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I was really looking forward to it too...

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Did it get cancelled?

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Ton of lead developers left and they're backtracking on a lot of shit.

The last hope is that the early access that is supposedly coming out this fall will be good.

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What happened in particular? Did they run out of cash? Licensing issues?

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No idea what the cause is but the effect is that its going from a 4 way free for all, planetside but with 40k to a 20v20 instance by instance in medium size maps. The best we can hope for is for Battlefront 2 but with 40k but even that is doubtful.

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Miguel, steven and patrick left. This dude named Nathan Richardsson came in to fill Miguel's place and figured out how in over their heads they were. The pikkoserver technology apparently fell flat.

They seem to have settled on a continent divided into a ton of instanced regions geared for battles of particular sizes (forts, outposts, encampents etc.), with the promise that as time goes on they'll increase the scale of things to what they originally promised.

But we all know how promises go. ;~;

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Where did you hear it wasn't a free for all anymore?

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Just needs time for tech to catch up. A lot of games are in that area. Hell, name one game doing what they're wanting to do.

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"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment" -Space Marine Librarian

I was looking forward to it a lot too. I hope it will be at least somewhat worth the 40 bucks I dropped on a pre-order.

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Planetside 2?

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I put $40 into it.

This was my last early access gamble.

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It's going to be like planetside 2 but 40k.
What I thought it was going to be all along.

The 20v20 is for testing.

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I'm just gonna go cry in the corner now, play some Chapter Master to make myself feel better.

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>name one game doing what they're wanting to do
anyways ded on crusade arrival was a goner as soon as they announced pre-alpha purchases

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Wow I knew that Miguel did, but I had no idea that Steven and Patrick left. I still get newsletters and the tone shift was jarring between Miguel and Nathan. Miguel's were always high spirited and excited while Nathan just sounds like a cunt.

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Did the exodus just recently happen.

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All I know is that Miguel left in Feburary. Not sure about Steven or Patrick.

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Meanwhile, we get a mostly complete game with content as it's completed.

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Really, with how the market on any form of early access media has gone, it makes it impossible to trust any new company now.

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I don't think Early Access is innately bad, it just requires a great degree of caution and a good amount of luck.

How well I've done is left to be seen. The Mordheim PC game is looking pretty strong.

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Anyone got any official news/posts verifying this?

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people should just get spacemarine plus the DLC and play that instead. this game as just a disguised kick-starter that doesn't use kickstarter.com but rather their website I could tell it was never going to happen just by the tone of their voices and statements they where talking to gamers dreams from day1 im sick of crowdfunding I bet this game had 0 real funding beside getting some free kits from GW lol maybe that was their plan all along..

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>tyranids as bots instead of playable
>cash shop two years before release

Good riddance.

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Anyone who participated in this deserves to get shafted.They had shit to show for gameplay, only empty promises by this dude Miguel, who had the subtlety a used car salesman.

40k fans are retarded. Period.

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What happened? He seemed the most excited for this and now Im curious as to what happened.

Good luck Mr.Miguel, you were a cool guy.

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Woah woah woah woah! Some of us are actually not retarded.

But I'm not one of them.

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The tyranid idea was there from the very start, and completely reasonable. Anyone who actually wanted to have Nids be playable is an idiot.

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His entire spot on the team was the most fluid spot there. He did he job, he left.

That was the entirety of his job at that little company. He was literally a mercenary salesman.

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why? nids are just creatures. ARE YOU ANTI VEGAN OR SOME SHIT

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wants to play mindless drone with no choices for himselves, only ANGRY HUNGRY ANGRY HUNGRY.

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They are creatures whose entire idea is "Hive mind" A multiplayer game cannot do a hive mind race, let alone Nids, cause then you have a squad of Nids preparing to attack a Space Marine base and then a number of them go fuck off to do other shit cause they are sick of getting mowed down. Then you have the whole problem with synapse mechanics, which could not possibly work in game

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Aaand now I'm glad I held back on backing until they had something to show.

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>Good luck Mr.Miguel, you were a cool guy.

He was a snake oil salesman.

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>tfw you knew the game would disappoint massively
>you knew it was going to suck
>you knew it wouldn't have even 40% of what they promised
>you'll never get to experience the 40K universe in a decent fucking game

I knew it was too good to be true. I knew it.

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>cash shop two years before release
That's usually the final nail in the coffin. The one that tells you it was never going to fucking be anything remotely close-to or related to what was first promised.

Think MWO.

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hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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>implying Dawn of War wasn't decent

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Mordheim: City of the Damned is already amazing and it's just in early access. It's already worth the price.

Space Marine blew

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We still have Totalhammer to look forward to. It won't disappoint, r-right?

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Sitting on my desktop right now is a text file from 2013. There is also a draft email saved in my primary Gmail account from 2013. Inside both is a code from PAX 2013 for *something* in this game. I have been holding onto that code in the hope that something good comes from this game.

We'll see if the wait has been worth it.

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>What happened?
Nothing, he's a marketer, not a dev. He has done his job of suckering morons on blowing money on mere promises and then left, same as he did with Star Citizen.

Someone even posted his profile from some site where he writes in marketing lingo that his talents mainly lie in helping cash in on projects early in their development stages when they're little more than yet to be ironed out plans and some proof of concept videos.

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>Implying the studio that managed to bungle Rome 2 and Attila will manage a passable gaming experience that is adequately able to reflect anything without thinly veiled oversimplified "this is much easier to code" mechanics

Being a non-casual gamer is suffering beyond comparison. Especially when you saw what they were capable of doing with Medieval 2 and Shogun 2.

Now a days Creative Assembly is more about seeing how little of a gaming experience they can pass off for 60 dollars with cheap pre-rendered lies and shitting out endless "This Will Make Our Game Fun; We Promise" DLCs to milk desperate fans

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Eternal Crusade was simply too ambitous .

They wanted to make it into a planetside2 clone with 40k everywhere and many factions.

Planetside 2 was a game that only made it to completion due to the support of Sony and cost a fuck-load of money to make and maintain.

Then they want to go for the "Mega-server" idea

Now I think that not locking players to a server is a good idea but servers exist for a reason and megaservers in slower Click based MMO's are a pain in the ass, with a shooter there was simply no way.

Hell it's hard to play Planetside on a server not in your region due to latency and there they were trying to make mega-servers a thing.

It's like King Arthur trying to get a man on the moon.

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Trust Focus. As another anon said, Mordheim is damn good. And you see that they're doing the opposite with Deathwing and BFG:A, no early access, and they don't show too early, becausr they want to be sure of what they have.

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Wait a few months. Good games for 40k incoming.

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>what is dawn of war?

And don't even start about Space Marine. Even if they cut out so much cool stuff, its one of best games set in the 40K universe. The whole atmosphere ,the details.. its just beautiful.

it makes me sad to see how they butcher the engine for shitty minigames on steam. it had so much more potential..

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Tell us farseer, what do you see?

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If only THQ had not bankrupted. That's why they had to cut so much features.

And imagine the sequels, with the "next gen" (actually current gen now) graphics. Deer lawd.

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remember the kill-can from the first trailer that never made it into the game ;_;

>tfw nobody is playing the multiplayer anymore.

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at least i still have deathwing to look forward to

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Deathwing by Streum On. I don't need to have faith on it for I KNOW it will be great.

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At least you've learned the lesson now. Early access and pre-orders are the cancer killing vidyas.

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was it the space hulk game with the mexican music in the trailer? yeah that looked fucking hot!

i love the classic "roll to get your whole squad killed" space hulk games but a actual shooter sounds good.

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The skein is shimmering, Autarch. But the ancients showed me the way.
Tall, transformed monsters of war in human form, walking dark corridors, assaulted by children of conscience too old and too dark to be from this galaxy.
Their makers, coming from the land of wine and bread, will not disapoint, for they have made a game capable of confusing Cogorach himself.

Long and ancient ships, forming the spear of factions, bartling in the skies, for glory and such vain ambitions. The skein is clogged by uncertainties for this one, for the creators are but mere babies stepping in our world.

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I'm going to watch this movie again now.

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>>40317692 http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2015/02/12/judgement-day-hands-on-with-space-hulk-deathwing

Obligatory article, so that more people know a tad more about the game.

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I was sad to realise that, right after I finally bought the Dreadnought DLC. Best chance is to find enough guys, add them on steam, then play all together, maychamking doesn't give you shit now.

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I was never going to buy into this, not after WaRhammer online (closed several years after opening, still without much of the content it was supposed to have on day 1)

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>Not liking the original song

You see that Termie with the plasma cannon that gets owned? Yeah that's you.

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same happened to me. Maybe we could organize something with /tg/ ?



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Warhammer Online was a ton of fun. You really missed out if you didn't play it.

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It could work if you had the nid players playing a kind of RTS while everyone else plays FPS. It's a bit like in World of Warships where you have the guys playing battleships and the guys playing aircraft carriers.

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One of these days I would love a truly Orky game. As much as like my Imperium, an Ork game would be hilariously awesome.

Something akin to Deff Skwadron would be pretty rad. As for Focus stuff I'm liking what they're doing with some of the GW licenses. Here's hoping they take Relic's place of making good 40k or even Fantasy games.

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So does anyone actually have an article showing that the game is falling short in any significant way? It feels like OP just said "the game is gonna be bad" and everyone rolled in to agree based on that statement.

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I've played Loadout before, and it was essentially a green paint job and somewhat more crude welds from being Mekboys: The Game.

It's pretty fun, too, although probably more so if you actually play as some kind of team.

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>No idea what the cause is but the effect is that its going from a 4 way free for all, planetside but with 40k to a 20v20 instance by instance in medium size maps. The best we can hope for is for Battlefront 2 but with 40k but even that is doubtful.

C'mon, people.

Anyone with half a brain has been fully aware that a nobody studio using 3rd party engine would not be capable of pulling off a game they were promising at all.

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No news, just bits and pieces during streamw here and there, as others said, several lead devs left, or were pushed out, you missed thread about that yestarday or 2 days ago where an anon posted a screencap of a guy on the EC forums who ironically said something along the lines of "5 lead devs left, the game will still be good right" and the thread where he said that, where the people were disagreeing with the decision of making small instances instead of a big free for all, was closed, in order to not discourage potential customers. They don't even hide anymore.

And the facts that there are no big news about it is revealing enough. Nobody gives a flying fuck about a game that has barely anything to show for the past months AND goes back on its promises.

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Beseiged I take it? Yep that pretty much sums up Orky tech right there.

Also is Mordheim as good as they say it is? It looks really promising even in Early Access but as with all things early access it's a gamble.

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Borderlands Franchise is what you are looking for.
Practically no plot, only shooting and looting. Very occasional jokes.

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Look at all of this goodness. There is so much coming our way in the next few months, even if Eternal Crusade ends up less than great. Which it still might not!

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Who said they were planning on cutting open world down to team deathmatch maps? Was it actually someone from the team? Did they state it was for the game and not testing like >>40314107 said? Changes in staff can be a big deal or not, but you're talking about a complete turn around in what the game actually is.

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TBF I haven't played Mordheim CotD, but I've watched a few hours of gameplay footage. It already is a great game, it really is.

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Played it, just didn't buy into all the hype or special edition bull. The game suffered when most of the players hit high level and there were very few mid-level characters to group with (just tons of high-level guys and a load of newbies on the free levels). There's actually a fan server out there if you still want to play, but it's barely functional atm (not many quests, PvP is limited).

I did eventually get the Spec Ed box set. Last year, for a couple of quid. Worth it for the Orc Warlord mini alone. The art book is quite nice too.

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I was skeptical from the beginning considering the developer's track record.

>> No.40318021

and people were hyped for this?

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I have no sympathy for anyone who gets burned by pre-orders, crowdfunding or early access.

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>Very occasional jokes than manage to be funny.

>> No.40318100

>tfw no Ork RPG
>no interlocking skill path to make the orkiest git imaginable
>tfw you will never start out as the lowliest grot and work your way up to war boss
>you will never have a branching single player that lets you hitch a lift on a krooza and work for Bluddflag or join Gorgutz' waaaagh before branching out to form your own clan
>no fighting fluff tier marines as boss battles when you're a nob/warboss

>> No.40318119

TFW nids were suppose to be in it

Carnifex in the background of one of the trailers

>> No.40318138

8/10 would play

Branching story would be the tricky part to implement, but I'm speaking as someone who doesn't develop games.

>> No.40318153

Final nail? Shit, a pre-game cash shop with more details and features about it than the non-existent game it's supposedly for is a stack of wooden boards, a box of nails and an IOU "One Coffin"

>> No.40318172

This looked like a huge scam. Can't understand why people got so hyped.

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Daily reminder of what a 40k MMO will look like.

>> No.40318245

The infamous Deathwing trailer. I'm still surprised people are butthurt over it because it's not MUH GRIMDARK MILLENNIUM.

But seriously, it's a good thing that there are more 40K and Fantasy games coming out. Now if there was only a Deathwatch or Only War RPG. Or better. A Rouge Trader RPG/Space Sim or Dark Heresy RPG. Or even better. A Warhammer Fantasy RPG.

At least Total War: Warhammer is in the works. Still upset it's not TOTAL WARHAMMER.


>> No.40318255

Pity Dark Millenium got axed. Liked the comic book style.

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Oh right, I forgot to include the Total War: Warhammer trailer in there. It has me so hyped. I love love love Medieval 1 and Medieval 2, Rome 1 was okay, and I haven't played any others. I hear bad things about.... everything past Medieval 2. But maybe this will be different! I loved Mark of Chaos, and I've played the hell out of Warhammer mods for Mount and Blade, Total War, etc.

And yes I'm butthurt about the Deathwing trailer. Not because of the music, I think that's fitting. I hate that the blade's inscription is in Low Gothic.

>> No.40318285

Since you mentioned Mark of Chaos, I wonder if CA brought Jeremy Soule on for Total War: Warhammer. The music in the trailer sounds pretty similar, and at the very least having Soule on board would be a better alternative than fucking Richard Beddow's typically flat contributions if they're not going to have Jeff van Dyck compose.

>> No.40318293


Napoleon Total War and Shogun 2 were pretty good. With mods they get even better. Those seem to be the only exceptions beyond Med2.

Only War would be pretty fucking sick. To play the meatshields and living laser pointers for once instead of a man power armor.

>> No.40318309

A 40k CRPG where you take on the role of a newly appointed Inquisitor would be more realistic.

Think a Grimdark Sci-fi Dragon Age.

>> No.40318316

I want to approach this with cautious optimism. Total Warhammer looks promising especially for once it's a Warhammer Fantasy game amidst the sea of 40k. But considering CA's blunder with Rome 2 and SEGA seemingly meddling in with shit like the DLC I'm doubtful.

My main concern is how they will handle magic and aerial units.

>> No.40318319

Well now the writing on the blade of DA is also in English. Probably why GW told the devs to put writing in English instead of High Gothic. Yes it is confirmed that it is GW that decided this, not the devs.

>> No.40318328

DA? You mean the Dark Angels models? You must be joking.

>> No.40318339

After how ROME II was released with a shitload of bugs, I'm really skeptical about it if CA and SEGA will live up to the expectations of people that are waiting for the game. At least hoping it will be sufficiently polished to receive little flak.

In case of Only War, I'd see it as a tactical RPG akin to Fallout Tactics, yet instead of single characters, there would be entire squads. Think like DoWII: Retribution, but even more RPG, more tactical, far less of a hack'n'slash, and completely non-linear.

A Dark Heresy RPG would make you go from Acolyte to Inquisitor. Would like to see it as a 40K version of DA3, but with more options and stuff.

I just hope it won't end up like ROME II did when it got released...that much.

>> No.40318378

I can see that happening. Though I'd still like a tactical shooter akin to Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30.

Hell as much as I loathe the Eldar I'd welcome a decent pointy eared git game or any other xeno that isn't GW's Favorite Spess Mehreens.

>> No.40318400

I hope they have an army painter option or army customizer. Would really put the "Your Dudes" feel.

>> No.40318402

>>what is dawn of war?
RTShit spam&rush garbage.

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Oh look, I was serious.

>> No.40318423

>TFW set in Eastern Fringe so they can have all factions represented
>TFW only marine faction are the Greatest Of Them All
>TFW Astra Militarum are, somehow, Cadians.

>> No.40318428

Get the fuck out of here

>> No.40318443

There was once a attempt to make a turn-based game featuring Eldar Aspect Warriors doing badass things.

Everyone loves the Your Dudes feel. Also hoping here for a army customizer that allows you to not only paint, but to even give your dudes the appropriate looks.

>> No.40318459

I loved the army painter in Dawn of War 1. My edgy friend *always* did all black everything.

>> No.40318460

>Think a Grimdark Sci-fi Dragon Age.
They should just go full PoE/classic Infinity Engine CRPG in that case. I think a 40k Inquisitor-based game would really benefit from the charm of that gritty isometric 2d art. I'm honestly surprised GW never let anything happen between 40k/Fantasy and the Infinity Engine back then. Guess it really took the success of DoW for them to start whoring out the license.

>There was once a attempt to make a turn-based game featuring Eldar Aspect Warriors doing badass things.
At least Rites of War had that decently cool cinematic with the sacrifice of the Young King. I recall it being pretty bland otherwise, along with Eldrad being coloured like he was from Iyanden for some reason.

>> No.40318471

Rites of War was Panzer General: Eldar Edition.

I really need to play this game.

>> No.40318473

Mark of Chaos actually had a pretty impressive army painter, I recall it being a lot more extensive and customizable than DoW's. A pity the game itself was kind of painfully average even if it was decently polished and shared like half the voice cast from Dawn of War/Winter Assault.

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File: 59 KB, 569x585, commissar_holt_by_thecommissar2142-d4psgis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we can all agree the next 40k game needs this guy.

I thought that to start with. But GW want mainstream appeal to make as much money and isometric crpg isn't going to make MAXIMUM PROPHETS!

>> No.40318485

Not my fault if GW wants to attract the average english speaker.

>> No.40318488

>tfw I've backed two things on Kickstarter and they both delivered what they promised

Feels good man.

>> No.40318499

Mark of Chaos is great, I still play that. It had a big impact on me as a player too. It's because of that game that I went out and bought a classic metal Chaos Spawn on eBay when I started Warriors of Chaos (still one of my most treasured models) and the old metal Warp Lightning Cannon when I got Skaven. The game's problem is it's just too easy. The only thing that made it challenging is its unclear 1v1 personal combat rules and making a personal rule not to lose any entire units in a map. Otherwise it was great.

>> No.40318501

Why not a RPG that allows you to switch between isometric and 3rd person perspectives?

Witcher did it and nothing bad occurred.

>> No.40318505

Why didn't you simply say you have a shit taste at the beginning?

>> No.40318509

>Witcher did it and nothing bad occurred.
More than nothing bad happening, it prevented bad. Namely Obama didn't play his copy because of that

>> No.40318538

No. It had a great first few days, after which the flaws not only became obvious, but began to compound upon each-other.

Then again if you were a fucking warpriest of course you'd not notice half the troubles.

>Six main cities becomes two
>City Raids basically cancelled
>TOO many servers lead to thin and one-sided populations
>Low population means public quests cannot be completed most of the time because there aren't enough people. Those not in the first 'wave' on the server miss out on a fuckton
>No areas are truly "yours" to work and adventure in, as half of every map is contested (or rather, owned by a single guild with an opposing-faction population too small to ever dislodge it) and a quarter of the map belongs to the other side
>questing/pve content becomes dangerously scarce past around level 20
>imbalances that only an Elemental Shaman could believe are even possible, from Magus that never did get fixed so more than half their skills even work, to Sorcerers that literally have about 1/3 to 1/2 less power than their "mirror" the brightmages, with blatant blatant differences like "your silence ability isn't instant, it's a 2s cast you can't do on the move, oh and your cone/radius increase talents are +50% instead of +100%, and your damage and DoTs are lower".
>MAP imbalances in the battlemaps, such as the legendary altar of khaine where barring total and utter retardation by the ENTIRE order team, victory is literally impossible for chaos
>"own the area" dependent buffs and gearing and equipment, which unfortunately due to all of the above meant that on any given server only one faction was allowed to do shit like dungeons
>Not three factions, just two, and the split was... questionable at best. Also no skaven. Fuck them for no skaven

Yer warpriest was literally the disciple of khaine, except with better attack, better defenses, better healing, better movement, BETTER EVERYTHING.

>> No.40318547

Well I'll just point out that I bow to your superior comparison.

>> No.40318548

Question about Mark of Chaos.

Do you get a Gryphon in the Empire Campaign at one point? Heard about it and...nothing happened. Thought you'd get it only on the highest level of difficulty.

Also playing Battle March. Does the Dark Elf Noble get a Black Dragon at one point?

Yeah, that was a stupid thing to give to the president of the US.

>> No.40318549

Any warhammer game not TBS with pre battle army purchases is automaticly garvage.

But you have fun with your stormtroopers beating marines in cc.

>> No.40318557

>Any warhammer game not TBS with pre battle army purchases is automaticly garvage.

Why don't you just play the TT game then?

>> No.40318561

The general consensus on posst-M2 TW seems to be:
>Empire - overambitious and crap
>Napoleon - great, what Empire should have been
>Shogun 2: great, with FotS being the best gun-based one of the lot
>Rome II - dogshit at launch, but a billion patches later and with mods it's a solid game
>Attila: great, but goes overboard on the 'end of the world' aspects of the game

So hopefully Total Warhammer should be good in some way at least.

>> No.40318564

I just prefer the 40k element of my games to deeper than a reskin.

>> No.40318595

Hey if I was the POTUS i would enjoy a copy of witcher better than some silly regional hat or stinky regional food.

>> No.40318615

That's what I do, sometimes it'd just be nice to have a game with someone new, a different army, a redocly different table , maybe even with the dice, special rules, charge/firing ranges and whatnot handled in fractions of seconds.

>> No.40318643

> stinky regional food

Polish cuisines are delicious. You have shit taste.

>> No.40318694

I am a cynical grognard and I do hope that Total Warhammer is at least stable even great perhaps.

My major concerns are how the current engine is gonna handle balancing stuff like flying units and magic as implied by the trailer.

They gotta handle it so that it doesn't become OP or at least garbage. We have yet to even see a gameplay trailer at least.

>> No.40318798

I mean in general, I was not talking about poland. Like let's say I am Obama and I go to finland. I would rather get a copy of Max Payne than rotten fish on a can.

>> No.40318829

Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor
So Eternal Crusade will be playable but lore rape

>> No.40318831

OK. At least you straightened up your thoughts.

>> No.40318843

If I recall correctly, this company was only responsible for porting Shadows of Mordor over to other consoles.

>> No.40318861

That was only good looking thing on that list.
Truly its a dark millenium

>> No.40318879

Doritos Crash Course was fun. Very low budget and simplistic, but fun.

>> No.40318897

>Spreading unconfirmed bullshit thread

>> No.40318930

Huh... what about a Roguelike in the same way of Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode?

Except you're an ork in the 40k galaxy.

>> No.40318967

I remember facing War Priests with a tricked-out witch elf.... it was *MAX COMBO* *MAX COMBO* *MAX COMBO*.... *he heals all the damage with a single spell*

WAR was terrible for internal class balance.

>> No.40319171

It's a crate. You'll have to buy a key to open it.

>> No.40319235

loadout, tf2 , borderlands.. Besiege IS literally mek-simulator.


>> No.40319257

For an early access title it's progressing rather well, I'm in on it and have been enjoying it, but there's a few features that they need to get out in the next build patch so we can hammer the shit out of it in testing already, I wanna customize my warbands already, damn it!

>> No.40319271

>those fucking Twitter codes
I have three of the things and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them.

>> No.40319328

Less "controllery" ui and keymap would be nice too.

>> No.40319383

Yeah, guys, I don't know why any of you were expecting anything.

This was a con. It was obviously a con from the get-go. There was no way the outlandish promises these guys were making were ever going to come to fruition.

They're a low tier studio using a third party engine with a history of pulling this shit.

Stop buying into all this kickstarter-y early access bullshit. It is designed to con you out of your money. There will never be a game, and if there is, it will be an incoherent mess of buggy programming and half-finished graphics.

>> No.40319409

Orks will still be free to play though, right? If we can all casually join in to stomp the backers then it's worth the misery.

>> No.40319433
File: 57 KB, 1001x455, 1432993868268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40319460

>WAR was terrible for internal class balance.
So much this.

>> No.40319462
File: 23 KB, 300x225, nothing wrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40319527

Thanks man, exactly the pic I was referring to.

>> No.40319622

Absolutely nobody is surprised.

And nothing of value has been lost.

>> No.40319992

the code was 50$ in the game shop: but now it's expired send a mail to the support. but i think it's too late.

>> No.40320066


>> No.40320123


That song's great. It's nice to see 40k accompanied by something other than gregorian chants.

>> No.40320216


Rites of War was pretty cool. There was plans for a Aspect Warrior video game on the Megadrive that sadly never saw light. I'd give my left nut for an Aspect Warrior character action game a la Hideki Itsuno.


The farseer wasn't Eldrad. He was his own dude. And he was fucking AWESOME! I'd post his rants but youtube seems to have taken those videos down for some reason.

>> No.40320267

I loved the people that were
>Hurr durr nigger music!
Considering she's swede, she's probably whuter than them.

>> No.40320321

Ironically now Sega has Warhammer games copyright.

>> No.40320518

So does Focus. That means they can both do 40k games right? Or are there restrictions on the type of games each company can make?

>> No.40320798
File: 458 KB, 1408x1056, 9a29d55b-1925-4017-b850-f99a0c77d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40320848


Tyranids are one of the most interesting factions, if they are already in the game they should be a playable faction.

>b-but muh hivemind

Right, and all of those indoctrinated warrior-monk space marines are totally gonna act as they should.

>> No.40320850

>google "swedish"
>white people, white people everywhere, just as it fucking should be for Sweden
>exactly one nigger, and he's surrounded by white guys
Forcing /pol/ memes isn't cool, anon.

>> No.40320910

>Tyranids are one of the most interesting factions

>A day in the life of a Tyranid
>1. Be created
>2. Eat
>3. Repeat step 2 until dead or turned back in to biomass.

>> No.40320926

>Not liking Tiny Tim

No, anon. You are the plebeian.

>> No.40321027



>> No.40321287

not him, but look at that image again m8
there are five people

>> No.40321470
File: 111 KB, 800x583, bic_bens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not posting the real Deathwing trailer


>> No.40321949

fuck thats even better than the italian mariachi band

>> No.40321979

Everything you said about WAR is true, if exaggerated. But it was still fun and very flavorful.

One of my best MMO memories was joining in an an Order warband in an RvR lake in... Praag I think? with my Witch Hunter. I'm terrible at PvP and don't do it often in any game except FPS, but we managed to assault a keep lord and take it from the enemy warband in short order. We captured the keep, buffed it up, and then news came from scouts that Destruction was heading our way. Their warband crashed into us, and they managed to take the keep back in about 10 minutes. Just a wave of enemies, overwhelmed us all, and they killed the keep lord in about 30 seconds. But there was a staircase between the keep lord's level and the top of the tower, and a Warrior Priest set himself up on the stairs. Nobody could flank him thanks to blocking mechanics and as I lay dead on the floor of that room I watched the Warrior Priest single-handedly hold off half of a warband targeted directly at him. At least 15 players, probably more. The dude was a monster, I've never seen such skill in an MMO. It was inspiring. Just swinging his hammer left and right and divine light coming down as he's facing this wall of Chaos and greenskins and dark elves.

>> No.40322135

Geography motherfucker, do you know it?!

>> No.40322208

The band in question is italian (IIRC?) and many people joke about it being mariachi. I am well aware that mariachi is spanish.

I am also well aware the music is not in fact, mariachi.

>> No.40322238

I'd join for that.

>> No.40322246

But in your videos only 2 games, Deathwing and BFG.

>> No.40322289

They probably only have a license to do exactly that one game.

But honestly, GW is just trying to make their stocks gain a few percentage points before they sell it all to Disney, gicing everyone and their dog a license to make some GW-related vidya from long-dead specialist games is part of that plan.

>> No.40322290

Talk about mixed messages, they change the codex to adeptus astartes but change the sword to common english?

>> No.40322332
File: 223 KB, 1000x563, xcom2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of /tg/ related videogames


get hype

>> No.40322349

I'm interested to see what they're doing with the setting. I also hope it's less like EU and more like the originals.

>> No.40322351

here's the secret, the dark angel swords have always been english. Check some of the older models, or even the ones that are still on sale now.

>> No.40322355

They're from Switzerland

>> No.40322413

There goes my dick, are you happy?

>> No.40322451

And then your chapter got fucked.

>> No.40322465

Only if you post pictures

>> No.40322478

How is that synced so well?

>> No.40322494

>The band in question is italian

They're called Kadebostany? What part of that sounds Italian to you?

>> No.40322530

I don't speak wop sooooo... maybe?

>> No.40322535

Jesus fuck. That bigass knife.
>November 2015
Not even in some shit date like 2 or 3 years. Nothing better than a surprise from something you like, soon. No need to do a trailer to tell me some game moght come out in the end of 2017.

>> No.40322614
File: 998 KB, 500x264, 1428613214824.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is all your fault. All of you who fell for it hook, line, and sinker. You people have no one to blame but yourselves. Anyone who was shilling for this game should leave. NOW. And never return.

>> No.40322676


I see you're fluent in thick cunt.

>> No.40322678

doubt it's going to be more like the originals, since it seems like XCOM is the one doing the invading this time

>> No.40322746

and this time we're doing the probing

>> No.40322757

That's some orky shit.

>> No.40322786

We're the bad guys because the good guys are a bunch of xeno loving freaks.

>> No.40322788

>a day in the life of a guardsman
>1. Get shat out a landing craft
>2. Eat a projectile
>3. If survive, repeat steps 1 and 2 until dead or reunited with the emperor.

Not that different.

>> No.40322842

Guardsmen don't die, they just regroup at the Emperor's side.

>> No.40322876


This looks like the Apoc equivalent.

>> No.40322888

Don't get why people have such a hard on for IG they want games and movies about them. It's just. Call of Duty and Band of Brothers but with lasguns and traitor IG.

>> No.40322914

>No Dawn of War III with AdMech faction
Turns out the near future is about as shitty as the far one

>> No.40322970

>name one game doing what they're wanting to do.

No Man's Sky

>> No.40322977

Nah man. It's about the feels. Being a lowly human in the setting is being one among trillions, but still believing you can help Humanity, even if it means losing your life fighting species that are more advanced than you in 80% of the cases, traitors that tower 2 head above you, but still charge toward certain death, knowing that you did your duty, and because you stopped that SM for 3 seconds, the time he needed to crush your skull and disembowel you, you served the Emperor.

But true enough, it would be pretty silly/boring after the first hour and the 500 death before the end of the first level.

>> No.40323030

Total war arena is shit as well, I'm in the alpha

>> No.40323067

I'll wait until launch to see how it looks and if there's any promise of their plans to actually go anywhere. If not then I'm getting a refund.
The changes that happened between them saying no to all potential publishers and now running low on money do not leave me particularly hopeful, but I've not entirely given up yet either.

>> No.40323228

Or it could be War Thunder with Russes and Baneblades.

>> No.40323385

The technology has been around for a while. It's really easy to build scalable high-performance servers.

Not many people do or know how to, and an unknown mini dev studio sure isn't one.

>> No.40323592

You don't really need to "know how". Everyone already knows how. The problem is managing latency (which is physically impossible but the EC devs thought they had a good lag compensation system which turned out to be bullshit) and rendering on a player's machine which needs to be optimized to hell and back for the game to not be a slideshow.
The scalable servers are pretty easily doable for anyone who can hire network engineers.

>> No.40323792

And thats a bad thing?

Theres a guy doing 40k models into ArmA3 and it will be amazing if he manages to succeed.

The problem with GW PC games is they are all so... unimaginative, a really good deep RPG set in a hive world or a stealthy Thief like, even something along the lines of Gothic/Skyrim for Fantasy would be incredible. Instead we get the standard Shooter, Shooter, RTS, Shooter, TBS shit. Oh and the fucking mobile games, gah.

>Also Chaos Gate and Dark Omen are still the best games

>> No.40324046


That's why Chapter Master became a thing.

>> No.40324317
File: 135 KB, 650x650, 52507-Warhammer_-_Shadow_of_the_Horned_Rat_(E)-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.40324347

Never knew it had a Playstation release.

>> No.40324388


I never knew it had a PC release.

Oh my god I need to go play this RIGHT NOW

>> No.40324410


But if someone was making a new, creative, high quality videogame - why would they want to pay for the warhammer license on top?

If your studio just churns out unimaginative mediocre shooters, then that's a flooded marketplace where an IP license can help you sell.

>> No.40324454


In my case I can understand not knowing that this game had a Playstation release, but come on...

>> No.40324476


I was 12? when it came out and we didn't have a PC worth mentioning. Mostly used it for roleplaying on AOL chatrooms.

But damn, now I need to find a torrent.

>> No.40324569

Good luck in that.

>> No.40324761

And yet that's what they keep doing

>> No.40324773
File: 28 KB, 600x620, Broodlord Jenkins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cause then you have a squad of Nids preparing to attack a Space Marine base and then a number of them go fuck off to do other shit
All right lets do this!

>> No.40324790

Erg ignore this, misread post

>> No.40324801

TBH I never finished the Empire/High Elf campaign. At the time I bought the game I played both Skaven and Warriors of Chaos so I just did their campaign and left it at that. Ended up getting halfway through the Empire/Elf one before I got distracted. But I mean, I've seen concept art of the griffon champion in Mark of Chaos and every other piece of concept art for the game I've seen is of content that is included, so makes me think it must be in there.

>> No.40324821

Me too but I haven't logged in for ages. Cause its shit.

Whats it like now? You keeping up to date?

>> No.40324912

>wants to play mindless space marine with no choices for himselves, only BURN PURGE BURN PURGE

>> No.40324957

Never got the griffin. And I'm playing the game on hard level.

Kinda stupid since the last battle is against Daemon Prince Thorgar, thus one would expect a badass like Stefan Von Kessel getting a griffin for the final confrontation.

>> No.40324970

This so much.

Also all the people crying about Hive Mind

>what are lictors
>what are genestealers
>implying being able to play as the ultimate stealth melee assassin class in any game ever would not be baller as fuck

>> No.40324982

>But if someone was making a new, creative, high quality videogame - why would they want to pay for the warhammer license on top?
If you were dumping tons of time, effort, and money into a game that meshed well with an existing mythos why would you not pay for the license to make sure you actually have an extant customer base to pay for it?

>> No.40325036


>implying being able to play as the ultimate stealth melee assassin class in any game ever would not be baller as fuck

That's not a Callidus.

>> No.40325177

God, this this this. I love the freedom and options of the tabletop but it's so hard to remember all the rules in every situation, terrain always leaves a lot to be desired when compared to videogames, and the investment in trying a new army is absurd. I wish there was a blend

>> No.40325207


You surely mean Trollequin?
Or Snikrot, maybe Spookums?

Oh hell, melee assassins are shit!

Cyrus throws blind grenades and demo charge to blow up all of them!

>> No.40325234

>Cyrus throws blind grenades and demo charge to blow up all of them!

>Not investing in the perk that lets you use items in stealth mode

Do you even Cyrus?

>> No.40325264

Lictors are 10x cooler than Callidus.

>> No.40325306

Which of these is correct? God, I hope none of them. What a disappointment that would be.

>> No.40325338

As I recall, blind grenades also greatly reduced the affected units move speed, preventing them from moving outside the radius of the demo charge.

>> No.40325415

Fair enough, tbh I never bother with Cyrus as I think the guy is a massive twat.

>> No.40325555

I linked four games
End Times: Vermintide
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Space Hulk: Deathwing
Mordheim: City of the Damned

Dawn of War II was such shit that I don't trust the license to be able to recover

>> No.40325594
File: 12 KB, 220x114, logo_top_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So uh how about Dark Nexus Arena? (got a free key, haven't played yet)

>> No.40325630


>implying being able to play as the ultimate stealth melee assassin class in any game ever would not be baller as fuck

Nids don't have those though.

>> No.40325650

Clearly you've never read lictor fluff.

>> No.40325678

Come on, DoW II was decent. We knew it was not going to be a masterpiece,but that's 40k games for you. Niche games so not much money.

>> No.40325694
File: 128 KB, 1024x739, Gryphon Rider from Mark of Chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strange... The Elector Count unit in skirmish/multiplayer can mount a griffon for sure, maybe that's what the concept art was of.

>> No.40325733

Needs more polishing, but it seems more dynamic than the run of the mill MOBA.

That's skirmish and multiplayer. Campaigns are constructed in such a way that you may or may not get skirmish/multi content. Today you usually get more than that (as StarCraft II showed us, or Rise of Nations).

Still stupid you don't get a Griffin.

>> No.40325744
File: 214 KB, 195x466, patient blade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>He thinks fodder is good

>> No.40325830
File: 1.62 MB, 650x4798, Dawn of Resource II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I hated Dawn of War II. Hated it. I never picked up or tried any of the expansions and I hear they made the game more like Dawn of War I, but I don't know if the core game was redeemable. Pic fucking related, and it doesn't even cover all of my issues with the damn game.

I cannot express to you how disappointed in DoW II I am and was. My buddy and I waited for ages to get into the beta. And when we did... My god. The taste in my mouth is as bitter as ashes.

>> No.40325833
File: 183 KB, 789x716, culexus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lictors, Callidus, Scorpions
>No mention of Culexus, the assassin who you will literally refuse to see.

>> No.40325847

>muh elfdar wank from an OP codex no one will play against

>> No.40325862

Well the Chaos campaign is great at least. You can choose between Khorne and Nurgle halfway through and that alters your units and champion dramatically.

>> No.40325870
File: 6 KB, 221x228, valedor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Hurrr I have no idea where that fluff came from

You really don't know your lictor fluff do you?

>> No.40325910

Don't forget bluddglag. I also liked the hive lord being quite customizable so you can adapt just like the nids do in the fluff.

>> No.40325913

Campaign is good.
Skirmish aren't as fun as DoW1 but if you play against real people they're ok.
The arena mode is nice.

>> No.40325914

Ahahahah oh god that's even worse.

The book written by the guy who thinks Tyranids are Zerg.

>> No.40325936

saw that just as I posted

>> No.40325950

Going to have to agree here. All the fluff coming out of Valedor was a trainwreck and should be disregarded.

>> No.40325970

Thorgar is such a bro. Even when he goes Daemon Prince, he still remains one for his men.

>> No.40325988


What are you talking about? Warzone Valedor has no specified author.

>> No.40326033

And who completely ignores that Valedor was already canonically both a Shrine World and a Dark Angels recruitment world.

>> No.40326046
File: 127 KB, 724x1024, Warrior of the Blood God from Mark of Chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, the Mark of Chaos campaign is really great. God, I need to go back and finish the Greenskin, Dark Elf, and Empire campaigns.

Anyone know how to make Mark of Chaos run on Windows 8.1?

>> No.40326106


It comments specifically on the Imperial presence. They're the first to get eaten.

>> No.40326129

I've got Windows 7, but there should be a method.

>> No.40326136

It doesn't really matter who it is, specifically, they describe the Hive Mind like it's the Overmind and all the fluff in general is steaming shit.

>> No.40326183
File: 163 KB, 493x450, 1417288578688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, I knew it wasn't going to be all that they promised, but it seems it will be less like a Planetside game and more like a Warhammer 40k Battlefront game. If it reaches that point I think it'll be worth 40 bucks.

>> No.40326204


It's very clearly a collective conscience in the book. Not sure what you're booty blasted about.

>> No.40326444

win7 has a thing where you can run things like you're using older version of windows. Not sure if that's still the case for win8.1.

>> No.40326468

The campaign was good (except in Retribution) but the multi was TERRIBLE.

>> No.40326728
File: 913 KB, 1131x1568, 018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you may be confusing War Zone: Valedor the GW Apocalypse supplement with Valedor the BL novel by Guy Haley. Excerpts from the latter, and the short story Wraithflight by the same author, are frequently posted by Carnac anon as part of his "Necrons will rule everything forever" and "Hive Mind gets angry and holds grudges against individuals" shitposting. By contrast, I've almost never seen the fluff from the actual War Zone book brought up apart from when it was first released.

For what it's worth, the War Zone author was Phil Kelly; the book itself only says Games Workshop Design Studio as is now the norm, but Kelly was revealed as the author in the White Dwarf designer's notes.

>> No.40326768

Honestly, I just want THQ's Space Marine but with more factions. If this game gives us that, I'll buy it.

I sunk like 200+ hours into Space Marine, and it looks like EC is ripping off a *lot* from it. I'll be staying tuned.

>> No.40326961

Oh, I think you are correct.

>> No.40326963

It claims Valedor is a civilized world, makes no mention of the Dark Angels, and creates a hiveworld in the system that is the recruiting ground for a newly invented Chapter. All the Imperial forces die off screen in a single week.

>> No.40326992

EC's melee combat is looking to have more depth but I'm curious if it'll be as fun. Gotta wait and see. I mostly just hope the planetside elements really do get reintroduced because that's my main interest in the game and if it goes, I go.

>> No.40327021

> except Retribution

Dude, yer drunk. The only minus was that the campaign was done on the same maps...although Dark Crusade and Soulstorm did the same.

>> No.40327104

Doing the same campaign 6 time was terrible, that's the very reason I disliked Retribution.

>> No.40327129

>All the Imperial forces die off screen in a single week.
Well, that's much longer than it usually takes the 'nids to faceroll Imperials.

>> No.40327242


Nothing about that contradicts anything in the book.

>> No.40327565

Add to this that the Nids got one mission less.

>> No.40327664

No surprises here. Knew the company wanted a lot more than it could actually do. It's why I chose to wait before paying anything.

>> No.40327692

That's because that's what's in the book.

Which wholly ignores the prior existence of the planet Valedor. It's like having a Warzone: Thranx wherein the titular stable, peaceful, and thriving agriworld is overrun by Orks.

>> No.40327893

Are we still gonna get our nid PvE? Or is this getting relegated to a Mann vs. Machine system of instanced levels with waves of enemies with the only missions that give progress are locked behind a paygate?

>> No.40328235

How about a steam group?

>> No.40328594

I'd be so down for that! I WANNA GET STUCK IN WIF DA BOYZ.

>> No.40329184


Because for once it's not about the Imperials.

>> No.40329431

>same happened to me. Maybe we could organize something with /tg/ ?
There are a few active Steam groups that play Space Marine multiplayer regularly. Red Thirst the biggest one I know of.

>> No.40329607

From what I heard, underground instance.

>> No.40329912

That doesn't mean you can just magically ignore the established fluff. If the Tau showed up at Kar Dakota to pursue off an Ork Waaagh you wouldn't pretend it wasn't the Segmentum Base.

>> No.40329949

WH online was terrible, Ive never even heard of anyone liking it.

As for Eternal Crusade.. Its already been said multiple times, but a cash shop pre-alpha is a pretty clear warning sign. They also had very little to show of tge actual game. Pretty safe to say this game will be DOA.

>> No.40330569




>> No.40330965


Besides, IMO it's not going to be a godlike game on early-launch, or even at launch, but I think it has potential and they're going to add content packs. Besides, any game where I can play with some friends and kill Eldar is good.

I'm not saying it's going to be a great game, but keep the bar on your expectations low enough, and I think it'll at least be enough fun to be worth $40.

But then again, that's just speculation, I might not touch it in the first year of launch.

>> No.40331643


They're not going to go into detail about how it's a fucking shrine planet. In fact, they actually do. They mention the ugly monuments to the emperor and how it used to be a cool place before monkeigh got here.

>> No.40331797

They flat out misidentify it as a different grade of world on an imperial map you dense fuck.

>> No.40331886


Valedor is an entire system autismo.

>> No.40331921

Most of us are aware, and why we figured the game would be shit from the start.

>> No.40332092

So ignoring this piece of dogshit, I wanna talk about something that I can still hope is good despite having zero information about it.

What's Deathwing going to be like? Some sort of Left for Dead but with Genestealers as stronger zombies and an interactable environment? Because that sounds fucking awesome.

>> No.40332399
File: 915 KB, 763x489, Val.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The central planet is named Valedor. It's misidentified as a Civilized world rather than a Shrine world, and also claimed it had thriving fortunes despite having risen up against the emperor, burning every loyalist on the planet, and being forcibly retaken by the Imperial Guard and Dark Angels the last time it showed up in fluff.

Typical GW not keeping its own shit straight.

>> No.40332532

Empire has many worlds dummy, there are multiple Graias which was confirmed in scitarii codex.

>> No.40333019

>what is dawn of war
Speaking of, is there a general for the series here or on /vg/? I got gifted the Humble weekly so I've got the series now and was interested in finding some tips and whatnot.

>> No.40333130

There isn't, just start one of your own. Maybe make it more "Warhammer Games General" to keep up discussion. it belongs on /tg/ more than /vg/

>> No.40334977


It wasn't misidentified. They specifically talk about shrines. You can also be a shrine world and still have a civ population.

Of all the things to get autistic about and it isn't even a contradiction.

>> No.40337680

I just wanna play an Ork Mek. I want more Ork anything, because they are so dreadfully unrepresented outside of being fodder to mow down, or a build up for Chaos to show up.

>> No.40338025

I like it

>> No.40338113

>40k fans are retarded. Period.

>> No.40338141

That or desperate

>> No.40338229

Dat shovelware...

>> No.40338266

y'all seem to hate it, but I really liked dawn of war 1 and 2. Especially DoW 2's multiplayer, which was basically company of heroes with chainswords and psychic powers and such.

>> No.40338275

Clearly they needed money for spongebob heropants

>> No.40338292

WTF are you talking about? Company of Heroes is Dawn of War 1 with a WW2 skin. It's nothing like Dawn of War 2.

>> No.40338337

You've tried playing CoH2 and DoW2 multiplayer, right? They're really damn similar.

It's not a perfect game - ideally it would be proper battles instead of small skirmishes without so much retreating to base, but it's really tightly balanced and heaps of fun, I've never encountered a game with 6 different factions that successfully differentiates their strengths without having some of them be overpowered.

>> No.40338678

>Also no skaven. Fuck them for no skaven
This over nine thousand times. They left out one of the actual unique races in order to properly ape WoW.

>> No.40338942


Only back a KS if:
1. You live near enough the guy you can go and break his legs
2. It's a big company.

>> No.40339703


Fucking pumped!

>> No.40339988
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This is related to the subject of Warhammer 40k video games, but I have come to the conclusion that Dawn of War II, and squad based rts' like Dow II, cannot be balanced for multiplayer. The game's inherently capped at a casual level because of terrible design choices and shitty ai.

Cover, a core component of the game doesn't work because only 3/4ths of a squad will go into cover after being told to. Three man squads are OK, but if it's bigger than a tac squad, the ai will send one or two units to stand in the open despite there being ample room to stand in cover. The worst part is, units are often confused as to whether or not they want to stand in heavy cover like a wall, or the medium cover of the crater one foot away from the wall.

Sync kills were rebalanced later in the game's lifespan, but are still appalling. An overly long animation for melee kills, stops the individual unit from doing anything until the animation is finished. This causes units to cease doing damage in the middle of a fight, and often leaves the units vulnerable to additional fire when pulling a unit back.

Holy shit pathing is bad in this game. Always assume that your units will always move in the most detrimental way possible.

Melee units having random chances to knock down things they attack, and ranged miss chance being as high as it is, makes "hard counters" like missle tacs a joke until they hit level four. I don't mind RNG as a balancing mechanic in turn based games, because it adds variety, but in a real time game it's unforgivable, and it throws any semblance of balance out of the window.

I've been playing since before any expansions, and I can no longer have fun with the multiplayer, I keep getting burned by the horrible game design. Not even the massive multiplayer overhaul mod Elite could save the unplayable multiplayer because the game is flawed at it's most basic levels.

>> No.40340420

Can't argue with that.

>> No.40343026


>> No.40343026,1 [INTERNAL] 

Appears my crystal ball was right, the game is going to the dogs before release.

>> No.40343026,2 [INTERNAL] 

MMOFPS with a single large instance over a continent with multiple continents, tanks, fighters, drop pods, squads, platoons and outfits and a class system. You can zerg with 100 other people to take a tech plant or just roll with a squad of friendlies to fight a skirmish over a small fort. It's pretty fun.

Back on topic: Yeah Eternal Crusade was very disappointing to me too.

>> No.40343026,3 [INTERNAL] 


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