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After waking up, showering, and dressing yourself in nice clothes, you have applied for a job at McDonald's. The manager did not seem interested, and you are not hopeful about your future employment.

In your pockets:
Wallet (contains metro card for public transit + $6.50)
First Generation iPhone (You can't afford better)
Keyring (Contains keys to apartment)
Tobacco Box (Contains rolling papers and filters, but no tobacco)

The SMS on your phone reads: "Hey dude its sid im just up at naths do u wanna come up for a rage? keep in touch"

All rolls on D20 unless stated otherwise. Reply with an action or what to do next, 3 of the same will be the decided action.

Win states:
Acquire job, or
Acquire drugs, or
Acquire a single pair of Nike Airmax Shoes

Side Mission: Acquire cigarettes

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Attend the Rage

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30 minutes have passed, so I'm going with this.

You wait at the closest bus stop and catch the next one that goes over to Nathan's house.

Upon arrival, you walk around to his back yard and see a silver 1999 Toyota Camry. The windows are all fogged out, and the interior is filled with smoke. You quckly hop in the car, careful to not let any of the smoke out. The rage formalities proceed - you shake everyone's hand, give them a quick 'how are ya', and are passed a bong, but no weed.

"Who's got the sesh?" you ask hastily.
There's a delayed pause, before your friend Sid replies;
"Sorry dude, we, uhh, smoked it all. Do you have money for another bag?"

>> Your move, /tg/

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There are enough fucking quests already. Stop making them. Stop defending this shit as "board culture".

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Does anyone else agree? I'll abandon thread and let it 404 if there's enough support for it.

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Fuck no, you got a smoke?

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Breathe fire

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Final (2/2) Bump before thread abandoned to 404. Will monitor until 404, though.

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Still here, friends.

saged for politeness

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Keep it going

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Offer apartment as collateral. Without a job you're gonna be homeless anyway, might as well get high

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Bumping to get the guardfag thread to fuck off.

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