, thank you for making this build.

>> No.40339936
File: 587 KB, 1920x1080, Comfy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Knight Helmet
Soldier curiass
Knight gauntlets
Knight greaves

Longsword/wand Hybrid
Kite shield/shield catalyst hybrid


Gilberd Charlys
Juliana Angaret

>Flame -
Flame weapons
Flame armour
>Frost -
Frozen Heart
>Nature -
>Undead -
>Divine -
Mending sparks
Guardian's halo
>Arcane -
Spell block
Spell grab

>> No.40339995

Well, all that gives you is the ability to move through the walls of ice that you have created. Which might be useful if you froze everything around you and are stuck (which is a classic blunder) or need to escape... AND DIDN'T I SAY SOMETHING ABOUT NOT TAKING A SINGLE STEP BACK?!

>> No.40340023

What's the point of illusions?
I'd recommend switching at least that out with cloud of smoke or some other t1 utility ability like mending sparks so you heal yourself if you're on your own.

>> No.40340028

can heal*

>> No.40340040


It does also help you if some crazy Force Mage boots an ice wall you made back at you.

Personally, I think Ice Permeance is underrated. You get to move super fast in cold enviroments...and you are an ice mage. If you can't make a cold enviroment or play funny buggers with Ice Walls (Ice wall + Spear, for example), you are not being creative.

Still, choices do need to get made about stuff.

>> No.40340088
File: 394 KB, 640x480, BEAM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting my Lightning Sniper/Artillery

Mark : Sentinel

Leather Hood
Battle Robe
Leather Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Staff+Bow (2+1+1=4) enchanted with Bolt
Targe (Assuming they are small enough to draw arrow properly while allowing blocking )

Lightning =
Plasma weapons
Energy Siphon
Energy Focus

Force =

Void Stare
Void Call

Companion =
Cassandra Larun
Horse+Elemental Lightning

Overcharging arrows made from Magnetism, make them heavier with Density, and shot either lots of them (Hundred of arrows suspended in air, being charged then released) or shot a giant lightning arrow of death

>> No.40340143

Illusions can do things without screaming "OH LOOK HERE IS A MAGE!" like cloud of smoke which is pretty useful for avoiding things.

As for mending sparks... That could be a decent replacement for the build though.

>> No.40340226

Mark: Vanguard

Armor: Soldier set

Staff+Recurve Bow
Shield Catalyst

Earl Reimfred

Mount: Cave Worm

Fire Bomb

Elegy of Fragility
Magnum Opus


>> No.40340255

Can we combine spells, like dark shards + seeker shards, where small rod with sharp edge of obsidian ice is wrapped by shadow shard. Making Seeker shard lightdrinkers and cost less mana ?

>> No.40340334

I was originally gonna have a spell combination page but that would have been too complicated. Instead, I will just allow things like this.

>> No.40340350

Lol thanks for commenting on >>40339640
what do you think, does it seem like it would be useful in regards to the fluff you have in mind? I'm imagining large-scale battles, but if its more of small skirmishes then a regen type character might not be worth a damn

>> No.40340354

You are pretty incoherent, but I imagine you could kind of combo spells. Remember that lightdrinker has some extra effects in it. And combo-ing spells in this manner may not cost less mana, in fact it may cost more.

>> No.40340360

I imagine there have to be at least a few bigger battles. I imagine that's what the sentinels and vanguards do all the time.

>> No.40340414

How I would create it : create seeker shards, but instead of crystal shape, the sharp rod. Then create dark shard around seeker shard. Because creating smaller seeker shard takes less mana than bigger one and creating dark shard take almost no mana it will be more cost effective, while dark shard still drain light they touch - "having lightdrinker effect"

>> No.40340487



Knight Helmet
Soldier Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Hand Axe Wand
Square Shield Catalyst

Frost Armour
Obsidian Ice
Flash Freeze
Frozen Heart
Wall of Ice
Mana Burn
Mana Chain
Void Stare
Void Call

Lea Perier
Fahran Qrinn


First response. Lea will alert us of any incoming forces. Fharan can support me with his magic in day or night, assuming he didn't spec like a retard.

After scouting the enemy and regrouping we would engage them at a set location until more vanguards or sentinels arrive. Non-magical foes would have to deal with an icy axe and applications of Wall of Ice. High priority magical targets would have a taste of the arcane school. I would wear down any force that comes with my high endurance until help arrives. Unless its a giant Detritus monster, we should be able to do our job.

>> No.40340662

>Illusions can do things without screaming "OH LOOK HERE IS A MAGE!"
I suppose that the lack of subtly in your build was based around having illusions, but I think that just about everything thing you do will make it obvious you're a mage, considering you ride a lightning dragon and use a lightning staff/bow.
As for cloud of smoke, I figured that you'd be on the dragon most of the time, so cloud of smoke would be better at assisting aerial combat. Also smoke seems a little more mundane than shadow illusions, which are recognizable to other mages.

>> No.40341002

There's a companion who's special trick is that they can sense magic. And the aegis helm's power is sensing magic... So I'm not sure how many mages would jump to the conclusion of seeing some shadows flicker by as being instantly an illusion.

I do think you are right though, if he's flying at night like he says he was then a smoke cloud plus lightning dragon may just appear to be a storm cloud?

>> No.40341032

>distracting most untrained eyes
I guess I interpreted that as something you'd use on normies and the weaker detritus.

>> No.40341154


Jorlin the Mighty

Mark of the Slayer

>Aegis Helm
>Aegis Cuirass
>Aegis Gauntlets
>Aegis Greaves

>Titan Blade/Wand Hybrid
>Shield Catalyst

>Elemental Dragon

>Seismic Sense
>Unstoppable Force
>Black Hole

>Spell Block
>Spell Grab
>Spell Break

When the Detritus marched on Ciraezir, not many think of the various towns they went through first, or the parts they played. The ludicrously-sized monsters that were fielded marched up through the town of Jaraez, and expected to level it merely with their passing like so many others. What they did not expect to find was a town guard that had seen their coming and, instead of choosing to flee, stood and fought.

Of course, that didn't really amount to much in the end, as with the first wave many of the townsfolk fled or were stepped upon. But one boy drew a swift hit to the Achilles tendon of one of the larger creatures that had been called to the town, falling to the ground as the mighty blow left a scythe blade broken off in its ankle. As the young farmer rushed for the head, one of the townsfolk lent him a proper sword meant for one of the elite of Ciraezir, though it was near as big as he was. Thankfully, it was just big enough to break through the beast's skull, in what many will say was a single mighty cleave (though Jorlin himself will admit it was more three). Regardless, the death of such a mighty creature at the hands of simple farmers made the Detritus forces pause for a day, and in this tme they were able to escape, going past Ciraezir and avoiding the slaughter by hiding in Fort Alnor. Something Jorlin was not happy with. When the battlemages were formed, he was one of the first to volunteer.

It doesn't take three blows anymore.

>> No.40341226
File: 300 KB, 800x669, fuckhuegknight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40341283

Nigga, those first two builds were posted 5 hours before you posted >>40338794
You didn't dally, you just didn't look.

>> No.40341364
File: 992 KB, 524x850, 1433136703301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Armour:Battle Robe Hood+Gloves, Leather Armour+boots
>Weapons:Wand, Dagger, Shield Catalyst
>Companions:Cassandra Larun, Ada Godefray, elemental horses
>Frost:Frozen Heart
>Undead:Masochism, Sanguine Essence, Flash Decay
>Shadow:Shadow Jump, Illusions, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra
Super strength, super magic, using mark of fear and illusions to give me the second to cast Flash Decay or break their neck depending on which is the easier road.

>> No.40341395
File: 71 KB, 128x128, Marksman_icon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gear: Leather Hood, Soldiers Cuirass, Knight Gauntlets, Aegis Greaves

Weapons: Crossbow/Staff hybrid (Flame) (5), Shield Catalyst (1)

Mark: Sentinel

Companions: Roseia Joceus (2), Mikael Ouren (2), Idemay Ganleya (3), and Horse (1)

Flame: Flame Weapons, Flame Armour, Dragon Fire, Fireball, Fire Bomb, Cloud of Smoke, Nova
Lightning: Energy Siphon, Energy Focus

The gist of this build is using my flame staff/ crossbow to kill everything (preferably up high on a castle's walls).

Leather hood for better aiming, Soldiers Cuirass for easier time reloading, Knights Gauntlets for quicker reloading and Aegis Greaves for any pesky defensive magic.

My flame bolts will consume them, but I also need energy focus for when my mana starts running low.

>> No.40342562

Been awhile since I've done this, kinda annoyed you can't actually get all of a single branch of magic now, sure you couldn't get the entire school even back then but you at least could max one of the two supers. For equipment:
Battle Robe Hood
Aegis Armor
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom
So I'm horrifically mismatched but generally focused on stamina, speed and denying the opponent resources.
Custom Weapon: Polearm Staff (5 slots) Attuned to Undead (AKA best school)
Shield Catalyst (1 Slot) Might be a bit awkward to switch between but have a feeling I'll be needing it.
Mark: Sentinel, I'm a one man army and even if I fall my superiors can bring me back if they can retrieve my body. This puts me in a prime position to serve as a mobile agent, popping up wherever I'm needed.
Phisora Jaeneth (1 Slot) Because sometimes having someone with practice scheming evilly helps
Liliana (1 slot) She's a good scout for our group and I just generally find that sort of character arc interesting
Roseia Joeceus (2 slots) Finally a less edgy person who fits in on the team dynamics
Bizienne Isoda (4 Slots) Always nice to have R&D along to help, also will be interesting to see her and Liliana interact
Magic: Undead, everything but Apocalypse
You know what I was saying about single person army? Yeah this is what I meant, Roseia can further boost my army of the dead while Bizienne runs battlefield control (and generally helps everyone with spellcraft), and Phisora and Liliana dart in and out of the shadows taking down targets of opportunity.

>> No.40343518
File: 476 KB, 397x568, siren_of_the_ocean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark: Prophet

Armour: Full Battle Robe set
Weapons: Custom Weapon (Instrument: Violin + Staff with frost enchantment)

Shield: Shield Catalyst

Companions: Sigma Admund

Mount: Scarab

Cryo Shot/Seeker Shards/Comet/Glacial Winds

Staccato:Instrument/Marcato/Crescendo/Magnum Opus

A gargantuan horde did amass, and broke our armies like glass
Once there was three, but now there is one, beyond Almor's pass
Beautaria did succumb, while the king hid his fear in the rum.
Ciraezir, it broke and threw out its folk and well now their surely my chum.

Two mountains one open track, walls that holds the detritus aback
A futile try to stay alive when the land is tainted black.
Monsters attack from the south, and the citizens live hand to mouth.
the gods conclude we're horribly screwed 'cause Elysium dishonors its vows.

Ziona's going down
All falling into the nether
We'll go down
There's no need to frown
'Cause we're all going together
And I won't say "all is lost"
As I struggle to the very last
'Cause I'm in good company
As we're all going together

I've learned spells of every kind, wielded magic so great and divine
One tour in the war and I've nothing left, for they ate most of my spine
For my son I had always a plan, for to raise him as best as I can.
Oh well you can bet, my only regret is to not see him grow to a man.

Ziona's going down
All falling into the nether
We'll go down
There's no need to frown
'Cause we're all going together
And I won't say "all is lost"
As I struggle to the very last
'Cause I'm in good company
As we're all going together

>> No.40343686

you know...this would make a pretty bitchin RPG...now the trick is getting a few more schools and a trump chart(rock, paper, scissors, indifference sort of thing), working out a stat system and a recharging mana system that doesn't just fall to pieces...

still I had something like that once before already...a pity the whole thing ran in D20...I could try a rebuild where the combat was run in the D;tD roll and keep style...

still, I'm hoping for a Wind, and Water spells list with a rename for Flame and Frost to Heat and Entropy

>> No.40344192

I'm not changing the names. They were chosen to be small and concise. Entropy is another school I had in mind, though.

I'm not planning a playing system, but anyone's welcome to make one. I don't really have much experience with traditional games.

>> No.40344573
File: 62 KB, 620x878, Magicrogue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kayla the Red

Mark of the Hunter

>Leather Hood
>Leather Armor
>Leather Gloves
>Leather Boots

>Recurve Bow/Staff Hybrid (attuned to Shadow)

>Dameon Caras


>Shadow Jump
>Light Drinker
>Vorpal Weapons

>Plasma Weapons

>Flame Weapons
>Flame Armor

In truth, Kayla never actually applied to become a mage. Not in any official sense. Rather, she was a thief who stole from the Academy Pantry as a young child. Through magical wards, incredibly complex locks, and the eyes of some of the best mages in all Ziona, she would sneak in, take some food, and leave, her presence only marked by the sudden lack of food. While innocuous, the repeated break-ins made some worried about a possible glaring hole in their security, so eventually Dameon Caras was assigned to find out just who kept breaking in repeatedly.

After receiving his assignment, he vanished for two weeks. When he returned, there was a new girl attending classes, though noone had seen or heard of her before, and every attempt at investigating her past showed that she was quite allowed to be here. She went largely unnoticed through her classes, dodging every opportunity to show off her talent, but she must have impressed someone. She graduated a year early, and took the Mark of the Hunter. She is seen fairly often, now, when she chooses to be. But on a job, she holds the same professionalism that Dameon does.

>> No.40344850

Do you have a vague idea of when the map and lore will be out?

>> No.40345411

You forgot the point expenditures required to open new schools of magic.

>> No.40345451

welcome to a million updates ago

>> No.40345457

Actually, the rules here list no such expenditures.

>> No.40345897

I love SDA.

That's all I have to say right now.

>> No.40345937

Dead thread is dead.

>> No.40346044

so, in keeping with (>>40343686, >>40344192, and >>40340334) what element trumps what? what wins, Frost or Flame? what beats that? and that?

what elements stand alone and apart(no advantage/disadvantage over others), and what elements interact weirdly or well?

suggestions and inputs for the system I'm brewing?

>> No.40346629

Can you please order the companions based off of their mark? All Vanguards in one column, all Sentinels, etc. And then in those columns order them by how many companion slots they take.

>> No.40348163

so...hows this shaping up then?
trying to work out a trumps table, anyone got suggestions to fill in the blanks?

high DEF against all other types, difficult spells to block or stop; low damage

I have no idea

weak to ??? and ???
strong against Lightning and ???

weak to Undead and ???
strong against ??? and ???

weak to Divine and Flame
strong against Lightning and Frost

weak to Lightning and Frost
strong against Nature and Flame

weak to Shadow and Flame
strong against Force and Frost

weak to Force and ???
strong against ??? and ???

weak to Force and ???
strong against Lightning and Undead

weak to Lightning and Undead
strong against Frost and ???

>> No.40348192


I'd use Legends of the Wulin for it. It's got a lot of elemental options (As well as the ability to be very creative with it's marvel system) and also has a great system for larger than life combat.

>> No.40348242

>Legends of the Wulin
what sort of system is that?(single modded die roll, dice pool, roll-n-keep, etc..)
and do you have a reliable link to the core book?

>> No.40348296

You roll a number of d10s. If you get a pair of 7s, you can count that as a 27, if you get 3 4s you can count that as 34, you dig?

>> No.40348307

Why does everything have to be pokemon, I assume that the spells would work the way they're described, leading to whatever advantages that entails. I don't think there are hidden magical modifiers that trigger when something is super effective.

>> No.40348333


It's a rather unique system (Though I've heard it shares some relation to Reign)

You roll a number of dice based on your rank (Ties in rather well with a 'Rank X mage'). A starting character rolls 7d10.

You then can use sets (Groups of the same number) as actions. 2 5s is an action at 25 for instance. 4 6s is an action at 46 etc.

You can take as many actions as you have sets.

>> No.40348494

that is some JANKY ASSED system...I like it already...

meh, I may be over-thinking...but some spell-descriptors may disagree and if I have a trump chart I can just rule stuff out, but I suppose opposed magic checks will have to do...

>(Though I've heard it shares some relation to Reign)
never played that either but may have to go and see...

>You can take as many actions as you have sets.
....so if I roll 12d10 and I get 3,4s 3,6s 3,5s and 3,9s I can get 4 actions in a turn?
do you roll first? or declare actions by priority, or what?

>> No.40348519

Will there be a BATTLEMAGE quest?

>> No.40348576


12d10 would be like a rank -1, which is a bit beyond the system but yes, that's how it works.

You roll, then declare actions. Then the opponent rolls and declares defenses.

>> No.40348590

The only thing that is particularly effective against something in particular is divine against impure creatures. Which just means it's regular effective.

>> No.40348618

>slayer quest with abby electric boogaloo the quest, the movie

>> No.40348639

How about, instead of X beats Y, certain elements always interact with certain disastrous or snuffing effects. For example, light magic snuffs out shadow magic, Frost and Fire do the same thing, Arcane magic makes Force magic go violently bad...

>> No.40348645

>weak to Lightning and Undead
>weak to Lightning

>> No.40348672

It's not a bad idea...

>> No.40348677

I just dislike rock paper scissors balance I guess, it's too simple to do anything interesting with.

>> No.40348712

I just wrote what it'd be, as those are the two most popular choices (Abby if only for spergs trying to use the lust tree to power game).

>> No.40348745

perhaps, but I'm not the sort to run that...I'm trying to build a BATTLEMAGE RPG right now, and I'm trying for something as simple to run as the PACYOA 3-attribute system...sadly I'd somewhere in the 7-attribute range(at least my last prototype system was) and I'm trying to cut down...
but I may not have to if this works out as awesome as it's sounding...>>40348576

yes, my players will be rolling ALL OF THE DICE...at least the d10s or indeed the d12s BECAUSE HIGH POWERED MAGICAL SHENANIGANS...but then d12s may have some issues all of their own...what with the system as described so far...

this, this is what I'm trying for...

I may have been a bit hasty trying to figure out stuff before the thread fell off the board

yeah I suppose, but on the flip-side, it's intuitive enough to not really need explaining...

what sort if idea is this, cause I'm unaware of either of these quests..

just cut it out of the game in the rules...

>> No.40348766

True frost power :
Immune to:
Strong against:
Water ( in future)

>> No.40348767

you are on fire with those ellipses m8

>> No.40348841


Battle Robe Hood
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Dagger x3, Longsword, Recurve Bow, Wand, Buckler, Shield Catalyst

Mark of the Forerunner

Lea Perier
Serf Bardol

Cloud of Smoke
Plasma Weapons, Blink
Shadow Jump, Light Drinker, Vorpal Weapons, Umbra
Mending Sparks
Spell Block

>> No.40348854

it's an unfortunate habit of mine sadly. I use them often when a fullstop would do, but my thoughts are usually disjointed enough that every thing feels like it's trailing off and needs to be punctuated as such.

>> No.40348885

It's tempting to do, especially if you don't complete your thought.
That said, it also makes you look like a passive aggressive retard, which I assume is in no way your intention.

>> No.40348905

Lust weak to Frost (cold shower effect)
Frost weak to Lust (snuggling together to share body heat becomes more appealing)

>> No.40348911


LotW works off two main parts (For combat, there is also some non-combat stuff but for now lets focus on the combat part)

External Style and Internal Style.

Your External Style is HOW you fight. If you go full force and try to overwhelm with sheer power or if you try to play sneaky and shiv distracted people. It affects your base combat stats as well as some techniques you know.

Base Combat Stats: Speed (Working out who goes first), Footwork (Dodging), Block (Durr), Strike (Accuracy), Damage (Durry), Toughness (Ability to soak damage)

Your internal style is what you fight WITH. If you fight with raw skill or elemental power (Stuff like Force or Arcane would likely be non-elemental styles). It gives you your fancy powers. Boosting your base stats (Like, say, setting your blade aflame for bonus damage) or giving you elemental attacks (Fireballs!)

It's designed for Wuxia combat but I've found it works damn well for almost anything that's rather high power and with a focus on complex combat where 'Clever' is a major deciding factor on if you win. I've run Magical Girls with it before, for instance.

>> No.40348939

>Frost weak to Lust
Frozen heart thinks otherwise

>> No.40349008

>which I assume is in no way your intention.
not usually, and not in this case.

this seems to fit the bad interaction content of >>40348639
even if I'd never magical realm anything THAT HARD for a nonfetish group.

>It's designed for Wuxia combat but I've found it works damn well for almost anything that's rather high power and with a focus on complex combat where 'Clever' is a major deciding factor on if you win.
well given that my usual group mostly fails on that account this is gonna be tough. they aren't usually that clever.

>> No.40349010

Kaliya, Thicket stalker
>Mark of the Hunter
>battle robe hood
>leather Armour
>battle robe gloves
>leather boots

>shield catalyst



>vine control

>shadow jump
>light drinker
>vorpal weapons
>dark shards

Idea was a small band of special forces style unit who can assassinate or take down important large beasts whilst being able to stay safe alone

>> No.40349103


>well given that my usual group mostly fails on that account this is gonna be tough. they aren't usually that clever.

Heh. LOTW can (I've got a PC that works on it) go fine with people being blunt forces in combat but it does like people to be clever. Every External has a few things it Laughs at and a few things it Fears. If you can implement the laughs of your style into the action, you get a bonus. If you can implement the opponent's fears, they get a penalty (Both players can use both on the same action, which cancels it all out)

So a clever combatant can use Marvels (Stuff that changes the environment) to help itself and hinder the opponent.

>> No.40349160

yeah, I gotta pick me up a copy of this.

>> No.40349182

If you're talking about a quest as in like SDQ that I've been running, I've been thinking about it. It's doubtful, though.

I would but I prefer the progression of cost. If I decide to change a companion's mark (which is more likely than cost), then there would be some major rearranging to be done.

I appreciate what you're doing. I will let you guys decide on rules, since I'm unfamiliar with this stuff.

Then you'd be melting their heart.

>> No.40349236

Because people got so butthurt about SDQ? Who cares about them.

>> No.40349246

>Then you'd be melting their heart.
You can melt the heart of ice queen,but can you melt heart of killing machine?

>> No.40349423



Here we go. The editing in the book is pretty ungodly bad, so a friend of mine ended up bookmarking it to make it workable.


And here is the (Dev sanctioned) homebrew wiki.

I'll admit: It's a very good system but also an annoyance to learn with just the book because the devs went too heavy on the fluffy but a bit confusing terminology (Lake and River are two core terms. One for your dice pool, the other for a small amount of dice you can set aside for later use.)

>> No.40349447

pretty sure it would even effect a psychopath, as it'd be lust based and not love based

>> No.40349463

Doubtful because of time restrictions and I don't really know where I'd go with BMQ. With SD, I have quite a large place to explore with all kinds of NPCs and factions to interact with. With BMQ, all I can think of is 'Go kill Detritus'. Alas, that's because I haven't given much thought to flesh out a quest line or interactions with the world. There are a whole bunch of towns and villages to visit in Ziona; I might even add some more.

That depends if we find out what really moves him. What if he really loves Twinkies?

>> No.40349471
File: 157 KB, 900x676, 1410890907815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alita of the Light

>whole wizard robes ensemble
>2 daggers that are also wands
>sentinel mark
>Dragon mount instead of companions
>all T1, T2, and T3 Divine abilitites

Be sentinel battlemage from Ascent Realm who rides her dragon along Elysium border and tries to help protect people from detritus and try to help them with other things with my divine magic. Don't get involved in problems between the citystates and only fight against real evil and try to work with other battlemages that need help.

Is this good build for healing and supporting you other battlemages?

>> No.40349513 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.47 MB, 243x228, 1433278553305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait did you read my shitty fic?
And not say anything?

>> No.40349562

Not yet. I'm at work most of the day, and working on /tg/ related stuff when I'm home. Do you have a link?

>> No.40349607

tinyurl com/edgynonsense
It was in the last thread, and I'm torn between waiting for the new map and lore or just totally winging it.

>> No.40349685

I'll give it a look when I get home and give you my thoughts.

It's solid. I do like that you didn't take the T4, focusing mostly on the utility.

>> No.40349960


Thanks! I just wanted to make a character that would be helpful and that other battlemages would appreciate having around. There's lots of other builds that are good at fighting giant monsters and things.

>> No.40350041


It's one of the things that makes both builds work. Both cheapen their spells using Void Call, regenerate their own energy well while still using Energy Focus and both have further means of regaining energy (yours with Soul Seeker and Void Stare) or even negating costs for a time (mine with Void Stare and Mjolnir). Though I enhanced my overall pool with the battle mage hood. The result is both have plenty of energy to provide others with more energy, but still make use of their own spells.

You're right that you're low on offense, but you have more defensive options with the acoustic school, where I'm more limited with just energy shields but with the lightning storms and magic death beams.

Together they'd accent each other well. Empowering others, empowering each other and providing different sides of the offense/defense coin.

Neither are likely to run out of energy. Both have ways of enhancing the power of their spells, but yours also seems able to enhance other people's spells as well as your own.

I certainly view the Sentinels as the, "On the wall" types that empower the soldiers from vast incoming hordes. The line in the sand that thwarts the dark and terrible siege.

>> No.40350227

Judging how every single cyoa related RP you have ever been part of has failed.

I'm not confident in your ability to not shit up a good thing.

>> No.40350422

Just gonna put my two cents in.

I really don't like this idea, and think it will be detrimental to the cyoa. Not everything has a hard elemental type like in a videogame. The fun of these spells comes from being able to apply them creatively, and having direct strengths and counters takes away from that.

>> No.40350531

>all I can think of is 'Go kill Detritus'
a couple of variants to that come to mind that may keep the quest fresh if rotated and randomized. some of these depend on the detritus(I know very little about them from the fluff in the CYOA)

The Long Patrol;;;go out and look at the enemy look at them closely, return alive without alerting them to report. how well can you hide bodies?

Dig Deep & Build Big;;;go out, defend and possibly assist a team of craftsmen (re)building/modifying/augmenting fortresses, outposts, roads, city defences.

Into The Breach;;;a protracted skirmish where fatigue checks start to matter and a second wind could mean life or death. in a dark and chaotic forest you can't always be 100% sure that the next person you bump into will be friend or foe or taken unawares

Faction Reaction;;;an episode of politics featuring intrigue, spies, the odd quiche, counterspies and so on may not go too far awry every so often

Hide And Go Murder Something;;;guerilla battles behind the lines where you can't afford to underestimate the enemy and ambushing is the title of the day, stand-up fights get you killed, and you have to leave once the foods gone...careful though, cause they'll likely learn your tactics if you get predictable...

Bring Down The House;;;being a sapper isn't any fun sometimes, other times you can point to a castle in the distance and with a flickering spark reduce it to field of disassociated rubble and bodies. tear up enemy infrastructure so they have to spend time and resources rebuilding

Krump Da Nobz;;;assassinating, or escorting an assassin...

Sneak In Sneak Out;;;get to a detritus research center, see whats up, steal what isn't nailed down, set fire to what is and put bolts through the brains of researchers involved.

these are some game modes that may mix things up for you...

yeah thats kind of how I'm leaning after some convincing.

>> No.40350569


Well there's not much rp going on really, just talking about stuff. But I am curious about how other battlemages would get along with Alita and if she's somebody they'd want in their party.

>> No.40350599

>Well there's not much rp going on really

Read the thread. And that is just the beginning.

>> No.40350665
File: 215 KB, 475x635, GarlandDissidiaRender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Density, Unstoppable force, Launch
>Black Hole
>Frost armour, Obsidian Ice
>Frozen Heart

>Knight Helmet
>Battle Robes
>Aegis Gauntlets
>Aegis Greaves

>Custom Hybrid Lance/Wand
>Square Shield

Mark- Vanguard

>Elemental- force

>Sonya Keilana
>Jourdain Ricaud


>> No.40350734


So will there be a official rp? SDA said no quest.

>> No.40350765

No, probably just some casual irc stuff, if someone actually got off their ass and made an irc.

>> No.40350955

You're going to want to avoid writing thoughts in italics within narrative. It kind of breaks the flow; instead, you want to portray their thoughts through their actions. You also want to cut down sentences a little bit; normally you want to keep sentences short and sweet while still being descriptive. Get the readers going with the basic concepts while still being pretty, but don't drag things on. If a sentence causes someone to stumble when reading, it probably needs to splice. You also do fluctuate between tenses pretty frequently. This is all probably because of the lack of editing, which if you were given more time, then would have been rectified.

Other than that, you do write narrative pretty decently. You do a lot of showing, which is good. In contrast to my previous statement, you're great with imagery. Some things did kind of disrupt the mood you gave, such as the throw in of the word "dick". Things like that didn't really fit in the elaborate narrative.

That aside, holy shit, I love the world building. You really fleshed out a shitton of stuff even I hadn't thought about in ~3k words. I like your character interactions, and I like your characterizations of the NPCs and MC. When it becomes first person POV, things pick up and get interesting. I hope you continue.

FYI, Dennick is in the Faint Forest, western part of Ziona. That place is actually a popular place for Hunters and Forerunners to go; often they pack light and wrap around Keeper's Summit to get into the safety of the thick, dense forest. And there, they hide out before doing scouting missions around the area for surveillance.

Dennick's purpose is that he found one of the "Detritus Entry Points". The name's a work in progress, but think of these as Oblivion gates from Elder Scrolls where the Detritus funnel through. There's only a few on Ziona, but sealing these is top priority of the Battlemages. Getting to them is a problem. Dennick found a yet-unknown one.

>> No.40350994

Yeah the thoughts in italics were sort of a third person crutch because I didn't want to name the guy in the into, but I can see how amateur it is.

>> No.40351000

SDA...where does I find fluff? or is all that is official in the pages of the CYOA?

>> No.40351039

Hasn't been completed yet. When I finish it, it'll be released as a new page with the map.

>> No.40351062

So he didn't defect? That's going to change a lot, but I guess I don't need a super concept heavy final fight.

>> No.40351244


Ic. Well I don't know if I'll ever get in on that. Mostly I'm just curious about the stuff in >>40350569

>> No.40352290

I've got a couple more questions about Dennick, but if you'd prefer to keep it under wraps in the thread I allowed commenting on the document so we could talk there?

>> No.40352368

I prefer keeping all discussion on the board, actually. I was never one for external ways of communication, unless for off-topic discussion.

>> No.40352395

That's even better.
So is Dennick actually insane? Is he working to close the hole or did he just find it? Does he kill the hunters who come after him or do they die to the detritus around the hole?

>> No.40352541

> Not everything has a hard elemental type like in a videogame. The fun of these spells comes from being able to apply them creatively, and having direct strengths and counters takes away from that.

Can I throw in my vote for this? Seems like battlemages should be more concerned about who's hitting first and harder than about elemental balancing.

>> No.40353078

That's what I had in mind. I mean, elements can counter each other, but that doesn't matter if he's better at using his magic anyways.

One such case of elemental hard counters would be Flame vs Nature. Yes, the Flame Battlemage would ideally be the winner when even in power, but he won't always win. Put the two in a forest and the Flame Battlemage might just suddenly disappear before he has a chance to cast something.

On a related note, Nature Battlemages are supposed to be nigh unbeatable in a forest. Literally god mode, and if my fluff doesn't do that justice, I'll have to rectify that.

He did go mad and then Detritus-corrupted before leaving the Battlemages, but then he was drawn to the Faint Forest where Nature magic was practiced extensively. And since Dennick is pretty much the strongest Nature Battlemage on Ziona, being in a forest helped him regain some of his consciousness. Where he's situated in the forest, it's extensively dangerous. I'm talking flesh-eating trees, shadow-nature monsters that pop up from nowhere, vine-tentacle-rape, all kinds of freaky shit. Dennick's at the center of this all and he's keeping the "Detritus-Entry-Point" there shut with crazy nature wards. Still has a tendency to kill things on sight, but his human self still hears.

He's a companion because there will be a new mark with him, the Renegades.

>> No.40353944

for the record, I'd play in a BMQ if the scheduling was right.

>> No.40354166

I tried to find all the spells with a listed casting time. For the benefit of those who are trying to build a system

> Fireball
> Ray of Flame
> Cryo Shot
> Wall of Ice
> Lightning Bolt
> Shock Force
> Deflet
> Inertia
> Dark Shards
> Light Ray
> Spell Block
> Mana Burn

Few Moments
> Blink
> Comet
> Smite
> Seismic Sense
> Launch (?)
> Flash Decay
> Dark Shard Storm (?)
> Light Ward
> Cosmos (?)
> Overload

> Energy Focus
> Immovable Object

Long Charge-Up
> Fire Bomb
> Quake
> Launch (?)
> Dark Shard Storm (?)
> Holy Fury
> Cosmos (?)

> Comet
> Grimore of Death
> All acoustic spells
> Haste Cast

>> No.40354263

So on the battle mage robes, do the effects of it boost the undead tree?

>> No.40354515

Of course.

>> No.40354991

Are there any bonuses for wearing complete sets of armor, or were they retconned out?

>> No.40355114

Looks stylish
Easier to type

>> No.40355664

is there any specific information on what detritus actually -are-? Is it some kind of demonic corruption, or eldritch bullshit or what? Apparently there's enough giant detritus to necessitate Slayers being a thing, but they can also infiltrate society, hence Hunters. I'm having trouble visualizing them.

>> No.40355725
File: 128 KB, 736x736, 7b40265bb199186cceec198483b6cd55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Battle Robe Hood
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots

>>Weapons & Shields
[4]Custom Weapon (Crossbow/Wand)


[1]Joses Remondin
[3]Isabel Gazrael
[5]Tristan Menard


1.Dark Shard
2.Shadow Jump
3.Light Drinker
4.Vorpal Weapons

1.Silver Tongue
2.Desire Peek

1.Plasma Weapons
One of the youngest silent hunters of Elysium, Obsidian began his training as a Prophet but was persuaded into joining the Hunters after they noticed his ingenious crossbow design and high potential for shadow magic.
Obsidian was trained in combat by Tristan and learned the art of stealth from Joses, he's also well acquainted with Isabel Gazrael and goes to her whenever he needs information about Detritus activities.
Obsidian's main weapon is a semi-automatic arcane crossbow, it's been specially designed to channel projectile-type offensive spells (Like Dark Shards or Cryo Shot.) so while the weapon cannot hold any actual ammunition it can fire for as long as the user has enough energy to cast spells.

>> No.40355749

I agree with this, and I find it hard to make a build when I don't know what the enemy is.

>> No.40356519
File: 264 KB, 1600x1963, x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Set bonuses were retconned out.

I am working on a bestiary page. I'm going for a Lovecraftian aesthetics.

>> No.40356575

You know what'd be fun?

A build for the enemy side. Show some corrupted magics only available to Detritus, and lay out the downsides of being corrupted.

Possible schools would be like Flesh Magic (tear at the bodies of enemies directly, or alter the flesh of allies to make them more durable, or even your own flesh ala Prototype) or Plague Magic (which revolves around hitting people with diseases meant to ravage landscapes, attack certain schools of magic, or even turn entire armies into rabid, mutated beasts) or even Mind Magic (Which revolves around corrupting enemies, landscapes, and even warping allies who have the Detritus Corruption, empowering them all at great cost...to them. You reap the rewards, gaining great power at the cost of allies' sanity, their continued corruption feeding you power)

>> No.40356731

Don't know if you read it last time but rewards would be a nice addition. I want whores, drink and a nice home and what not.

But seriously add a reward section or an incentive for the war effort.

>> No.40356790

Rewards and drawbacks would be pretty a good addition, in my opinion.

>> No.40356869

The major reward should be that they are winning the war. Cause let's face it apparently they have endless hordes spilling out of Oblivion Gate style things.

Drawbacks: Loss of Sanity + You major dickbag

>> No.40357317

>I want whores, drink and a nice home and what not.
People like you are why we're losing this war.

>> No.40357354

Fame and wealth and comfortable living is of course available to battlemages. And they are useless or destroyed if the war is lost.

Rogue battlemages are *actually* insane: schizophrenics or psychopaths who do not fight for the common good. Putting (short term) self-preservation and petty revenge above family, friends, duty, religion, or society.

>> No.40357525

The further I read into this, the more I like it. Honestly not that many changes probably needed (once you cut out the setting specific lore).

Particularly since it focuses on description-heavy fighting, which goes well with the rather nebulous nature of the spell descriptions.

One obvious change: elemental mana points count as two for 'their' element but can still be spent on cross-element spells.

>> No.40357968


Knight Helm
Knight Cuirass
Battle Robe Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Spear Staff Hybrid (4)
rapier (1)


Lynn Aeyra (3)
Robyn Zihao (1)

Drake (4, 1)


Spell Block
Spell Grab
Spell Break

Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons

Frozen Heart
Wall of Ice

Son of a minor lord in Ixbrium. Family died in the invasion. Martial skill ensured survival. Learned spells to enhance defense and melee skills. Joined the prophets, but felt they weren't participating enough. Decided to employ strategic and tactical mind out on the field.

Met Robyn Zihao, fellow citizen of Ixbrium, in a chance encounter.

Saved Lynn Aezyra life after she fell into an ambush in a retreat feint.

Granted a command position and drakes for bravery and intelligence in combat.

Robyn and Lynn's short and medium range complement each other well.

Their offensive capabilities is enhanced by my defensive spells. If there are enemy mages, I will counter them with my anti magic spell list. Even though I'm in heavy armor, I can move around quickly with shadow jump.

>> No.40358277
File: 240 KB, 800x800, b607968ff011c51dfcea013ffc3e4916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arbalist Saul

Leather Hood
Leather Armor
Battle Robe Gloves
Soldier Greaves

[5 points] Custom weapon: Staff + Crossbow = Magical-channeling two-handed crossbow
[1 point] Rapier

Vanguard. His nature to wander looking for targets and his long-range capabilities on a battlefield scale make him exemplary for force multiplication, picking off large or powerful enemies from far behind the frontlines, or simply roaming and sniping down those he comes across in his travels.


Dragon - Lightning

-Plasma Weapons
-Energy Siphon
-Energy Focus

-Shadow Jump
-Light Drinker
-Vorpal Weapons

A native of Elysium with some ancestry in Ciraezir, Saul was generally out of shape and soon discovered he was in no way able to take on the Detritus in an up-front fight. So he focused on what he did have: good eyesight and quick feet. Augmenting these things makes him a formidable ranged assailant in his own right. Combined with Plasma and Vorpal bolts in his magically-capable crossbow, and the ability to charge up stupidly-powerful magical attacks from a safe distance (and teleport away if pressed) Saul makes an infuriatingly efficient and elusive attacker. Farther afield, he'll have his dragon watch his back when on land, or just bombard from the skies. A favorite tactic is to charge himself up with nigh-limitless energy from the Mjolnir spell, and then use magnetism to effectively transform his crossbow into a magical railgun. His usage of awful one-liners and generally aloof demeanor often puts him on his own, but he's friendly enough all the same.

>> No.40358940

It'll be more my writing that won't do that justice, but I'll try. God damn this just got dialed up to crazy as fuck and I don't know if it'd even be realistic for the MC to make it to Dennick at all.

>> No.40359100


I was under the impression that's how it worked. It counts as 2 for it's element, 1 for other elements.

What I WOULD change is 'No double cost for cultivating an opposed element'.

>> No.40359548

I was wondering because they were mostly just passive boosts or spells to raise the undead and I wasn't sure if they would be affected by it, since they weren't directly destructive.

>> No.40361939

Repostan my build

>Gear & Friends
Wizard Hat
Soldier Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Arcane Staff
Recurve Bow

Bizienne Isouda
Drake Mount

Spell Block
Mana Burn
Spell Grab
Mana Chain

Plasma Weapons

Soul Seeker
Soul Guardians

>> No.40362188
File: 236 KB, 1680x1050, Intense Comfy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Soldier helmet
Knight curiass
Knight gauntlets
Soldier greaves

Longsword/Wand hybrid
Shield catalyst


Eve Laveux
Jourdain Ricaud


>Frost -
Frozen heart
>Nature -
>Undead -
>Divine -
Mending sparks
Guardian's halo
Weapons of light
>Arcane -
Spell block
Spell grab
Spell break

>> No.40363149

But yet you need every man and some people aren't in for charity. It's all the same to us if you find another mindless fanatic as fuel for the war machine.

>> No.40363253

>aren't in for charity
Of course no, it's your duty to fight during war time. Or you want to be punished for treason?

>> No.40363941

>some people aren't in for charity
Anon, you still need to pay your battlemage academy student loan. Such is life in United City States of Ziona.

>> No.40364321

Blaster, you say?
>wizard hat
>battle robes
>battle robe gloves
>aegis greaves



>fuck companions, dragon it is, elemental to make damn sure it doesn't die to fire

>void stare
>void call
>flame weapons
>flame armor
>dragon fire
>ray of flame
Low cost, high damage, quick casting, spell penetrating superfireballs of death with an oh shit button as well

>> No.40364533

>battle robe hood
>knight cuirass
>battle robe gloves
>knight greaves
>combine wand and staff for a 1 handed staff for 4 points. That's fair, right?
>kite shield as well
So sacrifice head protection for more magical reserves, but otherwise, the tankier, the better.
>Mark of the Sentinel
If only there were some way I could field massive armies!
>Theo Giraud
I'm honestly just a sucker for crossbows.
>Cave Worm
>Elemental: Undead using companion slot

>energy siphon
>energy focus
>void stare
>void call
>summon undead
>relentless charge
>army of the dead
>soul seeker
>soul guardians
The plan is to get as many mooks on the field as possible, for as cheap as possible, for as long as possible.

To that end, I feel I've succeeded.

>> No.40364964
File: 76 KB, 600x849, SUCK IT KNIFE EARS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Claius Bleaumont
Mark: Vanguard
Armour: Battle Robe Hood, Knights Cuirass, Wizard Sleeves, Wizard Robes Bottom
Weapon: Polearm / Staff Hybrid
Magic: Fire (Flame Weapons, Flame Armour, Dragon Fire, Fireball, Fire Bomb, Nova) – Nature (Vine Control, Mend, Poison Cloud)
Steed: Fire Elemental Dragon
Dragon riding, fire conjuring bringer of death and pain. Lives on the battlefield, plunging from the sky carpet bombing key enemy formations with: a poison (spore) cloud / fire bomb, dragon fire and good ol’ kick ass.
Fuck elves.

>> No.40365209

>Fire + nature
But you will just burn all the vines or poison cloud if you're trying to use them both

>> No.40365404
File: 37 KB, 720x480, Spoopy doo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Earl rimfred
>Flame-induced undead
Could this mean one could combine other elements with summoned undead?
E.G. Frost+Undead would create sturdy icy
spoopy skellingtons, albeit somewhat slower.
Or Arcane+Undead could drain magic from foes? (While appearing more voidish in appearance)
I'm just shootin' wildly here, I could've misinterpreted what he meant.
That and it's one in the morn'

>> No.40365434

>Could this mean one could combine other elements with summoned undead?
Sure, why not.

>> No.40365653

Vines and fire could create a burning fence that could temporarily change the geography of a battlefield, say prevent a flanking maneuver or funnel troops.
A fine cloud of spores I could concentrate on a specific area of a battlefield, say the enemy war machines or an area of funneled foes. Then ill ignite the spores with my firebombs, aka flour cloud meets fire, and BOOM BITCH. explosion.

>> No.40365708
File: 438 KB, 1600x1895, Spoopy spooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wizard hat
Leather armour
Battle robe gloves
Wizard robe bottoms

Shield catalyst


Earl Rimfred
Henry Betram
Tarantula (Elemental)


Soul seeker
Summon Undead
Relentless charge
Army of the dead
Shadow jump
Void stare
Void call

>> No.40365741

I personally think Spell Block needs a buff because Shield Catalyst seems better in every way possible.

>Area covered is much bigger according to reference pics and Spell Block description of being "small."
>Can completely block magical attacks while Spell Block can only "reduce slightly."
>Overuse of Spell Block causes self damage, the Shield Catalyst carries no such risk

Just saying.

>> No.40365758

I really like your build. Sounds like Claius belongs in huge epic battles, doing heroic awesomeness. Any chance you need a dragon riding partner who's good at healing, protection, and some smiting? Would you be interested in helping villagers and stuff when there weren't big battles happening?

Why elf hate though?

>> No.40365836


Meant to link my character >>40349471

>> No.40365854

Frankly, Spell Block's wording should be changed to "...negates incoming magical damage".

>> No.40367197

what magic school is objectively the best, I will go with frost because it can counter more schools than any other

>> No.40367235


>> No.40367322

has has very limited range so you have no defense against ranged abilities of other mages

>> No.40367339

lust has*

>> No.40367340

Thinking like that will get you killed right quick. The best magic schools are those studied by creative, adaptable mages.

>> No.40367467

>The best magic schools are those studied by creative, adaptable mages.

that's not an answer

>> No.40367517

Yes it is, you silly MMO player.

>> No.40367601

>You can't change magic you've learned
>Every school IS studied by creative, adaptable mages
But saying semi-intellectual things is not an option

>> No.40367761
File: 614 KB, 1920x1080, 346235754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, look! A cool character concept!

Dextra Rieven

Mark: Renegade

Physical skill: B
Magical skill: C

Companion (dragon)
Vine Control -> Mend

Plasma Weapons -> Blink
Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus -> Energy Barrier these will probably be swapped for utility Hydromancy spells when they're out

Spear/Staff (4w)
Scimitar (1w)
Recurve Bow (1w)

Leather Hood
Leather Armour
Soldier Gauntlets
Battle Robes Bottom

Dragon (8c) "Élëa" ("Flare" in the language of the ancients)

A former Forerunner, Dextra always thought that there's only one way to stop Detritus: the wisdom of ancient dragons. She disobeyed a direct order of her superior and ran away with her young dragon companion to search for lost knowledge. She hopes that sentient dragons of the past are still alive, and prays that there's enough enough time to save Ziona.

>> No.40367979


>> No.40368075

More renegade companions when? I just want to make an edgy shithead who wants to maximize his monetary gains exploiting the suffering of others.

Also, I found a way of statting the character's magical and physical skills.

You have 3 points and start at D of each (E is for companions). Spending one point increases a skill up in rank. Maximum rank for Third Battlemage PCs is A. Basically, skill levels would look like this.

Skill points: [* * *]
Magical: E [D] C B A
Physical: E [D] C B A

>> No.40368660

you're mostly right but mage with wizard set, double staff, shield catalyst, horse and full arcane tree has rather E level in physical skill and S in magical then D/B

>> No.40368841

S and E is probably reserved for strong and weak NPCs, like First Battlemages and 1-point companions. Even if you choose only wizard's robe and a club you're trained to use them to your advantage in combat. Take note on the wording for E-strength characters: "barely passed", "from the lowly line", "vows to learn as much as he can"; they're pretty weak in their respective fields. Besides, good luck being at the level of the First Battlemage with your tiny 9-spell cock.

>> No.40369143
File: 299 KB, 509x271, giantdad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tiny 9-spell cock.
I'll make them choke on it
I don't even need my full-wizard mode.
Who they got?
>Bruce Ironstark
bring it on.
In the end, what was it?

>> No.40369210

It's a big lightning.

>> No.40369266

for you, but not for me

>> No.40370531

so I'm checking out this wulin stuff...

do you have to declare all actions before the dice are rolled, or just the first action, declaring additional actions if more than one set of numbers occurs?

>> No.40370582
File: 40 KB, 935x900, 1416318824842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting build from earlier threads.

Mark: Slayer
Battle Robe Hood and Gloves
Aegis Chestplate and Greaves

Hybrid-Spear-Wand(3 slots)
Hybrid-Targe-Catalyst(3 slots)

Bolt, Plasma Weapons, Shock Force, Blink, Smite, Magnetism, Mjolnir

Void Stare, Void Call

Mikeal Ouren
Iselota Lyenne
Lea Perier

Vharros Tarsis is a bizarre man for being from Ciraezir. He's oddly quiet, and is equipped rather modestly compared to his fellows. Still, he's fairly accomplished as a slayer, much to the confusion of kin.

>> No.40371968

Originally I was going to make a mechanic with the Bestiary, so that you'd start with only 3 spell points. Then to get more, you'd have to defeat one monster from a tier on the bestiary, then the next, and so on until it got to the point where you'd need help in killing the highest tier stuff.

I don't think I'm going to follow that model, though. I'm reserving that mechanic for something else.

Bruce can pull off some next level shit.

>> No.40372005

>>Bruce can pull off some next level shit.

>> No.40372031

Rewards man. I want rewards!

>> No.40372227

He uses a supercharged version of the plasma weapons spell. He's essentially Rules of Nature tier.

The extent of the rewards that I ever planned was in that post. To be honest, I didn't have much further plans with this CYOA. I don't know why you guys made a separate thread of it, since I technically consider the current version as the final one. Everything that's to come out next is just fluff. The extra schools are not coming until the distant future.

I want to get this out of the way to work on other things.

>> No.40372370

>I want to get this out of the way to work on other things.

>> No.40372658

I read it as:
Start of round
> Everyone rolls for initiative
> Choose a die or a set to be your init, adds Speed
> Choose another set to start a Wave
> Move extra dice out of sets into River

Then when your turn rolls around:
> Announce target of attack, roll
> Choose a die or a set to be your attack
> Choose other sets for minor actions
> Opponent or GM rolls to defend
> Move extra dice out of sets to Rubber

I forget where skills fit in there, but I think they're mostly Waves or Marvels.

>> No.40372710

Your reward is the continued survival of yourself, your family, and your friends. And a nice upper-class standard of living once the war is over and we recolonize the wastes. If you don't care about those things you can see what the Detritus is willing to offer you.

>> No.40372906

>you can see what the Detritus is willing to offer you
If it's hot demon sluts then I'm in.

>> No.40373159

All right, flying circus ftw. When not in campaign I'd love to burn the foes of villagers. and someone has to keep the elf hating trope alive, its a tough job but someones gotta do it.

>> No.40373196


Not quote. Very close though.

Start of round
> Everyone rolls for initiative
> Choose a die or a set to be your init, adds Speed
> Choose another set to start a Wave
> Move extra dice out of sets into River

Then when your turn rolls around:
> Announce target of attack, roll
> Choose a die or a set to be your attack
> Choose other sets for minor actions
> Move extra dice out of sets to Rubber
> Opponent or GM rolls to defend

>> No.40373254
File: 123 KB, 1280x720, Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_OVA01_29m_08s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What rank magic do you need to pull off a railgun with the magnetism spell?

Or would that effectively be it's own spell?

>> No.40373514

Congratulations, anon! You invented a new battlemage spell technique!

Plasma Weapons -> Blink -> Magnetism (magnetism allows you to control metal objects, the more energy you spend, the better is manipulation)

Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus (allows you to constantly recharge energy)

Inertia (levitate and throw any object with earth-like properties; metals contain trace amounts of earth)

Void Stare -> Void Call (all spells require less energy)

Bolt (to "charge" metal projectiles)

Take a pair of lightning-charged staves, one in each hand (4 weapon points).

Take armor that enchants casting speed, mana reserves, and destructive power of spells.

Stay in the elevated position, prepare metal projectiles, using a mix of Inertia and magnetism levitate them while using energy focus to regain all lost energy. Use Bolt + Magnetism + Inertia to flung metal projectiles at great speeds. Maybe charge them with Plasma Weapons for more damage.

There you have it, we have found a perfect city defence spell.

>> No.40373980

My build,
>Aegis Helmet
got to have good head protection, always. And I'm a sucker for faceless helmets.
>Soldier Cuirass
Quicker to recover, quicker into the fight.
>Knight Gauntlets
sometimes, nothing beats being plain old strong.
>Wizard Shoes
Teleportation is neat.
>Wand Rapier
Spellcast and Stab. What's not to like?
>Shield Catalyst
Because it sounded neat.
>Elemental Scarab Beetle
Can you say Tank Mount?
It sounds neat.
>Danilene Roland
Ex-guards have plenty of character.
>Phisora Jaenith
>Because evil deserves a second chance.
Idemay Ganleya
Though it may need a paladin to keep it in line.
Unstoppable Force
Black Hole
Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons
Dark Shards
I have the potential to be a living cannonball and easily fend off lesser foes. though, questions for the CYOA maker:

What exactly does being a sentinel entail?

Shades are not affected by my magical abilities, but can they still use them?

If so, it means I can just summon a horde of shades to do Launch+Unstoppable Force on foes.

>> No.40373997

>Force mage casts deflection and repels the projectiles

>Flame mage casts conflagration and melts the projectiles

>Shadow mage casts illusions, projectiles hit them instead

>Frost mage casts seeker shards, and automatically intercepts the projectiles

>Undead mage casts summon undead and intercepts the projectiles

>> No.40374116

Why are our own mages shooting down our own projectiles?

>> No.40374132

Because they're corrupted by the Detritus.

>> No.40374209

That's why we have hunters. Railguns are against big monsters and common enemy ranks.

Better yet:
>Have few dozens force mages in aegis armor
>Charge them instead of projectiles
>Have them use Launch + Unstoppable Force
Try to deflect this, faggots.

>> No.40374222
File: 173 KB, 984x600, 1317761017990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Force mage is probably the best counter to it, but even then the build allows other means of attack, it's just meant to focus on the railgun option.

Melted projectiles are still in motion, at the same rate and so forth, so while you're probably immune to heat as a fire mage, liquified slugs will still cause harm.

Shadow mage illusions are as good as the illusionist. This is a good counter but you'll still need to hope they fall for the trick or risk getting hit by wild firing patterns or worse still, your own motives being discerned and getting hit by statistics.

Frost mage counter makes it a good starting defense, but if you need to keep casting it's still keeping you on defense, rather than attacking.

Undead mage summoning corpses to intercept requires that the UDM can calculate exactly where those bodies need to be for every shot. It's a less effective version of the frost mage's situation.

>> No.40374230

>Flame mage casts conflagration and melts the projectiles
Now they have molten metal going after them in high speed.

>> No.40374358

It's not :(

>> No.40374399

It's like with real sluts, anon. First they get you into the room, undress you, and then their east european pimps hit you in the balls with a baseball bat and take all your money.

>> No.40374924

Wel that's a shame. Why can't the evil side ever tempt you? It's all about justice and villainry, black and white. There's a lust magic tree now so I expect some damn hot demon bitches.

>> No.40375080

>A few dozen lightning mages
>Cast magnetism on the force mages
>their aegis armor is stripped off and turn to red paste on impact

>> No.40375284

Conflagration doesn't melt projectiles, it combusts them.

>> No.40375648

They left the city of Ciraezir in ash, I think it's safe to say there's no possible reason to be on the side of the baddies. Aside from actual insanity.

Keeps things less confusing.

>> No.40375924
File: 41 KB, 757x430, WIZARD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

demons appear to be their own faction entirely, unaffiliated with the detritus. you're a WIZARD, get all the demon bitches you want

and don't forget the sexy PJs

>> No.40377024

You're right. I'm a WIZARD!

If anything you can just do whatever you want with the enemy. As long as you help the war effort. Just look at undead magic school.
Still though it freaks me out that undead is an accepted magic school in zonia. Disgusting.

>> No.40378830
File: 213 KB, 1440x900, EPIC party.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone got any good, straight acoustic wizzards? or is it untenable for a solo build?

>> No.40379034
File: 137 KB, 634x732, BEGHPEHPS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think i've seen any straight out acoustic builds.
IDEA: Bagpipe battlemage

>> No.40379036

Acoustic is certainly a well balanced school, but I don't think most people simply like the idea of being a music based wizard.

I myself would prefer much prefer the Holy warrior archetype (Divine).

>> No.40379103

>wizard hat, battle robe, battle robe gloves, wizard robe bottom
>Acoustic:Amoroso, Aria, Staccato, Capricioso, Marcato, Medley, Magnum Opus
>Shadow:Dark Shards, Shades
Basically multicast drifting>>40378830

>> No.40379178

It doesn't help that the Spell Culling completely destroyed it's ability as a solo school and killed the difference between being a vocal mage or an instrument mage.

>> No.40379785

What Spell Culling?

I haven't joined in any discussion of Battlemage until pretty recently, so I'm assuming the Spell Culling was a rework of most/all the spells.

>> No.40380128
File: 60 KB, 600x600, 1433184965108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So when creating builds, should we be keeping in mind that we'll primarily be battling Detritus? I mean, if they're these Lovecraftian creatures, who says they need to breathe and thus Cloud of Smoke would be mostly useless. Or is the setting intended to be more varied and general? Also, are player races a thing, or do they have so little effect that they're negligible and largely cosmetic?

>> No.40380407

There are player races, one guy here was a troll, but I don't think they matter too much.

I mean things like an orc's strength or a dwarf's robustness aren't as important when you can shoot rays of flame and summon giant thunderstorms.

>> No.40380427


>> No.40380499
File: 620 KB, 519x551, 1410136657957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Since when has this been a facilitator for ERP?

>> No.40380626

Since someone started wanting it, big boy...

>> No.40380854

Great! First mission: defeat evil! Next: find out whose been stealing pies off window sills in Karmton!

>> No.40380868

I wouldn't mind watching such shenanigans.

>> No.40380944
File: 32 KB, 389x406, 1430120820281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I appreciate the idea of this incredibly powerful order of battlemages dedicated to saving the land from Cthulhu also behave not unlike a more sexually active Hogwarts meets Archer.

>> No.40381078
File: 61 KB, 287x280, Barky-Airedale-Page1c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That legitimately made me laugh.

But seriously, now that I think about it. ERP is kind of unwarranted.

>> No.40381598 [SPOILER] 
File: 916 KB, 490x367, 1433401540398.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but anon

can we erp the dragon/siren beastiality?

>> No.40381720
File: 10 KB, 259x194, MP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can always chose lust school and dragon+elemental mount, turning dragon in sexy dragon-girl. But whatcha you gonna do when military police comes for you?

>> No.40382045
File: 87 KB, 600x614, roman_legionary_by_pler0-d5lvsyi[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Full Soldier Set
>Tower Shield: 2 slots
>Short Sword (Gladius) Wand Hybrid: 5 slots
>One Handed Spear (Pilum): 6 slots

>Mark: Vanguard

Lilith Fawne
Theo Girauld
Juliana Angaret

>Summon Undead
>Relentless Charge
>Army of the Dead
>Energy Siphon
>Energy Focus
>Flame Weapons
>Flame Armour

Marcus Verginius Silo is a respected Centurion, leading a legion of highly disciplined undead soldiers. Their untiring bodies are made all the more deadly by their burning hot weapons and armor, and should any of their number fall, Marcus can easily resurrect them.

>> No.40382138
File: 16 KB, 320x291, slu4nt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Build: Waldeinsamkeit
Mark: Sentinel

>Illusion, mark of fear

>vine control, Mend, poison cloud
>Leafmetal Weapons, Gaia's Chosen, Gaia's Maidens
>Gaia (Wolf)

Wizard Hat
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots

Rapier + Wand (3)
Recurve Bow (1)
Shield Catalyst (1)

Diana Nemoreth
Jourdain Ricard

Oh look another group of poor Deritus pigs have wandered into my forest...

Looking for criticism/suggestions, I wanted to do something a little different with this build.
The illusions and maidens are only there to distract you from my rapier and poison mist.
Felt like a waste to not get gaia for when shit gets real

>> No.40382328

Good AoE utility abilities
Good AoE offensive ability
Can fight solo in gorrila warfare
Can summon forest on the battle field
Great against small guys
lack of range abilities
lack of offensive abilities
not strong against big guys

>> No.40382577

Build: Natón Lamorana

Mark: Hunter.


Battle Robe Hood
Leather Armor
Soldier Gauntlets
Battle Robes Bottom (This needs a better name, btw)

Shade Blade (wand+sabre, 3.)

Lea Perier
Elemental Drake (Shade)

>Shadow Jump, Light Drinker, Vorpal Weapons
>Dark Shards, Shade

>Seismic Sense
>Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch

Let there be no illusions: Natón serves one function in the war against Detritus: the knife in the dark. His skills are almost exclusively honed to allow him to reach his targets, engage them in combat, and eliminate them. He specializes in brutal hand-to-hand assaults, normally scoping out a location, Launching himself into the fray, and relying on his Vorpal Weapons, shade clones, and Density to win the day. He is normally taciturn, mostly due to the prolonged periods of solitude of his work. He is partnered with Lea Perier, a forerunner who helps him locate his targets. She doesn't participate in the final assault as often, nor as directly.

As a side note, assuming one can advance, he'll gain a fearsome reputation once he acquires umbra and Black hole, essentially turning him into a short range, reusable missile.

His greatest weakness is his lack of many defensive abilities, especially against area of effect spells.

>> No.40382613
File: 264 KB, 1329x710, Frosty snowcone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soldier helmet
Soldier curiass
Knight Gauntlets
Knight greaves

Shortsword/wand hybrid
Square shield
Shield catalyst


Eve Laveux
Jourdain ricaud


>Frost -
Frost armour
Frost weapons
Frozen heart
>Nature -
>Force -
Mending sparks
Guardian's halo

Buildin buildin buildin, ro hiigh.
Experimenting/Playing around, made a frontline headbasher.
Could probably be changed around a bit,would like some criticism and suggestions for him.

>> No.40382663

>Frost weapons
How this even works?

>> No.40382702
File: 79 KB, 720x479, Magic baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40382740

well theyre obsidian ice
so you get cold obsidian leaf metal o.O
and frost armor + leaf metal armor = not as much extra weight because of frost armor because leaf is lighter at a base

>> No.40383140

Full investment in a single tree tier list:

God Tier:

High Tier:

Mid Tier:

Low Tier:

LaughingBattlemages.jpg Tier:

You know this is true.

>> No.40383508

full frost is perfect in every single way

>> No.40383809

If two lightning battlemages cast energy siphon with each other, would they now have pretty much an endless source of replenishing energy? And if they used up too much, they can use energy focus, and as soon as they have the energy to cast Mjolnir, they would and get an instant recharge of unlimited energy.

Lightning OP.

>> No.40384041

Imagine regenerating leafmetal weapons that are as sharp as obsidian.

That was my idea for that spell, actually. Except, now imagine a ring of Lightning Battlemages on a battlefield in a chain of energy siphons, relaying their extra energy to their comrades.

>> No.40384095
File: 367 KB, 500x500, I don't even know.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do I picture this setting as Witcher/dark souls-like in the sense that life can be pretty shit and so can people, but there's still some genuinely good people fighting the good fight/bein' cool cats and victory can still be obtained.

I have it set in my had that pre-detritus it was a clustershuckle, total war between kingdoms,bandits roaming the contryside, villages being pillaged/razed to the ground (by both enlisted men and bandits) and monsters ruining peoples day just for shits&gigs.

And then the detritus rear their ugly mugs, and (mostly) everyone goes 'Oh shit we need to stop them' after the first few cities are razed. So the humies/elves/dorfs/whoever else unite against the approaching corruption.

Of course there'd still be bandits, monsters and renegade battlemages wandering around, but the peoples are more or less united against this main threat.

(Came up with most of this bullshit about ten minutes ago, criticism and others thoughts would be appreciated.)

>> No.40384175

Well that's true, but lightning have 2 major problems: first is grounding, if enemy will use magnetism(or just do it manually) to put lightning rods around battle field your magic will prioritize them over enemy soldiers (Maybe)
Second one is frost mages: your lightning ( even smite) wont penetrate frost armour. That will be like shooting Abrams with 500 9mm submachine guns, it just wont work

>> No.40384632

You can easily solve the first with magnetism.

>> No.40384712

you overestimate the power of magnetism(spell)

>> No.40384747

I'm not, never said that the mage had to take them all at once.

>> No.40384801

if those rods will be 1-10 tons in weight mage will have to use absurdly large amount of energy to remove one rod (if he tries to do it from the safe distance) or use his power in very dangerous proximity to enemies. If they fail this tactic they only have to bring bigger sticks

>> No.40385294

But mixing it with another class, whether like >>40335394 did or just being part of a team, gives you extra options like disintegrating or melting the poles.

>> No.40385314

when this thread falls off the board I'll make the new one; I have a question to put in the OP...

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